Baby Stories - 45


Brown eyed beauty. She loves whenever someone talks to her, she loves bath time. She loves her big brother. She is always so happy. ♥️
Loves to dance sing and play outside. Will love on you and love sports
All I can say is my baby really is one of a kind!!!
Elizabeth is a happy, and calm baby. She is happiest when she can see or hear her big brother.
Alexis Grace
Lexi is such a huge help with her little sister and little brother!! She loves to ride her hoverboard or scooter or skateboard or roller skates, loves being outside and running around the cow pasture with our other two kids!! Her mom and step dad are both police officers and she gets to live that exciting lifestyle with them!! She is such a sweet girl!!🖤
Madelize is a very energetic 6 year old, she loves to dance and sing, she is also great at soccer.
Lyric is a happy healthy 2 month old that deserves your votes.
Kha’Liyah is a happy baby. She loves to eat, sleep, and cuddle with her mommy.
Claire is her mommy's best friend and the sunshine her family needed in these dark times.
She is very energetic and loves to dance and put make up on. She also loves to be miss boss girl.
Lexi gets excited over anything or anyone she sees. She is my surprise babygirl. She loves to play and talk and trys to do everything by herself already.
My daughter is an angel 👼 she’s so full of joy! She can brighten your day with just one smile.
She is the light to everyones life she comes in contact with. She loves little baby bum, she just started walking. She has lots to say, and loves the outdoors
Baby Mali is 2months old She loves laughing, posing for pictures, and being around friend's. This little bundle of joy is very active and loves babyfirst.
Kylen is 8weeks old & LOVES to eat & sleep & smile🥺!
"Elliana" meaning "My God has answered". That's exactly what he did when he gifted us our daughter. Ellie is our rainbow baby. Only being a couple weeks old, she doesn't do much. However, we can already tell she is going to do great things in this world.
Hello, my name is Liliana 😊 I am 1 year old & my favorite word is apple 🍎 I love dancing to any kind of music 💃🏽 and I always have the biggest smile on my face, especially when I’m trying to sneak into everything mommy and daddy don’t want me to 😋
Emily was born on Halloween and was born on the blue moon. She is a little ray of sunshine and just overall a really happy baby. She is my pride and joy and is a major blessing 💕
Kelina Webster is a rainbow baby sent straight from the heavens❤️🙏🏽
Layonna loves to dance and sing. She’s full of smiles and sass
Cali Kaye
Cali is one of the most intelligent and spunky 1 year olds you’ll ever meet ! She knows what she wants and usually knows how to get it. She’s an amazing big sister ! Her hobbies include putting the dogs food in the water bowl, making TikTok videos with her aunt, putting things in the canned goods cabinet that don’t belong there, and watching ASMR eating videos.
Halo Skye
Halo is a beautiful baby girl with light skin and blue eyes. Her smile lights up the room. Her hobbies include laughing when mommy laughs, watching Cocomelon, saying Poop, and copying her big sister !
Layla is a preemie who arrived at 34 weeks. She’s a feisty, strong, & vocal preemie.
Nova Mae
Nova is a sweet little angel baby who loves to laugh and have fun. She has more personality then i have ever seen in a baby.
Serenity is a very sassy but sweet girl who's ruffer an tougher then most of the boys. Her an her baby brother are 3years an one day apart! That's her best friend 🌼
Chloe is 9yrs old and is a twin. She is the only girl with 2 older brother and her twin brother. Chloe is smart, beautiful, caring, loving, and so much more. She is not only my daughter but she is my side kick and best friend. She also loves shoes and dancing.
Bright eyed beautiful babygirl. RaeLynn was born a month early. Despite still being small, she is strong willed. She loves spending time with mommy and Mickey Mouse!
One of the sweetest little girls I know. ❤️
Dayrionna is a sweet little girl who loves to spend time outside and take rides In the car.. She loves to steal your food and run away with it.. She enjoys playing with the I-Pad and she loves her baby dolls very much.. She has a smile that can light up a room.
