She is 4 months old she loves her baby food and her older brother ❤️
Willow is 3 she's a sweetheart, she loves playing with her dolls and playing with friends at school. She loves her mama and daddy ❤️
Please vote for miss cute Ari, Arielle is the sweetest little sister to a cancer survivior age 9. She loves stuff animals and cuddling. Her favorite thing to do is read books and play with her doll miss dolly.
Everything you could ask for in a 4 year old! Smart outgoing funny moody! Loves to eat her veggies 💕
Paisley is a Smart Sassy Independent Determined 4year old wild child! She loves playing with her Barbie's , participating in baton, doing puzzles and flash cards, dancing & singing and above all learning new things and attending preschool! She is extremely smart and loves to spend time with all her friends and family. She also likes recording herself on Mommy's phone while he sings, dances, and makes " pretend Youtube videos.
Mia is 7 years old shes a Loving caring lil princess shes very sassy loves dancing loves make up 🥰 And with a Big heart ❤️
Rylee Ann is the HAPPIEST baby girl! She loves her Mama, Dada, and her 3 older brothers. She loves her baby dolls, and cruising around in her walker and singing.
Jaylani is an outgoing, talented and self sufficient 6yr old with a lot of personality who likes to impersonate comedians and dance a lot. She’s also a natural born nurturer who likes to care for everyone around her such as family and friends.
Daisy is 2 1/2 years old, she loves playing dress up and loooveesss getting her picture taken!
She likes lol dolls and she always hads a cute funny smile on her beautiful face
She is very smart and a smarty pants lol! She likes unicorns, rainbows,etc she loves makeup and girly stuff ♥
Miss Kinslee Grace is the sweetest go happy baby! She loves her mama, her Mimi, and getting loves!
Raelynd is a high sprites little miss she has a huge heart an loves makeup Barbies an playing with her friends.
Eva has a smile that lights the whole room, no one else could gives more love or happiness like my little Eva. She loves singing and dancing and entertains with a spirit the ignites any room she is in..
my Ryleigh was born 9lb 2oz 💕 She loves to eat !
Hi, My name is Nova Sue and I’m 6 months old!! I’m a very happy baby who loves animals, colors, music, and books! My favorite show is Garfield!!! I like puppy dogs pals too but Garfield is better to me! I smile and talk to everyone, I never meet a stranger! I hope to be the baby who catches your eye for a vote! Nice to meet you all❤️
She loves her dog lil girl and hanging out with mommy and her jumper Minnie mouse is her favorite
Sophia is the best big sister!! She is so loving and has the biggest hurt! 6 going on 16!!
Affectionately nicknamed Plum, Kaylin, is almost 1 years old. She is the absolute sweetest little doll ever. You can’t help but fall in love with those dreamy gray/blue eyes.
Delilah is still little she just enjoys milk, sleep and peace and quiet!, She loves to smile and cuddle!
A'Lynn loves art ,music, and playing outside...
Since birth Ky’omi has always been everyone’s sunshine . She always seems to bright up the atmosphere with her goofy personality , silly dance moves , and sassy attitude . Ky’omi loves to sing and dance , and loves to be around her family .
She’s a smart growing girl with a smile that can light up a room! She has the biggest, most beautiful brown eyes that you can’t help but love!
This is Jade. She is the most free spirited loving sassy girl. Jade was our miracle baby born a month early. She is so smart and loves life. She especially loves Dance and Soccer.
Kay’lanii is very bubbly baby ! She’s always smiling and trying to talk to you . She loves to be sung too and dance with you . She will make your day with her little nose crunch and smile .
Mallory Maddie loves to be outside sunshine rain freezing it doesn't matter. She's always smiling and waves at everybody very friendly love sharing her toys. Great personality to meet other people and kids. Graceful calm apresative. Always smiles no matter the situation.
We do accept advance votes. Thank you to everyone who returned our votes and helped in voting everyday with 10 votes. We can depend on you for you can depend on us even if we aren’t in a contest to continue to vote for you. Much respect and trust. 👋support who support. ...
Joelene Johnson
Joelene is a hi spirit girl who loves to smile who draws everyones attention very polite and very funny as well everyone loves her
Rynleigh is full of personality and sass! The cutest blue eyed, blonde haired baby around ❤️
Rose likes to learn, dance and sing. She is such a sweetheart and loves being outside.
Oaklynn is a happy go lucky baby, loves to be out and about visiting and meeting new people. We also love taking naps and learning new things!!!
