Za’Riyah is a happy girl She love her family. She is our beautiful rainbow 🌈 baby!!!
Aliveah is a beautiful smart six year old girl who loves to dress up like a princess but also get dirty and ride skateboards just like her daddy 🛹🦄
She is outgoing and loves school
She loves all Disney princesses and wants to sing just like them, she is my adopted love so I tell her daily she is a queen so that’s what she tells her brother when he doesn’t listen to her 😁💕”I’m the queen”
She is very outgoing she loves to dance
Nova is a 3 year old little diva she loves to dress up she loves lipgloss and she is always happy her favorite color is Pink! And she loves everyone never meets strangers☺️And she loves Elsa from Frozen
Shes very friendly and loves meeting new kiddos. Always has a way with expressing how she feels on a very mature level. Her strong willed loving mind has created an attitude to adore. She blesses every moment with enchantment, when she plays her imagination gets the size of the world. When she is in learning mode shes like a sponge. Overall shes the world to me and makes everyday an amazing adventure!
Arabella loves to take pictures and play with her toys. Also to sing and dance
Amelia Summer
Amelia is our beautiful rainbow baby 🌈
Ariyella is always getting complimented on how she’s such a happy baby! She’s so silly and loves to smile and laugh. Her favorite parts of the day is taking her daily walks or story time everyday at bedtime. Her favorite foods to eat right now Mangos and Sweet potatoes. She loves waving “hi”, “bye”, and “come here” and saying “Baby”
A girly girl to the core with a beautiful heart. She is an amazing big sister!
Emery is a spunky and smart little 5 year old who loves to dance and doesnt mind whos watching, she's always herself. And a little girl with a dream you can make come true just by voting for her .
Cailee Morris
Hello I Am Cailee, I Love Music & Like To Dance , I’m Very Sweet & Loving , For The Most Part I Have Everyone Wrapped Around There Fingers
Abigale is kind hearted and sweet, easy going girl. She loves gymnastics and has competed for 4 years. She loves animals and is really good with them. She wants to be a veterinarian one day. She also loves to read.
Kind hearted,selfless loves crafting
Such a sweet little girl, roudy and sassy with such a big heart. Loves playing with other kids and being adventurous!
This lil munchkin is a sweetie with a lil splash of sassy.. She just a funny, smart, goofy lil girl that can really talk you to sleep .luv it .She's my granddaughter
Gracey is a very smart quick witted beautiful girl! She is just full of spark and her smile lights up the world. She has the biggest heart and loves unconditionally. “Especially her baby sister that she loves to help out with and make her smile”. She loves making fun videos, she loves to dance, play with her friends, she loves to make all kinds of Art. She loves school “especially when the teacher challenges her with harder work”. She likes to play soccer and learn gymnastics. Gracey has the most beautiful voice and loves to sing. Her favorite color is baby blue. Believe it or not her favorite animal is the toad. She likes to play outside quite often and explore. You should vote for Gravey because she is the kindest sweetest little girl you’ll ever meet who just wants everyone to be happy and get along.
Janelle has a personality that doesn't quit she's very smart well mannered and has a heart of gold she loves to do makeup do hair she loves to read and she is a very good drawer she can look at something and she can draw , has a lot of personality and quality for such a young child of her age. She has that smile in those eyes that make you melt she is one of a kind
She is a very smart and spunky lil girl, she loves music and dancing, she’s loves being a big sister and her favorite cartoon is cocomelon.
Sabiha is an AMAZING little 6yo. She loves life and is so happy. She is smart. Loves to learn words and number in Spanish,(that you can Thank her Nama for),and likes to watch some of her favorite educational shows in Spanish. A very good trait to have. She is starting the first grade this school year and likes to try and teach me addition. Blows my mind that she even knows it that well. She just knows she is a Princess and loves to play as if she is one. I can totally see her aspiring to be great. I love watching her learn and grow.
Hey My Name Is Alonna I Love To Dance , Do Hair & Makeup. I'm 4 Years Old My Favorite Color Is Pink 🗣️🗣️🗣️VOTE FoR MEEEEE‼️‼️‼️🎉🥳
Mia is very smart. Born with a rare condition called Arthrogryposis.she camt bend her arms and ankles. That doesn't hold her back from being happy and doing to this she wants to do
Hannah Davidyan
Hannah is 13yr old. She is very intelligent and kind hearted. She has high functioning autism. And enjoys spreading awareness. Her hobbies are playing Jr high volleyball, going on adventures and playing board games. Hannah never gives up on her dreams and goals. I am very proud to be her mom.
Ty’Yanna is 10 months old & loves to eat lol. She doesn’t walk yet but gets around fine & pretty fast with a crawl. Ty’Yanna loves music & dances to almost any tune. Her favorite show is “ Garfield “ & will watch it all day while eating her snacks .
Hello, my name is Esmeray Love I am 4 months. I love Minnie Mouse and I love being with my mommy 💖 Please vote for me and help me win 🫶🏼
Wynter is fun, smart kid with a lot of personality. She loves cheer, dance, her family and friends.
Lei’Lynn is five months and she’s the happiest baby ever. She loves smiling, that’s her specialty.
Arie-River recently won the 2022 Wounded Worrier Baby Beauty and Community Service Award Contest!
Coco is our Littlest one in the house . Shes the sweetest sour patch . She enjoys Running, Eating and playing in water.
London is one of the kind hardest sweetest little girls I have ever endured. She's always saying I am so sorry Gigi I love you so much such a sweetheart.
Kayston is 8 years old her favorite color is pink her birthday is August 12 2014! She loves dancing and gymnastics! She loves spending time with her family also!
Jaylee is 7 months and likes watching cartoons.
Shes very active loves playing with other kids likes watching cocomelon lol she is 1 year old will be 2 in October shes my beautiful baby girl so amazing loves talking to other people...
Kamaria is the happiest 5 month old ever! She loves to smile, coo, and laugh 💙
Bexlee is a beautiful sweet outgoing girl she loves puppies and anything outdoors and dancing! Bexlee is the happiest little girl and she is so loved.
she loves to dance and sing, her smile brightens everyone’s day🫶🏾
E’Mori is 9 months she’s full of life very smart & bright she has a smile that will lights up the whole room she’s a pretty little princess
Shay is very smart for her age she has a great personality and she super outgoing and she says hi to everyone and trys to help someone that hurt
Lamaria is a very smart intelligent girl top of her class straight a student and she belongs to a dance group that she is the Top.. dancer in the dance group. She has traveled all over with her dance group and she danced in the Parade this past August. Once meaning this little lady you can never forget her.
She is 6 months old. She is very sweet all she does is smile and laugh all day. Loving and caring baby who does not cry at all! Isabella is very smart she knows her name already she has also said “Dada” her first word.
AnnaBella is very outgoing she speaks hermind a dshe love her family, she likes to go to school and learning things. Shes super fun to hang out with and she love making friends
She’s a beautiful, SMART, Amazing & oh so sassy lil girl! She’s mamas lil BF 🤞🏼 My 1 & only Baby Girl! She’s got 3 brothers & she’s the 2nd 2 the youngest! She’s my sour patch kid ❤️🥰😮‍💨🤣
Little Miss Beautiful ! She loves smiling and playing with her big brother
Da’Ryiah is a very outgoing and smart 8 month old. She loves to clap and jump she is a very happy baby
Carmen is a sweet girl she loves to help others and she love to draws
Ariya is mommy & daddy’s sweet baby girl! She loves tummy time, music, and banana peach teething wafers. She’s very inquisitive for her age. Her smile brightens our day!