Baby Stories - 29


My name is Dakota Grace! I love tummy time and sitting up! I am almost 4 months old.
My name is ocean and I’m full of personality at 5 months old, I love to light up a room with my happy spunky smile😁
Celina is a 6year old girl. She is very outgoing and loves all things colorful and bright. She enjoys dance, baton twirling, gymnastics and competing in beauty pageants.
She’s a beautiful and happy baby. Vote for Zymeiia.
Shes a happy baby, she loves coco melon, loves home made baby foods, she says dada and claps her hands for good job she loves french fries and her ranch baby cheetos
The most lovely baby I know. Her skin is like milk chocolate and everyone fall in love with her when they see her. Vote for my princess Rae’L. Thanks!
I’m a almost 8 month old that loves to chew on anything! I already know how to wave bye & shake my head no.. I love to pull my big sisters hair & take her dolls away. 😅☺️
Hello, I’m an almost 5 year old that is super excited to start kindergarten in the fall! I love being a big sister to my baby sister Itzayana! I also love playing & feeding my chickens & roosters! ☺️
My name is Melanie Noelle B. and I just turned one ! My favorite cartoon is cocomelon and I love to play with my toys ❤️
Serena Cleaves
Hello my name is Serena and very new to the world. I love my bows and love my mommy. I am twin and guess what im the oldest ha.
Hadley Jones
Hadley Grace is wild and outgoing! She has a huge personality for such a little girl! She loves dressing up as a princess and she has to wear a dress every single day!!! She is also our little gymnast baby!!!
She loves to try and make raspberry noises and be up in the air. Has the cutest giggle and dimples!
Hi! My name is Brooklyn, but my family calls me BB!! I am 3 months old and I love to hear my daddy sing and play his guitar! I can roll over by myself and hold my head up during tummy time!! I love to keep mommy and daddy on their toes and always get my way!!
Zhamaria is such a Diva So advanced for a 4 year old She is very sweet kind and readt to greet anyone she meet . She loves music Dancing
“My mommy thinks she’s in charge...that’s so cute!”-Xuri
Layla is a fun loving silly little girl. She loves rolling over, smiling and watching curious George. She is our pride and joy. 💕
Kassandra will tell you herself she is smart, clever, and mostly funny. She loves to dance, sing, pretend to be a superhero or princess, play guitar and cuddle with her dog Bello.
Addisyn’s favorite thing to do is stick her tongue out at her daddy and have her momma rock her💕
This is Grace she is almost 2 years old in May She loves to Play with her brother and her puppies she is Mommy's girl and daddy's world She Loves the outdoors. She loves to get dirty she is our little county girl. She thinks its fun to play in mud. She loves to go places. She can say plenty of words. She dont take well to strangers but if she knows you it's a different story she is very sweet and loving her personality is like no other. She loves to eat mac And cheese, Dunkin sticks, chicken and noodles, Chicken Nuggets, bread, and hot dogs and a bunch more. She loves to play in water and loves to do what her brother does she enjoys to listen to music she will dance to it if she knows it. She is a very happy playful little girl. She loves to get all dressed up before we leave the house she also loves to play with her play kitchen and make her daddy some food she also loves to cuddle and watch movies. She is our little ray of sunshine her laugh is so cute you cant help but laugh with her when you hear it.
Hi my name is serenity Crawford, I was born 7lbs 4oz September 22, 2020. I am 6 months old and very smart, I just recently learned how to sit up all by myself like a big girl! 💗 I like to sleep all day an cuddle with mommy and daddy! But when I am up I am full of excitement and joy, I would really appreciate your vote ❤️
Jaylene Alizé Loves to talk gibberish unless of course she’s calling for our house dog Deja . Jaylene loves to be outside and enjoys Baby Shark. Full of excitement every time the baby shark theme song comes on.
Milani was born in December 17 of 2019. She is the most loving, caring, and crazy one year old I have ever seen. She loves kids and loves to play with them. She enjoys eating food and playing with her toys. Every time she sees clothes or a hair brush, she will try to put the clothes or do her hair. Sometimes I feel my daughter has an old soul in her body.
She loves Pattie Cake!
Skylar Marie Smith Was born March 6, 2021 . Even though she’s a few weeks old she’s full of joy and excitement . She’s learning and growing everyday. She loves to eat and sleep. And she loves her mommy. Such a sweet baby.
Beautiful, Busy, Loving, Tough, Extremely passionate Autism Princess 💙
Hi my name is liliana Rose I’m a very energetic,fearless girl who loves mommy and daddy
Ahliviah is a wonderful blessing always full of sass and joy
Hi, my name is Layla Rose 🥰 I’m the happiest baby anyone’s ever met and I never stop talking! I love eating ANYTHING and my big brother is my Bestfriend. 😇
Hazley loves sweet potatoes and carrots! Her favorite tv show is cocomelon, we have are first 2 teeth! She loves kicking her feet during bath time!! & loves mommas kisses😘
Vote for our happy baby.. she enjoys all the attention from friends and family!
Aerial Circus Performer, Community Volunteer & Pageant Queen
Baby Brooklyn (Brooke💕) is such a sweetheart & she loves to play and crawl up chairs and beds for a 6 month old and I just want to show her how much love there is out in the world. 🤍
Baby Alora’sky is so full of joy . She loves to bounce and babbles on like she’s older than 5 months ! She brings happiness to anyone holding her because she loves to giggle. Her personality is the most beautiful thing in my eyes .
Athena is a very loving and caring little girl. She loves to color and paint and has a very unigue imagination. She is full of energy and is always ready to take a picture to brighten up your day!
Ms. B is so full of life and laughter! She is also so caring and wants to be a nurse like her momma when she grows up. She wants to be able to help people feel better!
She is beautiful, funny, smart and sassy.
This amazing little girl has over come so many obstacles in her life already and is such a joy to be around she lights up the room
Paisley Wilkerson
This little girl is a ray of sunshine! She loves the outdoors, doing pageants, singing, dancing. And one day would love to meet Jojo Siwa!
Audrey is always smiling. She loves making people laugh around her. At 9 months, her personality is huge! Her favorite activity is to sing along to her favorite Disney songs.
Ari’ella is such a happy baby !🥰 she is inlove with Mickey & Minnie❤️ And loves music.
She is a very happy 4 month old baby that stolen my heart as her grandma she is my blessing... She is full of life every where she goes she lights up the room with her smile... She loves cocomelon and trolls she is such a blessing....
Jamie is a mature for her age. She's also smart and intelligent. She loves tennis, gymnastics, and going to the beach. She also loves to travel.
She’s sweet, loves her brother. Says hey. Loves to eat. Vote for my pretty girl!
Lauren is the happiest little babe and loves her two older brothers! Her favorite activity is definitely her beauty sleep💗
Tiona loves to sing,dance,act, and play games.
Amelia is a happy loving baby who loves music dancing and spending time with mommy. She lights up a room wherever she goes with her beautiful smile and loving personality!
Amarilys love to talk and play with her family. She’s a very smart 1 year old, she’ll be two this month, she loves to also go outside and have some fun in the sun! She loves to get dressed and is so photogenic! She knows her whole ABC’s! She also knows how to count to 20 in Spanish and English! She knows more than 100 words and she says most of them clearly!