Aaliyah has short very curly very blonde hair although she thinks she is rapunzel 💜 she loves my little mermaid and her first language is spanish! She is also a minnie mouse fan and loves to read play and learn
Ja’Niyah loves to eat, bounce,listen to music and smile. She is very interested in new sounds and is learning to do many different things💜
She loves to ride horses and do gymnastics very outgoing and loving child
Sky’Lynn is an young smart beautiful 8 yr old that enjoys the world of dancing and gymnastics! She’s an amazing big sister to her younger sisters. Sky’Lynn loves pizza which is her absolute favorite!! 🫶🏻❤️🎉
Jordyn is a sweet 3 year old princess that loves taking care of everybody she can. She deserves to win she is such a kind hearted human with a huge personality ! She loves to give ! ❤
Jasiah also known as “Jazzy” is 4 years old. The park & Chuck E Cheese are her 2 favorite places to go. She is super smart and has recently started reading books. Jazzy is full of life and lights up any room she enters!! Vote for Jasiah 🥰
Emma is a smart & sassy little lady. She has the most infectious smile and kindest heart ♥️
Hi! My name is Stella, I am 7 months old! I love dogs, my toys, all the foods, and milkies. My favorite thing to do is roll all over the place, and crawl. I would love your votes so I my mommy can put it in a savings for when I turn 18!
Jailanie is a very smart happy young lady. She wants to be TikTok famous lol but anything is possible and she will continue with what she believes in. She makes us very proud to have her apart of our family. Jailanie is my god daughter and I love her more then anything in this world.
Ry’Niya is your typical girly girl who doesn’t mind getting dirty. She like to play in hair and hair but will also do flips. She’s energetic and full of life.
Aria is a silly, fun, loving 5 yr old. She loves dancing, acrobatics, doing activities (drawing, painting, or doing anything creative.) She is her mommies bff!
Born Aug,19 2022 adorable loving
She's a happy baby, was blessed when she was born on her uncle Johnny's birthday, Dec. 3rd. that had passed away.
Beaux is lucky number 7 in a blended family. Her fiesty attitude has everyone on their toes. She loves music and to sleep lol.
Ali is an energetic lil girl who is very empathetic to others. Extremely smart and the heart beat of 7 siblings
Amy Is always camera ready! She loves to play outside and her favorite thing to do at the park is to swing. She’s so sweet and she has a funny personality! She loves to give kisses and she loves to play with her kitchen set! She is also very sassy.
Hartley is just an awesome amazing little girl. She is smart, outgoing, and just the sweetest! She is sassy and confident and always ready for an adventure. She loves music and loves to sing! She also loves to fish. She is a social butterfly and very photogenic. She also is very much into fashion.
Leillah is our wonderful rainbow baby 💖 She loves to laugh and smile. Her favorite past time is hanging out with her siblings and her puppy dogs. She is a total daddys girl!
Aubriella Rose
She’s such a smart, wild little girl. She loves to dance anytime there’s music on, she tries singing along to every song she hears. She’s a selfie girl, any chance she can get she’ll take a picture off herself. I can never keep her in clean cute clothes or fix her hair. Anytime she sees someone takin a picture off her she throws up her little fingers. She more off a tomboy, she likes being outside alll the time!
Falynn is a 2 years our ball of joyful energy. She loves to play outside where she can run and be loud. Her curiosity leads her in so many directions but her knowledge has grown so much and she is VERY smart. When she cant be outside she is inside playing dress up with her sissy! Well vote please 🙏🏼
Olivia is a year old and full of so much personality! She’s almost always smiling and loves to laugh and give kisses. She hasn’t met someone who hasn’t fallen in love with her.
Mai and her sister
My granddaughter Genesis is such a sweetheart, she's so independent and loves to play outside! Her favorite tv shows are Gracie"s Corner and Yo Gaba Gaba!!! She's such a loving child and give the best hugs!
Neriah Noelle
Meet Neriah or JJ as her family and friends call her. She’s a delight to everyone around, energetic, smart and a real life princess. She loves gymnastics and also a Vlad and Niki fan on YouTube.
