Baby Stories - 37


Harper Wren
This little sassy girl is full of love, energy and of course sass. She is almost 2. Loves Minnie Mouse, Paw Patrol and Vampirina. Super smart loves to talk and learn new words and loves being able to figure objects out. Can count to 10, name colors and say her ABC’s til the letter I then we get a little off track-haha. But all in all she is a girl who loves to play, cuddle, love and relax with her family.
Our little Charlotte has a smile that will make a room light up. She is strong willed, outgoing and loves with all her heart! She loves being read too as well as watching her TV show called Trash Truck. She loves her Nana and Papa as well as her Auntie and little cousin. She enjoys coloring and could play on a swing and slide all day! This is just the start of our beautiful little girl :)
Makayla Marie Jackson
Makayla is silly, loves to draw and dance. All she needs is music and she will dance.
Kenley loves bathtime and loves to cuddle!
Unique quite most silly baby girl. She loves playing with her brother and loves to play patty cake with mama.
Cassidy is a happy 8 month old baby girl. She’s loving & full of joy. She enjoys watching Minnie Mouse and she loves her mashed potatoes.
Rosalia loves to play and spend time with her dogs Astro and Bella. Her favorite word is “tickle-tickle”
Ella loves to play, swim, go to the Races and is an Amazing big Sister to her little Brother Arlow
Cora just turned 7 months and her favorite thing to do is play with mama and dada. She loves observing and grabbing everything. She’s very curious! Her favorite movie is Luca and she loves her stroller walks with mama!
Anaya is a little girl with a huge personality!!! She loves to sing she loves all things girlie but loves fishing with her pop pop. She’s such a sweet girl with a big loving heart and makes friends with everyone she comes in contact with
Aurora is the sweetest, most beautiful, and smartest baby girls in the world. She is energetic, loving and is passionate about everything that she does. Some of her favorite things to do are arts and crafts, ride bikes and play outside with her four year old brother. She loves playing with barbies and with cars. She is always smiling and friendly with everyone she ever comes across. She is truly one of a kind and has the heart and soul of the little miss beautiful in every way possible.
Sabrina is the most sweetest cuddle bug ever!!!! She is very smart and is such a happy babygirl.
MaeLynn is one sassy, wild, loving little girl. She just like a sour patch kid sour & sweet. She will cheer you up on your darkest days. There is no dark times around this chuncker. She very outgoing, independent, & smart!
Hazel Is Obsessed With Mama. Wants To Be Held 24/7, She Is A Spitfire With A Temper But She’s Adorable So Who Cares❤️
Emery Tierra
Emery is a beautiful red headed baby girl, with a fiery personality and a huge heart!! She loves animals, her mommy & daddy, and her favorite Disney Princess is Ariel. ❤️
Hadley is a sassy three year old who loves Elsa & singing! She’s genuine and loves everyone she meets!
My beautiful baby is the sassiest little girl ! She loves her baby brother and playing with other kids!
Adalynn Mae
My Sweet Adymae is a happy baby, she loves playing with her rattle giraffe and loves tummy time.
McKenzie is the most sassy, smart beautiful 3 year old you’ll ever meet! She loves gymnastics, dance and soccer. Kenzie loves all animals and loves spending her time outside ❤️
Joshai is a happy baby she wakes up happy smiling she says all the basic hi , bye , yes , no mom dad even move lol her siblings names ! She does pic-a-boo and loves cocomelon!! Joshai gives hugs and kisses to her family all day long !!!
Ariella Laraena
Sweet lil girl who is a big Daddy’s girl ❤️ She has such big personality, she loves to smile,sing and dance. She’s our lovey Rainbow 🌈 baby and a huge blessing! ❤️😍
Rylee Mae Clark
Rylee is 2 weeks old and loves to cuddle with her mommy and daddy. She smiles when she is sleeping and is starting to hold her head up by herself. She loves tummy time and feeding time.
Only 5 months, but already knows how to light up a room ❤️ Vote for my beautiful baby girl 🥰
Hello everyone:) This is Dana she is 2 years old! She’s named after my late mother and boy does she have her grammies personality. Shes a happy girl. She’s my rainbow baby and lights me, her sissy and her daddy’s world up so bright.
My name is Marley Ann Bruce! I love to laugh and make friends everywhere I go! My favorite things are baby dolls and Mickey and Minnie Mouse! I’m learning to walk and I talk constantly ❤️ Thank you for voting for me!! 🥰
McKenzey loves to be outside, but she also love to dress up! She is a little Miss Priss! She loves going everywhere she can! She always wants to help others!
Coralee Abigail Lou
She’s adorable and a big mommy’s girl for now 💜 then they turn into daddy’s girls 😂
My happy go lucky baby girl lights up the room with her beautiful smile
Rough and tough, loves heights is not afraid of anything. Loves make up and loves to eat. Very intelligent and outspoken. 💪🏾
Sassy little diva, loves pink and has to have her purse at all times. LOL crazy and loves to dance and sing. Little super star ⭐️
Amara is a fun loving 13 month old who loves to share. She has the biggest heart I have ever seen in a baby. She loves to wave at everyone she sees. She loves to read and dance. She absolutely loves The Muppets and Elf on the Shelf. But most of all she loves her Mommy, Daddy, and big sister.
Isabella is so sweet and blessing to our family!
Kylie is 3 years old she is a amazing kid. She is very smart and understanding. She has blonde hair and blue eyes! And loves her Daddy
Zoey is so sweet and happy!! Shes a very smiley baby and just starting to make some noise like talk back (coo) and giggle.
Aubrïe Rose
This is Aubrïe’s world and we’re just living in it… Aubrïe loves the outdoors, she has the most bubbly personality ever!
This is Holly ❤️ She's super friendly and loving! She loves helping out and saying hi to people. She's super adventurous lately! Super playful and outgoing. She's my rainbow 🌈❤️
Angela is a very spunky little girl. She loves to dance to all types of music while riding in the car. Her favorite food is chicken. She likes to repeat everything her mommy and daddy says. Please vote for our little girl!!
Miss Jessa is a beautiful little blue eyed girl! She loves riding horses and loves to play and laugh with her brother and friends
Ava is a fun loving little girl who is very helpful to anybody ❤️ she loves cheerleading , and is joining the all-star cheer team this coming up week to cheer her little heart out. 📣❤️
Hazel Rose
I love to suck my thumb, crawl, mommy, and my grandma! My nickname is dootie and im grandmas girl! I love to watch tv with my pawpaw! My favorite food is green beans, but i also love oatmeal! I am trying so hard to walk and i know i will be able to do it any day now!
Allura is a super happy baby and just loves rolling around she is obsessed with Coco melon and loves everyone she meets.
Raelynn is a preemie baby she was born 3 pounds 3 oz was born 4 months early she’s a strong fighter. She loves to talk and smile and act likes she’s going to laugh! She loves to stand up. She loves to kick in the bath tub. She loves her kitten name stormy.