My sweet baby girl Cherish she's a premmie born at 33 weeks 🩷 she loves her momma and nap time. She's momma little fighter 🤗
Madelyn is such a happy baby likes to play with toys,sleep and visit with family.
Kinzlee is 3.5 months old. She’s loves her bouncer and loves to talk! She is the brightest little ray of sunshine.
She is smart caring loves her family and she is a fierce friend she loves sports and band and choir
Maddison is a happy lil fire cracker born with a head full of bright red hair ! She loves her pup pup and siblings they make her laugh the most
She is sweet caring likes to play ball and just loves her family. And I just really outgoing. And her smile is so infectious
Layla is a very smart sweet intelligent little girl she loves everyone, she has a heart of gold and always puts others before her self
Sweet baby, playful, loves anyone, charming she smiles even when she crying😍 loves cocomelon
HI! I’m Harley I’m a happy 20 month old baby girl, I have 3 big brothers who I love very much. I love music and to dance.
Raegan Plant
Raegan is my amazing 4 year old daughter who has spastic diplegia cerebral palsy and she spent 127 days in the NICU cause her and her identical twin sister was born at 26 weeks. Sadly her sister only survived 21 days. Raegan is trying so so hard to walk and she deserves the world.
Adalynne Rae
AdaLynne Rae is a 4 year old, sassy little girl, who loves the outdoors, panting and being with her family, along with many other things 💗
Gracen is 6 years old who loves school coloring and learning how to read
She is a sweet and sassy, but also tough and wild like her four big brothers. She loves anything Bluey and princesses.
Miss Wrenleigh is 2 months old and she is the brightest and happiest baby ever she lights up any room she is in and light up mommy and daddy's whole world she has 2 big sisters she loves playing peek a boo and loves being sang to she loves watching bluey with her big sisters and loves sitting with daddy watching him play his games 💗 she is absolutely the sweetest baby and full of smiles ! she thinks her hands are the yummiest thing ever !
Only 11 months old with a big bright personality. Alwaya smiling and showing love to anyone that crosses her path. She is also very smart as well.
I love to play , eat my bubbas, and watch bebefinn
She is very smart little girl, she loves to sing an play with her Barbie’s ❤️ in the summer time she loves going to the lake on weekends with her family
Extremely sociable with all. Charismatic with a bubbly personality and a big heart. Loves swimming, gymnastics, animals, dancing, arts and craft, and books.
Beautiful happy baby who loves to bounce and loves her cheerios and pancakes
Dalila is 2 years old, she loves everything Cocomelon, Gabby’s Doll House and baby shark. She is just now talking and loves to do so. With her just now talking we relied on Sign Language to communicate with her so she is bilingual. She loves Bananas and Cheese. She loves to ride in her Mimi’s jeep and play with her aunts dog. She loves to jump and do flips!
Reigna loves Dinosaurs 🦕 and Bears🧸! She can sing 🎶 you Baby Shark as well as No More Monkey Jumping on The Bed While hopping. Coloring 🖍️ and snacking 🍅🍌 is her specialty. Her favorite movies 🎞️ are Super Mario Bros as well as Boss Baby! She loves her kitty Milo 🐈‍⬛. She’s has lots of Cousin play dates with her many cousins! Reigna is a social butterfly 🦋, she will greet every one we come past in the store with her warm smile and soft “hi” while exactly waving!
Ella Marie
Ella is 5 years old. She loves her little sister and is very protective over her. She loves playing on her iPad, coloring, gymnastics and playing with her cousins. She loves riding in her Mimi’s jeep and playing on the playground at her Mimi’s house. Her favorite food is hot dogs and Mac and cheese.
Kaylee is a very spunky and fun loving girl! She is the oldest of 3 sisters and looooves being a big sister! She loves cheerleading, karate and golden retrievers!
She is 10yrs old loves her baby sister to the moon, loves white cheddar cheezit’s and has made straight A’s in school and avid reader and is a daddy’s girl
Raelynn is an amazing little fighter. She has defied all odds since her time in the womb. She is the youngest of 3 girls and is a Rainbow baby 🌈 She is definitely a miracle and loved oh so much!!
Liam is 6 months old, his favorite toy is his rainbow slinky and has the biggest warmest grin 💜
Callie girl is our little fire cracker! She is full of sass and witt, and will melt you with her smile! She loves playing with play doh, dressing up like a princess, anything unicorn, and playing outside in the sun with her big brothers!
Lia is a very outgoing baby! She lives crawling everywhere, waving his and bye and clapping. She was born with three teeth!
Lilli was a preemie 3lbs stayed in children's for close to 5 months. Shes doing good now home since oct. 12lbs now. Wont take a bottle so she has a gtube. She loves her pacifier and her big sister. She loves to be snuggled and cuddled shes my bug
Grayah loves stitch, to pretend to do makeup and skin care videos and loves her Papa!
Athena is our perfect miracle. She loves to laugh, especially when she makes us clean up after her! She also loves parties, music, lights and dancing. She went to her first quinceañera and smiled the whole time, until she took her nap of course.
She loves to smile and laugh when you talk to her. She is the happiest baby i have ever known. Being her mom is the best! Her favorite thing to do is chew on her hands and toes ! it’s the cutest thing i’ve ever seen! 😊
Stella is 7 years old. She loves to sing and dance. Her favorite food is home cooked chili. She’s so sweet brave and beautiful.
Lola is 3 months old, loves music, laughter and talking to her mommy and daddy and big sister.
A’myri is very playful and loves to say dada all day. She Also loves to watch gracie’s corner. She Is our beautiful rainbow baby.
I’m always all smiles, it’s my favorite thing to do!
Hello my name is Aryya and I’m two months old. Im trying to hold my head up on my own. I love being held and played with. I’m a very happy, loving baby. I also like watching tv already.
Amelia is a sweet baby girl with the most beautiful smiles. She is a wonderful baby and always in a positive mood!
Yarielis loves too play with her lil cousin she loves too dance and loves too eat and watch mrs.rachel she has bring so much joy into our life.
She loves watching Gracie's Corner and loves her family
Hi! My name is Aurora and I love to dance! Most days I spend time practicing and learning new movements. I love spending time with all my friends and playing playing outside.
Hello my name is Adaline and I love being a big sister, playing soccer and climbing! I enjoy watercolor paints and expressing myself through different arts. I enjoy going to school everyday and learning new things!
Violet loves strawberries, saying Da-Da, and being outdoors.
Milani & Kilani, the life of the party, the center of the world, is glowing and growing each and everyday. They love to watch Ms. Rachel while getting into things they shouldn’t. My chunky girls also love to eat and are milk monsters :)
Hi my name is Galilea Arleth Cerna i am 1 yr old, i love to play outside with my big sister,i love eating especially spaghetti 🍝 my favorite, i love all animals even tho they scare me at the end lol.. this is my first time doing this please give me your vote!