Kinlee Rae
A very shy sweet pretty girl that’s growing like a weed! She’s always so happy but very mean at the same time!
Miracle is such an amazing baby💗
A very energetic girl that loves running around with her older brothers and sisters
Sophia Louise Murphy is a spunky beautiful red head with gorgeous blue eyes. She’s loving, crazy, caring, sassy, nonstop moving beauty. She loves to go to the park and feed the ducks, she loves cocomelon, twinkle twinkle little star and absolutely loves any adventures that causes mommy to have a heart attack lol. Vote for Sophia 💕🥰
She’s a beautiful princess.She’s very loved&loveable. She loves Cocomelon,She love smiling,playing,going to church &let’s not for get she loves to eat..🤣
Abigail is a very happy baby loves to say mom and loves to be tickled. Favorite food is bread and Favorite show is SpongeBob she love her 2 brothers which she calls hubba and bub
Vote for Emberlyn!!
Annamarie is 5 months and she loves to laugh and watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse. She also loves to sit up on her own and try to stand up with help. She loves to laugh and smile.
Hey im Te'lani & i love apple sauce & cuddling!! im almost 3 months old & i watch dave and ava🫶🏽 i was born june 1st ,2022 !! im a rainbow baby i got outta nicu at 10 days old and been onna go since
My Princess is 2 years old she’s already counting to 20, know all her colors and loves saying “thank you” & other full sentences she has manners already🥰 She’s lots of fun and such a joy to have💕 Very intelligent already and is a girly girl forsure🎀✨ She loves music, singing songs on the radio and loves to laugh/play😄‼️
Serenity is a ray of sunshine! 🌞 She is very sweet and outgoing. Serenity is a budding rockstar! She loves to rock out and sing her favorite songs when they come on the radio. Her first concert was Jonas Brothers 😊. She loves helping people. Her nickname at daycare was “room mom” because she was always helping take care of the other kids. Her smile lights up a room, and her laugh can move mountains.
Raelynn is a very outgoing child she is full of energy and will make anyone smile! Everyone loves RaeLynn and she loves everyone equally she is very determined and very ambitious and kind!
Ember Denise
She’s a sweetheart , very funny 😂🥰 talkative and loveable you want regret your VOTE🫶🏾🥰🥰
Paisley is smart ,friendly and kind. She loves to interact with other kids. She loves playing outside and riding her bumper car.
Nevaeh Brown
Nevaeh is smart beautiful out going but has social anxiety but she is an amazing friend and loves musicals and music spending time with her brother
Loves spending time with her family. Loves to swing, swim and play with her toys.
After two miscarriages, I was blessed with my rainbow baby. She was six weeks early, breecthed and stayed in the NICU for a week. Now at 5 months she love talking up a storm, when I sing, eating her fingers, her daddy, sesame street and exploring her new world. I LOVE her more than I thought I could love anyone
Laylani loves spending time and cuddling with mommy. She is my best friend. She loves hanging out with my pappy and Gigi. She is so strong at just a month old.
Little miss Liv Everlynn loves being outside, is such a fun and energetic baby and loves her booby milk 🐮🤍
Aubreanna is such a sweet girl she’s beautiful very outgoing and loves to dance
Trinity is 5 months old. She is a beautiful , Advanced , & energetic baby.
Heléna is a very loving and happy girl. She loves to dance and make everyone smile. She recently performed her second dance competition solo in competition and received an Elite Award. She enjoys being homeschooled and has worked hard to get a year ahead. She is smart, funny and just a little sassy.
Azarianna is a smart, sweet, and pretty little girl. She loves to dance ❤️
Miss Jessica! She’s my sunshine with a spice to it! My little diva!! Her personality is unique already! She enjoying Gracie corner, listening to music and loves eating everything!
Ka’Mora is a very happy baby , she is very smart at 8 months she definitely a blessing
Izabelle aka “Bella” is a happy baby her favorite thing in the world is attention and food her favorite person is her daddy and she loves her puppies
Kaliah 3 years old she is funny , hyper & super loving
She is smart , beautiful and sometimes sassy but you can’t resist the beautiful face 💜 Vote for my baby
Charlotte is a sassy, spunky, animal loving, airplane watching, comedian of a toddler. She loves to give hugs and kisses but only when SHE wants to do it. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out!
Sy’Laiyah is a 4 months baby girl 🌸 very happy/smiley baby 😁 loves to play and is VERY advanced 🫶🏼 Already talking and standing and is a mommies girl❤️
Hi I’m Hazel, Hazel Rae to be exact. I love watching cartoons and being outside. I also enjoy long naps to give my mama a break, she loves them to.
Hello world, my name is Kh’Lani! I am 8 months, I love to laugh, play, and clap my hands. I also enjoy eating my fruits and veggies. Everyone calls me Bubbles because of my big bubbly eyes.
Hey , My Name Is Ma’Rhiya I Am 10 Months Old I Am A Twin Sister Of Ma’Khiya I Love To Play & Laugh .. I Am A Gift From God !
Hey , My Name Is Ma’Khiya I Am 10 Months Old I Am A Twin Sister Of Ma’Rhiya I Love To Play & Laugh .. I Am A Gift From God !
Zoey is a smart, sweet, and pretty little girl. She loves to play and listen to music. Vote for Zoey ❤️😘
Sariyah is our rainbow baby and the youngest girl of 4 . She enjoys sleeping , eating & smiling when she’s adored .
Isabella is 1 years old & 7 months 🧡 she loves food and loves to say her ABC’s & 123’s & loves to give HUGS AND KISSES🫶🏼She’s the sweetest!!
Ja’Leia loves meeting new people. She’s very friendly & always smiling. She loves crawling & standing up. She loves eat & watching tv too 💗
Hi I’m Faith but everybody calls me Pretti ❤️ I’m 4 years old and I love Superhero’s my favorite hero is Spider-Man 🕷I know how to count up to 20 and my ABC’s Vote for me and I’ll bake you a cake 🎂
I’m a 4 year old little Autistic girl. My favorite people are my mommy, daddy, and brother. I love paw patrol and YouTube. You should vote for me because why not, I’m the prettiest little girl EVER! ❤️
Hi my Name is Envi & im the youngest of Nine 😂🥰 I’m happy I smile & laugh all day I love to eat & my favorite person is my big Sissy 💕
Addy is a wild child, she runs everywhere. She loves to eat,loves her brother and sister and she is spunky. Her favorite food is watermelon. So go vote for my baby girl
Zaida is 3 months old and love to watch cocomelon!
Don’t be grey vote Chy’lei Darae🥰 She is a sweet baby and daughter of Latalia , she loves baby shark and all food❤️
I am 1 years old and I like to watch crybabies and I enjoy playing with building blocks
Everleigh Marie is 3 months old. She is so full of herself already. She loves her food, sleep and her older brother a lot. She has the sweetest smile ever and is starting to coo. Everyone show our baby girl some love 💗
Coreanna Warren
Coreanna is name after her dad she loves the tv show Cocomelon and Bluey and her nickname is Coco. She enjoy singing dancing and traveling. She loves her big sister Cherish. Vote Vote Vote