This little girl lights up a room! Shes loves watching her cartoons, she loves when you read to her , she loves her walker! She goes everywhere lol..shes super sweet and has a very big personality already.
My name is Laila. I am 18 months old. I am smart, sassy, and energetic. My favorite thing to do is play out side on my slide and jump on my trampoline. My favorite thing to eat is cheese puffs. I love giving kisses and love to smile at everyone I see.
Miss Elaena Mae is 3 months old. She loves to giggle and give big smiles, she has a larger than life personality and is a such a precious little blessing to her family 😇❤️
Azaria is an independent, smart girl! She likes to play with her toys and to play outside ❤️❤️ her favorite things to eat are french fries and cookies 💕
My name is Emily. I am 7 weeks old and am a little sister to the best big brother! I enjoy snuggling and eating!
Esme is 5 months old, she’s a very happy baby who loves hanging out with her daddy and watching greys anatomy with her mommy
Cataleya Renesmee Wilson is a big ball of energy❤️ She wakes up happy she lets you know when she is tired she love to be held and cuddled❤️
Shelby is a very sweet and very polite girl she loves dance and cheerleading
Aubrey finds her comfort snuggling with her mom and dad. She loves going on walks. She absolutely adores her older brother and sister. She loves when her mom dances around the house with her. And lastly, she to eat.
Im an outgoing 1 year old that loves her pop pop and Gigi. I love minnie mouse and cocomelon. I love to wrestle with Amor ( my pop pop ) and i love wheels on the bus.
Coming into this world at 37 weeks and 4 pounds ladies and gentlemen please welcome KENZIE ROSE! ( all screams ahhhhhhhh ) kenzo with the benzo !! Kenzo with the benzoo ! She is active and likes to roll around to place to place she loves doc mcstuffins she loves her feet and she likes phones to take pictures. Even though she fusses at me she’s always ready for the camera ! My first baby my pride and joy i hope you see her as beautiful as I do!
Lyla Jean just turned 1 and is the happiest goofball we’ve ever seen. She loves being outside and exploring everything new. She recently started giving a grumpy face that she thinks is absolutely hilarious! So much personality in such an amazing baby girl 💜
Amaiya is a miracle, that makes mines and family life complete . She brightens any room with her contagious smile. She loves to walk around holding onto her walker(to see what she can get into), watching plim plim (spainsh show),playing peek a boo, outdoors,bathing,attention,learning and snacking on baby puffs. Everyone that meets Amaiya, says she is lovely 😁
Ameellia jo has the brightest personality already!! She loves her snuggles and her cartoon time!❤️❤️
Raelynn is a happy girl who loves her family especially her uncle Keigan. She wakes up talking an smiling. She’s been holding her head up,an trying to sit up since before she was a month. She wants everyone to know that regardless of what you look like, you are beautiful 🥰
Kinsley is very such a very smart little girl!! She is very independent and loves to do things on her own! She is very sassy at times!! She loves to ride her little bike! She loves to be outside! Her her favorite thing to watch is shrek! She picks fruit over anything to eat! She loves her older brother and sister, she looks up to them and she’s excited she’s got a little baby brother on the way!!!
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Sunnie is almost 2 years old, shes the youngest sister out of 4. Sunnie is a goofie, little girl with alot of energy. She loves food, playing with her sisters and friends. And she loves her daddy, mommy, and grammie and papa. She loves being able to run outside and rome free just like her friend chickens.
Braylen loves playing outside. She love ballet, Gymnastics, swimming, and playing with her cousin’s. She loves Her pets Dogs, cats, Rabbit, Birds.
Life she’s just everything
Jaila is a sweet two year old full of kisses and hugs for everyone .She loves playing outside and exploring ❤️.
Mila Rae
Mila is is FULL of Sass and Attitude, she has two older brothers and two older sisters,who she constantly insist they play dolls or tea party with her!! Mila loves gymnastics,dancing and making mud pies with her friends,I would say she is an animal lover at heart for sure! She has a dog named ruckus and he literally never leaves her side.Her favorite snack is carrots when she eats them we all wear googles because she thinks her eyes glow and sparkle ✨ There is never a dull moment with her around ,Mila is an all around awsome girl and would appreciate your vote thank you!!!!
