Baby Stories - 36


Aleya is ahead in her age group for strength
Unity is 5 months going on 3 years, she is excelling by leaps and bounds
You’re looking at the One and ONLY baby QUEEN since birth so full of life and sassy ness while checking your heart beat and singing her little heart out and dancing like no ones watching ❤️
Eri’ likes to smile, sleep, most of all drinks her milk.
Rayne is a Rainbow baby and so full of life. She is only 4 months old and already has a BIG personality. She enjoys trying to sit up and roll over and she loves Elmo and Abby.
Sherleia loves people, just not as much as her mommy!! She’s one of the sweetest babies you’ve ever met and a she’s so full of love & smiles !! She will make your day hands down 🥺😍
Arielle Raine
Arielle is such an amazing baby, She has such a bubbly personality. She’s very friendly, she absolutely loves other children. Arielle absolutely LOVES the camera. She loves to play dress up with mommy and when she’s not playing dress up with mommy, she’s posing in the mirror for another picture for daddy ❤️
Greta loves her new little brother. She is being really sweet with him and so happy to have him around although she started figuring that he is kind of boring.... She insists on feeding him food all day and wants to help him walk 😂
Maisie is my beautiful, almost 3 month old daughter. She is full of smiles and has quickly become my whole world!
Naomi loves people, just not as much as her mommy and daddy! She’s probably one of the sweetest babies you’ve ever met and a he’s so full of love!
londyn loves her feet, baby food & snacks, and cuddles with momma! she’s super sassy but she’s full of personality at the same time 💕
Gabriella Wiggins
Meet My Beautiful Chocolate Goddess You Will Never Be Bored With This Beauty She Is Such A Character She Can Sing, Dance And Act She Is My Little Triple Threat You All Keep A Eye Out For This One You Might Just See Her On The Big Screen One Day❤️🥰
Kennedy Williams
Meet Kennedy The Boss Baby She Commands Attention Everywhere She Goes Her Smile Is Contagious And Yes She Can Be A Bit Fiesty But It's All Love She Is Everything And More ❤️🥰
Kourtney loves to do tiktoks and take photos she loves dogs and cook
Kynnedy is a happy and playful 4 month old babygirl. She loves Cocomelon, her brother and food. Also, Kynnedy is very observant and attentive.
Baby K laughs with a bundle of joy. She is the most happy and playful baby ever. She loves to roll as many times as she can, tries to sit up on her own, and loves sucking her fingers and making loud noises. At just 4 months she’s so advanced.
Only 6 months old and already she has quite the personality! Loves her cuddles and can’t stand being alone. Laugh is infectious to all around her! ❤️
Alora loves to play softball and always helps her mom out, she is kind and beautiful on the inside and out
Quartney Lynn
Miss Quartney loves the camera! She has a bubbly personality but is sometimes shy with new faces. Our girl is obsessed with animals and loves other kids!
Almost 1 years old ! She’s super happy , loves to snack , and is always a joy to be around . She can also be super sassy and loud .
Little Miss Ryleigh Ray is 3 months old and is sweet as can be. Ryleigh had open heart surgery at three days old due to being born with a congenital heart condition, transportation of the great arteries. She is the strongest little girl you will ever meet. Now that her surgery is done, she is a normal function baby girl that will be able to do what ever her little heart desires. She has us blown away everyday with how far she has come since her surgery. Ryleigh wasn’t allowed to start tummy time until a little over a month old since her sternum was broke for her surgery and she is now a pro at rolling over when on her tummy. She loves to babble especially the word mom or mama or so it sounds like she’s saying them already. Please vote for little miss Ryleigh Ray!
Maria Camila
Camila is 1 month shes such a happy baby and is such a good baby 💖💕
Abrianna loves to yell now and when she smiles it sure is contagious.
Saniya is the most happy and playful baby ever. She loves to roll as many times as she can, tries to sit up on her own, and loves sucking her fingers and making loud noises. At just 4 months she’s so advanced.
Bre'Lynn has a very strong personality to be only 12 months old . she enjoys playing with her old brother and sister.
Aubree is a very intellegent young lady . she enjoys playing with her dolls and riding her scooter with her daddy .
Nevaeh loves to laugh and play
Miss. KloieLynn , loves peppa big, her bubba and family. She’s filled with so much joy and is so sassy 💕
Maxine loves her family and friends. She is very outgoing. She loves watching and playing sports with her daddy. And of course she loves shopping with mommy. Thank you for your votes ❤
Kaylani is a sweet 3 year old girl who loves to sing and dance! She is definitely my wild child! She full of energy and surprise!
Princess Emori is an energetic, sassy, Queen to be. At only 3 months old she’s already in love with Doc Mcstuffins, and is very smart and attentive.
Rayleigh is our rainbow baby. A gift given by God and her sissy in Heaven. We found out we were expecting her on her sissy's 1 year birthday. She is the sweetest little girl and loves dancing! Her favorite phrase is probably "thank you" and she says it so sweetly. She brings so much joy to our lives with that beautiful smile! ❤
Skylynn loves being with her family. She had a every big personality. Little fact a about Skylynn she was born premature.
Oaklynn loves to hang out with her brother, she loves getting into stuff. She loves going outside
Aubree has a personality of her own. She is smart and very goofy. She is an amazing big sister. She is loves to be outside, and most of all she loves to watch her cousins play sports.
Blessing Amary
She's such a sweet baby, very happy, smiles all the time and she loves to eat her baby purees 🥰
Kinsley is a breath of fresh air. She is very inquisitive and advancing far beyond her years already.
Zelyna is very energetic and loves playing. She talks constantly and always has the funniest facial expressions.
My little Giovanna, Gigi for short🥰 Gigi is always smiling, she is the literal light of a room, she is just learning to talk in full sentences and she has such a sense of humor! Her favorite things are watching puppy dog pals with her brothers & sister, she loves to try new foods and she loves pretending to read a book!
Kali Anne
This Is Kali Anne She's A Sweet, Lovable, Happy Baby Full Of Smiles..
Destiny is having an issue with a bully so lets all show her how beautiful and loved she truly is!!!
Nala is a happy baby! She brings excitement into your world without even trying. She goofy and sweet! She loves to sing and play with her kitty, Jax. She loves mocking sounds that she hears, trust me the day is never boring with Nala around.
Ellie loves silly faces and funny sounds makes her smile.
Goofy , smart baby girl that loves to sing baby shark and wheels on the bus
I like to try to hold my head up, I like to hold my pacifier from time, I smile in my sleep. And I am African-American(west African),british,irish, french-american (creole),scotish and greek.