Abbygayle is so smart and advanced for her age! She loves to help others! She’s also really excels in math! It amazes me! When she grows up she wants to be a Veterinarian!
Avery Mccray
She loves to crawl she loves her jumper she loves to play in water and she loves swinging
Ky’Ranie Is A Very Smart , Amazing Kid. She Loves To Read Books , Watch Tv , Baking Sweet Treats . Please Vote For Her. She’ll Greatly Appreciate It . 🦋
Ava is my sweet baby girl. She’s always smiling and is such a happy baby.
She is so loving and happy baby. She loves swimming and dancing. Happy Baby Girl Ever!❤️❤️❤️
Fay is an amazingly smart, spontaneous, adventurous, funny little girl! She is a Sagittarius and was born December 17th. We got to bring her home on Christmas Eve after spending a week in the NICU at Phx Children's Hospital. She's loud, loves to "hold you" and is always laughing and smiling!
I’m very outgoing, smart, silly, and fun! I love dancing, tumbling, singing going swimming and playing at the park. Vote for me please ! ❤️
This is Raelynn, she is a sassy 1 year old. - loves biscuits and gravy and ice cream -loves watching daddy race 🏁 -loves her doggies -favorite word is “BUBBY” (one of her dogs) ❤️
Lilly has always loved the spot light. She’s been a ray of sunshine in our lives. She is growing up now to be the best big sister to her little brother CJ. She has struggled with various respiratory/medical issues throughout her life but she has never let them get her down!
Annalise is very smart outgoing and loves Gymnastics
My sweet beautiful baby girl Aaliyah she is very sweet baby she love to play and dance and love ❤️ spending time with her family vote and show love for my baby girl Aaliyah Simmons
Taylor Renee is a vibrant and kind soul who loves to draw, meditate with mommy, and play dress up! Her favorite food is strawberries and her favorite color is yellow. Her sense of humor and compassionate demeanor make her such a joy to be around. She will make you laugh and hold your hand when you’re feeling blue! She is a social butterfly 🦋 to her core and a true friend to all.
Amina is 4 months old and love to smile at all smiling faces and her favorite food as of now are her hands, which she enjoys💜
Leilani is the busiest and sweetest toddler.
Aviana is such a funny , bubbly , happy girl ! She loves arts n crafts, dress up , Barbie & baby dolls , she loves learning her sight words . She enjoys singing , dancing , outside activities and being her bubbly playful self. Aviana is very friendly and loves playing with friends. Her favorite food is chicken nuggets and she LOVES chocolate! Her favorite color is pink , Aviana also likes exploring & animals. Lately she’s been doing a lot of different science projects for kids that she really enjoys and learning / noticing sight words .
Haley is all around sass and pizazz! Haley has a smile that will light up a room . She loves to sing and dance and loves to act . 💓
Zenorria's such a loving and happy babygirl. Very silly and so smart. She lights up the whole room, She's so full of smiles and laughter.
Lizzie is starting to coo and smile a lot! She almost knows how to giggle! She loves her being held and talked to
Mya is a goofy, fun, happy, loving little girl! She loves to draw, play outside, jump on the trampoline, and play with her friends
Brooklynn Bryant
My name is Brooklynn my favorite color is yellow 💛I enjoy dancing and playing football with my brothers my favorite food is pancakes and French toast 💗
She very smart she loves gymnastics
I was born a Preemie an weighed 4 lbs 1oz & 16¼ in long with blond hair and blue eyes! I had spent alot of months in an out of the hospital but doing much better since my specialist found out that I have a gentic 3 genes out of 39 missing out if my Chromosome 7!
Gianna is full of life & energy. She knows how to count to 20. She knows all her colors & loves to dance. The true definition of little miss beauty. Smart & Beautiful.
Janiya loves painting and singing. She dreams of being a veterinarian when she grows up. She’s a Halloween baby so she loves all things in the fall.
Luna is a miracle of life, i couldn't have any more kids, she came to shake our world, she gives each member of our family a reason to smile, stay positive. She is so loving and funny, makes us laugh with her occurrences like, playing pretending to be us.
Haleigh love playing outside
Ne’vaeh loves to smile, giggle & play with light up toys 💖
Margaux Jayne
Margaux is such a happy baby. She loves to go swimming, and watch Winnie the Pooh. Her favorite character is tigger. She’s the best snuggler, and will sit and watch full movies. She loves her puppy and her kitty. Her favorite word is dada
Hello! My name is leilani and I love getting cuddled ❤️Specially by mommy 👨‍👩‍👧Vote for me if u think I’m cute🥰
Aumariana is 15months old she loves super why and Barney and she loves playing with other kids and her toys she’s very smart and talented
Averly is 4 months old and he favorite thing to do is bath time. She loves water and he rubber ducky’s. Her favorite tv show is doc mcstuffins and she always talks and giggles at the tv when they sing their songs.
Hey hey im ZOEY'REIGN, my birthday is July 23,2021, im a ♌️ 🦁 LEO and rightfully so because i am a dramatic 🎭theatrical🎥, and fiery🎆 vibrant little lady🥰and im always fashion forward 👗📿💍🩰, i love to watch and sing along with Gracie's Corner learning to count along with learning my numbers, colors and more 😁i enjoy riding my bumper buddy as much as i like sitting at my vanity putting my bow bows on 🪞🎀, i love anything to do with minnie mouse and i love my big brother and my mommy to pieces💘💘, i have so much personality packed into this little body of mine, im just simply a joy to be around ❤️ 💖 🥰🌈👑💎 ps. I love celery 🌱and bananas together🍌 😋 ♥️ 😍 DONT FORGET TO LIKE AND SHARE ALL MY CUTENESS PLEASE LOVE ZOEY'REIGN 😊😊
NaLaia is 20 months old ! She loves to play with her babies she loves singing KPOP and playing dress up in her clothes! Lailai is a little sassy pants but supee sweet !
Amitola is oh so sweet and she loves to swim and dance 🥰
Sa'diah is truly just a sweet and absolutely gorgeous baby girl her chubby cheeks bring us joy every morning of everyday with a sweet smile that warms our hearts her favorite things are Coco melon and bananas at snack time with her favorite blanket of course oh she also lovesss bath time and will try to get in with all her clothes on 🤣 she is the best!💖
She is very active. Loves swimming and is competitive. She loves to paint and she love animals, specially her puppy, Bandit.
Born on 3-25-22 she's definitely a daddy's lil girl, loves paw patrol, and backyardigans, loves her pet dogs, cats, and watching her two turtles at a distance.
Harlem is almost 3 months old. She loves eating her baba’s, watching Gracie’s corner, and kisses from mommy & daddy! ❤️
Zamora is a loving and happy little girl. Very smart and energetic. She will be your sunshine on a cloudy day. She is full of smiles and laughter. Never a boring day with this cutie pie around. She will keep you smiling.
Jazzlynn , I can say a lot about her. But she’s a gift from god. She’s loves to eat, loves to smile loves tummy time(sometimes) she loves glasses, phones and her toys. She definitely has a very unique personality and her mommas attitude. She’s just a happy baby!
She is perfect and her dad delivered her at home in the tub
She is so sweet in cute I told her about this in she picked out her on picture
She is sooooo silly and loves to sing, dance, shop and play on her tablet and likes to try to do her own hair…
Quynn is EVERYTHING you can ask for in a daughter. She’s very sweet, sassy, smart, brave and kind. She loves playing dress up, dancing, singing, gymnastics and watching her shows. She brings life into every room she walks in.
Victoria Gonzalez
Victoria is beautiful likes art and shopping has a wonderful personality and attends a great school