La La
Lala is such a happy baby love to play and watch mickey mouse 🐭
Camila loves to make everyone smile and give them kisses
Raegan is a fun loving little girl! She loves tap and ballet.
Hallie Claire
Hallie Claire loves gymnastics and horses!
Joie was born 13 weeks early at 27 weeks! She got sick at a week old and had to have six surgeries caused by her illness. It took some time but she’s finally home and doing well. She loves being outside and bumble bees. She smiles from the moment she wakes up to the time she goes to sleep!
Xori is a very happy baby who loves playing with her toys and enjoy spending time with mommy and daddy
Jasmine loves to laugh at everything she loves her mommy she loves her best friend tiger her doggy she loves the make a mess she very beautiful little girl and I'm proud of her
Rylee is a very strong fighter. At 3 weeks old she had open heart surgery and is now thriving in life.
Amiah loves playing, mainly with everything but her toys..she enjoys her favorite snacks which is honey buns and cheetos.. Loves to laugh and has a huge personality. Please vote for my Bunny Butt💞
Everlee is almost 2 months old she loves to nap and eat she is just a joy to be around and a really good baby. She has a beautiful smile and has blessed my family in more than one way she already has a way of expressing herself and melts hearts with her deep blue eyes 🥰
Addison is almost 5 months old. She loves the green eggs and ham show. Her smile can light up the room. Plus she loves when you fly her around the room.
Adeline Grace also known as Addie! She’s 1 month, but a firecracker. She has already figured out how to roll onto her tummy, but not back yet! She’s already 11 pounds and still gain weight in those chubby cheeks! ❤️
Aalleyah is always up and alert throughout the whole day she loves to watch you and she loves her mommy and daddy and her big sisters
Avery girl is such a happy and smiley girl. She loves to cuddle with mommy daddy and big brother and play with her puppy.
Aalleyah is going to be turning 2 months old May 27th. She is very alert all day and loves to look at her surroundings and loves to coo and move around. She loves her mommy and daddy and her big sisters
Our Princess babygirl is a great blessing! She was sent to us shortly after her Paternal Grandpa passed, her giggles; smile and shake it off attitude are a few of our favorite things! Addi loves making music while dancing to it. The sunshine, water, stroller ride and driving her car are some favorites!! Addison Jean does share her toys and even her slobbery snacks, although you better be ready to share EVERYTHING you're eating!
Bailey loves being outside and playing with our animals, she loves walking with her sit to stand walker and her favorite words are mama and bye!
Aniyah is funny smart gorgeous and a smile that can light up a room she is girly but just as Tomboy she loves playing outside with her older brothers and loves Little baby bum
Alani is 10 days old and is such a happy baby 🦋 she loves to smile, help us vote for my baby girl 💗
Emma loves giving big, happy smiles.
Maleah is a very outgoing,Very Intelligent, talkative, and loves to dance. She’s family oriented and loves animals.
Ruby is still new to this world. She loves being cuddled and held. She is like a rose bud waiting to bloom in her own personality.
Alanna is beautiful 9 year old who loves to dance
Nevaeh she is so smart loves to draw and read and she is 7 years old gorgeous girl with blue eyes ...
Sophie likes Ballet, Gymnastics, swimming, taking pictures, listening and dancing to music and the city! Her favorite movie is The Minions! She likes to draw and paint. (Also my sister)
I love to spend time with my sisters and mom playing with my cuzins and visiting my grandma's. I love to color and learn new things.
She is so loving ❤️ she loves mermaids and unicorns... she has a beautiful personality
This little girl lights up a room! Shes loves watching her cartoons, she loves when you read to her , she loves her walker! She goes everywhere lol..shes super sweet and has a very big personality already.
This is Reagan. She is a twin. She loves to smile and likes to look around with her beautiful blue eyes…
This is RaLynn she is a twin. She loves to smile and just stare at you with her pretty blue eyes…
Reina loves mickey mouse clubhouse and her big brother Landon. And of course all the cuddles and attention in world
My Harper girl is the happiest crankiest baby ever 🤣 she loves to be in my arms the most while giving her my undivided attention. But she also loves to try to crawl up the steps and play in the toilet bowl while I’m sitting on it. She also loves standing in front of the mirror while screaming at herself. Oh and putting her mouth on my nose makes her crack up laughing.
Kinsleigh loves being outdoors, Running in her walker, and loves her animals She’s very sweet and a loving baby girl ❤️🥰
my name is Xa'layaa Faith Lynn i lovee to sleep and eat and i make the funniest face expressions and love to make ducky lips🥰‼️i love bows mostly because my mommy makes me wear them😂and i love being held all the time!😌mommy is teaching me to treat others how i want to be treated!😌and no one is better then anyone! we are all great💛💛‼️
Willow loves swimming and animals. She’s the middle child (the boss). She’s such a silly girl who enjoys making others laugh.
My name is Za’kiya I’m always smiling and playing around I love to eat my bottle warmed up
Avah is pretty much a sour patch kid. She’s sweet and bubbly. Loves to sing & she’s super friendly. Her favorite song to sing is the ABC’s.
Goldie is a energetic 4 year old who loves stuffed animals and her family
Kehlani is a very active Toodler she loves purses and love the outside. Kehlani is a Toodler that enjoys to learn new things she’s very smart for her age. Kehlani is starting a business which is called Kehlani’s Kollections which she will be selling clothing for kids lip glosses everything for kids n lashes for adults. Hopefully this will help her n her upcoming business Thanks Vote vote vote
Very ambitious, heart is so big. Always caring about others even on her own bad days. Has very rare syndrome called Oliver McFarlane syndrome but does not let it get her down. Her hair does not grow very well but she loves her hair and loves taking pictures at any time. Sweet heart every day .
Ca’Miyah is always such a happy baby she loves Baby Shark. Everyone calls her a little doll because she resembles one with her being so beautiful.
Rosie is a 5 year old little girl who likes to play and dance and she loves her family she likes to play with stuffed animals
Zamyah is just learning to walk. Loves to dance.
Amy is 6 years old she likes to dance song and play robloxs and spending time with family and friends
Miss Delilah loves to eat be outside and take baths❤️
I don’t know how to edit it but little miss Wynter and mommy are from Black Earth WI. She has such a goofy, bubbly personality. Everywhere we go and who we meet they always say how such a good content baby she is! She lets mommy sleep too! She is definitely a little foodie, she don’t play about her food. She absolutely loves water (baths and swimming)! I couldn’t have been blessed with a better baby ✨🤞🏻