Ta'Nyrah is full of life & I mean full.. She very smart & crafty with her hands she loves to design & draw picture's. Ta'Nyrah loves math, she love to sing,dance,cook & etc..she's so very outgoing and very outspoken & she always eager to learn a new stuff.❤️😘😘❣️❣️❣️💖
Azrael is a sweetheart who loves people. She has the biggest and brightest smile that can turn anyones frown upside down. She likes cruising in her stroller around Disney Springs and the mall, looking at all the people. Her favorite toy is Nūby the Lion and her Minnie Mouse book. She loves her Daddy more than anything in the world.
Ja'Zyrah have a lot of energy,she loves to read & act like somebody mother lol. She amazing,sweet,caring,family oriented, &etc.. Ja'Zyrah love to cook,dance,write poems & very creative. Don't vote for Ja'Zyrah caused I asked,vote because y'all know my love bug is a lovely little rose..My daughter is my everything, She means the world to me. She’s like a little flower, And busy as a little bee. Daughters are the sunshine, That comes after the rain. A bright beacon of hope, When not much joy remains. Daughters are blessings, A rare coveted few. And few love their daughters, The way I love you.
Hailey Samuel is very smart, intelligent, very outspoken. She loves to meet new friends , love skating & just like being a happy kid. Full of life & suprises. I believe that you should vote for her , is because she’s beautiful 😍
Loves to smile, put toys in her mouth, stretch foot up to mouth, and try to roll over!
Addison loves cheering, dancing and Jojo siwa
She’s a sweet little girl who loves to give everybody a hug
Ariana is currently 5 months, she loves to watch coco melon, and spending time with mommy and daddy! She also had a tiktok account @arina.anahii
She likes to play with her sister and with her toys. She has the most adorable laugh
Kinley is 9 months old, loves her daddy and mommy, pattycake, chickens and talking.
Raven loves LOL dolls and playing with her sister.
Kylie is my two month old blue eyed princess! She’s very talkative and loves music, Cinderella, and Minnie Mouse! She’s sweet and cuddly and loves to smile at everybody!
Sofia loves to dance, laugh, and play with her brothers. Her favorite movie is Encanto and she loves to dress up like Mirabel.
Love dancing and singing…nothing stops her joy. Loves to tell others she is happy. Foodie enthusiast!!!
Madison Rae is 9 months old. She loves to play in water. She has a smile that will melt your heart and beautiful blue eyes. She is such a happy baby girl ❤️
Raelynn is just starting out to this she is very sassy and was born a preemie at 5 pounds. She loves her dog and to be outside
Mia is full of energy and loves to smile! She’s very chatty and will babble with you all day long!
This is Leia she is 7 yrs old and Is a very sassy girl , she loves to laugh and say silly jokes her favorites are plush toys . She’s very smart talkative lil lady that will steal ur heart with her lil smile
Adorable, funny, happy, sweet, lovable,
Hello my name is Harlow.I am in 4th grade,AB honors roll for the last 3yrs.I love acting and modeling .I love animals maybe i will be veterinarian some day I have 4 cats one that is mine his name is Moe.Well guess tgats it for now Thanks
Ayomi is a gorgeous and goofy little 2 month old girl that loves milk, her family, and watching Minnie Mouse
My name is Denise Elizabeth Davis. She's 1 year old and a mess. I love to look at books, play outside and get dirty, I love to eat, and play with my brothers. Love to cuddle with my mom and dad.
Stella is 6 months & 20lbs full of sass & happiness. She loves to jump, sit up and eat all the food.
She loves to eat and playing outside and she’s her pepaw. She is a happy, funny, and playful kid.
Kiera really enjoys fishing, hunting, helping at animal shelter, loves helping out around senor centers, ect. You should vote for her because she loves helping around the city, and has an organization set up to help the school become a better place around Wisconsin.
Mary Jane
MaryJane is outgoing and full of energy. She loves to dance and sing. Her favorite show is Trolls.
Marissa makes friends wherever she goes. She loves to spread joy by dancing and singing.
Arianna is a twin, her twin is a boy. She is loving, caring and a happy little girl. She loves ❤️ Preschool and she loves her family. We love her to death. Look at that smile!
Kayleigh, better known as Kaybug. She is a very happy little girl she keep you on your toes. She a dancer and love ❤️ every moment of it. Look at that smile.
Zanijah has an imagination beyond most! she is a unique little girl that loves to use her sophisticated mind to explore her own self, and new things. She’s extremely loving,sweet, & affectionate! But don’t let all that fool you because, she has sass where the sass is needed!
Charlee is a very outgoing smart girl! She loves to sing an dance! She’s only be in the pageant 3times an loves it!
Karmen is so smart and loves to talk. She loves to dance and do cartwheels. She absolutely adores her baby sister Kalise.
Kayleigh Lexus
Kayleigh is a makeup and jojo siwa loving kind of gal. She loves to play outside and get muddy she aint afraid to have fun. She is a very smart girl and very well behaved. She is the sweetest girl you will ever meet.
She’s very energetic girl, never get tired! You can obviously tell that she was force to smile in this picture to get her ice cream.
Dyvine is an amazing and loving child. She loves to dance and be the best princess she can be. She is a talented young girl with an amazing heart.
Hi my name is Cayli and I really love to run around with my doggies. My favorite toy is a skeleton unicorn stuffed animal and i love to read my books.
She loves to dance, her favorite color is pink and she loves helping anyone in need
Aspen loves to smile at everyone and at everything! Shes a very chill baby, and loves shopping with her mama!
Kalise is our little Tuddy. She is smart, loving and cuddly. She has so much character
Everly is the the sweetest and funniest baby❤️ She is smiling all the time and loves to give kisses. She lights up the room anytime you’re around her. She loves doing things just just see your reaction and she’s always so interested in everything. She’s my biggest blessing❤️
She goofy sweet and sassy mixed all into one beautiful baby
Rosalia is a sweet heart , she loves her cartoon Abby Hatcher and loves when I read her books. she is silly and loves to smile and laugh . I voted for my daughter because she is such a sweet heart
Lucy loves posing for cameras. She is very involved in Girl Scouts. She also does plays and her school and cheer. She is a huge animal lover!
Cassia is fun and out going with an energetic spirit. She loves dancing, singing amd skating! Being silly is her specialty! She loves helping others and giving back to our local community
She Is Very Smart, Beautiful & Have Her Own Personality. ❤️ Her favorite color is pink. Her favorite person is her daddy! She loves going to school!
La'Maeya is a very energetic, Sassy girl! Shes happy all the time. Her favorite people, are her brother and sister.❤️