My niece Carleigh is a 5 year old fun loving , smart and sweet little girl. She loves her family and loves animals ❤
She’s very outgoing , friendly and doesn’t meet a stranger! She is very lovable and happy, but also very energetic and keeps you on your toes!
hi, i’m naomi, i’m 1 year and 4 months old. i love watching cocomelon and simple songs, baby shark,mickey mouse, i also love eating cheese crackers,fruits and vegetables, yogurt ! i enjoy looking outside at my dogs and giving them treats. i love petting my cat because he’s just so cute and fluffy! thank you for voting for me!!
Sara is a happy 1 year old. She loves to play dinosaur, she loves bike rides and car rides. She loves playing with her 3 siblings.
Braelyn is a 3 year old full of love , imagination and sass! She was born with Heterochromia , one blue eye and one green eye. She is one smart kid! She has known her abcs and how to count to 10 since she was 1 1/2 years old! She loves pretending to be like mommy and pretending she’s a super hero ! We would appreciate your vote!
Kylie is 2 months old, she loves Sesame Street, laughing and being talked too.
Kalani is almost 7 months old. She is extremely busy crawling everywhere already. She loves watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse while snacking on yougurt bites or gerber puffs.?
Will Exchange Votes 😘💜🫶🏼🆗 … Mi’Lah She So Sweet & Loving , Shes A Girly Girl Wit A Little Sas To Her She Loves Her Makeup , Shes Loves To Dance & Sing Shes Very Kind & Well Mannered Shes Really Smart Mommas Beautiful Princess 💜💜 Go Head & Give My Baby A Vote 😘🙃 She Said Thank You 💜🫶🏼
She is one of the biggest sweet hearts out there! She loves helping people with anything. She loves spending time with her family and loves to go camping ❤️ we can’t keep her out of any water lol
She loves to read and she loves to do gymnastics!!
Monroe is every word of the meaning of a Princess. She loves to give hugs and blow kisses. She also loves playing with her twin brothers Gabriel and Lucas. Her favorite movie is Finding Dory and she looves to eat. She makes our family complete in so many ways.
I’m Khali , I’m made of 80% of attitude & 20% of a spoiled BRAT 💋
She love playing with her brother&sister's , she also enjoying watching cocomelon..
Ivy is outgoing and sassy all around she has the best personality and she’s always happy! She loves food and all her toys and playing outside with her sister and puppies.
Alexis is 3 years old she is a very loving very smart little girl she enjoys playing with her family and being outside she also enjoy watching Paw Patrol❤
Mychaella is the best child you can ask for kind, considerate, and caring. She is 10 years old and 5th grade. She is an honor roll student, she loves to dance, sing, and read. She has just became student council of her class.
Royalty Is 3 months old , very outgoing already holding her own bottles and always smiling. Royalty Loves Getting Her Butt Changed & When She Sneeze She Thinks Its So Funny. Royalty Loves Her Mom & Grandma So Much. 🤍🤍
Emery Jane is a character, she loves to watch Diana on YouTube and she loves to dance in dresses.!
Jazmyn is a little diva and loves to dress in the latest style!!!
Show Athena some love🥰
Madilynn is 12 months! She is such a happy baby! She is always smiling and laughing!She loves to crawl and stand. She tries to walk but gets scared and nervous when we let go of her. She loves watching moana and listening to her mommy sing. People werent kidding when they said we are blessed with one good baby!
Reina is a very cheery baby with the a smile and face to fall in love with. She loves to be showered with compliments, that makes her smile the hardest!
Kaizlee is a sassy, but beautiful little kindergardener. An you never know what to expect from this lil firecracker. Good luck Kai, we love you
Aubree is a usually quiet young lady. She loves dogs, she's usually to herself. An sometimes very shy. A wonderful big sister. Love you Aubs
She loves to dance and make TikTok videos, play with her baby dolls and is considered a fasionista
Rylann loves the camera! Always ready to pose and take a picture !! Loves to be the center of attention and knows how to enjoy a good meal and dance party ! Follow me on Insta ! @rypie2017
Aalya Rose
Shes very independent, very lovable but has a sassy side to her. She loves the water such as pool and beach! She loves to eat and go out!
Carlee is 16 months old. She loves dancing and she’s been trying to sing. She loves rolling around the floor playing with her toys and watching her favorite song on YouTube.
Ava is a very respectful young lady, who's had a kinda rough start in life. But is doing very well now. God is good. An we love you Ava. To the moon and back, an far beyond the stars. Good luck baby girl. XOXO
Zariya is a spunky, full of character Princess!
Jaidyn is actually my little sister but I have raised her since she was born! Jaidyn has had 4 brain surgeries and is an absolutely amazing child! ♥️
She a very happy baby loves to play love music
Beautiful, Smart , Funny , Outgoing 5 Year Old With A Personality That's Bigger Than Her. She Loves Being In Front The Camera , Dancing , Singing & Dressing Up Like A Princess, If She Wins This Money , It'll Be To Invest In Her Business She Has With Her Sister. Follow Her Instagram @vivianawilliams2017
Lucee is a little sister of 3 brother one with dmd
Loves drawing, Anime, about to turn 11 in November, Im an only girl. Intelligent and can sing.
Adleigh is a very smart outgoing child! Even in the womb she was always wanting to interact! She is a soon to be big sister and is a family child for sure! She wants to be a fire girl (firefighter) when she gets older! She is a true Pisces! If it’s water, she’s there! She’s the change in the world! 💗
A'Miyah is a 6 year old very smart, loving, caring, and sweet girl. She love school and playing with and helping her mom care for her new baby brother. She also has cousins she love so much she call them her brothers and sister and will not let you say anything different. A'Miyah love spending time with her dad and Nanas and Papa. For fun she like going to the water park, playing on her phone, and watching dance and cheer competitions.
joyful, it’s never a dull moment when Addy is around. she loves her mommy, always cracks a smile when she’s near.
Mi’Kailynn is a sweet and loving princess. She loves to play with her brothers, dance and sleep. Oh did I mention she knows that she is a princess♥️
Denver is a sweet and sassy little girl who loves to cuddle and loves to help mommy do pretty much anything. She loves to clean and carry her purse everywhere. She's a sweet little girl who loves her big brother, mommy and daddy.
Krisalyn is a sweet, loving 1 year old Diva. She loves to dance and play with her brother. She will grow up to be great and full of success!!!
Kinzlee is a fun loving sassy girl. She loves unicorn's. She loves to boss her older brothers around (19,16,) and they happily let her. She has them wrapped around her little finger.
Zaimya'lynn is 2 months old , very outgoing already holding her own bottles and always smiling at the people she loves 🌸.
Maria is a love caring person everyone if so happy around her she will never treat and one different no matter what. If some one gets her or is upset sad hurt she is right there to see if there is anyway that she can help them Maria appreciate every one that vots and share and thank you
My name is Amelia. I like to play on my blanket on the floor and listen to music. sometimes i roll over. i love bath time. i am a very happy baby and cute. vote for me!
She’s a very sassy, outgoing, funny,cute little 2 year old she loves trolls and loves to take pictures of her self and color💕