Lucy is an Angel. She is 1 year old sweetheart that loves her brother, green beans, and her bows! She is a CHD warrior and a homie with an extra chromie.
Verónica is a beautiful 3 months old baby with a smile contiguous to anybody, when she was born she had issues hearing in her right, more than likely cause of my c-section now at 3 months she can hear after going over and over to check her ear and we thank god with the journey we went with her, she’s silly like to make faces or try to scare you with her rwwwwr hahaha♥️ all I’m saying not just because I’m her mom I think she’s special, she’s special because she’s herself a baby girl full of joy 🤩
Life of the party. Very outgoing and funny, smart and beautiful! She enjoys Dinosaurs, Minions, Peppa Pig, the Sunrise and Sunset. The Moon and the Stars. She is one bundle of joy!
Azhura is the older twin to her brother. She loves to play, learn, cuddle, play games, making noises, fights sleep time, hates when you leave the room or even just turning your back towards her, tickles, high/low fives, and just an all around happy baby unless picking on brother… Azhura and her twin brother like to secretly get into tickle wars, or play peekaboo, but only if they are alone… Azhura is adventurous and climbs just about anything she can and gets into anything she can right along side her brother, leaving constant mess’s for mama to pick up…
Kylie is 10 years old. She is the youngest of six siblings ,She is a funny, energetic, loving little girl. She loves cheerleading and gymnastics and is trying for basketball now she’s got a heart of gold and would give anybody the shirt off of her back.
She loves her papa and Nana, she loves to try to help with sweeping and vacuuming, she loves her momma and she is super sweet and learning new things each day Mercy also loves drinking her morning tea with her papa and brushing her teeth with papa in the mornings to🥰
K my kid won but says I haven't won anything
She is now 1 and loves outside. She likes wearing boots and watching Gracies Corner. She loves to dance and sing and beat up her big brother!
She’s such a happy baby she has a huge personality
Rosalyn is beautiful inside an out ! She likes crafts , dancing , singing , she is always happy !
Elowyn loves chewing on her fingers, bath time and long midnight walks around the house with mommy! Her favorite song is Baby Love by the Supremes and she likes watching Mythbusters with her daddy.
I love to roll and crawl around, I'm always on the move now. I've got two little teeth popping up which hasn't been any fun, but I have lots of toys I get to chew on! My cat sister likes to try and play with my toys too. Mom doesn't like that very much
Paysen is the happiest little girl. She LOVES to smile and loves making everyone around her laugh.
She is a smart smart young lady. Feels like she has already been in the world. She has now just started head start. She loves school,music, play, speading lots of time with her father and Granny. She also like to help out as far as cleaning anything dhe could do to keep busy.Ny'kenjai should be voted for due to how beautiful she is and also has stated when she finish school she is going to become a doctor. Kenjai is the she also loves to make you laugh even when you're having a bad day.She is priceless.
Hi my name is Adalynn Grace, i’m 6 months old. I love eating carrots, chewing on celery, and crawling! Vote for me!
Ophelia is the goofiest and sweetest 4 month on Earth. The bestest mini me I could have asked for!
Hailey is our little daredevil, she climbed out of her large playpen at 8 months old and from 10 months on was walking and leaping from couches. She loves animals, toy cars and dolls and is obsessed with puppies. She is very sweet and tough and likes to hold my hands and climb up me. She has 2 older brothers who are protective of her and she is equally protective of them as well. She is the light of our lives and I couldn't imagine this world without our sweet silly little daredevil.
Please vote for my beautiful daughter. She is a smart, beautiful and sassy little girl. She loves paw patrol, blippi and SpongeBob. Go and show my girl some love ❤️
Oaklee is a beautiful sweet baby girl
Cassie was born September 7. She loves truck rides and music. She won’t sleep if her bassinet isn’t on and she loves her swing.
Marizon Trujillo
Marizon is is bright lovely happy strong girl. Loves to snowboard skate dance sing study sky and to sparkle.
My daughter is a very loving and big hearted princess. She loves dolls and dinosaurs.
My 4 year old very shy at first but once she is comfortable around you she will keep you on your toes and talk your ear off. She has a special way with animals i dont know how to describe it but its amazing. She is my light my joy and im blessed to be her mommy♥️
Emberleigh..a sassy three-year-old, she is a bundle of boundless energy! Her charismatic personality always amazes me. She loves Moana, and she is the middle child of an older brother, and little sister! she’s a pint-sized source of delight for everyone lucky enough to be part of her world!
Sophia is the sweetest, 'class clown' of the family. She can make anyone laugh. Shes our animal lover and would do anything to love on any animal 🥰 Sophia is a spit fire and the most fun little monster! She lights up the life of anyone she meets! She has the most beautiful soul ❤️
Braelynn is a very sassy two year old! She reps for a few small shops! She loves her handmade clothes and bows! Let’s help her win ❤️
Adela'idah loves fashion! She is smart, sassy, loving, and goofy. She definitely has an awesome personality! She loves her brother and family.
Natalie is our goofy, always dancing, Miss Rachel loving almost 2 year old. Her red hair matches her fierce personality.
With a laughter that fills you with joy to a side-eye that makes you question somethings, Adalynn is full of spunk, sass & sweetness. She loves playing with her old brothers as well as bossing them around. She is a sucker for anything girlie, whether it is purses, jewelry, bows, or Princesses; she will always have something close by.
Aimee is a sweet little girl about to turn 1 next week. She loves to play with everyone around her. She likes to give away free hugs and kisses and most of all she loves her mommy and daddy. Please vote for us so we can make sure she has a memorable birthday🩷 She loves a cute outfit and pictures too!
Gemma is one super sweet and fun red hair and blue eyes loves to play and loves her daddy
She's such a happy bundle of joy 😊
This sweet little girl can put a smile on anyone’s face! She has the cutest personality! She love her puppy and playing in the bath .
AnnieLou is the most sweet and caring little girl that i know!! AnnieLou came to me during a very difficult time for me and thats why i called her my miracle unicorn.. As shes grown, she has developed a sassy attitude, highly fashionable and very independent (my Little Matilda) Her favorite color's are pink and purple, her favorite outfits are dresses and she loves mommy's spaghetti. Please VOTE and help my beautiful princess win her first contest!! We wil highly appreciate you all!! 💜
Galilea enjoys spending time with family, learning new things, traveling, trying new foods. She is very intelligent for her age. She is currently learning to speak 3 different languages. Vote for Galilea 🥰
I love my mama n my papa n my mom n my dada n my Nana n my aunt Robin n my Chris
This littlecgirl can light up a room with her charming little smile and bubbly personality.. She is auch a joy to be around.. She enjoys playing with her older brother Kalo. She is definitely a girly girl much so that her mommy has nick named her little miss priss..She enjoys being with her family and doesn't like strangers. She will often mean mug someone for weeks before even considering warming up to them..Her favorite people are her mommy, Daddy, Nana,Mike and her big brother.
Saige is the sweetest baby. She is almost always smiling! Loves her dog brother and playing with toys!
Mía Antonella is a very adorable baby, loves her sister and has a unique and lovely personality 😊
Gabriella loves coloring, playing outside, painting, learning and most of all her friends and family. She is most likely to become americas sweetheart.
She is so lovable and sweet loves her family she is so smart
She loves to smile roles over she’s 6 months and very happy baby loves teether toys and watch his brothers play