She like basketball and stickers and dinosaurs and abcs and loves to learn
Violet is the most happiest 15 month old. Born with a cleft palate, she is the most strongest baby I know. I love my special girl. So tiny and full of energy. Her smile is so contagious and guaranteed to make anyone’s day.
She’s smart ,loves Ms.Rachel ,she can say her alphabets and count to 10, she loves to be outside .
Addie is full of love and creativity. She shines in all she does!
Brooklyn likes to give to people before she buy something for herself. Brooklyn likes traveling with her grandparents all across America. Brooklyn is a very strong minded young lady who know what she wants and that's to become a YouTube Sensation. With Brooklyn's smarts and good looks she can become whatever she wants in this World!!
Nyliah can be the sweetest at times and she can also be a little character. She loves to sing and dance, she likes to be goofy and make other's laugh.
She's a dancer who loves life and her family!
Raelynn is a sweet, outgoing and fun-loving 6 year old girl. She loves gymnastics, ATV riding, jumping on her trampoline, arts and crafts and much more! She is always on the go! And always learning new things!
Alayna lights up every room she walks into. She was diagnosed as Autistic at 2 years old but has fought to accomplish everything we were told she could never do. She is always smiling and singing and making everyone around her laugh.
hi my name is ella rain i love milk and cuddles i love to sleep and eat
My name is Paisley Ann. I love my mommy, daddy, brother, and sister. I’m always a happy baby
Hey everyone, meet our little Hawaiian sunshine Hulali💛✨From our family & friends to random people in the store, she makes everyone’s day just by giving them a smile or a kiss🥰 25+lbs at 9months old, so smart, caring and outgoing, she really is the next Miss Aloha🌺😘
She loves playing with baby dolls and playing with her big sister Kaydence
Rnesmi is 19 months old. She Is the sweetest little princess. She is caring loving and funny and smart. She can count to 10 and say her ABC’s. She has a tendency of melting anyone’s heart she comes in contact with. Please vote for Rnesmi!❤️
I am Kaylee. I am 4 years old, I love to play with friends and learn something new. I am the oldest and always have the instinct to protect my youngest brother (3) and my little sister (2 months old). I love to nurture and help calm my siblings down and show them the right path instead of the bad one. Please vote for me!
Pailyñn loves to help in the kitchen pailyñn loves church she loves to dance sing an shout for our Lord an passes the word along of God she made me believe in him her favorite color is blue an she wants to be a dancer when she gets older
Chloe is almost 2 months old. She is fiesty but loving. She was scheduled to be delivered on 12/4 while little did I know she had plans of her own to have a birthday on 11/20. Please vote for my little Chloe!
Kenzlei enjoy playing outside playing in the mud She loves horses she wants to be a animal doctor when she grows up an she is a big believer in the Lord Jesus Christ
She 4 years old she loves to sing she loves coco melon and peppa pig
Meet Ella, She is ALWAYS just full of smiles :) ! She brings so much light, love, and joy to everyone she encounters!
She’s a very lovable baby and loves bath time
Melanie loves the outdoors; she loves to snow ski where the adults ski and done so from the age of 4 years old. She is smart and so loving. She sees good in everything.
Latoya Taylor
Latoya like music and singing, smile, favoroite food is nuggets and fries and dancing
Sofia Rose
She is a little awsome girl who likes to ride horses have fun with her brothers and is a good student in school she loves to dance ,sing and play outside and swim. She really deserves this she is also a caring little girl who cares a lot about everyone and very church going.
Za'Renity is 4 months she likes baby shark
An absolute princess! Loves to be cuddled!
I am a December Baby 👶 I am a night owl 🦉
Jewell loves to watch Peppa Pig and jumping on her trampoline is her favorite outdoor activity. She is very smart and has a Beautiful personality!
Destiny loves dinosaurs and walks through the nature trails. Shes very photogenic and loves the cameras vote for mine and ill do the same
She likes small places. The color yellow! And her sister!!! She loves jumping around, dancing and hugging her squishmallows
She loves school! Dancing, music and gymnastics. Her favorite color is purple!
Josie is the kindest and shyest girl I know. She amazes me everyday. Her smile just brings joy to everyone she meets.
Loving & adventurous. Always has a smile, always so loving. Favorite things include: Food, cellphone chargers, tv remotes, and animals. LOL. Probably the happiest, sassiest, sleepiest baby you will ever meet!
Mackenzie is 8 months old, she's full of Love and everybody describes her as a "happy baby"... She loves laughing with everybody. She's also a big 8 month old baby, using 24 months old cloth.
Kelani is the sweetest 4 year old I know. She is very jovial and smart. She enjoys learning and loves to be outdoors. Vote for this sweet angel, she is just as heavenly as the meaning of her name.
Sweet angel, making world a better place with her smile!
Layla Miranda Grace Stamper
She is just the most happiest baby in this world she love to play and make cute noises
Shes always such a happy girl
Yamileth it's a caring person love to help to everyone she loves to cumunicate love to social make friends she has a big Hart and love animals she cares all the animals love art and love singing and like to be on talent to sing or act and she loves to help everyway she can she had big Hart
Spunky, Sassy, Friends with everybody. This little one cant help but say hi and give hugs.
Libby is a beautiful 3 year old with a lot of attitude and alot of sass and loveable
Hazley is a smart beautiful girl that loves her daddy.She has the most kindest heart and is quite the character..hazley loves barbies and being with her best friend emily..
Jayani’ is a very happy baby. She loves watching Mickey Mouse, laughing and looking around 🥰
Aniyah is a smart and sassy girl. She loves cocomelon and ms Rachel. She is outgoing and so loveable!
Smart , busy body and loves to dance and say hi. Also loves to give mommy and daddy kisses 🥰 Also knows some sign language. 13 months old and so smart and full of joy ❤️
Kaylix is a beautiful and smart 3 year old. She loves to run wild, love on her little brother and learn new things.
Emma Kate
This beautiful smart baby girl is full of sas! She loves playing outside and (cooking) lol she loves animals of all kind and fixing people booboos!