Amiya loves to sing an dance, she is silly 🙃 goofy smart and funny, she has a great imagination and loves to fix hair play with make up and is a all around girlie girl.
Our Callie girl is so sweet so full of life always smiling.
Lyra is sweet and kind, she’s a very smart girl. Lyra loves her fruits and veggies. Her favorite toy is her baby dolls. She loves swimming and singing her ABC’s.
Autumn Moon
The drs told told us my daughter in law miscarriaged my granddaughter and 9 months later here she comes. Thank u Jesus, she is my son's mini and now he understands what he put his dad through. O I love it so much, I'm blessed so much with my granddaughters. Just wish, their grandpa could be here with them too
Freya Snow
He got her middle name coz she was almost born in a snow storm
Cali is independent ,loving , and vibrant. Feisty and full of life.
Arianna Harper
Arianna Harper is 19 months old she has blue gray eyes and brown hair. She loves to smile, laugh, play, and eat. She is the sweetest baby girl.
Adalynn a very happy baby always smiling and very loving she loves people!!! She’s a milkaholic loves spending time with her mawmaw
She's such a lovable happy baby Amyrah also has a twin brother
She is the only girl out of 5 boys.....she is 7 but is going on 17 lol..She loves being a little mother hen to her baby brother..she loves to sing and dance but mostly she loves makeup
Shaelyn is a bright, beautiful, vibrant little girl. She loves music, dancing, crafting, and laughing. She’s very photogenic.
She loves watching finding Nemo, she puts an smile on anyone face even when they are having a bad day she’s the youngest out of her siblings she likes dancing and playing with her big brother her past time is spending it with her grandmother Dee whom she loves to pieces
Jade Cotto
Jade is fierce, sweet , energetic and a natural in front of the camera. She loves to cuddle and dance to music. A true daddy’s girl!
She is kind She is smart She is beautiful She is important
Jezerae loves coming to grandma's house playing outside! She loves to sing & dance
London is a precious 3 month old who enjoys laughing and tummy time. One morning I woke up to hearing London’s cries and I went to her room to check on her. And when I got to her crib I noticed there were no tears, she just started laughing and it was apparent she just wanted her mommy’s attention.💞And people should vote for London because she is the most chubbiest adorable munchkin ever.🥰
Brooklyn is our rainbow. She is super playful and squeals when she laughs. She only has one dimple just like her momma!
Amirah is 4 months old, she loves to smile and talk “ coo”. She has a personality to light up a room 💗She has such a loving spirit and loves love. Amirah loves to be outdoors ☀️& loves her bath time 🫧 She also loves to sit up, roll over and kick her legs 👣 she is very curious about the world and what it has to offer, she really is a gift from above ✨ I love her so much and I’m sure you would to 💕 Thank you to everyone who votes 💞
Ayla is a twin to her brother Akoda .Ayla loves to dance Baby shark is her favorite .She is very protective of her twin
Jewell loves unicorns and loves being the boss. She is super sassy but also so loving and kind!
This little angel was a gift after many years of being told that i couldn't have any kids. She was born a week early on my wedding anniversary
Shameria love to dance she smart Nd she love people
Taylor is the happiest 10 month old you could find! She loves to smile, laugh, eat, and play with anything she can get her hands on!
Miss Phoenix whiskey loves to sit in her seat while someone talks to her. Loves bath time.
Aryah’lee is 9 months old , her favorite movie is sing 2 she likes music and playing with kids , she also loves kisses 🥰
Princess Royalty Is A Very Happy Baby She Wakes Up Every Morning Smiling And Kicking Those Little Legs Her Favorite Show Is SpongeBob And More Than Anything She Loves To Be Sat Up With Mom And Dad. Royalty Is 2 Months And Already Says Hi!! So Give Her A Vote
Izabella loves her big brothers, they make her laugh and giggle. She loves anything outside rain or shine. She is curious, playful, and loves to climb.
Aubrey Irma rose is a beautiful 3 month old baby who loves to giggle and sleep a lot🥹💗
Ava Grace Noelle
AvaGrace is a free spirited flower child enjoys coloring and painting playing with her big brother's all day long Absolutely loves dress up and doing pageants pretty girl pose is her favorite. she loves her dog stella and daddy is her most favorite person in the world. and pretty sure shes daddys number 1 fan they adore eachother please vote for AvaGrace. Vote for votes! lets uplift every little girl !!! they are all beautiful and so very special. Mommas We know our little girls are priceless !!!!
Treasure Robinson
I am the only girl out of 8 kids yes I have 7 brothers and I am a Mama's and Daddy's girl in my house I rule the world I am silly and love to laugh and I am a diva who love to be cute.
Evelyn is a very busy 2 year old. She loves Minnie Mouse and cocomelon. She has a attitude to the roof at times but she the sweetest little girl around
Braelynn is a loving, fun, energetic and witty toddler. She loves to play outside, swim and meet new play buddies. Oh, must I not forget she LOVES FOOD!!
She’s beautiful and Sophia is a happy baby who brings joy to peoples heart
She loves to smile.
Jaylan likes to cuddle just like her mom. She loves everyone’s attention to be on her. She loves to eat, sleep, and fuss when we’re not getting her stuff fast enough
Haley is always full of joy . Haley loves to make others happy, and how she does that is with her angelic smile. A smile so bright it lights up the whole room. Haley is full of charisma , charm and so much intelligence. Vote for her in being little miss beauty .
Julani is 8 years old. She’s very intelligent and funny ! Julani is enthusiastic, determined and such a strong girl , and hopes to one day be a doctor when she grows up .
Debbie loves her Nana and always wanting to learn. She gets along with all kids. She loves shoes.
One of the most happiest babies ever ❤️
Xiomara is Very outgoing ! Loves to eat , dance , sing and play with her big brother ! She is so loving but also has her little diva side 🤎
Evelynn loves school and learning her abcs. She loves to dance with her daddy and sing to herself. She’s nice to everyone she meets. Evelynn is a beauty inside and out.
Kaylani Gianna
Kaylani is the sweetest 1 year old, she’s very independent. Loves food, enjoys playing and is always camera ready.
Will exchange votes with others. If anyone is interested in an advanced please post advanced. WARNING ⛔️ Only for those responsible in returning votes will advance up to 1000 thank return in October!!! PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL VOTES GET RETURNED Naelisha is a caring little girl who loves to give unconditional love to others she loves playing ,painting dancing ect. 🥰😘♥️♥️♥️♥️