Graylyn is such a sweet girl she loves helping people she believes she can change the world
Penny is as sweet as she is sassy! She loves to stick out her tongue and try to mimic your facial expressions during wake time!
Adelynne is a sassy diva that loves unicorns and spidey Gwen.
Alice loves to sing and play dress up. She enjoys story time and playing with her siblings. Alice wants to be a doctor when she grows up and is currently working hard in second grade to reach her dream.
Sadie Rose
Our Sadie is as sassy as she is beautiful! Held her head up day one and has been blowing us away ever since. She loves Bluey, Mickey Mouse, her toys, her dogs Bailey & Cash and her family!
Maci loves stitch and riding her bike. She is always getting awards at school and helping her siblings with homework. Maci is wants to be a zoologists when she grows up!!!
Klara is such a happy & sweet baby!🤍
Jadis is very kind won Kindness awards 3 years in a row very loveable likes to make people laugh Very Sweet Very Opinionated
She loves sleeping and has the funniest facial expressions. Please vote for us!
Emma has a wild spirit with a sweet soul! She loves princesses and her favorite color is pink! Shes loves all animals and would keep them all if she could. She is smart, loving, and sassy.
Aubree is a unicorn & rainbow lovin, lip-gloss poppin, dress twirlin, cheesy smilin, all hugs n lovin little girl!! She is compassionate and kind, loves to read and do anything craft realated!
Beautiful, smart, love to dance, 2Years old
Es muy alegre le gusta bailar y no habla pero le gusta cantar sigue el ritmo de la musica
She’s all beauty and brains for sure! She shows so much care for others and always makes sure she tells family how much she loves them and helps anyone and everyone out in anyway possible❤️ She is a true princess at heart❤️
Antonia is 5 years old loves to learn play & be silly! She’s a smart funny kind caring young lady with a very impressive vocabulary for a five year old. Her personality is truly one of a kind!
Looks like an angel but don’t let that pretty face fool yah 😅 she’s a sassy one.
Isabella is very girly girl and very sassy she love all things pink and sparkly her favorite animal is cats kitty was even her first word
Let me tell you Jaylynn is very outspoken. Her vocabulary is very impressive for a 4 year old. She loves pink. She’s funny but very strong minded. she loves flowers,bubbles,animals and her baby brother
I love to smile and laugh at my big brother especially and love to watch SpongeBob because all the colors
Harper is amazing she has her own personality funny ,cute ,independent.She is one of a kind. She loves outside goin to the park an also watching mickey if u would like my page cause it will help get votesto
Carley Ann
She loves the outdoors and she has the biggest heart in the world. And she loves everyone always smiling and happy
A miracle from above, she’s the happiest baby ever ! She loves attention and people so much! She makes peoples day all the time when we are out and about!
Paisley is Kinsley twin, she is the sassy one and try’s to be the center of attention. She loves to make her voice herd, watching Minnie Mouse and playing
Kinsley is a twin if paisley, she has a loving smart personality. She loves to dance to any music she hears.
Layla loves cocomelon & dancing she also loves to play pretend cook
She loves drawing! Dancing, sonic! Always laughing 🫶
Angelia is a 14 ye old Geurgous lil woman!!!She is very bright and adores her brothers and sisters. She loves dressing up and she can't be without her eyelashes lol.She is a great baker. But JST don't get on her bad side because she may be small BT she can stand her ground!! She loves being with her friends enjoys dancing.loves tic tok lol
Stella is very outgoing once you get her out of her shell. She loves gymnastics, swimming & learning! She loves hanging with her little brother and playing with her two dogs.
Lorelei loves smiling, cuddles, and naps with mommy!
Forever love to read and play Sing and dance I’m pretty inside and out VOTE FOR ME Thank you
She loves watching bluey, strawberry shortcake, and doc mcstuffins and loves being talked to.
Sage is....S for Sassy, A for Amazing, G for Genuine&& E for Exquisite! My love! 🦋She will be anything in this world that her heart desires 🦋 Please vote for Sage!
Ally is what we call this beauty and she is my first baby my smart loving child. Her hobbies are dancing, signing and making tik toks. 🫶💗
Anavae is the most sweetest yet funny, loving little 5 yr old you can meet. Her hobbies are dancing, singing & playing with her big sissy 🫶💗
Vote for my granddaughter. She’s a very smart 4 year old. She loves telling you bout her family. She loves when she can spend time with her cousins. She’ll sing her favorite Coco Melon songs. Her favorite color is pink. She loves Poppy from Trolls. She also loves Minni Mouse.
Liliana is a beautiful good hearted little girl she loves dolls. She loves Peppa Pig. She loves her big brother she loves her family she’s a sweetest little thing ever made.
Jenae Nicole
We call je’nae Gordy girl, she loves food, she loves talking your ear off, she can say mama, dada, papa and her giggle is soooo contagious!!
Olivia was born on September 08 2021 and she was over 2 months premature. She had a rough start to her life but now she is soaring in all her milestones and is happy as can be. She loves animals and babys , her favorite time is breakfast <3
Ruth Ann
RuthAnn loves to cuddle and look around. She recognizes the voices her of family! She loves to listen to Bluey, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton. She loves to be worn in the wrap by Mommy and when Mommy dances with her! She is our rainbow baby and we love her so much!!
Emerie attends dance class, full of sass, and attitude.
This is our beautiful baby girl Emmy. She is always smiling and happy. She was born with Vacterl. Just because most ppl don't know what it is... It is a Custer of problems she has dislocated knees and hips, club foot, duplicated kidney, her spinal column only goes to T7 and an artery that is misplaced. Despite all the things she has going on she is still so happy and hilarious. Please vote for my beautiful girl. Thank you
Andreya is a fun loving very outgoing 2yr old,she is the youngest of her sisters and brothers.she is a Daddy's girl to the fullest.she is tiny BT she always seems to get her point across lol.she adores her big grey tabby cat,which is bigger then her haha.but when she's mad nothing changes her mind unless u got some kinda food she loves.
Zavina Leigh
Zavina loves dancing and singing! She's so smart and sassy girl and loved by her family. She loves going to the beach and having fun. Shes excited to go to kindergarten this year and meet friends! Pls vote for my Zavina. Thank you!
Kinleigh enjoys playing with Barbie’s, coloring, dress up, and spending time with her cousins! She is shy at times but we are working on opening up! Please help her come out of her shell more by voting for her natural pictures!
My first baby girl after 3 boys, calm baby loves when you talk to her and likes to look at colorful lights 💗
Ariyah is a very much happy baby she loves smiling and loves making other ppl laugh including her brothers ❤️ 💖
Hav never meets a stranger and loves everyone she’s so smart and learning something new everyday! Vote for our sweet girl!
A Skylynn is a very bright energetic ray of sunshine. She wants to be a princess when she grows up. She is always the life of the party.