Baby Stories - 32


Miss Honor-Jade loves her fingers, toes, and bananas! ❤️
Ada loves watching her mama and papa in the kitchen, “playing” the piano, and snuggling with her fur sister Yuna!
Katherine loves to watch youtube, she is a very sweet girl,she loves to play barbies,and she loves make-up
She is funny and loves to show off 💕
My name is matias I love my mom and dad and love watching blues clues 💙
Izabella B is a loving smart out going child. She loves playing on the computer and outside with her two younger sisters. Her personality is as big as her heart. Her favorite phrase is ' im not bossy i just have leadership skill' . Shes alround an amazing child .
Ashlyn Blake
She is so full of life. Ashlyn loves to sing, dance and make everyone smile.
Marylea is a very happy baby she loves everyone she lives the camera and herself get mom and dad and three brother she like to build with blocks and she can make anyone get better
Lillian is the most outgoing, confident, sweet loving toddler . She loves to meet new people , and make friends. Some of her favorite hobbies include coloring , shopping , and baking with mommy ! She has a big voice and isn’t afraid to be herself !
My name is Zoe i am 3 years old! I am quite a girly girl! Im sweet and loving. I love to play with my sisters and play outside. I love animals. I love to go to school and learn.
She is a bit sassy but when you meet her shes unforgettable . She is Miss Hazeleigh Rose she loves the spotlight. Shes a dare devil 😈 and adventurous. She is what saved this mommy
Naomi is always has a cheesing little grin on her facet that is so contagious. She loves animals, being outside, and her bows 🎀. Her favorite shows include paw patrol, Sesame Street, puppy dog pals and Mickey Mouse club house! And just like her momma she loves her Disney and Halloween everything ❤️
My name is lea. I am 2 years old. I am super sassy! Love to pose for pictures! I love to dance to music! I am super sweet and not shy at all!
Little miss Athena loves playing, she loves eating anything and everything, she loves getting into things she’s not supposed to 🤣 but most of all she is the sweetest little girl she will love you with everything she has!
My name is Roselyn Diane Boone. I am 3 years old. I am full of life! I love going to school and learning new things! I am super smart! I am a girly girl but not afraid of bugs or to get in the mud!
Charis loves to sing and dance ,also very smart knows some sign language ,her abcs ,knows how to count to 20 ,knows her colors, and also some of her animals
Zuri is full of energy, Happy and fun to be around
Malayah is very goofy , loves to laugh & play. she loves minnie mouse
Journee is a very happy and loving baby. She loves to play, smile, and dance to music.
She love taken self pics all the time to show her unique personality. Likes to make people smile and laugh with her craziness. She helps other by donating to families in need and lends her ear to family and friends.
Mea love to play with other kids and her sister Mea love to eat Mea is a happy goofy 3 years old that loves baby and Minnie
She is very smart and she loves paw patrol and her lovey(little blanket lamb she carries around and her pacifiers.and she is her mama mini me.
Avyanna is two years old. She loves singing her ABCs and loves watching Elmo ❤️ please vote for my daughter!
She is beautiful, adorable, heart of gold, her smile lights up the room,
Hi my name is Ava I’m 5 months old I love to jump in my jumper and play with my toys and I like to watch my puppy play and I laugh at him I love to cuddle with my mommy and daddy and I love to watch cartoons especially the muppet babies I also love to eat sweet potatoes, applesauce, prunes and bananas please vote for me!
Mckenzie Faith
Hi ,My name is McKenzie Faith !! I am an only (spoiled) child ... i love dinosaurs 🦕 ❤ I am a daddys girl !! I love to play!! Apples are my fave!!
My beautiful babygirl loves unicorns, and she loves blues clues
She’s loving and funny loves to play with kids and animals
🍁🌹 AUTUMN ROSE EISENHAUER🌹🍁 Wild Girl🥰 GOING TO GROW TO BE THE MOST AMAZING GIRL IN THE WORLD !! ♡ ♡Loves to sing ♡Loves Playing ♡Love's her hair done sometimes 🤣🥰 ♡Always Smiling 😁 ♡Happy Baby 😄 ♡Sassy little miss 😘 ♡Loves her nails painted 💅 ♡Adores her siblings (Brother's) ❤🧒🧒 ♡ Princess 👸 ♡Loves Babydolls, Light up sounds & colors, Adorez CocoMelon her favorite baby! 👶 ♡Loves her momma & dad ❤ ♡Adores her Grandma Lisa 👵 ♡Sweetheart (Warms your heart) 💗 ♡ SHY 🥰🙊 ♡Talks so sweet🥺 ♡Beautiful, Gorgeous & so much more i love her to death 🥺❤ ♡Outgoing ♡Tomboy/GirlyGirl ♡Silly ♡Crazy Girl ♡Precious ♡Has a heart if gold !!! ♡loves unicorns 🦄 ♡Loves Mini mouse ♡Smart ♡Loves to dance ♡❤❤ VOTE FOR MY BABYGIRL !! SHE DESERVES THE WORLD MOMMAS BABYGIRL FOREVER. !! SHES 1 YEARS OLD TURNING TWO .
Asteria Annalyse
Asteria is my miracle baby after 13 miscarriages. She has made my life so much better and she is such a character and is so smart
Baby J is the sweetest🥰 she LOVES to sleep, ,eat, she absolutely loves bath time😋 tummy time is cool.😎
Jada is a sweet, happy baby girl. She has reached all of her milestones early and is such a beautiful girl. She would brighten up any bad day with her contagious laugh..Jada deserves To be celebrated!!
Freya is the sweetest baby around! She loves being outside listening to the critters, she loves water and giving kisses! 1st baby to a new mom!
Valentina Marie is sassy as can be but always classy! She loves her older brothers (she’s the ginger out of twins) and getting into mischief. When you catch her doing something wrong she gives you the “Valentina face” as pictured above and you have no choice but to forgive her. She’s a heart stealer for anyone who dares ❤️
Lakelyn is 3 years old and puts a smile on EVERYONES faces! She has been a blessing for us since the day she was born. She’s so smart and active. She never has a bad day!
Remi Marie ❤️ She loves her Daddy ! And cuddling on the bed ❤️
Nevaehs is the Happiest baby you could ever meet. She’s always smiling and laughing and She loves her family. She loves playing and watching Coco-Melon. She started her road off tough with her being a Preemie but she fought her way through ❤️
Chanel is such a happpy baby🥰 she barely ever cries and is always smiling and cooing. Chanel loves watching her daddy play the game and she loves happy bear❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kadence is a vibrant 4 month year old, she loves tummy time, her bouncer, and food her favorite, Sweet Tomatoes! She has the biggest smile that lights up any ones day!
Novah started swimming at 6 months and she LOVES it! 🥰
Paris is sweetheart 🥺❤️ She’s loves to jump , play with Barbie’s , and loves her momma she’s a momma girl 🥰
Eden is 3 months old and loves to watch Cocomelon and The Lorax. She is a happy baby and smiles at everyone she meets ! Edens middle name is Moon because she can brighten any room !!
Arianna is my little dream come true! She is getting a such a personality now and she is all smiles! She loves watching Disney movies with mommy and daddy!
Kalayah is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, she brightens up any room she’s in. She has so much love inside of her, and so full of life.
Paisley is a diva by heart, she loves photo shoots with her mommy !Her favorite tv show is cocomelon, and she loves snuggles and loved by many 🥰