Jennessa is resilient. She’s beat the odds. My 34 weeker has learned to swallow , smile, laugh, move her left arm, & roll over. She’s 7 months 11lbs 3 month clothing 🫶🏽. If anyone can do it Jennessa can !
Samantha is the sweetest funniest little girl.. She is a daddy's girl and believes she is a real princess.. She loves shopping,singing,dancing, helping mommy cook and painting. Her best friend is her brother William and her Daddy.
Hi everyone my name is Harmonee I love playing on my tablet, bossing people around and I love animals
She loves to stay busy and loves to talk
Very out going kind hearted
She is a fun outgoing baby and very smart.
Camryn Taylor
Camryn is a very sweet and happy baby, she is 8 months and 2 days. She literally always happy.
She loves her dog and friends! Nothing more than family! Always caring!
Amara is a 1 year old baby girl with a goofy personality. She loves everything and everyone including animals! She thinks her brother is so goofy and loves to giggle at him. Shes got the most beautiful dark blue eyes!
Sassy animal lover! Loves going to Chuck E Cheese
Miss Lon’dyn Dior is your amazing energize 3 year old. Who loves to dance flip and watch You Tube. Londyn will make sure she keeps you entertain whenever you see her.
Umaiza is not your average 14 month old. She loves to eat, she loves fruit. Put on Ms. Rachel on You Tube she gone do everything Ms Rachel do. She’s a very happy baby with an amazing personality already. Not shy love to dance and dress.
Aris loves eating, sleeping and is little sister to two big older brothers and two Frenchies.
The must empathetic, energetic, loving 2 yr old you will ever see. She loves music.
Kaisley has recognized her own voice. She found her toes. She smiles and laughs. She’s a very happy baby!!
She likes unicorns and candy
D’Maya is a fashionista. She loves to dress up and get her hair done she also loves cooking
Zoei is a little girl with so much personality she loves to sing and dance. She is definitely my one of a kind girl.
Raven is a beautiful little lady who loves soccer and gymnastics. She is sassy and brilliant!
Athena is a beautiful little girl who loves gymnastics and playing soccer! She is a sweetheart and super smart!
Hi everyone my name is Sophia! I love playing outdoors, I’m a animal lover. I’m very outgoing an super super smart!
Namaria is a cute, and smiley 6 month old who loves tickles from mom and dad, giving kisses on the cheek and sweet potatoes!💗
Zelda is a beautiful little baby with two big sisters and one big brother. She loves to smile and sleep. 💚
Londynn is very active and smart. She knows all her shapes, letters, can count to 20 and uses sign language and also some spanish! She loves to build things, draw, and give us check ups with her doctor toys. ♥️
She loves chocolate
Demani is 8 months she loves elmo she is crawling she enjoys bath time
Timber loves to eat and is always a happy baby.
Arianna is sassy independent loving and caring. She loves to play at the park and jump on her trampoline. She has a heart of gold but will tell u how it is. Vote for Arianna.
Kaylani loves to eat and play. She’s a happy energetic baby.
Cyla is outgoing and sweet, she cares anout other people and animals. Her favorite thing is snuggeling, her dog, her mom, her dad.
Selena is a diva! She is such a character, she will make you laugh. she is so smart and beautiful!!!!! Vote for SELENA💜
Geeionne Is 2 Month Old She Loves To Eat Bubble Bath And Have Play Time , What She Loves The Most Is Watching Cocomelon With Mommy & Kisses From Her Sister , I Feel Like You Should Vote For Geeionne Because She Has A Smile That Can Light Up A Dark Room She’s Goofy And Also A Beauty That You Can Resist 😘
Ashlynn Bell
Hi, I’m Ashlynn B. and my favorite pastime is listening to Gracie’s Corner and drinking mommies milk 🍼! I also love tummy time and being spoiled by mommy and daddy. I only cry when I’m hungry and I coo occasionally. Vote for me to start my college fund ❤️
Sarah is very outgoing and bubbly, She loves to play outside and sing. She also enjoys hanging out with her siblings. Her favorite color is pink and she loves animals.
My name is Serenity Grace I know my number up to 15, ABCs, animals, colors and much more! I love to dance and watch Gracie's Corner. My personality is out of this world! VOTE FOR ME 💕
Vada loves playing with her siblings, dancing, and helping her parents in the kitchen. She enjoys watching bluey, being outdoors, coloring and is a big animal lover.
Little Luna is as sweet as they come! Her favorite toy is her paddington bear rattle, she’s a homebody that enjoys lounging and smiling at her family and silly noises.
serenity, is a loving baby, she’s so gentle with everything, and loves everyone!!
Paisley is such a sweetheart and always so happy. She loves to cuddle as well!
Lilly is a silly & lovable girl. She loves painting, music & being outdoors. She really enjoys being with her family & friends
Heaven is 8 months old!! She loves to eat and talk!! She also loves both her big sister's and her mommy and daddy!! She is a very happy baby and as beautiful as can be!!! Heaven has learned so many new things in very short time. She can now crawl and almost pulling up on things. My baby is the absolutely most happy baby i have ever met!!
Queen Tylasha
She is such a happy baby her smile is everything to me and I love to hear her laugh
Luna is the sweetest baby and loves to crawl, play, read books, and watch her brother play baseball. Thank you for voting. She deserves everything and more!💛
AVA ROSE , Miss ava is Full Of Smiles and Giggles. She Loves her Big brother & Loves to Make silly Faces Even on a bad day she is Full Of happiness All the way around ❤️. She is Full Of Sass & Attitude, Main thing is she Will Stare you down and give you a “ Evil “ Look and Just Laugh & I think it’s the cutest thing ever 💕. She will always be My Forever Heart and Set on My mind always ! Please do the honors of Voting for Miss Ava rose 💋
Abby is a sassy, sweet and smart little girl. She loves dressing up, watching tv, learning anything new and driving her truck.
Isabella, beautiful on the inside as well as the out. Loves horses, being in the outdoors and spending time with her friends and family!
Shelby Graceland named after the King of Rock and Roll, she's very energetic, loves dancing and eating cheetos always keeping mommy on her feet!