I was born in Hawaii.. I love my mommy and daddy ❤️
Jennifer is an energetic, smart, dancing queen. she loves to sing, do crafts. she is a rainbow 🌈 baby. the best little girl anyone could ask for.
Veah is Miss Priss herself!! She loves to dance, and being the star of the show! Definitely the center of attention.. You'll find her following her big sister around, shaking her booty along the way. ❤️ And every night after Mom goes to sleep, she sneaks into the bed to grab Mom's phone, who wakes up with a hundred selfies of Veah herself, lol. Every single night..
Alexandria is very social and outgoing! Her kindergarten teacher says she is a future artist! She wants to be an art teacher when she grows up.
Lorelei is sweet, kind, funny and smart! She is our entire world 🌎 ❤️
Ella Grace
Ella Grace is a gentle soul , the most lovable baby , she loves cuddles with mommy and loves watching cocomelon ❤️
Ida is nine months if she has her mind set to something she will get it. Ida is a crawler. One thing Ida enjoys is early morning talks with mommy while she sits on her pot.
Ryleigh is a energetic, sassy and kind girl. She loves to be outdoors and spending time with her family . She is the sweetest girl who loves to be mini mom to her baby brother
Emrie is a very loving 12 year old . She loves her family and friends .
Madison is a very smart, fun, sassy, helpful, energetic little girl. She LOVES her family, her pets, and being outside all the time! She has also overcame 3 surgeries by the age of 2!! Her family loves her very much! ❤️
Kali enjoys kisses on her feet and a good warm bottle. She loves being the center of attention.
This is my sweet girl Brinlie, she is one years one and loves animals and loves being outside, she loves the water , she also loves her brother and sister very much and is a lot of help , she loves her mommy ,gigi, poppop , her aunt coco and her uncle G !
Arianna is the best thing too ever happen too me.
She thinks shes a mermaid cause her name is ariel she also loves her daddy and her Nana very much
Irene Batista
Hola es una niña muy alegre, carismatica, le gusta cantar, bailar y modelar
Kali Summer loves to smile and laugh 🫶🏼
Avery And Emery
We are two funny loving little girls that enjoy watching Disney Movies, eating lots of fruit and spending time with our mom. Our smiles are infectious and when you are around us it’s always lots of laughter!
Ka’Lani loves to make people smile she loves bath time and play time a lot she hopes you vote for her not for the contest but just for being cute 🥰
Oakley Rain is a 5 month old country bumpkin! She loves paw patrol, mickey mouse! She'll light up anybody's day! She loves riding in her daddy's truck, she is a SUPER HAPPY baby, she loves music, and being played with! Oakley is outgoing and loves everyone and it'd be awesome for her to win something like this ❤️
Karmyn loves food and music. Gracie’s corner and French fries are her favorite duo.
This sweet precious smart girl likes school and loves to make friends and loves her family especially momma
She loves Minnie Mouse. She is very sweet. She loves dancing, laughing is her favorite thing to do
Lillian is a very happy baby girl she loves her big brother to death and her smile can make anybodys day better
Emma loves being outside and riding bikes playing hiding go-seek and board games and playing with her dolls
Smiley Rylie! She loves to smile and laugh and just simply loves life! Shes a smart, beautiful, precious girl. A true blessing to all of our lives. She brightens up our world! Fun fact: she has a heart shaped hemangioma on her side .❤️ An Angel kiss from her Grandpa Don in heaven.
7 weeks old, happiest and sweetest little girl , her moms angel , pride and joy!
Shes such an easy going happy baby... the teen years are what worry me.. 🥴
Elmo lovin, bellbottom wearing, sassy toddler who is the biggest ham youll ever meet 🥰
Miss Charleigh Kay is a one month old rainbow baby. We tried for 3 years to get pregnant and after 2 miscarriages we were finally blessed with our beautiful baby girl! We had some medical hiccups the first few weeks of her life but she is doing amazing now and thriving💕 She is starting to develop her own little personality and loves her mommy, daddy, and older siblings. She absolutely completes our little family🫶🏽 Please take a second and vote for my beautiful rainbow baby🌈🤍
Raelynn is non verbal and has Rett Syndrome. She is smiling most of the time until I go to snap a picture 😂. She loves food, watching paw patrol, super why, anything with singing dancing and bright colors, and absolutely loves water rather it be splashing in the bath, lake, pool, or ocean. We call her Our Rae of Sunshine because she lights up a room
Hailey loves going to the movies with her friends and watching youtube. She is sweet, sassy, super smart & hardworking!! She would appreciate any votes she can get :)
She is very caring loves animals most specifically kitty's loves to play on her swing and jummp on her trampoline, loves to go to the park on sunny days.loves cocomelon .loves her uncle unconditional. Loves her mimi unconditional. Shes a very special affectionate baby girl and we love her unconditionally.
Remi Marie Rozell
She's so sweet, never cries. She's just know learning how to roll over.
Tiene vocación de modelo porque siempre que la fotografiamos mira a la cámara. Es una bebé muy feliz y risueña. Es una bebé muy ocurrente he inteligente.
Hello am jayla rain am i will be 2 years old on the 23rd of this month i love to sing and dance any and every one who meets me thanks that have a heart of gold i love all animals but most of all iove my family I can also count to 10 and sing my ABCs with my mommy's help I think every little girl is in Princess and they all deserve a vote or two so please vote for me if i win am going to give half of my winning to the homeless thank you for those who voted for me ....
Sweetest, happiest baby ever! Ellanora goes by Ellie, or Elle. She is half white and half Filipino. Both parents are in the military and stationed very far from all friends and family. Any funds won will go towards getting her home to celebrate her 1st birthday! She is our beautiful rainbow baby and our biggest blessing! 🌈🤍
Miss Jexie loves when she is center of attention. Loves her siblings and momma and dada. She has the best smile that can brighten anyones day...
Saige Milani is my rainbow baby, she is the strongest most determined kid and she’s 100% a mommy’s girl! She currently is obsessed with sticking her tongue out and laughing. Such a silly baby.
Aubree is as sassy as they come. She loves singing to Jesus and bowling with her family.
Krimson loves to sing at church and loves to play with kids and play instrument
London is so awesome she just loves people she likes to smile and have fun if you like the dance
She's a little sassy, creative and likes to talk about the most random things and loves frozen
Kennedi is a fun loving little girl with a big heart. She wear her heart on her sleeve and is always trying to help others.