The cutest, sweetest, funniest little 10 month old I've ever met!
Emma is a happy baby that loves to dance and eat she is the smartest little person.. and always ready to help when needed
Rebekah is the youngest of four children. She is a sweet, shy, goofy and a caring girl with a positive future ahead of her. She just graduated from kindergarten ( homeschooled 🥰) and excels in math and science. She is also super duper creative and loves to draw and express herself! She loves crystal gems 💎 and is a collector ❤️! She also has a natural talent for singing 🎤!! Rebekah would like to thank you for voting for her and helping her with this pageant 🤙🏽
Hi, My name is Aaliyah Dream Vasquez I love music every time a song plays, I just can’t resist but put my hands in the air and dance. Everyone always wants to hold me and pinch my chubby cheeks but I just want to crawl every where and try to run around. Vote for me at you’re own free will although the cuteness may be too irresistible. Here to have fun!
Camila is an 9 month old angel. She was a gift from God and a blessing to our family. She brings me immense amounts of happiness, and every second I’m with her we make amazing new memories.
Hi everyone, this is little miss Aly. Oldest of 2, her and her 2 year old brother. She loves to sing, dance, make art, practice school and LIKES to challenge herself. She loves to practice her makeup skills for her future YouTube channel 😂
Ashlyn is 10 months old she loves playing with her brother and sister she's very independent
Amelia is definitely a county girl loves playing outside, fishing with her daddy, swimming she loves baby shark she's the sweetest little girl you could ever meet 💜
Dalayza is one of the happiest babies ever . She is so playful and friendly to anyone .
Ezlyn loves to sing and dance! Her favorite movie is Moana! You should vote for Ezlyn because she is very sweet, generous and a very quick learner!❤️
She's so beautiful & is Princess Apples 🍎 she is always smiling & laughing & makes others smile.
Ivy is the sweetest & most lovable baby! She is so smart & loves the outdoors, animals, her family, & dancing!!!
Alaia is 1 years old and she loves to eat and play with her dog . She’s also very smart and loves to sing !
My name is Zaylina. I am 2 months old and I love to smile. I like to learn new things and rolling over is my favorite right now. When I’m not sleeping I’m talking to mommy and daddy.
She is the most loving 🥰 outgoing little beauty Who loves the outdoors and swimming is full of life and knows she’s cute 🥰
Little miss is just a burst of sunshine! Always smiling! Super attentive! Learning to roll over, hold her own bottle and so much more everyday!
My name is Aria. I am 13 months old and I love all things pink and sparkly. The bigger the bow the better 🎀 This little princess is a social butterfly and loves having her picture taken.
Lila is the happiest 15 month old, she loves animals and being outside.
Felicity is my only daughter out of 4 kids , she’s very smart n talented
Isabella Dantzler
Isabella shines so bright! She is joyful, smart and always striving to learn. She loves to dress up like a princess, then sing and dance around the house. She is an outgoing little girl who enjoys playing with and teaching her sisters, family and friends.
My name is Valencia. I am 11 months old. I am the youngest of 3. My older siblings are 12 & 10. I love music and dancing. I love to smile and laugh. I love love anything that involves food.
Camila is 9 months old, her favorite word is mama. She has such a goofy personality and she’s such a happy girl.
Kehlanii loves playing outside, she is very adventurous and outgoing. Her favorite movie right now is toy story 2, she LOVES strawberry milk and playing dress up with her princess dresses. She’s so silly and loves to make people laugh.
Mara is truly a miracle and such a little blessing. Mara was born with a rare metabolic disorder and her prognosis and quality of life was uncertain. Today she is thriving, is so full of life, and brings so much love and laughter to us all. She is so smart, funny, and amazes me constantly by what she says/remembers. Mara has been through so much in her little life, her strength and courage is greater than anyone I know! She will be starting kindergarten soon and is so excited! She loves social media and wants to be a famous rockstar! Haha! This fall we will also be celebrating her 5 year liver transplant anniversary! #donatelife Simply stated, Mara makes our lives more beautiful! 💚
Skarlett Neverly is pretty much the coolest 8 year old I've ever met, however, I could be biased 🖤 she has the biggest personality. She determines the mood in the room, that's for sure! She never fails to make people laugh with her wit! She's a free spirit, with the most special soul ✨️
Zaryah is 1 year old ,she likes to be outdoors,she likes to explore objects that seem different to her . Her favorite show is word party . Zaryah loves food . Very photogenic. Loves sunglasses and very smart . Zaryah also loves animals.
