Baby Stories - 47


She is a very loving happy baby girl who lost her dad to sucide beforw she was born
Lillyan is almost 2 months old with a beautiful smile . She loves tummy time , watch tv , cuddles , kisses and loves to giggle .
She is the happiest baby 🥰
Nyla is 8 months old and she loves going to the park, and watching blues clues!! She is the sweetest baby ever and learning new things everyday
Everleigh loves playing in the water, being outside and watching Disney movies.
Nyla is a happy toddler, that marches to the beat of her own drum. She’s fearless and adventurous, lovable and full of personality.
She is such a sweetheart. She’s a cheerleader, she loves hanging out with her friends, and loves making people laugh.
Rose is the sweetest sweetheart in the world. She always have a beautiful smile on her face 🥰
Shaelynn is a happy baby and is 1 month old
Hello My Name is Kadence, I recently Moved to Florida With my Mother. It's been hard trying to fit in. But if I Win this money I will be able to Buy new shoes and even give some to charity! VOTE FOR KADENCE KEELER!❤️
My sweet girl was born on her due date and was 7 pounds, 11 ounces. She's such a happy baby ❤
Little miss Landry loves to smile, giggle and sleep. LOVES food the most 😀She’s got the cutest roundest brown eyes and sweetest demeanor! We love bows and playing dress up ❤️
Rayne is a 6 month old baby who is very sweet and happy
Fallon loves to sing and enjoys playing the piano.
Camberlyn is so smart and beautiful. She loves to draw and play with her baby dolls. She is her daddy’s world and her momma’s heart ❤️ Camberlyn loves to play dress up and put on makeup. She is loved by so many
Lucy is a very fun and energetic 2 year old! She enjoys spending time with her siblings and watching her favorite shows of Blues Clues, Baby Shark and Blippi!
She is very outgoing she has her own personality she is very different from my other babies and i love it. She loves to try to be the boss out of all 4 of my babies. She is small but very tough.
She loves to be around her family and she loves to dance. She loves to sing with her dad and she is very smart. She loves her nana very much.
She loves to spend time with her family. She is a very sassy 6 year old. She is very smart and she has been doing and outstanding job in school.
Carregin is a very ambitious, bright, and beautiful little girl! She’s very determined in what she wants, she’ll get. She loves her family and her cats.
I just turned 1🥰 I’m so fully of life, so silly and so lovable.. mommy says I light up every room I’m in.. I’m a little sister and I love my brothers n sisters sooo much… I started walking weeks befor my first birthday 🎂
Emmy Mae is a joy to be around! She loves to swing, rock with her daddy, and play with her bubbas and sissy! If anyone would like to exchange 10 for 10 just let me know :)
She is almost 2 months old and such a trooper she has been through a lot her first month with her heart surgery but keep thriving everyday and is doing so well now (:
London loves being around her family,spending time with her baby goats, and playing outside
Independent, Intelligent, Opinionated and Assertive. Kylene embodies that and so much more! From her strong will to her enormous compassion, Kylene keeps her parents and 3 older brothers smiling! Kylene love sharing her favorite colors and the ABCs and riding her bike in and out of the house!
This little girl has a way to make everyone feel special! She is the sweetest most loving and selfless 7 year old I know.
6 Mo Old Happy Girl Annabela aka Belle.. Loves Her Big Family, Playing with her Big Sister's & being around all her cousins! Belle likes Playing with her toys, also playing In her walker/jumper. She loves trying new foods! Get's excited to tey new flavors. lol She Is Such a Smart Little, Big Girl! Belle just learned how to Jump up & Down in her walker/jumper & she thinks its soo much Funn! She Is a Very happy baby! She's Definantly a lil Angel feom Above! Thanks For Voting Belle! #LittleMissBeauty #BeautifulBaby #TooCute #PrettyGirl #BabyGirl #DaddysGirl #MamasWorld #Fall #Autumn #Halloween #SpookyCute #LMB #LittleMissBeautyPageantContest
Today is our big girls birthday!! She is the big 1-3 today!! This is Lilliana’s older sister! She absolutely loves her baby sister, and is a HUGE help with her! She is extremely outgoing, and loves to make everyone laugh! If you’d like to exchange or advance to my girl, please let me know!
Lilia is a sweet & sassy, she is a fashionista, but also loves to get down in nature 🦋🌱She is the most sympathetic, caring child.. wild at heart, but loves to love
Eliana is my world! She is smart and very giving. Eliana can win your heart with just a smile 😊 In her spare time she loves playing with her baby dolls and stuffed animals and loves playing monster trucks and dancing! When shes not playing and sharing all her goodies with others, shes giving mama & daddy sugars and watching cocomelon!! She also has a "kitty cat" named chucho who is more like her puppet lol. She loves him very very much! Ohh and homegirl has a fetish for shoes 😗
Ariyah is quite the diva & has the most amazing personality already! She loves music, Puzzles, & helping take care of her little Brother💕 Please vote for Ariyah!!
My name is Aubriella and I was born at 25 weeks but who can tell? :) Aubriella is Energetic, Smart, and a 2 year old comedian 🤪 P-A-R-K is her favorite place to be :) She also loves to sing.
Kailee one who loves school, learning new things, and taking photos
Everly is a loving child she loves her daddy and mommy she loves her unicorns and toys and her little brother she is the sweetest child and deserves more than the world
She is the sweetest and happiest baby!
Autumn is in kindergarten she’s an going kid Very silly I love watching slime on YouTube
Hi , My name is Savanna . I am almost 3 months old ❤️. I am a Loving Leo ♌️. I love cuddles , and colorful cartoons . I love my mommy , daddy , and all my siblings . Im rolling over during tummy time, and talking loud during play time . Vote for me and Thank you in advanced
Sarah Mae
Sarah Mae is the happiest baby girl.. anyone she meets can never get enough. She loves everyone and kisses are her favorite! She is definitely a light in this world and brings so much joy to those she knows and has the pleasure of meeting!
Mariyah is 9 months old almost 10 months. She loves to watch peppa pig :) she is a very active crawler. And she loves food ❤❤
Zary loves make up, dress up, and she loves to pretend to be a princess. She loves music & watching nastya.
Adalyn is absolutely the sweetest sweetheart in the world. She loves to blow bubbles and recently discovered her feet. She loves to watch, sing along and dance to Cocomelon and Barney. Adalyn is PERFECT in every way and can put a SMILE on anyone's face!!! P.S. don't forget to click the like and share button below.....WE APPRECIATE ALL YOUR HELP......
Kaylee is the happiest baby. She loves food and her mommy and daddy. She loves singing and dancing (to the best of a 5 month old abilities). Her smile melts hearts 💕
my baby girl is 1 year old , she is the sweetest thing always full of smiles ❤️😋
Adilene, She’s one of a kind like no other 4year old,she’s very smart and is full of Joy and laughter, she makes the silliest faces.just to make you laugh if your feeling down or knows something wrong ,she loves to help around the house with out being asked,She likes to ride her bike and loves running also watches other youtuber kids, She says she wants to become a YouTuber and well she also wants to do gymnastics. shes always practicing everyday, I’m very Thankful and blessed I have an achiever to look forward in the future.