Sophie is her daddy’s child , at most she is wild as can be ! She’d rather be outside then inside any day ! We are working on 3 years today ! Pray for usss‼️💓🤣
I love to Dance and worship god
Kaylee is 9 months old & loves saying “dada”
Grace loves to color, draw, Peppa pig. She loves playing with her siblings especially her big sister.
Hi! My names is Jori Jonae Roberson, I’m 5 months old. I love to watch Bubble Guppies, Peppa Pig & Baby Shark. I love eating my fingers & also my toes every since I discovered that I could bring my foot to my mouth lol. I love my mommy’s kisses and being talked/sung to. I’m my mommy’s only girl I have 2 big brothers who are 7 & 9 years old, I get so excited when I see them after they come home from school. Vote for me and you won’t be disappointed!
The sweetest and toughest little girl. She loves Mickey Mouse, her bouncy horse, and baby dolls.
Aubriella is a sassy princess with a style of her own. She brings so much joy and laughter to everyone around her. She loves the color purple, Barbies, Avatar and Stranger Things.
She loves attention, Milani is playful and loves too smile a lot and eat.
Isabella is a smart, sassy fun lovable 4 year old. She loves to swim, ride her scooter and play with her Barbie dolls. She is in Pre K and loves learning.
My name is Da’Riyah 🥰. Fun fact about me, I was born prematurely but that hasn’t stopped me from doing anything; I’m a very active baby. My hobbies include: eating, sleeping, and getting my way! My first birthday is right around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited about it!
Addie maye loves to Clap her hands, and growl 😂🥺. She loves animals, and Minnie Mouse💘. She’s so full of personality and will have you laughing with anything she does🥰.
Arriyan is a ball full of energy with a smile that brightens your entire day. She enjoys playing outdoors, coloring, and cooking with mommy. She loves to help others and learn how to do new things. Oh! Let’s not forget she’s a huge food junkie for a little human being 🥰
Emmalynn is a true firecracker with a heart of gold. She wants nothing but people to be happy and healthy. She loves her doggy and cat. She is truly beautiful inside and out!
amilya is a very out going loves anything out doors she a wonderful big sister an loves everyone she loves to dance an go shopping shes very sweet an loves to learn
Scarlett is a very sweet and caring little girl. She loves going to school. She loves playing with her LOL dolls. She loves her baby sister Averie.
Averie is such a fun and active little girl. She loves to play outside enjoys the water. She loves her big sister Scarlett.
God’s Blessing.
Kambry is our firecracker for sure! One thing about this girl, she’s gonna watch her cocomelon and pageant on the weekend 💕
I am a 6 years old entrepreneur! I love dancing and doing my makeup. I enjoying doing hair like mommy and playing outside.
Serayah is a bright smart loving little girl. She loves taking pictures either it’s a selfie or picture of others. Serayah is always camera ready. Her favorite game is Roblox.
Ava loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy and bath time
Lea is a spunky sassy kid who loves basketball and just started cheer. She is shy yet outgoing and loves all animals. Especially our shitzu Charli. Please vote for our amazing girl. Dont just click like. You also have to press the vote button. You can vote 10x a day. 😘
Aaliyah is a beautiful, smart, kindhearted little girl. She loves to dance and make a whole room light up. She’s also very funny and outgoing.
She is very friendly and energetic, happy, fun loving, funny, and athletic!
Kehlauni is very loving and such a happy baby with a big personality🥰She also has a mean mug but she mainly does that face to her mama😅
Alaiza-Grace is the sweetest little girl you’ll ever meet in your life, she is smart & funny, an incredible big sister to her baby brother earthside and her little baby sister in heaven. She is super creative. She loves playing outside and loves her Minnie Mouse and Elsa ❤️
Hi, I’m Nellie and i’m the sweetest babe! I love swimming, nap time, and my mommy. Vote for me!
Raylee loves school and ready to learn more every day she loves to play with blocks and playing number games. Raylee is very smart for her age she also enjoys outside events and loves flowers.
Raylin is 1 her favorite things to do are cuddling with her bears and eating snacks she’s never upset just the happiest goofiest baby girl ever you’ll love her I do 🥰🥰💙
Amoramae is a 5 year old very sassy girl who thinks she's about 8 years old 🤣 she suffers from middle child syndrome lol. She loves singing and dancing.
A Blessing from Heaven.
Bryleigh loves cats, dogs, playing, and riding four wheelers with her cousins❤️
Kyra is a very very happy baby she loves ballon’s and she loves to cuddle she has 2 teeth. She has 3 teenage siblings. She just learned how to clap her hands. Her favorite food is blueberries
Storm is a sweet 7yr old who loves to play outside with her family. She loves to cuddle and play with her baby brother and her kitty.
Madilyn is always smiling. She loves her big sister and her favorite thing to do is eat bite bites.
She is about to be 3 September 15th! She loves outside and cooking!
She is a redhead through and through, but loves everyone. She's a great softball player. She's tough, but loves to wear pretty dresses.
Clementine loves to be outdoors, she will bring you her shoes and say “outside” while wearing nothing but a pull-up. She loves “nummy drinks” and giving high fives, her favorite shows are Dora and Go Diego go. She loves to read books and play with balls and blocks, but her most favorite thing is definitely to get dressed and “Go bye bye”.
Carmella is someone that love to help others and take care of her family. She's a good support to others. She treats everyone like they want to be treated very intelligent wonderful Brent young lady
Jesanee is a beautiful,smart & an adventurous little girl with such a bright future ahead of her! She loves jump and scream. She loves listening to songs from cocomelon. I’m one proud momma! Jesanee just lost her Godmom & my sister :( RIP JENNIFER STANFORD 11-27-2021
Alannah is a smart and talented young girl. She loves to sing, dance and act. Full of love and super talented.
Nailah is 4 years old and full of personality. She loves to swim, play, sing and dance. She is full of sas and so much love. She loves being a little and big sister and spending time with family.
Legacy is so amazing. She has the best imagination ever. Never a boreing play time. Her favorite animal is ponies and unicorns. Favorite color is pink. Wants to be a princess when she grows up.
Emery is a kind hearted soul who is always watching out for her brothers and sister.
Kamari is 4 yrs old. She loves to play and have fun. She is very smart. She like to color and play education games. Her favorite game she likes to play is bingo.
I’ll be 1 years old in September. I love Cheeto puffs and mash potatoes. I’m a sour patch. I love all my cousins🥰I love the camera especially with the flash and my mommy say “Cheese”😁
Alliyah Grace is super sassy and goofy. She loves to be center of attention and will put a smile on everyone's face that meets her. She is a big sister to two little brothers and a blessing to her Mommy and Daddy❤️