My baby is premature, she was born 26 weeks old and that's why she looks very small but she really is my miracle girl. She's a twin!!! He has a brother. He loves to smile and pose on camera ❤
Violet is a happy go lucky 4 and a half month old 💕 she always puts a smile on my face with her blossoming personality !
Mallorie was an April fool's baby. She is a little over a month old. She loves to eat, hold her head up, and gives the sweetest looks. She melts your heart when she comes in a room. Mallorie is her mother's sunflower.🌻
Octavia is 7 months old , she is learning how to crawl right now. She loves her daddy and her jumper. She has bright blue eyes and is starting to talk if we did win the money would go towards her walker and new jumper.
Wavy is the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet🤎
Hi my name is editha Elizabeth and i am 9 years old i am loving to sing,dancing have friends and listen 🎧 😘😘
Kinzlee has such a beautiful pure heart that sees beauty in everyone and is such a sweet polite little girl who loves her Bubba (dog) and her momma is her best friend 💗
Jaeda Boo is a Wild Sassy Soul! She Loves To Dance, Laugh and Cheer. She is a Very Outspoken Little Girl and I Know One Day This Girl of Mine Will Conquer All Her Hopes and Dreams ❤️
Aarian loves her reflection and can make ANYBODY smile 🥰
Violet Hadley
Violet likes to play at the park watch movies with the family draw pictures and have a good time with everyone 💜
Loving little girl, amazing big sister
Hello, my name is kaylyn. I am almost 3 years old, my mother named me after my great grandmother who had passed away before i was born 💔. I have 6 siblings. But i live with my youngest brother whos name is jaden. Im obsessed with my baby brother. I really love watching baby shark, i love playing with sharks and dinosaurs more than barbies and baby dolls. I love chicken nuggets and French fries from McDonald's and i absolutely love mac and cheese, my favorite drinks are chocolate milk and sweet tea. My favorite season is summer cause i love the water.
She is a sassy 4 year old! All girlie girl! Loves having her nails painted. She love dresses that spin.
Yanexy was born at just 29 weeks she is a little trooper and overcame every obstacle. She loves to fall asleep with lullabies she’s always smiling and loves to take baths ❤️
Leilah loves to dance, sing and put on shows. She’s very outgoing and loves everyone she meets.
Remi is the happiest little girl around. She loves to smile and giggle, loves trying to talk to mommy and daddy, loves to play with her Nemo light up play mat and going on walks. She loves snuggles and watching tv with grandma. #TeamRemi💛
Marilena is a bubbly funny baby who always has a smile no matter what. She loves her family and specially loves her food!!
Zenaya Ily is such a happy, loving little baby girl 🤍
Emberlee is 2 months old love her big brother and to be talked to shes completely a happy baby
Torvi And Liana
They are twins they where premature Torvi has a Cleft lip but she loves to play laugh and smile . They both like seeing each other and sleeping together ❤️ they really know how to get people in their baby fever
Nefertiti is the 7th child. She is the life of the party. She is only 9 months old and already is a big helper. She has been through alot, she was in the nicu for 10 days and she has already grown so much. She has 5 brothers and 1 sister.
Feb 18, 2022 Loves to have help standing up, cuddling, breastfeeding, and listening to music. Her favorite thing to say is ah goo
Hi! My name is Lucy Raine! I like playing my German shepherds and long strolls late afternoons. I love laughing and meeting new people! Flashing my gummy smile and seeing peoples reactions is my favorite thing and would love smile even harder if you vote for me!
Abby is a sweet little old soul. Too smart for a 3 year old. Abby loves to play outside, ride her tricycle, loves her family & church
My sweetie 🍬 she is graduating vpk very soon☺️Going into kindergarten. She has 2 older brothers and one younger brother and a younger sister that is always watching over us<3. She is a fire cracker 🔥she loves to just go!😆 her favorite movie is ENCANTO.. she loves to color, sing and dance 💃
Chloe absolutely loves flowers, being outside, spending time with family and friends. She’s always had so much energy and love to go around.
Hola! My name is Gaeli! I am the happiest baby! I love my mommy and my pacifier! I love to giggle and play with all of my cousins.
Paisley is a very sassy little lady. Love to kick and cuddle.
Wynter loves to sing play dress up with her dresses and play make up she also loves to do Ballet
A Pisces princess who loves baths, cuddles, and watching wrestling with her mommy and daddy.
Faith is a kind hearted kid who cares deeply for those around her. She is a hard worker that is eager to learn always does her homework and cant stand being late for anything. Her goal is to become a clothing designer because she loves to be sassy and creative.
Aleigha likes to watch her daddy play the game and chew on her fingers. She smiles when you talk to her and she loves being outside when it is warm.
Tanya Shah
Tanya loves to pay with her little toy kitchen and she also pretends what’s she’s cooking, she loves to play with her beads, she helps me in the kitchen to peel garlic and also to put away some dishes after it’s dry. She loves her older brother too no matter how much they fight but both loves each other so much.
Jade is as sweet as she can be. A healthy bubbly mocha baby. She loves to be in her walker, she’s an explorer.
Brynlee is 4 years old. She smart, loving and caring. She’s a CHD Warrior. She loves being a big sister, tumbling & playing with her new puppy, Luxe.
Charleigh is sweet as pie! She has the most infectious smile and can make any bitter day better! Her own little ray of sunshine!
Millie is an actual princess! She loves singing, dancing and watching any princesses on Disney+. Her sassy attitude and hilarious conversations will definitely make anyone laugh!
Kaydence aka Katie Grace is the sweetest little girl. She’s so loving & skinny. She’s love to play with her sister, Brynlee & Raelynn & play on her tablet.
Emmy is an amazing little girl with a heart of gold. She loves babies, dancing and an her pup baby Henry. She is always there to help others and is a wonderful student.
I love my elephant rattle and long naps and laughing at mommy when she does a baby talk 😁
Malana is the sweetest child to people and animals of all kind. She is super smart and shy at first. She loves her family.
Kymberlin is such a diva, she loves singing and is quite the song writer. She sure lives up to her nickname “Kymber” because she is a little pistol!
Kiersten is a fun loving, happy-go lucky child. Kiersten has ADHD but it doesnt define her.
Piper is a smart, beautiful, loving, caring girl who loves animals, dirt bikes and anything girly
Amelia is a kind friend, amazing girl, and would love to win your votes, for mommy! 😁