Baby Stories - 51


Im a big mommy girl and was born premature and have a lot of milestones i still need to hit in kansas city constantly. I have 3 brothers they all want my attention which is hard cause camon my soother legend wants to play and kayson wants to cuddle even though he says im heavy when im really tiny for my age. I love my aunt ashley my daddy but my bond is my mommy.
This is Jaycie Rae! Jaycie is 5 months old. She is such a sweet baby! She rarely cries! She just started sitting up!! She loves talking cooing and putting EVERYTHING in her mouth! &She’s definitely a mommy’s girl 🥰
Mireyah loves elmo and minnie mouse. Shes super loving and loves helping her little brother.
Jalayeh Rae Woods is 4 years old! She loves playing with barbies & naming them after all our friends and family ❤️ She wants to be a police officer or a doctor when she grows up! Her favorite color is green. & she said her favorite food is corn
Leighton is a very sweet/sassy girl. But she’s only sassy when she’s home, around family. She can be very shy, and also very talkative, you just never know what mood you will get with her! She has 3 other siblings that she adores. She’s my only curly headed baby, and I just love them! She’s a mommas girl for sure 💜
She is a miss diva. She loves to swim in the bathtub. And loves attention.
Kayla loves to smile laugh and play with everybody her favorite thing to do is pick up a soccer ball and throw it across the room and giggle as it rolls. She loves her twin sister and they don’t like to be out of each other Sight they are inseparable💕
She’s a very happy baby! She loves cuddling and going to the park.
Addie is 4 months old she loves to smile and laugh and loves music. She is obsessed with her hands and what they can do
She’s our miracle baby I have 5 boys and she’s my baby girl she start walking at 9 months is very intelligent she is the spoiled baby of all her brothers she love to spend time with her dad after he comes from work she’s a very independent little girl she eat by her self is very funny and outgoing
Malani is a happy 2 month old baby who loves to cuddle and tummy time. Absolute bundle of joy in her familys life.
Elaina is lovable , kind hearted and loves dressing up. Elaina is great with manners and loves to play princess tea party . You should vote for Elaina because she is cute as a button and adores complements.
She Loves To Watch CocoMelon , Eat , Loves When Mommy & Daddy Hold Her ❤️
Aori love ppl very happy she knows what she wants good baby loves to laugh an play watching elmo on tv lol cute😘😍🗣 vote aori jae
The happiest little girl around. Not only is she photogenic but she smiles at anyone! Azaria loves being outside and getting into things she's not supposed to haha
She’s one of the happiest babies I’ve ever seen, she smiles instantly when you look at her! Her giggle is adorable!
She is a very beautiful and happy baby girl that is born on a holiday she is a freedom baby
She's beautiful!! To know her is to love her..#PrincessDari #MyRainbowBaby
Johanna is all around diva loves to be in front of the camera she loves music dancing anything she does always ends up in a pose and picture. Johanna loves to smile and definitely believes she is a star
Fun loving kid who loves to play outside loves the park loves to dance very sweet happy kid
Cailee loves watching word party and coco melon ,she also loves to eat and cuddle with mommy and daddy for a nice nap.❤️
Ishna Brahme
Little miss Ishna is Loving and caring daughter. She loves animals. She is very helpful. She is a happy child who has smile on the face all the time.
She likes to watch blue clues loves to dance also she loves being hold by mommy and daddy she’s a smiley baby 😁
Kyndall Dior just started rolling over, her favorite baby food is green beans, and she loves taking pictures
Avery loves her unicorn fluffies 💕loves to eat her carrots 🥕 ,silly time is her favorite not to mention she loves taking pictures and accessorizing with her sunnies ,at all times especially with the texas heat 💕💕shes a baby fashionista, shes as sweet as a baby girl can possibly be precious princess of mommy 😊
Hadlee is a strong independent free spirit! She’s always smiling and laughing brightening everyone’s day around her! She is the light in the room! Hadlee loves all things hunting and outdoors, but also loves to dress up an pose for her mommy! 🌾☀️🌻
She loves food, water, bubbles, reading, music, chasing dogs, and Mickey Mouse! She has a curious spirit and is a quick learner.
My name is Mia, I am 1 month old and am a very happy baby 😊 I love my mom and dad and also love to stare at ceiling fans and posing for pictures 📸
A’Laysia is a perfect doll.She’s so beautiful and is a very happy baby.
little miss Dalilah is so loving and fun to be around! She loves playing outside and swinging in her swing. She is very energetic and loves her teddy bears!
Sophia Grace
Sophia loves to dance and sing. She loves to make people laugh. She has a nurturing soul.
Charli loves to eat and play outside. She is such a fun baby and has so much energy 24/7! She loves her stuffed animals and loves taking pictures with mommy 💕
Lillian is the happiest baby on the block! She loves snuggles, sleeping in her glider, eating, and playing in her activity center! She thinks her feet are funny, and laughs when her legs buckle from trying to stand too long. She thinks her 2 year old sister is quite amazing, even when she squeals in her ears!😂 What a sweet little bundle of joy!😍
“Giggles, curls, ribbons, & bows💕👑”
Fenyx is A beautiful baby girl born on February 20th. She is the baby of 3 children and Also the only girl. She loves when mommy reads and sing to her!🤱🏽🎀🧸💕😘👑
Everyone Vote For My Chunky Sweet BABY . Shes Full Of life , Spunky & Wild . her personality Is Beautiful & She’s Got The Best Facial Expressions
Genesis loves her dad, an Mickey and Minnie Mouse. She is a funny little girl 💙🔐😍🥰
Gemma will be three soon, is reading on a kindergartner level, and is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet! She is beautiful, loves reading, her family, and scary movies!
Loves to play with her hands and feet and loves to smile!😍
Brayleigh is a happy, smart, fun, loving and full of life baby girl! She loves her big bubby the most! Her favorite toys is her singing koala! She loves to (watch) dance with her bubby!
Correct spelling because it wouldn’t allow me to enter Ja’Riae (Jah-ree-aye)!
Breslynn is a sweet 11 1/2 month old and she Loves to laugh at her big brother and play with anything she can find! You should vote for her b/c even tho I think she is the cutest baby I have ever seen (BC she’s my little lol) she is still on of the prettiest littles around!
Reyce is a loving, sassy little girl! She loves to make music! She also loves to talk!!
Melody is such a happy baby, always a smile from ear to ear. She absolutely adores her older sister. We love our beautiful princess
Layla Blake it’s a beautiful girl and such a wonderful baby, she is precious and very sweet.
Alita Marie Hazen is one of kind She lets it be known that she is the boss The Princess has arrived Don’t let all her cuteness fool you She will keep you on your toes And Guess what we have another little princess on the way 😍