Baby Stories - 18


The sweetest girl with green eyes 💚 She loves zebras and naps.
A-valanni is full of happiness an smiles from the moment she wakes up till she falls asleep she sparks a happiness in ever one she meets 💕
She like to be the center of attention. Love being read to and enjoys cocomelon.
Loves her cuddles.Trying so hard to get this crawling thing down 🙈. Always happy and loves to laugh🥰
Braelynn loves to eat and sleep. She’s so strong! She loves to lift her head and look at her mommy and daddy. She’s such a happy baby, wouldn’t trade her for the world.
My name is Addilyn Ray! I’m 2 years old, and I love dogs and birds! My favorite food is bananas! And don’t tell my mom but my dads my favorite, I’m the ultimate daddies girl! I’m energetic and fun but also loving and sweet! I have blonde curly hair and bright blue eyes!
Alana Reign
10 month old Alana loves to crawl and play while watching loolookids all day long! Something that most love about her are her big beautiful eyes and her gummy smile. What’s not to love :) , don’t forget to vote for my little lovey.
Elle is 7 months old and full of life. There’s never a dull moment around her. Her personality and beauty is beyond amazing. Everyone just loves being around her . She enjoys anything you put in front of her, especially food. She absolutely loves playing with her big brother, Creed. She’s a splitting of her Dad but she has Mommy’s dimples. I call her my beautiful sunflower.
Noelle is a very sweet baby! She loves to laugh, growl, and eat everything she sees! She loves to play peek a boo, and her laugh and smile is very contagious!
D’Lilah is a very goofy, loving and amazing daughter. She loves to give out kisses and drinking orange juice .She is such a beautiful and active baby and I am sooo lucky to have her . I just want to show the world how adorable she really is .
Dyamond Is the helper everyone wishes they had😂
Smart, beautiful & funny! Loud and outgoing. Loves her family and friends more than anything! K-Pop music fanatic
Israel is full of life, love, and personality. She loves giving hugs and reading books.
Brixlee loves music and being sang to!
Hi, Aubrey is a loving, caring and sassy little girl😄. She loves to sing, dance, and laugh. She love playing with her toys and spending time with her cousins and She has a lot of personality at such a young age.
This is Zemorah she's full of energy and has a bright spirt she loves to dance, sing, and play
My name is Aaliyah I’m 3 months old and I love cuddles with my mommy and I love long naps oh yea and I have the cutest little feet and the sweetest smile ! 🥰🤍
My name is Liviya pronounced li-vy-yuh. I am black , white, native , and Filipino. My fav thing to do is meet new ppl , especially kids my age! My fav food is avocados and ofc my mommas milk❤️ I’m always happy and always smiling. I love my mom n daddy the most❤️ Pls give me a vote
My name is kyndly but My mom likes to call me kyndly (Mone’nay) 😒. I love sitting up on my own, playing with my toys & eating! I love when all eyes are on me; I am a people’s person but when I can’t see my mommy OR my daddy I get super fussy. My favorite movie is The Croods, my bedtime is 7-8 but sometimes I try and act like a big girl and stay up until 9. I loved stuffed animals ❤️
Yori is 4 months. She is the baby girl of the house. She love playing with her brothers. Her favorite toy is her light up jellyfish that makes her laugh and smile nonstop. Slowly but surely finding her voice and bubbly personality.❤️
Shi Shi
Shi shi is super athletic, energetic and loving , she loves to take pictures,dance and cheerlead!
Sweet little girl with two older brother that she loves more than anything. She is constantly growing and changing ao much in such a short little time!
Ahkiri is polite, smart and loves taking selfies. She is an animal lover, a dreamer at heart, loves being a big sissy and has a special connection to the moon. Ahkiri loves to sing and dance and entertain and has a true passion for uplifting the spirits of those around her.
She a very happy baby 👶🏿
Hello everyone my name is Naomi Torres! I love my parents, they are awesome even if they do try to boss me around all day. But what I love most is my milk, puffs, and coco melon. Oh and also destroying and getting into things when nobody is looking! Vote for me please!
