Baby Stories - 49


Lyric Britt
Lyric is so sweet, smart & funny. Her favorite things she like to do is dance & watch Cocomelon. She makes us laugh all the time. She is a little comedian & a little old lady at times. She is beautiful inside & out💕
Sophia is the happiest beautiful girl , just look at her smile , she loves her big brother Joseph so much
Maisy is the most vibrant, sassy, loving, spunky little girl. This girl is a ray of sunshine that is always on the move exploring, meeting new people, and telling her own little stories. She wants to see the world and we live being by her side watching her explore it! Her little smile is so contagious ☺️
Alee is a very creative and artsy child. She loves to draw and make Barbie clothes.
Karleigh is the only girl, with three older brothers. She is full of cuteness and fun, but already knows how to hold her own! She's an amazing little girl with a smile that will melt hearts!
Sylvia Rose Snyder
Sylvia rose Snyder love her daddy so much and she loves to watch tv and she loves to listn to her daddy playing the guitar and she loves old country music
This little beauty is not only beautiful, she’s also smart, witty, and ahead of her time. She enjoys crafts, reading, math, movies, dancing, singing, and fashion designing.
Willow wants to be a veterinarian. She loves any animal small.and large. She is the youngest of 6 siblings and has a lot of passion for life in general. I work for an amazing agency and Willow loves to spend time with 4 amazing women with disabilities. She paints and colors with them, she talks with them and spends time with them giving them support and love. Giving them and being a positive change in there lives.after being bullied and harrassed willow has shown love and help to others to help them through it as well.
Aaliyah is very dedicated cheerleader who loves meeting kids she is a very fast learner who is a DADDY’S GIRL she loves to dance & help others
She will be two in December and loves to be with her sister and cousins and loves to dance
Braeleigh Is A Very OutGoing Person, Very Smart. She Loves Minnie Mouse
Hennessy-Rose is such a smart 3 month old, she loves to smile, laugh, and cuddle. She’s very strong she wants to sit up by herself already and she loves to sleep by her mommy.
Aviana(Ava for short) is 3 weeks old, her favorite time of day is bath time, and her favorite thing to do is drink her milk
Ashlynn is the oldest sibling of 3. Anyone who knows Ashlynn knows she is selfless, kind, tender hearted, and has the biggest love for Jesus. Every where she goes she is complemented on how well mannered and behaved she is. She is one of a kind & absolutely the sweetest child there is. Vote for my baby girl everyone she more than deserves it ❤
Isabella is a smart, feisty, beautiful, inquisitive little blessing to her family. She is the youngest sibling of her older brother Tyler and sister Kailey and tries her hardest to keep up in her own way!! She loves playing, shopping with mommy, spending time with daddy and making sure her mama is great! She loves her family and gets excited for her next adventure!
My baby is a pandemic baby She loves walking yelling and now that she is bigger she sure love her McDonald’s fries 💜 She loves spending time playing with her toys making a mess or shopping just like her mother 🥰
Smart student and great big sister
Mia is a very active little new born. Everyday she surprises us with something like trying to hold her bottle already! She loves her Minnie Mouse! She loves looking her Poppops fishies in his fish tank. She is the sweetest little girl and she is so good all smiles and joy with her! ❤️
Skyler is a independent little lady. She loves her family very much. She is very smart. She is a very beautiful girl. She is growing to in a house hold of people that helps her with anything. She is being taught to love and help people.
Luna Paige
Luna is four years old in pre-K. She loves being mommies little model taking pictures and being cute playing at the park on her free time ! She also Loves doing fundraisers for her school ! #Go Luna
Diana always has a smile on her face. She's the happiest baby. I am completely blessed to have her as my first and only child.
Hallie loves to smile and brighten up your day! She smiles everytime she see's her mommy and daddy!
Jos'Mya Ann
Jos'mya loves playing with her baby dolls and also loves learing spanish. She loves being a big sister to her little brother she adore his so much. Shes African-American &' Puerto Rican
In 2016, I birth a precious little girl after me (Tomorrow). Her name was Ta’Marrie JoNae. Two weeks later she died of a Metabolic disorder that I would never in a million years thought that this tragic thing would happen to my family. Now, in 2020 I birth my Angel A’Kyla Saren. She’s The most beautiful thing that happened to me & my two little boys! We prayed & prayed until I had a daughter & they had a little sister! If you could vote for our beautiful baby girl this would mean the most wonderful thing to us!!! Thank you all! ❤️❤️
She's super smart but also extremely sassy
Violet is a very outgoing girl that lives life! She is miss personality!! She loves meeting new people and making friends! And did I mention funny?? The things this kid says...cracks me up! She won't stop singing's non stop music in our house! She loves school and is excited about learning new things! She loves to give hugs! She brightens up everyone's day with a simple, "Hello! HI I'm Violet, what's your name?" This sweet, loving lady loves paw patrol and Scooby Doo and of course her puppy Everest! She also loves going on adventures, riding her scooter and exploring the world! She dives head first in to things...literally ...higher, faster, more ..she loves it all. This little lady is going to change the world one day I just know it.
