Dani is a sweet & sassy diva. She rides the waves as they come. Her smile is contagious. Don’t let those pretty blue eyes fool you. She is mischievous!
Kenley Jean
Kenley is a very sweet, outgoing and adventurous little girl! She loves her family, friends, cheer, soccer, gymnastics, horses, Barbie’s and playing outside! She’s always the star of the show and I know she will be on a big stage someday🤍
My name is Haiden Bailee and I am 2 years old. I love my fuzzy blanket to sleep! I carry my baby dolls everywhere! My favorite snack is popcorn and lollipops 🍭🍿 I’m all about mommy and her kisses! I have a big sister and she’s pretty cool too! I love taking pictures and showing off my cute self🤍
My name is Abrielle Leigh, I am 6 years old. As you can see I am a second year cheerleader and i LOVE it! I also love to sing loud in the shower and I love going out to fancy restaurants because I like getting all dressed up! 🤍
Kee’onna is the sweetest little girl! She has a smile that will light up any room she walks into! She is one of thee most liked kids in her school! She loves to talk and play! She is always laughing which her laugh is so contagious! She is so smart ! She loves everyone hugs everyone no matter what ! People are always saying I want to take her home with me!
Oakleigh Marya is the sweetest, sassiest girl 🤍.
Zaheli Zoé
She is a rainbow 🌈🌈🌈baby. She is a warrior. She is very loved by many❤️❤️❤️ people and even more by the family. He loves to see numbers, colores , 💖💖💖👧🏼👧🏼animals and vowels. We have learned many things with Zaheli. He loves cereal, white apple juice and baby food.
She always want to go out side in play she love the out side she loves to eat chips she loves her milk
Miss Aubriella loves to play with her mama and daddy. When you call her chunky butt she gets mad. She loves to roll over, talk to people and play in her jumper. She loves car rides because she likes to see herself in her mirror on the seat.
Serenity is my wild child with as much energy as one could possibly possess. She is smart, funny, independent, she does not know a stranger. She welcome’s everyone with open arms and a hug. She is the light in the room.
Hello my name is Aurora I’m 17 months old I like swimming with mommy on hot days listening to music and cuddling with daddy, Aurora has a big personality, she loves to entertain her family with her funny/silly faces and gestures.
Elisa is a little firecracker! Her personality will always keep you on your toes and her hugs will melt your heart.
She was born a premie at 32 weeks but today you can’t even tell because she’s so tall and growing so good. She’s too smart for her age, sometimes people thinks she’s 4 or 5. She loves princess and dresses especially when she is watching a princess movie, she has to wear a dress too so she can dance to their singing. Her favorite toy is this bright pink bear we got in Vegas, that thing goes everywhere with her and she will go looking for it. She’s very attached to her dad and I but I wouldn’t have it any other way because she is our miracle and dream come true. Thank you for voting!
Kailana Lyric
Kailana is a little warrior born 32 weeks shes grown to a beautiful little rose bud full of curiosity and adventure. Little by little growing to take on the world one day Afro/Latina Believe in love is love Body positivity Hugs make the world a little better
Elyanna Jae
Elyanna is 3 years old. Elyanna absolutly loves Scooby Doo, coloring, and Shrek.
Alexandra Gianna
Alexandra loves peppa pig, baby shark and enjoys watching sports with mama and papa.
Gia is a gem 🥰. She loves her big brother, being outside and anything on your plate lol. She is the princess of the family!
She loves to learn new words n she loves to eat all day.
Claire is 6months old and full of personality! She loves singing, talking and shopping!! Oo and her food!! Sweet potatoes are her favorite!
KyiLee is 3 years old her favorite color is blue. She really enjoys going playing with her friends. Loves doing her makeup and playing dirt. She very bright and intelligent. Has a need for fashion. She picks choose her own stylish outfit.
Faith is a spunky 3 yr old who loves everything outside! She is the youngest of 6 children so she has plenty to look up to. She loves everything rainbow and sparkly.
Nevaeh is my spunky little girl. She’s very silly and always knows how to make someone smile! She’ll turn your bad day into a good day!
Layla is very out going and out spoken! She loves hard and is a very smart! She loves school and loves volleyball!
