Such a happy baby! Loves to eat, and loves her family & Ms. Rachael 🥰🤣
Haven is a very happy baby she loves to smile, try an talk, and kick her feet. She loves spending time with her deddy!! He is her best friend.
The sweetest, kindest soul you will meet. Loves her family, friends, and most importantly Jesus. 💗
Catalina is up for everything. High energy and loveable. She love anything outdoor and love to play dress up
Indie Rose is almost 6 months old! She’s the happiest baby and LOVES to be talked to and eat her mashed up bananas! She’s my little ray of sunshine❤️
Georgia is the most sassiest kind heart little girl you could meet. She has a heart of gold and loves her little bubba. But at the same time she’ll tell you how it is. Georgia is obsessed with scooby doo and spirit!
Emma Kay
Emma Kay is a rock loving princess. She loves to get out and get dirty then clean up and dress up.
She is the most happiest smiling girl you will ever meet . She loves when you talk to her and sing her Goodmorning ❤️
Arcadia is the baby of the family and she knows it! She is spunky and full of sass! She’s an all around princess with a big heart!
She Loves God is caring has a big heart loves to hunt fish ride golf carts
She’s is a sassy and loves be all dressed up will light a room with her smile and snorky laugh
Kiera is very adventurous, she loves hiking in nh, she does dance, gymnastics, swim & ice skating classes. She the sweetest little girl ever, always listens, shares with everyone and uses her manners but also a crazy funny personality. She loves Barbie’s and baby dolls taking care of them. Kiera also loves to play dress up & do her makeup!
Lizzie is a happy little monkey. She loves everything and everyone. She’s so little but has the biggest heart and smile🥰
She loves music and she loves Barney
Reigna is a sweet little 6 year old who was born as a preemie at 28 weeks gestational age. She came into this world weighing 2lbs 9 oz and had to fight for her life since her first breath. She has become the healthiest and smartest little girl and amazes me more and more everyday 💜 she the most perfect daughter I could have ever asked for and I’m proud to call her mine!
Happy baby bearly cries. Loves playing w toys n tasting food. Baby loves long conversations…
Very fun loves to give hugs n kisses… great big cousin already. Loves foods n animals!!! Wonderful baby to b around…
Hazel is a very smart baby at 11 months old. She waves bye when she is leaving. She can walk around everything and can stand balancing by herself really good just hasnt taken the first step yet. She is a sweet loving little baby but can be very demanding when wanting something. She can say mine, mama, nenee and hi
Jocelyn is a very bright intelligent little girl, She is very polite an respectful to everyone she loves to play and dance around with her vig sisters mommy is her best friend she loves doing her mommy and sisters hair an make up loves to color and paint. Jocelyn us in 3 year old preschool loves going to school and making new friends!!
Vote for Melaney! Melaney is an outstanding student can speaks 2 languages. Melaney loves dressing in different cultures outfits and costumes to take photos. She also loves attending school. Melaney love to swim, sing and dance. She also likes to play piano, study with fun activities, and reading stories books.
Madisyn loves Baby Shark, her puppies, and her family. She enjoys being outdoors, playing with her toys, and also taking photos.
Vote for Miabelle! Miabelle is a happy baby, who started walking and talking at 8 months, she can say many complex words that most kids cannot say till 2 -3 years. She can say “ I love you “ at 15 months clearly. she can understand what she is told to do at an early age. she can speak in 2 languages clearly, she love to sing and dance and be on camera. Very outgoing. A baby who Love swimming and move up level quickly.
Jersey is a baby diva full of sass and giggles.
She's a very happy, outgoing, smart, funny, very animated 3 year old.
Emersyn has the most beautiful mind and heart❤️. She is the best big sister to 3 little brothers. She loves school, skating, cheer, her cat Kit-Kat, her hover board, and her friends.🐱
Vote for Caitlyn. Caitlyn is very intelligent. She a fast learner, can speak 2 languages, learn how to ice skate in just 2 days. She likes to sing, dance, and babysit her baby brother by singing songs to put him to sleep and feed him bottle just like her little doll.
