Ella Rose is the most happiest babies you will ever meet. We prayed so hard for her. She is our rainbow baby❤️ She is so smart, funny & beautiful. She is very talkative and loves to dance! Her smile can light up any room she goes in❤️❤️
Veronica is a loving little girl. She loves her mommy, Daddy, Bubba and sissy. She loves the outdoors, her baby dolls. She has a love for cows and tractors. She can talk up a storm. She is her Mommy and Daddy’s pride and joy. Her grandparents just adore her. Veronica will melt your heart when you meet her.
Charleigh is a super happy baby with the best gummy smile. She just started infant safety resuce swim lessons and is beginning to try lots of solid foods.
Skylar is sweet & a smart little girl🫶🏽
Raylynn is so smart she walking talking eating big people foods.
Our 🌈 baby has truly brightened our lives. She completes our little family. 💕
She’s cute loves her mommy and to cuddle she’s 4 years old loves bluey, pepa pig , and doing any craft she can get her hands on, is loved by many 💗
My own little Princess Leia. 👸🏻
Miracle love to dance love dressing up she so smart and beautiful she loves playing with her barbie doll's I'm not her mother her mother is My sister who passed away 4 year's ago please vote for her
Gracie is definitely a one of a kind girl! She is the youngest of 5 and never misses a beat! Sassy but loving and always ready for adventure.
She is the happiest and sweetest 8 mt h old you will ever meet. She will feel the room with smiles... And she loves her big sister 😍 and look at those chubby cheeks... Hard not to give her your vote
Juliana is our princess we tried for over 3 years and we’re finally blessed with this beautiful little lady in June of 2022. Juliana is a true R&B head she coos along to Miguel and other artist. She is only child I know that wakes up and goes to sleep with a smile on her face. I hope you enjoy her the way me and her mother do
Freya was born at 34 weeks and had to spend time in the NICU for a few weeks. They thought she'd be in there longer than she was but she was a fighter!! She has come so far and she is such an amazing child! She's so smart and funny and everyone who meets her just loves her. She LOVES baby shark and deserves to be admired for who she is 💕
Fallynn is a fun, smart, caring, and big hearted. She loves to dance, read, and spend time with family.
Hey my Name is Dior💕🧸 I’m very sweet and beautiful ✨ I love to play with my toys and bring people joy🥺
Hanni love to dance and sing ❤️🧿 shes very energetic and friendly. She has always love taking pictures and would love to win to show her potential in more places.
She's almost two with the biggest and brightest smile to go with her big and caragus heart... She is always ready to learn and have fun she loves her farm animals.. and will love to get your vote
Sa’maiya is a very loving beautiful baby girl she love Gracie she love her toys and playing with her brother’s.
Avaleigh loves to babble and smile at anyone who walks by!
I just want everyone to see how beautiful she is.❤️ I don’t care about winning but with that smile it’s hard not to vote for her.
The sweetest and most loving little person I know. She loves her family and always puts a smile on others face. She's a bit of spice and sugar all in one.
Sweet loveing little girl who is like a mama hen to younger siblings super smart and very loved
Autumn is a very smart and loving girl. She loves to play with her babies and her favorite color is pink. She loves her puppy and her brothers.
Kava Rose
Kava Rose is a very smart and beautiful 19 month who loves to play and dance and look at Elmo and try to sing she will make your day brighter when she’s ts blue
Caitlyn is a very active little girl with a sassy personality 🫶🏻 she has the prettiest blue eyes and a very contagious laugh
She is very smart have the cutest smile and loving also she has a twin brother .
Journei is the sweetest little girl ever! She gives kisses, hugs, she sing and dance at any given moment. Cocomelon, Gracie’s stories, and Learning with Ms. Rachel are her favorites.❤️
Lillie is a very energetic 1 year old! She absolutely loves animals (especially her dogs and kitties, her daddy, and mommy. It's most definitely Lillie's way, or no way! If Lillie wins it will go right into her savings.
She’s a bright, intelligent little girl she loves gymnastics an she’s very energetic she love her little brother to the moon an back
Isabella is mommy’s honey muffin she loves running around and causing havoc but she’s still sweet as ever ❤️
🥺Ja’Mecia is now 2 years old and she loves to mess with stuff she’s still very alert , she started walking a lil after she turned 1 ! she loves other kids and just love cocomelon . But y’all just vote for my gorgeous baby girl 🥺🥰🥰
Chanel is a kind hearted, loving, caring little girl who always puts others before herself!
Kinley Rei is a sweet and very happy babygirl that loves her mommy and daddy. She loves to watch trolls, smurfs and Mickey Mouse and loves to play peek-a-boo!!! Voting for her would mean the world to us and our babygirl. She loves to smile, talk, giggle and loves to be sang too.
Isabella is a very friendly and outgoing little girl, she loves being around her family very much. She told me that she wants to be like her big sissy that became queen of Pekin indiana over the summer
Hi my name is Malena Rose. I'm very energetic I love to say the word dog a hundred times a day because it's my favorite animal. I also enjoy playing my baby piano. My favorite food is sweet potatoes and or carrots yummy!
Haylee is very smart and a girly girl, she loves playing with her sister Kelsie and brother Colson, she wears her heart on her shoulder
Justice is a sassy, funny, smart, dancing, flipping lil diva! She love to dance,cook,play school and love her family! And as you can see she like playing in makeup and hair!
She is super sporty, outspoken, free-spirited, kind, loving, giving but will defend her family and friends.
Taylee is very sweet and loves to play outside.
As you can see, she is a character. All entertaining and so sweet.
Racquel Herrera
Racquel is a 10 year old smart individual. She has a really uplifting personality. She loves doing tik toks, and her gymnastics class. She can make anyone laugh with her goofy personality.
Averly is so outgoing! She loves to play outside, dinosaurs, and collect rocks. Her favorite color is orange 🧡
Aniston is a sweet girl who has a silly side to her. She is now 5 months and enjoys watching cocomelon, playing, rolling, smiling, and talks nonstop lol. She’s full of happiness and is the most easy going baby. 🤎
Isabella is the sweetest little girl ever
Lillianna loves going fishing and playing with bugs. My little dare devil isnt afriad of anything. She love putting music on and dancing.
She is such a beautiful soul. She sleeps throughout the night and she is not a cry baby