Isy is the sweetest most loving beautiful babygirl. She loves her mommy, daddy, and big brothers! Always waving and giving hugs and kisses! She loves music and dancing and also getting dirty with daddy and playing outside.
She is a sassy girl and lives dancing
Emery loves everything outdoors. If she’s inside, she is not a happy camper. She loves to eat, especially anything grandma cooks. She is the most happy, silly, loving little girl we know! Her and her cousin are basically best friends already, even though they don’t realize that yet. She is such joy to our entire family! ❤️
Harmony brightens any space she occupies. Her favorite tv show is Ms Rachel.
Estella is so funny and sweet. She’s an amazing big sister and she has such a personality. She really is an amazing little girl.
Bella is always a happy baby. She is always smiling and loves playing with her big sister. Her littler personality is starting to come out. She also loves being outside. She claps and waves all the time even at the tv haha.
Elliana is 3 1/5 months old, she’s got a huge personality,loves her mama and her sloth stuffed animal. she’s little but so smart. her little birth mark above her eye is so unique, she is always so happy and loves blabbing and cuddle.
Serennity loves to go to Karate class, ride her dirt bike and play in our backyard with friends. Serennity is very smart for her age and very creative. She can be a girly girl or just be a kid playing in the dirt looking for bugs…🤗
Malaya is a smart and funny 3 year old who loves to dress up and enjoys playing with other kids and riding on her bike
Addison is very outgoing, very caring and loves her family and friends! She loves playing outside riding her razor and playing dress up!
Makenna is Spunky, loud, and the definition of a sour patch kid 😂 She enjoys being outside and playing with her friends and sister! Her favorite things to do is fish and ride her bike.
Social butterfly, so beautiful and sassy. So full of love to give ♥️
Lexi is also a very sassy girl. She gets her attitude from her momma. She loves going outside to play.
Layla is very sassy. She loves to play outside. Layla also helps her momma with her baby brother
Deborah Jayde has an inner beauty that shines like no other. She loves OG hard!! mind body & soul unconditionally with an overwhelming sensation that allows her to reach out hug you and say i love you. I saw this in her as an infant. If you hurt she hurts. Purely innocent ability to love all walks of life and allows herself to embrace acknowledging kindness and love.
I love to EAT! I’m very active since I started favorite word is momma and daddy (mostly momma) I love having play time with my older sissy’s
Melanie is 3 years old she enjoys gymnastics playing with her sister and her toys she very photogenic adventurous and loves having fun and playing dress up
She just turned 5 months old and can say Dada,Mama,and Hey
Clara Mae
Clara Mae is a ray of sunshine-always full of smiles and excitement! She loves to go for walks and see new people. She’s a blessing in more ways than I could ever mention!
willow was born on valentine’s day of this year. she loves cuddles & mommy, daddy and big brother. she’s such a happy baby girl.
Ashlin is a very sweet girl. She never meets a stranger. She has the kindest heart
Ariuna Pierce
My daughter love to love on people she will give anybody hugs she love everybody Ariuna love to smile she very happy child I thank God for her
Dimple to die for!
Serenity is 4 years old and the youngest of 5. She loves gymnastics she can do cartwheels, the bridge and her favorite is the splits. She loves the beach so much she knows how to swim.She is very loving,caring and attentive can be sassy but self driven to to be independent.She loves putting on make up and painting everyone nails.She is smart and has that go get it attitude.
Our little princess is the youngest of 5 with 4 big brothers. She is sweet and sassy! Loves to dance, sing and play outside.
Eden is smart and funny and loves gymnastic, school and loves her iPad
Elizabeth Grace Karen
I'm Elizabeth Grace my favorite thing to do is cuddle with mommy and daddy. My favorite thing to do is eat sleep and watch finding Nemo and frozen in very smart I love my grandparents I have to get heart surgery done soon but don't worry I'll be alright I'm a very brave strong independent baby my parents are very brave and strong and I need them to be I love everyone so much I'm very calm relax baby
Jasmine is a very sassy energetic little girl, but also very polite and well mannered. She loves to take pictures and play with the filters. She likes to play with her brothers and cuddle with mom and dad to watch movies. She likes to listen to music and dance and currently in dance for acro. She is a very loving and extremely sweet 8 yr old.
Hi! I’m soleannii! I love playing in my ball pit and drinking my mamas milk.
Glory is 6 years old. She loves playing with her friends, making tictoks with her big sister, and dancing!
I’m Kaydance, Kay for short. I’m a freshman in High School and I love to cook and bake. I’m 1 of 12 siblings, being the oldest of my moms and the 4th child of my dads. I love being the big sister and helping my younger siblings learn.
Julianna is the most beautiful little girl Ever. Such an adorable personality & loving soul ❤️
Natalie is a very sweet girl. She loves to sing and dance!
Anastasia, or Ana, is a very sweet girl. She loves to sing and dance!
This is Nevaeh she is 11 years old and loves TikTok and selfies and she is the most kind hearted kid ever so pls vote for her
Granddaughter Emery
She is a 6th month old ball of joy she is always smiling, she is a very loving baby
Hi this is Avery she's 6 years old and the most funniest and caring little girl she's loves animals and taking pictures please vote for her , she really deserves to win ...
Kaitlynn is smart, loving and caring an loves to help others and stop kids from being mean to eachother.
My baby girl is trulybone of a kind! Im pretty sure as parents we all think that about our kids. Alycia loves to make bracelets listen to music she loves to sing she is going to be 10 years old. Why vote for her well why not, this is the first time i put her up on something like this so please help me out with votes and vote for my baby girl!
Lily is the happiest & sweetest baby. She laughs at everything her big sister does and always wakes up in the best mood. Her favorite thing to do is putting tags in her mouth & can always find the tag on anything. She also loves peek-a-boo & matching with her big sissy💕
Aubriella is a sassy smart 2 year old who loves outdoors and her family shes my twin and a daddys girl !!
Ava is 7 months , she loves to swing and be outside in her stroller.
Nova is a 3 year old with the BIGGEST personality. Loves unicorns, bubbles, and being the center of attention!
Esmeriah is my beautiful 2 month old baby girl and she is incredibly smart for her age. She can hold her own head and is starting to mumble real words. It would be great for her to win so I can enroll her into musical lessons
She loves to laugh and stand up my little ray of sunshine💗
Rayleigh is always happy and smiley. She love going outside, playing in the sand and bath time. she is mamas twin but is a daddy’s girl💗