Cynthia-Lynne is a little cuddle bug especially when it comes to her mommy, her favorite things are rattles and sitting up! She also loves to laugh and smile
Just a 5 year old girl living her best sassy life. Amazing soul and caring heart
Emberly is such a happy baby! Always smiling and “talking”. Very intrigued by animals and loves elephants and polar bears. She brings so much joy and happiness to our family!
Salma is a happy out going kind hearted girl. She loves to help people and enjoys outdoors .
Emilee is the sweetest little girl 💝 she loves to smile and is super curious!
Rosalyn loves my little pony and jo jo and she’s very lovable and kind
I am Goofy, Loving, Sweet, Super Sassy, and a Fashionista💜 I love My mommy daddy and BABY SHARK!💛
She enjoys art and animals. She loves volunteering at mommy's work helping the elderly.
She's 9 and in 3rd grade. She loves her little brother who's 1. She loves her friends and family. Loves to hunting, fishing, and camping. She trys so hard to get along with everyone and to fit in even tho it's hard in our county bc the bullying. She finds it so hard to make friends around here especially since we moved. Love my little girl even tho she's growing up on me.
She loves to dance and sing. Gymnastics, Ballet, Everly on YouTube. Very caring and loving. her favorite is her dog Calies. She has 3 older brothers so that makes her the baby of the house. So Please vote for my baby. Thank you
My sweet baby Kay arrived on the Fourth of July in 2017 and has been the biggest blessing since. She is in her first year of school and loves to play “teacher.” She is currently in competition dance at our local dance studio, and has won many 1st place awards for her solo and group dance. She loves to dance, sing, and do gymnastics. She is the star of my show and is such a blessing. 🤍
Aleeyah is a beautiful 7 year old girl who is very goofy, loves to play in dirt, loves to play video games, likes to tell jokes
Amiyah is a funny, outgoing, beautiful 8 year old girl. She loves to do makeup, dance, play video games, be silly
She is so SPUNKY! She has so much sass! She is such a fun child and we love her so much
Katherine is a sweetheart, she’s loving and caring and such a great big sister. She has a huge heart for others and animals and she wants to be a baby doctor when she grows up.
Hello my name is Harper U’imaliakai Pantle, I am 6 months old.I love to roll around on the floor and play with my older sister, family members and friends! I love to eat carrots, greens and also banana sticks. My bounce is my favorite thing to sit in cause I love to move, but if you rap me up tightly I will definitely find my self falling a sleep.
This is my beautiful daughter who was born on st. Patrick’s Day and turned a month old on Easter
Daphni loves people and we all joke she is a future cruise director for sure. She becomes instant friends with everyone.
Harper is a firecracker and full of energy
She is a very creative and caring little girl she loves to sing and dance and aspires to be a doctor when she grows up. She has Turners syndrome so she has a lot of health issues but she is a fierce warrior she is having open heart surgery on may 16th if she wins it would really brighten her day while she is in recovery
After this contest ends I will be giving advances to be returned in August if you want advances post your link and I will vote daily for you to return then. Thanks!!!!
Ariah loves taking naps, she has a adorable attitude. Will make anyones day with her smile and laughs. Always brings joy and lights up a room!❤️
Emory is our sweet, sassy, and super cute 7 month old daughter who has the biggest smile & sweetest laughs. She’s the light of our lives & leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes. She loves everyone, loves her toys and music, and loves making new friends
Brooklyn likes to eat, and hanging out with her momma. She also loves sitting up like a big girl. She always looks fabulous, and lovesssss attention 💕
this is harlows she loves to laugh and raspy with her mouth just to make us smile❤️
Our sweet girl is already so sassy . She loves all the attention and will screech at the top of her lungs like a pterodactyl until she gets it . She loves snuggles and sticking her tongue . Vote for our sassy princess!
My little Lilah if full of energy! She loves to be fancy going to dance but she also gets dirty playing softball nonstop. She never runs out of things so say. She will talk your ear off. She’s kind and sweet and has no problem speaking her mind. I wouldn’t change a thing about this crazy sweet little lady.
I am 27 weeks pregnant with zaylee She is due the August 8th
Annaleigh is a smart bright funny girl. She loves helping out whenever She can. She loves being on camera and wants to be a youtuber. She loves taking pictures and loves fashion. She also loves doing diy projects she finds off of YouTube. She is a bright young girl a a very bright future
Vernyn is a very intelligent, highly logical, funny little girl. Her sarcasm knows no bounds and her logic doesn’t compare when connecting things. She loves her Mama, her brother and sister, and school. ❤️
Daesy is a strong-willed, happy, vibrant little girl. Her favorite person is Daddy, her favorite word is no, and she has the biggest personality at her age that I’ve ever seen.
Adrienne is a smart spunky sassy little girl. She loves to make conversation with people and loves making people laugh. She loves taking pictures and being the center of attention but also loves helping anyone that she can no matter who it is.
She’s a very active 10 year old girl she has spina bifida and does everything like a normal kid with a few set backs. She’s undergone 8 surgeries since birth and number 9 this summer. She has 2 other brothers and not to mention she’s a twin! She truly an amazing daughter and fighter. I look up to her everyday
Kaylene has the best personality! She loves everyone she meets. She enjoys playing with her friends and being outside. She sure has the attitude and sass part down💕💕
Destanii is the happiest baby I’ve ever met ! She loves to be talked to and told that she is such a good baby. She brightens everyone’s day.
Gabriella is 3 months old, loves to talk & is always smiling . She is a very happy baby .
Alexis is a spunky little 6year old. She lives the out doors, cheer, and dancing!
Zykeria Robinson
She very outspoken, she loves fashion, & she loves people
Royalty loves to smile n laugh but she is always a major actress she loves to dress up and has a face for every minute
Keira is a very happy baby. She loves to smile and talk to people. Her best friend is her twin brother Jamal.
Ava is a super happy little babe! She loves to smile, babble, and play all day!
Phoenix is 7 months old, She’s learning new things every day and lights up our world with that beautiful smile.
Please give my sweet beautiful loving girl a vote 💓
My daughter she is very talented. she is a A student and also in gifted and spelling bee. She loves animals drawing art her favorite color is purple. She has a shy personality until you get to know her. When she smiles she lights up the room. Go Destiney!
Kimorah is very caring and friendly. She talks about her pets all the time and talks about the funny things they do. What she likes most to do is draw, dance, and sing.
She very smart loves to build things. Reading medical books, dancing, singing
Very playful and kind she loves to eat fruit and ride her go-cart outside with her little sister
Scarlett is a happy happy baby! She sings with her mommy. Loves food, and loves to play. She loves play dates with daddy and her “bed time babies”(her stuffed toys).