Adari is full of personality! A very sassy and loving 2 year old! Yall show my beautiful daughter some love! 😘🥰 Thanks in advance ☺
BellaRose is so outgoing and so enthusiastic. She’s a little social butterfly that’s never meet a stranger. She’s enjoying kindergarten and thriving everyday. BellaRose enjoys reading, writing, playing with her goldendoodle puppy(ginger), and playing with her toys. She’s really an amazing young lady
Isla Jonnae is the sweetest baby! She literally brings joy to all who encounter her! She is the youngest of 10. We love her sooo much🥰 Please vote for my beautiful baby! The little sister, Moomies, Isla bean as we affectionately call her 😂
MacKenzie is such a friendly, caring, lovely little girl for only being 5 years old. She loves to read, paint and play in the rain. She is an animal lover and adores her dog Otis and is counting down the days when her new puppy Jack arrives! She has a smile just as beautiful as she is!
Reigns an amazing little girl always happy laughing and smiling and always being silly to make you laugh .
Hello! My name is Aniyah! I lovee to play with my mommy and daddy! I occasionally have poopies on them every once in a while but I still love them! Haha! I am always trying to talk to them but it seems like they never respond to what I’m saying they just start laughing and smiling at me…weird…anyways I really just play,sleep,eat,and poop all day!
My miracle baby! Always smiling from ear to ear brightens up any room she is in. Super sassy and full of pure happiness with lots of giggles. She loves oatmeal and to snuggle in the morning with momma and daddy. We have a soon to be walker on our hands!
Hi my name is Aubrielle Jade I am 2 months old. But everyone calls me Peanut. I love taking naps only in my mommy’s arm of course. But don’t let my contagious smile fool you I have one big attitude, and an even bigger heart ! Playing with my cousins is my favorite pass time. Chewing on my hands is another hobby of mine. I love smiling for the camera only when my mommy is behind it though. Don’t forget to vote for me so I can continue to smile big for the camera !! Love, Peanut
Hiiii!!! My name is Alina! I’m the sweetest little cutie pie you’ve ever met! 💖If I’m not napping, I’m usually eating my little toes or screaming like a pterodactyl 🙃 I was born with a genetic disorder called TSC aka Tuberous Sclerosis. Although I’m fine most of the day, I occasionally have focal seizures. Thankfully I have a team of doctors helping me slowly improve! My favorite foods are banana purée and my mommy’s milk!
Dixie Cheyenne is 3 years old and the most happiest human around. She loves to sing dance and do all the playing outside she can ! Loves to read books wash dishes with momma and play with her doggy Milo!!!
Alonni is 5 Energetic Fun TikTok princess can be little shy but boy don’t let that fool you
Willow is the sweetest, sassiest little girl. She is full of love and joy and smiles at everyone. Her favorite place to be is outside!!! That is when she is the happiest!!!
Anelia is 8yrs old loves owls and toads. She is in advanced classes in school and loves to read. She loves cheering on local sports teams and hanging out with her friends. She is a competitive dancer and loves to run. She also loves helping Dawson's Blessing bags for the Ronald McDonald houses in the twin cities. Anelia volunteers when ever she can to help keep her town clean she also believes everyone should have a friends and teaches other kids to be nice to eachother
Rose is sassy like mommy and stubborn like daddy! She loves being outside. She smiles at and rock climbs everyone who holds her! She definitely think she can do more than her little self will let her, like hold her head up high.
KeAnna is a happy baby. Her smile is radiant and her personality is brilliant!
Journees smile lights up the room. She is so full of personality and life.
Ellisyn is a little sassy girl, she dont care to get out on stage and show what she has 💙💗 She loves baby dolls, plays outside with her brothers and sister. She is a big ole mommy and daddys girl. 👨‍👩‍👦 Just look at that stinking cute smile.😁😍
she loves paw patrol and barbie!!! her favorite snack is a lunchable!
Journee is always smiling and laughing, she loves to dance. Shes starting to develop her own personality. She has 4 big brothers who she loves very much.
Carmen Alyssa Rodriguez
My babygirl is such a happy baby!! Always smiling or laughing. I’m so proud to call her my daughter 😭💞 mommy loves you & gots you forever mi reyna!🫶🏻
Hi everyone, my name is Draya I am 2yrs old. I love to sing; any & everything. I love hanging out with my older cousins. (I’m the youngest so I get my way a lot.) It’s also the perfect opportunity for me to learn and grow. Birthdays are my favorite. I love to celebrate. I would love to make my upcoming birthday special with the help of this platform. Thanks for voting for me! I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my special day.