Tayslee Watts
LaKayla is very driven and determined young lady. Everyone loves her she's always pushing to be the best. She's going to be a star one day, I know it.
Navayah is #5 out of six kids and it shows she is attention seekers and beautiful inside and out she is going on to kindergarten and can't wait.
McKenzie is the Sweetest girl, intelligent, strong, beautiful, kind and she's Always smiling!! 😍💕🥰😘
Tinsley is a very adventures little toddler she loves too smile and give kisses! Loves too play with her Big sister! Loves too smile and make you smile! Vote for Tinsley 😁💕
Kylie is truly one of a kind. She has such an amazing personality, and doesn't let anything or anyone deter her. She's a natural nurturer & always brings happiness to the people around her.
Brixtyn loves to Dance, Sing & likes to play with babies most of all she loves to go for walks and have picnics.
Vanessa loves to do her make-up. She loves to sing and dance and always makes someone laugh. She is shy but has a heart of gold
She loves to play Roblox and watch poppy playtime cartoons. And always tries her best to behave. Always tries to be a good big sister. Always helpful with her auntie and grandma.
Serenity is such a happy baby 👶 and she loves to spread her joy you can't help but to smile when she comes around 😊
Gianna is sweet and loving but Sassy and goofy as can be 🤩 She loves to sing and dance 💃
Genesis loves to draw. Likes watching Bluey and playing outside with her friends.
Abigail is a very outgoing little girl .she is very smart. she also likes to do dance and acro.Abigail has a very good personality gets along with everyone loves to make new friends. Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese. If you ask Abigail who her best friend is she will tell you her pawpaw
Emma is very independent. She loves to sing, dance, play sports and run. She loves anything unicorn, spiderman and cars...
Giavonni loves cheerleading, basketball, and animals. She likes to do hair and make up tutorials. Also loves taking pictures and drawing!
She is so smart!! She loves to play, help out, count, sing her ABCs and dance.
She has the most wild personality! She loves to sing, dance, and play outside all the time! She is a big reader and loves taking pictures.
Cali is a whole vibe!!! Shes silly with full of face expressions. She has a little sass with a little class! Everywhere we go, she looks for peoples' attention and she surely gets it too! Like a movie star, she is the center of attention!
She is always on the go she is 13 months
Maddie is very spunky, and the happiest baby! As soon as she started walking she took off! She also has the sweetest heart loves to give kisses and adores her 3 year old brother!
Alora LOVES being outside! She's my little adventure baby 🥰 She also enjoys singing and listening to music 🎶 Her favorite movies are Sing 1&2, anything with Minions, Trolls, Boss Baby and anything Baby Einstein. And here's a fun fact, Alora was born on Thanksgiving 🦃🍽️ ❤️Alora GraceAnn❤️
She is super sweet. Enjoys helping others and loves dressing up and dancing.
Aria Ryan is a sassy little 4 year old that loves to do gymnastics and loves hanging out with her mommy and daddy🫶🏼
Layla is a free, spirited child. Her favorite show is Peppa Pig. She loves kittens and wants to be a queen when she grows up.
Smart Sassy, full of life and attitude.
Gabriella loves to read books and hang out at the beach. Her best friend is her sister and mom. She is very close to her family and has a huge heart. She would like to be a doctor when she gets older.
Camila is such a sweet girl! She’s also really funny and loves to learn new things.
My beautiful little red head Alayah she’s my little fire cracker she’s the most precious and smart little girl she loves to sing and dance.
She loves to make people smile and play invisible baby with a blankie
Miranda is a very smart,talented young lady. Her passions are singing and dancing. She dreams of becoming a superstar someday. She has a deep love for animals, art, music, acting. She also dreams of opening up a cosmology shop
Zaniyla AKA Zee is an adventurous 10yr old who loves everything about the world. She loves drawing, playing with her friends and family and loves being a big sister to her 6 month old sister. She is a joy to be around!!
She is very outgoing with a large personality. She already loves dressing up and doing her makeup to say the least she is a diva… her brother once said “Fancy Nancy has nothing on Linny!” But she is also the sweetest, most kind hearted, loving child I have ever met! She is truly and absolute delight to be around.
Nova is very outgoing loves to play and have fun with people. Loves her baby dolls. Loves going outside she’s just the perfect little girl.
Smartest toddler I have ever met. Perfect smile! And so freaking sweet🥰
Alexis Marie
Alexis is a beautiful little girl inside and out. I couldn’t ask for a better big sister, she’s protective over her little brother who is autistic & not only consoles kids when their down but adults too . 💕She has such a kind heart, I couldn’t be any more proud:) She loves to do gymnastics & soccer the most but loves so many other things like swimming, reading & flying on airplanes traveling !! She wants to be a Veterinarian when she gets older , & loves all animals .🫶🏻🗳💕👩🏼‍⚕️
Tiny but mighty 💪🏾🫶🏾
Kimberly is such a bundle of joy. She is very outgoing and adventurous. She loves playing outside, reading books, swimming, playing dress up, and hanging out with friends and family.
She's a firecracker cast on his feet for a little baby girl she's very independent that has the biggest heart of energy that fills the room
Lil miss Delilah Is 5months old vote vote vote
Aziyah is a very sweet little girl who loves spending time outdoors! She’s very respectful to everyone around her, intelligent for her age and extremely friendly! She enjoys beauty pageants, swimming, & playing with her cats!
Absolutely the smartest toddler I have ever met. Perfect smile! And so freaking sweet
Ciana likes Barbie dolls , she loves soccer , n this year she wants to be a cheerleader. Has a beautiful smile She is my granddaughter not my daughter She n her brother are best friends even though they fight sometimes. Lol. I love them both
She is funny, smart, goofy, loves her Barbie’s. Loves swimming ..
Lizzie loves to color and look at books! She is such a happy girl!