Baby Stories - 52


Rylinn is a sassy, spunky tom-boy! She is a big sister of two brothers who (get on her nerves) she loves with all of her heart!🤣💕 Rylinn is also an honor roll student and daughter!💕 This girl here will steal your heart away the moment you meet her❤️
Aurora is the sassiest of all 4 year olds! She is so sweet and loving. She loves her cat and enjoys playing with her barbies. A water baby heart 💙
Lillian is 10 months old. Shes very sweet and affectionate. Her favorite thing to do is go swimming. She has a big sister and two dogs that she adores.
Adalynn soon will be 5 years old. She loves to dress-up and loves to be outside. She loves going to church. She’s very smart
Zoe is a southern girl from the great state of Texas. She enjoys looking in the mirror and taking walks. She is smart and a bit sassy. She loves smiling for pictures and is very ticklish.
She smart, she love reading, love playing, etc
Zora is such a happy baby . She is always smiling & trying to make noises . She thinks she can talk . Zora is definitely a mommas girl . 💗
Melody Rose
Melody Rose 🌹 is a very happy, sassy 2 year old. She loves to sing, dance, play in the dirt, and cuddle animals. Everyone she meets says she is a ray of sunshine! 🌞🌻
Hi! I’m Genesis. I’m 2 months old this Sunday and already making mommy and daddy so proud. I love to hold up my head to laugh at my dog brother when he licks my face. I’m a messy eater and prefer my milk shaken, not stirred.
Gianna, AKA G’Rai is 1 years old and is very smart. She picks up very quickly. She knows how to say Ma ma, dada, thank you and baby. She likes to talk, play and watch cartoons with Gabby’s Dollhouse being her favorite. She is so sweet and loving, her personality is beyond perfect, it just puts the icing on the cake.
Nova loves her Mommy, Daddy & Grandma! She loves trying new foods & She is just now learning to walk. Nova loves bubble baths and watching Cocomelon! Vote for Nova Rose!!
Beautiful,Smart, And Very Playful. She Enjoys Arts & Crafts, Singing, Dancing. So please help her to the top. Thanks.
Delilah can crawl, stand, loves to eat with her mom and is such a happy baby!
Delaney Vinton
She loves to help people she is very athletic and outgoing very smart and respectful loves her family and friends and lives to help her community.
Kiara is a four year old girl who is absolutely wild about princesses, her dog gizmo, and playing outside. Her favorite thing to do is dressing up as a Elsa and singing songs from the movie frozen.
Super happy baby. I love to pinch my moms nose and laugh while she acts surprised. She loves to give kisses
Gracelyn is a loud, one of a kind 1yr old. She loves to sing her ABC’s, twinkle twinkle little star, and you are my sunshine. She’s so smart. 💛
Amiyah, loves family and her baby friends. Amiyah is such a happy baby all the time. She’s feisty and loving all in one! She enjoys being outside and making memories with her family. She’s a HUGE daddy’s girl ❤️
🌈My rainbow baby🌈 She likes to dance, she’s very intelligent, she knows her abc, she’s very funny, she says what’s on her mind lol, she like chocolates, she loved sausages, she loves to swim
Almost 2 month old sweetheart who loves to smile, babble back and make lots of faces while bringing light into your life. She loves being outside, looking around at trees with all the joys that come with nature❤️
Aleigha is my first and only child. She loves everyone and is so smart. She giggles and smiles all the time. She loves her rattle toy and her family but she doesn’t like a binkie at all. She’s the sweetest baby. 💕
Dazielle is a very smart outgoing 1 year old she loves dogs, dancing and singing along
Everleigh Kate is my spunky little blue eyed 6 month old. She can light up the whole room with her gorgeous little smile. She loves all things Mickey Mouse and Cocomelon. She loves dolphins and snuggling with Mommy or Daddy ❤
Charlie Lynn
Despite what's happening in her life, she finds time to always help others and always respect those who serve to keep us safe. Despite being a whole amazing little grown up she always makes good choices and encourage others to do the same. At 9 she is a leader and sometimes bullied at times she loves to help them find another way. She is a empath who will one day successfully do something big to help humanity.
She very sweet baby... My little dog is her baby she packs it around...
Evaeh is full of life and love definitely the life of any party and very kind and loving ❤️ She’s going to be a great big sister 💙
I’m two years old and I love to watch cocomelon and peppa pig! ❤️ I’m a fast learner, energetic and friendly. I love to eat my fruits and being around family. I enjoy bath time and sleeping up under my mommy. Also, Soon I’ll be a big sister 🥰 I go to Church with my GG and I enjoying dancing the whole service. 😊 Vote for Azari! ❤️
Mina is very shy but full of fun very adventurous loves her big sister dmya and she loves Elsa her favorite color is blue
Dmya loves to dance and watch YouTube videos she very intelligent full of personality and very sweet and loves her little sister Amina
I like to play roblox and tick tic,I also dance and like playing with my sisters
She’s growing way too fast already💕...she’s my tiny mighty little girl and my whole heart 💜
Aria is a very sweet and lovable girl who loves the outdoors and animals. She loves to dance and play with her toy horses. Even when shes sick she always tries to be our happy little girl.
Ember is your typical almost 2 year old! Total drama queen! Has an attitude already! Loves dogs!
Hi my name is Tamarria iam 10 years old and i like to dance and do hair and paint iam in 5th grade. Iam a mommas and daddys girl.i have my own room
Hi my beautiful little gurls name is Emily, and she is such a bright child! Shes so smart, loving 🥰, caring, most interesting little gurl you will ever meet....she loves to make friends everywhere she goes....she is very photogenic, and is not embarrassed of who is looking at her, she helps me out so much with her baby brother....she was recently hurt and it is keeping her from doing a lot of stuff that she normally does on her own, my Emily is the type of child who is independent and doesn't like to ask for help....she may need surgery, but having a broken arm doesn't keep her from smiling and being happy 😊!!!! Thank you to all those who vote 🗳!!! PLEASE VOTE FOR MY EMILY DURING THIS COMPETITION AND WE WILL GLADLY RETURN THE FAVOR!!!!! Thank you all and GOD BLESS!!!!
Maylani is a very intelligent, bright, and wonderful little girl. She loves everything and everyone.
This beautiful girl is so full of love and loves to smile
Emery loves taking naps, yelling and watching the very hungry caterpillar 🐛
Kamiya loves her brothers, swimming, CocoMelon, and eating anything she can get her hands on. She was born on Christmas, has a huge personality and an attitude to match. Kamiya crawls, stands up, surfs the furniture, and is constantly trying to keep up with her brothers.
Riley Grace
Riley Grace, the most sweetest baby girl! Always has a smile on her face and blowing kisses to her loved ones.
Nevaeh is a curious silly 2 year old she is always smiling and happy. She loves everyone and has the most amazing laugh she can brighten any day. She loves her bath time and is super smart already she loves watching everything around her and is very adventurous determined and beautiful.
kinsley is a brave outgoing loving little girl with a lot of sassiness she loves animals and to swim in the pool
Xeira Celaya
She loves the camera or the spot light! Her smile says everything about her!
Ainsley is our ticklish little bean. Full of smiles and determination!
Daenerys is the sweetest little thing always has big smiles for everyone and is a cutie pie