Winter Wilt
Her favorite colors pink she enjoys coloring, playing with her brothers, baking and all things unicorn !
Rowan has the kindest soul. She’s beautiful inside and out!
Energetic, loving girl who captures attention everywhere she goes!
My daughter is very very special and adorable she the reason I found peace in my life again. And she would enjoy the gift..
She loves to smile , giggle & jumping on the jumper 🤗 She is a very happy baby 😘 She also love to watch Sunny Bunnies 🐰 Don’t forget to show her lots of love ❤️
Adriana is 5 years old and she loves to sing and dance and play with her dolls and loves to get all dressed up
Meet Our Precious, Tinsley Rose!! Extra Chromosome Extra Love!! She will be 2 in October. Her Smile is Infectious. She loves to watch her Sissy & Bubby run around. This tickles her most of all. A few things she enjoys is to snuggle, suck her thumb & play with her light up toys. I would say she is definitely a Mommy's Girl!! When she wins the prize money this will go towards any medical supplies needed. First thing on this list is a new stroller/wagon to help us get around easier. Thank You for this opportunity. 💛WORTHY & ABLE💙
Mari is energetic, funny, adorable and loves to sing already.
Luna loves everything bougie, From her head to her toes she’s a diva. She enjoys long rides in target carts, dance class and yelling for her brother.
Kenzie is an 11 year old sassy princess! She enjoys doing her make-up and making videos.
Juliet is 1 and has the sweetest spirit about her. She LOVES to cuddle and watch her big brothers. Juliet is the closest thing to an angel you would ever meet. She has overcome so many medical obstacles in her life and she is going to change the world!
She is a true princess. She has a smile to light up any room and she knows what she likes. She loves to play dress up and if she's too quiet she has found my makeup bag lol. You should vote for her because she really admires pagent girls. She watches pagent videos on YouTube and practices her walk every day. This would boost her confidence and show her anything is possible.
Emerlee LOVES food ! She is the happiest baby and would love to brighten your day
Precious, Charming and absolutely just adorable that girl can put anybody to sleep within moments she is a life size baby doll and just seems to stay that way she is absolutely perfect and has the biggest and brightest personality she is also a twin she has a fraternal twin brother and also has three-year-old identical twin brothers so she is the youngest of many Protective others. Please help me always reminder just how beautiful she is have a blessed day
Eleah is a beautiful 1 year old that is full of joy. She loves her big brother and loves playing peek a boo. Her favorite word recently is no(lol).
She is an Angel on Earth. Beautiful, inside and out. And her smile could light up this whole wide world.
Polena Mae Rose Mccarthy
Born tiny at 2lbs.7 oz fighting to survive and now have grown to be a feisty mighty lil girl with lots of giggles and a caring heart! Super sweet loves fashion, heels and walking any runway she is on! She would love your vote and support!
Annabelle is always so happy. She loves to go everywhere in the house. If you're having a bad day she will make it better.
Rosie is a sweet, friendly princess who loves to dress up sing and dance :) she’s super silly and loves to make people happy.
Emmalynn loves to dance, sing, explore with make up, but most of all she loves to create art from scratch with whatever she can find. She has an amazing sense of humor and the cutest personality. She also has a soft spot for cats.
Sadie is loving and so silly and caring. She loves her momma and her big bubba and her Mimi and papa!❤️
Kemani is a fun and outgoing person. She’s a sweet and caring girl. She will literally get along with anybody. She also loves to dance.
Kaisley likes her purses and she likes to save her money, she also likes her puppy dog sophie and all her toys, but she loves her family the most.
Amber is always on the go!! She is such a sweet loving girl. When she grows up she wants to be a princess!! Amber loves her baby dolls
Alana is full of energy, She is very sweet, loving and sassy!! She loves school and wants to be a teacher when she grows up
Peyton is a loving, caring and sweet girl. She's a great big sister and enjoys playing minecraft.
Marleigh Rae
She’s a beautiful blue-eyed, red-haired, spicy little dancing Queen! She likes terrorizing her older brother and snacking on pizza rolls. She loves the boat, playing baseball, and she’s in dance🥰
Everyone vote for sweet Autumn. She loves to play outside! Bubbles, airplanes, cocomelon and most of all she loves her food!
My name is Kezia. I just started kindergarten and love learning and making new friends. I am on a competitive cheer team, I love playing with Barbies and dolls and love playing with my friends. On weekends I like to cook and bake with my daddy.
There is no better feeling then making willow laugh❤️ She is small, but fierce. And one day she will move mountains
Royalty is a chubby 2 month old that loves smiling.
Riley is a 17 months full of engery! Loves mickey mouse club house and loves food. She a bit wild but full of personality!!
Xiannah is a sweet but feisty little princess who loves to play sports with her big brothers. She loves school and learning new things!
SHE IS 5yrs old loved to dance and try new sports ⚽️ and favorite things to do is tik tok and playing with her lol dolls and American dolls
Calista is my granddaughter not daughter. You should really make a spot for granddaughters. She loves to swim, camp, hike , and cook. Calista has a disability which causes a mild learning disability, but refuses to let it slow her down. She loves weight lifting and looks forward to the new season this year.
Lakelyn is the proud daughter of Zoey and Alex. She enjoys dancing, singing and playing with her brother. She loves animals.
Faith is a straight A student, she is in honors choir and participates in student council she also participated in volleyball and basketball and cant wait for swim team
Olivia is a straight A student participates in orchestra,choir and swim team. She wants to have a pig farm some day and be a mommy..
Grace is a straight A student and loves animals she is on swim team and always wants to help no matter what.
Zaniyah is 4 she loves anything to do with singing her favorite songs are you proof by Morgan wallen and anything with frozen she loves her sister
My name is Jennifer I am 10months old, I have 6 teeth so I like to bite ☺️ I love to scream, baby talk, crawl, and cuddle 🥰 I like bananas, sweet potatoes, green beans, pow wow music, and my puppy Rubble 😊 this is my first contest and would really appreciate your vote ❤️
Zaleigha is 16 months loves to dance she loves her sister and loves her food ☺️
Sophia is very outgoing and happy! She loves to explore. The swings at the park is her favorite place to be. She has such a big heart and is very sweet! Thank y’all for your votes and have a blessed day!
Kayleah is a happy lil girl !! She loves to dance and learn new things !
Miracle marie is my first daughter. Shes a doll baby. 😍 shes beautiful and very funny.
Our pretty princess!