Ariana is a very sweet and playful little girl! She’s extremely curious and too smart for her time. She loves spending time with her mommy and daddy as well as spending time with other family members. Ariana loves watching Mickey and Minnie Mouse and she loves listening and dancing to music.
Ava is always smiling, loves to be outside and has a huge love for animals No matter what life has thrown her way she continues to thrive and loves everyone
Hello love bugs this is my daughter Nayshaly she is 12 years old she loves to sing dance and play soccer she is an amazing smart beautiful young lady please vote for her thank you 🙏🏼 ❤️
Maria is such a happy baby she loves her brothers playing with her toys .
Ella Grace
Ella Grace is 10 months old! She has 4 teeth. Ella can crawl and pull herself up. Her favorite songs are wheels on the bus, where is thumbkin and your are my sunshine. She loves to play with her sissy and play peek a boo! Ella can say Momma, Dada , Nana, wow, yay, and no :)
Julianna is a happy, smart, beautiful baby, she loves music, she loves when people talk to her. She loves to listen and observe new places/people.
Hi My Name is Christina! I am 6 years old and in 1st grade. I love rolling skating, swimming is my faviorite thing to do! I have a cat names luna ❤️... And one of my faviorte animal is a monkey!
Avery is our first daughter after 3 boys. She is the most sweetest, loving baby. She is 100% a daddy’s girl and prefers her dad over anybody. Avery is always laughing, being silly and really enjoys playing with her brothers. We were definitely blessed with one of the best babies 🥰
Sophia loves to snuggle and cuddle. She has a passion for animals and loves to take care of them. she is the sweetest girl when I'm having a bad day she pats me on the the back and says "it's gonna be ok mommy, I love you"
Love's to go to school and top of her class wants to go to college and be a doctor. Loves animals
Hi my name is TaeAni Rodrigues. My mommy is Riani & my daddy is Todd. I am 11 months old and I love to do so many things. I’m crawling, eating solid foods and I know a few words. Vote for me please ❤️
Madilyn Grace
Madilyn loves her siblings and playing with baby dolls.
Paisley Ann
Paisley loves her siblings and riding the golf cart with her friends.
She is a happy silly and loving baby
Magnolia Rose
Magnolia loves the outdoors and her pets.
McKinley is an courageous little girl she loves to play outside and spending time with her cousins she is loving and has a big personality she loves animals and she’s sweet but can also be a brat at times she is an amazing little girl she loves to explore new things
She loves to have fun she loves to laugh play crawl she very smart and loves to be happy
Little miss beauty and brains. Very smart and intelligent 7yo Miss Zarielle Hannah. Zarielle was born in Georgia on New Year’s Day. She was recognized in her local news paper for being the very first baby born in the county on New Year’s Day in 2016. I knew from the moment she was born she was a star! She shines bright like no other! Those bright green eyes, and beautiful face. We came to win, but most importantly have fun while doing so. We wish you all the best of luck.
I'm a fun loving, kind, independent child of God. God loves everyone and I do too, or at least I try to.
Tinsley Marie is 9months old loves to play and loves ms.Rachel, she’s such a happy smart baby reaching all of her milestones daily!❤️
Quinnie is A very Happy and Blessed Little Girl That Loves To Eat. She brings Joy to everyone she encounters. Show her your support.
Takara is a 6th grader that loves her dog, Eevee. She is a cheerleader for the Dragons. Loves to sing in general to all types of music and in chorus in school. Her favorite is 80s music. Loves her family and loves being an aunt to a 11 week old nephew. She is into vintage things. Anything from 2000 and below. She is very intelligent and brave.
Payton loves sports! She loves trying new foods, and activities! She loves painting and spending time with her family!
Abigail is an animal lover, loves to color, and spend time with her family! She’s full of energy and spunk! She loves visiting her huge family and playing with her sisters!!
Raelynn loves to dance, color and sing! She loves her family and going to grandmas house on the weekend! Raelynn is super funny!! She’s always joking around or playing pranks!
She is our wild child, she loves her big sister, enjoys doing things herself, and she loves giving hugs and kisses.
She is a beautiful smart 11 year old, she loves singing in choir, she loves social studies too.
Lanaisha is a very bright and smart child she loves to sing and play with her friends and her toys she is growing up so fast im so proud of my girls
Audrey is 4 years old and loves to play outside. She is my wild child and I love her so much. She loves everyone she meets and is so sweet.
Allyssa is sweet, caring, funny and sarcastic. She loves to play on her VR and she loves her pet snake Candy Cane. She is shy but outgoing and she loves her me to the moon and back! Please give her a vote, we really appreciate it! 🥰
Lucy is a sweet, smart little girl who loves her dolls and dinosaurs. She is a light ray of sunshine ☀️
This is Wynzdai October. She is 3. Her favorite color is yellow and love rainbows and paw patrol. She loves to be outside and riding her bike. Her favorite words are "but why" and it's the cutest thing ever.
She likes to hang out with her friends she is a very smart and beautiful little girl that has so much to look forward to in life she loves animals and she is very outgoing..
Hi my name is maylani I love to play with my older sister I love to sing and ride my scooter I also love school and I'm definitely a mommy's girl 🤍
Hi my name is Lailani I love to play with my little sister I am a very sweet girl I'm a mommy's girl 🤍 I love school and I always love to sing 🤍
Not only is jayce my mini but shes my firecracker!!! Everything about her is perfect. She loves horses, wolves,gymnastics and she loves adventures too !
Arianna is my beautiful baby niece, she turned 3 today she loves her brother and loves to play. She is so unique in her own ways !! If y’all could please vote for her for her 3rd birthday today thank you.
This is Evelyn aka Babbitt. She is 5 years old and doesnt know a stranger. She loves to draw and be the best big sister. When she was little everyone always stopped us to say hiw beautiful she was and how she should be a gerber baby. She is my baby girl. 🥰
Blossom is a vibrant little girl. She likes to share make people laugh and is ready for pictures anytime the camera goes up. She loves cats especially her cat Bandit, but she enjoys all animals. She loves music, singing and dancing. The reason we entered in contest is to network and win the grand prize so we can use it towards her career. Blossom is currently trying to model for brands and even possibly make it in the acting business (since she’s so good at it lol). We are a bit late into it but with your help we can make it to the top
A’Lani is 2 yrs old and loves to dance and sing. She is very smart and will melt your heart.
Jenesis Dior💕 She was our miracle baby thru out her lil journey of life she went theu a lot and fought hard to become to beautiful smart baby she is today🙏🏾 She is truly a blessing she loves music and likes to dance 💃🏾 she loves to play with her older siblings and loves her favorite tv show Butterbeans cafe. Our lil sassy girl🫶🏽
Elleri is 3 months old and already has a whole lot to say! Elleri loves to babble and chew on her hands! She already loves clothes and doesn’t mind an outfit change or two a day!
Kylee is definitely sassy has a free spirit loves to act for ppl loves playing with her babies she's always out to make someone's day and make them smile