Ja’Quasia is the true definition of a warrior. Born at just 27 weeks weighing only 2lbs and 2oz. We call her TeeCup. Tiny but Mighty with the strength of a warrior. And though she be but little, she is very fierce. She loves baby shark and playing with her big brother.
This cutie is super fun and craaaazy smart. Started reading when she was 3! She loves her big sis and is definitely Mommy's Girl! Her favorite snack is Nutella, and she loves all things chocolate.
Octavia loves food of all kind! Not super talkative but she more than makes up with it with her bright personality, she’s always smiling and she loves to share and love on her big sister
Little miss Freyja has complex gastroschisis and has been inpatient for 10 whole months! But that doesn’t stop her from being the the happy and curious little baby that she is🌸🩷 Her favorite things are Moana, her feet 👣, music, instruments, picture books and getting her groove on!
My name is journii and I’m ready to start my beauty journey because why not and I have the looks for it😍
Gracelynn has always been happy. She rarely cries. She is so smart and she definitely knows that shes CUTE! Shes become the boss for sure 🥰💜
Aria loves to smile and snuggle up to her dad she loves lights and listening to music in the car
Harper is a very happy baby girl especially when she’s with her twin brother.
Kayleigh is little miss independent even though she can be sassy she is such a smiley, bright eyed, big hearted,goofy little girl she definitely loves her brothers , family and every animal she comes across and is currently learning gymnastics
Izabella Yates
Izabella is surely to win ur hearts! She is a sweet, caring and energetic girl that loves animals❤️❤️❤️
Mckenzie Scott Reese
My daughter is a smart funny sweet loving little girl
Millie is a laid-back chick. She is so sweet, her little personality is just blossoming before my eyes! She loves to play peek-a-boo with mom & dad, loves food & loves to watch Ms. Rachel & all the throwback Disney movies!
Haisley is 2 years old, she loves to smile, laugh, play, & dance! she's our sassy little princess, she won baby miss Kentucky when she was a few weeks old💙 please vote for her!🥰❤️
Braleigh is the most loving cheerful kindhearted smartest 2year old you have ever met.
Kadence is the youngest of three children. She enjoys everything about life. She is very strong in her faith and loves dance and going to school. Most of all her fun and crazy wild silly spirit is what makes you wanna fall in love with her if her mesmerizing eyes don't.
JayLynn is an all around beautiful soul. She has many talents she has been blessed with such as, playing piano, playing flute, she loves to read and enjoys spending time with friends and family and loves being a big sister.
Moon Romilly Bridgeman
Moon is a blippi enthusiast! She loves going to church and worshipping Jesus! She loves coloring and she is the youngest of 5 kiddos! 🙂 she’s my special girl.
She is my great granddaughter
Eleanor is the youngest of 4, she has 2 brothers and a sister that she loves to play with. She loves bluey and Gabbis dollhouse. Her nickname is Ellie Belly. Ellie loves snuggles and coloring pretty pictures.
Very sassy fun energetic and outgoing personality. She is definitely the boss of her three older brothers.
Aria is my little sassy diva, she is very outgoing and LOVES to make jokes & make people laugh. Vote for my baby girl 💕
Miss Leilani Jo-Lynn is a miracle baby! Weighing only 1lb 9oz at birth (3 months premature), she has overcome all of her obstacles and is now 7lbs 5oz. She loves to eat and sleep but her favorite thing to do is STRETCH!!! A daddys girl no doubt. She hates the stroller almost as much as she hates her mom! Lol 💜 she's our little blessing! 🐞
Avy is very bright, smart, and energetic. Loves to dress up and play with her baby dolls.
Hi there! I'm Paisley, a sweet and smiley 3-month-old girl. I love watching TV and discovering the world around me. My smile can light up any room! Keep following along as I grow and spread joy to everyone around me!
She loves baby shark and dinosaurs, to play chase and The Princess and the Frog is her favorite movie! She's also a miracle baby as her doctor had seen a hole in her heart at her 28 week ultrasound and said she wouldn't survive six months and now she is about the be three!
Gianna is the most radiant, loving, silly little girl. She loves animals, food, and her parents. Gianna suffered from an acute left MCA territory neonatal arterial ischemic stroke just before birth, but she is thriving now and reaching all her milestones, just in her own way! 🥰🩷
At just two years old Emberlynn knows her entire alphabet and can sing multiple nursery rhythms from start to finish . She is into everything princess but is far from it, she is a fearless little spitfire who gives us a run for our money on a daily basis .
She is a very happy girl!!❤️ She loveess to eat & play😊
Syriana Landrum
Syriana is very sweetie little girl , loves to read, play sports and loves dolls. ❤️
Peyton absolutely loves helping with farm chores and sometimes that includes catching chickens and she’s a pro!
Sapphi is a happy bundle of joy 🥺🩷 she loves reading time & her bath timess her laughter lights up the room & people hearts my baby butt four months & already 16 pounds this girl can eat lol I love her whole life anyways hiii from sapphi & I 😙.
She is the exclamation point in the happiest sentence I could ever write.
Jayla is a smart beautiful loving young lady. She enjoys hanging with her friends and family. She likes dancing and is very good at art. Thank you so very much for voting for my sweet girl!
Kennedy ,my bright blued eyed freckled 9yr old ,my first born daughter.(We saw those Cupid bow lips in her ultrasound)She is a very ambitious, thoughtful and creative artist. She has even started a bracelet making business where she makes her own custom bracelets.She loves animals and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up to help take care of animals. She’s a very sweet and protective sister.
Vote for Shanell!! She a beautiful singer loves to dance and sing for the lord! 🤩 This beautiful young lady can talk like a diva walk like a diva. We want your Votes!! 🤩🥰
She is so smart, beautiful, kind, and caring. She is funny and sensible. She loves helping people and making things for others.
Olivia is a beautiful person who loves music 💖
Octavia is full of attitude and the girl loves outside. Take her on a ride on any kind of atv and you have her heart! She’s the one who made me a momma and the best big sister !
Harley loves to eat all the grass she can when mom isn’t looking. When Harley is doing something she isn’t supposed to and is caught in the act she will pause in her tracks and then take off crawling.
Aubrielle is a loving little girl she loves to laugh and point out her Minnie Mouse’s nose. She loves to play with leafs and push her grocery cart around. She’s definitely a mommy’s girl
Gianna is a sweet, independent and strong willed little girl. She is very creative and full of personality. She’s very curious and love Minnie Mouse!
River is one unique girl! Her sassy and tomboy like attitude make her even more adorable! She's a party animal and loves to kick it at night 😂
Karyela is such a loving girl and has such a huge personality already. Her big blue eyes are so sweet and her big smile is so heart warming.
Saba loves her tummy time. She has the most beautiful smile and the chubbiest of cheeks. Her smile is so infectious 🥰 we also saw her eyelashes in her ultrasounds when she was still in mama’s belly 🥹
Amethyzt LOVES lights, bouncing, and just babbling all day long :))