Aubree is as sassy as they come. She loves singing to Jesus and bowling with her family.
Krimson loves to sing at church and loves to play with kids and play instrument
London is so awesome she just loves people she likes to smile and have fun if you like the dance
She's a little sassy, creative and likes to talk about the most random things and loves frozen
Kennedi is a fun loving little girl with a big heart. She wear her heart on her sleeve and is always trying to help others.
This is Addilyn my granddaughter she loves to play in the water, snow and mud! She might only be a year and a half old but she loves to collect blankets and stuffed animals
Jazmine is 4 and she loves going to school and spending time with her friends. She is so full of energy and love. She loves being outside so much. She loves Halloween and not scared of anything. She is very smart and knows how to work on vehicles n how to run a backhoe n lawnmower.
Sweet little country girl who loves animals and playing in the dirt with her other siblings
London is very intelligent and she loves to skate, draw, and go swimming.
“Ahnesti Dream” is the sweetest 2 month old. She loves watching Gracie’s corner and she has the cutest little babble sounds
Serenity is 4 years old she loves Elsa and her favorite color is Blue she loves books and her favorite place is the library and she is super excited to start school
Georgia loves animals and her family. Her favorite color is red and she's the sweetest and most loving 4 year old you will meet. She's a firecracker she's full of energy and knows how to stop a room with her personality and looks. She loves dancing and she's a drama queen and she's goofy
She is a very smart n hard working young woman. She is in the high school band n plays the flute. She is very talented n outgoing n friendly. She is a freshman. She is also in jrotc and wants to join the fire department.
Lillian loves to color, spend time with her family as much as she can, helping with her baby brother when he’s crying, and watching a movie with mommy. She always blow kisses to whoever she can whether it’s a person or an animal, the sweetest to anyone that walks by her.
Angel is her own self. She loves playing with her brothers trucks and her baby dolls all at the same time. She loves Reese's and chocolate milk.
Skyler loves to be tickled, is constantly smiling and loves looking at her big brothers and sisters.
Araya Tofstad
She is a content baby, so sweet, her laugh is adorable, we all love her so much.
I love to run around, eats lots of food and share some with my puppy of course ❤️
Naomi is such a sweet and happy go lucky baby girl. She has such a personality already.
Cora Jane
She’s an outgoing fun little girl who loves to play with her puppies and snuggle
Nina Divine
Nina Divine, the name speaks for itself. She’s friendly, & can be quite the chatterbox lol! Her personality is vibrant & bright, like Divine. She loves Elmo’s World & Gracie’s Corner but Ms. Rachel has her heart lol. She loves to cuddle & it’s the cuddles that make you feel better. She’s a drama Queen but the sweetest princess 🤣❤️
Abby loves going to school!
How to describe this wonderful little girl. Mariea is a loving and caring individual with an amazing imagination. She is head strong and fiercely intuitive. She loves her family (especially her little sister) and loves to help out around the house (wiping up the table is her favorite). She’s taking a liking to taking pictures with mamas phone and even took a few of the pictures on her sisters entry! As well as the rocking horse and cat in her photos.
Goofy, spontaneous, cooker, and honor role student
Amethyst! Super shy! Loves with her whole little heart! Her big sister is her best friend, she loves running around even if its circles for hours! Shes so full of energy! Sweet, smart, dramatic 😆 but in a funny cute way. She is 3 about to be 4 sharing, caring, kindest little girl. When she wants a snack, everyone gets one too! 🤣🥰
Zoë is 6 years old almost 7! Shes smart, funny, whitty, sassy, loveable, cuddly, the best big sister to her sister and baby brother. She loves to Cheer, dance, sing, play and be the one to help EVERYONE. Shes the sweetest thing alive🥰
Everyone loves Kyra. She has the biggest heart and loves to put a smile on others faces. She loves to cook, dance and flip around like a gymnast. Her personality is out of this world and anyone who has met her would agree. She my world and my little rockstar.
She loves her older sisters☺️ she loves being tickled she already giggles!
Alana has been a fighter since day one. She was born prematurely two months early placing her in the nicu supporting her breathing her first month but she has never given up. She has a smile that will light up a room and dimples to add to her beauty she is healthy now and has a strong family that will always fight for her as well. Alana is loving and beautiful nothing short of a miracle baby and a true Queen.
Addisyn is spunky, smart, beautiful, kind, loving and one of a kind. She loves reading, hanging out with friends/family and most of all gymnastics. She has multiple medals and trophies to prove it.
Ava is 18months she is very smart and loves adventure. She is bilingual speaking English and Spanish. Ava loves to play outside sing and clap her hands. She loves watching cocomelon and playing with her sisters. She has a very beautiful smile and dimples to match. We love her and she will always be an outstanding Queen.
Dixie Cheyenne
Dixie is a 3 year old born to be actress! She loves to Sing dance cook read and play with her friends! She loves the outdoors and loves sports!
She love’s singing at church!! Dancing around and riding her bike.
Legacy is Love. She loves making videos and drawing! She lights up the room with her little body and huge personality!!
Khloe is very energetic and outgoing. She loves dressing up and taking pictures.
Kauri is a 3 year old, energetic little girl who is not camera shy and she wants to be a TikTok star. She loves to dance, sing, wear makeup and get her hair done.
From birth Laina has had to overcome adversity. Being born over 7 weeks early into two different nicu’s, she came with a lot of congenital diseases with both her heart and kidneys. Over time she’s blossomed into the most beautiful loving sister. So kind and wild. She loves being with her brothers most of all and spending all her time with family and friends. Loves being outdoors and being so fearless. She is a beautiful fighter, and nothing stops her from what she wants!
Scarlett is a veryyy sassy 10 month old who loves to eat anything and everything, play with her husky, and go on coffee dates with mama!💓
Mommy’s baby forsure ! But seriously goes crazy for her daddy and older sister , I don’t even know how to describe someone so perfect and so advanced . Her smile and laugh is everything ! Ayla is such a character already ! Her personality is so strong for only being 5 months !
She loves her blankets. Such a happy baby. Loves to eat, kick and laugh.💗
Sylvia Sylvia Sylvia. An almost 6 month old with the amount of sass as a teenager. She is not afraid to let her feelings known. She loves baths and being In the water and seeing how much food she can fit in her tummy.
Victoria is a smart and bright little girl she loves playing outside with her trucks, power wheel and watching YouTube
Jaliyah is Fighter, she is so strong to be so little. She loves helping out around the out cleaning, cooking taking care of her baby brother. She love’s cocomelon and playing dress up.
Brooklyn is beautiful, the sweetest, kindest, most caring little girl who loves to sing and dance! Vote for Brooklyn, it would make her so happy! ❤️
Shyanne is normal 14 year old who loves to be around family and friends. She also loves to dance and sing. Her hobbies are drawing and making YouTube videos
Navy Mae
Navy is the baby of the family with 4 other siblings. She’s the mischievous one of the group always making everyone laugh!
Laura is an only girl that loves to go on adventures and have fun.