Trinity is a sassy bluey loving 4 year old!!! Who loves makeup and clothes
Caroline is a sassy & sweet 2 year old that loves music, loves to dance & loves being a big sister.
Meredith is a sweet little bundle of joy. She loves baths, smiling at mom & dad, and spending time with her big sister.
This spunky gorgeous girl is obsessed with shoes, dresses, nails and makeup. She’s the sweetest child you’ll ever meet
So proud of u in kindergarten much love near waldameer love ya look forward to stepping up my rank as a parent
This is Amya. She is the only girl in our family. She loves her big brothers and taking naps on mommy. She loves watching TV with daddy.
My beautiful baby girl Stormi is 7m old! She's the happiest baby I've seen always having little smiles in her face and giggles! Little girl loves her bouncer more than anything🖤
Sweet little hurricane
Leo is the sweetest, most loving baby girl. Her smile lights the room. She loves being talked to and being told she’s pretty.
Jovie is almost 3 months old, and one of the happiest babies you will meet. Her smile will light up anyone’s day.
At just 4 months Nora loves to laugh while kicking her legs. She will have full blown conversations and while displaying the cutest gummy smile.
Ellie is very spunky. To only be 3 months old, she has a personality that truly shines. From smiling to frowning in seconds, she’ll always put a smile on your face.
Hey my name is Sophia I love to watch cartoons & dance to any music! I love to play and spend time with my family! Shes so sweet and so outgoing
Maylee loves to spend time with her family, for you to talk to her, and tummy and bath time! She is definitely the queen of our house💕
She loves baby shark , Dancing & singing and love being goofy
Nesza is a NICU Warrior!! She spent 10 long weeks in the NICU but is now home!! She's a very strong and brave baby girl. 💜 She loves to smile and laugh. One of her favorite things to do is snuggle with daddy! We would love it if she won!!
My name is Kamryn. I am one month old and love to snuggle, smile, and drink all the milk. I can also recognize voices.
HI my name is paisley I love the color purple and I love paw petrol I also love playing dolls with my mommy I love when my mommy makes me pizza and Mac in cheese please vote for me thank y’all 💕
Loves to dance, and smile at everything 🫶🏽
She likes sitting with her daddy and watching him play video games. She likes her fingers
Mila loves play time and going on walks
La'Miliana Sanders
We call her Millie ,she is a happy and healthy baby ,She giggles and laughs and brings such a joy into our lives🥰
Lilly is our wild child. She has no fear and is in a constant state of happiness!
She’s a sweet angel
Olivia is 6months old and loves to stand up and talk! ❤️
She is very outgoing, full of energy, loves her family, she is very smart for her age, she is also very sassy and loves to dress up. She also loves playing with her brother and cousins.
Harper is a very happy almost 5 month old! She loves to smile and talk and keep mom and dad on their toes. She loves to read and bounce and be outside as much as she can. Thanks for voting!
Dallie girl is full of light and love 🌟 She’s starting to laugh and she’s always ready to play with her fav toys. She doesn’t play about her sleep and her food and she loves our Buc-ee’s visits!
Delilah is a spunky girl, who absolutely loves getting to know the world around her. She’s about to be 3 months old and i can already see her sassy attitude coming in ☺️
Georgynna Harris
Jolly kid
Amaya is just a bundle of joy🤩 She loves to crawl and climb all over her mama. Her favorite word right now is DADA. Currently she loves watching Hunter x Hunter with me.
Olive Jade
My sweet Olive Jade is nothing short of a miracle. After lots of tragedy, came this beautiful light of mine. One of the happiest babies I’ve ever encountered. She is bright, kind, and social. Her blue eyes shimmer like the ocean and her smile is as bright as the sun.
Camden is 7 years old. She’s so smart and kind and a very loving child. Camden loves to read and we love our church on Sundays. She’s very outgoing and attracts people with her personality. She is always thinking about others before herself. She has a strong love towards animals. She is her mommy’s biggest helper. She has a heart of gold for every human on this planet. She sees the best in people. She’s outgoing. She loves to hunt, fish, dance, sing, tumble and swim. She’s competitive and strives to be better everyday.
Adora was born 2 months early and besides her size you would never know, she has so many faces that just make you laugh and smile. Adora loves her binki, her daddy, and of course her bottle.
Dallas Rae Ann
Dallas was a preemie baby with her twin brother. She spent 77 days in the NICU. This girl has the most attitude and spunk I’ve seen in a baby! She is the best cuddler! She loves sitting up in her boppy or her swing & cooing at us while we all hang out & talk. She loves being involved in everything😊
Berkley Anne
Berkley brightens the room with her smile. She loves dancing and sing to any music. Berkley is always ready for playtime, no matter the time. You will sometimes find her playing with Barbie’s or her tonies.
Brilee loves. Her baby dolls loves the out doors loves and loves her family going to school
Anastasia is 1 years old 😎 her favorite word is dada but don’t be fooled because she’s crazy about her mama ☺️ She loves Elmo & Abby but most importantly she loves her family 🩷
Ellie is beautiful and a happy wonderful girl
Salem is a sassy little Scorpio, and we wouldn’t have her any other way! She loves her mama, and she loves to dance.
Alaiya June is a true bundle of joy. She lights up the room with her beautiful smile. She loves Ms. Rachel, bananas, bows & nap time!
Alaia Marie
Little Miss Alaia is a ray of sunshine ☀️ always happy and smiling with those chipmunk cheeks!! So hard to resist to kiss!
My beautiful baby girl loves to play with her big brother she’s talking sentences new words everyday she’s always happy and smiling and loves to eat!!
She is a very loving and sweet girl.she loves music and dancing,she also enjoys playing with her dog toodles and cat bynx