Rhylie loves to smile and blow bubbles! Shes the best thing to happen to me we didnt sign up to win we just think our baby girl is adorable and wanted to try this out!
Calleigh Reign, one month old and full of love and smiles! She loves her momma and sleeping is her favorite thing to do!
Ensley is our first baby and is 1 month old!
If anyone in the world loves JoJo Siwa it’s this girl! When she isn’t getting all dressed up you can find her outside with her friends playing. She loves to draw, go on hikes, play with her little sister, and go on adventures with her family!
Savannah is a very sweet, smart, outgoing, energetic girl. She's a sassy lil thang! She's in 3rd grade & has been an honor roll/principal list student since 1st grade. Her dream is to be a make-up artist when she gets older!
Courtlynn is a firecracker! She loves everything and everyone! Her little smile will light up any room!
Olive loves to hang out with her big Sister. She loves playing on the ground with her toys and cuddling as much as she can with mommy and daddy!
Evelyn Murphy
Evelyn is a very beautiful blonde hair blue eyed baby she love her momma and daddy she is so outgoing even when she isn’t feeling the best in the world yall vote for this beautiful babygirl
Super adventurous and will suprise you everyday with something new. People always say she so smart for her age and she ALWAYS wants to do things herself.
Molly sue ismy first granddaughter! Out of four ❤️She is beautiful sweet & loving
Jaela is a social butterfly who is very passionate about her daddy! Jaela loves attention, reading, eating, dancing, and playing outside. She is a very happy little girl who deserves your vote 💜
My baby girl been through so much she is so strong and still the happiest baby I know at 3 months old she brings happiness in so much of peoples’ life’s I wouldn’t know what to do without her vote for my baby Elena!🥰❤️
Ruthie is an outgoing 7 month old who loves to eat, crawl, and giggle!
Melody loves to smile. Her biggest smile is when her brother is around, she loves him so much. She is a very fun and easy going baby with a lot of personality! She loves to play with her toys and especially enjoys going to swim class every week. Bath time is a must before bed so she can splash like crazy, just like the mermaid she is!
Hazel Nycole
My Name Is Hazel & I’m Almost 5 Months Old! I Like Cereal & Bananas & I Love To Roll Over, Play With My Feet, and Yell At My Mom & Dad 🤣💖
Sophia loves to make noise and giggle. She is always alert and curious. She has a head full of beautiful hair and big blue eyes. She loves to play with soft toys and try new foods.
Kiley loves to dance ,sing, and play dress up !!! She enjoys playing outside riding her bike and going swimming .. she also loves to color and draw 💕 her most favorite thing in the world are mermaids 🧜‍♀️
Jaelynn is a bright eye little girl, who isn’t camera shy. She would love to win the little miss beauty constest.
Madilyn loves to wear princess costumes while playing in the mud, she loves all animals and mothering her doll collection. She loves to draw, sing and dance. She has a shoe obsession. She also loves books
Mae’Lanii Marie Cynthia Oliver is a character! She loves to play, laugh , and smile at everybody! She is 4 months old and will get her hands onto anything she’d like to. She has a smile that lights the whole world up! Her little giggles and dimples just top it! She a conceited baby already she lovessss pictures lovesss a camera in her face! She loves her food the most ! She is just so amazing and beautiful and pretty in literally everything!
Melanie is the sweetest 7 month old , she’s very chill and always camera ready she has her very own PRETTY personality she’s literally always sitting pretty and she loves to talk and play all day she’s a happy baby and we’d be happy if you voted for her 😌🥰 VOTE for my baby please & we appreciate everyone that does 😘
Lucy is the sweetest girl with the kindest heart. She loves making friends and always wants to help others. She has a passion for singing and music.
Camilla is full of life a very happy baby,she likes to jump in her Bouncy jumper since she was four months old,she can roll herself over and even sit up by herself and she loves listening to Jesus music ❤ her favorite song is JESUS LOVES ME.
Sienna loves smiling, playing with her daddy and drinking mommies milk!
Sabrina is full of SMILES! This baby girl will give you an instant boost of happiness just by looking at her. She responds with tact facial gestures, and loves to laugh and play!
Lilianna has a kind heart, a fierce spirit & an inquisitive mind. She enjoys cheer leading, church, reading & playing with her cousins. Lily is full of character so she would be a perfect lil beauty queen 💕
Arizona Marie
Ainsley loves to spend time outside. She also loves to play with her puppy and kitties, especially pulling their fur! She lover to drink her bottles of milk and loves trying new foods. Her binky is her favorite thing to put in her mouth other than her hands. Ainsley is always smiling and loves to take tons of pictures!
Please help vote on this
Miracle is almost 2yrs old she is like my own sour patch, she sour and then sweet, she is so loving and friendly and just loves being the baby of the family....
Unique is her name she is very outgoing her name fits her well she loves to dance and cheer....
Willow is a very happy 4 year old. She loves to sing and dance.
Ariella is a sweet genuine baby she happy Ariella loves animals
Starr shines bright like her name, she can be shy at times she has a good heart and she loves cheerleading and singing🥰🥰
Nalei'a is a sweet 5 month old baby girl. she's always smiling 😃 loves to play the piano and play music with her daddy. Also Loves to be outdoors and watching the trees. She is the best little princess.
Penelope is a smart loving beautiful little girl. She is a good big sister to her brother and loves to play outside with her friends brother and toys❤️
Zoey is a very lively baby! Loves to look around and be the wiggliest worm! She’s always been super happy and cuddly, I mean who wouldn’t want to cuddle this baby?
Eliza is developing the most sassy and bubbly personality already. She can light a room with her smile, and her giggles are contagious. She’s obsessed with her mom, dad and animals!
She loves baby talking and giving hugs. Tries to be independent and is a fast learner.
Shanaya is very sweet, loving and Sassy girl. She loves to dress up and take pictures. She is an amazing performer. Shanaya loves to sing, dance, art, skate and many other activities. She is confident and tries until she is good at it.
Violette is a highly spirited little girl. She loves books, coloring, and horses. She calls herself a monkey because she loves climbing on EVERYTHING!
Arianna is a smart funny and sassy one year old she loves playing outside and dancing to music she’s the light of my life!
Aurora is a overachiever, she loves going to the park and running around
Hi my name is India and I’m sweet but I can be a boss baby
Robin came 3 weeks early but has always been a fighter and determined to achieve anything and everything put in front of her. She is beautiful inside and out with a fiesty streak.
Hayven is a bubbly, sweet, and super spunky two year old! She loves playing with her dogs, friends and family! Her favorite song is “im a gummy bear”, and she loves to sing it loud and proud on her karaoke mic! 🎙