Vitoria is a very loved and happy child, affectionate and smart.
Avery is a fun loving and friendly child. She loves to sing and dance. She loves to learn and explore new things everyday. She’s very intelligent at her young age and curious.
Riley is awesome at everything she dose. Great big sister loves to help, play, and just be crazy. She loves school.
She's is outg sweet loving little girl. Free spirit wild at times. Loves to take pictures and play.
My little Sugar Bear! My world is so much better with her in it! Miss Anaic loves her bubble baths. Vote for her and she'll never run out of bubbles! Splish splash 🥰
Ryleigh La’Shay White is 11 months old,she is a twin to a lil boy name Kingston Ke’Shawn White. Ryleigh like too eat, she is learning how to drink from a cup. She likes her snacks and lil vegetables too. She loves to smile and play with her siblings. Ryleigh favorite word is Daddy🙄.Ryleigh is walking and she loves to go.The most thing she like to do is eat😁.But over all she is wonderful and loving baby girl. Ryleigh birthday is in one week(01/22/2023)and she will be the big 1. Im so proud of my lil bundle of joy but most she is a twin. But they are Fraternal Twins. So I get the best of both world.
Everlyn is very generous, kind, sweet, smart, and funny. She loves playing outside with her big brother “who she adores”.
Outgoing, loves her dog John Henry, and staying all night with her Gran and paps.
Aaliyah Noelle
The life of the party
She loves playing with Barbies and baby dolls.... She has a very big personality and loves to be pampered.... She is my princess
My little sassy firecracker ❤️
She’s a sweet but sassy beautiful little girl who loves unicorns 🦄 and loves to draw ✍️☺️💜
She is Vittoria, she is a happy and very smiling girl, she likes to share with children, dance and climb everywhere. We really want to be able to make her happy always.💕🙏 Help us with your vote💫✨
Little miss sassy pants Karina Bobina
Leah has been playing soccer since she was 3, she loves to dance and sing. She’s not shy at all and very mature for her age. Leah has won some pageants, done photo shoots. She loves the spotlight and loves everyone.
Heaven Salazar
She's going on 9 months she has a wonderful personality she was always smiling is never in a bad mood always smiling she is a very playful little girl always doing funny stuff this is the first time she is in one of these
Madisen has biggest and prettiest smile. She loves to be called pretty girl Madi and/or Madi girl. Madi loves being held, bath time, conversations, and trying to sit up. Madisen lost her father on Feb 21, 2022.
Madi is a beautiful, happy girl that LOVES Shrek (almost as much as she loves her MiMi) Fairy Godmother is her favorite! She enjoys bath time & peanut butter. And loves to be read to!
As a single father, Serenity is my 4 year old diva ! She loves to play dress up and play with her Toy kitchen. She enjoys watching YouTube kids and always reminds me why I love her so much. She’s daddy’s princess!
Alexis is super sassy with a big heart, loves animals and wants to brighten everyone's day
Michaela is the most respectful, smart, sassy, fun, loving, kind hearted little girl. She loves her Daddy & Mama and is a daddy’s girl one hundred percent all of the way. :) She loves anything Mickey Mouse, and she loves anything regarding food or snacks.
Full of energy, at a young age very protective of her brother,Rose likes 🍟 mash potatoes, bananas loves bracelets
Harmony is a spit fire. Through and through. She is a friend to all and loved everyone. That is what makes her so amazing
She's deaf and is currently learning asl. She loves her family and animals. She's very smart and has a big heart.
Aurora is a 3 year old who loves to fight, baby shark, baby dolls, she loves going on adventures and chocolate, she is a very creative little girl who is about to celebrate a birthday
Lainey Mae
Lainey is super sweet with a very big personality. She loves to play with all her toys but coloring is her favorite. Cho Cho trains are the coolest. Dinosaurs make fun noises!
Mariah is the baby of 5. She is very smart, energetic, and friendly. She enjoys getting dressed up, makeup and riding her bike.
she loves to learn she dances and she loves blowing kisses
Aaliyah loves to get attention from her family, especially her big brother ❤️
Trinity is an amazing little girl who loves her family and her friends. She has a huge heart and is always willing to lend a hand.
Branae is a very outgoing, energetic, outspoken, smart, and funny young girl. She really artistic, she loves painting, and making things such as braclets. She's full of love, and I see great things in her future.
Competitive figure skater ! Raised by her grandparents Mom and Dad are not around she loves cats , playing the violin roller skating sneakers and ice skating competitons !
Serenity love her big brother She love anything that light up ❤️❤️ She can stand up by herself and crawl ❤️ She enjoyed giving out hugs and kisses
Emma is a sweet and funny girl... very brave and lovely
Gaby is a sweet girl, very smart and very talented, she loves to sing and dance
Sirin is good basketball player and has joined her school girls basketball team.
Harmony is a very happy baby that loves to play, loves hugs and spending time with her family and puppy.
Loves to dance she learn to say bye and que she is so smart
Jaylan is a daddys girl she love dancing and playing with her makeup. She loves to help people that need help. She's a sassy independent little girl. That loves to go to school and she is a straight a student.
Heavyn is fun out going and just a bundle of fun she loves make up tutorials and to dress up she’s is truly a diva and a ball of fun‼️
Jalena is always smiling! She’s such a sweet baby, she brings smiles with her giggle. This baby is the light when it’s dark!
Alaia is a 5 month joyful baby girl , she loves music , she loves to try new things and do things before time. she’s such a lover , she wins the heart of everybody just by giving everyone that beautiful smile and laughter.
My First Child ,,Her personality matches her mom …I knew what I was gonna name her many years ago and it fit her so perfectly…Mama Blessing💕 And she just loves listening to mama read her a story from just any book as long as the book has many colors😀