Rain is a very laid back happy baby and is always smiling! She LOVES bath time and playing with her mama. Some of the things she likes to do is reading books and dancing to any kind of music. She is very affectionate and loves giving hugs! Rain is such a blessing to our little family <3
Blakely loves playing with her brother and being outside. Her favorite movie is The Croods. She loves to sing and have lots of dance parties with mommy. To know Blakely is to know pure love and joy.
Adriana is the sweetest little girl!! She loves to draw, she loves animals, her family, school. She makes friends so easily and is so nice to everyone. Adriana is an Aquarius, she loves all things water and is the best swimmer. She loves to learn new things, read, and she is hilarious so we laugh all day!! Please vote for Adriana Jewel!!
She loves gymnastics and wants to learn the piano
Even tho Zuri just got here 2 weeks ago she already loves kisses and giving them. She loves cuddles. She also love her big brothers.
Maggie is a sweet newborn baby girl. She loves cuddling with daddy, eating, and trying to hold her head up already! She has 4 older siblings who adore her. She also loves to make that grumpy face all the time!
Katrina loves to sing and dance to any Disney princess movies. She loves playing dress up. She is the best big sister to her little brother Noah. She is a very fun, funny, sweet, loving girl.
Emmalyn is an amazing little girl!! She's not only smart but a great athlete as well!! She loves playing soccer and is currently playing organized flag football with The Crossing Services!!
Tinleigh is a super sweet, quirky girl! She has SPD and a bit of a speech delay but has come so far and is doing so well with self expression! She is so very loving!
Gianna loves her two sisters and brother and her family. She also loves her daycare, her teachers and her friends. Gianna loves to eat Gerber peas, Chicken and Turkey.
I’anna loves to sing and watch her favorite tv shows. She also loves spending time with her two brothers and two sisters. They’re her best friends.
Miss Nayeli loves to laugh and her infectious smile melts us every time.
Kennedy rae Lee starr Is smart, beautiful AND absolutely hilarious. Her laugh,personality and smile are infectious! She loves all animals and making sure they know so when she sees them! Kennedy’s favorite hobbies are hiking and eating some good food 😋
My beach lover
Ta’ina is a very busy one year old . If she isn’t trying to get into things , she’s watching her favorite movie Turning Red or show Word Party ! Although she’s very shy , she’ll pick up on things quickly . She loves her purple cow Moo Moo , dancing , and being a big sister .
Remington was born in August 10, 2022 she has a smile that brightens up the world and eyes like the ocean!!
She love playing outside, always out going.
Violette loves skin to skin with her daddy. Naps on his chest is a must! She is a little sister to her big deaf brother named Jasper. 🤍
Lucille is definitely a girl with her own mind!! She's sweet and sassy, but knows how to hold her own.
The sweetest baby girl you will ever meet.
Jerlene is definitely a head turner everywhere we go! She has so much blonde hair it sticks out to everyone! She already has such a personality and lots of sass.
Hello my name is Adalynn Marie. I am 4 months old, I am from a small town in New York! I love taking baths, play time, listening to music, looking at any LED lights, and having all the attention. Yes my hair is red 🥹
Selina loves to play make believe, she’s very loving, kind, and her smile warms your heart..she enjoys music and loves to dance!
Almost 3 months old, has blue blue eyes and dimples for days!
Channing aka ChaCha is one of the most chill, laid back girl you'd ever meet. Like her sister, she too loves lipgloss, and shopping, BUT, also that girl that will put on some tennis shoes and go play with the boys in a heartbeat. She may be a tough cookie sometimes, but she is so loving, protective, and always pushing herself to try new things. She also wants to model and show her beauty along the sides of her sister and brother as a Trio! She is a triplet and proud of it. Vote for this little beauty queen 👸🏾 and vote for her sister (Lizzy) too ❤
Sofia is a happy girl Who love her brothers so much She help me with little chores She loves to go shopping with m and ride her bicycle with her daddy
Ariella Alicia Kaye
She's amazing! Only 2 months and already makes the world a happier place! Loves music and smiling at everyone. Our world 🌍
My sweet beautiful girl loves crafts and reading and helping people
She loves smiling and playing with her big sister and loves watching dinosaurs 🦖
Arya Carver
Adorable little love. She loves to smile and coo. And almost rolls over! The sweetest thing since sugared candy 🥰
Amia Sineh
Amia’sineh loves watching Elmo and trolls. She’s such a busy body and loves going places. She’s always smiling and overall a silly baby.
Meet Brooklyn aka Smileybutt (nickname given by her Gigi). Brooklyn is all smiles, she is a happy, go-lucky little girl. This blue-eyed, redheaded angel saved me; she is my miracle baby. She is loving and sweet, too smart for own good. She is sassy, classy and a little bossy. She is an adventurous little girl with no fear.
Vote for Asata 💕🤍 She loves to dance, listen to music and read. Asata has two mommies who she loves very dearly 💖 Asata loves to dress pretty and going outside.
I am almost 5 years old, i love being outside and stay busy! My best friend is my little brother.
Arya is a beautiful and intelligent little girl. Everybody loves how sweet and funny she is when she is around. She loves being sang to and she also loves dancing to music.
My firecracker of a princess ♥️. Barely 7 months old and already ready to take on the world. She has the brains and beauty to do it too 💞.
Kenzie is a firecracker full of life and love! She loves mom and dad! Kenzie loves to play and learn new things everyday!
Elizabeth aka Lizzy is the first born out of set of TRIPLETS! But is simply just herself. She is super "girly" and loves to shop. She loves hair, lipgloss and fashion! Shes sassy and has a lot of attitude behind the sassiness, yet, so sweet and loving. She is one of the most respectful girls you'll ever meet and just wants to model her beauty, and she wants to model with her sister and brother as a trio! Vote for this beauty and her sister (ChaCha) too ♥ ❤ 💖
Lila is a sweet, happy and giggly. Her laugh is very contagious! She loves sports, makeup/ hair, also has a very determined mind set.
Chloe loves dress up and dancing. She is 100% my little diva.
She loves being held by her dad she also loves playing outside with her brother and eating all her pretty bows
Paisley is such a happy & caring girl, she loves the outdoors & picking flowers, going for walks & seeing dogs ❣️
Ella is such a happy little girl! She loves to explore, play, and is a cuddle bug!
Bailey is such a sweet & happy baby, she's a snuggler, daddy's twin & loves attention 💓
Ellie is a happy baby who always has a smile on her face! She loves playing with her sisters and watching cocomelon. She loves pageants and winning pretty crowns.