Baby Stories - 33


She's very funny and outgoing and has the most AMAZING smile in the world😩❤️ and she loves pickles 🥒🥰
Hi Nevaeh’Lee is my one and only daughter she loves tummy time and she love bath times she’s such a happy baby
Kamilyn loves to be the life of the party!! She loves her unicorn toys and watching you tube :)
Mariya is 6 years old love to do gymnastics very beautiful smile love to help her sisters and brothers very smart for her age love school and to meet new people her dream is to go to Disney world
Ge’Onna is very chunky a happy baby smiles laughs can melt a person heart just now starting to teethe learning to hold her head up on her own
Micaya is 7 years old love her family she very helpful with her younger siblings love dancing and playing with her older cousins she love learning new things a people person
Jayda is my only Daughter. Jayda loves to dance and eat. Jayda laughs and smiles at everything. Jayda loves to be held. Jayda loves Mickey Mouse Club House. Jadya loves to play patty-a-cake
Kamorra is fun bubbly and loves to EAT! She gives out lots of hugs and is just a joy to be around! Her smile lights up THE ROOM!
Saige loves swing, color, play with her big sisters, she loves Minnie Mouse and the color blue, she loves her puppies and her horses... She is a sweet little Angel who loves to gives hugs!
Aspen loves to spend time with her baby brother Braxton, and her cousins, Brentyn, Jax, Sammy, Mikah, and Zoey. She likes to watch her uncles and daddy work on cars and watch daddy race them. She likes to help with the babies of our family and play with the puppies they have. She is a big fan of the movie Frozen and just adores Anna and Elsa. She is in pre-k and likes to be with her friends at school. She will help out whenever she can, but most of all she loves her family, and She loves getting her nails done with mommy also.
Hadley-Ann is a true bundle of JOY! She loves everyone and is always smiling.
Vote 4 our little pineapple. Aria is mixed with Black and native Hawaiian. Gorgeous outgoing babygirl.
Beautiful inside and out, the sweetest little girl I’ve ever met and absolutely amazing in every aspect of her being.
Brooklynn is 9 years old she loves to read, play with her dog and is a very kind hearted little girl who loves to go on adventures.
Millie is a charismatic young lady. She is extremely intelligent and strong minded. She loves cocomelon and cooking. She is there to help mommy any chance she gets ❤️
Aniyah is 4 years old she love to dance,and do gymnastics also really love to take pictures and model
Aaliyah Mae, she is one beautiful babygirl who loves to make you smile🤍 Chunky, loving, cuddly, & very goofy, loves her foods & enjoys outside!
A’Mila is 4 months old and loves seeeing her self in camera. She enjoys bath time and cuddle with mom and dad ❤️ Sweetest baby sleeps all night and never cries 🥰🥺If I win my mommy is putting the money in a savings account for my college fund when I’m older 💖
Emiyah loves kicking , smiling and talking she is so sweet my rainbow baby
Addison has a twin brother! She was a preemie, but has never lets anyone tell her she can’t do anything! She is strong and beautiful! She excels in gymnastics and learning. She stands her ground but is also incredibly kind.
Londyn is a 10 month old blue eyed beautiful biracial baby girl who loves taking photos, loves her cartoons, and loves to eat!
Hi, my name is Dream. I am currently 3 months. My favorite thing to do is laugh w/ my mommy, eat my fingers & smile.
Hello my name is Khloe I’m 3 months and I love to smile 💋
I am Kinsley Rian I just turned a year old in February. I have a big personality for such a little girl. I love to smile holler for da da
Love my lil ponie and playing outdoors when its nice!
She loves unicorns and to play with younger sister.
Myla is independent, smart, funny, and always looking for her next adventure.
Sassy yet respectful loveable spontaneous unpredictable beautiful personality. She like no loves to talk and enjoys eating loves kisses hugs and most of all her father who she very much looks like If may say with a huge smile she also can be Feisty at times and throws fits but with a kiss and an I love u she ends it with the biggest smile and the words I'm ok momma she loves music. And dancing vote for Monie she is our number one girl and should win all votes as every mother thinks of there baby
Hello Everyone! My name is Skylar and I am the most sleepy baby you will ever meet. My day consist of eating, sleeping, being extremely adorable and getting plenty of diaper changes!
I’m 5! Very Energetic, I Love Too Dance! I Love Jojo Siwa! & I’m Pretty Duhh
She is a doll and being raised by loving parents. She loves looking at people and very photogenic 🥰💖
She loves Minnie Mouse, playing with other children and animals. She smiles and waves at everyone she meets
Layklynn is 5 months old! She loves to play with her big sissy and like to pick on daddy!
She loves to dance, sing and be outdoors! Always has a smile on her face
Is very happy all the time talks sing and dances all day long has the most adorable dimples with that million dollar smile
Alexa is super funny and full of energy she loves gym very much
I’m A Premie Baby Beating All Obstacles ❤️
Hi, I'm Mia! I love to dance, and be outdoors! I also love to help my dad and papaw work outside around the farm!
Anslee loves all things water! Loves to play in the dirt! Loves her momma!
Aavya is a very adorable child.She is a bit talkitive and like jellying up with others...Her smile with a dimple is so charming that you cant just ignore her❤❤
Ni’Zara is a very beautiful litte girl shes a very happy baby all the time she's very talkative 😊 she loves to smile she is loved by everyone that we come across she smiles with everyone she loves hugs and cuddles she loves her nap time she loves to roll over , she love candied yams and chicken wings.
Hello, my name is Myara Rose and I love talking and smiling. I also love watching sports and the food network!
MacKenzie Kapri is such a sweet baby she blesses everyone with her love and affection!!!!
This is Malani she is 2 months old. She loves to be talked to, dance with, and be sung too. She’s also very camera friendly 🥰