Aiyalee loves to explore a lot and she loves to meet new people and a easy to go person
She just turned 3 months old she has a very strong neck starting to sit up assisted loves her little monkey toy and Of course loves mommy and that Booby milk
My Skylar Leah is such a bubbly girl she loves to meet new people. Her favorite color is pink.
Little but Feisty. Has been a worrier from the start. She was born at 6 month & was only 2 pounds. In the first week she dropped to 1 pound 7 ounces. No oxygen needed. She is so smart and caring. Loves helping others & makes sure EVERYONE is okay. Currently 3 years old & knows her numbers, letters & shapes in english & spanish.
Rosalia is eight months old. She enjoys watching Octonauts on Netflix and walking in her walker. She is a very smart baby and is currently trying her best to walk on her own. She loves to be held up so she can bounce on her feet. She is a very happy baby and always has a smile on her face. She likes to spend time at grandmas house to see all her tias.
Shes got such a sense of humor, always happy with a huge smile on her face. Loves to help and be apart of everything, She loves to growl and roar like dinosaurs.
Brooklyn is a happy baby; she loves to ride her bike and her motorcycle power wheel; loves to play at the park
Leilani is a happy child, very helpful and loving. She’s very smart, loves to sing and dance. Loves animals and nature.
She has the most beautiful soul & personality. She loves the attention & such a sweet little girl . 🥰
Ariyah has a heart of gold and loves all her family 💛 She love gymnastics , makeup 💄 and playing with her cousins 🥰.
Addison is a very energetic,and funny kid .she loves making TikToks with her aunties and mawmaws .she loves to dance all the time,doesn't matter where she is at. Addison loves watching the saints game or LSU game with her pawpaw .her favorite shows are SpongeBob and paw patrol.she loves eating candy,and KitKats. She loves making new friends anywhere she goes..
Miss Penelope loves to play her piano, stand up, blow raspberry’s, giggle and so much more. Why should you vote for her look at that dimple how cute is that ???
Meet Miss Kaylee. Our princess, but a Queen-to-be. Kaylee enjoys watching Ms. Rachel, listening to the Barney song, singing and napping with Daddy, and Enfamil. She does not enjoy the sunlight in her face while napping, waiting for her Enfamil, or having a dirty diaper. Lately we’ve been introducing tummy time activities, story time before bed, and warm lotion massages after bath time. Our family was blessed with her on 11-20-22, and we are so excited to watch her continue to grow and flourish. Please, vote Kaylee P. !
Desa’ah is smart caring and funny. She loves posing for pics and does it very well. She’s also very tough due to having three older brothers. She loves to read and is eager to learn. I’m one proud grandma!🤗
Quinn is outgoing, spunky, and loves to make new friends. She enjoys soccer and play with her make up
Aadvika, is a loving, caring & enthusiastic girl. Dancing, singing & painting all the time.. loves playing, cycling, swimming.. Loves beaches..loves collecting shells & pebbles.. her favorite time of the year is Halloween followed by Christmas & new year. & as she is born on 2nd January..🎂🥳so the year starts with a blast for her. Her favorite character is ‘Masha’ Wants to be a very good teacher when she grows up .. 😍
She’s sweet, funny and outgoing
Gianna enjoys watching movies, listening to music, taking baths and talking ❤️
Jade is a free spirit with an old soul. You will never meet anyone quite like this young lady. She is very funny and her laugh is contagious. She sees all colors in everything there's no black and white with her. Jade absolutely enjoys being an aunt I'd say more like a big sister since they are only 8 years apart.
Audrey is a one of a kind sweetness that will put a smile on your face… she is full of personality and has a very creative mind an above and beyond for her age she loves spending time with her family and making everyone happy
Aadvika, is a fun loving, caring & enthusiastic girl. Dancing, singing & painting all the time.. loves playing, cycling, swimming.. Loves beaches..loves collecting shells & pebbles.. her favorite time of the year is Halloween followed by Christmas & new year. & as she is born on 2nd January..🎂🥳so the year starts with a blast for her. Her favorite character is ‘Masha’ Wants to be a very good teacher when she grows up .. 😍