I love to dance & sing & tell my own jokes! My favorite hobbies are dancing, swimming, and horseback riding. I enjoy spending time with my family and I love animals. 💞 Vote for me 💞
Aubri is a very energetic baby, that loves to smile! She enjoys all toys that light up &’ play music. She’s starting to experience the world of crawling, so every day is a new adventure for her.
Khazia loves outside an watching mickey mouse an nana girl!!
She is always and has a twin brother
She's everyone's best friend. She loves to play football, teeball, ride her horse, and her fourwheeler. She hates to see someone sad. She loves animals and is one of the funniest and silliest kids I've ever seen.
Nishka Guruvina
Nishka loves to dance and sing. She loves to make her own videos by singing or dancing. She loves everyone which is one positive thing about her.
A’Dream is smart, funny and courageous! She is very full of life with a fiery personality!
Taytyn is your all around favorite little girl. She loves to bring everyone smiles with her sass and glam. Taytyn loves the outdoors especially rodeos. She particpates in mutton bust with the older kiddos. She was one of the youngest and even won her a buckle. But this beautiful ray of sunshine is the sunshine in everyones life that has crossed her path! When you're feeling down she knows how to bring your frown to a smile.
Sailor likes to talk and scream she can hold her own bottle 🍼 she can roll over by her self
Elyana is a rainbow baby and rainbow at that she is! She has a smile and laugh that lights up the room. Her red hair and blue eyes grab the attention of all those that meet her. Every morning she wakes up and immediately looks for her puppies! She is such a unique kid, she even loves to eat lemons!
She loves music ❤️Her nickname is starr.
Ja’Lynn loves her siblings, riding her bike. She loves to go to school. She’s watches paw patrol & Sing all the time. She is very sassy. Her favorite color is Pink
Tataleya love outdoor activities she plays sports tataleya loves to play robots and mind craft.. tataleya loves to cook different meals.. i have a beautiful smart intelligent lovable and a sweet young lady
I love watching Minnie Mouse and paw patrol. I love to sit up and play and talk to mommy
Since birth she's been a sassy princess, she's always smiling and laughing. Her favorite words is let's go. She's very smart. She was born 6 weeks early. She loves cocomelon and Minnie mouse!
This is my beautiful daughter Emelyn.
She’s a very happy baby. She loves to yell already! She yells “dad”.
My name is Aubrey Grace aka Gracie and my smile will light up anyones day... I love spending time with my mommy and daddy and my big brother!
Amiya loves the the camera. She loves to dance and sing. She also loves to make people laugh.
Very Loving And Caring Baby Very playful So Full Of Life And Joy She Was The Missing Piece To Our Puzzle In Our Hearts We Love Her To Pieces Out First And Only Baby Girl Out Of 6 Boys God Finally Blessed Us With You And We So Grateful To Be Her Parents
Kaelani is 8 months old and will light up any room with her smile. She enjoys playing with her older brother and loves having all attention on her. Her favorite food is sweet potato’s although we haven’t found anything she doesn’t like! She is the most sweetest and loving little girl. 😌❤️
Alaisha loves to sing, dance and go to church and she loves spending time with her family and going to her favorite place disney world.
Ayvah is very smart and full of life. She has a twin brother whom is her partner in crime!
She loves dance, gymnastics, loves school, has lots of friends
Amelia is 2 1/2 years old. She is very sassy, loves her baby dolls, and is caring when it is needed. She will help you with anything you ask and is always willing to throw a helping hand in❤️
Kaylynn is a loving and free spirited 6 year old. She loves playing and taking care of all of her animals. She loves spending time with her family. ❤️
Taumazi is very intelligent and independent. She enjoys doing laundry and other helpful things around the house. She likes playing dress up and make up. Her love for you is expressed freely and sincere. Let’s show her some love as well.
Karlee is a beautiful 6 year old rainbow baby with the most gorgeous soul. She has a heart for animals and helping her community. She has competed all around the United States and loves meeting each person she comes in contact with. Her heart is pure and she has such a bright future ahead of her.
Meet Mavis. She is a ray of sunshine. She loves to smile at her family and loves bath time.
McKenzie loves her brothers and daddy! Very sassy little girl but always a momma girl. She love the color pink and purple.
MiaBella Rose is my beautiful wildflower. She brings light to any room she walks into. She’s funny, sweet & she loves to play with friends! Vote for my beautiful babygirl!
Shes a very happy baby. Makes everyones day!!
Zaylah Rhoze
Zaylah is so loveable she has a smile that will brighten up your day she’s so caring and loving at her age you should vote her because she has a great spirit
Aniah is a sweet sour patch who loves food, She also loves playing with her sister. Aniah brings joy to anyone she meets.
Hi, I am Aryanna. I like baths, naps, being outside and eating! I like being held and love tummy time!
Jaylee is a smart girl, sweet kind and intelligent vote for her!!
vivienne is our little wildflower. she lights up any room she walks into. she loves anyone she meets and her big brother is her bestfriend. vivienne loves to dress up and get her picture taken like the little model she is. viviennes favorite movie will forever be sing 2 and anytime you turn it on, she starts to sing. vote for our girl!🕊🤍
Hi my names Serenity, I love to climb, crawl, and stand! I like to eat bananas, mangos, and French fries & pretty much anything you can put in your mouth 😅 my favorite thing to do is yell “mama” or “dad” ❤️
Zah’rea loves to sing, dance & have fun. Let’s not even mention how natural she is in front of a camera, the moment she sees a camera she goes straight to posing. Her little smile can light up an entire room. She’s super smart, just a little sassy but the right amount of perfect. DIVA in the making 😍
Hi, I’m Mina and I like all animals, the colors pink and purple and chocolate ice-cream. I want to be a animal doctor when I grow up.
Sweetest little girl
Cayleigh is fun,energetic, and sweet little girl. She loves meeting new friends and spending time with her family.
Brielle is an energetic toddler who loves to dance, sing and make everyone laugh. She loves spooky movies already and is a true October month baby! She enjoys homemade meals along with her favorite snack which is salad! She steals my heart everyday ❤️
Hi I'm Lila I'm 9 years old I love spending time on the water fishing and spending time with My younger siblings.
Alyssah has a heart of gold! She loves to play softball. She is an animal lover. She loves anything to do with gymnastics. Loves her friends and family so much. Beautiful girl inside and out.