Chloe is the light to our life .She is so silly full of laughter and smiles .She loves her mommie and bubba she learning all the words she can take in which is alot lol.
Hi I am Kinsley! I am 3 weeks old and love tummy time and snuggles!
My Sweet Rainbow Baby. Grace is so smart already, she loves bath time & anything water related. She absolutely adores her fur brothers, parents & grandparents.
Aubreigh is a 5 year old who loves family, friends, being outside, and learning new gymnastics skills! She even loves singing and dancing. She has the biggest heart of a 5 year old. Help support aubreigh with your votes!
Skylynn has such a big heart, she is always helping others. She loves to dance, swim, play with her dogs, draw and be creative. Her laughter is infectious and makes everyone around her smile.
Amy is so unique, When she listens to music she likes to move her shoulders as if she were dancing, she's a very calm girl, she loves to cross her legs when she's sitting as if she were a teenager😂
Quinn is a happy and playful little girl who loves Sesame Street and playing outside!
Elena enjoys tummy time, and sweet snuggles 💖
Paisley is a 3 month old fiesty firecracker! She loves talking to mommy and daddy, going on adventures, looking at everything when we go to the store, and HAS to smell mamas food before mama can eat!
She was born December 11 @31w. She was only 3lbs 4oz. Still in NICU, she will coming home soon.
Gracelynn is a very sassy little girl! She loves to be the boss and is a big daddy’s girl!
Isabella is one tough cookie. Shes as fiesty as can be, but if you smile at her you'll get the cheeks right back :)
Carolyn is a sweet baby! She loves to crawl/scoot all day long! She’s definitely a mommas girl and hates being away from her!
Hi, this is my beautiful amazing 6 yr old Journee Kamari Benton 😍 journee loves to take pictures, she loves to eat hot 🥵 chicken journee also loves school. Journee is a only child she’s not too good with sharing but we work on it, she loves to talk, her nana suga is her favorite person 🥴😂🥰
Beautiful ❤️
She loves her daddy and to be talked to. She likes to watch TV and for her big brother to play with her. She is 6 months old and loves attention.
Shania Anne the youngest of 4 siblings and the only girl! Not only is she protected forever by her Daddy, she has 3 amazing big brothers to always be by her side. She is so loved and cherished by her devoted family what more could a little girl want? Shania would love to have your vote! We want to share her smile with the world! Thanks all
Miss Aurora Rae, Her favorite color is pink. Her favorite fruit is bananas And she loves to show off her dimples
Shyanna Eller
Shyanna is a very sweet baby. She loves anything that makes noise or has lights. She a great little sister as well and loves anyone she meets. She’s also an animal lover. Her favorite animal is a cat. And her favorite color is purple or blue.
Charlotte is always on the move. This girl loves her brothers and her dog. Charlotte is easy going and super loving.
Grace is 1 month and 2 weeks old, she was born at 33 weeks she was 3lbs and was in nicu for 3 weeks making her a premie. Since she has been hime she loces to sleep on my chest she loves to be close to me. She is very peaceful, shecries the moment i put her down and stops thr moment i pick her up.
Freyja is a joy. She has a contagious laugh and beautiful blue eyes. She has such a silly personality and points at all the things she wants!
Laramie is such a happy baby who brings light to any room with her contagious smile!
Hazel is the sweetest almost 5 month old baby girl. Shes full of smiles and giggles. She is one of the happiest easy going babies around.
Our Remi Storm is little miss smiley! We LOVE our food, standing up, and walking with our walker(SO close to doing it without). Mrs. Rachel is our absolute favorite!
She loves to cheer, tumble, travel, and spend time with her friends and family.
Adaline is 5 months old an a whole world of personality! She loves smiling and playing with her puppies !
Lainey Mae
Lainey Mae is 6 weeks old and loves her big brothers mom dad and her milk
Gianna Zailee almost 2 weeks old !!❤️our little miracle blessing !!
My name is kyndell, mommy calls me lil mama. I love to spend time with my siblings when they get home from school. Im very caring an outgoing. Food is my favorite thing in the world lol
Lazariah is a smart, ambitious, loving little girl who loves to sing and dance, as well as make arts and craft. She enjoys drawing and spending time with family.
Layla Rose loves to dance and play doctor! Her favorite color is pink. She’s a firm believer that chicken nuggets and fries are for every meal. She’s obsessed with lip glosses! Before bed she loves to read “Rainbow Fish”. Most of all she loves being a sister to her older and little brothers!
She is a smart, happy, lovable, funny little girl. She loves dancing and animals.
Evalynn Fae
Evalynn Fae is 6 months old, she loves to smile and giggle and meet new people. she loves when people give her compliments and play with her and tickle her. she has the most beautiful blue eyes i have ever seen!
Hello! My name is Lola! I am 1 month old and my favorite food is boo boo milk! I love spending time with my mama and daddy and sleeping. I love looking around and smiling at random things. Please vote for me!
Harper is a happy little girl. She is so sweet and very talkative. She loves unicorns and Moana!
Roselynn favorite this to do is go to school Her favorite movie is frozen Her favorite person is her great grandmother
Mila is super smart. Shes a tough big sister who loves spending time with her family. And enjoys dancing, laughing, and singing. And Also is a huge Ms.rachel fan!
Miley loves watching ms.rachel with big sister. Super serious at times but she is strong 9month old that can stand up all by her self without Mommy and DADAs help!
Dru is the most happy baby. She's always smiling and laughing. She loves her Freddy Mercury finger puppet.
My name is River, I’m almost 7months old. I love Ms.Rachel and Mickey Mouse! I can say “DADA”.
Gwen is a perfect example of bi racial beauty. She gives the most perfect smile. When she looks into ur eyes, her deep brown eyes mesmerize u. Her hair gets so many compliments too. Her favorite food so far is beans and she loves being outside with the dogs and cats and our duck. She is curious and so loving. God put in some work making her this beautiful. Im so blessed to call her my daughter.
My beautiful miracle baby. She has made my whole life complete
She's a petite one weighing in at 6lbs 5 oz. And is the youngest of 6 being the 2nd girl
She is the best baby girl in the world she is the one who has a beautiful smile and she loves her dogs and friends and family so please vote for my baby girl
Little miss Alice is full of happiness, love, fun and joy! She loves to sit up, jumpy in her jumper and stand up with help. She loves to laugh, giggle and smile a lot. She’s a very down to earth little girl already at 6 months old. Just a girl with a huge personality for being so little. ❤️
Magnolia is simply delightful! She has seven older siblings. She is such a smiley girl! Her favorite thing to do is sleep!