Baby Stories - 24


She Is So Smart And OutGoing! She Is The Person You Meet Who Leaves A Good Feeling In Your Heart After You Meet Her! She Is Fixing To Become A Big Sister ! She Loves To Play Outside With Her Family And Loves Every Holiday That Comes Around ! That’s My Bug For You. She has an amazing personality and full of life is the most loving 3 year old anyone could meet
Blaklee is the happiest babe! She gives us the biggest smiles, loves being talked too and has lots to say herself!
Valentina is a ray of sunshine! She lights up a room with her personality. She is as sweet as pie but don’t make her mad because she’ll let you know very quickly. She loves dancing, playing with her brother, watching Bubble Guppies, and hugging her doggy!
She is a very out going baby and so teligent and beautiful and pretty and smiles a lot and likes to be around her mommy
I love God! I love to sing and dance! I am an animal whisperer to all! I’m in 3rd grade! Please vote for me :) Thank you!
A smile to melt hearts 💕
Uma is one of the happiest girls I know, she loves to eat everything, she likes to play, she likes to watch her googoo Gaagaa cartoons. And she loves her dogs. 🤗
Peyton loves green beans, playing on the floor and screaming loud so everyone can hear!
Skylynn is the sweetest girl she loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse and now blues clues lol she loves to walk everywhere without your help and take off running lol. Shes starting to learn alot shes very smart for her age. Ohh yea she loves to eat and she likes chocolate milk. She loves her dogs sandy and domino.
Katheryn is a strong, hilarious, social teenager. She loves the outdoors and camping, but wouldn't miss the chance to get all dolled up for the evening.
She is a vibrant, beautiful, sweet little girl who loves people and always has a smile on her face! She loves music, dancing, horses and make up!!!!
Emberlyn is a whole 3 weeks old! Right now she does lots of sleeping and eating and staring at mom and dad when she’s awake. Cool fact; she was born on Veterans day. 😃
Nola is 5months old and loves smiling and sleeping for fun😂 She’s such a sweet baby and did I mention a little princess warrior! she was only born at 22weeks gestation and fought so hard to be here!! The strongest micro preemie I know!!
Ella is girl number four for me and she’s just what our family needed!
Esmae Rayne Jaeger
Esmae made me a mom at 19 years old. She so full of personality and is now the big sister to a very happy baby boy (Hailen Jaeger). She’s turning two here on the 22nd of December. Wish this momma good luck with the terrible two’s!!!
Our lil mini cake made her debut early... She was ready for the world....
Braelynn is a 32 weeker premiee weighing 2 lbs 10 ounces she spent 38 days in our nicu at ruby memorial hospital but now she is a strong 9 lb baby that will be turning four months on December 14th. She loves watching scooby doo & Garfield!
Emma is full of life! She is rarely quiet and enjoys unicorns and dancing to her own music!
Nyiomi Jackson
Hello ❤️ I’m Nyi’omi and I love butterflies 🦋, coco melon 🍉 , my mommy ,daddy and brother . But most of all I love God !
She is sweet, smart and very strong even at the age of 1 month 3 weeks she can stand with support and even do a great tummy time.Her smiles will melt your heart!
Reinas Smile Can Light Up A Whole Room!
Emersyn is my miracle baby. I tried for 15 years to have a baby of my own. And September 04, 2020 god blessed me with my beautiful daughter. She has started to smile and laugh.
The Tucker Twins
The goofy twin her smile will brighten up the darkest day Vote for Chloe😍❤
K'Vionna Is 3 And A Very Beautiful And Smart Girl . She Would Love To Be Little Miss Beauty !
Full of personality , always smiling ❤️ everybody loves Baby Ro
Hi, my name is Jordyn. I’m very sassy but really cute🥰.
Kya loren loves loves loves when it’s time to eat! She is a daddy’s girl and she makes the greatest facial expressions 💗🥰
Paityn loves to dance and do tik tok she has a sassy side of her but also a kind hearted side
I love smiling, cuddling, music, bicycle kicks, and watching mommy act a fool trying to entertain me! Thank you for your vote 😊
Madelyn is our wild child. When she smiles, her whole face smiles. She has the silliest personality. She loves crawling and playing with her big sisters.
Remie Ray
Remie Ray! Is our little Ray of sunshine! She loves frozen and her dogs! Remie also loves to color, dance and have play dates!
Charlotte Nicole Chance
Beautiful, funny, and amazing!! Mommy’s miracle baby! Love’s to snuggle and make mommy laugh! She’s so very smart and loves to sing and dance.
Hey my name is Ashlyn , I’m very shy and I’m sweet . I like to listen to music and play outside !
Hadley is a sweet sassy little 2 year old, who loves Cocomelon, baby dolls, herommy and daddy. She's beautiful inside and out!
Ava Rose
Ava loves to babble, ever since she found her voice she never wants to stop using it. She smiles at everyone! she is a happy little girl 💕 she eats and sleeps a lot right now. She can almost roll over! She is so loved 🥰
Tyberia Johnson
she loves music and you to play and talk to her. She loves one on one time with her uncle and grandma. Her big beautiful smile brightest anyone's day
Happy baby that love to cuddle 🥰 Her strength amazes me‼️
Adalynn loves animals, and wants to be a vet when she grows up. She has a big heart, with an attitude that will kill!
Tierra is such a sweetheart♡ She is such a mama's girl & She absolutely loves dress up time♡ Shes always so happy & smiling♡ She also loves to hear herself talk♡
A bright and funny girl.
Nyla is a little ball of energy! She loves long walks, GooGoo gaga AND lots of cuddles😘