Renezmae is a wild child at heart. Loves to draw, and play with her friends.
Very happy and excited baby , loves to laugh and play . Such a sweet baby ❤️
She is the quiet sweet pea. Doesnt say much but makes herself known. She is the one that is always smiling or always ploting
A'Nayjah is very sweet. She is full of life and very smart.
Renesmee loves to sing,dance, play house, an she loves frozen an baby dolls she's a very out going child an is always happy an smiling she's very polite an uses manners real well I could ask for a better child!
A’Zaria is just shy of a year old. She is the sweetest and happiest baby. She wasn’t planned, but she is most definitely loved.💕
Decklynn is a bright star! Never a dull moment with this 2 year old. She loves Minnie Mouse, and Monsters INC. Her kitty koda and her buddy Hulk (our dog)
Lyric is a loving caring rambunctious little 3-year-old she is the boss she is the youngest of five she loves dolls makeup, and taking pictures she also loves to sing. Lyric is Puerto Rican and African American. Please vote for Lyric.
She’s a sweet, sassy girl who loves to dance.
Tanushi is fun loving and a social butterfly 🦋 She can talk non stop haha She is loving, kind and honest.
Emma is a fire Cracker, loves to take pictures,....she also riding on the boat and fishing .... she loves her brother so much she is a ball of joy great to be around you wont stop laughing
Harper loves big and plays hard. She lives on a farm and loves being outside. She loves her family. She talks and talks. She has the prettiest big brown eyes and a contagious laugh and smile
The almost smiley 4 month old out there, loves to giggle and play and put a smile on everyone’s face
Sophie is a outgoing, kind, smart, loving little girl. She loves stuffed animals, her favorite song is I was made for loving you by Kiss and she can sing Tom petty and Stevie nicks songs word for word she loves all music, her favorite color is pink! One of her favorite hobbies is baking cakes and cookies!
Lily is a little ham! She is always smiling and laughing. She loves her big sister and dancing to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!
Braylee is very smart, she's 7 years old. She loves being a country girl. She is very photogenic and is always happy when she's in front of the camera. She has always been a lover for the camera. Give her a vote.
Amara is 2 years old. She loves her family, cocomelon and all animals. Shes very spunky. Vote for our girl.
Ophie lives pizza. She is always posing for the camera
Kaylee is a sassy,sweet amazing baby that is outgoing loves everyone !!!
Ivy loves bubbles baths and taking naps! She enjoys talking and babbling and snuggling her momma.
Ava-Mae has a bright beautiful personality, always smilling and laughing. She has beautiful blond curly hair with blue eyes. Smiles, waves and says hi to everyone. She awlays warms peroples hearts with just looking at her, ava is just a ball of joy..
Kayleigh is a fun loving silly girl who loves with her whole heart and becomes super sweet when someone is crying she is silly and sassy
Brynlee is 5 years old. She is so smart and loves learning. She got into kindergarten a year early this year. She enjoys playing basketball, tball and cheerleading. She lights up the room when she walks in ♥️
She is a very sweet go getting girl she has a heart of gold
Full of love and always smiling
Blonde haired, blue eyed babes!! She will steal your heart ❤️
A.k.a Kiki she likes TikTok, singing ,makeup and outdoors. Sweet but sassy. Loves all eyes on her! ☺️
Kennedy is very full of life , she loves unicorns, her favorite colors are purple and pink , she’s a big fan of frozen , her favorite place to eat is McDonald’s
She is a sweet and energetic little girl who loves to dance and be silly
RyAnne Kate lights rooms with her smile! She loves to babble and has recently taken a liking to books and baths! She would rather stand than be held and is well into the teething stage! Bed time routine is her favorite part of the day and she will tell you all about it!
Kynlee is the happiest most sweetest baby ever!!! She literally came out smiling..she is very silly, loves to laugh, & talk!☺️☺️☺️
Kaylee is a sweet and very happy babygirl that loves her mommy. She loves to watch coco melon, bluey and loves to play peek-a-boo!!! Voting for her would mean the world to me and my babygirl. She loves to smile, talk, giggle and loves to be sang too. She loves her big sissy
She loves singing, dancing, she has a old soul very sweet towards animals and is very smart.
Chrissy is a very caring soul. While she entered this world in a chaotic situation her father and I were blessed to be able to CHOOSE her... to LOVE her. She is a blessing to every life she touches. Will you let her touch your life and make it so much better?!? Vote for Chrissy today!!!
Ashlee is my Bestfriend !! She is an Amazing Daugbter , has the most ❤ beautiful smile that sge can light up the dark..She loves ❤ to laugh , spend time with her lil sister , chill and listen to music, Ashlee doesnt like a big crowd & enhoys activities with her friends like skating & the movies .. YaY vote today for Ashlee !! Xoxo
Ella is a tiny, sweet 6 month old. She weighs 12 pounds and is full of sass!!
Paisley smiles with her eyes, for her eyes & smile speaks for itself! She is a happy, go lucky social butterfly! Paisley loves to pretend she is a doctor & help others, along with her dolls & barbies. Paisley loves to be outside & play. She adores her chickens & really appreciates nature. Also, she loves to dance, do yoga, & sing (aka screaming 😂) Paisley just started preschool this past September and loves everything about it! She even wants to learn more & play pretend “teacher” when she’s home. She’s definitely not shy to be 100% herself!
I am one sassy little girl. I’m about to be a big sister!
Bryleigh loves to laugh , play , eat and most definitely sleep . Bryleigh is a sweet loving baby . Vote for baby bryleigh 💕
Natalyah is a Smart, adventurous, spunky, Sassy, Kind, respectful, Fun, very Silly 2yr. Old princess. She loves to ay dress up & Tea party, She loves going on walks with her Daddy & pup 🐶 pup, she loves ❤ her Mama Dada & Sister very much !! We call Natalyah "Natty" for short. Natty loves to draw, look at & read books 📚 & Bananas 🍌 are her fav.... Best Wishes xoxo Vote for Natalyah ❤ 💙 💜
Bella is about to be 2 she loves playing with and she loves to talk.
Eva is always smiling and laughing ❤️she loves playing with her big brothers💋she has a full of personality❤️Eva is girly girl but is a tough little cookie🥰
Giggles, curls, ribbons, and bows! Our baby girl is so adorable from head to toe.
She’s a super happy baby growing right in front of our eyes. Loves her stuffed animals and is starting to pull herself up to stand by everything she can. ❤️
Brooklynn loves to sing and dance!! She never stays in one spot for to long. She adores kittens and little babies! She will dance to any kind of music. She never lets any sickness keep her down for to long and is always wanting pizza!! 💯 🍕
Heaven👼🏾 is a beautiful, curious, busy, feisty but loving baby girl from Washington DC. I call her my little sour patch girl🥰😍🌟.She has a very big personality for such a little person. She loves to dance💃🏾,laugh 🤭🤣,and play, but her all time favorite is to eat she is not a picky eater. Heaven is the life of the party she can not help but to dance when she hears music any kind of music 🎼🎵she is a cute little dancing machine. She’s 8 months and learns things very quickly. She loves 💘😍looking at herself in the mirror 🪞and being told she’s so beautiful 🤩 😍🤭Heavens most favorite person in the world is her big brother. Born in May on a Sunny 😎 day she has brung so much light and love 💗 too everyone she meets. She gives the best hugs 🤗 and baby kisses.
She enjoys basketball and softball