Kadence is a happy baby who loves to smile and laugh at her older siblings as they play.
Scarlet its a 3 yr who loves horses an also enjoys riding them.Scarlet its a little shatterbox.
Sophia is a thoughtful, loving girl that enjoys cheer and loving on and taking care of her younger siblings.
This is Loyalty my little chunky butt 🫶🏽 She just turned 3 months on the 10th of may . She always have a smile on her face and makes others laugh 😂. I love this little girl to death she makes my day and take all my struggles away as a teen mom her and her sister honesty ‼️❤️
Gracelynn loves to smile and laugh. Her favorite things are eating and cooing and making noises. Gracelynn is mommys rainbow baby. Her smile and giggle will light up anyones day. Shes a selfie queen with lots of sassiness.
She is out going 6 year old who loves do do art work play on phone and play outside and she good helping with her siblings her favorite food is McDonald’s and a happy meal chicken nugget with fries and a pop and she out going kid who loves. Making new friends
Maddox is deaf. She loves looking at herself in the mirror. She enjoys watching her siblings play.
Adalyne is a sweet, loving, growing girl. She loves to laugh and play. Her favorite thing to do is mimic us and make funny faces. She also loves to kick, kick, kick! She’s tiny but mighty! Also, she has a natural mohawk that has become her biggest, most loveable feature. It catches everyone’s eye!
Joanna is a firecracker! She loves colors, smiling, laughing, kicking her legs when she’s excited , and especially loves to babble on and on.
She loves watching super simple songs and giving mommy and daddy kisses and she loves bath time and standing
Addalynn is a very sweet baby. She loves to smile at everyone and is always happy !
Lynlee is 2 months old and is the sweetest baby! She loves being talked to and smiles all the time. We love playing dress up and being outside.
Hi my name is Skarlett, I am 4 months old! I love smiling big for my mommy and daddy. I can roll from tummy to my back. I’m very independent and love holding my head up! Mommy is my favorite!
Free spirited lover of animals and the outdoors.
Maizee was growth restricted throughout my entire pregnancy and was born pretty small. But that definitely didn’t let that stop her! She is the most fun baby, loves to snuggle with momma, laugh, play, jump. She loves to go on walks outside with her puppy siblings.
Da’laysha is smart and crazy she is an sneaky leo ♌️ she loves her grandparents 😎& she loves music & like to dance 💃
Freya is silly and sassy and the best little helper. She enjoys any moment that she makes someone smile or laugh. Her favorites are collecting rocks, playing in the water and singing and dancing to music. In a field of roses, she’s a wildflower. ❤️
This little girl loves hockey and smiling. Always on the go.
Little miss asaiah is our light skinned, green eyed beauty💚 she is full of life and always has a smile on her face! She is the light of mommy and daddy’s life! She loves baby shark, playing PlayStation with daddy, and spending time with the ones she loves the most! She is a little ray of sunshine and can put a smile on anyones face even on their Most stormy days😊
Haisley Grace is such a fun, loving baby. She’s a big cuddle bug, and loves bath time. Her smile will melt your heart because who doesn’t love dimples, right? She definitely has both of her parents wrapped around her tiny fingers.
Haven is a beautiful, smart, tall, and full of life little girl.
Carsyn loves to watch YouTube, she loves playing with her two siblings, she absolutely loves to dance around. She’s one of a kind and I wouldn’t want her any other way
3.5 years ago this sweet little girl came into our world and completed our family. And it’s been the best 3 years! The overwhelming joy and unconditional love we have for this sweet girl is like no other. Emerson is so smart, sassy, funny, cutest little daredevil and diva we know, and the list goes on and on. She loves all things princesses, singing and dancing, and shopping.
This is Aubree she is 5 years old she loves her family and friends she likes to play outside go to the park and help daddy and mommy with things she is such a very sweet little girl who has a big heart and cares for others she loves her kitty cats Olaf and frosty her favorite color is blue she loves her cartoons her favorite is my little pony she loves rainbow dash
Gracie is my sweet,sassy, silly,wild child ! Full of love , full of energy, full of Gracie!! My little princess
My name is Rhaegan and I am 15 months old! I love to eat, sleep, watch Tv, make faces, attempting to talk, smiling/laughing, walking, playing and absolutely LOVE being held! I appreciate all your love and support ❤️
Ci’Anni can light up a room with her Bold personality and she loves to play! The energy she has is out of this world!
my little cutie loves saying mama and dada !!! loves bathtime always splashing. 🥰 stands up on any and everythinggg and is starting to let go for short periods of time (omg a walking baby coming soon!) 🤎
Jade is a sassy chick that loves to be on the constant move. She loves to give her “evil” smile when she’s up to no good.
Mattly is a sassy 8 month old. She loves to eat and blow raspberries! She is very outgoing and screams when she wants attention. She has the most beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair.
Ka' Zauri B
Ka'Zauri Is So Sassy& Dominate. Its Her Way Or No Way She Loves To Eat & Play. She Is Very Nosey Cant Miss A Thing lol
She loves to laugh and loves her dada an momma
She loves people she will smile to you all the time also she loves when ppl send her kisses 👄 she’s a whole happy and healthy baby 💕
Aiyana is an amazing blessing. She absolutely loves to dance and enjoys music. She has a bit of sassy but has alot more love!!
Anniston is a sweetheart with lots of personality ❤️
HazeLynn will be one month old tomorrow. She enjoys eating, sleeping, momma holding her, and car rides! She hates bath time! ♥︎
Mary love books, music, dancing and anything Mickey Mouse. She is definitely a firecracker!
Jianna is a sassy 7 month old! She loves to play, dance, and eat. Please help her wing ❤️
Sage is the happiest baby! She loves to smile and laugh!
Lacey has the ability to brighten anyone's day! She's sweet, funny, silly, and likes to say hello to everyone she sees. She likes dino nuggets and has 3 favorite colors!
She is a wonderful baby, smiles all the time. Has the best personality and loves to eat and play with her toys and siblings. She’s so adventurous already just crawling every where. Serenity is a light at the end of the tunnel.
EVELYN GRACE, she beautiful like a doll you see at the store. Shes my angle sent from heaven. She loves to play, scream, kiss. She's the best and most beautiful little you'll see 🙂
Kayleigh is fun, fabulous & five! Kayleigh loves playing outdoors, going on nature walks and helping mama whenever she asks Kayleigh loves to be kissed and hugged she also makes friends everywhere she goes and never leaves anyone out
She is almost two months old and already has been rolling on her belly trying to raise herself up also
Aria loves to be swimming in the pool as a real mermaid she has the tail and everything! She also loves helping her ya ya in the garden hunting for fairies and unicorns!
Gia loves to play, smile and laugh. She loves to dance. She loves to dress up. She is always trying entertain others!
Rhylie loves to smile and blow bubbles! Shes the best thing to happen to me we didnt sign up to win we just think our baby girl is adorable and wanted to try this out!