She's a cutie pie, like to dance, sing, have fun and she like to sleep all day to be up in the midnight lol.
My granddaughter Riley is so beautiful with the biggest heart ever, she is an old soul ❤️
Keh’Lani loves watching elmo & being sung to by him ! She bounces to his music or just by you saying “ GO LANIII !! “ She loves to be read to when she doesn’t want the book ! She crawls to whatever it is she wants . She’s the most loving baby ever ! She has beautiful grey eyes with a funny little giggle .. Thanks For Voting For Baby Girl 💗
Khamari Rice
Khamari is a very happy child who enjoys being outside running and having fun
Kendall is 4 years old almost 5 she loves riding her four wheeler, going camping, baking cookies & cupcakes! She also loves playing with her little brother and her 2 doggies! She is our little sour patch kid! ❤️
Shaylee is so much fun she our little country girl she loves being outside playing in the mud she just enjoy of all together she so sweet loves playing with other kids she just awesome all around
Aria Nevaeh
Hi my name is aria nevaeh I’m a cute newborn baby I like to scream to get my mom attention lol
Alayah Rayne
Alayah Rayne is so beautiful,smart,funny! She was born 4 weeks early had a few scares during pregnancy and delivery but our miracle baby is a fighter and healthy!! She loves to eat, dance, be around family and watch cocomelon!!
Im no princess who needs saving, im a Queen who works hard for what I want, I don't lie, cheat or steal , Im not jealous, envious, greedy, or selfish n I love my friends n family .My Dad is #1 in my life .
Bailey is 4 months old’ very active smart sweet and intelligent ❤️
Avery loves to help every one and thinks about every one before herself. Avery loves to play and be apart in whatever we are doing weither it is cleaning or just watching movies or going on walks.
Jayda is the most beautiful funniest sassy little girl who loves to smile and make others smile 😊 ❤️ She loves watching Toy Story & Lion King & Cocomelon 😊 She is very adventurous and curious and loves learning new things!
Alina Elizabeth
My sweet Alina She's a loving soul she love playing with her dolls and having the time of her life she's a lovebug ❤️
My sweet, sweet Sophia!
She loves to talk , she loves food. Her brother is her best friend. She loves body spray lotions and she loves getting ready for the day right when she wakes up.
Hi And Welcome To Our Page ☺️ Our Little Miss Alessia Grace Is Learning How To Crawl, Has 2 Teeth , Says Dada , Waves Bye Bye, Going For Long Walks And Of Course Loves Hanging Out With Her Big Brothers . This Is Our First Time So We’ve Decided To Give It A Shot ! So We Ask That You Please Vote For Our Girl THANK YOU 🙏🏻
This beauty is a free spirit, tonsa the least. She is pure love, sees the beauty in the little things & brings a smile to everyone's face she meet! She will steal your heart and leave you wanting more & more sweet Hazel.
Abelynn Dorothy is in kindergarten. Such a sweet, sassy girl. Absolutely loves her sister & brothers. Loves to help others & play with her babies.
Cielo love to play and clap! Love to eat anything you eat!
Iyana is a very happy and smart 2 year old. She loves to sing her ABCs and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
A sweet, happy little girl whose smile will warm your heart! She loves playing with her toys and listening and dancing to music!! 💕
Rayne Aroura Mae! loves to look around & be talked to. full of sass & loves to jabber. 💜
Claire is a beautiful fun loving diva. She loves to play, read ,sing, and dance. She can get down in the mud and grime too.
Justice Barton
Please help justice win. She is the most beautiful amazing little girl ever and always happy
Marcy loves singing, gymnastics, and animals! She has a smile to brighten up anyone's day!
Baby Asha loves smiling, talking on FaceTime with family members, most of all she loves food and rain sounds. Asha is my rainbow baby and she is just that full of colorful energy and a ray of sunshine.
Joyce is a very joyful girl. She loves playing with her dolls, and is very energetic all the time. Like her name, she brings Joy to her family, friends, and everyone around! A vote would be very appreciated thank you everyone!
Daenerys loves her mommy’s milk, snuggles & football with Daddy. Her name is from Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones. She is definitely our queen ❤️
Paisley Grace
Paisley Grace Would Probably Ask Her MeMa Why All Her Pictures We’re SideWays If She Could Talk lol, She’s A Very Energetic 1 Year Old That Is Always Happy & Would Light Up Any Room She Was In, Definitely The Life Of The Party & Could Put A Smile On Anyone’s Face Regardless If Your Having A Bad Day Or Not !!
Egypt was born on November 23,2022.. She was born with cord wrapped around her neck 3 times came out unresponsive. After some prayers she was given the air of life. Egypt is our Angel baby.
Miss Ayla was born at 35 weeks! She loves all 4 of her big brothers, she has the most spunkiest personality ever! She was a preemie, she got RSV when she was 1 1/2 months old and was admitted in PICU for 2 weeks fighting for her life! She was on a ventilator not able to breathe on her own, she is so strong and fought so hard and now she is doing wonderful! Please vote for my girl💛
She loves to listen to music and dance
She bright growing 2 year old she a book worm. She loves balls and blocks books
Alexis Kolaski
She's so funny and loves everyone
Grace loves to sing, dance and make others laugh! She is a true entertainer whose light shines bright!
Addisyn is my niece. She is so smart and so sweet. The best little personality. She has a big heart and would guve anybody anything they need.
This is my beautiful niece arihana ..she a very smart lil girl ...jus amazing
She loves fries and nuggets. Emberlee is always a happy baby , she will make everyone smile!! 💕 she loves watching Heartland and loves music. We call her emmy for short. Emmy gets so excited when mommy or daddy walk through the door. Shes our rainbow baby ❤️💯😍😩
This sweet girl loves staring at ceiling fans, her bottle, being cuddled, and kicking herself up on her side since she cant roll over yet 😂🥰
She is very happy 😊
Kaitlyn is one of the most active one month old I have ever seen, very calm and loves to eat,sleep,and music💙💙💙💙💙
Please vote for my princess shes funny and a happy baby
The sweetest and funniest little person you’ll ever meet with tons of hair🤣❤️
Selena is the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. As well as the most sensitive girl you’ll ever meet. She enjoys karate , ninja warriors and gymnastics. She loves to dance and sing anywhere and everywhere. Her teachers say that she is a leader and always helps her classmates.
Alexandria is always with smiles and laughter. She love her baby food plus adult food and she get mad if you take her food from her. She’ll give you a whole conversation even if it’s baby talk.