Baby Stories - 26


Violet is a very happy 19 month old. She is always smiling and loves any animal she can pet!
Jealousy Lee
She’s a very smart and happy baby ❤️
KayCee is sweet and loving and has a very kind hearted manner. She loves unicorns and taking pictures. All around great little girl!
Taliyah Is Silly she wakes up smiling and go to sleep smiling me and her dad call her smiley because she’s a happy baby she loves watching tv,Looking at colorful lights,sucking her thumb but most of all she loves being held if you’re having a bad day she will brighten it up Vote for Taliyah we both appreciate and truly thankful
Hello! My name is Hennessey! I am a playful person, play basketball, and I want to dance in the future! I am a T1D patient, and a TinySuperhero! When I grow up I would like to be an Actress.
Isabella Mae
She is a sweet happy baby girl. She loves to snuggle with mommy and daddy. She is just starting to sleep a little longer at night and starting to baby talk it's the cutest thing ever. She loves to listen to music and have tummy time. She also loves bath time. She's my precious baby girl ❤️
Ashton is a very alert and adventurous girl. She loves being outside and her daddy. She loves waking up every morning at 5am to make a lot of noise and wake the entire house. Ashton loves riding in her daddys big truck in the woods. Ashton also loves to have her pictures taken.
Phoenix was a 4 lbs 4 oz premie baby and now she’s almost 11lbs. We spend some time in the nicu. She’s starting to love to smile & laugh , she’s just a happy baby. She’s had a sassy little personality since day one. 😊
I really like unicorns ,cooking and pink. Ohh and never forget dresses 😁
Sanaya is my first born. she makes everyone happy, she always smile to other people and make everyone their days we enjoy her every days. Day by past Sanaya always surprise us, I remember the other night me and my younger brother were talking to her and Playing with her so I was trying to take videos of her like always and she surprisedly said let’s go that left us tears, she is very smart baby
Charley likes, to dance, do cheer, tiktok
Ms Ryleigh is a bright, spunky, full of life 21 month old spit fire. She has 4 brothers and no sisters. And plays the roll of baby sister very well with the brothers. What ever Ryleigh wants, Ryleigh gets.☺
Alaiyah is a bubbly 2month old ball of joy. She may be new to this world, but her attitude is fierce and she knows she’s the boss baby in charge.
Haizley is a 1 month old and she is the sweetest little girl . Her mommy and daddy love her more than anything . She always has the biggest smile and she is just so beautiful ❤️
Carleigh Like To Watch Minnie Mouse Carleigh Like To Play Outside Carleigh Likes To Take Pictures Carleigh Loves To Play with kids she never been around Carleigh likes to share Carleigh knows when she wet or she pooped Carleigh knows how to say yes or no Carleigh knows how to say bye bye Carleigh knows how to go throw things in trash can
Rosie’s loves school Playing with her American girl dolls She loves spending time woth her cousins
Bri’elle is an energetic beautiful baby. She’s loves to watch and smile when she hears and see things. Vote for this princess 💕
Kiyah loves watching Cocomelon and Boss Baby . Her favorite thing to do is play with her big sister. She has one of the most brightest smiles I ever seen , most of all she’s a happy baby that can make anyone’s day 😊
She can count to 3 and say hello when the phone rings, loves daniel tiger and luna. Favorite songs intentions by justin bieber only way I get my laundry folded.playing it she's glued to the TV lol
This is Leilani Amour she loves being called pretty, she loves snuggles, she loves tummy time, staring at bright colors and lights, she also loved watching Sophia The First
Sarah is a fun and crazy baby. She loves to play with her dolls and do their makeup. She’s also obsessed with her family and her favorite person is her mom❤️ She’s a sweet girl that insists that if she wins her whole family wins.
Khloe loves to smile and laugh.She has a beautiful spirit
Very JoyFul Baby Loves To Play Alot
Jamyiah Johns
She love Watching Cocomelon 😍 she likes to eat and love for you to talk to her her name is Ja’myiah 👣😍
Mattie is a 12yr old Allstar cheerleader and model her Instagram is mattiecappsofficial
Ahlaylah is a very happy loving 5 month old baby who leaves a smile on everyone’s face that she meets help me vote for this little beauty
Lynleigh is 2 months old and is so full of life! She has a smile that will light up a room. She loves being talked to, and loves her big sissy!
Amira loves to take pictures she’s a camera baby , Amira is confident
Elizabeth Grace is almost 11 years old. She is very outgoing, bright, genuine young lady. She loves the outdoors, tik tok and makeup.
She's a overall sweet girl with a bright personality
Peyton is such a funny and carefree baby she is older than her actual age she is like a little grown lady
She is a beautiful and always happy talkative baby most people call her a little cabbage patch baby
He is really handsome boy
Layna is 4 months old. She’s beautiful, happy, playful, funny, intelligent, talkative, & moving fast. For her to only be 4 months she’s already sitting up, scooting, has 1 tooth with another on the way, & has excellent hand-eye coordination.
A’loni is very hands-on. She is a very fast learner. She can already say words , crawl , is teething & is already on her way learning to walk. She enjoys food & loves to watch cocomelon
Nala Grace
Nala loves food and fun she’s so full of life and makes everybody worlds🥰😍 Follow her on instagram @nala_mariegrace
Ava is a happy energetic 2 month old, she loves to smile and laugh and shes very photogenic 😊
Natalie is two weeks shy of being a 1 year old. She loves her family, especially momma, BaBa and her two pets, Felix (dog) and Chloe (cat). She loves music and plays on her piano and the family piano as much as possible and dances to any music she hears. Thank you for your vote!!
Kensley is 2 years old. She loves music, dancing, Minnie Mouse and Elsa from Frozen. She loves to play with her toys, playdoh and her older brother Connor. She is super smart and she is our super diva 👑
Chloe is beautiful and full of spunk! She loves her baby sister,fishing, ride four wheelers and Roblox!
Jaicee loves to dance! She has a very outgoing personality 💕 & very photogenic ! She's an absolute doll 🥰 VOTE FOR HER! 💕
Taraji is so sweet and beautiful she love dolls and watching cartoon
Full of sass 🥰
Brinklee is one of the best babies ever!! She loves talking and dancing around. The sillier you act the more she likes it. Her favorite food is pears and her favorite person is mom. Her smile lights up any room and brightens any day.
Alexiegh is a very loving energetic little girl who loves to make new friends! She loves taking pictures and singing along to her favorite songs. Her favorite things are Minni Mouse and Unicorns!
Lillian rose is 8 and she is the sweetest n kindest girl I know and she loves to help anyone that needs help she give her all to anyone and puts them first