Ehra is very smart, sweet, talented girl. She loves to read, sing, dance and makes her own videos. She goes to ballet class every weekends, she attended her ballet summercamp and just finished her musical theater summercamp as well. She is so excited for her upcoming gymnastic class and will be auditioning for this year’s Ballet Nutcracker.
Rhaegan love to make tik tok videos with her big sister, she love to play outside with friends, she love to help mom with her twin sisters, and most of all she’s a very lovable, sweet and smart little girl💕 and when she gets older she said wants to be a nurse like her TeeTee and a police officer!!!
Kiana is the sweetest baby you’ll ever meet! Her favorite things are laughing at mommy’s singing and playing with daddy. She also loves outside and while most babies fall asleep in the car, she’s wide awake watching the world go by 😍😇
Kelcie enjoys watching television especially Hogi/Pinkfong. She loves to be outside exploring everything nature 🍃. Getting all dolled up and admiring herself in the mirror is also at the top of the list. Kelcie has a personality unlike any other, she’s very goofy, loving and affectionate.
Alicia is out going. Has a great sense of humor. She loves clothes and shoes. And all things fashion. Alicia also love to dance and play out side. She is a great helper, and helps her brother who is autistic.
Haleigh Kaleigh
Ha’Leigh & Ka’Leigh love drinking milk, taking car rides, sitting outside, listening to Gracie’s corner, & being held by mommy and daddy😩😂🥰
Nova Diane is the true definition of a diva. She loves babies & puppies. She’s got the mouth of a grown woman with the heart of a servant.💛
Camille Brown
Camille loves to be around other kids she’s very playful also enjoys dancing she has her own little personality 🥰
Hi! My name is Mila. I love music and dancing! The prettiest color I have encountered so far is the color green. I love doing activities with mommy ; especially paint. I can be quite the artist! please vote for me out of fort smith, arkansas ♡
Mazuri is a beautifully eccentric little girl who loves anybody and eveyone! She’s loves to dance and sing and be in the spotlight! She is the apple of my eye and I hope she can win your heart as well as votes! Mazuri has an eccentric smile that will brighten anyone’s day and ocean blue eyes that anybody could drown in!!! 😍 Zuri is on her way to the top and there ain’t no slowing her down! She just recently signed with Lil Angelz Nation talent network and became a brand rep model for Tailoring Tots, she is also featured on the MCI Talent online go-see, has a profile and comp card on webpage, and is currently being considered along with ONE other candidate for a Huggies Pull Up commercial taking place in New York City! We’re hoping that these lil cute contests will help get her face out there and I know that even the littlest bit of help can go a long way!! Good luck to all of the contestants and God Bless!! 🥰🤞🏻❤️
Our sweet sweet girl is just a ball of sunshine with such a personality! She loves the outdoors & all foods (she’s an eating machine!!) she’ll put a smile on just about everyone’s face!!
Bella Mia
Bella Mia is a fun, goofy, smart, little baby taking the world by storm! She was born premature, but she doesn’t let her small size stop her! Her personality is larger than life! She enjoys rolling around with her dog Sassy, taking pictures at the beach, and going to the aquarium! Her favorite foods are roasted bananas with cinnamon and also bell peppers with basil. Bella Mia is a chatter box and will have you engaged in a full conversation with just her coo’s and silly noises.
Xenia is such an advanced baby she started holding her head up at birth and has recent started to try crawling she was born 3 weeks early at 4lbs 9oz and has made a huge milestone by now weighing 7lbs 8oz after just 2 months of being home she is also very loving loves cuddles and she loves to smile and laugh at whoever can make her do it
Jurnee is only 6 months she loves Ms.Rachel. She’s a very happy baby. She loves to be outside to look at nature
McKenzie is a bright, bold, beautiful, and a firey little red head. McKenzie is very loved. She loves to play with friends, swim, and be outside doing anything. McKenzie enjoys talking to anyone, she is funny, and smart. She will be starting her first year of Pre-K this year, and is so excited to go. McKenzie dreams of being an astronaut some day.
