Lei’ana is almost 3 months old, she is sassy, has little baby conversations, & loves to be loved!
Cassidy is the most fun loving funny little girl she has a huge heart and is very friendly she is pretty tough things she enjoys is playing and running around
Luna is such a happy baby! She loves to eat and hang out with her sisters!
Alani is 8 months old , she like playing with her brother pharaoh & eating, and loves to take pictures. She has also model for fisher price plenty of times & is the most loving and clingy baby you will ever meet , so please vote for miss princess Alani !!!!
Atleigh loves to smile and coo, she is now just starting to laugh. Her favorite thing to do is watch Elmo's world and take a nap after it ends.
Emry is an outgoing sassy girl! Shes loved by many but loves her mom the most for always doing what she can to make her life amazing! She loves the show bluey and is crazy about kitties
Tirzah Viviana Girela 💓 I’m 8 months old and love Care Bears and Ms Rachel.
Julianna is the happiest little girl. Always smiling and making friends where ever we go!
Paisley is a fun, energetic little girl with the personality bigger than any other girl I know! There’s never a dull moment with her in our lives 💜
Gwenavere Jean
Gwenavere jean has been a miracle from the very start. She loves to giggle,glare,mothers milk,lots of baby food,little baby bum, toys and learning. Such a happy baby girl.she loves her doggos aspin and gracie . Open mouth kisses. God gave us you. Love this princess baby.
Hi my name is Magnolia! I love my mommy and my daddy as well as my 3 pup siblings 💕🐶 Vote for me
My daughter is such a good baby she was Born on April 22 2022 so only 7 days old she doesn't cry she loves drinking her milk.She loves her mom and dad and she loves sleeping.
Baby Ivy has inspired smiles by taking steps at only four months. When she is on the floor and I am holding her hands she jumps and bounces like she’s in her own little world. She has an irresistible smile that will light up the room if someone says “baby Ivy”. It is amazing to see her little personality at such a young age and I’m hoping she will inspire laughs and smiles all over the world.
Ariella is a wonderful,sweet,talkative and beautiful little girl as she grows so does our love for her 💕PLS VOTE 4 HER💕
Bexley is 8 months old and LOVES her mommy! She crawls anywhere! She can say mamma , daddy. Puppy, and hi! She waves and smiles at EVERYONE. She sure is loved 💕
She loves to dance, loves Selena, she is very funny and loves to model.
Emersyn loves her 2 older brothers & her baby brother. She also loves puppies she gets the biggest smile on her face when she sees one. We're so blessed to have this pretty girl in our lives
Nevaeh Jane
Nevaeh jane sent from heaven . Name Nevaeh heaven spelled backwards and jane after me and my mom
Adina likes to draw, dress up, sing and dance.. Adina likes playing with her little sister and riding ponies. She also LOVES!! taking multiple pictures with different poses. Adina is a very sweet, respectful, energetic, caring and loving little angel. Adina also loves to do outdoor activities such as hiking with her mom, dad and sister.
Paisleigh is the sweetest little girl there is. She loves to ride horses and play with her friends. She never meets a stranger and always has a beautiful smile on her face ♥️
Mikenna is a very loving out going three year old she loves to spend time outside and ride quads and dirt bikes she loves to go fishing and go for walks she’s just such a happy little girl and god gave me the best thing in life and that was to be a mom
Lil Miss Skylar is my rainbow baby, she is such a good baby and loves to be cuddled and loved on. She is 3 weeks old.
Our baby Blair is the sweetest, sassiest and most fearless little girl you will ever meet! She loves her mommy and her big brother is her bestfriend!
Bella is 7 year olds. She has 2 older sisters and an older brother. She loves to spend time with family and talk to her brother on video chat. She loves her pet bunny. She very smart and out going and there is never a time or pic where this little girl don’t smile :)
This is Miss Amyah Grace! She is 2 amazing years old! She is a wonderful big sister to her little brother born in November and absolutely loves to play with him. She is a very active toddler and enjoys being outside barefoot in the grass. This country living, outdoor loving, papas girl is the coolest little chic! She is a future chicken farmer in the making and adores animals. She has a kind heart and the sweetest little hugs! Please vote for my sweet girl!
