Miss Numinous is a fiery, extremely smart, excitement driven ball of sunshine! She enjoys playing the piano and dancing to just about any song she hears. NuNu loves doing positive affirmations in the mirror and any activities that involve her mama. She is so kind and silly. Numinous is going to change the world with her one of a kind essence!
She is very affectionate, kind, nice, she likes to play, laugh, she is a very intelligent girl, very outgoing.
My beautiful little lani bug loves cuddles
Adalynn is a bit of sass but also kind hearted. She’d do anything to make you smile. She loves the color blue & Barbies
Lilliann is the most sweetest girl a person can know. She’s got the biggest heart. She loves the color pink & loves Barbies
Ruby Jo
Ruby Jo is a feisty 6 month old little girl !she’s so full of spunk and stubborn ! She loves her big brother and mommy and daddy chewing is her absolute favorite thing to do her favorite show is PJ mask instantly lights up when she hears it or sees it ❤️
Lauren Gianni Jean Baptiste
Hello there! I'm Lauren, a one-year-old cheerful, bouncy baby girl who loves family time, lengthy conversations, and warm bottles. Also, everything that produces noise attracts me!
Shes charming, shes very considerate, she love to sing and pose for the camera. She wants to be a model.
Myka is a loving and extraordinary little lady. She has great faith in GOD. When she sees someone in pain or not feeling well, she stops playing or whatever her little busy body is doing and instantly starts praying silently to GOD on that person's behalf. The only thing you can clearly hear her say is AMEN. I love the fact that she knows God and loves people. She is a child that knows no strangers. She makes friends everywhere she goes. She is bubbly all of the time and is very helpful. She loves her OMG dolls and playing doctor games on her laptop. I think that I may have a future surgeon on my hands. I can go on and on but she is a joy to be around. If I can sum her up into one word, it would be radiant.
A Foodie Lover. She tries everything!!! Creole plates like rice, beans, meat, pasta are her favorites.
Our little red♥️ She's our red headed blue eyed babygirl -sassy spitfire tell you like it is big hearted princess 👸🏼 she's a born leader she loves to sing and dance a HUGE animal lover her red hair is true to it's qualities she def is going to do big things and ever since she was a baby I've had people stop us in our tracks to admire her beautiful little self and how much they adore her hair..I told my husband since years and years before I had her I dreamed dozens of times of my little girl with her red head of curls and my dreams became a reality on August 13,2016. She's her big sisters keeper (resting in paradise as of 8-23-2020) and her brothers last nerve 🤣😂 she was 1 of two I was unknowingly carrying twins and lost the other at around 3 months but everything she does is always so extra and loud and big I don't doubt for a minute her sibling passed everything into her I know she's going places and going to do so many great things 👑❤️👑❤️ vote for my beautiful babygirl and help her start her journey off!!
Kensy Y
My name it’s Kensy Y. And I love spending time with my family , I’m a type of girl who loves to sing , and play with all the dogs. I love my mom she’s the best mom in the world I’m so proud of her. If I’m here it’s because I love her and I want to help her ❤️
Mariska is a silly out going 23 month old who loves her baby dolls her favorite word is hush she loves spending time with her family an enjoys going swimming an on nature walks with her family
Hi my name is Amelia Viera you may have heard from my twin Alina that were twins competing in on the other hand at very vocal, also cute haha my favorite thing to do is laugh and try standing because makes me feel very dependent, I’m very curious love looking out the window in the car and taking in the moment of all the sky and trees.
Hi My name is Alina Venecia and I’m 2 months old, and I’m also known as sweet face by mommy and daddy, I love to smile and take tons of pictures, my favorite thing to do is tummy time makes me feel strong and independent, I’m cute and full of love another thing you should know is I’m a twin to my sister Amelia.
Paisley loves to feed the cows And her favorite thing to do is play with the dogs!
Shes loving tv right now and getting read to. shes rolling over
She likes her phone an likes hanging out with her friends. Shes so smart
Hayleigh is a bright girl who loves helping others. She is a wonderful daughter sister and aunt.
Zylah goes to Catholic Centrals schools her Mother is Corina Mattioli from Mingo and Nash Dehnrt from Brilliant. She loves cheering and gymnastics. She has 2 baby sisters that are twins that will be coming soon. She's so sweet and have eyes like a ocean.. We see a bright future for this young lady...