Everly loves her sleep, milk, cuddles, and watching tv!❤️
Hi I’m Avanna I go by Ava ,I love to play dolls and do TikTok’s my favorite character is Minnie Mouse , I have two older sisters . I’m mom autistic butterfly 🦋and I also was featured in a YouTube channel
She’s a good time!! If you know you know!!
Dulce Cruz
Dulce loves dancing, singing and acting. She believed she will be a super model and will be a famous singer/actress one day. She also is a soccer star. She loves to eat. And makes friends with absolutely anyone who crosses paths with her. Truly a love ball.
Noelle’s smile is contagious. She loves to read, color, and crack jokes. She has a kind heart and loving soul.
Aria is a free spirit who beats to her own drum. With the worlds best giggle, she lights up any room. She is learning Spanish at the age of 6 and loves cheerleading!
Her smile and laugh are so contagious she is just the sweetest most beautiful little thing ever made she lights up a room wherever she goes
Londyn Royalle is almost a Valentine’s Day baby!! I call her my lil sour patch kid. She is very nosey and love watching Ms Rachel!! Vote for her
Elena was born during Covid-19. She has many hobbies such as exploring, reading and sports. We are an adventure family even though she likes to stay inside.
The happiest two year old you’ll ever meet! She loves to play outside and hangout with her big sister! She loves to draw and loves to learn new things! She’s smart and loving and her favorite movie is despicable me!
Delilah is a very outgoing, bubbly, caring and happy baby girl! She loves to help others and share. Her favorite’s are Bluey, Baby Shark, and Minnie/Mickey. Her smile always lights up the room! You’ll almost always see her with a bow also, because we love to rep for our favorite shop - Lainey & Liv Bowtique!
Her laugh is contagious, her smile will melt your heart and her heart is pure and true.
Adalena is the happiest baby, her smile can light up a room. She absolutely love Disney movies, and loves listening to music. Her favorite song is "Wheels on the bus"! <3
Madison is a sweet girl who loves taking care of others. Madison can play outside like a tomboy but then wants her nails painted and lip gloss on. Madison eyes will have you say yes to anything she ask for.
Selena loves spider man and Minnie Mouse. She has a baby sister on the way and is super excited. She loves walking drawing and writing . Her favorite color is yellow . She enjoys going to the park everyday , loves chocolate ice cream and Cotten candy especially chocolate candy. She loves strawberries watermelon bananas and apples . She loves paining her nails and toenails. She’s very shy but loves to play with kids. She is 3 on October 🫶🏼
An outgoing 5 year old who loves the outdoors, and art! She loves making friends and is truly the kindest little girl ever ❤️
Scarlett loves the ocean, any little creatures she wants to rescue and make a house for them …. Yes even millipedes. She is a little helper when comes to chores and likes to make extra bucks for them lol! Sweet and charismatic princess
Brooklyn Loves to dance and eat!!!! Also she loves to say dada, her bff as I recall!! lol She also loves to swim and likes to play with anything that lights up and plays music 😊
Photogenic, she likes to sing and dance
Nairobi is the most friendly 17 month old baby girl you’ll ever meet, She enjoys making attempts to read and dancing with her favorite people. She’s far from a picky eater but she is generous enough to still share a piece with you. If you’re lucky enough to see her smile and hear her laugh I promise it’ll bring you joy.
To know her is to love her! She is curious, sweet, silly, and of course SASSY! Thank u for ur support!!
Azuri is very outgoing ! She loves playing at the park & watching shrek! Vote for azuri she has a big future ahead of her with the type of personality she has :)