Ivy girl is just the sweetest, smiliest baby! She loves her mommy & daddy and smiling at herself in the mirror!
Vivian is an active sweetie, and smart as heck! She recently taught herself to read!
Lilly is the happiest baby, she laughs when she is tired, she loves saying Mama and Dada and Nana for her sister Natalie
She loves to sit outside and soak up all the things she sees and hears
Hi i’m brynlei! i love to smile, play with my toys, my brothers are my bestfriends and i love my daddy soooo much!
❤️❤️❤️Sky came to fill our lives with sunshine and our hearts with love.❤️❤️❤️
Hi my name is Leilani Skye, I love the outdoors, animals, and coloring with mommy 🥰
This is Mia and Mya. They just turned 1. They were born premature but are flourishing now. They love their mom, dad, and brother. They like to wrestle each other when given the chance lol.
Everleigh is the sweetest baby girl. The youngest of 5, she has 4 older brothers whom she adores. She loves stuffed animals and baby dolls. She is a shy girl and clings to her mama when meeting new people but she warms up to them very quickly. 🤍
Madelynne is a spit fire but also loves kisses and hugs and cuddle time with mommy and daddy. She loves all things pretty, she gets so excited when I show her a sparkly dress or bright colored items.
Cheyenne is a very talented caring loving little girl. She love to play roblox on her tablet. And loves hanging out and helping with her little brother. She loves playing with her friends and dancing.
Jalynne is the happiest most funniest little girl out there. She’s in love with Nike everything at such a young and her favorite show is Mickey Mouse! She loves tummy time and always wants to be grabbing onto things or eating her apples!
Berkley is a sweet one month old who loves to giggle in her sleep and do bath time! We call her work because she loves to wiggle around!
Azaryah loves to dance, ballet preferably. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She loves to laugh and has the kindest soul. Always willing to go out of her way to make sure everyone is okay. She is a bright light that shines even in the dimmest of rooms.
Jaelyn is a beautiful amazing talented young lady. She loves to be outside, play cornhole and do some fishing! She is also an amazing cheerleader who can flip for days. She loves to hangout with her friends but also spend time with her baby brother.
I have a twin brother. I love talking. I love anything that lights up and flashes.
Ezmiee is a talkative little bundle of joy! She loves to talk about going shopping with mom and wearing big ole’ bows🩷
Magnolia is a very happy little girl who absolutely loves to swing and play with her little brother. She is always making our grocery shopping 10x longer because everyone stops and tells her how pretty and what a happy baby she is.
Averly is 5 months old, and learns so fast!! She’s already rolling over and teething. She knows the motion of walking and constantly wants to stand up. She brings so much joy to our lives and surely brightens everyone’s day ! She loves the new movie elemental and talks so much
Eleanor is the happiest baby until it’s time to eat. She loves playing with her brother and eating her weight in steak. Lol
This itty bitty pretty little hun bun loves her big sister pup Chloe, her parents and family, and making all kinds of crazy sounds. Some times she sounds like a baby pterodactyl, some times she "sings", every other day she comes up with something new.
Ani-mae is the silliest little girl. With her face expressions she makes, to the little noises she does. Her little smile can light up a whole room. She's in the process of learning how to walk. Shes very fearless as she climbs up in chairs by herself and thinks its the funniest thing ever. She blows kisses and waves bye. Ani-mae loves mickey mouse, and loves playing with her older cousin.
Amora is full of energy and loves to help everyone. She is a very smart beautiful young lady
Avery is a sweet, sassy, loving little girl who brightens our world. She loves macaroni & cheese, sweet tea and playing out side!! Her middle name is grace bc she most definitely is mama’s saving grace!
Ansley is 5 yrs old. Shes so smart. She loves her momma and her baby sister Leyla. Shes a girl scout and loves the outside.
Laura is a joyful and vibrant girl that melts hearts everywhere she goes. She loves to wave and smile and everyone!
Mrs Katara Jade was born way early as a micro premie she spent her first 3 months in the nicu as she had a fight ahead of her but she was a warrior, a warrior princess as we all called her. She came home on oxygen for a few more months but continued fighting everyday. Now at 2 years old she’s amazing and doing great with some minor issues we all still help out with but nothing major now. She is sassy loves turtles and loves to color. She changed her daddies life she is his world and his reason to get up every morning to provide for his family. Mommy and daddy has done so amazing for her and with her I’m one blessed mimi.
Carter is so funny and has a huge personality! She loves dogs
Leeah Kate is a sassy, spunky 4year old She's a country girl who loves animals
Cienna is 9 months old, and the sweetest baby girl! She’s always smiling and laughing, and loves life. She has a big brother, Grayson, who she adores! Cici is also a rainbow baby, which makes her even more special 💕 she loves crawling and rolling around and chasing after her brother and our pets. Please vote for our sweet girl!
LilaMae is our sweet and sassy little girl. She has a such a contagious smile and bright eyes that light up any time someone new walks in the room. She's very silly and very independent! She loves her snacks and sharing food that doesn't belong to her. Coraline is her new favorite movie
Emilia Kathleen
Emilia is the sweetest, and so full of personality. She’s the biggest foodie, and loves playing with her doll houses. Her nickname is Millie.
Malani was 10 lbs at birth. She is currently 1 month! She’s a chunky girl! Her eyebrow expressions are the cutest! Her eyes light up the room🩷
Macy is the best big sister ever! She loves school and is in high honors and jr beta l, Macy also inspired to go to John Hopkins to become a surgeon
This little ray of sunshine is the youngest of 4 kids, with 3 older brothers. She loves dresses, bows, and Barbies.
Harper-Rae loves to be following her big sister or on the go. She doesn't say no to any food. Loves cuddles and headbonking so watch out.
Parker is sweet, kind , full of energy and is just the absolute best ever! 💜
Brooklynn Marie is a very happy and sweet baby she laughs at any and everything she’s full of joy and enjoys being tickled and she will smile at anyone at seven months old she already has her personality 💕
Being the younger sister to two brothers, Adalynn is good at rough housing yet has a sweet and sassy side to her. Her side eye gets the best of us.
Saylor is the sweetest baby! She is 10 months old and can say dada, mama and bubba. She can stand on her own and is about to take off full speed! She loves cookies, and cocomelon!
Emberlee Saige
Sweet with a little bit of sassy 🤍
She such a happy and smart baby ♥️ she brightens my world everyday 🫶🏽
Madeleine Grace
Maddie loves to laugh all the time and is always such a happy baby she loves to play with dolls and loves to love on her baby brother she is caring and loving towards him despite her being just 2 she’s very attentive to him. She’s our miracle baby!!