She is our little wildflower.. loves to give us big smiles and loves trying out new things.. she is such a silly little lady but shy at 1st
Bethany loves to play dress up and bake cookies with her momma and loves helping with her baby sister.. She is our little Bee
Ruby is so easy going and fun, she loves singing and dancing!
Mia is a very smart, loving and charismatic baby. She loves when people talk to her and loves hugs☺️❤️
This one year baby loves to smile, be happy, and cuddle up to her family! She’s the sweetest little kid!
Ellie is 3 months old, she was born 2 months early , she loves bath time, snuggles, & outside.
Laney loves to talk play on her phone hang out with friends and lovrs playing with her family. She also enjoys her cheer classes
Very outgoing . Sweetest kid ever who will stick up for anyone that needs it . Super artistic and beyond smart.
Marnie Ann
Marnie is the most vibrant 11yr old. She loves making tik tok videos, loves her dog Dora, and scary movies.
Hi, I'm Melek, I'm two years old and I really like going to the park, feeding the ducks and riding ponies ❤️
Haylie is 8 months old, she’s the silliest happiest girl ever ! She loves food loves to roll around and play with her toys
Heidi is top of her class, straight A student. She loves competing in pageants, gymnastics and meeting new people. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up.
Ahna-kaye is a very sweet little girl. She loves acting, playing with her baby alives, and dreams to be famous one day. She is always so full of energy. She has a heart of Gold! 💜 💜 💜 I do not mind doing vote exchange to help other children. I will not ask for vote exchange, because it is not needed. I love helping other beauties win!!! 💜
Da’Nirie was born late preterm. She is the sweetest baby you could ever meet. She has a smile that will brighten everyone’s day. Da’Nirie enjoys being around her family, playing and making noise. From the way she moves, you couldn’t tell she was born early.
Skylar Amier
She is loving a two year old who is sweet & smart to kno her is def to love her♥️
I’m a super happy going baby. I love laughs & love to cuddle. I like play time & definitely LOVE to eat! My favorite time is with mommy & daddy. I love my big sister! You never see me without a smile! & i love everyone I come to contact with! I love it outside & absolutely love my naps!
Charlee girl is just so funny! She can light up any room with her smile alone. Charlee loves playing the drums with her spoons. Titus is her doggy bestfriend. Such a goofy girl with a happy vibrant personality! vote for my girl. 💕
She is loving and kind and loves taking pictures she loves to dance and draw
Zoë is a precious bundle of joy that loves to laugh, play and melt hearts with her cuteness ❤️
Kenzy want to be a commercial model 😍
Azariah is very articulate for her age. She loves dance, science, history and art. Can’t forget her love for fashion and always camera ready! Vote for this beauty !
Kennedy Lee
Our little Kennedy Lee was born at 28 weeks weighing only 2lb 3oz. She loves her mommy and daddy, her paci, and passing gas. She is excited to come home and meet her chickens, dogs, cats, and fish!
Hi my name is Bella I’m 2 yrs old. My favorite thing to do is spin and flap my hands. I have Autism so I don’t like to be touched.
Khloe is a smart girl, she loves photos, she loves to pose, and put on makeup. I think Khloe will make a great model, she's a very sweet girl
Ezra is a beautiful funny sweet and unique little girl. She has a twin brother. They constantly play. She loves attention cuddles and books being read to her.
Miracle is a kind, loving, sassy, sweet beautiful girl. She loves to have fun, take pictures, and just be her self! Please vote for Miracle!
This chubby girl is full of personality and loves to move around, eat, and jump in her jumpy!
Leigha is a fun, funny, sassy 7year old that loves crafts and making everyone laugh.
Liora is my only daughter she has 3 brothers like standing always smiling so friendly , likes camera has many friends
Her pictures say it all 💞
Ashlyn is an anime fanatic! She also loves dance❤️
Serenity Lee
Hi I’m Serenity & I’m super outgoing & super funny! I have a hugeee personality & I love everyone I come to contact with! My favorite time is with mommy & my favorite movie is frozen because Olaf is in it! & my favorite stuffy is Olaf! I love playing outside any chance I get! & I love my little sister & I love my family! Im a wild child with a sweet side & I love laughing & making others laugh as well!
Serenity loves being sassy, dressing up & doing her & her little sisters makeup😂
Kymber loves playing dress up & makeup as well as playing with her dolls❤️
Thalia is a happy baby, who always brings smiles to everyone. Thalia is loved by many.
Oaklynn Lee
I’m a super happy going baby. I love laughs & love to cuddle. I like play time & definitely LOVE to eat! My favorite time is with mommy & I love my big sister! You never see me without a smile! & i love everyone I come to contact with! I love it outside & absolutely love my naps!
Leilana is 7, almost 8 years old. She loves all the glitz and glam. She’s the best big sister.
She’s such a happy baby!! She loves people and attention !!
Khelani Hayes
Khelani a very happy baby she loves the outside and loves to eat and stays with a beautiful smile on her face
Jazzlyn is an honor roll student. She is loved by her family, peers, and teachers. She works hard and when she has her mind set to achieve a goal, she will give it everything. She is kind-hearted. She enjoys making others laugh and speaks her mind. She enjoys karate, Math, music, and singing. She is intelligent and strives to learn. She wants to be a C.E.O. when she grows up.
Nahla is a Brownie in Girl Scouts, a dance student/gymnast and the happiest most loving girl I know!
She's a cutie pie, like to dance, sing, have fun and she like to sleep all day to be up in the midnight lol.
My granddaughter Riley is so beautiful with the biggest heart ever, she is an old soul ❤️
Keh’Lani loves watching elmo & being sung to by him ! She bounces to his music or just by you saying “ GO LANIII !! “ She loves to be read to when she doesn’t want the book ! She crawls to whatever it is she wants . She’s the most loving baby ever ! She has beautiful grey eyes with a funny little giggle .. Thanks For Voting For Baby Girl 💗
Khamari Rice
Khamari is a very happy child who enjoys being outside running and having fun
Kendall is 4 years old almost 5 she loves riding her four wheeler, going camping, baking cookies & cupcakes! She also loves playing with her little brother and her 2 doggies! She is our little sour patch kid! ❤️
Shaylee is so much fun she our little country girl she loves being outside playing in the mud she just enjoy of all together she so sweet loves playing with other kids she just awesome all around
Aria Nevaeh
Hi my name is aria nevaeh I’m a cute newborn baby I like to scream to get my mom attention lol