Stacy loves the outdoors and would spend every minute of the day out there if we let her. She loves her grandparents and loves riding on the tractor with papa!
Hailee loves Disney and Sesame Street. She is such a happy baby and has the cutest little smile and a contagious laugh.
Qira ViolaMae loves the movie Moana, Porch sitting with her Mawmaw & afternoon naps with Pawpaw. Big Brother is her favorite & She is a lover of dogs. Early in my pregnancy with her she was diagnosed with CPAM which was a lung malformation, at 7 months old she had surgery to have it removed and recovered flawlessly within days. This Beauty is the joy and center of her family. She’s Strong, Funny & down right Adorable. She will talk your head off and has to be apart of all the conversations. Even though it’s baby talk she’s talking it up.
Chloe is the sweetest thing, she has a beautiful smile with big dimples. She's a little bundle of joy ❤️
Valerie Claire is a firework! She’s so loving and funny, bright and cheery. She deserves the world and that’s all this momma is trying to give her. My little Cajun baby LOVES some rice and gravy yall! She was born 3 weeks early weighing 7 pounds and so healthy it’s unbelievable. Vote for my Vally!
Aurora is a very happy 9 month old little girl. She loves her mama and bubbas and dada. She loves water and playing with toys.
Phoenix is 9 months has 3 teeth is walking and she’s got such a great personality and such a character ❤️
Sadie is sweet little girl! She loves to get into everything & LOVES Mickey Mouse 🐭 she loves to eat & will eat anything!!
Chianne is a Christmas miracle baby. Adopted by her parents at birth her personality has proven shes meant to touch lives. Chianne loves animals and stuffed animals,her cousins and being outside bird watching
Cecilia is a sweet sassy little girl and always friendly makes friends so easy. She loves the outdoors, biking and swimming and loves camping and all animals
Alexis aka Alex is a smart, sassy, funny energetic and amazing little girl. She loves Jesus and going to church worshipping and praying for everyone. She loves her mommy, daddy (the most) and her brothers and sisters. She has the most amazing spirit and brightens everyones day!! She loves music and loves to go around scaring everyone. To know her is to love her!
Jessie is a sweet girl who loves everyone and always Happy. She has Beautiful Green eyes and Black hair. She loves all animals and the outdoors and water. Jessie is a very playful child and loves her 5 sisters
Zayley Grace
Zayley Grace Age: 6 🎉 Bio: Zayley is a smart💡 , vibrant ⭐️ , beautiful , loving💕 , happy little girl who loves to paint 🎨 read books📚 , loves fashion and shopping 🛍 for new purses with her mommy 👛. Zayley lights up the whole room with her smiles and personality💡😬she has beautiful brown curly hair and green eyes 👀 She was born on May, 09 , 2017 in California
Maleanna is quite the fearless daredevil, loves to tell stories, shes my tomboy who loves cars, trucks, excavators, etc. She is so smart beyond her age, she can figure things out and she is so funny. She is semi girly with wantimg nails done and loves dresses. She looks up to the cheerleaders, thats what she decided to be for Halloween this year.
The happiest baby ever! She doesn’t meet a stranger and is already a lover of all animals ❤️
Sylvie has the most adventurous spirit and such a happy little girl. She loves the show “Bluey” and her favorite word at the moment is “No”. Lol. She enjoys spending time with her two older siblings, snuggling with mom and dad, and playing with anything she can get her hand on. If Sylvie was to win, I’m sure it would put the biggest smile on this little girls face.
Michaela is Queen Bee of her house and her class at Day Care. She loves to eat and make a mess. She’s her daddy’s girl and her momma’s world.
Wrenley love Minnie Mouse and all things pink. Being the center of attention is her daily goal. She’s sweet and sassy, and the best sissy!
Little Loretta’s giggles are contagious, and her baby babble is so adorable. We feel incredibly blessed to have such a special baby in our lives. She is incredibly advanced in her motor skills and was already rolling from her tummy to her back at one week old! We are so proud of our baby and the incredible milestones she continues to achieve. 💖🥰
Bella is so nice everyone she see having a bad bay she give them a big hug 🤗
Miss chunkadilla is shy of 6 months! She is the one that we prayed really hard for. After a couple of years of not being able to carry & having 1 to many miscarriages, SHE IS OUR MIRACLE BABY! Shes forever #4 is what we call her bc shes our 4th & last! Vote for chunka! She says you wont regret it! 💕
Emma Doolin
Emma is really sweet and cares about others. She loves her family and friends. She likes to play with toys. She loves to play with her cats and take care of her cats
Sassy and full of smiles! That’s 18month old Kai Autumn for you. She’s a brilliant mastermind at creating new drawings on our floors and walls. She also loves to dance. Give her any beat and watch her “bop,bop,bop” in her words haha. She loves conecuh sausages and eggs in the morning and chicken nuggets and fries for dinner. She keeps a smile on her face and is a joy to have around ❤️
Avery is 5 months old, she loves to talk and listen to everyone’s singing ❤️
Violet is 5 months old baby girl, loves to eat peas and play with her doggy bothers and sisters!
