I Layla is a sweet, sassy, caring, hilariously funny six-year-old. Later love making new friends saying hello to everybody.
Shes funny, and love to dance, sing.
Brooklyn makes my life better. She gives me the love I never knew that I needed. She loves being with us, her friends, she loves singing and dancing. She loves making jokes! She is 1/2 daddy’s girl and 1/2 mamas girl. Brooklyn runs the world. At least in our house!
Maylee is 5 years old. Enjoys the outdoors, ice cream, music, singing, dancing and.ppayong make believe She likes Frozen and Paw Patrol
Looking to exchange votes💕 Jacquelyn is very free spirited. Loves to help people and animals. Never judges. Her favorite things are anime, music, and drawing. She has learned to mature at a young age due to her being the oldest with no father. So toys and children stuff really doesn’t interest her. She’s very smart with always straight A’s and B’s. If you needed help then she would be there for you the best she could. She has grown up with one of her parents out of the house and not in her life but has still stayed strong through it all. She’s strong and brave. The most important things to her in this world is family and friends. She wants to be a Marine Biologist when she grows up 🐟🐠🐙🐬
Tiara is a 4 month old with the bubbly personality and a contagious smile. She loves music and already has rhythm! She’s her mommy’s life-size doll. They love to dress up for church! Tiara is very advanced for her age!❤️
Matiana is in 1st grade she loves to read, she is in the talented and gifted program at her school, she loves to cheer her brothers on in their sports, she loves her family, and he cat sassy socks and her dog buddi. She loves to take pictures and dress up.
Whynter is a smart spontaneous little girl! She was born 16 weeks premature and has overcome every obstacle she has encountered she’s funny loving outgoing and a special girl!
Ekcho is probably the silliest little girl Ive ever met. She loves to make people laugh and smile. She is beyond sweet and not to forget brilliant smart! She loves critters and bugs, and her big brothers!
Strong willed fierce loves gymnastics
Vibrant beautiful loves to dance
Charlotte is so outgoing and loves to play with other kids! She has got all the sass and loves to dress up!
Jessica is a very active child. She is polite, kind and gains a new friend wherever she goes. She is a red belt in taekwondo, is in her school choir, she plays soccer, bowls on a youth bowling league and she is a Girl Scout. On Thanksgiving we make and distribute turkey sandwiches to give to those that are in need. She is a pet lover and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.
Alyvia is quite shy but once she warms up to you, she will steal your heart. She has beautiful big blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair.
Faye is a very spunky outgoing social butterfly once she warms up to you, she loves to sing and dance with her older sisters and playoutside, she's a big mommies girl, & likes to run her mouth to her father 😂
Meet little miss Sophia. She's a sweet sassy race car loving little 3 year old. She's a little ball of energy and love and sweet as sugar.
Peyton is the life of the party. She melts our hearts every day from her sweet smile to her kind heart.
Taylor is a very smart, and strong little girl. She was born premature,.she was 26 weeks when she was born. The lord has truly blessed Taylor. This little girl went through a very serious surgery at the age of 1. But through it all she is a fighter.
Abby is a miracle at 12 weeks gestation was told she might not make it. She is the sweetest most loving and determined girl who rocks the extra chromosome#downsydrome💙💛
Yes!!! I have Down syndrome and I rock it well. I’m 6 yrs old. I can read my sight words, I know my colors and shapes I just need help with going to the potty. I love being in WATER!! My favorite food is pizza. My favorite thing to do is sing. I have a older sister that plays kitchen with me and believe it or not I’m the most popular kid at my school. My name is Hawaiian and it means precious. My middle name is Adore. Which is short for adorable. Vote for me. Well just because it would make my mommy and my big sister day.
Hi my name is Talayah Rozay Ann. I’m 1 years old, will be 2 this August. I can sign “please” and thank you. I can say multiple words, even sentences sometimes like “where is it” “I wanna go outside”. I love to eat and play with my baby brother. I love to explore new places and things. And I absolutely do not like tomatoes! Lol.
Zalena-Rae loves to sing, play with her 2 older brothers, run around outside, and is a huge mommas girl! She is such a smart little girl and absolutely loves to learn new things! She definitely completes our little family! 💞
Such a loving and happy baby ❤️
Hensley loves gymnastics, eating ice cream and playing outside . She will make sunshine on a rainy day with her toothless smile and beautiful blue eyes .
She’s smart,pretty,active and she’s an amazing 3yr old🥹
Kyleigh Is 3 Months Old. She loves to laugh and giggle.
