Baby Stories - 36


She's a overall sweet girl with a bright personality
Peyton is such a funny and carefree baby she is older than her actual age she is like a little grown lady
She is a beautiful and always happy talkative baby most people call her a little cabbage patch baby
He is really handsome boy
Layna is 4 months old. She’s beautiful, happy, playful, funny, intelligent, talkative, & moving fast. For her to only be 4 months she’s already sitting up, scooting, has 1 tooth with another on the way, & has excellent hand-eye coordination.
A’loni is very hands-on. She is a very fast learner. She can already say words , crawl , is teething & is already on her way learning to walk. She enjoys food & loves to watch cocomelon
Nala Grace
Nala loves food and fun she’s so full of life and makes everybody worlds🥰😍 Follow her on instagram @nala_mariegrace
Ava is a happy energetic 2 month old, she loves to smile and laugh and shes very photogenic 😊
Natalie is two weeks shy of being a 1 year old. She loves her family, especially momma, BaBa and her two pets, Felix (dog) and Chloe (cat). She loves music and plays on her piano and the family piano as much as possible and dances to any music she hears. Thank you for your vote!!
Kensley is 2 years old. She loves music, dancing, Minnie Mouse and Elsa from Frozen. She loves to play with her toys, playdoh and her older brother Connor. She is super smart and she is our super diva 👑
Chloe is beautiful and full of spunk! She loves her baby sister,fishing, ride four wheelers and Roblox!
Jaicee loves to dance! She has a very outgoing personality 💕 & very photogenic ! She's an absolute doll 🥰 VOTE FOR HER! 💕
Taraji is so sweet and beautiful she love dolls and watching cartoon
Full of sass 🥰
Brinklee is one of the best babies ever!! She loves talking and dancing around. The sillier you act the more she likes it. Her favorite food is pears and her favorite person is mom. Her smile lights up any room and brightens any day.
Alexiegh is a very loving energetic little girl who loves to make new friends! She loves taking pictures and singing along to her favorite songs. Her favorite things are Minni Mouse and Unicorns!
Lillian rose is 8 and she is the sweetest n kindest girl I know and she loves to help anyone that needs help she give her all to anyone and puts them first
Malaya is very shy and energetic loves to smile and be goofy and she loves to dance. Malaya is my baby sister
Allison has a hemangioma in her arm. We are unsure at the moment if it is cancerous or not. We are making trips to Little Rock every month trying to figure out and make sure we know for a fact what the next step will be. That doesn’t stop this happy girl.
Honesty is my 1st born and she’s a lovely smart girl. She’s very talented and takes gymnastics classes. She loves to do kart wheels , back flips , try’s hand stands. She’s very photogenic, she poses for the camera every time it’s out. She’s 5 years old and is in Kindergarten.
Paris is very expressive when she is happy always shows a smile no matter what. Even being born 6 weeks early she is so advanced.
Raelynn Simone is the sweetest little person ever, she brightens your day Raelynn is the most precious seed of me and she loves to play and laugh...!She is my world.
Amara is a very happy baby , every time she sees the camera she smiles so big for her. She loves to make smiling faces , she does this little bouncing dance. She’s a lovable baby. She’s only 10 months
Hi my name is Milani. I am sweet, cute and quick on my feet. I think I am old enoufh to do all things. And I just love apple sauce.
Iris is an amazing lil girl who loves adventures. She can be so serious sometimes but she's very sweet. She loves colors and really loves music.
She precious and loves to smile a lot and loves to talk a lot she just so precious to me and her daddy
Im a little sweet baby girl and I love a snuggling! And im not fibbin about that!
Aaliyah Nicole Jude is a brilliant, beautiful, cute,and sweet baby
A sweet and sassy lil miss. She is full of laughter and is quiet the comedian. She has a heart for animals and enjoys singing and dancing with them. Never a dull moment with this lil Lady around.
She like to sing and shes a artist.
Autumn is a very bright girl. She loves her kitty and unicorns. She also calls her feet horses. She has a wild imagination and loves art and music.
Baylor was born right before thanksgiving so we are extra thankful 💕 she’s the most calm and loving little girl ! Her 2 big brothers adore her so much ! She has the most precious little smile and the sweetest little face ! Vote for our little Baylor girl ! 💕
Hi!! I am keandra!! I am very flexible and love sports. My favorite sport is softball I am very good at it.. pls vote for me!! It would mean so much
Zaylee is very ambitious and outgoing. She is a daddy’s girl to the fullest and loves her cuddles. Loves her kitty’s Ziggy & Mits. Huge fan of Football and chicken nuggets. Not a day goes by that she can’t put a smile on your face.
She loves cuddles, tummy time, and napping.
Heeeey, My name is Baby’Keenary. I go by Poop or Nary Pooh. I enjoy being with my big sisters. I am kind, I love to laugh. Mommy thinks I’m a really great baby
Malena is a sweetheart. She’s a prime example of the best things come in small packages. She loves her family and looks forward to going to school each day to see her teachers and friends.
She loves Cocomelon her brother mommy and daddy she’s the sweetest little girl with a big attitude
Gracelyn has such a big personality, sassy and sweet! Loves to wrestle with her brothers but also loves to dress up and get her nails done with mommy! She likes dancing and playing with her baby dolls!
The most photogenic baby💕
Alondra is the baby of 6. She is a little bit of everything. She’s funny, spunky, and sweet. She loves to dance and gives the best hugs and kisses. She was born with a smile on her face and she has not stopped since.
Sopfia Baisden
She loves to play. She loves to laugh alot at about anything . She's a sweet little girl that will bring happiness to you each time she see her
Kimani is a peaceful baby who loves to smile & observe the world around her.
Caliyah is a Cancer and she loves to laugh a lot❤️
Arabella loves all animals but her favorite are horses, cats, and dogs. She loves to yell yaaa girl when she plays with her toy horses, her favorite show is Spirit Riding Free. She loves to feed her cats and to love on them and give them treats. She loves her baby brother and thinks he belongs to her. If she had her way, would run around naked with just shoes on. She loves trying on all of her clothes and shoes. Her favorite foods are mac'n'cheese, bananas, chicken fingers, and grapes. She likes to play dead and you have to kiss her to bring her back to life. She also likes to be chased and scared, she's definitely an adrenaline junky.
She’s our little Turkey!! So full of life and most happiest baby ever! She loves playing with her mommy and daddy! This photo expresses her sweetness it appears as if she’s praying ❤️🙏🏻
Haven is very sweet and kind. Her favorite quote is “be kind” she loves to sing and dance. But her passion is her family! She was Ms. DePere pretty in pink and Ms. international pretty in pink title 2 years ago! Please vote for haven.
Draya love to be spoiled by everybody. She’s greedy and love watching tv