My sweet little Jayden is 7 years old she has a heart of gold and would help anyone out that she can Jayden loves horse's she also loves to play with her brother and sisters and loves family time.Jayden is very outgoing who never meets a stranger if you don't want to vote for my sweet beautiful girl at least please hit the like button
Seliah is the most fearless, confident but loving baby ever!She loves to dance 🪩, She loves being outdoors and trying new things. She loves her fruits and veggies and SPAGHETTI 🍝 💕 She is adventurous and always looking for the next thing to do❤️ & her favorite movie is currently Monsters Inc 💚
River is this energetic ball of joy. She's loveable and will always make you smile. She's very smart; she counts to 20, knows her alphabet, and can tell you a Bible story. She likes to watch Bluey and play Uno.
Sweetest, sassy girl you’ll ever meet ☺️
Our little Eliana is not only gorgeous, but silly and kind and loving and has the most fun explosive personality!!!!! She loves her mama and daddy and siblings and animals and SNACKS!!! She's not a fan of sleep, but she's worth all the sleepless nights!! Vote for our Princess Eliana Renae!!!!! 💕💕🤣🥰👏👑
Amylin is so loving, she can make your bad day the best day ever. She always has a smile on her face. Amylin loves all animals. Loves her fruits and veggies but is very picky about her ice cream lol. Amylin never passes up a chances to watch geese and sing with Olivia Newton-John 🎤🎶. But most of all she loves her naps
Makenzie is 6 years old and enjoys cheerleading and playing with her 3 older brothers. She is smart, loving, caring, and can be sassy.
Avery Lynn
This is Avery , Avery was born September 6th 2022 at 2:36 pm she is loves watching peppa pig and watching car and motorcycle videos on YouTube with daddy , she loves cuddling with momma and daddy ! Loves to smile at everything. Loves “talking”
Big McKenzie
Full of sass and the love of life. This little girl loves dinosaurs and hanging out with her sister.
Kynzlee brings us so much joy, from waking up in the morning to her bring smile, and hearing her say mama and dada all day, to holding our hands as she falls asleep. She loves her puppies, food, playing, and most of all to smile and laugh at everything
Loves dancing and singing
The happiest little girl in the world. She loves making friends and she always knows how to put a smile on anyone's face!
My name is Xyelle Malee. I love toys, Moana and I LOVE my rice and beans! I’m 100% Puertorican. 🇵🇷 My favorite thing to do is cuddle and play dress up with Mommy and Daddy. Vote for me!!
Malani is very lovable she’s goofy smart observant and sassy she can identify the colors red and blue she can show you her nose eye ear and mouth and she loves trolls
Tegan loves music and to dance. She also is baby Yoda’s biggest fan
Isabella Correggio
Sweet Amilia Jean was born 8/8/22 & she’s the sweetest little baby ever! She loves to be cuddled and be called a pretty girl 💕
Hi, my name is Nyla I am 2 years old. I absolutely love Frozen and babyshark. I am a cery happy and caring baby always smiling and wanting to put a smile on everyone else's face as well.
Harper is a super hard worker at school and loves to sing and dance!
Autumn is a happy, bubbly little girl!❤️🫶🏻
Layla Love's To Dance She Is Very Energetic
Brooklyn loves to dance, eat, and do her hair ❤️
Mila is 9yrs old. She is a smart girl who loves school, being a leader and helper. She loves to cook and dance and making Tik Toks. Mila is a sweetheart who is loved by all who come in contact with her! Her funny bright personality sets her apart!
Madilynn is always smiling and blowing bubbles. She loves pink and puppy dogs. She loves to be held and is learning new things every day!
Ella is the youngest of FOUR and is the life of the party! She loves being outside and all animals. Ella loves to wave at everyone and can’t leave the store without a bag of Cheeto puffs 🥰
Sophia loves dogs, popsicles and going for walks.
This is miss Olivia! She loves playing outside, taking lots of pictures of herself, coloring, singing and dancing. She also adores her little brother more than anything. Olivia is a little ball of energy all the time. She is super sweet but can be super sassy also❤️
She is outgoing, goofy,and have a positive attitude.She very smart for her age. She is my rainbow baby.She love to laugh run and bang on doors. She even love getting her toe nails done.
A very awesome personality loves going outside and loves her friends at school can't wait to get home to see her sister runs off the bus lots of good energy
Hazlee Gene
Hazlee Gene loves Pooh Bear, being outside,smiling and cooing, and babbleing to her loved ones!
Calliope loves adventuring when going out on hikes. She also loves animals.
Makayla is a very responsible teenager. She loves being with family and of course friends.
Saylor is advanced in her gymnastics class. She loves doing tricks on her trampoline.
Ryatt is so very independent and into everything. Shes a happy baby, always smiling.
Rowan is a girly girl. She loves to dress up and pretend and so very smart.
She likes shopping and she’s funny and kind.
Ali enjoys playing soccer, pagents, baking and hanging out with friends
Brailyn is 6 years old and LOVES Jesus, and mermaids.
Blu Majesty
Blu 💙 is the most sweetest smartest sassiest little gurl ever! She enjoys dancing to Gracie's corner and likes to help Mom cook, chase the cat, eat, nap with Mom or whoever wants to nap LOL and follow her brothers around. She's bright, adventurous and is brave as a 🦁 lion. She also enjoys outdoors and climbing on whatever she can climb! Blu is the only girl and is the youngest but she is not a force to be reckoned with, she's always in charge! 🧏‍♀️🤣❤️ her favorite thing to eat is off of Mom's plate and she always appreciates a cold cup of white grape juice on the side! 🥤little lady big personality! ✨️ A few of Blu's favorite items are anyone's shoes 👟 that are laying around she can try on, Mom's purse 👜 and Mom's car keys 🔑 😁
Miss Nevaeh is a very happy little girl and love to dance and play with her big brothers.Please vote for her and we we will return the favor. Interesting in exchanging votes leave link below and comment when complete and done ✅. Thank you to everyone voting for Neveah.🙏😀
Audrey is one of a kind, she is 4 months old already almost holding her balance, she can sit up on her own. She loves laughing and smiling. She is a very happy baby. She loves babbling to those she loves. She loves muppets and she listens to ALL kinds of music
She love cuddles and full of life and happy all the time she is amazing little girl 🥰💗❤️
Hi my name is Londyn I’m a sweet, sassy little diva and I love to dress up and play at the park !