Baby Stories - 40


KaeLany is a very smart outgoing and happy baby she has a strong personality.
This girl is a bundle of joy where she goes laughter and happiness follows her
She was born 2 days before Christmas and has 2 big brothers that are going to teach her so much!
Joelle is a very bubbly 1 year old that is full of laughter and joy. She loves to dance. She is learning to converse in 3 languages. She enjoys being outdoors, playing in water and cooking with her mom everyday.
Love to sing, loves to act out things, super funny, loves paw patrol.
November 27th, 2020 was When Aubriella Was Born 💗 Ella Loves to Be On Her Feet & to Be Cuddled💕 She is 4Months and such an Happy Baby!! 💗
Eloise is our rainbow baby! After a heartbreaking miscarriage, Eloise blessed us with her love!! Eloise is our special girl, not only is she our rainbow baby, but a miracle as well. Eloise suffered a stroke while in utero, and may face many obstacles as she grows. She was also diagnosed with hydrocephalus. Aside from that, she is getting so big and strong and is doing so so well. She’s an absolute miracle, she’s so strong and determined and we love her so much. Vote for our princess!
Ameilah is a ball of energy waiting to explode! She leaves everyone smiling when she comes in contact with them! Meilah loves to sing “let it go” and her abcs! She’s also a fan of taking pictures and posing for them! She’s super smart and overall a silly child to be around!
Lucianna loves going shopping whenever she has the chance. She loves to be sweet with attitude. Enjoys taking pictures and going to the park!
Ariya loves blueberry pancakes. She is very sweet , and the most happiest baby I have been around. She is very outgoing and loves to dance. She loves animals and everyone who gives her graham crackers .
Amara is a bashful, sensitive snuggle bug. Amara is far away from all of her family due to her dad being in the military. Amara was brought into the world through an emergency c-section and is loved beyond measure.
Vote for me, Thankyou guys 🐣💛
Kalani is the first girl in her family, she loves to coo, and she the most beautiful baby in the world❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Haisley is just shy of a year old. She loves to be outside with her chickens and her kitty! She has two teeth and currently starting to get her top FOUR! She is very very smart for her age, she loves walking around and playing with everything other than her toys.. she thinks she owns the place, well she kinda does 🤷🏻‍♀️ She loves to cuddle and watch music videos! Vote for Haisley Mae, the money would be safely put away for her future! ❤️❤️ ✨ Thank you for your votes ✨
Hi, I’m Isabella I like paying outside, I enjoy painting. I love my little brother. I have a sassy personality. I would really appreciate your vote.
Ellianna Troy is named after her 2 grandparents that passed away in 2020 Eleanor<ellie> and Troy. Her smile lights up a room and is sweet as can be.
Almost 7 months old! Loves to eat her veggies ! She’s always smiling and laughing !!
Sophia very sociable and cheerful child. she is very like a drawing and playing with her brother. She so cute and beauty
Delilah loves dinosaurs and all things furry. Her imagination is limitless. She also loves unicorns and mermaids. She puts a smile on anyone’s face that meets her.
HarleyAnn is everything in attitude & full of Laughter . She loves to try an talk and can warm your heart with her smile! & She enjoys coco melon videos on youtube.
Ava loves to dance and play with her baby doll with mama. She’s a sweet hyper adventurous girl who loves baby shark
Amoura Merrell
Pretty Baby Doll😍 Feb.9 2021 Bday🎈 2months🎉
Hazel Rae
2 month old Hazel Rae loves her mommy and daddy and can never get enough attention ♥️
Angelica is a veterans baby, she’s a goofy girl and loves to share giggles.
Hi! My name is River ❤️ I am definitely a daddy's girl and I love my mommy too. Outside is my favorite place to go and I love to sing and dance 🎶. I give the best hugs and kisses 💋 and I love my sleep 💤
She loves scooby doo , the pool and she loves to color and write .
Katalina's Dream is to open her very own veterinarians office where she will treat any animal including snakes and spiders because she loves animals. Her hope for the World is for Everyone to Be Kind to Everyone. She loves "Playing outside, Horses, Dancing, Skateboarding, My Little Pony and Helping her mom Clean the house. So Alot of things, "She says.
Madilyn loves to be talked to she smiles whenever u talk to her she loves when u play peekaboo with her.
Aranza is adorable & melts your heart with a smile.
Renesmee is a smart little girl!!! She ahead of her development stage. She loves to play and smile. She loves her daddy. She loves books and stuff animals. She talks all the time with her baby growls. I love her so much. She loves her parents.
Hello everyone, My name is Amor Rollie I was born March 11th at 37w2d I weighed in at 5lbs 1.6oz 17in I am a little peanut My name Amor means love in Spanish and French! So come show me some love and vote for me ☺️ I love drinking milk and sleeping I occasionally scare my mommy when I sleep on my side but what does she expect it’s my favorite position to sleep I love to just chill when I am awake and glance at tv for a little while. I do not like getting my clothes put on or taken off I tend to get a little cranky. But overall I am a quiet one and just loves to relax and enjoy 😊
She’s the happiest baby anyone ever meets. She loves bluey, strawberries, and bouncing. And has the brightest blue eyes you’ve ever seen.
Josie Jacqueline
Josefina Jacqueline Salgado , is Mexican-American. She loves dancing, singing & gymnastics ! She also loves competing in beauty pageants . She has received 2nd runner in the Sunburst pageant. She loves barbies and is always happy 😃
She is a 4 month old ball of energy. She loves to watch Mickey Mouse and Clifford the big red dog and being such a cutie. I do vote exchanges.
Hi there! My name is Luna Orion Vasquez! Here are some fun facts about me: -I was born at 37 weeks due to growth restrictions. -My middle name is in memory of my Uncle Ryan. -I have 3 American Bullies that love me.
Olivia has a wonderful personality she is always happy and smiling.
My name is Aria Nicole and I’m 4 months old 🥰 I love watching the lion guard and snuggling 😇 and I love to talk about how much of a “good girl” I am 😇😌🥰
Evelynn loves to play with her brothers and her puppy. She loves snacks! And lovesssss to play outside.
Addison a loveing baby girl. She loves her granpas bike and the redwood trees and to be outside watching all the other kids.
Hello my name is Jerzie Rose, I am sooo energetic. I love to snack and run around outside. Dancing is my favorite! I am the youngest but I definitely call the shots... My mama calls me her sour patch kid 😍
Jordyn Donis
Jordyn is the most friendly little girl with a very unique personality that she will have u laughing at all time with the things she be doing or saying vote for jordyn my princess
Mia is the girliest girly girl, you’ll ever meet. Loves the color pink & make up!
Skylar “poom” is a hilarious girl full of sweetness and sass. 💕
Akela loves Disney princess movies and loves to play dress up!! Akela loves to ride horses overall and eyes just light up every time she sees a horse!!!
Kamille dior Jones is a newborn who likes to eat, sleep, and cuddle. I believe she should be voted for because she is the sweetest baby that warms your heart.
Jobbee loves pageants and photography, she loves riding horses and playing dress up with her baby sister!!
Brixley James is a very happy baby who loves her big brothers and sisters very much!! She is most certainly spoiled with love!! Her favorite cartoon at the moment is Helper Cars!! She is a huge mommas girl and loves to see Daddy on FaceTime while he’s at work, and of course at home too!!