Baby Stories - 47


Her little personality is everything💕
Braciana is a 7yr old spunky little girly in the first grade. She loves life, loves people, loves to sing, plays dress up, loves the beach, helps mommy with chores. Adores her daddy!
Carly is a 2 month old that is already teething she already rolled over from her tummy to her back. She loves cuddles with mommy and daddy and loves to smile at you.
Violett is a spunky active 4 year old from a Oklahoma, who loves going to Disney, and going to the lake. She is the youngest of 5 grown siblings. Violett does ballet and horseback riding. She loves to hang out with her best friends and be the best aunty ever to baby Emma
Stella is a sweet and sassy little girl who has overcome many obstacles - she was born at 27 weeks gestation, was only 2 lbs 8 oz and spent 82 days in the NICU.
Brielle is a kindhearted little girl who loves to dance and create masterpieces.
Morgan is a big hearted country girl, she shows cows, is a member of 4-h and an all around animal lovers.
Although little Alita is still so young, she's got the bubbliest personality and the cutest smiles!
Adelyn is a sweet girl who loves to giggle and wiggle a lot.
Riley is 3 yrs old and warms everyones heart with her precious smile and goofy antics. She love's water💧, running🏃‍♀️, animals🐶, and learning📚! Always making friends wherever she goes🤝 and is very caring🤲! Her favorite color is blue💙!
Madison has such a deep love for animals, she enjoys taking walks just in case an animal is injured and needs help. She has a smile that can make you forget about all your troubles. And her laughter is contagious! She loves to sing and dance, even though she isn't so great at it lol. She is so smart, straight A student, God blessed me when he gave me Madison!
3 weeks old!
Rutheigh’s an energetic 8 year old who loves to dance and sing.... she’s been in gymnastics since she was three years old!
She is very smart fun to be around she loves to make people smile
Nova is a almost 4 months old little girl she melts everyone’s heart who she meets please help my little girl win 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Rayna Blair
My Name Is Rayna Blair , I’m sassy , full of personality , sweet as sugar and sour as a Lemon all at once 🍋! The cutest sour patch kid you seen all day😘 go a head and give me a vote and a share ❤️
Outgoing smart loving kid
I'm my mommy and Daddy's rainbow 🌈 preemie I was born on October 30th at 35 weeks. My favorite hobby is sleeping and cuddling with mommy and daddy.
Little miss Ava is sassy and extremely funny and cute. Ava loves to smile and laugh. Her favorite hobby is starring at ceiling fans and looking at her cute little feet.
Aleigha Nicole
Aleigha is a very sweet baby. Her favorite TV show is Peppa pig she loves for everyone to play with her and she has the brightest smile that could light up a room and fill your heart with joy. She is always happy and has the cutest laugh especially when she gets tickled over little things. She is very photogenic loves taking pictures.. she is the sweetest baby you will ever meet.. So please vote for Aleigha today ..
Enzlee is a very happy outgoing 9 month old baby girl she loves food all kinds she loves her gah (gram) and her mommy she lights up a room with her smile and also loves her whole family
My name is Chantilly I am 3 years old I’m Native American Representing Tachi Yokut Tribe I love watching peppa pig and lady bug love being outdoors and playing with my sister
My name is Naveah I am 8 years old I’m Native American representing Tachi Yokut Tribe Shes loves dancing and doing TikToks enjoys school and sports and putting on play makeup
Serenity is 3 months old she loves to make noises and laugh, she also likes to try to stand up. Shes one of the happiest babies i know!
Scarlett Grace
Scarlett Grace is such a bright spirited baby girl with a heart full of love and joy. She enjoys holding her granny's finger, bathtime, giggling and showing off her cute dimples!
Clover is my good luck charm ! She is such a sweetheart! Her fav thing is being outside she loves nature and her pets.
My cute little princess is 2 years old and loves to dance and talk up a storm. She’s super sweet and gives the best hugs.
Aurora was born 36 weeks. We had to stay in the NICU for 10 days because of some issues but she is thriving now. She loves getting her diaper change 😁, loves to be held and she loves cuddles from mommy and daddy..
Hi, my name is Sienna. I love to play Roblox, and make my baby brother smile. I love to take pictures, mommy says I have a beautiful smile, what do you think? I sometimes help my mommy and daddy out with my handsome ( baby brother ) that’s what I call him my handsome.
Kailey is very caring, smallest person with the biggest heart ❤️ She is super sassy and loves taking pictures 🥰
Kandyce loves being outside, painting, riding horses, and being a little princess in her pretty dresses. She loves to dance and is always giving compliments to others.
Sweet and sassy 💓😍 loves hugs and cuddles and always making kitty noises 🥺
Jazivanna is a very happy beautiful baby girl please take time out of your day to give her ur vote thank you😍
Jordin is an amazing creator. She loves anime and making videos for her YouTube channel. She also paints and draws with such passion. She wants to be an animator when she gets older.
Irelynn Jenkins
Hello Irelynn Jenkins loves nursery rhymes and dancing. Her favorite cartoon character is Elmo.
Hayden is a happy 6 month old with a beautiful smile that will light up a room !! She enjoys all the attention on her ❤️
Emberlynn is a smart 6 year old! She is a hero to her little sister! She loves to play soccer and t-ball! She enjoys spending time with her friends and family!
Phoenix is a happy baby! From the time she wakes up until the time she goes to bed she is playing and laughing. She loves to give kisses and hugs. She definitely has a wild spirit. She is a mamas girl and also loves her papa!
Malaysia is 10 months , she loves to play & enjoy life ❤️.. she is always a happy baby ..
Erabella loves all things girl, she’s sassy and the biggest helper 🥰🥰
Her family nick name is tiny dinosaur and she loves to sleep, she a quiet and happy baby!
Jaycee is huge ball of sunshine! She is always happy and laughing and just full of life! She is a very kimd and caring little girl who only wants to make people happy! She also wants to be a baby doctor when she grows up!
Hazel is the sweetest 2 year old little blonde haired, blue eyed girl you will ever meet! She loves to say I love you and give kisses! She loves her family and she loves to play! She enjoys being outdoors! Her big sister is her biggest hero and someone she looks up to!
Erin loves to help train both of her dogs, she is the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. She loves to be with family and have family gatherings. She currently has one nephew and one on the way!!! She has three older brothers and a twin brother and one sister Yes she is a twin lol she has 7 cousins and family that loves her very much. She wants to go to college when she’s older and continue her modeling and acting but due to Covid that has been put on hold. She loves to act and is very good at it lol. Thank you for taking your time to know a little about Erin and good bless you.
Alaysha is a beautiful young lady who is discovering more about herself every day! She loves helping her classmates and takes pride in helping her teacher. She wants to become either a general surgeon or a lawyer. She's funny, laid back and loves her family and friends!
Kinzley is one happy energetic baby
Michael's favorite thing to do is smile and laugh. She's so adorable and such an entertainer. She loves grasping attention.
Ariayah is a very spoiled little princess ! She loves her bubbies and sissy !