Miss Rainelle Mae is our blonde hair blue eye princess. She loves to snack on yogurt bites and loves to be outside! Where her eyes shine brightest! Thanks for voting!
STRONG, Ayanna is a wild flower she has been through alot of rough patches but remains growing strong and Beautiful! Ayanna loves everything that moves and breathes. She enjoys spending her time with her ducks, chickens and rabbits. She is a true Southern Belle.
Loves her horses and dogs. You ll mostly see or find her in our arena riding
Azlynn is the youngest of 3. She has a big sister who is 14 and a big brother who is 10. She is such a happy little girl she is always smiling and laughing. She has the cutest personality and makes some of the most funniest faces. This little girl is a character.
Little Miss Reigna Jean is 1 1/2 months old, she is a Native American/Peruvian Baby. She is already cooing & smiling! she loves to eat, use her nukie, one of her favorite things is bath time, nap time with all the snuggles, she's big on the cuddles! she definitely is a mamas girl all the way & lives up to her name ; She's a little Queen 👑
Chakoyah sings dances is a gymnast is an actress and wants to become an Engineer
Like most moms, I think my child is beautiful and unique and very special. But when other moms tell me that she is so beautiful and I should put her modeling. She is sassy loving caring baby girl but can also scream so loud she wakes up the whole house up 😆 It’s always a great time having her around.
She loves to eat, Aniyah is lovable and loves to play with everyone that gives her attention
Mariah is a very strong personality and very fun. There’s no way you can be around her and not fall in love. She’s a wild girl and always makes ur heart melt with her beautiful heart and mind. Mariah is a total package inside as cute as she is outside. Amazing little girl!Mariah loves animals and making u laugh with her jokes and brilliant mind. She deserves a vote she’s been threw a lot and still has her spark about herself that draws in everyone.
Aja grace is very outgoing loves her family and loves playing outside. She has 2 sisters and a brother. She loves her Mama but loves her nana and papaw!
Kinsley is a smart, energetic, kind hearted and God loving child! She loves to sing at church and play with her friends. She has a soft spot for all animals and loves playing outside. Her favorite thing is for everyone to be happy and love each other!
She’s super sweet and loving , her happiness is contagious. She loves being silly. She loves music and dancing. She has such a great personality.
Aalaya is very out going, loving person who adores everyone. She love going to the park. She will befriend anyone that’s willing to play with her. In her mind she thinks we’re so rich. She asked for new toys everyday asking if we can go to dollar tree to buy toys . Lol
Lilyth is a very smart spunky sassy 8 year old who loves makeup TV and enjoys the outdoors
Dixie is the sweetest most sassy little princess!! She love dance, gymnastics, and watching herself in the mirror. LOL!!!!
Sweet smart and strong will and knows what she wants. Loves her daddy and her Rainey.
Sweet smart....and sassy little georgia peach
Lauren is a amazing gymnast! And a A B student. She is a huge pet lover from Dogs to cats and bearded dragons. Her favorite quote is "Don't try just Do." Lauren has had broken 2 bones and has had 2 surgeries on her elbow! So vote for Lauren!!
Heaven loves the outdoors. She is a very active child. She is in girl scouts and cheerleading. She loves to make new friends and loves to be affectionate. She has seizures and still goes strong. She is being bullied in school. I would love to show her that the she is a very beautiful girl and help her to understand so please vote and show her love everyone
Jayde is our little spunky boss lady that keeps us all straight. She loves sports, her family and Church. She's a very independent smart loving young lady that loves her dogs, playing with her American doll collection, and cousins when she's not at the ballpark. Her favorite animal is a moo cow and her favorite thing to do is spend time at church with her church family. I think she's gonna choose the health care profession because she loves taking care of us.
Arianna is a beautiful, strong, independent gal who always takes care of others and has a strong mama heart, she’s kind, thoughtful and always making sure everyone is smiling. She is a genuine soul.
Legacy Heiress Reign. Have a huge personality on her she can smile one min and be Fierce the next min. She is into her fashion and she loves dressing up. There’s no other lovable baby like Legacy Heiress Reign!
Zariah loves dressing as a princess. She loves reading books and drawing. She is a people person and love conversing with adults and other children.
Viktoria is the epitomy of sass, shenanigans, and personality.
Maliyah loves horses and loves to sing!
Mylah loves to smile, sing and dance!
Sophia is one of a kind! She’s beautiful inside and out. She’s very smart with awhole lot of sass and diva. She loves babies and playing with her older brothers & her favorite person is her papa! She loves to do all the girly stuff dressing up, make up, heels & she will also put you in your place and not afraid to stand up for herself.
Jayden Rayne
Jayden is a social butterfly 🦋, she loves to dance ! And watch Tik Toc , jay lost her dad 1 yr ago in August to a overdose and she one day wants to help other children that has went through the same challenges as her , she loves with all her heart she is the sweetest
Jayden is a sweet tic tok loving girl ! She lost her dad last August to a overdose, my girl needs some happy in her life she is so pure hearted
she 13 loves hunting fishing riding her fourwheeler she about to graduate the 6th grade
She 13 she loves hunting fishing and riding her fourwheeler sassy daddy girl about to graduate the 6th grade
My name is Alivia, I’m 2 years old. I love playing with my toys, walking or running everywhere, listening to music & being at the race track. I am a daddy’s girl & mommy’s world. Please vote for me! Thank you! 💜
Kennedy loves singing, going to the park and painting. She is confident, kind, brave and funny. She shines bright everywhere she goes!
Everleigh is such a spunky beautiful little girl. She loves all things outdoors and loves helping take care of her baby brother.
Harmony Foster
Harmony loves to sing dance 💃 🎶 play look at movies play wth her big sister n baby brother
She loves to coo and smile at her mommy and daddy! She makes everyone’s day when they see her
Addy is a funny smart, sassy girl! She is so incredible intelligent and beyond her years! She loves every thing and every one and is so sweet.
Kashtyn is a joyful baby. She loves when her 3 brothers play with her and entertain her. She likes music the most her favorite song is “How Long will I love you” by Ellie Gouldling that’s actually here calm nap time song. She loves to sit up look at her surroundings, grab whatever is in her reach. The reason you should vote for Kashtyn is because her beautiful smile and her way of making everyone around her happy.
Harley is a cute but sassy 6 year old who loves to sing and dance she is always a happy outgoing girl who loves being around people and making new friends when harley grows up she wants to be a dancer Harley loves taking naps with her dad after a long day of family time it always tires her out as well as some of her most fav things to do is put dresses on and do her hair and makeup Harley is almost always sweet and will always make you smile
Anayah E
She’s a lovely lady who loves to help ppl if they need help she loves to be outdoors she’s just so beautiful she loves school so much she helps others as well shes just so sweet 😋 u would love her as well if u new her my beautiful baby girl
Avaya loves to talk dance and have fun most of all
Jaida is a funny,smart lovable little girl! She loves dancing and gymnastics and her tic tok forsure! She wants to make a YouTube channel when she gets older she says :)
Mollie is a sweet old soul who loves playing outside and learning so many new things loves to learn to cook and has the most amazing memory, she loves to go to church, color and dance. She is a social butterfly who will always put a smile on your face!