My daughter she loves to smile and play with other kids she is a loveable baby she has some development delays she isnt like other babies
Siyanni was a surprise blessing after losing my mother last year. She also is feisty and came into the world three weeks early to make it before Christmas.
Aisley is currently one month old! She loves to eat & cuddle with mama! Shes so little yet filled with so much joy & personality already!
Shae is my independent, fearless, wild child, who loves to say hello to everyone she meets.🩵
Isabella is just about to turn 6 months old. Our little Bella Bear is the happiest little bundle of joy! She loves to play with family all day long. Her favorite thing to do is jump in her jumper. She loves to spit, like it’s a game to her. It’s absolutely never a dull moment with her!
She is a happy little baby who always smiles and has a lot of energy
Indica is 7 months old with dark blue eyes and very little blonde hair. she is in the 99th percentile for weight weighing 24.5 pounds! She loves all animals and pretty much any food she can get her hands on! Her favorite food is either bacon or bbq ribs
Lucille is my first child named after my AMAZING grandma and Lucy and I would love to win this contest her favorite person is her grandmother who has stage 4 cancer and we would like to do something special for her with the prize :) love you all!!
Melodi is 1 years old. She is a burst of energy and everyone loves to be around her. She loves to dance and she is very joyful.
A huge mommy's girl we just started rolling over and laughing she loves to talk though. Tries to sit up and stand already my mommy heart cannot take it she's such a smart beautiful girl.
Brynleigh is a very sassy but loving little girl.
This little squishy is always smiling, loves her carbs. And Dada and oooh are her favorite words.
Everlea is our little Cranio warrior! She is full of spunk and has the BIGGEST personality!
She loves playing with her hands and finding her inner voice
Mia is an early nicu graduate! She not only decided to come into the world early, she fought to come home early too! Mia is tiny but mighty! She is always smiling and squirming. Happy is her place to be!
Little Miss Diva is what she is and she’s going to make sure you know it.
She loves to smile and wave hello!
Zariah is a very happy, playful 10 month old who loves spending time with her brother and sister. She is also a big daddys girl 💗
Lil miss kassie is so strong and has the personality of a princess.
Almost 6 month old she’s my double rainbow baby
Eva loves getting into everything and loves food. If you're eating she wants it. She also loves playing with her big brother. Also you can't walk by squishmallows without her wanting one.
Madelyn Joan Laferriere
She’s a 7 years old with a lot of spunk ! She loves to play Fortnite and Minecraft she loves to draw!
Ava loves dogs, she has a love for shakes, and her favorite color is blue
Eleanor is a sweet and happy girl. She loves giving smiles and snuggles to her family.
Haven is a smiley girl. She loves her pups and hanging out with mama.
Kynnedi is funny and smart. She loves to dance and sing. She is very affectionate and loves to be around family. She has such a beautiful spirit and can make anyone smile with her smile.
Makaleigh is a sweet active 7 month old. She is our little peanut as she is small but she won’t let that stop her from trying all new things. She loves talking and being held. She loves her big brother.
Macy is 6 months old she is learning how to sit up on her own and is experiencing baby food for the first time.
She loves pink and sleeping beauty is her favorite Disney princess. Knows she cannot wear a dress to school but anytime other, her fevorite outfit is a princess dress.
Marley love tickles and kisses from mom! Marley also can almost say mom! Marley loves to sit up and watch mom dance to Elmo
Kimber Jo is the sweetest baby. She loves her brother, mommy and daddy and being into everything! She says please vote for me 🫶🏼
Jeira likes to smile a lot, she is so cute and pretty
“Livy” has a way of naming animals what they should really be called…example: “Mom, look! The armodiggos digged up our yard again!!”
Evelyn Rose is the perfect example of a diva! Dressing up is her favorite time of the day and makeup of course! Cowgirl boots are a must when leaving home and having her cell phone with music playing! She is such a joy to her family, she is also her brother’s biggest fan!
Her nickname is “Peach” and she is sure as sweet as one! You can find Georgia always smiling and talking away.
She’s a darling who loves to smile and is learning how to use her sweet voice. In her free time she loves staring at ceiling fans, blowing spit bubbles, cooing, and snacking on her hand!
Ella Mae
I’m a goofy sassy attitude having food loving little girl that keep mommy on her toes and can put a smile on anyone’s face
Serenity is the most happiest baby girl she loves to smile every time you play with her and also loves to play with her musical bear 💗
Bellamy is a very happy baby girl who will be 1 in April! She loves clapping her hands and saying dada! We love watching her learn new things and she is so determined to start walking!
Fun loving 16 month old who loves play and sharing. Kind sweet caring girl.
Shes a vivacious 3yr old. Shes very strong and independent. Smart with a big caring heart.
Our sweet little Athena! She is just the happiest baby who loves all the giggles she can get. She loves funny faces and noises and mama pretending to chase her.
The silliest girl
Kori is just the sweetest little baby she loves her pop and gammy and you should vote for her because look at all her hair🥰🥰😂😂
Genevieve is a very smart and sweet girl. She will help anyone and lives school. Her favorite this to do is dance, color and read. Shes the most caring and funny girl i know