Nina is almost 2 months and loves to smile and sleep, she is such a good and perfect baby.
She loves animals,and exploring! Shes a very silly baby, she is very smart and is a country girl.
Kimber is our little blessing! Born at 8 weeks early and spending 6 weeks in the nicu. She is finally home with her family and we are beyond greatful! She is always happy and she adores her big brothers. They are wrapped around her little fingers!
Twin A: Loves her twin brother so much! Our beautiful sassy girl is always wanting to be on the go. She loves to stand, jump in her jumper, go for walks and meet new people. She is the jokester in our family, laughs and smiles a lot, but will also give you a judgy look when warranted. She is very observant girl.
The sweetest little munchkin, Sierra Sky loves to smile and thinks her big brother is hilarious. Sierra was a miracle baby after failed fertility treatment and her parents were told they couldn’t have children on their own. 🥰
Kaliyah is very sweet outgoing and loves to make new friends she also loves to dance and shop and love the outdoors she’s not afraid to go over and beyond she knows how to brighten up someone day with her big beautiful smile 😊
Hello, my name is Catherine. I'm 6 years old. I speak English and Spanish. I like animals. I have a rabbit
Hazel is one of the happiest babies anyone has seemed to meet! She loves everyone and never gets nervous about meeting new people or trying new things. She loves trying all the food that she can! She’s even surprised us by tearing steak apart with just two bottom teeth at 7 months old! Now as a 10 month old she is climbing and always standing. She loves everything from messy play, petting animals, bouncing to music, patting her drums, listening to stories, and going on the swings! She has done amazing traveling she’s been on 13 plane and has traveled to 10 states from New York all the way to Hawaii!
Malia is 5 months old. She is full of smiles, naps, and coos!
Julieanna is a fun loving outgoing little girl. She loves playing outside, riding her pony, and playing with bubbles.
I love Elsa, Bluey, & Rio. I’m very sassy and smart!!
Riley loves to read books, play outside and make new friends! Disney world is her happy place. She has 3 dogs, 1 cat and a tortoise that she takes very good care of.
Jazalynn love eveything princesses, makeup, and cheerleading. She also loves to draw/paint. She is full of life and loves life.
Jade loves playing with her two younger brothers, helping others, and making crafts!
Maggie loves her cuddles and her bottles. Her and her papa are best friends. Shes the sweetest little girl
Victoria is ready to conquer the world 🌎
Selah is such a sweet girl! She is a good friend to all.
Sri Sashvina
Sweet Smiling Baby
Violet is so very much a newborn, but is already bright and looks around everywhere. She loves socks so much that when I go to change her and she gets fussy she will stop fussing once she gets her socks on.
Young and smart for her age. Has her own since of style with a independent attitude. Always loves hugs and activities.
Alyssa is artistic and open minded. She has a beautiful spirit and full of life
Our little Wessy-girl is the happiest, sweetest baby girl you’ll ever come across! She loves everyone, until she’s hungry or tired, but I mean who isn’t like that? lol. She especially loves her daddy, as she’s a daddy’s little girl for sure!! We appreciate any & all votes/shares!
Knox And Kennedy
Identical twin girls ! My first children and they are first grand babies on both sides!! They love cuddles and their pacifiers. Currently starting to hold their heads up and drinking about 4oz .
Karmyn loves to smile so much that we nicknamed her Smiley! Her absolute best friend is her big brother and her favorite thing to do is eat!
The most beautiful, sweetest, goofiest little girl🥰 she loves to smile and laugh at everyone around her.
One of the most outgoing little girls around 🥰 her facial expressions are my absolute favorite ❤️ she absolutely loves her Daddy & Mommy
Tessaleen Daisey
Tessaleen Daisey Will be 2 months old on 11/9, she loves to be helod, talked to, she just found her voice and loves to gab away, she love her mommaro, and she loves to watch the world out her window!
Alaina is 4months old currently but will turn 5months old on the 15th. She loves playing with her teething toys, bathtime, and food. She is a very sweet and cuddly baby girl. She loves mama and dada the most! Alaina should win because she is literally the cutest baby ever!
The happiest and smiliest little girl who lights up every room she’s in!
Za'Laya is such a silly little girl. She loves singing. She is trilingual and her vocabulary is superb for a toddler
Julianna is a whimsical, sweet, loving, creative girl who laughs all the time
Zofie has a outgoing personality, she loves all animals and reptiles, she sticks up for her friends and family and doesn't believe in bullying is the way to go
Mercedes is such a smart girl, so sweet but sassy to, she loves laying with her cat tiny. Mercedes love going everywhere with her bestie Lam Lam
Aurora is a smart little two-year-old. She loves going for walks. She loves playing with the dogs. She plays dress up loves watching movies and plays with her cousins. She’s smart, funny silly loves to have conversations with you and makes you laugh. She gives you hug and kisses, and make sure that she says bye when you leave. She’s very polite and always says please and thank you. This is excellent for a two-year-old! she loves milk and cheese and eggs. She loves her chicken nuggets and french fries and her favorite movie is Halloween. that’s really the nightmare before Christmas. Lol.
The happiest baby you’ll ever see. With the most contagious smile and big beautiful eyes. Her name means joyful and that’s exactly what she is. Aleza loves food , cartoons and is very active for her age 🩷🩷
Ellagrace is a sassy and loving little sparkle in our lives. She loves her siblings and all her furbabies. Ellagrace loves being outdoors, playing with new friends and being with family.
Madilyn is a sweet, friendly baby. She loves to crawl, grabbing everything and laughing when mommy gets burp😀. She has the sweetest soul and is a happy baby.
Sa’Varie is 8 months she is a joyful baby that loves to dance and laugh and gives hugs and kisses. She loves to watch cartoons and crawl around the house and play with her toys.
Oaklynn Reign
Miss Oaklynn Reign is my sweet potato loving 6 month old!She loves her family and Loves to say Mama,Dada,and Bubba!
Amaya is a peaceful little soul. She is truly a sweet blessing in the lives of everyone she knows. Old soul, kind eyes, I think she represents the state of Florida and our country quite nicely!
Little miss sunshine. Always happy!
Nova is a beautiful and smart little girl! She loves books and playing dress up!!
Charlotte is a bright funny child, with a large imagination and whimsical sense about her. She hopes to grow up to be a singer and an architect.
Elliana is always happy and she is a nice baby, she loves playing with kids and sharing. Please vote for her!
Ellie loves her big Sis, Lucy (5), and can’t wait to play with all her big sisters toys. She loves peas and spinach. She loves to say, “yay” and clap. We are working on “Ta-da!”
Evangeline loves trying new foods and playing with all of her toys! Her dog is her best friend in the whole world!