Baby Stories - 25


Everleigh is a happy baby, she loves to smile at anything and her laugh is beautiful!
This girl is wise beyond her years and has a smile that brightens anyone’s day
She has a wonderful smile photogenic and a ball of joy to be around
Scarlett Rayne
Little miss Scarlett loves tummy time, she love her big brother. She all happy n smiley 24/7 and she loves spending time with family.
She loves playing peekaboo, eating anything she can get her hands on and loves to watch her cloud babies!
Cadence is 6 years old, in 1st grade, and a great big sister to her little brother. She loves to play with her dolls, draw and paint, dress up, play outside, sing and dance, and she aspires to be in gymnastics someday. She is sassy, sweet, smart, and full of personality! We entered her for fun and as a self confidence boost, but all votes are appreciated!❤
Evelyn is super caring and loves not only people but her very best friend is our family dog Daisy Mae.
Rockelle is the most sassiest little girl you’ll ever meet! She has an amazing heart that surprises me every day! Words cannot explain what an amazing soul she is. She loves being a girly girl and playing with her dolls.
Aerial loves bath time and tummy time!
Paisley loves to give attitude already! She is a sassy and stubborn girl who loves to eat.
Emily is a very caring kids, she love to be outgoing, love her family and friends. Help other when she see there struggling and almost make you laugh and bubbly daughter. She love to cheers.
This is Pharah she is my precious little granddaughter so make sure you vote for her ♥️
Hi everyone! Da’Narreyah is a 12 month year old who loves dancing, laughing, and cuddling.
McKenna loves to smile… She is a happy baby….She loves when people talk to her😍😘
She’s our sweet girl a bundle of joy! Always smiling and loves to talk. She’s the best baby ever. She has truly blessed our lives.
Kayleigh loves reading drawing,and spending time with her friends and family.
She is very outgoing, full of energy, loves her family, she is very smart for her age, she is also very sassy and loves to dress up
Hey everyone!! Karsen was born two months prematurely, weighing at 3 lbs and 2 oz, now being three almost four months old she weighs a little over 10 lbs!! Karsen loves being outside and looking at literally everything! She loves to smile and speak gibberish!
Laken Rae
Laken Rae Malone🎀 it’s her world we just live in it. She’s the boss around here! She’s our whole heart. She loves to laugh & fart like a grown man! But she’s still very girly and loves getting her outfits changed and taking pictures but her favorite thing to do is get her booby milk. She loves getting milk drunk 🤣
J-Lynn is now 3 months old, Shes very alert n loves learning new things.she is now smiling n gabbing away. She loves being talked to and have staring contest with mommy and sissys. And of course play time with her older sisters :) she enjoys sencery items n the feeling of new things. J-Lynn will put a smile on anyones face 😄she is such a good girl barly ever crys n will sit through church without makkng a sound :) ❤💜
Rebecca loves to watch tv and to play on play mat i think yall should vote for her why not she so amazing and adorable
I just turned 7 months old! I just learned how to crawl and I’m into EVERYTHING. I’m full of personality. I love spending time with my family and eating sweet potatoes. My favorite toy is pretty much my paci.
Miss Avery Grace is a very smart and loving girl. She loves talking to people and being read to.
Brooke is a sassy and sweet 5 year old princess who loves unicorns and playing with her two brothers !
Has a contagious smile you can’t help but smile when you see hers.
My Sophi Bear is the sweetest happiest baby. She is deff a daddys girl and loves her doggy and 2 kitty cats. She loves her sweet potatoes and loves to laugh and smile.💜
Yianna is a happy baby she loves to laugh!! ❤️
Magnolia is a super energetic, happy & a care free baby! Her smile is contagious along with her laugh! 💖
Hello my names Ellara which means little fighter because I been fighting since in mommy’s tummy . I just want to share that I’m such a happy , smart , goofy baby ! Mom & dad think I’m fiesty but I just call it give me attention 24/7 because I am the baby BOSS
She is 8 months can say hey bye bye momma dada and she laughs out load a lot is very happy all the time she is so sweet and loving she brightens everyone’s day she is happy and smiles all the time she can say bye bye hey momma and dada and nana she is the greatest blessing I ever seen
She is my princess warrior. She is one beautiful happy baby who loves to talk and talked to. She enjoys kicking, bathing and no clothes and looking at herself on the phone camera .
Gianna loves to laugh at her mom and sing alone with her. Gianna will try to talk back and adores Scooby-Doo
She is a Free Spirit! Loves being with mommy! Very lovable & caring❤️💙
Hadley Mae is a very intelligent rainbow baby. Hadley is a very sweet & giggly girl. She is achieving her milestones ahead of time. She would make a precious Little Miss Beauty ♥️ We appreciate your support & love for our little princess 👑
Mellie loves paying with her dog boss. She likes watching cartoons with mommy. She’s a TTS baby! S
this baby girl is mama's world, she surprise me every day. Layla is definitely the life of the party. Her bubbly personality to her silly character. She will always put a smile in your heart.
Little Miss Willow is a redhaired, blue-eyed funny and sweet little girl. Shes an amazing little girl and has a great personality but also has a little firecracker attitude to match that hair.
Lily is a devoted sister and aunt. She loves to help babysit her niece. She is always thinking of ways to help someone else. Lily cares for grandmother daily, by making her coffee and meals. Lily has a heart of gold. She loves playing Futsal. Her favorite play time is tending to her Calico Critters collection. Lily has straight A's in school and loves her church. She practices singing worship songs daily. She is in inspiration to us all.
She loves to get her hair brushed.
Well why I say you should vote for India because she's a beautiful baby she's always happy you always have a smile is she just adorable
Beautiful fun funny wonderful little girl loves chocolate and YouTube and her grandma
My Amalia is a Lovable lil girl she loves to dance and help she is a animal person she likes to learn new things and is adventurous she helps clean her brothers room and put his clothes away he was in a car accident my lil mini me love her so much my lil princess
Braylyn Isabell
Well braylyn is a beatutiful sassy little thing and she is lovable i hope everyone voyesm
She is a very active newborn. She is always looking around and smiling. She loves tummy time!
Hi my name is karma. I love rolling, laughing and eating my toes, or anything I can grab. I’m super petite happy and sweet, but have a fierce personality... already… I love looking at my surroundings and talking to people. I can almost sit up and love to be naked.
Victoria, Toia for short, loves solving puzzles, singing and exploring. She’s very curious about her surroundings, she’s very observant of people, and she loves to imitate whatever Mommy’s doing. She’s already learning responsibilities like cleaning after herself, help Mommy with cooking and calming down her little sister.