Alexandria is always with smiles and laughter. She love her baby food plus adult food and she get mad if you take her food from her. She’ll give you a whole conversation even if it’s baby talk.
Akira is the happiest baby. She’s constantly on the move and babbling about. She loves to play and listen to others sing.
Sweet baby that warms your heart when she smiles. Loves to eat and someone to talk to her.
Funny kid a joy to be around. She is smart and energetic.
Adalee is the best lil two year old, she loves to snack all day , she is independent and loves to show you she can do everything herself. She is a lil piece of heaven on earth.
Harper is a very happy baby and super sweet, she loves to give kisses, laugh and is learning to crawl.
Reece is 6 weeks old and already has such a beautiful personality. She loves to smile at her parents & furr-siblings!
Skylar is 3 & she loves outdoors, anything Nick Jr, singing & her parents. She thinks the world of her big brother. She enjoys puzzles & books & coloring. She knows her ABC's & can count to 20!!
Liberty is a 6 year old spunky girl. Shes fulll of life.. She is a silly, crazy and fun loving girl. She loves with all her heart. She has 1 brother and 1 sister. She loves playing with her brother and her sister. She loves unicorns and baby dolls.
April is a smart funny loving girl she loves to crawl and play
Xena is a spunky 16mo old Shes so smart she knows sign language and boy can she talk
Madalina is a very happy and beautiful baby girl
Madison is very loving beautiful girl, who loves the camera as well as the outside. She enjoys dancing,singing, reading,and drawing. She doesn't mind lending a helping hand, and loves her momma. She is also a honor roll student and loved by all her teachers and people of her peers.
Hailey is a firecracker 🧨 and is half Puertorican and 1/2 polish. She has been employed by her modeling agency since she was 6 months old and is currently 19 months old almost 20. Loves cocomelon and Mrs. Rachel. Her insides are beautiful and for that I’m thankful. She did her final contest and will just be on to return votes and to help others who are the underdogs. Even though she has speech development issues to me she doesn’t need to say words to show others about the way she loves everyone and her beautiful heart.
Oakleigh Mae
Hi my name is Oakleigh mae and I’m 3 weeks old. My favorite thing to do is hang out with my mommy, drink milk, and sleep. Thank you for voting for me.
Aliyah loves strawberries and smiling, shes so heartwarming and very loving
Heaven Adore
This Blue eyed princess is the sweetest you ever could meet filled with laughs and giggles
Kovah is a 3 year old Intelligent Autistic Beauty :)
Zaylee is the sweetest little girl, she loves her family and her family loves her ♥️
Ainsley is a smart happy girl that loves to play with her toys and be with her big brother! Ainsley is always giveing everyone smiles and lights up every room she is in! Thank you for your Vote❣️
She lights up a room with her personality. Would take yard work and tending to her animals over anything. She's a hard-working, but a bit sassy little boss baby.
She loves to play . She loves her food. She loves making funny faces and being funny
Olivia loves to play dress up, has the sweetest heart and is quite funny.
Carly is silly child that loves to have fun and make people laugh.
Yessenia Laurino
She absolutely loves to smile and point her one lil finger. She loves shaking her head..saying ""
Kenna’s a unique child with a huge heart. With the middle name Sage she’ll probably end up being some profound mystic healer teaching the world her wisdom and knowledge. Or just a yoga instructor. She enjoys soccer going to the beach painting/drawing pictures and jamming out to all types of music. She’s a kind sweet soul that will do big things one day. ❤️
Camila is always the life of the party! One of her all time favorites is Bad Bunny🐰 If you need a dance partner you've got your girl! She's sassy but always keeps it classy, being the only girl growing up with four boys isn't as easy as she makes it look
True is a strong little 1 year old who love to play with his big sister, True loves to look at Elmo, Mickey mouse fun house and Disney T.O.Ts. True loves to in mommy's arms and playing football with daddy.
Javia is now a strong 4 year old and in perschool and love it. Javia is a ball of fun and energy, She will bring the sunshine where ever she is. Javia love to learn math, reading, singing, and acting out every movie and so much more. When Javia grows up she wonts to be a fier fighter, acter, police, doctor, teacher and singer. She said "I wonts to do it all before she gets to old mommy" man I love my little queen...
Redhianya is a cute little naughty girl 😊she loves herself.She brings a smile on every face
Valeria Victoria
Valeria y Victoria son gemelas tienen 4 años, ellas son unas niñas muy alegres siempre se están riendo. Son muy traviesas, les gusta armar bloques, rompecabezas, dibujar.
Piper is a beautiful, sweet and loving 7 year old girl who dreams of becoming Miss Oklahoma one day! She currently loves participating in pageants, making arts and crafts, reading and playing basketball.
Dani Aurora Faith likes dance, tutus, barbie's, and has the heart of a lion ♌🦁 and soaring perseverance in learning leadership skills and new things proudly..... And also at times can be a social butterfly 🦋.....
Luna Jane
Luna 🌙 is a happy girl goes to sleep smiling, wakes up smiling.
Tommie Bell Dreamweaver
Tommie love's critter catching, horses,dino's, and dragons .... She loves her 3 sissy's and big brother .... She loves music 🎶 and engaging in instruments of all kinds and at times can be a social butterfly 🦋
Catalina is my beautiful four year old baby girl she’s the sweetest and most kindest little girl with a dash of spunk🥰😇 she is full of love 💕 and brightens any room up with her outgoing energy 😊
She is the most caring, loving, thoughtful, little girl who love cuddles, babies, and everything girly!
Independent, smart girl. She loves to climb and take any risk.
Amelyah LaShai is a beautiful 1 month old bundle of Joy! She enjoys watching SpongeBob and is full of life and love!!! 💕🫶🏽 She’s a Mommy’s girl🖤 show her some love!!!
Adalyne is full of love and laughs. She is a funny outgoing girl. Loves being silly and showing off. Her smile is contagious for everyone.
Chrisbel Perez
Chrisbel is a loving and caring toddler. She loves her Disney movies and especially loves eating at her grandpas :)
Adrianna is a little girl with a hidden superpowers 🧩, Adrianna absolutely loves Spider-Man , her favorite color is the rainbow 🌈 . Her favorite thing in the world is kittens.
Little Miss Kerryon loves drinking her milk and keeping her mommy and daddy up at night! She also loves watching sports with her Dad. She was born at 5lbs 9oz’s and came home with a sassy and fun attitude for an infant. She loves to smile and snuggle with her mom and dad! Plz vote for Kerryon! Thank you
Jaylani is 4 months old!! She loves to talk… sit up and she loves kisses🥰 So sweet and loving❤️
Bekah loves to dance and sing! Her favorite song is let it go! She’s a little firecracker that knows no stranger! She loves going to school, hockey games, Talladega and the beach! Bekah is a two year old with a lot of Sass! She knows her abcs, numbers and colors!