Baby Stories - 32


Acelynn Marie Buckner
Acelynn is such a silly baby filled with joy, laughter, and smiles. Acelynn loves to watch Boss Baby and take strolls in the park.
Trinity is such a beautiful,smart,amazing young girl! She is so outgoing and loves baby dolls and elsa!😇💜🦋
Sweetest 3 month old around! She is literally the best baby. Loves to talk and smile. And her favorite thing to watch is Barnyard. Her favorite thing to do is swing on nana’s swing on pretty days. She is always the happiest baby!
Layla’s loves to Dance Sing and Eat 😂
Madison brings any room to light with her positive energy and her love for life. She is a competitive cheerleader of 6 years but can get down and dirt with the boys on the dirt bike track. She is learning who she is in the modeling industry currently representing 4 different brands. She loves trying anything new, traveling, crafting, baking, and camping. She was voted by her school to be part of student council for the second time this year.
Emma is a very genuine young lady. She is outgoing in school as she is in the JROtC program at her school. Also she was accepted into the Tennessee Valley Early College program as well.
Amelia is a truly beautiful soul and a talented artist . Funny fact she was born on Thanksgiving
Adley is the most caring and vibrant child. She loves Narwhals and LOL
Ky’Laias so smart and advanced at only 3 months old! She’s such a happy baby ❤️, she loves spitting bubbles lol and watching Cococmelon. She’ll brighten up you’re day if you’re having a bad day, so precious and sweet.
Armonii love to watch Cocomelon, talking & playing with the people she loves. She’s a happy & smiling baby.
Courtasia loves to laugh, Dance and Sing. Her favorite shows are Cocomelon and Minnie Mouse. She will bring so must joy and love.
Hi my name is Kensleigh. I have many personalities, but I'm mostly happy. I love my mommy and daddy and pretty much anyone the gives me attention. I love to smile ,laugh and talk.
Hope is a wild child who loves to crawl and show off her beautiful smile, she keeps her parents on their toes but they wouldn’t trade her for the world.
Teagan is currently 1 year old and loves her mama. She loves her older brother Aaron 4. They love to watch Blippy on TV. She's a miracle baby.
Addilyn is 4 months old! She is a happy baby girl. She loves to smile and “talks” to us all the time. She loves to watch Cocomelon and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She is our beautiful baby doll 💗
Eliana is now 2 months old.
Riley is the sweetest baby ever. She loves cuddles and back massages from mommy. She’s always smiling in her sleep, definitely sleeping beauty
Kayla is currently 21 months old and has a second birthday coming up in just 3 short months. Kayla is very talented, smart and overall an outstanding baby ❤️
A vibrant diva! Kennedy loves music and all things girly. A beautiful social butterfly ❤️
Justice Mo’Nae ..... this little one is an amazing super surprised miracle to our family. She love to listening to music, sits with her big brother while he plays his game, and she enjoy watching her big sister dances around her. Justice has a beautiful smile that’s lighten up a room . She’s a blessing to our family and we thank GOD for our angel.
Kinsley loves to be outside. She loves ducks and going to the park to see them.
Taylor Marie
Taylor loves dancing and hanging with her family. She loves her big brother, has daddy wrapped around her finger & has mommy's sassyness. She's a future fashionista
Me’La loves to be outside and in the water! The way into her heart is threw her stomach!
Kendra is 10 months she is a very smart little girl. Kendra loves dancing and her favorite show is cocomelon.
Loves bubble guppies and playing with her big brother !
Ashton loves music, loves to FaceTime and loves her mama and dada.
Ke’Lanii is my name everybody calls me lanii pooh, I enjoy watching my favorite tv show. I love when my mom and dad sings abc it’s make me smile. I’m such a happy baby I wakes up with a smile on my face every morning. For a 5 month old Ke’Lanii has sooo much personality.Ke’Lanii can turn a bad day into a good day anytime just by the way she’s always smiling ,she’s always laughing, and she always wants to play! My baby is very photogenic she loves taking photos and being in the camera!
Hennessy is the most sweetest happiest baby. She loves to smile and loves to hear the sound of music. She is an amazing little gift of life that will brighten any sad day and turn any cloud into a beautiful ray of sunshine.
Anaisha is a Triplet baby 🐥!! She is the first one to see the world among the triplets. She is an expression queen must say. She loves to eat banana, loves her stroller rides and babbles with her mamma. She hates tummy time and quickly rolls over. Her smile is so contagious that it can instantly light you up.Please cast your vote for Anaisha❤️
Little self loves to eat and listen to people sing.
Loyalty is a very smart and beautiful lil lady who will catch on quickly to anything u teach her...she always smiles and laughs and loves her mom sissy and grandma
Beautiful 2 month old baby girl. So happy and full of life❤️ Come vote!!!!
Harmony likes to jump and laugh.She loves her brother, uncle,nana and mother.
Brooklynn is a energetic, smart beautiful baby girl. She likes to scream, make funny faces, and get into EVERYTHING. Her favorite fruits are bananas. She loves unicorns and mini mouse. She loves to laugh and play with other children as well.
Khalani is definitely sugar,spice and everything NICE!For a 5 month old khalani has sooo much personality.Khalani can turn a bad day into a good day anytime just by the way she’s always smiling ,she’s always laughing, and she always wants to play! My baby is very photogenic she loves taking photos and being in the camera!
Funny, silly, loves to mess around with her big sister. She loves going on walks and being outside. She has her own little personality.
My baby girl is a miracle. We had tried for 12 years to have another child. She is our third, a miracle and a blessing.
Maddison Lee
A very Smart little lady who loves to Bake cupcakes with her mom and grandmother. She spends her days in the kitchen with them, playing with her friends at daycare, and loves being with her cousin Sky. She also loves riding in the side by side with her PaPa.
Tiny but fierce, Amerie is a bright-eyed beauty who loves milk and being sang to and at only 4 days old she is alert and ready to take on the world all while being mommy and daddy's little angel♥
Charli has the cutest and funnest personality. She’s incredibly smart and and sassy. Her favorite person is mommy and favorite thing is “boobs” 😂
Lachantey is 4 months ❤️ , she is learning new things every day , getting bigger , smiling more , laughing , and she loves eat 🤣!
Alice chain 😁😍
Paislee loves music! She can roll over! Loves bright lights! She can bring a smile to anyone's face!
Just look at this smart and funny little girl that was a angel to her mom and dad now share with your family and friends and vote for this cute
My Daughter Is Ta’Narriona Ball She’s 5 Years Old And Was Born On November 8th 2015 In Milwaukee Wisconsin She Loves To Dance & Make Tiktoks. She An Amazing Sister To Her 2 Brothers She Is Very Smart And Intelligent She Is Sweet As An Apple And Very Respectful You Will Love Her
Arriya Is Very Smart , Intelligent , She Loves Tiktok , Roblox , And Love Her Mommy 🖤
Alaina is such a little (big) DIVA! She loves both of her big brothers! She has her daddy wrapped around her finger! And her momma deeply inlove with her! She is full of sass an attitude!