Baby Stories - 50


Payge has a personality all her own, we call her pigs. She loves eatting everything and hanging out with her best friend killian her puppy she never leaves his side nor him hers
She’s half white and Asian Filipina. She’s adorable.
She is a firecracker and an angel at the same time!!!
Ezra brings so much joy to everyone that she comes in contact with, she loves to smile and laugh.😍 She is learning to sit up on her own. She is a complete sweetheart!
Icelyn is petite 1 year old with a big personality. She's very energetic and loves to play. She keeps everyone laughing and smiling with her silly self. Can't forget to mention how sweet and loving this little girl is! 🧁 🍭
Larraina is such happy doll baby. She makes everyone’s days better!! Merry Christmas
Layla is full of sass and personality. She enjoys spending time with her two younger brothers and she enjoys singing.
hey! I’m Gabriela grace:)I’m 14 years old. i love playing softball soccer! I’m a student at Tishomingo county high school🤍💙I also enjoy spending time with family and friends.thank you for reading.please vote🙌🏻thank youuu!
Brooklynn is always happy and smiling no matter what. She loves playing and socializing with others .
Elianna is a very happy playful baby she loves her brothers and sisters and is always smiling and laughing She loves to sit up and play with the other children
Brooklyn love acting , laughing, smiling and playing. She very smart n outgoing 5year old
Lilliana is such a bundle of joy! She loves trying new food and clapping her hands!
Avel Rose
Avel is a 3 year old happy, energetic, smart little baby girl🥰 she loves to sing and dance, color, learn, & play! We appreciate the support.
McKenzie is 8 years old and wants to be a model when she grows up.
Laurali loves to smile and laugh especially at her brother and sister. Loves bananas and sweet potatoes.
Athena is #3 of 4 in our fam! She’s spunky and has the attitude of a teenager! She’s full of energy non stop. Her favorite person is her baby brother at the moment. Before him, it was her daddy. Athena enjoys the outdoors and beating up on her older brother! “Smile Athena!” Her- tongue 😜🥰
Hi I'm Jakyla I like to watch cartoons and read books and sing my abc's and my 123's and my favoritest thing to do is to be the best big sister I can be too my two little brother's Z'jion and Zy'Air and I also enjoying playing games, batn time, and going to visit my grandma and my grandpa, I like going to the park, and swimming, and I like when my grandma takes me sledding also, and I also enjoyed playing with my best furfriend/my doggy Papi Lee until he recently unexpectedly got really sick and he crossed the rainbow bridge.
Little miss lala is a sweetheart and loves her dogs Scrappy and Meanie. She is 6 months old and loves to laugh and say babababaahhhhhhh!!! She lights up everyone’s day. She loves to play with toys and booty dance. She can roll over and sit unassisted! She loves her little feets so much she wants to eat them!!! 💕
kartyr brings joy to any and everyone’s life that meets her. she is an absolute SWEETHEART! she loves her momma and tt and loves sun drop. the most precious smile is always on this sweet babies face ❤️
This Is Da’Nyaa . She absolutely LOVESSSS to play with her toys , she also loves drinking juice , giving out hugs and dancing .
Haven loves to sit up on her own like a big girl. She loves playing with her bubba, and most of all loves saying baba. All she knows How to do is smile 😃
Raelynn is a dancing machine! She loves to do karaoke, play with other kids and she enjoys learning new cooking techniques!
Laila loves bright colors.. loves smiling... and loves grabbing things!
Isabella is a 4 year old who loves helping to care for her dad and great grandpa. She’s such a bright and compassionate child. She loves to play with barbies and cuddle and watch her favorite Disney Jr. Shows.
Gabby lovesss to smile at her mommy and daddy and big brother and an absolute doll baby
Loves to smile and naps. Always a happy baby. 💕
My lil Fat baby full of joy & happiness 💜
Leilani Rose
I love to laugh, I’m very sassy and have my mommy’s attitude. I like to suck on my hand, take my time drinking my bottle. I’m enjoying life.
Stormi Rae absolutely loves to stick her tongue out and smile about everything ❤️ She has such a big personality, and is always happy ❤️
Hello my name is Mia, I’m 2 years old. I love doing my makeup and watching YouTube.
She loves playing, dancing and enjoys lots of attention! She has quite the personality. She's deep in thought and is eager to walk and take the world by storm!
Tamia 1 year old, she a loving sweet baby outgoing Silly, she’s very playful, && she love to eat && she love her mommy
Danielle is almost 4 months old. She like to smile and giggle. She’s already trying to sit up and scoot across the floor when she’s doing tummy time.
Bristol has that sparkle in her eyes and is always happy and smiling. Her favorite thing to say is “uh-oh”. She tends to laugh at herself even bringing joy to everyone everywhere we go.
Reina is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet full of love and laughter. Super ticklish and loves to eat and watch trolls! She’s literally the definition of bundle of joy !
Gabriella is a sweetie! she loves snuggles and sleep and she loves her big brother!
My 2 favorite words to describe Izabella are Sassy & Silly. She loves watching cartoons and tummy time, and she would really appreciate your vote 💜
Natalia is almost a month old and is always a Happy Baby, she is so loving and talks eith her hands lol
She is so happy always smiling ready to play! She loves attention and to be talked to! Couldn’t ask for a happier baby!
RaeLynn LeeCole is a very happy baby! She makes so many expressions and funny faces! She loves bath time...singing to her and loves when her Nana spoils her! She is 11 months old
Abcdë is a happy n very loving baby. She has a very unique personality n is loved by anyone that meets n has the chance to be around her. She loves baby shark lol her fav. Help us be a winner
Blessed is a very happy baby, she loves to smile and dance.
Nevaeh Aubree
Nevaeh is 16months old from bensalem pa. Makes everything better everyday. Loves to laugh and keep people in love! She’s such a sweet precious girl that makes many smile.
I'm always smiling and laughing and quite a little daredevil. I have a spunky and loving personality. I love playing, making fishy faces, blowing spit bubbles and of course I love to eat and take naps.
Nevaeh Grace (Vae) 8 months old. She loves playing with her big brother, being outside and spending time with mommy and daddy!!
Azora loves food no matter what it is she grabbing it an putting it in her mouth she could prb eat all day azora love uncoirn they are her fav toy out of everything she gotten an azora loves her mommy big mommy girl she will scream an luagh all day she loves hearing her voice shes to cute❤❤
This is Aiyanna. She is 4 years old and loves to take pictures and make tiktoks. She loves playing outside, playing with her cousins, and going to the park. She is a little sassy and extra but what princess isn’t. She is the most caring person I know. She has questioned how gorgeous she is once or twice but my baby always bounces back and shows she is beautiful inside and out.