Chonky chill Babygirl Rocking her Port Wine BirthMark❤️
Maggie is such a happy little one she is constantly smiling and posing for the camera. doesnt matter where we go she always makes everyone around her smile alittle harder
Nataleigh is a very happy baby, she loves to be talked to.
Ember is a little social butterfly. She loves using her voice to interact with everybody. She loves listening to music. And currently loves her teething glove because her two bottom toofers are coming in 🥹
Layanna loves art and spending time with her family. She enjoys going to school and has a beautiful imagination.
i do cheer,dance,and gymnastics i love makeup i have a room for it you should boye for me because if i win i dontate the money to homeless
She is very spunky and definitely speaks her mind…She loves make up and having her nails done…she is definitely a beauty queen and mommy’s princess
Tegan is a true warrior princess born rockin an extra chromosome and has a personality that shines! She loves her brothers, is a happy, sassy, beautiful little girl and a joy to everyone blessed enough to cross paths with her.
Karslynne is 4 years old and she is very outgoing, kind hearted, caring, beautiful, sassy, loving, smart and she has a big heart. She's very country with an accent. She loves God and loves church. She is definitely a leader and not a follower. I feel she will go very far in life with whatever she sets her mind to. She wants to be Princess Elsa when she grows up lol.
Mattanyah was born a princess! She is a beautiful, funny, smart and kind little girl who loves getting her pictures taken. She brightens everyone’s day when she walks into a room. Please go vote for my princes!
Dilara Amelie
Dilara likes to sing,dance and play all the time. She loves to do sledding as well.
Hello Everyone!! I’m Elena and I like to travel and do coloring. I love to dress up. I’m a yellow belt in Taekondo and aiming for more. I also like to try new activities as I’m an outdoor person. I’m a quick learner and loves to spend time with my family. My classmates and my teachers call me a “Social Butterfly “. I love to dance 😊
Ky-Lea Aurora is a Kindle of joy and happiness to everyone around her. Her smile will melt even the coldest of hearts and her Laugh can brighten even the darkest days. She is a treasure from Heaven above, a gift from God that came at just the right moment.
👋🏻 This is Zoey! I was blessed with a beautiful , sweet , sassy, silly , loving little angel. Zoey loves her family , dancing , pizza , books & cats! Zoey is very smart. She amazes us everyday. As well as kind she loves sharing, hugging & giving kisses to all her friends & family. Thank you to everyone for taking your time to vote for my sweet zoey 🫶🏻
Indie is such a happy, fun, hilarious little lady. She loves to make people laugh, loves to dance and loves to play with 5 yr old friend, Hudson. You wont meet a sweeter soul!!
Piper is a very out spoken and adventurous child. She loves to go to the nursing home and help out.
Yuridia my little angel was born premature 5 1/2 weeks she was in the hospital for a few weeks before being released then had to go to Riley for breathing problems. She would stop breathing in her sleep and turn blue. But she never let anything get her down she has always been full of sunshine and rainbows, she is fun and loving also outgoing and the life of the party she is so caring and wants to be a baby doctor when she grows up. She just turned five years old last Halloween and she is a treat to be around. No matter the mood this beautiful little girl can always bring a smile to someone’s face. She isn’t just beautiful on the out side but has a heart of gold and a soul like no other she is feisty and can push your buttons but her dimples and beautiful chocolate brown eyes show just how kind and loving her soul is.
8month old paityn jo She’s such a sweet babygirl She’s so lovey dovey Laughs at literally anything💕
1yr old paizlee She’s super cute and an amazing little Girl
Mila is always smiling and laughing. She loves cuddling up to her mama and loves food. She’s the happiest baby 💖
Prakshaya is talented, and she has unique personality. She love exploring and Learning new things. Her favorite game is constructing houses with her toys, making beaches using umbrellas and lot more… She always amaze us, hope you too..
Hello everyone Evelyn likes to dress up likes to do her make up I feel like this will be a good opportunity for her..
Te’Ari is vibrant 21 month old with loads of personality!!!! She loves to dance, play with her toy kitchen, and watch Gracie’s Corner to learn.
Amorah is almost three years old and she is the most beautiful, intelligent, kind hearted and most compassionate little girl I have ever known. She has just the right amount of sash and attitude to stand out and acts just like the little queen she is. Amorah knows her numbers, shapes and colors. She is the glitter and bows in her mommy's and daddy's life and a very uplifting spirit.
