Baby Stories - 21


Abigail is a very happy baby. She enjoys snuggles with mom, playing sissy, and yelling for her daddy’s attention all the time.
Zoe Ortiz
Zoe is 4 months old and she loves to smile ❤️Please vote for her
Ariyah is 1 finna be 2 a very pretty and happy baby she loves to dance and play
On November 26,2018 my life changed. My life became full of light once this beautiful creature came into my world. I must say this girl is full of love, laughs and additude. She can count to 10, she knows her colors, loves baby shark and spends majority of her time looking at learning Videos on her iPad. My baby was brought into this world that sometimes isn’t happy, but she makes my world amazing!
Little Miss Clem is such a spunky happy girl, always content but can talk your ear off. Smart beyond her age and will steal your heart within seconds of knowing her!
Ava loves to watch Frozen, Toy Story & Blues Clues. Her big brother is her favorite person. She loves to shop with Mommy & spend daddy’s money LOL She is always a happy baby & loves to give kisses.
Kenzi is a very happy baby and loves to talk. She enjoys music and taking pictures!
Beautiful, loves to laugh and watch cocomelon
Im Such A Happy Little Girl. And My Daddy Is My Bestfriend
kamryn is two months old. the cutest little ball of sunshine you’d ever meet. she’s always happy and radiates pure joy wherever she is at. please vote for my princess ❣️
Elowyn is a spunky threenager, she has crazy curly hair, big bright blue eyes, she runs our house and restaurant like the boss she is! She always expresses her opinion and loves animals! She is our miracle baby and is spoiled rotten by her big brother and sister, but she doesn’t let it go to her head!
Dasanii Lee
Dasanii is the most sweetest, loving, energetic, silly, and intelligent little girl you’ll ever come across. She is so smart she can remember each line in a movie and or book. She’ll say big words and we’ll be surprised cause she uses it in a sentence. She likes to dance, watch YouTube, and loves jojo siwa. And if anyone knows Dasanii they know she’s a talker. She haves stories for days and will go on and on. She’s not your average little girl she’s our diva.
She likes to play with her toys and she likes to do her baby talk
My name is serenity hope i love my mommy and grandma and papa is my favorite i love playing with my doggies
Kalonii is a lil bundle of joy just like a Lil diva she loves Her purses glasses and her heels .she also loves frozen . She’s kind and friendly to everyone and also she is very well mannered
Alani is a mixed baby with beautiful curls.. she loves to eat, play, and laugh.. she loves bubble baths and watch cocomelon❤️
Hello , I’m Averie ✨ I’m three years old! I love kissing my sister and playing in all her toys. I like to dance and sing really loud in the microphone 🎙 with daddy ❤️
Hello my name is Ava Chanel ✨. I am smart and love to help others! I love to do math, make up my own songs and bake desserts with my mommy. I love Everything about beauty such as ball gowns and glittery princess shoes ✨
Dior Jadore
Dior-J’Adore is a beautiful, active 5 month old. She enjoys being in her jumper , eating her fresh purée food, enjoys having someone held, sang to and watching what everyone else does around her.
Kyrah is a very cute baby kyrah is almost 4 months old! she loves to giggle at pictures and movies!
kyrah is almost 4months old! she loves her mom! all she does is giggle! she is a beautiful baby!
Honesti Loves to play , she’s goofy , most of all always happy
Rhema is a beautiful blossoming butterfly.
Aviannas is four years old she’s very talkative she loves playing with her Barbie dolls and her Play kitchen and utensils maybe we have a future chef some day she will put a warm smile on your face in a heartbeat vote for Adriana
Ariella is 7 weeks old. She loves sleeping, being held, and lovessss her daddy!
A’Miya is very intelligent, athletic, she can sing and dance, and she looks up to Jojo Siwa.
Hello my name is corlandra turner , I’m the mother of zaniyah turner she’s 9 years old , she loves to dance an smile ,very smart girl an straight A & B student an the strongest 9year old you would know!! She’s been thru a lot in life to be a 9year old an deserves to be shown how beautiful she is!! VOTE FOR ZANIYAH 💝
Emoree is 5 months old. She enjoys playing with her siblings and cousins. She love love watching cocomelon! Her beautiful smile is contagious and everyone around her falls in love with her. Emoree also has a twin brother Emery. Vote For Emoree 💕
Donovan he is 3 years old he has a little brother Denym who he loves to play with. He loves Spider-Man.
This is mya rose BURKET my beautiful granddaughter she loves playing outside in she the sweetest little girl i love her so much
Zamira is 6 months, She was born the day after Mother’s Day, my Mother’s Day gift 🎁 She’s a very happy silly baby always talking and smiling! She literally will light up your day!
Loves to be silly and goofy. Very energetic 2 year old
Loves to cuddle and snuggle And loves to suck her thumb.
Zoey is full of laughter and being loud! She loves to make jokes and scare people! She can have a quite side to her but is full of life! She loves to skateboard when she can! She loves her nana’s dogs and is visiting them anytime she can!
Breyleigh loves to dance, sing, cheer, and play any chance she gets! She is funny, out going and full of life! She has a soft side to her where she is very caring! She loves to make dance videos with her little brother! She wants to grow up and be a teacher so she can help other kids!
Elena is 17 months old. She loves to play outside and loves to watch cocomelon! Her beautiful smile is contagious and everyone around falls in love with her!
Steele is spunky, sassy and the most outgoing little girl! She is very smart and has a vocabulary that will amaze you. She currently likes unicorns, dinosaurs, stickers and pretend cooking. Her favorite food right now is pizza. She brings so much joy to everyone she meets. She is the center of our world and is truly amazing. 💖
Kalayah is 2 month old, she smiles a bunch and she's super smart and sassy❤
Gorgeous, outstanding, and full of joy🥰❤️
Novali Marie Bermejo, She's 2 months old, and obviously her daddys little princess, shes the youngest child of 5...and the only girl meanings Nova is going to be well protected by all 4 of her older brothers. Vote for the Beautiful Novali nova and help her start her beauty pageant life young!!!
This is siloah she will be 1 year old middle of December. she loves playing with her puppy ,she also like music dancing.
She is Also Known as MyMy. 5 years old Loves being a big sister to her younger brother and sister, she likes to crack jokes and is overly dramatic I call her my Comedian drama Queen🥰 She is so loving and loves to help around the house her farvorite color is pink. She likes unicorns and barbies🌸
Journee is full of personality and smiles she is the most happiest and funniest baby you can ever meet. She’s sweet and loves to cheer you up when your having a bad day, she loves to play and eat home cooked food and her favorite game to play is peek a boo. Vote for Journee!!!
When I say “I am getting angry, time for sleep!”. Lilly says “ Mama, I think you need hug, let me hug you”!
K'morà Armani Taylor 🧸 A beautiful little baby ! Loves to laugh , blow bubbles & stare at her daddy ❤️ she's so perfect in many ways!
Savannah is a competitive dancer in Indiana and a competitive cheerleader!! She is very energetic and very bossy. Savannah has won 3/4 pageants with the help of her long curly and energetic smile!
My name is Giavanna Giselle Phillips. I’m 3 months going on 4. I love my mommy and daddy more than anything and my sister. Playing and laughing with them.