Khyza is full of personality and love to play with her big brothers. She likes music but she really love Gracie’s Corner.
Heaven is a superstar 2 year old, can say all her abcs, count to 20, she loves to dance and sing , she lights up every room she is in , she loves to play with everyone , she loves to give kisses and hugs . She is definitely 2 going on 5 is what I say 😂 she is just a born superstar and I can’t wait to shine her light on everyone!
She's very smart, caring, helpful and loves to learn new things. She loves dancing, playing with her siblings and spending time with family.
Bryleigh is 1 month old! Full of smiles! Hers loves to eat and try to hold her head up way more than she should!! She would love for you to vote for her ❤️
Daveni us 14. She enjoys track, cheer, softball. She spontaneouse, kind, loves wirh all her heart. Wont hesitate to give you thenshirt off her back. She loves her friends, and family the most.
Nevaeh is 4 years old. She is so spontaneous and always happy! She loves just about any activity. She brings so much joy into every room she steps in. She was diagnosed with seizures at 10 months old. Shes the strongest little girl i know.
Miss Emery girl is 12 months old with rolls for days . She is happy girl that loves her brothers and sister
Kasey is a 7 year old very smart and intelligent girl! she LOVES to do competitive gymnastics and cheerleading! she is in the 2nd grade, and her favorite color is pink! 🖤👧🏼🥰 she’s my diva and she sure knows how to make people laugh!
Cambrie is 3 months and loves to eat! She rolls and love to play dress up!
My baby girl Abigail loves to dance and eat lots. She is very loving and enjoys to give kisses and hugs. Also enjoys to play with her siblings and watch her favorite show hey bear.
Ruby is full of energy and is excited for everything life has to offer. She loves colors, numbers, letters, and playing with her siblings. Everyone that meets her tells me how much they adore her, and how smart she is. She has a habit of making people happy.
This is Sage my beautiful daughter she loves to sleep and loves cuddles
My mini me,loves cats and unicorns
Loves Ms.Rachel and Bounce Patrol,animal lover,loves coloring,happy girl and so sweet
Abigail is our 2 year old rainbow baby she is so delightful to have As a daughter. She is kind, empathetic, loves to dance, has the most beautiful smile, and she enjoys worshipping and listening to sermons. She is also rambunctious as she is the avid climber of the family. Most importantly Abigail is a overcomer she was Born with a genetic mutation that causes epilepsy and since she was 17 months old she has suffered 186 seizures with one of them lasting 38 minutes that almost claimed her life a few months later.
Sophie is so sweet, smart and loves to give big hugs to make you smile. She loves to dance, play & be outside. She is such a joy to everyone she meets.
Zava is 5 months old, she knows how to roll over, she loves to talk and smile. Zava loves to sit up and she is so sweet and loving. She is such a a blessing! She loves her big brother so much. He begged for a sister forever and now they are 10 years apart.
Jayd had a very hard start but kept fighting , shes a sweet, laid back and pretty little who loves to smile snd laugh
Ava is the most beautiful, big hearted girl she also loves to help others in anyway possible. She loves her family and loves to be outside. She also loves her stuffed animals and snuggles and plays with them daily. Her favorite one is her stitch, and also loves to travel and loves to help the animals that do not have their forever homes.
My name is Rhemi! I love my jumper, my dog Bishop and all my toys! I’m very smiley and love to spend time with my parents❤️
Juliana is a very happy 7 month old baby girl! She crawls everywhere! Sure enjoys chasing a ball! She still grabs her toes! She loves laughing with her big brother! She loves to bounce and she loves splashing in the bath! She sprouted 2 bottom teeth and is working on some more! She eats all sorts of fruits and veggies! Mangoes are a favorite! Yum!
Hi my name is Scarlett, I like to be in my bouncer and watch cartoons, I also like my warm bottles.
Brooklyn Lee
Brooklyn loves to play with dolls and loves to play outside.her favorite food is pizza.she loves her family.
Esther Mary Williams
she is 2 years old.she to play with her brother and sister.she is a mommy girl.her favorite food is pizza.her favorite cartoon is baby shark.
Kaylee is a very energetic, full of life, loving, smart, kind and independent 3 year old. Mostly she loves her family, shopping and makeup. She has 4 brothers and 3 sisters. She would love very much if you could show her some love and vote for her.
Hello, my name is Gianni Amora. I am 1month old. I love milk, mommy and daddy, & my binky. Vote for me please (:
Aamina is cute, smart, and very friendly. . She is just adorable, she wants to talks to everyone and make happy conversations. She likes to dance and sing everytime.
Artistic, kind, smart, intelligent
Hello my name is Kamoni and I love bananas and apples. I love watching Gracie corner and boss baby.
Wren is one big goofball! Minnie mouse obsessed and ready to sleep all day long☺️ always full of giggles and love!
Luna loves to laugh, she is smart, and loves to explore what's around her. She lights up the whole room with her smile.
Hey ! My name is Adore Lyfe Elijah Timmons I’m named after my uncle Elijah Timmons. I’m almost 4 months old! I’m a very happy baby that loves to talk, smile, eat warm bottles and nap! Vote for me because I’m absolutely ADORABLE 🥰
Maya is a very voice full, silly girl! She loves to smile but is very camera shy💕 she will for sure always keep you entertained and keep a smile on your face!
Karma 💚 loves coco melon and paw patrol, her favorite is zuma and sky . She is a mix between hurrican and a rainbow .
Arya is 8 months. She loves the outdoors. Jumping, belly laughing. She enjoys spending time with her family, and talking our ears off. Movies she loves is Encanto.
“For the LOVE of Brooklyn” Follow her on Instagram @Brooklyn.Jazz
Our little was born with Craniofrontalnasal Displacia Syndrome. Due to this, she has several minor defects, including Craniosynostosis, which she will need surgery to correct.
She loves to pull mommys hair all the time 🥰 she also loves warm baths with mom n music ❤️
She's a beautiful baby girl. She loves water. She's a loving baby
Meet akialyah:) ...she is 14 months old and full of love and laughter ❤️!! She is the youngest of her siblings...she likes playing outside and watching curious George...!! She is Mommy's whole life line and there is never a dull moment around her ..!! Go vote akialyah:) ❤️❤️❤️
Ava is a beautiful young baby girl. She wakes up everyday with a smile on her face❤️ Ava is trying to learn to walk🥰 Ava is in love with BabyShark, BLUEY and CocoMelon but she will watch anything. Let’s help her win 1st place❤️❤️❤️
She’s really a character, very outspoken, silly, sweet, respectful, and very smart. She loves to read. She loves Barbie and Dinos. (Little Miss Personality)
Nazyiah was our Christmas 🎅🏾 baby. She enjoys nursing, staring around to see where sounds are coming from, laying on her daddy, her brother, and sucking her thumb. She is really good at holding her head up when laying on you or in her boppy. My princess completed our family, we are now a family of 4.
She’s everything to our family ❤️