Faith loves to dance and worship the Lord she is very strong willed and loves Jesus she will stop and pray for you anytime she is beautiful inside and out 🫶
Tora is a wild and free spirit. She loves her dance classes and her family and friends. She is always with her mom and grandma and loves her dog Hank. She enjoys being her free and wild self and has so much energy and is always on the go. She loves to learn new things and put her imagination into pictures that she loves coloring and letting it run wild.
EXCHANGE/ADVANCE VOTES WELCOMED!! Comment your votes!! Kalani is an amazing 6 year old with a heart of gold. She loves being surrounded by family and spreading love to anyone she comes in contact with. She’s extremely smart, outgoing, and cheerful. Speaks kind Words that heal anyone’s broken spirit. She prays, she speaks positivity, and she sees only the best in everyone. Kalani wants to be a lawyer and drive a pink Lamborghini. VOTE KALANI
Eire is smart loves Gabby doll house is learning sign language loves her friends and family favorite color is pink she loves animals and the outdoors she's a wonderful kid and so interested in learning new things can be bossy too lol
Serena likes to play outside and she likes to play on her tablet. She enjoys her 2 sisters.
Evee is full of life she loves her dolls she treat them like real babies
💕👑💕THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT ONCE AGAIN, ME AND CATALIYA APPRECIATE YOU ALL FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT YOUVE SHOWED US THESE PAST FEW MONTHS. WE COULDN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU ALL. WE ARE SO BLESSED TO HAVE MET SO MANY AMAZING PEOPLE ALONG THIS JOURNEY. THANK YOU AND WE WILL BE AT YOURS TO SHOW OUR SUPPORT BACK WITH GIFTS🎁🥰. WE WILL BE TAKING A BREAK TO MAKE RETURNS AND FOCUS ON BIDIBOO NOW. BUT WILL BE BACK SOON💕👑💕PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO LIKE MY PRINCESS PAGE FIRST 💕👑💕 My queen Cataliya is an extreme ball of fire and can light up any room and certainly is not to shy in front of any camera. Cataliya has a heart of gold and even though shes young she loves to help those in need. Everyone who has come across this angel say she's absolutely amazing and is going to go far in life. This girl is not just a beauty but has the brains to go along. She excels in everything she puts herself in including school and her extra activities. She always tells us when she grows up she wants to do good in the world and be known not for what she is but her work. She wants to be a doctor and discover new discoverys. Or because she loves animals would work with animals too. Make my baby girls dreams come true. All her winnings will go to her college fund when shes older and of course whatever she desires as well as help supporting animals like our koko and caring for them and finding them homes as we have done for our koko ourselves. Thank you
Scarlett is a happy little red headed baby. She is very strong for her little body! She loves her brother and sister (dogs) as they always make sure she’s okay!
Luana has the most joyful personality unless she’s hungry 😂❤️ She was born with a beautiful birth mark (aka) “stork bite” on her little eyelid
Armani Is Our Oldest Child And The Best Big Sister To Her Two Brothers ! She Definitely Has The Attitude Of 20 Year Old Lol She Loves To Be Outside And Do Gymnastics And Acts Like She Runs Everybody ! She Has The Biggest Heart ! ❤️
Lei’lani Brielle was born one day late, she is one month old and is just now becoming vocal. She is starting to laugh and “coo”. She loves to stare at her daddy while he is talking and loves the Christmas tree. 🎄 she also loves to hear mommy talk to her in the mornings!
Rosalie is smart 8 year old love play and love go to church and is a caring girl she love her farm animals love spend time with her family
Cari is smart, very fun and full of life, she has a lot of energy and she’s very photogenic. She loves eating good food. She also loves being a big sister to her 11 month old brother Cyrus.
Liberty is a beautiful intelligent younge lady. Who loves eating raymon noodles and drawing anime.She loves watching Miraculous, My Little Ponies,and anime.Liberty is very out spoken friendly, and funny and kind hearted, and loves all kinds of animals.Liberty will definitely put a smile on your face when she goof's around, when she makes her funny, goofy faces.Best part of Liberty is that she accepted Jesus into her heart ❤️
Brooklyn loves family and friends she loves the beach and she also loves unicorns
Naomi is such a smart and incredible little girl and she loves mermaids the beach and anything to do with the outdoors
Sarah is 5 years old, she loves to play dress-up, loves being outside, Sarah is a sweet and caring little girl.
Oakley is a sweet 13 month old. She loves to talk dance and play with her dogs.
Aloura ( meaning god is light) is the sweetest, most cheerful, beautiful 5 month old you’ll meet. She’s a little foodie. She loves smiling and listening to music Sesame Street is her new thing.
