Ziyah is her Grammy baby. She is the most beautiful babygirl in the world. She is just as sweet as chunky. She is definitely a vibe when she is out. She loves to talk and she is so nosey so yes she will be all up in your business😂
Marina is the sweetest little girl you have ever seen! She loves to dance, play and she has a beautiful smile that makes you fell in love with her!She is very friendly and loves to make new friends!
Paisleigh loves dancing,cheering,piano and modeling. She is in the 3rd grade and is in the immersion class- spanish/english
Miley has a huge heart. She loves Soccer and playing with her friends. She knows how to let things roll of her back and still care for others. She just wants to see the good in the world and continues to brighten anyones day that she comes across. ❤️
Aziyah is about to be 9 months and she loves to be talked too. She is a juicy mama and just enjoys attention. She is an outside baby for sure. Aziyah loves to be seen but not touched. She is the joy of my life.
Belia is a very smiley baby she loves to play.
Ilhana is our little cookie who loves sweets 🍬 🍪 🍫
Za’Miyah is a very happy baby with multi siblings and she loves to play patty cake.
Mariah loves to dance, creating TikToks, taking pictures, fashion and Skin Care! She also has talks a lot and has many friends.
Eliana loves to talk but she really loves when people talk to her. She will smile so big she just collapses into a little ball. We love our adventurous smiley little babe.
Yurielle is 13 months she loves to dance and sing. She love playing with cars, eating yummy foods, watching Gracie’s Corner, and talking on the phone.
Beautiful, silly, kind, these are just some of the word to describe her.
She loves to be outside exploring and riding her four wheeler enjoys playing softball with her friends and when she is inside she plays the game with her daddy
Zariah Martinez
Zariah is so funny and has so much energy she loves being out in the world waving at everyone saying HI making sure everyone sees her.
Roxanne Celeste
Roxanne Celeste is a beauty in and out. she loves reading books and biking.
Adilynn Martin
Adilynn is a wonderful big sister and super silly. She loves family time and playing with friends at school too.
Roo, loves making friends. Loves Barbies,pets and singing.
Adrianna, loves to sing, dance and acting. She has a very big heart and loves people.
Gia is such a sweet and smart baby girl! She is full of personality and loves to give her mommy and daddy cuddles and kisses! She loves to clap her hands, sing along to Gracie’s Corner, and is learning to use sign language to communicate! Please vote for her!!
Rylee loves eating table food, smiling, laughing, saying dada and mama, she loves walking and getting into everything.. she loves animals and giving them kisses. She loves being held she is so spoiled. She loves her bubbas and they are very protective over her. She never meets a stranger she says hey to everybody and she loves dancing..
Sa’Fiyah is super playful and loves to move all around. Her favorite tv show is lil angels. She likes to laugh and grab everyone and everything in reach. She also loves to climb on things
Kai has been the star of the show since the day she was born! She loves to sing, dance, clean up, and hang out with her family! She’s a ball of energy from the time she opens her eyes until they close. Kai is full of love, joy, and laughter! Vote for my beautiful babygirl
Briar is our sweet daughter. She is so incredibly smart and a goofball. She loves Bluey, mom and dad, and reading.
Kaitlyn is a very bright and articulate 8 year old. She loves to read and she enjoys singing and doing her baby dolls hair. She enjoys cheering for her brother during football season. She dreams of become a teacher when she grows up!!
Armuni Crowley
Armuni is a cancer survior. She learned how to crawl on Mother's Day which was a great milestone for her and her family. She is standing now and hooefully will be walking soon. Armuni can now say mama, dadda and nana. She has one big sister and a big little brother on the way. She has made great improvement and much more to accomplish.
Drinora is funny, loves dresses and dressing up like a princess. She loves reading books last year she won a trophy for reading 236 books. She loves playing soccer for Colorado EDGE Soccer Club and swimming at SafeSplash.
Karsen is a bundle of happiness loves to smile and laugh !!
Karissa loves to craft and paint. She loves school and is a good daughter, sister and auntie. She is the best!!! Karissa wants to be a teacher when she grows up.
Everly is a bright two year old. She is smart and can say her ABC’s and count to 12. She loves Frozen, Cocomelon, and Tangled.
Winter Avery
"Avey" was born in January of this year. My husband and I are both Filipino. We are so lucky to have this HAPPY baby! She rarely cries and loves music very much. Oh she loves the camera too! She smiles everytime someone takes pictures of her! We are looking forward for your support. Thank you! ❤️
Ivy is a loving 🥰 smart but yet sassy little girl.She loves bringing smiles to ppl face by her friendly but warming personality. Ivy speaks to everyone and loves everyone. She’s definitely is what the world needs.She’s big on love and has a lot to give..
Lala is a little sister and soon to be big sister. She is very warm hearted and friendly. Lala will make your day with her adorable smiles and laughs. She loves to eat gerber snacks, her favorite show is Strawberry Shortcake, and at 8 months already attempting to walk. Lala is a fast learner and is growing up too fast for me. But she is absolutely perfect and my first daughter. She may be lighter than momma but she is definitely mommas twin.
Harlee is the baby of our family and the only girl! She gets her name from her pop pops favorite motorcycle. He is no longer with us and Harlees mama and and pop pop ( moms dad) bonded over riding his many different styles of Harley Davisons he owed. Her name is very special to us. Harlee is full of life loves ro dance, sing and is a girlie girl. Until she wants to be like her big brothers. She is a beastly baby who can wear a dress and hit you with her karate skills and play with the big boys.
My baby girl is 8 months old and is so smart and learning faster then i can keep up she love to play with her stuffys and crawl around causing mayham an giving mommy panic attacks she loves cuddles and her baaabaaa (bottle) shes definitely gonna be a foodie there isnt a thing i have giving her that she didnt seem to like she is a very energetic happy baby who i couldnt be more blessed to call my daughter
Wynter is 1years old she loves to play, sing and dance she is very sweet, cute and quite she loves to eat spaghetti and sweets wynter is my very first girl after having two boys this is her first time trying this out hope she wins and wish all the other cuties pies the best of luck
Lilliana Omg What Can't I Say About This Amazing Gerber Baby Sweat Love To Scream love music and like to give hugs my princess 👸
Lil Miss GeNelle is a very happy, goofy baby. She loves to smile and snack on things she can hold on her own. Very tough cause she is the lil sis of 3 big brothers. Vote for GeNelle because she’s a beautiful little soul and deserves to be voted for!!
Kynlee has a huge heart and smile. She loves family, music, and she loves animals too.💖 Kynlee loves making new friends and school.
Remi is an absolute doll, she for sure has her own unique personality that brings a smile to everyone that meets her. She loves food more than anything and loves trying to walk.
Angela Lelia AvaLynn or Angie for short is a two month old little girl who is very feisty. She is not afraid to tell you what she is thinking. She is a twin. She was the smallest weighing only 4 pounds 11 ounces when she was born
Aubriella loves to sing and do gymnastics. She's very outgoing and loving . She is very active she enjoys having fun all day
Paislee Grace is just a few days shy of 3 months old and is the best answered prayer. Her mommy and daddy tried for 6+ years to conceive her with the help of fertility medication. Paislee is such a sweet little baby! She loves learning that she can talk (babble), she loves being outside rain or shine, Paislee loves her milkies, and really loves her dancing fruit and Mrs. Rachel (not as much as her mommy and daddy 🥰)!