Baby Stories - 18


Erelah lives up to her name. She definitely is a little angel. Loves cuddles and her family.
Sage is the happiest baby, she loves being talked to and looking around and is always smiling ❤️
Camila Rae
Camila is the baby of 4 she has 3 older brothers. She's our rainbow baby! She loves her brothers and her feet lol. She's always smiling!!
I am 6 years old! I am very sassy 💁🏻‍♀️ I love to make Tiktoks and love to sing 🎶 I also love to draw ✍️ and I’m a very good student at school 🏫
Alyssa is a 7th grader who loves music, art and reading.
Hi I'm Scarlett Moon I'm 2yrs old and my mommy calls me her little life saver . I love playing with my siblings , swimming and being outside. My favorite shows are Mickey mouse , Cocomelon and Blippi Vote for me
Moon Jade
Our Moon will forever shine🌙🌝 #RainbowBaby
Beautiful little girl inside and out!! Takes on a great role being a big sister and Incredibly smart, loves outdoor adventures and spending time with family!!
Scarlett likes belly time, her cat Kw, and she is the happiest baby you would meet.
Geraldine es una niña que llegó ami vida cuando más lo deseaba y a llegado a robarnos el corazón a todos.Geraldine is a cute little baby girl that came into my life when I most need it it and she is that love of everyone
Journee Faye Willis was born 3 months premature. She loves to crawl and attempt to talk; her favorite color is red.
Lexi is outgoing and imaginative! She loves the color red and drawing. She is a smart girl with a big heart!
Nylin Sky
The little sister of 4 big brothers. The world revolves around Baby girl Nylin. Wakes up with a smile, and ends the day with a smile. The sparkle in her eyes catches anyones heart. Nylin loves Baby Shark songs, back road drives. And dressing up.Very smart ,very witty. Take one look and fall in love with her. ☺
Nova is a very fun, energetic, talkative, very smart little girl, she is 3 years old. She loves the sun, playing, animals, food, and even the rain. She is very silly and loves to goof around. Loves reading, letters, princesses, and jumping.
Juni is my first girl! She has the most gorgeous blue eyes and cutest smile! She loves her big brother and is a happy baby!
Zariah is 1 years old… Loves to watch and sing baby shark. She is smart and intelligent.
Ariella is smart and full of life! She enjoys exploring new things and copying your every move❤ Thank you for voting!
This is Mia ,fun ,loving ,kind hearted . She is all a mother could ask for and more .
Khalia's a very happy 2month old that loves being talked to, and likes to watch tik tok videos!
Aaliyah loves spending time with her family, loves Jo Jo Swia and Miraculous lady bug. She's a very happy child.
Im 4 months old. I love watching mickey mouse and i love laughing with mommy🥰
She’s our little Miracle with lots of love to give. She’s a lil fighter from having a 1 % chance of living to now being 2 years old and still fighting the fight. She loves to smile, loves to swim play and listen to music. She might not be verbal or able to walk or sit up, she is just a lil ball of energy when she’s not feeling sick.
Makenna is the most quite baby she loves being held and loves being in her swing. She loves being out doors and absolutely loves her music and white noises.
I’m 3 months old I love to try and sit up I love to laugh I love to watch tv with my mommy
Hi! Kadence Keeler is a 7yr old girl with a passion for dance 🩰! She loves to show of her dance moves😁! She is a lovable,caring,funny person! It's a blessing to be around her💝! She enjoys doing gymnastics,swimming,and playing with her younger sibling👯❤️! If she wins this contest she'll be amazed to know that people love her for who she really is!😁😍
Sophia Mae Wilson
She amazing beautiful are rainbow baby for sure she two months old we couldn’t ask for a better daughter her brothers just love her
Finley loves life! She is a happy little girl with a big heart. She co-owns a boutique with her mama. She is a huge Disney fan and loves going on vacation to Disney! She also loves supporting our local veterans! She plays ice hockey and is a girl scout.
Kaylee has such a big personality in such a little body 😍 she's our choppers
Lilyana is a sweetheart who loves to spend time with her brother and family. She’s a silly girl who you would just love to be around, constantly making you smile and enjoy the little moments in life.
Skylar is ten years old. She has been cheerleading and playing softball for 5 years. She was born 11 weeks early at 4 lbs and 14 oz. She has come along way and she continue to amaze her family everyday.She has a heart of gold and will do anything for her family and friends.
Andrea Cortes has 13 yrs old. She loves her friends, family,and animals. Likes danceing,singing,and travel.
A’yanna like to color play peek a boo and watch chip and potato
Freyja is a very happy baby girl! She lightens up any room and everyone's heart
She’s 1years old has the smile that will light up the room and she’s full of so much joy!
Charity Grace is an older sister to twin sisters and she is all about being the center of attention! She is all smiles and showing off those pretty blue eyes.
Faith Mairead is a twin and is the serious one, most of the time! She loves giggling and playing with her sisters.
Hope Natalya is a twin and is the goofy one of the bunch! She is all smiles and loves cuddles from Mom.
Zaia is very bright, smart, and creative. She enjoys playing, singing and dancing. Her favorite color is blue. Her dream is to become Dr. Zaia Sanih Hardy one day!💜
Alaura Sky
Even though I’m new too the world, I love the color pink and I love to eat and sleep. I love being behind the camera and taking pics with mommy and teetee
Kelis love's tik tok and when she graduates she wants to become a School Teacher
Mollie Stephens
My sweet Mollie she my world loves everyone an everything
This is my little girl she’s one and a 100 and I love her to pieces she loves horses and helping daddy work on the truck and car and playing the fiddle with her grandma and as well paint and go fishing last year she caught her very first catfish and she was so excited about it that she didn’t know what to do so she decided to put it back in to the pond and say goodbye little catfish have a wonderful adventure out there in that big world and that was that she let it free she’s kind and warm hearted loving little princess and I wouldn’t change your personality for anything 💜
Luz Sofia
Luz Sofia is the greatest daughter a woman could ask for; She is brave and fierce. She has a beautiful smile and loves her daddy and mommy very much. Her bright big eyes fill a room with love and joy. She is one of a kind! 💙💙