She loves to giggle and is getting stronger and stronger every day ♥️
Raiden is our beautiful little angel she loves to be cuddled her favorite meal is carrots she loves chewing away on her fingers
Adalyn is very adventurous, sassy, and caring! Some of her favorite things to do are play with her Barbies, dress up, gymnastics, swimming, make new friends and about anything outdoors! She never fails to make others laugh and smile.💜
Mercy is my sweet baby girl.
Madeline is almost 7 months old and is such a big girl!! She is such a happy baby and is always smiling.🥰
Rhy'Elle I'Jeir
very smart, loves fruits & veggies
Sophia loves to smile and laugh and play she is very curious and likes to get into stuff😂but is so precious😇💕
Kiyomi Is 3 months old Kiyomi Likes her big fluffy pink penguin Kiyomi has a heart anomaly called a ‘vascular ring’ Kiyomi Is Native American 💖 everyone loves Kiyomi and her titkok of 14K followers is @yomismommy 🤍 vote yomi shes a sweet baby
Isabella Gracelyn
My name is Isabella I love to mean mug anyone who comes my way and for some reason everyone thinks it’s cute! ❤️
Jaimee loves playing outside with bubbles & picking flowers 🌸 She is an animal lover and checks on her “chickies” every day!
Sophia is one of the loving baby you would ever meet she a happy baby girl always keep me smiling.
Passion Davis
My Beautiful Baby Is Full Of Sunshine 🌞 Straight A Student & Still Making Me Proud Everyday ! She’s a Great Big Sister & A Big Help To Mom ❤️
Aleecia is a beautiful SMART gifted amazing sweet girl! She loves listening to music, sushi, being with her family and helping others. She is the best big sister and best daughter! Truly beautiful inside and out!
Hi!! Im A’rya I like tummy time an being talked to ! Im so full of life and smile all the time ! I sleep mostly all day an love to grunt lol …😌
Aaliyah loves to smile and play with her big sister. She is full of personality.
Hi my names Willow💕I love eating, sleeping, and cuddles with mommy and daddy! I learned how to roll over at less than a week old!! I also enjoy tummy time and love when people sing to me! My favorite thing is to talk back to mommy and daddy when they talk to me! I have the most cute and brightest smile🥰
Aulbrey is 9 years old. She is full of spunk & sass! She loves to be center of attention & loves playing in the dirt/with bugs my little dare devil
Reighlyn is 2 1/2 years old, she loves going shopping and playing with her toys. Shes a little sassy diva. She loves being the center of attention and loves to make people laugh. Please vote for my precious baby girl
Delilah loves to smile. No matter the day, she brightens it for everyone. She is a rare gem. Her personality is unique. Delilah loves to laugh, play, and absolutely loves music! Her favorite food is sweet potatoes!
Willow Rose
Willow thinks her big brother is the funniest. Loves to eat her hand or yours, if she can get them close enough. She loves cuddles, & being talked to. She loves when daddy tells her she’s pretty (but what lady doesn’t).
My sweet Miss Bright Eyes absolutely loves to be engaged with whatever is going on in the room! She is extremely animated and expressive and will always show her appreciation for your attention with her smiles that go for days! Her favorite thing right now is either watching her mama's or her 20 month old cousin, Charlotte, every move. Happiest little sweet baby!
Leilani is just always a happy baby anyone she sees she’ll instantly smile. She also love talking!
Kaliyah Hollinquest
Kaliyah is a great baseball player Kaliyah love chill with her family and do tiktok
Jocelyn is a few weeks shy of being 10 months old. She loves watching cocomelon & playing with her toys. She steals everybody's attention everywhere we go everyone loves her♥️ Please vote for my beautiful baby girl
She is very brave and sassy she lost her dad Dec 13 2020, since then she is been my rock and support always
Sheena is a kind big hearted girl. Aways putting a smile on peoples faces. And excellent cheerleader!
Born at 26 weeks, along side her Twin sister Violett, Ms Scarlett is owning the micro preemie life. Her sister just went through surgery to have a shunt placed and Ms Scarlett seems to understand what her sister is going through. Shes the perfect little sister for Violett and theyre not even 5 months yet!
Aaliyah is a goofy little girl who is full of life and surprises at every turn. All it takes is a smile from her and those big teeth showing to make a the room an amazing atmosphere
Hi! My names Layla but my mama calls me Layla bug! I love playing with my aunties and uncle, and eating lots of yummy foods! 🥰
Keilani loves to play, eat, sleep and roll over.
Natalia is very active and always smiling so big. She loves to play and make others laugh
I love my cheese puffs and the words “annnttt” && “yeah.” I have the best personality (with a lot of sassy-ness to go along with it!)
Little Miss Sassy loves being in the sunshine, glitter, and playing with her brother and cousins.
My baby so smart intelligent she likes playin video games and she loves pizza
Dasani loves Doc Mcstuffins & little kids !!she’s a very happy & joyful baby.
Trinity loves dinosaurs. She wants to grow up to be a conductor one day.
Vivian is such a sweet gentle soul, she loves to cuddle, she giggles at her big sister all the time, tummy time and bath time are her favorite things right now!
Brooklynn loves to help cook and bake, anything arts and crafts she is all for it, she loves being a little diva and a Tom boy! Puddle jumping is her favorite thing to do when it rains. She is full of energy and has such a strong willed personality!
Miss i can do anything by myself mysterious
Baby girl LOVES her food and being snuggled
Naomi is almost 5 months old and was born with an old soul 🥰! She is very sassy , and has her own personality with a very strong attitude! She loves pineapple , sips of Mommies Applejuice and DaDa's L.E.D Lights 🤣❤️❤️
If anyone is destined to change the world its Emma. This ambitious fire cracker will keep anyone on their toes. Her heart is made of gold and she will not lwt anyone leave without putting a smile on their face first. My little bean
Ellie loves her binky and getting sunshine ☀️ outdoors. Ellie also enjoys watching little baby bum and of course she loves her bottle ❤️
Only 1 month old and so full of life!
Brooklyn is my grandbaby & when I say she is a whole mood she is just that...
Ariana Rosalie Ramos loves to laugh, play and smile at everybody! She’s is 5 months old and is already learning to sit up by herself. She loves watching her dancing fruits from hey bear on YouTube, as soon as the music comes on she starts dancing and moving her little body. Once she sees a camera for pictures or videos she’s already posing before you know it! She has the biggest smile that would light up anybody worlds and captures everyone with her beauty and charisma!
She’s very goofy loving and so adorable she likes to do nothing but eat sleep and laugh and she makes three moths may 23
Layla is a small town girl with big dreams of being a professional model. While her disability is not visible she wants to show that anything is possible!!