There's no words to describe her she cute funny and the most loving child u will ever meet
Sabrina is the most caring kind hearted person I know who feels empathy for most everyone, and loves doing gymnastics.
Keaira is a strong willed girl who loves ballet and kittens!
ZayLynn is the happiest baby she loves cuddles and mommy and daddy. Z is full of personality and sass. She is the cutest 😍
Emma is 4 years old. She loves going to school. She likes cocomelon. She likes playing with her bother and sister.
Janiyah is a brilliant 4 yrs old. Loves animals. She’s very loving, caring, funny & smart. Also loves making her TikTok videos & taking pictures!!
Kylie is the most happiest baby! She loves waving her arms and legs around & loves bread 😂
Emery is such a sweet little girl, she tells the best stories and has the cutest little giggle! She is such a happy little lady with so much personality already!
Leoline is the sweetest little lady! She loves her puppies and kitties! When she’s not drawing/coloring she’s dancing her little heart out! She is the best big sister and always eager to calm her sister down when she’s upset!
Carra loves super kitties and bluey! She very intelligent and speaks very well for her age! She's kind to others and loves everyone. She can be shy sometimes but once she comes out of her shell she'll light up the room.
Glorya is named after her deceased grandmother & is always so happy so her nickname became Glo Bug then shortened to Bugs. She loves music & dancing and stops people everywhere we go and makes friends... She is truly a blessing to have around.
She is full of sass. She loves barbie. She is a mini cheerleader for her school.
Kai'lene is the STRONGEST, MOST RESILIENT, INSPIRING, GOOFY, baby girl I have ever had the pleasure to know. She has the willpower to #CHANGETHISWORLD
Lottie loves to sit outside, people watch and loves when mommy sings and dances with her
Lucy absolutely loves to dress up and model. She loves all things Disney, playing softball in the spring and fall and gymnastics all year round. All photos (minus the one with the mirror) were taken by Nikki Lynn Photography with her Cocoa who she loves so much!
Athena is a cheerful and helpful girl. She brings smile to everyone.
Amara Raines is 5 years old❤️ She’s loves her brothers, to be sang to, and our favorite song is itsy bitsy spider. We’re love to be snuggled and to be called pretty 😂
I love swinging on the swings at the park, I love cheese, and I love school.
Zoie is a bright, caring 12 year old. She loves her friends, family, and all animals. She enjoys soccer, basketball, softball, singing and art. Vote for Zoie!
Bright as the sun and as beautiful as the stars 🥰 My name is Nana and I'm 3! I'm a very beautiful, creative, smart, intuitive, outgoing, goofy, fun, energetic, loving little girl! I just moved into a new place with my mommy and love having my own space to run around and play! I love to cook with mommy or play chef with my cooker set! I really enjoy coloring and doing different arts & crafts projects. I love to play ball, ride my power wheels, go to the park, look at the stars, play tag & hide and seek, build things with my blocks, go on adventures and cuddle with my mommy. I love my puppy Bubby, Peppa Pig, Bluey and soooo excited for Christmas! I hope I make your heart smile big enough to vote for me! Thank you! 💖
Kairie is a beautiful rainbow baby. She loves walks outside, bright colors and spending time with her loved ones.
Marlee loves to sing, dance, put on dresses and lives to play dress up! Vote for our Marlee, she is such a doll and you will love her from the outside all the way to the inside!
She is such a happy baby
Za’Lani is a laid back beauty. She enjoy smiling and watching Gracie’s Corner
Journie Is 7 going on 17. She loves style, shoes, makeup and to look cute. She loves Barbie and everything pink. She is also the best big sister and little sister. Please go vote for Journie for Little Miss Beauty.
Reagan aka "Rae Rae" is as chill as a cucumber. Shes a lover of food and she isn't afraid to try new things. Shes always laughing and smiling too. Her favorite things to do are singing songs with miss rachel, laughing her bum off with her brothers, and cruising around the house playing with her three favorite pups.
Jurnee is 3 months. She loves to laugh, smile and her hands are her favorite at the moment.
Essa is very active, and very good with facial expressions. She loves staring at hair. She loves looking at colorful lights. She's a happy baby. She likes to smile
Holly loves everyone! She lives on a cattle ranch and enjoys music, cows and her big brother!
Playing with her daddy in her castle. LOVING HER FAMILY
Bryleigh is a bright independent, silly little girl who is always attached to her daddies hip! She was a preemie baby and she’s been thriving letting nothing hold her back! She can make any bad day better just by her smiling!
Payzleigh is a independent, smart, always smiling little girl! She wears her heart on her sleeve, that’s for sure! She is the most thoughtful and kindest child you will ever meet!
