Baby Stories - 35


Zyana is a miracle baby. Mom and dad waited for her for 15 years. She is a very happy perfect baby. Zyana is always smiling and loves to FaceTime with her Grandma and aunties. She recognizes their voices and faces. Zyana brightens every room that she is in with her smile.
Leilani is a happy 1 month old ♥️
Everly is our biggest blessing and the most lovable baby ever. She loves cuddling with mom and dad. Her favorite thing to do is splash around in her bath. She is a lot like Buddy the Elf because smiling is her favorite. She enjoys sucking on her hands, yelling, and laughing as loud as she possibly can.
Blakely Elaine is 2 weeks old. She loves her hands, loves to eat, and smile in her sleep. She is a very happy baby! Her best friend is her Golden Retriever named, Grits who gives her multiple daily kisses and naps by her side.
Saniaah is so precious.. she trying crawl and sit up .. Saniaah loves mash potatoes and baby cereal already .. Saniaah is such a 🍑
Sweet and sassy with a unique personality! This girl is full of life and lights up the room.
Sweetness. She loves to laugh and starting to giggle.
Sadie Barrett
Sadie is a joy to just set and watch her explore her world. She so loving and joy to play with , she has her moment of mischief. Her favors are pal patrol and she lover watching the grinch . I enjoy listening to her take on her surrounding.
Nevaeh Shaneece is 2 yrs old she is very smart for her age she had a beautiful inside and outside she loves to learn new things also she can loves to dance she is everything a mother can imagine 🥰
Julieannah is such a happy little Miracle baby. She is loving and caring and on the go nonstop.
Laila wakes up with a huge smile on her face everyday. She’s full of personality!! Loves cuddles and bath time, and she loves to kick her little feet and talk lively.
Maliyah is a premie princess! Born two months early. She is a little fighter. And the light of our lives!
Mia is a loving & happy little girl. She enjoys singing, and watching fundamental cartoons in her tablet. Her happy place is surrounded by mommy, daddy bruh bruh and sister. She definitely brings so much love to everyone around her. All votes for my princess are humbly appreciated. Thank you
I am 9 months old! I love my mommy and daddy sooo much! I am one spunky baby! I love to walk in my walker and i love to crawl all over and chase my pet siblings 💕 I love to eat especially my bananas, eggs, pancakes, mashed potatoes! I also love my kitty siblings 💕
Sadie Jane
Sadie is such a happy girl who loves to be talked to. She loves her big brother and her mommy and daddy.
A’Mora loves Minnie Mouse and she a very loving exciting baby she’s loves dogs as well and she is 1yrs old
Troy loves the bubble guppies song!!!
Blaire would like for you to VOTE For her 🥰🥰🥰
argentinian, uruguaya, Native American y Black 🤍
Jade Marie
Jade Marie is 9 moths. She’s always smiling, loves to play, cuddle and to take pictures. Her favorite fruits are mangoes and blueberries.
Kinsley is a beautiful baby happy baby she loves to smile and cuddle 🥰
She is a happy baby, she smile all the time. She a way of.looking at you with a Crooked Smile. She is just one of the joys of my life.
Rori Sue
Rori Sue lives at home with her mommy and daddy and her 4 animals. She is a very happy sweet girl! ❤️
Very smart loving outgoing love’s music dancing playing outside beautiful personality
I was born 2/15/21. I was a miracle baby. My momma had me emergency c section bc my cord was around my neck 5 times, but Im ok and a happy girl. Im really spoiled and love my bottles. I smile alot. I even smack nana phone to take selfies.
Ahmara loves smiling, babbling, eating, and playing with her sister.
She is a very happy baby. ♥️
Bailey Wright Cary
She likes to make tiktoks and she loves to go skating at Kenny’s and loves to watch riverdale💕
Sophia is the strongest five year old you will know. Though her world was turned upside down in a matter of seconds - she didn’t let it break her spirit and sweetness.
Vote for Samantha. You may be the most depressed person ever, but with her smile, and heart she can even make you smile. She has a heart of gold. She loves eating bananas, and loves to jump and play all day!
She is just such a happy baby❤️💯
She loves being talked to, cuddle with. She loves her brothers. She can brighten anyone day with her smiles. ❤💖
She loves to sing like her mom. She loves to hold her baby cousin. She loves to color and draw. Vote for my little girl. Shes very socialable. She was my first born and she stole my heart with that first smile she gave me. She can light up a whole room with her smile.
Samara is such a chill HAPPY baby. She so curious about everything and she’s super smart. Samara knows 3 languages Spanish English and ASL. Her favorite thing to do is read books.
Prieya is so beauitful and an amazing little girl she loves to play outside and and with her big brothers she loves her tablet aswell.
Shiah Dior Feliciano. A precious 4 month old with a personality of a 4 year old. Her favorite things to watch are Cocomelon and anything on ESPN lol Don’t pull out your phone in front of her....she will be anticipating a photo shoot and expecting a scroll down social media (super nosey when I pull out my phone). She’s not your average newborn....
My name is Rhaegan and I am 2 months old! I love to eat, sleep, making faces and absolutely LOVE being held! I appreciate all your love and support ❤️
Bryanna is a fun outgoing natural red head a big ball of Fire love playing pranks love the outdoors and loves animals
A daughter is one of the best gifts this world has to give. The Giggles, curls, ribbons, and bows! Our baby girl is so adorable from head to toe. This baby is are link between angels and man A baby girl is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous she amazes me every day with how much she changed me and my fiances life. Its so amazing how fast they start to grow seems like just the other day all she did was sleep and poop now shes crawling around and saying mommy and daddy and every time it just melts are hearts its definitly the best thing that ever happened to us.
Alauna is a happy, energetic and smart Lil person. She loves mini mouse and peppa pig
Maia loves cooking with her mom and would rather watch cooking shows instead of cartoons. Maia is also a big time fashionista!
Stefani loves learning and school. She also loves her family, friends, and 7 pets!
Mayhem is amazing. She is calm, loving, knows exactly what she wants and has no bones about telling me. She's very curious and loves everyone. Mayhem is my savior. Quite literally.
AJayleonna just turned 5months she loves oatmeal bottles , playing in her jumpy , and talking to daddy
Isabella ‘Bella’ enjoys being the center of attention when she’s awake and active. Some have said Bella is like one of those babies who have been here before. She is a happy baby all the time and to be a month old quite animated.