Jhene And Janel
Hello, we’re identical sissy’s. They’re such sweet babies, they love to smile and hold each other hands.
Miss Delilah is 12 months old and is such a cheerful girl! She loves Hey Bear, Bluey & Miss Rachel a lot!
Hi everyone I’m 1 years old I’m very active and I love to play and laugh a lot and dance just like my sister island and we are Irish twins which makes us 11 months apart I love love my sister we do everything together
Chanel Elder
Singing, Dancing, loves Gymnastics
I’m only 2 years old I love coco melon I enjoy dancing and painting and going to parks and most importantly I love my baby sister I’m always happy
I am Ajani Rose and soon I’ll be 3 months old . I love waking up in a happy mood everyday . The moment I see my mommys face I start smiling . I recently learned how to baby talk and I will do it all day if I could .
This is rayvn noelle williamson! She is 6! She has chromosome 2q37 deletion syndrome! She has seizures and autism!!
Ohana’Star means the bright light in her families darkness (the light at the end of the tunnel for her family) 💗 everyone calls her Ohana, Star, or NaNa for short . Ohanas dad passed away when she was in mommies (my) tummy. She is a gift from her dad and from God ❤️ She is silly, smart & of course beautiful she likes music and books! she reaches her milestones earlier than expected and has a personality is out if this world at just three months 🤩
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I was in Nicu for the first 40 days of my life but I’m growing stronger. I’m a twin to my brother. I love outside, being talked too, and being next to my brother🥰
Milani is a very beautiful and smart girl ! she enjoys watching trolls and sleeping ofc !
She's loves to get all dressed up and put a little makeup on and act like a princess. She's fully of energy and loves to run around and make new friends.
Vote for the princess 🫶🏽 she’s so energetic and full of life!
Hello my name is Janelle just turn 4 Months. I love to laugh and play.
Anijah is a happy child, she’s always smiling, she loves to eat! She’s overcome many obstacles being born 3 months premature. Anijah is a strong, happy, witty baby who always bring light to any room she strolls in. She truly our miracle baby ❤️
Promise Ti’Anna is literally the sweetest little babydoll ever she loves to smile and absolutely loves kisses ALL DAY and loves to eat she never miss a bottle , please vote for my babygirl 💕
Luna Amara
She likes watching Blippi and she likes to dance . She so sweet and very friendly baby.
Kenna is a fun, loving, happy little girl! She loves to play with her two best friends Harley and Willy (her dachshund dogs) and loves going for walks. Her true happiness and energy comes out with her family 💖 so much fun! she is definitely our bundle of joy!
Hi my name is Che'yla & I'm 2 months old .. I love talking to my mommy and I'm learning how to use my hands but nothing beat bath time that's my favorite
Ariya is my 2 week old beautiful daughter! She is an amazing little girl who brought the brightest light into my life and brings joy to everyone around her! She loves cuddles and smiles all the time and is the best little girl I could ask for!
A strong girl who loves to smile
My name is Hadley Brooke! I spent my first month of life in the NICU. As the days go by I get stronger and healthier. I love bath time, being outside, and smiling. Everyone please take the time to vote for me! Thank you!
Kerendi is a very beautiful and intelligent baby girl. She loves kicking noisy items such as her piano that lights up! She makes anyone smile with her beautiful genuine smile.
Hi my name is Jazmyn and my daughters name is Eleyna. Eleyna is such a blessing to everyone who surrounds her, she loves spending time individually with each of her family members, she loves the water and enjoys watching Disney movies with momma. Eleyna is a not only a very intelligent baby but she knows how to brighten up anyone’s day with just a little giggle. Not only is she a beauty queen but she is also the strength behind so many people within her family. As eleyna continues to accomplish all of her monthly mile stones, she continues to express her self very prominently, she loves to be the center of attention and makes sure everyone knows she’s in the room. She spends most of her days laughing and giggling her way through the day she loves to roll around and scream out the tops of her lungs! Her favorite shows are katuri, Mickey Mouse and strawberry shortcake, she loves to each strawberries and bananas and she loves playing hide and seek with her pacifiers 😂, overall she is a very fun and energetic baby girl and she would greatly appreciate your vote for her!!
Mia Amani Campbell <3
Mavis is a happy girl! She loves playing with her toys and giving a big smile all the time ❤️
Natalie is such a independent, silly beautiful little girl! She makes any gray days, shine bright! Such a joy in my life.
Tylii is a very happy baby, it brings my heart so much joy when I look at her wake up always with a smile. Tylii love it when I clap my hands, it just tickles her funnybone.
Hi my name is Autumn, I was born Oct 12,2023. I was born early through a emergency c-section at 5lbs due to fetal growth restriction. I am a strong 5 months old and 13 pounds now. I have a warming bright soul with a little bit of attitude.I love to smile show off my dimples. I love watching word party. I just started eating solid foods I love some bananas. I love doing photo shoots with my mommy.Vote for me.
Destiny, she is a very loving child. She love arts and crafts. Destiny is full of life and can lift any spirit on bad day with her beautiful smile and soul.
Mi'Anna love's to drink her milk and gets her beauty rest. You might catch her an hour out of her busy schedule watching TV.
She loves to smile and eat food😊 She’s a happy baby.
I'm Calypso and I love to laugh and play with bubbles. My favorite food is ice cream. And I love cats.
Promyse has this bubbly fun personality she started to display at only the age of 2 months from lots of laughs and gestures
Dahlia loves to dance, sing and do silly things. She is the 3rd child. Very independent and make sure anywhere she goes people notice her lol. Very loving little girl , always trying to help in the house or with other kids .
She is full of bright energy and love. Super funny and a great girl all around!
Phoenix is an awesome little girl, with bright beautiful eyes and a smile that will blow you away. She enjoy laughing and playing with her toys. She also enjoys listening to Gracie's Corner.
Angel Lynn
Hello world my name is Angel Lynn I love to eat , play, talk, and sleep I to smile it makes my day that I can make someone else day just a little better !
Gianna is a very smart little girl we call her gigi for her nickname she. Sje love taking pictures love modeling and she love singing
Sophia loves to laugh an is a diva
Airel is a outgoing little girl she loves food and cuddles!🥰
June Elaine
June is a very happy baby! Her nicknames are Junie Bee & June Bug. She loves naps, poppin’ bottles and snuggling her family. 🩷
Oaklynn is very outgoing. She loves to be outside on her swing that we have for her. Playing in the water. She will eat anything and everything.
Ellie is a chunk and loves her food. She loves dancing and singing to Encanto.
Hello everyone I am K’leeahna, I am my mommies rainbow baby🤎 I love my family so much they always know how to make me giggle until I get hiccups. I love to roll around the bed and I’m currently trying to crawl. I love to eat what my mommy eats and I love to watch Ms.Rachel. I’m a lil sassy 8 month old Leo that tends to get my way 100% of the time 🤎
Isabella is an absolute wonder. Shes smart, sassy and an absolute delight to be around!