Shes a sweet baby that loves the camera!!!💙
She loves to make people smile and to dance. She also is a huge love bug and shares love everywhere she can.
An angel born 2/22/22
Jakaiyaa aka stanka butt is a very smart girl she loves singing her abc’s in baby talk she loves dancing n play time with paw paw n grandma
Miss Khalani is very sassy, smart, funny, and energetic. She loves her twin brother “Khalil” and she loves to eat lol. She also loves when mommy dress her up and puts on her pretty bows. She has such a beautiful personality. She likes to watch Doc Mcstuffins, Puppy Dog Pals , and Finding Nemo. Khalani will definitely keep a smile on your face.
Remi is a sweet, spunky, loving, funny 7 month old! She loves being outside & her mama & daddy!
Amiya is very smart & super loving! She is learning to talk and do sign language! She has an older sister and brother and a baby sister on the way!
Loves her cuddles, puppies and car rides. Not very forgiving if you make her wait on her food. #FoodIsLife
She loves to get into the water. She'll fall asleep in the pool if you'd let her
Amariannah loves to dance to anything, she loves to dress up and she knows what she wants when it comes to being a tomboy when shes outside
Raegann is 4 months old. Loves to smile and stand up while holding mommy’s fingers and watch everyone walk by. She loves the pool and her puppies.
Novaa like to make people smile and laugh with her big personality
Vivienne is a happy baby that loves bath time & going to the aquarium 🐡
She is 2 months old baby, love to eye contact, sleep in mommy’s arm. She is one minute elder than her twin brother Arin
Mahalakshmi, our 4 month happy little angel loves to roll over and talk.
My Yomii Love, She is the most loving baby, she loves to smile, watch tv, and coo🧡
I like boba and love to sing
Winter Rose is such a joy and happy baby! She is such a lovable little girl with a great personality. 💜
Emilia Nunez
She likes to swim, she loves animals and nature, when we visit the parks she and her sister pick flowers!!
She loves to dance anywhere she goes. Lovable and playful when she’s around people. Likes to be outside a lot.
Saraya is a very happy baby , always smiling an giggling loves to babble an scream an play with toys
Emiliana loves to play with her toys she loves to try new food she crawls everywhere like a pro she’s holding on to things pulling her self up & she can walk if she hold things soon she will be walking solo. her smile can light up a whole room & her laugh can melt hearts she loves animals
This is Arlo Faye. She is 5 months old (fun fact: her actual due date was on New Year’s Day!) Arlo loves being outdoors and talking to almost everything in her sight. She is always laughing and smiling at new people. Arlo’s favorite food is avocado and her favorite word is “mama.” You can also always find her in a bow. She is an absolute delight and exciting new adventure for our family.
Autumn known as miss rose is such a wonderful child. She loves to smile and laugh if you’re having a bad day she can turn it around with her beautiful little smile. She is a very happy baby ❤️
Chloe Bendas
Chloe loves to laugh and smile. She is a very happy baby she loves when u sing and play with her. Please vote for our princess.
Kamilla Cole is a sassy happy little girl.
She loves her family,she loves being outside,she likes to growl,she always has a smile on her face..
Jordyn is a spontaneous dancing 4 year old who loves to dress up very full of life
Chosen Amour our Chosen love is the youngest of 5 siblings but definitely is the boss. If you look up Diva there will be a picture of her. But don’t let the diva fool you she loves to get dirty with her brothers and cousins and if she could she would live in the water. Chosen was swimming unassisted at 1 and 1/2. Her smile is contagious
Sassy little Florida girl
A’Laiah is so Playful and Goofy. She smile and laugh with everybody. She also loves to eat and watch TV or TikTok Videos.She is that chunky little baby girl,Full of personality already.💖🥰
Brooklyn is A nicu baby, she was born 29 weeks of gestation shes now turning 5 months old this coming May 20th, she is a healthy baby and she likes to talks alot and laugh. she likes fashion too
Ameyla is 5 months, she loves watching paw patrol & super why, she’s loves to smile and laugh and her favorite thing to do currently is stick her tongue out at you
Harmani likes to cuddle with her mommy and daddy. She likes to play with her book and her teething ring. She loves to make noises with her mouth. She likes to smile at mommy and daddy. She loves to laugh with everyone around her. She’s the center of attention.
Aviyonah is 3 years old. Aviyonah loves playing with her brother and sister, being outside and singing new tunes! Aviyonahs favorite snacks are cookies and ice cream
Zari is 4 months old and loves here brother and sister, she loves yelling and screaming and eating everything as well! She is always a happy baby
Emberly Rose
She’s such a happy calm easy baby. She loves her 3 big brothers and mommy n daddy and is loved by so many people 💗
little DIVA ! she’s the boss & she knows it. she’ll get you every time with that perfect smile & those beautiful eyes.
Super funny & love to laugh! there is never a moment she isn’t smiling! loud and vibrant baby 🥳
Willow is a blessing in our world. She is the most intelligent baby I’ve ever known. She has big things coming in her future and it’s so bright, it’s blinding❤️
Hi, im Koda Paige and I love mcnuggies❤️
Hailey is a smart, beautiful, ❤ loving and silly little girl 😉she loves playing outside, swimming, playing with her baby dolls, and spending time with her brother and sister
This is Alexis Mae. She is my rainbow baby! ❤️She loves going for walks and being outside. She is a food lover! Loves to laugh and smile.
Rhylie is a very active and smart 1 year old. She loves to sing, dance, eat, and watch tv. Two of her favorite shows are “Cocomelon” and “The Fairly Odd Parents”. Rhylie loves to play with other kids and gets so excited when she sees them. Rhylie is learning to say her ABC’s and count to five.
Annalise is 5 months old she loves to watch my little pony, laugh, and roll over she is trying to sit up and jump in her bouncer. She loves her family and lights up the room when she gets carried in.
Alaina Chanel is 2 going on 3 May,19 she’s a Taurus. Her Favorite color is pink, she loves being a big sissy to her baby brother that she shared a birthday with; she also enjoys riding her hover board, being outside & going to nanas house.
Sydnee Rae
Sydnee Rae is a sweet, kind, gentle soul. She loves her family and her best friend Storie! She loves saying hi and blowing kisses. She loves reading books to mommy and daddy