Eleanor is the sweetest, most well mannered little 3 year old you have ever seen! She loves the outdoors and going to rest-o-nots (restaurants). Eleanor loves dressing up and being girly but isn’t afraid to get dirty and play rough. She loves her family and little brother. She is an absolute joy to be around.
She loves to play soccer and compete in pageants🥰
She loves to compete in cheer competitions and pageants🥰
Kiandra Adams
Kiandra also known as Shay she loves to play dress up, dance,and tea party. She is about to be three in two weeks from today.
Sophia, is a ghost busters loving kind of girl, who also loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse. She’s very outgoing, and loving to her brother who was born 364 days after she was. She’s growing so fast and learning daily
Nevaeh Bey
Nevaeh … 3 year old little girl Who is very advance for her Age ….. Nevaeh Haves A Thing For fashion But heavy on princess Dresses … my smart 3 year old that can read already , color in the lines and count 10 in Spanish Nevaehs Loves to Swim And Dance … Nevaehs favorite color is Pink ! And soon to become a YouTuber !
Kehlani has a very awesome personality. She loves blowing spit bubbles, watching lilo and stitch, and talking. Her smile is so gorgeous she will cheer you up any giving day.
Eliza is a smiley, giggly baby who loves music already and loves to be on the move!
Little Miss Ruby toot loves to eat, enjoys making dinosaur noises and can never resist snuggles from her papa ❤️
Layah is very photogenic love posing for the camera ❤️
Amiyah is the youngest of 4 sisters. She enjoy eating and sleeping the most.
Autumn is full of life. Autumn can understand everything. Autumn very smart loving and caring.Autumn keeps me going.I love her 💗
Taryah Chanel
Hi my name is Ta’ryah Chanel Pitts . I’m 1 years old. I love Gracie corner and love to dance and laugh.
Oakley is a 4 month old sassy diva who loves her big brother so much!!! We love being on the floor rolling all around and loves to smile at everyone!!
Maezliegh is a sweet 4 month old girl! She loves her two older brothers, she loves to smile , and loves to chew on her hands. She is literally one of a kind ❤️❤️
Kali Sanders
Hi, my name is Kali Jade Sanders I’m 4 months. I love eating laughing and talking all day!
Journee is a sweet, smiley baby girl! She loves to play with her brother and watch her favorite Mickey and Minnie show.
She loves all things baby shark and cocomelon. She loves going to preschool and playing with her big sister.
Aila is a funny and bubbly 5 year girl who loves crafts , dancing and anything girly. Her laugh is contagious . Loving and care free she expresses herself freely♥️ A complete princess for sure👑
Nyomi is a 2 year old spunky, silly baby 😊. She loves to dance and never stops grooving and laughing. Her smile lights up any room. She loves dress up👗👠 and shoes 💕
Aria Lee
Aria is the BEST big sister and an amazing little helper! She loves doing Jiu Jitsu with her daddy and working very hard for her 3rd stripe! She would love to win the contest so she can buy herself a new Gi!
Adalynn loves her big sister and is always on the move! She also LOVES food but who doesn’t?! She recently got a helmet but is rocking it and still the cutest thing ever!
Abagael Rose Wojtyna
Abby Rose is our miracle baby. She was conceived w/o any help even through mommy was struggling w/ PCOS for a # of years. She was a high risk pregnancy due to having a 2 vessel cord. After 36 hour of labor & delivery, Abby was born 6 days early @ 8.13lbs and 21" long. She was rushed to the NICU within 38 hrs due to jaundice, hyperglycemic & Strep B Virus. She came home after 8 days. She is now a girl scout and loves soccer. She loves to sing, dance and have fun with her friends and family.
Mariana is always in a good mood , she wakes up with a BIG smile every day ! She loves mommy & daddy as well as music and dance .
Elaina is full of sass and has smiles for everyone! She loves her Mommy and Daddy very much. Elaina's favorite show is 'Baby Shark Space Adventure.'
Willing to trade votes 💕 10 , 20/day. VOTES WILL COME FROM ME AND MY HUB, Hi! My name is Xoliani and I love Barney, I like to sing around and dance and I love drawing on my board, oh and I love hugs! I have a beagle who is my bestfriend and we spend alot of time together :)
Kaci Is always smiling and camera ready. The sweetest baby girl you’ll ever encounter yourself with 💗
Adaline Byrne
Adaline loves her big brother and to be outside. She loves going on adventures with her family.
Nama's little sunflower 🌻
Nama's little sunflower 🌻
Te’Ari Is pretty she’s smart she likes to play a lot also Te’Ari is a happy baby she’s loves everybody and everybody loves Te’Ari 💓
Egypt is full of life , love to play in makeup, Act, and dance . She love to try new things and experience new activities
Saya is a breath of fresh air , full of personality. Such a loving baby who loves to laugh, play and watch elmo of course
Madeline loves to sing and dance she likes her tablet of course she loves to play with her big brother she so Lovable and funny
Carlee is a funny little girl. She likes to watch Cocomelon which is her favorite show! She loves her apple juice during the day and her milk at night also she enjoys eating her veggies with her meal at dinner time! Lastly, Carlee is a very smart little girl who goes to daycare!
Miracle of life
Ne’Yomii is a bubbly baby. She laughs at just about anything. She’s such a joy to be around
My name is Leah. I’m a very happy baby . I like to watch my sisters play.
Kateyln is a sweet two month old little Girl with such an amazing little personality. Kateyln is my little Fighter. She has been Fighting since I've had her. She was born with a brain bleed that causes seaizures. Help me vote for this Sweet princess
Willing to exchange votes with others ♡ Carlaigha is a fun-loving, out-going, and Sassy little girl. She loves to play outside and eat anything she is able to. She is Puerto Rican and Caucasian.
Naomi is 9 months old she is a very happy sassy baby!! She pretty much always has a big o smile on her face unless she is hungry or sleepy. She don’t play about her food or naps! 2 things Naomi is always complimented on is her beauty and chubby cheeks.
Free spirited, zombie loving princess! She loves all things weird and fun! She’s a Jack of all trades. Truly one of a kind! Even loved eating her veggies! Would love for you to vote for her. 💕
Obsessed with mommy, loves milk and her sissy! Always full of smiles and would love for you to vote for her💕
She have the best heart in the world , she does everything to see her people happy , She loves animals , she loves to read
Such a wonderful baby she is very calm and loves to smile 😊 I love her so much
Hello my name is Naomi and I am 1 year old . I love playing outside, playing with my toys & eating snacks
Avianna was born a happy baby always has a smile on her face even when she is asleep. She is a very sweet and calm baby girl.