She is such a bubbly baby loves to play and is very active. She loves car rides, playing in the water and she loves stroller rides.
She’s only 4 months….but she already has a BIG personality. 🙌🏾❣️
Oaklynn is two months old and loves to try and talk to everyone. She has the sweetest little smile and loves looking at the twinkling lights in her room
Baby londons birthday is coming up ! Her Big #1🥰. So if we win I wanna throw her the best birthday party she can dream of 🥺💕
Graceleigh is 8 weeks old
Mackena is 3 years old she loves her sister paislee and she also loves babies and to play outside and swing 💕🌷
Gianna is very sweet hearted, and has a very out going personality, Gianna is also a Dancer in all genres as well as competing in many Dance Competitions and still does in Solo’s and in groups, she absolutely loves to Dance. Gianna also loves just hanging out with Family and Friends School and Dance.
Lainey is in the process of being adopted. This prize money will pay for the home study which is the last step to making this adoption complete. Please help us make our family whole. Lainey is such a sweet girl and deserves the best.
Tayveonnas J
She likes to help pass out food to people in need she is bright a good runner on track team and a good role model for smaller kids she loves to draw my artist... Love her good energy she don't talk back and she helps me out allot
She is 6 months old who loves to explore her surroundings and is happy baby
Nala loves to make tons of baby nosies and loves to kick
Ivy’s already such a sweet and sassy girl.. when she’s not sleeping!
Vote for Ca’Mareya cause she’s the cutest thing everr, smart, sassy and just look at those cheeks😭🥰.
Zayli'Rose is our biggest blessing ! Her smile lights up a room and shes definitely her daddies girl, Born on May the 4th she is our star war's baby ! Zayli was born 5 lbs doctors said she was growth restricted and induced me at 38 weeks and now at 11 months old shes about 21 lbs and loves to stand smile and BLUEY!!! Don't forget to check out all of her pictures before you swipe by some do way more justice then others and everybody should be able to see that before making there choice . THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION AND VOTES 🥰
Lina is born to be a star! She loves singing, dancing and putting on her princess dresses 👗
This is my beautiful daughter ‘ she is 3 months and very advanced ‘ she loves to laugh and talk
She enjoys doing her makeup and babysitting
Ra’Leigh is a NICU baby🩷, with a twin brother Ashton🩵, she likes to say dada, she knows how to sit up, hold her bottle, and just all around a happy baby
Nyleia is a sweet & smart 6 month old , a DIVA! She loves to bounce , play & eat
Only 1years old now with a big bright personality. Alwaya smiling and showing love to anyone that crosses her path. She is also very smart as well.
Little miss Ellie had a rough time trying to enter the world, and because of that we are very very grateful for our precious babygirl. She’s still a little smaller than most, but she has a ginormous personality at just 4 months old. ❤️ We started on baby food at the beginning of her 4 month mark, and let me just say this child will EAT some bananas… lol. She looks so sweet, but dont let that fool you. Her high powered screeches will wake even the dead lol. I’m completely biased in this, but literally the cutest little princess ❤️🫶🏻🌸🌼🌺
My baby Kalaysia is very smart, she’s a bubbly baby always happy..never a dull moment with her, she’s a great company because she talks back to you while wearing the most precious and beautiful smile. To know her is to love her so vote KALAYSIA ❤️
My name is Acasia. I am 2 months old. I love drinking milk, sleeping, car rides and afternoon walks with my Mommy and Daddy!
Asia is now 5 months old. She absolutely loves Minnie Mouse.
Raelynn is always on the go she such a happy baby and she filled with nothing but smiles and love
Brynlee has the most cutest and funniest personality. She’s a girl that loves to share. Also she’s very lovable she’s just all around amazing!!
Addison Rae Moody
Addison Rae moody sleeps all night now and when she does get up shes always got a big smile on her face . 100% mommy's girl loves watching cartoons and love's to talk . Shes a very good and happy baby..
Le’Anna is a Twin She was born 4lbs 6oz 17in long
Ze’Anna is a Twin Born 4lbs 8oz 16 1/2 in long
Jordynn loves cuddling with dad and when mom sings to her. She also loves bath time and Doc Mcstuffins 😍 She’s sooo smart and advanced for two months old. My sweetheart girl ♥️
Vote for our Sweet Ansley . ❤️
Vote for our Sweet Heavenly . ❤️
All about the bows 🎀 avid snack eater with the occasional sides of grass I like to sneak when I play outside 💚 Cocomelon and Little Baby Bum are my jams 👯‍♀️
This is my beautiful granddaughter Kylee
She is a beautiful and happy baby
I’m a Barbie girl 💖
She loves to talk and smile, she is trying a lot to sit up and roll over
My happy babygirl ! Irie loves to smile and laugh , she will always smile back at you and have a great conversation haha her absolute favorite thing to watch is Mickey Mouse. Her middle name is “Merdora “ meaning “mothers gift” and that she is 🥰
Amanda is a brilliant, loving little girl full of sass! Give her ribbons and lace or boots and jeans and she is all class!
Amazing is 2 months super smart can already roll and hold her head up also she loves Gracie’s corner
Kenzey is 2 months old and loves to smile! She loves to cuddle and tries really hard to be a big girl already.
G loves to play with her brother and her puppy dogs. She loves playing outside too!
Shayla Jade
Little Miss Shayla Jade is a bubbly, happy girl! She loves to eat, play and sleep! Her favorite character is Elmo. She is always smiling and giggling and loves to give hugs and kisses!
McKinley Ryan Sims was born February 22, 2024! She is such a sweet little princess who loves being outside and talking and playing with mommy and daddy!
She loves to smile laugh play.
Hello, my name is Greenlee and I am 3 months old. I love to explore rooms, play with my rattles, and dress up. I know how to roll over, sit up, and chew on my hand. I already want to start walking, but I’m going to be patient because my time is coming soon. I know how to say “ohhh,” “hi,” “hey,” and I make lots of noises. I have developed my own little personality and I love to smile.
Ashley es una niña muy rápido en aprender lo que uno se lo Enseñe ella ya se está parando para querer caminar, como que no le agrada gatear pero se para muy fuerte canta canciones bueno lo murmulla y habla con su abuelita jajaja no se que le dice pero es bello verla hablar atravez del teléfono con su abuelita le gusta jugar hacer sus ejercicios le gusta salir a fuera le gusta ver sus programas de aprendizajes y de dibujos le gusta las músicas de blim blim y le fascina bañarse
Hello my name hartlynn im 2 months old i love to smile and being talk to . Im always a happy baby! I love anything that lights up and sing Please vote for me :)