Chylyn is a level 3 autistic little girl .she's amazing.. especially a gift from Heaven..she loves to sing and dance..she loved barbie right now and she loves to play on her video apps ..she like kitkats and icecream
Hi, I’m Everleigh I’m almost 3 months old. I like music cuddle and bottles.
Zoe was Born in december of 2023, she loves her milk and parents.
She LOVES scrambled eggs with ketchup. She is a daddy's girl and is my pride and joy. She's also my miracle baby as I didn't think I could have anymore kids. Her favorite cartoon is Little Bear and she loves dinosaurs
Our always smiley Cali Girl ♥️
This little girl is amazing we are adopting her and have done nothing but blessed the whole family with her sweet and goofy personality. She loves hunting with her dad and shopping with mama and GG. And her best friend is her sissy. Loves animals, Minnie Mouse and of course Bluey
She’s the most happiest baby, has the sweetest smile and is all around a great baby!
This is my jalyn girl!! i decided to share her start to her story!! she is 2 months old She has the biggest personality a baby girl could have! she loves to "talk" to her mommy she loves to smile and laugh along with holding her whole self up with a little support !! shes a very happy girl she also enjoys the sunshine and trees ! she absolutely adores winnie the pooh!! jalyn was 37 weeks gestation whenever she was born and was supposed to be just pushing 2-3 pounds but needless to say she beat all odds and is the happiest babygirl youve ever seen!!
Callie loves her sisters so much she enjoys going to school and being around her family. She enjoys any animals doesn’t matter what it is.
Kelsey is a smart lil girl but can be sassy. Shes a mixture of sweet n sassy you could say. Shes autistic and nonverbal but she has her own way of communicating. She is a huge daddys girl since birth. Shes also not afraid to get dirty either. Shes my lil tomboy. She has 4 brothers and 2 sisters.
Hensley Ann is 4 months old and enjoys being around her Mawmaw and Grandma. Her giggles and smile light up our world. She is the most adorable baby ever. Vote for our Hensley!! She would love and appreciate it❤️
Sarah loves playing with everything. She loves water she enjoys going to school.
Aamyah is sweet, loving, sharing and adores being a big sister. Playing with her sister is her favorite thing to do and her laugh melts your heart. She smart and growing in every way. Vote for Aamyah ‼️
Babygirl is super talkative for only a month old. She loves to eat and watch masterchef with her mama! 🩷
She is the sweetest girl, loves god, her family and her friends and loves softball. She is selfless and cares for anyone she meets.
Eliana is a little bundle of joy! She loves her dada, the puppies, and her stuffy Elephante.
Wrenley loves going to feed cattle with her daddy and any animal that she can pet!🩷She is definitely a foodie you can't eat something without her being right there to eat with you or take it away!😂
Our little Disney Princess is fresh out of a fairytale! She is spunky, kind, and very very happy! Banks loves Princess Tiana and Moana. She also loves to play dress up with her Daddy. Banks was inspired by the movie Mary Poppins. We are such a big Disney Family! Vote for our sweet Disney Princess!
Amira is the most smiley laid back baby. She loves to spend time with her brother the most, he loves to make her laugh.
She loves to smile and babble. Loves puppies and kitties and her big siblings ❤
Elouise is such a happy baby! She loves being talked to, rolling around/playing with toys and eating baby food.she also loves her doggy siblings and momma and daddy!
Clover is a month and a half old and loves her bath times and she loves her mommy and daddy snuggles 🍀
She loves oogie the cat she love to eat and play. She is the youngest girl out of three
Hi, I'm Chloe, 5 months old. Im a very happy baby and very talkative. I love to make a conversation. I likes to be dance and loves to watch tv. If i win, i would like to donate my winning to charities who are children that have cancer.
Natalia is a 5 year old that loves big from everyone to every animal and bug. Her smile is breathtaking and she is the biggest helper no matter what the job is. She is sweet, kind and loving and beautiful inside and out.
My little angel is a happy little wild thing who loves everyone
Zalia is a very funny and sweet little lady 🫶🏼
Addy Claire
Addy Claire is a spunky, sassy little girl. She loves kitty cats, her brother and macaroni and cheese. She has been in a lot of pageants and has extensive collection of crowns and trophies
Aurora Jade
Aurora is a little ray of sunshine! She is the happiest baby there is. She has two older brothers that she adores. She’s our rainbow baby after eleven years of secondary infertility, sent to us by her brother in heaven 💙
She loves being the center of attention and her bottle is all she thinks about.
Please vote for my baby girl Serenity Kay McLaughlin is my sweet baby Angel, she's all smiles from the moment she opens her eyes each day till she goes to sleep. If you cross paths with her, she'll make sure you know it by yelling "hey" untill you acknowledge her!!
Aliyah is the most happiest little baby girl you will ever come across Her smile is definitely contagious ❤️😊🙂
Colton is a Jr comedian he won't miss a chance to make you laugh
Briley is smart,funny,somewhat calm, quite and has a heart of gold.She is in 6th grade and enjoys playing basketball,hanging out with friends,making TikTok’s and listening to music.
Tamryn is mommy’s little helper.She is smart,funny and always on the go.She is in 2nd grade and enjoys being a big sister.She loves playing basketball,loves to dance and she is a Stitch fanatic.(lilo&stitch)
Brennen is a silly,smart,energetic little girl.She loves animals and baby yoda.She is in 1st grade and loves to dance and play dress up.She loves spending time with her family.
Kinslee is 3 months old, she is such a sweet loving little baby shes starting to get her own personality she loves to swing in her swing and eat and sleep. Lol
Olivia is a loving 6 month old girl who never stops smiling. She is a master raspberry blower and loves to eat her feet. She loves jumping non-stop and being tickled. But she loves her mommy and daddy the most, and misses her daddy as he is away serving our country. She loves to video chat with daddy and tries to grab my phone while talking to him.
Surrounded by nothing but love
Isabela is such a loving happy baby. She will make sure to pass on her smile to you ! She loves kisses and tickles.
Willow Williams
Willow is a very caring and loving girl! She loves nature living, and riding horses! She has won several pageants in past as she grows and many more memories she wants to experience in her lifetime!
She loves getting attention from mommy & daddy & definitely loves her sleep!😴
Kaliyah’s favorite cartoon is Moana and sings along. She loves watching Ms Rachel and learning to sign. She loves to eat and play but still prefers to crawl.
Maelyn loves playing with her baby dolls, cooking in her kitchen, & loving on her family❤️
Ka’Lei was our miracle baby! She loves Bluey and loves loves to read. She is such a people person and will be FOMO if not part of the fun! Please vote for our baby girl!! Mahalo!
Vote for Arabella because she is so loving and smart! She loves bath time and loves to eat! She also loves animals and her big sister!
Ju’Lea is very chill, she loves to smile and jump. She very active for her little size. 🤍