Baby Stories - 44


Kami is full of life! She loves tea parties, ballet, makeup and doing her nails. She is full of spunk and sass! You can’t be around her and not love her.
Chloie is 3 she is outgoing loves animals, loves her Barbies playing outside... she has a big heart...
Loving little beauty
I like cuddling with mommy’s Watching Gilmore girl on tv And my favorite song is “here come the sun”
Hello im stacy im 8 months old and i love my tummy time and fun time with my mom and big sister i love to smile and take pictures please vote for me 😁❤❤ thank you 😘
Riley Rose
Riley is smart energetic a true Riley rose
Smart and sassy. She beautiful loving and very helpful. She loves her younger sister Kyndell so much
Hello im tabitha im a happy energetic 2 year old i love to have fun with my mom and little sister please vote for me 😁 thank you ❤
Charlotte’s a chunky 2 month old little princess. She’s such a happy baby and has been smiling since she was in the womb! Loves her ‘dancing vegetables’ (Hey Bear Sensory videos), staring at her feet, and getting aaaallll the attention.
Riley Rose
Riley is an energetic fun smart and oh so sassy!! Vote Riley rose
Nur is a sweet honest fun loving girl who loves to do art and watch animes,listen to kpop & read books. She wants to be an astronaut in future🥰♥️
Jacquline is a fun loving person always smiling and making someone smile to and is always giving out hugs to anyone that will hug her back Jacquline loves everyone and all things she is a big help in her community in every way possible
Ahona’s a very sweet kid and she loves to go to the park . She loves watching pokemon. When she grows up she wants to be a Pilot ♥️🥰
This girl is the sweetest baby you'll ever meet.Her smile is almost as big as her ❤️! She loves cuddles and for mommy to sing beautiful crazy to her 🎵 But most of all, I think seeing herself in the reflection is her favorite thing to do.
Chantal Elizabeth Rose
A nine month old sweet sassy lil baby. She loves to crawl and get into everything now that she knows she can and has the cutest little sheep laugh!
Isabella Skye
Baby girl was born on October 1st she weighed 8 pounds even and was 21 inches long! She loves to laugh at other babies cry (yes she’s a meany lol) she is very feisty and loves to be in mamas arms! I finally figured out how to bathe her without crying and now she absolutely loves bathing and loves swimming in the water when I'm finished washing her! She acts just like daddy and has his beautiful hazel eyes as well! My beauty can wave hello and goodbye she rolls back and forth from back to tummy and tummy to back, she tries crawling, she mimics the sound of me saying hello to her my baby girl is almost 6 months old and very smart and strong!! We’re all so in love with her!! 😍😍🥰🥰💝💝
Camilla Adele
Animal lover 🐦 🐈 🐕 She's into cars 🚗 and helping her daddy in a kitchen 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳
I’m lily, I’m in 1st grade, I enjoy playing outside, going to the park, and spending time with family. I love the beach and going swimming. Summer is my favorite time of year.
Jordalyn is such an outgoing little girl, with a huge personality! My baby loves singing and dancing ❤️ & Loves reading!
she a goofy precious and fun baby with a sassy attitude and loves her mommy to death she’s spoiled and very happy vote for her is like voting for yourself.
Kenzli is a 2 month old rainbow baby! She is the first granddaughter, niece, and daughter on both sides of family! She has an older brother that she loves to watch play and loves his curly hair. She enjoys talking to mom and anyone who talks back to her. She’s a gorgeous girl who is surrounded by love.
Hadlee is such a happy baby, if she could get around I’m sure she would. She is full of energy and loves her big brother so much
Savannah is a very happy baby! She loves to smile and cuddle with her mommy and daddy! She is so bubbly and full of joy! She is saying mama and dada already 💜 She loves to laugh and clap. She is so precious and would love your vote!
I’m Jilly, I like playing with my brother and sister. My hobby’s include pulling your hair, going for strolls, and playing with my toys. I love potatoes. My favorite time of day is bath time.
