Ivey Gene
Ivey Gene is most definitely the apple of her daddy’s eye. She has never met a stranger. Loves her best friend Bojack (dog) , her moo cow, and mommy! She enjoys going outside and sitting on the porch in the rocking chair and riding the golf cart. She’s a country girl at heart!
Daphne Kaye Ann was born on 04-01-2022 she weighed 8lbs and 10oz she loves try to hold her head up and sleeping is her favorite thing. She is loved by so many but her sister is her biggest fan.
Amirah Margaux Seegmiller
Amirah Margaux Loves cuddle and kisses, she’s a happy baby and always smile to people. She loves having conversation and makes her laugh.
Ella Louise
Ella already has a whole personality of her own. She loves dressing up and loves smiling for her Mama. She is smiley, blue eyed sweetheart.
Hi I’m Harmoni E. I’m 3 soon to be 4 years old. I love to learn; I know my ABC’s, how to spell Harmoni, and I also know my numbers. I love to watch YouTube and go to the nail shop. And Im very loving, my mom says I give the best hugs 🥰.
Paislie is 16 months old and she lovesssss to be outside! She’ll spend all day outside if she could. She loves any animal she can get her hands on and is the happiest baby you’ve ever seen! Her laugh is contagious and will bring a smile to your face and warm your heart!
Scarlett is my sassy, funny, sweet lil 1 year old girl. She has a voice and she's not afraid to use it, she can also be sweetest girl when she feels like it. She loves to dance, eat, be silly, and boss us all around❤️
Jayden is known to her friends as "Buddah". She loves to take 📸 pictures & make tictoks. She has quite a big personality & everyone loves her ❤️
Meet Coyote!! She loves bubble baths, milk, smiling, listening to Mommy sing and pulling Daddy’s beard!
Larrisa is smart and just full of Energy she loves the park she loves to eat 😩love walking our dog she loves riding her scooter and playing with her other toys 💜
Paisley is an amazing sweet little lady, who’s very smart, funny, talented and outgoing. She loves to dance and cook and take care of others. Unicorns are her absolute favorite! She wants to be a cheerleader and loves to read.
Currently NOT EXCHANGING. Just here for achievements. NEED AN ADVANCE? 🌜✨ Write on our wall ♥️ Thank you so much for all your gifts, bonuses, returned votes, and support! I am a sweet little girl who loves car rides, music, climbing, dancing, snacks, milk, and going for walks. Your votes mean so much to us, thank you all very much! 💫
Lyriq is a real sweetheart; pretty and smart but also quite the prankster! She likes science and is OBSESSED with LOLs! She wants to be a gymnast AND a veterinarian!
Madisyn (aka Sunshine) is the sweetest, smartest, most adorable toddler! She fills the room with her personality and brightens everyone’s day 💕
Iris is a beautiful happy baby with the most gorgeous smiling eyes🥰
Ava likes to dress up and is very girlie. She is sweet but also very sassy and knows what she wants.
She loves to clap and wave. She is the smilest baby you will ever meet. She will smile at anyone.
Makensie is a fun loving little girl who loves playing with her siblings. Always smiling
Amyah Amore is such a playful baby that always has a snail on her face she likes to play with her stuff animals and loves her big siblings She also loves to play dress up with mommy
Oaklynn is just a happy go lucky baby. She is perfectly happy just hanging out with her cousins day in and day out! She loves to play and eat!
She is a little ball of energy and loves all animals she doesn't mind getting down and dirty to help take care of them
Amaiyah is the sweetest, happiest, and silliest baby. She always has a smile on her face. Of course there’s the occasional mean mug when she meets someone new but she will instantly melt your heart and wait for you to join her while she turns her arms while listening to wheels on the bus.
Kennedie is the light of our world! She she our miracle baby.
Kamryn is so smart and alert. Her favorite things are Cheeto Puffs, dancing, and saying “Hi” to everyone lol. Her smile is contagious and brightens your day. Big beautiful brown eyes that steal your heart. My Kammy girl
Scarlett is 22 months old. She has had to battle a lot in her life. She was a 34 week preemie who suffered gbs strep which cause meningitis. She now suffers from seizures and has brain damage. She also had brain surgery . She loves cuddles from mommy and daddy and she also like music.
NovaLee is almost 1! Help make this birthday even more special by getting her sweet face to first place. She enjoys learning to feed herself, laughing, running around and playing with her favorite Cocomelon toys!
Gianni loves to watch cartoons, play with her mini mouse stuffed animals and she’s very smart and advanced for her age. She’s already scooting and pulling up to sit up and love to play and giggle with her siblings!!!
Kinslee is 8 months old just started crawling and is very talkative she always has something to tell you . Her smile lights up the room when she comes in. She loves playing with her brother he is her best friend .
Our princess Haylie is almost 10 months old and full of life! She loves to play peek-a-boo, say “dada,” giggle, mama’s milk and crawling all over the house. She is a happy and very lucky little girl. Also, Haylie adores her big brother David. Please vote for our sweet, little Ms. Redhead!
Kahlani LOVES to eat!! She’s such a happy baby that it’s not hard to make her laugh..
Lilah Lorraine was named after her paternal and maternal great grandmothers. She has an incredible legacy that those amazing women left her, and she is already living up to it at just 8 months old! She loves to giggle, plays peek-a-boo like its nobody's business, and is trying her hardest to walk. She will say a few things including "yay, Lilah", "mama", "dada", "hi" and of course "no". She lights up our lives, and we're so blessed to call her our daughter.
Gabriella is very alert. She really enjoys nibbling on her hands and fingers.
Harlynn is always happy and cheerful to those around her. She loves Minnie Mouse and chocolate cake. Loves to run around and play with her uncle. She makes everyone’s day so much brighter.
Patience is a very smart, funny, and outgoing little girl! She’s definitely going to be the show wherever she goes! Her favorite character is Peppa Pig!
Joleigh is the happiest baby ever. Always smiling and laughing.. oh and sticking out her tongue. Her personality shines bright even at 4 months old 😊❤️
Little miss Emma is very loving crazy and most of all enjoys messing with big sister
My daughter is 4 months old with a 2 year old brother. She loves to smile and laugh and she also loves tummy time!!
Remi is very energetic, loves singing , dancing , gymnastics , &playing with her friends ❤️
She is 4 months ❤️ Adorable loves to smile and loves kisses 😊
Luna was born with CHD. She had open heart surgery at the age of 9 days old and will undergo another surgery when she is 6 months old to fix the rest of her heart. She is the sweetest baby. Always has a smile on her face. Loves her family endlessly. We are greatful she’s here with us.
Ainsley is a happy baby who LOVES her hands. She loves to drool on everyone and she gives the BEST cuddles 🤍
Layla is extremely energetic she loves dancing, singing, shopping and gymnastics
A Christmas miracle and the rainbow after the storm. She loves cuddles with mommy , her rattle & her fur brother. She's a miracle for sure , she loves green beans and pears and mashed taters.
Neiva has the world’s biggest personality in her tiny, peanut body. She is so sweet, quizzical, she loves animals and her family so much! She is just about the world’s fastest speed crawler and she loves trying new foods. She has the sweetest heart and we hope you love our little girl just as much as we do 💙
Aviana is a smart and happy little girl she is my little diva princess