Athena is such a sweet girl and loves everybody! This girl doesnt have a personality, she IS a personality.
Pryncess Amari
My name is Pryncess Amari , my favorite sport is running the show. I love books, Gracie’s corner, Baby shark and Minnie Mouse. My talents include singing and dancing! Exchange votes are accepted.‼️
Nova she is such a beautiful smart 2 yesr old little girl who has such a vibrant soul and enjoys making everyone laugh and smile in everyroom she walks in. She loves her dance party's, she loves her show paw patrol.
Nikaela is our ray of sunshine. She loves to put a smile on people’s face 💕
Hiii! My name is Vahisha,I’m a happy baby, I love smiling and I’m very friendly
Olivia is the strongest little girl I’ve ever known! She is a real life superhero ❤️
Kourtni was diagnosed with autism last year level three but she is determined to prove the doctors wrong. There are hard days but for the most part I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. If Kourtni wins this money it will definitely go towards our non profit organization that we want to start for Kourtni and her autism friends.
Kaila Giselle
Kaila loves watching tv, she loves grapes love water and pear spinach puree she likes to laugh and play her toys very active chill and easy baby.☺️
Peityn is a 10 month old princess so full of joy all the time she loves to eat and loves her puppy ... she loves her big sister
Leilani is a very ambitious young lady never gives up and is always happy she loves to be outside and playing with her puppy she is also the greatest big sister in the world
Jaclyn is a beautiful girl inside and out! She loves horses, riding, and art. She is such a hard worker and has overcome so much already in her little life. She has such a sweat and caring personality.
Heidi is the sweetest baby! She loves her dada and bubba. She likes to play with her toys and help out with her bubba.
Aaliyah loves coloring, all things Barbie’s, playing with her friends and horse back riding!
Karlie is the sweetest and wildest little girl. She loves to dance and play dress up. She gives the best hugs and has the biggest heart.
She is smart kind loving and a beautiful little girl
She is our rainbow baby she was born to her mom after losing several other babies. She was given to her when she was 30 and going through a dark storm. She brightens our world everyday with her smile and laughter. She is very good baby and loves meeting new people.
Faith Gielleahn
Always a happy & smiley baby, loves videocalls with grandma & loves to interact with others!
Amara Jade
She is such a spunky little girl! She loves riding her bike, playing outside, and spending time with mommy! She’s very smart got her age! She enjoys doing pageants. She has won so many trophies and crowns.
Hi I’m Madisyn! I love to watch masha and the bear! I also love to play with sissy, and give her all the kisses in the world! We also love to go outside. It doesn’t matter the temperature, we still want to go go go!
Hi I’m Payton! I love to smile and laughing at everybody! I’m such a happy baby! I don’t like tummy time whatsoever. I love to sit with mommy and watch tv and TikTok!
Miss Haileigh likes to watch spongebob, loves to talk, and loves to take pictures. Shes trying to crawl at moment, and she loves her mommy and daddy
Rowan is a determined little soul with huge dark brown eyes and lights up any room when she walks in!
Helping the world SMILE! BABY Z loves singing and dancing. Anything to do with mermaids or unicorns is a must have. She brightens any day...every day!
She is a sweetheart there is time where she gets little attitudes but then flips around becomes very playfull. She is very interactive and loves to be outside. She has her serious and goofy moods she loves to dance. For her age she is really smart with understanding.
Royalty loves to laugh and play outside and she loves to travel
Lyra is such a happy girl who has a contagious laugh that makes everyone smile! She loves to eat and play and is just all around a sweet girl.
Lyla loves baby dolls and her big brother!
Bella is super fun to be around! She's good in school. Her favorite thing is being a big sister. She's very responsible. She loves riding horses, shopping, playing with her friends. 💜
Madison has a huge personality! She loves Horses and shopping with mommy and daddy! She has a Corgi puppy named Bodhi and they do everything together! 💜
Addyson is my sassy but very sweet little girl. We call her Addy, she always smiling and always happy.
Journey is full of adventure and loves to do anything outside from blowing bubbles to digging for bugs! Her favorite show is Gabby's Dollhouse and she loves making new friends any chance she gets 🤍
Raelynn is a sophisticated little girl who loves her brother, her mama & daddy! She was a preemie and i am so proud how fast she is growing. She may be tiny but she definitely runs our household. Vote & send this babe to disney!!! ❤️
She loves her phone...she likes to mwet new ppl and gets along great friends
Oakley Nevaeh Rose survived a critical condition crash her mother was in at 33 weeks pregnant with her. Her mother was iñ critical condition, with a dislocated right hip, fractured right femur, and 3 crushed bones íñ her foot. But here she ís just perfect, you can not resist that beautiful smile or her dimpled chin😁 She loves to be talk to and ís always smiling🥰 she had her tongue clipped Friday January the 13th, and didn't even cry, the doctor was all dressed in #bengals scrubs💪 she didn't even cry!! Ain't no stopping Oakley Rose😘 She got 8th place in her state of Ohio, let's help this beauty get to first🥰
Very smart, playful and loves to play outside....loves paw patrol
Loves to play, talk and loves going to school
Loving, cute, cuddly, funny and loves to eat as well as watch cocomelon......
She loves to dance and make people laugh.
Nova Jane
Nova jane is full of energy and attitude! She has the biggest personality ever and she loves spending her time with her sister
Keniyah love to dance and do gymnastics she love music and play with her little sister. Her favorite color is purple.
Aubrey Lynn
Aubrey lynn is very outgoing she loves playing dress up and outside! Shes the perfect mixture of tomboy and girly girl! Shes very obsessed with unicorns and mermaides! She also has a huge heart and cares about everyone
As sweet as she is cute ❤️
Blakely is the most kind, compassionate two year old I’ve ever seen. She loves to play with her babies and take care of everyone. She’s precious.
Caydence loves to dance for tic Tok and she loves gymnastics
Nevaeh is the kindest, funniest, and smartest little human you will ever meet. She loves playing especially outdoors
Zoie is a very smart and artistic girl. She's been drawing since kindergarten and wants to be an art teacher when she gets older. 🥰
Lexi is such a loving, caring, fun-loving little girl. Her heart is huge but she's also full of sass 🥰