My name is Mylah Mayanne, I love my big brother especially playing with him, I am attached to my mama’s hip, I’m a little sass queen, I have the prettiest little jerry curls, and a bright beautiful smile❤️ I love my Glo-Bear Toy and music!
Love her vote
Meet Averie Raine. She’s sassy but so sweet! She’s a happy, fun, loving baby and keeps us on our toes 💖.
Andrielle aka "Andi" loves to sing, dance and swim! She is a girly girl who adores wearing pretty dresses!
A little ray of sunshine. Aura loves to laugh, swim, read books, and be outdoors.
Isabella is a happy go lucky girl. She loves playing with her piano and eating lots of food. She enjoys cuddling with her dog Maczilla, playing in water and running around outside.
Hi Im Amiyah aka Mymy, im 6 years old, I love going to school, playing sports, and hanging out with my family.
Minnie is the youngest out of 4. She loves to play with blocks and run around.
Hi! I'm Nora-Quinn and i love to play outside and go swimming and pet my cat baby boy. I love my friends at school and going to cheer!
Maila is soon be one month old & the only girl of two brothers ! One word to describe her Sassy 👑 She’s a princess what can you say !! Loves sleepy time 💤 have to get her beauty rest , Maila brightens up the room , with her big beautiful brown eyes and her little smiles she gives ! VOTE FOR MAILA!!
JaSiah is the most happy precious kid a human can ask for! 😇 her smile brightens up the room along with her bubbly personality. Her favorite food is pizza, favorite thing to do is play with make up & doing TikTok’s & dramatic play! 😂😊 She enjoys school & also taking pictures, she would love your vote! 💕💖🙂
Very outgoing, smiling all the time , daddad is her favorite word, we're starting to walk , we go to pre school, we dance, we like to play.
She's adorable, loves to talk loves to play , loves to smile.
a sweet and crazy baby🥰🫶🏼
Beautiful sassy baby who loves to smile and talk to her brothers vote for Chanal
Empryss Khari
Emi K is a beautiful baby girl who is very loving and photogenic.
Kinzley is so adventurous. She is all about climbing, walking, and eating. She loves to figure things out on her own and tries so hard to keep up with her big sis.
Remington Kay
Remington loves to smile and coo and she tries to talk. She had the prettiest smile and bright blue eyes.
Isabella likes watching cry babies magic tears
Dream Is A beautiful girl with attitude she’s Sassy and smart ❤️❤️
Little Miss Rae absolutely loves taking pictures to show everyone her beautiful self ... She wants to be a model when she grows up. She has a big brother that is her world! She loves her kitty cat named pepper. She loves swimming, riding bikes, singing and spending time with family... Please vote for this sweetheart to give her the confidence in her future modeling career. Thank you all!!!!💜💜💜
Raven is the oldest siblings.She likes outdoors,bikes,and loving on her siblings ...oh can't forget school !!!
My very photogenic Ellie bug is 1 month old and loves to wear her clothes and take nice warm baths.
Emma is a smart and intelligent little girl . She love baby dolls and outdoor events and helping clean around the houseand with her siblings.
Isabella Copeland
she likes soccer, she likes buying clothes, why you should vote for her she loves animals and has a good heart and personality..
Sophia is a cute and loving little girl.She loves outdoors ,reading books and playing with others ,also a good help with cleaning up .
Myah is the most lovely, sweetest and cutes little girl. Always willing to help others. Myah likes to sing and dance.
Zaria is very attentive with bright eyes. Her favorite show is Gracie’s Corner which she absolutely adores! Why vote? She has a beautiful smile. That’s my baby ❤️
She loves to read magazines she loves to play with flowers she’s very sweet and a very awesome little girl and she loves to cook
Lynnlee loves Jesus, her younger siblings, chickens, pigs, and goats She is adventurous!
Myla Grey
Myla grey is such an energetic beautiful soul she has the greatest laugh eyes smile and personality !! She will brighten your day
She loves horses and cows. She is a full blown cowgirl likes having fun and taking care of her animals. She strong hearted kind caring gal and loves going around for rodeos especially for bull riding and won a buckle for doing buddy barrels with her awesome older sister please vote for her this can go to a new barrel horse or somethin
Haisley Jane is spoiled rotten! She loves to smile, take pictures, eat food, and play with her bubba! Her favorite words are “heyyyyyy” and “yeah.” Her smile and laugh is contagious!
Nova is about to be 5 months old she’s always so so happy she loves being outside her name is nova she loves watching Elmo and trying new baby foods
Sophia loves life! She is the sweetest and funniest little girl. She’s always happy and Smiling and she LOVES cats!
She’s so beautiful and she’s active for her age she likes to try to talk as well as stand and hold her head up with that pretty smile
Presley is the happiest baby! She loves “talking” to her momma and laughing at her daddy.
Jaliyah loves to dance and stay picture ready with her own pose . She is a very helping hand around the house especially with her baby sister but think she’s her brother momma lol. She is one goofy little girl I ever met but she definitely took that after me .
Hey ,, my name is a’dore … my favorite food to eat is chicken nuggets ,, I LOVE JOJO SIWA … “ SHARING IS CARING “
Kinley is a bright eyed sassy sweetheart! Her laugh and smile can literally light up a whole room!
Hi I’m Adriana I love animals and saying hi to everyone 🫶🏻
Ally?yn Chanel Breazell
Hey , I’m Ally . I’m suck a loving happy baby … I LOVE TO GET MILK WAISTED vote for me please 😘
Nickname Ellie and she is so independent. She loves learning and playing with her big brother.
This is my daughter Janiya she she is 7 years old she loves to go to school and she loves to clean .
A’Mahzi loves to dance & eat ! She loves to watch tv & play with her bath toys during bath time ,A’Mahzi can count to 3 & is learning to count to 5 & she also loves to go to the park & get on the swing !
Zaria is a spunky 16 month old. She loves Minnie Mouse and Baby Shark. She also loves spending time with her GiGi and her daddy. Her favorite color is purple.
Adelyn is my loving goofy lil 1yr old. She loves her big sisters, animals, her bear bears.
Kennedy is a fun and vibrant kid, who has a Big heart of gold to back it up. She love doing anything that involves spending her mommy money😅💜