Baby Stories - 18


I’m Alayna and I’m almost 2 months old I hate being put down and I love my mommy🥰💗
This is Madison. She is smart, beautiful and has the perfect personality. She has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Let's show her how beautiful she is.
She loves to color make faces draw animals wants to become a veterinarian
She likes to draw color write poems skate makeup hair she wants to be a cosmetologist
Kylah is 4 months old. She drinks 6 oz bottles and is starting to test out baby food. She’s a happy smiley baby. She loves to play with her toys and chew on her fingers. She smiles so much and loves spending time with her family.
She’s as sweet as can be has a heart filled with love she smart kind and very easy to love please vote for her
Exxelia is an sassy 5 month year old! Loves to yell and play with her brother. She is very observant and gets she when you smile at her.
She loves playing with her toys, walking in her walker and eating all kinds of foods☺️ she is the most happy baby ever!
Justice is a comedian, she loves to make people laugh. She loves her baby sister and french fries. She also love to play outside
I’m 3 weeks old. I like to try to hold my head up and push myself with my feet already. I am a little sister. And I loved to be sung to.
Meredith is a sassy but vibrant little girl! Who loves momma and daddy❤️
Bevliana Millsap
Y’all should vote for my baby cuz she sweet, mischievous, kind, and a people person and loves everyone to talk to, ( well try to at least) 😂. But she is lovable and caring her face expressions tells her whole mood for the day!. Lol cause she’s so silly 🙃 She likes and loves most is trying to answer the phone when it rings and hold a conversation and really don’t know who it is most of the time lol 😂 she loves catching balls with her siblings ect. She loves dancing n she don’t like some toys but only some light up toys yes she is a character in her own way🥰 A sassy and sweet 1 year old, loves to listen to music and watching people dance. 10/10 will steal your heart.
Charlee is an amazing NICU baby with a terrible delivery where she almost lost her life she’s still here and thriving!
Timber is always full of smiles, she loves time with her Fur-brother. Bright eyed and bushy tailed every morning, she coo's with the sweetest little voice. 2 months old and already pulls herself up and rolls herself over! So strong and sweet, she'll steal your heart right away!
My rainbow baby Demé is a bubbly funny 5mo old who lights up the whole room when she laughs. Princess & the Frog is her favorite movie! She also loves lemons & playing with her cousins. Demé is such a beautiful soul.
Phoebe is an active 9 year old with 2 older sisters to look up to. She loves animals and has lots of friends of all ages, phoebe has a soft spot for kids with disabilities and seems to understand them quite well and is always the first to befriend them. She loves to help them out. She also loves swimming and jumping on the trampoline.
Samara 14years young, love music 🎶 old soul! Sassy diva here I am! Stealing hearts and being kind is my thing❤️
Amirah is chalked full of personality, with a mischievous sense of humor. Her favorite activities include taking care of her baby dolls, doing puzzles, and reading. Her favorite book at the moment is “Brown Bear, Brown Bear.”
Paisley is such a smart, sweet & happy baby, she always has a smile on her face that lights up the whole room. She loves to talk, Grunt, and yell! She loves anybody that will show her attention, shes def not shy in the least! Please vote for our pretty girl!
Paiten loves to dance and play with her twin and two older brothers.
A sassy and sweet six month old, loves to listen to music and watching people dance. 10/10 will steal your heart.
Zoey love’s her mommy and daddy but her mommy is her best friend
Remi is so bright and full of life at almost 8 months old!!She has a twin brother who is her calm while she's my tornado.She loves screaming at the top of her lungs.She loves to talk and be talked to.Shes so smart and alert when it comes to new places.
Mariah loves to play with her favorite cousin and she loves her grandma and she loves baby’s
Amina has a big personality stuck in a little body. She has the most infectious laugh. Her kindness and smile will fix anything.
Eri was named after an Anime character and it means: my protector, my awake one, blessed with reason.
Hello my name is Hayden I'm 17 months old.... This is my first pageant and I hope not my last... I love playing outdoors, I like playing with my toys especially my kitchen and I'm a very loving little girl... I like to help my Mamaw and Gigi with laundry plus sweeping is my favorite ... So plz vote for me and the other participants we would really appreciate it... We need to share!! Thank you in advance!!
Ka’Ziyah is A very Active baby she is Definitely the Smartest at such a young age. She loves To watch Movies and Eat .
My name is Rania And i’m 2 month old. My hobbies are eating, sleeping and playtime with Mommy❤️ Vote for me to win this Amazing prize. Thank you
Miss Cadillac Lynn is an active little girl trying to keep up with her two older brothers! She’s full of smiles and loves being outside!
Seraphina is a very sweet girl. She loves to help. She loves to be outside with her cousins and with her animals. Her favorite thing to do is to build sand castles in her sand box. Seraphina wants to win because she wants to help her family and work on her self confidence and social anxiety.
Sophia is a smart girl for her age, she also is beautiful and she is very nice girl. She can be naughty at times like most kids are but she can be a sweet girl also. Sophia like playing outside and also likes playing with barbie's and babies. She also loves wearing dresses every day
Alaia is a happy baby who is constantly dreaming and smiling! She has beautiful big brown eyes that just melt you.
She is so full of energy, so loving and kind. But she has a sassy and bossy side to her as well! She loves to perform in front of others! Help her to win
Wy Circe
Hi my name is WyCirce (Wah Sir-see) I’m a sassy 6 month old twin to my brother ! I’m the oldest of course 🤗. I like to talk and sing while watching Cocomelon (my favorite) and smile, I like taking pictures and I’m learning to crawl ! Watch out world I’m getting mobile 💕
Laila loves to talk laugh and her smile will just melt your heart. She’s just a very happy baby. She loves to dress up and take pictures. She will also grab anything Minnie Mouse So, Now for sure I know she loves Minnie Mouse. Laila also loves being in water.
Lilly Mae
When she was born she weighed 3 pounds she had a long fight and she did it, when she was 16 months old she lost her daddy he would be so proud of her she, is very funny smart, loves to talk to people, she has a heart of gold, she has a very special angel by her side Her Daddy
Sierra loves life and her smile could light up the darkest of shadows. She's has a sweet, bubbly personality and is a joy to all her family. She also eats all of her veggies and loves them. ❤
Isabella is a very smart bright funny little girl and she loves to push her older sisters buttons 🤣
She is so happy and always smiling. She loves playing and watching her big brother🥰
Hi everyone I’m Zyah! I love the ocean, animals, and watching lion king. I growl yess that’s my thang.
My beautiful daughter came a surprise a month early and is such a little learner. She is super active and loves to play and learn new things.
Kalani was born at just 26 weeks and 2 days. She is a fighter. Kalani and her brother where in the nicu for 3 months. We finally where able to bring her home last week.
Kaylee is an 11 year old, Tourette’s syndrome warrior. She doesn’t let anything get in her way!
Paisley is 3 months old! She was born on January 1st, the first baby of the year in our county! She is always so so happy & she loves watching Garfield. ❤️
Janeice is a very happy , healthy , and loveable baby! She has a smile ,and a laugh that will brighten up anybodys day . She enjoys naps ,movies /naps with mommy, walks , and yummy snacks like different fruits and sometimes yogurt. She also loves to play and warm hearts.