Baby Stories - 19


She’s the happiest baby you could ever meet ! She can brighten up any bad day . She Is such a smiley baby and she lovesss food .
Sariyah Reign
Hi I’m Sa’Riyah Reign , I am a happy baby , all I do is smile & giggle . You would love me 😊;I love to play, watch coco melon & , read books with mommy. I love car rides I know I can catch a good nap 💤 . My favorite food is Sweet Potatoes & Bananas. I am a daddy’s girl , my daddy is my best friend . Vote for me , it means a lot to me! 💜
Gracelynn loves rattles, getting her nose booped, cuddling, eating, bouncing, and of course napping💖
Kalonni is the most loving happiest baby. I’m not even lying she is always happy and smiling only cry’s when she’s hungry. She is the most beautiful baby girl I’ve laid m eyes on
Koralee is the sweetest, loving baby. She’s a huge mommas girl and loves food!
My name is Atalyia and I’m 4 months💖 I like milk, funny sounds, staying up at night, and pooping! 😄 Vote me Miss Little Beauty because it’s true! Im the definition of adorable!
Miss Amarriah loves to eat! She is a very happy baby, & smiles at anyone walking by! She is very alert, loves to hold conversations, & enjoys watching ceiling fans spin! 💖
Savanna is the sweetest little girl she loves to dance an play she loves being herself she’s onery as can get. She’s 2 almost 3 she’s really smart for her age. She’s always full of smiles an laughs she makes u smile by just the look on her face!!
Angela is a spunky little girl. She loves Blue's Clues, dancing, and sharing with her friends!! Her favorite foods are chicken and anything with potatoes. She likes to say duck and loves her grandma's dog, Jax! Please vote for our little girl!!
Shes a warm soul Beautiful, smart, loving, caring, funny & such a diva She brings so much love & light to anyone who comes by her
This my sweet. Sassy smart, and adventurous miracle baby. We were blessed to have adopted her from birth. Her bio mom gave us an amazing gift of having a family. And we will NEVER be able to thank her enough. She’s the biggest blessing/miracle I’ve ever had when I needed it the most. She amazes me every day and makes me want to be a better person not for myself but for her. To her anything is possible and she can dream big.
Honor is fierce.
Amira is brillant.
Love you Samantha you make your whole family proud everyday. Doing this for your education thank you this is our first contest
Alexia is a sweet soul, A spirit before her time.
Ariel is the sweetest baby girl. She lights up the whole room when she comes crawling in. She loves playing with her big sister and her cousins. There are no words to explain her. She is beautiful all around.
Gracie is 9 years old. She loves horse gymnastics and playing outside. She is wants to be a nurse when she grows up.
Jordyn is very out going. She is very energetic. She loves playing with stuff to do her hair. She loves playing with her dogs.
Carrie loves: •To talk •To attempt sitting up and walking •Her Minnie Mouse doll •ATTENTION
Zoey Kate is a spunky 3 year old who loves life, making people smile, and being in front of the camera💕
Jade loves playing with her twin brother. She is currently very into a light up bunny her dad got her for Easter, it’s her favorite thing.
Please vote !!
Hazel Jae is 10 weeks old and full of surprises. She can hold her head up unattended for a pretty lengthy time, she can turn on her side, she grabs EVERYTHING, she will “talk” to you & she even laughs. My little princess is a fiery ball of attitude & cuteness all wrapped up in one little 9lb diva 💕
Milani is a sassy and silly girl she loves to giggle and loves car rides and christian music
Ryder is a spunky, independent, keeps you on your toes, but incredibly chill baby. She will melt your heart with her beautiful smile and a quick glance of her enchanting eyes. She definitely has everyone in this family wrapped around her tiny fingers already ☺️
Shes a cind sweet bubble young lady
Bailey is a inquisitive and the youngest of her siblings.
Leianna is a very happy baby! She loves to eat, play with her family, listen to music and read her books!!
Katherine is 3 months old! She loves her food, paci, and her sleep! She thinks tummy time is nap time! She’s very good at holding her head up and watching what your doing! She recently have found her feet and her voice! Shes our little sweet pea!
Harper Rose
Harper is Beautiful little Girl. Harper loves her Mommy, Daddy, her family and friends. Harper loves to smile, laugh and play. Harper loves her jumper and her new puppy Oliver.
Hey world ! I’m Layla Simon . Iam 3 months old . I like warm baths , warm bottles , my hair being brush , cuddles with my mommy . Please be kind enough to give me a vote 😘
Maddison is a very happy baby she loves to play tennis and have fun with her family!
Autumn is a laid-back,silly baby , she melts your heart when you look into her Beautiful gray eyes ,She loves to sit outside in the sunlight .she enjoys music it keeps her calm.
Kehlani is a Spunky 1year old who loves being outdoors She can brighten up a room full of people with just one smile she is a bundle of joy , born to be a STAR , she has determination and is very courageous, and the best big sister to Autumn
Aanya is a Spunky 22months old 🌸 who loves being outdoors💐🪴 She can brighten up a room full of people with just one smile 🥰 she is a bundle of joy 🤩 born to be a STAR 🌟 she has determination and is very courageous, lots of love baby🧡
She is adorable 🥰
Shes a loving out going toddler. Loves animals and being the funniest kid. Loves to sing and dance.
She’s such a happy babygirl , loves to play eat and sleep 💗
My princess name is Bles’syn she was Born on January 25th, 2020 at CRMC. She likes dancing, singing and counting. She also enjoys eating her favorite foods which are, fries, chicken nuggets, Mac and cheese.
Ayesha is a bright energetic girlie girl. She loves disney princesses that if she has the dress will change into it when watching. Her favorite movies are Frozen, Snow White, Moana and Frog Prince. She loves holidays she especially loves Christmas. We can exchange votes. If interested let me know.
Journie is fun spirted little girl. Who loves animals and her family. She always finds ways to make you laugh!
Fun fact: Princess Denali was born on New Years Day of 2021 💖✨
Sweet and sassy, always out to be kind and cares for others.
He is a handy man literally
Aria is fully of energy! Loves to play, dance and smile for the camera 📸
Isabella Rose Steward
Isabella is such a sweet girl. She loves snuggling, most definitely a daddy’s girl, loves kisses and is just an all around happy baby.