Baby Stories - 24


Blessing Amary
She's such a sweet baby, very happy, smiles all the time and she loves to eat her baby purees 🥰
Kinsley is a breath of fresh air. She is very inquisitive and advancing far beyond her years already.
Zelyna is very energetic and loves playing. She talks constantly and always has the funniest facial expressions.
My little Giovanna, Gigi for short🥰 Gigi is always smiling, she is the literal light of a room, she is just learning to talk in full sentences and she has such a sense of humor! Her favorite things are watching puppy dog pals with her brothers & sister, she loves to try new foods and she loves pretending to read a book!
Kali Anne
This Is Kali Anne She's A Sweet, Lovable, Happy Baby Full Of Smiles..
Destiny is having an issue with a bully so lets all show her how beautiful and loved she truly is!!!
Nala is a happy baby! She brings excitement into your world without even trying. She goofy and sweet! She loves to sing and play with her kitty, Jax. She loves mocking sounds that she hears, trust me the day is never boring with Nala around.
Ellie loves silly faces and funny sounds makes her smile.
Goofy , smart baby girl that loves to sing baby shark and wheels on the bus
I like to try to hold my head up, I like to hold my pacifier from time, I smile in my sleep. And I am African-American(west African),british,irish, french-american (creole),scotish and greek.
Paizleigh is a smiley baby that is full of the most beautiful smiles. She loves being outside, loves having her picture taken, and loves to play with her sister!
She is a smiley and wiggly little girl! She loves cuddles and kisses! I would take the winning money and put it in a college fund for my baby girl!
Cute littel baby she is a lovely baby girl who know only to smile and make your day wonderful.
With all her medical problems. She doesnt have a care in the world. And she can always make you laugh
Outdoor kind of toddler , loves cats and dogs, fruits and juice and she loves her mommy very much .
Meet miss Harmony she is 7 months old and is the sweetest little girl ever, she adores her older brother Huntley and among other things is the most brightest and happiest baby there is.
She very sweet and caring . She loves to talk.She is friendly and loves to play with other children. Smart and most of all beautiful
China Doll ❤️ Hold her and you feel loved. The most beautiful gaze and a feisty scream. She means business.
Hazelynn is just so precious. She will brighten up your day once u see her and her warming smile. To be just one years old she is so far in advance. She is walking talking and climbing. She loves to eat and watch color crew on baby first tv. She is so loving and will melt people’s hearts.
Aaliyah is a great, loving, caring big sister. She has a huge heart and loves everyone so much. She is beyond smart and looks forward to learning new things every day. She wants to be a detective when she grows up 💜
Her personality will have you cracking up she a whole character 😂 love to watch Mona 🥰
Funnyy! She’s the sweetest and most lovable. She has quick comebacks and extremely smart. A kid you can take anywhere and enjoy every moment.
Gloria is so sweet and lovable. She love playing peek a boo. She so smart and loves to talk.
Brooke is full of personality at a early age, she lights up the room when she walks in. She’s always happy and smiling. She love watching coco melon and Mickey Mouse clubhouse. She’s very smart knows her colors, animals, numbers and etc. She just so beautiful.
Ishika loves drawing and painting. She is very smart girl. She loves to play with her little brother and friends.
She loves to talk, likes to dance and praise God at Sunday church.
She loves to laugh and smile and play !! She loves to watch cocomelon !!! She can sit up on her own She loves to eat her toes lol And her eyes, smile and laughter can brighten up any dark room
Eliza Harper
Eliza is a very smart baby she has to start to cut teeth that one and a half months is called neonatal teeth and also she can hold up her head at 3 minutes she was very smart at 3 days old she held her own bottle and she likes her swing she likes swinging and she likes doing her tummy time she's a very happy soft-spoken baby
Tinlee loves to play outside and run around with our animals. She loves to explore and is very independent. She loves her family and is just full of life!
Makayle loves watching tv swinging in here swing smiling laughing and watching her dad play video games and seeing her friends and family
Real definition of a boss baby lol , so much personality she will brighten up your day
Kailyn is very smart, funny and the cutest🥰. She’s everything you wish for and more.. cant forget to mention she is the SWEETEST everrrr. VOTE HER🤞🏽🥳
Ava is a little Princess. She loves to laugh and smile. She’s so lovable!!
My name is Addison Paige Filyaw. I love watching Elmo, playing outside, my daddy & mommy, & listening to music!
Adalynn is such a happy baby! She loves her family! She looks up to her brother. She loves to video chat with family because she can see herself. She loves to take pictures! She loves to be dressed up and handbands. She loves when I call her my pretty princess👸🏼
Leah is such a happy little girl. She will brighten your day for sure.
This sweet chunk monk loves and adores everyone! You smile at her and your world will light up with her sweet bright smile! She loves snuggling with her sissy and watching cartoons while snacking on her puffs. She adores being the center of attention and hates to miss out on any action! ❤️ Please vote for our sweet babe!
Our always happy baby with the sweetest hugs 🤗
My name is Kensley Renee Lasseigne I’m 15 months old and I love Cheetos and to play with my toys and go to the park
Eden is incredibly bubbly and always smiling!
Callie loves her bows and dresses! She would love to win so she could get her and her friends outfits and bows to match! She’s very caring and loves other unconditionally! She loves unicorns❤️
Annalyse is a great and proud big sissy! She LOVES paw patrol, and dances to anything hip hop. 😂 Her favorite foods are gummies and chicken nuggets and she loves sneaking her left overs to her fur brother! This gal feels real cool in her Jeep power wheels and if she won she would buy all the power wheels her little heart desires! ❤️
Sienna Is A Very Beautiful Baby Girl Who Loves To Snuggle And Cuddle With You. When She Looks At You It's Like Looking At A Flower That Blooms.
Hi my name is Memphis I love bananas I love my family I love spending time out side my. Mommy is funny
Really believes she is a real life princess.