Baby Stories - 32


MoAnna is the sweetest little girl alive. She loves her kitten, which she obviously named “meow.” She loves chocolate milk. She enjoys brushing her teeth, watching Paw Patrol, Blippi, and playing with her 2 big sisters. MoAnna loves her family but best friend is her Mamaw Sue!!
Kahlani is only 2 months old and LOVES to laugh, she is beautiful and loves her milk lol
My daughter Kiara is 3 weeks old! She loves sleep and her milk more then anything. She enjoys tummy time and cuddles a lot. She is the most loving and sweetest baby ever.
Addalynn is my 3 year old daughter. She loves to draw, dancing, singing, and just being anyone best friend ♡ she has a heart of gold and is seriously the greatest 3 year out there ♡ come support her
She is a bright smart outgoing little girl. Always has a smile on her face.
Leila-Rose loves to play with her older brother and learn just about everything. She loves babies, Elmo, and veggies. She’ll be 2 soon and is advanced for her age to others. She likes dancing and doing TikToks with her aunt.
Maia is 7 months old. Loves to smile, loves bunnies and puppies and mostly her blanky n mamma.
Kaidias Thorne
She a very out going young girl..... She loves school taking picture she love animals she’s all round girl
So adorable!
Jaislee is the most laughable, meanest baby . She will start crying then laugh at you then look at you like you are crazy .. she loves to eat, sleep, and play. She is learning how to do new things daily. Mommy’s Little Princess
Bri Asi
She loves food and her daddy. Quiet old soul.
Legacy has an awesome personality shes so smart , funny, beautiful and most of all shes the greatest blessimg ive ever had
Achariya Moua
Smart and lovely girl
Janya is the best big sister you could ask for she always trying to find way to help mommy she’s the best and mommy and daddy eyes everyone just love her and the young lady she is becoming
She loves to play wit her brothers and sisters but most of all she love to see people smile 💕
Za’Myra love playing with her brothers and sisters she caring and loving 🥰
She's my granddaughter she's a twin she's very fun get into everything and I love my granddaughter
Imani is full of energy! She enjoys technology, dancing and being a gymnast 🤸🏽‍♀️
She is so sweet and so funny. She is the life of the party. Lots of laughing when she’s around. She has low self confidence and this I believe will boost her self esteem. She is beautiful on the inside and out and has a smile that will light up a room.
This girl has a heart of gold and loves everyone ❤️
Tara loves to smile and laugh even if you just say hi.
She is seven months old. She love to snack and play her older brother and sister. She may be a little thing but she has a big attitude.
Hello Amelia is great baby. happy precious princess 👑 4 months old
Little Miss Sassy Pants Is What In Like To Call Her ! To Know Her , You Love Her
He loves too dance and likes too eat and play with his brother
Na’vi Azrielle Daniel Hatton❤️LOVE FOOD, She’s LOVES TO SMILE🙂Also loves to SCREAM😭And say Hi🙂❤️
Sa’Niya is a very advanced toddler, that loves to do her makeup and play doctor. She’s very comprehensive and makes full sentences at the age of 3! Loves Dinosaurs, Rocks and painting. She grew up watching Elmo and word party. She’s a sweetheart and loveable
Charlotte is six months old. She’s loves to play, chew on anything she can get ahold of, jabber all of the time, and steal the hearts of anyone she meets💜
Emily loves to play soccer, bake, and care for animals. She hopes one day to open her own bakery and serve pups as well as humans! She is the youngest of 3 girls. ***This will be Emily's last entry into the competition, as she turns 15 next month :)***
Kai’Lah Loves Eating 🥰 She Enjoys Playing With Her Father & Listening To Lullabies 💕
Avah’lyn is The Sweetest 2yr old you’ll ever Meet She loves to Sing and Loves Her family She is Small But the Smartest Little Girl ever
Raegan absolutely loves to take care of her “babies” and is such a caring/loving play pretend “mommy”! She also loves to sing and dance along to Baby Shark. Her nickname is Rae Rae. She is so sweet and very caring and I am proud to call her my daughter!
My name is Ka’Miyah I am 2 months old ! I like when mommy and daddy give me baths and read to me , I can hold my own bottle and I smile when I’m happy 🧸☺️
A’Mara is a sweet baby girl , loves to smile , talk , say DaDa , and so much more . Her eyes draws everyone attention. She’s ones of the happiest babies !!
Paypay can light up a room! She loves to be in front of the camera and loves to have a great time with her brothers. She has the biggest heart and was born to be a star!!
Janea is an exceptional child with a twin brother. She is very girly Fun,smart,very kind and always giving hugs and love. She loves basketball, reading and music. She loves to dress up. She is a daddy's girl, a mummy's best friend and her brothers keeper.
Harley Sky is the best gift ever🎄♥️
Alyson is my strong warrior princess who was born a preemie weighing a pound and 15 ounces now she’s 5 pounds and 7.3 ounces she’s fiesty fierce and a fighter
A very happy baby 🥰
Rose Mason
Rose is one month old and full of love. She is new to the world but everyone already adores her personality.
She is the most beautiful soul you’d ever meet. She loves French fries and she is very protective of her cousins.
Hello, My name is Arriana and i love the outdoors! I love playing and laughing with my mom and dad. I love watching Cocomelon & Little baby bum. I also love singing and dancing! Vote for me because im ball of sunshine and the sweetest❤️
Embrie is a 2month old beautiful little princess who loves kisses and attention. Everytime I give her kisses,the biggest smile appears on her face and she starts cooing.She's also a little sister. She looks at me with a frown when i hold her 1 year old big brother. I know that means put him down and come get me HAHAHA! I call her babydoll because she looks like a little doll. She's such a happy baby over all.
She very sweet loving baby! She love horses an doing 4Him youth rodeo! So happy an outgoing!