Baby Stories - 25


Isabella Rose
Hi im Isabella Rose and I like warm hugs and kisses of course
Maleni is a beautiful 2 month old preemie born at 32 weeks she is so smart that in no time she came our of the NICU all her nurses were impressed by how fast she caught on ☺️❤️
Little miss Avery Annette is the most precious thing! She loves to yell and make faces.🥰 She giggles under her breath!❣️ And her smile is just contagious 😍 Please vote for Avery!❤️
Meet Amelia Rosalie ♡ This beautiful angel was born right after Thanksgiving. Not only is she a precious gift to her parents for the holidays, but also to the union of two loving families. Amelia loves to smile, coo, drink, and play. She also loves classical, Latin, and worship music. Please vote for her and kindly share her link on your page. Thank you!
I’m proud to be Azazel Jeans momma! She is the goofiest, smartest little girl. She loves Baby Shark, Moana and french fries!
Audrey is a very beautiful and adorable girl unique, caring and loving above all follows directions.
Violet Cortes
This little girl is my everything shes gonna be 2 years old... I am a proud mommy to have her in my life .. An she loves both of her big brothers... She loves babies...
Maliyah Giselle
She’s a diva ! She’s sassy, smart, beautiful, and very sweet. She loves Kit Kat and Reese’s. Her favorite colors are purple and pink. Her favorite person is her mommy lol and she loves to hang out with her big brothers.
Keilani is a beautiful and energetic little girl,she loves to watch cocomelon and never stops giving that big smile of hers.
Harmony is one who can just look at you and make you smile, she's gooofy, fun and just plain amazing.
Strawberry love light up toys, likes fight and laugh . Plus she is Naturally beautiful
Aurora Lou the sweetest baby, she was born 2/16/21 at 2:49pm weighing 5lbs 6oz and 18.5 inches long. Happiest, calmest and cuddliest baby ever ❤
Amirra is very chubby and sweet! She loves bath time, being in her swing and cuddles with mommy and daddy! She is very goofy and very attentive ❤️🥰
She was born a premie. Shes a very alert attitude having little girl that will always keep a smile on your face! Shes a character like her mom not to mention adorable!!!!
Gracelynn is a fun and loving girly girl 💜 she loves spending time with her brother and going to the park 💜 she is very talkative and loves asking questions and loves learning new things with her brother 🙂
Waverlee loves to listen to Justin bieber's song holy during bath time and loves when her mama talks to her it makes her smile.
Scarlet is a happy, sassy, little spitfire. She loves being outside and exploring the world!
My name is Alayna Knight i am 4 months old. My favorite stuff right now is my big sister, my little pony, my binky, and my mama and my dada. I am growing fast everyday and will make sure my mama posts pictures alot. Thank you for your votes.
Briella is a super energetic soon to be two year old. She loves to play, read books, and Is very friendly. She is always a busy bee. So sweet and always happy, she loves monkeys and candy (of course).
Paisley is such a happy little daddy’s girl. But with 2 big brothers she has to be tough!
Hi my name is Ava! I love to play,smile,and roll on my side. I also like to play peekaboo with my mommy and daddy
Elennah is a happy baby. She loves to Dance, Splash in the tub, Eat, and her favorite show is word party!
Andrea has a heart of gold. She is loving caring and a friend to anyone she comes across. She gives her special needs brother encouragement whenever he thinks he can’t do something. She has a smile that lights up a room.
Myah is a very happy baby that loves to smile, laugh, and “talk”! She loves being with mommy and bath time! She has the sweetest attitude as well.
Nazirah enjoys playing with her puppy and her sisters and brother she loves to help in the kitchen with cooking
Nelia is an adventurous girl who loves the outdoors. She also loves to draw, read and sing!
Illiana is a rainbow baby 🌈 she is truly a blessing🥰💕
Narriah loves playing with her sister and brother she loves school and drawing
Laikens a stubborn baby, she loves me and her daddy, she rolls over from her belly to her back, and does very good with holding her head up.
Charleigh is a sweet, fun, loving girl. She loves to laugh and play. She is almost always smiling. Help us plan to start saving for her future. This bright and shining sweetie pie is going to do great things one day.!
Sabrina Rose
Sabrina is new to the world, she can hold her head up already and roll from tummy to side and back she’s so strong.
Mia is my joy. She is always happy. She is miss independent and very Smart
Waverly loves playing with her older sister and going to the beach!
She's such a smart little girl. She already knows her ABCs and she is very artistic. She loves coloring on anything and everything.
Melina loves her pop pop!!! She loves all fruits! She will be two in July. She loves to swim in the bathtub and make bubbles with her bubble machine. Favorite movie is moana and baby shark space adventures
Sophie is 2 months old! She loves taking a bath, being talked to, and she loves sitting outside on pretty days. Sophie recently started smiling & making super cute noises back to mommy when I talk to her 💗
Cayjah is a little princess who loves to dress up and loves her barbies Cayjah loves kindergarten also
Pais is an all around happy & sassy babygirl!💛 Paisley loves banana’s, rolling, grabbing/eating her toes & her fur sister! Thank you for your votes!
She’s a sweet baby ,and loves for her mommy to rub her hair why talking to her.
Lily Belle
This is my beautiful baby girl Lily Belle 🤍 She is trying out new sounds (finding her voice) She’s nothing but smiles and attitude! She LOVES her hands! Disney piano music is her favorite!
Savannah will be 7 years old,she loves to sing and dance,loves playing with others,loves to learn new things has so much energy,she loves to run draw and most importantly loves and cares alot for others
Hello everyone this is little miss Nova and she is our spunky sassy little girl. She’s 6 months old she loves talking and yelling at mommy and daddy, she loves to grab daddy’s beard she has also found her toes and plays with them all the time. She loves eating her food and gets mad if we don’t go fast enough for her. Nova is our rainbow baby. She came into this world to bring joy and laughter during these rough times.
Silliest, sassiest, prettiest little stinker you’ll ever meet!💖
Samantha is 1 years old loves to eat, Enjoys being around people,likes to play with others ,laughs alot is filled with so much joy ..
Halo just has got the most beautiful personality she's so much fun she so lively.
Madeline is such a happy baby, she loves food, and her baby bum. She is definitely a joy.
My youngest love bug!! Ms. Aniyah Jewell Hardy she has the most beautiful smile in the world, and her eyelashes are to die for!!❤️❤️🙏🏾