Baby Stories - 23


She is all around a happy baby who has a big imagination.
My name is Bella Brielle and I am 6 months old . I like tummy time while watching cartoons . I love to laugh , I am such a happy baby . Vote for me ❤️
Zariyana is a smart, outgoing princess who loves to dress up
Dìor Aaniyah
Hey I’m new here, mom said if I win this money goes to school 🥰 I like eating my hands and screaming profusely when I remove my binky 😂 mommy said copy + paste daddies face ❤️
Amara Jean is happy & sassy, an outdoor lover, and she is a cute ball of energy. She loves kids of all ages and is actually a bit advanced for her age. She is super talkative and silly. She absolutely loves to paint/color and do all different kinds of hands on activities! She has such a creative mind already. Amara is tiny but she is mighty!
Smart, outgoing princess who loves to dress up
Ximena is a very fun and outgoing baby who loves too eat. She loves playing with her brother and coming too momma for the some cuddles.
My Love My first Born. Loves her Roblox and Unicorns.!! 🦄
Willow came along way from being born 6 weeks early at 3bl 12 oz 16 in & was in INCU for 11 days with a feeding tube now she is 2 years old & she try’s to be so independent & learning so much she is mommy’s little fighter
Autumn loves to sing and draw .
Hi I’m nova I like bouncing in my bouncy yelling at my mom and dad for their food and watching tv
Adelyn Marie
Lil Addy is a happy, chilled, baby. She loves to eat & sleep, but most of all loves being around her family but mainly her momma.
Abigail Grace
Abby is a very friendly, outgoing wild 3yr old. She loves animals, princesses, Blippi, and especially spending time with her Big sister & cousins
Leah is a very sassy red head blue eyed little girl. She is super sweet and loves to read. She loves cocomelon and her Grandma.
The happiest baby. Always smiling. Loves everyone.
JuliAnna has been a complete blessing to my life she's likethe doll i never had she is a month old she smiles a lot in her sleep she's absolutely perfect
She so active, she love watching football and playing with her brother.... her favorite show is coco melon and baby shark...... not a day goes by with don't see that smile on her face....
Cloee Vidrine
Cloee is full of life and ALWAYS has a smile on her face. She enjoys playing with family and friends. Loves water activities, Doc Mcstuffins, and Cocomelon. She can always bring a smile to anyones face!
Reagan is full of life! She has so much personality and talks up a storm! She is so smart for her age and she is into EVERYTHING!
Haven Grace
Haven loves to dance, sing and dress up. She also enjoys helping cook with her brother. Her favorite food is ice cream.
I like to smile and pose for cameras. I love my 2 doggies along with mommy and daddy. I love to walk around with mommy.
Dakota is very fashionable 🤎. She is very smart and loving 🥰 and let’s not forget BEAUTIFUL 🤩
She loves to make different faces, laugh at everything, smile, and move all over the place!
Ryleigh is a sweet and spunky little girl with a mind of her own. She is her mother's daughter. She loves her pit bull puppy ("Stevie", named after Stevie Nicks). She has the biggest heart and the sweetest smile.
Love to smile full of energy she’s such a happy baby & loves to dance 🥰
A’Myia loves smiling and laughing and watching Minnie 🥰 She is very smart 💕
Madalynn is a very happy baby all the time♥️ She loves to "talk" to her mommy and many other people. She loves to be outside and she loves bathtime💕 Madalynn smiles the biggest when she is told how beautiful she is and how much she is loved❣️
My fat girl loves to scream,laugh,and eat.🥰
She is so full of love and life. She's a doll baby!
Loves to talk on the phone , loves animals.
Blakely Rhea
blakely loves to giggle, go see her gigi, lives bath time, and love being outside! her smile can brighten your day within seconds 🥰🥰
Royal Kheyanii
Royal Kheyanii (yes both are her first name!) loves Cocomelon , Warm Baths & Meditating w/ Mommie.
Hi! My name is Mylaiah Harleigh and I am 11 months old. I love to laugh, say da da, chase my big brother around and imitate things I see other people do. Sometimes my hair is red and other times it is blonde, my eyes are different shades of brown and my mommy says I have an adorable smile. Vote vote vote!
Allison loves to play outside, she loves to ride her 4 wheeler, and hanging out with her daddy.
Almost a year old, loves to play peek a boo and patty cake,always mean mugging or has a smile on her face! Such a good happy baby!
Eloise is a twin but sure has her own personality, she’s silly and loves to smile! She has the cutest little raspy voice and loves her daddy.
Hi I’m Nizhoni!! I would like to think I’m one of the happiest babies ever! I love hanging out with my family and seeing new things. I definitely like tasting new foods. Please vote for me and follow my journey as I grow up on my Instagram @nizhoni.jones
My baby is nine months old she is such a happy baby, she even wakes up with a smile on her face. She is so beautiful i believe as she ages she will become the top 10 most beautiful babys in the U.S.A..
Haven loves being outside and taking baths 🥰 she also loves all grandmas and grandpas❤️
She likes to Smile🙂, Laugh 😆And Watch Tv 📺.
Catalina is full of energy and loves to take care of you and cook you breakfast with coffee. She loves Baymax from Hero Six and dance.
My Baby girl is full of light!! If her grin doesn’t make you want to smile I don’t know what will ❤️❤️❤️
Alula is the sweetest kindest little nugget who loves chasing puppies and playin in their water bowl even when mama says no no!
Baby Seraphina loves her milk and she loves her sun catcher mobile!
My baby girl is my rainbow baby after 3 miscarriages, she is my first! She was born at 2:20am on 02.04.2021. I only pushed for exactly 15 mins! But since she came out too fast she ended up having fluid and mucus in her lungs and she had to be transferred to Albany Med. She is perfectly fine, now that Albany Med has helped her get better!
Lily loves animals, she just that girl that has that touch with animals, they love her, she has that kind touch and heart. she loves cats
Jade is smart and determined to learn everything she can. She is very motherly and loves taking care of her sister and helping Mom and Dad.
Gianna is a beautiful, very happy 4 month old . She has two teeth popping through , is always smiling and giggling , loves avocados. Gianna’s favorite activities are jumping and playing with her dogs and cats.