Maya likes playing outside she likes to eat her gold fishes she a little adventure baby she loves to say hey to everyone ❤️
6 month old Brooke is always smiling and absolutely loves to be outside!
A very sassy and beautiful little princess that’s love her family and would love to win for her autistic big brother 💚
Beautiful bright and sweet little princess loves her siblings and is full of smiles 🌸🤍
Aaliyah is a sweet baby she loves to give smiles to everyone she loves. She started school and loves Al her teachers and to play with the other babies… yes she’s in school, only 7 months but in school lol it’s an early headstart for babies her age and up. She can roll around and sit up really good plus she’s starting to try and crawl which is amazing. She is the most adorable princess and gets all the attention from everyone around her. Loves to nod her head to music that has a funky beat it’s too cute💕💕
Shes 7 days old and loves her mommy and daddy. She loves to giggle.
She is very imitative and a great big sister
She loves to accessories. Extremely smart
Ke’Auri is 4 months she love watch Gracie corner and Minnie Mouse and smiles at her big sister
We love it all; from Monsters Inc. to Moana and everything in between! We have just mastered rolling over and almost have holding our own bottle down! This little girl is beyond the happiest angel I’ve ever met but she can also be all sas!
Hi my name is Luna Skye and when I grow up I want to be a doctor so I can help others when they are not feeling well and give away as many lollipops as possible. A few words that describe me would be Energetic, courageous and sociable. In my free time I enjoy eating different foods and playing in the beach among the waves.
MaryLee has the best personality, so much spunkyness & sassyness, yet lights up our world with how happy & joyful she is! Never a dull moment when she is around. We would be lost without her💕
Aaliyah was bora on Cinco De Mayo❤️ , she loves to roll over and stick her tounge out , she likes to watch Pocoyo & She LOVES her daddy ! She’s her daddy’s twin .
She the most sweetest outgoing child I know
My daughter is two months old. She loves tummy time and playing with her brother she is so smart and loves to show it. She showed us she can roll over. Hold up her head and she loves to have conversations with mommy and daddy
Amarie is a angel with a heart of gold . Her favorite thing to do is playing with other kids and sharing her stuff with everyone. She will hug you and ask if you are ok if you look sad or hurt . She covers our dog puddles up with her blankets. She loves playing out side and riding in her car .
Hi! Maylie is a 2 year old who loves to dance, smile, and give tons of hugs! 🤍 let’s see how far we can get!!! 🤍
Jordyn is very smart and intelligent and loves to help other people with just about anything. She believes there’s nothing she can’t do and loves to help her mom with her little brother.
Soulene is the most smiley baby you’ll ever meet ! She enjoys eating snacks and playing with her unicorns:)
She is always happy ! She wakes you smiling and very smart . She has her very own personality full of love ! She loves playing patty cake , and dancing !
Hey I’m Andrea or you can call me Drea 💕 I love smiling , playing , and eating . Vote for me 🫶🏽
Hey guys! My name is Amani and I love to laugh and play all day! My favorite things to do is eat snacks and watch Gracie’s Corner.
Dayina T. Walker
Heyy Y’all 💕 my name is DaYina best known as “ Yaya “. I am 2 months &’ I love to laugh, & EAT ! I’m very unique ALREADY I was born with Two rooted teeth and two pic-a-boo pegs at the top 🫣 vote for me 😍
Nova loves her big bubby's and sissy. She likes watching Peppa pig. She is a sassy little girl. Her favorite word is dada and she loves pudding.
Elin is the sweetest, kindhearted 6 year old. She loves reading, dancing and singing and all animals.
Avery loves to laugh & play , she just started walking & is on the go 24/7 now 💖 she will be one on September 23 .she is the light of the family 🫶🏽 She loves to eat & snack all day🍌🍗
Leilani is a very sassy 3 week old who is very awake and alert but loves her beauty sleep
Hello my name is kehlani & I love to smile, laugh & play with my family. Sweetest baby ever vote for me 🫶🏽
Bella loves playing outdoors and everything pink. She loves dressing up and playing with her play makeup with mommy.
She loves to eat, music and listen to mommy sing to her.
My Beautiful lil princess she loves to play dress up and make up she loves to sing and dance with mommy💃❤️
Madilyn is a very happy 9 month old who loves waking up In the morning, chewing her hands, her 2 cats, laughing, warm baths, and of course snuggles 🥰
She’s got the sass, beauty & attitude! ❤️ Sophia enjoys outside activity’s & TikTok!
Izzy is one energetic, goofy and loving baby girl. She loves giving hugs. She loves love. She is very sassy but touch. Considering she has 3 brothers.
Happy 18 month old loves to dance and sing
Arabella is smart, brave, kind and the best dancer around! The sparkle in her eyes as she smiles at you will light up your day!
Hey My Name Is Alonna I Love To Dance , Do Hair & Makeup. I'm 4 Years Old My Favorite Color Is Pink 🗣️🗣️🗣️VOTE FoR MEEEEE‼️‼️‼️🎉🥳
Lamari is the happiest baby you’ll meet she is very active and alert for her age she love new people
Natalie is beautiful, both inside and out. She is kind to all of those around her!
Violet Rose Nunez
My daughter has the cutest hazel eyes like me her mom lol she loves when I take her pictures she is the cutest she loves Minnie Mouse she loves smiling at people & she really loves little kids she will laugh & smile at them .
Emma Gail
Emma Gail is sweet and saucy, she loves dogs and splashing at the beach. Breakfast is her favorite meal and cupcakes are her favorite dessert!
Nova Renee
She is the sweetest baby ever. She likes to watch Dora , veggie tales , and her MiMi play candy crush saga.
Malani Dior
Ma’lani is 2 months old she is a sweet baby she loves to cuddle and has a cute smile🥰🫶🏽
shes active, she joyful, she like watching Gracie's Corner and loves care bears
Bellarose Selena
BellaRose is a Half Italian and Half Latina Beauty Queen. She is very friendly to everyone and loves to watch all Walt Disney movies. She also loves food and loves to crawl and wonder around to check out the world lol 😆