Baby Stories - 20


Sweet 9 year old loving girl😊💖 . Animal lover🐶🐱 . And her hobby drawing🎨 and dancing💃 and singing 🎤She wants to be a model💃.and she has one big brother 👦.her favorite colors are all the colors ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🖤.and she love learning🧠.and i hope you like her😊💖
Eliana is 7 months old. She loves her brothers and her dada, especially her Mimi. Her eyes are just as bright blue as the sky. She’s the happiest and most smiley baby you could ever meet.❤️
Sassy and fun! Reagan loves to dress up like a princess and take pictures of everything she sees.
Lindy Lou loves to cuddle and laugh!
Isabella is four years old, her favorite color is pink, she wants to be a “fairy doctor” when she grows up. She is a gentle and kind hearted little girl who enjoys making people smile.
Ember Rain
Ember rain loves to coo and lay with mommy. Vote for her becuase we don't have loads of friends to ask!
Hello! My name is Monroe! I'm 7 months old and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Anyone who knows me knows that I AM ALWAYS smiling and giggling! Please vote for me! ❤
sweet innocent talkative & active! she loves to watch cocomelon play with her brother , lay on her parents & eat mashed potatoes 🥰
Zoey is a very talkative and funny baby! She is outgoing and crazy! Zoey likes to be tall and fly!
Bre’Anna Gabrielle A Virgo Princess Likes to be a Boss Toddler Playing with her puppy Being a Genius
Hi my name is Amiyah and I like to play dolls with my cousins
Evelynn is our little rainbow baby! She is always happy and smiles to any stranger she sees! She has been our biggest blessing!
Marlee loves to laugh and play with her older siblings! She loves Cocomelon, loves to dance and she adores her stuffed unicorn.
Josephene loves playing with her babies and bossing her big brothers around, she is their queen bee.
Her favorite song is Itsy Bitsy Spider
Kaycelynn is a very happy and content baby. She loves sticking her tongue out, smiling really big, trying to sit up on her own and loves making noises💙
Such a smart lil beauty...she loves to dance an sing an worship Jesus!
Mia Rose is ALWAYS smiling and happy. She loves Minnie Mouse, jumping in her jumper, dancing with mommy to music, and loves her foooood! 😆 She is the sweetest baby and is such a “Free Spirit” who goes with the flow. I am so blessed to call her my daughter and watch her grow!
itty bitty and ohhh soo pretty. Delylah is the sunshine on a rainy day, she’s 6 months with such a personality. With her two teeth at the bottom she’s ready for a snack, she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes. Delylah Alexia Ann Has Grace In Her Heart & Fire In Her Soul.
Briella is smart and loves to play and cuddle.
Izzy loves her mommy and daddy. She’s very happy and smiles all the time. Bath time is her favorite and she loves to eat !
Danielle loves to eat and watch tinker bell she always keeps me on the go 🥰🥺
Trinitee Tianna 🦋💕
My name is emseralda i enjoy car rides and snuggling with my raccoon blankie im 4 months old and have 2 older sisters that i absolutely love
Kaelise saved my life she loves Minnie Mouse and pizza 🍕
Harmoni Mariah’Lynn is one of the most Spartacus, Divine, Sophisticated, & Loving little human bean any mother can ask for! To 🥰Love her is to know her! She’s my miracle baby from heaven sent!
Outgoing, Thoughtful & Silly! Delaney likes swimming & playing outdoors with her brothers. She’s an animal lover & Princess Diva! She loves making new friends & is very caring of everyone. Her favorites are make up & dress up time, spending time with her family, and coloring!
Camila’s personality is one of a kind ! She is very smart and an outgoing baby. She is so loving and caring. She loves to play with her dolls and kitchen set ! Her smile can light up a room. She loves learning new things. Camila has a passion for all animals .
Kortnie is a loving first grader who wants to be a veterinarian because she loves animals and helping others.
Anya is 1 in a year on January 10 2021 she loves coco melon and loves mom and daddy
Mommy’s little surprise a bucle of joy came on nov 7th. She loves to make funny faces and smile. She like to hold her head up and see what’s going on.
Hi! I’m kimaya...I’m 5 months old! I like to eat applesauce and play with my toys.
Hello my name is Maddilee I’m 7 years old. I like unicorn Barbie lol dolls. I like playing with my family and friends and love been the little sister to 2 handsome brothers.
Blessing A'Rayna
Blessing Loves To Smile And Make Everyone Days She Says Hi To Everybody She Sees And That Is Just Wonderful. Blessing Loves To Listen To Music & Dance She Is A Quick Learner & Not Shy. Blessing Also Likes To Eat Im Pretty Sure Thats Her Favorite Thing To Do Everyday. Blessing Is Exactly What Her Name Is.
I'm 5 weeks. I'm beautiful I am a happy baby! I love to smile.
Payslee has a huge heart. She loves helping others, loves animals, and loves to make sure everyone is happy. She loves to draw, paint, ride four wheelers, and play with her kitten!
Skylee loves to sing, dance, hunt, and fish! She’s a girly girl, but also loves to get muddy. She always has a smile on her face, and loves to make people laugh. She has a heart of gold, and a sassy attitude!
A'shiyah is my daughter and she is an amazing gorgeous one year old with a personality that lights up the room. She loves to chew on her teething rings learning new words and is currently into playing with her Christmas and birthday toys.
Ceonna is 3 years old almost 4. She loves cleaning, cooking, playing with babies and her favorite person to play with is her daddy or her baby brother. She loves to get dressed up but also doesn’t care to get dirty and go fishing.
Amari is a happy chill baby. She loves her dogs and her big brothers. Full of giggles and an independent spirit!
HeavenLee is a 1 year old little girl who loves her mommy. Sometimes she’s a bit shy. She loves cocamelon and food! Her favorite thing is shoes and babies.
Savannah May
Savannah May 👑 Born with a natural ability to Glow Brightly Lighting up The World with God's Gifted Beauty & Love♥️ Savannah May loves Hay rides in the Wagon with Brother Bryson both Pulled about the Field's by our Tractor Love our 7 Pibble Dog's ♥️💃Dancing ♥️Music🎶🎼🎵 ♥️🧸♥️🐶♥️🐈🐱🦄♥️🇺🇸 ♥️🍎🍉🍒🍌🦐🍰🎂🍭♥️☃️❄♥️🎁🎀♥️🎄 Simplistic Innocence and Intelligence alltoger Combined in a special Gods Gift to our families Savannah May is a truly Amazingly Beautiful Big Hearted Happy Gentle Loving Little Person Grand babygirl 1 and only girl of our Pride's firstborn Baby Girl Hearts ♥️ PURELY GOLDEN Surely she will grow up Becomeing Bold Beautiful Bravely Making Her Generation a Legend. WORLD CLASS LEADER.