Jenesis Dior💕 She was our miracle baby thru out her lil journey of life she went theu a lot and fought hard to become to beautiful smart baby she is today🙏🏾 She is truly a blessing she loves music and likes to dance 💃🏾 she loves to play with her older siblings and loves her favorite tv show Butterbeans cafe. Our lil sassy girl🫶🏽
Elleri is 3 months old and already has a whole lot to say! Elleri loves to babble and chew on her hands! She already loves clothes and doesn’t mind an outfit change or two a day!
Kylee is definitely sassy has a free spirit loves to act for ppl loves playing with her babies she's always out to make someone's day and make them smile
BellaDean is always laughing, smiling, or just talking up a storm 🥰. She loves the color red ♥️,her favorite thing to say is mama or sing mama 🤣 she brings joy and smiles to anyone who sees her.
Evelyn likes to cook for her family and likes to sew doll clothes for her baby sister
Well she's a very smart little girl so when she watches or see someone doing something that very interesting to her she trys it out but only take her 1 time an she gets down singing she like Michael Jackson thriller her first dance to it second was temptations she just an amazing smart little girl thats why you should vote for her
Sophie is one of a kind type of girl, she loves unicorns and dragons, she loves to dress up pretty but Hates having to take a bath when after she's been outside playing in the dirt, she's the most thoughtful and caring little girl but will give you the biggest attitude with the cutest faces. she's insanely smart, incredibly beautiful and the love of our life, she's our sofalophagus
Aliya is a very spunky and out going 5yr old. She loves her siblings so much. She lives drawing, singing, and dancing most of all!
Maura is artistic and she wants to go to a college focused on art one day she’s also athletic and is currently in wrestling 🤼‍♀️
My sweet albino baby named serenity loves to sleep and smile.
Arianna is a bright,very smart, loveable, beautiful lil 3 year old,she has a brother that's 4 yrs old and loves him very much..she loves singing, dancing,and dress up..the sparkling in her eyes with that pretty smile makes the whole world glow...
Madilyn is my 9 month Old Daughter, She loves to watch Frozen:). With her Smile:) she will Brighten up your day!, But don't be Alarmed by her Cuteness!!. She is very very Dangerous in her Walker.... I'm 20 years old willing to make mom friend's :), I wish everyone luck on these Contest's!. And have fun with it:).
Hi my name is Drayzelee Lorainjane Pomaika’i Barnayha-Moniz, I love to listen to MAOLI he’s my favorite, I love to watch my Little Baby Bum. I love to smile all the time , I’m such a happy baby when I’m surrounded by the ones that love me.
Ni'jae is A loveable little baby she loves to laugh,give kisses, and scream lol, she knows how to sit up and feed her self. What she likes the most is her dada,momma & her brother. You should vote for me because Im pretty and have a outgoing personality and I will brigten up you day.
Martine Cassidy
Hello! My name is Cassie! I love Cocomelon, loves to play and eat ❤️ Please vote for me. Thank you❣️
Likes to dance sing and loves spending time with animals 🐈
Kamree is strong willed with a mind of her own. She has a heart of gold that children take advantage of. Kamree is very intelligent and loves many things. Her furbabies (cats) are her very favorite. She loves sleepovers with her friends and playing LOL dolls. Kamree also enjoys arts and crafts, astronomy, science, drawing , shopping, and so much more. Kamree has donated a couple of her birthday's and raised money for our local animal shelter. Her favorite thing to wear are her cowboy boots and black hat. Her favorite musician is the Late Man in Black, Johnny Cash himself.
Bri is a one of a kind beautiful 10 year old that if you have the pleasure to know this girl She brightens up a room and is so helpful and caring she love her family dog tik tok and cheerleading but also has attitude
Abigail is a very out going, loving, fun, active little girl. She loves outdoors and enjoys taking pictures!
This beautiful little girl is Ariana June she is 6 years old. She loves to make new friends everywhere. She gets along with everyone. Shes kind, smart, loving, and she will have you smiling. Everyone Go vote 🥰 Willing to exchange votes just leave a comment on my wall 😊🥰
Penny is so brave and strong! Penny never lets anything stop her! For being so little she lets her voice be heard!
