Baby Stories - 29


She loves cheering, school and being with her family and friends. She is outgoing and fun
This sour patch kid was born on the 4th of July. It's very fitting because she's a firecracker. She is the sweetest little thing and loves all animals. She likes beating up and older brother and sister and kissing her lil piggy, Tune Tune.
Faith Nicole
Little miss faith is 5 years old she enjoys spending time with her brothers coloring and playing outside and just being kid
The happiest baby around💕
Summer Baby ☀️ 7/30/2020
Brooklynn is loving, caring, and outgoing. She loves to sing and dance. She also loves pictures and for the spotlight to be on her.
Ada is a loving little girl born at 24 weeks weighing only 1lb 8oz. She has grown to be so smart and wild.
Vivian is truly one of a kind! We got lucky enough to meet when I started dating her amazing father. Shes smart as a tack.
Amelia is an outgoing, caring and loving baby girl. She is so much fun, she loves to dance and make other laugh.
Za'Kayla Las
Za'kayla is sassy,bossy,and bad to the core literally smart and not your average 19 month old wouldn't have it any other way
IM DOING ADVANCE VOTES AT THE MOMENT NO EXCHANGES IM NOT ON A TEAM I’LL TRY MY BEST TO GET AS MANY PEOPLE I CAN WE WILL BE BACK IN FEBRUARY/MARCH 😘😘😘😘Ava is sweet and kind she enjoys playing games online with her oldest sister. She also is very independent and likes to be in charge. Shes our little princess 👸 💖❤💗💖❤💗
Briella Jade is the happiest most laid back baby! She is crawling everywhere and has recently decided she wants to try standing all by herself! She loves to watch Mickey Mouse and eat all the big girl food you’ll give her🥰
Hi I’m Ariat and my favorite things to do are eat and play with my mommy and daddy. My two favorite times of the day are when it’s time to eat and bath time. I’m always so happy and usually caught smiling.
She loves unicorns and rainbows! She loves reading and doing science projects💛
Scarlett Adele is about to turn 5 on Sunday. She enjoys hunting, fishing and playing with her brothers. “Mirror, mirror on the doesn’t matter if I'm short or tall... If I have skinny legs or my hips are wide... It only matters who I am inside... Blue eyes, brown eyes, black or green... What makes me beautiful can't be seen... When you look at me don't judge me by my parts... The most beautiful thing about me is my heart."
Esmae is a funny, smart, crazy, outgoing little 5 year old.
Hi! I am 1 year old. I enjoy mexican food, pizza and all the carbs. I also love my “doggies” and “kitty”
Our sweet babygirl loves her mommy and daddy. She’s extra cuddly and loves to eat!
Nora Kate
Nora Kate is a very happy, outgoing, caring, and smiley toddler who loves to dance and play! 💗
Amira is an adventurous sassy and happy little girl with a beautiful spirit. 💕 Vote for our princess
Khaleesi (Lele) loves dancing, playing with her pups and walking💛 She is full of so much love and happiness 🌻💛
Layla Is an amazing little girl. She is so charismatic. She had a huge personality on top of beauty. She is a firecracker 💯
Qi'Ra Faeryn
Princess Fae is the youngest of 5. She has 4 older brothers! Qi'ra also loves unicorns and animals and she loves to be in front of a camera! IG: ( #qirafaeryn_princessbaby ) Thank you for voting for Colorado's Sunshine Baby!!!
Partia is 5 years old she was born on April 05, 2015, on Easter day. she loves to do gymnastics, she loves to dress, jewelry, Jojo Siwa, LOL, Wonder Woman, unicorns, rainbows, dancing, youtube videos with her big brother. her motto: sharing is caring & everyone should be nice.
Tea’Ahri Majestic was born on November 5th 2019💘 she is a loving sweet little angle who LOVES to dance 💃 she’s optimistic and is a dare devil she loves the camera and loves to play with her brother and cousins 🥰
McKenzie Raine Black👸🏻
She is very outgoing. She loves to sing, and dance 💕💕
Im fun im smart i lovee horses and cats... I love to eat cookies and dress up and play with my little sissy zariyah and love anything rainbow and unicorns
Saffy’s birthday is Christmas Day and she is sassy and sweet, she loves her picture taken, and laughs and smiles all the time. Saffron rarely naps, but remains a very happy girl.
Nia is one of a kind. She is very beautiful, intelligent, spontaneous, helping, and more. Nia has a gift. She loves to dance, sing, and draw. She can pray on her own, she loves animals and anything that glitters.
Aubree is very loving and compassionate! She loves church and helping others!
Stormy is thirteen years old. She is a baton twirler, She’s very artistic and loves to paint, Shes outgoing and has a fun uplifting spirit, She loves animals and in her free time she helps rescue them any time she can!!
Very outgoing. She loves to sing, and dance 💕💕
Iris love to sing and play and dress up. And to talk to everyone
hi, my name is Austyn, I like to draw, swim, act, and have fun
Jordan is very out going, friendly, loving, smart, and caring. She loves to play dress up, doing make-up, playing teacher, and riding her bike. She is such a sweetheart and she loves to help her mommy all the time.
Dayonna is a sweetheart, she loves for you to talk to her as she tries to talk back. She is very attentive. She loves to eat, sleep, and poop of course.
This girl is all sass and a whole lot of goofiness, always can put a smile on your face. Very creative, and knows how to strike a pose! 😘
Bella’rose is a premie was born 3 months early. She was 2lbs 7 oz when she was born now she is 4lbs 2oz. She is such a little fighter. She loves when mommy holds her. She is very active and love to move around.
Karleigh is the sweetest baby & has the most heartwarming smile 🥺 she loves eating snacks & trying to talk & bouncing in her bouncer 💕
Niasha is a miracle baby from the beginning born with a knot in her umbilical cord she survived. She is healthy and destined to be a 🌟 welcome 😊 baby Nuni
Lillian Aka Lilly
Hi....I'm Lillian, Papa calls me Brat Face!! I'm your typical sassy 2 year old girl who has a huge personality and tons of spunk. I'm everything girly ❤. I'm the queen of snap chat photos 🤪 I love getting my nails done and putting on makeup. I can melt your heart ❤ with my smile. I love being funny and making you laugh. I put the D in Diva. I'm a lover of life and a true Rockstar. I love music and can really get down 💃 🩰 🕺 Frozen is my favorite and I rock those tunes like a show queen. On my down time I like to play dress up and walk the red carpet. I truly am the Crème de la crème.
Baby V lights up the world she is so sweet and such a good baby 💓
She is a very happy baby , full of life & enthusiasm . She will bring light to anyone’s dark day with her radiant smile & big fluffy cheeks !
She loves going to grandma house!
Celeste is 6months old & very intelligent. She’s crawling, trying to walk & might I add teething. She’s very unique in her own ways—strong, courageous & beautiful. My first born 🏆 THE LEADER!