Freya is 2 months old and full of personality! She loves watching Little Einsteins and snuggles!
Spreads joy & happiness! Wakes up with a smile on her face, ready to explore play & go explores the world of outdoor. Chatter box of silly giggles. She does enjoy learning with cocomelon, & she also thinks she is the real live cocomelon baby.Mallorie Maddilynn Irene McQueen NickName; MaddieB M&M also (:little mammas too my mamma:) I love to meet new people! I'm ALLWAYS with a smile that's beautiful enough to make anybody's bay better! Verry alert love riding the buggy @my favorite place to shop which is WALLMART.. Indoors isn't really the place for me OUTSIDE is the place to be. Coast life is my life fishing in my blood, sand between my feet. God made dirt dirt don't hurt let's make some mudd pies so sweet. I adore animals all species medium size dogs I just wanna squeeze. Help me spread my smile oh so sweet, let's adore me. Tom-boy girly girl I'm all the in-between. I watch my momma's flowers grow so the world can see patiances is practice, my butterfly kisses oh so sweet butterfly 🦋 kisses I'm sending to hit the streets and go through the world from Maddie you shall see. Please vote for me 🦋💋🌎🪷&keep peace ✌️
Miss Ann-Marie is the sweetest little girl. She loves dancing and singing. She’s also the best big sister ever❤️
Everyone meet Nova🥰She is a sassy 8 month who lovessssss Elmo and her older brother. She may be little but she has a voice to be heard. Some may say she’s a daddy’s girl because they look so much alike but she is truly mommy’s baby. With a face like an Angel she’ll gracefully enter your hearts 💕
Alessandra is smart, sassy, very loveable, has a heart of gold & loves to dance 💃
Ophelia Raine has a shine like no other. She is sugar, and spice. 💛
Addy is very outgoing, she loves to play outside, addy loves to go to mawmaw’s house and she Ioves to go fishing with her mom and dad.
She’s a free spirit so sweet and caring loves to sing and dance.
Maize is a fun loving wild child. She loves the outdoors hints why she has a messy face ❤
Iris is 8months old. She loves to watch her favorite show bluey. She’s the happiest baby around, always has a smile on her face! She loves her family and to eat anything in sight! Her favorite word is Da-da. She is our sweetest blessing🤍
Aella is 5 years old and dreams of being on TV. She loves Barbie’s and art and is expressive and silly!
Harper Grace is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet.
Aurora is very friendly and always smiles makes everyone n everyone laugh
Lorry is an active baby girl, always looking for something new to get into. She is very curious and adventurous. She loves the outdoors and watching cocomelon and the minions. She's a great dancer and she loves music, she's always singing something. Besides bothering her brother, she's always playing with her puppy.
Madalynn Taylor is 2months old 💜 She loves tummy time , music, and people watching. She hates car seats 😂 and not having full attention on her . Mady’s a happy baby, and very much loved 💜 Thank you to everyone who votes 💜
Odyssey is very alert and love cookies and mash potatoes. She know how to sit up and is starting to pull up.
She was born in July of 2021. She loves to be outside, loves to eat, and cuddling with mama
Ohhhh Soooo Prettyyy . Hello This Is Kaitlyn. The Most Loveable Babygirl Ever. Please Case Your Votes For Me. 💕
Tinsley is 5 months old & already has a huge personality! She loves smiling & being alert. She definitely loves her mama & daddy! 🤍
Sophia is a two month old with a very sweet and silly personality so far in her short life. She is the only sister and oh so loved by everyone in her family.
Hi I’m Emma or as most call me Squishy. I love to smile at my brothers, love playing with the dogs, an love the milkies!
Lexi is a very sweet sassy and kind girl. She loves the beach and is always down for an adventure!! Pls vote for her!!!
