Our beauty is full of energy. She loves to be outside, loves animals, playing, learning and discovering. She is an absolute joy and blessing. Please vote for our beauty. ❤️
Alana is a lover of all things! And already always cares about others and all creatures! She wants to be a vet when she grows up!
Sawyer is almost 2 with a big personality! She loves puppies, swinging, & Taylor Swift!
Miss Riley is a fun, loving one year old. She gives the biggest high fives and will also give you an ET finger 😉. Riley’s favorite animal is a bird and she loves the water! Please share some love for Riley Grace!
A little Legacy that won't be forgotten. She steals your heart with her hugs and loves to make you smile.
Jaylah's favorite color is pink, her favorite food is pizza, and her favorite person is daddy! She has the biggest heart and is known for taking care of all her classmates in daycare. She is definitely a little old soul 🖤
My Endiyah is very active , funny , goofy , & MOST OF ALL BEAUTIFUL look at her 🥰 VOTE HER!!
Alayah is outgoing. she loves playing with her baby dolls, brother, and being the boss. Her favorite thing to do is sing.
She's very active and loves food and dancing Energetic loving beautiful soul who loves her baby sister and big brother
Araya is a very sweat but sassy loving girl who is all about her family 💙
Armani is a very sour but sweet little girl 💙 Her favorite hobby is eating. She loves her family & friends.
Jhani has the biggest personality for a 3 year old. She shines up any room she enters. She’s smart, funny and quite the social butterfly 🦋.
She likes to model and and rep for small businesses and be cute
Scarlett is my spitfire, firecracker if you will! Very determined little girl and quite the character! She is so fun to be around! She is very witty and has an amazing sense of humor!
Tessa is the most fun loving sweet child ive ever met. She is loved by everyone and has a huge heart! She wants to be a veterinarian when she grow up!
Naomi is a hyper loving 2 year old, her favorite hobbies are singing Itsy-bitsy spider, and Jesus loves me. She enjoyed jumping in puddles and playing with her two dogs. She loves spending time with her family and giving her mom and dad a hard time!
Sarah Po
She love to eat 🤣🤣 she’s so happy 😁 all the time. Mommy love you 😘 baby girl
She love to sing 🎤, dance 💃,she is happy girl .
Liberty age 11 love to dress up, do make up, take pictures, wants to be a princess. Liberty loves cheerleading, playing with her little sister, swimming and spending time with her family.
She is a very happy baby, she loves to babble and smile, she also loves to scream for fun. She has the goofiest personality.
She’s a silly girl who likes to sing and dance and loves to make new friends
Amyra is a blessing, she can change your whole mood in a moments time... she's extremely smart, she rolls both ways, crawls, stands up, says mama and of course buhba, shes recently started dancing, and is the absolute happiest baby there is... she's a doll baby and she would be thrilled and so proud of herself for trying out in this contest!! 😁
This is seshalynn she is almost 3 months old. She is very well behaved only crys when shes hungry she loves laying with her mumma
Please help vote Emily to win this contest if you’re think she’s cute 😊. Thank you for your vote.
Quori Mercado
Quori is a 2 year old fire cracker with lungs as big and mighty as she is. She’s such a happy silly toddler inside and out. She has a special purpose in her families life and that’s to spread joy. If your looking for a good conversation she’s your girl,ask her anything she will give you a response you wasn’t expecting. Her favorite mythical animal is a Unicorn but she loves basketball and riding her uncles scooter. Her favorite cartoon im since a newborn is “The Pajanimals” but her new favorite is “That girl Laylay”. She’ll eat French fries and broccoli all day if you let her. Her favorite people in this world are her Uncles and her Daddy, but she makes sure to make room for her Momma who she adores and hopes to be just like when she grows up. Truly the perfect little toddler any parent can ask for.
Contessa is Junior Miss Frontier Days 2021 winner for her local community. She is wanting to branch out and compete in more pageants to meet new friends and share her leadership skills.
She is the happiest baby ever, loves her Mommy , Daddy and her Bubba! Her bottle is also her favorite thing as of now. She is our pride and joy and also our rainbow baby! We are very thankful to have this sweet girl.💝
Amni is a little rugrat who loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse! She loves to be entertained and is just the cutest baby! She is 9 months old & is Blaxican 🥰. She’s coming to win!
Hi my name is Astrid. I'm 7 years old. I like to play outside with my cousin and go to school. My favorite animal is flamingos. I want to be a paleontologist when i get older.
Aaliyah was born 3lbs 15oz she’s a rainbow 🌈 baby with a beautiful smile and goofy personality 🥰
Aaliyah is a very energetic & happy 6 month old. She’s known to always be in great spirits & having the biggest smile. Aaliyah loves to eat, go for strolls, & loves to play in the water.
Taylynn Kei’Lona Colleen Perry 💝 She loves laughing and smiling, she is already trying to walk, & she loves Barney.
Arianna loves to dance , sing and go swimming .
My daughter Lailany age 5 loves to dress up, take pictures, and when she grows up she want to become a princess.
Addison is a month old she is starting to smile alot she loves her big brother and she loves to cuddle
Emma is a fun and care free spirited young lady.
Aryanna is a special gem & one of my blessing's. She's tiny, but she is so FULL of life with a HUGE personality. Her and her twin brother were born on New Years day. Even though he's the oldest, Aryanna doesn't let that stop her lol. She loves barbies, unicorns, princesses, food, and her favorite color is pink. She's very intelligent, talented, and a people's person. She's a little lady in a toddler's body and my BFF! I could write a book about her, but not now lol.
Kehlani is a 2 year old, currently fighting Neuroblastoma stage 4 💛 still has the biggest smile on her face and loves monkeys & frozen ❤️
Gracelyn is a very active 2 year old, she loves playing with friends and family and going on adventures. Gracelyn wants to be a firefighter like mommy and daddy when she grows up. She can show you anything you want in a firehouse. Blue is her favorite color and she loves all animals. Gracelyn is your very own version of a sour patch kid she can be the sweetest thing around but you better watch out because she’s a fireball and you never know when she’s gonna blow! She’s the bestest little kid to be around!
She loves to play, smile, and laugh!!! She is autistic and loves to take pictures!!!
I’m maliah!✨ Mommy’s and daddy’s only princess, I take being the princess very seriously! I’m bossy to my brothers, but sweet when I want food, I love to dance and play with my plushies! My blue eyes? They’re from my great grandpa 🕊💙 Vote for me 🫶🏻
Avery is full of life . Loves to smile , kick her legs, bath time , take naps and play with her twin brother.
Miss Brooklynn is very alert for her age. She love baby shark deadly.
Ariel loves being silly, eating ice cream, and hanging out with her best farm friends.
Winter Wilt
Her favorite colors pink she enjoys coloring, playing with her brothers, baking and all things unicorn !