Baby Stories - 21


Jaila K is a fun, energetic, cheerful princess!! She has an amazing positive attitude that brings joy to any room 🤗She loves playing dress up 💃🏽🥻👗Doing make up 💄and getting her nails 💅 and toes painted! She’s a great big sister 👯‍♀️and loves spending time with family! 👨🏾‍🍳👩🏾‍🦱👶🏽👧🏽
Jaeanna is Baby A in a set of triplets. She is our girlie girl and she's so funny. She enjoys playing dress-up and doing her hair. She loves to snuggle with her blanky, teddy, and baby that she cares for so well. She gives the best hugs and kisses and she also does the most talking! She loves music and dancing. Her favorite songs and movie they come from currently is Moana. She also plays her role as big sister to her other two womb mates!
I’m Scarlett! I love cuddling with mommy and trying to hold my head up all on my own! I’m also super sweet! 💕
Taeanna is Baby C in a set of triplets. She is our miracle baby, as she was not expected to survive my pregnancy due to her velamentous cord and being in the 1st percentile till delivery. She has grown, is healthy and smart, and is also keeping up with her sister pretty good in size. She is fearless, strong, very active, and helpful. She's like a tomboy but also very motherly to her other siblings, especially to baby b. She too enjoys playing dress-up but not doing her hair. She loves to snuggle with her blanky, teddy, and baby and she also loves music and dancing. Her favorite movie is Moana. Her favorite person is her daddy and she plays her role as "the baby" and "baby sister" to her other four siblings as well as to mommy and daddy so well. She just knows she is the 5th and last child!
Kiana lights up every place she visits with kindness and compassion. She loves dance and basketball and spending time with friends and family
Sophia is full of energy and sass. She loves spending time with her big brother, playing at the park and soon will be starting gymnastics classes. 😊
I'm Allicynn I'm 7 months old I have a sister who is 8 and a brother who is 20❤️ I love to hang out with my dad getting to play with my sister my stuffed animal cusco my favorite food is apples and I love my crunchies❤️
Such a sweet lil girl who will steal your heart with her beautiful smile ☺️
This little girl is a bundle of energy! Loves to crawl, stand and jump. She is very social. She must be held looking away from you so she can see everyone and whats going on.
Kylie is miss princess 👸 she loves to play walk she loves to ride her four wheeler and play with her mommy and daddy she loves to eat her favorite food is steak and she loves to smile she will never give you a sad face she loves to smile no crying what’s so ever very priceless smile she has got and she loves do it she will talk to you too!
Loyatie loves music and loves to dance she has a smile that Brightens up any room and a brighter personality she loves school and loves her grandparents ❤️
Maizie is my neice she loves to go to school and be in cheer she is a smart yound lady
Sweet, fiesty, and smart 💕 Little miss sunshine ☀️
Zaylinn is a very smart little girl! she is very creative at just her age! she loves to play, she loves SPONGEBOB and coco melon! she is the sweetest thing i’ve ever created!❤️
Sweet Penelope has the most laid back spirit of any child I have ever known. She is always happy and smiling. She is very inquisitive and loves to people watch. Even though she is small, her personality is huge.
Annistyn is literally the happiest baby! She loves to smile and laugh! Her eyes are very blue!! She loves to eat and try new food. She loves going to church. She loves being outside when it’s warm.
Ambrya is truly an angel sent to heal my broken heart. Her smile is infectious that is complimented with her laugh. Ambrya loves everyone she encounters. Peppa Pig is her best friend and comfort toy. It’s the dimples for me🥰🤗🦋
This is my sassy but sweet daughter, Oaklie Marie! She loves to read books, go to the park, and play and talk to her baby brother!!
Sienna is tiny but mighty. She loves her sister Saylor. She loves being a night owl like her mom. She also love rock music and funny faces.
Saylor love to smile. She definitely loves watching videos on YouTube. She also love rock music.
Marlenni loves her fruits especially melons, she enjoys being outside in the pool and playing with basketballs. She also really likes to color with crayons and chalk on boxes or in her coloring books.
This is Indy !! She’s a very happy baby and loves people !!
Helllllooo, my name is brynlee taylor! i love poppets, mini brands, jesus & my doggo! vote for me 💕
Zealyn Mae
Zealyn Mae is all about making faces, and has so much personality. She’s a very happy baby, and enjoys watching the world go by🌎💗
Adilynn Rozaline
Adilynn rozaline bakhaus 💜 she was born on November 1st 2021 and is very very loved by so many people 🥰💙
Emma Joy is truly the JOY of our family. She loves singing and is such an actress. Dressing up like a princess is her favorite pastime. Her family means everything to her. She is the best big/little sister.
Serenity loves to watch Elmo, learn sign language, and have cuddle time with her mommies ❤️.
Melanie Violet is a sweet baby girl. She recently discovered her tiny feet and loves to munch on them.
Eleanor is everyone’s best friend. She loves to play peek a boo and laughs when you say the word goose!
I love to swim and play with phones!! Im a fast crawler and a Fast Learner!! I’m even trying to stand when mommy puts me down, I can’t express enough how much I Love Food, I have already tried all my veggies and fruits now going on my meats!! I Love my family so much I Give them tiny Hugs and even try to eat their faces to give kisses 😘 but I most of all Love my Mommy and Daddy, They love me with everything they have and more they definitely try to give me the world 😍
Charlie Renee
my name is Charlie Renee, I am 17 months old, Im VERY advanced for my age. I know my farm animals, some of my shapes and learning my colors. I love singing EIEIO
Makenzie is fun funny love to draw sing dance and she loves taking pictures
Bailey is a sassy 1 year old who loves her momma, daddy, and big brother! She is soon to be a big sister! 🥰
She’s such an adorable baby, loves to be with her loved ones!
Baby hazley is a very loveable baby, and you should vote for her cause she’s just the cutest and she would love to be nominated as little miss beauty.🥺😍
Rumianna loves being in her tumbling class, loves to sing, dance, and play with her older brother Lincoln. Please vote for her 💗
Aubree is an energetic toddler who is focused and determined. She enjoys making others laugh and she loves music
Baby Storm
Storm name speaks for itself with natural energy and strength, Storm is one to watch. She's fierce, letting those around her know when she enters a room.
Charlotte is an outdoor lover! No matter what the weather is her favorite thing to do is be outside! Her favorite thing is currently Frozen! 💗 Shes a sassy toddler full of energy!
Hey this is Armani Parents we are doing a beauty pageant for our beautiful daughter pls vote and help us win this for Armani
Talia Ember loves anything purple and unicorns! She wants to be a doctor AND a teacher when she grows up! She is also an Autism WARRIOR! Her favorite things to do are ride her scooter and go to school!
Iris’s favorite color is pink, and she loves Squishmallows! When Iris grows up, she wants to be a princess! We think she already is one ;) Her favorite things to do are color in her coloring books and cuddle her mama ❤️
Aida is a very kind, intelligent and creative little girl. She is into fashion design and art. Her art skills are way above her age level and her immagination allows her to create outfits out of grocery bags, loose pieces of fabric, and she also finds other creative ways to wear regular clothes.