Baby Stories - 2


She’s smart & lovable 🥰
Madison Loves To Smile And Play
Destiny is very smart and talented can dance and she loves being around other kids.
Leanna loves to talk, laugh and play with her babies. Her sweetest smile melts mommy and daddy’s hearts
Loves being talked to and watching tv
Olivia is almost 4 months old. She loves smiling and making noises.
Char’lee is full of joy and loves the camera, obsessed with Minnie Mouse she don’t play about her big brother and loves bossing him and her daddy around vote for my baby girl
Jream Fleming
She’s sweet, likes to play on the phone, and tablet. Her nickname is Pretty Girl! She loves going to the park and being outside!
Nora Mae-Lee loves to make eyes at her daddy and her brothers. She loves her naps and waking up at 4 am to coo at momma.
this is hurley she loves eating shoes . her favorite song is shoes. she loves poking the kids in the neighborhood with shoes
Malaysia is a very active and up beat baby ! She loves to say Hi and she loves watching mickey mouse and most of all Malaysia loves to dance!
Aerianna is the sweetest baby a momma could ask for! She wakes up smiling & loves to play and laugh! She enjoys shopping and talking to new people! Learning and playing is her downtime > Her smile is intoxicating. She will melt anyones heart . She draws crowds wherever we go!
Flossie Mae
Flossie loves anything outdoors but also loves to get dressed up. She loves Dolly Parton and basically any country music.She’s an old soul in a 3 year old body.rough tough and sweet as pie and all she wants to be is a cowboys sweetheart. She loves singing and dancing and riding sheep. Flossie is one of a kind just like her name she will be 4 in January goes to preschool and is over the moon smart when it comes to learning anything she’s got it.
this is Betty's sister she loves to hid in our fridge also can never find her.
Stephanie is a 6 going on 7 month baby girl, she is very sassy and loves to growl and babble with her mommy and daddy. She is a major Power Puff Girls fan and loves playing with her puppy
M’Kinlee is the happiest baby ever! Always a smile on her face and full of love! She loves to crawl and say “dada”.
Look at my beautifu ldaughter Jentry is loves being outside and riding her horses.
this is my daughter Becky is love her family and the kids in our neighborhood she is so nice and funny .
betty loves pizza she is very playful and loves to hide in our dryer i can never find her!
Alivia is the happiest one year old ! Always laughing smiling and enjoying life !
June is the most sweetest girl! She is very bright! Silly and just everything in our eyes!!!
Such a happy baby! She’s so friendly and loves to talk!!! You start talking to her and she’s all smiles!! 🥰
Kinsley is an intelligent 3 month old baby girl! She loves to laugh at mommy and daddy when they make funny faces at her! She also loves to sleep and eat!
Miranda H.
💗💗💗💗💗💗Click vote & share!💗💗💗💗💗💗 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Trying to get 💯 likes, don't forget to click like!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 My Shirley Temple look alike. ❤️🥰💋 She has perfect curls. She is a good big sister, she loves her dog Chloe, loves dolls, makeup and loves being outdoors. Here is the many faces of Miranda! Vote for her please. ❤️❤️ Like her page and share, share share!👀💜🧟‍♂️🍪🐕👗😇🤗😍🌞👻😹💖🤘👍🙅 ‼️💓👍🤗✅ 🎄⛄🎅💝 💜She's not technically a toddler anymore but shes to funny💜 🤗TODDLER TEST🤗 No coaching, just ask! •What is your name? Miranda •How old are you? 1,2,3,4,5, 5? •When is your birthday? August? •How old is mommy? 3 or 4 •What is your favorite color? Um pretty much pink white and Red •What is your favorite food? French fries, I like McDonald's you can probably tell •Who is your best friend? Abby, is this a clue? •What is your favorite TV show? Adley on you tube paw patrol •What is your favorite movie? Ummmm wonder woman •What is your favorite song? I love rock n roll and all Jojo siwa •What is your favorite animal? Let me think... I pretty much like cheetahs and giraffes •What are you scared of? The dark and ghosties and monsters and stuff •What makes you happy? Cuddling the dogs •Where is your favorite place to go? Pa's house •What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor or a vet 💖•What does love mean? It just means you love people I suppose💖
Zoey is 9 months old. Also a miracle as i was in a bad wreck while pregnant with her. Her name means life and warrior princess
marlee kay 🤍
This is onna she’s 8 years old she loves dancing an art! Yoda is the coolest thing ever right now lol. Onna is a princess as you can tell!
