Baby Stories - 35


Gia N Lia
Hi my name is Gia & Lia, we are twin sisters. We live on Top of the World, Utqiagvik. We love to eat butter squash, sweet potato, and carrots. We made 6 months. We love cuddles and kisses from momma & dada. Please Vote for us, Alaska Grown Babies💝
Jaeleigh is a fighter born 6weeks early an has the BEST personality ❤️
Scarlett is just over a month old and loving life already! She loves her four legged siblings and enjoys going on walks to explore the new world she is a part of!
A’Nyla is 5 months old ! Very smart & extremely nosey 😂 A’Nyla loves kicking her feet and rolling all over the bed ! && She absolutely loves watching Mickey Mouse Club House 💗
She love listening to music...All kind....she enjoyed watching learning videos and she’s so full of life with a bright smile
Abby loves her Sissy & Brother! She like to play in my lipstick! She is determined’ Abby loves to be read to. She loves to Dance, play with her toys and make us laugh!
Elizabeth loves competitive Cheerleading and Dance! She is smart, kind, and loving! She created a club for boys and girls her age called the Kindness Club. Her heart is beautiful, too
Hi meet Mya Rose,she’s 2 and an only child. she enjoys play dates with her cousins. she absolutely loves Minnie Mouse,cats, and dressing up.👸🏽👶🏻😊 we appreciate the exposure ‼️ #Prettygirls #Beautifulkids #Babymodels #Beautifulbabies #FashionModel #clothingandapparel #HairDecor #MyaRose
This beauty is my baby girl. She is strong hearted and super out going. Loves playing & helping mommy with baby sister (also entered in LMB(LittleMissBeauty))Currently working on modeling, loving every bit of it. Vote for vote?
Kinsley is an exclusive breast fed BEAUTY 😍. She is always full of joy & bring smiles to faces everywhere she go !!!
Shelbie is sweet little Christmas gift. Her smile can bright up a room. She is crazy in love with the Christmas lights. My little girl isn’t that old yet but she has this warm feeling as she would help anyone in this world. She loves to be talk to and she will try and talk and listen for hours to you.
Shes is a very happy baby she loves to dance and she is full of life💕
One happy girl 💖
Giovanna is a twin sister off a baby brother she’s always smiling she always has a smile in her face giovanna is 6 months old she’s the baby from the house
She's very cheerful,loves to smile.
Shes very smart,talkative an likes to b pretty ,she likes her babydolls
Ava Rose
Ava is 3!! She love’s baby dolls and bubble baths, to color & count, go swimming and play! She also loves mermaids!! 💕
She loves to smile and give kisses. She can dance and jump up and down. Smart and observes EVERYTHING. 💜💜💜
Luna is such a sweet little girl, everyone’s friend and just a natural born beauty. She’s also very curious and intelligent. Luna has already developed a keen eye for art and music, specifically she likes the Dells, Prince and Stevie Wonder. Luna recently had her first professional photoshoot and she was just a natural infront of the camera!
Kynleigh is such a silly, sassy, curious, sweet, loving and beautiful little girl❤️ She loves her mommy & daddy and loves her dog & cat! She loves learning where her eyes , ears, nose & mouth is! & she loves being outside. She can be a bit shy but after a while she loves new people!❤️
Im Olivia, I love to eat, play in my walker, tummy time, and play with Mommy and daddies phones.
Ty’Daisha Aalia is 4 months old and already bubbling with personality!
McKenzie loves to play outside, she loves to talk, wear hats, even put on make up; And she even growls! Without even asking or thinking to ask her, She gets everybody's shoes ready when we go bye-bye and she always helps her brother too!! She's a sweet joy of life!!
Raelyn is 13. She loves playing video games, skating, music, swimming and making TikToks !!
Averie Ray
Miss girl is already a handful at just 1 month old but being so much joy to everyone around her! 💞
Khari Reign
My name is Khari Reign. I am my parents first baby girl. I enjoy sitting in my bouncer listening to music. I’m always ready for the camera.
Lily’s the sweetest and happiest little girl ever! She loves attention and being talked to. ❤️
She is super loving and friendly but also has a fierce side she loves playing and singing and dancing. Loves singing ABC's and loves cocomelon
Kamaria Nelly Marie is a True Southern Belle. For her to only be three years old, She is the smartest,kind hearted, and sassiest girl I know and love. She is very photogenic and loves to model and act and make you laugh. She loves to sing,dance,and take care of her siblings including her parents and family. She is the only girl of the bunch and even though she is girly she has a tuff side to her and is very over protective and caring of her brothers. She loves princesses and unicorns. Her favorite colors are pink and purple, she loves kittens, and loves to make new friends . Kamaria is truly a blessing to everyone she meets and her presence is forever memorable🤍🦋🤞‼️
Khloe is an exiting baby girl she wakes up happy go to sleep happy she love giggling and playing with her TOYS
Delilah is 4yrs old, she loves to take pictures, dress up, but she also love to be outside! She loves babies!! She’ll make you smile with her silliness and goofy self❤️
My name is La'Kristian i love to dance, listen to music and paint my nails.
Tomiyah Jenkins
She loves to sing & dance . She's Very Smart , She Also Loves To Play Around ,Also She Love Tic Tok ♥️😘 VOTE FOR MY BABY 🗣️‼️
She sweet she smart she outgoing and funny and is a leader
Rylee loves to sing and play with a kick ball
Aurora loves cuddles and love.
Dakota Dior
She Is Such A Beauty Inside && Out ! She Love To Watch Tv && Sleep Of Course . . Vote For My Baby She A True Beauty 🌸💕
Charlotte is a very sweet little girl who can be sassy but she'll never forget what you do or say. She loves gymnastics, fishing, playing video games and LOL dolls.
Little miss Lillian AKA silly Lilly is 4 months she’s the sweetest happiest baby she skipped taking bottles and straight to a sippy cup she loves to smile and play but most of all she love seeing her and mommy in the mirror and playing in her bouncer 💕
A'Mirah Jones
She is a beautiful baby and she is a lil silly baby
Nyla but we call her Dior She shine Bright like a diamond the most sweetest baby ever to know Her is to Love her she has a beautiful Personality.
Londyn Dior
Chunky And Super Cute Love Taking Pictures And Have The Most Beautiful Smile Ever 🥰🥰🥰🥰 She Such A Doll
Laniya is an Very outgoing baby she loves her family and very entertaining she is also very funny she such a beautiful baby.
Jaziya is very Sassy,Smart and beautiful She likes to be the Boss More like a Boss Baby.