Azlyn And Brynlee
They were born 2 months premature and have been through so much in their little lives already. So its their time to shine.
Maylee loves Frozen, she will eat anything, she’s always so happy!
She is a fun loving little girl. She loves her dogs more than anything. Ntrinity is head strong and never gives up
Khyanie loves to smile, she is always active and love to pose for picture. Kyanie love to play and enjoy the company of others
Riley is a straight A student who loves building things and fashion. She wants to be a fashion designer and a architect. She is a very fun loving young lady. Very passionate about people and life. She is called a butterfly 🦋 for a reason.
She loves to dance, and loves her animals
She's such a blessing and so loved by so many. She has given us purpose and taught us all how to be selfless. She's our world!
Evangeline is 3 yrs old.. She says her grandma and grandpa are the best, she loves to jump in muddy puddles, riding her dad's fourwheeler, watching her dad fish, she's very creative and loves to play with friends. Evangeline is a true country girl.!
Aliyah is amazing she is best little girl, she was dedicated today. Just watch paster Craig at life church, did not cry or wine. She is already starting to try to walk. She just started doing the cutest laugh ,and always gives the biggest smiles at everyone. Can’t wait to see what’s next !! She is only almost 4 months omg!!
She likes to sing, play outside and draw!
Naveah Larsen
This is my 4 year old daughter Naveah. She loves to be outdoors her favorite things to do are swimming riding her scooter and playing at her daycare with all of her friends. Naveah is a very kind hearted and loving person to everyone around her and also loves animals. She would love your vote and gives you a BIG THANK YOU!!!! To EVERYONE who votes not just for her but for anyone else as well. Good luck miss Naveah.
Jocelyn is a sister to a very strong heart transplant recipient warrior ❤️
Olivia is such a sweet and happy girl. She is stronger and wiser than a lot of kids her age because of having a sister with autism. She has been such a rock for her older sister and everyone she meets loves her fun attitude.
Angelica has autism and has had a tough road getting this far. She has fought hard and is thriving despite the struggles that she has faced in the 7 years she's been on earth. She is such a happy girl and loves everyone and everyone she meets adores her sweetness and joy she brings.
Hello Everyone, Im Jacariaa and I’m 4yrs old. Ima an only girl outta 3brothers , I love being a big sister and helping take care of the house. I attend in dance 💃, and currently just got out if gymnastics
Airyn is 8 yrs old. She loves to dance, gymnastics she plays sports in school and loves her animals. She owns a Registered Texas long horn, who she named Rita. She enjoys riding her bike, roller skating, baking, and sewing doll clothes. Shes a very up front honest young lady. Shes full of spice and has a go get em attitude. She beleives u earn what u want and work hard for it.. shes 1 of 7 kids. And she participates in the Native american Beauty pagent at the Pendleton Round Up every yr since she was 3. She has a large vocabulary and loves Math in school.
Aaliyah is a super happy girl and smart!! She loves people, swimming, arcade rooms, visiting the beach, music, dogs, cats and loves attention!
beautiful and sweet. she loves helping others, likes to clean up the environment and very loving
Full of wonder, fearless and kind.
Lylli loves animals, singing and sports
Ivy Liv
She’s full of wonder love and giggles. Loves to dance
Jessica loves playing instruments and singing, she loves swimming and butterflies
Austin loves to sing and dance, she loves makeup and playing with bubbles
Name is Jacariaa beautiful and sassy
She is bright caring will help anyway she can. She loves animals and sports
Alexia is strong amazing, she had spinal surgery and is doing amazing. She is very athletic, loves to dance. She is my ray of sunshine.
She is an amazing, caring, and energetic girl. She is a sister to older brother who is in the U.S. Navy, whom she misses like crazy.
She is friendly and out going she loves to draw and paint in her Free Time she is good ant just making sure u have a smile on your face
One happy little girl. Her coos are as cute as she is. All she does is warm your heart
Amelia enjoys learning, reading & being active in beauty ❤️ Loves to play with others, her brother & her new puppy Bella.
4 and pretty
Ms Izzy loves animals, coloring and helping mommy around the house. She is also amazing big sister.
Little ms.diva full of spunk!
Peytyn is the most thoughtful loving caring girl you’ll ever meet. She’s full of so much joy and spreads it where ever she goes. She loves to do aerial silks and ride her skateboard.
Loves being outside leilani is very loveable and loves her family
I’m very unique and creative. I love to be independent, but I am very caring and love school.
I am one of a set of identical twins my sisters name is Sophiya and I love to be the boss and I love playing independently and with my sister I love school and I’m very smart and caring..
Mia Godoy
I am Mia and I love to dance , do TikToks and dress up. Thank you for your vote
Tanyyah my little girly girl always trying to make everyone that she meets have a big smile on there face.
Ms. Rory loves being outside, helping her daddy work on the truck and playing with her siblings. She is our little country princess.
Brielle Elise
hi i'm brielle elise 😊 i'm turning 3 on july favorite food is chicken adobo 😁 i love singing ,dancing and reading books 😇
Kora is the funniest and sweetest 3 year old! She loves to make everyone around her laugh and her infectious smile is like sunshine to all of us. She lights up our lives and we know she will the rest of the world too.
Melody Snow White is an 8 month old absolute amazing little baby girl! She is so loved and has 3 older sisters!
Charlee is sweet baby when you don't make her mad and very smart she loves to make TikTok's with her cousin
Kamya is a very loving person very respectful and she loved to cheer
Serenity is very happy person and she has a 3.0 in school very smart and she’s an artist and she loves music.