Anastie Cordova
This is my daughter Anastie ❤️ She is 8 years old when I tell you she’s the best thing that has ever happend to me I MEAN IT 💕 She is the smartest little girl ever! She can definitely make anyone’s day with her silliness 🥳🥳 The thing about Anastie is she is never afraid to be HERSELF and as a parent i support her 👏 She accomplish’s anything she puts her mind too and I love her for that 📓✏️ When she grows up she wants to be a cop her favorite colors are Green and Blue.
Born one day after Christmas loves being a big sissy and is the best.. always helpin around the house and cleaning her own messes and helping clean messes she didn't make .. Very well mannered always saying please and thank you after every time she ask or receive something..very blessed to be called her parents And to have the privilege to reise this precious soul... Everyone who meets miss Ariana falls in love with her..
I love to eat all my mommas and dadas food, i love baths and to climb on everything
Harlowe is an amazing little girl, who loves spending time with her family. She is pretty sassy for just 9 months, watch out little miss she just might steal your heart!
Millyanna is one of the most compassionate, outgoing, loving, and kind 5 year old that will cross your path. Milly has a genuine pure loving heart who goes out of her way to help everyone and spread nothing but love and kindness everywhere she goes...! She is also my lil ace Ventura’s daughter who loves to rescue all animals and feed and shelter them as well. Millyanna has a heart of gold!! Everyone help me return the kindness and sprinkle her in return with rooting for her in this contest ❤️💖❤️
Ellyanna is quite the spunky 4 yearold..!! Elly loves to make her own blogs everywhere she goes. Elly has a passion for music including singing and dancing. Ellyanna is my nature lover too.. She absolutely loves the outdoors and is always excited to explore everywhere we go. Let’s continue to spread the kindness and show her love back by rooting for her!! We love you Ellyanna.❤️
My Laugh & Smile just makes my MiMi's day she tells me this every day. I am the sunshine in my Mommy & Daddy's life. She learns very quickly, and has a vocabulary of 6 words already. She Luvs to Sing,Dance,Luvs the Camera as u can see. My Daddy says im the most Beautiful Girl he's ever seen 😄 Just a all around Happy little girl.
Sages loves laughing and long walks in her scroller. She also love to play the piano and her favorite tv shows our my little pony and rainbow 🌈 rangers..
Elina is a very special baby she has been through alot already and she only to months! Elina is a heart warrior baby ! She was diagnosed at my 20 week ultrasound with hlhs it hypoplastic left heart syndrome It is a congenital heart defect she has fought for her life sence in my belly and continues to do that everyday but she us thriving !!! She had open heart surgery at 5 days old she is 2 months old and she will go back in 4-6 months to have her 2nd heart surgery and the 3rd at 2-5 years old she is my true definition of a blessing and she is my brave strong miracle baby !!!!
This girl is my big ray of sunshine. She just has so much joy. She loves to eat everything, her baby doll, adores her sissy, goes crazy over her dog. She has so much personality already its crazy! She is my pride and joy❤
Braelyn loves to smile, and stick out her tongue! But more then Anything she loves her Bottle and of course her mommy❤️
Chadlynn Sue is in kindergarten👩🏼‍🏫, she loves playing with her baby brother Cam, her favorite things to do is to go shopping and getting her nails done.💅🏻🛍 She also loves anything sweet!🧁
Keishliany is a very bright and lovable person . She loves to dance and play with slime , she says one day she wants to be a nurse.
Reign is a very happy baby she coos and is very talkative for a 2 month old she's very advanced I feel she just smiles all day long she sure knos how to brighten my day when I'm down in the dumps love u bby girl
Ivy loves saying hello to everyone, she is committed to waving non stop until the person she is waving at waves back. She is the sweetest friendliest little girl, her kindness and love radiates. She loves hugs and saying I love you back and forth. She is truly something special 🥺💕
Miss Mazikeen is an amazing little girl full of smiles and personality.
Josie is such a little sweetheart! She’s definitely a mommas girl!! She’s the final piece to our families puzzle!❤️
Paisley girl was born 10 weeks early while her momma was on a vent due to covid. Sweet Pea had to be Intubated as well as her momma for a short time. The doctors didnt give her momma and her much hope of survival. They BOTH overcome the odds and six months later are true fighters. She will grow up saying its not why me, its try me❤
Gianna is a very happy baby, she stops anyone when they walk by. She loves to smile, and her new thing is waving hi. She is very adorable 😍💕❤