Bellarose Selena
BellaRose is a Half Italian and Half Latina Beauty Queen. She is very friendly to everyone and loves to watch all Walt Disney movies. She also loves food and loves to crawl and wonder around to check out the world lol 😆
Valentina loves to smile! she loves when you play with her tummy and her feet. she has beautiful blue eyes! please vote for valentina as this is her very first contest:)
A’Mya is an amazing little girl and she is the happiest at all times 💗🫶🏼 She is so advanced 🎀 as you can see in the pictures shes always smiling ! She loves kisses 😘 she loves to cuddle . She already has a personality 🥺
Kaliyah Knight
The sweetest most kind child you could ever meet would literally do anything for anybody she loves to read great student she loves the Color pink and she is just gorgeous She loves drawing coloring and dancing and she loved taking pictures
Imani Marie is a month old ! She loves making faces and using her hands , She is also a foodie
Saraiyah is a loving baby who likes to go on new adventures to meet people, she is a very happy baby, and she is very active baby.
Elora is a fashionable pre-teen who loves art, swimming and makeup! She wishes to be a fasion designer when she grows up! Please vote for Elora so I can help her dreams come true!!
Neveah Is Very Playful , like to be outside & enjoys eating
I am a cheerleader. I love to tumbling, write, draw, and my favorite color is pink
Pia Grace
Pia Grace loves to eat, scream, roll over & cuddle. ♥️
I love to swim, play with my cousin and sisters, and also love to eat most anything.
Arlenis López
Voten por Arlenis
Sabreena likes to be independent. She loves spending time with her sister and copying everything she does. Her favorite song is the wheels on the bus and baby shark. She is very outgoing once she gets to know you!
Hello World!!! My name is Londyn and I’m a sweet little cutie pie that loves to smile, take pictures, eat and sleep!!
Celeste is happy all the time & so brave! She loves her kitty Karma & her mommy.
Heather is very bright at heart. She enjoys a lot of things such as, waving, meeting new people, listening to music, dancing and eating of course! She’s so full of love and laughter. She makes everyone stop and smile and acknowledge her. She truly is a doll baby!💕🔆💝💎
Aria has the best little personality and is the cutest,funniest little human I know. She loves her mommy, dolls, cereal, and chick fil a most.
She is sweet and caring loves books and playing with her little sister Abigail. She loves learning new things and enjoys rocking out with her daddy. Shes brave and is the biggest cuddle bug.
Any winnings for my beauty will be put away in a savings for her 🥰
Elaina loves to smile, watch Disney movies, and loves her big sister more than anyone in the world!! She is so silly, so smart, and so sweet, and just brightens every room she walks into! She’s not afraid of anything or anyone and is best at making others smile! She is a small shop rep and has participated in over 100 collabs with small shops around the US! 💛
Brooklyn is very energetic has a huge personality and big heart! She loves to sing and dance and dressing up and posing for the camera is what she does best! She loves animals and wants a dog, a horse, and a princess castle house lol...
Harper is a sweet and caring little girl, she loves playing with her 2 brothers and playing dress up. ❤️
My name is Karly. I am 3, 4 next month in October. I like to watch movies with my mom and do fun activities while my brother is at school.
My name is Iyland. I’m 4 years old, I have 2 brothers. My favorite color is purple. I love unicorns! My favorite thing to do is play with my cousins! ❤️
Hello My name is Mai it's pronounced May cause mommy weird but I love it! I love to dance and do gymnastics and to grow up to be a pretty princess of course. I'm the most sweetest loveable 5 year old you would ever meet
Miss Cahlani is shy of 14 months . Full of personality and sass. She loves her purses and shoes.
Malie loves her big sister, she loves the beach and she's very independent
Kiyree is 10months.. She loves music. Kiyree Loves to laugh and smile. She'll be a Great Candidate for The Camera
Kinsley is a very smart 6 month old who loves her mommy and daddy spends most her time crawling around on the floor! She likes trying new foods being outside and playing wit her brother vote for this natural blue eyed red hair baby❤️
Taylor is very well behaved loves playing outside and loves animals loves playing with her sister 💖💐
Kelly gives you sunshine vibes she loves to smile can’t talk but sings all the time super energetic an very lovable she is my everything.
Laya is one unique individual. Mindset of her own. She is my pride and joy. Most definitely one of a kind.
Elliana loves cocomelon, she enjoys playing singing w momma.
Isabella is a burst of energy and laughs, she loves rainbow’s & mermaid's. She’s my first born girl💖
Sylvia loves to dance. She is involved in Cheer & Tumble, Jazz, Tap, & Ballet, and Intro to Hip Hop. She has the most sweetest heart i have ever met.
This is my baby girl Heaven she was born on 6-27-22 weighed 5lbs and 8 ounces and measured 18.5 cm long.
Brilliance - noun; intense brightness of light .
This is princess London. She’s Super happy, she loves to play, laugh & crawl! London loves being outdoors & going for walks! Her personality is so big already. To know her is to love her💗 please vote for our princess, we’d really appreciate it.
Alexis loves pop-its she also loves her cats.. she has a big heart and is not afraid to show it. Her daddy is her favorite person... she is shy and loud all at once..
Little miss Gracelyn is our newest blessing. She weighed 5lbs 6oz at birth and now weighs a little over 7lbs. She’s full of the cutest smiles and makes the most funniest faces.! Definitely our little bundle of joy.!
She is very sweet aways have on a good smile
Kinsley is a very smart and adventurous 5 year old that loves exploring new things. Literally the sweetest and most respectful kid ever(when she wants to be lol)
Milcah Cano
Milcah Is The Sweeties Girl In The World 💕🌸 She Has A Beautiful Smile, She Is Super Smart ,She Is So Adorable And Wonderful 🌸💕My Beautiful Princess Love Her Family 🌸💕 She Love Swimming In The Pool ,She Love All Kind Of Food Specially Peruvian Food 🌸💕
Nevaeh is such a wonderful, kind and loving young lady. She loves the Lord with all her heart. She's an amazing daughte, sister, niece, cousin, and friend.
Pretsephonie love to play roblox on her phone and watch toca world on her tv she's very smart and wants to become a YouTuber. She absolutely loves flowers and unicorns and drawing.
s to be held tight and looks straight into your eyes with lots of love.
A Milianna
I’m sweet with a little bit of sour and a big ball of energy!!! Super sassy.. Vote for a’milianna 🥰