Layla is a small town girl with big dreams of being a professional model. While her disability is not visible she wants to show that anything is possible!!
Layne loves Mama's snuggles her nickname is Muffin and she's great at giving out smiles
Remington is the best she’s so helpful and funny! That smile lights up the room and her giggles are contagious:) she is also the greatest big sister! Remi loves to take care of her babies and loves to swim and play outside.
Eleanor is a sleepy little girl who loves her naps, cuddling, and making silly faces. She's super tiny, and precious like a little fairy.
Daisy is very special, her smiles will light up your day and her little laughs will make you want to laugh with her. Daisy Nicole Loves to laugh and smile it comes naturally with her and most importantly she has a love for people it can be anyone and she will love you the same 🥰🫶🏼
Maya is the most beautiful, strongest, blue eyed baby ever, she was born during the pandemic, premature and spent a month in Jersey Shore hospital fighting for her life, now she is unstoppable and couldn't be loved more!!
My Ruthie is the happiest baby, she loves to taste everything and army crawls her way around! She has the cutest little giggle and thinks its the funniest thing when someone tells her she stinks lol!
She’s very loving and playful she will turn your frown into a smile within seconds
Brooklyn loves to smile at mommy! enjoys being outside, loves kicking those little legs like crazy and her favorite.. nap time🥰❤️
Ayva is a very loving energetic girl!! She is high functioning autism & VERY SMART. Sweetest “sweetie”(as she says) out there 💗🥹🥰
Gabriella Marie
Gabriella, my sweet Georgia Peach, is full of spunk and so smart for her age! She has quite the vocabulary and loves to make people smile! If you’re smiling, she’s smiling! She’s always up for a high-five and absolutely adores her brother! When she learned how to walk, she’s hasn’t slowed down since! Fruits are her favorite food especially bananas & blueberries! She lights up any room we go into!
Maria likes to play doctor with her stuffed animals. She loves playing outside with her cousin and bubbles.
Qiana was born a fighter she got the nick name Drama Queen in the nicu and has definitely lived up to it. She loves all things girly changes her clothes a thousand times a day she has recently discovered the love of art (drawing to be particular) Qiana is full of life a born leader and definitely a spoiled Daddy’s girl
Hello my name is Alaska, I’m a wild child for sure, love the fresh air and being outside with the breeze through my hair… Bubbles more Bubbles are absolutely the best thing ever… bubbles outside, bubbles inside, bubble baths, the bubble fights while helping mommy wash dishes!! I’m always happy and ready for an adventure. I love dancing around, clapping my hands, finger paints, singing in the car, playing games with my big brother that I absolutely adore, best big brother ever!! I’m very happy, let’s say about 96% of the time I’m super sweet but that little 4% crankiness only comes when I need to take a nap lol my absolute favorite food is CUPCAKES!! Yum!! But mommy don’t give me them all the time. My favorite TV show is Word Party “Tilly” is my favorite she’s a little green turtle, paw patrol are really cool, and I cannot forget I love my Winnie the Pooh!! Bears love honey and Alaska loves Honey.. especially on peanut butter honey sandwiches oweee yummy. That’s why they call me Little Honey Bear! I’m just a normal two year old, With a big braids future ahead of me, vote for me!!
Brinlee loves chewing on everything! She is always happy and smiling!
Isabelle Remington Rose Naugher
Isabelle is a funny outgoing joyful little girl. She is always trying to make others laugh and she is very loving.
She was born a month early when she was born she had a hard time breathing so they took her straight to the NICU she was there for about 1 to 2 weeks but she's doing soo good now she loves her daddy very much she's starting to hold her head up and loves To roll over and babbles dads and drinking about almost 7 oz
My baby girl Amira Dheni! She is 7 months old, she loves to look outside at the trees and all of the flowers, and play with her toys, and she loves watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse! She loves to smile and laugh, and loves playing peekaboo! She is just as sweet as she could be!
