Baby Stories - 30


She loves to play with her family and animals she brings loads of sunshine to all hearts
Charming and sweet little one, music lover 5 years old. Sassy as always .
Sophie is a very helpful and wonderful girl She loves helping and cooking Vote for Sophie she will love to see you smile
Alaina is sweetest little girl you'll ever meet, the cutest one too. She is absolutely fearless! She loves soccer, singing, skateboarding, barbies, playing outdoors and her iPad. She loves school and loves to learn.
Bella is very outgoing and love’s being outside , she’s love’s horses. Vote for Bella she’s a great kid and loves everyone
Elivia love’s playing with baby dolls and playing outside . Her nickname is miss mess Vote for elivia she’ll appreciate your vote
Emmy was born 3 months early weighing only 2 lbs. She is strong and a fighter. She loves dancing, playing with her friends, sliding at the park (but never swinging), eating, making a mess, being with family, and watching tv.
Sassy & sweet little miss Paislynn is sure to put a smile on anybody’s face 💕
Londyn-Dior is 8 months old. She’s a very happy baby. Always smiling & always laughing. Londyn loves Cocomelon & most of all she loves music. As soon as she hears music she smiles and starts to dance. She’s such a happy baby. Easy to love ❤️
My beauty queen is so smart and so advanced not even six months old she sits up by her self she is just so amazing and loving she deserves your vote
She has one sibling, a big brother name River and She is our precious Rainbow baby, after a devastating miscarriage and we are so very blessed to have her. She’s spoiled to her mommy and loves being held 💓🌈
Hi my name is Addi Grace and I am 5 years old I love dancing and YouTube . I also love food so much !
Such a sweet babygirl, loves to smile🥰 such a smart baby already!.
Elliana enjoys long naps and laughing with her big sister.
Valentina is a very happy and active baby. She always smile for the pictures. She loves to jump a lot and crawl all over the house. She enjoy almost every food.
Maliyah is 7 months old and so full of life! She’s always so happy and loves people. She has such a beautiful smile and an upbeat personality
Born a Preemie but that didn't stop this strong little girl. Born with a head full of hair. Always smiling and loves being outside❤️
Rosslynn is 6 months old. 20 whopping pounds. Loves her food. The goofiest baby 🤩
Kristalyn is a 3 month old preemie survivor who loves to play with her big brother and snuggle with her mommy! She is always happy and smiling. She loves to suck her fingers, go outside in the sunshine for walks and picnics, tummy time, and watch the big kids play on the playground!
Emersyn Louise
Emersyn is a spunky, loving, and sassy girl! She loves anything outdoors and loves to dress up as well! She’s the best of both worlds! Her spirit could lift anyone up no doubt!
Ember is a very loveable energetic little girl❤ She loves playing with her older sister.
Shaelynn is the happiest little girl in the world, always smiling!
Jennah is very smart for her age she loves her big sister she’s very kind and smiles at everyone and she’s has a twin brother
Hi! I'm Brooklyn Shaye. I smile, play and laugh all day long! I have yet to meet a stranger and love everyone! ❤
Maisey is the middle child of our 3 girls but has the biggest personality! Silly and sassy, she is quick to speak her mind but also keeps you laughing. She loves dinosaurs, My Little Ponys, and Paw Patrol. Usually found sporting her shoes on the wrong feet she stays busy playing and exploring as much as she can. She is smart and nosey and loves asking questions. She loves all animals and if given the chance would love and play with them all too! 4 going on 24, she will melt your heart, make you laugh until you cry, and tell you all about yourself all in the time it takes to get her to switch her shoes to the right feet❤
Rebecca, or Becca, is the oldest and is the best big sister. She has an enormous heart and is so kind and caring to any and everyone she meets and is loved by all her classmates. As if her big heart wasn't enough, she is also very smart and talented. She has all A's & B's and was even invited to be in her schools BETA Club. She loves all things art and not only can she draw and paint but she is also great at sculpting with clay. She has a silly and bubbly personality that can be contagious and she can light up any room. She's our sunshine ☀️
Charlotte, or Charlie, is the youngest of 3 girls and loves her big sisters! Her favorite things to do are sharing snacks with our doggy Lily, playing with her (and her sissy's) pop-its, and watching her favorite movie The Good Dinosaur. She is curious and quirky and will keep you on your toes as well as surprise you with her smarts and steal your heart!
Arielle is 3 years 3 months She Loves going to School 🏫 , Soccer ⚽️, Ballet 🩰swimming 🏊‍♀️ and Pizza 🍕 Arielle is a very sweet little Girl 👧🏼 who just ❤️ Loves Everyone .♥️
Addison Phyllis-Marie Luing is 1 years old as of October 29! She’s such a happy and sweet baby. She has a warm heart and is loving towards her older brother who is 2 years old. Addison loves dolls and stuffed animals . Sometimes she likes cars but only because her bubby likes them lol.
PRINCESS Londyn is my name I’m tiny but I can get loud!! I love to dress up smile and laugh
RayLynn loves being creative and dancing and singing. She is the light of my life and I don’t know what I would do without my kids! ❤️
She is the sweetest. Smily baby !!
The sweetest thing you’ll ever meet! Loves being scared and her JJ doll. Rolling and making mama work to change her diaper!
Miss Sophia is a little sister to a her 2 year old big sister. She was a c-section baby and was very small still is but we are getting up there. She is loved very much by everyone that sees her.
Gwenneth is a happy, loves me, sassy little girl. Who loves her mum and dad. Is a snuggle bug. And is a huge wiggles fan.
Hello my name is Karmen Elizabeth and my favorite thing to do at the moment is SLEEP.
Olivia is a loveable and happy girl who loves her friends, school, ballet, tap, swim and soccer! As you can see she loves to laugh and her smile is contagious!
Ava loves playing outside and taking photos. Her favorite baby puree is blackberry and banana and already loves the color purple.
Ksenia Cali-rayne
Hi I’m Ksenia! I’m a very happy bright little baby, I have three essential's, my stuffed elephant, my pacifier and my rattle. Vote for me!
Freya is a happy little girl, she loves her big brothers. She enjoys her naps and talking/ smiling at everyone she meets.
Little Miss Avery Lynn is a funny, outgoing little girl. She can make the day of anybody just by smiling or talking to them with her goofy self!
My name is Damari. I am 8 months old. I like to laugh and play with my brother and family. I love to crawl to try to get things that I want such as my teething toys or my baby dolls. People love holding me because I am such a juicy and happy baby.
Cori is the most easy going 2 month old baby! She is chill and loves to cuddle! Cori is just now learning to smile and find her hands! She’s the best thing in our lives!