Baby Stories - 37


Hello everyone my name is Makayla I am 2yrs old, I love playing with my colorful ballset and with my dolls, I enjoy playtime with my momma and cousin. I have a unique personilty and love to be around other kids my age.
Fallon is 7 years old. She loves to sing and read. She is incredibly smart and loving.
Je’Vaeh Laiana | One Month | Calm Baby. | Likes: Sleeping, Eating, Being Talked, Sang, & Read To, Baths, Cuddles.
Abbie is a brilliant and beautiful 5 year old girl! She loves to spread positivity!
Adeline is a happy girl who loves to have fun
DaKota is a sweet baby girl who loves to smile and laugh. She also enjoys long conversations with mommy.
Hailey is an amazing smart, bright outgoing, outspoken beautiful 3 yo...she love to listen to music dance she also loves make up
mandalynn likes gymnastics and has made her team tryouts on a leval 2 she is very good in school and has won all kinds of awrds such as acts of kindness and artist of the day
Ellie is an amazing little girl who loves the Lord and wants to give everything she has to help others. She loves to volunteer at local animal shelters and elderly homes. Ellie's dream is to become an actress on Broadway some day. If she wins she is going to donate to the local animal shelters.
Kairi is a wild little one! She loves to dress up with her heels, do her makeup, and put on her sparkly shoes! She’s 4, almost 5! And she is one heck of a smart girl! She’s so sweet and can spell out her name to anyone she meets!
Payton Jane
This sassy little girl loves to dance sing and put a smile on her family members face.Shes so full of life and wonder ❤️
Sleeps a lot. Leeching off of mom & dad. Gives great cuddles and talks back way too much.
Amara is loving , caring , full of joy , very smart she loves jojo siwa she has lots her clothes loves to get dressed up she’s a star She brightens up peoples faces ...
She's a beautiful smart amazing little girl❤️
Kaliyah is baby A of twin girls. She loves to dance and play. She loves bananas and green beans. Loves to play outside with her sister Kailani. Liya also loves to make her baby brother laugh💛
Kailani is as sweet as can be and loves to look around at everything, especially her twin sister. She loves baby shark and playing with her sister. Kailani loves to give her baby brother kisses and making him laugh💛
Nova is a sassy little 11 month old with such a personality already! Her smile is contagious and can light up any room! You won’t regret voting for my little cutie! ♥️
Peyton gionna allee Coleman Is a sweet baby she enjoys watching cartoons and laughing and playing with her sisters
Maliah loves her light up unicorn that plays lullabies. She loves her mommy and daddy. And she loves to be talked to and staring at everyone including her own reflection.
You can find Emmerson playing in makeup or taking care of her babies! She is a little mama for sure. She loves to go play at the beach and she can spend all day playing in the sand. She loves to make arts and crafts and she isn’t afraid of getting dirty - in fact she is probably most happy when she’s allowed to cover herself in dirt!
Hello 👋 i like to play hide and sick, i love pizza but i also love vegetables, thanks everyone who is voting for me❤️Bless yall
Sophia is 5 months old. She is the happiest & sweetest baby ever ! This girl loves to smile ,laugh & play. Just look into those beautiful blue eyes of hers & she will melt your heart. Vote for my sweet princess!!
Hi my name is Zoe. I love to be outside and my favorite color is blue!!
Madison is an amazing little girl she's the oldest and loves being mother hen to her little brothers and sisters she is outgoing and does anything she can to make others happy please vote for her
Jordyn is a bubbly 7 month old who loves playing peekaboo.
Olivia is a sassy 15 month old who loves to blow kisses and laugh! She loves dancing to baby shark! She has the prettiest blue eyes and could use all the votes! ❤️
Hi, Bella loves to dance, sing, and play with family and friends! She’s fun to be around!
She a sassy one for ya she’s a daddy an mommy’s girl she likes cats
Demi is full of so much personality & attitude. She loves bath time , snacks , watching Cocomelon .
My name is Ayla Noelle. I’m almost 8 months old and love having everyone’s eyes on me! My favorite show is coco melon and eating is my favorite hobby!Vote for me❤️
Hi I’m Zaery and I love to eat, sleep, and cuddle. I’m spoiled and get everything I want🥰 and I love my mommy and daddy💗
Olivia is a sassy one year old who loves to blow kisses and laugh! She loves mickey mouse clubhouse and dancing to baby shark! She has the prettiest blue eyes and could use all the votes! ❤️
Kaelynn is a sweet, sweet three month old! Kaelynn likes tummy time, cuddles with mommy, and doesn’t play about her milk! 🤣
Kynslee loves playing with her cousins, her puppies and loves being a tomboy and riding her four wheeler like her dad!!
Tatum is a sweet Baby girl. She already sleeps all night. She is smiling and is a Happy Little girl. She tries to talk to her Brother & sister just making such sweet sounds.Tatum is already spoiled from her Sister's Cell phone! She loves to watch Cocamelon with Lilyana!
Hi, I’m Tori I love to laugh,sleep, play and eat.I can roll over, trying to hold my own bottle. Vote for me 🥰
Lovable she loves to dance and help she is a animal person she likes to learn new things and is adventurous
She loves kisses and for someone to talk to her
Norijah is a fun young lady to be around. Always willing to help and is full joy, laughter, lots of hugs and love. Norijah loves to draw, Irish dance, and help in and outside of the house.
Hi Everyone This is Aaliyah! She is My First Daughter! She is My Life! She is a Bubbly Beautiful Baby Girl, Loves to Play, Laugh, And Loves Music❤️ I Want Her To Give Her a Childhood I Never Had Growing Up. I will do anything for her, I Love Her So Much❤️
Zoeie is such a happy baby. She loves to play, eat, dance and watch the Backyardigans. She has a beautiful smile.
Hello im Layla. Im 5 months old. Im rolling over in all directions and starting to sit up on my own. I love to laugh and be tickled vote for me!
Alaina loves playing outside, her doggy Ace & her bunny Oreo. She’s a mommas girl & such a happy girl! Always smiling n got such a big personality!
Amara is the most photogenic baby ever:) She loves taking pictures & is very happy and loves to smile❤️.
Arabella is 5 yrs old and full of so much love and sass at the same time! She has the most beautiful blue eyes you’ve ever seen! She’ll talk your ear off! She always has something to say! She has a heart of gold for ALL and ANY kind of animal! She’s a lover of the outdoors! She would rather be outside rolling in the grass(or mud🤦🏼‍♀️) than to be in the house playing barbies! She’s a daddy’s girl no doubt!
Loves to take pictures, very helping , sweet