Baby Stories - 45


Xa’mora is the 4the sibling of soon to be 5. She has a spunky, idgaf attitude, and has the sweetest little heart. She loves to give random hugs and kisses but also likes to test her waters 😅 The most beautiful blue eyed little girl. She loves to help clean, loves being the “boss”. She is one of a kind and will be the best big sister
This beautiful little girl is an addition to our family. She has been my daughter since she was 2. Her brother gave her a haircut very quickly one night. She has been growing her hair back since. She has the kindest little heart and is very smart. She loves to help with every body that comes along. Her heart is the purest 😍
Strong, Genesis is extremely energetic that at only 3 years old likes to be very independent. What she loves more than anything is spending time with her brother. Genesis is also outgoing and loves making new friends.
Paisley is sassy and smart. She loves playing dress up and playing with her little brother Christian ❤
Nyla is the sweetest doll that loves her baby brother Kasch and other puppy brother Storm. She loves to take pictures, dance and loves to make people laugh🥰
Solëë is a joy to be around. She likes to play and carry her babies everywhere as well as feed them and put them to bed. She loves bath time and food! Snacks are her favorite and Brussels sprouts lol
Madeline is such a smart beautiful little girl!! She loves helping mommy with her baby sister!
Ke’oni is one very silly, kind, and selfless little girl! She's constantly looking for new ways to make everyone laugh, and stir up a little fun. She's got a heart full of Love, and she doesn't mind sharing it with everyone she meets!
Mikylah is soon to be 4 months , such a happy loving baby ! Very advanced! She talks so much , plays with her toys and loves COCOMELON 😊😍
Our beautiful, happy girl 🥰❤
Kennaleigha is a loving little girl
Ayla is the happiest baby there is! She is always smiling and laughing. She loves to squeal and play peek a boo. She loves being outside and seeing and hearing all the animals.
Charm is 11 months and the world most happiest, funny, and smart baby girl. She is the youngest of 3, she has two older brothers so she gets what she wants. Her smile brights up an entire room and she have a hello wave to die for. All votes are very well appreciate and we thank you😘.
Eliana Noelle is a sweet, funny, happy little girl. Her personality out shines her outward beauty and her love for people keeps her mama's heart content.
Paislee Elaine loves her mama, dancing, singing, and playing! Her favorite foods are chicken, and ice cream 🍦 she loves to dress up and take pictures! She is the happiest most pure little soul 💗 everyone vote for her!!
Caroline Grace 💗
ariella will be 2 years old in December, shes had a pretty rough year with being diagnosed with lead poisoning, she is a very happy, bright and smart little girl. she loves Mickey mouse, paw patrol, and my littlest pet shop. she loves to color. she loves her furry siblings (2 cats and a big pitbull named peanut) she is currently waiting the last 10 weeks of becoming a big sister to a little boy, Karson. if you vote for ariella, ill send you a vote back. 💕
PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR US!! We are not currently in a contest. We clicked register by mistake. Thank you to all who voted and helped Brenley win her first contest!!
Amiyah is just so beautiful not to vote for her.
Adaley is a great big sister, she loves pretending to be everyone’s mama. She is extremely sweet but also very sassy. Vote for my sweet princess.💕
Skye is just shy of 2 months old. Skye is such a happy baby. She loves cuddles and being with her mommy and daddy. She sleeps through almost anything and lovessss her milk. She’s working on rolling but hasn’t quite mastered it and she loves her bouncer. She also sleeps through the night! 💗
Paris is bubbly loves to help others loves to smile and loves being a big sister
My name is Ariana rose I love to wave and giggle. I love to eat sweet potatoes to were it turns my nose orange. My favorite word is bad bad bad. I love my b (pacifier)
Loves bananas! And cocomelon is everything to me!!! You have my heart with food and a song always😉
Everleigh is SUCH a happy, smiley little babe 🥰
First off she’s my niece not my daughter.. but She is such a happy baby,, Try’s to say Tia, loves to dance and she try’s to be a big girl. She knows how to brush her teeth and knows that shoes go on feet!
Makilee loves Cocomelon and she is our little DIVA queen! She has beautiful brown green eyes and light brown hair! She is perfect to us in every little way ❤
Giuliana is such an empathetic young lady. She can't help but to love and feel for everyone around her. She loves to listen to music of all kinds, and watch anime. In her free time she helps Mom with anything she may need and likes to talk to her friends. Giuliana is an animal lover. You can usually find her loving up on one of her two cats.
Gabriella is 2 in a half, loves the outdoors, she's her own self, she's always happy and smiling, please vote and share her around on Facebook
Zarrah is an amazing lil Diva full of love, life and sass...with a personality like no other! She loves to dance, sing and enjoys hanging out with her family/friends...her fave foods are tacos and chicken wings, her fave color is blue. Since the age of 5yrs old, her dream is to one day become a "Cancer Dr" and help find a cure for cancer.
Ayla is a 4 month old preemie she was born at 2 pounds 3.3oz she had a Nicu stay for a while but it made her stronger she also recently got diagnosed with stridor but she has shown so much strength in such a little person she loves to smile sleep and of course eat Her smile could light up the darkest days💕
Valerie is a energetic 9 yr old who loves horse and her chickens. She loves to to reaf about any animals. Always ready to learn and gain knowledge
Hello my Name Is Layla I’m 19 months Old I love playing with bubbles, listening to music , dancing and posing for Pictures please vote for me 💜
Lyrics loves animals and aquatic life. She's sassy, full of spunk, and loves her cheese puffs. Huge mommas girl.
She is a super smart, out going, loving, energetic 5 year old ❤️
She is my rainbow baby! A miracle took us 10 yrs I had honestly lost hope then one morning I woke up and the words pregnancy test came out my mouth we were 2 weeks! Best day of my life
Hello hello My name is Ortenzia i am 3yrs old i love being outside playing on my swingsets my favorite characters are Ana and Else from frozen i love being with my older sister. I like playing in my mommy's makeup it's so fun. I always want to go to school with my sister and color. Vote for me please
Hello everyone my nsme is Letyka i am 9yrs old i am the oldest out of 3 My name is very unique my mom got my name from a movie named Slum dog millionaire. I am very friendly and very talkative i love being around my friend's and my cousin's My favorite sport is basketball i love it so much Please vote for me thank you all so much
Carter is one of the happiest babies ever created . She loves to sing, and dance! She’s constantly checking to see how others feel, and if they’re “Okay”. Carter has a BIG personality and an even BIGGER heart❤️
Daniella Rose
This sweet little sassy cake pop loves anything banana flavored, dancing like no ones watching & her pink glittered shoes (she will even wear them to bed). She has a wild and fun personality and is ALWAYS smiling. Her favorite thing to do is play with her toys and draw squiggles on her chalk board.
Heavenly is my middle child who is only a year old who looks at you with them round eyes and melt you.
Simone is 4 months, she’s a very happy baby she loves watching Sesame Street. She always loves grabbing her feet.
Brayleigh loves watching TV, playing with her big brother and sister, and eating baby food, her favorite is sweet peas and butternut squash. She loves to ride in the car or her stroller, the rougher the ride the better. She has recently started gooing back at us when we talk to her. Her sweet smile is so contagious!!
Kylie is a sassy, sweet 5 year old. She loves playing with her baby sister Emma, dancing, and going to school! She wants to be a police officer like her Daddy when she grows up 💕
Isabella is always very happy with a big smile and gives all her heart with lots of Love helps any one that is in need , she is a Blessing full of Love ❤️