Baby Stories - 28


She likes to dance and sang
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🛑🛑DO NOT VOTE🛑🛑 ON THIS CONTEST PLEASE IM JUST DOING ADVANCE VOTES TO BE RETURN FOR END OF NOVEMBER WHO EVER IS INTERESTED LEAVE YOUR LINK DOWN 👇 AND HOW MANY VOTES🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Rosanette is the baby from the house, the sunshine of my eyes my little warrior. She loves being held a lot especially by daddy.
Beautiful and loves to dance and just be a princess
Blakeley Grace
Hey y’all, My name is Blakeley Grace Mullins and I’m about to turn 6 months old. I’m from the southern state and a little southern belle in training! I love to smile, laugh, play peekaboo with my mommy and watch Minnie bow’s on Disney! Vote for me💕
Amaya is a sassy, smart, full of life, spunky 2 year old. She is the sweetest peach you’ll ever meet. She brings joy to my life every day, and loves to be mommas sidekick and helper.
She's a beautiful spunky smart little one with a great big heart, adventurous ☺️❤️
Kimberlyn was born at 29 weeks and spent 49 days in the NICU. She’s home and doing an amazing job. She likes to sit outside, dance with mommy and cuddle.
Sweet, crazy and busy!
Taytum Amelia
Little miss Taytum was born at just 34 weeks. She spent 2 weeks in the NICU and overcame every obstacle that was thrown at her. She is obsessed with Disney movies, loves her daddy and is starting to roll over! She loves hearing her own voice and tells mommy and daddy exactly what she wants when she wants it. She’s a happy healthy 4 month old and loves her two dogs!
Penelope loves to laugh and play! She crawls everywhere and loves to watch cocomelon!
Sophia loves to play outside. Her favorite toy is a ball and her favorite animal is a dog. She’s so smart and funny !
Kynlee is a very energetic 10 month old. She loves any type of music which means she is always dancing! Being outside is her favorite, especially going on walks in her bike. Kynlee also loves to give hugs!❤️
Miss Emersyn is full of Sass but will absolutely melt your heart with her sweetness at the same time! She loves spending time with all her family & friends. Emersyn enjoys her “nay nays” with Aunt Nana and going on car rides with Mom & Dad.
Sweet Harper is the happiest baby around, she loves blowing kisses, waving and tickling and her smile melts hearts
Aspens smile is constantly contagious!! She is so happy all day everyday, she loves conversations and babbles like she knows exactly what she is saying! 😍❤️
Kaizlee is the happiest baby ever! She is running around like crazy. She loves her mommy more then anything and loves basketball. She has the most lovely personality and loves to dance
Hailey is a sweetheart that loves to play with her dolls and dress them up, but also loves getting outside, playing hard and hunting with her Mom, Dad and Papa!
Hazel Grace
Hazel Grace was my heaven sent angel after my mother passed away. She’s a spunky, kind, loving, and very well mannered girl. She loves her mommy, daddy, and big brother! Vote for my little gift from God!
Chloé is such a strong little girl and is always so happy. She love unicorns and playing outside.
Emberlyn is a chill 1 month old. She lights up the room already. She’s the perfect little baby girl.
She's a Free Spirit, Jesus Loving, Dancing, Singing, Soccer Playing kind of Girly Girl! ❤ Her Heart Is One Of A Kind, Please Vote!
ChaseLynn is an out going little girl, She loves hanging out with her brother, And she loves her papa, ChaseLynn really enjoys hanging with her anut PayPay and going to the park , Chaselynns favorite show is Peppa pig.
Payton is an out going 14 year old who love doing cheer and going to the races, she really like makeup and working with children
Shylinn is a SPUNKY, bubbly 4 year old, who is not afraid to tell ya how it is! But she is One of a kind.
Skylar Nicole is a very energetic, free spirited little girl. She bring soooo much JOY and HAPPINESS to those around her. She loves LIFE and ALL it has to offer, some of her favorite things are cooking, fashion, make-up, school, creative/preforming art and spending time with friends/family...she's an AWESOME BIG sister.
Meredith Lorraine is our rainbow baby that decided she wanted to enter this world 4.5 weeks early! She’s all that we dreamed of and more! She has her daddy wrapped around her finger! Meredith is our sassy diva and we are blessed to have such a beautiful daughter! ♥️
She loves to have fun, play with her friends, color, sing and dance
Olivia is a smiley and talkative 6 month old. She loves her toys but moms hair is her favorite to pull on and play with. Blowing raspberries is her favorite between naps and bottles. She just started sitting up on her own and trying to crawl, she’s really going places… mostly backwards!
Maxine is very energetic ready to play all day. She very curious of what things are and how they work. She loves being outside no matter what the weather is outside. She loves her mommy but when daddys home thats a whole other story. She also likes going to the store and pushing the shopping cart and helping to hand the groceries to have them scanned. Her personality is just awesome all around !
She is the sweetest, happiest baby. She always has a smile for you!
Bianca is always so happy 😍 smiling, laughing & talking the second she wakes up. What she likes most you ask ? MILK 🤣
Scarlet is a energetic happy baby that loves to eat her toes ☺️ She is absolutely adorable and always has a smile on her face!!!!
Olyvia is your all American princess. She loves to dance and sing. She is very outspoken and loves her three brothers. She plays with her dolls yet doesn't mind getting dirty playing with trucks and cars in the backyard as well.
Naudia is an adventurous 9year old full of life, passion&Beauty... Naudia loves to sing , dance, and blog... Her personality glows like the sunshine everywhere. EVERYONE VOTE & SHARE MY NIECE!!!!
My beautiful Princess loves singing, dancing, fashion and reading. She has a personality larger than life itself. She's my sweet and loving baby girl 😍😍😍
NY is a sweet little girl. She loves to eat and play. She can sit up on her own and loves to talk coo and giggle... Vote for Ny🌺❤️💖💖💖
She loves taking care of her little sister. She will most likely be a comedian when she grows up because she is so, so funny! Lilly is beautiful inside and out. She is so smart and caring.
Jovi loves everyone and everything! She is so sweet and loving. My miracle baby that i was blessed with at almost 40yrs old. She is so funny and smart, plus absolutely beautiful inside and out!
Charlie is the most kind, loving girl, who loves to play with her two dogs and take them on hikes in the Adirondacks
Shania is very active she is sitting up on her own hold her bottle and she is very friendly and love to smile.
Capri is one of the bubbliest, happiest babies around. At 6 months she steals the hearts of everyone she encounters.
She likes to talk a lot, climb and be adventurous. She likes listening to music and playing with her sister
Taylor is a precious little girl who is one of a kind
Josephine is my beautiful 10 month old baby, who loves to show you how big she is, sings “la,la,la” when you sing it, and is always dancing. She definitely loves her family, and her animals too!