Hello my name is Brilee! I’m full of energy and sweetness throughout my whole body! Im always happy to be with new friends so we can play, please vote for us! ❤️
Kennedy Faith
Hello, my name is Kennedy Faith. I love sitting up in my own, tummy time, and playing with my big brother.
Keyahni is a happy baby who brings joy to everyone she meets 🥰
Taliyah was born a micro premie and only weighed 1 pound 9 ounces at birth. Taliyah spent three months in the NICU and has been a warrior ever since! Taliyah enjoys listening to music, making music, reading, dancing and eating lol! She loves Encanto and Moana.
Hallie Mae
Miss Mae is definitely the light of any room one of the happiest baby’s🥰
Lilly is a beautiful soul. She loves people and animals and loves to help others. This sweet girl enjoys playing with her doctor set to make you feel better and she absolutely loves her dog Buck.
Meet my sweet, adorable, silly dramatic little girl!!
Capris favorite person in the whole world is her mommy! Capri loves to be outside! Capri is also tube fed 22 hours out of the day!
Tegan loves to spend her days creating dances and playing video games with her dad! She also likes to compete in pageants
Ruby is very talented. She loves to paint, play at the park, sing, ride her bike, electric scooter and hoverboard. She’s very outgoing and loves to laugh. She’s also in gymnastics. She loves pancakes and enchiladas. What she loves most is being happy and playing with friends.
Hello, my name is Brielle! I am a beautiful, brave, kind, very sensitive & tender hearted blessed, 6 year old little girl. I love all things pink, sparkly, unicorns, rainbows, & mermaids. I love wearing dresses & dressing up fancy! I also love being all cozy & comfy at times! I enjoy going boating in the summer, playing in the snow in the winter, playing in the rain, jumping in puddles, jumping in leaves in the fall, riding my bike & scooter, going to the park, swinging, swimming, having picnics, going on road trips, running for fun, going shopping with my mom :) I look up to my big brother, HE IS THE BEST!❤️ My grandma & I have lots of fun & adventures together🤗❤️ I like to help cook & bake goodies, plant & grow flowers, vegetables & fruits. I like to color, draw, paint, play with sensory bins & read stories. I love all kinds of animals! I love learning & I love going to school! When people litter it hurts the earth & my heart! I also like to sing, dance & enjoy visiting & playing with friends & family. I enjoy watching movies, playing video games, playing board games & listening to music. I do my best to stay brave when I feel really uneasy in new settings. I have been diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder, amongst other things. I am most comfortable being close by my mommy's side when I am not in school. I do my best to make good choices & smile while having fun being a kiddo! Sometimes certain smells, lighting, loud sounds or vibrations & large groups of people can make me feel overwhelmed. I go to a special place weekly that has really nice people that help me work through things that are more challenging for me to do on my own. Although, I have progressed well, I have a lot of work ahead of me & am so excited for what the future has in store🤗 Thank you for reading this far! Vote for me, Brielle! Hope you have the BEST DAY EVER!!💐
India is all about fashion. She’s a 7 year old Diva with style, class and pizzaz! Joyful, friendly, always willing to help. India loves to sing and she is not afraid to show her talent!
Ceniza is a very loving person, always wanting to help or make sure others are okay. She loves life,dancing gymnastics, swimming,bike riding, and camping,also talking with her friends on snapchat. Ceniza is my granddaughter i have raised her she had a hard life ,I feel this is why she trys to kind to others.
Paulina is 12 years and loves to read and write. Paulina will sit for hours writing stories . Paulina also loves spending time with her mom . Paulina one day wants to go to college to become a veterinary because she loves animals. So if you vote for Paulina and she wins she can put the money towards her college fund. Thank you and God Bless
Ceniza is a very loving person, always wanting to help or make sure others are okay. She loves life,dancing gymnastics, swimming,bike riding, and camping,also talking with her friends on snapchat. Ceniza is my granddaughter i have raised her she had a hard life growing up with her parents not always around, feel this is why she is such a caring freindly person.
Vanessa has such a bubbly personality, great attitude towards everything that’s in front of her. She loves her brothers so much, she is very protective over her 3 brothers.
Lawrencia will be an 8th grade student at Trinity Academy. She enjoys modeling, competitive dancing, acting & playing with her two dogs.
If a millions of happiness are brought together then that's my Lillian...Always happy and laughing... Excited to explore things when you say NO to them ... Comes to my office room crawling and very excited to see me which makes me forget all the stress i have been through....
Miah Nicole is the sweetest little girl.She will go out of her way to make anyone smile.
She's a happy little girl with a lot of sass! Super loving, her talent is singing she loves to sing!
Creative! Full of LOVE! 💜