Baby Stories - 38


Little miss Mariah, my big baby ♥️ She is such a loving sister she loves to color and do her little tiktoks and even though she’s 4 she’ll trick you into treating her like a baby ♥️ My baby loves her dresses and doing her make up. She’s sassy but she’s shy if you catch her😂 please vote for my baby ♥️
Mama Sita is a mix Latina that loves attention, kisses, full of laughter and love
Sariah Is Probably one of the most sassy little 5year old little girl you’ll meet but has a wonderful imagination & is very sweet and caring. She is the oldest of 3 girls & even though they might fight and argue, she’ll let it be known those are HER sisters . She very intelligent for her own good ! But she’s my beautiful baby ♥️ Everyone please vote for her 😊
Jaderia is a 2 year old active little girl who love to eat banana & play on her iPhone 💕
Hi guys I’m Maebri ❣️ I decided to come into this crazy world 4 weeks early! My mommy and daddy think I’m absolutely beautiful! Vote for me!
Aneri is3 year old and is full of life also a strong girl . She loves to sing and dance . Loves to ride her bike .
Tyranny is such a happy baby always smiling and happy!
Ki’yore is a happy baby. always smiling. very greedy. LOVE MUSIC and to be around family.
Mckenzie is 6 years old and has a spunky personality. She loves taking pictures, dancing and singing.
Ellie is almost 7 months old! Loves her mommy and daddy! Sitting up, rolling over and almost talking!
Nadia is a very nice and energetic 7 year old who loves Making videos and dancing. She also loves reading and painting.
Mariana is 11 months old! She has the cutest different facial expressions. Her smile will melt your hearts! She loves to cuddle and be held. She loves her mommy and daddy and big brother.
A’aliyah Michelle is 3 Years Old, Very Sassy Yet So Loving! Full Of Life & Says Exactly What Comes To Mind, Her Hobbies Are Singing & Dancing, Learning To Do New Things On Her Own & Going Shopping !! She Loves LOL & JOJO SIWA & of Course PEPPA PIG !
Kinzley is a 3 month soon to be 4 month old baby who is very active. She loves watching videos that are colorful. Kinzley is also a happy baby and her smile will brighten up any and everything.
Aria is 1 year old (acondroplasia) dwarfism she is tiny but mighty loves baby shark and helping mommy in the kitchen
Harper is 16 months old. She a very chill little girl. Anything make her smile. Please choose my little miracle give her a chance
Janea Armani
She loves to smile. When Janea Armani is around her she warms hearts and brightens days and inspires . She is truly my guardian angel.
She likes to laugh and play
I love being sassy and dressing up! I really enjoy getting my hair done also!
Shaylee is 3 years old she love Jojo Siwa she’s so smart she can count to 10 and knows her abcs she knows most of her shapes and colors “pink” is her favorite tho. She was potty trained before she don’t like any kind of bugs but loves our pet snake Isis:) she is so full of personality and is a self queen. And I hate to say but she can use my phone better than me most days
Viviana Rose Lea
Viviana is a spit fire who is also sweet like a rose. She loves to dance.She has a smile that will light up a room. We just love our Vivi to the moon and back.
Naveah is 18 months, she’s very smart! She can count to 3 with her fingers, sings wheels on the bus & twinkle twinkle little star. She loves to play with other kids, she loves babies and stuffed animals. Vote for Naveah ❤️
What Chloe like the most is hanging out with her siblings love to watch paw Patrol and love to go to the park
Zyaira Loves Smiling and laughing 💜
Malonna loves cartoons. She enjoys her brother and two cousins. She loves being talked to and being called beautiful. She loves baths and getting her hair played with.
Callie is a happy baby who loves watching her big brothers play!
Laylani is a goofy, sweet, strong personality one year old who loves to play with her brother! 💛
Mila has the most big beautiful brown eyes ever! She loves to make bubbles with her mouth and enjoys talking to you. She’s got a full head of hair for a 3 month old!! Cutest button nose 🥰
Kimeerah is a very passionate girl whos dream is to model. Plz vote
OUR LOVELY VIOLET IS THE TRUE DEFINITION! Love; Modesty; Virtue; Affection; Faithfulness and a Good Luck symbol for women. She's everything you'll ever want and need in a daughter, sister, niece, cousin, friend. Great story teller and full of life from sun up to sun down.
Demi Rose
Hi I Demi Rose I will be 2 in April. For a little girl I have a big personality. I have an older brother Blake who I love to play with.
Marisah is very observant of her surroundings and enjoys learning and trying something new. She also has a goofy personality and enjoys making people laugh and smile.
Madelynn loves to play she’s always happy and is learning fast.Madelynn is eating bananas and loves them try’s talking all day long .
Nevaeh is a strong willed girl and has a very sassy personality. Her favorite thing to do is tik tok and taking selfies
Ke’mya loves music and her ABC’s.
Quinn is 2 months old. She has such a great personality. She loves to smile and cuddle. Mommy loves to dress her up with big bows. She definitely is a daddy’s girl.
Bryla loves to take pictures and be silly with mommy she is the only girl out of three brothers
She loves to clap, wave bye and yell she’s a very happy baby always smiling and giggling.
Miss Braislee Ryin is a firecracker! She’s so energetic, wild, and outspoken! She makes everyone smile and laugh. She’s the sweetest soul and she lights up any room. ❤️
Priscilla has come along way. Once you get to know her she’ll talk until there’s no tomorrow. She loves little babies. She loves makeup and always has to have her hair fixed perfectly.💁🏽‍♀️ Shes the youngest of 8. & Shes the queen of the house👑
She loves her Mommy and Daddy. She has a talent for raspberries and kicking the water in her bath.
Remy loves to snuggle her twin sister and smile in her sleep
Zamaria Hale
Zamaria is a bright young lady that love to create things. She is very outgoing and love to read and play on tik tok. She enjoys playing we her little brother and cousins. Zamaria thinks that she isn't beautiful. So I need your votes to let my baby know how beautiful she is.
Alexa, left, and her twin sister Remy are always happy as long as they are close to each other!
Hazel likes pizza family movies and she likes to dance ‼️
Zelena is a very curious little girl, she loves playing with her siblings and eating. She loves watching baby shark and bubble baths
She’s smart , caring , goofy , loving, sweet , outspoken & most of all Talented. She loves to dance , music has always been her thing . She is very photogenic . Vote For Au’Niyah 🥰