She loves horses and cows. She is a full blown cowgirl likes having fun and taking care of her animals. She strong hearted kind caring gal and loves going around for rodeos especially for bull riding and won a buckle for doing buddy barrels with her awesome older sister please vote for her this can go to a new barrel horse or somethin
Haisley Jane is spoiled rotten! She loves to smile, take pictures, eat food, and play with her bubba! Her favorite words are “heyyyyyy” and “yeah.” Her smile and laugh is contagious!
Nova is about to be 5 months old she’s always so so happy she loves being outside her name is nova she loves watching Elmo and trying new baby foods
Sophia loves life! She is the sweetest and funniest little girl. She’s always happy and Smiling and she LOVES cats!
She’s so beautiful and she’s active for her age she likes to try to talk as well as stand and hold her head up with that pretty smile
Presley is the happiest baby! She loves “talking” to her momma and laughing at her daddy.
Jaliyah loves to dance and stay picture ready with her own pose . She is a very helping hand around the house especially with her baby sister but think she’s her brother momma lol. She is one goofy little girl I ever met but she definitely took that after me .
Hey ,, my name is a’dore … my favorite food to eat is chicken nuggets ,, I LOVE JOJO SIWA … “ SHARING IS CARING “
Kinley is a bright eyed sassy sweetheart! Her laugh and smile can literally light up a whole room!
Hi I’m Adriana I love animals and saying hi to everyone 🫶🏻
Ally?yn Chanel Breazell
Hey , I’m Ally . I’m suck a loving happy baby … I LOVE TO GET MILK WAISTED vote for me please 😘
Nickname Ellie and she is so independent. She loves learning and playing with her big brother.
This is my daughter Janiya she she is 7 years old she loves to go to school and she loves to clean .
A’Mahzi loves to dance & eat ! She loves to watch tv & play with her bath toys during bath time ,A’Mahzi can count to 3 & is learning to count to 5 & she also loves to go to the park & get on the swing !
Zaria is a spunky 16 month old. She loves Minnie Mouse and Baby Shark. She also loves spending time with her GiGi and her daddy. Her favorite color is purple.
Adelyn is my loving goofy lil 1yr old. She loves her big sisters, animals, her bear bears.
Kennedy is a fun and vibrant kid, who has a Big heart of gold to back it up. She love doing anything that involves spending her mommy money😅💜
My name is Liana Jaylah Padilla I’m 1 years old 🥰 i have an older sister who’s 2 and a twin brother. I love music and dancing , playing with my brother & sister. I love getting my hair done by mommy & I love bath time . My favorite food is Mac and cheese & strawberry’s . Vote for me 💗🎀
Lyric is a very unique little girl! Full of love and happiness 💖 extremely so much fun to be around!
Theo’s smile is contagious, and she has been described as the ‘happiest baby on earth.’ Once she learned that she could make people laugh, she made it her mission to smile at everyone she meets! She loves music, and loves to dance, especially to her favorites that include the Wiggles, Encanto, The Bee Gees, and Moana.
Kylie is a fun loving little girl with autism! She loves to learn new things and doesn't let anything stop her. She loves to sing and dance. She is super smart and funny. She has taught me so many things like how to be strong and bold. She is so confident in everything she does. She loves everybody that she meets. If you could please vote for her, she would be so happy!
Zahara is a beautiful 1 year old girl. Very happy baby has a smile that lights up the room. Vote for zahara 🌸
Blessing is a strong-minded sweetheart. She thrives by exploring and learning new things. Blessing is family oriented and enjoys making new friends. She loves to prepare and eat delicious foods, dancing, and she mimics with the talent of an actress. Blessing is not only beautiful, but intelligent as well. A vote for Blessing Bock could open doors for her to develop more skills, harness her talents and hopefully one day contribute to making the world a better place.
Sophia is our miracle baby! She was born with a battle scar across her forehead from being stuck under mommas pelvic bone! She is strong and sassy! Sophia LOVES her food and likes to be scared! She is our happy girl 🤍
Kaniah just loves screaming and looking at the fan along with bright colors she fake cry’s for attention her smile is everything she’s gaining Weight slower then other 4 month olds but she’s showing some progress❤️
My brown eyed beauty :)
My blue eyed beauty!
Summer Rose is back again!! She loves to watch her brother play sports. She is his biggest cheerleader. She loves food any and all. Summer is very photogenic and loves all 👀’s on her.
Hi my name is Aubrey Grace but my mommy calls me Gracie... I love it when my daddy reads me books and when my mommy sings me songs...
