Baby Stories - 2


Remi is all about smiles and giggles. She’s got a dimple on both cheeks and can get anyone’s attention with them! Remi has long, black curly hair that is all natural and she takes pride in having such a beautiful set of locks!!💗 She loves hide and seek almost as much as she likes chocolate! And her favorite thing to do is tell everyone “thank you”. no matter what you give her, she always says thank you🥰
I wake up smiling. Very smart, loves to play in water, loves to go bye bye and loves to sing.
Lenora is very adventurous. She likes to wonder and do her own thing. Miss independent. Miss attitude, but has a heart of gold.
Khloe is very energetic, she has a smile that lights up the whole room and a laugh that makes you fall in love ❤️
Alice is a cheerful little girl who brings joy everywhere she goes and is always making everyone smile! She loves spending time with her sisters and enjoying every minute of the day! She loves Pepperoni pizza, Candy, relaxing with her sisters and the iPad as well as movies like Moana and Frozen!
Stormy is so happy and loves to laugh and eat
Genesis is the happiest baby ever. She loves her older brother and is a very smart chubby princess she deserves nothing but the best.
Our Gwenny girl is a happy gorgeous baby who loves her brothers and puppy! She will laugh at anything and loves to eat! 💗
My beautiful daughter was a miracle baby. She loves wen u blow kisses at her
full of personality already & sweet as honey 🥰
Emma is a happy joyful baby ❤️💕
Braelynn Mia
Braelynn: small package that packs a punch! loves to sing, take dads tools and “build stuff”. A Chatty Cathy with a little bit of sass!! Food enthusiast, Disney obsessor, lover of all things sparkly.
Milania Edan was born with a very rare genetic disorder. Her body makes too much insulin decreasing her blood glucose level. These very rare and special babies are usually referred to as SugarBabies....and boy does she love sugar! Milania is absolutely beautiful, spunky, and full of life. Her smile & giggle will light up any room. Her first and middle name were chosen because they are both a combined spelling of her grandma and grandpa and great grandmas in heaven, She has a 3 year old brother who just adores her.
Sassy and sweet talkative baby girl.
Freedom is an absolute doll. She has a loving spirit and brightens everyone’s day. She loves Cocomelon and playing with her toys.
Hi my name is Leysia.I’m 10 months I enjoy watching Mickey Mouse and eating.
Kendra loves to play and yell at her mom and dad. She loves being happy and loves to play with her dogs
Denis is a wonderful big sister to her little brother Austin, she loves to watch Lucas & Marcus on YouTube & she loves to do pranks ❤️
Camila Valentina
Camila is a box full of energy always happy always being the light of the room loves to dance and take pictures she’s a whole little diva when it comes to her clothes.!
Charlotte is 3 weeks old, She loves to smile, listen to music and eat! Charlotte is fascinated with her daddy and pulling Momma's hair.
June wants to be a astronaut 👩‍🚀 when she grows up . She loves traveling and going to different zoos. She also loves dinosaurs 🦕
- I love to smile and play - I can roll from my back to my tummy - favorite activity: EATING ! - sits up with no support - and even though mommy is still my favorite, I say “dada” all the time!
Jazmin is the baby of the family & our first daughter She will be 2 months on the 18th
Shy but sweet little pie
She is smart out going funny loves chocolate milk can hold a conversation for hours will make you laugh all day
This little girl is the light of my life. She is so full of personality. Her smile is infectious and she has a way of lighting up a room with it. She loves bath time, and I’m blessed to say I have one happy baby.
A’nari is a 4 year old diva ! She loves to play dress up and sing! She enjoys watching YouTube kids. She’s daddy’s princess and mommas best friend !!!
Harmony loves to eat all food she is so adorable she has a really good personality she loves people and her family
Hello world 🌎 I’m new here my names Ellara Remi and I’m only 2 weeks old ... when I was in mommy’s tummy all I did was laugh for her ultrasounds because I’m just a happy baby .... I always laugh & smile when I hear my mommy’s or daddy’s voice . I just love being a happy baby and sharing my smile with everybody 🌈 I love letting mommy play dress up with me & love taking pics already as you can see I’m so photogenic 😀
The most charismatic and thoughtful 8 year old you will ever meet!
Gabriella is an amazing child! She is very smart and funny. She dreams of glitter lamas and world peace! she is just the most kind talented coolest kid!
Hi this is ALAINA she is a smart 3 year old who loves to play princess
Amora love to dance talk and play she’s very active and smart
Evangeline is 1 years old and the apple of her grandparents eyes.She loves to dance to music and can brighten up anyones day
Brooklyn loves to walk , talk , and play with her toys . She is very energetic and loves to eat . She also loves the camera and looking at herself !
Shaliah is the youngest of 6! And youngest sister of 4 brothers, she is loved by anyone who looks at her❤️ Such a joy to be around, beauty inside & out!
Mommy princess 👸
Divinity enjoys being the center of attention and LOVES popsicles !!
Jalyah Hibbler
Jalyah is 5 months old. She has always been a happy baby and she loves to play.
Kali is bubbly' funny and loves the camera.
Hazel Sexton
Hazel loves music 🎶, friends and family, she has a personality that makes you laugh when you need it the most , big hearted and loves the out doors
Tinslee Brock
Tinslee loves to dance , sing and to make everyone around her to feel loved , she lights up a room every where she goes ( her smile is contagious)
jewel is 1 year’s old she’s active and love to dance
Hello everyone Yoslyn is a very Smart n active little three year old n a very sweet big sis n I’m hoping this contest will start her at a young age to be able to Help her with self esteem n How to behave as a young lady as she grow