Rylee is the happiest baby ever! She loves to babble and smile at her siblings and mommy and daddy.
Kailani loves playing peekaboo! She loves animals and thinks they are funny! She loves cuddles with her mommy and daddy!+
Ivory is full of sass and attitude but she is also the sweetest little girl 👧🏼. She loves being outside. She has so much personality and she is a little miss beauty. 💕
Oakleigh loves to smile, play, and watch her big brother talk!
Hi this is Aleeyana Rose she’s 4 years old will be 5 soon she loves to dance color and play outside she loves make up and it’s very photogenic
Hi I’m Macie and I love to say “hi” to everyone I meet! I’m super energetic and have a silly sense of humor. I love my puppies Sophie and Maui they’re my besties. We play all day long and that makes me happy.
Nova has a bright and happy personality. She loves to dance to any type of music, and if she doesn’t like a song she will be sure to let you know. Talking and walking around like she is grown LOL. Her favorite words right now is Tilly (her yorkie puppy) and hey. She waves and blows kisses to everyone, and also shares her food even if it is her favorite like strawberries :)
Kate is the happiest little baby and loves it when people call her cute ☺️
Loves to give kisses, obsessed with cocomelon, daddys girl, and loves to say hi to anyone that crosses her path, LITERALLY!😂🤪
Leilani is such a happy baby always doing her cute little faces and her beautiful eyes always stand out 😍🤍
Emma is beautiful inside and out! She loves horses and barrel racing!
Dior is the sweetest baby ever..she is always smiling and she loves playing with her big sister.
Elora is a little chunky monkey. Likes climbing and munching on anything! Shes very playful and loves conversations! Her dimples are our favorite 😍
Very pleasant, and love to be in the spotlight. Very intelligent. 💜💜💜
Kierslee is the youngest of 4 (3 older sisters) She is definitely her own person. She loves dresses and heels. Always wants to help mom and makes sure everyone is okay. She is loving and kind.
James Jr
This is my son it wouldn’t let me change the gender! Please vote for all my babies!
Anastasia is a sweet girl who loves to hang out with her sister and her friends. Anastasia loves baby Yoda and she loves to dress up
Sweet angel 😇
Violet loves smiling and cooing at everyone. Let’s give this happy girl some love ! 💗
Dawn just turned one today May 03 2022. She is always smiling and happy! Dawn Everlee Jean is loved by so many people ❤️
Allianna is one of a kind, she was born with some minor health issues but that never slowed her down… she is so loving and kind.. love all 5 of her siblings all the same… she loves to share her love 💕
She loves smiling sleeping she is so beautiful
Hi Im Lilahana but everyone calls me Lil'ah. I love to make new friends and make them laugh at my silliness. Im interested in playing sports like catch and gymnastics. My favorite color is baby blue.
Camila is very energetic and photogenic! She’s sassy and loves taking pictures!🫶
Evelynn is 14 months. She loves playing outside, cuddling with her Pug Cysco, and going to the park. She loves watching Miss. Rachel, Mickey Mouse, and vampirina. She is always smiling and laughing.
Egypt is a spunky and very happy Princess! She loves to laugh and play with her toys, she is almost 6 months and already sitting up on her own, crawling backwards and walking in her walker!
Hello my name is Ava i love playing outside with the puppies and going for walks in my stroller i am a year old and i also am a twin! Please vote for me 🥰
Aria Rose
The most happiest 3 Month old girl, my sweet giggling doll baby.😍 she loves her siblings, laughing, cooing, playing dress up, cartoons, reading, beauty sleeping, and she’s not too sure about our dog or bearded dragon yet. 😂
Hello world Im Willow and like my name sake im an adventurous little tot. I'm a super fast climber and love to swing in the wind. I'll sing you a sweet song as Iwhisper in your ear "I love you".
Lilith is the happiest baby that mommy and daddy have ever known, she smiles at everyone she meets and is so curious about the world around her. She is the first daughter, granddaughter, and great granddaughter on one side of her family. She is so loved!
Ava is funny kind hearted and has a big character. She knows what she wants and she usually gets it! She loves anime and the color black.
Madison is my pride and joy. @ 3 years old she was diagnosed with autism. She is such a spirited little girl. She has really been struggling with herself lately because of being bullied. Let's show her she is beautiful inside and out!
Miss Lucy loves the beach, Food and koalas!
She Loves dinosaurs, she loves to talk and she loves to make people laugh.
Please go vote for our sweet RaeLynn Faye! She suffered from IUGR and struggles to gain weight, but she’s a fighter. Miss RaeLynn loves cheesie puffs and her best good fur friend Maverick. She is always happy and wears the biggest beautiful 😊 smile.
Tinleigh loves to baby talk, smile and look at the ceiling fan loves to check everything out and also loves to give kisses.
Keylee is a foodie love all type of food and love Disney movies! Her favorite movie right now is tangled ❤️
Ariel loves Mermaids, Unicorns, Barbies Dreamhouse. She also likes to play outside with her scooter and her beautiful long hair is a little past the middle of her back!
Baby Jordynn 10 months old. Happy, sassy, and full of personality already!
I am a very smart and funny baby; I like to walk, watch my favorite tv show (Badanamu) and I’m really silly. I love to play all day and love to laugh; I also love being chased around. My nickname is Noonie/Boobie. And how can I forget I love my MOMMY AND DADDY 💗
My name is kensleigh and I like to smile at my mommy and daddy, I love watching Mickey Mouse and coco melon. I absolutely adore my big brother kolton. I’m learning how to find my voice by yelling at the tv and my family.
Kamea is a 7 year old girl. She is a Gemini vegetarian. Her nickname is blue. She loves playing Roblox with friends. Her hair is curly but she likes it better straight. Her favorite thing to do at school is music. She values her two dogs. Insta : Bluebrookreagan_
Nyla loves to smile and dance! Her favorite cartoons are Cocomelon and Sophia! She loves you to read to her and walks in the park!
Hi! I'm raegan. My nickname is Pinkie. I like singing loudly! Walking proud and picking my own outfits out for school. My favorite thing at school is nap time but I never get enough sleep. I like to take pictures and I have two big sisters.
This is Evie Jo, my second born. She's such a little ham and is all giggles. She has the sweetest little smile that will melt your heart. Yall vote for my beautiful baby❤️
This is Khari Grace, she's a character! Her personality will light up a room. You can't resist her little smile & sweet giggle. Yall vote for my sweet baby❤️