Cass loves to play softball and soccer. She loves school and is a very good student. Most of all Cass loves her family and friends. She is the peace maker and is very kind hearted. Everyone who meets her loves her.
Eliza is such a silly soul, always smiling and sticking her tongue out. She has recently discovered her voice and loves to squeal! She is the light of our lives and has the most kissable cheeks.
Ozzie is the biggest ham you would ever meet! She is always smiling and laughing!🥰 she loves her bouncer and going on walks. Please vote for her!
She loves to dance and sing.
Baby Lilyana is full of smiles and love. Her smile lightens up a room 😍
Alina is unique, she loves to play at the park and take rides. She loves animals and her naps
Maelani Rose is a true miracle baby, she was born at 1 pound and is healthy and thriving now at 6 months old! She is such a happy girl and loves to give smiles! Her beauty shines from the inside out 💗
Madeline Maro
Madeline is a bright shining star that lights the room with sparkles!! She loves Oreo ice cream, skating and playing with her puppy Lola.
She is an adorable little angel. Loves music and snacks lol and loves her family
Kionna Gourneau
Kionna is such a smart unique little lady who has the worlds biggest heart. She loves to draw, read, swim, go for walks with her dad, sisters & brother! She is a very helpful little lady, & she deserves to win! 😚
Isabella Raelyn Macias
Vote for our beautiful baby girl who is only a few weeks old into this world 🥹💗
Okie is the best big sister there is. She loves her baby sister. She loves to help mommy around the house and is the sweetest girl there is. She loves playing with others and making new friends.
Pru is a very smiley lovable baby. She loves cuddles and kissed from mommy.
Aaliyah Valencia is a spunky, sassy, independent little turkey butt. We all the energy in the room. Loves to play with Dexter( her 4leg brother) & all her family. She is the happiest baby until she get hangry. This little dare devil wants to explore everything and anything.
Sassy little girl who loves Elmo, listening to her great Grampa sing, obsessed with food, and loves to dance and scream ❤️
Audrey is a superstar! She loves to have all eyes on her and she will show you her twirl to keep your attention.
Amiyah is 2 years old. She wants to learn and do everything herself. She has a huge personality and most of all loves a good laugh!!!
Anastasia is very creative kid she likes to paint and draw and she’s very friendly
Skky Ann
Skky loves to play with her stuffed animals
Corazon Dream
In my times of dark she brings me so much light ✨☺️ .Always happy such a good baby wakes me up with a smile everyday through my darkest times 😩 .She really is such a dream come true to me .
Sawyer is so extraordinary, she brings light into peoples life by just a smile. She is so smart and curious. Her laugh just brings joy to everyone she meets. She loves playing with her toys and being held. She adores her daddy and loves when we get to go to work with him.
She is so happy and smiley! She LOVES any kind of food and loves to be around people.
Hello, my name is Harper I am almost a month old. I am from a little town in New York and I live with my parents, two dogs and a cat
Loves being held and being talked to. Especially if you have a deep voice. She enjoys going to church.. she's all around a happy baby until you make her mad lol
Daniela is a super sweet 6 month old! She absolutely adores her brother’s! Loves to eat Fries 🍟 and is always smiling or laughing! She has such a loving attitude! She is our only girl and is super spoiled by everyone! She definitely knows when your eating or drinking she will start yelling at you so you can give her some too😂 she is our sassy girl!!
Aziyah is very sweet when you smile she smiles back she's only two months old so I'm still learning about her💜
Y’all go vote for my beautiful babygirl💕
Heaven Adoree
I’m only 1 years old but act like I’m 4 lol. I love to eat play & go outside 😍 I have two big sisters 💓 my favorite thing to do is to play on my toy flute.
She gorgeous she loves to play outside and ride her bicycle she loves animals ❤️ she will be three in july.
Everly Jade is the most happiest & loveable little girl around who enjoys nothing but laughter! All it takes is one smile, and she melts your heart instantly!
Hey y’all! This is Braeleigh! She is 13 years old, almost 14!! She’s full of personality! She loves to play sports!! She’s also an amazing sister to her 4 siblings!
Jaylynn is a 6 yr old beautiful little girl who loves to dance an sing.
My daughter Adelynn loves to dance and loves to go outside and watch movies with her siblings and she loves to dance to music
Kyriel is a sweet intelligent 7 year old with lots of love and energy! She loves to dance, sing, cook and is a pleasure to be around! She’s a big help to her family! She’s a straight A student and is loved by all of her teachers!!!
Kaena is an outgoing world of wonder. She loves with her whole heart. She brings joy to all who know her.
Ember is 7months and has quite the personality already! She’s extremely happy but has no problem letting you know if she doesn’t like something. She loves swimming with her mom and grabbing dad’s beard. Her current obsession is blowing raspberries!
My name is Elenor but my mommy calls me Nori. I’m 8 months old, smiling is my favorite activity & I love to make everyone around me laugh
We called her RRORRO cause she used to cry rrrrrr rrrrrr !!
Marlie is such a happy girl. She loves dancing, giving kisses and peek a boo. Her laugh and beautiful blue eyes will win over anyone’s heart. 🥰
She has a cutest growl. She is a sunshine when she's wake up in the morning. Every where we go we get stop by others wanting to see her & even a nurse came in just to see her by someone say gotta see her.
Magnolia is a very sweet babygirl. She adores her loves, cuddles, and eating her hands/feet.❤️
This little girl lights up a room! Shes loves watching her cartoons, she loves when you read to her , she loves her walker! She goes everywhere lol..shes super sweet and has a very big personality already.
My name is Laila. I am 18 months old. I am smart, sassy, and energetic. My favorite thing to do is play out side on my slide and jump on my trampoline. My favorite thing to eat is cheese puffs. I love giving kisses and love to smile at everyone I see.
Miss Elaena Mae is 3 months old. She loves to giggle and give big smiles, she has a larger than life personality and is a such a precious little blessing to her family 😇❤️
Azaria is an independent, smart girl! She likes to play with her toys and to play outside ❤️❤️ her favorite things to eat are french fries and cookies 💕
My name is Emily. I am 7 weeks old and am a little sister to the best big brother! I enjoy snuggling and eating!
Esme is 5 months old, she’s a very happy baby who loves hanging out with her daddy and watching greys anatomy with her mommy