Ary is very energetic, smart, and kind-hearted. She’s a cheerleader not only for her organization but for any and everyone!
Niyeli is a very smart, happy baby. She has 2 teeth and loves to eat! She is crawling as fast as she can, taking many risks standing up on anything she can. Her favorite word is “HUH”. This beautiful baby needs all of your votes, with her big bright eyes and contagious smile.
Elle Belle, as we call her at home is a very goofy baby indeed. Always smiling or doing something to make you smile. At only 8 months, she brings so much joy.
Sarai is very laid back and always smiling
Jordan Reign
Jordan the baby BOSS, one who runs the whole house! Now she’s careful with choosing her words, love to pronounce things correctly and correct others. Jordan is her own person for sure and knows that daddy has her back. She loves her mommy, daddy , Pink blanky & her sisters. Spoiled and feisty. Vote for Jordan Reign 💛
Arya Lynn
She is the absolute sweetheart loves everyone which could be a good and bad thing shes always smiling. She loves singing meaning screaming in her bouncer lol her personality is like no other you fall in love as soon as you meet her. She absolutely loves her daddys beard she likes to pull on it and loves to pull mommys hair .. she love everyone and dislike sleep every much but we're working on that .. her smile is contagious and her beauty is like no other💜💜
Athena absolutely loves anything that lights up an makes noise. She’s so vocal and loves to laugh. Y’all vote for Our Little Beauty 💜
She’s a great makeup artist , smart and loves She’s a great makeup artist , smart and lovesble.
She loves animals so much, that when she sees them she squeals and her entire body vibrates. She wants to pet and kiss all of them!
Parklynn loves to watch tv!
Mariana has been our miracle dream come true. She’s always smiling from sun up to sun down.
Sandra is in gymnastics. She loves to play dress up, but also isnt afraid she'll get dirty hanging with her friends and riding her bike. Sandra is loving and kind to everyone, but gets a little sassy at times. She loves spending time with her family as well as running with her 3 dogs....
I'm Kayleigh Rose and so full of life. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is my absokute favorite and i couks eat apple sauce all day if mom would let me. My 8 year old brother and mommy are my best friends and i definitwly have daddy completely wrapped. Did i mention im the best dancer
This little girl been this hard time in life so far but still puts a smile on everyone face and she loves dancing and being silly and loves her pictures taken 😂
Amelia is my beautiful baby girl. She has gray eyes, her favourite thing at the moment is her momma
Makenzie is a precious gift from God. She loves laying on your chest and falling asleep in your arms. She is truly a breath of fresh air
Victoria is a loving little girl who loves to smile and giggle. She is light of her family’s life. She lights up when her dad gets home from work and her favorite thing is watching someone stick their tongue out.
She very loving to anyone she meets,she love learn new things, and she love her pictures taken too I’m just trying to see what could happen for my babies
Paisley is the defintion of a fiesty toddler shell let you know when yoyr making her mad or she dont like what your doing. She loves her minnions and minnie mouse, will act funnny for attention shes a little spit fire with a ton of energy
LeiLani was born at 34 weeks , so she was a preemie baby (weighing in 5lbs 2oz) she spent 2 days in the NICU only because she was born early they wanted to keep an eye on her , but she didn’t have to get any oxygen , fluids or anything of that sort that a normal preemie in NICU would have to get . The only problem occurred after birth was her glucose level dropped which cause them to put a iv on her for a night and after it came back up she no longer needed it . Wtbs; she has been NOTHING but AMAZING 🤩 since birth & like the doctors say I have me a little SUPER STAR 🌟 , a soldier .💕 she loves to smile , sleep and eat . Everyone says she looks like a little China doll and doesn’t look real 😂 I just thank God for her , she’s definitely a BLESSING 🤞🏼💫💕
She is an Angel sent from Heaven to our family. My youngest grandchild. She is a breath of fresh air everyday. A loveable smile and jestures she makes.