Baby Stories - 44


Khyree is definitely free spirited. She knows what she wants, when she wants it. She has the cutest laugh and wrinkles that nose. Khyree is a happy baby inside and out 🥰
She is 4, and is my entire world 💖
She loves food , dancing and singing And playing with her siblings! She loves taking selfie’s and pictures. She’s super photogenic. She’s also a very loving baby girl.
Lacie is a very smart and intelligent girl and is very high fashion!!! Lol
Arriyah is one of a kind! She’s so silly and outgoing! The funniest baby I’ve ever known 💜
She loves to play with her toys and always smiling and laughing.
Beloved is a ball of sunshine she'll brighten up a room with her smile alone
Deborann was born 12/16/20. And Since then she has been an excellent baby who eats perfectly, and wants to sleep constantly. That’s what babies do though! She’s such a good girl and we’d love for your support 💕
Kennedy is very outgoing and wild and loves to play!!!
Ellianna is 6 months old! She is a chunky monkey! She is learning she has a voice and uses it very well!!!
A Niyla
A’Niyla is 3m old she has a very beautiful personality vote for my baby ! She deserves it !
DeShayla just turned 3 December2020. The youngest of 5 but the bossiest lol! She has everyone wrapped around her little precious fingers. Truely our angel
Aubrianna is almost 4 years old, one of the two beautiful daughters I have. she loves dancing, music, horses, and making new friends! #VoteForAubri‼️
My name is Rylie, Iam 11years old and I live in Tennessee. I love playing basketball, snap chatting and riding my hoverboard.
I am Mariana I love playing and being with my family. I love dogs and outside.
Hi everyone👋🏻 I’m from USA North Carolina my favorite hobby is coloring,play roblox and watch babybus 🐼😊💕 I Love color Pink and my Best friend is my Cousin Amy. I also love doing exercises and Dance 💃 my favorite fruits are Strawberries and apple 🍎 yummy 😋 I love vegetables and pizza 🍕 I am funny like my mommy and playful like my little brother ☺️🙏 👶🏻 I am smart,fun and funny 💝 I would like to to say thank you Everyone for taking the time to support me🙏 Have a Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 and A Happy New Year 🎊 God bless every single person in the whole world. 🌍
Royalty Chanel
Royalty Chanel loves to dress up and smile. She crawls everywhere and loves music.
She is a Miracle baby after lymphoma and also my 2020 Corna baby! She loves shower time and beyond bless loved by many ❤️
First time contestant and I’m looking to participate more. She loves to eat, sleep, n pose,”so why not model her cuteness”...🥰🤍
Hi, I’m Armoni. I was born not breathing and bruised from head to toe. I spent 5 days in the NICU. When I came home I had breathing problems that keep mommy up all night. now I’m 3 months old and sleep through the night. I love my big brother who has autism, he lets me hang out with him. I also have 3 teeth coming in all at once, it’s painful! I love for time, tummy time, and learning to stand on mommy’s lap and jumping. If you think I’m cute, vote for me.
Giannah is my oldest twin aka Gia, she’s very active and will light up the room with her smile 😊 love her, please vote for my baby💕
She hates baths loves to eat love time with her bubba loves to sleep all day stay up all night hates a bath and loves smiling and playin with her brother in heaven 💜
Legend is 5 yrs old. She loves animals, arts & crafts, being outdoors, and also loves to dress up and be girly!! She is sweet and caring.
Hi I’m Brielle I’m 2 years old and a burst of sunshine with rays that light up any cloudy day or makes a sunny one brighter. I love looking pretty, singing, dancing and my babydolls. Please vote for me❤️
Emily loves the outdoors, she loves rocks, horses, flowers and animals
Hayli loves spending time with her family, she likes to ride 4 wheelers, going to the beach
Delite is like her name she is the light of our lives and those around her and although she is only 6 weeks she is truely a strong baby girl born at 36 weeks suffered from jaundice seizure and blood on the brain she is getting through it all and starting to laugh her days through.
Aliza Dey
Non - Union/Sag Model , Aspiring Singer and Dancer Independent Talent
Ta'leah likes to dress up in princess costumes everyday, and she loves lipstick.
She loves to eat & she loves baths! She keeps her eyes open more often now so you can see her pretty big eyes 😍
Charlotte Martinez
Charlotte is a very happy baby. With a smile and laugh that will melt your heart ❤️ She loves to watch Octonauts on Netflix and scream for fun !
Willow Reign is a happy 6 week old. She's very alert and photogenic. She loves to cuddle with Mommy and hang out with her 3 big brothers.
Emma is a lovely cute kid. She is outgoing and a bundle of joy! Her favorite colors are pink and purple, She loves all animals and loves to play outside with her big sister and cousins!
Abby is such a happy baby, she loves to play and always smiling.
Anilah milani is a very happy and sweet Baby , Her Smile Will Light Up A Room 🥰🥰
Hi my name is Brookelyn Montana I'm 11 months old.. I love to watch cocomelon and play with my family.. I'm standing by myself and I'm ready to start walking anytime.. Please go vote for me 💗💗!!
Nalah is a sweet little girl. She is loved by anyone who comes in contact with her. She is a proud baby sister to 3 wonderful brothers. She loves her puppy and to ride in her power truck.
Little miss Hazelee is just a little over a month old. She loves baths, eating & laying on mommy’s chest.
Zariah loves to sleep and eat. She is such a peaceful baby. I love watching her sleep. She smiles in her sleep alot.
Madison is full of love, adventure, joy, compassion, i could go on and on about this girl!! She has 2 older brothers she adores, unless they are playing basketball, then she's out to get them!! She loves volleyball and basketball, you might even see her on a skateboard!! Shes very athletic, always ready to participate, and the best team player! Madison is also going into her 5th year of 4-H and was Grand Champion overall with her market rabbits!! She loves animals, i haven't met one yet that dosen't want to go home with her and she has even gotten to bottle feed a baby kangaroo where she lives in little ol' Baca County!! Madison has the biggest heart so full of kindness and concern there is no room for negativity!! She is a ray of light full of hope...for every ray of hope holds the future!!
Presleigh had open heart surgery at 3 months & has Septo Optic Dysplasia. She is a very caring, beautiful girl. She loves to dress up & play with her tea cups. She also loves to help mommy with her baby sister. If Presleigh wins, she would like to donate to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester NY (where she had her heart surgery)
The happiest sweet girl, Eden Jane.
This is her first pageant 😘
Ava loves to play outside, sing, dance, and spend time with her brothers/sisters and cousins! Ava is smart, brave, funny, and full of joy!
Kora is a spunky little spitfire that loves eating and playing with her toys. She’s definitely a mommas girl!