Ta’Riyah is a sweet girl. She’s fun and energetic.Her smile makes me smile 😁. She’s active, trustworthy, and very caring especially to her younger siblings.
Madalynn Urena
Madalynn is outgoing energetic loves to play outdoors swimming and camping with her family she loves shopping with her Aunt kk and her mommy Madalynn loves school and loves playing with her aunty Brooklyn and uncle Kyler !!! Madalynn loves to run her favorite show little rascals and kids YouTube
She’s a very happy baby she is very silly she gets excited going new places and she’s very advanced for her age !
Sevyn is amazing and outgoing, she has an personality that is outstanding. Very Energetic and Optimistic loves playing with her puppy and siblings
Zi is very fun and energetic. One of her favorite things to do is have books read to her . She also loves her colors
Arianna loves to play volleyball and be with her pets
HELLO EVERYONE WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE LACK OF COMMUNICATION. These past few months have been extremely busy. IF WE OWE VOTES PLEASE KINDLY COMMENT ON MY PAGE. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️PLEASE LIKE & SHARE PAGE 💖 IF WE OWE ADVANCES PLEASE COMMENT ON OUR WALL TO REMIND US 💖💖❤️WE ARE GIVING ADVANCES TO BE RETURNED IN SEPTEMBER 🍂🍁🌻🍂🍁🌻🍂🍁🌻🍂🍁🌻🍂🍁🌻🍂🍁🌻✨THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS SUPPORTED US , WE APPRECIATE YOU💕💜 ADVANCED VOTES ARE WELCOMED , WE WILL RETURN 💕WE VOTE BACK 💜🦋Kylani is one year old. Her personality and smile will light up any room. Her laugh is very contagious & she is a goofy little girl. She is very musically inclined & enjoys playing on her piano, singing, and dancing. Her favorite things to do is go outside, play with her toy balls, dressing up & taking pictures & hanging out with mommy. 💕 😊
Soraya loves to take pictures and get her hair done ❤️
A'niyah Monae born August 19. She a good baby and sleeping most of the time
Caylee loves everyone always has a smile on her face love her family and friends loves to play outside and paint color
Her favorite line: Caring is Sharing
Danika never meets a stranger. She loves everyone and shows her love in so many ways!! She loves animals even the stuffed ones. Very outgoing and loves to model new clothes and yes the camera! She’s the one that helps other kids when they fall or cry. Just an all around very lovable child that loves life!!
ME’LANI is a very intelligent 2 yr old . She’s bright,funny,smart and has a mind of her own . She’s outgoing and loves to swim also has a an amazing vocabulary.
Alanee Amoraa Duren
Alanee 7months old and full of JOY&life!! She loves to eat Food & her toes. She’s Ben standing up and crawling for months now She loves to play with her big sister and listen to mommy read her books and sang to her , Her favorite show is MrsRachel &Gracies Corner 💗 She’s loves the clapping 👏🏽 and snapping 🫰 Game. 💗💗💗💗
Vela is a sassy rough and tough little girl. She plays softball and is always playing with her big brother. She's a jokester and loves to make people laugh. She's a big loud ball of sunshine who can light up anybody's day!
Vaylei is a self taught gymnast! She loving working out daily. She enjoys being outdoors!
Athena is a sassy little princess. She loves spending time with her brothers and anything Minnie Mouse.
E’Marrie is 6 months old and full of life!! She loves to eat food, her fingers, and her toes. She’s already standing up and crawling. E’Marrie loves to have play time and listen to mommy read her books.
Makyla is an extremely smart kind intelligent loving little girl! She’s been through a lot in her little life, with losing her mom at the age of three due to cancer. She loves sonic the hedgehog currently. She loves collecting stuffy animals. She’s amazing at reading and it shocks me with what she can do.
💖Hii! I’m Kaily Ann Taylor.🦋 I play with my pup 🐶 and cats. Bath time is my favorite time of the day 🛁, I love playing in the water! I love watching Mickey Mouse too. I’m best at being a calm,observant, and happy babygirl.😇 VOTES For VOTES 🔆GET +10 votes daily!! VOTE KAILY on Little Miss💜POST ON MY WALL!!💜Helps me to make sure I vote for those voting daily!!! Thanks for voting and have a blessed day! 🥰
She’s a three year old with a personality bigger than her. She is the most loving and caring sweetest little girl you will ever meet. She loves to dress up like a princess.
