Hi! Everleigh is 6 months old! She loves her family, chewing her hands, watching tv and playing with her siblings. She is absolutely obsessed with Cocomelon. She’s the sweetest baby.
Jay' Mari
Jay' Mari is a bright, fun, and loving 7 year old. She loves gymnastics, cooking, and making her tic toks. She is the youngest of 4 kids and the only girl so very spoiled. Shes kind, and friendly, and she adores babies yet she loves unicorns. She would like to win, but if she doesn't we still had fun seeing all the beauties, and she knows shes beautiful either way.
Emma loves to dance. She says that’s what she wants to be when she grows is a dancer. Emma is caring, loving, kind and a great big sister. She’s super girly and loves to play with makeup. But most of all she’s got a big heart!
Genesis is very outgoing, and is all around a show stopper with her sassy. She loves Elmo and her family.
Adalynn is always a smiley baby girl she loves everybody
Emmarie Grace loves to make people smile, is very outgoing and full of sass. She loves to ride horses and rodeo. She does Barrel racing, Pole Bending, Sheep riding and Goat Tail Tying. She is such a big helper and loves to help her mom train dogs. Any money she wins will go towards her college fund❤️
Arabella is an outgoing, spunky little girl. She's my little diva. She loves doing her hair and makeup and dressing up. She also loves gymnastics and being outdoors.
Willow is a blessing to all her family. She is full of sass and is a joy to be around. Willow likes to play and fun with her brother waylon. ❤️ Willow is our princess.
Skarlett is a wonderful amazing 4 year old girl. Who loves her cats dogs and horses. She is a little sister to two bigger brothers, she loves to dance and sing, likes going outside to play any time she can.. she loves helping her mom and dad when cook dinner. All and all she is thsi incredible amazing wonderful magical little girl who dring a smile to you even when you dont want to..
Katelynn loves school, doing TikTok playing basketball pretty much anything likes the outdoors
Giavanna is a lovable playful & brings so much joy and happiness to people when they see her. She absolutely loves elmos world and loves playing with her activity cube.
Oakley Bleu is 5 months old & full of SASS! ✨
Magnolia is the sweetest little girl. Always smiling and hugging people and animals. She loves her family especially her big sister
Loving, Funny, Smart
Blakely-Elaine is the most cutest little thing, she has the most fun personality, she loves dancing to music and cuddling with her dogs, she loves to be outside running around, she loves quad rides and running around in the store while we chase her, always plays little games with us and starts laughing like she’s the funniest person in the world, she is astonishing to be around.
Blair is such a happy baby she likes watching cocomelon and swinging in her swing
Mollianna is so strong and brave she enjoys playing barbies and spending time with her family she is a beautiful soul inside our
Brandi is very out going out spoke and very adventurous. She loves trying new thing and has the biggest heart. She loves slim and playing with her little brother. She is the best big sister and would love to have your vote❤️
Hello I am Aniyla Grant & I’m 9 months old . I love Mickey Mouse & Gracie’s corner. My first birthday is approaching! vote me little miss beauty! ❤️
Arizbeth is the most loving funniest babygirl you’ll ever meet 🤍 Always follows everyone around with her beautiful big brown eyes & she always come with smiles ✨ Loves her bath time 🫧 & loves her nap time 💤
Neila is one of the sweetest kindest lil girls you'll ever meet. She loves kayaking, camping, riding her go-kart and of course being a mermaid.
Harleigh is a firecracker! She loves to going to the park and eating pizza. She a a spunky personality and love’s meeting new friends💗
She has a heart of gold. Always happy. A very caring, nurturing,loving little girl. She loves drawing and doing crafts.
Londyn smile brightens up a room! ☀️She is very smart with choice of words. She loves to play with her kitchen set in her room along with her babies she call them and her Barbie’s. She loves to be outside riding her scooter, swinging, or even just wandering around. Her favorite tv show is Cocomelon and Toy Story. She loves ice cream & happy meals. Your votes is Very very appreciated & loved. She deserves them because she has a beautiful heart that you will also love!❤️
Katalina loves Music and dance. When she grows up she wants to be an interior designer. She is one of the sweetest girls always helping others.
A little sugar and a little spice! Independent, sassy, and always on the go!
Genevieve is 5 years old, currently a kindergartner 😎 sweet, outgoing and kind. Smart and determined. She loves to dance, sing and loves Wdnesday Adams 🥰
Sandy May
Sandy loves to be outside and playing.
Alani is a very happy baby. She is full of joy. Anywhere we go someone has to stop us to compliment her beauty and she will just smile away. LOVES people and attention.
Addie Marie
Addie is a very happy baby. She loves looking around & being outside in the sun ☀️ 🥰💘
One happy baby always
She is full of energy has a great personality. She loves animals especially her cat.
Zoe is very outgoing, she is a little sassy girl who loves to dance, she loves to draw, she loves horses and all animals. She loves ridding horses,taking pictures she is very photogenic. She also likes playing her nintendo switch on the weekend's. She is not afraid to try something new. She is a dare devil.
Loves to dance and watch Gracie’s corner and has a smile that will brighten up your day❤️
Annalynn is a very sweet baby. She’s very smart and loving. She loves animals and all. The sweetest little girl you could meet. Even when she gets sick she still finds a way to smile through ❤️
Graysea is a very sweet funny little girl who loves her cats and paw patrol
Maddie is funny, loving, compassionate, caring and so much more. She loves to help anyone that needs it and puts others before herself.
Nova loves to chew her little toes and jump in her jumper.
She loves barbies,school and animals, she sings silly songs, lights up the room with her smiled
This is my youngest Julianna, she loves her cuddles with mama and has a 2 year old sister.
Jayionee is a diva , with the attitude and personality to match. She loves her brother and her puppy Bella . She really hates getting her hair combed but always run to the mirror afterwards😆 The Princess of The Family
Emily is a smart,caring, and funny little girl. She loves animals, paw patrol, and her little sister!