She is a big sister to 2 lil sisters and she is a big help most of the time she is smart (too smart for her own good at 2) she loves trucks,playing outside, minnie/mickey mouse and Scooby-Doo she makes friends everywhere she goes no matter the age
Sydney is a one month old who has had somewhat of a rough start was put in the nicu at 4hrs old but she fought through and only stayed a week nurses said she was the best in her cubical now shes hone with her 2 older sisters is really good smiles alot and sounds like a lamb when she cries
Hi my name is Remingtyn but remi for short. I’ll be 1 on the 24 I’ve been in the nice since I’ve been born. I have charge syndrome and pulimanry hipertention I love my momma and daddy and my big brother.
Lainee love to dance and sing to any music. She loves to eat almost everything. She will be one at the end of may. Her kind heart and sweet soul can light up any room. We would be lost without her. She loves her big brother the most.
Penny is very outgoing happy girl that loves to make others smile. Laughs a lot likes to be outside. Loves school and her grandma.
Averi is 8 yrs old, soon to be 9! She loves dancing and gymnastics. Shes very smart and funny and loves horses!
Shy and caring. Big hearted and loves music and animals.
Izzy loves tp paint and draw lots of different things she loves to read books. She is a very happy 4grader with lots of friends.
Phoenix is the baby. Shes full of personality, and loves attention.
Avyanna loves the summertime, being with her cousin Blair is her favorite person, she loves playing dress up and high heels as any typical little girl she always loves doing her makeup and she does amazing at it for being 3, Give little miss Avyanna a vote ❤️❤️
Nalanii is my sweet calm baby, she loves to giggle, crawl, & babble all day long. When she’s not giving her stuffed animals kisses, watching Miss Nenna, shes with mama eating up all the raspberries she’s allowed.
She is so silly, full of engery, and so sassy! She is the kindest little girl, who says please and thank you to everything!
Aaliyah Rose
Aaliyah LOVES to be on the go. She is the most sweetest sassy baby. Her favorite thing to do is to play with her bubba ♡ please vote for my beautiful baby girl!
Ember is a loving, bright, and caring little girl with Down Syndrome. She lights up everyone’s world no matter where she is. 💞
I love to laugh ! I’m very outgoing and love my gigi ! Very precious and very polite.
Shilaa likes to smile at everyone she sees. She is very hands on lol , touches everything she could touch. She loves mommy and daddy very much.
Ella is a really sweet,loving,girl she is very thoughtful she loves Animals her family and he friends she loves riding bikes
She is silly, smart and a beautiful ballerina. And a great big sister.
Gemma loves to read, go to the park and swimming. She also is a wrestler 🤼‍♂️
Hi I am Brooklyn I live in Idaho falls Idaho, I'm in Second grade, Im very Beautiful smart and kind. I'm almost 8 years old. Im very energetic, always full of joy and fun and sassy at times. always puts out a helping hand to those in need or need a smile, Brooklyn lights up any room she's in!! She's the oldest girl. She has 2 older brothers 2 younger brothers and two little sisters, Brooklyn is very helpful and independent and very determined 😃 she always makes friends and is always first to cheer up her peers. Brooklyn's favorite color is purple, she's a huge fan of JoJo Siwa, her favorite snack is Takis. please vote for me
Kind hearted but strong willed. Both Charitable and Very Loving Mixed With Smart And Bit Mischievous describes Bella PERFECTLY 😁
She is so smart and loves school. She is an all star cheerleader and has been since she was 5. She loves to swim and be outside. She is also an amazing big sister!
Bubbly personality and easy on the eyes . Loves outside and taking care of her twin brother and sister . VOTE LERA💜
She is the sweetest girl with a spitfire attitude. She enjoys playing outside and learning new things. She lights up a room when she goes into it.
She is a very happy and calm baby she’s so sweet!
She is the most sweetest kid you will ever meet, she is kind and thoughtful and always cares about others she is so bright and very intelligent and is advanced for her age and her face you just can’t say no she will bubble you with her personality
Hi! I’m Luna i’m three years old and i’m very enthusiastic and loving i love to draw and color, sing and dance and play at the park! 🤍
Jazlynn is 20 months old and is full of life loves to take pictures and read books
She’s a brown haired blue eyed cutie she loves to try new foods and play she’s so happy all the time and is the “runt of the litter” vote for her because she’s cute and money goes to her savings thanks!
Miss sassy cassie is very smart,and loves animals and dancing.
My family calls me Lili . I love being outside enjoying the weather! I love to play with my brother and sister , they always make me laugh.
Raelen is a bright, bold little girl. She has no fear and never meets a stranger. She’s a princess but isn’t scared to get dirty.
Cora is the sweetest and funniest little girl! Always smiling and dancing and ALWAYS ready for her picture to be taken! She is definitely the life of the party every where she goes!!
She likes princess tiana she is very smart for her age & a sweet heart ♥️ Deyonna enjoys playing with her baby brother playing outside , also going too the trampoline park 💞
Adelynn has a beautiful but sassy personality! She loves drawing and playing with her sisters!
My precious grandbaby who has a heart of gold
My beautiful grandbaby she has the sweetest personality and always caring about others
Amberley loves Cocomelon and paw patrol! Her favorite animal is a puppy! And she likes to eat popsicles!
Our Rainbow Baby born 13.5 years after we thought we were done having baby's. She loves to Sing, Dance, and Eat. She is the happiest, sassiest girl!
Caylee is beautiful, funny, talkative, adventurous & very friendly. She love icecream dates with her mommy.
Savannah is so full of life and beautiful energy, she loves to sing, dance and entertain... She's quite the character... She is definitely destined to entertain a crowd. She feels it's her world we live in
She's such an energetic and funny little girl with a great sense of humor. Her personality is so infectious and she always knows how to make people laugh. Whether it's telling silly jokes or making up funny stories, she knows how to brighten up the day. She is always full of energy and curiosity, and she's never afraid to try new things. She's definitely one of a kind!!! Hope you're having a great day!
Rose is a beautiful little girl. Smiles alot and is loved by the whole family. A vote for rose means that mommy and daddy were right. 🌹❤️
Aubree Lynn Miller
Little miss Nella loves school and gymnastics. She just recently became AAU gymnastics NC state champion and has the highest grades in her class!
Kayleah is 2 years old now! She loves to sing talk and play ! Her favorite place to go is the park! She so full of energy and there is never a dull moment when she is around !
Makayla is our little miss sunshine! She puts that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart! She loves music and loves to dance. She is our litttle miss sunshine!