Charlie is a 10 month old little girl , who loves to play and is the happiest baby ever
Hi!! I’m Kennleigh, i was born 6 weeks early at 4lbs 9oz, but now I weigh 7lbs 2oz at 6 weeks old. i love to dress up & wear bows & stare at my mommy all day long. other than staring at my personal cow all day, i also love to eat & poop in my diaper as soon as a clean one get put on.
Little miss October Lydia is two months old and a very happy ball of joy. She loves looking at herself & her family. She can’t stay still already always wanting to sit up or try to stand. Cooing and smiling at all things is her pass time.
Jakelynn is brave and kind. She tries to be everyones friend, and she's goalie on her soccer team. She tries her hardest at absolutely everything, and has a pure heart ❤️
This little girl is all smiles, some of Ava's favorite things include; swimming with Gigi, getting kisses from puppies and kitties, playing with dad, getting special treats from grandpa, watching fishies with grandma
Rebel Jane
She likes her daddy also likes to wear his bandanas most and her elephants most of all she likes to hold her arm up like she's waven and smiling she really likes to sleep though and he has amazing spunky personality
Hi all! I’m Evelyn and I love to play outside, cuddle with my baby brother and read books. I enjoy all food and to dance. I love Elsa and singing her songs all day long!
Adalynn is a spontaneous, open minded, open hearted girl. she loves the world and cares for its future and everything in it. she loves to learn about the world and how it works. she loves her family and friends as they mean the world to her.
Starla Thunder Hawk is a miracle baby. 💟 Although, she’s been through a lot medically (you can google her name and her medical story will pop up), she’s still very happy and loving.
Paige is a very smart and active girl who loves the outdoors and her dog Lola! If she wins the funds she will donate a portion of the money to one of our local food banks. She will then get to enjoy a few trips to the zoo and a hands on museum! A portion of the earnings will also go towards her savings for future education. Thanks for considering. VOTE FOR PAIGE!
Amani loves to dance, color, and play outside with her friends
This is Lilith, all she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth. She loves being in girlscouts and helping her community and donating to horse rescues. Her dream is to be a professional horse back rider so she can earn money to make a horse sanctuary for all the old and injured horses.
Rodlyn Grace is a little sweet baby with a big wild imagination! She loves exploring everything! She wakes up earlier than everyone else and does just that lol she gets into everything she can before she gets caught.
Mylee is the happiest baby 💗 she loves smiling and laughing at everyone. Her favorite activities are blowing bubbles and trying new foods 😋
Jayne is a sassy sweet little girl. She loves Barbie's, Dolls, and makeup.
A silly little girl who loves her Baby dolls and ponies, loves food of every kind and Always laughing and having fun.
Hey everyone my name is Chevelle I am 17 months old! I love hanging out with my mom and dad and two big brothers. I love race cars and going fast!
Rowan is our sweetest little rainbow baby. She is the happiest girl and brings so much light to our lives.
Jasmine loves to dance, eat candy, Dr. Pepper. She loves to sass, give hugs and kisses.
This is Derriana, She is 3 years old she loves outside activities, to explore news things, and be the pretty little girl she is 💗 vote for my baby!!
She is learning to walk. She will take a few steps when she doesn't realize she is doing it, but won't walk yet when thinking about it. She loves to slow-blink at others, too. It is so adorable and funny!
This is Raven! Right now she loves to chew on her fingers, pull hair, blows raspberries and absolutely loves getting scared!
Addalyn is the most caring little girl I know, she has such a big heart and loves everyone! Her favorite hobby is dancing and she loves having a girls day with Mommy!
Brooklynn is an identical twin! She loves spending her time with her sissy watching Bluey. She’s very talkative! She loves spending time with mommy but she is definitely a dada’s girl. She’s just the sweetest baby you’ll ever meet.
Azaria, a sweet loving babygirl who loves to sing and dance, she loves to read books, play at the park and go on walks, anywhere she goes she brightens and warms the hearts of everyone in the room 💓
Dakota is 14 month old. She loves dancing, eating and playing! She is the most lovable little girl ever and makes everyone laugh! She is a true blessing from God and her personality shines so bright!
Rylee is extremely silly and LOVES peek a boo! She also loves trying to follow her big brother around!
Emma is the happiest NICU baby on the planet! She's always smiling and always happy! She loves her Daddy, and bath time is her favorite time!
She’s a sweet people loving doll. She’s always smiling and laughing. She loves dogs and playing with her toys.
Pronounced “yo tay”
Mallory is the sweetest little girl! She's always happy and smiling! She loves to listen to her music and coo at us when we talk to her! She has the cutest little personality at only 2 months old!
Willow loves when her bubba hugs her and makes her laugh! Her bubba is most definitely her favorite person in the world. He is one and treats her so special❤️ willow loves talking and bouncing in her bouncer. She really enjoys baths and when mommy sings to her. She is so goofy and makes the funniest faces!
Lilah loves princess Elsa. She loves to give hugs and kisses. She loves to draw and even sing. One of her favorites to sing is Baby Shark and Let it Go.
Brandy is a very happy baby and we love her so much!
She loves to be funny but also very affectionate.she loves cows,and unicorns
Kinsley is a sassy , fun , loving 5 year old ! She’s is the smartest girl ! Her eyes are her personality 🥰
Shes a 3 year old who has a lot of developmental delays and heart defects open heart surgery surviver. She loves dancing. She loves school.
Abagale is one of the smartest and cutest 2 yr olds I know!! She is always full of joy and laughter and can put a smile on your face so quick. She lovesss her animals and being outside. She is her daddy made over. She is my true miracle! We hope she leaves a shinning light in your eyes just like she does ours everyday. Please vote for our Abagale!
Elaine loves anything and everything Disney, mermaids, and unicorns. Her favorite color is pink. She loves spending time with her family. And she loves coloring.
Arrabella is a wild child. She carries a lot of sass but gives a lot of love! She’s a bookworm but an adventurists. She loves lolipops and green beans! She’s sure to keep us on our toes! There isn’t ever a dull moment in this beautiful life she’s blessed us with!
Emberlyn is a spunky 5 month old. She is super curious about everything. She has mastered rolling and is working on sitting now!
Amira May
Amira May is the sweetest 4 year old young lady you could ever meet. She loves her family and playing with her best friend neighbor Avery. She loves playing with her cousin Oaklynn who is 4 months old. She just started school this year. Please check out her profile
Charlee is sweet and caring, loves helping with baby sister. Started cheer this year and has decided she loves it!