Hi I’m Sophia I’m 7years old and I love going to school and math is my favorite subject
Callie Jade is 2 years old, she has a beautiful twin sister in heaven. Callie is outgoing, soft spoken, polite and full of laughs and giggles. You’ll never see this little girl with a frown, unless she dropped her cookie! She’s a blessing. Red hair. Blue eyes is VERY rare.
Princess Aria
Hi! My name is Avah Kynd! I am 13 months old and full of life! My favorite thing to do is take my car for a spin! I love animals and I am q fashionista! This is my first pageant and I am so excited to participating!
Lydia is such a happy baby. Loves to play with her toys and her older brothers. Very loving and so happy
Alayah is a loving bubbly baby , always smiling very spoiled , beautiful sweet if your having a bad day she will definitely cheer you up 🍀
Dream is so fun and loving. If you have food you better hide it because she will stick her hand rite into your plate.. Dream likes to play her laugh is everything you have to hear it to believe me..
Marisella loves to smile and giggle at every little thing! She can brighten an entire room with both! She loves her puppies and has even learned how to give puppy kisses!
Avariee is a very loving and bight baby she’s full of smiles and giggles She brightens every one’s day I call her my very own baby alive because she looks just likes a doll baby and very often gets mistaken as a doll baby
Carly is a beautiful spirit not only is she beautiful on the outside she's beautiful inside she loves people and she deserves some love back so vote for my sweet girl;
Elena is the sweetest little baby and loves to smile at her mommy, daddy, and twin brother. She is always smiling and giggling. She has the sweetest little personality. Elena loves to grab her toes and everything she can get her little hands on.
Madalynn is the sweetest baby! Just look at those big blue eyes! She so smiley and hardly ever cries. She smiles at everyone she meets!
Evalynn is a 5 year old , she’s the cutest thing ! And boy does she like her makeup and everything about dressing up ❤️
She is a wonderful person she loves to put makeup on, dress up, and loves her family
Not My Daughter
‼️💱‼️💞WELCOMING EXCHANGES/ADVANCES TOWARDS HIS FUTURE CONTEST‼️💱‼️💞 DEC 31ST is his Birthday we will be entering then. Please msg me on any playground platforms to inquire about room for exchanges our exchange 💱 team is hard at work and vote list is becoming full so msg b4 hand. 💥💥🚨‼️‼️‼️STOP IMPORTANT NOTICE‼️‼️‼️🚨💥💥 PROFILE IS FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY💥🚨🙏 Elijah James is on Bidiboo PLEASE READ FULLY then 🙏 go vote! will be in the upcoming boys contest on Bidiboo i BELIEVE its starts Dec 7th, also Dec 31st is baby boys 1st BIRTHDAY 🎂 🦕💯🥰😭the exchange 💱 team appreciates and thanks you for your continued support.🙏🙏🔥💰💵IF we win BIG i will drop a bonus gift down on ALL my loyal, hard working voters 🤞🤞💞🎁💰💵.All whom dedicated their time to voting for my lil boy. Lil guy is my first 😭😭🥰so we are excited to win BIG and blow it on my baby!! NOW B4 I CONTINUE...Just know The exchange 💱 team and I work very hard we spend alot of time voting we EXPECT EVERYBODY TO NE HONEST AND KEEP THEIR WORD in All commitments made and understand if something happens just let us know. Dont post drop week late info or quit voting without notice we will DROP YOU! 💯Good luck to all contestants and HAPPY HOLIDAYS🌲🌲🦌🫶🍂🎅🤶🥳🤍❤️💝🚨PSA🚨‼️•IF YOU ARE OWED RETURN ADVANCES, COMMENT BELOW AT LEAST 3-5 DAYS BEFORE YOUR PAGEANT STARTS PLEASE! •🚨‼️•‼️🚨Now back to my handsome lil guy this is Elijah James he is my miracle baby..... Born on the last day of the year in 2022 He's a curious happy little explorer, SUPER SILLY, loves to talk, and make funny faces AND MUNCHIES. His favorite pass times are keeping mommy awake, wiggling around whenever he's supposed to be still and He loves making big smiles to show off his set of new teeth. He's currently learning ASL and knows how say milk and can speak mama and dada, he loves Ms. Rachel, playing outside, blowing raspberries and hanging with his older cousins.🦕💚🏎🛻🚗💙🫶💚💙🥰🦕🛻🏎🚗
Gabriella is so full of life and just everywhere! Being around her makes anyone happy with a smile so bright she lights the darkest places. My lil miracle being the only girl out of 5 handsome older brothers makes her the blessing I was waiting for! And a blessing she has been!