Baby Stories - 46


Hi I’m Paisleigh! I was born September 9th. I love to scream and giggle at anything! Momma says I’m a happy baby! I learned how to hold my baba already! My daddy is my best friend 💕
Brookelle is very talented & At a young age she is absolutely amazing ! Loves to flips dance and sing & is always the life of the party . She extremely smart can count high if your challenge her . This beauty is everything !
What can I say about RaJah. She is everything you could ask for in a daughter. She is cute, spunky and a little daredevil. She loves to take pictures, draw & watch martial arts movies with her Granny. I hope she captures your hearts just as she has mine. All votes are greatly appreciated🤗😇☺😚
My name is Emma and I am 8 months old. I love puppies and the sweet treats my grandma make. I love to laugh and smile and pull Mommy‘s hair of course. I also love to eat my feet🙂
Even though she is only 2 months old she loves to smile and try to talk. She loves to eat and sleep.
My Bug LOVES to play with her Mommy and Daddy! She smiles the biggest in the mornings when momma and daddy wake her up to big smiles and lots of kisses! A’mari is the first grandchild to both sides of her family! Definitely spoiled!! HaHa❤️
Melody loves to laugh and smile and pull Mommy‘s hair of course. Melody also loves to eat her feet it’s her favorite ❤️
Camilla is a 4 month old whose smile will light up a whole room. She is such a happy baby who will talk with anyone who listens. Hopefully she brightened your day like she does mine! ❤️
Lily Nami
Lily Nami is a beautiful smart baby girl, shes easy to love, always smiling and happy. She is definitely a blessing to anyone she meets.
Smiles alllllll the time
Nazia just turned 6 weeks she like when people talk to her
Heeey Everyone , This Is Little Miss Adrianna . She Loves To Rock In Her Swing & Watch Cocomelon. Little Miss Adrianna Smiles & Laughs In Her Sleep , She Is Mommy’s Precious Angel 💓 Vote For Little Miss Adrianna ! 💓
Zoey is a love able baby girl full of smiles!
I vote for Akeelah because she’s beautiful and smart..she like to play and dance so she’s very active ❤️❤️❤️
She the sweet and she a little diva
Anjelica is almost 2 months old and loves to coo and make faces. She is very active. Anjelica is a happy baby and is very alert. She is learning what the world is about.
Hello my name is Jade, I am 2 months old. I like to watch Princess Sofie. Bright objects excite me and get my attention. I just looove my Mommy, Daddy, Nana and Papa and my Auntie ohhh and my 2 dogs 🐶 Dallas and Coco❤️❤️❤️ they make me smile. Love you🥰 and thanks for your vote
Hi , I’m the sweetest little girl you could meet + I love frozen
Happy 😊 sweet☺️Loving☺️
Avery is 3 years old and my WILD child! Definitely has the worlds greatest personality! Vote for this spunky little Buffalo Bills fan!!!❤️
She is kind hearted she will help as much as she can she does great in school she always helps people in need she wishes there was world piece enjoys drawing and loves tiktoc
Nyla is a very bright and intelligent 4 year old who loves fashion and learning how to cook. I believe Nyla should win your votes because she has a unique look that could capture anyone's attention. From her princess dresses, too her rain boots. I want her to be able to grow up and make her own world of fashion & design. Please help me show and teach her that anything is possible. Thanks😌
Genesis is 7 yrs old, She is in 1st Grade& She is Smart, beautiful& She loves playing With her Dolls.
Annalise is a very happy, smiley baby girl. She loves her swing. She brings such joy to her daddy. Mommy and grandma.
Raelynne is 4 & Shes now in Pre-k She is so smart& Loves Playing With Barbies
Hey, my name is Sara I love making jokes or making people laugh I’m more than happy to exchange votes just let me know.😁
Maiza (May-Za) is 11 months old she’s Jamaican and black she loves dancing,laughing and watching her favorite movies moana and secret life of pets 2 everyday her favorite foods are fruits and vegetables 🥰
Madalynn is a horse loving, free spirited, kind little girl with a huge heart. She loves to learn, loves school and makes friends anywhere we go.
Oakley is 9 months old and loves to stay busy! She has the sweetest personality but can also throw a tantrum. Oakley is the light of our year.
Ginny is an incredibly energetic 4 year old. She is so smart and creative, she amazes us every day! Ginny loves arts and crafts and playing pretend with her kitchen toys. VOTE FOR THIS HAPPY LITTLE GIRL!
Bella she is 2 month old she like eat and sleep 💤
Aubree has the biggest heart. She is a phenomenal sister, friend and daughter. Seeing a smile on other's faces is what she craves. Aubree thrives in kindergarten and participates in a competition dance team!
I thought my journey was almost over, and then came Ryleigh, my surprise baby. What I mean by surprise baby, my oldest two children are 17 and 15! She is also decided to come early as well. She was 7 weeks early! I wouldn’t trade her for the world.
Ahe very smart and sassy
She loves talking all day long, sticking her hands in her mouth and smiling at whoever looks at her 😊
Harper Rose
Shelby is 5years old. She loves her family, friends, animals, and PIZZA!
Hailey was born 2 weeks early. She has so much personality showing through already. She was born with a cleft, but has not stopped her cuteness.
Such a joyful baby
Kenzie Jo
Kenzie is a bright sassy 5 year old. She brings joy to everyone she meets.
Riley is our rainbow baby. She’s the happiest sweetest and cutest little girl. She’s my little bestie!
Brynleigh lives to play and laugh with her siblings.
Hey Im Paris Amour, But you can call me Cricket. I’m four years old and my birthday is in August. I love school, my friends, and my teachers. My favorite food is Pizza, tacos,and nachos. My big sister is my best friend, she is awesome sauce!! Thank you all for voting tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a cousin to come vote
Maliyah Evelynn
Baby Maliyah she is half Thai-American. She is Mommy and daddy sweetheart! ❤️ Please vote for me!