Alaya is a very brilliant little lady. She love nature's beauty and is an absolute artist. She is an amazing person with a make you laugh personality 💖. Looking forward to sending more pictures of this beautiful child.
Barclay June is such a sweet sassy little soul! She is incredibly smart, and is the best big sister to her 6-month-old baby brother! She loves all things outside, especially her swing and playing in the dirt! She loves to sing and count to 10. Her favorite toy is her whole kitchen. She will cook and make drinks in her kitchen all day long! Her favorite show is Peppa Pig and she has already learned all the songs and when they will be singing them. Barclay is so much fun and she's the best in every way!
Meet Isabelle a sassy sweet loving little girl who is 6 years old and love's to be outside playing.
She is a beautiful strong little miracle that we thought nobody thought she was gonna make it through, but she fought and made it and now she ibrings happiness and joy to anyone that sees her.
She was born October 2 2023 n she is a miracle baby cuz I didn’t know I could get pregnant again cuz I got into a bad car wreck a car physically hit me so yea I’m so thankful to have her n god sent her to me n she is adorable n she keeps me up all night but I love her so much I’ll do anything n everything for her n she don’t leave my side
Nova has so much character ,she is a very happy baby she loves to watch Futurama, and listen to Morgan Wallen , and Aerosmith . She is one of a kind swetheart .
Lariyah is the best she super smart, loves to smile and try to talk back. It is my first child and she is absolutely beautiful no one ever excepted to be what she is now, it was a long journey from begining of pregnancy to now! She definitely deserves a vote, espically after just coming earlier last month from being in the nicu. she made it!! She high fives, and does her best even at her young age! VOTE FOR LARIYAH!
Hannah is a kind, gentle, gracious, fun loving and outgoing and mature for her age normal child. She loves spending time with her friends and teaching her friends when they need help with some thing and she is into gymnastics, ballet and loves to rock climb! She is a favorite in her class and she absolutely loves everything to do with rainbows, mermaids and exercise! Hannah enjoys when mommy reads to her every night and has beautiful penmanship at such an early age! Let's make her a star! ⭐️
She’s just 3 months old and already she has so much to say, such a spicy little attitude with a face of an Angel. She just makes the world a better place. Anyone who gets the pleasure to meet her will tell you the same. She will melt your heart ❤️
Naomi is the most sweetest spoiled baby ever!😍
Paizli Truth is a total Sagittarius who adapts to any human she comes into contact with and she loves music! At times she’ll play her little piano toy and sing at the same time! This little red head has so much love & laughter to share it’s hard to not want to be in her presence at all times! As delicate and sweet as she may be she is quick to get loud and loves a good grueling contest! She’ll win every time!
This is Sariyah she is 4 months old.Her daddy is her favorite person along with her older cousin Easton. She loves nature documentaries and loves being told how beautiful she is.
Brielle sue rose 🌹 almost 5 months old. Loves watching pets , and her mommy, daddy , brothers a sisters . Loves attention 🖤
Makayla Just turned 3 Months old she was Born August 13 yes she’s a Leo ♌️ baby girl, Makayla loves her Kendamil organic milk, Minnie Mouse Bowtoons and Ms.Rachel she’s a very happy baby please vote for my Makayla ❤️
Brynn loves to go to gymnastics and dance. She is a very loving sister to two siblings. Brynn has to best heart!!
Bella is an outgoing kid she is vary kind. She loves activities such as dance, track and, hanging with friends. She LOVES to cook she makes rely yummy food. When she is older she wants to be a dancer. She has 4 siblings 2 sisters and 2 brothers witch she loves very much!
Cambree is such a spunky toddler who has the biggest personality!!
Olivia is energetic and independent. When we are outside, you will find her naming her surroundings and running around like crazy. She is always doing something, whether that be building with her blocks, or playing with the cats. Her smile and laugh will make you want to smile along.💚🖤
She love's to take a bath , she's a cooer, she loves Christmas lights
I'm 8 months old and I love my mommy and daddy and siblings
Very calm and collected,loves to talk and smile! Never a dull moment!
Everlie is one of the most peaceful 1 month year old there is. She doesnt fuss to much except when she gets hungry. She loves to stare at everyone she meets and absolutely love take naps next to our husky who instantly attached to her once when brought her home from the hospital.
She knows how to crawl, she loves doing patty cake, and she loves getting into everything.
Hello! My name is adelia I’m 5 months old! I love my daddy and my big brother! My favorite thing to do is eat my toes ❤️
Aleena likes to draw and build stuff. Shes such a sweet girl.
Helloooo my name is Kinsley and I am 4 months old with 3 holes in my heart! I love to smile and laugh with my mommy and daddy! I also love to watch my big brother.