Izabelle it's a very sweet and loving girl. She loves to draw and she is really great at it. She's also very smart.
GG is lovable,very smart,and enthusiastic. Makes everybody she comes in contact with Smile
Brooklynn is a very caring little girl ,she has a passion for horses.She is my youngest daughter she has two sisters that she absolutely loves
Journey Lynn Rose is outstanding beautiful little princess who loves her daddy and mommy. She loves Elsa and all of her babies as well. She’s so bright and sassy and loves with her heart!
Lia Uchoa
Lia is a very loving 4 year old! Lia is the princess of the house! It's definitely Lia's way, or not! She has a strong personality and she's super smart! If Lia wins, it goes straight into her savings! 💕
Sweet, Kind, Loving, Fun, and AMAZING
She loves to cuddle and loves animals, her favorite movies are toy story, Charlotte's Web and Dora. Stacey likes going on car rides and playing with her toys and she is always on the go.She loves giving and getting kisses. She puts a smile on everyone's face when they see her, she is the light of our lives.
Kinsley is a 9 year old girl who loves to cheer, do gymnastics, play with friends. She's funny always smiling and just loves to be around her mama.
Beautiful Inside & Out , Smart Loving & Very Outspoken
Very random personality loves the outdoors really affectionate loves playing with barbies babydolls and her legos and her stuffed animals
She is a twin she is a minute younger than her twin savannah shes very girly loves makeup and her mommys makeup loves shoes purses barbie dolls the colors pink and purple
Very outspoken loves being outdoors loves playing on her bike and with her legos
Marleigh is smart, funny, kind, generous and loves to help. She loves chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese and fish. She loves to draw, sing and dance. The reason why you should vote for marleigh is because she will make you laugh, she has a kind heart and you will just fall in love with her.
Shes very spunky and outgoing!!! She loves being outdoors and she loves palying her cat garfield
Milani is a beautiful..language proficient…smart & well rounded child.She is in 1st grade..loves school & loves to sing.She is adventurous & loves animals!!My littlest pet shop is her favorite.She loves rainbows!!Her favorite food is sushi & yes I said a 6 yr old favorite food is sushi lol.Milani is our little daredevil she will try anything & have you on the edge of your seat!Shes girlie but she has a brother so she definitely will stand her ground & doesn’t mind getting dirty😊She loves nature.She’s our little smart Angel fairy & she is loved so much by our family.Her nickname for me is “Tink”❤️She’s AMAZING!!
Baylee is a smart, energetic beautiful girl. She has such a warm presences when she is around. She loves to go shopping, perfecting her makeup, playing soccer with her local recreational team, and skating. She is a wiz when it comes to baking. She enjoys spending her time with her family and friends, she loves practicing gymnastics and helping her sister with cheer. Baylee's personality is one you will never forget, she loves making anyone laugh, her attitude is always a positive one. She loves helping others and will make your day brighter with her infectious laugh. She has such a big heart. VOTE FOR BAYLEE!! She will not let you down! Our beautiful girl will when your heart if you give her the chance.
Bekah is a quirky, silly, smart, and kind little girl. She lights up the life of anyone she meets. Bekah loves animals of all kinds (even bugs, we are always digging for worms and googling bugs so i can tell her what they are) Water baby, mud lover, tiara wearing, she is who she wants to be and we'll never let anyone dim her light. The best big & little sister to 2 amazing brothers. Bekah wants to be a vet when she grows up, own a pink and blue car like Peppa Pig, and have 5 babies. She is very excited to start "big school" soon. Also, her favorite song right now is "Roar" by Katy Perry (and im obsessed with hearing my babygirl sing, she gets the cutest smile on her face like in these pics) 💜
Laynie is a beautiful, smart little girl. She can make your day shine with her spunky fireball personality and shines where ever she goes. Her infectious smile lights up a room. She loves to be outdoors any time of the year. Laynie enjoys skating, tumbling on her cheer mat at home, playing dress up, and getting her nails done. Laynie is a cheerleader with Top Perfomance Athletics. She spends most of her days after school at cheer practice with her cheer competition team, Shimmer. She has accomplished so much for being 6 years old! VOTE FOR OUR GIRL!! And see her SHINE all the way to the top!
Isabella is loving and kind she loves helping donate food and toys and clothes to families in the shelter and she loves helping out her friends and family around the house she loves gymnastics and cheerleading she is very smart and beautiful
Dailyn is a Happy Baby, she like to smile,laugh, play and sing.😍 She's a sweet baby girl, she like to give hug and kisses too😍😍
She is adorable, she really likes to smile and play with mom and dad.
Elaina is so sweet she has autism so its a different world for her
Beautiful Gresham
Beautiful is 6 years old. She has a outgoing personality and has a passion for fashion and beauty.
With a Heavenly personality that can't be over looked. She's a very happy baby!
Sweetheart cares about everyone's well-being
So sweet kind caring funny
Energetic, smart, and loving girl. Loves to play dress up and take pictures❤️
She love to dance and play with her baby doll and makeup and get on TikTok.
Makenzie is a very bright little girl that has a big heart and doesn't care about what people think about her. She loves fishing she took that after her deceased father.
She a young wild free spirit and she just the most loveable thing on earth
Kinsley loves school and spending time with her family. She is very outgoing and is a friend to everyone. She enjoys being outside, camping, and ballet. She loves animals and has found an interest in drawing.
She has a wonderful personality. She likes to dance and sing.
Reagan loves seeing her family, was lifting her head up her first night in the hospital. She “hit the ground running” and isn’t looking back! She is a happy baby!!
Beautiful sweet girl,love school and being a big sister
Ember is a ray of sunshine ☀️ she loves to play and her favorite thing to do is fight with her sister😅 she also loves to eat, sing, and dance! Please vote for my baby🤞🏼
Adalyn is a very energetic, loving person. She loves to run and play. She definitely has a one of a kind personality.
Jourdan is so full of life! She knows how to make everyone laugh with all her goofiness. She really could be a comedian! Jourdan has a love for competitive cheer which she’s been doing for a few years now. She is a smart and fierce young lady. She wants to be a lawyer when she grows up and shewww is she going to make a good one! Let’s show Jourdan Michelle some love and Vote Vote Vote!
Jordyn is our little dimple princess, she loves to eat, laugh and play with her big brother!
Diva.... She loves to dress up... She like shinny pretty shoes... She love her baby dolls.... Tyson chicken sandwich or and don't forget her ice cream bar
Lilly loves her brother Greyson! She’s just recently discovered rolling over, & LOVES doing that!❤️
Milane is a wonderfully 1 year girl, likes music and on her age, she tries singing and playing piano
Kyndal IS the light of any room! She is so intelligent, kind, and loves being the “helper”. Kyndal absolutely loves anything crafty, she can literally make the coolest things from scratch.
She is a sweetheart that loves her brothers and sister. She plays basketball and loves help cook .Kylie tries to help others . Can win your heart with her little smile.
Lexie Caldwell
Lexie is a sweet and country little girl she loves the out doors with all her chickens❣️
Wyllow is eccentric, loud, funny, strong, a girly tomboy with a passion for animals, aphmau MeeMeow toys & the drums. She loves horses & is autistic. She is very hyper & strong & loves to wrestle & jump around & make silly faces.
Loves to run around singing and dancing Playing with cars Very happy autistic girl who loves being around people and very caring
Snot, snow, and Santa sweaters. ❤️
She is the most genuine child! Every person she sees it doesnt matter where or who she wants to tell them that they are beautiful and God loves the