Aaliyah is the youngest of her 2 brothers. She loves to do cartwheels that she learns in dance class and also workout with her mom. Aaliyah loves to play with her big brothers and thumb wrestle with her Dad. She was crowned Lil Labourers daycare 2 years in a row.
Kambri, is a smart, sassy independent lil lady! The first born and the most helpful big sister! She loves to build an color! She knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to let everyone know it! She’s fearless and loves to push the of her parents lol
MyKayla is very outgoing and happy person. She adds a little spunk to the world and everyone who meets her falls in love with her personality!
She has 3 best freinds mykiah , gabby , ella she has been throught alot and shes a kind girl
Iris is a fun, smiley, loving baby girl! She loves Hey Bear dancing fruit sensory videos on YouTube, and her little unicorn rattle is her favorite toy! We could really use the money if she wins, so please vote! Iris deserves the world ❤️
Aubreana is very outgoing she loves to talk to everybody. Her favorite place to be is outside. Shes very active and enjoys dancingand gymnastics.
Hey y’all! 👋🏼
Willow is a beautiful smart loving little girl. She will wrap you around her little finger and smile and melt your heart. She is growing way to fast for this great gma. She smiles and blows the best Raspberries.
Emelia is the happiest little girl around, her smile is so precious
I adopted Kyleigh just last year but she has been with me since she was 1 month old. Kyleigh loved to pose for the camera. She loves helping me out around the house and in the yard. She is so smart. She loves playing outside in the sand and dirt with her outside toys and her dolls. She also loves to get her nails done. She is my princess and my little country girl..
Johannah, Johannah where do I begin🤗? She is a very SMART,outgoing,&friendly little girl.. Just a JOY to have around.😊 ALWAYS willing to help anyone in need. A great BIG sister as well as lil sister. 🤔 (She's the middle child. 😂)
Remi is a 2 year old baby girl who absolutely loves playing with her big brothers. Her favorite food is pancakes & bacon.
The cutest
Kymber loves dressing up in her dress up clothes & playing with her makeup every day after school!
Phenix is a very shy little girl, she to dance and make tic toks.
Rebekah is a happy litte girl, who love to talk and play. She also love animals and music.
Latonia Wilson
We are very blessed to have to have My Big Peachy to kno her is to love😇❤️
I love to play with my brothers. I love to crwal i been trying to walk im playful silly and i will go to anyone im sweet and kind
Waverly Black
Waverly is the best always so happy so curious and always loves to cuddle. She likes her baby dolls and is always following her big sister around.
Vera Grace
She loves to smile at everything. Always so incredibly happy. Vera is so smart and loves to love.
Allie Jane is our sweet baby girl. She is always wearing a smile and trying to talk so bad.
Ivalee loves to play dress up and play with her cousins and her baby sister Salah. She loves to talk and she is a very loving little girl.She would love to have your votes!
Ella is sweet baby, and is almost 2 months old! She is a Native American settled in Oklahoma! She enjoys drinking milk, napping, bath time, and playing on her play-mat. Ella would appreciate all votes!
LIRA is a beauty and is always camera ready! She's 4 & s very athletic and a great dancer! VOTE & See For Yourself!
Scarlett loves her food, as you can tell. She enjoys being around people and making them smile.
Our Butterfly Geniss Loves to Dance,Sing & Roll Play Princess Movies,She Loves Reading.At 3 years old she does Folklórico & Ballet. She is super Smart she Knows her Days of the Weeks,Number 1-20 & all Her ABC. There is No Ending on Playtime. She likes making new friends.
There's definitely a little bit of devil in those angel eyes!
Evergreen absolutely loves her daddy. She's always hungry for a bottle and is such a happy baby. She's 2 and a half months and can already hold her bottle by herself and put her binki back in her mouth if it falls out. She is advancing very quickly. I'm a very proud mommy🥰
Amani loves smiling as soon as she sees her mommy and daddy’s face as she wakes up. Her favorite thing to do is smile and coo. Amani absolutely loves attention and craves to be close to someone.she just turned 3 months old and she’s always trying to act grown. It’s amazing how much she already understands. She’s so strong and has a beautiful little personality that grows bigger and bigger everyday.
She is my precious little red head and last baby. To see her come this far after being resuscitated at birth and making all her milestones. Little miss Athena Ryan
Zoey is twin B and the last of this mommy babies. She is very independent very spunky and silly too. 😜 super girly and bright. Mommy ray of sunshine!
Enjoys watching Sesame Street and tummy time !! A warm bottle usually does it!! One enjoys kicking and moving! She also is attracted by anything that makes noise!
Ivory is the sweetest girl you'll meet, she loves animals, slime and pizza! She loves going to the park and playing outside but she also likes to be in the house building blocks and magnets into cool towers!
Full of personality, she loves to help, she is a dancer and loves 🐈 cats! Kayla helped 22 cats find homes last year through Rescue! Kaylas cats get individual attention daily. She has not met a cat she could not tame and help find a family to Love!
Analise is filled with personality , loves music , enjoys spending time with her nephew. She’s is a mommy girls for sure 🖤. Vote little miss diva
Cassady loves to read, draw, and tell funny stories.
Cheldana loves chasing the sunset on the island she was born and raised on, Hawaii’Nei Maui 🌺
Skylah is very outgoing, loves to dance! Shes just the most lovable little girl!!
Zariah is very smart and loving. Loves all the attention. She has 2 bubbas that she loves so much! Some things that she likes the most are barney, coco-melon, and her babies. 😊
Kaedynn is 5, going on 25, she’s the sweetest, smartest little girl that I know, she loves being a big sister and helping with her little brother, and all her little cousins, she’s very outspoken and respectful, all around a great kid!
Rebel is Rebel, she lives up to her name. Shes spunky and a little reserved. She loves wednesday addams, and loves music. She's also a big help when it comes to her nephew
Symonne Caira
This is my Daughter Symonne Caira she loves playing tiktok and do vlog.
shes an out going smart little girl she loves unicorns and she loves her kitty and dog she loves learning new stuff, she loves coloring, shes got the brightest smile, shes so caring and loves to play video games and shes very loving, she puts a smile on our faces even onn the rainiest days
Ariana is a very sweet and playful little girl! She’s extremely curious and too smart for her time. She loves spending time with her mommy and daddy as well as spending time with other family members. Ariana loves watching Mickey and Minnie Mouse and she loves listening and dancing to music.
Ava is always smiling, loves to be outside and has a huge love for animals No matter what life has thrown her way she continues to thrive and loves everyone
Hello love bugs this is my daughter Nayshaly she is 12 years old she loves to sing dance and play soccer she is an amazing smart beautiful young lady please vote for her thank you 🙏🏼 ❤️