Lauren is 10 years old, is extremely intelligent and loves reading, when she isnt doing those things she enjoys helping others. She loves to channel her large amounts of energy and spends her time cheerleading, doing gymnastics, dance, softball and basketball.
This child will light up the room😁 her laugh is so contagious ❤️❤️ she loves dinosaurs and acting like them🦖
Annabell is a Fun Loving Girl. She loves to Dance, Paint, Sketch and enjoy time with her Family and Friends.
RaeLynn is a sassy but sweet 5 year old. She loves playing with her baby dolls and playing outside. She loves her family and loves music
Dixie is a 7 almost 8 year old little girl who loves her family, she can be a drama queen but she is absolutely sweet. She loves her lol dolls and playing roblox.
Aubree is a spontaneous little girl full of love, laughter and is always kind and respectful to other. She loves riding her bike playing bored games and Roblox and loves sharing her food toys and anything she can with other. She is all around a sweetheart i as her parent am hoping Aubree wins the contest to show her that she is a beautiful little girl because no matter how much I try and show her and tell her he self esteem gets the best of her and she doesn’t think she is. She tries to tell me that everyday that she is not. I am hoping that when she sees that the whole world picked her to win a contest she will finally believe in her self and know that she is beautiful and see that a lot of others see her Beaty just as much as her mom does. Thank you everyone
Nevaeh Is Very Smart, Loves To Talk To Her Friends. She Loves Going To The Park, Also Loves Her Little Brothers Very Much.
Kasháe likes playing with her babies and cleaning up with mommies dish towels.
Norah Lynn
I am Kind, patient, caring, funny child
Melanie love’s jokes. She’s always smiling when her dad tells her the corny little dad jokes.
Hi everyone! My name is Leila and I am almost 10 months old! I am a first grand baby on both sides of my family! Viral on IG ___elinkka___ ! I love going to parks with mommy and when daddy takes me on a roller coaster ride(not real a one, Don’t worry 😉). I’ve said “mom” and took my first steps last week🥹😍 I have a lot of fun chasing my furbrothers around the house! And on my free time I love watching my favorite show “My little pony”. I hope you enjoy my page and follow us! Thank you so much for your votes! 🥰💋 We appreciate everyone one of you❤️
Ain’t she beautiful 😍
She’s a soft nature, kind hearted soul just like her name
She's so beautiful and fun loves her pre school and does very well she has a beautiful laugh and is very caring
Harlow loves to read and explore the backyard at grandmas. She’s got a fiesty attitude but a sweetheart all day ❤️
Pamela I'd 9 months old and full of love and giggles she loves to bed ready to she loves to crawl and get into everything her smiles alone brighting up any room
She is a sweet loving girl, likes to explore! She likes music and plays piano!♥️
Mahalia Lee is such a sweet, cuddly baby. Her curiosity and energy is ever growing and she is constantly on the go! Lia loves food and will forever snack if we let her. She will definitely put a smile on your face! ♥️
Mirabella is still a sweet, energetic, and fun kid! She LOVES food and is such a friendly, people person. She has a strong personality that keeps us on our toes but she’s sure to make you laugh 😆 We wouldn’t have it any other way 💖
she is a 2 year 3 month old little angel. Her eyes are hazel grey and her brown/red hair changes in different lighting. she is big into music and loves to wiggle to a huge group of songs. she always has a huge smile on her face and loves giving goofy grins. she loves wearing little dresses and looks best in pink. She is addicted to paw patrol and anna! She loves kittys and puppies. Amara is a amazing big sister
Miss swayzee had a rough start being born a month early but she has a cute little smiley and happy personality already you can’t help but to fall in love with this cute girl
Olivia is so sweet already. Her smile is the prettiest I’ve ever seen.
READ!!! NOT IN CONTEST!!!! AVAS BIRTHDAY IS FEBRUARY 3RD IM DOING FEW ADVANCE BEFORE HER BIRTHDAY!!!!! OUR CONTEST IS IN FEBRUARY!!!! Ava is sweet and kind she enjoys playing games online with her oldest sister. She also is very independent and likes to be in charge. Shes our little princess 👸 💖❤💗💖❤💗
Oaklynn Was Born on June 24th, 2022 at 6:20 P.M., she was born weighing 6 pounds 15 oz, and she came out with beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes! She never meets a stranger, she’s always so happy and smiley for everyone! Say hi to Oaklynn May!