Lavina is a very happy and inquisitive little girl. She always tries to figure out what makes her toys work. Every Person that meets her instantly falls in love with her laugh and her ability to make others laugh as well.
Karlie is a very sweet girl. She loves unicorns and horses. She loves spending time with her grandparents. She likes to walk to school, and also very quick to do her homework when she gets home. Loves to be outside playing with the neighbor. She wants to ride her bike all the time. She is so full of life and energy.
Alexandra is such a happy baby! She loves to snuggle, smile, and is starting to make noises. She was born 10 weeks early, weighing 2 lbs 4 oz. She spent 56 days in the NICU. She is doing great and is healthy. She's our miracle baby!
LeKiyah Is A Very Funny Person, She Loves To Tell Knock Knock Jokes & Says “Guess What, Chicken Butt” All The Time.. She Loves Old Nickelodeon Shows Like ICarly, Sam&Cat, Richie Rich, Etc… But Shes Definitely Hooked To Shrek Right Now. She Likes Going Outside And To The Park To Play, She LOVES Going Down The Slide.. She Loves Her TTs And Nanas So Much, She Screams And Gasps With Excitement Every Time They Walk Into The Room She Is In.. She Is All Around The Most Beautiful Funniest Lovable Child You Could Ever Meet, And Very Much A People Person💗
Ladybug is what I call her cause she’s always been my good luck charm, amazing girl can draw, she’s funny with a heart of gold, those big almond eyes can see into your soul which helps her in being a great judge of character, she wants to be a fashion designer and currently attending the Chicago performing arts center downtown Chicago, theres no stopping her
Miss Amerree is both a mommy’s and daddy’s girl at heart. She absolutely adores her big brother and her big sissy more than anything. She just recently started cooing along with little baby screams that come with the biggest brightest smile. Happy is the only word to describe this little lady🤍
A’nova is a happy baby who loves to dance and eat and she really loves her dada. She likes to try new fruits and snacks every day🥺
Amalia is a loving lil girl she helps me take care of her older brother tht was in a really bad car accident he suffered severe brain injury help me get votes and reach my goal
Nice and sarcastic. She loves draw and watching anime!!
She likes to laugh and cuddle.
Ainslee is a very smart, beautiful baby girl she loves her family, listening to music and watching Max and ruby 💕
Baby Giavanna loves to be outside and loves watermelon!
Smart, sassy, and pretty she love to be active
Micaela is 10 months old full of life and love she’s walking talking
She's loves her Daddy and mommy so much, also Cocomelon, along with her 2 older sisters.
Journee is a fun-loving adorable baby. She fears nothing and loves an adventure. She loves her barbies, peppa pig, and strawberry milk.
Royal is such a wonderful person to be around she’s very polite and loves to sing, dance and puts smiles on everyone’s face that she meets 😊She’s our little “Muffin “
Layla Naomii
Layla is such a smart kind hearted beautiful baby girl she loves to count and learn more and more everyday! At age two she was already counting from 1-10 knows her body parts colors and animal sounds in two languages!!!! She now knows her abc’s
Logan is such a sweetheart.. she is always full of smiles 😊... Big smiles... She is a momma girl... And loves watching her brother ...
Kinsley is 4 weeks old !
Loialti is a happy baby. She loves watching her daddy play video games. She loves watching her daddy in general! She smiles with her eyes and her smiles are contagious! She loves her sisters and puppy’s! Loialti is the light of our lives… Webare trying to win her the money to put towards a modeling career for her!
Trinity Jackson
Trinity is a lovely and smart girl who loves animals
Please vote for my beautiful, smart, and amazing daughter. She loves horror movies, musicals, and all music.
Zhuri Stenson
Zhuri loves dancing. She loves listening too music. She is very energetic.
Kya has the biggest personality ever, she’s so funny and the happiest baby ever.