Alexi is the perfect mix of sweet and sassy. More than anything, she loves making people laugh. Alexi is a natural born entertainer! She also enjoys reading, cooking, doing art, & gymnastics. & She is a BIG animal lover!
Shamiyah is nice and also a fire cracker she likes chips,bunnys,and loves hugs and kisses
Ximena loves to eat! Her favorite right now are blueberries 🫐 She loves sleep, she sleeps from 10pm to 10am! 😴 She likes the outdoors, she loves to look around ; she’s so curious!
Cassi is the sweetest little chunk with the biggest personality! She is 10 months old. Cassi loves playing with her siblings, watching Blippi, & being outdoors! She gives the best cuddles & her smile lights up any room!
Milani Rose Newman
Milani is a vey happy and cheerful baby. She smiles at everyone and can brighten up your day with that one smile or look. She already has a big personality and she smart. She gives a big smile to anyone and will warm your heart.She knows her abcs and how to count to 10 . she loves to sing and dance . She loves playing with her dog Bella and big brother
Oakley loves to play with her pappaws dog and all of her chickens and baby geese. She’s the light of anyones world that meets her. She’s loves to smile and be goofy.
A’lilyanna is a very bright child! she has a big personality, she loves to make jokes and pretend, she sings, dance and loves to take pictures. Minnie Mouse is her favorite character A’lilyanna was born 3 months earlier 1lb so she is definitely my little miracle baby who has so much joy to bring to the world
Elliette is 4 months old and is the happiest baby I have ever seen. She loves to cuddle, loves her food, and loves to sleep! Her smile lights up the room!
Myla is a vibrant, sassy little girl with a heart of gold. She loves outdoors, play doh, and her big bubbas. Her favorite thing is picking a pretty dress for church.
She is it out go on a little girl who loves to laugh and always has a smile on her face she loves to crawl around she’s really curious she loves to play with her sisters and brother she likes her teddy bears and her musical toys and she loves music and lights
Delahni is a beautiful 5 month old baby who likes to sit up, play with her little toes, bite them, Delahni was born with a hemangioma on her left eye shes a happy baby who loves everyone, smiles at everyone.
Gracie-lynn is a sweet little ms. Independent with the cutest ,most contagious little smile .she loves exploring and she loves splashing in tbe water.
Elena is 2.5 months old and starting to find her smile and personality. She loves her puppies, her swing and her bottle.
Paisley loves to be outside and make people smile! She loves playing with her pet dog and her nanas cat. She was born via c section and helped save her mommy’s life because mommy had 2 tumors that she didn’t know about until she was pregnant. Paisley was born with hip dysplasia but she does not let her brace slow her down one bit! She knows how to put a smile on anyones face with her amazing personality!!
Hi I am Kaslie I love my mommy & daddy & brother, i love Watching CocoMelon, MinnieMouse bowtique, i am silly, I also love to eatttt 🫶🏽 Please vote for me 🫶🏽
Kayleigh loves to be center of attention. She is very sweet and blows kisses to everyone. She is always trying to make everyone laugh.
Everleigh had the odds stacked against her from the start and every day she shows us through her contagious smile and snuggles what it means to be resilient and to always smile through the struggles. She has a heart of gold and a smile that could melt anyone’s heart!
Makenna loves to sing, dance, gymnastics and have fun. She is a little Diva and full of personality!!
summer love was an april fools baby girl and boy does it match her..for being a month old shes very strong likes to look around and pick up her head. she loves to laugh and smile cant wait til she gets older. we currently reside in el monte California.
Adelyn Cecilia is a little firecracker! Adelyn loves playing with and teaching her little brother new things. Adelyn loves to be outside riding her bike, playing in the dirt and just have some good kld fashion fun. Kind hearted, sweet and loving ❤️
Olivia Rose
Olivia loves to laugh, roll around and grab her cheesy toes!
Stormy loves to play outside, loves playing dress up, singing , dancing likes to watch Disney movies. Shes full of energy and always happy.
Cathy is a little fireball. She loves to play outside, help mommy cook, sing, and dance. She has alot of personality an is amazing.
Ellie is 8 months old, crawling everywhere and already trying to walk! She loves her big brothers and doing beauty pageants! She is the happiest baby you will ever meet!
Skyler is an amazing happy strong little baby. She’s hitting all her milestones (some early) and is learning everything so fast. The nurses at the hospital called her an overachiever. She loves paw patrol and playing with her sister and daddy. Her toothless smile melts everyone who meets her. 💖🦋
Alice Maree Blocker
She is 7 months and the most happiest baby I’ve ever met. She’s always smile or laugh when she wakes up she’s smiling. She loves her food and toys. She thinks dogs and cats are hilarious.
Hello my name is Charlotte, my favorite things to do are cuddle with mama, and talk.. I may be tiny but I have a lot to say!
Azaviah Taylor
Azaviah is so sweet playful and loving she loves to watch puppy dog pals and playwith her toys 🧸
Brayleigh loves to sit and watch everything around her. She observes everything and loves her brother and sisters
Beighlor Cole is almost two months old & beyond the sweetest little babe we could ever ask for! She’s a little bit spoiled rotten but they’re only little for so long so we soak all of it up! Be kind & vote for our girl! ❤️
Ariana is a outdoor and game console playing very active little girl. She STRIVES in School..She loves playing outside & has a heart of Gold When it comes to helping Others and will help with anything. Overall she is Spontaneous.She is Amazing Beautyful & Smart she will succeed at anything and EVERYTHING.
Willow is the oldest twin to her brother by one minute! They where born 3 months early weighting in at 1lb 12oz. She is catching up, only took a 3 month stay at NICU at Nationwide’s children hospital.
Maddy is a 2 year old sassy and smart girl she loves to dance and sing and do makeup 🥰 she is definitely a daddy’s girl ! She has attitude but also can be so lovable!
Urza is 6 months old, loves to roll around and use mommy’s arms as chew toys. ❤️‍🔥
Charlie is just learning to belly laugh, she loves the outdoors, and is practicing rolling over!💕
Za’Leigh (Zay-Lee) is the most out going, funny, and courageous 11th month old I’ve ever seen. Li Li is her nick name Li Li loves the outside Her favorite food is pizza 🍕 Her favorite fruit is bananas 🍌 Her favorite tv show is cocomelon 📺 Li Li loves to spend time with mommy and daddy and watch shows with us She loves to cuddle 🤗 She loves to be tickled 🥹 Vote for Za’Leigh :)
I am very bright and creative for only being 2yrs old! Mommy says i should be in drama already and daddy says im a very fiesty firecracker that would be great as an actress someday!
I absoultly adore cats! I am practicing drawing and can trace very well, and i am a fantastic big sister to my 2 yr old sister and help with everything from changing her diapers to putting her in her chair to eat and helping to watch her
Aria is the happiest little girl. She loves to crawl everywhere.
Ava is a goofy smart intelligent daughter that loves to laugh and make others feel loved .
She pours all of her heart and soul into dancing. She has such an amazing spirit!
Miss Shaniya is 10months and such a happy happy baby she loves her mama and daddy but most of all her yogurt melts 💕💕
Peyton is an almost 3 year old who is smart and learning new things almost every day she likes counting, singing, dancing, and playing with other kids
Huxley is 3 months old and loves to be held. She has a huge personality and her laugh/smile is contagious!
Jayceelyn is the sweetest and happiest little blue eyed beauty. She loves to talk and is always full of smiles. She eats everything she can get her hands on and she has never eaten baby food.