Abigail is a total and complete sweetheart. She is so caring in everything she does but had a fierce side to her. She is a determined young lady who will do what she sets out to without help from mommy lol. She loves her animals and little brother and is the best big sister. Always helpful and loving. She will always kiss your boo boos better
Destiny is a kind hearted young lady with a unique birth (February 29th 2012) She loves playing school with her little sister. She hopes to be a teacher when she grows up. She loves going fishing with her dad and she holds the title for biggest bass caught in our family. She also loves to swim and She absolutely loves mermaids.
Shaniyah enjoys laughing playing alot and making cooing sounds. She enjoys cuddling and rubbing blankets against her face. She's a very happy playful baby. She has a beautiful soul and lights up the room. Every where we go people can't stop talking about her. Vote for Shaniyah she's truly a sweetheart ❤️
Galaxy Metcalf
Galaxy loves to sing, dance an laugh. She loves to play with her two big sisters.
Raven Metcalf
Kinda shy at first, kind hearted. She loves to play with her sisters an help her mommy.
Brooklyn Metcalf
She is very outspoken, an loves to dance an play with her sisters.
Beautiful fun talented and o so smart! Beautiful eyes that will charm anyone! And a soul that brightens your day no matter what !!
Hi everyone ! My name is Sevyn René. I love to jump around in my Minnie Mouse jumper and watch my Mickey Mouse clubhouse. If I’m not watching Mickey Mouse, I’m watching Ms.Rachel . I love tummy time with my mama. I also love talking with my cats.
Evelyn is the happiest little girl ever ! She loves playing with her brother and going to church!
Bristol is smart sassy and has beautiful blue eyes that she loves to roll ! Full of life and her laugh will make anyones day!
Gracie is our beautiful little diva ! She is super sassy but so loving ! She absolutely loves to take pictures and loves all of the attention:)
Briar has such a personality, she loves to dance, clap and make people laugh. She enjoys animals and playing outside
Tatum Rae is my Ray of Sunshine! She is a 7 month old drama queen. She loves having all of the attention on her no matter where we are ( even the grocery stores 🙄 )! Tatum loves Miss Rachel, and my little pony. Her 5 year old brother is her favorite person, besides me of course :) Tatum loves SNACKS, SNACKS & more SNACKS. Crawling around and getting into everything is becoming her new favorite thing to do. Thank you to everyone who took the time to learn a little bit about my sweet baby girl and thank you all who vote, it means a lot to her family & I know it will mean alot one day to her as well 💜
Smart, outstanding, bright little girl who’s constantly seeking to help out others and achieve her big goals
Raven Metcalf
She is a little shy at times.. kind hearted.
Brooklyn Metcalf
Very outspoken.. very funny an loves to stay busy..
She just lights up any room. She's always smiling and laughing. And is just the sweetest little girl ever
Ivey is a sweet, smiley baby! She loves to play in her ball pit, run around in her walker or watch Ms. Rachel. Her favorite song is ‘As It Was’ by Harry Styles, which means mommy and daddy have it on replay everyday!
Geirelyn is an adorable Sweet Girl who loves to dance , sing , model and play . Shes in ballet and gymnastics. She’s very lovely and caring .
Galaxy Metcalf
She is amazing.. loves to sing an dance.
River loves doing anything she can outdoors, playing with her dogs and lil brother and telling on herself when she sneaks something she shouldnt 🫢😅
Kory is a very spunky little girl who loves to play dress up and kitchen. She loves to make people laugh
I love being outdoors and running around and getting to know my surrondings. Im full of energy and love making people smile. Im goofy and have the cutest laugh and I love to dance to some music.
Very beautiful yound lady who is always outgoing and smiling. Loves to help others and never gives up.
She loves to dance. She learned her own cheer stunts. She very outgoing
Loves singing, dancing, art and learning new things. Most of all she adores her baby sister!
Aubree is such a outgoing friendly 3 year old girl! She loves meeting new people, watching paw patrol playing with toys and playing outside. She LOVES pageants and getting on stage and showing her personality
Irys is a sweet, smily 2 month old baby girl. She loves her tummy time and knows how to put a smile on your face! She also enjoys cuddles and sticking her tonight out at you.
Amberlee Lynn Marie
Amberlee Lynn Marie is the sweetest little girl. She loves hands-on learning projects like jewelry design and crafts. She spends her free time helping with her 2 year-old brother and taking gymnastics lessons. She loves to dress up and have tea parties with Grammy!
Bella love's fashion love playing with her baby dolls and loves her family
She love her brother and dad and love to stick out her tongue and is a happy baby and love to smile
Manilann is a cheerful little girl who likes to makes friends
Scarlett is the happiest baby that will light up a room with her double dimples. She loves her mama and not napping! This princess is always camera ready!
Lucina “Lucy” is the most caring and artistic girl. She enjoys reading,painting,and exploring outside. You can often find her always with her nose in a good book. She wants to pursue her passion of literature and be an author and illustrator of children’s books when she grows up. I look forward to seeing her grow up and accomplish these goals!
Zari definitely is starting to show her own little personality. She loves dancing to her favorite singer James Brown. Zari loves her food, playing with her best puppy Leo and loves snuggling with big soft blankets. Zari has plenty nicknames such as poopy butt, tink and our little ham.
She loves doing makeovers, getting mani and pedis, playing softball and basketball, cooking and cooking tutorials and most of all riding horses and competing in her horse shows!!
I’m Naomi Joi!! I’m a honor student!! I love God ! I like to dance & listen to music!!! I also like to draw!!
Zoie is loving and caring little girl. She loves riding her horse, competing in local rodeos and spending time with her family and friends. She loves to help people and has a big heart for such a little girl.
Layla Armstrong
Layla loves the outdoors
Hi my name is Brooklynn, I am 4 years old, i love to play dress 👗 up & do makeup! I am very out going & loving!
Sweetest & happiest baby 🤍
Lynnlee is a very outgoing, caring and loving girl. She strives to do her best daily at home and at school. She loves to make her mommy and siblings special pictures and notes to show her love.
Robyn is the oldest of 3, she loves Stevie nicks, playing the guitar, Pokémon cards and her favorite color is blue!
Jemma Rose is a milk lover and takes her snuggles with mom and dad seriously. Loves when the camera is in front of her and never fails to smile on command. ♥️♥️
Is full of laughter and love she won’t let Spina Bifida get in her way.
Sassy little Marleigh loves to tote around her baby dolls in one arm and her purse on the other. She is such a little girly girl. She loves dressing up snd accessorizing she loves to play pretend make up and Barbie dolls This little lady will steal your heart.
Mia is a happy fun loving little girl who loves to cuddle with her mommy and watch her princess sofia show. She also loves to laugh and babble away.