Sophya loves music ! She is a very energetic vocal little girl who love her family !
Hi im Chloe! I like long naps in my bassinet and mommy's milk. Im very chill and like to sit and hang out with my parents.
Keyani is the happiest baby you will ever meet. From the time she wakes up til the time she goes to sleep she has the biggest brightest smiles. She is very alert, smart, vocal and adventurous! She loves to eat and play with her big brothers. She may be the baby but she definitely in charge.
Hi I’m Layla Kiara 🎀 I love outdoors and riding my motorcycles. I love to enjoy days laughing with my friends. ♥️
Madilyn is a smart, very outgoing little girl. She doesnt meet a stranger! She loves to sing and dance. Please vote for my baby❤️
The happiest baby there is. Her favorite things to do are to stick out her tongue and smile. 💗
Aby is a spitfire! A beauty with sassy and fun personality. She loves playing in the dirt and getting dressed up! Sweet and sassy describe her perfectly!
Rayne is almost 2 months old. She is very alert and noisy. She loves to be talked to.
She is a very smart and funny 5 year old. She loves Kindergarten and have learned how to read. The sweeties little girl and loves her family
Kaisley is 6 months old, has 2 teeth, absolutely loves to eat! She's the highlight of everyone's day!
Anaya is a sweet and funny little girl who loves playing, reading, and bath time! She loves snuggles and her puppy.
Hello, my name is HiiLani. It means carried by heaven in Hawaiian 🌺 I love to go to gymnastics class, play with my two doggies, my cousin and friends! Family time is my favorite time! I am super friendly and always smiling and laughing😊 I’d love for you guys to vote for me!
Kaydence is a beautiful, funny, smart little 6 year old. That is adored by all her family! She has 4 older brothers that she makes sure to keep in line 😄 she loves competing in beauty pageants, taking pictures and playing with her friends. She is absolutely a joy to be around and has such a big heart❤️
Kaci is the sassiest but most loving 14mo baby girl. She loves being outdoors, playing with animals and spending time with her grandparents. She’s an explorer who is determined to achieve anything she puts her mind to! She is very loved.💕
Shes 2 months but has a personality on her shes a silly girl she loves making funny faces and is finding her voice . She loves being with mommy
Hi I'm Miss Damiana I'm SHY but that don't matter cause I No that I'm A Daddy's Girl ❣️and on top of that I'm a very smart an intelligent 🧠🤓 2 year old Blessing too my parents that Love me dearly My favorite color is blue 💙 my favorite food is french fries🍟. I love the outside but hate the bugs and insects 🦟🐝🕷️🐜🪲 So we go to Grandma's house so I can play with my puppy named Sassy🐶🐾 I help out with feeding the chickens 🐔 Cause by it being spring time biddies are everywhere & I think they are so cute, from time to time I try to catch me one🐥🐣and I surely appreciate Your Vote Thanks!!!!
Stevie Rae
Stevie Rae is the most kind hearted, free spirited little girl. Always the first to lend a helping hand. Loves dancing and singing. And spending time with her 6 other siblings.
She loves her dada and she loves Cheetos! She's a very happy and sweet girl who ADORES getting her pictures taken!
Annayeli loves her siblings Liam and Chrisofora. ❤
Amara loves to laugh and play with her 2 big sisters. She has red hair and blue eyes and the brightest smile 😃
Isabella is a happy little baby. She's always ready for adventure and loves to smile and laugh. She loves playing with her chickens, splashing in the pool, and peek-a-boo!!
Olivia is such a happy baby! Loves to talk to you and to be talked too. Currently obsessed with Mr. Rachael on YouTube
Hazeleigh is definitely one of a kind! Hazeleigh loves play in the dirt, eating donut, and her cupie 💜
Oaklynn is such a happy baby and pool days are her favorite!!! She loves swimming, her paci and her daddy!!
MaKenna is a sweet 2 week old and she likes watching her big sister and kisses from mommy and daddy
Jaylah is a fun loving 10 year old. She loves playing in makeup, playing outside and swimming.
Hi my name is Kennedy, I love my mommy & daddy very much. I love to laugh & smile 24/7. I’m very sweet & lovable.
