Scout loves horses and sports! She’s always up for adventures which she uses to write her stories. Smart as a whip, gentle as a butterfly, Scout is a light in everyone’s sky!!
This girl loves being outside swinging as she watches the cars go by. She is absolutely in love with her puppies and is obsessed with everything!!
Raven is a smart , beautiful 4 year old . She is very funny nd goofy ❤️ Her Favorite color is pink , She love the jump park that’s her favorite place right now . She favorite cartoon is princess and the frog ( she think she Tiana ) . She is amazing VOTE ❗️💕
Catie is a bodacious little girl with all the sugar and spice! She loves anything with four legs, books, and coloring. She has a smile a mile wide and an infectious giggle.
Kyleè enjoys riding her scooter and doing tiktoks .! SHE LOVESSSS TO DANCE !!❤️
Anaiah is a sweet, funny girl that has such a creative personality.
Leightynn is very social and caring. She loves gymnastics, dancing, wrestling, and baseball. Leightynn makes it her mission to cheer anyone up and brighten their day.
Raychelle is an an adorable little girl. She is spontaneous and kind. She loves to make friends. She likes to go to school, and her favorite is gymnastics.
Adelynn is the oldest of three sisters. She is very artistic. Adelynn is in art and drama club along with being a mentor to younger kids. Adelynn loves to clear her mind by running. She enjoys being on the cross country team.
Carolyn was born premature. She is a very happy baby. Her favorite people are daddy and sissy (Melody). Her favorite foods are 🍓 and 🍌. She has 2 teeth now and is learning to crawl. Her favorite thing to do is pull everyone's hair 😆. She absolutely loves her jumper. She is an April fools baby and definitely lives up to it.
Just wanted to try something to see if she would win 🥇
Sloane is the true definition of a sour patch kid!! She loves Ms. Rachel & every Disney princess movie!! She is so silly & is always laughing 🤍
Lillian Fisher
Lillian has a heart of gold and loves to play outside. She’s a daddy’s girl, and loves to laugh. ♥️
Brielle loves to sing, dance, paint and draw! She also loves to play with her dolls.
Melody is a dancer performer & our family enjoys Mel's performances whether it's dancing or acting she is gonna show out regardless who is in the competition .Mel loves her family and helping out with anything she can and loves math a genius in the making please vote for our shining ⭐✨
Gracelynn is a very happy little girl always smiling and has no fear she is also very intelligent for her age she enjoys her fruit and veggies daily she has many teeth now:) shes growing so fast and she doesnt realize how special and beautiful she is ur vote is very much appreciated thank you
Kashvi is fun loving and very smart girl. She is as beautiful at heart and loves helping others in need.
Lexie Valle Bran
Lexie is a very happy, outgoing girl who likes to be outside and explore, a lover of cats and dogs
Adalyn is such a sweet girl. She loves all things disney, princesses especially! She loves laughing, playing outside, and reading books with her mommy!
She's so cute and smart and loves going out for a walk
Aliyah is a sweet little girl . She likes making people laugh she's a little jokester and very silly 😜. She likes dancing , gymnastics drawing , she's such a girlie girl. My princess she will just melt your heart.
She has a wonderful blessing from God she loves to joke and laugh and prank people she loves her family and friends with all our heart and soul all around wonderful little girl
She is 5 years old but was four in this picture she's a very bright happy smart active little girl. She loves Minnie mouse Frozen loves playing with Play-Doh and loves to learn new things. She's my granddaughter
Abigail Elizabeth
Abigail is a very smart, funny and sweet child. She often do funny faces to make people laugh 😂 she loves to dress up, to sing, to dance and to go to the beach and play with her LOL Dolls and American girl Dolls too. She has an amazing heart that shares love and lots of smiles everywhere she goes 🙏🏼
Ariyelle is now one month old , she is one precious baby who loves to smile , perfect little bundle of joy , she loves tummy time and enjoys talks with mommy
Clara is the sweetest little girl ever. She loves giving kisses, the chicken dance and Blue's Clues and You.
Ilyana is 4 months old. She is a very happy baby. She have the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. She very energetic and very smart for her age she surprises me sometimes.
Saviah loves to sing and read💜
Kynleigh has a caring heart. She loves unicorns and mermaids. Kynleigh also enjoys spending time with her two older sisters.
Sweet miss P is so spunky and full of life. She loves mermaids, unicorns and everything bright and sparkly. Her favorite hobbies are painting, play pretend, and doing makeup. Such a little hot mess express ❤️ she loved being an amazing big sister to her 8 month old baby brother.
Zayna is a one of a kind little girl!! Shes not scared of nothing. Loves to get dirty, but look pretty while doing it. She's so good to others, and loves to make them laugh.
Baby Girl Always Smiling In Other Words She’s A Happy Baby 💜
BrookeLynn is a quarter Korean as her dad is half korean. Her favorite animal is dogs. She pronounces dog as "Go". Her first word was mama. She makes our hearts so happy 💕
Kalianne love to smile, sit up, walk, and most of all her older sisters make-up
Madonna is the youngest of 6 sisters she is already very independent loves being the boss and telling all her siblings how things are done she loves going to her school zion Lutheran church where her aunty monica works she prays 🙏🏿 to god every day and loves being with her family
Elena Jade
Elena jade she’s a sweet baby And always make you smile.❤️❤️
Lyla loves to smile and babble to everyone. She also loves her dog Soshie
Emelie is very sweet and caring little girl, who loves animals and family! ❤️
Kaylani is a ray of sunshine☀️ Her smile lights up the room and her laugh will lighten any mood☺️ She loves taking her baby dolls for a walk in the park! And man just she love food! I couldn’t have asked for a better bestie by my side☺️💗
Abby is the most amazing daughter she has such a pure heart ❤️ she loves Jesus loves going to church and working with the daycare!
She Loves To Cuddle & Blow Kisses❤️
Zoey loves to draw and hang out with her family.
Eliahna is the silliest, smartest, sassiest, most beautiful 2 year old. She loves to dance and learn. Please vote for her ❤️
Kynan is our sassy 2 year old, she loves her brothers, coloring and anything that Involves outside!
She is our little wildflower.. loves to give us big smiles and loves trying out new things.. she is such a silly little lady but shy at 1st
Bethany loves to play dress up and bake cookies with her momma and loves helping with her baby sister.. She is our little Bee
Ruby is so easy going and fun, she loves singing and dancing!