Such a sweet girl, smiles and waves for days! ❤️
Hi my name is Braxtyn. I’m 9 years old. I love doing anything outside. ❤️
Jonah Belle
Hi, my name is Jonah Belle. I’m 6 years old and I going to church and I love to play softball and cheer! Please take a moment to vote for me!
Nathalia Garcia
Hi my name is Nathalia Garcia, I'm 1 year and 10 months I love watch cocomelon, baby shark and cry babies and I love dance also.
Hadley is a sassy queen! She loves for mama to doll her up! Her favorite show is Lilo and stitch!
Mariyah is intelligent fun and out going little girl! She makes anyones bad day a better one just by looking at her! Mariyah is going threw some health issues but they are not putting her down she says! Any vote is much appreciated!!!!!
Rosalina loves things that makes noise & her pacifier 😍 she is a happy baby! Please vote for her !
Meet our beautiful Princess Marianna!! She is the little Sis 🥰
She’s kind and loveable
This is Tenley Lynn. She’s 5 years old has a 18year old sister and a 4 year old brother. She adores both!!! Tenley loves to learn, she loves horses and cats. You will find her crafting, drawing or riding around on her horse if she’s not outside playing.
If I could talk, I would tell the world how great it is to be here. I am the happiest baby alive and love exploring my new world.
Hi! My name is janelle and I’m 4 years old , I love playing with my baby dolls , make-up and playing with my siblings.
Viviana is a great beautiful nice hearted 2 yr old she loves to have fun
Leilani is a 2 year old princess living with cerebral palsy ✨ She loves to play princess and being extra is her whole personality 💕
She loves to smile and laugh, mickey mouse is her favorite. She has her family wrapped around her little finger
Emery is a loving and sweet 8 year old , she loves animals and spending time with her big brother . She’s very helpful and loves to do things for others
My name is Ki’Lynn and I am almost 2 months old . I’m very sassy outgoing and adorable 🥰.
Miss Lilly is a very fun outgoing everybody loves Lilly little girl 👧 She loves to help folks. She is a little prayer warrior 🙏 and goes with me to hospitals to pray for the sick . She always sings them "Jesus loves me".music before we leave. Lilly is a very grateful n thankful little girl. She enjoys cooking, baking, playing with her brother and "Gracie" her cat.🐈 She is a 2nd grader and has made the straight "A" Honor roll 2 quarters in a row. If you hear laughter you know Miss Lilly is near. She says thank you for your votes and have a blessed day! 🙌 😃 ❤️
Hey y’all, my name is Christine. I am a very happy lil sassy wild one who loves to be outside with daddy and loves to dance to music with mama.
This is Miss Paris. She is such a happy little girl who loves attention. There is never a time that she is not smiling!
Zaniya is a happy baby everyone is crazy about her she keeps us laughing she has a beautiful smile she so silly and such a little doll🥰
Julianna is about to be 1 years old on the first and she loves Minnie/Mickey & coco melon , she’s so funny and adorable ❤️ please vote for her
Sarai loves cocomelon, Shes friendly and loves playing around with other Kids! 😇
Kaylani is the sweetest 1 year old, she’s very independent. Loves food, enjoys playing has the cutest giggle and is always camera ready.
Taniya is a sweet, loving, caring, selfless young lady. She will do anything for anyone. She’s always willing to help when needed. She has the biggest heart.
Marceline is a 9 month old Aries ♈️ girl. She is loud, feisty & smart. She loves dogs and bath time. She knows how to say mama but dada is currently her favorite word. She smiles and babbles with strangers in the grocery store. She like to flip her own page when we have story time and loves watching Ms. Rachel especially when they’re singing. Whenever the Mickey Mouse clubhouse or the Bluey theme song comes on she stops what she’s doing so she can dance 🖤
She loves doing Cheer and gymnastics. Very outgoing in school has carried all a+s since she’s been over in high school. She ranks 1/95 in her grade! She’s sectarian in student council! She is very caring always helping 💗school and cheer is big part of her life and she loves 💗🫶🏼 Izabella is one of a kind
please vote for her she very beautiful n smart n very well mannered mannered so please please vote
Violet loves meeting new people ❤️ She brightens up a room with her smile and giggles. 🥰 she loves playing with slime and she loves animals ✨
Lily likes to play with her toys she is really good
She love to sing and dance and play with her big brother
My name is Harmony and I like to play, sing, and dance. I also love the beach and helping my mommy around the house.
Lily is the happiest child who loves her siblings, Bluey, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Ezayla is a outgoing fun loveing spunky deva she loves her cats her family and friends she is smart n makes friends so easily everyone loves zae. She is in her 3rd year of dance she loves dressing up n doing her make-up she is the apple of our whole familys eye she is an amazing child she loves the outdoors warm or cold she just fits in anywhere n everywhere with everyone
Hey my name is Lai’Lani, I am 2 years old 🫶🏾 I love cocomelon and Minnie Mouse ❤️and I love to dance I’m such a happy baby 👶❤️I would love for you to vote to me
Lydiah is a very happy baby girl. She loves to take pictures, hang with mommy, going to church, and laughing and playing with her big cousins. She would love for you to vote for her!
The sweetest baby around
This is my sweet strong sassy lil fire cracker kenzlynn aka kenzie. Her favorite color is purple and she loves her family and would do anything for them. If you could please vote for her i know it would sure bring up her spirits. She is such a strong and brave little girl. Shes been through a lot in the last year and still has a very long fight on her hands right now do to her health issues that she has been dealing with but no matter all the fighting shes been doing she will still get up and fight every day with a smile on her face no matter how she is feeling just to make you smile!
Myka is a premie twin 👶🏽who brings a smile to everyone’s faces❤️❤️
Violet Reign is an extraordinary little sweetheart! At the ripe age of 7 months old she can crawl, reach/grab, stand, and sit up all by herself. She gets her beauty from her mommy, and a little bit from her daddy. 😉 Violet enjoys watching Hey Bear Sensory, and Ms Rachel. Loves climbing on things to pull herself up, petting animals and watching TV. Her favorite foods are sweet potatoes and anything blueberry.
Paisley is an absolute snuggle bug! She loves sitting up and playing in her bouncer. She giggles and laughs and loves to stick her tongue out at you. She is so sweet she will definitely steal your heart!!
She’s the funniest, sweetest & outgoing baby there is!!! Vote for my baby girl ❤️
Ryleigh is little miss independent. She loves her family especially her little brother. She loves Minnie Mouse and llamas. Ryleigh appreciates your votes! ☺️
She sings she dance she cooks she works out shes a beautiful soul !
Emma Lee
Emma is a Sassy, Independent,Bubbly Little Active Girl. She is in Karste, Gymnastics, Dance and Loves Fishing.