Mila is a kind and compassionate, free spirited little girl. She loves helping mom around the house and is the most loving big sister to her two little brothers. She loves music and arts and crafts. One of her favorite summer activities is helping gramma out in the garden. She is beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside as well.
Harper is a sassy 3 yr old...she loves to color and care for her babies
Beverly is a sweet sweet girl who LOVES her carebears and her brothers and is a big daddy girl she is so bossy and loving
Charlotte loves to eat, play and cuddle !
Nailee is a very busy girl, secure, high self esteem, talented, brilliant,hyper 9 year old girl. Nailee is a student of piano, violin,singing and acting workshops when is available in her town. Straight A student a plus, Nailee had won awards in piano at districts competitions as well in singing and 2 place at state level on her singing category. Her hobbies are lots of crafting like shadow drawing, online animation creations, astrology, astronomy, paranormal topics and many more . Nailee is a ecological many of her vegetables and fruits are from her own garden. Nailee loves nature and enjoys fishing ! Nailee loves to learn! Analitical and a very good problem resolver. She is not afraid of large crowds of people and express herself. Challenges are her motor ! Goals accomplished are her diesel . Nailee always have a fun fact to share! She love to read and donate the books she finished at the school. She have her own social movement (L.O.V.I.N.G ) in her town. She is working in her spanish to be completely bilingual.She is willing to take formal acting classes and modeling. She would love to be in formal beauty pageants in the future and last not less important she said that her purpose in life is that her voice be listen in all the planet when times come. Trust and believe, The best is yet to come!
Avery Lynn is very kind and loving little girl. She loves school and t ball! She is a daughter of two military service members.
Raelynn loves to play dress up thinks shes elsa loves her long hair and has the swretest heart most caring girl in the world vote for my girl 👧
Catalina is a beautiful outgoing, loving, imaginative, brave little girl. She loves being in front of a camera and showing off her princess dresses!!
Royalty Grace is 1 month old, she loves when you tickle her feet and when you laugh and play with her, she loves to smile and laugh, I have her the nickname smiley, she loves her parents but she especially loves her Gigi. Royalty loves cuddle time and she also loves to listen to music
Kalayah is a very smart baby, loves to play in her walker and she loves her crib surprisingly. She is 5 months old and she weighs 20 pounds! she loves her milkies lol.
Oakleigh loves cuddling with mommy Pulling daddy's beard and baths She always brighten the day ❤️
Lakelynn is a very headstrong, charismatic, loving little lady. She loves to make people laugh! She is a little spitfire. She LOVES to dance whenever and wherever lol.
💖 Melody is a very happy girl. She is very friendly and loves to be around people. She is a sweet and loving girl. She loves to sing. She loves to dance 💖
Nova is a happy lil person ,extremely playful
Maelah is a sweet old soul. She has come a long way from being a little nicu baby and has persevered every step of the way. She is tiny, but mighty! She loves music and to dance. Sweetness exudes from her tiny little body.
Cienna had a rough start when she entered this world & has overcome so many obstacles. She is the happiest, silliest little baby! She loves everyone!
Blaise is a lover of all animals, but specifically marine life. She relaxes at night by watching ocean videos on YouTube. Last but not least, Blaise loves her two big sisters, Jayda and Reagan.
Hazel Grace is spunky, outgoing, and very determined. She is the biggest sweetheart and loves laughing and exploring.
Da’Layla is very photogenic and has a beautiful personality.
Adelynn is a bright, smart, energetic, silly 6 month old ❤️
She has a personality thats out of this world. She loves her babydolls cause shes such a little mommy.
She is silly and smart at the same time her humor is in like any other her beauty lies on the inside as well as the outside.
My daughter Natalie Autumn Marie is a month years old she loves to smile, sleep, and she’s very alert.
Paisley is an energetic little 3 year old. She loves to sing, color, and play with her brothers. She's very smart for her age. She appreciates your votes!!!
Miss Esme Ann, is the first daughter with 3 older brothers. She had a rough go spending almost her 1st month of life in the hosptial. She was born early with lungs that were not quite ready and then unfortunately caught Covid. Esme has been doing extremely well since. Showing the everyone she is a fighter! Full of love and snuggles she is ready to win the world over with her precious smile
She is sassy, smart, and happy baby
CamRynn is a very happy and beautiful 4month old with a heart warming smile 💕
abigail is smart and naturally beautiful and is talented with her singing.
emmaleen enjoys getting her pictures taken, her beautiful curly red hair and love for getting dressed up fancy nancy style is adorable. this child reminds me of shirly temple of today.
Maci is a sweet little girl who loves dinosaurs, puppies and kittens. She loves to play like she’s cooking for her family. Her imagination is incredible.
Athena is a happy, energetic, sassy, loveable princess! She loves attention, laughter and giggles. Her smiles are contagious and will brighten you're day the moment you see her! Any winnings she may receive will go into a saving account for her future endeavors 💕
She is a very smart girl for a 3 year old, she is really blunt, she will tell you how it is, her favorite colors are pink and yellow, and she loves paw patrol, Olaf, and blippi.
She is a smart little firecracker! Takes care of her twin brother like a little mommy. Loves going to the ranch with her daddy and is so friendly and loving towards everyone she meets!
Bailey loves making people smile and pictures.
Alessia is a very sweet, friendly and very graceful girl. She loves to change her clothes a thousand times a day and her dream is to be a fashion designer.
Raelynn loves to clap, dance, and talk a lot. Her favorite food are avocado, watermelon, raspberries, and pancakes! She is a fun; loving baby girl that is always ready to laugh!
Jamera is a petty girl she love to dance. And smile. She is a happy baby happiest I know her personality is soo she's so adorable and warming. I can’t wait to raise my little princess.
Alevia is a rambunctious little girl who loves to talk and get into everything. She desperately tries to walk on her own already. She is so much fun and such a blessing to everyone. We love her so much.
She is the funniest most happy little girl she is always making us laugh and loves to play games such as don't break the ice and candy land
Miss Evelynn has way too much personality for only being here for 1 year! She loves to eat, blow kisses and play with her older sisters.
My babygirl loves to smile and make others laugh. She's a goofy, caring, 4 year old but can be fiesty too 💗
Lainey Kay is 7 months old and has such a great personality! She is an IVF baby and was long awaited! She was so worth the wait! She is a miracle baby!
Aria is a very energetic, talkative happy little baby girl! Loves to play and laugh!
Abigail is 7 years old.. She's such a sweet n sassy girl.. She's definitely a girly girl... She loves makeup like her big Sister...Loves to dance n dress up...She is so smart and has a heart of gold