Baby Stories - 36


Nevaeh is a lil diva thats full of energy and love to entertain people by being playful with great sense of humor
Skyler is a happy, smiley girl that just fills her face! She loves her daddy and 3 brothers! We just think the world of our girl!
Mattilyn is a very thankful baby born on Thanksgiving of last year soon to be one. She started walking at 10 months, and is very smart & sweet.
K’aree is 13months . She loves to play , Eat , Sleep 😂 . She loves Cocomelon . She’s a happy spiritual baby.
SaRiyah loves dancing , always making videos on tiktok.. she loves being outside
Juliet loves dance, gymnastics and when she grows up she wants to be a teacher !
Hello ! Kanzas Such an heart warmer ! She will make a rainy day turn into a sunny one! She love to say hey to everyone and she love to dance !
Roselyne, affectionately known as “Miss Ma’am”, is 9 months old and full of nothing but love. She thanks everyone in advanced for voting for her!
Kenslei is 1 year old & she loves music , dancing , toys and she also loves being around her brothers
Hi I’m A’moura I love music and my favorite show is coco melon I am the youngest child and only girl and i bring joy 💖 i love fruit snacks and fried chicken and fries I am goofy and fun fill with surprises
Danica Claire
my princess is such a cutie she loves to be in camera... Please support her through your vote.. Thank u 💓 💗 💖
Aleyia Skye
Aleyia Skye loves playing with her big brother , eating cheeto puffs, smiling & dancing , and loves watching cocomelon. She already has a lot of sass and class lol
She loves to laugh, play and run with her puppies 😊
Kaliah is 5 months old she Loves to play , laugh , talk and eat. Her favorite show is anything you put on TV
Eden is our little firecracker. She is funny, sweet but dont get it any female she has a temper. She loves babyshark, "Fancy Like" and Bruno Mars.
Sophia is just shy under a month old, she is mommy’s world, daddy’s girl, and big brothers best friend ❣️
Macy is our sweet caring angel. She is leader of the pack and always takes care of those around her!
Emersyn is 4 months old. She loves to talk, play, and roll over. Her favorite show is Minnie Mouse. Emersyn is very sweet and loves everyone she sees.
Elena is 2months old and has anyone who has met her wrapped around her finger already! Her favorite thing to do is swing!
AA’liyah is a beautiful, happy baby. She loves to smile and nature.
Hannah is the spunkiest girl! She loves making arts and crafts, fishing, archery, and animals!
Peyton is full of love and sass! She is in Pre-K and LOVES school. She loves ALL animals and JoJo Siwa. 💜
Avery loves the camera 🤍
Britlyn Shay is 2 years old with more sass than momma can keep up with! She keeps up with her older brothers and loves to play with her little sister. We love to Rep for our local small shops and play dress up!
Our little Josie Bean is a fun and exciting peanut! Worms? No question! Fish? Loves to hold them! Spiders? Josie will get it!! Fun and fearless
Emma Bemma is such a young little lady. She loves to play dress up, help cook, and of course loves doing hair and makeup!!
Madalynn is 4 days old and loves to be a thinker🤔!! She loves to squeek like a little mouse😇
Bexley was due 7-27-21 but came by emergency csection at 31 weeks due to momma having a pulmonary embolism. But as you can see, she’s healthy and happy as ever and thriving ✨
Hailee is a 13 year old sweet beautiful loving Godly young lady who loves her family and brother very much! She loves playing the piano and vampire diaries! And has the greatest heart!
This little rainbow baby is the pride and joy of her Mama and Daddy. She was worth the wait.
Lydia is the youngest of 4siblings,she has 1sister 3brothers ,lydia is the most amazing happy baby,she is truly a godsend from the heavens above,she loves to sleep,her mommas kisses make her smile,she loves to listen to music and have her momma rock her and sing to her...lydia is 2mnths old enjoys her bouncer&swing...
Denver is 10 months old. She loves Blues Clues and Bubble Guppies. She says “dada” “mama” and “baba” She stands on her own for about 20 seconds. She claps her hands and waves “bye bye”. She’s a little diva in the making who loves purses and pictures. She’s the happiest most sweetest baby ever. 💕
Zariah is a very bright little gal with a great big personality. She's just learning to walk and learning to talk. she's a daddy's girl, hands down. She is loved very much by her family and everyone who meets her.
Shelby is a very sweet girl and loves to dance. She is a miracle baby she has autism and gastropersis and does not let nothing get her down. She loves to be at church. She likes to play with her baby dolls and go shopping. She loves to give other people especially the homeless people.
Miss Stella is 1 month, she’s a total mamas girl🥰 she is finally starting to smile when you talk to her. She loves her little feet’s rubbed & loves her baths! Vote for Miss Stella💜
Aspyn Mila is a spunky almost 2yr old, she loves strawberries, her stuffed baby shark, and watching cocomelon! Loves making faces and posing for pictures. Fun fact: she is biracial, Mexican and American!
Paisley is a happy girl who loves playing with her puppies
Sophia is a cheerful happy little baby! Loves Disney and snuggles. She’s 13 pounds and 15 ounces and over 2 feet tall
Evelyn loves to smile for the camera, enjoys all her puppy lovings, her brother is her favorite in the house, and she is an absolute joy to everyone around her!
Joliza is a 6 month old girl who loves to hear stories read to her and play perk a boo. She was born a premiere and has cime a long way . She has a beautiful smile and is very happy
My name is Katherine Jean! I am always on the go! I love to read all day long and climb everything possible. Everyday I am talking more and more and learning new words. I laugh all the time and love my family to pieces.
Rylee is an amazing young lady! Shes an outgoing wild child ☺
Elliana is a happy going baby. Loves when people talk to her. You should vote for her because she’s just so adorable 🥰
Paisley loves her fur siblings, playing peek a boo with dad, cuddles with mom, twizzlers, and rolling around! She says “mama” and is such a chatter box.
Our little rylee is our blue eye, blonde hair doll