Hazel is a sweet, smart, beautiful happy baby. Always smiling. She loves the camera. Please, give her a ❤️
At just eight years old, Evelyn is already making a positive impact in her community and shining bright with her beautiful heart and soul. What truly sets Evelyn apart is her inner beauty. She radiates kindness, compassion, and empathy towards others. Her genuine smile and caring nature light up any room she enters, leaving a lasting impression on everyone she meets. 💖✨
She loves to be goofy and has the best personality! She loves to play and absolutely loves paw patrol and Minnie Mouse
Esmè just turned 2, she is a bundle of joy! She is our sweet, funny, sassy princess 👑 Esmè loves to dance whenever any song comes on. But her favorite song is “what does the fox say” she can even sing it! She loves to pretend she’s a kitty 🐈‍⬛ she will meow at you 😹 Esmè’s favorite movie is “The Little Mermaid” she loves Disney and all the princesses. And she loves to dress up in her princess dresses. Esmè is sunshine ☀️ you can’t possibly be in a bad mood when she’s around 🫶🏼 please vote! 💓
Celene is sassy, bossy, and a rotten to the core. She loves unicorns, baby dolls, and school. Loves her baby brother. She is a tiny teenager for sure!
McKinley loves watching her uncle Kaleb play basketball. She gets so excited watching and doesn't miss a minute. She also loves to eat. Some of her favorite foods are pizza, nuggets, tator tots, and mac & cheese.
Addi Dawn was a rainbow baby. After I got told I couldn’t ever had kids I got pregnant with her. She has brought all the light back into my life and she’s the happiest baby I’ve ever known.
Lydia is 10 months old. She is a wild energetic little girl. She loves Elmo and Mickey Mouse. She loves to crawl around and get into whatever she can find!
Rylie Anne
Rylie Anne is the cutest little button! She’s so sweet and loves her ma-ma and da-da. She is teething, talking, playing and working on crawling. She LOVES Ms. Rachel and bouncing in her bouncer. She’s the sweetest little girl ❤️
Sevyn Beech
Sevyn is 4 months! She loves to listen to music, eat, & watch Noggin Knows. She also loves to laugh, smile, and observe others.
Braylynn is the happiest baby ever, she's always smiling and wanting to roll around all over the place. She loves watching tropical fish swim, trying to talk, the Christmas tree, her family, and her puppy.
Hazelee is 15 months, she loves books and to be silly but most of all this little girl loves fashion!
hi! my name is Brinley Danielle Brooks. i’m 15 months old and live in Indiana. To know me is to love me! i’m spunky and adventurous with an overflowing amount of love and kindness. I love to use my words to communicate. My current favorite being “no!” I love Carebears and Gabbys Dollhouse. My favorite thing to do is dress up all pretty with my mommy and go to Downtown Nutrition for a kids cooler! i’m also pretty content snuggling up to Moana for the 90th time. Thank you for any votes given ❤️
Cali is a very bright, funny and had an all around good personality. She would be great for this because she loves everyone and would be a good inspiration to every little girl.
Lilah is 6 months old and has one older brother. She loves watching her brother play and cannot wait till she can start chasing him around!
Paige loves dinosaurs an loves being outside she love her momma but when daddy walks in the door her smile gets bigger an starts laughing because that's her dino daddy she will roar at you if you roar back she will laugh
Paige loves dinosaurs an loves being outside she love her daddy but when momma walks in the door her smile gets bigger an starts laughing because that's her momma she will roar at you if you roar back she will laugh
She is a happy baby sweet girl! love to laugh and smile
Josephine is my little Princess, she’s my angel child I believe. She was born 3 1/2 months before my mother(her grandmother Josephine)passed away. Unfortunately my daughter never got to meet her grandmother on my side of the family but she reminds me of her everyday. Her smile is so infectious, her attitude and the way she presents herself and how she’ll have you deep into a conversation at only 4 years old is astonishing. She loves Barbie’s, horses/ponies, Bluey, Peppa Pig and much more. She loves going to the playgrounds and meeting other little girls and make them her friend and play pretend with selling ice cream and snacks. She loves to help in the kitchen with cooking and baking. She does really great with cleaning up after herself and she is such a great big sister to her little brother. If she won this competition she would ecstatic but just participating in it will have her amazed and smiling ear from ear. Thank you for your votes!
Willow is 6 months old with 3 older brothers. She loves being outdoors and cuddles from her mama. She recently discovered her love for food, except sweet potatoes. Her favorite activity is pulling on her daddy’s beard. Willow gives everyone that she meets a big gummy smile.
Ava is the sweetest little girl that can light up a room instantly. Her laugh is contagious and her smiles will warm your heart with love in a way youd never imagine. She loves ms rachel and going for walks!