Baby Stories - 53


Trinity loves Horses and training horses. Sweet and loving person
She loves to be cuddled and she loves taking bathes
Amy is a little Einstein. She is well above her age group in Mathmatics. She is also Sweet and Loving especially to her little brother Justin. She is going places . Watch out World !
A very intelligent and feisty little one. She loves to dance and laugh.
Rose is 4 and a little cutie 💗
Ivy is 8 years old and dreams of being a model please vote for her ❤️
Bexley loves to talk, laugh and yell at everyone! She is the light of our lives! She loves watching cocomelon, playing outside, loves her momma and daddy, and loves to wear her bell bottoms and big bows!
Piper loves music and her puppy. No matter what mood she is in, the ABC song and seeing her dog Layla bring a HUGE smile to her face and the best giggles in the world.
Kenzie is a very happy fun loving baby sister. She loves to say ga-ga and scream to talk to us all. She always is willing to jump into any activity we do! ❤
Daisie will s such a joy to be around. She is so thoughtful and helpful. Loves school and reading!
Amaya is a sassy little boss! She tells all the boys in our family what to do, mind you she’s younger than them all. She loves to be helpful, dance, and sing the Happy Birthday song. She’s our princess and loves all things girly, but she will get down and dirty too! A rare jewel she truly is!
Loves to blow spit bubbles and talk to mommy ❤️❤️
Yessmarie has such a very strong character, she shares so much love and is so joyful. It’s my favorite thing about her, you can’t even put words together to describe this girl. I’ve always said she can be an actor someday but she’s just full of life.
Chyna is my chocolate diva she was born on Mother's day she loves doing tic toks with her sister and singing and dancing
Elaine loves watching Sesame Street and Peppa Pig. She also enjoys playing with her big brother. She is always happy and always smiling.
Mackenzee is part of her jr high cheer squad, she loves to cheer and tumble. She’s the best big sister to her little brother. She’s very outgoing and not afraid to try new things. Mackenzee is also an animal lover and wants to help or take home any animal she finds 🙂
With four older brothers, this little girl has been the perfect addition to our family. Her smile is absolutely contagious 🌼
Arianna, Ari for short, is 5 months old. She is the happiest baby I've ever seen! All smiles, she's such a light in this dark world!
Evelyn Wayne
Evelyn Wayne one of seven siblings. Has three brothers and three sisters. Very happy baby!
Kadyn is a sweet energetic smart amazing daughter and baby sister. She has beautiful hazel eyes, adorable freckles, dimples and light brown hair. She loves animals and loves to dance. And while she's a girly girl, with two older brothers, she's not fragile and rough houses and gets dirty playing with the boys. She is so strong and confident and also shows true empathy and compassion for her age. Give this special sweet girl a vote!
Ailani is full of smiles and laughs! Loves spending time with big brothers!
Energetic full of life, enjoys playing outside, loves taking pictures, and being with mommy and daddy! She is almost 4yrs old! Very outgoing and on the go nonstop!
She loves all kinds of puzzles and can do a 50 piece puzzle on her own. She is very sweet and helpful.
Davey is all sweetness and loves her momma!
Ivy della woodward is my beautiful angels name she is 1 year and 2 months younger then her brother and she was born on on july 7th 2020 on her daddys birthday she at the beging of her life on most passed away on us she was failur to thrive and stopped eatting and went from 8lbs 1oz to 7lbs 3oz but she has made full recovery and then some mommy daddy baby bubba whats that bite bite bye bye all she can say and she loves food and he disney movies and mickey mouse please vote for our beautiful baby!
Ezabella Ellis
Meet my beautiful daughter Ezabella. She is a very beautiful and smart little girl. She is very energetic and outgoing. She loves swimming and playing with her friends. She's all about her sisters and brothers. She loves to sing and dance. She has a very unique personality. She is such a sweet girl. She loves everyone and is always full of smiles. She has such a heart of gold and is always wanting to help others. Please go vote for my babygirl Ezabella. ❤ 😊
Everleigh is my miracle baby! She was conceived via IVF after 2 years of trying. She loves to laugh and smile!
Lainey Lou
Lainey loves people, she’s always a happy baby. She loves her daddy, especially her grandparents, and loves watching cartoons. 💖
She is a very amazing baby she is very advanced she love her mommy she love to play and roll on the floor and she loves to play with her big brothers I'd be very grateful for votes for my beautiful baby girl I love her so much
She loves snuggling with her mama and mean mugs her daddy.😅 she is one of the happiest babies you will meet! She also loves playing with her activity mat and playing in her walker.🥰 She always puts a smile on everyone’s face when she is around them.❤️
Neve Madison
Madison as she likes to be called by her middle name is a shy but outspoken feisty little girl who loves to do karate an is proud of how far along she has come. A great big sister to her 2 siblings an is not afraid to defend them at any cost. Her favorite color is constantly changing so this month it is purple but she loves books and to dance
Sweet loving beautiful baby she loves saying dada but really loves her momma
Cimyah is a two month old who already has her own personality. Cimyah loves to sleep all day and party all night !
Shes a tomboy She likes to sing Has a wild imagination Can draw just like her dad
Piper loves to watch her sister and playing peek a boo is her favorite game to play.
He name just says it all ❤
I love swimming, playing and eating whatever I can find!
Rylee is our heart warrior! She is so strong and has a heart of gold. Born with a CHD, 2 OH surgeries later, she's ready to conquer the world! Wants to be a Dr someday.. an inspiration to everyone she meets ❤
Hi my is Eva I am very active I do gymnastics Dance and Cheer I love my friends and family I try my very best to succeed please vote for me
loves to cheer likes to dance loves hanging out with friends very fancy and cool and very nice .
Emma is a blessing to this world! She loves to eat and try new things! I just learned to scrunch my face! Vote for Emmers!
Elena is my sassy pants who is so creative and very artistic, she is so independent when comes to the things she loves which include drawing, painting, singing playing dress up, choosing her own outfits for the day!
Arianna Harper is 9 months old she has blue eyes and sandy brown hair. She loves to smile, laugh, play, and eat. She is the sweetest baby girl.
Liza Jane loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy! She also loves smiling and playing with her older brother and sister! She’s two months old and already full of sass! ❤️