Amaris is beautiful and bright baby. She’s not like most babies at her age.
Spoiled and stubborn, briella is definitely a daddy's girl. She enjoys the outdoors, fishing, camping and riding her bike. Everyone is her friend! Soft hearted and very emotional, briella can be found making others smile and laugh.
Amariee is sweet, caring and has a huge heart. Her beautiful personality is definitely 1 of a kind. She loves her siblings and loves to cheer. Funny, beautiful and outgoing this 10 year old has a heart of gold and will help others without hesitation
Amaya is stubborn but have heart of gold she loves people and is so sweet, she is friendly and is so smart she's 1 years old an can talk an do so much she is already doing her abcs she loves helping out with her baby sister too !
She is so precious and the most happiest baby ever, she is such a heart warming person and would make your bad days better day ! 😊❤️
Shes energetic, sassy, silly, and an all around great baby. She hardly ever cries, and is so very smart. Her smile will brighten up anybodies day, and she melts the hearts of anyone she comes in contact with. Shes the absolute apple of her mommy and daddys eye.
A twin to her brother Kamp!
Amelia Grace is the most pleasant baby She was born with a lot of jaundice and had a rough start but is thriving and blooming beautifully. She loves her sisters and enjoys them singing Jesus Loves me to her momma gave her a great middle name for she is graceful. Please vote for our beautiful baby
Winter is 10 months and absolutely loves doing pageants and having her photos taken! She is the happiest little baby I’ve ever seen!🥰
Madelynn Mae
Madelynn is a bright spirited, smiley, precious girl! She loves her tummy time and watching hey bear dancing fruit! She’s learning how to make some noises like “ooo” and “ah eh” and how to roll from stomach to back!
She has a big personality and can't even crawl yet. She doesn't know a stranger and has the most beautiful smile
Aquarius baby, 4th daughter princess Mili
This is Aubriella. She is one sweet girl! She has very much attitude and so much character.
She is a loving 🥰 happy sweet little girl loves to smile and laugh and cuddle with mommy and daddy and sisters
She is a sweet girl! who loves her independence. Loves her family and all animals. I know she will make an important impact in life when she grows up.
Logan is a princess. So gentle and kind. Loves animals. Playing dress up. She is a rear beauty. Red hair ,green eyes, left handed sweet girl. Her communication is off the charts. Beauty isnt her only talent. She has intelligence too.
Shes an amazing outgoing little girl she enjoys watching the cars as they go by she loves riding around in her daddys truck and she likes trying to fill other peoples shoes. She also really enjoys trying to do what she sees other people do or try.
Melanie Carpenter
Melanie Carpenter, if she could live in the water she definitely would. She is an amazing gymnast and swimmer. She loves to compete! She likes being outside & she loves to sing & dance. She loves her little sister and always is teaching her new skills. She loves fiercely and plays hard. She is one amazing 7 year old.
Brooklyn is a beautiful little lady,she's always so polite and very energetic.she loves to play outdoors and being a big sister.
Hi my name is Amani, I like when people talk to me, I like the colors on the tv screen and I love music
Rae loves to eat be held & sleep
She is already the epitome of a spunky, fun-loving personality. One of the friendliest babies I know.
Malani is my beautiful curly headed baby ! She loves light up toys, saying hi and da-da, also, dancing with her sissy!
Paisley is full of life. She loves food, playing, music, and church. ❤️
Maeve is the happiest and most giggly little girl in the world!
Majesti is a sweet fun loving baby she love to play, sing and she loves to talk.
She loves to laugh and play Kanyla is a very good baby 🥰
Hello Everyone My Daughter I’bri is a very intelligent 5 year old. She’s also a gymnast. She made finalist for the national miss Virginia princess category last year. Little miss “Bri” would love to represent our nation with her bright and sassy personality.
Zuri A.K.A Diva is a very happy baby she loves to talk,smile and eat. She has a very big personality. loves Mickey Mouse Club house, Bubble Guppies and SpongeBob. Oh and can’t forget she love loves her swing CANT HELP BUT LOVE HER 🥰
Giggles, dimples and smiles! She always brightens the day!
Treasure is 2 months who is spoiled. She loves to cuddle 🥰 and smile. She also loves when mommie play dress 👗 up with her and tell her how beautiful 🤩 she is. She’s a treasure you’ll FOREVER ♾️ KEEP 💕🫶🏽
Kaeslyn is a bright sunny baby girl that loves to play and yell at the tv. She has so much joy and she’s a very happy baby
She loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy.
She is my big baby she loves to do her makeup play with her barbies and is definitely a tom boy🤩😁💗
My baby girl is 3 she loves peppa pig sure loves to dance and wearing her little heels around🥰🤪🫶👠
Hello, My name is honoví I am one years old, and very smart and funny . I love to brighten people day. I love to dance and make funny is my go to.
Ivorie is a little diva with an energetic personality! She loves to loves dance and listen to music! She’s your typical ray of sunshine ☀️
Octavia is growing so fast a she’s so strong and has an amazing personality. She is loved by so many even though she hasn’t been here long. She is so smart an beautiful. She loves to look at things and she is starting to find her smile a laugh.
Reign is 2 months already sitting her head up , trying to wave. Holding her own bottles . Talking smiling and love Mrs Rachel
A good girl with a beautiful smile and a big heart is super sweet and very loving
Zuree Issabella Maree
Zuree is almost 2 and she loves her family and her new sister whom i also entered she loves to cuddle and help mommy with baby star and loves taking pictures and dress up shes most of time a happy go lucky girl
she is 3months old and is a Daddy's girl. she just a ray of sunshine. the happiest baby I've ever seen.
Loves to dress up and a good little princess to her twin brother and her little brother very helpful and super sweet