Jordyn has the most contagious laugh with the cutest lil snort at the end!! Shes very playful and absolutely loves hugs and kisses! Shes very smart, she knows eyes, nose, mouth, and ears! She throws her own diapers away, picks up her own toys, and absolutely loves waiving and saying hi to everyone she passes! People at our complex stop when they see her in the window and call her a little shirley temple! She gets all the attention when we are out! Shes my world🥰
Samantha herself is ananecdote!😂 She loves makeup and clothes she is a veryvain for a 4 year old girl💟 Defects - crybaby 😭😅 Qualities - very sweet and frontal 😇😗 vote if you like ✅
Ny’Asia loves cheerleading and competitive all star cheer. She loves to play basketball. All around she loves her family
Genesis is a spicy ball of energy. She loves serving attitude while giving so much love at the same time!
Very sassy loves to sung and dance make others laugh
Adaliena is a mommy's girl. She loves to do tummy time. She loves to watch Ms Rachel. Adaliena loves her nana and papa.
Bella loves to play and be herself a funny outgoing little sassy girl and of course a simple kid !!
jazzmyne is sweet and a late bloomer in major milestones 💕 lately, i have been struggling with getting basic needs for her due to money issues. she is a sweet baby and has lqts. one of you mentioned about talking to bcbs about getting an aed. which we did but for us older ones with it and im grateful for the suggestion! 🥰
Gracie Ann
Aloha, My name is Gracie Ann I am born and raised on the beautiful island of Maui. I love going to the beach and playing at my tutus( grandmas) house. I love going to school and making new friends.
Aniyah is 4 months old loves to smile and laugh at everything loves her brother and is spoiled after her mommy and daddy
Aj is a very fun loving young lady who loves her family and friends!
Aubrey is 3 months old loves to chew on her hands and smile at her daddy
Zarriah is a beautiful, smart, sassy, full of life almost 3yr old! She loves to play with her twin brother
Laura is a two year old goofball. She loves to laugh and make people laugh. Her favorite things to do are play with her older brother and dance with ms Rachael.
Parklyn is so full of life and is an absolute people person. She loves to eat, play, and sleep.
Merryn loves making eye contact and laughing as we make funny noises.
Please like our profile so we can get the achievements 🙏🙏🙏🙏 We don’t have FB 🙏🤍🤍🤍Zaeley-Ann is down to earth, she’s fun, loving, adventurous, and super brilliant! She learns so fast, she is the youngest of 5, She loves to sing, dance, and read books, she loves cocomelon🤍 she’s loves her mommy but her daddy the most 🥰 she loves animals🤍 she’s just one of the most precious person our family has been blessed with, she saved our family, 🤍. -PLEASE VOTE FOR HER 🙏🤍🙏
Hi My name is Jasmine, I am 6 years old and I'm in 1st Grade. I live in Idaho. I do like Unicorns, my stuffed toys and playing with my neighbor friends. I always look forward for the school days because I would be able to see my friends and learn new things. I also am a big sis to my 18 months old baby sis. I love her so much and she is my BEST FRIEND. This is my first joined at the Baby/Kids pageant. Please vote for me.💕 Thank you. I really appreciate your help and time.🙏😇
My birth was nothing short of a miracle. I came via emergency c section with low blood pressure from the umbilical cord being wrapped around my left shoulder and neck. I was on a ventilator and miraculously began breathing on my own not even 24hrs later. I am a loving, doubled dimpled ball of joy! And oh, I’m also God’s favorite!
Hi im Makaiella, i like to eat and sleep. I like to smile at mommy and daddy and my brothers and sisters.
Our little peanut lights up a room with her smile! She’s the happiest baby with the prettiest gray eyes 🥰
Allison is a very bossy 3 month old who thinks she can do everything by herself but she’s also a breathe of fresh air 😍😂
Rain’n love to watch Mickey Mouse she love to smile alot her nickname is black strawberry she Love to be round her sister and brother she is a very happy baby
Bellarose Selena
BellaRose Selena is a very friendly gal. She loves ppl, cartoons and food. She has a very high energetic presence that comes from her. And her beauty is always a bonus.
Sy'mona is very lovable little girl who loves to help around the house she also enjoys riding her pink motorcycle she is just a joy to be around she also Love's Pizza and giving out hugs.
My name is Caizah, I love to laugh and play