Im 9 months old! I love to chew on everything and play with my brother❤️
Kate’s dream is to be an animator for Nintendo! She likes drawing anime. Kate is also a competitive swimmer and ice skater.
Ellianna is a big foodie! She will grab food off your plate and is not shy doing so. She also loves to steal my Starbucks. It’s her 1st birthday May 7,2022! She’s always talking. She can’t say many real words yet, but she definitely babbles all day everyday. Actually she was speaking when I took this picture. She’s so cute and smiley. Always smiles at everyone. I love her so much.
Mercy grace has such a beautiful smile and a bright personality. Shes 3 months old and loves when we talk or sing to her
Astrid is 4 months old. She likes to stand, sit up, play with her toys. She loves to be held by mommy. She also knows when mommy gets off work.
This is my beautiful strong willed, loving LiLeigh Reign. She loves to play outside picking flowers and having adventures.. She is always there to give cuddles and help u.. Beautiful inside and out…
Brielle was born over a month early since she was eager to meet everyone! She is jovial and loves smiling and playing with her grandparents, her aunts, uncle, doggies and her parents. Even though she has had some health setbacks nothing can dampen Brielle’s smile! 😃 We are so proud of her strong spirit! 💪🏽 Please vote for our strong little cutie! 😍You can vote more than once and up to 10 times a day. 😉 We can use all the support you can give.
Eleanor loves to dance. She is always camera ready. She thinks if you take out a camera and it’s all about her. She is sweet as pie and is a little sitter to 3 big brothers. She is the best 3 yr old little girl. Full of joy love and laughter all the time
Aria loves horses, dinosaurs, and mermaids! 🐴🦖🧜‍♀️
Isabelle is a shy yet energetic 3 year old with so much joy and love to give to the world!
Raylee is almost 3 weeks old. She loves sleeping, snuggling with momma, and giving people looks. She is our miracle baby.
Maya loves her kitties, her paci and eating sand 😅
Xiomara loves playing with her brother, singing and watching Cocomelon on the Television.
Gabriella loves watching Mickey Mouse, she also loves to try and sit up on her own! She loves to hold her bottle & she tries to talk to everyone!!
Harley is a fire ball, she will love on you one minute and smack you on the leg and tell you to hush the next. She loves to argue play outside with bubby and watch peppa pig
Lily is the first grandchild for both her parents families. She loves to be bounced, go on walks, smile and is learning to laugh! She makes everyone’s day brighter!
Hello, my name is Ja'shayla I love to sleep and eat my fruits! I love my family and Cocomelon. 🥰
She’s a happy baby loves to smile and she loves kicking her feet a lot❤️
Hennessey is in 7th grade. She plays basketball, likes to draw, and is Type One Diabetic.
Fallon is probably the funniest child I’ve ever known. She loves pj mask , and kitty cats.
Ah'leeyah is new to the world. 🧸🎀
Awesome ally! The smartest cheerleader I know! Always willing to help with her sparkly personality!
Madi is a beautiful young lady with a heart of gold. She’s a ballerina and an artist, but very tough when she needs to be!
Faith is so smart and funny she loves to read and have fun. Faith has 2 sisters and 6 brothers and loves to hang out.
Kayla Kriner
She loves baton and dance
Baby girl Saylor is new to the world but she brought so much more love with her in it. Hobbies include pooping, crying and sleeping😉 Give my sweet girl a vote🤍
Such a sweetheart on the cutest little dramatic side. She thinks everything is funny!! She loves new people!!!!
Loves to take pictures and loves playtime
Zakiyah is 17 months old she has the most loving, goofy, outgoing personality. She loves going to the park, singing & coloring ❤️
Aubree rose is so full of love and laughs, she loves to play hide and seek and absolutely loves Minnie Mouse! She’s such a little firecracker, we love our wild child! She loves to eat and always wants to be outside. My girl is such a blessing💜
Kyra loves to cuddle. she’s a happy, smiley baby.
Our Precious girl ❤️
She is funny, always making people laugh. She love to sing 🎤 and dance. She is like an old lady in a baby body 😂😂
My girl is 3 months old and is full of laughter and smiles. Yes she was born with that much hair, and yes I had heart burn. Lols
Londyn loves to read books and play outside! Her favorite food is pizza and bath time is her favorite part of the day!
She loves to eat, watch elmo, and dance.
My beautiful blue eyed princess 💋 Sweet baby ❣️ Little Sis ❣️
Aubrey is my beautiful 18 month old baby girl she was a premie weight only 4lbs 14oz she is so sweet and loves her milk! She’s got a big brother that she likes to drive crazy!! She’s very smart funny and I love her laugh and smile so much ❤️❤️ Show her some love😍🙏
Scarlett was born @ 27 weeks and came into this world at 1 lb 10 oz . Just waiting on my girl to come home hopefully in a couple weeks ❤️
Adelade love animals like her 2 ducks and 2 chickens. A little farmer at heart. Adelade loves to eat and try to help make things. Also she is such a happy go lucky toddler and learns very quickly when shown or taught things.
Bryce Elizabeth, sweet loving bayou baby who loves to talk and loves her two doggies 💗😊
Caroline is a vary happy kid she loves being outside she also loves whatever you have in your hands.
Summer Lee
Summer Lee loves her family and love to talk and sing!
The youngest of 7, Brielle sure is a spoiled girl and she knows it! She loves to smile and laugh!
Eiliyah pronounced il-Lee-yuh goes by E is 7 years old and loves to dress up and ride her bike. She loves reading.
Peyton loves eating food (especially whatever is in your bowl) and just started crawling around!