She love to be here self and make others laugh and smile she's unique Ill tell you
Charismatic, full of personality, and the cutest baby ever
Timarie loves singing and dancing. Love helping people.
Marcy is the sweetest little girl. Melts everyone’s heart with her smile. She already knows that she can get her way with her cuteness.
Kiley is a beautiful and intelligent young lady who dreams of being a model one day. She is a very talented girl. She loves sketching, painting, making jewelry, fashion design, pottery,video editing,and being a big sister.
Julianna is an active 11 month old - soon to be a year old! She is always happy, smiling and so loving. She is a joy to be around and will eat anything & everything.
Melody is a bright, bubbly, and spontaneous 👶 👧. She is super smart and already knows how to talk in sign language. She loves to watch Ms. Rachael on youtube. Her favorite people are 👩 and her 👶 sister (Carolyn). Her favorite meal is chilli; fruit is Banana; and snack is 🍓 🍰 Her favorite colors are pink, purple, and yellow. She like to clean, help cook, and take care of her 👶 dolls & 🐕 When she gets hurt or scared; mommy's 💋 and personalized 🎵 make her feel better. Her favorite thing to do is go outside and play.
Meet Miss Daisy Noelle she is a very active little lady. She loves lights, music and playing in her bouncer. Right now she is trying to sit up, enjoys tummy time and loves teething on her toys.
She is one of the most sweetest babies ever and loves everyone. She loves her toys and food too.
Gianna is like a ray of sunshine with a huge heart. She loves Dogs and dancing. She is also a wonderful helper and very bright
Za’Riyah is such a outgoing kid! She loves to sing and be goofy.She also loves to dance!
Adalynn is a very happy baby.She is always smiling and puts smiles on everyone's face that she encounters. She love to walk in her walker.
8 months young, happy baby who loves to laugh & eat
Whisper is loving, caring, and sweetest girl you will meet! She loves to share and have fun with friends. She has such a kind soul.
Mary is a kind, loving, sweet/sassy 8 yr old girl who loves animals, her family, and going on adventures.
She like dance, acting and fashion
Jailynn is a smart, loving, energetic 6 year old that loves to draw, make YouTube videos and cook! To know Jailynn is to love Jailynn.
cattaleya is a very spontaneous girl, super friendly, she has a firm character at her age!
Lyric is smart, funny, and energetic. She loves playing with her Barbie’s and playing in mommy’s makeup. She’s a star pupil in her Pre-K class and excels in everything that she does. She’s a cheerleader but has a passion for dance. She’s just all-in-all, an amazing child!
A Brianna le encanta Bailar! Es demasiado carismática!
Karlee is a strong independent sweetheart. She loves playing outside and taking drives in her power wheels jeep with her Dad. Her most favorite things to do are singing, dancing and riding her pony. She is fearless which keeps this mommy on her toes. :) XOXO
🔅Legacy is a ball of energy, and have a smile that lights up the room with joy. Her favorite character is Bluey. She loves to cuddle and she gives the tightest hugs.
Annevaeh ❤️ she has two brothers and she is the oldest , she loves to dance and play with friends. Annevaeh is very loving and friendly she has a very big personality. She knows how to make your day with the random things she does or say . Annevaeh is very intelligent
The youngest of my crew and the boldest. Jordyn loves music and singing. She loves Paw Patrol and any small figures she can get her little hands on, her smile is contagious.
With a smile that can brighten any room, Ava gives us all life. She doesn’t come with a filter and you can’t do anything but respect her honesty/innocence
Sydni is literally the most considerate and kind person that I know, at the age of six she chooses gifts for friends that family that require thought and attentiveness. She loves to sing and dance and is the best little and big sister her siblings could ask for! The world will know her name!!
SaMyra aka as Belle is a awesome middle child with older big and little brother. She loves frozen but also has a tomboy side.
Ciera Jo
Ciera is 11 months old , she loves playing outside, on the swing and going on rides on the golf cart and fourwheeler, she loves bath time
Aaliyah loves dance and cheer loves to have fun with her brothers and sister and loves to play video games
Ava is 3 yrs old and loves makeup and doing beauty pageants. She also has 3 brothers that she love very much
Alaina Jade
Little Laney Bug is the sweetest, she loves her momma’s hugs and spending time with her family. She’s happiest playing outside or with her Barbie’s and kitchen set up. She dreams of being a mermaid and her favorite color is pink of course. Her big toothy smile lights up a room and her beautiful brown eyes twinkle like stars.
Zia B.
This is ZiaBarbie she had 2 brothers snd 2 sisters shes the youngest of five kids she enjoy dancing and looking st books. A vote for Zia is a vote for you
QueMaelah is a daddies girl. She loves her big brother and she is the smartest 1 year old i know
Ella es Aitana una guerrera en vida, ama su familia y es una soñadora grande❤
Skye is so angelic and loving, she always knows how to touch people’s heart. She loves to sing and dance and make new friends. This sweet girl is also very energetic and athletic.
Kyla is a loving 4 year old with a ton of SASS! She loves to play dress up and watch her favorite tv show (Doc Mcstuffins ). Her fav food is chicken tenders and her fav snacks are chips and fruit snacks . Vote for Kyla because she has the best energy !
Melina is a sweet little girl. Easy smiling and super cute. She loves to draw in her unicorn book. Melina is simply charming
Jazelle is 1 years old, mama’s rainbow baby. She love playing with all her toys, watching Ms. Rachel and Cocomelon. She’s so sweet and loving. Always giving out hugs and kisses. Anywhere we go she says hi to everybody and waves. Any money I win mom is saving it to take me to Disney. Thank you for voting for me! Xoxo
A light in the darkness.
Judy is the sweetest baby in the world. I love her so much. She brings joy to everyone’s face when we walk into dollar tree. Judy jumps for joy when she gets to play with her monkey best friend Gorgeous. She loves to climb ladders, bring me with her and then throw me off. ITS SO FUNNNN. JUDY BROKE THREE OF MY TOES! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!! Judy actually murdered my husband so I am a single WOMAN. 🤪🤣 I don’t think she liked him very much, but neither did I. I just hope she doesn’t murder me.
She is very friendly and outgoing girl
Such a happy baby! Loves to eat, and loves her family & Ms. Rachael 🥰🤣
Haven is a very happy baby she loves to smile, try an talk, and kick her feet. She loves spending time with her deddy!! He is her best friend.
The sweetest, kindest soul you will meet. Loves her family, friends, and most importantly Jesus. 💗