Baby Stories - 40


Very smart loving and she loves to dance and sing ❤️👧🏽💃🏽🎤
Giannah is my oldest twin aka Gia, she’s very active and will light up the room with her smile 😊 love her, please vote for my baby💕
She hates baths loves to eat love time with her bubba loves to sleep all day stay up all night hates a bath and loves smiling and playin with her brother in heaven 💜
Legend is 5 yrs old. She loves animals, arts & crafts, being outdoors, and also loves to dress up and be girly!! She is sweet and caring.
Hi I’m Brielle I’m 2 years old and a burst of sunshine with rays that light up any cloudy day or makes a sunny one brighter. I love looking pretty, singing, dancing and my babydolls. Please vote for me❤️
Emily loves the outdoors, she loves rocks, horses, flowers and animals
Hayli loves spending time with her family, she likes to ride 4 wheelers, going to the beach
Delite is like her name she is the light of our lives and those around her and although she is only 6 weeks she is truely a strong baby girl born at 36 weeks suffered from jaundice seizure and blood on the brain she is getting through it all and starting to laugh her days through.
Aliza Dey
Non - Union/Sag Model , Aspiring Singer and Dancer Independent Talent
Ta'leah likes to dress up in princess costumes everyday, and she loves lipstick.
She loves to eat & she loves baths! She keeps her eyes open more often now so you can see her pretty big eyes 😍
Charlotte Martinez
Charlotte is a very happy baby. With a smile and laugh that will melt your heart ❤️ She loves to watch Octonauts on Netflix and scream for fun !
Willow Reign is a happy 6 week old. She's very alert and photogenic. She loves to cuddle with Mommy and hang out with her 3 big brothers.
Emma is a lovely cute kid. She is outgoing and a bundle of joy! Her favorite colors are pink and purple, She loves all animals and loves to play outside with her big sister and cousins!
Abby is such a happy baby, she loves to play and always smiling.
Anilah milani is a very happy and sweet Baby , Her Smile Will Light Up A Room 🥰🥰
Hi my name is Brookelyn Montana I'm 11 months old.. I love to watch cocomelon and play with my family.. I'm standing by myself and I'm ready to start walking anytime.. Please go vote for me 💗💗!!
Nalah is a sweet little girl. She is loved by anyone who comes in contact with her. She is a proud baby sister to 3 wonderful brothers. She loves her puppy and to ride in her power truck.
Little miss Hazelee is just a little over a month old. She loves baths, eating & laying on mommy’s chest.
Zariah loves to sleep and eat. She is such a peaceful baby. I love watching her sleep. She smiles in her sleep alot.
Madison is full of love, adventure, joy, compassion, i could go on and on about this girl!! She has 2 older brothers she adores, unless they are playing basketball, then she's out to get them!! She loves volleyball and basketball, you might even see her on a skateboard!! Shes very athletic, always ready to participate, and the best team player! Madison is also going into her 5th year of 4-H and was Grand Champion overall with her market rabbits!! She loves animals, i haven't met one yet that dosen't want to go home with her and she has even gotten to bottle feed a baby kangaroo where she lives in little ol' Baca County!! Madison has the biggest heart so full of kindness and concern there is no room for negativity!! She is a ray of light full of hope...for every ray of hope holds the future!!
Presleigh had open heart surgery at 3 months & has Septo Optic Dysplasia. She is a very caring, beautiful girl. She loves to dress up & play with her tea cups. She also loves to help mommy with her baby sister. If Presleigh wins, she would like to donate to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester NY (where she had her heart surgery)
The happiest sweet girl, Eden Jane.
This is her first pageant 😘
Ava loves to play outside, sing, dance, and spend time with her brothers/sisters and cousins! Ava is smart, brave, funny, and full of joy!
Kora is a spunky little spitfire that loves eating and playing with her toys. She’s definitely a mommas girl!
Jessie is 3 weeks old. She loves her paci and bottles. She loves her mama and daddy. She smiles almost all the time. Always has something to say about everything. And absolutely loves to be center of attention❤️❤️
Josie has a kind soul, and most importantly she is beautiful inside and out. 💗
Hello my name is Journey Everleigh my mommy named me Journey because I was her miracle✨🥺 I love Minnie Mouse🎀 I love to smile and giggle mommy says I’m a strong girl 🧸because I was born with clubfoot on both my feet and I managed to succeed surgery✨
Everley is 1 and a half. She loves plating with her dolls and she always knows how to bring a smile to my face.
My name is Sophia. I love to cuddle with my mommy and daddy and I love things with colors! Long conversations, a good movie, a good snack; and I’m all in! I love laughing and smiling with everyone; my laugh is quite contagious. My favorite thing ever is calling my mommy
She loves her puppy
Kairi has the kindest heart of them all, last year for her birthday she requested instead of presents... she asked everyone to donate to our local animal shelter. This amazing little girl is beyond smarter than the average child her age. Kairi is an outgoing daredevil, there is nothing too big, too fast or too scary to this young lady. Recently our house burned down and she has adjusted very well and transitioned easily into a new routine. Kairi deserves everything that this world had to offer in my eyes.
She’s a very sweet girl . Always smiling and laughing.
Hello my name is Princess Reign. I am 8 weeks old things that I enjoy is cuddling, eating, and my Sissy singing to me. I also love to try to talking by making noise when me & Mommy is talking. I have a smile that would light up the room.
Selah is such a sweet smiley baby. She love to lay in her swing and talk to her bear mobile and LOVES to laugh with mommy, daddy, and her aunts and uncles.
I'm the sweetest babygirl in the whole wide world! I love nibbling on bananas and talking to my mommy and daddy! I'm crawling everywhere and getting into everything!
Lainey Grace
Lainey loves people calling her pretty girl! She doesn’t know a stranger. Anyone who walks her way she smiles and giggles at, she loves to socialize and loves her animals. !!
Lilliana is the happiest little sassy girl, her smile just instantly melts you. She’s a mover and a dancer, and the best snuggler.
Keonni Mae
Ke’onni loves bananas and green beans💚 she can say “bye- bye” and is crawling all over the place! She can pull up on stuff and is trying her best to walk. She loves to laugh and play.
Zada is the best youngest sisyer of triplets anyone could ask for .. Shes full off energy curious and so well behaved .. Anyone thay has met her and her siblings wpuld agree shes amazing along with her siblings.. Lets show her some love and vote ..
Zia is the oldest of triplets .. She loves her brother and sister and is one of the most respectful polite girls besides her sister lol you will ever meet ..
Hello , this is Alaiya Mia . Alaiya was born Sep 22.2020 , She is now 3 months. Her smile makes my day every single day , and i hope the picture above made your day too😊!
Our little angel Samaira is almost 7 months now. Her toothless smile makes my heart melt. She keeps saying gagaga and her arm rolls with round belly and arm stretches keep melting my heart. She loves being called out sammy and laughs when her aunt dances with her. She has completed us in all the ways
Charli is the sweetest happiest baby! She loves to laugh, and loves to crawl!! Definitely so good with the camera!