Ryklyn loves being outside playing. Country girl at heart. She’s absolutely obsessed with goats and ducks.
Sweet girl with a silly personality. Loves to snuggle 💕 Loves food 😍 Miss Journey will melt your heart. ❤️
My Name is Isela and my hobbies are riding horses 🐴 being a free spirited 6yr old at my Nanas house.
Miss Nova loves her big brother! He puts a smile on her face every day. She love to listen to music and to be out side.
She loves to dance
Meet My Sweet Girl! (Nikki) LOVES EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! Her soul is filled with passion for others, she has battled her life with Tourettes Disorder since 3 years old, But she NEVER let this STOP her from letting the world know that her HEART is filled with kindness and generosity! Every day, she will tell absolute strangers something she likes about them! She truly knows how and when to make someone's day a whole lot Brighter! You have taught me the importance of love for others! And I'm your mother😭😭 Please share and give this sweet deserving angel 😇 your vote!!!!
She loves watching movies with music she loves to dance when she hers music her favorite thing right now is despicable me 2 Shrek and Encanto she loves to snack 🥰 and she loves going outside with her popo she also loves to play with her toys and dance with her Mickey Mouse 💛
My Adalie such a sweet affection girl always on the go. She loves to play with older sister and loves her sweet potatoes!
Charlie is a little spit-fire that loves to keep her parents on the go.
Freya loves to eat if you cant tell by her cheeks and is always such a happy smiling baby.
Mila is a sassy little sister, who loves dancing, eating, and practicing her pterodactyl scream
McKenzie is almost a month old loves her mommy and daddy sleeping and eating 😂
Sariah loves baby shark,dancing and eating snacks🙂
This little warrior is super spunky with the biggest heart of gold you can find! She loves animals of all kinds and would bring them all home if she could!
Bella is 8 months and loves to smile.
She is very outgoing, her favorite movies are Frozen and Encanto.
Stevie Rhiannon
Little miss Stevie is 3 days old. She is an absolute blessing! ❤️
She is the most kind hearted, caring, and loving girl i know. She not only enjoys making people smile but she LOVES Animals and being very creative. She has been a Girl Scout 3yrs and counting and loves it!. She also adores her younger brother and is just the sweetest.
Janeah Envy
Advanced votes are welcomed...we vote back from start to finish of your contest. Exchange votes 10-20/day. If & when you vote please leave a notification on this page with the link to your baby/pet date & how many votes so that all your 💜 can be returned. Voting names are: Jem M & Humanity L. Mamas JEM is such a happy baby always...she loves loves loves music and absolutely adores Queen Poppy...she's my mini whole 💜 & this October will be a big sister! Please like & share my page thank you to everyones love & support!
Mia is bright and beautiful little girl with a very adventurous soul. She’s such a kind and sweet big sister to her baby brother. She loves to sing and dance. Her favorite place to go is the park. She loves to help mom cook in the kitchen. She wears a dress every single day. She absolutely loves making friends and she can’t wait to start school this fall.
So lovable
Briggs is an energetic, smiley, happy, HILARIOUS baby girl that is 1 years old. We love her to pieces! Doesn’t this picture make you love her, too?😍
Nova is 3 years old. Loves animals. Shes a very caring toddler. She helps with her diasabled bother. She has four other siblings loves them all. Family is a big thing to her. Favorite color pink and purple. Butterflies are her favorite animal beside her dogs and cat. Shes can dress very pretty and stripp down and get muddy. She loves helping her dad work on cars or tries to.
Chandler is 9 months and is starting to get herself around the house! She loves playing with her big brother and her puppy!
Ivy is a Joyful lovely daughter Full of laughter and enjoyment. She enjoys dancing ,listening to music and spending time with family
Kinsley is 5 months old and loves to talk, play and bounce in her bouncer! She is a very loving baby and loves her mommy and daddy! Good luck to all participants. Any likes received will be returned!
Azalea 🌺 was born 4 weeks early! She couldn’t wait anymore to enter this world so help me welcome my daughter into this crazy world we live in 💕vote for my baby girl
Willow likes being outside! She loves bathtime! and especially loves eating!
I love to help mommy and daddy do everything! I love to fish and play with my animals. I like to play outside and also play dress up! Please vote for me!
She likes music,being held and sung to, and feeding time. Shes our precious rainbow baby and is just so joyful .
Gracie is a super happy girl. She is constantly giggling and makes everyone she meets smile too. Gracie loves the outdoors and her swing. She is her mom’s greatest joy.
She loves to dance and has a cheerful personality.
Kennedy is 5 years old, she is smart and full of energy! She always finds a way to make her family smile!
My name is Mila, I was born with a heart defect called Tetrology of Fallot but I won’t let heart disease stop me from doing what I love. I love to listen to my parents sing to me, I love squealing and smiling, I love to go on walks and hikes with my family and to watch my big brother play basketball and dance in front of me❤️
Blakely loves talking and smiling, her sweet potatoes, playing with her feet and watching the news & American Idol. She’s very energetic and believes she should have her way at all times.
Amelia has a beautiful personality and a whole lot of sass! Her favorite things are Moana and Food!! She’s our little ball of sunshine ❤️
Our beautiful daughter Athena is so intelligent we are so proud of her she loves to sing and dance and one day she hopes to be a singer just like her favorite person JoJo Siwa she has a brother and a sister and she such a Great big sister she’s the best daughter ever and we love her very much we are so blessed that God chose her to be our daughter!
Gracie is full of personality and sass! Sister girl loves her food & she definitely does not miss a meal as you can tell haha. She loves her baby dolls & watching Moana . She can light up a room with her cheese cute smile :)
She can put a smile on anyone's face! She has been a total blessing!
Loyalty Green
Loyalty is seven she is very smart she was doin sign language at 8 months when she was not old enough to say words.Loyalty is loving she loves her big brothers who are her protectors she is the youngest of her brothers of four.She likes Dancen an actin out on tic TOC.Loyalty is Everything 💗
Jeslyn loves music and loves to dance 😆 she twirls like a ballerina til she gets dizzy, falls, laughs , gets up and does it again 😅😅😅
Serenity love to sing, learn and enjoy time with family
Carefree and wild, nothing scares her or phases her. She loves to cuddle and play with her big sister.
This sweet girl has a smile that can cure anything♥️, she loves spending time with family, rolling around and giving mommy heart attacks🥴 She gets emotional when watching American idol so we keep it to a minimum 😝
My sweat girl is a heart warrior with a personality that can win anyone over! She's friendly, sassy and the sweatest little girl you can ever meet.