Nalei'a is a sweet 5 month old baby girl. she's always smiling 😃 loves to play the piano and play music with her daddy. Also Loves to be outdoors and watching the trees. She is the best little princess.
I am a bight Five year old little girl. I Loves to draw & paint. I am the most fun loving kid. Has the most kindest heart, so loving and caring. I love all kinds of music. I love to dance and sing.
Brieanna is the happiest baby and she is always smiling. She loves to play in her bouncer and tummy time with Mommy.
As a premature baby coming into this world at 32 weeks, you definitely cannot tell. Presley loves to be outside, and loves anything to do with baby shark and fish.
Avianna is a happy healthy 10 month old. She’s very photogenic and is always happy! 🙂
Izabell loves dance it’s her passion she also live dance competition she also had a few Nebraska titles she’s been competing in pageants for about 2 years now she has 3 state titles. She likes to hang out with her family and friends she is in the 4th grade. She loves cats and dogs she also likes to help people out when she’s not at school or dance. She loves riding her bike also likes to travel
Lai is a very sweet girl! She loves people & the attention 🥰. Her beautiful smile feels like sunlight wrapped around your heart! 💛 Lai is precious in every way. She is the sunshine in my day. She is an angel, inspires me to be the greatest version of myself. If you’re having a bad day no doubt that Lai can make you smile with just hers. 🙂 Those chubby cheeks of hers make you wanna take a bite of them I loveee them ! So would you lol 😂😜
Miss Jacclin is a very happy girl despite what her pictures show. She loves being talked to and talking back. She is becoming more alert and aware of her surroundings and the people in around her. Growing bigger, stronger, and more beautiful by the day.
Steveigh is an ornery loveable girl. She loves playing outside, swimming, and anything that has to do with bubbles. Some of her favorite movies are Shrek, Frozen, Nightmare Before Christmas, and How the Grimch Stole Christmas. Her favorite colors are blue and pink. She is a social butterfly and will be friends with pretty well anyone.
Princess Priest
They call me daddy, my gf is a beaner ,but she mad cute🥴
Name is alina luna arenas she is 3 months old she is super smiley and talkative , she has blue eyes and loves to eat 🤣🤣
Brayleigh loves being outside, sunglasses, dancing, playing with her doggy and just being wild
Kaella is such a happy, sassy and sensitive little girl. She is super observant and loves playing with other kiddos.
Amora loves tummy time and music. She also loves interacting with others and is in love with the camera. She’s the sweetest and calmest baby you’ll ever see.🤍
She is a hard worker, very smart and brave. She loves bows. She loves to cheer. She is very loving.
Kiersten Nicole
She's a beauty for sure, she smart caring and such a good hearted little lady. She loves to sing dance and loves art and very creative with crafts. She loves her dog Nova and makes sure she's well taken care of. Please vote for this Princess. Thanks y'all ❤️💯
Josie was born with bilateral club feet. We ended up having to go down to U of M weekly for cast changes for 15 weeks. After that she had a tentonomy done where they cut her achilles tendon and she stayed in the casts for 3 weeks straight. She always managed to stay pretty happy and content through the whole process which ended up making life a little easier. She loves everyone she meets. She loves her animals and family. She is a happy girl and loves to travel and go on walks!
Tilly-Kaye is all girl & sassy. She love baby dolls & cows! Cocomelon is her favorite right now. She can count to 10 & sing her abc’s. She likes to refer to herself as “Mim’s baby doll”.
Autumn Skye
Look at my precious princess Audi. Oh my this little girl will brighten up anyone's day. She's such a good girl, loving and kind and loves to share. Her smile will melt your heart. Please vote for my princess Audi ❤️💯 Thank you
She is the most kind hearted little girl, always wanting to help with something. She loves her brother and sisters.She always has the biggest smile even when being woke up in the morning for school. She's my ray of sunshine my little lovebug. Please vote for her❤️thank you everyone
Lucia is vibrant girl, who loves dogs and always has a reason to smile! She will definitely brighten your day no matter what mood you’re in!
Hazel is a bright eyed winter solstice baby. She’s loves to commit and succeed new challenges and cuddle.
Alexis is strong willed, compassionate, and fun spirited. She participates in competition dance, soccer, and softball. She loves to read and watch baking shows.
Eliy is the sweetest girl. She loves anything glitter, pink, princess or unicorn related. She’s obsessed with JoJo Siwa! She enjoys doing her hair & makeup and arts & crafts.
Everleigh Frances
Everleigh is a very loving, happy, bouncy baby. She loves to roll around and explore everything! She’s always laughing and her smile will brighten your day!
Very lovable , loves her mommy and sissy eats everything and a smart girl that is potty trained at 2 years old
Paisley is ball of sass. She is an animal lover & can’t stand to be away from daddy for long. She’s definitely a threenager
Kenlee has the BIGGEST heart. She loves dinosaurs, horses, Star wars and all things Disney.
Kinsley aka Kins is a blue eyed sweet girl. Loves her siblings & all her pets. Cocomelon is her favorite cartoon.
Sunni Bunni is 4 months old🥺she loves cuddling with Mommy and Daddy, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is her FAVORITE!!! She’s always laughing and smiling, she can brighten anyones day.
Rosilee is the bestest big sister to her siblings! She is the sweetest most caring daughter and is the most goofy best friend lol she enjoys playing video games or playing with her dolls ❤️
Anna And Hannah
My little twinkies that have night and day different personalities.
Leah is a spunky 4 year old girl. She is very outgoing, funny, sassy and sweet.
I'm a handsome hyper full of energy little boy. Im a sweet little boy who love blowing kisses and saying Bye Bye. Watch out ladies here I come. Maybe I can get your vote with my kisses
My little london is almost 3 months she is the sweetest happiest little girl in the whole wide world go vote for my baby
Hello my baby Natalie is a bundle of joy!
I'm an adorable happy little girl. I was born in January but I have a warm loving heart. Please vote for me
Our little Winnie the pooh is the sweetest, happy girl with bright eyes and cheeks for days!
Miss Aspen is definitely a papas girl who loves to help with yard work and playing with her dogs outside.
She came 4weeks early. Born on march 9th 2022. She is a mommy girl. Love her daddy to and big brother. And grandparents bev n bob, and grandpa ken. And grandparents jen n dan. And uncle donovan. She was 6lbs and 14.4oz
Elsies nickname is elsie mae she has 4 middle names😊 she can do sign language and is very smart she is 4 yrs old and loves school and her friends she jas a wonderful personality and i adore her. She always makes me feel good there is never a dull moment with this little priss 😊😊😊
Harper Kennedy
She is one of the sweetest little girls! She will run up and give you hug if needed. She loves everyone for themselves!
Zarhyahh is a all around local girl who loves the beach, loves to fish. Plays sports and is in drama. She has big dreams to be the best in all she does.
She is a really good baby . She loves her food. She’s a twin to her bother Weston