Baby Stories - 54


Ahmi-Elliot is a very happy and loving baby with a little bit of sassiness. She loves making funny faces, drawing, learning new things, and exploring.
Janiyah Harris
Janiyah Harris is 7 years old ! She loves JoJo siwa and unicorns 🦄 she loves chicken nuggets with bbq sauce and also loves Takis ! Love to play with her friends and also pose for a picture 😊
Nova Arabella; the star child ✨; loves to smile and laugh; smart and sassy; will steal your heart with her big beautiful eyes; loves Cocomelon 🍉
Blessyns is a one year old diva ... she love to dance and eat , vote for the most beautiful soul on earth miss Blessyns Bee
Ming loves to smile for pictures 🥰 She’s a very outgoing little girl with a big heart and big attitude ! She loves food especially French fries ... ! She loves giving kisses and making mommy feel loved and all she ask for is one little vote from the people she cares for dearly 🙏😘
Trinity is 3 years and has a smile that will light up the room. She is a very goofy little girl and loves cats and cows❤️
Kaleah Grace
Kaleah Grace is my little miracle. She was born 6 weeks early and has gotten stronger everyday. She’s about to cross that finish line so she can come home💖
La'Ryiah is the 5th child and only girl born to my husband and i..she is more than i prayed for.I truly thank God for nlessing us with this beautiful lil angel.. My Lily flower is a blessing to our family
Emaya is such a happy baby! She always has a smile on her face. This past week she tried sweet potatoes for the first time and loved them! She also likes to grab the spoon and keep a death grip on it and fling the food all over!!!💜💜💜
Paisley is wild at heart and loves her facial expressions! Shes a little miss sassy thing and loves to smile!
She loves to spend time outdoors and discover nature. She loves to eat, tell jokes and keep mommy and daddy on their toes. Loving, caring and full of happiness, she is an amazing "little" big girl.
Meadow is a sweet and happy baby. She is perfect in every way and we love her so much ❤️
She has such a huge heart and an even bigger personality.. She loves her big sister & brother..
Ja’Myah has a beautiful caring soul. Even though she’s only 2 years old God was extremely generous when he added caring in her description. She loves to read books, sing, dance, draw, play with her family, watch her favorite cartoons. Her favorite person, outside of her dad of course, is her baby brother. She act as if her brother is her child at times. Feeding him, telling him it’s okay when he cry’s, kissing his “booboos” and more. I could go on and on but about Ja’Myah but Y’all go ahead and vote for my baby.
Rosalina is a very sweet and caring young lady. Who loves unicorns and mermaids, playing with her friends and helping anyone who needs it.
Just turned 1 , she is very happy sweet and sassy. She is very adventurous , loves books and baby dolls and cuddles. Adeline loves fruit and veggies of all different varieties. Adeline loves music and loves to dance.
She is very loving, sociable and active. She likes mini mouse and loves the outdoors. She always has a smile on her face.
She is a very loving baby & loves to eat her blue berry puffs & watch coco melon
Hello everyone! My name is Starla. I’m almost 2 months old! I am my mommys only child! I love my sleep and cuddles with my mommy. Vote for me and help me win! Thanks everyone
Lily is a outgoing, fun loving girly girl! She loves Jesus and her famiily!
Emma is 5 years old and my little shadow. She has the biggest heart and always thinking of her sister's and momma. I love her more than words could say. She loves anything that gives her a challenge 🥰🥰#myheartmywholeworld
Arabella is a smart, sassy, funny, brilliant little lady, she was my first and the one that made me know what true love really was. She loves anything outdoors and her kittens. She's been the best big sister and i know she'll be a wonderful role model for her little sister's.
Arianna will be 5 months old in two days. She has two big sister's she is trying her best to catch up to. She talks n talks couldn't imagine where she gets that from, she's rolling over and trying her hardest to sit up. Anyday now she'll be mommy and Daddy's little handful 🥰
❣️Full of life, love and laughter ❣️
Luca Raine
I am the sweetest baby ever! I love to laugh, smile, and spend time with my family.
She’s sweet and very energetic and love to play outside and go camping She also loves to play dress up
Adelynne is just a “Hotmess”. Her calling is a model and a comedian. She will always make you laugh and love her at the same time. She’s got the best out going personality and super sweet but sassy.
Presley is very happy, loves to play and her favorite thing to say is “hi” or “yehaw “. She absolutely loves poseing for a camera.
Kalette is a little dream! She loves to sleep (a lot), and is always smiling. Her brother is her favorite person- she is always happy when he is around. She’s a true snuggle bug. Hair bows are her favorite accessory
Loves music and dancing!
Hey everyone im gerogia i am 1 and a big mommys girl! i love my sissy, my nae nae and my doggy!
Hey, my name is laikynn rae, i love my sisy & my mommy my doggy fancy my daddy , my gigi & pop and my nae nae!
She is outstanding loves playing with her sister and spending time with her grandparents. She likes to play outside and loves to help working on cars. Yes she may be young but she like to get dirty. Dirt don’t bother her at all.
Chloe is a vey adventurous 9 month old. She loves to dance and enjoys watching tv. She also loves laughing and playing with her sister.
Emma Jean
The youngest of three, and boss of the world. Nothing will stop this little spitfire.
Hi! I’m Bria and I love to smile and fill my house with baby giggles! I recently turned 9 months old! My favorite food is lentils with rice, and I am super talkative! My favorite word is ‘Gaga’ and I love playing with my two big brothers and also balloons!
She likes to sing and loves play..Her favorite color is pink and loves to take alot of photos.She my sweet angel
She very playful and loves to listen to music...She also likes taking pictures for aa 2 month old
She is such a joyful baby, she laughs and loves to dance💖
Makayla is one half of a boy and girl twin duet. She was born 2 minutes before her brother.
She's a very Smart and Intellegent child brillant stright A Honor roll student she is out going and out spoken she deserve the world and im going to raise her to be the Best Independent Woman of God i love my Little miss beauty!
Skylar is such a happy baby and is learning her giggle which is just the cutest! She has such a strong personality for a 3 month old! She loves to snuggle and loves to play.
Emily is a sweet, like baby thats almost always happy
Haven is the most loving child you will ever meet, she is such a joy to be around. She love playing with her younger sister, loves doing activities and loves to help her Grandma cook. She loves playing outside, and playing dress but she was super excited to attend her mom and dads wedding and get to wear her flower girl dress.
Jayleigh is a cuddle bug she is so loving and sweet
Nyla Rey
She’s my very Spontaneous, Wild child who loves to Pose for the camera. 😍❤️
She likes to live life to every inch if it she loves to have fun and spend time with family
Always smiles in the morning, the queen bee happy to be the boss of another day.