Alaiya June is a true bundle of joy. She lights up the room with her beautiful smile. She loves Ms. Rachel, bananas, bows & nap time!
Alaia Marie
Little Miss Alaia is a ray of sunshine ☀️ always happy and smiling with those chipmunk cheeks!! So hard to resist to kiss!
My beautiful baby girl loves to play with her big brother she’s talking sentences new words everyday she’s always happy and smiling and loves to eat!!
She is a very loving and sweet girl.she loves music and dancing,she also enjoys playing with her dog toodles and cat bynx
Miss Brooklyn has figured out how to smile the biggest smile ever! Her favorite thing to watch is dancing fruit and her big brother dance and play!
Emelia is such a happy sweet girl! Her big brown eyes and smile melt your heart. She loves to sit and watch Fantasia and loves to listen to music! She’s the best!
Karli Mae is 3 months old and loves to be loved on, smile, and make silly faces. Everyday she learns something new ♥️
We’ve nicknamed her squish because she is so cuddly! She is the sweetest little girl and always brings a smile to our faces! She has some delays but is working so hard to catch up!
She is an active yet chill baby with much personality. She loves to play outside and go window shopping because she is a baby so she is broke.
Little Miss Ally is such a happy, beautiful little girl her smile brightens up her room, her little squeaks make you fall in love every time you hear them. She’s such a good baby.
Adrianna is 4 months old and she is such a happy and healthy baby❤️ would’ve never known she was in the NICU for almost a month!!!
Avery is a very spunky lil ginger snap and we would not have her any other way. She loves dancing, singing, and absolutely anything that involves her older siblings .
Dior is a smiling, kicking, easy going baby🥰 she loves to watch zues network with mommy and side eye daddy and big bro😆❤️
She’s our happy girl whose smile lights up the room!💖
Layla is an amazing and beautiful babygirl who is always smiling and laughing no matter who she looks at!❤️🥰she is only 4months and sassy already bt daddy and mommy's princess👑
Serenity is a very loving 2 year old. She loves her two older brothers. Her favorite show is Coco melon. She is a mamas girl
She loves to say bye bye mum mum da da shes the happiest baby
Mollie is 8yrs old and love cheerleading and baseball.
She loves Christmas lights and late night dance parties. Occasionally tries to ride our golden doodle.
I love to dance and sing. Nursery rhymes are my favorite, I love Mrs. Rachel. My favorite color is pink. I love my big brother, & mom, & dad.
Dakota is smart funny active and intelligent she loves ballet, tap dance, hip hop and gymnastics she loves to make friends and she loves to smile and laugh a lot she's really all about family she always wants to do stuff with family she's such a sweetheart.
Astraea is a very unique beautiful little girl, she loves her crinkley toys, blowing bubbles, smiling so big, Bluey& Ms. Rachel! She was born with ALL DAT HAIR and continues to get more adorible as the days go by🥰
Audrey was born 10 days early, on mommy and daddy’s anniversary! She is a true lover of music and never turns down an opportunity to dance. She’s got a genuine smile, and she’s very generous in sharing it with everyone around her - it’s contagious!
Hi, my name is love , I enjoy painting,dancing,singing , coloring, playing outside , i enjoy watching movies with my family,I also enjoy playing on my tablet. I love playing with my friends,I love nature I enjoy going on adventures with my parents and grandparents.
Aria loves anything and everything sparkly. She is obsessed with Gabby’s Dollhouse and Minnie Mouse. Her favorite person is her big brother.
My Daughter Is 5 Years Old … She’s Very Smart, Intelligent & Beautiful. She Has A Heart Of Goal & She’s Very Artistic ❤️ Vote For Her & Help Her Reach That #1 Spot … Thanks In Advance ‼️‼️‼️
Leighton loves to laugh and play!! She loves her momma and especially her dada!!
Ynid loves playing and having fun with her brother, she loves to eat and is the happiest girl.
Aylah Chavelle
She likes makeup, being outdoors, nuggets/ fries, & 🦝
Ava was born Oct 1. She loves Bluey and hanging out with Mommy and Daddy. She's the chillest baby you'll ever meet, and she's oh so happy 😊
Chloee loves to smile and loves to eat her veggies
Sassy, Determined
Gracelynn loves trying to talk even though she can’t make the words out yet and she loves her momma like no else 🩵
Birdie jade 3 months old, happy loving rainbow baby❤️🥰😍✨
Lily has became a big sister now for the fourth time with one step sister New she is adjusting to her new life well and loves her new little sister! She is a very smart girl who does wonderful school! We are proud of you girl!!
Celeste is a sassy and playful girl. She loves to blow bubbles and listen to her mommy sing.
Bryar June
Bryar is a very charismatic, sassy girl! She just became a big sister and is doing wonderful. She also just started school and it’s been a lot but she is doing great.!! so proud of you big girl!!
Jaelynn is 6 months old!! She just started eating baby food! She has 2 teeth right now! She loves watching movies,she loves music,she loves car rides. She’s a sweet and beautiful little girl! She is my first baby so I want everyone to try to help and get her 1st!!
Maelynn Anne
This is Miss MaeLynn Anne. She will be three years old on Feb 1st. MaeLynn is a big daddy’s girl. My husband, her daddy, has been serving in the U.S Army for 10 years. And he is still currently active duty and we have up and moved from our home state. And we are now exploring and living in Fort Moore GA. MaeLynn is our first and only daughter. MaeLynn is the baby of our family, as we have 2 older boys. MaeLynn loves and adores her two big brothers. She loves to play dress up, she loves to dance and do cheerleading. MaeLynn is very smart, social, and oh soo caring and loving. She truly is our blessing and gift from god. If you have a min to spare, please vote for our MaeLynn Anne. 💗
Emmarie-Kate is a very outgoing, loving, caring, full of sass, smart little girl. She brightens up the room with her glowing smile. She loves playing at the park, playing musical instruments, singing to her favorite movies which is trolls and frozen. She loves the color purple. Her favorite animal is cows and puppies.
she is energetic, and full of life. She loves her family, God and has a heart of gold. Dakota reaches for the stars and never gives up.
Jayleigh is your all around sweet but sassy little girl! She’s so smart, energetic, & beautiful. Jayleigh also has the kindness heart!
Charley is 5 years old she is in kindergarten. Charley has been in dance since she was 2. Her favorite thing to do is dance.
Ja’Myrah is her own lil character she loves to smile
She’s a strawberry beauty. She has the biggest blue eyes and the reddest hair. She giggles and laughs and brings such joy to anyone that gazes into her beautiful eyes. She’s full of energy & always keeping everyone around her on their toes.. she’s alway has good spirits and always get compliments everywhere she goes.
Kinslee is your all around sweet but sassy little girl! She’s smart as can be & such a good sister to her brothers & sisters! She’s an energetic & beautiful little girl with a beautiful heart!
Moira Von
I am strong. I am smart. I am kind. I am beautiful. I am caring to my twin brother.