Baby Stories - 45


Kaydence loves to be outdoors, swinging & practicing gymnastics on the trampoline. She loves playing with her play makeup & also her dinosaurs! She's a curly headed character!
Penny loves to play in the grass , push her walker around and cuddle up and listen to her mommy sing Twinkle twinkle little star 1000 times ❤️
Vivienne is 3 months old ,and oh boy does she has such a personality already! She’s always smiling and is obsessed with her daddy. She loves to snuggle, play with anything that lights up, and she loves to watch Mickey Mouse. She is our blessing the most precious thing in our life.
A simple tickle of the chin will give you one of the most beautiful smiles in the world!!! #truckerbaby
Sophia is always the life of the party! She’s never met a stranger. Oh, and she LOVES to fish with her daddy ❤️
Madeline Elaine
Here is my sweet little bundle of joy. She is the youngest of 5. Maddie is 3 months old and is already trying to sit up and play with her sisters. She is a super daddy’s girl.
My baby Kalani is very beautiful and is definitely good with taking pictures. She loves to cuddle and also love’s when people play with her. I think you should vote for her because she is the most smartest & sweetest baby ever.
Iria loves to look at herself in the mirror! She’s going to be a little diva! Everyone says she looks like a baby doll!
What is there not to love about little Ms. Arriya?! She will melt your heart
Isabella Marie
Hello my name Isabella but I go by Bells i love Music, Books, and kisses from my mommy and daddy. My favorite show is pocoyo favorite song is skiddamarink.
Josie is such a sweet spirited little girl with a little bit of sass! She loves helping others and helping take care of her older brother, Cooper, who was diagnosed with ASD last year.
Sweet Nice Funny Dancing Queen
She love watching frozen and playing out side
Genevieve is the sweetest little girl ever! Full of smiles and giggles!💛
“I love old people mom I want to be nice to all of them” Allie loves cats dancing and cracking jokes!
Amara Hope
Amara is the most silly little girl you will ever meet. She always has a smile on her face and is bound to put a smile on anyones face that she meets. Her favorite food is broccoli and her favorite game is to run around with a blanket on her head trying to scare people.
👑Royalty is a 2 month old baby girl🌸 , shes able to hold her head up, recognize your voice, and laugh&talk all at 9 weeks💓 . Royal loves when you play with her🥰 and also loves to sleep ALOT .. she’s so full of joy 🧚🏼‍♀️. A true blessing.✨
Aveyah is mixed with Korean, african american and dominican. She was born with a head full beautiful dark hair and carmel skin. She like watching mommy as she sings to her and likes to coo along.
Saige is a vibrant and curly headed little girly girl. She loves dressing up, playing out doors, and vacationing to the beach!
Harper has a love of dancing and singing. Her laugh is contagious. She is the shining light in our world.
Our princess Twira is gift from God that he knew we needed. She is the sweetest lil baby, she loves to cuddle.. and loves when someone talk to her, responds with her beautiful eyes!
Naomi loves animals and she is a happy baby
Mia is outgoing, funny, smart and loving.
Penny Rose
My daughter Penny is the sweetest, funniest little girl! She loves to laugh and smile,also loves fire trucks, police cars, reading singing 🎤 and playing with her fur siblings! She says the darnedest things and is supper smart!! Love m baby girl to the moon and back!!
All I can say is that “ Amirah is extremely cute “
Ma'kayla is 8months old she's the most cutest chubbiest happiest baby go vote for her 😍😍🥰🥰
She is a great baby. Very special
bebe is only 2 months old , she loves to sleep and loves that her big brother annoys her a lil too much she doesn’t mind of it she smiles about it and I’m glad they both can bond with each other as they both has separation anxiety of me so they really don’t mind i hug both of em and love them the same ❤️
Sweet & Polite
Ja'Niyah is a blessing, an angel in disguise..
Jazlyn is the sweetest little girl! She is goofy always doing something to make someone laugh. She loved dancing and singing!
Lil Miss Kirstyn is a ball of happiness. She loves to smile and laugh. She loves zydeco music and dancing with her sister. She is a total joy.
She loves her mommy daddy and big sisters. She loves to laugh and give cuddles. She loves ro be outside and swing. She loves misic and church. Some of her favorites sre Eric Church and old rock.
Daisy Mae
Im daisy mae im still in the hosipal but i love my mommy n daddy
Miss Adalaya loves to sing and dance. A few of her favs include Row Your Boat and If Your Happy and You Know It! She loves her dogs and ducks. Her personality is strong, loving, persistent , playful and humorous!!
Victoria is almost two and it's full of life and energy! She knows her animal sounds, some colors, counts to 3, and thinks every letter of the alphabet is A but can still say her ABCs to F!
She loves to chase and play with dogs. Likes to listen to all kinds of music. Loves to be outside
Amelia Is A Happy Playful Baby. She Loves To Make People Smile And Loves Her Food Even More❤️
My beautiful baby loves to walk next to the couch and play with her toys as she self entertains herself. She loves for grandma and grandpa to take her for her morning walk.
Nelli loves to eat olive garden salads and watch Scooby Doo she is so smart and very advanced for her age
Miss Alaena is 6 weeks and 4 days old, she loves her bottle, sleeping and most importantly her cuddles 🥰 Her favorite thing to do right now is headbutt lol
Hello , my name is Dream Marie. I am 6 months old but 4 months adjusted. I weigh about 13 pounds but I’m a strong little lady. I have 1 older sister and 1 older brother. There isn’t too much I can do but I do love to sip on my bottles and lay back in my boppy. I just figured out how to smile , now I’m just trying to figure out how to get my mom to actually understand what I’m saying now but I guess it just sounds like babble to her 🙄. I can now roll over from my back to my tummy and I can bring my hands to my mouth. I just don’t know what it is , but those things are good 🤤. But that’s all for now , it’s time for me to do my hunger call.
Margaret loves to listen to Elton John and pretend to fly.
Lila Jade
This is Little Miss Lila Jade. She's as sweet as can be with the heart of gold and she's so Smart. But if you ask her Her best life is being a big sister. If you hear her say it her baby brother is her baby and I must say she's the biggest help. She adores all of her brothers. She's the only girl of 7. And she adores her brother and absolutely loves being the only girl so you probably could guess she's meaner than a whip. Lila has a very adventurous side to her she loves to be outdoors. She loves four wheeling and mudding, fishing and just about anything that'll get you dirty. Hunting for any critter insects you can find is probably her favorite. She's not afraid of a thing. That's just a little bit about Lila and who she is and the things she loves and enjoys Let's show this beauty some love and help share this and get her some votes.
She is very loving loves to cuddle she always wants her Momma she is one happy girl
Mollie loves everything Pink! If it is pink & sparkly she Needs it! 💖 she loves unicorns🦄🌈 playing minecraft & roblox. She is such a Princess at heart! 💕👑👜👡💄