Kaegan is in 9th grade. She cheers, is in a lot of pageants, has done commercials, also had a part in a movie. She loves to cheer, swim, and be with her friends.
Serenidy is the the middle child of five. She is a straight A honor roll student involved in National Junior Honors Society, Civil Air Patrol, and soccer. She is compassionate, determined, and wanting to make a difference in the world! This is her first pageant! Vote for her y’all!
Hi everyone my name is Kahana I’m 7 months old I love to go to the beach 🏝 and crawling after my big sisters 🤍
OPEN TO VOTE EXCHANGE LIKE AND COMMENT SO I CAN RETURN THE VOTE❤️ Ophelia was born July 7th weighing 4lbs 13oz and 17in long, she loves to snuggle with mommy, loves breastfeeding all day every day, has the most brutal farts but the sweetest smile, she likes bright lights and to look in the direction of sounds
Aryanna was born 7/03/2020 in Edinburgh Texas. Aryanna is a happy baby who loves being with her mommy all the time and enjoys watching Cat in the Hat all day.💗
She’s the smartest, most precious little baby you’ll ever meet! she has the sweetest soul! & her eyes are just breathtaking 🤍
Jordyn loves watching Alvin and the Chipmunks and Gracie’s Corner. She’s enjoys school and being around her new friends. She’s a joy to be around!
Davina is smart funny and sassy she loves to dance and sing play dress up and is very photogenic she loves animals and like to help out in the kitchen she also loves karate drawing 💖 and gymnastics
Ruby loves to smile, laugh and eat! She enjoys water and her loves her Mommy to pieces!
Oaklee loves to cuddle with her momma and play peekaboo.
Landry loves the outdoors, swinging, dancing and being silly! She brings a smile to everyone’s face!
Tillie May
Tillie May is truly sugar & spice. She’s so sweet but so sassy. She loves going out to eat & binge watching Peppa pig
The biggest heart, the bestest friend . Little Miss Averiana loves playing with her big brothers, rocking her baby dolls, watering her plants and loving on mama. The most beautiful soul. ❤️
ElliAnna is 11 months old and absolutely loves her family. She is so bubbly and outgoing. She loves to growl and play with books.
Scarlett was born 7/26/21 in Mcallen Texas. She has an older brother Aidan which she loves to play with! Scarlett is a sweet and happy baby who loves being with her family 💗 She also models for her mommy’s boutique on Facebook & Instagram Sweet Scarlett Boutique!
Shes a very strong willed little lady, absolutely loves to dance, when ever and wherever she hears music, shes busting out her moves.
I am a blue eyed sweet baby girl with hair that stands up and poses for my mommy !
Leilani is a sassy 4 month old baby, very friendly and loves to smile ♥️ She loves to eat and play! This month she has learned to roll over!! She’s very alert and busy busy! Vote for Leilani 🌸💕
Hi my name is Naveah! I am 4 months old. I enjoy talking story, playing in water, driving mommy crazy, and taking pictures. I love the camera and I’m always ready with my goofy faces and sticking my tongue out. Please vote for me. Mahalo!
Zoiey Is My Granddaughter She Is One Years Old She Puts The F In Fun
Loves TikTok! Favorite color is blue! Fan of Billie and J.I. Kind smart young lady
Navy, so full of life no matter what time of day! To be so young her personality is huge and vibrant! Navy completely love MUSIC & Gracie’s Corner!
Mia Isabella
She’s always happy ,laughing , she loves to dance and she loves to play with her teddy bears , also she have a such of good energy💞💞💞
I’m Gretchen and I like to make videos and take pictures I love going to the mall and LOL Dolls
Ava is in 1st grade & loves to go skating, camping, playing with her iPad & staying with her Mimi & Paw ❤️
Makayla is 13 yrs old & enjoys her phone & going skating with her friends..
She a wild flower an loves watching bluey
Ember Rose
After a long and hard time and 3 miscarriages later we finally have our angel baby!
Anniston is the happiest little girl you'll ever lay eyes on! She loves Mickey Mouse and swimming! She is crawling and has one tooth coming in! She also loves to be outside and to play with all her toys!
Osa Joe
Clearly he is a boy. Lol. Ive wanted to live the pageant life since becoming a mom. I have 3 boys total and one precious sweet and sour patch daughter lol. I was having no luck dinding a virtual pageant for both my daughter and my sons. This lil boy will steal your heart. He melts my daily. Sweet as sugar. So very outgoing and independent at 15months old come the 2nd. They grow up way to fast. Please help me start my journey. Hobbie if you will. Good luck and God bless all the participant's and familys. Best wish to you all.
This sweet & spunky little girl will melt your heart within seconds. She loves blowing kisses and giving hugs. She also loves Winnie the Pooh, Barney and singing. Please vote for this sweet baby! ❤️
Erycka is a very intelligent young lady,, she love music, she loves to dance to her own routines, she loves MMA and wrestling. She is a karate Champ and has many tropheys. She does gymnastics, and ballet. There is nothing she wouldn't try once. She is very funny, charming, humble, and caring. She enjoys being the center of attraction. Family is everything to her and loves spending time with them. She is an Honor Roll student, She shines bright like a diamond anywhere she goes.
Haniyah loves to sing, dance & have fun. Let’s not even mention how natural she is in front of a camera, the moment she sees a camera she goes straight to posing. Her little smile can light up an entire room & her curiosity never goes away. She’s super smart, just a little sassy but the right amount of perfect.
Layklee Berlin our almost 3 year old little spitfire! She lights up any room she enters, she can make anybody laugh and has a heart full of so much love for everybody. Layklee loves animals of any kind, especially her dog Beau. She loves to dance/sing, and her favorite thing to eat is junk food. She loves her whole family she’s the sweetest thing— every night before bed she will lay there and say “I love everybody” and name off anybody she can think of.
Kehlani is a happy baby girl , she love to watch gracy corners, she bring joy into everyone attention , and she love the camera , her favorite fruit strawberry 🍓
Amora is very outgoing , and 95% of the time always smiling. She loves to play with her hands and enjoys watching a movie called “Vivo.” You should vote for Amora because she’s very photogenic, and spontaneous. You never know what your going to get with her :)
My name is deni’lys I am 1 years old Puerto Rican , Cuban & Dominican love being held by mommy , love to eat , love music , I love to play and dance , I love to color , and play dress up .. my favorite movie is Moana ! Please give a vote 🥰🥰
Bella Annettelouise Brooks
Baby Bella likes music and loves to laugh and throw kisses 😘.She brightens up a day any time. Bella is the joy of our life. Shes amazing. She enjoys time with her mom and dad and make the funniest faces.She also enjoys to watch TV, art, and loves to sing.She loves jazz and rap music, and loves to eat chocolate.
My name is Harper! Unlike mama I'm a morning person and like to be up when the rosters crow.. I'm s very happy baby and LOVE laughing at my mama and dada
This sweet little girl is made of sugar & spice, and everything nice. She is a sassy little cheerleader who is loving & caring and doesn't back down from a challenge. Please vote for this sweet young lady! ❤️
Tasia is a beautiful, smart and outgoing teenager who loves cheer and wears her heart on her sleeve. Please vote for this sweet young lady! ❤️
Jaomi is full of joy and love her family she once got off the bed and grabbed the phone to get on FaceTime with her auntie , she likes her mom the most 😂❤️her smile is to die for so much love in a little body