Jalie Copeland
Princess Jalie is a blessing to all she encounters. The definition of perfection.
Nora Kate
Nora Kate is the 3rd and last addition to our family. She is full of energy and loves being in camera! Her beautiful eyes will capture your heart but her personality will make you fall in love with her! She would love your vote!! 💖
Abby is 5 months old. She likes to be held and "talk" a bunch of nonsense lol She is so goofy and is the best little peanut a mom could ask for 🥰
Cypress is my December baby! She is always laughing & smiling. She loves her daddy so much! She loves to eat!
Sweet baby girl ..with a calm attitude
Mariah is a dream come true! She's everything you'd expect from a princess and more! She's kind, loving, sweet and very helpful. She loves to sing, dance, play basketball and soccer and just being active all around. She's extremely smart and always looking for new things to learn.
Natalie is a spunky 2yo with full of sass. She's our mini boss. She loves her family and doing pageants with mommy.
She's a very helpful big sister and very caring. She's an old soul!
Taharie is the most happiest cutest little baby ever. Everywhere we go every person she comes across expresses how beautiful she is. She loves playing peek-a-boo and I think in her head she is ready to table food because she stares so hard at me when I’m eating and makes me feel bad for not giving her any. My favorite thing about her is when she just stares at me randomly and when I look at her she starts laughing. She is just such the happiest bundle of joy.
Sarah is a remarkable little girl that is very happy go lucky always so positive. She likes to fish and play with her bluey toy set and is always laughing and making the best fun with everything she can
She's a beautiful soul
Anilyn is a sweet, southern belle! She loves to play outside, dance, do arts & crafts, participate in pageants, and go shopping! She has the sweetest soul, loves animals, and tells everyone she meets "heyyyyyy!" and blows a kiss. 🥰
A very intelligent he loved to dance he loved music he like to have fun he just full of energy
See I know for she's smart intelligent she like to dance play have fun she love ballet music a lot of activities see a beautiful chocolate Barbie
Jerzey is funny loveable and loves to be spoiled.
Ava is a very out going girl she loves to hang out with her friends.
Amanda Claire is always smiling. She's sunshine on a cloudy day!
Hello my name is Essence Anastasia aka Essie I'm almost 6 months old I'll be 6 months on the 13th I'm an energetic smart funny happy beautiful babygirl I love love love to drool all over the place n blow bubbles 😂😂 I love to give random giggles n when I wake up I wake up with the most beautiful smile on my face 😍😍 I'm learning to sit up right ✅ hold my bottle ✅ crawl just a little bit almost ✅ I sleep thru the whole night (which mommy loves) ✅ n I'm teething ✅ I've tried bananas a little chocolate n some fruits !!! N I can't get enough I'm moving into big girl foods tried buckwheat for the first time chick peas n some other weird stuff mommy feeds me n so far so good 😁😁 I'm an amazing beautiful babygirl that blessed my mommy n this world n can't wait to show off how amazing I am I may only be 6 months old but I appreciate everyone's votes for me means the world to me and Mommy so thank u bunches keep voting for me please n thank you !! MUCH LOVE ESSIE 💕💕🌹🌹
Usually all smiles this serious little chunky is our whole world she loves all the animals and feeding her cows is her favorite she was born for the the wilderness and has been in the smokes creek beds since the first weekend she was born
Little miss Eliannie was born a preemie she couldn’t wait to meet this world. One thing she loves to do is eat!
Phoebe is the happiest baby, who loves meeting new people, exploring the outdoors with her mom and snuggling her best dog friend! She gives out smiles to anyone who will stop to share a moment with her.
Amelia loves to talk about everything and anything! Most are surprised by her age due to it. Fearless, over the Halloween season she saw a treacherous talking wolf on display and was instantly obsessed saying, “it’s my teddy bear!”
Violet is a spunky little girl from Houston, TX. She enjoys reading her favorite book, Hop on Pop, organizing her hair bows and binge watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Also an aspiring stunt-double, Violet perfects her skills by free falling from couches into pillows and climbing on anything she can find. If you vote for Violet, she promises to make the world a better place by hosting regular dance parties.
Lucy loves friends and playing outside. She is a country girl
Riverlynn likes to spend her days outside with her brother, or at the barn with her favortie horses.
Jazzlyn is a very smart sweet little girl. She absolutely loves laughing and being a little dare devil! She loves trying to climb on things. Jazzlyn was born on New Years eve and really brings life to the party!
Nova’s smile can light up a room when she walks into it. She’s a free spirit, so loving & kind. In her free time, you can find her at home doing makeup with mommy, practicing her gymnastics flips, and cooking with daddy. She loves her 2 English bulldogs, skateboarding, and gymnastics! We love taking trips to the playground, playing on the slide, and swinging “high to the sky!”
Raelynn likes to dance around to baby shark and play with her blocks and Legos she also has a love for her dogs and cats in the house. She is such a happy girl and a huge ray of sunshine.
Emma Grace
The happiest little sister 🖤
Avery was born on our wedding anniversary which makes it that much more special. She is a sweet, happy go lucky baby. We are blessed to have her despite complications throughout our pregnancy that could have ended differently. She has completed our family ♥️
Alaina is a ambitious, determined sassy girl. She has 4 brothers and is a amazing sister. She is in competitive cheer ,and Fellowship of Christian Athletes,loves school and soccer. Loves God , family and helping others.
Brylee is truly a breath of fresh air when you need it most! She’s independent and brave! She’s loves to run! Vote for our smiley Brylee!
Josie Lynn is as sweet as they come. She is 9 months old and the happiest little girl.
She is the most loving and caring little human ever and always willing to help she even says that one day when she’s rich, she’s gonna help all the children in need 🥰
She’s amazing loves Mini Mouse
Jade is bilingual; she is fluent in Spanish & English. She often translates for her GiGi!
Kalyce Reign
She’s a natural born star and has so much to offer and share with the world and she’s only 4 imagine 10 years from now . She’s outgoing , sassy , witty, a fashionista and loves music . She sings and dances from sun up to sun down . The most high has truly blessed me with this one
Xzaria is a beautiful smart dancer who loves people and is going to make a great mother someday she is a joy to be around and she is very respectful
She loves playing with her older sisters. she is spoiled rotten. she loves hugs and kisses. The most precious baby youll ever meet.
Huntlynn is 7 months old. She loves bluey & Ms Rachel. Her favorite food is apples . Just look at those big blue eyes 🩵 .
Laila is sweet and sassy. She's rough and tumble and loves to get dirty but loves to look pretty also. She's very smart for a 2 year old and loves to talk and sing. She has an older brother who she loves and he protects her.
Journey is a happy 10 month old Christmas baby 🤶🏼🎄. She has 3 older sister; so to say she spoiled is an understatement. She gives BOSSBABY vibes daily. She loves to fed herself, crawl and take her sisters Barbies/teddy bears. She gives the biggest wet kisses I’ve ever experienced 💋. Please vote and share Journey. Thanks in advance ❤️
Isabella is such a little fashionista who loves getting dolled up and trying new foods! She loves adventures, traveling and cuddling with her family! 🥰
Simply the prettiest little girl! Very loving and kind and smart she loves to sing and dance.
Hattie a sweet, gentle & happy green eyed girl! She had the best smile, most curious eyes & the best hair 🤍
Rayleigh is the smiliest baby who loves to be a trickster and playing with her big brother!
Freya loves to eat and was born premie and spent a little over a week in the NICU before we could bring her home. She is healthy and active as ever you would never know she was a premie she loves outdoors and running.