Baby Stories - 38


Octavia loves waking up to a Goodmorning and an I Love You! She has the biggest smiles and is so cute when she tries to talk to her toys. She's just learning to roll over by herself. She's getting big so fast and it's hard to handle. I love my baby munchkin so much.👣😍
Elaina Locicero
She is a extremely happy girl! Loves mommy snuggles and is still trying to figure out how to roll over. She just started laughing and its so infectious!
I am 6 years old, my favorite color is pink, my favorite movie is spirit, I love my sister and doggy and playing outside, I wanna be a vetrenarian when I grow up.
Amelia is a wild child! She loves to play, dance, and run. Her favorite color is blue and she wants to be a cop one day. She is super sweet and loves everone she meets.
Deanna is sweet, loveable and smart kid 😍
Kinsley is silly and super sweet! She most definitely has a little personality of her own which I absolutely love!! She loves to cuddle, be outdoors,and she loves cruising all over the place. But most importantly, Kinsley loves her big sister! Kinsley is my rainbow baby 🌈 Please vote for my babygirl 🦋
Hi My name is Cayln Anna Fe Jefferson I am 2 years old, and of course I am the baby of the bunch! I was born in Louisiana as a healthy baby girl! As soon as I was born mommy got to bring me home on the second day. I began to grow and show many different sides of my personality! Im so outgoing, playful, funny, and always have to be girly girl lol! I love to play dress up and I love when mommy does my makeup! You would never have a sad day if I am in your presence because I will keep you laughing! I love to go out and eat with my family, well let’s just be honest I JUST LOVE TO EAT PERIOD! I also have so much fun with my mommy and my sister and brother when they not getting on my nerves, of course you knew I am THE BOSS BABY! It would be so cool if you guys voted for me I mean come on I am the cutest thing everrrrrr! If I do win I plan to use my funds very wisely with the help of my mommy! So Please vote for me Cayln Anna Fe Jefferson! Thank you!
Braylee is a very happy 10 month old who is walking and loves her big brother very much! She loves to snuggle and cuddle with mommy and her stuffed animals!! She and her brother are mommy's world!!! ❤️
Hi my name is Jaylein I am 9 years I am the big sister out of the bunch! My hobbies included stay on my brother and sister lol, watching Tik Tok, I love to draw and paint. I have fun playing in makeover with my mommy and little sister! I LOVE to shop! I also love school. I told my mom when I grow up I want to be Doctor and a Singer! I enjoy fun time with my family especially summer when we get to go swimming! I love to write story’s about my life or even just make one up! My favorite subject in school is P.E. And one thing I really love the most is the mom and daughter time I get to spend with my mom alone on our special days! If I do win the contest I plan to save all of my money into a bank account so I can save for the future ahead of me when I grow up!
Celina is an amazing baby. She's learning fast. She loves to sleep and look around when she's awake. She loves making noises and faces 😁😍
Amara loves to blow raspberries, bounce on her knees while dancing, and absolutely loves to smile at everyone who says “Hi”.
addison is a very happy babygirl. she loves to Dance and be all over the place 🥰
Hi, im Magnolia. I love to smile, laugh and hugs❤
beverly is the sweetest baby🤍 she had surgery at 3 weeks old to fix her nose , she loves tummy time , and learning to smile at mama 😍
Bubbly! Loves spending time with family! Loves to watch Bluey!
Zyn'Bhraiya Perry
Model in the making, I’m very smart & talented for my age, Right now Im in 5 different dance classes; Ballet,Tap, & tumbling which I been doing since I was 3years old this summer I just started Hip-Hop & Majorette I’m a very fast learner, I love to do anything girly, I love taking pictures and talking!
Miss Averie Mae’s favorite thing to do is be outside or take a bath 🥰 she’s a very good baby always always happy!
Aleali Rae 9 months 🙂 Loves powerpuff girls 💜& Cocomelon
Jemma is a sweet hearted girl who loves to dance, cheer and participate in beauty pageants!
Aurora is very energetic ready to play all day. She very curious of what things are and how they work. She loves to read books and watch her favorite show Cocomelon. She loves her mommy but once she sees her grandparents she forgets all about her mommy. She is such a loving and caring baby who smiles all day everyday
Sophia is 3, going on 16. She loves princesses and Minnie Mouse. She is sweet but Sassy. Everyone says she's the smartest 3 year old they've met!
Amelia is the happiest 16 month old. She’s happy, funny, sassy and so loving. Her smile is contagious and she gives the best hugs ever!
