Talk about wild thang that is she. She is truly the life of the party. My little girl loves to sing and dance. She always keeps you laughing. Denver loves helping out mommy and daddy with big projects. She has contagious smile that’s to die for.
Aaliyah loves food & also to play with her big brother ☺️ And loves to make other people smile.
Mellybelly is a loving laughing huggable baby who loves watching Spider-Man and loved waffles & orange juice when she was in mommy’s belly ! Pls vote for my gordaa :)
Juniper loves to dance and dress up and she loves hugs and kisses. She is so sweet! She also loves to be outside and loves to climb. She loves the trampoline, her swing and little pool. She loves animals of all kinds. Her favorite toy is her stuffed ducky 🥰 Shes mommys little wild flower 💖 Shes got a brother and sister that she loves so much 💕
Khaylynn is a sweet, smiley 2 month old. She has blue-eyes & sandy curls! She loves her mama’s voice & when daddy makes silly faces. She has many nicknames that consist of Baby K, Bright eyes, Lil Mama, Honey & Miss Sweet. Khaylynn appreciates the love & support!
Gymnastics princess. Four, fierce and fabulous!
Hi y’all! Meet Kinley. She is 8 months old and loves animals more then anything in the world.As most photos show she is one of the happiest babies and brings joy to everyone who gets a chance to meet her. Hobbies include, chasing her fur siblings, snack time and target runs with Mommy and Daddy🤍.
She almost 2 months very smiley one
Everyone meet Peyton! She is 3 Months Old, and LOVES her show Bluey! Mommy's milk is her favorite drink. She loves bath time, snuggles, & most of all... kisses from Mommy and Daddy. Naps are the highlight of her day!
Majesty Brooks
Majesty is very sweet and loving. She’s smart and love to sing her coco melon lullabies.
They doubted my little baby the whole pregnancy because of growth restriction she has tripled in weight & length , she is smart ,sassy & funny for her age
Gianna is 13 months old, she is Smart and has an incredible smile , her eyes changes color depending on the wheather but mostly green. Loves being around siblings and loves Kids.
Lucia is eight months old born on New Year’s Eve. She was named after her grandma in heaven. She is such a happy baby and has an infectious smile. Her curly locks are so beautiful. Lucy has one tooth and loves to crawl everywhere and play with her toys. She also loves to watch the movie Encanto.
Ariella is such a happy and giggly baby always full of smiles ♥️
Brynlynn is so sweet and the most kinda hearted little girl ! She’s almost always full of joy
My beautiful petite baby girl, Camila just melts my heart ❤️ She is such a happy girl always smiling. Although only 7months she’s always eager to start the day. And the way she looks at you with her big beautiful brown eyes. 😍
Paisley Lynn
She’s a Halloween baby and a very outgoing girl. She loves to play and loves getting pretty. You can’t help but just love her
Everleigh is a sweet kind hearted loving little girl. Loves being outdoors and helping whenever she can.
Katana loves to sing she's a big fan of frozen shes an amazing lil artist and loves to go to school she is lil miss sassy but her most fav thing to do is eat candy and cuddles with her daddy
Kensley 💖 3 years old 😍 Miss one of a kind 😍 I’m very smart and outgoing 🤩 Advance votes are welcome 🥰 We vote back ‼️
Kimberly 💖 2 years old 😍 To know me is to love me 😘 I’m always happy and saying hi to everyone 🥰 Advance votes are welcome 🤩 We vote back ‼️
AnnaKate is the most outgoing child ever. Her personality is bigger than she is. AnnaKate is a lover of music and loves to dance. She is always the life of the party. Her little smile will melt your heart ❤️
My baby girl is full of life. Beautiful, smart.Loves to dance play has to be friends with everybody.sassy confident. Been told since the first time someone saw her Beautiful eyes and smile she needs to model so figured wed start here
hensley-faye is a very calm and sweet baby she loves long naps and playing with her brother and two sisters she also enjoys her favorite two cousins
My name is Ailah! I love my mommy and my puppies! Boss is my job description. I love fruit and veggies! I go hangout with my friends while mom is working and it is so much fun! I’m 2 years old and I am constantly on the go. When I’m not playing I’m watching Shrek! He is my favorite! I can count, sing my abcs and know my colors! I love learning new stuff!
