She is a smart baby and she likes her dog Eden.she loves to watch movies.she rolls over and sits up.she has two teeth and she is saying a few words.
Aurora is an 9 year old ball of energy! She loves dancing ballet, reading, and spending time with family and taking care of all her pets.
5 months , Sassy & ready to learn 💖
Emma is the sweetest baby girl ♥️ She likes to sleep in your arms and feel your heartbeat ♥️ She has the strongest grip to hold your finger ♥️ The sweetest cry you will ever hear ♥️ The sweetest look to her eyes when she wants to get to know you ♥️ To the dearest laugh in her sleep dreaming with the angels ♥️ My sweat little baby is the sweetest ♥️ Sweat baby Emma ♥️
Little Miss A’Nylah is a caring and sweet , fierce little girl you’ll will every meet. She love dancing and singing and ballet 🩰.
Hi everyone, my name is Brayleigh Irene Ann Terry. I am almost 18 months old, and I love the camera! I love my mama and dada, but my Nonna and uncle Ducky are my favorite. I love to eat and say hi to everyone I see. My favorite thing to watch is Mr Rachel and Cocomelon on YouTube☺️
If I owe you advance votes I will return just send reminder. Ty all for your support 🌹🌷🌹❤️ Will return in November
Ja’Nyla Is The Most Happy Excited Baby. She Loves To Watch Do,Re & Mi. She Loves To Yell “Yay & Dada”. She Loves To Clap Along
Brianna Felix
Brianna is 13 years old, she is an All Star Cheerleader at BSRI. Her an her team have won many titles over the 5 years she been cheering for them with GRAND INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION being one of them. She also plays Soccer for her middle school team. She’s a very well rounded young lady and has dreams of going to Alabama U or University of Kentucky with the ultimate goal of winning a NCA title in Daytona!
My baby
AYLA is 1yr old she's very outgoing and has a old soul she likes mini mouse her favorite animal is ducks her favorite person is her mimi
3 years of age 💕
Jasiyah is 10 years old and she likes too be with her family & friends and she is a cheerleader
She’s such a sweetheart, she’s a very lovable girl and she loves to sing also
Aurora Brooklynn Nelson 💜 Aurora loves to laugh & smile , is always happy when watching her shows Bluey & Mickey mouse.
Ariel is 8 months old. She’s playful and enjoys meeting new people. She’s the most friendliest baby I’ve seen. People often tell me she’s a therapy baby, because she brings joy to everyone that meets her. Her nickname is Joy because she’s full of joy and brings joy to others that know her.
Hensley And Hazley
They love to dance, give hugs, and be silly❤️❤️❤️
Hi my name is Isabella and I am 11 years old. I love to draw and color and play with my friends I volunteer As a mentor at my school for the younger kids But one of my favorite things to do is play with my 2 golden retrievers Bear and Cubbie.
Tabitha a caring young lady. She loves to draw and going swimming. She plays well with other kids.
Taelor is very outgoing, loves animals and Dolly Parton
Braelynn is 6 weeks old. She was born exactly on her due date! She loves to breastfeed, smile, and take a bath. She loves her snuggle time and her big brother.
Olivia Corpeno
Olivia loves to sing dance and act. She also love Peppa Pig and the color pink. She is also funny sweet and a little bit sassy and she always tells everybody she is the Queen. And whenever you're sad she will always try her little best to make you smile.
I love to giggle and laugh. My favorites thing right now is to jump in my jumper and try to sing along to song's. Vote for Claire. Her smile will brighten your day. Cocomelon and strawberry Shortcake are her favorite shows.
Kaylani is a smart and happy two month old. She loves to snuggle and get kisses. We are hoping to win to help pay for her advance in modeling.
Ashlynn Sky is her name 🌸, Ashlynn is me and her father’s rainbow baby 🌈. She lights up the room with that adorable smile of hers! Ashlynn loves taking pictures, sleeping, and most importantly eating. Don’t play with Ashlynn food lol. Ashlynn is the most calmest loving baby you ever met.
