Makiyla is a very active toddler who loves dancing singing gymnastics and swimming. She loves hanging out with friends and family. Makiyla is one 2 y/o that loves going to church and being spoiled by her entire church family. On a nice day Makiyla enjoys a nice picnic at the park with her mom and dad.
Catalina will melt your heart with her beautiful blue eyes, chubby cheeks and adorable smile.
Born at 37 weeks, Faith is THRIVING❤ She loves snuggles with mom, dad, and hanging out with her older brother, and her fur sisters 🥰
Adalynn is the happiest girl! She always wants to know everything going on and makes sure she is in the center of it all.
My Name is Audrey Takayla Hammock , I love to take pictures , dance , and have pretty girl funnn 🥰 VOTE FOR ME 🫶🏾🥰
Siyara Hudson
Kind,happiness ,blessed and grateful!!🫶🏻♥️😊
Hey there friends and family, you guys say I’m so cute and fun so let’s try out a contest! If I win I would ask for all the Pink donuts with sprinkles DUNKIN has to offer 💖
My name is Ca’loni , I’m 3 years old! I love to talk , Dance , & laugh! I’m overly gorgeous & I would love for you to vote for me! Thank you 🥰💕
Hii !! My name is Emryn and I’m always just so happy and, in my opinion, I’m such a loving person to be around ! Since I love to explore, my favorite game is to crawl around making mommy and daddy chase after me which is so fun ! I have a best friend already too!! She’s my dog named Emma and I love playing with her and just being near her, she’s so funny !
Kamila loves to be heard so shes always trying to talk over us. Shes very bubbly and loves her older brother to death. Everytime he walks in the room she starts to smile and giggle.😘😍 She's a crawler and started crawling a week ago but it's as if she's been doing it forever cause she's everywhere and into everything.😁 We prayed 🙏🏼 for her and God gave us more then just a daughter and sister. 🥰 He gave us a blessing ✨️😇
Aka Ellie Lou is 5 months old who loves food, smiling, & her dog. Ellie is super calm and very sweet everyone that meets her falls in love!
Aria is a Taz , but the light of our world . She is amazing & so smart always amazes me.
Emma loves to talk and have conversations. She loves having fun and exploring
I love books, food, bath time and my big brother! I am my Mama’s Ray of Light 🌞
My name is naedeen i love to go to school and play with my friends. Im a big sister to my three little brothers. Im a super silly girl that keeps you laughing. I enjoy singing and dancing and one day im gonna be the first woman president of the united states.
Hi I’m anaiya, I love my family, playing with my babydolls and I lovvve doing my makeup and nails💕 And you cannot forget my love for Cheetos and pizza💕
Mila is the sweetest, calmest little baby you’ll ever meet. Ever since she was born everybody (even the doctors and nurses) were fawning over her! We love our little Mila and we know you will too!
Madolin is just the sweetest happy baby. She loves to watch The Cat in the Hat.
Ariella is my beautiful daughter she's such a happy baby she's 5 months old and I'm a single mama but loving it
Princess Bella aka miss sassy runs the household. She loves to swim, fish, do puzzles, and play video games with her brothers. Her favorite phrase is “hey yo”
Zaylas such a sassy but ever loving toddler! She loves cars, Elmo, and tomatoes. Always smiling and doing her silly laugh, never a dull moment with her.
Eleanor is a happy little girl who loves to make noise and grab her toes!
Introducing Ms.Harloh Love. Just turned 9 months old. The ultimate boss baby of our family. She smiles instantly when someone talks or greets her. She is super advanced from watching her big brother Shiloh. She’s starting to wave hi and find her voice. Also able to stand on her own and probably will be walking within the next month.
Wynter loves to dance, and play, she loves to always be on her feet, she is always so excited and happy, and there is never a moment she’s not smiling 🩷
Hey my name is Daysha i like to dance and sing to Gracies corner my favorite words are hi bye mom dad Ya ya and granddad
Stella is a twin, she is laid back, snuggly and sweet.
Elaine is a twin, she enjoys screaming like crazy and running people down in her walker
Kasandra Kay
Kasandra kay loves playing with her dolls and loves sings and dancing
Taylor is definitely my wild child. She loves being outside in nature, and she's got such a loving spunky personality.
My name is Gianna! My favorite things include playing with my doggy and kitty, driving my parents bonkers, and throwing balls all over the house. Vote for me not just because I'm super adorable, but because I will be a future female leader of America!
She loves to smile and laugh! She loves to eat her baby food! She is a very happy baby! We love her so much! 💕
I was born December 28th in circleville Ohio. I have 2 older brothers. I’m a mommy’s girl but I look like my daddy❤️ VOTE FOR ME !!!
Oaklee May is a happy 4 month old girl who LOVES Mickey Mouse clubhouse, Mrs. Rachel, and being held by mommy + daddy! Oaklee enjoys “talking”, sleeping, (she’s serious about her sleep and sleeps atleast 10 hours a night without waking 😆). We are so blessed with her!
Happy baby💕💕💕
Dahlia is named after my wife’s favorite flower.
Ansleigh is 3 years old! She is a sweet, smart, caring yet sassy little girl! She love watching her phone/ tablet, playing with her brother and playing outside! She is definitely a mama’s girl!
Sa’Riyah loves to smile,talk,cuddle and especially kick her fat little toes her favorite tv show to watch is Clifford the big red dog and anything on PBS kids she also loves to stick her tongue out
Leighton is 2 months old!! She loves to smile! I am soo blessed to be her mommy 🌹
Baby Wavy is such a beautiful and funny character every where we go she makes sure she receives and give so much love to everyone. Time is really flying and can’t wait to share & create these memories with my baby girl
Charlee is a 7 month old goofball, she loves sprinting in her walker and is a talker. This girl is sassy, silly and loves her puppy.❤️
Galilea has the ability to light up the room with her playful giggles & gummy smile! She loves play time with Mom & Dad and has a special interest in watching our dogs & trying to engage with them. This girl of mine is so sweet & silly, you are bound to fall in love! We are so lucky and proud to be her parents.😇💗
Natalie loves watching peppa pig , when she’s not watching peppa she enjoys watching her dogs play! But most of all she loves her long naps!
She’s very loving , precious baby, she has her days but will always be a happy baby ❤️
Miss Liyana Estrella our lil miracle baby weighting 5lb spent 5 months in the nicu and finally camn home January 25th. Liyana has camn so far and still is fighting she just spent her first hoilday at home with her family and celebrated by of course dressing up and taking pictures. Even with all the issues she has she’s always the happiest baby smiling all the time hardly ever crys, sleeps all night. She loves to be held and loves watching tv, shes also loves her paci she’s a paci girly , loves bath time the most and snuggling with mommy.
Paisley Ann is our little Rainbow baby. She has blessed our lives & blesses everyone around her that she meets with her silly, sassy little self. Her loves in her life are Elmo & the squirrel from ice age 🫶🏼
Daylani Arevalo
Daylani is very friendly and kind. She loves to play with her dogs