She loves to dance and smile loves her brothers and loves to ride
I am a big girl. I love saying no and I love giving attitude. But I can be the sweetest and kindest little girl in the world. I love to play patty cake and sing songs with my mom and dance. And I love to pull my daddy's beard. It's so much fun!
Charlotte, who goes by Melody, is a very helpful big sister to her two brothers and sister. She is a good soccer player, and always very nice and helpful with her teammates and classmates. She has always been very smart and is in all advamced or accelerated classes.
Zori Hinnant
She is 6 months her eye’s just brighten up people day when we take her out that’s all they say can I have her I just love her eyes she looks like a baby dolls and her nickname is NuNu
Charleigh is a loving, silly, happy little girl. She loves to dance and make people laugh.
Belinda is a smart, sassy, funny little girl and very helpful sister. She loves horses and disney princesses.
Yahri loves to dance, and sing . She loves to be center of attention and she loves to ralk and loves to have fun.
Karlee is a sweet, loving, spoil little girl. She enjoys her swing, her paci, her bottle and listening to white noise sounds on YouTube. Karlee is karlee once you meet her your more then likely will fall in love. She is not your average 2 month old , she is very active , come on and join Karlee’s world 🥰🥰🥰
Kambriel is so kind and loving and her kind eyes and beautiful face should be somthing the world sees being in a pagent is something i should have done a long time ago. Please vote for her
She is such a happy little girl she is obsessed with cocomelon and anything to do with letters and numbers
She is good girl 👧 she wants to play with friends. She is fringe
Hi this is my first time littlemissbeauty contest I hope all of you like me, support me and plz vote for me thank you all of you love you all 😘🥰🥰
Sarah is sweet little angel, always happy and like to laugh,she likes to play with her sisters and she likes her afternoon nap
Hi my name is Julia I like to help the homeless, help others in my school, and I got very good grades in school.
Isabella is an artist who loves painting and sculpting🎨🖼️
She likes her baby dolls and teddy bears. Alisa is spunky with a loving personality!
I am always smile and so full of life. I love to play dress up and my favorite movie is beauty and the beast! I love to play with animals and all animals names are Georgia!!😆
Ava loves when people smile and talk to her, she will smile and talk back! She was born 6 and a half weeks early and diagnosed with celiac disease. She is only 13lbs!! Tiny little thing.
Kenzlie loves dressing up but also loves wrestling with her 3 brothers. She’s a force to be reckon with and a beauty queen in the making.
Baby Alayah loves to eat and sing. She loves music and talking.
She every playful, and silly. She has a smile that will light up the room, with “awww” and “how cute” she has the fattest cheeks she just a goofy lil baby that loves toys, she enjoys music, or I’ll sing to her. She also love seeing colors like Led lights, she’s a pork chop when it comes to food “goes crazy” for milk lol she also love watching learning shows and she adapt herself into the tv to where she’s catching on to the learning words over all she just a joyful playful baby that’s growing pretty fast ! That’s BIG Ny’elle❤️
Jillian enjoys playing with babies and blocks. She loves saying, “hi”, “bye”, and “dada”. She wants to walk so badly and she is the happiest baby!
Shy’La is a brilliant, tender hearted little girl who loves people. She also loves to draw, sing, dance, cheer and bake! To know her is to love her.
Nova is an amazing 5 year old who loves to dance and spend time with her baby sister. She also loves school and loves learning new things every day.
She loves dance and color and her smile bring out anyone bad day
Ke'lonni likes to eat laugh and have fun with her siblings her smile will light up an dark room
Jayliani is very smart and funny and loves to make everyone laugh
Happy,she loves being around family
Brooklyn is a soccer player, dancer, big sister, and singer! She loves her family so much, and is a active helper in her classroom! Brooklyn is so sweet and genuine and will light up any bodies day.
Emilia is 5 months old, we call her Emi🥰 she loves watching Ms Rachel, jumping in her bouncy, playing with her toys, story time and of course her baba.. she has the most beautiful smile and her little personality is fun to watch..
Lariah loves to dance and sing. In her down time, she enjoys reading and playing "school" with her stuffed animals.
She is a loving little girl. She loves ponies. And loves to sing and dance.
Vaeda is a one of a kind sweetness that will put a smile on your face… she is full of personality and has a very creative mind and has drawing skills above and beyond her age she loves spending time with her family and making everyone happy
She is quick witted, knows what she wants, independent and all around a little actress!
Kyla loves to dance and sing. She’s loves to dress up. Kyla is very smart and loves to learn new things. If Kyla wins she will be starting a saving account.
Serenity is my 3yr old daughter she is on the left she loves to draw and play she is real loveable and sweet & caring.i love her so much
He is boy not girl
Paisleigh has overcome some obstacles from birth she has progress and hit milestones already.
Ivana Karla
She’s so sweet, she loves dancing and singing. Adorable baby and kind-hearted🥰
Isabellis love the gymnastics, and is a good girl 😍
Annabelle is 3 yo, loves playing with her barbies and helping her dad on the farm. If you ask her, she will tell you that she is a farm princess. 😄
Mila loves dancing and she has the Bieber fever 🥰
Teagan is a very smart, kind, loving little girl. She loves unicorns, dance, basketball, & spending time with family. She’s also very excited for her baby brothers arrival! 💙
Valerie Anessa is joy and happiness 24/7 she loves adrenaline and being active! She loves giving hugs and saying awwww ❤️