Baby Stories - 4


Kassidy is one amazing 5 year old. She loves to play outside. Loves her bother. Loves her momma and dadda. And love grammy and popa. She love horses. And farms. Loves animals all together. She has amazing smile.
She is in the Kindergarten an love dolls and singing.
I’m Blakely Rae Holley. I get my looks from my daddy, and my sassy attitude from my momma. I love my two fur siblings, and I am by far the happiest baby out there! I love naps with daddy, being outside, talking to everyone that crosses my path, shopping, dancing with mommy in the kitchen and taking pictures! Help me win so momma & daddy will be convinced, and give me a real sibling 💘
ANY ADVANCE VOTES WE HAVE GIVEN WONT NEED TO BE RETURNED UNTIL JANUARY OR FEBRUARY 😊💕🦋✨🧸💕🦋✨🧸💕🦋✨🧸ADVANCED VOTES ARE WELCOMED , WE WILL RETURN 💕& We VOTE BACK💜🦋 THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SUPPORTERS IT MEANS SO MUCH 🤞🏽💕Kylani is one years old. Her personality and smile will light up any room. Her laugh is very contagious & she's so goofy .She enjoys playing with her toy balls , singing , & dancing . VOTE NAMES ARE Ackera B , Kera B , Monika M , Lera J , & Sarah J
Smart. Beautiful. Goofy. Sassy. Loves People. Loves Food.
Fun Energetic 1 1/2 Year Old. Loves Cocomelon, Eating & Playing. Hates Naps.
Aamari is our precious little girl who loves to smile and be close to her parents 💜
Everly is our sassy princess. She loves to play and snuggle!
Monroe is a precious little rainbow baby who enjoys her daddy’s deep voice and waking up 4am for a bottle
Marlee is a joy . She loves attention and to hear her voice . 💖
Amelia love to help others and has a bubbly personality. She enjoys playing volleyball.
Aria: air, melody. An adventurous princess! She loves music, Watching Fancy Nancy and most importantly eating.
She’s by far the easiest baby I’ve had. She’s so happy and smiley in the mornings. She loves to be talked to. Loves her cuddles from anyone that gives them to her. She loves being all over the place. And as her mother I think she’s a very cute and beautiful baby girl! 🥰💕
This is my baby girl Alice (yes she is named after Alice in wonderland). She’s the princess of the house and she knows it. Her older brothers and daddy tell her every day. She’s very sweet n loves to smile n giggle, n so curious for only being 3months old. Miss Alice is sassy, smart, n sweet.
Azalea is the absolute sweetest. She shares her food even if she’s hungry. She loves to eat and obviously play. She’s getting so big and so smart! Give her a vote you won’t regret it! :)
A ball of BIG Leo energy. I love to eat, smile and play all day long with my mommy. A little bit of attitude to get my way but what girl doesn’t, my mommy going to spoil me anyways😍💕
Neptune Celine Hendricks
I love pink and I go to ballet on Wednesdays. Art is my favorite homework!
Austyn loves water! Shes very smart! Loves her sisters and her doggy! And all around great kid!
Oaklynn is 2weeks old. She can lift her head and kick her feet. Other then that this cutie sleeps and eats.
Kylie is involved in volleyball,basketball,swim team, and softball! She won lil miss at the 2021 kossuth county fair
Our Little Baby Doll! Doodle bug is 2 months old a whole lot of sassy and our little warrior after spending a week in the NICU after being born.
Kehlani has so much personality at such a young age! She loves to talk an smile, drinking milk is her favorite activity.
She is a very smart and loveable girl. She loves to play fetch with her 2 dogs hootie and lola and giggles everytime they bring the ball back to her. She loves going to school and learning new things and playing with her friends. Advanced votes are welcome.
Miss little sassy has a huge personality and loves anyone who comes in her path ! Her smile just lights up the room😍loves her toys and playing with her cousins. Our rainbow miracle NICU baby is thriving in everything she does and loves to learn anything. Any money won goes towards things for her to continue to grow her skills and make sure she is set with things she needs !🥰😍💜
Hi my granddaughter’s name is Kario Malia Bobo. Kairo is 2 years old born to the proud parents of Dion and Reachel Bobo. Kairo is very outgoing, Kairo loves to sing, dance, and play with her dolls. Kairo’s favorite food is macaroni and her favorite color is purple. Kairo loves playing make believe. Kairo is no stranger to the runway and cameras. June 6 2021 Kairo was crowned little Miss illinois American nation Queen of 2021. Good luck Kairo from your loving family.
She loves her Cocomelon, loves to count and loves to dance
Adrianna is an amazing big sister. She’s energetic, sassy and funny! She loves swimming and softball the most but can’t wait to learn more sports!
Miss Taysia Mae has so much personality already and loves to growl, blow raspberries, watch TV and eat! She’s definitely a mommy’s girl and such a peanut.
Aaliyah loves to talk, play, and sit up. She is always smiling and is so happy to see everyone. She’s not a fan of tummy time, however loves to sit up and interact.
Im a single mom of 2 beautiful children, this is harlynn, She was born a month early due to complications, but shes healthy and a happy baby. She loves sticking her tounge out and loves making all sorts of cute sounds. Shes been holding her head up so good sense shes been born, her big brother loves her so much and harlynn loves him also. Theyre my biggest blessing in this world and i love them with all my heart.
Zayli is very curious,fast learner,loves to dance,loves to eat she has pretty dinples when she smile,loves playin petty cake,gives kisses all with a little cute attitude
Taylon is 2 years old and has a personality of her own! Since the day she was born she was known as “ sour patch kid” she is sweet and sour, she is a tomboy and a mommas girl!
hens loves to play outside, dress up, spend time with all her aunts and uncles and mostly dance
My little spunky girl. She has a fun loving and loud personality. She will tell you how it is and she absolutely loves playing Fortnite and Minecraft.
Amara is a spunky fun loving little girl who is obsessed with cocomelon. She loves "reading", going on walks, and "playing" video games with her big siblings.
Daphne And Carolina
Daphne and Carolina are identical twins they are very happy baby’s 😊💕
Kennedy is a very energized and smart little girl. Kennedy loves to smile. Miss Kennedy loves to dance, sing, play and pretend! Kennedy enjoy being outside and shopping. Her favorite food is chicken nuggets.
She’s a big sister! A bright 5 year old with a bubbly personality. Will light up the whole room when she walks on
Zyla is Smart & Loving she loves animals she loves to spend time with the horses on the farm 🥰 She can count to 3 sing her ABCs kinda 😂 and we just got her potty trained by the cocomelon potty song she loves COCOMELON
Amelia is a happy bubbly baby. She loves taking long naps and her daddy! 🥰🥰 vote for my baby ❤️🤞
Mia loves fashion and the outdoors. Her favorite place is the beach and she loves using her imagination with the endless supply of play-doh she has. 😂😂
Ziya is a spunky, loving 2 year old! She loves being outdoors and playing with her puppy, Cinnamon! She is astoundingly smart for her age and boy does she know it! Thank you for taking the time to vote for my little babe❤️
Jahkyia is very sweet, loving, intelligent and lovesss to talk! She loves animals, flipping, watching gabbys doll house, and enjoys learning new things.
She is 3 months old already rolls over and likes to hold her own bottle.She smiles and laughs all the time very happy baby.
My name is Mckenna and I am 1 Years old! I give my dad and mom and run for there life. I get into everything i dig in the cabinets. Lol i have a brother to but he not as bad as me!
Thiea Rose
Miss Thiea Rose!!!! She’s got a wonderful imagination! She loves telling stories. She loves to cuddle. She is always happy.