Baby Stories - 17


Paizley is a beautiful 3 year old girl. She came into this world too early and so tiny, but has proven that strength and determination will get you where you need to be! She is a so smart, sweet, kind and compassionate and is my little momma helper to her baby brother! Her smile can brighten anyones day and I hope she can put a smile on your face!
Lia Sofia is a happy girl, she enjoys playing with her brother dog, she also play with mammy’s makeup.
This lil precious gem is 3 yrs old going on 30. She is rambunctious, loud, funny, clumsy, outgoing, a lil daredevil and just loves life…. Talking to her you would think your talking to an adult with all the sass in her mouth but she will surely capture your hearts just as she captured ours the day she was born… we love you Bean! (Ella)
Makaylan Rose Marie
Beautiful inside and out 🥰 she like mommy more then daddy lol her smile lights up the room no matter where she is . She was born on her daddy’s birthday October 8th. She’s just a lovable baby girl who loves to snuggleb💜
Her smile lights up the room💕. She LOVES CocoMelon.
Ava Camila
Ava Camila, the little sister of 2 brothers that protect and adore her very much! The beautiful baby girl mommy always longed for & already has daddy wrapped around her whittle finger!🥰
Raven is a very outgoing, sassy and fun little girl! She loves dogs, baby dolls and dancing.
She loves to sing and dance!
She’s the sweetest always smiling at you🥺 loves kicking her feet and talking to you.
Briella was born at 11:11. ❤️ 👼 🇦🇱🇵🇷🇵🇹 she was taken immediately to the nicu (after I gave birth so i was only able to hold her for a minute…) for almost two weeks because of her shoulder almost breaking as well as her choking on the fluids. My angel has been so strong and immediately with the help of the amazing nurses at the Presbyterian they helped nurse her into the little chunky girl she is today. I’m thankful everyday for my baby girl growing up healthy 🥺❤️ She is the most loving, hilarious, snuggle worthy, sassy, adorable girl I know. She loves snuggles, but don’t snuggle her too much as she doesn’t like to be told what to do or feel restrained 🤣 (sometimes I wonder It she was a kitty in a past life lol). My angel has changed my life for the better. You truly don’t know love until you have a child of your own. She has lit up my life in ways I never knew were possible. Her best friends are Elmo and Minnie Mouse. She enjoys random dance breaks throughout the day and walking and throwing all of moms stuff on the floor. 😁💕
Calliope Rhayne
She’s got three* sisters she loves to play with. She’s just learning to walk. Loves to play with her puppy she loves the outside her favorite song is 5 little duck and fancy like and She like to dances and likes bath time!
Natalya is very creative, she loves to watch any thing that moves and plays music. For her to have Turner syndrome she’s a smart little girl
Shadow brings the most to the table, she’ll bring the sass, the love, and so much more. Her favorite snack is Cheetos and her favorite thing to do is scratch chairs or sleep in the sunlight. She’s so lovable and has come so far ❤️
She is so sweet and loves to laugh and smile and try to talk to you🤗
Loves to play and sing, and loves her brothers.. she is such a big hearted little girl who is sassy and stubborn and thinks she is one of the boys and likes to show her muscles😂🥰
Bella loves to help with her sister she is a very smart out going young lady
D’Mariah is a very happy ,sweet ,energetic fun loving baby who enjoys playtime and quality time with her mommy and sisters . Her bright eyes lights up a room . She is all smiles and laughs except when she’s teething of course 😂 other than that just a normal super adorable 10 month old!
Miracle is a happy bundle of joy, she enjoys anything banana, And she enjoying watching 5 little ducks while playing with her toys.
Mazie June
Mazie June is a happy outgoing 2 year old. Her bright red hair and light blue eyes make her just as spicy as that little personality she has.
Malani is smart, outgoing, & very goofy. she’s a little diva with kind attitude❤️
Brooklynn loves to draw and dance
Eleanor-Jane, or Ellie, is a happy baby. She is a smart, funny and talkative 5 month old. She is adored by her family, and lights up any room she is in.
