Analise Rose
Beautiful little bright girl that loves to smile and play..
Brown Ballerina ✨
Maria loves to talk , sing and be the sweetest, loving little thing 💘💘💘
Cute and loving baby
JohanaLisa is my miracle baby cause I always thought that I can’t get pregnant and yet there she was🥹she was 7lbs 0.1oz when she was born😌 Johana likes to play with my hands like she can just look at my hands and started laughing🥹 she loves watermelon and orange . Ohh and she loves watching Ms.Rachel on YouTube . That’s how she learned how to say “ macmac “ it means she’s hungry .
Reign is a full of life, spunky little toddler with LOTS of personality. She’s quite the little comedian and loves to make her family laugh. She loves Minnie Mouse and watching Bebefinn
I'm just a happy baby who loves taking baths and hanging out with my family
Destiny can be the sweetest yet the most daring little girl she loves animals and being outdoors
Ryleigh is a spunky but yet fun little girl. She loves to ride four wheelers and to go on adventures. Her favorite things to do is play with her paw patrol toys and she loves being a big sister to her 5 month old brother.
She is 6 years old she loves to help others and play with her toys and dance and single and help mom with her little sister's
She is smart she loves to sing and dance also play with her sisters and cousins
Amirah has sicklcell she love to watch tv and play with her toys and sis if she not sick but she almost always sick
Jerrichai is always smiling! She loves hugs and kisses and snuggles. Sharing is something she insist on. Her presence brightens anyone's day!
She’s a funny, beautiful, smart little girl, loves to play, and she loves playing with toys, especially stuffed bears!
I'm Autumn I have a baby brother Nate he's almost 2 months old, I love him. I like to crawl and get into everything !
Ellie is a kindered spirit. Knew this from the moment they put her in my arms.
This is Alaia, she is 2 years old and she loves to dance, sing her ABCs & count to 10 ❤️ please vote for my sweet baby
Gracelyn loves animals and hopes to become a zoologist.
Paislee loves going to church, loves to sing in church, enjoys spending time with her friends and family.
The one that made me a Mother 😍
Hi I’m Kayleigh I’m 3 years old and I love to play outside and I love the water and I’m very smart please vote for me please and thank u !!!
Selena loves to do pageants and she would love to be a model. And later she wants to become a army doctor
Remi is the sweetest most sassy little girl with a heart of gold. She loves playing babies and her puppy’s Ariel and frank
Hi I’m Emersyn but you can call me Emmie! I absolutely love to sing and dance. My favorite movie is Frozen and my favorite song is “Thank god” by Kane brown. I like playing outside and spending time with family!
Hey I’m Blakely! I am very silly and absolutely full of personality! My favorite things to do are play outside and eat! Please vote for me!
Hey I’m Everleigh!! My favorite things are snuggles, being held, and being wrapped up in my blankets!
This is Delaney! She loves patty cake, tickles, and spending time with her bubba! This girl is all smiles!
Emery loves playing with others especially her big auntie having a good laugh and loves kitties and lady bugs her favorite color is red and she loves dancing to music
Isabella is a joy for our family, my first grandbaby. She is smart, sassy and full of personality.
The sweetest earth angel you ever did see!✨️
I’m 16 months . I love Sesame Street and blippi/ Meekah. I love my mom and I’m a grandmas baby. I’m spoiled can’t you tell❣️
Lizzy loves all things princess! She loves to help with chores and she can say "bonjour!"
My name is Makenzie Campbell, but everyone calls me lulu! I love playing softball, hanging out with my mom and dad, and jamming to taylor swift! Vote for me!!❤️
The sassiest baby I have ever seen in my life. Her facial expressions are define who she is.
Zori is 7 months, she loves tv, playtime , bath time & enjoys her fruits & vegetables.
About Yanais always saying she is a Princess,right I am a Princess.
Such a sweet, smart, outgoing little girl who loves making friends anywhere she goes. She’s the life of the party and will make anyone’s day better
Delaney is a super sweet, and sometimes shy 2 year old that absolutely loves to color! Thank you all for your votes for this little Princess! 💕
Miss Chloie is a happy and fun loving 4 year old with a silly and sweet personality that is sure to make you smile! Thank you all for your votes for this little Princess! 💕
She is a good friend and the best little angel
She loves cats and unicorns.She wants to win badly very competitive.
Mackenzie has a such a big sense of humor for a little peanut. She's a joy to be around!
Emarosa is a sweet little girl who loves chasing after her doggies!! She likes to make silly faces and clap her hands!! She loves to play in flour while helping her mommy cook! She finds it funny to share her food with her dogs. She will sit in her chair and watch them and then toss some of her food to them!
Lilliana is a very smart,beautiful 2 year old... Her bithday is May 3rd she loves stuffed animals shapes,and learning along with may other things thats just her top three. Lilliana has very spunky attitude she is just very happy going ... she would love your votes thank you all
Indle is 7 months old. She loves to touch and give hugs. She loves her mommy and daddy. She loves to eat baby food!
Lexi Reyna
Lexi is a sweetheart she’s not afraid to be who she is. She’s very big hearted as are all my children. She’s is a character still innocent for the world we live in.