Skyler is a special, child that likes to dance and sing and injoy life
Little liah is a sassy princess! She’s hitting milestones early and making her Mommy so proud !
Divertida cariñosa
Aria loves to dance and sing. She loves to make new friends. Does well in school and very well behaved. She loves unicorns, the color purple and many other activities. She is a very loving & caring child. ❤️ She is my sunshine! She has a heart of gold and is always wanting to help others.
Is a fun young lady whom likes to ride on her four wheeler, dance with her older sister to Just Dance and plays ball and LPS with her younger sister.
McKenzie likes to play in her jumper and watch cocomelon she loves to laugh and giggle with mommy all day we would love a vote from you.
She loves to smile and cooing at her momma 🥰😍
Skyra is our little preemie NICU miracle rainbow baby and is the biggest blessing we could ever ask for
Aurora is very outgoing, intelligent loves to dance she loves to send kisses. She’s 4 year old has Down syndrome and heart disease and a gtube but she’s the most energetic little girl.
Alaïa Is A Character. She Laughs & Smiles All Day , She Loves Noises & Loves To Grab Anything That’s Close To Her . She Loves To Watch Her Favorite Show Puppy Dog Pals . She Loves To Go & See Her Cousins . As Any Baby She Loves To Eat & Sleep .
Maya is the sweetest fire cracker. She’s never afraid to speak her mind, and she’ll MAKE SURE you hear it! 😂
My sweet girl loves to cuddle with mama and she loves to look around at everyone and everything around her . She is the sweetest .
She loves her Mama and Daddy, is happy when she wakes up from a nap with a big smile, when you change this bundle of Joy she is so happy to see your face and that she is being taken care of, she can't stop smiling 🫶👣 She is so beautiful and happy, she was two months and 3 weeks premature, she had a twin named Aurora, but unfortunately she passed inside the womb on their premature date, Aurora was still born, when I was on monitor after finding out, Isabella's heart rate started dropping so I had to be rushed off to a emergency c section so she was safe, I literally was signing papers on the gurney. Isabella came out 2.1 Lbs 13inches Baby B, Her Sister 2.4 Lbs Baby A, I honestly don't know why, but the doctors say the placenta wasn't getting enough blood flow and oxygen, of course I feel responsible, I should have been on bedrest when I wasn't, I was still doing chores when I shouldn't have, because my boyfriend worked all the time and I didn't wanna ask friends for help, although I did have covid when I was 6 and a half months with them. I feel like Isabella felt what happened and that's why her heart rate started dropping, doctors say Aurora had died in the last 24 hours... They were fraternal twins. We couldn't see Isabella for 8 days after I had her because I had recently had covid and even though I was better I was still testing positive.. my boyfriend had to quarantine in the room with me, if he left they wouldn't have let him back in they said. He used his first week off to be with me and saved his other two for when she came home; he had 3 days before he had to go back to work after I got out of the hospital, he helped me as much as he could and when he wasn't working did all he could to make sure I was ok, postpartum c section isn't easy and postp depression while the depression of losing a child is even worse. We visited her as much as we could, she was in the NICU for 52 days, her heart rate kept dropping and on oxygen but eventually was ok to be home.
Willow is a laid back sweet girl who loves to laugh and make others laugh. Shy at times until she gets used to you which is quickly. She loves to be tickled!!! She’s sassy also of course. She’s the most beautiful and sweetest girl!! She’s been a very independent girl from birth and we couldn’t be more proud of the sweet loveable girl she is growing into!
My name is Raya Hope, and I love my mommy so much! Mommy says I saved her life, and my name was inspired by me being her "Ray of Hope" during years of storms in her life, my rays came shining through the clouds, and suddenly, the storm was no more 💜🙏 I am the promise Jesus sent for my Mommy and she couldn't be more thankful
Dakota is 9 months old, loves to swim, play with her PopPop and has so much sass for a small package. she is crawling and has a personality of her own. Loves to eat all foods.
She’s photogenic, she’s beautiful, she has blue eyes & she’s a happy baby. 💕
Kash is a burst of sunshine. she loves to ride her horse and rodeo. Her favorite event is barrels and is the 2022 leadline barrel Racing Champion in her local rodeo. Kash is kind and loving to everyone she meets. She is a great big sister and little sister and loves her 3 brothers unconditionally. She brings light to everyone she meets and always is a ray of sunshine. :) she will make your heart melt even if you dont know her :)
Alannah is a happy, adventurous and loving baby. She LOVES fruit of any kind, she loves cows and puppy’s , she is adventurous and Curious about the whole world, she loves to play with her big brothers and mommy.