Baby Stories - 27


Skylar loves dogs. She loves Tik Tok and YouTube. She loves to dance & she loves her baby brother! She very smart & has a awesome personality!
She loves her unicorn that lights up and she loves her uncle jacob and she is a very happy baby and she loves to make all kind of noises. She smiles all the time when you talk to her and she is loved to the moon and back.
Harlows little laugh will have anyone smiling . Little girl is a ball of energy
She is very outspoken and likes to dance and sing.
Blossoming artist
Ariana is an intelligent baby who's always happy. She love to eat, play and smile.
Aubree is in 2nd grade, loves to sing and dance and is full of imagination! She has come along way in life since coming into the world early at 23 weeks, a 4 month hospital stay and 2 surgeries.
Abbey is the most caring precious person you could ever met, and she’s just 3.
My latest love. She definitely stole my heart all over again. Mommies 3 and last born. I dont know where I'd be without her!! She has eyes that could light up my darkest days. And a smile that could make the steadest heart skip a beat. I love her beyond life itself. If you come across this profile, please vote for my baby girl. ❤🥰
Khalia Duffy
Khalia is a amazing smart little girl who is in love with Frozen stuff Anna and Elsa or her besties
Our beautiful baby girl Azuri Love is a sweet ball of sunshine! She spreads joy to whomever she comes into contact with! She absolutely adores her big sister and brothers. Thank you in advance for your Votes ❤️
Chanel is a playful infant with a hilarious sense of humor! We love her smiles so much!
My sweet girl is FULL of personality. She loves saying “mama & dada!”
My little princess LOVES to eat everything loves to smile & laugh she very very smart too❤️
My princess is so adorable 😍🥰😘
My little Amani is selfless, caring, and most of all a small “Humanitary”. She loves animals, and holds great conversations.
She loves horses and her mommy and daddy she loves to smile and laugh
Danni is an independent, smart, inquisitive, happy and beautiful little girl who was born 3 months premature. She loves to learn, eat, dance, play with her dog Rocko, sing nursery rhymes, and give warm hugs and kisses to her Mom and Da-Da. All funds awarded will be placed in a Trust for Danni.
Always happy and smiling. :)
Mia Sophia
She is the happiests most baby you will meet she is friendly with everyone she always smile laugh at everything she is at beauty baby love color love music love everything she see at pretty angel
My name is Bexley. Iam 4 years old. Iam from Tennessee. I love to sing and dance and play dress up, I also love driving my Jeep, riding my bike and I love love love my mommy, daddy, big sister and frozen.
Kianna kaydence was 3 months early and is still little but has a big personality. She loves to laugh and play with her big brother
Kynlee is a smart an bright little girls with lots of energy!!
She is a joyful baby. We call her juicy 💖🌸,she can’t go a day without watching cocomelon.
She'll capture your heart with her sweet hugs and laugh! She is a busy little girl who knows what she wants! (macaroni and cheese and her water with ice!)
Charlotte is so special. She’s beautiful, she’s sweet, & always smiling♥️
Big blue shining eyes with a smile that lights up any room. Silly and always happy. Her wig full of hair can make anyone stop and stare 🥰😁
Beautiful baby girl , full of energy. she can brighten your whole day with one smile. 💜
Leilani Love
Hi I’m Leilani Love ❤️ Funny beautiful and such a character ! I love my mommy !
Hi,Laurielle is 6 years old She’s very smart ,sweet and very out going. She loves school,she loves to sing,play and bake cookies with her mom. She is a memeber of OSC Midtown ( she loves her church as well) . Laurielle has started her very own lipgloss business from at home. If she’s wins ,this will help her get her business together. God bless
Harper girl loves to smile and give kisses. She’s into anything and everything. Mommy is her absolute best friend ❤️
She Has A Smile That Can Light Up The Room And Love’s To Play Like Crazy 😊❤️
Hailey is a extremely happy (almost) 6 month old who loves her older brother more than anything!
Erica Willa Perkins
Erica is full of life and a very active little lady!!! She is in gymnastics and has a beautiful smile that will light up the room!! Has a knock out attitude lol 😂 and know she’s a Princess 👑
My name Niya I’m 5 years I have 1 sister and 1 brother I love pizza and fries I’m fun and silly come vote for me
She loves to sleep and Eat!!! She's so precious!!! We love you!! Momma and daddy❤❤
Malaysia loves to read and write.She also enjoys wrestling with her two younger brothers. She is outgoing and loves to learn. She’s a big helper around home and absolutely loves to dance . Her favorite color is pink, and her favorite shows to watch are “Pinkalicious and Peterific”, and anything dealing with Ballerinas.
Ryleigh loves watches Cocomelon, Frozen, and Trolls. She enjoys being outside, playing basketball, and cooking
Zaryiah Belle
ZaRyiah loves to play with her older siblings, ride her bikes, dance and going outside
Meme sweet smart . She absolutely loves dancing, love to play with her sister .She’s full of so much joy and love and brings happiness everywhere she goes. She is very outgoing . She is very friendly and indenpendent .
Micky is sweet smart, she is a quick learner. She absolutely loves dancing, love to play with her sister .She’s full of so much joy and love and brings happiness everywhere she goes. She is very outgoing . Micky is Very energetic , and also very creative
Well D’ior is a very happy baby. She loves to smile & laugh the most 😊.
Hello! My name is Genevieve. I love bright colorful lights and spending my lazy days with mommy watching Curious George! Please vote for me! Thank you ❤️
She loves her Paw Paw as much as she loves Minnie Mouse!
Lilith loves music and dancing
Jurnei Love
Jurnei is all about fun! She dances to every song or beat she hears! Currently in love with things that light up & Cocomelon