Baby Stories - 30


Rainbow baby ❤️ Chevelle is such a happy baby. She is a momma’s girl at heart. She has such a huge loving personality. If her smile does not steal your heart, her baby blue eyes will.
Marsley is a super energetic 3 year old. She is loving, but has a rowdy side too. She is definitely a sour patch kid. You never know with her. One day she hopes to be a doctor. For such a little girl, she has big dreams.
Raelynn Navi
RaeLynn is a sassy little girl. She loves making the most silliest faces, kicking her feet (especially during bath time) and sleeping all the time! She has it made already, can’t wait to see her personality grow with her💗
Kae’Lani is the love of my life. She loves to smile and always has baby conversations with me. She loves music and enjoys bubble baths. Kae’Lani has a face that will melt all your problems away.
Kaydence is 5 months old . She is a happy baby, she laughs and smiles all day. She is such a joy to be around she really does brighten up the day with that big beautiful smile and them beautiful brown eyes . She loves to eat specially her baby food , she loves to play and try to crawl around.
Brooklyn is so full of life. She's a very smart, funny, loves to shop, and a picky eater. A ball of fun and a busy bee. She keeps me grounded and on my toes. Definitely sunshine on a cloudy day!
Malani is a happy 2 month old baby who loves to cuddle and tummy time. Absolute bundle of joy in her familys life.
She loves her jojo. She is very independent. Loves to play outside
Gracie is what I call my sweet, cute, adorable, spoiled "BRAT" that everyone seems to love and adore! She is caring, loves all animals, and has a heart of gold! She loves to read, is extremely artistic, and has been a competitive dancer for 6 years!
Skylar loves to ice skate, do tiktok dances and making new friends.
She is very independent. Loves her toy story and baby shark. She love to eat all the time .
She’s 3 weeks old and she loves to eat and sleep.
Ameerah is a happy baby who loves to babble and cuddle with mommy. She loves to smile, and has been doing so since she was just a day old! Please Vote for my sweet princess :)
Karmella loves being talked to and smiles at everyone! she loves watching cartoons, and bath time, and FaceTiming her family ❤️
Demí Varner
Just A 3 Year Old Baby Girl With Sass 🥰
She loves to read and sing her abc song. Her second favorite song to sing is happy birthday to everyone. She has a heart of gold, also she’s down right hilarious.
Ayanna was born October 8th 2009 .. Every since she came into this world she has been so amazing .. Ayanna is very smart, loves to dance, cheer, and doing TikTok’s is her favorite.. Ayanna is a 4th grader and makes A’s & B’s .. She loves making new friends .. Ayanna is very outgoing, photogenic, respectful, and most of all love being a kid .. Vote for Ayanna she deserves it and needs to be recognized as well as rewarded for being a great outgoing respectful kid .. Good luck to all the contestants..
A'Brii is almost 5 months old! The youngest of 3 and the only girl.She loves taking walks in her stroller on nice sunny days, she enjoys playing peekaboo with her older brothers.She will smile with just about anybody...👸
Crisanta Consuelo
This little girl has stolen our hearts, her 2 older brothers get annoyed with all her singing and dancing, but we love ALL that huge personality she has, not only is she a cutie but has a heart of gold, we appreciate your vote Thank you all 👌👌👌👌
Nalene Marcel Garcia
Very happy, intelligent and most loving babygirl❤️ SHE LOVES BLANKETS. She’s so bossy and sassy 💁🏻‍♀️
She is an amazing little sassy girl who loves laughing, dancing, singing, and outdoors. Loves Frozen and puppy dog pals but besides TV she enjoys coloring, helping me cook, and playing with her castle.
Naomi is a very happy, fun loving baby. She loves Bluey, sweet tea and marshmallows
MaciLynn loves to smile. She loves her family especially her big brother. She just starting crawling and pulling herself up.
She loves all sorts of animals! She gets along with everyone with a kind heart. She can keep up with the boys, as well as play barbies with the girls. All around sweet sweet girl.
A miracle rainbow baby who is the strongest girl I know. Two big brothers that will always have her back.
Mia is a 15 month old ball of energy. She loves to chase her "pup pup"s and get into EVERYTHING! She is such a sweet girl.
Brynn loves unicorns and mermaids. She loves being outdoors and going on adventures.
Ny bug is very sassy, love to smile and very talkative 💗 she’s so loving 😩
Laney Deramus
Laney loves to dance she loves outdoors she loves women time and pop in Nanas house at the farm she has work at the farm and most of all she is the most beautiful outgoing person you’ll ever meet she has never met a stranger in her life she loves meeting people from everywhere they are called her friends
She’s a very sassy but sweet 1 year old who loves to eat and play she’s very smart and she’s a daddy’s girl she’s just too cute to not wanna look at 💕🥰
Juliet loves her mommy & her puppies! She loves to smile, eat & go for walks in her stroller!
She is the sweetest and kindest little girl with a Little sassss who loves animals of all kind big or small. She loves to ride horses and is a natural. I’m blessed to be her mom!
Akari is was not plan but is the greatest thing thats happened to use she a happy baby
Shes a mommas girl loves to be tickled her smile and laugh are the cutest. She loves watching her big brother play.
she likes skateboarding and is very smart in school
Kenny loves music, teethers and her Mama!! She has the most infectious smile and is so loveable and peaceful. Skin just just pearls, the best thing in the world!! 🤎💜🤎💜🤎
Jarayah Jackson
She is funny very goofy. She is the lite of the party and she loves her family. In the picture is her nephew that’s one of her roll dogs 😍😍
Lily bug loves to smile and is very talkative!
My Callie girl is my 9 month old best friend! My baby hardly ever cries.. no matter what she always has a smile on her face.. so in return she can always brighten my day! She loves water.. swimming.. and especially bath time! She is a mommas girl all the way.. i couldnt ask for a better little angel baby!
Noelle is 2months she loves to eat, sleep and she loves to hold her head up and loves tummy time !
Amyah is smart, funny and kind she loves her Family and friends. She always says "Be nice to friends".
Miani Skye is 7months old she was born on August 12, 2020 @ 1:59AM she loves to eat and loves watching mickey mouse.
Mila Rose is a very happy baby. She loves tummytime, music, morphle, cocomelon, and loolookids! She loves sticking her tounge out and cuddles cuddles and more cuddles! Shes all about snuggles everyday all everyday! Shes obsessed with her 3 older brothers, and is a daddys girl. She may only be 3 months old but she knows how to make you smile when youre down, and can light up the whole room!
Glori loves to read. She also likes to play at the park and eat out once a week. She is a sharer and very daring.