Malaysia Thomas Get ready to meet the one and only Malaysia Thomas, the 5-year-old superstar entrepreneur behind the amazing Babes Psalm 8:2 lip gloss line, adorable journal collection, and super cute hair bonnet line! This little dynamo is a creative force to be reckoned with, and she's taking the beauty and stationery world by storm with her incredible products.
Halo is a loving and caring 4yo who loves to dance,sing, and draw. At the age of 2yo she told me she'll want to be a Doctor to help everyone.
Audrey loves princess she likes playing with her puppy cuddling learning singing and dancing
Ripley is an amazing little girl who wins everyone's heart instantly. Her favorite color is purple and she loves Mermaids and says when she grows up she wants to be a mommy just like me. She also is intelligent and very smart she is already ahead of kids her age in school she is in Pre K and loves school.
Mia is a 7 month old Texas born girl! She has a big beautiful personality who loves to smile and try new foods with her 2 teeth coming in!
Khaleesi Faye, she is a sister to 3 older brothers. A queen with 3 knights🖤
Tanyijah is a very pretry sweetheart. She like to cheer and dance. She is a honir roll srudent and very smart. Tanyijah will make you smile on any day.
Nevaeh loves to cheer and dance and have a big personailty. She love to make people laugh and dance. She is a honor student and very smart.
Emma Grace
Emma Grace is 4 years old with Spina Bifida. That doesn’t slow her down. Even after around 20 surgical procedures her contagious smile continues to show. She loves cartoons, cookies, being outside, riding the 4 wheeler and playing with her toys.
Izel is very talented she loves to sing . Dance and loves to perform for her family .
*** WILL EXCHANGE VOTES*** The silliest of gooses!! Heiress is a fun loving goofy girl who loves to eat and dance! She lights up any room she enters and is friendly to everyone! She loves animals and painting and dancing to literally anything! Vote for her because we want to show that there is beauty in everyone 💗
Jazmyn Justice
This little girl is amazing and so smart she smiles at you and just melts your heart. She is my last baby girl she learns so fast and so quick .
I am a loving, funny, and adventurous 6-year-old. I love playing with all my toys and having tea parties with mommy and learning new things. Currently, I am obsessed with dinosaurs! I love making messes and being silly. Please help me be lil miss beauty 💜
This spunky little diva loves anything outdoors.and admires her mommy more than life
My granddaughter Venus is a happy little girl she is very vocal has plenty to say, she has a sister cat she just loves and she enjoys watching her dad play his game with all the bright colors, and adores her momma her favorite books are the ones with different textures to touch and she thinks the noise parchment paper makes is hilarious .
Very smart, in advanced classes. Loves to sing and act. Stared on school play.
Ava Mae
Ava is a happy energetic little lady she loves gardening she loves playing on her jumpy she loves collecting ladybugs and rolly pollies. She is just an all-around happy little girl...
Phoenix is the brightest Star in the Sky! She is the most amazing human ever. She is full of positive energy, good vibes and has the kind of soul anyone would dream of having. She loves to share, is always smiling and finds Joy in helping others. I am so proud to be the mother and partial creator of this spunky firecracker.
She’s the happiest little baby, she smily, fun, and achieved so much already, overcoming her brain damage!
This is my Remi girl. She’s 6 months old and the absolute light of my life. She’s sassy but also a sweetheart who loves boss baby and eating her toes. We would be honored to receive a vote from you ❤️
Ruby is one of the most tender hearted, loving children I have ever seen. If her sweet eyes and smile won't melt you, her little voice and kind nature will.
Aaliyah loves to sing songs and dance while jumping high off the couch! Her favorite color is 🩷 and her favorite thing to do is blow bubbles 😄
Selena is a spunky fun love little tomboy who loves to dance and play with her pets. She is also an amazing big sister.
My favorite color is pink, I love playing with my brothers, swimming, and Barbie’s.
Adalynn Alivia. She is the happiest talkative baby ever. She always smiling. She loves Mickey Mouse and crinkle toys!
Carla likes playing outside. She, like her 5yr old brother, enjoy playing with dinasours. Carla likes going into her (19 yr old) brother’s room and telling him to get up and clean his room. She is full of energy, has a lot to say, is helpful, and is not at all shy.
Phallyn Clayborne
She 8months and already has me on my feet yall vote for my baby
Nevaeh is my sassy 6 year old. She love playing with her sister and 2 brothers. She likes unicorns. She is very sweet and lovable
Kinzlees going to be the class clown. Shes funny, sweet, and extra onery when she wants to be.
Braleigh loves her horses and riding. And loves her mommy and daddy.
Emmy loves her babies. Shes going to be a great mom! And loves her puppies.
Ms. Thing....Trinity loves to dance and sing with a complete vibrance that makes everyone want to join along.
She’s always smile and she so funny and smart
Nayeli is a bubbly 7 year old who loves babies, barbie's and princess's. She can be found most of the time playing with her cousins. She loves to dance and sing. Nayeli is a very smart little girl with a big personality.
Kynlee is the smartest, most sassy 2 year old. She loves her little brother and enjoys being outdoors. My sunshine girl💛
Khari is very bubbly, she enjoys going to school. Khari also loves taking care of her puppy and she loves to sing and dance. Her favorite color is Blue.
Hello, my name is Denim! I love talking and laughing with my family!
Kind, careing, loving, has the biggest heart. She loves to go school and with play with her best friends.Ava is a mommy girl
My baby girl is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet. She loves princesses love dressing up love trying to be a mommy and loves her Big Brother.
Brooklyn is 14 months old. She likes music and loves dancing. She’s a happy and loving baby.
paisley is just starting to crawl, she has 4 older siblings 3 sisters and 1 brother who is battling cancer.
Amal is an amazing and smart kid. She loves taking pictures , trying on different kinds of outfits and making videos of herself putting on kids make up and doing dresse up. She love animals and would protect them with her life if she have to. She love people and treat them equally.
Nova Lee
My beautiful Nova Lee💜💜 she is so full of personality💜💜 from her sassy side grin to her full on belly laugh she is the sweetest girl. She is working on crawling to be able to follow her best friend ( her pup) around🤣💜
Bella is my miracle baby. I wasn’t supposed to have children or if I did there was a high chance that they could have the same medical condition I have but much worse. She came a month early and she was in the hospital for two weeks and came home two days after Mother’s Day. She is the sweetest little girl and she makes friends everywhere she goes. Just a couple of days ago was her birthday and her daddy called to wish her a happy birthday and mentioned that her sister’s birthday was in two weeks and even though it was her birthday she wanted to sing Happy Birthday to her big sister right then and there. She loves pb&j sandwiches and applesauce for lunch and her favorite TV show at the moment is Paw Patrol.
Emily Godley
Emily loves to dance and sing. She sings in her school chorus and is a student at LeMoulin Rouge de Danse where she is currently in her third year of ballet and tap. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her Yorkshire Ace