I am 5 years old i turn 6 October 30th :)) im happy i love my friends and my family.. i like to play with my sisters Haley and Kaylie..
Luna she is a very happy kid unlike her sister sister she smiles she tried to talk she tries to walk but you gotta so hold her she only stats and moves her feet she loves her sister sometimes but doesn’t she’s her grandmother‘s favorite she looks nothing like my other two but she is the twin but doesn’t look like her sister she loves eating if you have something she wants it if you don’t share she’s gonna holler I love all my kids all three of them
Tahlia is a loving, gentle, sassy thing. She loves makeup, dresses, playing outside, and loving her “babies” (dolls and stuffed animals)
Nova Rose as a big sister of twins she tries to be a big girl and do things by herself she also helps me with her sisters she is the one turning two She loves playing she loves dogs she loves cats she runs from people when you’re coming up to her she gets her sister her toys Sometimes she loves music she loves Stanton you ask her to dance she’ll probably dance she’s learning how to talk a little by little and we’re trying party time
Qwynn is a precious rainbow 🌈 baby with the sweetest little soul! Her beautiful energy is infectious and she brings joy to everyone she encounters!
Taylor is An international beauty pageant winner,and aspiring model, she loves ballet and wants to be a nurse when she grows up.
She loves to eat play with her brother loves to watch Ms.Rachel
Serenity love love loves animals, and hopes to be a veterinarian when she grows up! She is friendly, caring and always looking to help a friend.
Baby Azadeh Christariah Sweet, Loving & Spoiled, She Loves To Dance & Sing !!!
Adi is a fun loving, animal lover who is caring, kind and all around amazing. She has two younger brothers.
Maggie is sweet, sassy and has the biggest heart! She is 5 years old. She loves playing with her sister and brother. She enjoys camping, swimming and anything to do with her friends and family!
Janelle is a very vivacious 5 year old. She’s loving & caring towards others , especially her family. She hates to see people sad and shows concern right away. She is very blunt and honest .. sometimes a little too honest. She loves to be in front of the camera & make tiktoks with her mommy.
Reese is a truck loving, jewelry wearing diva. Loves her baby dolls and pet cat Kash. She is a southern belle and loves her God Almighty.
Paisley is a horror loving little girl. She is the youngest of 6 kids and is very bright and loving. She would love it if you could vote for her
🎂🎈🎉Essa birthday was the 11th HAPPY BIRTHDAY ESSA .L'anniversaire d'Essa était le 11e JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE ESSA 💕💕💕Hello my daughters other account was deleted from the sites if I owe you please put how much here 😢 Bonjour mes filles, un autre compte a été supprimé des sites si je te le dois, s'il te plaît, mets combien ici 😢
Miss onyx is a ball of fire so energetic loving and caring but fierce.. definitely and old soul..
Aloha everyone, My name is Braydie-Ann, I am the oldest of 5 I am my siblings third parent 😹Jkjk. I live In Hawaii, my favorite subjects in school is math and science just like my little sister. I love going out doors, and hanging with my family and friends they are my world . My favorite food is Patele,Laulau,Shrimp and oysters, my favorite color is blue, I love to sing and play the ukulele, I enjoy learning about my Hawaiian and Samoan culture, I feel it’s important to know about your history and culture. when I grow up I want to be in the military and also be a veterinarian, i want to save lives and fight for my country so I know my family will always be safe, all though my mom say no you can’t go to the military that is my ultimate goal of course after I finish growing up and graduating high school. Please vote for me and help me achieve my goals, Thank you everyone and I appreciate all your votes trully - Now Let’s Goooooooooo🔥 🤍😘 🏝🤙🤍- IM COMiNG FOR 1st PLACE ! 💪💪 I WiLL RETURN IN DECEMBER FOR COMPETITION 🙀🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍
Zhavia is very funny and loves animals. She can speak spanish and english. She is loving school.
Jaelynn is a bright and adventurous baby girl. She is adored by everyone she meets! She loves her doggie and kitty cat Shia and Rambo. She’s got her mommy and daddy wrapped around her finger. Jaelynn loves music and loves to dance to any hip hop song that’s playing. 🥰
She is a loving an happy baby ,she loves her Cheetos and love playing with her bigger brothers the love of a child is like no Other
Sa’Omi is 10 months mostly everyone calls her SA. She loves to smile, play and fight. She has an other brother who loves and adore her soo much. Sa’Omi is a very happy baby she can definitely turn your frown upside down!
Xolani is the only girl and youngest of her triplet siblings! She has discovered her roaring voice and love attention! Her smile could light up the world! 🌎
Caroline is three going on 16 some days. She can be sassy, but she has the kindest heart! ❤️ She loves to dance and make up songs. Her little sister, Jadee, is her best friend and biggest fan!