My name is Journey. I am from Camden, NJ. I am 2 years old. I love people. I am sweet and kind. I am very smart. I know a little ASL. I can count to twenty. I can say my ABC’s. I can identify 20+ animals just by sound. I like scrambled eggs, mandarins, and candy. I love dinosaurs. My favorite show is Umi Zumi. My favorite people are my cousin RJ and my Da-Da. I love to dress pretty. I love to have my finger and toe nails painted. I love babies. I love animals. I am extremely friendly. Vote for me please! =)
Harper is a ball of fire. She loves puppies and eating snacks. She climbs anything she can and makes quick getaways.
The sweetest smiley little baby ❤️ Hazel loves snuggles with her mama and daddy. Loves people watching and food. Her dogs are her favorite and can always make her smile 😁
🥰 I love to snuggle w my momma , love to be held , I love spending time with my family members .I make funny facial expressions , my smile is contagious ☺️& I love to play outside
Chasity is a smart and loving 3 month old. Loves any and everyone. Havent yet to meet someome who hasnt fell inlove with this sweet child
Rose loves her swing, and is a daddy’s girl!
Baby girl is pretty new to this world, but so far we have learned she loves to eat and sleep! She is also a pretty big on mommy and daddy❤️❤️
I’yonest is 4 months old 💕 her smile will brighten your day! I’yonest is loving! I’yonest is playful! & most importantly I’yonest is a busybody! lol 💕 I’yonest is doing things beyond her age rank & im proud of my baby! I’yonest also goes by yonipooh 💕 & she LOVES when you call her pretty 🥰
Kamyiah is a beautiful soul, she is such a diva and has been that way ever since she was born, she always used to steal my heels and dresses and walk around the house with them on. She has the biggest heart ever she’s such a sweetheart. Definitely a full time animal lover. She loves art that’s her favorite subject. Everyday I’m blown away by something she teaches me. She’s going to be an amazing woman one day.
Adelina is such a diva, she loves to look and feel pretty. She loves putting on makeup, dancing and singing; as well as outdoor play and playing with her LOL dolmas. She also loves to draw and is a great student in school. 👑🌻🌟
She a sweet happy baby love for you to kiss in hug on her she spoiled rotten A beautiful princess baby
My name is Arya I am 3 months old love being outside watching bama football lots of colors! Love my swing and anything that rattles! I’m a ball of energy and don’t want to miss anything!
Dakota is 6 months loves her parents and enjoys playing with her stuff teddy Foxy. She enjoys eating chicken and veggies. She will vote for vote
She is a amazing girl and loves her family
Our little babygirl is the sweetest girl ever. We love her so very much! She is our everything ❤
Maelynn is a very sweet baby, at just 2 months old she has such a big personality. She loves kisses, cuddles, and sticking her tongue out at people.
This is Oakley! She just turned 1 year old!! She is: ♡Walking everywhere / running ♡Getting into everything ♡Always want to be outside and on the ground ♡Dig in the dirt like a puppy ♡Trying to climb up on the couch ♡Climb on everything we can get on ♡Saying: no, momma, Daddy, hi, hiya, snacks, thank you, yeah, bye bye ( iy iy), cat (tat), yum, Nana (banana), hot, baba (bottle), all done, sissy, night night, kitty, gigi, what's that, doggy, puppy, bellybutton, mimaw, BABY, and shit ♡laughs when you say and show her a duck, panda bear, and bunny ♡Always laughing at sissy and always wanting to be with sissy ♡ shaking our head no ♡ obsessed with bellybuttons! ♡ trying to say our ABC's ♡ obsessed with books!! ♡ OBSESSED WITH BABIES!!!
Raelynn loves her bath time is always photogenic and loves to talk to you she loves eating fruit and loves snuggles.
Serenity is the beauty princess of the household ! Loves making it known that she’s beautiful , especially showing us her Sassy side with her little diva walk. Enjoys Bossing her big brother around. Her favorite color is purple , she loves her dollys, playing kitchen & everything cocomelon 💕🍉
Haylee is definitely a happy baby! She loves sweet corn and green beans and loves to roll over!! She absolutely loves watching Blues Clues!
Evalette is 5 years old. She is a wild and sweet child. She loves playing outside with her sisters.