This little princess right here is the love her daddy and I have for each other mixed into the flesh. She is our saving grace! She’s a little boobaholic sleepy head so far for the most part. But she’s starting to lighten up on the feeding and give mama some eye connections and without throwing a fit even caught a little smirk creeping on her face lol
Isabella is a fun outgoing little girl that likes to play with other kids. She also likes to help out when she can.
She is very compassion about helping others when they need help.
Hi, I’m Athena!! I’m almost 4 months old & the happiest baby you could ever meet! I love my momma & daddy (he’s my favorite) I also love my doggie named chunk 🐶☺️ I love to play & learn new things!
This little spitfire has a personality to match this red hair (and a temper too)! She loves her older brother, kitties, food , playing and reading books with mama and daddy.
Hi Everyone! Meet Talia! A fun loving sweet little girl with the world's biggest heart! Talia brings much joy to her friends and family. She loves pretending to be a mermaid or that she's a unicorn. She also loves animals and wants to work with Penguins someday. Please vote for our little sweetheart! ❤️
Havens favorite color is purple she loves watching bluey and playing with her brother and sister her favorite food is 🍕 pizza
Jayden is an amazing young lady with a bright future. Jayden loves to go fishing, being outdoors,loves drawing she is a very creative young lady she loves to play volleyball, basketball,she runs track and cross country. Jayden loves to be around her younger sister and friends she likes to teach younger sister and cousins how to do tumbling she is a great role model for her younger siblings.
Arianna loves to sing and dance run and play she also loves to read books
Jayleigh is a little firecracker she can make anybody smile she has a personality like no other very sweet little girl. Jayleigh is all about her sports she plays softball, basketball,soccer, runs cross country and track. Jayleigh is a very smart young lady who loves to be around her family an friends will do anything to make someone feel special or happy.
Anora is an energetic toddler. Who loves to dance and give big warm hugs. Love to laugh and play.
Trinity is smart,caring,and loves everyone, she absolutely loves yankie doodle and loves her barbies she loves pancakes.... and if she wins she gets more barbie and baby dolls. Please vote for this loving caring 3 year old. Thank you so much everyone
Jalynn is a very sweet girl with a heart of gold, very giving to others in need. She likes to play outside, ride her bike, and play basketball
Berkley is one of the happiest baby you’ll ever meet. She brings a smile to everyone around her.
She is very energetic and loving kid
This fun loving girl loves gymnastics and being with her friends. She adores giraffes and spending time with her family ❤️
She’s sassy, spunky and full of energy. She’s very girly. Leilani absolutely loves helping others, especially her big brother.
Will drop everything she's doing to help someone in need. She loves horses and wants to work with horses when she grows up.
Avril Moon
Avril is a very happy baby! She loves to blow bubbles with her mouth and smile so big! Avril brings joy to anyone she meets!
Adriana Solis
Loves To Draw🎨✏️🖍️ *my little artist* Very Creative In Her Own Way......She Loves Turtles🐢💕......She Loves Catching 'Anole Lizzards'🦎💕😅........Loving.....Kind......Sweet......Full Of Life Soul.......💕
Ta'Niyah is 6 years old. She loves to dance and sing. Ta'Niyah also has a love for fashion and mostly she has a heart of gold!!!!
Zariyah is a smart little girl , she loves to play and listen to music , her favorite song is suga boom boom and her favorite movie is trolls . She is super loving and full of smiles , she just started standing on her own and getting her balance , she’s gonna start to walk pretty soon , Zariyahs favorite food is sweet potatoes , spinach and she loves apple juice .
Hello, everyone meet my Little Princess Le'Myiah she's beautiful very smart and such a sweet girl who loves painting nails, 💅 pictures 🎨 and doing make-up
Isabella loves watching Mickey Mouse and cuddling her stuffy
Sophia loves to dress up, sing and play princess
Kallie is an amazing little lady. She. Always has a smile on her face.