Caydence loves to dance for tic Tok and she loves gymnastics
Nevaeh is the kindest, funniest, and smartest little human you will ever meet. She loves playing especially outdoors
Zoie is a very smart and artistic girl. She's been drawing since kindergarten and wants to be an art teacher when she gets older. 🥰
Lexi is such a loving, caring, fun-loving little girl. Her heart is huge but she's also full of sass 🥰
She's a beautiful little girl! Loves cuddles, smiling, flowers, music, and her big brother!!!
A determined and independent little miss with the attitude to conquer anything that comes her way ❤️
Gabriella loves to be cuddled and listen to waves crashing
Aleena is the sweetest addition to our family. She loves to smile at everyone and is finding her voice more and more everyday.
She loves to watch Ms. Rachel’s show. She’s very playful and happy baby. She’s always smiling to everybody. Her favorite playmate is her big sister. She also excited to go to church and hang out with the elders, to say hi and giving smile to them.
Ariana is so lovable 💖 and so kind to everyone and everything
He is very sweet and lovely son.
Arianna And Brianna
Arianna and Brianna is one of a kind. They may be fraternal twins with such different personalities. They are loving and caring. They both loves their big bows. They both love chicken nuggets and chocolate milk. Arianna favorite color is purple and Brianna favorite color is Pink. We can count some and do our ABC's..
Lisa is 12 months girl….she is a God sent gift from heaven as she was born on Her late Grand Father Birthday…she loves to hear her mom singing, she is a super smart girl,she started walking in 10 months and she was always ahead in crossing her milestones….she is very sweet and we are so blessed to be her parents. LISA Means Gods Gift 🎁
Casie is 15 months and she loves to play. She always gives the sweetest hugs and waves hi to everyone . She has a energy that is so charismatic.
Amaya is a beautiful loving most kind little girl she is a smart and loves to help others .she loves animals and being outside she is very venturous and brave . She is my wild child
Alayah is such a loving and caring 3 year old!! She loves being around family and she's always so happy
Lauren is a very sweet and fun Girl. She loves watching cocomelon, playing her montessori toys and pushing her little wagon. She does not give us a hard time. She also loves feeding herself with eggs, strawberries, avocado and many more. She hates loud and noise. Lauren was born 12/21/21 @ 0121. And I can’t wait to watch her sprout to a beautiful lady as she has a lot to offer.
Charleigh is a happy, fun loving, sweet girl. She loves helping her mama, playing with her bubby, and staying the night with her Nana and Mimi. Her smile and laugh are contagious!
She likes watching Mickey Mouse and her smile is adorable
Sophia is a very extroverted girl who loves outdoors, ballet and swim ! She is such a sweetheart 💕
Kyndell Grace
Kyndell Grace loves being outside. She enjoys playing and spending time with her family, friends and her dog! She is the most loving, big hearted , sassy , talkative lil fashion Queen with the most beautiful smile!!
Kamaria is one in a million! She loves to sing and dance and likes to learn new things and is very proud of herself when she accomplishes a task. She loves the outdoors, especially when she can chase and pop bubbles. She adores animals of all types. The thing she likes and loves to do the most is play with her big cousins!
Lovable, sassy, and full of life. Also she's too cute not to vote for!
Journey is a very special baby in her family's hearts. She likes spending time with her mommy and daddy and her older sister.
Fallon Alexis is a tiny girl with a big personality already! She’s so sweet and loving and is truly her mom and dad’s whole world!
Aubrey loves to smile, giggle & snuggle up with mommy! She also loves to talk and coo up a storm!
Isabella is a sweet little girl who is a daddy’s girl with all her heart! Her favorite word is “hi” and she loves giving her baby sister kisses every morning!
Marlee Ann is our beautiful baby girl. She’s 4 months old . She loves to eat , play with mommy && daddy, and sleep.
Maliyah is a beautiful, sassy , papaw loving 6 year old little girl. She loves to spend time going to papaws house, riding four wheelers, and hunting. She kind & loving .
Hi Everyone My Name is Silvia Mia Rivera, I love to Dance also love to do puzzles,My Favorite Color Is Pink ,My Birthday is in March the 23 , Turning the big 3 🥰
Guineveres favorites things include spiderman, cars, make up, and dressing up. She absolutely loves her older sister and the rest of her family.
Lily is charismatic! She is funny and always loves to act goofy. She is very helpful and loving. She loves to play at the park and go on trips. She loves to color and play with her toys. She sometimes will pick a book up and pretend to read cutest ever!
Ava is a darling. She’s a daddy’s girl. Ava likes cats, dogs & worms.
SHOW STOPPER😍 She’s Super Alert, feisty and a RAY OF SUNSHINE. My princess in very independent, she loves to get into everything and she spends her days chasing behind her brothers, she is the ONLY girl and she loves fruits. 👑💕💎
Annie loves animals and especially her puppies and mow mows!! She loves to play with her older sisters and brothers.
Avery loves Sesame Street and the color purple
Andrea is an outgoing hothead little girl that love to have her voice heard wither its talking or singing. She is my little ray of sunshine 🌞
This little girl is our blinding light of sunshine and she really is an outgoing toddler.
Olivia is a fireball of personality! She is kind yet fierce. Will definitely move mountains.
Always such a happy girl Loves her cartoons & playing games with mommy and daddy
Ellie is a sweet and caring little girl who loves mommy, cuddles, snacks, dancing, and learning new things, Ellie has a contagious smile and laugh that could turn any frown upside down.
She has a big personality, contagious smile, & sassy & spunky! We love her around the universe & back💕
Ava is a sweet and sassy little girl with a smile that lights up every room. Ava is the best big sister who loves unicorns, crafts and teaching her little sister how to do new things.
Just a boy with no fear. But is a sucker for his mommy. Oh and he really believes he’s Spider-Man ❤️
You would fall in love with Aubrielles energetic personality. She aspires to one day be involved In modeling/acting. She loves learning new things, including, reading & all the trending TikTok dances. ❤️
Such a sweet girl, smiles and waves for days! ❤️
Hi my name is Braxtyn. I’m 9 years old. I love doing anything outside. ❤️