🎀 Charlie is most always a happy baby that knows what she wants and will most likely get what she wants!! We’ve had the best 2 months with Little Miss Charlie! 🎀
Smart Talented Intelligent Polite Respectful Responsible
Nami Jean
Nami is a miracle baby. Her and I have been through a lot in the past two months. She is a light that will brighten your world. A smile that will make u happy on a rainy day.
Ashtyn Sage
Ashtyn is a fun, hyper, animal loving, daddy's girl, messy, happy, and silly girl. She will always brighten your day 🥰
Little Fallon has a big personality and a darling smile! She is full of laughter and has big bright eyes!
She is just the sweetest little baby. She loves to smile and giggle and is a blessing in our lives.
Eden is 9 months old and loves to laugh and learn, she loves dogs and raspberries 💕
she wants to start her own lip gloss business called Sparking Lips and this is what the funds will be used for! She loves hanging out with her dad, brothers and cousins. She is a A-B honor roll student! She loves drawing with her father, danceing, talking, acting, cracking jokes and laughing! She also enjoys baking her and her favorite thing to bake is a pound cake! She also records her Tik Tok videos. She loves animals!She has three dogs and a cat and enjoys going to the science center!
Anastyn is the baby of seven kids! She is spunky, independent, hilarious and all around amazing. She has everyone wrapped around her little finger.
Addi has a heart of gold a funny personality and is beautiful inside and out she loves her friends and family
She is the most precious thing I laid eyes on she's a week old today and loves to sleep or watch everything around her
Evalynn loves dance and softball!
Kylie loves all things pretty and princess. But will totally climb a tree in her glass slippers. Spunky spiritted and so funny. .NeMaws girl!!!
Peyton Mabel
Hi, my name is Peyton mabel. I just turned one. I love to go for walks and play outside. I love playing in water, smelling flowers, and going down the slides.
I love music, singing, and dancing and I love my family.
Zola Kimberlynn
Zola is the only girl and youngest of 5. She is always cooing, laughing, and rolling over. She is a happy baby.
She just turned one, she loves playing outside or with her cat moo, she says a few words and laughs alot, she can walk and play patty cake .❤️
Please vote for Princess Leia Grace! She loves walks, music, and snuggling with mommy/daddy.
Madison is a very smart and energetic 4 year old. She loves being outside helping her daddy in his garden and playing with her doggies. She also enjoys helping her momma with the housework. She will be starting big girl school in the fall.
Aria has a huge heart loves her family and friends
Avaya loves to smile and show her love to everyone! She enjoys playing dress up with her little sister Zaira!
Graylynn is 2 months old. Please give Graylynn a welcome💛
Emmalee is the most gentle loving athletic little girl she has a heart so pure she loves cheerleading and soccer.
A’Nyla is a very happy little girl! She love’s laughing. Her favorite food is eggs and ice creme. Her favorite word is “Oh No” lol
If you know a gemini you know my izzy. She’s the sweetest but also spicy, like a mango with tajín! She enjoys playing with arts and crafts and helping mama cook and clean. She’s been independent since she was able to pinch a small pea at 5 months to now in preschool. Vote for us because how could you not with that cute smile!! thanks a lot ❤️
Total chaos and unhinged. I love it
Raylain Vaness
Ray is almost 1 1/2 and loves running and a playing with her doggies. Giving lovins and playing outside is one of her specialties. She’s sassy and loves her dada and bubba! Loves momma putting her to bed and cuddles!
Marlena is 9 months old, loves Disney movies especially A Bug’s Life, is sassy & very sweet & some of her favorite foods are eggs, corn, puréed apples & puffs!
Zaira loves to smile and show her pretty dimples! She enjoys playing dress up with her older sister Avaya!
McKinley is a very Sassy and Sweet 2-year-old.. she LOVES blue clues and you, and Cocomelon. She is always loving and happy!
She loves her food already, she loves going for walks, she gets super excited over her toy turtle and sloth. She definitely has a personality.
Ryan is a sweet and sassy princess who loves to sing and watch coco melon. Some of her favorite songs consist of the birthday song and the alphabet song. She loves her puppy Benji and she loves to take care of her baby who’s name is Baby😂 vote for my girl!
She is such a loveable baby she enjoys smiling and laughing she loves being played with and loves playing with her toys and also loves her swing
Paige is a sweet 6 year old who loves dolls and pretending to be their mother 😂 she loves playing outside & loves going to the ice cream truck :)
She is very feisty and fun and loves the outdoors.
Renlynn is always such a happy baby no matter what. She loves to crawl around and be independent she's always laughing smiling and playin! She's the best daughter in the world ❣️❣️
I love to have fun. I love my mommy, she is the best. My favorite place is the park. I have 2 sisters who are fun to play with. Vote for me i have always wanted to be a princess!!
She is a fun loving 11 year old little girl. Who loves to dance and sing. She loves her friends and family. She is smart and funny and fun loving little girl. Who I love so much!
Star is a really pretty little princess she keeps a smile on people face and she is such a sweet heart and she loves cocomelon and her favorite thing to eat is fries
KyiLee loves to be in dresses be a pretty princess loves be like her big sister do makeup. She also a little dare devil. Loves to have fun. She enjoys playing with friends and being with her family loves her animals as well
I get shy when I see people but I like to talk a lot⑅◡̈*
Olivia is a sassy little thing. She's always happy and smiling. She loves cuddling and playing like the big kids.
She is crawling and loves to smile and laugh loves to gives kisses very alert with everything that is around her
Naomi is our rainbow baby, she brightens everyones day with her beautiful smile. She loves her paci and shes her mommas best friend!! She keeps her daddy on his toes and already has him wrapped around her little finger.
Everleigh Olevia Garcia
Everleigh Olevia is our very happy, talkative, sassy baby girl!
Miss Amelia Grace is a happy baby who loves to smile. Everyone cant help but falling in love with this sweet girl
She's absolutely always happy. Free spirited and loves to eat! She will play with anyone and her giggles just warm your heart ♡
Kinsley is a very out going kido! She absolutely loves horses! She will definitely keep you on your toes!