Monet is a intelligent 4 yrs old she look to be friends with kids. She is lovable person and caring. She a big sister she loves people. Since she was younger I always said she look like a baby Moana. She always wants to take pictures please for her
My princess Sophia just turned 4! She loves every Disney princess, make up, and the mud!
Zaharia Is A Happy baby Her Favorite Thing To Do Is Smile & Laugh Her Nickname Is Smiles She Also Love Her Teething Toys and Her Big Brother
Sofia is an outgoing 1yr old. She was born 2 months premature and til this day is very energetic.
Aubrey Alaine loves to play Patty Cake and learn new things! She has the cutest fake sneeze and will say, “Thank You!” after you say “Bless You!” She completely adores her Mommy and big brothers, but she is definitely the apple of Daddy’s eye. 💜
Miss Helen Estelle is the sweetest sassiest princess you’ll ever encounter. She’s a heart stealer. ☺️❤️
Scarlett Eve is a combination of sweet hugs and kisses, junk food, leopard print and cocomelon. We share our home with one dog and two ferrets that she adores. Her little soul will capture your heart. My gal is sassy and ready to keep you on your toes 🖤
Everlee is such a happy girl who is obsessed with SpongeBob and her papaw🥰
Kennedy loves Scooby Doo, Cocomelon, and the color pink! She’s happy and sassy all in one.
Meila is all smiles, she loves snacks & fruit. Meila also loves all her pet siblings. ♡
Aaliyah, is a spunky, bright and funny toddler. Her personality speaks volumes and her character will have you on the floor laughing.
Layla Ivy loves to play with her furry sister, she LOVES to laugh, & she is so observant. Lay Lay loves her tummy time too ! 🥰
Presley is a 10 month old ray of sunshine. She is a very energetic, bubbly, happy, full of life 10 month old. She never meets a stranger, will talk to anyone, love being outside playing in the dirt, water, or taking a ride through the woods. Presley favorite hobby includes “eating”. We love our baby girl and are truly blessed to be her parents!
Autumn always has a smile on her face & loves everybody she meets! This baby will melt your heart in an instant. ❤️
Audrey is the sweetest girl you will ever meet! Her silly outgoing personality steals every bodies hearts!
Raylynn is a red head with big blue eyes 🥰 Shes a spunky as she looks thats for sure
Hi❤️. My name is Aaliyah, I love eating, talking, and laughing.
Accepting gifts, advances for future contests for your children , and exchange of free votes, with highly trustworthiness that can be vouched for ,Every one of these beautiful girls are winners No matter what! Gabriella-Antonia is my light in the dark my sun in the sky. Born 10/20/20 she was taken to the nicu unable to eat due to a tongue tie. My girl was loosing weight and nobody knew why she wouldn’t eat. They finally figured it out and took her to surgery. Immediately she was a little piggy. She has her middle name from her guardian angel and uncle Anthony that was so excited to meet her unfortunately he passed away 16 days before she was born. My girl got me through the darkest time of my life and she doesn’t even know it. She loves to watch gabbys dollhouse and has grown immensely she has a fierce attitude and lights up any room she walks into. The love of my life miss gabby gabbertons. Help vote for our girl she’s a fighter survivor and in my eyes a winner no matter what! And now she is almost one and it’s gone by soo fast so when I saw I was eligible even with 3 days left I said hey why not I have a lot of advances anyone that can return would be great anyone that wants to give advances for future contests for their child I can be vouched for by very popular teams like team Charlie💙💙💙 and mama squad. Thank you all for any help you can give
Kamryn is a happy loving baby. She is learning how to roll over and tries to talk. She loves to smile and go outside.
Brooklyn is 4! She loves dress up, being a princess, and being sassy 💁🏻‍♀️
Hello my name is A’Myra! I love to greet people with my lovely smile. I am almost two months and can hold my own pacifier and stand up for long periods of time. I appreciate all the votes💜💜
Hi! I’m Evelyn! I love to watch Disney movies especially Frozen! I LOVE to talk and eat all the foods 🎀
Reni is 6 years old and loves ballet, gymnastics, and rainbow high. Her favorite color is blue at the moment. (it changes everyday.) she is very friendly and love to play with her friends.
Paradise is 10 months ,and a very happy baby she loves to watch coco melon and eat 🥰
Joanna Lynn
JoAnna Lynn is one of the Happiest Babies you’ll ever meet. She loves snuggle time and riding in the car. She gets to spend the day with mommy and is so excited when daddy comes home from work. She is the cutest little pumpkin you’ll ever see
Jazmine Kaye
Jazmine loves elmo and laughing with her bubba. She loves a warm bath and her baba at bed time.