Ellyana is an amazing little girl inside out, she’s such a character! Being around her your world would light up! She’s funny, outgoing, sweet, and an amazing cheer leader! Her heart beats to 8 counts! If she wins she wants to donate her money to help her cheer team make it to regionals!! ❤️👏
A very smart energetic girl who loves Gracie and playing with her cousins and god sister
Te'Monei is a fun adventurous outspoken loving little girl. She loves her family she loves playing outside with friends she loves going to the park she also loves her Grandmother and Grandpaw the most lol. Amongst other things she's a really Bright 6year old girl
Abianna is the most happiest baby every. She is almost crawling and extremely loved by her brothers. She is the light in the house. Loved by all and loved to make everyone smile.
Ralynn loves cocomelon, baby shark and dancing around. She is a very sweet fun loving girl.
There’s nothing more powerful than this little girl smiles, her kindness towards her sisters and brother and friends makes her a beautiful human being that knows beauty isn’t just on the outside, is her huge heart that makes her as noble and unselfish. She is sassy and her dream is to become a gymnast and to be in a beauty pageant…I’m so blessed to be her mother.
Addalyn is the most active baby you would ever see! She loves to eat and loves watching Sesame Street 🥰
~Kanyia loves playing on her phone~ ~Kanyia loves to write and draw~Kanyia also love adventures ~I think you should vote because she brings joy to anyone she see’s~ And her spirit is like an angle in disguise🥰🖤~
Olivia Rose
She’s my little Diva very out spoken loves dressing up and Definitely a chatter box
Mercedes love to sing and play with her toys , she also to love say “eat eat “ , her favorite food is chicken . She enjoys watching Mickey Mouse and Cocomelon , her tablet have most her attention when she not sleep . 😂💕💜
Justice is a very happy and loving infant! She loves to watch her big brother run around. She also loves for mommy and daddy to walk her around.
Madilyn is most definitely a mommy girl. Shes very active , curious and she loves kids. She has a big sister and brother but she's definitely the boss baby.
Jasmine Collier
She loves Jools tv and Gracie’s corner loves to dance and play with her big sister
Alva is almost 2 years old. She’s is a very smart girl for her age and loves playing outside, she has a wild side but she loves her family and her dog with her whole heart
Aliyah is a very smart caring and funny princess. She loves to play with her barbie’s and wants to be a teacher when she gets older.
Kai Alani
Kai’Alani is just a ball of smiles and laughter. Alani thinks everything is food; you can always catch her trying to eat something! Not only is she already sassy but also glamorous 😂
Wilder enjoys doing pageants and meeting new people. She is an outdoor girl, loves animals and playing with her siblings 🥰
Hazel is a smart,talkative 4yr old that loves her family!! Hazel is caring,sharing and loves chocolate!!! She is so smart and she is so down to earth and she loves to make people feel good!!
Aubree is so outgoing and has such a fun little personality, she is a Mamas girl 💜
Jameria Wilson
Jameria enjoy playing with her brother , dancing , signing , watching Gracie’s Corner. I’m 2 years old and attending school. In my spare time I love to be underneath mommy & daddy.
Hey my name kaicylyn , I’m 10 months I love to dress up on take pictures. I love to watch cocomelon & sing my ABC’s
Briseyda is adventurous and loves being a big sister
Aniyah loves to talk, she loves to sit up, she thinks her fingers are the best thing she’s ever tasted and she loves to meet new people
Outgoing , sassy 8 year old. Loves to swim, watch YouTube, and riding her bike!
This princess has many colors. Shes a girly girl that will headbang when nessecary. Shes loving and so caring of others. Not without a little bit of sass.
3months old and loves to laugh and play with her 2 older sisters!
Rylee is almost 2 years old! She loves to play outside, watch Cocomelon and Curious George!
She love cheering playing with her brothers and she loves YouTubethe most of all things Tahiri imagination is so big she really thinks wearing dresses makes her a princess
Tinsley Is 7 months old and has the biggest personality! She loves all the attention. She rolls, loves to talk and can crawl. She's so sweet!
Jamilah Sanders
JaMilah Is A 3 Year Old Girl Who Enjoys Spending Time With Family. Loves to Play doctor, and Dress Up!
Madelyn Harmon
Loves her daddy
“For one so small she seems so strong”…