Super Happy and friendly . Love to dance
Kyla Evie-grace
She is the happiest little girl . She is very loved . She loves to play with her toys loves food and to take a bath .she laughs a lot and loves her brothers . She had a rough time coming in to this world but she is doing amazing now
Dance and play
Abigail is very talented, writing, drawing singing, and dancing are a few of her gifts. She's on her school cheer team and varsity choir! Abigail is wise beyond her years, a confidant to her friends who need advice. Loved and treasured by all who know her! Please go vote for her, there is no limit to your vote ❤️
Karli is a very Smart,Talented,Intelligent 3 year old. 💜🦄💜
Nova loves to play games and watch her tablet. She loves her family and her Bubba's and her Pickle puppy. She loves to go to the park and she is very smart
Elizabeth is a beautiful 6 yr old little girl who loves make-up, unicorns, Barbie, Frozen & pageants just to name a few. She likes spending time with her older brother & sisters, playing outside, going swimming, going shopping with her Mommy & Daddy & playing with her friends. Elizabeth loves salads, fruit, green beans & spaghetti & meatballs. She has strawberry blonde hair & blue eyes. Elizabeth is outgoing, sweet, sassy, full of energy & loves her family & friends. Elizabeth has a love for Jesus & her Children's Bible. Elizabeth wants to be a veterinarian after she finishes school.
Sabella Nedelec
sabella,is 7 years registered for little miss beauty’s Photo contest-win up To $6,000
This is Morgen she love to read an draw She has 3 brother so she is the only girl She smart sassy loving funny an has a big heart keep the votes coming an thank you to all🥰
I’m a Three year photogenic barbie. I love you dress up and take pictures
Azalia is very sassy, cute cuddly, loves to give kisses 💋 dance and play with her sisters 💕
A little bit of sassy with a whole lot of classy 👑✨ I'm a Libra ⚖️♎ all the way with the balance ⚖️ I carry in anything I do , everywhere I go ,and anyone I'm with... Vote for me because I am %100 authentic and love to spread joy and peace 🕊️ as you'll see my name is perfectly fit for me. I love God and my family so pick me and you'll see I'm everything I say I am and so much more of who I'm going to be...
Hey you guys! Nelanii is a 2 month old chunk! She loves to eat, cooing, and attention!
Samantha is a sweet and very smart girl. she loves to dance make up dress up as a princess and ride a bike.
Remy is my first and only daughter she puts smiles on peoples faces she is only 2 months and she is a happy baby she loves conversations, she talks and smiles she loves lights and eating her hands she loves big hugs and kisses and cuddles
Rosaneli Rubi Perez De Los Santos is 9 months old. She was born in Vineland New Jersey. She is my miracle baby being born premature. She’s come along way. She’s very energetic. She absolutely love her daddy, she’s such a daddy’s girl for sure. She loves to smile. She always has a smile on her face. They call her “The happy baby” She is the sweetest and happiest little girl I know, she deserves so much that i cant give her.
Kyleigh is an outgoing child, She’s sweet and such a heart breaker and would love your vote. Help her out.
Mya’Lee is such an amazing kid. She is super smart & always wanted to be in pageants & contest. She believes everyone is beautiful in their own way & wants to share beauty with the world.
River Leigh
River is so sweet, smart, beautiful and all around best baby. I always said she was my cure all baby. She makes the world a better and brighter place. Her favorite things are cuddles, dogs, food and trying new things. Her love for food - any and all food lol her current favorites are chicken, noodles and mangos. She loves to give everyone a smile and clap for them. Everyone always admires her pretty blue eyes and chubby cheeks.
Taelynn is the happiest baby ever. She loves to smile and laugh. She also loves her 2 big sisters
Amara is a adorable hyper little girl. She loves to watch tv, she also loves to dance. She child dances to everything even if it may look like she dances older for her age. She also loves ball and babies. She loves to play with her little sister. And absolutely loves her baby sister.
Zailee is an energetic 7 year old. She lights up a room when she walks in. She can have a conversation with you far beyond her years and know exactly what she is talking about. She loves to sing, dance and draw pictures. She has has a big heart!