Haisley Mae
Haisley just turned two on the 13th of April. 🤍 She loves to laugh and talk back , she’s full of sass but yet so much joy. She’s learning her ABCs and knows most of her colors! 💛💛 thank you for voting! We appreciate it !
My name is Jemma. I love my 2 older brothers,and girlscouts. I love to dress up in pretty dresses, and try lots of lip gloss. Im very caring, a little shy, but very spunky and friendly once i get to know you. This is my first competition, i appreciate all your votes thank you!
She is 3 months old , always full of smiles , and just loveeees attention ! ♥️
Raelynn Renee
As you can see Raelynn is a very happy baby she loves to smile, laugh and bring joy to everyone she meets. She’s got her moms big blue eyes and dimples. She loves cuddles with daddy and her stuffed bunny is her best friend ❤️
Loyal, beautiful, smart, i dont know where to start this girl right here shines brighter than any light I've ever seen the light of my life
What a blessing my daughter is. This bundle of joy truly brightens your day with her smile.
Levie loves her brothers and listening to music 🎶
One of my favorite things about Adalynne is the constant smile on her face no matter who’s around. It makes it really fun and easy to take pictures of this photogenic girl, which I do a lot of. You can check out her Instagram @adalynnegrace. My heart is always overflowing with happiness to know her smile spreads joy and happiness to ever one around. And if her smile isn’t enough then I know her laughter will tug on heart strings. There’s never a dull moment around the house with this little one. She is amused by everything and everyone. Even the days she doesn’t feel 100% Adalynne manages to find something to laugh at. She truly is the best part of our days and a one of a kind baby!
Kelsey-jean is a smart sassy 3 year old she loves unicorns rainbows sparkles and makeup, Shes such a girly girl even though she is the only girl youngest to 4 big brothers. she may be girly and love her pink clothes and barbies but anytime her brothers are wrestling she has to join in. Shes definitely the princess of the house and thinks shes little miss boss
The happiest baby ever! Loves her mommy and daddy and her doggies😍
Daphne is my second child and second daughter. Our eldest daughter has special needs, and having Daphne was scary with how our lives were going to change. But she's been one of the greatest blessings in our lives and completed our family. We love both our girls and the opportunity to raise them together.
Deonna just turned 1 she is walking, talking, loves to carry her blanket with her normally, shes small for 1 but she was born early very happy baby and out going and avanced
Porsha is a active person shes loves playing out doors she enjoys riding her bike with her friends, she enjoys coloring and painting very head strong.
Riley Claire
Riley Claire loves dance, gymnastic and tball. She is beautiful inside and out. Sunshine on a cloudy day.
Raevyn is a 10 month old little girl who’s life is centered around her family, animals and hockey! The two hockey teams her daddy works for just admire her, and she’s their number one fan!
3 months and loving life
Taliciana is a preemie. Born a month and a half early. She was born at 2lbs 14oz. She was in the NICU for a month. She is now 7 months old and loves to dance. She loves food and also has a twin brother named Armani.
Alaiyah is such a smiley baby who loves spending time with her mommy and daddy, playing with her toys and spending time with her older cousins💕
Angelia Cha
Angelia is a smart, happy, and playful little girl. She loves to play at the park with her little brother and cousins, loves ice cream and lastly loves to draw and play with mommy’s makeup. She’s just the sweetest and shows the most affection for her brother, mommy and daddy.💜
She is a very loving silly little girl she has a very big heart for everyone she has 7 sisters and 1 brother she is also my rainbow baby
Reni girl loves to smile all the time, she has 2 big brothers whom are crazy about her . She is always so happy and so sweet 🥰 vote for our sissy girl please 💞
Aislyn loves to explore, tickles, bath time, and food. When she crawls she has to go fast and her favorite is hide and seek with mommy. She likes to drag her toys and leave them everywhere. Her keys are already being rammed into doors, such a smart baby. Already brainstorming for her first birthday even though it's not until July 5th lol ftm here
Vote for my baby ❤️ Mady is sweet and sassy. She's like a sour patch kid lol.. she loves her little brother and is constantly thinking about him. She makes sure she gets two of everything to take to her Bubba.. she loves watching Baby Shark and running wild. She loves going to the park so she can go swing and slide. She's a nature girl and loves being outside..
She is the most easy-going little girl. She loves watching her big brother run back-and-forth. She finds it so funny. She wakes up from every nap ready to eat and play.
Our sweet girl Willow will light up any room she goes in. She has the most infectious laugh and smile. You can’t help but love her. She loves to sit up and look at everything! She really appreciates all your votes💛
Raven is a sassy, funny girl who loves everything from animals, people, even insects and bugs. She will go out of her way to make anyone smile and feel better
Brysleigh is a SASSY 8 year old, with such a huge personality! She is a dancer of 6 years and a competition dancer (4 years). She recently won a Dance Scholarship to Dance Palooza! 🖤 She also does Volleyball, Softball, and Cheerleading as well.
Zariah is 7 months,she was born a month early had to stay in the hospital for a week she been thru the most already,now today she is actually as big as a normal size baby.she is so lovable she laughs plays eats alot 😂 she is definitely a momma's girl already 😉 her smile melts my heart 💜❤️ vote for zariah because she is beautiful and loving always happy 🥰🥰😁
Lillyann is a total joy to be around. She is funny and loves people. No stranger danger in her eyes 😂 she is our lil princess 🥰
Alexia is a very sassy caring girl. She lights up a room when she enters. Her hobbies are dance and gymnastics. She is currently in a competitive dance team and is thriving. She is very humble and has such grace. She works hard at her craft and give 100% in anything she does.
Charlotte is a beautiful happy baby who loves to cuddle hold others fingers. Loves kisses being called a pretty little girl and loves when her big brother sings to her.
Raelee is such a sweet, happy baby! She loves music, food and her family. We love our bows! Rae has such a big personality and makes everyone laugh. She's our miracle baby after 3 years of unexplained infertility 🤍
She is 2 almost 3. She is the sweetest little girl ever!
My Faith is a very intelligent 3 year old little girl her smile Brighton anybody heart she is the best thing that ever happened to me and they say Angels come and save your life I tell u one thing she has truly done that she loves singing she’s wrote her own song about rainbows she loves to dance blues clues is her Favorite so go ahead and vote for Faith
She likes to play on her tablet and with her dog princess but most importantly she loves her siblings and she’s the protector ❤️❤️ She a sour patch kid
Hi my name is lilly, I love dancing and doing gymnastics.
Hi my name is Marlee I am 9 years old. I am super sassy but very sweet! I love telling jokes and making people laugh.
Hi my name is aubree, I am 8 years old. I have the biggest personality! I am such a fun, giving, spontaneous little girl. I love spending my time outside with my siblings and friends but most of all right by my mommies side.
Hi, my name is Delilah Grace and I love to smile and laugh with my mommy and daddy. Love being outside and going on walks, dressing up and doing photo shoots.
Beautiful, funny, bossy, smart, motivated, so so sweet & loving!
Hi my name is Olivia and I'm out going and love to hang with my friends.
Hi there, my name is Oaklyn, I am 2 years old from southwest Louisiana. I love to dance to music and play outdoors.
Mykayla loves tummy time she is always happy every morning she wakes up with a smile on her face she is a happy girl and she loves playing with other kids she loves tummy time and she is learning how to crawl her favorite things are soft blankets andstuffed animals she loves the feel of how soft it is she is my beautiful happy girl
Hello this is Sophia! She's 7 years old! She loves to do arts and crafts, go fishing and helping dad tend the yard! And any outside activities!
My photogenic baby girl! Off guard be the best! I love capturing every single moment i can..