Baby Stories - 43


Hey everyone!! This is Amara she was born 6 weeks early and she is loving it here! She just turned 4 months and she already has a sassy attitude. She loves to laugh and brings so much joy into the room. She loves to meet new people and even gets excited when they talk to her! She is my little fighter, she fought off covid at only 2 months. Voting for her will make her so happy!!! 😊
This is her 2nd online pageant all votes are a blessing.She loves to smile & laugh. She brings joy to everyone by her smile, it lights up the room. She loves to laugh & play and just a very sweet angel. Dont forget you can vote more than once or pay for votes to help her win. Thank you for your vote we appreciate all the love and support. You can also vote up to 10 x a day.
The happiest baby there is. Finley warms everyone’s heart and is always so full of life. Finley enjoys attention and being talked to, she also enjoys coco melon and playing toys with her brother Felix 😊❤️
At 6 months old addyson started to have seizures mutiple times a week and have absence seizures mutiple times a day and she kept getting older her seizures have been less frequent. Addyson started walking at 15 months old but with all the seizures the doctor thinks she has nerve damage in one of her leg. At the end of the day she is my sweet, loving, sassy girl and nothing is going to get in her way. Not even her mommy or daddy!!
Ayla is a very happy baby, always smiling and loves her milk.
Phoenix is a beautiful little 4 week old... She loves car rides and her swing... She is a princess and touches the hearts of everyone she meets!!
I’m cute and sassy
KarleyRose is very bright and loving little girl. She kind and sweet to be around very helpful at home and school. She loves all the animals from snakes to kittens she also loves ice cream and chocolate
Amelia is the happiest baby ever! She’s always smiling and talking up a storm! She loves to play and cuddle with mommy and daddy!
She loves her toys, dancing, talking, and giggling. She is the sweetest most craziest little girl and she loves putting smiles on everyone’s faces!
Presleigh is the sweet little baby. She loves being tickled, sucking on her hands and playing with her big brothers.
Marlee loves to smile, to play, and she her mama and daddy ❤️
Peyton is a very smart, funny, silly, and loving girl. She loves Mickey Mouse, her family, and being very independent. She is full of personality and isn’t afraid of anything.
Annabella Grace is patient, kind, and loving. She is the oldest and only girl of the family and she is very responsible! We are so proud of her!
Cierra loves to watch Cocomelon , arts and crafts , play with her family and be the boss baby she is !
Marley is the sweetest almost 8 month old she loves screaming “dada” and stealing her 2 year old sisters toys. Marley loves all food especially sweet potato!
Ava is a very happy baby! She loves to explore and get to new areas of the house. She enjoys watching how everything works. She has definitely started to show us what she wants!
Tori And True
Introducing my Twinkies 🥰 Tori & True are like night and day, they are the sweetest but they have their mommas attitude. Tori is the oldest twin ( 1 minute but that will matter to them when they get older , lol ) she loves music and dancing, she is very territorial over True, and she loves cookies my True is the youngest twin ( and the youngest of all of my children , the baby baby ) she loves baby dolls and bright colors. She is super sensitive but she is also super sneaky. They do not move without eachother I think it is cute and funny. They are definitely Daddy’s girls, and of course only want mommy when they’re hungry or sleepy lol.
She loves dancing, and running around with her older brother. She loves snuggling up to her daddy and stealing kisses from her baby sister.
I am a spunky sassy five year old who loves her brothers and sister! I love the outdoors and bath time is my favorite ❤ im a princess ❤
Alayna is a sweet happy baby who’s almost 7 months 💗
Kennedy is a princess! She loves dressing up. Kennedy is involved in ballet, tap and gymnastics. Year 2034 she wants to be and Olympian or teen miss North Carolina.
She’s always smiling and no matter how bad your day is she can make you smile no matter what
Hi, my names Everleigh and I love playing with my puppy, giving hugs and kisses, and exploring the house. If you ask my mommy and daddy, I already have a big and loving personality. I love to walk along furniture and play with my toys. I love sharing with my cousins, but when it comes to food, it would have to be my puppy.
Ayla is the most loving little person ever! ✨ shes is VERY artistic for only being 5! 🎨 she’s so smart, she’s an animal lover, the best big sister, she’s really funny and goofy 😜 She loves gymnastics and anything that has to do with being outside! 🌞
Estella Grace
My sassy little world citizen. Estella is 3 months old and loves to visit Mexico to see her Abuela and Abuelo. She’s 50% white and 50% Hispanic but 100% sassy
Beautiful sparkling princess
Mckynleigh is a very bubbly happy little girl, she's always smiling and making noises. She loves her elephant toy that goes on her carseat and gets the biggest smile on her face when you give her her blankey.
Laylah Ellison
Laylah like to play she’s super smiley and just adores food 💖😂
Esther Grace
Esther Grace loves play time with mommy or big bubba, she loves to laugh and smile, and loves to be out side. She is definitely a girly girly who doesn’t like getting her hands to messy, she already has sass and class lol but she loves to eat. And she loves to cuddle 🥰 her bubba is one of her favorite people to hangout with, she is trying to walk and crawls every where. She is definitely my pride and joy besides her bubba.
Alizziana is very happy and aware of things love to talk to people she is 3 months old 💜🤍
Zuri is such a happy baby ❤️ She loves to play peek a boo and watching cartoons 🥰
She love to swim
Elizabeth Ja Mai Awng
She loves to sing
Jasmine Adele is a 2 year, 7 month old beautiful loving princess. Jasmine loves her twin brother Jordan, chicken nuggets, and baby dolls. She can light up a whole room with just one smile! Jasmine is ready to change the world with her wild personality and curious mind. Jasmine is very much loved 🥰.
Aspen is a fun loving, opinionated little girl. She is very determined and loves living life! She has Spina Bifida but she won’t let that slow her down!
Mariana likes watching Mickey Mouse, spending time with family, and posing for pictures.
Ah Miracle
Back in 2019 I lost my first baby which was her brother . Turned around 3 months later finding out I was pregnant with her was one of the best feelings in the world but it all turned for the worst because I was now 4 months in and I end up catching Covid. After that I was told that I was going to lose my second baby like I lost my first one because I had dilated 3cm. At I that moment I had started losing all faith because I was saying how could God bring me this far to leave me alone again but he never left my side . The hospital released me and placed me on strict bed rest for the remaining of my pregnancy. I didn’t make it the whole 9 months , I only made to 6 months. She made her arrival at 7:39am weighing only 1 pound 9oz and thats why her name is Ah’Miracle Faith . My Miracle Babyyyyyy!!!!!!! I had to have Faith to have A Miracle in my life.
Ophelia loves to smile, kick, eat and take baths! She Is a very happy girl!
Raegyn is a beautiful baby girl who has the most outgoing personality. She’s a true blessing. She has 2 brothers to protect her in every way she so loved by many! As her momma I know I’ll have my hands full but blessed to be able to show her the life she deserves.
Leilani is the sweetest baby. She was born on August 14th, 2021. She loves smiling, being outside, getting her picture taken, and sticking her tongue out at everybody she sees! 😊
She is a very loving happy baby girl who lost her dad to sucide beforw she was born
Lillyan is almost 2 months old with a beautiful smile . She loves tummy time , watch tv , cuddles , kisses and loves to giggle .
She is the happiest baby 🥰
Nyla is 8 months old and she loves going to the park, and watching blues clues!! She is the sweetest baby ever and learning new things everyday
Everleigh loves playing in the water, being outside and watching Disney movies.