Zhalani, born August 12th the youngest of four. The only girl out of three brothers. Loves bath time and music. Very alert, sweet, and adorable.
Wynter Rausse
Wynter is very loving baby, she likes to play, laugh and most of all be snuggled. She will be 8 months on the 5th of October. She is growing pretty fast it feels like yesterday. She has a warm heart , she likes to get into everything lol but most of all she is a princess and will make you melt
Bre' Ann
. Bre is sweet, kind, loving little girl💙 loves cheerleading so much! Smart and sassy!!
Isla is a very outgoing & independent 1 year old. Feisty in her ways if she doesn’t get her way. but you have no choice but to give her, her way because of her cute little personality and adorable face. Camera time she loves 🥰 Vote Isla she would never disappoint.
Right now she loves Disney movies.
Legacy Da’Prettiest is very outgoing has a heart of gold and loves to cook she also loves cheerleading and being with family and friends ❤️ Legacy loves school and to learn new things she one of a kind and amazing in everything she does.
Yami is a very bright, happy baby. She lives to talk alot, she is only 1 and acts like she is already grown. She has a funny personality but she knows she is the baby and loves to be babied.
Pietra Almeida
Pietra loves to sing and dance! She loves walking around in the mall, in the park and she loves to play with new little friends.
Since the day she was born, Hazel has always had ice blue eyes, and a full head of hair. She is determined, persistent, and full of flair. She has a voice that demands to be heard, and a smile that lights up your day. To meet her is to love her, we love Hazel Rae.
JAME'ZEE loves running, playing with her brother, and learning new things.
Sadie was a premie I had her at 33 weeks she weighed 3 pounds 15 ounces. She had to have surgery when she was about 5 days old on her belly. We also found out she’s lactose intolerant, she had a 2 1/2 month nicu stay!! She is now a year old and the happiest you’ll ever meet!!
Avid soccer girl !!! Avid coon hunter fixing to head to world youth championship hunt in hopes to win a scholarship in Illinois !!!
Stella Skye
She is just perfect 🤩 loves cars and spending time outside camping!
Violet Mae
Violet is a walking, silly, and happy baby girl. She loves playing with her toys and saying Dada 🥰
Scarlett helps her classmates on the daily and is always ready to help someone or cheer someone up! She is a great friend,daughter and sister. Her father and I couldn’t be more proud of who she is becoming! Anything is possible with God ✝️
Sienna Joy Taylor
Sienna Joy is the youngest of 4 girls. She's love being the center of attention because she's so goofy as you can see in the picture from her gorgeous smile but behind her goofiness is a pretty, smart and independent 1 year old. She's a little daredevil I'll tell you that lol. She loves watching kids videos on her tablet, she loves to dance and it's so sweet whenever she wants to watch paw patrol, she'll say pa pa pa trol. Her birthday is January 12th. She's far from being shy, every time she sees another baby or kid at the store, she'll say aww hey baby plain as day. My little carrot top and my family would be thankful and grateful for y'all vote and support. Remember kids are our future, Reach One Teach💪🏽💯❤️.
She loves animals , she loves to play with friends , she loves doing make up . She also enjoys singing and dancing .
Miss Hayley Grace is a beautiful little girl who loves car rides, her daddy, cuddles, and her soft blankets. We appreciate all the votes, thank you
Bella is the love of our lives. She lights up every room she walks in and is the most amazing daughter any mom could ask for❤️ We will vote for you!
6 months of love 💕 Crawling & Smiling are how she spends her days 🥰
She is very bubbly, and sassy. She uses her cutest to her advantage. And usually gets her way with the papas. Loves her brothers. She has older brothers. And they are very protective of their baby sitter. She loves being outside and playing in water.
She is a sassy, smart little Tom boy! Only girl after 3 boys ❤️
Arayiah shines the lights in any room. Her infectious laugh will make ANYONES day. She likes Ms.Rachel, Peanut Butter and loves bath time. Vote for Arayiah ❤️ and we will too
Dorsa is an Afghan immigrant girl, she was born in Qatar on our way from Afghanistan to America. She likes the cartoon very much, I and Dorsa would be very happy if you vote for her because she really need it.
She’s very bubbly and has so much personality and she’s Ready for the SPOTLIGHT 🎥📽️🎞️
She's sweet but sassy🤍🤍 Her besties are furr babies and she enjoys to laugh, play, scream her heart out and play with/in water
This blue eyed girl is now 4 years old! She is creative and so funny! She loves working on cars with her dad and also baking in the kitchen with her mama. She loves to go camping and hunt for bugs. She is the coolest kid ever. Im so lucky to be her mama!
Eliza loves to smile at her Gigi and nana. She loves watching dancing fruit and dancing to it. She loves watching her daddy play games and falling asleep to the game.
Aisla is very smart and so active and giggly🥰 she loves outside😇
Kinsley is 6 days old and she loves looking around and she loves for her momma to hold her .
She loves to smile and giggle and adores Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Jordyn is an open heart surgery survivor! She wants to be a pilot so she can fly over princess castles!
Bonnie is all lady!! She loves clothes, makeup, her nails and hair done. She loves playing with her daddy and going to church with her mama and baby brother
Hello everyone this is Sophia Grace she loves being outside loves swimming and watching Mickey Mouse an loves all types of blankets an makes everyone smile when having a bad day she is truly a star in my life 🤩💪🏻
I just wanna show her off 😁 Be Blessed everyone and stay safe.
Posie is happy all around girly she loves nature and all things food
Cali Ivy
Cali Ivy Rose is 7 Months Old. And is a very sweet and advance baby. Cali is the youngest of 4. She loves CoCoMelon and Chicken. She has the most sweetest smile ever. Cali loves to pull hair and scratch ur face. Lol!! Please help us and Vote For Cali!!!
Aurora loves playing and crawling she is a very smiley happy baby she loves paddy cake and elmo please vote for are babygirl she just so beautiful
Loves her cats, her daddy, and her granny. She loves to eat, and drink pop. She loves the outdoors.
Kendall Rylee
Kendall is our one and only princess. She has the sweetest and cutest smile, I can say she melts everyone’s heart and she definitely loves to eat.
Callie Rae has the biggest personality, and is the sweetest baby girl. She will take your breath away with her sweet little smile & bright blue eyes 💗
Our silly beautiful girl with a huge personality ❤️ if Chevelle wins, we plan on putting the money into a savings account for her ❤️
🩷 Charleigh is a sassy, early walker, likes to gibber gabber. She loves her big brother, especially loves avacados and will laugh at almost anything 🩷
Miss Paisley Rayne is the happiest and sweetest little girl you can ever meet! Her smile will melt your heart for sure. Paisley loves watching her Coco melon while playing with her many JJ's she has! But most especially she loves spending time with her mama and dada!
She's an identical twin
She's a identical twin
Stella is the brightest light and loves making new friends and talking to anyone who will listen!!
Ariel is always happy and always has the biggest smile 💜