Aria Jae is 1. She loves taking pictures & loves dressing up. Aria has been modeling for a boutique here in Amarillo. She is the sassy little girl. Vote for Aria Jae! 💗💗
This is Penelope her favorite thing to do is play outside and watch movies with her kitty cat.
Hadlee is 6 weeks old and the youngest of 5! She has 4 older brothers. She is such a happy baby and loves to cuddle!!
Braelynn is the sweetest and sassiest little girl. She loves to laugh, play and say ha ha ha. We are so happy we get to love her!💗
My name is Jaydlei Raye. Im a 3 year old contestant from Oklahoma. Im the baby, and only girl out of my 3 siblings. Can you imagine the sass? Im very outgoing and spunky when im not stuck to my mom like glue, or acting like im shy. Please vote for me! Every vote is apreciated so much!
genevieve enjoys spending her days with her pet cat, Pumpkin. they enjoy watching katuri together as she plays with her toys… and feet! lol
Annie loves playing and watching Ms Rachael. She’s a happy girl who loves to eat. Sassy and very energetic. Daddy’s girl all the way
If there is one thing about this little girl, is that her smile and joy is just infectious and she’s a bundle of charisma and charm! She loves to dance and sing, and is always putting on a show.
Alaina is such a loving little girl but definitely only on her terms. She is definitely a daddy's girl through and through.
Hi I’m Eloise but some people call me Ellie ❤️ I just turned 4 months old. I love my mom, daddy and my 4 crazy dogs. I’m mommy and daddy’s rainbow baby my favorite things are my hands and when people sing to me. I’m such a happy little girl please vote for me💕
How can you not vote for this sweet baby with the bluest eyes and those little curls! She has the biggest and best personality!! ❤️
grace is the sweetest 2 y/o i have ever met. i love this sweet little girl with all my heart🫶🏽
Emmah is a sweet, spunky, sassy but classy southern charm! 🤩 She loves dress up & her siblings! Make sure you vote Emmah!
This is Forest, she loves eating and spitting up on her daddy 💕🧚‍♀️
Ainhoa is my beautiful rainbow baby whom I’ve been waiting for 7 years. She is the light of my world. Her smile is enough to make my day. We’d really appreciate you voting for her. 💛
She loves bath time, snuggles, food, and her mama's voice. She is a happy go lucky baby!
Ava is gonna be 6 this December. As soon as drama class is an option she will kill it. She can mimic movie scenes and dance to songs after seeing them 1 or 2 times. Shes beautiful and intelligent. I see her going along way and at her age. She is kind and super friendly. Loving and caring. Ava will be a star 1 day, mark my words. Vote for her to show her she has the support to do what is possible.
Ella loves pancakes, giving kisses, and waving at planes 🥞😘✈️
Everly Rose
She is smart, has the best laugh gets stopped everywhere we go cause she has to say "Hi" and practice her pagent wave to all those she sees. She's very likely to get a dance out of you when she comes up to you and demands you hold both her hands.
Evelynn is such a happy baby! She loves everyone but her favorite person has to be miss Dolly Parton, she only falls asleep to coats of many colors.💗 She is loved by all, and she is a rainbow baby💗
Addison Locke
Addison loves to sing and dance, she is such the sweetest little girl!
She love smiling, she plays with toys lots and eats her breakfast, lunch, dinner byself know that shes 1 yr old.
Emmi loves to dance to Taylor Swift. Future swifty!
Te’airra True just turned a year old. She is such a happy baby who loves to smile and laugh and will capture your heart as she did mom and dads!
Our baby girl Madilyn is the sweetest smiley baby! She loves her mommy and daddy. Along with giggling and eating her hands! :)
Chloe is full of love and energy. She likes watching paw patrol, cuddling with mom and dad, bugging her big brother and being goofy. My beautiful redhead little girl. Thank you for the support in voting for Chloe!! 🥰🥰
Oakley is a twin. She loves playing with her sisters. Gymnastics. Crafts. She is a mamas girl but enjoys hunting with daddy.
She is our miracle/ rainbow baby!!
Little ray of sunshine loves her mommy and daddy and her favorite binki most.
Anja likes to play with her older brothers and ride the motorcycle with her grandfather's and dad.
Harper is just learning how to crawl but she prefers going in reverse. She loves looking at herself in the mirror and blowing raspberries. She loves blueberries and her big bother.
I love my MOMMY !! 🩷 i love to sleep and eat I’m so sweet & young & I’m coming into my looks PERFECTLY 😍 voting for me is ONLY the right thing to do !!
Her nickname is Spicy Margarita and that encompasses her perfectly!
Ann loves to chew her toys and smile at anyone who looks her way. She loves people and giggles at other kiddos
Taya is momma girl ! She loves snuggles, her binky, and her brothers and sister!
Kalani is a fun loving kind child whos loves to play and eat ravioli lol.. she is a real joy in our family
Irelynn is the perfect combination of sugar, spice, and everything nice! She loves her dogs, baby cousins, Baby Shark, and most of all - Mama & Dada!
Baby Vivi brightens up everyone's day with her infectious smile and sweetest giggles and coos.
She’s a wild child full of love and pure sassy spunkiness! Her giggles keep you laughing yourself and her smile is absolutely infectious! She loves her Cocomelon, babies and her FOOD! She is an absolutely joy to be around and she loves her puppy!
Nova is a wild child at heart that loves her siblings more than anything. She enjoys being outside, attending her MMA class and playing the Nintendo Switch with her sisters
She’s always smiling and the sweetest baby ever!
She is our little firecracker cowgirl. She is always so happy and is always putting a smile on your face with her personality and cute little tricks. She is one of our biggest blessings!
Brylie Raven will be 2 years old in 12 days! she is a very smart intelligent little girl Brylie loves beating up her brothers and wrestling around she is the most loving happiest baby ever she’s definitely one to light up your days especially with that smile/laugh of hers 😍❤️
Aubriella is 1 year 2 months old, she is 100% a Daddy's girl. She is our first daughter after 3 boys, she is very sassy, bossy but has such a beautiful soul and personality. She has made our world complete 🫶 And we love Mamma's One Stop Shop for all our clothes ♥️
our miracle baby. she is our light that came fromthe darkest moment in our life at the loss of her big sister at just 28 weeks. she is the sweetest girl and is always smiling.
Bellaimee loves Minnie Mouse, piggies and cows! She was a premie so she’s a little small for her age but she’s hitting all milestones ahead of schedule she’ll be walking before too long! She loves her family and playing peek a boo.
Penelope Rose
Penelope is sassy, and thinks she’s the boss! She is a very caring,fun,loving 7 year old. She is like a little teenager already 🥹 She loves her friends and family! Penelope wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up! Couldn’t be more proud of our daughter ❤️
Rylee is a climber, she loves climbing all over things she isn’t supposed to. She loves being outside with her doggie sisters and loves cuddling up with the cats.