Baby Stories - 23


My daughter Skylar Nicole is the best thing that ever happened to me. She is such a beautiful little girl that I forever see myself in. I myself was also in pageants growing up and I don’t doubt for a second my baby wouldn’t go unseen! Please vote for my baby!
This is Ana garcia. She is 10 years old. She loves cheerleading, family, and school. She's a very smart girl that works hard and gets all A's. Ana is the most funny loving little girl you'll meet.❤❤
I would like everyone to meet Temperance. She is a month old. She loves to smile and make cooing noises right now. She has 3 older brothers so definitely going to be protected. She is my calm after the storm ⛈ my little rainbow 🌈 baby.
Rosalynn is the biggest sweetheart and is a fast learner. She has beautiful blue eyes. Shes almost 11 months old and is the happiest baby.
Emerie Maelynn Rickman
Emerie Maelynn Rickman was born October 15th.. She was the best blessing I could receive!! Emerie Rickman is now 1 month old and is as beautiful as ever!!
Kaylee is my rainbow baby, and she is the true definition.
My first girl after 3 boys and I’m so in love!! 😍
Layla is a sweet adoreable baby girl born to a teen mom who loves her to pieces. She adores her Nana and loves when she sings lullabies to her.
Raelynn is the first born and first girl in Dad’s side of the family. She loves her dog Sadie and cat Diesel. And the bigger the bow the better! She is our sunshine. ☀️
She a sassy little girl that’s full of life.
Esmeralda loves getting dressed up and taking pictures.
Natalie is so friendly with everyone and she loves her brother so much. She’s a happy girl with lots of love giving. She sings and dances most of the time🥰
Adriel is a very sweet little sister. She has 2 older sisters and 3 older brothers and a niece she loves very much. She loves music and dancing. She also enjoys those nice summer days.
She loves to laugh and smile, she is a joy to be around
Absolutely loves fruit and adores her big brother!! The happiest girl around. She's a mover who hates staying still. Loves to crawl around, exploring everything in sight!!
Aurora is loud and fun! Very funny and goofy , she also lpves to take care of her babies, be sweet and cuddle!
Ava is very fun and loving. She enjoys arts and crafts , cheer , gymnastics and music! She also loves making new friends!
She is very smart for her age! She loves Mickey Mouse and her toys! She loves talking to anyone that will have a conversation with her!
Harpers 18 months old she loves to dance and watch tik tok,please vote for my babygirl,she’s the sweetest and outgoing baby you’ll see…
Hi my name is Nicole but everyone calls me Nikki. I am 2 going on 20. I love to play with my brothers, baby dolls, and anything to do with unicorns.
Aralynn Jean
Sweet girl with an awesome personality ❤️✌️
Paisley is a sassy, smart and kind little girl. She’s also a great big sissy to her little brother!
Paisley is a bright girl that has a beautiful soul. She loves Coco melon and her mommy.
Sweet, loving , and smart Little princess 👸 She has such a big personality and attitude she loves playing with her older brother . Please vote for Naiomi ☺️💜
Riley has the biggest heart and loves to help out and take care of others. She enjoys playing outside, gymnastics and dancing
Nora is the happiest baby, she loves to play and laugh with her big sister.
Aurorah is 4 months old. She loves playing with her mommy and daddy. She can be a grump when she doesn’t take her nap lol. She loves to laugh and look around and meet new people.
Hello my name is Aeverie, I am from West Virginia, and I am 1 years old, I love playing with toys, and making people laugh and smile, I am always a happy girl, and I love to play with my cat tigger❣️
Eizlyn is smart, kind and loving. She likes “ Baby Shark “ and dressing up with jewelry & makeup. She’s adventurous and likes to try new foods. She loves outdoors, swimming and she loves making new friends. She can be a little sassy and bossy at times but she’s friendly with a heart full of love.
Cai’oir is 6 months full of sunshine an she loves her mommy and daddy 💕
Izabella enjoys making others laugh. She’s a very smart little girl. And loves with everything she has! I asked her what she wants to be when she grows up and she said mommy I wanna be an ambulance driver. She pretends to play doctor all the time!
My beautiful little beanie baby.! She has such a big personality and attitude. loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse and playing with her bubba she’ll always be a winner in our eyes
Aria is my sweet baby who LOVES to cuddle, loves to laugh at funny faces, tummy time, and getting her hair washed! She loves everyone and is spoiled to getting held. Please give this sweet girl some votes!
She is very kind, loving, love to dance, and is very creative
Ireland Bristol. She has 4 big brothers and is full of sass. She is always happy and smiling. Sissy loves her "moma, dada, & bubbas". She likes unicorns, minnie mouse, and doc mcstuffins. She may be small but she gets right in there with her brothers and shows them who the boss is. 😂🥰
Di’Ava Is A Very Smart Sweet Funny Pretty Girl , She Loves Dancing & Music , She Makes Silly Faces & Enjoy Playing With Her Siblings VOTE VOTE VOTE
Ember will fill the room with her Huge personality. She’s so loving but yet fierce ❤️
Miss phoebe is a beautiful baby with a great sassy personality. She loves her mommy and daddy. Phoebe already sits up and pulls her self up!
Eleanor is 9 months old full of happiness and babbles all day. She loves mommy and has the most beautiful blue eyes you ever did see!
Chloe loves to smile laugh talk she has a great personality
My beautiful unique happy 2 year old. She is the older sister to one baby sister she adores and 2 older brothers.
Amelia is 3 months old the little sister is 2 older brothers and one older sister and is one of the sweetest happiest babies youll ever meet.
The Most Amazing Toddler You’ll Ever Met! She Was Placed Here To Be The Boss And Shell Accept Nothing Less Unless It Food Or Sleep! She Loves To Read, Dance , Play With Her Big Brothers And Watch Musicals! One Of A Kind And Determined To Do Everything She Sees You Do Even If You Tell Her She’s Too Small!