A very beautiful young lady, she loves to talk and is very happy! She would appreciate if you will vote for her
Zoe is the baby sister of the fam. She likes to smile and watch her big bro!
My Lai Lai bug loves animals and loves bluey and is the sweetest little girl. She loves to dance and color
My little Nani is such a happy baby smiles at everything and brings joy to everyone ❤️. She is my little miracle baby.
Lillian likes playing with her siblings, her cat, Ms. Rachel, her daddy, eating food. If one word could describe Lilli, it would be happy. This child is always smiling!
Paisley is a month old. Loves to eat, sleep and of course make face expressions! She loves to snuggle with mommy and daddy!
Shr is very outgoing and friendly to everyone, other then being a good big sister she loves to be outside playing
Willow is the most happiest baby you will ever meet. Baby girl ALWAYS has a smile on her face. She is a mamas girl 100%!
She is very sweet and shy girl,she loves being with her sister and watching her play
Skyler loves chasing her 4 fur siblings around in her walker along with watching muppet babies and ms.Rachel!
She is definitely determined with anything she want to do she loves minnie mouse and happy feet she is very loveable
Scout loves to kick her piano and smiles at everyone who looks her way. She enjoys walks, baths, and looking at fans. Scout is the happiest girl.
Ember is 1 year one the 16th. She loves babies and dogs!💕
Ava Cecilia
Ava is the sweetest girl ever.
Amiyah is the most precious babygirl ever! She is always such a happy little girl who loves to smile in her sleep. Everyone just loves her. She was born via Emergency C-Section weighing in at 6 pounds, everyone who sees her can't get over how small she is. She is loved by so many. ♥️ Her name comes from the movie "Fast & The Furious". Alot of people are not sure how to pronounce her name so that's when I tell them it comes from the movie "Fast & The Furious". She loves to smile, and make funny faces. She loves her two big brothers as well! She is just way to adorable!!! 💕🥰
Zoe is kind, outgoing, and funny. She has as much sunshine in her heart as she does her smile.
Augusteina Anna- rose thyng , she loves to laugh at funny faces, enjoys music, loves her teething ring and loves her daddy 💯❤️🙏🏼 green/blue eyes 💕😍
She’s a very happy baby 💗 crazy about bananas and loves blues clues
I’m 2 years old!! I’m extremely smart and I absolutely LOVE blue clues💙
Ella is a happy, smart, intelligent, amazing 2 year old. she is very advance for her age, she loves to color, loves to draw, loves music and dancing.
Everlee loves her Mini Mouse purse, playing with her siblings and friends at daycare. She’s a very active and sassy little girl.
Full of Energy & excitement Learning More Day By Day Once You Meet Her You’ll Fall In Love ❤️💯🤷🏾‍♂️
Our lunita is full of joy! She has that cheesy smile that will brighten up your day. She loves to eat and watch cánticos
Rikena is sweet little baby who smiles all day. She gives so much love to everyone she meets.
She is a beautiful little girl loves to smile and laugh, this gorgeous little girl likes monster bugs.
Our smart little sweetheart is turning 3 yo soon! She loves dressing up and aspiring to be a ballerina.
This beautiful baby girl right here is Scarlet Rose she's not my daughter she is my g baby she is the most happiest precious baby that I've ever met in my life she is so full of happiness so full of life so playful she just brings light and joy into anybody and everybody that meets her life
Nylee is a 4 month baby girl. She loves to smile and loves the camera. She is a happy soul and loves cuddles.
Maya enjoys long walks on the beach, singing songs, and ending her day with a bottle of ice cold milk 💜✨
My sweet girl loves to cuddle and smiles at everyone she sees, she brings everyone so much joy
I was the first baby to be born in st. Claire hospital
Willow loves doggies, chocolate milk, family and her favorite show is Bluey! She will be 2 next month!
Miss Oaklee is a smiley girl that enjoys dogs and playing with her toys
She loves to laugh and is so kind to all
She’s the most loving baby and she always knows how to light someone’s day ❤️
Our Ysabella is our miracle baby. We waited for 10 years to have her. Its the best blessing from God. She is superactive girl,witty,love to dance and sing, love to read books, love to explore new things. knows different parts of the body. and starting to learn the alphabet and numbers.
Saige is 4 months old and a very happy little red head. ❤️
Anna loves playing with her animals, singing and dancing! She loves to read and play outside! She is easily one of the sweetest, and sassiest little girl you will ever meet. She is a mama’s girl but loves spending time with her dad doing mechanical work on his truck. She is the definition of an “All-American Girl”.
Tru is my rainbow baby she is loving and happy loves to sing and dance and play with her siblings
Leilani is one active little girl she is very funny out going loves to walk around hide in cabinets also loves playing in boxes and baskets
She is a cute little miracle to our lives❤️😍 We escaped from our country from the Taliban who invaded and took over the country. We escaped and by the help of US military forces we were taken to different military bases in different countries. She came after my wife's two miscarriages. She is a light hope which brightens our future and shines happiness on our lives.
Maddie is an energetic, smart and sassy almost 2 year old! Born on 2/22/22 she is such a special little girl with the biggest heart
Genesis LOVES hanging with her friends, gymnastics, cheer, and being a big sister. She is dedicated to everything that she does.
Harlie is funny, smart, sweet and sassy! She loves her mama and dada, her best buddy/dog, Cooper and she loves all food but cheese and pasta are her favorites.
Hi my name is ashlyn i was born in march 2022
Lakelee is 2 months old, she is a true blessing to her dad, myself and the whole family. Lakelee loves rolling over and playing with her Rudolph toy! This girl has so much love to give to this world!💕