Baby Stories - 35


Delaney is a smart, bubbly 3 month old who loves snuggles, walks & family time ❤️
Nevaeh is my sweet little grand daughter and such a joy to be around. She has started babbling, giggling and grabbing her toys. Loves her swing. She is always smiling and so very smart. She is my daughters world. Oh and mine too. ❤️
Ma’kinlee is a smart and loving one year old who loves to watch coco melon and dance.she keeps a smile on everyone face that she meets
Miss Mack is a miracle baby. She spent 50 days in NICU after having surgery on her intestines at 2 days old! She is the happiest babe despite what she’s been through. ❤️ She loves her mamma and daddy and smiles at everyone she meets!
Greetings from the windy city of Chicago, my name is Elena Rose and I am almost 3 months old. I enjoy snuggles, my tummy time mat, and smiling for the camera. I love to make others happy with my big infectious smile and my bubbly personality.
Naomi is 2 months old and loves her mama!
Jessica has always been very special since even before she was born and many people have been able to notice that. Jessica has her own way though, she isn't like everyone else, she likes to push through the crowd and find her own way(if you know what I mean). Jessica has a fighter that lives inside and will come out if necessary, this was probably learned protection mechanism from the childhood traumas she endured. She loves deeply and cares about EVERYONE!! She will give My last dime if she sees someone holding a sign on the side of the street, or at least beg us to buy whoever it is some food to eat. Jessica loves horses, she like candy better than chocolate, and even though she likes a good day at the salon getting a mani and Pedi with her mom, she is a skateboarding Jesus loving child of God that knows enough martial arts and karate to defend herself and has been to state and national competitions and won many trophies and medals. None of this compares to the beauty that Jessica carries inside, she is truly a very special girl.
Blakely loves to listen to music and stick her little tongue out! We love big bows!
Hey, I'm Royalty and I'm 3 years old. I am very smart and talented and I love to sing and dance. My favorite color is pink. I have 2 older brothers and a VERY tall dad. My mom is my moon but i love them all equal 🥰 this is my second year in the pageant and I am excited
Hi! I’m iris... I’m 7 months old and got attitude already but I love playing and shaking my head no to EVERYTHING!
Aaliyah loves anime, drawing and singing
Scarlett loves ceiling fans, butternut squash, chewing on her fingers and last but not least mommys boobs are the absolute favorite
She is already an animal lover, she loves to play keep away with the dogs toys.
Ava loves to talk and sometimes sing. She loves her dada and making spit bubbles
She loves to eat , play and laugh
Sara is sassy, loves to talk
Taylor is very outgoing she loves being a cheerleader an outdoor sports she also loves singing an taken pictures.When Taylor grows up she wants to be a police officers to protect the world from bad people
Amora Miracle
Exchanging votes are welcomed!! We vote back!!! Our Sweet Princess A’mora👑 is the smartest, most energetic and loving little girl💕 🦋 She loves to paint, sing, dance, and play with toy cars💞She’s so full of life and personality❣️Give us a like!! ( Votes that are made without authorization will be considered gifts🎁)
Marilyn is the happiest baby of all time and she enjoys giving loves to will hardly ever see her in a bad mood and she has the worldest prettiest eyes
Sophia if a sassy little girl
Jianna loves eating and smiling at happy faces. She loves being outside and going to her nana and papa’s house. Jianna’s favorite time is bath-time and getting her hair washed.
She is very funny , smart sassy and love to play at the playground
Lil miss smarty-pants, always ready to go play outside, her daddy's twin, and great big personality baby!!!
Amara loves her family and friends and can always bring laughter and happiness to any room.
Ruby was born at 34 weeks and was in the NICU for 2.5 weeks. She loves watching Word Party, CoCo Mellon and Rainbow Ruby. Her binkie is her best friend hahahah!🤞🏻 She loves being in her swing while listening to rain sounds. She eats like no tomorrow! And her favorite thing to do is cuddle mama and to make silly faces at her daddy. Oh and she loves being outside, it calms her when she's upset!💞 Her smile will melt your soul!
loves to say mama 🥰, already walks like a penguin , loves her food !
Paisley loves the out doors and playing on her phone loves coloring and crafts . most of all going shopping with her mom.
Oaklynn aka Oak is a happy little girl. She loves to smile and coo. Her brothers are in love with her and she’s in love with them. Vote for Oak
She loves to swing in her swing she loves to be held shr likes to talk. And she hasxa beautiful Smile.
Kamila is such a smart loving baby girl full of happiness.
Gabriella is such a sweet girl. She loves her dogs and brother. Likes music and lights. She is always smiling and melting your heart everyday.
simeriyah is such a sweet girl she becomes friends with everyone she meets ,she wants to be a police officer when she is older,she loves to be a helper,she also loves to sing,read and do math ,simeriyah loves to use her kindness to help others
She’s the sweetest baby you’d ever meet. She’s almost a month old so she’s just a squiggly beautiful worm right now!
Josten is our world! She loves to smile, laugh, play in her bouncer, and go for walks☺️
Emma is our baby girl that completed our family. ❤️ She is a daddy’s girl, has her brothers wrapped around her little fingers! Her and her brothers are her mommy’s world!
Our big girl Mila loves to watch cocomelon, run around and cuddle up to mommy all day long. She loves to hold her little sister Lilah.
Little Lilah loves to eat, sleep and cuddle with my daddy.
1 year old gorgeous photogenic baby
Taylor love school, Monster high, she enjoys playing with her brothers and sister !
Luna Jayde
Miss Luna Jayde is a very sassy, energetic bundle of joy!! She is so friendly and loving!! Always smiling, exploring. 🌙💗
Analia Vang Sassy, very hepful, and smart. ❤
Khamora is one of the brightest 3 year olds you’ll meet. She can be sour and then she’s sweet lol she’s very loveable and funny and will definitely make you remember her.
Braley loves to be outside, playing with friends and riding four-wheelers with her aunt... She is so smart and makes us all smile even when we are down!! She loves going on adventures to see all the animals she can find!!!
Nevaeh is a lil diva thats full of energy and love to entertain people by being playful with great sense of humor