Shirlaura Arias
hello my name is Brittany, this is Shir’Laura. She’s 1years old, she was blessed into this world December 28th 2020. Her Biological parents are Richard White Sr. (my brother) & Davene Parker. Shir’Laura was a week old when i went picked her up from the hospital. (Jan 4th 2021) that day me & her been inseparable. 🤞🏽 Shir’Laura looks up to me as her “momma” everywhere and everything i do, she’s right by my side. Shir’Laura loves to play with her brother, she loves to sing, dance and play with make up. she loves to dress up and loves when i fix her hair. Shir’Laura loves food, especially her fruit. She loves to play outside & go for car rides. Shir’laura is very talkative once you get to know her, She loves to cuddle and sleep with her momma, Shir’laura is a very sweet, beautiful, loving caring baby girl. She loves to play and care for her dolls.. we’re hoping we can get your vote, even just a like n share would be much appreciated ☺️ & thank you for taking the time to read this & once again we hope we got your vote 🙌🏽🙏🏽💙
Hey! This is my daughter Kynlee💜 She loves her family and Jesus.. She also loves pre-k!! She adores books. She is sassy and smart and has a heart of gold. Kynlee has four siblings. 2 older brothers, a little sister, and a baby brother. She is a mama’s girl for sure. The park and anywhere that has water is her favorite places to play. She is all in all a wonderful little girl🥰
Rylee Sage is the sweetest and smiliest baby💞 She loves applesauce, puffs, clapping, and smiling!
Violet is a bright light in this world. Her smile and laughter bring so much joy to all around her. She is a sweet little firecracker.
Hi, I’m Zoey and I love 💕 gymnastics 🤸 I’m small but mighty and I am ready to conquer the world 🌎 … Girls should be 2 things… Classy & Fabulous #CoCo Chanel
This sassy girl will change the world. Luella loves all things “happy” dancing, singing, rainbows and butterflies. She has a sassy attitude and will speak her mind.
Adelynn is a happy lil girl who loves her some Target Bullseye 🎯 trips. She loves to pretend sing, growl, and walk!
Jade is strong, and doesn’t cry unless she is really upset. She had a tongue tie that was cut at 9 days old, and she only cried for the shortest second. She is loving, and thinks her sissy is the best girl in the world. ❤️
Charleigh Jean Marie Kidd
Mommy already made her a page and I just found out but here goes nothing she is are first baby and she the most amazing baby ever and she puts so much joy into are life’s she saved me and her mommy life and she doesn’t even know it yet
dominant ! Armoni loves to laugh when she hears dog barks . Loves her toys and Mickey Mouse . A true lover girl
Raegan is a 3 month old little girl who is happy and a little social butterfly. She enjoys playing out-of-tune melodies on her Baby Einstein piano and mimicking the sounds she hears when talking with people. Raegan always smiles when she hears the words, “I love you”.
Zamari is new to this world and already so full of personality. She has found her tongue and smiles at everything! She enjoys Mickey Mouse Club House and Gracie’s Corner.
Hi! My name is Ayla Glory, I am 2 years old. I am Panamanian and Black. I love the beach and all things nature!
Micaela is a fun, loving, energetic beautiful Princess.
Charleigh Jean Marie Kidd
She's the most sweetest baby ever she loves cuddles all the time and she is a big Daddy's girl
I’m very happy,my mom said I never cry but I’m pretty sure is because I feel loved,I’m the rainbow baby so my parents love me so much
Kamila is a kind soul that loves animals and gymnastics! Her favorite holiday is Halloween 🎃 and her favorite colors are pink purple and black!
Gracelynn loves to laugh! She also loves helping mommy and daddy in the garden and playing in the dirt with her tonka trucks!
Lailah is 7 years old. She loves being in 2nd grade and learning new and exciting things. She loves to dance (ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop). She also loves to play basketball! Lailah is funny, sassy, and full of love! She loves to be with her family and friends and loves to read and draw !
Irene is a little sister who is protected by 3 bodyguards(brothers). She's fun and full of energy. She loves the water and being outdoors
This is Kaitlyn! She is very much a girly girl. She loves having her hair braided and doing others hair. She’s very kind, beautiful, smart and so helpful with her two special needs brothers and wants to be a doctor or astronaut when she grows up of course she has a little bit of sassy of well. We couldn’t be blessed with more beautiful daughters check out Eleanor’s profile as well!
The most bubbly little girl you’ll meet. She laughs all day and is so sweet & precious.
Elayna is a fearless 2 year old with tons of energy that keeps everyone in her life on their toes! Elayna can count to 15, sing her ABC’s, along with about any nursery rhyme you can think of! She is very smart for her age and has come along way from being a tiny 5 pound NICU baby!
Very smart, funny little girl, she loves her family and friends. She is very outgoing