Baby Stories - 34


Waverly LOVES bath time. She loves to giggle and giggle more when she hears laughing. She is FULL of character! She is very relaxed and loves her picture time she tries to pose because she knows it’s her time to shine😍
she has the biggest personality, she can literally make anyones day!
She is funny and loves jojo siwa and she like gymnastics and to play with her my life doll martha
Hey I’m Persia ❣️ I’m 9 months old . I’m into everything and crawling everywhere . The sweetest baby you can ever meet ! Her smile is contagious and she always gives off the best energy 💕
I believe my daughter is the HAPPIEST BABY IN THE WORLD! she smiles all day long I enjoy her so much . I hope you all do as well . God bless 😘
My sweet girl was born at 8 pounds and 0.4oz. She saved my life when I didn't think I had anything else to live for. She loves to be rocked, swayed, and loves it when daddy sings to her.
This beautiful baby girl who was born at 3 pounds 4 ounces has overcome a challenging start. She loves playing with her puppies, chewing on everything, and walking around the park.
Kaalyn is such smart little lady,She enjoy listening to James Arthur music, she loves eating her favorite apple and spinach cookies, Kaalyn is always happy and smiling with her big beautiful eyes!!!
Promyse is 2 months old, she is likes to smile, laugh, eat and sleep . She is too funny and will brighten up your day . She is so happy and cute 🥰
Isabella AKA Bella is a free, shy spirit. She loves art and reading. She is full of laughter.
I am a very intelligent 4 year old who loves to read, sing, play piano and play with my best friend (cousin). My motto to help me in life is “4 is magic” because I can do anything I set out to do.
I’m Malaysia, my favorite thing to do is dance and live life to the fullest. I will be 2 in 2 weeks. My mommy says I’m too smart for my age because I can count to 20, recite my abcs, and talk very well.
Warrior Princess 👑 Baby Zeinette (Say-Net) is so resilient. She loves to smile and scream 😊 Her sassy attitude makes everyone love her. She’s a true fashionista and loves pictures !
Maelynn is a very sweet girl she was a few months early on birth the doctors she had almost made her lose her life by not given the right treatment to her but now she’s overcome a lot and she’s into everything she has to teeth she has started crawling standing up pulling up and yelling when she wants to she’s a baby doll looking love She loves to crawl now that she knows she can she watching cartoons and anything that’s on tv
Annabella Love
Shes such a strong girl after having a rough birth. She has already overcome so much. She loves mickey mouse. Attention and her momma and daddy. Lol.
Silly and stubborn. Loves food!
Sweet and definitely sassy. Camilla loves cheese, lucky charms and chicken! She is always bopping to Baby Shark and hates to sit still for just about anything
Hi my name is Ka’lani Rose im 3months I love cooling and laughing at my mama and my dada. Learning how play with my play mat and love holding my head up high to look around.I’m just a happy baby since day one.♥️♥️
Aubrey is a happy baby she loves rocking in the chair with daddy and laying in bed with mommy! Her favorite times of the day is feeding time she loves to smile, laugh & play!
Nyssa is 2 years old and LOVES everyone and everything! She’s a ball full of energy and had a GREAT personality🥰 moms trying to make her known cause my babygirl deserves the world!
My name is deni’lys I am a 4month old Puerto Rican & Cuban , love being held by mommy , love to eat , love music , and I love water sounds also love to sleep ! Give a vote 🥰❤️
Journi is really smart for her age. She loves Music & to dance. Never a dull moment when shes around you.
Miss Princess Emily loves doing “kisses”, she likes to smile and show off her dimples, she loves to eat and sleep in mommy’s arms! She was in the NICU for 11 days, she was supposed to be a twin. She is our miracle baby who has showed us how to be that much stronger!!
My name is Ah’miracle Glory Lindsey. I am 1 month and 6 days old. I weigh 4lbs and was born with a rare brittle bone disease. I like listening to music and eating but I dislike being cold. I am my mommies miracle ♥️
I love cocomelon. I’m very photogenic and I love my mommy and daddy. My birthday is December 4th. I’m only 3 months old but I can hold my own bottle, roll over and I can even talk and scroll through my daddy phone. My Instagram is @PrincessElaysia
My name is Cheymoura and I am 12 months I’m a pageant baby very Happy and goofy. I love to give mommy daddy and everyone else lots of kiss And hugs. My favorite TV show is cocomelon !!
Lylei Aztlan is only 2 months but already has a personality that everyone falls in love with! Smiling is her favorite thing to do💝👸
Hi my name is Ne’veah. I am 3 years old. I like to play with my baby and Barbie dolls. I love to sing and dance.My favorite place to eat is McDonald’s and my favorite color is pink
Laylynn just turned 7 months old, our first born.. she is always smiling. She has changed our lives dramatically. We are beyond blessed.
Miss Kensley Rose is very adventurous happy baby an she is always waiting for a snack an a good episode of cocomelon.
Delilah is a happy baby and is currently 3 months old, she loves playing, watching TV, cuddling! She is so energetic, always tries to sit up by herself!
Kinlee is 6 years old going on 16! Shes is a spitfire redhead! She has so much sass and fire in her soul! She is also so kind hearted and sweet! She has love and compassion for other people!
Caroline is 8 months old! She is our happy fun and energetic baby girl! She is crawling, pulling herself up, and standing on her own for a few seconds! She has such a bright personaltiy already! She loves hearing herself babble and yell!
Knoxlynn’s favorite thing to do is smile! She can roll over and support her self well. She already has a great personality and my attitude 🙂.
She loves to sing and dance, she loves to say hi to others and socialize.
Laylais a happy baby she loves cartoons she likes bright colors and she likes music
Gracelynn is a very smiley baby she is full of laughs and giggles and brings enjoyment to everyone around her she was my saving grace so that's why I named her gracelynn 💜
Asia likes school she likes gymnastics she likes her friends and she's definitely love to dress up and she loves playing baby dolls and she is a bow fanaticShe loves music and she loves nature
Heidi is always such a happy and smiley baby girl! She brightens everyone's day. She loves adultish foods and lots of loves. Very independent and to smart for her own good :) 9 months old, stands on her own, walks while holding items, has 6 teeth and says momma!! We love her to pieces!!
Gabriella was born with a major heart condition. She has had 3 open heart surgeries and she almost died twice. She still has multiple surgeries ahead of her, but the way she acts you would never know she had a heart condition.
Amelia has such a kind soul. She loves to help people and make them feel special. She enjoys playing dress up and having tea party’s. You can find her playing with her older brother or her giant doggie Chloe Bear.
Happy baby ,loves smiling
Roslynn is 3 months old. She likes to be hold by her parents and family members. She also loves to talk, laugh, be around her siblings and watch them entertained her. She's a happy enjoyable baby.
Iry is 4 months old! She can roll over, hold herself up, and grab her toes. She loves to watch cocomelon, laugh with her mom, and play with her toys ! She loves to take car rides ! She loves her dada and mama most 💕
Addison is a bright funny little sweetheart❤️ She enjoys school loves to learn and dance! She is also extremely caring and lovable, she loves to pose for the camera.