Baby Stories - 20


Kennydi is a very friendly very busy very intelligent tot!! She enjoys getting dirty playing outside, mimicking any and everything big brother (7) does ! She is a sweet baby with an old soul 💜
Lariyah is a sweet, caring, and soft spoken child that loves to dance.
Very loved fun playful caring little girl. She likes to hang out with her uncle and aunt go to the park ride her bike go play with her cousins likes to play dress up. Millie is all about having fun
Brixtyn loves to let us know when she is hungry, can be a little sassy sometimes but I dont blame her when it comes to feeding time. She is all about sleeping and loves to snuggle.
She is always happy and she thinks everything is funny..😘😍😘😍
She isn’t even 2 months old yet and she already said “dada” 🥺she will smile ear to ear when she hears you sing💗
Saa'riah is a little sweet heart she loves to laugh and smile and she is also alittle diva in her own right she makes friends where ever she goes ♥💖
Adalynn is a smart toddler. She loves being outside. She can make you smile even when you are down. She’s the sweetest baby anyone could ever ask for!
Saylour is an amazing little girl with a big heart and very funny disposition. She is an old soul and quick to understand whats going on around her.
Attitude and sass in a small package 🥰
Gia loves to tease you and make you laugh. She loves to dance, go swimming, going for walks, doing gymnastics and going to school. She goes out of her way to say hello to everyone she sees.
She’s one of the sweetest most adorable baby she loves to smile and watch her favorite shows like cocomelon, loves to move around and travel in her car seat
Hi! My name is Davina and I am 2 years old. I enjoy playing dress up, Minnie Mouse and disputing my parents. Because I am stunningly beautiful, I win often 🙇🏼‍♀️. If you agree, VOTE! Thanks guys 😘
She brightens up a room with her beautiful smile.......she enjoys her bath time the most ..........💋
Hope is 5 months old. She is her Mama and Daddy's miracle! She loves to talk to Mom, Dad, and her Abuelo (Grandpa). She loves strawberry banana yogurt, chicken, tuna, pickles and peas. She is such a happy little girl. Always smiling! She has the most contagious laugh you'll ever hear! She likes to watch Kung Fu Movies with Daddy and go on walks with Mama. She has a big brother who is in High School, 3 dogs named Whiskey, Luna, and Axel (they totally spoil her), and 2 cats named Cali and Fred, and fish!
She love to dance. Her favorite movie is coco and croods. She talk like all the time .she very independent lil girl. She walk she about to start trying to use the potty .she say thank You when you give her something or say bless you when she sneeze
Alexis Jean W
Lexie is caring, nurturing, sassy !!! Gives the best hugs 🤗 Lights up any room she walks into🌞 Incredibly smart!!!! Animal lover 🦒 🦓 Loves to sing with an audience 🎶
Raegyn Williams
My Name Is Raegyn. I Am 5 Years Old. I Love Unicorns. I Love Too Watch Youtube.. I Love Dancing & Making Tik Toks! I Love Playing Outside
Bryleigh is sweet, sassy, loving and kind and she loves getting her hair done and playing in her makeup and glitter. She is the best big sister and she’s the sweetest to her friends.
Baby Kalani is such a blessing❤️ She loves to sleep. When she wakes in the morning she has to make sure the ceiling fan is still there, she loves when mommy sings to her and takes her for rides in the car. Kalani loves when her daddy rocks her to sleep and tries to be silly to make her laugh! She is our little blessing in disguise🌺💕
Meet trinity, she a bubbly non verbal 6 year old, she loves water, youngest of 4 and loves her siblings!!
Madison love to be outdoors, loves baby shark, and love to help with her baby brother.
I Love Eating My Hands, Drinking Bottles, And Playing With Toys.
Ms. Ivyani is 17 months. She loves playing with her siblings and her dog Sunshine. She is a lil character, her favorite cartoon is CocoMelon
She is a out going little girl loves to play she is just you loving and caring she loves her family and friends.
Hi My Name Is Adalyn I Love Playing Outdoors, Being With Family, And Eating Candy 🍬 🍭
*Bailey is 8 months old *Her favorite person is her brother *She currently Reps for 3 company’s. *She is our little NICU warrior
Scottlyn is a happy, sweet baby girl.
QuinnLeigh is a sensitive, kind-hearted, animal loving girl. She is always making her friends and family laugh.
Hi my name is Eliz and i love to play dress up and want to be a ballerina!!
Aliyah is such a doll! She’s always smiling and has such a great personality! She is loved by all
Gabby is a very loving, caring little girl. A great big sister and loves the color pink.
Quinn Sophia can light up any room with her big blue eyes. ☺️She has the most contagious smile with her dimples and giggle. 💕
Miss ruby is a doll beautiful gorgeous and one of the best personalities you will ever meet!
Deziriah is a funny four year old who has so much personality! She loves ryans world and A for Adley on Youtube. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with family especially her older sisters and cousins! Vote for Dezi❤❤
Miss Milah is such a happy and friendly baby she loves to cuddle ,dance ,and driving in her Lamborghini with her big brother 💞
Michelle Rae-lynn
Michelle aka Chelly is a sweet caring but sassy 8yr old. Loves animals, and her lil sisters, loves being outdoors.
Samara is a 4 year old who has a big heart of gold. She loves everyone and always says I just want to make all the people in the world happy. She has a infectious smile. 💞
Emma Rose
Emma is very passionate about animals and a very loving and always caring about others. She has a heart of gold. She loves helping her dad and pop paw on the race cars. She loves all Kinds of animals. She loves taking care of them or even people. She is the sweetest little girl and loves her family to the moon and back.
Evony loves animals and when she grows up her dream job is to be a veterinarian she is a very smart young lady with big dreams
Noelle is 5 months 🥰 she’s a very happy baby ! She likes to watch boss baby and loves to dance to baby shark ! 😍Noelle loves her mommy and daddy the most ❤️
Lennox is her mommy’s sassy little ray of sunshine. She loves frozen 2 and bubble guppies. She dances to just about everything. And Her favorite word is NO, much to her mother’s dismay.
Always caring about others before herself..loves everyone
Happy princess
Janalece is very friendly and loves saying “Hi” she loves taking pictures playing dress up with mommy and her baby dolls that she always has me babysitting 💝
Most goofy loving child you will meet everyone ❤