Baby Stories - 52


Zhuri is a 7 month old beautiful,Bright,outgoing baby girl. Very full of life and energy she’s literally been here before lol.. She loves music (She’ll dance to anything) She has a smile that will brighten ANYBODYS day. She’s the perfect contestant
She is a miracle baby when she was born she had wet lungs and she was breathing too fast and her sugar was 29
Little Miss Reign Lee loves to smile, laugh, and play. Her favorite thing to do is watch vampirina and scooby doo!
Alayna, or Laynie, is such a ray of sunshine. She is literally the light of our lives. She radiates warmth and happiness. Laynie loves snuggles and being with her “fur sisters”. Truly a happy baby and our little miracle. Thank you for voting.
Loves to cuddle. Bright eyed beauty!
Zyen Rashaea Carter is the sweetest little preemie. She enjoys cartoon shows with lots of colors, bathing and feeding time. Zyen grabs all the attention once she's in the room. Please vote for me as many times as you can see this. I WILL DO VOTE EXCHANGE. I would like to WIN!
Jaci has been smiling since the first week she came home. She’s the most happy, loving baby I’ve ever met. She grabs the attention of everyone when we’re out in public. Her bubbly personality is contagious without a doubt.
Mahlani Gabana is a super happy, loving energetic little girl who loves to dance & sing! She’s the friendliest little human with kids also! Thanks for voting ❤️
Zayah is a Amazing baby through all her bad days in ICU she NEVER give up :) she just a all around kid I would not change her for the world
Hi! I’m Charlotte. I LOVE colorful toys and my favorite thing is food! I like to laugh, dance and sing.
Gracie Murray
I do Cheerleading:)
Lil Miss Phoenix is definitely a joyful baby. Having made her grand entrance in the peak of this pandemic she has already shown the world she is a living miracle. Her hobbies are watching Micky Mouse Playhouse, mommy snuggle time and most importantly getting “plant based” formula wasted. Phoenix has brought so much light to her daddy’s and my heart and she’ll certainly light up any room with her million dollar smile. She is definitely a Little Miss Beauty!🥰
Kaleigh is a beautiful, bubbly 11 year old. She is deaf, and is my miracle child. She wasn’t supposed to live. She has overcome so many obstacles, surgeries, and therapies thrown her way.
Aurora, just like her name, is Our princess. She lights up the room with her laugh. She loves her brothers and is sweet as she can be.
Chanel is a happy baby and a lil diva 💖
My sweet Princess Doll and Blessing from above!
Zoey is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet! She’s always got a smile on her face and will most definitely put one on yours! Please give us a vote and keep our little bean smiling! 💕
Novalei loves tummy time, her swing ,& cuddles from mommy, daddy &her siblings , she hold her head up all by herself &is trying to hard to roll over !!
She has a smile that will melt your heart and make your day... eyes so bright will surely light up your life, my little love is so precious and joyful...Amayah, very pleasant baby girl anyone will easily fall in love❤🥰
Paisley is an all around happy and sassy babygirl.💛 Thank you for voting!
Lilly was born at the beginning of February 5 pounds 4 ounces itty bitty as can be. She loves sleeping and eating all the time shes very spoiled and loved. Thank you for voting we appreciate every vote!
Hello my name is Destiny im 2 year old ilove to laughed and play around amd smile all the time to make my loves happy . This is my first time entered this contest if i win this that be a blessings for me
Adalyn is a happy little drama queen in the making. She enjoys singing, dancing, and making crafts. She also loves going to plays and musicals.
She loves school, playing with her brother and nephew. She loves drawing, watching Trolls cartoon movies. Andria is a very loving and happy child. Andria has a heart of gold she loves to help everyone
Evelyn Monet is one happy girl!! She loves to jump and bounce any and every where! Always smiling, Evie enjoys trying new foods, singing and dancing with Mommy and Daddy, and using her new teeth to chew on anything in reach! Your vote means the world!
She is a very sweet girl. She be smiling all the time...she loves her mom, dad and her siblings.
Such a beauty how could you not vote ? She has such a wonderful personality LOVES to dance , Very Photogenic loves to take her pictures , Loves peek-a-boo she’ll do it all day long , and she really enjoys the movie Pets ! She’s very loved I definitely think you guys should vote I think this will definitely be a great experience for her, her BEAUTY shouldn’t be unnoticed . Thank you for your vote ! 😊
Ana just turned 1, and she loves to smile
Madelyn is 5 years old and loves to cuddle mommy and loves baby dolls.
She loves her brothers. Momma n daddy. Loves to sleep n eat ,smile and tummy time
Dancing and playing with cell phones
Annabelle Rose is a very sweet funny beautiful Baby girl!! She loves princess Fiona and mickey mouse !! She starts every day the same way she ends it with a big huge smile and a warm heart!! ❤️ Vote for my BestFriend 🥀
My name is Mia’Lei I’m Samoan & black I’m 3 months old daddy’s baby girl I love looking around smiling & laughing at my 2 big brothers I also love trying to sit up by myself ❤️
She’s full of spunk! Loves scary movies and dancing 💃 she plays soccer ⚽️ Has a wonderful imagination 💭
Adelynn Reese
She is the most happiest baby!!! She loves to play with her mom and aunt... she LOVES the word “no”... she can say mama, hey, bye, moose(her stuff animal), night-night and I love u...
Alexis is an outgoing 7 year with a heart full of love! She adores Minnie Mouse and poppy (from trolls) and love her family. She battles with multiple medical issues from birth (epilepsy, cerebral palsy, autism, to name a few) but doesn’t let that get in her way of being her bubbly self and bringing a smile to everyone’s face!!!
Meet: ✨Amora Royalty✨ Amora is 9 Months old she has the sweetest personality ever! she is currently learning to walk. She loves to dance, play & eat. Baby Boss is her favorite show.
The happiest baby ever she loves jumping and putting anything she can in her mouth lol
I love my mommy and Nani.. especially at feeding time...🥰
Beautiful smart and outgoing
Fun smart happy energetic
My name is Teagan. I love bright colors and cars. My favorite thing to do is blow raspberries.
Little miss Emma! She loves her daddy, her swing and being talked to. She's 7weeks old.
Breanna is so responsible and caring. She helps me take care of her younger brothers. She also takes care of her cat, Clover. They are best friends.
She Loves Her Purses & Lip Gloss .. She Loves To Dress Up & She Is Very Girly
My name is Letty , I Am 4 year old ,I like to swim and play I like to smile.
Clover is an energetic, intelligent and loving child. Clover loves learning so she is quite inquisitive. Taking is her best thing ever she says. Clover hopes to be a Dr. someday and I think she is in the right track for it. She is kind and helpful and always looking for ways to fix things. Let’s go Clover 🍀