Is full of laughter and love she won’t let Spina Bifida get in her way.
Sassy little Marleigh loves to tote around her baby dolls in one arm and her purse on the other. She is such a little girly girl. She loves dressing up snd accessorizing she loves to play pretend make up and Barbie dolls This little lady will steal your heart.
Mia is a happy fun loving little girl who loves to cuddle with her mommy and watch her princess sofia show. She also loves to laugh and babble away.
Ruby is going to be 4 months old.she’s a very happy baby, loves pictures. And loves to be silly with big sister.
Kierre is kind. She loves to help others on need. Her favorite food is spaghetti 💕
Skyler loves to sing and dance, she also loves to cook for me and her daddy at her play kitchen. She helps me with her baby brother and keeping our home clean even though I don’t ask her to, she’s my little mini and I couldn’t be more blessed to have such an amazing daughter. She has a bright future ahead of her and I can’t wait to see what she chooses to do with her life because no matter what she will always have her mommy by her side supporting her.
Aria loves playing with her brothers, waving at people and eating everything infront of her. She is very happy girl who loves her grandma, papa, and her Aunt Sarah
Lariyah is a fierce, determined One year old little girl! She always brings the light to the dark days for everyone. Her smile and those Baby Blue eyes are just two of the many beautiful features of her soul🌸
Shes a little sister a princess a beauty queen
Hello my dear friends! I’m Florencia Chasan. I love to ride a bike and dance! My favorite place is the beach! I love being in the water and feeling the sand! Vote for me please♥️ Thank you all! Don’t forget to be kind🥰
Esmeralda goes by Esme for short💕 She is 5 years old & has 3 older sisters & a baby sister 👶🏻 She LOVES Wonder Woman & American Doll. She’s into fashion & coloring. Esme has 3 dogs & a fish . She is definitely a fiery firecracker with tons of energy😊
Vote For Amiri Because She Is A Sweet Chocolate Intelligent 7 month old That’s Advanced So much Since Birth Arriving At 4 Pounds (Preemie) No Oxygen Or anything!, She is Cheerful Bouncy & Has Some Sassy Ways She Loves taking photos & watching Gracie’s corner she loves Potatoes & cakes & She’s Truly A Star For Sure VOTE Amiri Bella
She love animals, is a beautiful and sweet girl, she love sing and love pictures
Isabella loves to play with her siblings and loves to get pictures taken of her.
Tylani Percy
Very smart and outgoing loves church her family and pageants and CJ so cool ...wants to be a teacher
Rayven is a ray of sunshine in anyone's life that she meets. She enjoys doing her hair, dressing up and putting smiles on your face. Any winnings will go towards her future. (:
Lyric is 4 years old and she is very outgoing, kind hearted, caring, beautiful, sassy, loving, smart and she has a big heart. She is definitely a leader and not a follower.
She is absolutely out going with charm and personality ☺️
Zoe is a very independent,intelligent funny little girl. She has 5 older siblings she is the baby. She loves to sing. Zoe is very opinionated and wants everyone to know. She is the boss!
She’s smart, alert, and has a contagious laugh! Big beautiful eyes. She is the last baby and has older twin sister and brother who will be 8yrs old!
Vote for Za'Niyah she's very active and loves to have fun. She was 2lb 2oz a beautiful little princess. She likes watching Coco Melon or baby shark.
Robbin love to dress up!! Take pictures and travel around the world, very smart and intelligent!!
Hi everyone, this is my little girl Nevaeh who’s almost 9 months she is a very little sassy thing but loves to play and give out high fives! She is definitely a daddy’s girl but loves mommy as well, I swear her smile is the sweetest and warms our heart! Y’all don’t have to but if you would like to give our little girl your vote!!😊
Journi is so sweet her first and favorite words is dada but she is a mamas girl most definitely
Kynlee loves watching all the Despicable me movies! Her favorite thing to eat is spaghetti, or cheese balls 😆 She loves helping out momma in everything she does!! She will be 2 in February and is just a ball of fire!
London is very outgoing, smart, loves to play outside. Is very funny and tells me all the time she going become a YouTuber.
A'Layah is a very happy baby , she smiles and plays all day ! Such a bubbly spirit! She's 1 , she's a Capricorn , she loves food , and baby doll's. Very friendly outgoing personality.
This is Lillian Ruth. She is a little diva in the making. She loves to dance and sing. This girl is very out going and smart.
Honor roll student, wants to be an actress and a great big sister
Victoria is 2 1/2 she loves music. She can dance! 💃 She also loves to sing!
Olivia is a beautiful baby inside and out. She loves hanging out with her brother and cousins. She smiles all the time and loves to roll all over. :)
Very sassy little girl who is full of smiles...
Morgan is full of smiles and laughter with a little bit sass! She loves playing outside doing puzzles and activity’s! She loves to help cook especially pancakes and cupcakes.
One year old Athena divine is a beautiful soul whose always smiling and laughing. She loves ms Rachel and loves food. She can do sign language walk, loves dancing and exploring nature. Her smile and laugh Makes one’s day
My baby Karter likes to Sing and Dance currently trying to get her into dance classes and also beauty pageants 💗
Kenzie is an outgoing girl. She works hard to overcome her 1p36 deletion syndrome. She is currently just starting to roll across the room. Hoping this year leads to crawling and standing!
Raelyn is a diva. She loves to dance, sing and just be a girly girl. She is the sweetest girl with big ole little heart.
Iva, Hindu meaning “Gift from God” & that is what she truly is a gift that keeps on giving ❤️ Her smile brightens a room and lifts spirits
Amira loves smiling, making noises & moving around. She loves her morning Bluey cartoon time & most of all she loves her parents.
Evianna is one social bug 🐞 she loves to be outdoors, and with animals. She’s a burst of energy. She sticks to schedules and in all a easy going baby.
I love unicorns, glitter and pink! I love my family and school!
Juliet is a Ray if sunshine, born to brighten up any room. ☀️
Oakley is 1 year old. She loves to dance and play.
Sage loves her doggy sister and she loves ALL foods and gets so excited at bathtime❤️
Ayra is smart , independent and smiling child . She smiles and dances all round the house with her big brother. Teasing her big brother is her favorite thing.
Zendaya is the most sweetest lil gir to ever meet she loves playing dolls and doing her own make up . She has the most beautiful green eyes ever and is very quiet when shy but will love your right away.