She loves to laugh, play, do tummy time, eat. She absolutely loves the company and attention
Aria Ice
**Looking for advances that can be returned June & July!** Hi , my name is Aria! I love to play and dance while watching Ms Rachel & Gracie’s corner Follow me on Instagram : @shop.ariaice
I love taking bubble baths and playing with my older sustee and dogs.
This is our sweet Evelina we call her Evie ❤️ She is 4 Months today!She already has such a big personality and never meets a stranger. She is very loving and happy all the time. Her favorite things to do are cuddle, go on walks in her stroller, and to be talked to since she’s just discovering her voice! She also very much loves her stuffed animals even though she tries to eat them because we have to taste test everything at this age.🤣 Thanks for reading about our baby girl to know her is to love her and we appreciate you taking a few moments out of your day to learn about our sweetheart.💖
Kyeleigh Denton
Kye’Leigh is my rainbow🌈 baby! She loves laying on mommies chest listening to the sounds of the rain on YouTube. She also enjoys watch her big brother act out movies. She’s such a silly baby & always smiling 💕
I will be making advances for a future contest. Olivia is a very sweet girl who will do anything for anyone. She just made the Encore Elite Dance Competition Team through her studio. She also made the role of a Cookie in The Nutcracker Ballet for this December through the Canyon Concert Ballet located in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Looking for Exchanges in: Pageant Dog, Baybee France, and Miss. princess
I will be making advances for the fall Addison is a sweet girl. She loves Irish Step Dance and loves horses. She has a big heart and enjoys helping others in need. Her smile can light up the sky. ❤️ Looking for Exchanges in: Pageant Dog, Baybee France and Miss. princess 🥰
Kierra is a funny, creative, loving, caring 5 year old. She enjoys Irish dancing and loves to play musical instruments.
My Lilly is the strongest loving full of life little girl you will ever meet. She was diagnosed with Ependymoma Brain Tumor at the age of 11 months old , she had brain surgery to remove the tumor and she did chemo and radiation she finished her last radiation on December 2020. And she was doing great then in September of 2022 during a return scan checkup they found a new spot on her brain she was diagnosed with a High Grade Glioma so in January 2023 she had another brain surgery to remove the tumor and we left for St Jude’s in Memphis Tennessee on February 6 2023 to have radiation treatments. We are back home enjoying life and not taking nothing for granted we go back for scans and checkups June 4 2023. She is the most smartest most beautiful girl inside and out , she deserves the world .. 💛🎗️🙏 We thank the good Lord above for always being with her and our little family.💛 Please if you can pray for clear scans for our sweet Lilly we greatly appreciate them ..💛🙏🎗️
She is full of life, love, and joy! Her name speaks for herself. She is truly a bundle to have and to enjoy!!
Gracie loves helping others. She is so sweet and kind.
Full of personality and spunk. But also loving and caring. Bella loves the water and anything to do with swimming. She has the ability to turn any frown upside down.
You are brave, in a way that I have no words for. I try to be strong for you, to hold on to everything good, but you show me what true strength is. what it's likes to see the positive in every day.. no matter the storm surrounding you. you are teaching me how to be strong, how to always have hope & to trust the path we’re on, I love you, little one.
Maria is a very beautiful 14 year old that loves the outdoors she is a very talented young lady who loves to sing listen to music and dance she also loves hanging out with her friends and family.
Blakeleigh loves her four legged siblings. She loves to smile and giggle at her mommy and daddy. She says please vote for her. 🥰
BrayLeigh has a very big personality💜 she loves music and to dance and she loves being the center of attention ☺️she loves to take pictures and is very photogenic 📸
Kaelyn is a sweet girl, she loves music and dancing. She loves to tell jokes and loves to read books.
Dakota has a very big heart and is very caring.. she loves her family and playing softball…
Amelia is the youngest of 2 siblings. She was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum disorder(2) and is speech delayed. She has strived above all diagnostics by being a preschooler, encouraging herself to speak every day instead of using sign language. Her favorite pass time is to sing with mommy and big sister. Amelia enjoys afternoon walks and sightseeing ducks/ducklings. Arts and crafted but, her favorite is gymnastics- she’s quite an entertainer!
She is everyone’s perfect ray of sunshine! Happiest baby ever & is so photogenic.