She is a very sweet girl loves talking to her friends and being on TikTok
Happiest girl in the world!
Jo Walters
Jo is a happy baby and enjoys being held 💕
Anastasia may only be a baby but loves her sister and animals. She has gone hunting with her family and loves the outdoors. Her personality shows more and more each day.
Olivia has such a king heart and loving personality. She loves her baby sister and helps with taking care of her. She loves animals, she’s helped take care of chickens, turkeys, goats, dogs and cats. This is her first year deer hunting and even though she hasn’t killed anything herself she says how proud she is of her mommy when she kills one. She just started being interested in cooking and wants to learn to be a baker.
Charleigh loves to smile, loves watching her sister and being held. She is starting to grab onto anything she can possibly grab. She is a big water baby & always smiling. She’s holding her head up great & responding wonderfully. She’s full of life already and she is our wonderful gift of life 💕🎀
Lucy Aka Lulu
Lucy is a very determined 14 year old she loves doing nails. My daughter is very strong she lost her father at a very young age and battles adhd on a daily basis. Im so proud of her n how good she is at doing nail she also loves shopping n out doors. My bff forever she dreams of becoming a famous nail tech or to be a model one day. I know she gots it in her to achieve snything ahe wants on life. Her drive n determination is so strong its crazy she wants something done shell get it done by any means. My baby lulu.
Elli Jane is a firecracker! She is funny and sweet and just loves to make people laugh! She is such a goofball, but don’t make her mad! Lol
Blaire is 8 months old. She was a preemie and born in March almost 6 weeks early. She’s a tiny but mighty little thing. She’s such a happy girl and loooves to eat.
Willow is the happiest baby girl! She loves taking a bath, tummy time, and talking to her mama and daddy! She’s our angel baby!
This is Juliette, she is 1yo. She loves dressing up and smiling for the camera! She is a very photogenic baby and has a shoe obsession already. She loves Cocomelon, bluey, frozen and playing with her big brothers. She is always on the go! Instagram.Com/juju_reps
Paislee is 3 and loves everything outdoors. She loves twirling to. She is very funny and sassy.
She loves colorful videos and loves spending time with family. She loves to coo and smile at everyone. She is the happiest and sweetest baby you’ll ever meet.
Emma Aniyah
Emma is our rainbow baby after 2 losses and almost 11 years of trying to have children. She is our miracle baby and loves everyone, loves spending time with family, talking and cooing, sharing snuggles and luvins with anyone willing to, listening to music, and sitting up and watching TV with her daddy. She also loves to look outside and watch the wildlife that visit. We have been blessed that she is a very happy and healthy baby.
Emily is in 1st grade; she loves playing outside on her swing set and trampoline. She loves her dad, maw maw, and pawpaw!! She is very energetic and full of life.
Nevaeh is something, too smart and advanced for her years. She loves squish mellows and other girly things, she is a wonderful big sister and I am proud she is my daughter.
Raelynn is a bright, smart, and sometimes a devilish little girl with so much character! Rocks are her favorite thing to play with and she LOVES HER MOMMY AND JUSTIN of course!!
Annabelle is going to be the BIG 3 this week! She’s so caring, compassionate, hilarious, and the best baby ever. We love her so much ❤️
Berkley Jo
Berkley Jo is a beautiful, smart, 3 year old girl that never stops handing out sass! She is not afraid to tell you how her little self feels. Berkley enjoys playing with her peppa pig house and Bluey figurines all while watching PJ masks. Yes, she is a great multitasker. She loves her baby sister, Raegan, more than anything else. She is always trying to lend a helping little hand when it comes to Raegan. Her favorite food is currently broccoli or Mac n cheese, she can’t seem to choose so she will take both. Her favorite movie is the Grinch or Moana, we watch them 20x a day if PJ masks isn’t on.