Love to smile, so tummy time and sleep all day!
Hadi is a sour patch kid, she’s sour then she’s sweet. She absolutely adores her baby brother :) she is 2 going on 13.
Ilena Lowry
ILENA loves ❤️ attention and loves ❤️ to talk. She likes watching tv (strawberry shortcake) and loves ❤️ naps. She's spoiled but wouldn't have it any other way
Charlotte is 4 years old! She has a lot of energy and has a huge heart! She loves the outdoors and is very curious about how the world works! She is a very smart beautiful young lady and loves everyone and everything!
Majesty Hunter
Majesty was born on New Years Eve of 2023. She is such a beautiful, fun & lovable baby girl.
Ella Grayce
This girl is a total clown. She loves to be silly and make people laugh. Ella Grayce likes playing outside and watching bluey!
This right here is a girly girl who loves her jewelry and makeup and also loves her family and church!💜
Nazareth Peña
Loves Her Big Brother & Little Brother. Very sassy, independent, and brave!!!
This girl can make anybody laugh! She’s super goofy and oh so sweet! She loves animals and playing outside!
She loves playing with her brother and sister and yes she has the biggest eyes ever!😂💜
My name is Oakley I’m 2 months old and I’m a very happy baby, I think everyone is funny
Jala loves to laugh, Walk, & talk! Jala is also photogenic. She loves her family that she is around daily (papa, Gigi, daddy, & mommy).
Riley is a sweet but sassy eight month old who loves her big sisters, pets and family. Her smile will melt your heart.
Raelynn is a very happy outgoing little girl she can roll over and coo she is very talkative and active and very smart🩷and she loves her boobie milk
Katie loves all things, from books to cheerleading , music and dancing!
Gwen is a spunky little diva! She loves to play outside and to play with her little dog. Shes very loved and she sure knows it and absolutely knows how cute she is!
Hey everyone my name is lai'leiona (Lay-Lee-ona) I love to 😁 laugh & play ❤️ my mom says I'm sweeter than sugar😘 you're votes are greatly appreciated ❤️
Jewelry she loves jewelry
Layla is 8 months old already(please stop growing💕) she’s just started crawling and is already standing on her own, she is all giggles she will laugh at anything and everything!!! Go vote for Layla
My name is Zariaah but everyone calls me stinkaa mamaa💖 I’m 8months and I loves to eat lots of snacks and play . I got two teeth and I’m always ready to eat 😂💖
She has a beautiful soul! She is out going, goofy, and loves making people laugh at her!
Ann has been in gymnastics since she was 5. She now takes Taekwondo.
Paisley Owens
Help paisley win to go to South Carolina elementary preliminary pageant
Raegan smiles all day but is still a very serious baby. She's spoiled by mom, loves jumping, and watching elmo. Pageant princess in the making🌟🥰VOTE FOR RAEGAN🫶🏾
Julianna is 7M old and she loves her cats and making a mess! She gets joy out of both things.
Anyla Rose
A’Nyla is such a loving baby, she enjoys mama’s milks, eating baby food , & play with her toes
Ana Lucia
She is a happy girl and she is very smart 🤓 She love play with her 🐈 She love helping every single animal she see on her way 😇🥰🙌🏻
Paris is a smiling baby. She love to watch basketball games and will be cheering by making noises. She love to dance to the sound of music that have beats. She is very smart at your age. Before she was born, during her ultrasound, she always had for hands covering her face😂.
Delilah is a smart silly happy baby, she loves her fries and her milk and loves to play
Jaz Smith
Jaz loves Trolls , She Loves Being A Fashionista! Love’s Bananas , Chicken & Fries Almost Three!
My little Dani Jack has such a cute big personality and loves to jump, bounce and smile! She's a strong baby and loves her family.
Beautiful Happy Soul That Loves Music & Dancing
Janiece is loving , kind, smart and very caring . She love to sing and dance she’s a vibe. 😎
Kehlani loves taking pictures & videos & is a huge fan of seeing herself in the mirror
Kyra is five months old she had a rough start in this world but she hasn't let it stop her. She's such a happy baby despite everything. Vote for Kyra
Minerva is so sweet and funny!! She loves to dance and sing!! Has the most precious heart ❤️ genuine hugs and love ❤️ she is also bilingual and speaks English and Spanish !!!
Emerie Jade is 8 months old, she lives on a farm with Cows, horses, cats, dogs, Ducks & Rabbits, & Tractors, she loves to go outside everyday to enjoy all of those things! :) she's going to grow to be a country loving girl! What she Loves the most is to sit and watch Peppa pig & her Favorite movie is Milo & Otis!, she loves her some ButterNut squash baby food, & Apple juice, she loves her 12 yr old brother and she looks up to him, She deserves to win because she loves to be in the front of the camera, she is very photogenic, & she has the Sweetest personality & is very smart for an 8 month old Baby :)
Trinity is my heart warrior and the best big sister! She loves animals and wants to be a scientist when she grows up!
Hi my name is harmonie and I’m 4yrs old I’m sweet and loving
Jocelyn is almost 2 years old and one happy angel! She’s very energetic and loving! She will put a smile on your in seconds. Jocelyn loves to play with her brother and pets. Her favorite movie is Moana.
She likes to make new friends. Loves to draw and get on scary carnival rides. Enjoys going to school.
When I tell you that she is a true statement of a miracle baby I wasn't supposed to have any kids so when I found that I was pregnant with her it truly was a blessing she weighed 3 pounds and 2 oz she was Born 2 months early she came in this world Like a wrecking ball Only staying in the Nic unit for 19 days And from that day forward she has put her mark on this world she loves with All of her She truly is special if you ever get the chance to meet her I promise you'll never forget her she'll make sure of that
Gynesis is a very sweet little girl that loves to play with her babies and has a broad imagination! She enjoys unicorns and fairies and is a big helper at school and at home. She has such a lovable spirit
Jaielle at only two months has brought so much joy into our lives. She’s a very happy and easy going baby. We are blessed to have her
Royalty loves to take pictures and dance she has a very beautiful personality a loving kid
Marina loves dinosaurs🦖,playing outdoors and yummy food. Marina’s partner in crime and all time bestie is her Gigi ❤️