Wrenley is a 16 month old girl with LOTS of personality. She loves to sing and dance and play with her big sister and cousins. She loves dogs, cats and many more animals. She has a BIG HEART when it comes to people being sad, she literally will do ANYTHING to make you smile and laugh. She lights up the room whenever she walks in, wherever it is. Please take a moment to vote for my daughter, I will vote back as well. Thank you❤️
Emilie was born January 25th 2022; she came out with big blue beautiful eyes. Within the last 8 months, I have watched her grow up so fast; she's so smart! Emilie is crawling and pulling herself up. She's also starting to walk along the furniture! This little girl is full with excitement & has a great personality. She has two older brothers, but she runs the show! Emilie's favorite thing to do is to explore and to be nosey, haha. She likes to watch me clean & cook. I can't wait to continue watching her grow and see the woman she will become.❤️ Emilie loves playing and picking on her brothers. She will take their toys and sometimes she will pull their hair! Don't let her smile fool you, she already has an attitude, haha. Emilie will poke her lip out, scream, and shake her hands when she's mad or upset. Emilie hates nap time or bed time. She thinks she's going to miss out! ❤️ Emilie is my light; she has brighten up my world with her beautiful smile. She amaze me everyday because I learn something new about her everyday. Emilie is sweet, smart, sassy, and all together the most beautiful babygirl I have ever seen.❤️
Miracle is a premature 11 month old she came out 3 months early and had a rough start to life she likes to laugh and play with her teddy bear and dance in her bassinet she lovesss music
Nala Jay
This is Nala my oldest baby girl. She loves to let everyone know she’s named after The Lion King. There for she’s a lion too. Anything with unicorns is a must with this kid. She’s such a huge help when she’s not being a silly kid.
Smart,loving,caring she is a go getter loves to cook and loves to cheer. Nadia has a very special heart that never gives up until she gets what she wants she is unstoppable to any goal she wants to achieve.
Isabella Rose
Hi I’m Isabella Rose I just turned 4 years old & I am a very happy, lovable toddler. What you need to know is that I’m very photogenic & I love to be around the camera always camera ready. 🥰❤️ I have a personality to die for & I’m very friendly. I can have a whole conversation with people + I have a contagious laugh 😊Mommy says that I love to dance since I got it from both my parents 💃🏼 She also says that I’m independent & I’m a very girly girl with a bit of sass + a fashionista like my mommy 💗
Emmalynn is almost a month old! She is our rainbow baby and the sweetest little girl! She is always smiling in her sleep, already likes bath, and loves cuddles. She absolutely hates when she needs to sneeze and it doesn’t come. She will make all these noises to tell you about it. She is a miracle to us and we couldn’t be more thankful for her.
Adanae is a wild outgoing Amazing little girl full of soo much spunk and life ! She LOVES HER baby brother and her older sister and brother she loves to sing and dance and play mom to her baby brother ! Please vote for this beautiful girl!!
Mary is very active and smart and sweet and she loves her father and mother and family and mine mouse
She’s very sweet, sassy, DIVA for sure. She loves to be silly and loves her brother and sister. She’s a big helper to mommy also! She’s loves being a big help & loves to DRESS UP and take pictures. She also loves Starbucks!
hello , my name is A’Nylah ! I am currently 4 months old 💛🫶🏽. I love to jump, smile, talk & scoot around. I also like to stick my tongue out and have my fingers in my mouth. I love my mommy & daddy ❤️.
Hi I’m Avanna I go by Ava ,I love to play dolls and do TikTok’s my favorite character is Minnie Mouse , I have two older sisters . I’m mom autistic butterfly 🦋and I also was featured in a YouTube channel
She is a sweet loving girl. She loves the out doors. She has a heart of gold
Annelise is a sweet expressive baby girl who loves people. She loves to dance, play hide and seek, and wave at people. She knows the difference on how to dance to different types of music and she also just can NOT stop dancing even if it means doing a little dance for getting her favorite food. 😂 She is the cutest redhead diva!!! 🥰
Dakota is 2 months old! She loves to smile and babble! She is truly a joy to be around and is the light of our lives. Her name is Dakota Love and she surely knows how to make anyone fall in love with her and her infectious smile!
Niyah is turning 2 in November she is our rainbow baby. She is the silliest and sweetest girl ever. Please vote for her 💓
She likes to draw and paint
Little sister with a big attitude. Little miss Ari is full of smiles and laughter. She enjoys music and dancing! Shes a Mommy’s girl and tomato lover!
This is Everly Luna but everyone calls her by (Belly) because mommy had the smallest belly when she was pregnant. She loves to eat, sleep & play chase with her older cousins. And if you put a camera in front of her she’ll know exactly what to do:). She is a cat lover for sure lol. Everly is the most smartest, happiest, loving baby girl!
loves to dance, watching coco melon, eating
Kyah has the absolute biggest heart, with a smile on her face 24/7. She lights up the room every time she walks in.
Ore is a smart girl and lovely to be with.
Mallie is a smart 8 year old, she loves school, she loves to read books , her activities are playing outside, jumping on her trampoline with her brother and lil sister, playing with other she loves making new friends. Mallie is the middle child of 3. Her goal in life is becoming a school teacher. Mallie has always wanted to be in pageants but was never in one yet