Kinleigh is a loving, laughing, smiling, beautiful baby! She LOVES being curious.🤍
Kinsley is an amazing little girl! She is so smart and determined. She lights up any room with her laughter and smile. She is a one in a million little girl!
Emilia just turned 7 months and loves being with mommy, daddy and twin brother. She’s smiley and loves to giggle. Emilia likes playing in her bouncer and getting baths 💖🥰
Aniya is a loving, smart ball of energy! She loves the outdoors and anything pink 💕 She loves to make people laugh and smile.
Hi, I’m Ly’Rik. I’m 3 yrs old. I like to sing, dress up as a princess, and loves unicorn. I hope to receive your votes.
Stella loves her mommy, daddy and 3 big brothers!! She loves to carry her baby around, push it in it's stroller or push it on her big wheel. She loves her purses, her bangles, and definitely her cuddles with momma!! Stella also loves carrots and olives!!
Loves watching coco
Miss Aribella loves spending time with her family and likes car rides. She is spoiled rotten by mommy and daddy. She has a older brother who thinks the world of her.
Savannah is a caring little spout with lots of silly energy. She likes to dance and loves arts and crafts. She will hug you in your sad moments and laugh with you in you happy ones. Meet the futures next Veterinarian.
Sara is a 14 yr old 7th grader she’s studying to be a criminal defense attorney
Kaliah is very outgoing, brave, & smart. She loves being outside, & bossing everyone around. Minnie Mouse is her absolute favorite💕
Aurora enjoys pretty much anything. She loves going outside, and playing. She is always on the go. She loves to smile, and laugh. She is the light in our world. Always caring and full of love and hugs.
My name is Lilly and I love spending time with my momma and nana. I love playing soccer and playing with my friends. I make people laugh all the time by doing crazy things. My nickname is Lillister. Vote for me!
She’s a spunky 1 month old, with just the most adorable eyes
Beautiful Catalina 😻 very sweet She Loves Mickey Mouse 💗 & the camera 💗
Hello my name is madisyn I am 11weeks old and I am so strong I like to look around , sit up , yell , smile , giggle , flick people off , and mock peoples faces , stick my tongue out , blow bubbles and try to say hi already 🥰 I love bath time and I know my pacifier puts me to sleep . I love it when you pay attention to me . I am getting bigger as the minutes go by . Help me get all the votes I can please and thank you 😊 xoxo
My name is Faith Ann, I love to smile, laugh, and give kisses! My parents call me sweet pea, since that’s the only thing I’ll eat. We’ll besides my hands!😆 I love my belly tickled and my hair played with. My GIGi treats me as if I’m a newborn still! I’m 8 months now, I can hold my own bottle!😆if you love your momma and daddy, VOTE 4 ME💘
LiLi loves music baby dolls she loves to dance she has a beautiful smile and eyes she a little diva
This is my beautiful baby girl Layla she is 7 months old and as you can see she’s full of smiles! Shes a sassy, spunky little one! You could never be in a bad mood with her in the room smiling at you, and all her talking just makes you laugh uncontrollably:)
Ivy loves to smile. She is always happy. She loves her family. ❤️
Alaina Brook
She loves being outside. Loves music. And loves mommy’s hip.
Grace just turned 1 on May 8th. She is beautiful, smart, funny blue eyed little girl.
Loves the camera 📸
Miss Juniper is a happy, smart child. She loves the color pink and loves her little sister. She is the best big sister someone could ask for. She loves playing outside and lover her animals. Juniper isn’t afraid to get dirty she is always wanting to go play in the mud in her jeep
Ryleigh is playful, smart and full of love. One day she's going to change the world i just know it as she has already changed mine in so many ways.
Avaeya is the sweetest baby ever! She loves to roll on her tummy and rock back and forth. Her favorite thing to do is watch her big sister and too play with her toys!
Hi I’m Layen an I love big bows & my mommy I also love to play with my baby dolls an love being outside ! Please vote for me ;)