Abigail is not just a pretty little girl. Abby is fearless and full of bright spirit. Abby loves to play with trucks and her favorite human is her daddy.
Alixandrea Jere
Alie loves unicorns and rainbows and all animals 🥰 she is the baby and the only girl so she is definitely spoiled rotten 💯🤣 her favorite food is chicken nuggies (nuggets) with ranch and her favorite fruit is apples but only the green ones. She is definitely a fashionista as u can see in the picture 🥰 she is one smart beautiful little cookie and she will Alwayz be Mommy's best friend 👯‍♀️💞💞💞
Goddess is very kind and sweet she loves music she likes to dance my baby girl loves to play with barbies and cars she is one of a kind
She is very loving she loves her daddy and mommy and she likes it when you tell her to dance she loves music her favorite thing to do is hang out with daddy and play woth her sissy
Spunky, fun loving, lovable, full of energy, she never lets anyone be upset
WILLING TO EXCHANGE 10 VOTES FOR 10 DAILY 🙏 Her name is Bria she is 12yo she is a Honor Roll student who loves to cheer dance draw and fashion. She is very free spirit and kind to others.
Ella loves to be outside and on the go she can say mama and dada
It's actually "McKenzie", I'm not sure why it won't let me correct the spelling.. Kenzie enjoys anime/manga, playing chess, reading, Pokemon, and loves being a big sister.. She is wise beyond her years, and values integrity- standing firm on being honest. She loves to make people laugh and put a smile on their face. Definitely will brighten anyone's day... 🔆
autumn loves the movie frozenShe is a very playful loving soul loves animals
She’s is such a bright spirited little girl who absolutely loves dancing to music she tries to help with cooking when she can, she loves playing outside and she loves babies. She’s got quite the sass but is such a love bug❤️
Autumn is 5 years old and she is the most amazing beautiful little girl she loves to dance she loves to sing she is amazing little girl!
Dalilah is a very sweet girl. She loves animals and adores her grandma❤️ She also loves school she says she wants books in her brain🤓
Aloha my name is Kalaonaonalani . I live big island of Hawai’i . I have a big tita who i look up to and love so much . My favorite word is MAMA . My favorite thing to do is play in the kitchen with all the pots and pans . Mahalo for voting for ME !
Meet my baby girl adelyn very friendly loving person 🥰 she loves going to school and play with her classmates 💖something she also loves to do is dancing and going to her ballet classes 💖
Za’Riyah is such a outgoing kid! She loves to sing and be goofy.She also loves to dance!
This little angel face is literally one of the smartest most prettiest 5 year olds i adore. Very intelligent and unique in her own way love to play with dolls,dress up pretend and make up with her 7 month old sister.
Just look at these adorable cheeks who wouldn't want to vote for this precious DOLL FACE...she loves cheeto puffs and chocolate chip cookies...she also loves to hear her siblings play and be looking for them to hold her as thats her way of getting around.
Francez Maxine
Francez is a very sweet girl, she loves to paint and dance, she loves spending time with her family.
Jasmine is a very sweet, caring, & outgoing child! She loves to draw, make creative YouTube videos, ice skate, & Roblox! She loves her teacher, friends, & school & always encourages/supports her classmates. And she’s a truly kind & loving daughter.
Madelyn Mills
I'm six years old live spending time with my brothers, riding bikes, fourwheelers, horses, And motorcycles. I'm very smart love coloring singing and dancing etc . A daddy girl and mama and mawmaws world.
Leilani is just so adorable she is just one happy baby she loves all the attention always smiling she is just one little beauty queen for sure! She is so loved by her brother and sister and mommy and daddy!
Willow is almost 2 months old 💕 She Loves to cuddle 🥰
Savannah is such a sweet little one! She absolutely loves to be outside with the bubble blower. She loves Minnie Mouse and Cocomelon. ❤️