Baby Stories - 28


Tai’Mya is bless and she’s very stubborn
DeAnna is a very sweet happy little girl! She is super excited all the time and loves playing outside! She can make anyone she meets smile ear to ear and she never fails to make them laugh! She’s the smartest little girl we know her age and very independent!
Adea is very friendly and lovley ! She likes modeling and she is very photogenic!
Korra is a happy silly baby! She loves to play outside and giggle! She seems to always have a smile on her face!!
Remi is my very own Christmas baby who absolutely loves baby shark.
Hey I’m Emarshay I loves baby shark an I loves to dance !!! 💖💖
Ava loves to take baths, watch football and laugh with mama!!
Mariah is a very energetic child, she loves to sing, dance, and play with her sisters
Meyna is extremely outgoing, very funny, and loves to dance and play fortnite, her favorite sport is soccer.
Audrey Reign
Hi I’m Audrey Mcnabb ,I’m a adorable sweet babygirl , I enjoy watching Cocomelon and playing during tummy time. I also love taking 10min naps during the day . Vote for Baby Audrey!!
She is a awesome, outgoing and smart young lady.
Lei’yanna is a burst of personality. She is fun, loving, and did I forget adorable. She loves to laugh, play, and eat. She will put a smile on anyone’s face and brighten their day.
Chloe is 9yrs old and is a twin. She is the only girl with 2 older brother and her twin brother. Chloe is smart, beautiful, caring, loving, and so much more. She is not only my daughter but she is my side kick and best friend. She also loves shoes and dancing.
Hi I'm Ma'Kyliee Marie Wilson & ; Im 4 Years old I love to dance and watch YouTube ❤️
Hey my name is Toriana, I’m 7mons I love to play peek a boo with my momma and spending time with my big brother Tristan
Alina is 7 months old! She love saying Mama & is crawling but in her own unique way😂 She waves and says baba💗 Loves attention but is such a sweet girl 😇
Hi My Name Is Ma'Kenzi Paige Mcmorris I'm 10 years Old
Emma likes swimming, playing, dancing, being sassy
Pariss is an extremely happy baby that loves her two moms. Very photogenic and energized! She has a smile that would brighten up anyone’s day!
Beautiful baby love to go outside and explore and recognizes face even at this age. Has adorable smile.
Skai Marie
Skai is loveable fun and she loves coco melon Abby Hatcher and bubble guppiesb
Makaylynn Faith
Hello I’m 5 years old I’m very happy, carin, lovin lil girl I love my animals. My puppy Cas An bunny Smokey! My daddy An mommy are my best friends! I love to play, sing, dance an just have fun! ❤️😍
I am a very outgoing little girl. I love softball my mommy and daddy amd JESUS !
She's a sweet, fast learner, and smiley baby.
My name is Annabella "Bella" and i LOVE to play with mommy and daddy ! I LOVE dancing and playing with my dog.
Very sassy, but also really sweet !
Our sweet little Bailee Ann is full of life and happy, all the baby talk and snuggles. She loves snack time, Sophia the first and all the cuddles she can get.
Vivian is so smart!!! She loves baby shark.
She love writing books, she has never published one but that’s her dream. She loves helping others, she selfless, and she always finds a way to make other people happy. She has high hopes in life and she has the energy and attitude to accomplish them. She is literally the most happiest person I’ve ever met.
Isabella is my rainbow baby! She is my entire world. She is already too smart for her own good. She is very curious of everything around her. Her favorite food is currently pumpkin and she loves sitting up and rolling around to get to her toys.
E’Moni is 5 months full of joy and sweet.
Aleigha Hope
My daughter is 12 years old. She is a good girl. She loves school, music, her friends, and family! Please vote for her, it would make her world if she won! Thank you to everyone in advance!❤👩💗Please look at ALL OF HER PHOTOS!
My sweet, adorable baby girl loves to laugh, sing and dance! She loves old mcdonald and loves to eat candy !
Isabella is almost 3 months She is so precious loves her mommy and daddy.
Aloñza is named after my father her grandfather, Alonzo who our family lost to cancer over 10years ago. Aloñza is a very happy baby, for her to be 3months old she is very active. She smiles and talks alot. She is my Angel...
Zaina is a one year old , Aries ♈️. She has the sweetest personality and is very independent. She loves to get dressed up all pretty and wear hair bows 🎀 . Her favorite food is pancakes 🥞 so make sure you add a lot of syrup!!!! Zaina likes to tell people thank you after doing something nice for her 🥰. Mommy nickname for her is (butterfly) & dad nickname for her is (dookie) 😂 . She doesn’t like when other people call her that unless it’s them. Her favorite movies is “ Princess and the Frog “ 🐸👑 & “ Moana” 🌸. Vote Vote Vote !!!!
Mackenzie’s a little princess. She loves Peppa Pig & paw patrol.
I’m Ari! I love bananas & apples 🥰 I Love My Mommy & Daddy And My Little Doggies Nova And Wally 😇 I love baby Joyjoy And to sing nursery rhymes with mema 🤱🏽 I have so much personality and I love to talk ☺️
She is so loving and sweet,loves preschool.She is very independent,refuses to let anyone help her do anything. She loves singing and dancing.
This little girl is so creative and full of love she loves to play dress up and to dance and her favorite color is pink
Nica Kendrea
Nica is such a happy baby. She loves to play and watching coco melon and nursery rhymes.
Kendal is our perfect little miracle, she’s grown an bloomed into a beautiful Sunflower. Her personality is like no other, her little giggles are so heart warming. She loves when you read her books as well as holding her until she falls asleep.
Lily Ann loves all things about jumping, climbing, sliding, or anything dare devil. She is fearless and a sweetie pie. It’s hard to keep up with her.
Kendale is 6 years old and loves to dance .
Full of love laughter and beauty🌸
McKayla is a funny, curly haired little girl with a BIG personality ❤️
Catalayah was a Sunny Side Up Baby, she started to try to say the same words as I was telling her at 2months. She’s a very Happy & Joyful baby, she loves music and love the attention and love we give her🥰