Hi! I’m Susie Lee! I was born prematurely at 28 weeks at only 1 pound 12 ounces but I made it out of the NICU in only two months! I love to play in my bouncer, cuddle, smile, and hold my plush kitty toy! My favorite thing is being held and cuddled!
O'Riyah is sweet, smart, very energetic! She loves to laugh and is already very adventurous!! She is an all around happy baby!!
Novalee is loving wild and strong willed little girl and loves playing outside!
Jocelyn is almost done with her 6th grade year, she’s an AB student, caring, funny, and 100% Tom boy so to see her dressed up is amazing. She plays basketball for junior high and travel ball and one day to possibly go into the medical field. She loves to read and enjoys music especially different instruments I cant wait to see where life takes her
Maisie has been such a blessing! She is a beautiful rainbow baby that loves to smile whenever she gets the chance. She loves her cuddles and is growing way too fast!
Shayla is a Super out going person ! She loves to make friends. Most of the time she plays outside, draw, and sings . Lately she has been through a lot and not being so happy with her self . I feel to make feel confident and feel her again probably this contest will make her feel much better 💕 I would really appreciate to gives a vote 😍
Kynleigh Smith
Kynleigh loves little baby bum , loves car rides , bath time & talking 💗
Amy loves to take her dogs out on walks she loves to swim spend lots of time with mommy. She has a huge imagination and plays pretend by herself more than she chooses with her brother and sister. She loves her school and all her friends
Caydence likes too be outside she likes to stack things and watch tiktok
Isabella loves crawling around ! She loves watching her brother do things which is teaching her ! Her favorite word is Dada! She is just a amazing blue eyed baby 😊
Raya was born 14 weeks early and has been pure sunshine since. She is the strongest beam of sunlight ever! She still relies on a gtube to eat but is thriving and healthy!
She a beautiful happy little brat she love to smile
Mariana is a very active she’s also very curious and likes to explore and learn new things as she grows
Sweet baby Nova is the happiest, more giggly, most smiley baby ever, her smile and laughs will make your heart melt 💗 She loves to read books and look at all the bright colors! She loves to try to sit up and be like mommy and daddy, she’s also very sneaky and tries to roll over all by herself! Baths are her absolute favorite, especially with her toys, and she LOVES to talk and yell at you in you aren’t paying enough attention to her ☺️ She is Miss Nova Bean 🤩
Presley is a water bug, has a big heart and is full of sass! She loves her Gigi and papa and loves dancing with her aunt tete! Presley started walking 6 days after her first birthday and now runs around everywhere.
BrenLeigh was born on Easter this year, at only A week and couple days old everyday has been fulfilled with happiness by her beautiful presence, beyond thankful for my beautiful daughter and happy to share her presence with you. She loves cuddles and hearing her momma and daddy talk to her. Safe to say I have a daddy’s girl she loves being around her daddy, and already picked her head up to stare at him 🥹❤️
Angelia is a vibrant spirit who has never met a stranger. As beautiful on the inside as she is outside! She loves God and she is a daddy's girl through and through. Any money she wins will go to any of her favorite things. She loves God, animals, nature, pretending and dressing up, and looking in a mirror, ;-)
This little ham is growing so fast! She loves her brothers and getting cuddles from dad. Loves to babble and blow bubbles and getting into mischief 💜
Momma says my dimples are cute.🥰
Bristol is very fun and outgoing, loves to smile and be outside. One of her cutest thing is when she gets excited she kicks her arms and legs like crazy! She loves when her older sister and brother play with her!
Sweet and sassy 5 year old who is about to be a big sister Loves to learn new things and create things
Nova loves to be outdoors playing with the puppies, riding her bike and playing with chalk. She is a car enthusiast and loves helping daddy work on his classic cars in her Princess dress, she loves playing with her Hot Wheels and LOL dolls. Her favorite thing to do is eat! She’s always ready to snack. Nova knows what she wants and what she needs and she has no problem telling you that. Like her mommy she’s a little fashionista and is always ready for an adventure.