Baby Stories - 42


Ava is a fun, loving, caring, adventurous and a wonderful big sister. She seriously has a heart of gold! She adores her two younger brothers. A few things she enjoys doing; playing outdoors, fishing, coloring, doing makeup, and playing dress up. It would mean the world to us if you voted for her. ☺
River Noblejas
Little Love Bug, she is the sweetest baby ever, always blowing kisses and giving hugs. She wakes up smiling and goes to bed smiling❤️
Samantha is outgoing and loves to dance.
Beautiful, smart, funny with a little bit of spice xoxo
Hello everyone my name is Sophia! I’m the happiest baby in the world. Mommy says I’m so curious with everything and hearing my own voice! I love watching people talk and being in the mix. I love to cuddle and watch coco melon with mommy especially when she sings the songs to me
Layla is such a happy and smiling little girl. She is an only child and learning new things everyday!
Shes my wold and i cant wait to aee u forf the firt time your mom cant keep us apart forever
Ella is a spunky, fun, loving, sweet 4 year old with a bit of a sassy attitude! She loves doing anything active from swimming to riding four-wheelers to playing with barbies! So much personality in such a little body but has a heart of gold and loves everyone and everything!
Loves teddy bears taking pictures and cuddles i am a very adventurous child and keep mommy on the move 24/7.
Kodie is such a sweet little girl! She loves to play with her best friend, Remi and loves to play barbies! She loves anything pink and sparkly!
JaNyla was born on the 4th of July 2019 and she is a brave, smart, funny outgoing toddler who loves Minnie Mouse and Elmo💗
Kimber is our second child! She is a ball of fire and a personality of her own!
Lovely, friendly, and smiles a lot. She’s a happy baby. Born during the pandemic, we survived ‼️❤️
Summer gets her name because of her yellow blonde hair and her warm personality. She is a wonderful, sweet , smart babygirl who is adventurous and who loves to learn new things everyday!
Willow Sage is an only child, she is an absolute blessing to be around, always playful, always happy, and always smiling. She has so much personality, and is a total character already. Her laugh is contagious as well as her warm and loving smile.
This is my beautiful baby girl Lerrick. She is sweet, funny and LOVES food!!!!
Haven is a Crazy Adventurous and absolutely free spirited little girl. She has a very caring heart!
She is smart and intelligent.
Avery loves smiling, taking pictures, and talking.
My name is Valentina Isabel, but daddy calls me “V.” I like to get my hands on anything I see as it might make my gums better feel. One of my favorite things to do is spend time out and about, while cuddles from mommy I can't be without. Curious, sassy and always smiling best describes me, on here trying something new, because my friend Dora the Explorer motivated me to do!
Eloise is a smiley heart breaker ❤️
Logahn Thomas
Logahn is very outgoing but very bossy and energetic. Loves to run around and get dirty but at the same times loves to wear dresses and be prissy at times too.
Ari is the most happiest one year old i EVER met!! She is so sweet & loving she loves to give kisses all day long!!
My sweet girl loves dressing up & looking pretty. She’s one of the sweetest, wildest kids I’ve ever met. ❤️
Jaela loves to laugh, smile and be a second mommy to her little brother. Jaela also loves playing with barbies, her LOL dolls and accessories but most of all loves to dance and model. Help Jaela win little miss beauty.
She is such a good loving and fun baby. She brings smiles to people she doesn't even know faces and has a smile to brighten up a room i love being her mommy 💖
Charleigh is our little firecracker! She is full of giggles and sass. She puts on a smile on everyone's face!
Anezrin Paige was born August 18, 2020. She loves to be talked to, loves baths, and is a chunky butt. She has the brightest smile and is such a happy baby. 💓
Everly is my little daredevil! Always laughing and smiling 😃 She loves playing with her friends and learning from her teacher. She loves all her animals.
A’alena is 8 months. She loves to watch Ralph Breaks The Internet, Mickey Mouse, and Vampirina. She loves to play with her Mom, Dad, and Cousins. Follow her on Instagram @beautiful_aalena !
SeMariah is my miracle baby she is one of the happiest babies you'll ever meet. She loves playing with mommy and daddy she's my NICU baby my life support survivor
Hi I’m Juliana A’Jream a 5month happy playful bubbly baby girl that enjoys family time long talks and warm bottles 😊 Please leave a vote for me 🥰
Caliya is a very outgoing 10 year old little girl. She is the middle child and has an older sister and a younger brother. Caliya is the winner of our hometown beauty pageant and she currently holds the Melon Miss title!!🍉She absolutely loves cheerleading and gymnastics. When she grows up, she wants to attend Navarro College and participate in their Cheer Program!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my beauty, and thank you for all of your votes!❤️
Sofia has such a great and bubbly personality, she is a wonderful big sister, an Avid reader, and enjoys singing and dancing! She is friendly and a nice to everyone and loves making new friends!
Arrow Ray is 6 months old and is literally a ray of sunshine when near her. She has the smile that’ll light up anyone’s day and/or world! Little miss is able to stand on her own when holding something, she has two pearly whites, the biggest blue eyes, and the sweetest laugh!! Vote for Arrow 🥰
Skylar is a sweet, sassy and smart 6 year old. She loves being outdoors exploring, reading books and playing with anyone and everyone. She has a huge heart and hates to see anyone hurt (emotionally or physically).
Maria-Rita like music, art, reading books and play checkers. She is always nice and friendly to everyone.
My beautiful baby girl Emma Rose Welch! She loves to smile and loves to just be so dramatic about everything💜
Danica Lexi
Danica was born 4 weeks early. She acted like a full term baby. She is very strong and beautiful. Her daddy and I call her baby glitter sparkles. She loves her two buddies that she just got for her first Christmas.
Nevaeh is a miracle babygirl. I was an addict she was sent to me to save me, she has changed my life . I needed to become a mommy. Her mommy. Her soul is wise. Her spirit is healing. Her name , heaven backwards, suits her, she is the happiest baby she is always smiling and laughing. She's really a gorgeous babygirl.
Hi Everyone! This is my 💝Native American Princess Eliza Adele Tangle💝She has the biggest brightest smile you cant miss! She loves to dance, act crazy, and she loves making everyone laugh!
Eleanora is a spunky beautiful girl. Who has a heart of gold!
Jayda is a beautiful young girl who loves reading and is very smart in life. She also love the beach in the summer time and I think you should vote for her because she is such a sweet loving person.
My little Joelle. My missing piece I’ve waited for my whole life. A smile that would literally turn your whole day around. Eyes that are so bright and full of life. A laugh and voice that is so sweet I never get annoyed hearing her talk all day. Can have a attitude but apologies for getting so mad. So caring and smart she surprises me and her father everyday!
She loves dinosaurs n her favorite color is pink n she loves to eat n has a sassy attitude but can be sweet too
Elliana loves music and to be sung to. She loves to snuggle all the time! She love car rides and long walks in her stroller!