Annabella is a red head blue eyed beauty. Annabella is always happy and all smiles! 🥰 She loves to laugh and get into trouble but is as fierce as they come.
Tori is 14, Her dream and goal is to become a cosmetology. She loves God family and friends. She has a deep love for animals. Loves cheer, the beach, singing,dancing. She loves talking and helping other kids that maybe down on their selves she loves to inspire and lift others up around her. She been bullied alot and know how it feels and she over came so much with that she reaches out and stands up and speaks to other and for others to NOT let others make them feel any less of them selfs and to know their worth.
She’s a very bright young lady. She loves to learn new things. She’s really active. Her 2 favorite people in the world are mom and dad. She could make a whole room happy just by her presence.
Aubrianna Unique mcbee is a smart very creative sweet and intelligent little girl she enjoy dancing and singing to her favorite songs and she loves doing TikTok’s she was born in raised in TN with her two brothers she’s a very outgoing and full of life person and love to have fun all around . Aubrianna personality is outstanding and bubbly you will love her the moment you meet her .
Jade is a very loving little girl. She always thinks of others and helps as much as she can. She loves animals and is in 4-H. She has dreams of being a doctor when she is older so she can help people who are sick.
Energetic, leadership and aware most importantly loves to be active and enjoy life
Kaylynn is 9 years old. Loves school and outdoors.. she loves to swim.
Lola is a little firecracker. She’s a red head blue eyed beauty. She’s always shy at first but once she opens up she’s as fierce as they come. She’s a joy to be around. She loves to laugh and get into trouble. 😉Lola always has so much to say especially once she’s comfortable around you. She’s a great help with her little sister Alana and is so smart!
Nawailohi is a amazing and smart young girl. She loves going to school and helping her teacher. She is also great at assisting other students when they seem to be struggling. She has a big heart and loves to talk story to everyone she comes in contact with.
LouCasey loves to ride on the Polaris and look at all her cows and horses. She loves swinging in her swing and playing with her puppies. She’s one of the happiest babies I’ve ever met. She loves to cuddle and laugh with mommy and talk with daddy.and she has the prettiest blue eyes you’ve ever seen.
She’s a very intelligent and sweet little girl. She’s also a very happy baby! Miracle baby❤️
Kayleigh is my rainbow baby. She is happy, free spirited, loves giving hugs and kisses!
Melody Amaya
My name is Melody I am 1 year old. I am all smiles 😊 & full of laughs. I love when my daddy comes home & when my big brother plays with me. If you loved me please vote ❤️
Amari is a smart girl who loves books,riding her bicycle,swimming and going off the driving board. She has a little brother ..we go camping too thank you for your votes. I will do vote exchange too.
McKinley is a fun, energetic, loving 2 year old who is so sassy and completely full of life. Wherever she is the room shines and there is never a dull moment!
Keaolani Marie Johnson
Oaklee Rae
Oaklee is full of smiles & loves all the attention. 💞
Chyna is a unique, talkative little 5 year old. She enjoys make-up , finger nail polish, mermaids, Barbies. She's a true girly girl. Always dancing. I sometimes feel like she's been here before ,with how she communicate and responds. She's very specific. So you have to mean what you say and say what you mean. I wouldn't change my princess for the world.
Embrie was born 1 month premature she is now 5 months old and loves seeing her big brother and her big sister. She has quiet the personality, loves making everyone laugh, and smile. Shes the last baby in our household and shes been an overachiever with her milestones. 🥰
Oakley is super fun and silly. She has a huge heart and the most precious smile!
My name is Mylah Mayanne, I love my big brother especially playing with him, I am attached to my mama’s hip, I’m a little sass queen, I have the prettiest little jerry curls, and a bright beautiful smile❤️ I love my Glo-Bear Toy and music!