Miss nova loves to scream and dance! She loves to play with her toys and is learning to share!
She is the happiest little girl, always smiling. Just turned 4 months and is showing a lot of her personality 💕
Amiyah Loves To Watch Ms.Rachel And Eat Pear Purées
Hello everyone Diamond is a very beautiful, happy, playful baby! She brings me lots of joy and happiness, you’re vote would be deeply appreciated!🩷
Crybaby beauty🫶🏽😘
Oakley is my beautiful fierce red haired baby girl. She don’t like to be told no. She is so much fun and so smart. She don’t meet a stranger. She loves everyone.
Lovella is such a happy baby! She smiles the most and kisses from her mommy and daddy makes her the happiest 🥰 This sweet girl has a lot of love to give!!! Putting on a show is what she does best😍
Vote for my beautiful baby girl 🥰
Lily is very lovable, she loves her hands, and recently learned to talk a lot.She has fun with her 5 cats.She also really likes dancing fruits!!
Harper has the most beautiful personality ! She is cocomelons biggest fan . Harper also loves bubbles, fruit snacks, and music . She has Down syndrome and the most beautiful eyes you will ever see❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nour is my little smart baby , that loves to smile when you talk to her. Shes such a good baby and I love that for her 💕
I would describe this beautiful gift ariela as the universe she holds the moon and sun together within her !! My little ariela lunasol🥰
Amarlei is a happy baby, she loves rolling over, babbling & kisses. They make her laugh. Amarlei also loves her fur sister Brandee and her favorite starter food is sweet potatoes. Yum!
She’s only 2 weeks and loves to eat sleep & make funny faces🥰❤️
Athena Helen Jane Williams
Athena is 2 1/2 months old and loves to sit up and watch Bluey. She also loves blowing bubbles, going on nice walks, and hugs, lots of em ☺️ she’s smiles like nobody’s business and makes her mommy and daddy so happy. ❤️
She is spunky, independent, silly girl you would ever meet. She loves to play anything with you.
She is spunky, independent, silly girl you would ever meet. She loves to play anything with you.
Lai’Lynn is the sweetest baby I ever laid eyes on and she loves to be loved on 🥰
Iniarii Novalise (in-eye-ree) is 3 almost 4 months old. She is absolutely adored by her 2 teenage sisters who are obsessed with her💕 she loves her sissys! She loves to baby talk as she’s pretty much the boss around here these days. 👑 She enjoys music especially when mama makes special little songs just for her.🥰 She also loves watching the show COLORS🌈 with daddy. She has the most big beautiful brown eyes with insanely long eyelashes! (Pictures do no justice) She’s our beautiful little baby doll🤍
Miss Jade can be a bit shy at first, but after some time she shows off her goofy personality and her hilarious sense of humor. She loves bluey, strawberries, and playing at the splash pad with her Daddy.
Paisley is a very energetic baby to still be a newborn. She’s one month old and will be two months March 20th. She loves laying on people’s chest, it’s her favorite way to sleep. (Some photos are water marked we’re waiting for the edited ones to be sent 😌)
I love to play with my brothers and sisters .I also love to talk repeat words back . kaidence lo es to climb and explore.she is a very independent explore that stays happy as long as food is involved
Sophia Sky
Sophia Sky Hutson, She loves playing with her puppy , she loves bed time, and being outside , She is full of sass 🤦‍♀️❤️
Kayori is a beautiful smart one year old who loves to eat, dance, sing, play with toys, and make funny faces.💕
Hi, my name is Leanni and I’m 11 weeks old! I like to smile, talk and listen to my Mommy talk and sing to me 🥰.
Amiyah Loves To Look At Ms.Rachel And Laugh
She loves to run, ride her bicycle, skate, jump on trampolines, swim, and play sports.
This sweet girl sleeps great through the night. Always giving us big smiles.
D’Yana is 2 months old and a very precious baby who love to get milk wasted and count sheep’s in her sleep ! Vote for us 💕
Kinlee is a middle child of 5. She's totally different than the rest. Very quiet, an she's quite smart. Always been a cute lil button, I've gotta say. She just has her own lil ways. Cutest thing ever. Loves to you Kin kin
D'Layla is such a sweet and beautiful baby she loves to sleep and she loves her mama
Amyah is a happy little girl who loves spending her free time lounging with her parents…
Juliette is our beautiful double rainbow baby named after both of her great grandmothers. She is our fourth and final child, being our only girl. She is sassy, funny, and just wants to get down and run around with her 3 brothers. She’s our precious miracle.
Youngest of 3. Always happy baby
Hi this is paris my one month ball of light, she’s very goofy and her face tells her feelings, she’s a lovely baby and as a teen mom she really helped me see things different and helped me get my smile back.
Hi I’m Harlem I am 3 months old and I love Gracie’s corner and cocomelon . I am currently a viral tik toker and I am getting into modeling just like mommy and daddy !! Please vote for me
Hello from Miss Marlowe! I love ducks, Care Bears and watching Miss Rachel. I love my family especially my big brother ❤️
She's the happiest little 4 month old baby I know, she's so sweet and loving she's smile all day long. She a beautiful quiet baby, doesn't or hardly ever hear her crying she's just so awesome. Her beautiful marble gray eyes are very captivating and intriguing will having you in awe over her ❤️
He smiles all the time
Elizabeth is so sassy and loves her daddy! She loves to sit up and watch what’s going on around her. She has brought so much joy to this family!
Loyalty Hepburn
Loyalty is a character honey she loves dancing loves music. She is the life of the party babe 🥰
My Beautiful Loyalty Has A Personality Out This World😍She Loves Sucking on her fists, rattling her toys, standing up, & playing with my hair.🩷Being Her Mom is Literally the Best Miracle that Happened to Me.🎀🥰Your Vote will really mean a lot 🫶🏾
Mia Riggins
The Most Calm Bubbly Baby And Warms Hearts ❤️
Levy likes to spend the most of her day sleeping and having tummy time
Malia loves to suck on her hand and chew on different toys. She sits up pretty good for 3 months old and is always smiling 🩷
Aria loves to smile at her mommy & kick her legs around! ❤️