Baby Stories - 5


A’lani love to her bottles! She can eat and eat lol. She’s loves her mommy and daddy time. She always has a smile on her face! And loves for her daddy to get the poopy diapers🤣❤️ Everyone please vote for our baby girl A’lani
Kylee loves anime and spending time with her cousins and friends!
She loves dressing up like a beautiful princess but if she’s outside and she sees dirt or mud, she’ll be in it playing within a second!
3 months old, holds her head up! Very happy baby. Loves to laugh and chat…💜
Hi I’m Henley! I’m four months old and obsessed with Mickey Mouse.
Rosa Rubio
Mami little Queen
Jahkyia is a people person. She loves to flip, dance, and play all day! She’s very intelligent and the most loving kid ever!
She like anything,she like playing,she so 🥰 cute
Amelia LOVES to smile! When she’s not smiling she’s usually taking long naps.
Takharia Azalea is 4 months old she is very silly and loves to talk and laugh. She has a smile that lights up the room.
Queen 👸
Osmairy H
My lovely 😍 queen 👸
Kaeleigh, loves to sing and dance. She is also involved in gymnastics! Kaeleigh has a very bright personality & LOTS of energy! She loves both of her grandmas & her papa! She loves to play with her brothers & cousins!
Krislyn M. Krislyn M. Ziya is a fun and loving little girl. She brings joy into everyone’s world. She’s a diva and loves to boss her big brother around she’s my whole world. She’ll make you smile without even trying.
Osmairy Hernandez
Queen 👸
Osmairy Hernandez
Queen#my baby 😍
Baby Dior is one of the most happiest babies I’ve ever seen. She’s so cuddly and adorable
Brylee is a fun energetic ball of light she brings a smile to everyone she meets ! This little kiddo loves animals , family and love to pray !
My miracle baby my son passed away 6 years ago so she is my baby
She is a sweet a caring kid.. She loves to read, dance, play with dolls and travel.
Legacy is a very independent and amazing little girl who captures everyone with just one little look.
Maeva loves her mommy and daddy and loves to say I good! She loves cartoons,ceiling fans and lights.
Gianna is a unique and special little girl! We almost lost her at 22 weeks due to cervical insufficiency but she made it! She is a smiley happy baby and brings joy to every one she meets!
Sour Patch Kid 🤪🍭
Hi I’m Zania Grace I’m 14 in 9th grade. My hobbies are cheerleading and watching my little sister
Jaeanna And Taeanna
Jaeanna and Taeanna are our twin girls from our set of triplets, 2 girls and 1 boy. Jaeanna is Triplet A and Taeanna is Triplet C. Jaeanna and Taeanna are very much alike but also very different from one another. Jaeanna is our girlie girl, she's very sensitive, always smiling, loves to dress up and get her hair done, enjoys playing pretend, and loves nail art and makeup. She gives the best kisses! Taeanna is our little tomboy. She also enjoys playing dress up but she's not really into doing her hair or staying dressed for long. She is very competitive but can also be very motherly at times to her other 4 siblings. Taeanna gives the best hugs! Both girls are attached to their baby dolls and blankets!!!
Evanae is a A+ student she does very good in school she likes to play around with makeup and she is very adventurous and fun to hang around with
Brianna is a very passionate girl who likes to go out and have fun, She loves to help people and has a love for caring for others and helping in any way. Brianna is also competitive about her work and is very strategic.
Lillian is a spirited and bright little girl! She is so imaginative and puts everyone under her spell! She is 7 turning 8 in December, loves school and wants to be a Vet tech when she grows up! Shes also a fantastic swimmer!
Elena loves to explore
The best baby ever!
She is a loveable baby girl she loves spending time with her family loves being outside loves sweet potatoes likes to steal mommy and daddy's sweet tea only little sister of boys , she loves looking at trees playing with her puppy and most of all she loves her cuddles and laughs with her family
Jasmine is very talented when it comes to acting, she knows how to change up her voice! She loves TikTok and love doing girly things she's such a sassy diva
Grace loves to love, it may sound weird but she will come up to you at anytime of the day and tell me she loves me like coffee. I drink coffee all day everyday. She can sing like the birds and loves to dance and play pretend she is an avid church goer and an honorary choir member.
She is sarcastic and one tough cookie with a heart of gold. She loves with all her heart, loves to read, teaching herself guitar and singing
She’s a smart and sassy little girl. Loves to play outside and loves animals, especially her “bub” our dog. Loves to sing and dance. Loves M&M’s and everything chocolate. She loves BFG, her favorite movie.
Rylee loves to smile and pose for the camera. She always has the most fun during bath time while listening to the Splish Splash song.
Miche Le
She has the most contagious laugh. She loves people and loves to talk
Hi my name is klynn (pronounced Kay-Lin) I am new to this world and figuring things out. I love being with my family but my mommy is my favorite. I just laughed for the first time while awake the other day. I love to sit up and look around. I am just a little one and am new but I am very sweet, I promise you.
Evonii is the sweetest 2 month old baby girl around. She smiles and giggles all day long! The only thing she takes more seriously than eating, is looking adorable. It must be so exhausting being this naturally cute all the time!
Mattie Ruth
Mattie Ruth loves her mama and her bug brothers. She loves being outside and playing.
She is such a lovely baby and so smart for her age she love to draw n color
Marleigh is a fun loving, happy, playful, advanced baby! At just 8 months old she is walking and loves saying Mama and Dada. Her favorite food is blueberries, bananas, eggs and spaghetti-Os
Hi :)) My names harmony and I’m 4 months old, I love to laugh, make noises and smile, I also love playing with mommy and daddy! I promise if you vote for me you won’t regret it! 😉
Her parents own a farm so that is where her name came from. She loves her big brother, baby dolls and ice cream.
She loves her doggy Hunter!! She has 6 teeth, very entergetic. She loves to go on walks and play in water.
Aspen loves to giggle and laugh with her daddy ❤️ Turning over and blowing bubbles is her favorite next to boobie milk !!