Baby Stories - 40


Elliana is a happy going baby. Loves when people talk to her. You should vote for her because she’s just so adorable 🥰
Paisley loves her fur siblings, playing peek a boo with dad, cuddles with mom, twizzlers, and rolling around! She says “mama” and is such a chatter box.
Our little rylee is our blue eye, blonde hair doll
My name is Liliana, I have two older sisters, and a baby brother on the way. I love to play dress up, and with Barbie’s. My favorite animal is a cat, and my favorite color is red. Vote for me!
She is a fun and very active little girl she has beautiful brown eyes and brown hair ! She love to play out side and she loves being with her Grandma and Grandpa !
Khloe loves Cocomelon, loves to dance..loves storytime.
No advances please , only exchange thank you 🌹😘😘
Athena is 7 years old and man she is so smart she started walking at 8 months talking at 11months she potty trained jst after her nd birthday and learned her full name now that she is 3 she has learned her abc's all her colors n can count to 16 other then her smarts she is such a sweet heart and her smile will brighten anyones day she loves her baby brothers so much and adores me her mom she is always asking everyone if they are ok ahe is jst so lovey n sweet and very polite she is jst a joy to be around all the time
Athena loves music and is always dancing. She’s a bit shy at first but she’s the sweetest thing once she gets to know someone. She loves kitty cats and other babies!
Look at that small. Plus she will hold a nice conversation with you.
Hi I’m Aubrelle, I love to smile, giggle, and drink milk 😊
Baby Harmony Rose is the youngest of five children in her family. Harmony loves to play with her 2 yr old brother, who is her best friend. They enjoy laying down and watching tv together and building with their mega blocks. Harmony is very adventurous and loves to climb everything. More than anything Harmony loves to eat, she will try to climb over anything and do whatever she can to get to you if she sees food. Harmony has the most beautiful bright blue eyes that shine and a smile that will light up a room, she is beautiful inside and out. She has a big future ahead of her!
18 months old with the personality of a teenager! Charlotte is obsessed with dogs and making people smile ❤️
Loves playing with her baby sister Melania. Starting to play the violin in junior high school. Likes going to school and wants to eventually play volleyball. She also likes dancing! She also loves tacos and being with her family at church!
She likes music! She is very active baby who loves to laugh at her older brother and sister and run in her walker. She loves to eat and play with her daddy during the day and with everyone in the evening. Has the bluest eyes with eyelashes like minnie mouse. She is always so happy!
Zoey Ann
Zoey loves everyone she meets! Loves playing and learning new things! She’s a Mommy’s girl!
My little milahni is 5 months old and already quite the character. She loves to laugh and see people . Her giggle is infectious.
Nunez Sisters
Nicole is 8 and the twins are 7 years old. They love the camera and love being sisters even more
Mina loves to play and be silly. She enjoys talking back in her baby gibberish and most of the time if she’s talking to you she’s smiling at you also!
Avalynn likes tummy time and snuggles from her daddy and ofc loves to eat she smiles all the time 💜
Olivia loves to be held! She loves to smile and starting to coo and talk to you! She loves watching The Golden Girls and cartoons! She is spoiled rotten and loved by so many!
Guinevere is my double rainbow baby. After having a miscarriage in January 2018. We finally were blessed with Henry on May 21, 2019. Henry passed way unexpectedly December 29, 2019. She is the joy that we were missing. She is always smiling unless she’s wet or hungry. Her favorite things are to stand, eat pastas and veggies and to try to head butt our 11 year old Pomeranian Bella. She also loves to watch everything her older brother Liam is doing.
Zoey loves to play with her big sisters and play with her barbies. She is a sweet child and have such a beautiful soul.
Olivia rose is about to be 4 months old she is the happiest baby smiles all the time and is ready to walk or should I say run before she crawls!!
Brynn is the sweetest girl who is also filled with so much sass. She loves to snuggle, read, and has the kindest heart. She loves to spend her time outside and lately we have been discovering the world or pretend and dressing like Princesses.
Harlan Gray
Hi, i’m Harlan Gray. I’m a very smiley happy girl. I love being talked to & will try to copy anything that’s said to me. I also like watching lights/objects move around. Oh, I’m also a big momma’s girl. 🤍
Hi everyone, My name is Lacey and I am 3 months old ((and yes I can already say the word "Hi")). I am just the happiest girl and I love to smile, wiggle, and make all the noises. I love to watch sports with my daddy and sing silly songs with mommy. I love to eat, take baths and go on car rides (unless we have to stop at a red light)
Abbygail love to be held and her brother she always has a smile on her face she is spoiled she is starting to coco at you
McKenzie is the sweetest, most kind-hearted 11 year old you will ever meet. She has a heart of gold and enjoys seeing others happy and smile. She is incredibly smart and loves school. She enjoys doing well and gets very good grades. She is very outgoing and but also shy. She is a very sensitive but strong girl that knows what she wants and works hard till she gets it. She loves video games, playing L.O.L's with her bestie, doing makeup and other girl things.
Laia is such a cute baby she loves to take photos .loves to talk and one of her favorite shows are sunny bunnies .she is very social and loves to smile and gigule thanks for the vote we appreciate it.🍀🤩🥰
I love smiling😁. I am always happy🥰
Jaazlyn Marie
Hello , This is my little diva Jaazlyn she leaves a sparkle everywhere she goes !🤍✨ feel free to vote for her thank you 💗
My name is Isla Faith. I am 7 months old. I have bright blue eyes and light brown hair. I love food of any kind and playing with my big sister. I have an adult sized personality and I love to speak my mind. I’m so much fun to play with and I love being outside. Everyone I meet just adores me and my friendly personality. Please vote for me!!!!
Zalyne loves all thing kitty and 🦥. She loves all babys even though shes a baby her self. She loves filling our heart with joy. She is very active with a huge personality. Also she is always on the go.
Bailey loves playing with her brother. She’s a very happy baby, always smiling or laughing. She’s a mama’s girl💜
Trinity is a 100% go getter! She is super smart and very active. This child isn't afraid of anything and has a heart of gold. Her smile will light up a room. She is only 4 and has already participated in 3 national wrestling tournaments and place 4th in one earning her an All American status. She also enjoys playing soccer and tball and cant wait until next fall where she can start playing football just like her big sister.
Autumn is a very outgoing and loving young lady. She is in kindergarden and loves school. She is a huge Elsa fan. She enjoys playing in her kitchen, painting her nails, reading, playing outside, playing princess and painting.
Zari is a smart little girl. She loves the outdoors, swimming, & playing with friends.
Loves to be hold love for you to talk to her she is a 3 months old baby loves to see nick jr
Naveyah is all around cute head to toe, she likes to smile and talk to her mommy and daddy
She's smart,beautiful,sassy very outgoing and tic Tok crazy
Kailyn loves to smile, and sleep But more then Anything she loves her Bottle and of course her mommy
Brooklyn is very smart and loves music. She is so full of personality and memorizes every song that plays. She also loves play time with her sisters and puppy.
Isabella is a crazy 6-year-old more than a handful sometimes she's funny, she's got a great smile very independent ,smart and pretty much does what she puts her mind to.