Baby Stories - 38


Jewel is a goofy little butterball! She is super sweet, clingy and loves to hug ❤️
Like to eat monke and pp
Chloé Destiny Marie Bradley, a 5 year old little girl who is from Orange Tx. but currently living in the Houston Tx. area. She just started her modeling career by competing in the Magnificque Fashion show produced by ANTM (Cycle 19) Victoria Henley, that was held in Gulfport Ms. She will also be walking in the Louisiana Fashion Weeks on January 9, 2021. She loves going to school, taking martial arts classes as well as competing, and going on new adventures with the cub scouts. She is currently an advanced green belt at her martial arts school and is also a Lion in the cub scouts. When she isn’t busy with one of her after school activities, she loves playing outside, playing Barbies/dolls, playing LEGO’s with her big brother, or playing games on her tablet. To keep up with her newest adventures follow her on Instagram @iam.chloedestiny
This little bundle of joy, is always happy. She loves to smile and laugh. Her daddy is he4 favorite person. :)
Loves to play and scream. Always smiling. Loves her big brothers ❤
Stina is very friendly and lovely!She likes modeling and she is very photogenic!
Always happy and smiling, loves her parents and all her animals 💕
She is always joyful.
Dallas Mae
Dallas is a very smart and loving child. Funny and sweet. She also is autistic but that doesn’t stop her from doing anything. Loves trampolines playing outside jumping off and on anything she can. Big ball of energy. When you meet her you fall in love with her right away
Torrie is a awesome sweet but sassy outgoing girl who loves helping others. She also enjoys crafting, dancing, making tik tocs and playing basketball and bonding with her nephew
Funny character , she loves to fake cry and stick her tongue out . She is very sassy
Harmony, my outgoing child. She’s always thinking of ways to improve something. She loves Disney. Anything Disney.
Ta’hiry is 8 months but with a brain of a 1 year old. She love music and talking to me all day. Her favorite activity is to eat! Lol
My sour patch kid. Extremely talkative! She loves YouTube & gymnastics.
We call her addy she loves to sing and and do her nails and she's a loving girl so sweet. She loves dress up and tell stories.
Amazing baby! She loves to smile.
Aurora is nothing short of a miracle baby. After a difficult pregnancy and seeing her placenta at birth (multiple dead spots, terrible umbilical cord, etc.), it became clear that she was meant to be here. She loves to smile, splash in the tub and be loved on by her doggy. She has also lived up to her name since the day we brought her home, a true sleeping beauty. We love you Aurora Lou!❤️
Ada is the most outgoing little girl you will ever meet. Ada loves her twin brother. She is also very talkative.
Nova loves her Mommy, Daddy & Grandma! She loves trying new foods especially Apple Sauce! & She is just now learning to roll over.
Raelynn is a beautiful smiley girl. She loves to talk!
Emery Fay
Emery is a 8 month old loving baby girl with a whole lot of personality. She is constantly smiling & so happy! She loves to crawl around and play with her toys! She especially loves her big brother, Leo. 💘 💝I hope you give her a vote & help her win xoxo💝
Ava is my miracle baby. She loves Cocomelon and her teddy. She’s smart, always so happy, calm. Loves to smile all the time.
she loves her mom and dad and really enjoy tummy time... she play fight more than anything... she is very loving
Karlee is a farm girl who loves all animals including her cows, pigs, pony’s, turkeys, ducks, and most importantly her puppies.💜 She loves to read books(with help). She likes to sing and dance.
Tru’Karii Is Very Sweet 💗 She’s A Daddies Girl 🥰👑 She Spoiled 🙄 N Shes Very Pretty 💞
Braylen is 7 months and is full of life she’s funny and cheerful 🥰Braylen smiles a lot laugh and plays she’s an old soul I must say
Very cute and stylish. She loves dancing the most.
Violleine Rose
Violleine Rose is a very happy little girl, she loves to play princess and detective games, she makes friends easily and is called the kindest kid in the class by her kindergarten teacher.
Avery Nicole
Avery Nicole was born at 27 weeks, weighing 2lbs 10oz 💕 She is my preemie princess 👑 Avery loves music especially the Frozen soundtrack & her favorite show is Victorious because of all the singing of course 🎤 She loves to eat , loves bath time & enjoys the outdoors 🌳 Please vote for my baby girl 💕✨
Tiy’Mari Os 2 Months Old With A Whole Lot Of Personality & Sass
Taylah is 6 months old , loving , cheerful , full of joy and happiness. She brightens up the room with her smile 😊. Taylah loves laughing and having a good time she also loves her naps 😂. Taylah has a great personality and gets very excited when she’s around people 🤗.
Azalia is full of life and love! You will always find her laughing with others and learning. Her favorite food is French fries, her favorite color is pink, and she’s definitely a daddy’s girl ❤️
Emily is a sweet, loving, and very outgoing child. She has a smile that can light up a room. She is a very caring and outgoing little girl with alot of spunk!
Malifice and is an adorable little baby girl that loves her puppy and loves to crawl around and play with her big brothers and sister she loves anything that light to in makes noise she loves sharing and watching Coco Melon She's very smart for age and if she wins The money will be invested in her education And Trying to buy things to improve her learning Thank you very much God-bless
Hi my name is Madison I like helping people and trying to improve the environment and I love taking care of my Baby brothers and sister I love playing games with them and riding my bike with them and teaching them things and how to be nice Please vote for me because if I win I will donate part of the money to help The homeless people that live In the city by my grandma I think everybody needs a warm place to sleep Thank you please vote for me
Maddie was born 6 weeks early and has been so strong. She loves Christmas tree lights and giving baby smiles that light up our world.
Evelyn is a sweet, sassy, ball of character, she makes you laugh and smile with a simple look or word. Speaking of her favorite thing to say is "wait a minute" she loves giving hugs and kisses and loves to scare us and dance
Erin is a lovable, happy baby who enjoys playing and laughing. She likes people and she also enjoys exploring with everything around her.
Little Miss Karmyn also known as Dream. Playing with her feet is her favorite. Her giggles are breath taking and her gaze is mesmerizing.
Bella is a happy baby, she loves to smile, play with her toys and loves taking pictures.
Isabella Faith
Isabella Faith was a miracle baby. She jjust turned 5 years old on December 7. She can read, and write her name, letters, and numbers. She is very smart, brave, thoughtful, caring, loving, and most of all she Loves Jesus! She likes to sing, dance, paint, bake, and play. She loves all animals and unicorn and her heart is made of gold because she have faith in God and praying for those sick people. She won’t sleep until she prayed. Isabella Faith loves pizza, lumpiang Shanghai, and garlic chicken, broccoli, grapes, strawberry, oranges, all kinds of berries and mangoes. Her favorite color is purple, and pink. Isabella Faith loves to make new friends and she’s our little angel. She also have a pet fish...
Nika Kay is a perfect mixture of smart and sassy. She loves her baby sister Leah Rae, her puppy brothers, mommy/daddy and is a natural born leader.
Tru loves to be with her family and she loves her learning toys.
She loves playing with her toys, and swinging outside, and crawling all over! Says “Dada” all day. 🖤
Hello, my name is Everleigh. I am 4 years old and I am in pre-K. I love learning, playing, singing, and dancing. I love fancy Nancy and want to be just like her. I am very independent, but I still like my mommy’s help from time to time. I hope you’ll vote for me!
Ranesshia is the baby of six and the fifth sister she very energetic and outgoing.She has a beautiful spirit and kind heart she's a daddy's girl 💜💜💜💜
Hazel loves being a big sister and making people laugh and smile! She has such great character!