Milgros loves to smile and with her bunny she is a very sweet baby
Chrystal Rose
This little girl keeps a smile on everyone’s face. She’s smart, adventurous and loving. Words cannot describe her.
Hi Guys! I just turned 1 and I’m full of laughter! I love my mommy and daddy, and I’m taking more and more steps everyday trying to keep up with my big brother and sister who i adore! I love splashing water and chewing on any and everything because I’m teething big time!! I love to smile and i love making others smile! Vote for me and help put a smile on my face please! 🫶🏽💞
Audrihana is a very joyful, creative, talented girl. She loves to draw, sing & dance! VOTE FOR AUDRIHANA ❗️❗️❗️
Amelia is a cancer born 7/13 , she loves Sesame Street, always smiling and happy , very energetic and loving , loves her food , loves to play with her brother and sister, CURRENTLY ACCEPTING EXCHANGES
My baby name is Amiri she loves to play, yell, crawl, and hug shes a Gemini so yk they have more than one personality
Kaislee loves gymnastics hanging out with her friends. She is so caring and kind to everyone
Hi my name is Echo, im 10 months old and i love my mommy and daddy so much, i have my own puppy her name is mercedes she is so sweet and j love her so much. my favorite words are dada and bubble, and i have one whole tooth and one half tooth ! i love going to the park and swinging on the swings. 💕
Hi, my name is A’riyah Angela Freeman, I was born February 27th, 2024. I am a pisces. I love my mommy, I have started to laugh and smile at her and I am ONLY 1 month. Mommy is 18 and had a C-Section. I love car rides, they keep me calm when I am very fussy. I also love going outside. I absolutely love watching Bluey.
Hey my is Tsireya I love watching Gracie's Corner, to dance and play with big brother.
Stella is very funny and an outstanding lil girl she likes to play outside she likes to play with her cousins
She loves to smile and her favorite toy is an alien named P.T!
Vote for Kamari she’s fun, loving and a ball of entertainment.
Khloè is one happy little girl. She loves smiling, laughing and playing with her older sisters. Changing the world one gemstone at a time.
ALL VOTE EXCHANGES ARE WELCOME! I love to dance and smile. I love to watch bluely and eat Cheetos. I’m special I was born with extra fingers 😍.
DiAirra is an outgoing baby who loves to explore everything around her. She loves playing outside, reading books, and watching bluey!
Empryss is a little happy spoiled 9 month old who loves to laugh clap and play with toys that light up. Her favorite show is baby first tv and Ms Rachel. She is not the average 9 month old, she is very ahead of her age with talking and almost walking. She also has a contagious laugh! Vote for my baby girl please.
She absolutely loveees the camera and love to scream and laugh , she definitely a boss baby diva. Naomi has the biggest is so contagious🥰
She loves smiling and playing with her tongue!! She is for sure a momma’s girl but she gets the biggest smile when she sees her daddy!
Mercy is a beautiful friendly little girll always smiling easy to get along with eveyone loves mercy
All votes are appreciate😊! Hi my name is Rosalyn I’m the sweetest calm baby ever! I love any bright colors I can see and my favorite stuff animals are cows🥰. I also love being adventurous and looking around😊!
Hi my name is Cecilia but my parents call me Cici. I love to roll away from my bottles and play with my kitties. Screaming is my new favorite hobby. The best part of my day is when my daddy comes home from work to give hugs and kisses.
Mariah loves playing outside and going on walks she's very outgoing
Little Miss Oakleigh is 5 months old, she loves mom and dad time, chewing on her toys, watching cartoons. She’s just such a happy sassy baby🎀🩷
Hello 👋🏽 my name is Amara Im 5 months old going on 15 😊 I love watching cartoons and trying to sing. My favorite food so far is 🥭 (mangos). I love my beauty sleep 💤, and also my 2 mommies and 2 sisters. I'm new to the world 🌍 but already making big waves 🥹.... Thanks for reading Amara ❤️
Silly Baby
Maddie is a 5 month old beautiful baby girl. She loves playing, making silly noises, playing with her big brother and trying to eat her feet.
First Granddaughter of 6 Grandsons she spent 3 days in the NICU but is now home happy and growing every day shes absolutely perfect and has 1 older brother that loves her so much she has brought so much love to all our lives very proud to call her my daughter
I love cheese puffs and Minnie Mouse 🩷
Tilly loves posing for the camera and she’s always full of energy and smiles!!
Hey besties, I’m KB, thank you so much for voting for me!! I’m 8 months old, I love CocoMelon, I love playing dress up with mommy and my favorite meal is daddy’s delicious jamaican soup! Voting for means you are investing in me and my future and my mommy will contribute my wins to my first investment property!! Thank you so much🙏🏾♥️
Brilee is an outgoing 4 year old that will keep you on your toes…her laugh could make anyone smile…she might b the youngest in the family but she make sure to let you know she’s the boss
Ra’Lanii is a 8 month bubbly, bright, brilliant and beautiful little baby! She brings so much love, action, and chaos to our party of 4 now! She’s a crawler but I swear she wants to just skip to walking the way she climbs on stuff to get to where she wants to go. Her all time favorite is Gracie’s Corner.
Goofy, smart, loves Fortnite
Kalina has started walking &is a bilingual girly. She can understand words in both Japanese &English, loves to play with her fur-siblings (2 cats 2 dogs), &is a major Daddy’s girl🖤 She would love your votes to go towards her school funds😘
She loves to sing . Loves to dance my baby have that gift from god. She’s an amazing daughter and a great big sister and helper 😍
My baby girl if full of laughter smiles and know how to brighten up the room if your feeling down. She love to take pictures and love to eat she’s a daddy girl but got my personality . An she’s chunky 🥰❤️
Alia Moyer
Hi my name is Alia Moyer I am 4 years old and very loving smart and kind. I always have a smile on my face please vote for me and make me the happiest little girl 💕
Maylee is the sweeetest baby ever with a smile that will light up a room!
She loves Gracie’s Corner , Mrs Rachel , and SpongeBob . Her favorite word is Dada and she loves bouncing 💕
Brielle loves watching Gracie Corner and also loves playing with her jack Russell chip and Lola and her pit bull star she’s a very happy baby
My name is Saiora I am 2 years old and I love being a girly girl
Lillia is a sweet and happy baby girl that is full of personality! She loves hugs and kisses and all the attention she can get.
Our little miracle baby. Born 5 weeks early she spent the first 15 days in nicu. Came home heathy and has steadily grown despite being only 3 lbs at birth
My name is Everleigh Rose I am 3 years old I am beautiful inside and out very sweet and polite I am very happy outgoing& I love everyone ❤️!!!
Jalaysia is a person to love she laughs and play she just such a doll