Baby Stories - 33


She is the most beautiful soul you’d ever meet. She loves French fries and she is very protective of her cousins.
Hello, My name is Arriana and i love the outdoors! I love playing and laughing with my mom and dad. I love watching Cocomelon & Little baby bum. I also love singing and dancing! Vote for me because im ball of sunshine and the sweetest❤️
Embrie is a 2month old beautiful little princess who loves kisses and attention. Everytime I give her kisses,the biggest smile appears on her face and she starts cooing.She's also a little sister. She looks at me with a frown when i hold her 1 year old big brother. I know that means put him down and come get me HAHAHA! I call her babydoll because she looks like a little doll. She's such a happy baby over all.
She very sweet loving baby! She love horses an doing 4Him youth rodeo! So happy an outgoing!
Jabriya And Jabryia
They are so full of life. Always happy and of COURSE THERE RAINBOW BABIES🥰🥰🌈🌈
Rella loves to tictok and dance. She is smart & sassy. She likes to steal the show.
Chylla is a super sweet 5(almost 6 year old) she loves her family , her babies & her barbies 🥰
Tori is a bright, smart, kind and independent girl. She was always inquisitive about the world and needed facts to be convinced on things such as Santa and the Tooth Fairy.
McKenzie is a very fun little girl. She brings a smile to everyone she meets. Shes always smiling and laughing.. She for sure can make any day better
Trinity is a very happy baby, she’s very talkative, she loves to play 💕 Trinity is just full of joy!
Azallea likes to watch cocomelon and eat her baby food.
Khloi Piper
I love singing with my mommy , dancing while I eat, and playing with my doggy snuggles! Oh, and jiggle bills is my favorite holiday song 🤗
Alannah is a fun loving crazy one year old . She loves to eat and play with her brother . She loves to clap and dance to baby shark
She is one happy baby girl...She loves frozen & her dolls...She loves her Mommy and Daddy.💗 please take a moment and vote for our baby girl!❤️
Demi Reign is playful and loves to laugh. She loves eating fruits and eggs . Demi can wave bye and stand with assistance.
My first born and she has the BIGGEST and craziest personality! She’s a clown and loves to make everyone laugh. She can name all the colors. She knows what animals are what and the sounds they make. She’s currently learning numbers. And she LOVES her baby sister!
Brielle is such a sweet, sassy girl. Very lovable and has a heart of gold!💛 She loves playing dress up, loves princesses and spending time with her 6 year old brother! She is simply perfect❤
Blair loves animals and plans to attend Vetinarian School after high school.
Lil bit LOVES to be nosey with those big eyes! They sparkle every time she opens them.
Trayc’Lynn is a brilliant 8year old she loves to read play with her dolls or the DS she stays inside a lot her favorite thing is Roblox her favorite food is cornbread and her favorite color is purple
Riley loves to watch tv with her papa, enjoys time with her family, has the greatest cutest smile. She’s a lovely baby princess. She loves meeting new people and loves to talk even though there not words there sounds.
Maci is a fun, loving, kind, and caring girl! She loves reading books, going to school and spending time with her family.
My little wanna be elsa, loves dancing and singing in private, being goofy and growling at mommy 🤣
Oakley loves to color and play with her baby dolls.
Gia N Lia
Hi my name is Gia & Lia, we are twin sisters. We live on Top of the World, Utqiagvik. We love to eat butter squash, sweet potato, and carrots. We made 6 months. We love cuddles and kisses from momma & dada. Please Vote for us, Alaska Grown Babies💝
Jaeleigh is a fighter born 6weeks early an has the BEST personality ❤️
Scarlett is just over a month old and loving life already! She loves her four legged siblings and enjoys going on walks to explore the new world she is a part of!
A’Nyla is 5 months old ! Very smart & extremely nosey 😂 A’Nyla loves kicking her feet and rolling all over the bed ! && She absolutely loves watching Mickey Mouse Club House 💗
She love listening to music...All kind....she enjoyed watching learning videos and she’s so full of life with a bright smile
Abby loves her Sissy & Brother! She like to play in my lipstick! She is determined’ Abby loves to be read to. She loves to Dance, play with her toys and make us laugh!
Elizabeth loves competitive Cheerleading and Dance! She is smart, kind, and loving! She created a club for boys and girls her age called the Kindness Club. Her heart is beautiful, too
Hi meet Mya Rose,she’s 2 and an only child. she enjoys play dates with her cousins. she absolutely loves Minnie Mouse,cats, and dressing up.👸🏽👶🏻😊 we appreciate the exposure ‼️ #Prettygirls #Beautifulkids #Babymodels #Beautifulbabies #FashionModel #clothingandapparel #HairDecor #MyaRose
This beauty is my baby girl. She is strong hearted and super out going. Loves playing & helping mommy with baby sister (also entered in LMB(LittleMissBeauty))Currently working on modeling, loving every bit of it. Vote for vote?
Kinsley is an exclusive breast fed BEAUTY 😍. She is always full of joy & bring smiles to faces everywhere she go !!!
Shelbie is sweet little Christmas gift. Her smile can bright up a room. She is crazy in love with the Christmas lights. My little girl isn’t that old yet but she has this warm feeling as she would help anyone in this world. She loves to be talk to and she will try and talk and listen for hours to you.
Shes is a very happy baby she loves to dance and she is full of life💕
One happy girl 💖
Giovanna is a twin sister off a baby brother she’s always smiling she always has a smile in her face giovanna is 6 months old she’s the baby from the house
She's very cheerful,loves to smile.
Shes very smart,talkative an likes to b pretty ,she likes her babydolls
Ava Rose
Ava is 3!! She love’s baby dolls and bubble baths, to color & count, go swimming and play! She also loves mermaids!! 💕
She loves to smile and give kisses. She can dance and jump up and down. Smart and observes EVERYTHING. 💜💜💜
Luna is such a sweet little girl, everyone’s friend and just a natural born beauty. She’s also very curious and intelligent. Luna has already developed a keen eye for art and music, specifically she likes the Dells, Prince and Stevie Wonder. Luna recently had her first professional photoshoot and she was just a natural infront of the camera!
Kynleigh is such a silly, sassy, curious, sweet, loving and beautiful little girl❤️ She loves her mommy & daddy and loves her dog & cat! She loves learning where her eyes , ears, nose & mouth is! & she loves being outside. She can be a bit shy but after a while she loves new people!❤️