Everli Rose
Everli Rose is a happy, smart, outgoing toddler who loves to be a Princess but is a tough and determined 4 year old little girl. She's been on the pageant scene since she was 3 weeks old. Her smile and laugh are infectious and her personality is radiant. This little firecracker isn't camera shy and loves to always be in the spotlight. Everli has a heart of gold and is always waiting with a great big hug, a kiss and a smile for all she loves. There is no doubt she was born to rule👑 Everli loves singing, dancing and making people laugh. She loves and cares for her 2 year old brother Owen & new baby Sawyer, and she loves playing outside, going to the playground, playing with her cat Luna and coloring. "Biggie Pop" as she's known will accomplish anything you throw her way. The Sky's her limit, nothing stops her <3
Addie is headstrong, sassy, smart and can light up any room she walks into with her smile
Khloe love to sing and play with her dolls.And she love her mom to read a book to her.And she enjoys spending time with her Mimi
Kenzie is my beautiful granddaughter. She is super smart & has the sweetest most caring loving heart.
Kealani is a very active 13 month old. She just discovered climbing onto things. She is the last little bunch out of 7 siblings. Her favorite foods are berries & poi. She finally loves swimming in the ocean. She loves animals as we have 2 dogs, 2 bunnies and a cat.
I love smiling and laughing and talking.I am very smart and goofy. I am very very spoiled by my mommy and daddy. And I love glittery/shiny things.
Harley is a sassy seven year old. She is funny, intelligent, and strong. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes two years ago but she deals with it like a champ. She loves dressing up, makeup, video games, and just being her unique self.
Hello🥰my name is royaltii and i love bossing my mommy around! My favorite is when mommy rubs my belly🧸
Yanelith is a very clever independent soul. She loves to take pictures and is a very caring little girl. She will speak her mind and tell you exactly how she feel and she’s always camera ready.
She’s a very advanced and energetic baby she’s always happy and smiling and she loves to smile and talk
Hi I’m sage I’m a very goofy baby with a huge personality already. I enjoy being cuddled by mom but only when I’m in the mood otherwise I’m a touch me not😊I also love food
Brailyn is very outgoing and loves to run and play football. She loves watching YouTube.swimming is her favorite hobby.
Brelyn’s loves her dog cooper, she loves playing with toys, eating ice cream, she loves saying momma and dada!
Hi . I’m Brooklyn . I just turned 1 years old . I love to eat cheetos . I dislike getting my hair combed . I am very spoiled & loved by many .
VERY photogenic ! , Independent Baby , Very Sweet , Nickname Is “Pretty Girl” ! 💋
Treasure is such a happy chunky baby 🥰 she loves smiling & being happy Eating and watching tv. She’s such a joy to be around! My first little baby🫶🏽
Im always a very happy smiley baby, I love getting cuddles and watching my little pony. Bath times and tummy time are my favorites!
Hanayah is the sweetest, most polite 3 year old you'll ever meet! She loves people! Everywhere she goes she makes friends. She's Very helpful and loves to sing, dance and play hide and seek. She comforts those who are sad or upset and won't hesitate to give you a big hug! If she wins this contest the money will go towards her tuition. Thank you for your support!!!
Courtney is a very unique person. She always wants to give to the homeless but at the same time is very feisty. She is both a girley girl and a tomboy. And she loves cats.
Adalyn is a beautiful, strong, and sweet girl. She loves to cheer, dance, and fish! Vote for my princess!!
India Taylor
Hi I'm India! I love to play Roblox and play with my puppy. I like to read and listen to music. My favorite characters are Stitch from Lilo and Stitch and Yoda from Star Wars.
Kiyomi is a smart little princess at only 1 years old she knows her abc, and can count to 20 she’s always happy and loves to dance her favorite movie Moana
Alani is always smiling and loves babbling back and forth in conversation with anyone. She’s very friendly to anyone who talks to her and loves hanging out with her daddy.
She is so full of personality and smart. She loves to sing And dance. She’s definitely a diva.