Baby Stories - 51


Makaela is a very smart and multi-talented young lady! She is going to school to be a model/actor at Barbizon Modeling & Acting School, she also loves to sing and dance and is currently taking chorus through her middle school plus she loves to draw so she is thinking of taking up some art classes somewhere very soon! When she gets older she wants to be a model and fashion designer!
Her first name, Luna, means "Moon" while her middle name, Celebrien, means "Silver Queen". She loves her big brother and big sister, often giving big smiles when she sees them. Luna enjoys playing with her stuffed dragon, Draco.
Wynter is a very happy baby she loves her mommy and loves her food. She loves to cuddle and laugh.
She is a amazing baby and she is my 5th bc I kept going until I got my girl and I glad I did. She is perfect and so loving
My daughter always smiles and loves everyone she meets . She is almost 6 months old and does alot of things older babies would do.We would love for you all to vote for my daughter.
Aurora is a beautiful little girl. She is very independent and likes to try to do everything herself first. She loves to play with her toys and her dogs. She gives the absolute best hugs and will blow us kisses.
Lyric is a happy baby, super goofy. She’s a beauty and a loving baby. She the only girl, our little princess. Please vote for this little beauty! Thanks in advance💗
Little miss Nora is sweet as sugar and spice and everything nice❤️
You are a unique and valuable person and thus you are incredibly beautiful. You are sweet, lover of art and music, very creative and witty. With a prodigious mind without limit, you enjoy helping others that makes you valuable.
Yuna is very cheerful. Always camera ready. Yuna has a strong personality already. She loves to eat Salmon and mashed potatoes. Yuna is 8 1/2 months.
Abbi is a happy girl who loves to play and always has a smile on her face.
Storme is the highlight of my life ♥️ Her smile & laugh could turn a horrible day into a brighter one. Her gorgeous blue eyes & cute button nose will steal your heart just like she stole mine
Espen is a happy little toddler. She loves to keep up with her older siblings and she is spunky and sassy. She loves her puppy and being outdoors.
Karmyn is the youngest of 3. She loves music and enjoys Spider-Man cartoons.
Luella is our first daughter after 3 boys 💜 She is the happiest soul and oh so beautiful! We're over the moon with our princess.
Here name is what she is , i was told i could never have children of my own and i proved that miracles happen...
Hello everyone my name is SaRai. I’m 8 months old and I LOVEEEEE ice cream. I’m very lovable and I’m super super smart. I love to laugh and I always have the biggest smile on my face that will brighten anyone’s day up. My favorite cartoon is Minnie Mouse and I also love boss baby .
Kinsley Deann
Kinsley is a beautiful 3 year old little girl she loves paw patrol, mr potato head, coloring and being a big sister to her little brother Oakley
Stubborn but it makes her one tough cookie, she won’t put up with your nonsense.
Rayn enjoys Cocomelon and her baby dolls She’s full of smiles and giggles !
**Like and share please** Amariah 'Bubbles' is the sweetest little girl. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. She loves school and loves her family even more. Shes the best big sister and the greatest cat mom youll ever meet 😍❤️
Little but mighty she can recite her alphabet,count, knows all her colors and body parts! She loves to sing, is a good “mommy” to he baby dolls and loves her big brother to the moon and back.
Kailey is the oldest of 4 and such a mother hen always protecting and helping her younger siblings.
Khaleesi is such a little smartie pants. She is bossy and sassy, but will give you the best loves -when she wants to 😂-
Hi!! I’m Kyomie. Fun fact I was born on APRIL FOOLS DAY! I love cocomelon and sofia the first. I can hold my own bottle, say dada and learning to walk all at six months old!
Ja'niyah loves LOL Surprise and is in the first grade she is learning so much everyday! She likes going to church for missionettes on Wednesday and she loves her big sissy and fam(ily) ☺️❤️
Harper Moon
Hi Everyone! This is Harper Moon and she just turned 1 years old! She’s the funniest, happiest and smartest girl I’ve ever met, I’m not just saying that because she’s my daughter! Please vote for my beautiful daughter!
Jai'ree is a rainbow baby...she's such a sweet girl and is surely pushing her special needs big brother to keep for her.
Hey guys! My name is Ma’Leiah, and my favorite color are the colors in the rainbow 🌈 I love eating cereal lol but candy is really my favorite. 🍭 What I love most though…My mom and dad♥️
Katherine is the youngest of 5 beautiful children and the only girl. She loves her bigger brothers and loves to chat with anyone and anything. She is our beautiful little blessing!
Aryianna Ranae is the second born out 5 and the ONLY GIRL..... She loves spending time with her favorite things ever.... Her 2 dogs... She dreams about becoming a Veterinarian when she grows up...She has the biggest heart and a. Great personality.... She's an amazing big sister and little sister..
Londyn Juliette is only 1 week & 5 days old. She loves her baths, eating & sleeping💜
Annalise loves all kinds of foods, remote controls and anything that lights up! She is the happiest baby anyone's ever seen & we are so, so grateful that we get to be the ones to watch her grow into a beautiful person.
Hi, I’m Kaidence also know as Momma Babie. I love the color pink and all things girly. I also like dinosaurs and dump trucks. I was born early and on my own time. I move to a different beat in life. I also want to spread my pure love you and joy to everyone in the world.
Alaïa loves to cuddle! she’s also a drama queen! she loves saying mama and scrunching her little nose! 🤍🤍
Giggles , smiles , & always jumping ! So full of happiness I don’t know how a person can be so happy all day! Her energy is so contagious u can’t help but to be happy no matter how sad u are! She will make you laugh 🥺 ! My little sunshine ! I just wanna show her off to the world
Pretty she loves to talk and play outside. She loves her grandma
She is very outgoing and is very sweet she loves to give hugs and kisses #happy
Athena loves to be outside and all animals are her friends and she is a social butterfly she loves making new friends and she's a great big sister to her little brother Marcus.
Cecilia is so loving. She just learned to wave; she waves and smiles at everyone and makes new friends everywhere she goes. She's a little social butterfly! She only cries when she's tired, but even then she'll stop crying if people are around. She loves to be the life of the party and put a smile on your face!
Almia is funny, smart and most of all, kind. She is a bright ray of sunshine to our family. She loves coloring and gymnastics!
Audrey Grace
This little warrior fights every day to beat the odds against her. She loves her daddy, and her toy octopus Ollie. She is the friendliest baby, and loves attention!
Braxleigh is spunky and outgoing an the life of any room! She loves animals and spending time riding the fourwheeler ❤️
Everleigh loves her mommy and daddy and her big sister braxleigh! She is a nature Lover and absolutely loves being outside 24/7!
Kayleigh is a fun loving caring out going little girl with a beautiful heart and smile, she's got a smile for everyone! Kayleigh is a cheerleader for her school, she is also in dance. And she's her momma's entire world. She loves her dog Maxx and also she has love for everyone and sees the good in each person she meets