My name is Arlenys , I love to spend time with my family and give lots of hugs and kisses. I am a love baby born on Valentines day❤️
I am a little girl, I love to laugh and to be hugged… Your vows make me and my family very happy
Journey is a vibrant, outgoing, independent, and loving 2 yr old. She loves ballet, music and dancing. She also loves typing on her computer at her desk.
She has one of the biggest personalities you can ever imagine. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to let you know. Is super sweet, loves kids and babies and lovessssss animals. An amazing girl ♥️
Everleigh loves my little pony and loves playing with her ponies, she is super funny and sweet
Sophia is smart and funny she loves to dance ,sing,and make video's she enjoys the outdoors,loves to play with her siblings she loves to shop.
Wrenlee is the 4th out of her siblings and she is legally blind but that won't stop her! She loves to play with her older sisters and her brother whose also legally blind like her. She loves to watch/listen to Ms.Rachel everyday she has made our hearts full
Amelia is a kind and genuine soul, Amelia loves to dance , swim and she love animals…. If Amelia wins she will be putting her money in her college fund❣️
Jazlynn is the most beautiful babygirl She Loves CocoMelon And playing withh with Phones, She is crawling everywhere she is super fast when she wants to get somewhere 😂!!! She likes playing with her toys, And going for walks in her strollers..... She is really chill and never cries. Loves car rides Tooo... I love her with everything in me. Please vote for me.
Delilah is a sweet, smart and lovely girl, she loves to dance and sing, everyone loves the way she is. She is the spot light everywhere she goes. This girl can dance 😜
She’s 6 1/2 months old shes got the most beautiful heart melting smile with the most cutest contagious little laugh she’s full of happiness , joy , beauty , already so curious , and so loved by so many
She loves driveing her bumper car shes always smiling and she loves her siblings
Kyra loves to get all dressed up in her pretty dresses but is also a country girl and enjoys getting dirty. She loves animals, especially her ponies, dogs, and cats. She is so full of joy and life and brightens up the room when she walks into it.
She’s mommies beautiful , smart 3 year old , so curious , she has such a terrific personality , she’s so full of joy , and love ❤️ and she’s absolutely loves her baby sister
Giana is a very funny and outgoing kid. She loves science and inventing things. She's the student of the month in her class and has perfect attendance! She's a very cool kid to be around.
Leona is a fiesty, cuddly little girl who loves Elsa and Anna. She loves playing with and following her older sister.
Naomi is a fun, loving, and energetic girl who loves drawing and playing dress up. She was born with a heart defect but continues to strive.
Kami Jo
Kami jo is a one of a kind smart sweet beautiful baby girl. She has came along way. She was born at 23weeks weighing just 1lb 0.4oz. She loves her sisters and brother. She likes books and playing with balls and baby dolls. She will become a big sister in 8 days.
She is amazing, loving, sweetheart! She loves to be crafty! She has a great personality.
Savannah is a 5 year old little girl who has a heart of gold . She's very active she goes to gymnastics 2-3 times a week at 2 different gyms. She loves Barbie dolls and they play gymnastics too She is also in dance class (hip hop) to be exact I think that's more of a social butterfly time. Savannah is also in physical therapy because she just got diagnosed with scoliosis and hip problems that throws her balance off and we're trying to get that fixed She has BIG dreams to be a Olympics gold medalist!!!!
Autunm Kruass
Autunm a beautiful amazing little girl She is very kind and sweet
Melines is our sweet girl, she’s so full of life, she’s always so happy and full spirit! She loves her big sister but defiantly enjoys being the little sister. Her favorite things to do are eat and watch cocomelon of course
Kinsley came into this world to bring light to everyones life not just mine!
Sa’Reyiah is the happieSt baby there could be. She is the baby sister to 5 older brothers! She loves to giggle and play and her favorite thing is to be told she is pretty 🤩.
Kinzley is a ball of spunk and she’s finally learning how to say mama, baba, and what sounds like is “mom mom”! She’s 17 months old almost 18 and she’s such a fun little girl! We’re always on the move seeing what we can get into!
Vitoria is a very loved and happy child, affectionate and smart.
Avery is a fun loving and friendly child. She loves to sing and dance. She loves to learn and explore new things everyday. She’s very intelligent at her young age and curious.
Riley is awesome at everything she dose. Great big sister loves to help, play, and just be crazy. She loves school.