Amelia is the youngest of 2 siblings, she’s a preschooler and loves her teacher. She enjoys afternoon walks with her mom, sightseeing ducks in a pond, enjoys crafting and doing gymnastics. She was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder(2) and speech delay. To which diagnostics it seems not to bother her at all. She encouraged herself to speak everyday without using sign language, her pass time is singing with mommy and big sister, she’s quite an entertainer!
My beautiful baby girl has the most amazing soul 🥺 her personality is unmatched aswell as her attitude lol. She is so kind and loves to take care of her baby dolls. She is also a genius baby 😭😭
A perfect rainbow baby. A ray of sunshine. Brings a smile to everyone’s face
London loves to eat, and play with her family!!
She’s are little angel. She loves to laugh, coo, play with her feet and toys! She’s sitting up and learning to crawl. She brings so much happiness to everyone’s life.
Tori loves to be outside, she loves to take trips and being on the beach. She was born with spina bifida but her motto is I’ll walk and she does, everywhere! She’s is spunky and sassy and full of life!
Sweet Sariah loves to have bubble baths, and play with her toys. Her favorite shows to watch are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Cocomelon and Ms.Rachel. Sariah loves eating ice pops !
Thea loves Star Wars, Star Trek, and anything paranormal!!!
Myla is the most loving person in my life, she likes car rides with the windows down and listening to reggae music 🫶🏽
Jenayei is sassy, talkative, cheerful, she’ll be sure to make you laugh, being around her. She loves cheer and is so good and lovable!
Makayla loves taking pictures and being a goof ball. She loves taking care of her 3 year old brother and loves going shopping with her grandma.
Arizona Nicole
She is the most amazing little girl she has overcome so many obstacles in her short little life and is just the best gift..she's an angel 😇
Nala K.
Nala K. is always herself. She sings along to lullabies, and tries to help you help her stand or do whatever is on her next quest. She is my little over achiever. She will be the first to do anything, and will screech at you if you try to hold her back. She talkative, sweet, and her favorite pass time is watching and laughing with her big brother. She hates getting her hair done, tummy time, and taking long to bring her bottles. She is a princess in combat boots!
Bailey is a bright light and she has brought so much extra love to our family. She has the biggest brightest eyes and a contagious smile. She runs the house and demands attention. She’s now getting into everything and she’s even learning how to climb. She’s a texture baby and different textures fascinate her. She’s obsessed with her big brother and he’s obsessed with her. Strangers can’t help but stop and admire her. She brings so much joy to the people around her.
She is a country girl & loves the outside. I always catch her trying to bring the creatures inside to keep as pets😂
This little happy go lucky baby is the sunshine on them cloudy days. She loves her food and time outside. Shes as sweet as they come with an amazing smile.
Madilyn Darlene
Ms. Madilyn is a very loving and caring lil lady. She loves to be outside. Maddie loves to swim, play with her chickens, swing, and most of all she loves being with her family!!
Im always smiling an making friends an i love to be outsise an im a big mamas girl.
Nala Gray
Nala loves to pose like a model even if she’s 3 months old.She’s very sweet and loving.
My daughter Sarah is an amazing little girl. She is so sweet and caring and she tries to be everybody’s friend. She loves to sing and dance and definitely loves to laugh. She also loves unicorns and rainbows. I tell her every day that she is so smart and beautiful.
Delilah is kind and loving. She enjoys going on walks and seeing/smelling flowers. She loves driving past body's of water such as the lake or rivers. She is well behaved and the youngest of 4 kids. If Delilah wins I would use the money to pay for her to attend pageants.
Thyana is very smart and outgoing she loves to sing and dance
Jazzy is very smart in preppy she’s a people person full of life in she loves gymnastics in playing Roblox in she is also very independent for her age.
Jamia is very preppy,smart in girly in she loves to dance do homework in play Roblox.
Little miss Kimmia my fun, sassy, and loving girl. She just turned 2 and her favorite person is daddy. She loves the outdoors, juice, dancing, singing, dress-up, and being the center of attention in the whole room. Her favorite color she is always stuck between is purple and blue. She loves her dog Milo, and her friends dog Molly. Her favorite food is anything sweet she can get her hands on. She loves JESUS, she hears christian music she has to run and shout.
Hi, My name is Siana. I love playing and dancing. I love watching tiktok videos. I love to be around with nature. I love animals,nature and everyone. I love to see smiles so will you please smile coz smile are most contagious. Don’t forget to vote for me.thank you😊