Baby Stories - 3


Hey I’m Teneria Latrice & I’m 1 years old. I love to play around & watch LouLou kids on my pink tablet. Welcome to the world where it’s all about me💗💗💗💗
Caylee is a Joy and she loves being included in conversations and laughs 💜
Hi! I'm Quinn!! I love to play and eat noodles! I just discovered how to do "the raspberries" and it's so much fun! I also love to laugh and crinkle my nose! Mommy calls me Miss Sassy Pants and Daddy likes to call me Stinkems! I love Mommy and Daddy! Please vote for me!
McKenzie loves to play outside, she loves to talk, wear hats, even put on make up; And she even growls! Without even asking or thinking to ask her, She gets everybody's shoes ready when we go bye-bye and she always helps her brother too!! She's a sweet joy of life!!
Emarie, is the sweetest little girl, she is a joy to be around, loves being a mommy to little babies. She loves to play and bounce around. My little loving girl would love your vote. 💕
Promise is 3months old she loves music talking and being around her family she is very alert and ready to learn about new things everyday she is the baby that never cries!!! Her nick name is Promi.
Hi! Im Madison, But my dad calls me a cutie-PA-tootie. Im new here so Im interested in looking at lots of stuff, but my favorite thing so far would be the ceiling fan in the living room. that thing is crazy looking!
Rhylei is a burst of energy and a bundle of love. This little doll loves to cuddle with her twin brother, lay on mommy, and smile with Daddy.
Harlynn is a free spirit, so much personality in such a little girl! She loves getting into everything she shouldn’t! We love her so very much!
Akyah is a little Diva with sass & personality! She is like the sunshine after a rainy day 💛
Eliana is the most sweetest babygirl. She is always smiling and happy! Eliana’s favorite color is pink! Eliana is a princess! She loves to play! Elmo, Daniel Tiger, and Pinkalicious are her favorite tv shows! Eliana loves to take pictures! She’s Very photogenic!
Ariella is 1Years old❤️❤️ she loves dancing and playing. Full of energy!! Keeps mommy and daddy super busy! Loves her fur family ❤️ super smart and she loves her mommy ❤️❤️
I love to blow kisses say hi I’m on the move. I love to laugh and play. I love light up and sound toys. I’m also a miracle baby for my mom and dad
Octavia loves to explore anything & everything. She loves animals, swimming, playing outside. Very happy baby.
She’s very sweet and playful, laughs way the much🥺💕loves cheese Cheetos
She like to play with her friends..she love her baby girl she like to be around her family and friends
Laylani is a very outgoing, bubbly girl. She has a very goofy personality. She loves chicken and Minnie Mouse. Her favorite holiday is Halloween and her favorite color is green. She loves singing to her little sister and dancing and bubble baths.
I love music and listening to my big sister sing to me and watching Disney movies with her.
Emmaleigh is in kindergarten!! She loves school! She also is a big believer in magic! She's got a good sense of humor so there isn't a dull moment in our house!
Brentli’ loves to eat, talk, run, and play!! She’s a happy baby! Loved by everyone!
Jersey Chanelle
Jersey Chanelle is a very happy , energetic , cheeto puff loving baby !
Emmaleigh is a darling little girl! She loves disney, bqbies, and school!! Her addiction is Disney!! Emmaleigh sings and dances. She is a daddy's girl! She has beautiful soul and loves to assist you when you need it the most. She's definitely my little princess!
Blakelyne loves tummy time and all the lights! She loves snuggles from mommy and daddy and playtime with her big sister.
She loves to eat and sleep a lot. She loves to lay with her twin sister.
Hi my name is Lili, Im 14 and I really enjoy spending time with family and friends. I joined this contest because I thought it could be fun!!
She was born with a cleft lip and palate and brain anomalies with semilobar holoprosencephaly, dysgenesis of the corpus callosum, midline gray matter heterotopia, migration abnormalities in the periventricular system and cerebellum. She loves to sleep with her twin sister.
Elliotte is our very own princess & the youngest of three! She is a little ham who loves her twin brothers more than anything! She has the sweetest personality & a smile that melts anyone who encounters her!
Brynn is as vivacious as they come! She just loves to talk and dance around the room. Her Favorite place to be is outside at the park or by the soccer fields.
Briella is always happy, loves her food and her big brother the most!
hi :) I’m Amelia dream is to because miss America one day.I’m currently in 10th grade at Tishomingo county high favorite hobby is to hangout with family and friends.💕
Maylani is the happiest baby, she is 10 months maylani swears shes grown lmaooo she loves eating, dancing& she is a biggg mommas girlll 👩‍👧💙
Aria is 4 months old about to be 5, she’s very smart she loves watching little baby bum and cocomelon, she loves to yell and laugh she’s always happy, she loves her naps and she loves Apple sauce and chicken bicket crackers, she loves to kick and loves your attention, she’s the sweetest baby ever she’s lovable and she loves to talk to you, she’s learning to grab now, she likes to grab ur hair 😍🥰♥️
The happiest baby on the planet! Follow us on IG and comment that you found us on here! We are new on there and will follow back! @Remi.Noelle.Patrick
Mariam N Teneh
Hello our name is Mariam and Teneh, Our name don’t match because we are carrying our grandmothers name from my mom and father side. We are the only girls, we’ve 4 amazing brothers. We love to go to school, it’s the best part of our day, We enjoy having fun, we love to get our hair braided by our mom which is our hairstylist. We love to do the ballet and we can do the split, we love to read, dance, go to school, we love reading bible to bed. We enjoy our play time with our mommy. We love to learn new things. Our favorite color is pink, purple and light blue. Our momma is our queen she is the best mama in the whole wide world because she make us so happy and dresses us like princesses. And we love 🐈and all sorts of animals. We would love to open a vet one day.
Analiyah is 3 months loves bright lights, watching tv, and she loves being talked to she has the biggest smile 😍
Haven is an adventurous child, she is full of sass, brave, energetic, happy, and funny! She is the best! She’s constantly trying to put a smile on your face, when your sad or everyday! She loves animals specially horses and kitties!! She’s the most beautiful young girl!! She’s definitely a god’s child!💜
Hi. My name is Genesis like the beginning to a new life followed by a beautiful flower rose (Genesis Rose) I’m 4 months I laugh and smile all the time. I enjoy eating my feet and hands. I babble away all day talking to my older 4 brothers and of course mommy and tia’s. Vote for me please🙂
Amiyah Is A Very Happy Baby, She Loves Crawling Around Playing With Everyone And Making Her Cute Little Noises Full Of Energy Knows How To Make Everyone Smile Smartest Little Baby Ever
Nyairá is 3 months and loves to play, eat, take pictures and cuddle with mommy💕 for more cute pictures follow her on instagram at @Nyaira_Lee🤗
She is the smartest little girl that I know. She can count up to 40. She loves adventures and playing
Hollyn loves blowing spit bubbles, spending time with her Mamaw and Papaw. She loves cuddling with her Mommy and loves playing and dancing with her Daddy. Her favorite thing is sitting in her bouncer watching the Wiggles.
Ariana Elize
Ariana is not only beautiful but has a spirit that goes with it. She’s a song bird with a beautiful voice. She never meets a stranger.
Janaé is truly the happiest baby I've ever met. Some of her interests are late night talks with mommy, pulling hair, and pulling on daddy's face. Her smile lights up a room! Although she's only 4 months her star personality already shines bright.
She loves playing with her baby doll and eating food 😂
Kyree has the biggest smile and can instantly light up the room.. she shows all gums and dimples when her sisters talk to her. She loves her thumb and baths.