Haylee Rae
This is our always smiling Haylee Rae. She literally is a sunshine 🥰
Lana was born in "la bella casa dell'arte" and the home of Renaissance masterpiece –Italy 🇮🇹 Her roots is from the historic tropical islands, the "Pearl of the Orient" –Philippines 🇵🇭 And she is currently residing in the magnificent "Centennial State" of sites and colors –Colorado 🇺🇸
Hello My name is Memphis I love mommy and daddy and love to smile and cuddle🥰
Palmer Jean is going on 10 months and is full of personality, an infectious smile and loves her puppies. Her dog is her bestfriend, besides her brother. She loves being outside, especially hanging out on the back porch watching the dogs play.
Sage is one month old. She likes snuggles, swinging in her swing, warm baths, sounds & music❤️
Sweet little Willow likes to be read to and likes to listen to music.
Maizee loves to gymnastics, getting dressed up and playing with her siblings.
Chaneriss is a bright young lady. She loves fashion, make up, and pretend to have performances in our living room. She is the life of the party, funny and has beautiful eyes you can't get enough of.
Olivia is super smiley , and lights my whole world up when she smiles . She smiles with her whole face . She loves being outside and loves animals.
💛WE STAND WITH UKRAINE 💙🇺🇦💪🙏#SmilesForSonnyflower🌻 PLEASE SEND REMINDERS FOR RETURNS!! THANKYOU!💖 💕🥰💫💕BE A LIGHT!!🌞🎀👑Addyson(Sonnyflower) is literally pure sunlight in human form, she brightens even the darkest of days, her contagious smile makes even the moon jealous. She is the definition of love,and her laugh just melts your heart!❤ She has to be everyone's friend and give hugs to everyone she meets (lately high fives)Sonny is so smart and, talks so sophisticated, and loves learning sign language! some of her favorite bigs include: her Daddy, her mommy, her Honey, her late Pappy, and her bubby (BEST FRIENDS) She also love animals, especially her puppies, Beaux, Sasha, and Cotton, and is always thinking of others and different ways to help her friends. She loves playing outside,riding her bike and new scooter,fishing, and swimming, she wants to be like the mermaids 🧜‍♀️She is an old soul with a vibrant, free spirit! She enjoys music,singing, dancing , and making up songs! Her idol is JoJo Siwa🦄💎💕 She is also obsessed with SCOOBY! Her alter egos are Baby Z or Wolfie bc she growls and pretends she is a werewolf/ zombie 🧟‍♀️Our little MonSTAR!! She is Daddys girl and her mommys world! She wants to do construction just like daddy when she grows up!🥰(Megablocks galore 😅)She loves her dirtbikes, and quads, but she also loves her make up and tiaras, she's a little rockstar! We love you through the stars, over the moon, across galaxies,to infinity and beyond babygirl!🌜💕👑🌻Please Don't forget to like and share!🌻💕 A BIG THANKYOU TO EVERYONE SUPPORTING OUR LITTLE LIGHT! No star is alike and this cosmic princess, is definitely unique, truly one of a kind! She has a heart as big and as bright as the moon and a personality to match! Addy also says thankyou for all the smiles! she loves seeing all the support and all the love from everyone! " Though she be but little , she is fierce! 🔥👑Stay sweet, and give a vote and a smile for Sonnyflower!🌻💕
Hi im Naliya
Valentina loves to explore all things around her! The most emotionless baby I know! The sass is real !
Piper is a sweet kid who loves music, movies and her family.
Alexis is 12 years old. She loves pageants singing, dancing, gymnastics, fishing anything outdoors. She is very loving to all she meets and never meets a stranger. She is beautiful inside and out. Please vote for our girl and show her some love!
Kaisley is such an outgoing happy little baby! She loves her big sisters! She is a mommas baby! She is also a country gal that loves to get dirty!
She’s an amazing baby girl. She loves to smile and laugh. She’s so smart she already says a few words. She has an amazing personality and temper and she’s definitely a one of a kind girl ❤️
Jahzarra loves being in pagents!! She loves playing outside with her little brother and older siblings!!
My Lai
My’Lai is the sweetest, most vibrant little girl. She loves to cheerlead, do her makeup, and take care of her little brother! She is the child in the class who will always choose to play with the kid who seems to always sit alone or other kids tend to not play with much. She can make any room bright with her beautiful smile and personality.
Nova is a very happy baby. She has so much personality for someone so little. She loves Mickey Mouse, being outside, and her mama of course ❤️