Baby Stories - 3


MaKayleigh is a very sweet, loving, caring little girl. She loves her hair bows, my little ponys and minnie mouse. She loves her family gets so excited eveytime she sees anybody in the family. She has the most sweetest smile and laugh. Please vote for her she may only be 11 months but it will make her smile.
Carly is 19 months old, she is the youngest of 4 siblings. She has the best attitude & is so sweet. She always has a smile on her face! Please vote for my little princess! Thank you! 😊
Nikia is a super smart 2 year old. She a big personality and loves to sing and learn new things.
A’maya has an very bubbly personality. She’s a fast learner and love to make funny faces. OH did I mention she’s always camera ready!!
Saoirse is very sweet and loves everyone she is just perfect she loves to wear dresses and absolutely loves her mommy and daddy and she loves to be outside !
She likes to sing the most and she is Kind that is it
“to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”
Daddy’s pretty girl🥰
Jasmine is 3 months old and she’s always a happy baby and loves to show off her dipmles
Ashanti is FULL of Fun & Sass ! She enjoys cheer and many many Tik Toks . Vote for her , this is our first go around let’s make it count ❤️
Ava is the light of our life we didnt think we could have kids then came ava
Sweet Tooth ? .Say hello to Ivy ! Ivy loves jumping on the bed and frequent park visits ! Cure your sweet tooth and vote for Ivy ❤️
Rainbow babe who goes by Ellie can’t help but pose. She loves music and tickles!
6 months old, she loves to swing outside, she loves her puppy and loves to watch tv
Elena has a very awesome personality. Very smiley, loves people, caring. She loves learning, and interacting with animals.
She loves to sing and dance. She naps with her puppy Harley. Water is where she wants to live and cuddling is her favorite morning activity.
Lamyah Andrews
La’Myah is a beautiful, smart, and goofy baby😁 she always wake me up with a smile on her face
Lillyann is a normal preteen trying to figure out who she is. She loves to do makeup and skateboard. Her favorite thing is being a big sister!
Zoey Marie is our rainbow miracle baby. She loves cuddles and sleep. She is named after her aunt fighting brain cancer and loves to be with her.
Beautiful baby born Breech and is so adorable and loved by many 💕💕
Serenity is always wanting you to smile.
Mylah Grace is the well manor 2 year old you will ever meet she always says please and think you she helps with her little sister shes a sweetie pie and sooo smart for her age
Princess Sophia is 2 weeks old. She was born March 28th, 2021. The same day as my birthday. So now we share a birthday. It was also a full moon that night. She loves being held all the time! An she loves having skin on skin time with mommy. She also has a serious attitude problem when she has a wet diaper or gets hungry , an I take to long to make her bottle. It’s funny. Lol. She has mamas temper, but daddy’s looks. Sophia has a 3 year old brother that loves her to death, an a 9 year old sister. Sophia has tons of people that love her! An she definitely loves them back! An she shows it with her cuddles an smiles. VOTE FOR PRINCESS SOPHIA! You’re vote could be the one that makes her the winner. So please give Sophia one of your votes. I promise she’s worth it! Thank you everyone for your votes.
Macie is 10 months old and the happiest smartest baby you will ever meet she loves everyone but her nana is her favorite person.And most of the time you will see her smile
Traci Monroe
She is my little mini me. Attitude and all. She saved my life And she don’t even know it. My best friend for life!
Armuni Braye
Armuni Braye is our last bundle of joy, a beautiful sensation and a wonderful addition to our family! 🥰
🌹paizley is 11 months and she loves rubber ducky’s 🦆
Kashmir is a girly girl she is our makeup artist in the family she does all of our makeup, she has a very beautiful personality she always sees the good in people and the beauty of life she is the second born of four siblings and a fantastic big sister, she is an A student and always bring home Awards. She also loves to cook and she helps clean up the house, Kashmir loves to watch the dishes and most of all she's just a great little girl. Oh and when she blesses the table the dinner the other children says that she prays too long LOL because she's asking God to bless each and every one of them and anything else that's on her mind.
She loves her family, Word Party, Sammy the Sloth, Stanley the Giraffe, playing with all her toys and FaceTiming with her Grandma in Oregon.
Vanessa is a huge love bug and absolutely enjoys listening to music, playing with her toys, and hanging out with her puppy! Her favorite words are "mama" "dada" and "hi". She loves to swing and ride around in her little car!
Blu is a happy baby and she is so sweet and adorable
Harmony is a beautiful, bright little girl. She loves to go for walks around the park in her stroller. Also enjoys to watch bubble guppies in her swing. Please vote for her.
Hello Nyavie is a sassy, loving photogenic babygirl, she loves pictures, cocomelon, kisses, and to dress up
Camberlynn is such a sweetheart She loves everyone and she is so silly Her favorite thing to do is play outside with her brother Or eat donuts with daddy
This sweet girl is my rainbow baby. Khloe loves naps and cuddling up to momma. Likes going for walks. Her little cry is cute. Starting to like bath time more and more.
Hazel is truly an Angel baby sent from God. Her smile lights up the room and she is always so happy. She’s everything we needed and more!
Neveah will be 4mo April 27 she was born Dec. 27 2020. She loves cuddles with her momma and daddy. She loves when you talk to her. Y’all please vote for my beautiful little baby! She is our entire world💕
Olivia is a spunky and loving little lady. She is very caring towards everybody. She loves to ride her bike and her skateboard. She loves music and doing cartwheels
she loved playing her games and she loves to dance
Isa is a very loving and smart kids , she loves to learn in school and teach other students, she is very playful and happy kid she gives joy and happiness to everyone , she loves ballet and has been wanting to go to classes for a while now , she loves helping and giving love to her family and elderly people , she is also a very thankful kid , she appreciates everything that is given to her and done for her , she is also very smart top of her class in pre k.
Giavanna is the sweetest little girl around. After 3 older brothers and being more kids was not an option she is our miracle baby. She is always smiling and always so happy. She loves colors and is always ready to eat. She is our Angel baby 👼🏼❤️
Thea is our rainbow baby. She’s our special little chonker. If she wins, the money she gets will go towards a new car seat for her!
SkyLynn is the only girl of 5. She just learned her passion, which is cheerleading and competing in pageants.
Ah’Melia Skye Inez born January 15th weighing 9lbs 1oz she is an amazing little girl, she has so much personality already!! She loves being outside in the warm weather, talking, her swing, cocomelon and music.
Paisley Alannah Rose 🌹 From day one Paisley has had the most amazing beautiful personality of her own , with a beautiful smile that lights up every room which she started in my belly. Eye so piercing blue and with a determination so strong. She started crawling at just five months,a week later she learned how to pull herself up on everything and stand . She wants to walk so bad at only six months. When around this princess you can’t help but to fall in love with absolutely everything about her! She loves to be spoiled and play with her brother and sisters . She loves to learn something new everyday🌹
Harmony is a very outdoorsy girl, who loves spending time with her doggies and her nana💜
She is the sweetest happiest baby in the world and so very smart