My sweat girl is a heart warrior with a personality that can win anyone over! She's friendly, sassy and the sweatest little girl you can ever meet.
A carefree, polite, adventurous little girl who absolutely adores her little sister and family. Very smart as well as quick witted, loves to make anyone and everyone smile.
Hello my name is Meylanie I love to dance.. I love music.. I’m a very happy little girl 💕
Ada is the happiest when she’s talking to Daddy. She loves to listen to rock music and bath time with Gammy!
Coleene loves to smile and giggle, loves keys and toys that make noise. She absolutely loves saying mama over and over again! She has the most contagious smile and those eye are just the prettiest!
Sofia is a sassy, silly baby that just adores her older twin brothers! She has the most beautiful and contagious smile, and is an all around happy baby. Sofia loves Elmo and Sesame Street.
Sabrina loves her banana teething rolls & cuddles with mom. She’s 5 months old & loves to sit on her own.
Emmerson is the happiest baby who loves to smile. She loves to eat, pet her puppies and hang out with mommy and daddy.
Little miss Sophie is a complete sweetie pie with just a tad bit of sass. She loves to go to play grounds, draw, ride her scooter, help mommy in the kitchen & also her night time stories! She’s truly the life of the party once she’s comfortable and just brings so much joy to any room she enters. Truly a gem.
Raelynn can most accurately be described as, "Sunshine". She is a squirmy, spunky little baby who has a heartwarming smile that will melt you. Her favorite thing right now is piggy noises, which makes her bust up laughing.
Allison has a million $ personality. When shopping or out and about she's waving Hi to people. She loves bacon and watermelon 🍉 Allison is saying new words everyday and I know soon she will be nonstop talking LOL!!! This baby girl is our pride and joy ❤💯
Riley is sassy and full of life! She loves the camera and being the center of attention. Riley makes you notice her when she enters a room
She’s smart funny sassy and loves to dance She cooks a little loves being a big sister and a big helper She knows how to braid and do hair She very out spoken and very outgoing She’s friendly always smiling and goofy
Sadies loves yummy milk, loud colorful toys, and standing on her own.
Courtnie is full of life She loves to sing,dance,eat and color She knows half of her abc’s && can count to 5 She loves taking pictures and she loves the phone She loves to watch cartoons she seems to like Disney cartoons She loves toys that makes noise or like kitchen sets and things like that She loves her tablet and me her mom of course She will brighten your day with the most precious smile when she comes your way Say hey to courtnie everyone my intelligent 1yr old!
She is kind and sweet and loves everyone
Lauralee love to dance play baseball and run tracks. She also loves been with her friends and family. She loves to watch wrestling to.
She very lovable and she is such a lil cutie pie
She is about as sweet as a 2 year old will be! She loves nothing more then to play with her little brother and be on the farm with her MiMi! She absolutely loves being outside with the animals and being able to play with the baby goats/sheep is a good way to win this girl over!
Faith is 4 months , she loves tummy time , playing with her sister and rolling everywhere ❤️ She has 3 teeth and a smile that can brighten your day
She loves Coco melon and. She had a rough start to her life. Arriving a month and and Being transferred to children's spending her first 3 weeks of her life in the NICU
Brielle Amiracle 🌈👶🏽 🎀👑 the happiest baby you’ll ever meet! 💋
Anastasia brightens everyones day with her beautiful smile. She loves playing with & laughing at her doggies & shes her mommas best friend!! She keeps her grandma on her toes and already has her uncle wrapped around her little finger.
Suzanne Curtz
She likes to play with her older brother who is 3 years old she likes watching her older brother do stuff and try to copy him
She loves to dance, loves to smile and to be tickled. Her name comes from the greek goddess artemis which is the goddess of hunting and animals. Her sign is a deer and weapon is a bow.
This is miss Paisley Dallas her daddy picked that name. Paisley loves to be adventures and be aware of ALL of her surroundings, nothing gets past her! She loves being held, you put her down and she is going to mean mug you like there’s no tomorrow! She was the first born out of her and her twin sissy, but she was the smaller one weighing a sopping 4 pounds when she came out!
This is miss Parish named after her great grandfather and grandmother, parish is there last name. She loves cooing or as we like to say “talking”. She’s always got the biggest smile on her face! Parish loves cuddling up to her twin sissy and holding her hand, it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!
Angel is a silly and Mis. Little Diva and she is 1 years old. She loves cocomelon and Blue's Clues. She loves her mommy and love being outside.
Cassidy Eiza Atayde
She like singing, be active ,always doing something,loves playing with baby ilive , she is so sweet and kind to others, she trying to learn sign language, love going to school , and school love her too 💚
khloee is a beautiful intelligent sassy little girl! she was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 3- but she’s still going headstrong, determined an so fearce ❣️ the amount of courage and beauty this little girl has she’s just resilient 💕 There is absolutely nothing in this world that compares to the strength, an braveness she has within her after all she’s been through in such a short amount of time! let’s give a vote to my fearless queen 👸🏻 I believe she deserves this more than anybody in this world💥
Majesty is the sweetest baby you could ever meet . Her smile / She can light(s) up any room she walks in .. she’s Always full of laughs , smiles and love . She’s a firecracker and also a sassy little diva . She’s a princess and she knows it . She loves cheese puffs and juice . Her favorite song is baby shark and she loves Mickey Mouse . Vote for my sweet pea yall or as we call her BIG MAGIC 🪄 😍
I named my baby Luna, because she lite my world up when I was engulfed in darkness, because of Luna I am sober!! Because of Luna I am a mom that can enjoy every minute of this new life she has helped me create.
We call her Lani or Lae. She is 9 months will be 10 months on 05/08. We are currently trying to switch from a bottle to sippy cup. She loves her purple monkey. She’s a sweet baby who loves her big sister to pieces. Vote for my baby girl you guys ❤️
Camilla is a firecracker!! She loves Blue's Clues and going to the park! Her laughter is contagious when she is having a good time!
Everly is 6 months, always smiling, loves her momma and daddy and grandparents so much, just a loving beautiful baby girl!!
Kehlani is my sweet & energetic 2 year old! She is very smart, talkative, and loves playing outdoors! Willing to do vote for votes!
Beautiful mannered 2 year old full of energy and sass. Loves stuffed animals, nails and shoes
Ms Paisley loves to roll over and try to crawl and chew on everything and loves her sunglasses and sweet potatoes💗
Disney’s 3 months old starting to baby talk a lot, She loves sitting in her walker and watching Mickey Mouse Club house. She has been going to Disney world since she was 3 weeks old.
Nevaeh is a silly, loving, and outgoing baby. She loves being outside, loves her strawberries and can’t forget chasing the cats all around the yard!💖
Shayla, is a very smart, independent & sassy little three year old. She has a very good imagination. And she has such a big heart. She think her big brother just hung the moon, he is her favorite person.
Hey! I’m Taleah !! Some of my favorite things to do are play with my friends, hang out with family, play sports and laugh. I also like to play DJ while my mom drives lol.
Trinity is a sweet sassy 5 year old who goes to kindergarten loves her friends and even loves those who bully her. She’s so kind and big hearted. ❤️ She’d do anything for anyone. She loves her mama, dad, step dad, and her two step sisters. She’d love to have a little bother or sister. She loves to fish, hike, swim, ride her bike, jumping on trampolines, country nights with fires and s’mores.
Gianna is 4 months old , she loves kisses on her nose, pears , she absolutely loves smiling and she also love the show bubble guppies❤️She’s literally the happiest baby on earth, with an amazing personality already.
Raelynn Grace
Raelynn Grace is our beautiful, spunky, out going baby girl!❤️