Baby Stories - 28


Bexley is a charismatic 14 month old little girl whom on her free time spends time showing affection to all her dogs. Bexley’s family breeds, raises, trains, and sells English Cream White Golden Retrievers. Those of which bloodlines originate from all over the world.
Very outgoing she is a leader and protects her twin brother
Kali is the princess of Los Angeles. Please help me reach my goal. Thanks for your votes. Love you guys!!!!
Hi! My names Sophia. I love my Mommy, My brother, and my Aunt Tishy. I love to bounce. I could just bounce all day if mommy would let me. I like to explore and go adventures with my family. Mommy always makes sure I have my Minnie Mouse blanket on standby, incase I get grumpy.
Ella Raelynn
Ella is an out going, very smart, vivacious, full of sparkle little girl! She warms the heart ❤ of every one she meets with her contagious smile 😃 She loves to laugh and play dress up. She loves school and spending time with her family and friends!!!!
Alena is the sweetest girl who loves to cuddle, is witty, sassy and is never-ending fun! She loves to be pretty and be told she is pretty, brave, smart and strong !
Legaci Sheri
Her name speaks for itself, Legaci Sheri is super sweet she enjoys being talked and read too.
Aviana loves food and playing with her older brother and sister.
She loves to play and sing please vote for her
She is a outgoing bright girl she loves her family and to eat and drink she is a girl with a bright future
Shes a pretty little princess duh she can dance better than anyone i know she out eats her brother on a daily basis
Aaliyah loves to laugh & play! + always gets her way 😁❤️
Emma Jo
She a miracle baby we both about died after giving brith but thankful shes made it and i made it after cord was wraped around her neck 3 times and i about died of heart failure. So blessed to have her here with me to hear her laughter and whatch her grow and run around playing with her baby dolls and always bugging me to let her watch blue cluses and super jojo .. She is the sweeted little girl ever she loves giving loves and hugs and always making sure your ok
She loves her teddy bear blankets and she has a wonderful smile and laugh she is always happy but she also likes to sleep a lot lol she loves to dress in pretty dresses. She also loves to see her family her uncles great grandparents her NANA and especially her brother. That is mostly everything about this little joyful girl.
My name is Kynlee. I’m 29 days old. I love to open my eyes and move my head around. I am very alert during the day. I like to try to hold my head up and attempt to roll over. I love to be on my side and play with my sister. I also love to cuddle mommy.
My name is Kaisley. I’m 13 months old. I love to scream and run around with clothes on my head. I love to play outside and laugh while I’m chasing my cousin around. I am an amazing big sister. I also help mommy clean up!
Aniyah is a the epitome of a happy baby. She is also ready to crawl and loves to dance. She is the life of the party.
Marliyah loves to dance, flip an eat pizza very sweet but shy
Evony loves to read and she loves her animals her dream job when she grows up to to be a veterinarian she is such a smart kid with a big heart and wining would be the beginning to her journey in her future.
Kaydence Aunamaria
Kaydence is about to be 4 years old she is very out going she is an amazing little girl she would light the room and make your day vote for her
Luna is currently 6 months old, a huge daddy’s girl! She loves Daniel Tigers neighborhood, her dogs and babbling like crazy. 💖
My name is Adalynn Marie. I am 7 months old!! I am working hard on growing my 2 whole teeth. My Mommy and Daddy are my favorite people. And smiling is my favorite past time. 😘
Kinsley is a 6 month old stinker! She loves anything she can get in her mouth. Loves watching cartoons, laughing at daddys silly faces and babbles ma ma ma ma all day long.
Peighton Lyenly Grabert She has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes She’s loves to eat, play in her jumper, watch coco melon and smile and laugh at everyone and everything she is the happiest baby ever
Naíhra Angelie
Loves pictures, is a brand rep with her big brother for the small shop Sissy & Skeedle, loves to play with her brother, is very independent.
Tough work being the cutest in the Family..
Macy .s.l.
Like she like a teenager she like cooking she good at track
Audrey is a spontaneous, adventurous and loving humble four year old. Very independent, gives her all to make sure do anything she sets her mind to. As girly as she can be she’s also very competitive with adventurous things. Loves to hike with mommy and enjoys eating pizza and ice cream. She loves fashion and matching with mommy. Audrey has sweet loving heart, she’s a caretaker at heart. The plans and Audrey and Mami have with the money she wins is to donate friend of hers and rest go for her join the gymnastics school she’s been dreaming of joining. We hope we can make this dream come true.
Hello, I’m Legacy Jai’el! Legacy is 3 months old. She loves to smile and talk. Her smile is very contagious. She also loves watching tv. and taking naps.
Charlie is a beautiful and smart little girl, she has a twin brother. They were born prematurely and spent some time in the NICU. she is thriving with minimal problems! She loves to play, run and talk all day long. She is named after her great grandfather whom she never got to meet but meant a lot to us!
Lalynn Trayce Mayer
This adorable little bean is the light of my life. I love her fiercely, she steals the heart of everyone she meets.
Jazmine Rose is super happy baby just looking for new ways to grow! She loves to laugh and play but she most of all loves her family
Hello everyone my name is Ka’Marii and I am a happy little girl, I love to look around and see different things
This is Oakleigh! She’s 6 months old, full of life, has firey red hair, the biggest smile, and just such a joy to be around! She’s a fierce little sucker.
Addi is an outgoing , talkative baby . Loves smiling and talking . Loves her little doggies and can light up the room with her smile.
Cassidy is very loving and smart and loves to explore and see new things she is also loving and went through obstacles as a baby and over came every last one of them. So vote Cassidy little Miss.Beauty🥰
Jahlaya is such a beautiful smart girl with beautiful ringlets and a sweet voice she loves to sing ,read and play with her dolls she has 2 brothers and 1 sister this little girl would make anyone fall in love with her I’m such a blessed mom to call her mine she is gonna be my cheerleader!
Like playing " where is your tongue "?
Jahsalynn is such a happy baby she loves to play exp in the water she loves her family nothing can make her cry unless her mommy leaves she is very funny will make you laugh she sings and will copy her stuffed animals!!!
Lyncoln is one special little girl! She was a week late, started crawling around 3 months and was walking at 9 months. She is sassy, smart and funny. She loves old music and dancing to it. She will get everyone's attention where ever she goes. Vote for our little beauty queen! Every purchased vote is very much appreciated!
Paitynn is a spunky outgoing 9 year old who loves the outdoors.
She loves to play roblox, and draw.
This is Karli she’s 2yrs old,very smart and outgoing.she has a big sense of humor for her to only be 2,she’s an adorable,loving and most caring 2yr old I’ve ever seen.and to know her is to love her💕💕
I am 3 months old. I love my family and friends and i also love my toes! Love to smile, when i smile my family and friend smiles and it warms everybody hearts!