This baby girl is the miracle of her mommy’s and daddy’s life. We absolutely adored all of Taegan’s heartwarming facial expressions. The gaze she gives with those eyes and the way she sticks her little tongue out and blows the spit bubbles. look forward to seeing how this precious out girl grows and just how much bigger that gorgeous personality gets. She has the attitude like her mommy, but the intelligence like her daddy.
Haylee loves unicorns, dressing up like all the princesses and playing with her barbie dolls. Her favorite color is pink. She loves her granddad and her brothers. She is a little sweetheart.. Show Haylee some love and Vote for her.
Johnna has a heart of GOLD. She makes sure everyone around her is included in whatever activity is going on. She makes sure everyone is treated fairly and with care. Always protects people when she thinks someone is being mean to them.
She is a sassy little girl and is so sweet and caring!
Sweet, smart and sassy. Loves cheerleading
Victoria is a smart, sweet, loving girl. She loves to go to church and sing in the kids choir. She loves to draw and color and play with her Barbies. And she loves animals. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.
She’s looking in a mirror with a crown on her head and says : “I’m Queen”
Zoey is a very sweet and sassy girl, she loves getting her nails done, and playing with her Barbies.
Kamryn is an energetic, fun loving, bossy little girl! She loves to be the “mommy” and take care of her little brother.
Cheyanne is a very talented ,caring, loving, jokester, smart beautiful young lady who has passion for basketball and hip hop dance! let's show Cheyenne some love !!!!!!
Savannah is such a sweet loving and caring girl. She loves to play with her sister and make others laugh ! ♥️
Realynn is such a sweet and caring person. She loves with her whole heart and sees the good in everyone!! Even though she loves the girl stuff she loves working on cars and deer hunting with her Dad.
She’s so sweet, loving daughter. She loves to play roblox, painting and drawing too. She really love to eat french fries and mcflurry oreo at mcdonalds.
She is truly amazing and is the only girl with 2 brothers. She knows no stranger and is a joy to anyone who is around her. She is a little sunshine in a world so grey.
Brianna is a very smart and unique baby. She likes to walk and play outside, and she has already learned how to climb up steps already starting to learn yes mam, no mam, yes sir, and no sir. She is always smiling always saying hi to everyone she never cries and she loves spending time with family.
Shes is the sweetest and kindest little girl and she deserves so much and she loves to draw an play outside and animals🦋❤🐶🐢
Riley loves going to the beach, playing outside and with her pets!!
Gianna is a such a sweetheart and beautiful ! She loves to color, barbies and to make others smile ! ♥️
She is a little firecracker! She loves anything that has to do with cars and playing kitchen/chef! And she’s super sweet and my baby girl! 💕
She is the sweetest,loving little girl,she loves playing anything from cars,basketball and recently started to getting interested in dolls. She is rambunctious,and loves to play outside and help in the garden.
Felicity loves doing the following activities. Cheerleading, Dance, and Gymnastics. She loves to sing and do lots of arts and crafts and being outside. She loves everyone and she gives a lot.
Hi my name is Aniyah , I am 18 months old. I like to run around and play with my brothers my favorite food is pasta , pizza. I also like my broccoli 🥦, potatoes 🥔, zucchini etc. I love Minnie Mouse and coco melon ❤️ I like to draw as well as finger paint.
Chevelle is such a sweet little girl who loves any and all kinds of animals. She is a super busy and happy girl who plays and plays all day.
Gracie is a very bright outgoing younglady
Braylynn is a very outgood and independent little girl. She’s so smart and has to do everything on her own!
Kenzie is by far the sweetest, spunkiest and full of engery toddler i have ever met. Shes also the most photogenic with the help of an amazing photographer! ( Carley Anne Photo)
Isabella has the most caring heart she loves to spend time with her family and help her friends she believe in what’s right even if she stands alone, she loves to be spunky, and she doesnt care about wearing makeup as long as she can be herself!! Isabella is doing this not not caring if she wins as she states so many beautiful ladies, but to have fun and show her amazing smile!!
Brynlie is the sweetest little girl , who loves her french fries of course. She loves to be outside & her mama and dada🤍. She is the funniest little girl ever! the biggest personality!
I’m lovable and cute and love going outside to play and I’m the sweetest you’ll meet and will give you kisses
She's a very sweet, smart & sassy little girl who will change the world one day. She has a huge heart& tries to cheer everyone up when they're upset. Her favorite shows are Cocomelon & Baby Shark
A fun fact about me is I have heterochromia which means I have two different colored eyes.
Kairah is a goofy ball of fierce energy. She holds her own against her 2 older brothers and is an incredibly quick learner with a heart of gold.
Copelynn Stipp
Hi Im copelynn, I love babies, my soft blankets and stuffed animals! I got so much sass💁‍♀️ VOTE FOR ME❤️
Yangdoma Lamasherpa
YANGDOMA LAMASHERPA mostly like Math, science and reading books also she like sports ( 🥋 Karate’s) she is one the best student in her school. She doing robotics classes during the weekend. She has 3 siblings 2 sisters and 1 brother.
Aarav is so loveing boy 👦
Aarvi is a good soul and blessed , she is like drawing , dancing 💃 she helping her friends always
Shes a pretty little clever girl she is so sweet pls vote for her 💗💓💕i love her so much shes silly crazy and just a sweetheart
Momma's little beauty 💜
My sweet Lily is a very intelligent and caring big sister to 2 little brothers. Lily loves to practice her writing and reading skills. She loves to go hiking with her Auntie and Uncle and going to church with her Grandma. . Lily is an all-around pleasure to be around.
She was born a preemie now she’s big and healthy she loves to watch coco & she loves to hear people laugh which makes her laugh. Sarèah is another one of my miracle babies & only girl!
Keylie is the most lovable kind hearted humble little girl. She loves unicorns because of the magic that goes along with them. She said she wants to be the kindness that puts that magic back into the world today
She is bright full of energy loves animals family friends she loves everyone likes to paint sing and dance bluey Peppa pig doc McStuffins and paw patrol she wants to be a doctor like dock McStuffins
Kind adorable & joy to be around. She loves riding her bikes and scooter. Most of all she loves spending time with her sisters.
My eyes are really pretty, I like going outside, I like to color , and my hair is really pretty and I think you should vote for me because I am pretty, smart and kind. And I love playing sports
She is such a sweetheart💖 she is so full of joy all the time🥰 she can light up a entire room with her sweet smile 💯🥰