Savannah is the goofiest, most charismatic little girl you will ever meet. She's smart beyond her wits, and will definitely keep you on your toes. She will dance circles around you and would sing to you all day if she could. She is a over the top costume dressing, nails and make-up doing, princess loving girly girl who also loves jumping in muddy puddles and digging for worms with her Dad. She loves her family and is definitely her brothers keeper. She wakes up telling Mommy with excitement that she had good dreams and when asked "what about?" Her response is "going to disneyland" Savannah collects piggy banks and is saving to go one day. If Savannah won we would love to travel and show her and her baby brother places that Mommy and Daddy never went to. Make tons of memories and live,laugh & love.
Kaylani is a beautiful, silly, energetic, and entertaining girl that will always put a smile on your face. She has a funny and unique personality because of her face expressions!
Victoria is a curious and spunky 3 year old. She enjoys singing and dancing to all genres of music. She is learning to speak Spanish and understands it very well.
Silly little girl that loves her big brothers
Eliana is a ver happy 7 month old that loves to eat! Her favorite thing to watch is cocomelon and her daddy is her favorite person! Her big beautiful blue eyes and pretty smile can brighten anyone’s day!
Kira came to the US 4 months ago from Ukraine. She dreams of meeting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and returning to Kharkiv.
Something the Paola like the most is wearing dresses and take pictures.
Maria Noelle
Maria Noelle is a polite, sweet yet sassy wonderful 3 year old little girl. She will always thank you & say your welcome. She loves school, & her smile will melt your heart.
My Prettiest Creation 🥺❤️Vote For My Baby
Ley ley loves to eat literally all day! she copy every single thing her older brother does ! She walks around the house with one shoe on that is not hers pushing her shopping cart! Leya loves to sing her ABC’s and the wheels on the bus!
Hailey has been a competitive cheerleader for 6 years and is also a Detroit Lions junior cheerleader. She participates in choir and band. Hailey is very outgoing and loves spending time with her friends and family.
Sheriyah. Beautiful, Sassy Boss Baby. Born commanding attention she loves to dance and prance on end. Her sweet spontaneous hugs and kisses are warm delights of her infectious personality. Never camera shy she loves getting friends in on the fun. There is nothing terrible about this timeless two year old diva.
Kwynn is my sassy little pageant girl who loves dressing up and getting fancy and her eyes light up any room
Sakari just turned 3 the end of December. She loves animals her favorite is an elephant, her favorite show to watch is Gabby’s Dollhouse. She loves to draw dance and sing. She is caring and loving and all around one of a kind toddler
She loves to read books and paint on sofas.
Niyah Renee Candelarie
HI! This is my beautiful baby girl Niyah! She is a June Cancer and her personality says it all! Shes supper playful and loves to crawl around to chase her dogs! Her gorgeous smile definitely turns heads❤️
I’m 10 months old and love watching Ms. Rachel and Dino Ranch. I’m the happiest baby and love to smile. Dada is my favorite!
She loves when you sing songs to her! Splashing in her bubble baths and tickles ❤️ she’ll be 1 year in feb! Absolutely an angel
Alaiia is a sweet girl! Well spoken and a lot of energy and joy! Love to dance and has a passion for art, shes unique in her own ways!! ❤️❤️🥰
Angelica is a young little prodigy who hopes to take over the world with her beauty, what a confident silly little girl!
Lilly loves cheer and laughs🤦🏼‍♀️
Payton the most happiest,baby ever she loves cocomelon she the only girl spoiled rotten 💕
Princess Rhyann loves to sing, dance, play dress up, and hang out with her mommy. She has the biggest heart and loves people. Please share and like 🥰
Kiara just turned one. She LOVES Miss. Rachel & jumping in her bouncer. We have yet to find a food she does not like. She loves company especially other babies! She’s shy at first but give her a few minutes & she’ll never stop laughing!
What can I say about Rabnoor she amazes everyone she is like a magnet that attracts everyone to herself!!! She is super social and friendly!! She has a smile that melts your heart away, and her eyes have a sparkle that are so deep and beautiful like the ocean!!!
Noir Meadows
Noir is very loving, extremely smart, very independent to be 22months. She has so much personality.
Annabelle is the second to youngest of five which she is the only girl she loves bossing her brothers around playing with baby dolls and thinks she’s one of the boys but she is a huge daddy’s girl and mamas world ! She loves animals and being silly to make everyone smile she lights up every room as soon as she walks in !
Harmony loves music, dancing, Frozen, and Elmo! She has such a sassy and amazing personality!
Penelope is a very outgoing kid. She loves to get into anything that her older brother puts her up to. She loves the outside. She really is a great kid in every way :)
Amariza is a shy, kind, loving girl who loves to play board games with her family.
She is very sweet and lovable that will make your heart flutter. She loves to sing and dance and very sociable little girl.
London loves being around her family. She always has a smile on her face.
Jordynn is a country girl who loves to be girly girl an dress up an do her make-up. She is funny an smart very outgoing. Very energetic, an full of life, loves to make people laugh, love doing her nails. Loves tic tok an she is the baby of 4 girls. Show us some love an give us some votes please.
This is my baby emma grace she just turned 4,she has 4 brothers and loves doin everything thay do lol..she is loving,carring and so kind hearted!!
Journee is so sweet, loving and silly. She has beautiful blue eyes and smile that will melt your heart. She is full of sas and so very smart. She loves being outside and loves to chase her big brothers around.
This is Raiya Lynn she’s 3 years old she loves being stubborn and loves her 2 brothers and loves being outdoors
Eva is a 9 month old girl with Down syndrome.. she loves music , dancing and Elmo. She is such a happy baby girl and loves to smile . She has had a rough road but is doing the best she can . We couldn’t be more proud of her .. she’s our miracle baby and we are so blessed to have her in our lives .
Riley loves outside, she's the most enjoyable little girl. She has the best personality I've ever seen.
Abigail is a very smart respectful 6 year old. She loves music including dancing and singing. She loves to draw.
Tanya is a fun loving ballerina she is as sweet and kindhearted as can be!
She is very smart funny an outgoing is wants to do it all by herself. She is a tom boy an a girly girl. She love being outside, coloring, singing "Jolene", she can count to 20 an know all kinds of songs. She cant wait for big kid school. Give us your vote.
Rollins loves her dog (Dabo), Ms Rachel, and singing wheels on the bus!
Olivia is a Princess who likes to get dirty. Tiaras and dresses she adores but isn't afraid to get that dress dirty to help those in need. Sassy and caring. Olivia has a smile that can brighten any day. Vote for Olivia to encourage her to continue her path of spreading happiness and love to all.
Isabella has the ability to make anyone smile even if they are having a bad day and loves to help others when she can and loves animals she loves being outside and is a very motivated young girl despite all her ups and downs but man dose she voice her opinion on things she is very out spoken and don't give up till she wins her case she wants to become an attorney when she gets older she a true blessing
Chevelle is one of a kind!! Loving and living life to the fullest!!
I’m a face you always want to see especially when I smile, I’m always happy and laughing. I LOVEEE food, especially fries, I really like hanging with my older brother and playing with toys. I laugh at just about anything and enjoy dancing. I’m just always a happy person and always in a good mood.