Baby Stories - 26


Lorelei absolutely adores her older brother and loves to smile and giggle loves tummy time and to be in mommas arms
My name is Isabella and i love to smile! Have a great day everyone 😀
My personal baby doll has a cute smile like the kool-aid man smile. She’s a happy and talkative baby although she can’t say words but, she most definitely cause cooing her butt off. She’s very playful and greedy. She’s 15lbs 1 ounces. I hope y’all will support my doll. Thanks for reading :)
Emree is two months old, she loves her big brothers and loves to smile and eat.
I didn’t mean to put her name as the username but My daughter is a kind person and a straight A’s if we do win any competition’s I will give her the money so she can save it for her pony🥰that has been her dream every since she was 2 years old she wanted one she only saved up 20 dollars though so we can’t do anything with that I hope this works out for my baby girl
She is a Beautiful little girl she loves to have fun with her family
Ka' Linda
Ka' Linda loves competing in pageants and can be Mrs. Sassy when she wamts to be. Yall.should vote for this Beauty.
We vote for Emmy because she is good love and courage, she is life.
She’s a very sweet and loving 5 year old she loves taking pictures and being around animals when she grows up she wants to be an astronaut I think you should vote for her because it will boost her confidence in wanting to do pageants
Amari is 18 months. She loves to smile and laugh. Amari enjoys playing with her big brother and her two dogs.
My fierce, strong willed, beautiful redhead truly is one of a kind and keeps us on our toes. She’s so incredibly intelligent and she will change the world one day!!!
She's a happy wild carefree 6yr old that has a big heart ❤ and loves to dance and sing....
Sweet little Kacii is a happy baby! She is always smiling, giggling and cooing to those around her. She has a smile that will melt your heart and make your baby fever go crazy!
Jada Nyree is a silly and caring thirteen year old. She loves to sing, dance, play in make up and play outside as well. Her hobby is spending time with her family. She loves to cheer, play volleyball, swimming, basketball, softball, track and field. She is also a honor roll student athlete.
Emmaline is the sweetest sister. She is so caring and loving!
Octavia loves being outside, thinks the “fart” sound is hilarious! Her nickname is Eyeballs because she has some big peepers and is always looking around! 😅 She’s the most laid back baby I’ve ever seen, she’s always happy and content.
Norlene is a happy baby! She is always smiling, giggling, and humming! She has a smile that will melt your heart!
She is the happiest baby, all of the time. ❤
Kylar is a very nice girl she likes to play toca Boca and she like to color.She loves chicken nuggets from McDonald’s.
Jailyn is a very sweet girl she has many friends she likes to dance on TikTok and she likes to play roblox I think that’s how you spell it but I’m not sure
The most matter of fact angel princess to ever walk the earth!
I’m Ava! I’m smart, spunky and full of energy that lights up any room! Thank you for your votes!!
Baby De’Arra is only 1 month and filled with personality already! We would love to have your votes!!!
Destini likes tummy time💓
Alajáh is the most fun, outgoing 5 year old ever. She loves to be a helper. She is an amazing big sister. And to top it all off she is super smart! Her votes are well deserved and we will appreciate you all.
There isn’t anything sweeter than Libby Love! Libby loves getting kisses, being held, and running the show!
She's spunky, soccer loving, full of sass and funny.
Hi! I’m Estella! I’m 3 months old! I love being held and eating is my favorite right now! I love spending time with my family! I’m very alert and spoiled!! Vote for me!!!
im 14 and i have a job at braums and i work really hard and i always thought i was really pretty now its time to see and i love to hang out with freinds
A happy go lucky easy easy baby! 😁🥰 she’s always smiling, hardly ever cries, eating baby food at 4 months, rolls completely over back and forth, sits up great, loves to play with her dangling toys and her big brothers!
Rosabel loves to listen to music and dance! Her favorite food is sweet potatoes! She loves her fruits as well like nectarines, oranges and just discovered she likes grapes. Rosabel also enjoys being in the water or sticking her toes under the running water. At the moment we are learning how to hold the bottle and keys.
Hi my name is Nova I’m 3 I love swimming,playing and shopping
I am a sweet vivacious baby turning one on November 11th and I would love to win to help fund my future pageants!!
Leilani is a beautiful smart lil sassy girl she loves being dressed in princess dresses so I thought why not have do beauty pageants!
Korrie was born with Extraordinary personality. She’s known for brightening up everyone’s day with her beautiful smile. She sings, dance, acts, and she’s also a model for P. S. Fashion Plate. Korrie is the type of girl you would want to know. She gives everyone hope and adds Joy to anyone’s life.
Averie is very fun loving and super sassy! She brings a smile to everyone she meets! She loves singing and dancing and all things princess.
Hi I’m Ava, aka Sassy ❤️ I’m a very happy baby, I love playing peekaboo . My mommy is my favorite human right now. I love eating my fingers and hand and I’m starting to love Minnie Mouse 🤎✨ please vote for me! 🙏🏻💕
She's loves family time she likes roses very smart an intelligent girl
Having Naomi is a blessing that brings excitement into life ! She is affectionate , loving , and curious . She fills any room with laughter and beauty . She is always ready to help and get involved in new things. Naomi is so intelligent and the absolute most adorable baby girl !
Isabella ( Bella B) This little girl is full of life and joy she was born with mega cisterna magna and cerebal disfunction but she is doing amazing she LOVES coco melon and eating chips lol
Little miss Sophee Luna is 5 months old , she loves her mommy and all things Shiny . We have been able to put her hair up in a pony since she was 6 weeks old , and she has a smile that will brighten your whole day ! Give this little super star some votes 🤩
Londyn is a smart, beautiful, loving girl. She loves school and dancing on Tiktok. She enjoys being around her family and friends. She also loves playing Roblox video games and riding her scooter.
Our first and oldest! Shes my baby with such a big ❤
She’s a happy girl who loves her daddy.
Alianna is a very beautiful, bright, loving, caring little beauty. Shes loves music and dancing as well as playing with friends and family. Alianna loves adventure and new toys.