Hi everybody my name is Jalena, I’m very sweet, loving, and caring. I love Jojo siwa and I love playing with all of my barbies. I have two brothers that I love soooooo much!!! I would love to have your vote!!
Naomi is the sweetest peach you’ll ever meet
She's a ray of sunshine who can keep you smiling even on the darkest of days. She loves Nemo and loves to fake cry momma when she wants to be held. She'll make you laugh even when youre upset. Perfect baby ❤
Jaelynn And Janelly
Because 2 are better than 1 please vote for my twincesses they are so adorable and those eyes make you melt for them ❤️
Sweet & very sassy , I swear she's been here before. Very beautiful & loving.
Kinsley Mae
Kinsley is a HUGE bundle of joy!!! She’s 2 months old. She loves warm tubbies, going for rides in the car, snuggles and kisses , watching her favorite show with her Mimi , her kitties,her favorite Sloth Linkimals and most of all her Mommy and Daddy. Kinsley is trying to roll over and holds up her head. She’s always full of smiles and is talking up a storm.
She melts your heart, shes an absolute sweetheart. When she falls asleep she will wake back up look at you and smile then fall right back to sleep. Its the cutest thing ever.
Everleigh is as sweet as can be, always has a smile or a laugh for you, and is just looking for someone to talk to her and cuddle her. She is the best thing I thought would never happen to me.
Ana is a very energetic little girl, who loves playing outside, playing with Mom, & watching her favorite shows. She likes all things Peppa Pig & Trolls. Cuter then a Cabbage Patch doll! 💛🥰
Prim was born on Halloween👻 Prim loves taking short naps and walks in the tub. Prim enjoys a nice warm boobie full of milk. She also likes smiling and chatting. Her favorite word is GAH, she loves hugs and Christmas lights when shes feeling her big sad. ❣📸
Hi I'm Khali! I'm a princess like Moana and love to sing and dance! My favorite food is whatever my mommy and daddy are eating and in my spare time I like to play dress up and box! Vote for me please!
Destiny is a beuityful Little girl she brings a smile to your face when you see her.she is a brightful and Happy child she trys to make every one smile she sings. and she been going cartwheels since she was 3.
Aryah aka Applesauce is the baby of 9, yet she thinks she's the boss--hence the nickname. Fearless and courageous. Loves her older siblings and her daddy. (Mommy, too...daddy is her guy though)
This little star is the best little sister to her twin brother. Full of love and always wishing to help. She is wise beyond her years and more thoughtful, caring and considerate than most people I know.
ILani C. Is a miracle baby. I wasn’t suppose to have kids and god blessed me with such a beautiful baby girl. She’s moving fast, learning so fast and every day seem as if she’s getting bigger. One of the main things ILani likes the most is her hair, I think she’s so surprise she has so much till she starts to pull and curl it up with her finger from time to time. Another thing she loves is to smile my daughter has one of the most beautiful smiles. Anywhere we go and a couple walk past her she starts to smile and talk so loud . She’s such a beautiful happy baby and I just want to share her with the world.
Peppa pig
As a single father, Serenity is my 2 year old diva ! She loves to play dress up and play with her Toy kitchen. She enjoys watching YouTube kids and always reminds me why I love her so much. She’s daddy’s princess!
My babygirl is growing up so fast .. beautiful intelligent talented contortionist
My daughter Ale’yah is such an amazing, goofy, and smart girl. She love smiling, dancing, and she love interacting with others. Currently she loves Elmo and Minnie Mouse she gets so excited when Elmo or Minnie Mouse is on tv.
Gentry is an amazingly sweet but sarcastic 2 year old she loves laughing and playing especially in snow she loves driving around and cuddling to she deserves to win she brightens your day with just a smile and a hey!
Tamia is a happy-go-lucky kind of child. At the age of 2, she already has a good sense of humor. She loves to sing and especially dance. She loves to laugh too. Plus, she already knows how cute she is!