She’s half Filipino half Indian cutie girl, she loves to play soccer ball and love to draw.
Ava is a very smart little girl she loves to help cook and clean she loves dancing and watching her movies love to play with her toys and loves to go see all her family
She is a social butterfly that loves everyone and has big dreams for her future.
Addison is a sweet, caring and honest young lady. She’s been learning to speak Spanish, Hebrew and Tagalog. Her interests include being out in nature especially the water; she loves anime, and traveling to new places. She aspires to help her community when she grows up by becoming an attourney.
Our love, our miracle, our little warrior. As most can tell from some of her photos our baby girl has a g-tube and is feed by machine.. When she was little over a month we started noticing after every feeding that she would projectile vomite everything she recently drank. It only got worse we took her to our local er and was told she was just a little underweight nothing to worry about.. being her mother i knew something wasn't right just by how much she was puking needless to say it reminded us of the exorcist.. Therefore we scheduled her appointment with her pediatrician he recommended we have a ultrasound. When the lab tech went to pick her up she projectile vomited over his shoulder where it hit the wall as well.. He immediately contacted our pediatrician and both of them contacted Children's of Alabama..On our way home we received a call telling us to go to children's hospital that both the lab tech and pediatrician had already contacted them with there concern. We immediately were taken to the back evaluated as well as undergoing another sonogram.. 7 hours later a surgeon and surgery team enters our room with the diagnosis.. She was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis and that she would be admitted and undergo pyloromyotomy to open the passage from her stomach leading into her small intestine. They assured us 3 or less days we would be on or way home eating and healthy. After 15 or more IVs a pic line in her head undergoing 5 surgerys as well as having a g tube inserted in her belly to feed her over a 24 hour period were now a few days shy of 3 months in children's hospital at this point. She was finally able to tolerate 24 ml a hour and we were finally able to go home.. This little girl loves the spot lite "just a smile a day that's all i need" is what my fiance would tell her every morning. God is real sometimes we might not understand why or for what reason but it's not for us to understand why it's up to us to keep faith and fight till the last breath..
Mary Dewise
Mary Dewise loves playing with her brothers and playing outside! She loves to compete in pageants and loves the color pink💗
She is the smartest 3 year old beautiful girl. She knows her Spanish and loves to do her homework
kalonei loves smiling and laughing espically when people talk to her! she loves to eat , watch tv and cuddle with her mommy and brother. she’s already so spoiled at 3 months old!!
Stephania is one of the most smart,loving and caring little angel that I,v ever known ,her smile and charm is to die her book of life she's just the happy type,that brings peace and joy to one,s ❤️ heart.
This is Faith she is 5 and full of spunk and attitude but she is also very loving.. She love her sisters and family.. She loves to sing and play with her sisters.. She loves going places and definitely to the store lol
Serenity just turned 5 and likes to play dress-up, do aerial silks, tumbling, and T-ball. When she is not at dance class she likes to spend time with her family, she is a very outgoing little girl.
Roop was born December 26th,2022, I am bright , beautiful & strong. I Roop here to share my journey & memories with everyone. Stay blessed
Jolene is 5 years old. She loves to play dress up and play with her friends. She's a happy toddler and very smart for her age. She loves to learn new things and very talkative and friendly with others.🙂
Madison is a big hearted little girl. She absolutely adores animals of all kinds. She has a fuzzy grey kitty named Sammi whom she loves dearly. When she grows up she wants to be a veterinarian. She enjoys playing dolls with her big sister. Rainbow High dolls being her favorite. She also enjoys riding her bike and playing outside. She loves seeing new places. Her favorite place so far, is Cherokee, NC.
Abigail is a total and complete sweetheart. She is so caring in everything she does but had a fierce side to her. She is a determined young lady who will do what she sets out to without help from mommy lol. She loves her animals and little brother and is the best big sister. Always helpful and loving. She will always kiss your boo boos better
Destiny is a kind hearted young lady with a unique birth (February 29th 2012) She loves playing school with her little sister. She hopes to be a teacher when she grows up. She loves going fishing with her dad and she holds the title for biggest bass caught in our family. She also loves to swim and She absolutely loves mermaids.
Shaniyah enjoys laughing playing alot and making cooing sounds. She enjoys cuddling and rubbing blankets against her face. She's a very happy playful baby. She has a beautiful soul and lights up the room. Every where we go people can't stop talking about her. Vote for Shaniyah she's truly a sweetheart ❤️