Calista is my granddaughter not daughter. You should really make a spot for granddaughters. She loves to swim, camp, hike , and cook. Calista has a disability which causes a mild learning disability, but refuses to let it slow her down. She loves weight lifting and looks forward to the new season this year.
Lakelyn is the proud daughter of Zoey and Alex. She enjoys dancing, singing and playing with her brother. She loves animals.
Faith is a straight A student, she is in honors choir and participates in student council she also participated in volleyball and basketball and cant wait for swim team
Olivia is a straight A student participates in orchestra,choir and swim team. She wants to have a pig farm some day and be a mommy..
Grace is a straight A student and loves animals she is on swim team and always wants to help no matter what.
Zaniyah is 4 she loves anything to do with singing her favorite songs are you proof by Morgan wallen and anything with frozen she loves her sister
My name is Jennifer I am 10months old, I have 6 teeth so I like to bite ☺️ I love to scream, baby talk, crawl, and cuddle 🥰 I like bananas, sweet potatoes, green beans, pow wow music, and my puppy Rubble 😊 this is my first contest and would really appreciate your vote ❤️
Zaleigha is 16 months loves to dance she loves her sister and loves her food ☺️
Sophia is very outgoing and happy! She loves to explore. The swings at the park is her favorite place to be. She has such a big heart and is very sweet! Thank y’all for your votes and have a blessed day!
Kayleah is a happy lil girl !! She loves to dance and learn new things !
Miracle marie is my first daughter. Shes a doll baby. 😍 shes beautiful and very funny.
Our pretty princess!
My name is Viviana.I live in Miami fl., I love everything artistic, acting, modeling,dancing.
Sophia is about to turn 3. She's sassy, silly, gentle, generous, kind, and loving. Her favorite activities include dancing, singing, reading books, baking, and anything to do with excavators, dinosaurs, or cows.
I am the 3rd sibling of 6, Cheerleading is my favorite sport but I also love gymnastics, and soccer . I’m a rebel Ambassador and I love my family 💕
Josie is a sweet energetic baby. Loves to play "pat a cake" and bounce in her bouncer. She enjoys site seeing and playing with her big brothers.
Shes the most sweetest little girl , she's the most beautiful little girl!
Brynlee likes to crawl around . And her favorite thing to do is blow bubbles at you ❤️
Hi, I’m Esmeray. A little about me, I love to eat and crawl around, I’m very loud and love to try and dance! I’m a very happy baby. Vote for me please!
Hi! I’m Everleigh. A little about me is I’m a very happy, sassy girl! I love to scooter and I’m the best big sister🖤. Vote for me please!
Paisley loves to be held by mommy or daddy!! She loves to eat and smile at her big brother!!
She very caring and loving!!!
Hey everyone I’m Leigha Grace! I’m the queen of the castle. I love to play music and dance, play dress up, get into my mommy’s make up, and just being a fun loving girl. One day when I grow up I want to be like Queen Elsa.
She Loves dance but it’s so shiny 🥰
Brookelyn is a beautiful little girl inside and out! She has a heart of gold and is always wanting to help someone! She is wanting to start entering pageants and I told her to start here! Help my baby win!
Yareli is highly intelligent, extremely active with a smile that lights up an entire room! She's my rainbow baby with the prettiest blue eyes she's sassy and sweet and our entire world.
Raelynn is an energetic little girl. She loves dancing, playing with her babies and spending time with mama.
Stormi is vary photogenic lol and she loves playing outside
✓ Cute is when a person's personality shines through their looks and I am just a beautiful me, I am not a beauty queen. 👑
Kayla is a smart and beautiful girl. She likes soccer, dance and playing with her brother Justin.
hello everyone!! this is bella mae💗 she’s a superstar⭐️ her favorite song is I like to move it move it! she is her mommy’s sunshine and her daddy’s side kick🥰 if you can’t tell she’s very photogenic☺️
She loves her toys, her mommy, and her daddy. She was born early at 34 weeks she is definitely my little miracle im beyond proud of how far shes came along in her small months of life 💖
Leigha is a very smart and beautiful 3 year old little girl. A couple months ago we found out she was autistic and givin her daily struggles she still seems to be the happiest little girl.
JaMyria is a smart 12 year old with a big heart . She loves the color purple and loves animals.
Navaeh Mila
Hello! My name was derived from its meaning Heaven’s Miracle. I am a Latin Asian baby, I love taking warm bath like mommy! ❤️ and of course I am my mom’s mini me 🥰
Kaila is a smart, fun and friendy first grader. She loves animals pretending to be a doctor and veterinarian.
Hi! My name is Harmony & I love watching my favorite shows Ms Rachel & Bluey on TV. I love going outside and playing and trying to make friends with everyone I see and most of all I love my mommy and daddy!
Amiyah loves to spend time with her friends and family playing outside! She also is in prek and absolutely loves school. She just started soccer ⚽️ he favorite color is 🌈 !! I can’t wait to watch her success in everything she does!
Hi I’m Arya! I am the happiest baby and love smiling and waving at everyone. I am obsessed with my two dogs. My favorite foods are sweet potatoes and strawberries.
Raegan is a very Happy baby girl! She loves watching football with daddy and dancing with mommy to Alanis morissette and Sheryl crow radio on pandora (Lots of smiles) and she loves napping in her swing! Most of what we do is eat sleep and dance but that’s what makes us so happy ♥️
My name is Phoenix I am the sweetest most gentle little girl you will ever meet, I love going to school, playing with my friends, and I also enjoy watching my favorite movie Toy Story. I have a huge personality and a heart of gold that I can’t wait to share with you all! Vote for me ❤️
She loves to smile , giggle & stand on her legs 😊 She is a very happy baby 💕 Show her lots of love ❤️
Ellie is a sweet and funny girl. She brings a smile to everyone's face!
She was born without a left hand, she loves baby shark, her favorite word is dada, uh oh, and mama. She started to walk more now.
Hi, im Alainys. I love the rain and puddles. I love cats too! My favourite food is either potatoes or ice cream but sometimes it gets too cold.