Le gusta ir al mall y observa los maniquí de niños !! Siempre que sale quiere comprar juguetes!
Hi I’m Emmy And I’m 3weeks old I love to sleep And Eat lol
Everyone meet sweet..sassy..spunky little fireball..she has the sweetest smile and the most contagious laugh..her favorite is her momma and her family..she is a babyshark fanatic..come on and vote for her
Makayla loves to dance and she’s a girly girl she loves to play with her dolls. My TikTok baby
Alayna is very smart and has such a personality, sweet like a cup cake 🧁she loves 🧀 , she loves books , being outside , playing w Barbie’s and loves her animals & babies. She would love to have your vote it would make her day 🤍
Addy is such a little monkey climbs up absolutely everything she is sure lovable and loves to help with everything
Jesenia Cruz
Jesenia is 7months but she was born a premature at 28 weeks jesenia love all the attention on the world she loves to sleep and laugh but it’s her eyes that get to you n he smile
Sophia loves to take pictures and play outside and with her toys she is the sweetest little girl ever filled with love
Samara loves animals, Play-Doh, makeup and anything Halloween. She's so smart and sweet. She has a HUGE personality! She's was our miracle baby.
Katalina was born 02/20/2020! She has three older brothers and loves beating them up! She can be sassy but also loves copying her brothers.
I'm cute and a happy baby! I love observing people's businesses and yes I'm aware if they are talking about me.. I love to eat everything I touch, even my mommy's arms. I love to play with my rattle toys and with my doll friends. 💕
Rhyleigh loves to dance, and boy is she sassy.!
Brielle loves to dance and sing. Her favorite childlike character is Minnie Mouse. She’s very energetic, silly, has a big gorgeous smile, and is a bundle of joy to be around. Also, all of her toys, clothes, and even shoes are Minnie Mouse decorated and inspired. Brielle loves pink, taking pictures, painting, watching kid’s movies, being a helper, and learning especially something brand new to her.
Gianna is a wonderful baby who is learning and growing into this world we live in. She’s always happy and so playful. She is the baby girl of the house with 3 older brothers. Our growing family waited many years for her arrival. We can’t wait to see what she will become in the future.
Aliyah is such a beautiful soul. She is so smart and loves playing, cuddles, and movies.
She's got a heart of gold and been thru a lot.. needs this chance
MaKayla is a very sweet outdoorsy girl. She loves animals sport’s cheerleading. She is obsessed with mud riding!!! you can’t put her in one group she is a little bit of everything.
Lauryn’s favorites are singing and dancing!! She’s a big talker and will love on you all day!!
Merceigh is the sweetest, most loving child I've ever been around and she deserves this chance.
Madilynn has a passion for cheerleading, but decided to take a season off. She is an amazing tumbler and is excited to get back into it! She loves tiktok and snapchat and is not shy! Madi is also a fraternal twin.
Iasmin is a Christian girl, who loves to walk , likes to play, study and watch TV. She is a happy girl and full of dreams.
Everyone One Come Vote For Mi’Angel who is full of joy ,has a beautiful smile and so much more your votes matter
She is the first girl after two boys and she just brightens my day.
Hello I’m waffles and im the best cat ever I’m real loving and sweet. Just don’t leave the kitchen when your making dinner for the family because I will jump on the counter and eat everything #SorryNotSorry #Wafflè #RipMyBrotherElvis #TheWhiteOne #BrotherElvis4ever💕
Roquavia Is Such A Diva she loves dancing/ dressing up , playing with Barbie’s she just my little princess 👸!
Savannah is 2 years old she’s the youngest, she love’s fairy tell stories, her favorite characters are Elsa & Anna she loves coloring and playing with bubbles she’s a very silly girl she’s shy but once you start coming around she’ll open up to you.. her favorite color is pink. She loves paw patrol and Minnie Mouse she loves to dance & listen to music she enjoys wearing dresses and dress up shoes she loves balloons 🎈 she likes to brush her teeth and carry it round she’s got a great personality and a beautiful smile
Kamryn shines a light wherever she goes. She is an honor student and a excels at all sports especially softball. She is very outgoing and just a joy to be around
Elena is a smart beautiful little girl she’s very sweet & shy she loves unicorns and playing dress up she’s a out door person & loves to meet new faces, she has a great personality and is the middle child her little sister looks up to her and follows her steps Elena is a big fan of listening to stories while getting ready for bed..
Kenley is a happy, outgoing little girl who loves her picture being takin. She loves animals n spending time with her mom and dad. She is our beautiful princess we hope you vote for n give her your support..
Nova Paisley loves to play with her doggies, dance and she’s a very very loving, protective and gentle big sister!
She'll be a month tomorrow (1-13-23). She loves to eat & cry (spoiled much) she is my one & only daughter after 4 boys, & I wouldn't trade her for nothing in this world. My mini🤎
Bryleigh Mae Aaron
Bryleigh Mae, 6yrs old. Her hobbies: pageants, softball, basketball & gymnastics. She is a ray of sunshine! Never meets a stranger. ❤️
Little miss Bella isn’t your average ten month old . She’s the star of the show. The drama queen the diva . Pure 20 lbs of love and chunky cheeks. She absolutely loves her momma and her blankets. Ms Rachel is probably her idol right now. Baby pouches are her thing. Lol Almost a year old unfortunately time for her to get a job. 😂🥴🥳 she’s love nap time . Caution: she isn’t nice when she wakes up . And when she chills man she chills. Legs up and everything. 🤣😭 Vote for my little miss Annabella ariyah-lee🤭🥰✨🦋 And plus once she bath her eyes it’s a wrap. 🥲😴🤣🦋🥰
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Kehlani Morisset
Hi my name kehlani I’m 1 year old Iove to dance and watch Minnie Mouse
Sage is the most loving , smart , and growing to be a leader of her generation. She loves to listen to music and dance and learn .
Paris likes to sing and dance. She is very smart and a caring little girl.
My name is Arielle Dior Smith, I’m 1yrs old! I love to play, dance, and sing! I love cocomelon and Minnie Mouse 🥰.. VOTE FOR ME 💗
Edyn Jayne
Edyn Jayne is a short spunky girl with the joy & sparkle of a fairy princess who brings joy to others. She’s funny, tiny, but mighty & is difficult to say no to. As you can see she loves animals. She loves to dance & studies ballet & hip hop & will soon be joining her older sister in pom.
Miss Eden loves to play outside, running around with her brothers and eating some good food. She has such a beautiful heart, she’s very loving and loves to give hugs
Olyve is a high ability student who homeschools through a virtual K-12 school, she earns straight A’s & has a passion for gaming, art & science. She also has a passion for dance & is studying pom dance & ballet. The photo we submitted shows her asleep after a day of hard work performing two shows for her winter recital in December 2022. Dance has helped her overcome extreme social anxiety & build confidence.
She like basketball and stickers and dinosaurs and abcs and loves to learn
Violet is the most happiest 15 month old. Born with a cleft palate, she is the most strongest baby I know. I love my special girl. So tiny and full of energy. Her smile is so contagious and guaranteed to make anyone’s day.
She’s smart ,loves Ms.Rachel ,she can say her alphabets and count to 10, she loves to be outside .