Lucille is an amazing little girl who has 3 big brothers and has been thru so much in her short life!
She’s a very happy baby that loves music 🎶 and her daddy.
Aria Gabrielle Rodriguez is a very bright happy girl. She smiles everyday and love everyone, her laugh will just make you so happy. She is definitely a morning person cause as soon as she wakes up she’s giggling and smiling right when she sees you. She loves to swim and be outside. My very cheerful baby.
This little light of mine is definitely one of a kind. I’m a mother of 3, my first two were boys and I never knew I needed a girl so bad as soon as I held her in my arms for the first time, it was just unexplainable and so pure ! My little girl , my best friend, my princess. She’s such a happy baby and brings so much joy and happiness to our family! She loves dressing up, and enjoys listening to music.
She is a good baby she loves music
Miss. Marci Skye is a cuddle bug, loves to hang out and see what your doing. Laught when she thinks your being funny.
Miss. Gracelyn has the most bubbly personality, always ready to make you smile, alway's on the run. She enjoys helping her Daddy work on the car's, cocomelon is her jam.... Just look at those curl's!
Madelyn Jade is a wild child! She’s smart, adventurous, and outgoing! She loves people, no matter who they are! She is a brave little girl to say the Least. 💕💕
Chloe is our little lucky charm, born on St. Patrick’s day! She is full of wonder and adventure. Chloe loves to ride her hover board, play with bugs and has an eye for fashion!
Zariah is full of energy, smart, loving and such a character she is, has many talents and just the best baby anyone can ask for
Very sweet, kind hearted superhero loving little babe ♥️
Lillie loves to read chapter books!! And climb trees and race her friends. She is the biggest sister of 3 so she likes to make sure everyone is doing what their suppose to!!
Keele is a very sweet girl!! She has 3 sisters so she is always the nurturer of the group! She loves helping mom wash dishes! And she loves her unicorn named fluffy!! He is her best friend!!
Coming into this world at 37 weeks and 4 pounds ladies and gentlemen please welcome KENZIE ROSE! ( all screams ahhhhhhhh ) kenzo with the benzo !! Kenzo with the benzoo ! She is active and likes to roll around to place to place she loves doc mcstuffins she loves her feet and she likes phones to take pictures. Even though she fusses at me she’s always ready for the camera ! My first baby my pride and joy i hope you see her as beautiful as I do!
A very independent little girl. Has a big brother. Loves powdered donuts and her puppy. Just a joy, with a smile that would fill your heart.
Moriah Evans
She loves music more than anything. She loves to fance and clap her hands.
Miss dejah is sweet funny and just oh so adorable she brings so much joy
Hey guys. This little lady is Imani-jade. Imani’s 2 years old the youngest of 5 but that does not stop her shine. She smart sassy and just a little bad a** in a cute rebel kind of way. Imani speaks asl. American Sign Language was her first form of communication. She speaks English and currently learning 3 other languages. When Imani was born she was only 4lbs not breathing on her own and hear beat dropping by the second. Her doctors didn’t think she would live. We’ll surprise!!! She still here just as happy and healthy as she can be. Daily she struggles with her chronic asthma but she pushes thru like a champ. She enjoys running after her only brother watching akili and dancing. She enjoys making tik tok and eating! Please vote for me baby she deserves to win!
Kimbella is a fun charismatic little angel who always sees the fun in everything.
Ember is a month old. She already has her own little personality.
Hi my name is Kaezarie-Mae , I’m 1 years old soon to be in the terrible twos ❤️‍🔥 I love my big brother so much & he loves me I love food all kine .. I love playing outside , I love playing outside with family cousins & more 😘
Salem loves bright colors and shiny/flashy things (glitter/sequin). She loves people and wants to be where the people are! She's a happy and smiley baby.
Kasey Kahiauakauakilinoe Diego-kahookano is one month 💗 she loves car rides and music. Looks like her daddy but have her mommy’s attitude✨
Hailey likes to play with her sisters. She is sassy and dramatic. She thinks she knows everything lol. Hailey is in pre k. She is polite and knows her manners. She is also really smart for a 5 year old
Scarlet is such a sweetheart always full of joy and the funniest little girl she likes to be the center of attention all the time! She’s very smart and loves all animals she comes across.
Little miss sassy pants loves to dance and since with mommy. She lovesss bath time and she loves her strawberries. I bet your child hasn’t watched encanto as much as she has 😅
Mahogany is a sassy little girl with a big personality an smile . She loves to eat an dance .
Don’t let all the pink fool you, she’s very much girly but has no fear of falling, getting hurt or trying new things. She loves to eat, and help mommy cook.
Aaliyah is a very happy baby, that loves to smile ,takes baths,and go to Zumba class with her mommy 🥰
Rosie is loving, caring, and sassy! Loves to dance ballet and help others💕
Charming. Tayzleigh is the sweetest little girl, she’s always making sure everyone is taken care of & willing to bend over backwards to be sure everyone feels loved. Tayzleigh loves the outdoors, playing with her siblings, dancing, singing and doing hair/makeup!
Serenity loves to be sitting up, the only time she lays down or sits back is if she’s sleeping or eating any other time she has to be either sitting or standing up.
Blissful. Swayzee is the happiest baby, always. She’s always smiling or laughing! She LOVES anything and everything!
Zela is such a happy child and she loves eating
This is Amelia rose, she is 10 months old ! she loves to talk and wave at anyone . she’s amazing at putting a smile on anyones face!
Sophie is 9 months old. love watching her grow everyday always doing something different. She loves her big brothers n cousins n aunts and uncles....she is a momma n daddys sugar bear
Hi I am Rylee Marksberry! I love my mama and daddy!! I am 3months old and love to watch everything everyone does! I love my cuddly cow! I am just a girl in a small town💛
Her daddy’s mini our sweet amara love 🤍
Ella enjoys spending time with her family and helping out with her little brother who absolutely adores her! She enjoys riding her Hoverboard, Scooter, Swimming, Jumping on the trampoline and playing with her friends. She’s kind and caring with a huge heart, always has a smile on her face and such a bubbly personality! She loves her 2 dogs; Tinky and Bud and her 3 cats; Lucy, Luna and Scuzzy.
Little miss emily lou. ❤️
Aria loves her blanket she is learning how to talk she is very smart she gets her way one way or the other, she loves stuffed animals.
Victoria loves frogs, and her favorite color is sage green. She loves to read an is the worlds best big sister!
Aria is the most beautiful special needs child. Aria was born without eyes. She 100% blinde. She is so smart and so very beautiful. She has super curly hair. Aria loves her sissys, ppj, Avocados, cucumbers, steak, and music 🎶