so cute .
Jaylani Loves To Smile And Be A Part Of What Ever Is Going On Around Her 😊💜
This is Adelaida. She is 18 months old and loves her adrenaline going! She loves to climb and jump on anything she can possibly can regardless on how many times mom says “You better not!” She’s just a happy baby ready to explore 🥰❤️
Take a second and vote for this little ball of spunk and sass!
Louann is fun and outgoing girl she love’s to play outside, dance and play with her big sister and brother
Baby Nylah was born September 3 2021 she loves to giggle and mock gestures❤️ She loves bananas 🍌 and potatoes
Mareli LOVES attention ❤️ Lol of course, she’s a girl right? 😂 You’ll always catch her smiling! She does NOT like baby food, definitely skipped that stage. She loves the boobie though 😂 Sweetest baby ever ❤️ My chunky monkey! LOVES her big brother Leo!
She’s loves her sweet potatoes and she loves to jump and she smiles every chance she gets ☺️
Evelynn loves mommy and daddy and says it all the time she so beautiful. My heart and soul 😘💕
Kinsley is the happiest little girl! She loves to dance, she loves to run around with her brother, loves to play outside! She’s the sassiest and sweetest little girl!
Jj is smart very funny. She's my tomboy that can get so darn cute dressed up. She loves kids wants to be a kindergarten teacher. Favorite color is black. She loves skateboarding, swimming, dancing especially Tik tok
Payton stella faye. 💗 My petite princess weighing only 19 pounds. She may be small but she if full of so much happiness. 💗
Baileigh is 3years old she is beautiful,smart, and likes to eat pizza
Ivy is a very bright and energetic social butterfly! She loves making friends and is one of the happiest kids I’ve seen! 🎀
R'Egan is 2years old she like to sit in the bed and eat captain crunch cereal while watching SpongeBob
Yetzibel is 4 year old. Yetzibel loves to learn new things . She also love teaching both of her brothers different things. Yetzibel loves to play at her Nana's and at her cousins house. she loves watching doc McStuffins and frozen and frozen 2 she loves to sing and dance
Little Laurel loves her two puppy dogs, bath time, and long walks with Mommy and Daddy.
Indie is the happiest 4 year old I have ever met.She is also the most caring. She is a great big sister, and a great helper for her mom when it comes to the baby! She lives to sing and dance.
Alaina loves to talk, laugh, and is a very happy baby.
Lila was born on Tuesday 2/22/2022 a week early. She is an adorable and happy baby, who loves smiling and laughing at her big sister.
Samantha is fun! Exciting. She never lets anything stop her. She loves to sing. Loves her guitar. She just makes everyone so happy
Serenity is the most outgoing little girl! She has the kindest soul. Her favorite thing to do is playing outside with her puppy Zues 🐾
HI! I'm Addalyne. I was born 10 weeks early! I was 2 lbs 9 oz. I spent 87 days in the NICU! I'm home with mom and dad now! My favorite tv show is spirit. I can sit up by myself now! I get my tummy tube taken out soon! I love to play with mom all day and cuddle with dad at night. My favorite food is bananas. I enjoy shaking my head no,walks,yelling/talking, and cuddles. Well it was nice to talk to you. Have a good day!
Ellaria is a bright day of sunshine, she’s caring loving and very photogenic. She’s full of life and loves to sing and dance. She loves watching Disney movies with her baby brother , cuddling and eating candy specifically mini m&ms. Ellaria loves the spot light and will do anything to be in it. Vote this beautiful smart talented loving babygirl!
Serenati is a very loving and happy 2 month old.
Delilah loves to laugh, she’s at the moment learning to walk she loves it! She loves her dad. She is such a loving baby! She loves to sing & dance!
Hello! Olivia “Livie” is almost 6 months old and loves to smile and play!
The sweetest baby that you can find with 2 month old she almost speak and is very very happy always
Cassidy is the sweetest little girl. She loves cats, LOL dolls and reading Junie B Jones books.
Our little pinto bean baby is just the happiest baby you’ll see! She’s always smiling and making herself heard, you only get to be a child once and she’s making the best out of it!
She is very helpful and loves to help people. Loves to draw,and she is doing hip hop classes. She is a very sweet little girl.
This little girl smiles all the time. Is extremely talkative and loves to dress up
Texas is our miracle baby, who has grown into the beautiful fun loving toddler we adore so much. She loves all animals and her trucks ♥️
Makayla is a sweet loving girl she has a heart of gold and trys to do anything for anybody and she loves her family
Isabella Marie
Isabella is a spunky , busy outdoors kinda girl . She loves playing with her dog Daisy Mae . She loves to help cook , and loves going to school . She also loves being a big sister .
Sophia is my little sweeheart , shes sensitive , loves her daddy and loves cuddles . Shes learning to walk and loves to watch mama cook .
Rowey is just a firecracker who came out loving being called beautiful girl. Rowey loves the camera is full of energy, and personality! Already with sitting up and saying dada under her belt. Rowey loves to lounge around all day all while eating healthy of course.. (Pea’s and carrots, applesauce) Rowey enjoys laughing, playing, Mickey Mouse and eating. Her favorite thing to do is eat! Vote for Rowey June.🤩🥰
Willow is a sassy little girl who loves to dance and talk all day!
McKenzy loves to paint, dance, sing, and play. She's a real princess who loves doing her hair and nails. Always smiling and is the best big sister ❤️
She’s loves to dance and anything music. She has a smile that’ll light up a room. She loves her mommy. Loves music and Minnie Mouse more then anything.
Joellyn is a sweet girl she loves to play with her brothers blocks she loves being outside
Guinevere is a happy 3 month old who loves her family.
Kinsley is a very smart & funny girl💛 She loves Minnie Mouse & cuddling with her mommy
Aubree Parrish
She is so amazing and adorable. She is a blessing.
Grumpy most of the time. Loves to be walked around.likes when people talk to her.She is starting to smile and make cooing sounds.