Mya loves to smile, talking, and being cuddled by Mommy. She loves her big sister named ava.enjoys long walks with mommy. And falling asleep in her arms.
She holds the world in her hands. Only 16 days old and she already has attitude... safe to say she is just like mommy and loves when mommy sings and reads to her.. mommys 💎 baby
Vote for Kali-Grace ❤️
adeline loves to be in her parents arms, to talk to you in her own little language, and loves to look at you curiously😊
My name is Hollys I am 2 months old. I was born with a rare bone disease called osteogenesis imperfecta aka brittle bones, this means I break easily. I love spending time cuddling with my mom, dad and older brother!
Hey there! I’m Miss Stella Rose! 🩷 I’m 3 years old and I love my family and everyone around me. I have one sister and 2 brothers they are my best friend. 🩷
E’Yonae is a smart beautiful little baby girl she loves toys that light up an she’s a dancer you turn that music on her hands in the air an she’s boping she wakes up dancing 😂 she so smart for only being 10 months she will be one in march she’s sassy an loves watching herself 🤣 she’a wonderful little fairy 🧚🏽‍♀️ baby 💕
Jazzlyn is sweet, funny, lovable, and sassy girl!! She loves frozen, minnie mouse, and paw patrol. She is the youngest, so she has that to her
The sweetest girl, with the biggest personality!! 100% a daddy’s girl. Jacelynn loves gaming with dad, playing with stuffed animals, and especially chewing on mom and dad’s fingers. She does not meet a stranger. Her best friend is our German Shepherd. She can brighten anybody’s day with a simple smile or laugh.
Autumn is a very happy, smiley, playful and lovable baby. She loves when you talk to her and make funny faces, her smile is contagious and her babbling and toothless laugh will melt your heart! ❤️
Mileena is 9 months old and is very energetic and loud. She’s on her journey to walking as she can already stand up with no support. She loves the camera and dressing up.
will smile all day long, little girl has such a cute bubbly personality! loves her doogy bella, and everything in sight 😅
Little red riding hood loves being smothered my her toddler brother and giving slobbery kisses on her loved ones cheeks.
She loves to play, smile at animal songs like to look at everything colourful 💓
Harlow LOVES to sing and dance! Her favorite song is “Let it go!” From frozen! She is a girly girl but loves being rough and tough with her older brother!
Raeanah is so loving , she always has a smile on her face . she’s a very smart girl with multiple personalities 🤍 . y’all vote for my sweet girl !
Hello! We are 14 days old and already have some little diva attitude ♥️ Please vote for me!
Quinn is a very curious baby! She loves her big brother! She loves to roll around and chew on all her favorite toys! She has a HUGE attitude that really shows! She’s silly!
She loves her toys, her family, to play and roll around, and minnie mouse!!
Nevaeh is 2 years old. Very special girl. She loves dancing to cocomelon and bebefinn songs. She loves her kitty a lot. She is learning more and more each day showing us how special she is. Very sassy but a sweetie as well.
Aubrey is definitely a mommy and daddy‘s girl. She is so sweet and loving and always has the cutest little smile on her face. She is a truly happy baby.❤️
Brynlee loves laughing and trying to talk to her brother. She loves her mommy and daddy. She likes bright lights and music.
Nora Jean
Ms.nora jean is a sassy little Scientist if shes not doing Experiments in her (lab) then shes dancing her life away!
Her name is Kielyn Rose, but her family & friends call her Kie•Kie. Her sissy is by far, her BEST, BEST friend..& she definitely thinks her Bubba hung the moon. She has the BEST personality ever. . & is prissy as can be. Her favorite colors are Pink & Purple.. & Dancing is definitely her favorite past time..&&..She won the '23/24 Dance Princess' at her dance studio. (Souhern Strutt) She loves putting on make-up, posing for the camera & being a sassy fras. We appreciate each & every vote. God bless y'all. 💟
Maddi LOVES soft blankets, her brother & sister. Loves snacking on food when she isn't nursing. She is starting to say Momma, Dada, bye bye, bubba and Hi. She brings joy to everyone around her and knows how to get her way already. She definitely brings light into my life.
This is adelyn shes just over a month old and just the sweetest thing ever, she loves smiling almost everytime i take photos, and loves laying with me while i watch tv!
Absolutely LOVES any and EVERY animal she sees.
Scarlett is our super smiley girl! She is Haitian-American, loves trying new foods and laughing with Mommy and Daddy!
khloee loves to tell stories and has the brightest smile that will light up a room in an instant. She loves to cuddle.
Kebecca is a sassy 15 month old with bright blue eyes that will steal your heart! She is a twin to her sister Kamya and loves to make messes & shake her diaper to any of little baby bums nursery ryhmes! Please vote for becca!
Kamya is a 15 month old brown eyed beauty with a twin sister named kebecca! Kamya loves to sing and dance and she loves to watch cocomelon with her daddy. Please vote for mya!
Klarisabel is a mix of German, Puerto Rican and Mexican. She is an adventurous little girl and loves to dance! 💃 She’s a mommy’s girl, it’ll always be her and mommy against the world! 💗🫶🏼
Summer loves to cuddle and giggle. She is sweet and loves to pose for the camera already at 3 months.
She love dancing,reading,math,and hanging out with family especially her sister and brother she very smart young who just like people
Taylen is a super happy baby and loves her big brother and puppy dogs!
Everyone meet Jreamy girl 💕 Jreamy is 5 months old and already has the cutest little personality. She loves singing and playing with her big brother! Jreamy is a sweetie pie, in that she rarely will cry and will always have a smile on! She’s the better part of us and we are so grateful our Jreamy came into this world. With your votes, we are hoping to catapult Jream into a career in modeling and commercials. She has so much amazing potential and I want to show her off to the world. 🫶🏽
Just the happiest baby living her best life 🩷
Miss Luna likes to giggle play and eat and loves her baths car rides she sleeps all night And likes to sleep to Spanish music she’s a very happy Baby!
Aliyah’s nickname is lilibug. Shes 3 months old. She loves colors music and not letting mommy sleep <3
Zaria is as sweet as she can be. She’s such an easy going baby who loves to smile and laugh. She loves her mom, dad, and siblings very much. She lights up whenever her siblings are around. She loves to growl and it’s the cutest thing ever. She warms everyone’s heart that she meets.
Sianna is 3 months old she was born on October 15th 2023 she can now roll over hold her own bottle laugh scoot and loves to talk tv is most definitely her favorite she is a very happy baby
She loves to dance and growl like a puppy dog! She loves watching Bluey and eating Apples and fruit!
Aniyah is almost 3 months old. She is starting to babble more she likes to sing with me. She enjoys swinging in her swing and watching tv. She’s such a smiley baby always happy
Gracie is my first little love and I am over the moon! She loves her mom and dad and she is the happiest little girl! We are so lucky to be her parents!
Nora Mae Perry
Nora is usually all smiles she can ligjt up a room
Koi Satori
Hey , I’m Koi Satori my Dad is Vietnamese and my Mom is African American.My Mom and Dad call me Corduroy like the bear . I love sleeping eating and looking pretty. I love music and when everyone spoils me with love . Please Vote For Me Little Miss Beauty To Be 🌸