Miss Juniper is a happy, smart child. She loves the color pink and loves her little sister. She is the best big sister someone could ask for. She loves playing outside and lover her animals. Juniper isn’t afraid to get dirty she is always wanting to go play in the mud in her jeep
Ryleigh is playful, smart and full of love. One day she's going to change the world i just know it as she has already changed mine in so many ways.
Avaeya is the sweetest baby ever! She loves to roll on her tummy and rock back and forth. Her favorite thing to do is watch her big sister and too play with her toys!
Hi I’m Layen an I love big bows & my mommy I also love to play with my baby dolls an love being outside ! Please vote for me ;)
My heart in human form 🫶🏼
Izabella is a 4 year old buddle of joy she loves outside and also loves animals and loves her mommy and daddy very much she has a mind of her own but we love her plz vote
She is funny outgoing beautiful and she loves to laugh and walk around ! She lights up the room with her smile
My sassy ,sweet,silly,full of love,full of energy, full of grace!!!!
Novalee is such a smiley baby ! She lovessss being outside , watching bright colors , and bouncing up and down ! She ALWYAS loves a new face and enjoys copying the sounds that you make .
Mylah just turned a year old on March 1st. She has her own personality. She’s amazing and bright and is full of nothing but love. Not only does she blow kisses but she loves to have a good time! Mylah loves her Mickey Mouse, and she’s all about dogs.
Ember Sloane
My little spark of fire! You are strong, independent and so smart it terrifies me. You are intuitive and loving and such a beautiful blessing.
A wild little 1 year old, who loves food, outdoors and her puppy.
Ari loves to sing and dance. She adores her older brother and baby sister.
Self-reliance! Leiani loves bananas, pears, apples and carrots. Also loves listening to alphabets phonics! Since a new born - freshly into the world, Leiani has always been on the go! She mastered tummy time at 3 months and crawling at 6 months. Now she’s just shy of 9 months she is determined to walk!
My rainbow babe & full of life! This beauty loves to eat & dance. Independent to say the least & loves to run & play naked outdoors lol. Such a happy & carefree soul🤍
My name is Callie. I love sleeping and cuddling mommy & daddy and being outside. Vote for me 💗
Sky Ma’Rez Stewart is the sweetest , happiest baby ever. She loves Mickey Mouse & she’s very active. .
My beautiful baby girl is very serious but loves smiling at her 3 big brothers whenever they interact with her
Cianna is my sassy yet mushy child. She is my little wild child. She loves to make people laugh!
Amiyah is a very outgoing happy little girl. She loves the park and going to the duck pond!
The goofiest sweetest baby girl momma could ask for , she likes being out in the Fresh air🐣
Addison loves her big brother Rocket. She enjoys tummy time and going for walks in her stroller.
Ariell loves playing with her brothers toys calling out for dada and mama and just being a silly amazing 9 month old baby she’s so loving and so sweet
This little Princess loves watching Mona ,playgrounds and playing with other kids. She has very good manners, knows her ABC's and how to count to 20. Not only is she cute, she's smart and full of energy!! She loves her family ❤️❤️
Sawyer likes long walks through Aldi & is the #1 cheerleader of folding laundry in her household. In her spare time, she likes to sing & yell at her lime green mombella mushroom who’s earned the nickname shrek. She’s a master at being surprised during a classic game of peekaboo. Her current favorite snacks in between meals are her own fingers & toes.
Hi my name is Penelope, i love to watch Bluey and to crawl all over my playroom. And i like to scream like i-cream
Savannah loves playing with her little brother, dolls, and playing dress up. Savannah is a sweet and sassy Little Miss.
Armanee Amiyah
Armanee and Amiyah are MO-DI twins! They are the sweetest sisters and have a wild free spirit! They love to dress up and they love school! They are the best helpers and have so much sass. They are each other’s best friend and are great big sisters to their baby brother! ❤️❤️❤️
Lilah Rose is the sweetest, happiest baby ever. She loves attention and smiles every time someone talks to her 😊
Baylor Grace
Baylor Grace loves her big brother, Aidan and her dog, JOJO. She is always so happy and loves to laugh❤️
Currently likes making bubbles and babbling. Insists the tummy is the best sleep. Very invested in grabbing her toes while sucking her thumb. Slowly learning how to play with toys and becoming a tummy time master.
Just a playful, happy boy who loves to dance and eat!
Kassidy is the happiest baby, she makes everyone smile as soon as you walk in the room. She loves to smile and she loves to snuggle and her doggies!
Willow is a really chill baby who loves smiling , kicking and eating!
Our little Gabriella is the happiest baby you’ll ever know! Tummy time is her favorite thing to do followed by bath time and cooing to her big brother.
Mallorie Butler
Mallorie was an April fool's baby. She is a little over a month old. She loves to eat, hold her head up, and gives the sweetest looks. She melts your heart when she comes in a room. Mallorie is her mother's sunflower.🌻
River is a little ball of fun with a whole lot of spunk! She was diagnosed with moderate bilateral sensory hearing loss at two months old but that doesnt get in the way of her growing personality! She loves going to the park and watching her brother swing or rolling around with her rattle 😊
Blaklee Rayne is the most beautiful baby girl. At 1 month old she tested positive for covid. At 5 months old she was in the hospital for a week after coming into contact with a bacteria that went into her blood stream. She is a morning girl, always talking and babbling. ❤️❤️❤️ She loves to eat, puts everything in her mouth and is in love with her daddy. She has an army of people who love her.
Hello im aleah im very sassy and spunky i love to color with my mom i love going on walks with me and my mommys new puppy i love animals dearly you can even ask my nana and pop pop we have lots of animals at our house
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Harlowe will be 1 on June 4th! She loves to eat everything! She loves cows, she loves to play with pots and pans, she knows she cute (she loves looking at herself in the mirror) She loves to talk , she waves at everyone and loves to gives hugs. Her smile can light up a room and those eyes will melt your heart!
My Shawn Shawn is super helpful and loves singing like no tomorrow. She has done Jiujitsu, Participated on a swim team, loves softball, and loves babysitting.please help Shawn to get Votes and Like. Thank you
Dorian is 3 months old She loves to talk and laugh Very happy baby