Baby Stories - 26


She’s so sweet and friendly, she may be small but this little cutie is so smart. 💞
She loves running around outside and the show “Kongsuni and Friends”
She loves smiling, and talking to mommy. She’s such a sweetheart with so much personality. ❤️
Ryleigh is a very happy 6 month old! Her favorite things are mommy, her food and bouncing in her jumper!
Ada is very Adventurous.She loves playing outside and loves to dance.
She loves so hard, has a big heart so sweet but sassy. She loves her little sister and acts like a mommy to the both of us 💕
Hi, im Serenity my parents names me after the Serenity prayer for sobriety! I am a little sister of 2 older siblings.
She loves to eat & sleep shes a happy baby girl, she loves to sit up & play with her toys, she loves playing with her big brother. She loges she smile wnd laugh , she likes to get kisses from mama
Kaileigh and Kailani are both 4 months old. They are twins and are the best of friends! They love to talk,laugh,and try to sit up.
Riley is soon to be 3 months old. Loves talking to you and looking around. Gets mad cause shes still to little to sit up. Her brothers and sister call her poohbear.
Miss BLUE EYED, BLONDE Loves blues clues and riding on her lawnmower and tractor.
Trinity is very Beautiful smart, active &on going. She loves to dance, sing, travel and play with dolls.
Constance is the sweetest little girl she loves to play her robloxs and playing with her siblings on the trampoline. She is a happy hipper 4 yr old.she loves animals she has 4 fish 2 dogs and 2 birds
Very smart and funny loves babies and animals
Annabelle is a very energetic girly girl!!! She doesnt let anything hold her down or back!!! Everyone that knows Anna knows since she was born everything she/we have had to deal with but through everything that has been tossed her way she still stands strong She may be tiny for her age but she is a feisty one!!!
a joyful little man who identifies as “super straight” he loves cheese! he has been helping papa john block the n word from his daily vocabulary for months how
Malaysia is a very smart active girl. She is always compassionate and easy going. Loves making new friends.
She a very sweet smart big hearted little girl loves to talk and play
Anaiya Gause
Anaiya is an 8 year old who loves the camera when it comes to acting dancing or just posing for a cute pic she does it all. She’s so full of energy and personality and she’s so excited to be a part of this pageant
maddison loves to listen to music and dace to tic tok videos she loves taking photos of her and her sister she loves to run and play outside and loves to help around the house especially whenit comes to her little sister
Lennox loves her mama, her food, baths, & being outside!! She is the most photogenic baby and smiles when you say “cheeeeseeeee”. She’s always smiling and so happy.
Hello I’m Vivian! I’m two months old. I love my mommy, papaw and mammy very much! I love to try and hold my own bottle while being fed. I love to read books with my papaw to! I also love to cuddle with my mommy till I fall asleep ❤️
My name is Aria Nicole and I’m 4 months old 🥰 I love watching the lion guard and snuggling 😇 and I love to talk about how much of a “good girl” I am 😇😌🥰
Zoey is a very upbeat and happy baby. She loves to sit outside with her mommy and listen to the windchimes and watch the wind blow the branches on the trees.
Emilee is a blessing from the Lord we was told I couldn’t get pregnant without fertility.and we now have a beautiful little girl
Kehlani Amari Oliver
Kehlani is one smart beautiful baby💖she is all smiles ✨ she is so talkative and such a happy baby she love being around my people , cuddles , and loves to eat !!! She loves her Cheeto puffs !!! She will make your terrible days great with her beautiful smile ✨❤️
Davoni Webster
Davoni is 1 years old. She loves to eat, dance and play. She is such a doll and she loves her grandmother.
Everleigh Kate
Everleigh Kate is all smiles! Especially in the morning when mom and dad tell her good morning!! She loves snuggles, naps and eating! She will make your terrible days great within 1 minute with her smile!
Saphira is one of the happiest little babies there is. She never fusses loves the sounds of cartoons. And will smile her little butt off!!
She’s a very happy baby & she Brightens my world😻🤞🏽
She loves to play with others kids, watch cocomelon videos and she is just a lovely person
This is Ty’Lynn’s second contest. She is 7 months old. She loves animals, playing, being read to and watching Sofia the First. 💕💕
She is a 4 month old ball of energy. She loves to watch Mickey Mouse and Clifford the big red dog and being such a cutie. I do vote exchanges.
Nikita is my smiley girl. She loves to snuggle and watch her daddy play video games. Hates socks but thats okay, because we gotta keep our tootsies warm in mn.
Hi, I’m Lake I am absolutely obsessed with Elsa and Anna and I won’t eat anything but chicken nuggets:)
Mommy says I’m a ray of sunshine! I love to giggle and laugh, but don’t you DARE take my snacks!
Evyana Is A Blessing. Very Happy Baby Always Smiling . Loves Food And She Loves Taking Pictures . She Loves Having The Attention On Her Specially When She Gets New Shoes .
Lillian grace is a very sweet smart girl. She loves to eat almost everything. She loves family and animals. We all love her so much
Aniyah has already grown into her personality at just a year old. She loves animals and watching Cocomelon and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She loves to look at pictures and can walk on her own now. She laughs and crawls faster when she hears someone walking behind her. She talks up a storm and knows what no means and shakes her head when someone says it. Did I mention she rolls her eyes? 😆😩
She is a wonderful big sister with and even bigger heart! She does the best she can at everything she does. She seems quiet and sweet but once she gets comfortable she is a ball of energy.
Adallea loves to watch Mickey Mouse and doc mcstuffin. She loves to sit up and play with her toys.
Sienna Reece Anderson
Sienna loves any kind of toys that make noise , loves cartoons, and her puppy . She loves the camera and attention. She's a Beauty.
Alayah loves Minnie Mouse and Cocomelon! She is a very happy baby , and she loves to smile💗
She’s a super happy baby and our greatest blessing! She loves music, the water and her family!
She absolutely loves her pets even when they done love her back lol
Lily loves to sing and reenact scenes from her favorite shows like shimmer and shine and true
Haley Nevaeh Rose
Haley loves Ballet, Gymnastics and she enjoys to sing. Haley is very athletic and would like to join the soccer team on her spare time between ballet and gymnastics. Haley is a DIVA and refers to herself as a princess and fashion queen.