Janelle is a very happy, sweet rainbow baby. She adores her older sister and can’t wait to be able to keep up with and play with her. She is a true blessing.
Lucianna Quinn
What can I say about Quinn. She is the most funniest happiest baby. She don’t want to walk, because she is so spoiled we always have her in are arms. 😂 she love people and kids. So Vote for my Granddaughter
Jazzmin AKA Jazzy is very likeable full of energy and also sooo sweet!
Samantha Skaggs
Samantha is a outgoing 9 year old that loves her family. She loves to dance and spend time with her friends. She is sweet and talented
Journey has the most authentic soul! She’s sweet and spunky! The most well rounded little girl I know. She loves to fish, play sports, and ride her bike for hours and then turn around and dress up like a princess! She has the funniest personality and kindest heart! Journey will do anything for anyone. She doesn’t have to know you to love you. She has a people first attitude at 3 years old. I’m lucky to get to see who she becomes! 💗💗💗
Zoë is a burst of personality. She loves to dance , sing, and watch kittens on YouTube. Her best friend is her mommy but she prefer to snuggle with her daddy.
Hi my name is jaz’Mariya I’m turning 5 ont the 19th of this month she loves acting she fits in with every crowd she’s such a happy girl she does dance class she’s in pre k she also likes to talk happy and to go places ☺️
Hi! Jazariah is 9 months and her nickname is Za. She loves to smile, dance, and watch Gracie’s Corner. Jazariah brings sooo much joy wherever she goes.
Alayna Maddison is a year old. She is such a happy girl. Alayna loves to play outside and she loves her baby dolls. She’s a beautiful, smart, and outgoing little girl.
Lakyn is a ball of sunshine and giggles. She loves modeling, acting, and all things music! She loves animals, especially her kitty Gary and her dog Mocha! She looks in the mirror every day and says “I’m beautiful!” (She learns from her momma!)
Naomi is smart and very funny she loves to make people laugh she loves her family and her friends and she don’t play when it comes to her brothers and her sisters they are her everything she loves being around people
Ava birthday is February 9th 2022 ♒️ she has the biggest smile😁 ,she loves to cuddle 💞and she loves her bath time🛁
Hey everyone, Kemor is 2 going on 21! She is fully of life and laughter! She is our little diva in training! She’s always laughing and dancing and singing! Truly a child star to be!
She laughs smiles alot and have alot of sass and very aware for her age
Hello everyone my name is jazmin, But everyone calls me Jazzyboo, I love to dance I love to model outfits, And I love to play in make up, What I enjoy the most is being on camera making videos taking photos and making tiktoks.
Milliana is such happy baby that likes to talk baby talk with lots of giggles in between. She loves watching her two big brothers run around horse playing and dancing. Her favorite shows are Mickey Mouse clubhouse and Doc Mcstuffins. Her favorite meal/drink is mommies milk. She enjoys daddy baby talk and watching mommy cook. Milli just may be a foodie !
Shrivi acts more than her age. She behaves like a matured girl imitating her parents and helling them in every possible way she can
Amara is a a very attentive, vibrant little girl. She has an enthusiastic personality and a smile that will light up the room! She's very sweet but also extremely opinionated. Saying she was tough for being understatement considering she is three older brothers!
Kali is the sweetest she loves giving big hugs and loves Moana
Kaysley was born at 30 weeks premature ! She’s so full of sass now !
My name is Mila and I’m 5 months old. I am full of smiles and always giggling. I love cuddles with mommy , dooling all over, Playing around and eating all day. I’m Such a happy baby and spoiled as ever.
Iris is a bubbly 4-month-old. She loves to smile and is a pure joy to be around. She enjoys taking quick cat naps with her mom and making spit bubbles. When she not conquering the world one bottle at a time she enjoys laughing at her daddy’s silly faces and practicing her pretend walking skills. After years of trying and several health scares Iris is our perfect miracle here on earth❤️