Baby Stories - 42


Odessa Wood
Odessa is a really pretty girl and she has a smile that will melt your heart.She loves her stuffed sloth but most of the time she sleeps and eats
Torryns a fashionista who loves to sing dance and smile. She has a personality out of this for my pretty baby
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Layla it’s just a adorable baby I love her with my life she’s so special to me and I can’t leave with out her everytime I wake up and see her my life lights up she makes everyone happy she loves to laugh a lot and she has a amazing personality
Symphony Vasquez
Hello I’m symphony 👋 I’m a funny wild girl 💜
My name is Emilia and I love to dress up and love wearing boots
Paislee loves Halloween and her mommy she’s a fun and very hyper kid.
Little miss emrahlynn is very spunky and out going girl!! She loves playing with other kids and visiting her cows on a daily basis. In Emrahlynns free time you can find her playing with her toy farm animals or watching Cocomelon. 🤍 please vote for our princess 👑
Hi I’m Autumn, I’m pretty, loving and full of smiles, I love candy and I also can read and write and I’m just two years old 😘
She is a smart, beautiful, funny baby. She is always so full of joy.. always laughing and smiling.. she love to watch tv.
Daijah is very friendly and loves to sing and make others laugh. She loves her family and her smile will brighten up anyones day.
I am sassy and fun. I enjoy playing in the creek and collecting rocks. I love unicorns, Minnie Mouse and my doggy, Charlie!
She has a smile that will light up a room, she is always smiling and is so laid back. She loves her big sissy and watches everything she does. She is the best baby we could ever ask for.
Eva is the best big sister, she is funny and has the biggest imagination. She has a lot of energy and loves to help around the house with anything she can. Loves the Grinch movie
Miss Brooklynn is such a sweet heart and also has a spunky out spoken side. She loves cub scouts but also loves her barbies she also likes to read and draw.
She is 3 months old and she has Turner syndrome she had heart surgery when she was 3 days old she sweet baby girl
Kiari Byrd
Ki’Ari is Ki’Ari lol. I can count to 10 , sing my ABC’s , knows all my colors, shapes, and animals. My favorite thing to do is play with my sister and all cousins big or little. My energy is sky high and I can lighten up a room with just a smile.
LayLay is a gift from God!!!! Beauty is her name. She is very advance while she enjoy play time with mommy and daddy. Her smile brighten up the whole room. She is very active and love listening to music and watching cartoons. Time is flying because my princess is 11months already.
Baby charlotte loves to giggle and growl and blow rasberries and smile. Cocomelon is her favorite and boogie is her nickname because she wiggles to any and all musicals.
Shes is an intelligent and funny lil gal. Always laughing and smiling, having the time of her life trying to learn everything she can alongside her 3 year old brother. A little bringer of light and love, shes a wonderful helper and very protective of brother as well.
She’s a very smart and happy kid! She loves swinging at the park and going down the slide and she loves doc mcstuffins
Hi I’m Eden! I just turned 2 months old, I love music,bath time, and cuddles with my mommy. I have three dogs who I love. My favorite activities would be drinking milk, being held, and shopping with mommy. Whenever she puts me in the car I fall right asleep. I hope you vote for me💗
Hello my name I love playing with my rattles and also my brother and I’m always rolling over.
The happiest giggliest baby there ever was happens to be me! I love my big sister as she always keeps me smiling! My tiny teeth chew on everything from food to toys to toes, but I love my family and they love me and can’t wait to see me grow!
Emilia is almost 3 months old and loves to play and laugh! She loves her big brother and swinging in her swing. Emilia will coo all day long, as long as she isn't in the process of getting in her beauty sleep.
My Daughter is 8 years old she love to play outside her cats and she is a lovely little lady
Opal Moon is 8 months of pure happiness. She has the most infectious smile and loves to make people laugh. Not to mention her adorable chunky cheeks and dimples!!
Hi my name It’s Kambry, I’m 1 year 6 months old, I love to play with my brother, and water, I’m always smiling even thoe I’m shy,I like to eat, and dance, I’m a happy baby. Vote for me please!
My babygirls name is Annabelle, she was born on April 23,2021. She has 3 older brothers and a little brother on the way. Annabelle has blonde hair, blue eyes and she loves to smile, laugh, and play all day long.
Willow loves , mickey mouse , doc mcstuffins and minnine mouse . She is a mommys girl , she is our sunshine she loves ryan upchurch and any country music
Layla is such a happy baby. She's by far the best little girl. She loves her nana and her brother's. She's always happy and loves to be cuddled.
This littel girl is her Mothers lifesaver if she was never concived her mother wouldnt know she had cervix cancer... This little girl is the happest baby she is always smiling and the light if her parents life...
She is the most loving 2yr old I know she loves playing outside , coloring , spending time with her grandma . She is the type of little girl to light up the room when she walks in if you’re having a bad she will make you laugh and make you feel better . She also loves playing with her brother and sister she is the most outgoing person I know .
Miss Arabella Mae is a sweet but sassy soul. She loves eating dancing and watching Sofia the First!
She is so bright and smart
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥ADVANCE VOTES ARE WELCOME🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💕💕💕Hi, My name is Cataleya I'm the oldest sibling from my family. Let me tell you somethings about me. The first thing is that I LOVE MY FAMILY so much, my favorite color is pink, I love eating avocados and last but not least I love reading and going to school.💕💕💕
Jasmine is a sweet soul. She loves music, she loves art, she is kind and a little sassy at times. She is genuine and nowadays that is something rare. She can make a difference in the world if we gave her the chance.
Isabella is a sweet loving cuddle bug! She is always happy and such a bundle of joy 🥰
Paisley loves to be held and cuddled, she loves to be talked to as well. She is starting to hold her up more and she's also starting to babble ❤️
My name is Ka’Layah Monez , but everybody calls me Layd . I am 7 years old and I love Unicorns.. really anything colorful. My favorite thing to do in school is math and recess of course because I get to play with my friends. I have 3 little sisters and 1 little brother I think that I am a really great big sister.
Although she is just one month old, she likes to laugh and interact with people. She was born through C- section because I was not dilated enough. I am breast feeding her fully and as such my belly has healed with a smile. Anyways please vote Fatima and I will make sure her first words will be THANK YOU! 💞
Khaliyah loves to help out around the house, she loves to laugh and when you get ready to take a picture of her she says, “cheese!” Khaliyah loves to tell everyone that she sees that Mommy has her baby sister in her tummy. She kisses her baby sister goodnight everyday. She will be a great big sister when her baby sister is born. 🥰
Itzae Virgen
She is a girl who came as a gift from God, very blessed and loved by her family, her name represents what she is.
Alexis is a very playful little girl. She’s very funny. She makes everyone laugh! She has a 18 year old sister she loves hanging out with! She has a very cute laugh. She likes to go to the park, play with her sisters dog leo, help me wash dishes. She is very active.