Aria Weathers
Everyone meet Aria! You can catch her jamming out to the Ms. Rachel’s Icky Sticky Bubble Gum Song or on weekend trips to Target with mommy. Her favorite toy is the Baby Banana and pretty much anything that can fit in her mouth 🤦🏼‍♀️😂. She has the sweetest laugh and is on her way to crawling. She took a page out of North West’s book and does not like taking pictures, so enjoy these rare moments.
Reagan Wright
Reagan is 5 weeks old her personality starting come out she loves to sleep and eat atm she smiles at her sister/brother
Celeste is a mommy’s girl ♥️ She’s sassy, but very loving! Her favorite thing is a hug, she never stops hugging everyone she loves ♥️ Outside is where she wants to be, she wants to run, play in puddles, watch all the bubbles fly everywhere in the backyard & most of all she loves riding her hot pink motorized 3 wheeler 😁 Celeste is a very happy & loving 2 year old I couldn’t ask for a better daughter , she’s beautiful on the outside as well as the inside ♥️
Tessa is a very smart girl she like to run track she love to play with her friends
Scarlett Rose
I love animals I love to play outside and the most thing I love is other Babies
Hi! I'm Kimberly. I'm 7 yrs old. I like to listen to music, sing and do tik toks. I also like to play roblox. I love dogs and kittens. My favorite thing to do in summer is swimming and ride my scooter.
Emily is very caring and loves to be the center of attention. She enjoys people and loves animals. She has a kind spirit and can make you laugh. Singing is her favorite thing to do as well as dancing and playing hockey.
Thea Faye
Thea is 19 months old, she fills everyone’s hearts with joy, she's always smiling and blowing kisses. She’s on the go 24/7 and on the move, loves the outdoors.
hi, my name is Amour. now that i know how to walk, i'm always on the go! & i loveeeeee to eat. bye.
She is such a smart and beautiful girl my biggest blessing in life 🥰
I'm the happiest baby you'll ever met. I'm beautiful inside & out with plenty of energy to help spread the joy & smiles I bring to everyone. I'm super Intuitive like I've been on this earth for 30+ years. I light up every place I go like the Sun ☀️. A vote for me is a vote of faith to show love in every place 💕
Bella is a joyful baby girl with a smile so big and bright, it can light up your heart when you meet her. She likes to play peek a boo with her sister and loves tasting new baby foods. You should vote for her because I believe she can be little miss beauty 😍🥰
Reina And Riella
Reina and riella are fraternal twins who are really good babies. Reina loves to smile and laugh at anybody. Riella is always so serious but smiles. They love daddy and their other sister. They blow spit bubbles and are learning to eat solid foods.
Ava is the baby of the bunch believe it or not she's very talkative lol.
Priya is a 2 1/2 year old silly little beauty. Since birth she has stayed with a smile on her face. She being light to anyone she meets day. Priya loves to eat cereal and noodles & shicken nuggets LOL.
Alaya is a little sweet girl who loves to sing and dance.
Avonlea is 10 months old & fills everyone’s hearts with so much joy. She’s on the go 24/7 and is on the move to walk. Her favorite food is mashed potatoes🥔
Jeneba was born 2-8-22 she is the last of my children. She is very active for a two month old. She is always smiling. She loves to listen to music.
Myla is very outgoing and she loves to play and hang out with her sisters. She has a very fun personality and she's a little comedian.
Macey Jade was born 2.3.22 She is always smiling, full of cuddles and loves to tell you all the stories. She loves her big brother and eats every chance she can 💜
This is Jacie! She love to smile and play! She is very energetic and hands on and honestly not scared of anything! She is definitely light to those she comes in contact with!
Lilly is a happy little girl she love dresses 👗 and makeup. Lilly can sing all day long. She is loving little girl
She’s very intelligent, loves to read and help others
Kalani is Hawaiian Filipino. She loves to play and any chance you let her play with kid numbchucks she goes for it.
Vanessa is a very smart little girl. She’s got a big heart for animals. And she’s a little sour patch kid. Sour at times an sweet at times. She can almost recognize all of her alphabet in it’s written. She adores Minnie Mouse.
Leialoha is Hawaiian Filipino. She loves to dress up but also loves watching ufc with her daddy.
23 months old loves the outdoors and any animal!
Aalayah is a VERY happy baby!! loves tummy time , baths and chilling with mommy and daddy!!
I am 6 yrs old. I love my pet cats the color pink. I enjoy playing soccer and modeling and even dance. I am currently in 1st grade.
Lamari is 4 in gymnastics and cheerleading . She loves helping ppl beautiful heart very loving child . She loves her family and bonding time .
Nova is Tiny princess iowa ARB
Ella is our spunky little 1 month old that lovesssss her mama and daddy and her nana and pa. She loves to eat, play, listen to music,and to cuddle with her mama and daddy.
Hello my name is Angelina I love to sing and dance and color .I am a great big sister who loves her little brother a lot and help mommy out.I’m basically a big helper with a caring heart. I will be going to PreK soon so happy to go to school soon . Please Vote for me ❤️
Luna is my first born. She’s a twin. Luna loves to smile and give hugs. She’s really lovable. She loves to talk and will always put a smile on your face.
Cora is a beautiful little girl with a big personality and gorgeous curly hair
Ella-Claire is a spunky 9 month old who loves Bluey and her family. She loves to laugh and babble and is just learning to crawl. She is full of personality and lights up a room with her smile.
This is my second baby girl. She’s a twin. Her name Means Light in Spanish. She loves to smile and it’s extremely sweet. When you see her she will put a smile on your face right way.
She loves to talk to people. She is always smiling a laughing. Loves baby shark and already can see her amazing personality 💕
Linda is just a joy to be around. She smiles a lot and just is a really happy baby!
Just here to show her beauty Gods work, Jaleah loves to sing & dance, her smile is priceless always happy with her beautiful big brown eyes she’s a blessing🙏🏼 She’s our #1
Ivey Gene
Ivey Gene is most definitely the apple of her daddy’s eye. She has never met a stranger. Loves her best friend Bojack (dog) , her moo cow, and mommy! She enjoys going outside and sitting on the porch in the rocking chair and riding the golf cart. She’s a country girl at heart!
Daphne Kaye Ann was born on 04-01-2022 she weighed 8lbs and 10oz she loves try to hold her head up and sleeping is her favorite thing. She is loved by so many but her sister is her biggest fan.
Amirah Margaux Seegmiller
Amirah Margaux Loves cuddle and kisses, she’s a happy baby and always smile to people. She loves having conversation and makes her laugh.
Ella Louise
Ella already has a whole personality of her own. She loves dressing up and loves smiling for her Mama. She is smiley, blue eyed sweetheart.
Hi I’m Harmoni E. I’m 3 soon to be 4 years old. I love to learn; I know my ABC’s, how to spell Harmoni, and I also know my numbers. I love to watch YouTube and go to the nail shop. And Im very loving, my mom says I give the best hugs 🥰.