Baby Stories - 49


3 month old biracial baby girl! Loves to laugh and smile. Loves the movie trolls! Is now learning how to roll over, hold her own bottle,and be more vocal ;)
She loves baby shark and gummie bear song,and she adores her bubba and sister she wakes up Happ y and goes to bed happy she is an amazing little girl who lights up everyone she meets.
She loves to dance, do cart wheels & model. Loves to play with her baby brother. Very loving and caring.
Elsa is the sweetest little thing. Her favorite animal is a "neigh neigh"!
Hello! Avyanna is the sweetest little thing around, she always knows how to put a smile on anyones face with her cute little laugh and goofy personality
I do modeling, I like to dance, sing, and act and love spending time with family
She has two teeth, loves her brother and her minnie mouse walker. She is always happy and smiling.
Kennedy is strong, stubborn, and will take the world by a storm.. she’s my little wild flower, blooming full force. 💛
Kylee personality is one very smart and outgoing baby, her smile lights up a room and she is the most beautiful baby ever‼️‼️She love to watch Disney jr and play with her big brother‼️‼️She brings so much joy to so many of her family members‼️‼️
My sweet, amazing daughter...She is a great big sister, loves cheerleading and tik tok...
Envy loves playing with her big sister and her LOL dolls!! Her favorite food is broccoli.
Witty and funny
Addalynn is almost 8 months old. She loves crawling around and checking things out. She is full of sass and spirit. Loves her big brother. She loves food, especially steak, as you can see in her silly picture 🥰. A very happy little girl!❤
McKenzie is the sweetest little girl! She has a heart of gold. She loves to play, jump, sleep and eat lol. She is our little miss beauty.
Rosalynn is a beautiful blue eyed fair skin outgoing little girl who loves coco melon and playing with her 4 baby dolls!
Happiest 4 month hot cup of chocolate ❤️🤍
Isabella is like a little firecracker as some would say. You never know what you’re going to get out of her. She’s full of smiles and laughter❤️ She loves to learn new things every day! Colors and shapes are by far her favorite but she most definitely knows how to get lost in her music and loves every beat and tune that flows through her ears🎼
Michelle is our rainbow baby, she’s always so happy and loves to smile! she absolutely loves to listen to music and have dance parties with mama and daddy! She loves her grandma and of course eating too! She loves her kitty friends and never wants cuddle time to end! She loves attention and being held is always a good time to her!
I’m River-Monroe Blu I’m a beautiful and vibrant two month old. My favorite things to do are giggle, kick my tiny legs, make little squeaks, & have cuddles 🥰 I also love to stick my tongue out at my mommy and daddy. * Momma says I’m her little angel but sometimes I’m still a little stinker, it’s only so I can get extra cuddles though..
Victoria it’s 5 years old , very smart little girl, she know read and write, love to play with her dolls , but at the same time she love books 🥰 so little and so strong personality ! My little princess , all the price she wins go to her scholl next year ☺️ Thank you for your vote !
Denise is a fun loving child she likes to ride her bike she loves to be a big sister and she is very respectful
Summer likes to ride her bike and she loves her grandmother and loves to play on the phone
Hey everyone my name is Adelina Manter. I got my two front bottom teeth for Christmas, and I'm cutting one of my front top teeth. I love chewing on things, and I love feeding myself baby cereal with my baby spoons that have a paci end. I'm such a daddy's girl. Thank you all for supporting and voting me!
She loves to dance & play jokes! Vote for my beautiful girl 🥰 ⚠️⚠️⛔**HIT YELLOW BUTTON TO VOTE!! ⬆️⬆️⛔⚠️⚠️
Charlotte is 2 months old, she loves to go for walks around the house, she loves watching people, she loves to cuddle!
Scarlette is, without a doubt, one of a kind. For only being just over 3 and a half, she has quite the witty sense of humor. Scarlette has a heart of gold and loves to be creative- whether it be coloring, play doh, or crafting in any manner. She’s a great friend, and always thinks of others. Some of her favorite things include: Slime, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Strawberry Frosted Donuts, Dr. Seuss Books, Pretending to cook for others out of her little kitchen, And dressing up.
Mia Sophia
She so happy girl very friendly with everyone love music always smile
Arizona is surrounded by 3 brothers she keeps them in line tho she is mommy and daddys one and only princess
Ester is the sweetest little girl in the world. She brightens everyone’s life with her cutest smile.
My name is Ensley Kay. I have a big brother who I’m very curious of, even when he’s hollering in my face and trying to pick me up/drop me (he’s only 2). One of my many goals for 2021 is to sleep through the night, we are halfway there already! Something I’ve already master in my short life is letting everyone know I’m the boss and melting hearts.
Eliza is the happiest most sweetest baby you will meet. She is friendly with everyone and loves other babies and dogs! She will smile at you all day and laugh at everything! Aka “the boss”
Waverly is very outgoing, loves to laugh, and enjoys the outside!
Reagan survived ALL Leukemia. She was diagnosed at nine months old. She has been cancer free for almost one year. She is still in treatment and will be for 9-10 more months. She loves to smile and has smiled all the way through the battle against cancer.
Avery is our big eyed, red headed beauty queen! She's her mama's entire world! Well...actually she's her everything! Avery is also the highlight of the family & oh so loved by them all. Everyone who meets her can't help but say how beautiful she is. So please vote for her as little miss beauty!
Go vote for miss luna!!
Liana is an easy baby. She like to talk now . She’s happy and smiling with everyone who talk to her.
A’Maria is a loving child with an remarkable personality. She loves to play with dolls and watch her favorite show “Cocomelon” but her favorite girl is Minnie Mouse.
Peyton is 4 years old. She enjoys her barbie house and barbie dolls! She loves to paint and color, she is an animal lover. And she likes helping me cook.❤ 💜She is also learning ASL, Sign Language. 💜
Wynter is as silly as can be! Always moving and always laughing. She loves the outdoors. BPES Syndrome Awareness also. 🥰
Zari is such a happy baby! She gets a kick out of watching people dance and smiles and laughs with them.
Laci is a month old who loves cuddles and bottles she has three other siblings 2 brothers 8 and 6 and one sister age 4 and loves them to pieces i was also a miracle baby my mommy was told.she couldn't not have anymore kids the along i came.
Lennox Rose
Lennox's nick name is Pea. She loves attention and very curious about everything. She's such a sweet and funny baby, she is quite the character.
Leilani is an adorable, fun loving baby who loves to laugh and cuddle
Hey I'm Jazlyn, I love to smille and laugh. I love watching Cocomelon and Bubble Guppies. I just turned 7 months old and I enjoy playing with my toys. I also talk to Mommy and Daddy in my baby voice..
She’s very spunky, loves her family & adores her sister!
Chloe Lynn
She’s a little artist, ballerina and amazing daughter!