Baby Stories - 3


KenLeigh is a beautiful soul inside & out. She has been through a lot in life, but still shines bright!
Henslie is 2 1/2 months old and she is such a happy loving bubbly little girl 💗
Miss Leilani loves trying new foods, playing with dogs, looking at books and playing with her toys. She’s the sweetest girl
Miley loves to dance. She is a hip hop, ballet 🩰, pointe, modern, tap, jazz, and competition dancer 💃🏻 as well as a gymnast.
Kaeleigh, loves to sing and dance. She is also involved in gymnastics! Kaeleigh has a very bright personality & LOTS of energy! She loves both of her grandmas & her papa! She loves to play with her brothers and her favorite cousin Demarcus!
She loves her daddy and she loves to Try to hold her head up like a big girl !!!❤️
Very bubbly and spunky
Clementine is very outgoing. She smiles and laughs at anyone!! She loves the outdoors and bath time. She is a big sister to her brother that is one month old. She will light up any room!!
Tamryn is a spunky little girl who loves both playing princess and hunting. She enjoys time with her baby brother, hanging out in the garage with dad and spa days with mom
A'Miracle is truly what her name says. She was prematurely born at 32 weeks, weighing 2lbs11oz. Eventhough she's 3 months, she has a bright personality. Having a bad day, her presence will brighten anyone spirit. Most importantly, she loves to smile.
Everleigh is my sweet preemie baby,she has such a unique personality and a lot of spunk for her age .She is almsot 3 months and already will show you her spoiled sassy side .she doesnt dissapoint with her one of a kind facial expressions💖
Blakely Rayne is a very sweet little girl who is achieving each milestone ahead of time. She was mommy’s save in grace!!! She is a very intelligent little girl that always has a smile on her face!!! She would make a perfect fit for little miss beauty!!
Kennedy like to play a lot she is a outside baby love it love to play the game with her daddy and you love To give kiss
Alyssa is a 7th grader who loves music, art and reading. Big sister to 3 brothers and has a beautiful heart.
The most ‘animated’ child ever LOL. She expresses ALL of her emotions through silly and crazy sounds! Our sour patch baby loves her milk and Cheetos. She enjoys the outdoors in the garden with her daddy and listening and dancing to music with mommy and sister! 😍❤️
Miss Aurora is the sweetest baby, she is always happy to share smiles and giggles with those around her. 💕 we love her to the moon
PRINCESS Ka'ziyah is a DIVA SWEET LOVING BABY she loves to dances and she love her puppy she loves to kiss her she loves her family
Deniangeliz Luna
You should vote for my daughter because she is smart and hardworking she loves to dance and cheer she also does volleyball and softball as sports choices she is a very bright soul so Vote for her
She’s the sweetest little baby in the entire world 💜 Bell bottoms and bows are life 🎀
She is a very enthusiastic little girl. She is super smart and loves to sing. She is very independent as well.
Josie loves sweet potatoes, sitting up and smiling at everyone! She is the happiest baby with some crazy hair in the mornings!
Sweet girl just wants to smile at everyone and everything and be held 24/7 💗
Mackenzie is 5 years old. She is very smart, sweet, and loves her family and making friends. She loves puzzles, books, watching TV, and playing with toys and her cousins.
Jaza is a three year old so outgoing so full of life, and love to dance !!!!
Charlie loves Ladybug, Barbie & L.O.L. For a 4 yo she has a personality that lights up the room! 💕💕
Macie is the Daughter of Mark and Kendra. She is 3 years old and would GLADLY welcome your votes so she can win this contest!! Thank you ALL in advance ♥️♥️♥️
Rena loves being tickled. Her smile can light up the whole room. She love everyone she is not shy at all. Just a girl who loves Jesus
Hadly love to play house and carry her baby everywhere. She loves doing anything and everything she can with her brother as she is his biggest cheerleader. Her favorite color is pink and absolutely loves chili!!
Finley Rae
Finley is our little lovebug! She loves playing with her kitty friend Kallie and she also enjoys the nature surrounding our home. Finley loves to smile and she is extra talkative! She enjoys books and building blocks!
Elena is our little farm girl! She is very outgoing and loves her animals! This is her very first beauty pageant!
Charlotte Raine, Loves to watch and dance to Baby shark and Cocomelon! She loves to smile and is our happy baby 💖
Olivia is a very sweet kid! She will do anything for anyone! She won Little Miss Beauty for Pure International Pageants and she just won the role of a Sugarbabe for the San Diego's Ballet performance of "The Nutcracker." I'm a proud mom! #Pageantmom #Dancemom. (Olivia is taking a break. If you would like advance votes for 2022, please let me know.)
Kennedy is a sweet 7 year old that loves playing with friends!! She has 3 older siblings and keeps them busy, along with a dog and cat 😜She is in tumbling and in 1st Grade ❤️
Paisley is 11 months and such a joy! She brightens everyone’s day with her beautiful smile. She’s so bubbly and loves showing off her little teeth.
Kenzie is my only baby girl and she is absolutely perfect!! She loves to walk ,laugh and play with her two big brothers. She loves to dance and play peekaboo.
Paxton is a happy,spunky & sassy little girl who loves her kitty & having tea parties!
Look at my beautiful daughter Jentry is loves being outside and riding her horses.
Sissie loves to eat cheese poofs and pickles!! She also love playing with her two older brothers and to watch them play video games!! Even though She loves her mommy she is definitely a daddy’s girl!! She’s learning how to sit on her own and she’s constantly rolling around!! She loves playing in her bouncer and being center of attention!! She has just cut her two bottom teeth!! If football is on sissie is glued to the tv!!
Chloe is 3 years old going on 17!! Her smile and bright blue eyes bring everyone’s bad days to good days! She loves to play and puts a smile on everyone’s face!
Hi this is Renezmae. She loves talking to mom and dad. She also loves playing with toys, mostly dog toys though. She puts on her own shoes. She has such a great big personality and is such a sweetheart.
Trinity is very smart and has a GREAT memory! Trinity send words of encouragement at just the right moments always! She’s sweet & sassy!
Zynlee loves swinging, playing with mama, and loving on her daddy! 💕