Baby Stories - 43


Heaven Leigh is her name. She’s all attitude! She is so caring and loves to play with her friends ! She loves roblox ! She so smart A B honor role !
Arabella loves dancing, singing, playing guitar, and she loves her brothers more than anything else in the world. She loves going on walks, swimming, and coloring. She loves to be out in nature, and getting lost on adventures in the woods. She's such an adventurous, funny, sweet, outgoing, caring little girl for only being 3 years old.
Khali Unique Is The Smartest, Full With Energy Two Year Old You’ll Ever Meet , She Loves Dancing & Making Tik Toks (@Khaliunique) She Also Loves To Take Pictures
Legacy is lucky #5. She loves to eat and acts like a little old lady!
This is Madelyn Everly! She likes to pull herself up and stand and yell mama, mama! She loves to try new foods. She loves the outdoors! She is so loved and spoiled and she sure knows it! Please give us your vote we would greatly appreciate it! 😊
Nova-Leigh is always the life of the party! Her hobbies include dancing, singing, watching cocomelon and coloring. She also loves to run around with her “puppy” Ahanu (He’s 3) and get into all sorts of trouble ☺️😆
Lea is 3 and she will soon be 4 and thinks she is the boss and a little bit sassy she is our world and makes days amazing please vote for this beautiful baby
Susana Ann
Susana loves God, basketball, shoes,and dressing up. She is very funny and always makes us laugh.She is very dedicated to her school work and is a good team player
Aallyah is very humble and caring.She loves God, basketball, shoes,animals, and arts and crafts, which she very good at. Aallyah is very smart and is a very dedicated person. She is goofy and always has fun . She is a very free spirit.
Wilbur is a 100% dawg. He’s chill af. Hates the 4th of July tho
Ashley loves to dance and is on a competition dance team, she dances hip hop,jazz and ballet. She also loves mixed martial arts and swimming. She wants to learn to play piano. She brightens any room!!!!
Our Beautiful Granddaughter !!!
Sara is 1 year old! She loves watching baby shark and anything about music or water. Her favorite is to cuddle with mommy and daddy. She is such a smart and funny girl.🥰💜
Jessi is a big talker loves everyone and has a spit fire personality.
Aleeha is a fun loving girl. She does not let cerebral palsy get in her way. She loves her baby sisster. And she is the light or everyones life. She is very social. She loves to meet new people.
Athena is girly, fun, and has sas. She is the youngest of 5 siblings. She likes to dance, play dolls, sing and pretend play.
Madalynn is as sweet as she looks. She's very loving and caring. She is full of energy and likes doing many different things. She loves her cat sausage that she adopted from the animal shelter. She wants to be a vet when she grows up
Zailah is 16 months old, she was born at 27 weeks. She’s so smart & SUPER SASSY! She is ALL AT-TI-TUDE!!! 😅 she loves her learning videos on YouTube & loves playing with balls, swinging, & bath time. yall vote for my beauty princess! 💜
Adley Dawn is 5 Months old and is the center of our world! She has the sweetest personality and loves being talked to. She is all smiles all the time!
Maryah is 8 years old she's very smart and intelligent she loves to play and dance she loves her friends and ro even cook maryah wants to become a docter when shes older
Mayla Pearl is our little spittin fire redhead with big brown eyes! Mayla loves being outside and her puppy dogs Dixie and Rosie! She is 9 months old and full of so much personality!
Jade is definitely a light in any room she’s in she loves to sing and dance. what can I say she’s a very Extravagant one-year-old little girl.
MaLylah is a happy, energetic, sweet little girl. She loves to eat whatever she can get her hands on. She also loves to go outdoors💕
She my angel of beauty. She loves unicorns and very smart intelligent child.
Emma Skye
She just a ball of energy, her smile can brighten up any bad day, and her serious face can still melt your heart!
This angel is a true blessing she brightens up the day every time
Olivia is four months old. She loves watching the lights on her play Mat and she enjoys having her brothers and sisters talk to her. She’s definitely a daddy’s girl and loves attention. She has a great personality she’s my little sunshine baby☀️
Wynter is a beautiful babygirl, she loves laughing at the dogs when they jump on her daddy. She likes to eat all the time too
She wakes up smiling laughs alot very active and knows how to cheer someone up she love attention and being held
My sassy child, loves playing withher little sister, she loves her family the most of all!
My ray of sunshine, always happy and smiling, loves her big sister! 💜
Alleah is almost 3 months old! She loves trying to find her voice when you talk to her! She is discovering her feet and hands and is trying so hard to roll over! Shes the happiest baby💗
Antania was a MICRO Preemie ... weighing only 1 pound when born at just 27 weeks... she is a smart 2 year old now!!
She's goofy, Smart and loves to play❤️
Elena Morales
Elena Is Very talented and beautiful 💟 She loves to draw, paint, do nails. She has been such an outgoing little girl ever since she was born 🌟. Here are some pictures from when she was smaller & now 🥰
Londynn is about to be 1 yr old . She loves Frozen ❤️ Loves to laugh, play, and eat .
Abigail loves to craft, read, and explore the outdoors.
Krisley Mae
Krisley Mae Marie is our baby girl she is so sweet and her smile will brighten up your day!!
She loves to dance and sing and loves everything as it was her favorite toy or teddybear.
Shes 7 years old. She love jojo siwa. Shes a very love an caring little lady
Hey my name is ymmoni and my favorite tv shows are baby shark and cocomelon. The things i like are snacks, i love my family, and i love to be outside. I have a very happy personality and will find a way to make you laugh.
Energetic, Sassy, Bossy! Aries is my sign, I love to dance, I Am Beautiful, I love to play with my brothers, And I am very smart!
She is beautiful baby. A little grampy ... i love her
Kendralea loves black cats! She’s very sweet and cares a lot about animals. She wants to be a vet when she grows up. Her favorite colors are pink and blue. She can’t go a day without milk it’s her life.
Harper is a smart, funny, loving girl. She loves to dance and have fun and is very sassy!
Emberlynn is a sweet little 7 month old she loves to play with her brothers and sister she loves to watch Disney cartoons
Avalon loves food and her daddy she is a very happy and has plenty of energy
She starts school in August. She is very outgoing and sweet. Loves her mommy and daddy and siblings.