Harmony Ashtyn adores and loves her momma, dog, and brother with all of her ginormous and precious heart. She loves to baby talk and head bang to metal music with her daddy.
Miyanna is the sweetest baby ever! Always smiling and happy. She loves her “baba” the most and of course mommy and daddy! We see a great future for Miyanna and would love a jump start on her college fund!! We want to thank everyone in advance for your contribution❤️
Nova is an old soul with a passion for travel and discovery. Her heart is filled with love, compassion and a warm energy. She’s a trickster, cares for animals and loves the water. She’s got it all...intelligence, internal beauty and a wondering soul.
Trinity is an amazing baby. She loves to eat, sleep, and take pictures.
Breezy is a very happy baby. Anybody that talks to her she gives the biggest smiles too. She loves to see new things. Especially when shes outside.
Blakeleigh is a very happy baby girl full of light and personality! She enjoys exploring and getting her hands into anything she can! Her smile is so warm and she is so smart. Please vote for my angel, Blakeleigh!💕
Hi, my name is Aubrie! I am 4 months and counting😘😘😘I enjoy cooing at mommy, blowing bubbles, and chewing on my fingers, watching cartoons and just being a happy baby!❤️❤️❤️
Summer is the most beautiful baby, she’s such a joy to have and she’s very smart too. I just love her smile it can light up a room. Summer loves to spread her love just by being held. Summer also loves to watch Mickey And Minnie Mouse. She loves for u to talk to her. If u ever come in contact with Summer I’m for sure you will fall in love.
Let me introduce Sophia LeeRose Wild. She is a bright and smart 4 year old. Sophia loves to dance and sing and take pictures. She loves to pretend to be her mommy and loves to play. She loves to learn new things and loves to party!!! She knows all her colors, abcs, her full name, how old she is and her birthday!!! Sophia was born at 34 weeks and has been the brightest light in her mom and dads life!!! We hope you vote for our little Angel!!!
DixieRose was quite a surprise finding out she was in mommys tummy at 24 weeks. She has became the greatest edition to our family. She is so sweet loves her daddy very much and has so many stories to tell lol. She loves being told how pretty she is we tell her are you that pretty of a girl and she gets all bashful she is perfect in our eyes❤
Shes strong willed and loves everyone. Even during her toughest times shes the one smiling and holding her mommy! She is so strong and i cant wait to see what she accomplishes in the future!!!
Ella-Mae is a cheerful baby with an abundance of energy. She likes to dance and play with her brother. A fearless girl who enjoys slides at the park and climbing on daddy. Ella-Mae loves a good long laugh followed by cuddle time. Her favorite toy is baby dolls <3
Isabella is such an outstanding & amazing little girl . Her special gift from god is she makes everyone fall in love with her. She’s about to be 4 years old December 29th. She’s very smart. Holds great conversations with you and she never leaves a friend behind always sharing & caring from her . Isabella is very outspoken and has been this way since the day she started talking . This little angel will melt your heart away . Let’s not forget this little angel is also a comedian she loves to make others smile .
Baby Jaelah is happy and intelligent. She loves to watch Harry the Bunny and has recently learned to count although backwords, but i think is such an amazing milestone for her age.
Da'Naliah is 6 months old today..VOTE 😊 and her smile will brighten your day
Anaiah is a typical 4 year love to dress up. Play with minnie mouse,being on my Ipad playing alphabet !!!!
Sabrina Lynn Miceli
Sabrina lynn miceli an a ray of sunshine she is playful an loves all kids of foods can almost walk on her own her big beautiful blue eyes amaze me love her so so much loves her mommy daddy an big brother an loves to play
Olivia is very outgoing and fun. She lives to play and make funny noises. She’s very sassy sometimes! She loves food and to take videos of herself. Her favorite word is mom. She loves her brother and is a very good big sister.