Baby Stories - 17


Stori is such a happy baby and loves to smile and will brighten up your day if your having a bad one.
Olivia is the happiest baby! She loves her blanket and bath time. Daddy is her favorite person. She has the best toothless smile and has a giggle that will melt your heart💜
Miss Kailee loves watching cocomelon, love to be read to and love hugs! She is the sweetest baby, very smart , a daddy’s girl for sure and doesn’t play about nap time or her food!
Karleigh Brooke is our beautiful,out going ,fun & loving 9 month old ! She loves her Daddy,Momma,Sisters & Brothers ! ❤️ She loves rice & gravy ,French fries ,swimming,bows & playing with her siblings ❤️ She always has a smile 🥰
soly loves to smile and drink her baba❤️🍼
Saylor is a love bug, she loves mommy & daddy snuggles! Saylor loves giggles and smiles.
avi loves watching coco melon and tik toks with her daddy. she has a smile that brightens up the whole room.
Vote for my 👸🏻 because she’s one of a kind, unique, and more. Her personality is words can’t describe. From the moment She was born, she’s always had a glow about her. You could feel it and see the glow wether she’s awake or sleeping, it’s like she’s giving you life of nothing but happiness and you are living and she never fails to put a smile on your face even on your worst day. I’ve been blessed with Gods greatest blessing of life which is to wake up and live again. She knows so much for a 3 year old she’s a comedian, actress without even trying to be, it’s just who she is. She is all her. It’s not the beauty on the outside but the beauty that’s inside her, her soul, her heart, just makes you melt with her glow, she’s a natural born not like many. She brings sparkles, love, laughter, new life etc. to your world.
A sweet little girl, whose one month old and a huge blessing to our family 💘
Shes a very sweet out going baby. With a wonderful personality that fits her so well. She had a challenging start but she doesn't let it get her down she just pushes on. She get stronger as she goes and enjoys life every day.
Iyarah is a healthy, smiling, loving baby that will always brighten up your day. She is filled with love and joy so PRECIOUS!!!!
Druleianyah is a very happy loving baby she is the youngest of 16 kids she has 11 sisters and 4 brothers her favorite fruit is banana her favorite thing to do is play time with her siblings
Aurora is one of the sweetest goofy babies you will ever meet. She loves making people happy and making funny faces. She's obsessed with baby shark and leaves. You should see her, "I have a leaf," smile, its so silly. She also really loves sharing her toys with her family, anything to make someone smile.
Elizabeth is a sweet little girl. She has a wonderful and Happy personality. She just loves everyone and puts a smile on everyone’s face. You can not have a bad day around her she just lights it up. She loves her baby dolls and playing outside with her babies. She will not leave the house with out one of her babies in hand 😆
Our Kynleigh Jayne is such a sweet addition to our family. She is always smiling, laughing, cooing. She loves her sisters. She loves life so much♥️
Blowing spit bubbles
Braelynn is a sweet, spunky 23 month old. She has a very large vocabulary for such a small child and she absolutely loves planes and poppy. She’s a fashionista, she loves to shop, dance, laugh and play with her doggy Oreo! Her favorite person is her daddy.
De’Arri loves to eat and she loves watching her puppy. She’s very smart , and she loves lights and colors.
Loves unicorns everything !! Loves pizza shrimp and spaghetti!!! Full of fun and crazy ness !!!!
LAEH’LA is 6 years old. She is very independent she loves to draw paint and color she loves her little brother she is a very smart little girl
I love playing with barbies. Listening to music and painting my nails. I’m shy, sweet & sassy. PS My obsession is chap stick & lip gloss.
She is a very calm and sweet little girl. I'm blessed to be her Mommy.
Lorelai is a adventurous and curious girl! She loves being outdoors and playing!
AJayleonna just turned 5months she loves oatmeal bottles , playing in her jumpy , and talking to daddy
She is so cute
Full of personality and life. Loves to laugh and tell everyone what to do. Can take a few steps by herself. Learning colors and number and letters. Strawberries and grapes are her favorite foods. Adventurous and curious abt the world. And her mommy lets her venture as long as its safe.
This beautiful girl is all smiles! She loves being silly and making funny faces! She is 5 months going on 8 months🥺Almost crawling and always babbling.
Arriana is the oldest of 3 siblings. She loves reading and weird mysteries. She is pretty awesome.
A bright, and funny little lady. Loves anything pink and any thing to do with princesses. She goes by the beat of her own drum!
My name is Malena Renee Campos , I am 3 years old and the 2nd oldest of 5. I am not in school yet but my mom helps me learn something new everyday. I enjoy playing dress up with my big sister , playing with my younger brothers, playing video games with my Dad, and helping my mom with my baby sister. My favorite thing to do is go to HEB with my mom. I love my family , eating food, being silly, and enjoying life. Vote for me!
Kaycee loves to help cook and loves to find different rocks outside. She has 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 4 geckos, that she loves to hold and show off. Her favorite snack is a banana and her favorite color is green.
Ti Ona
Ti’Ona is a happy baby that is very advanced she loves to talk smile and give people snuggles she brings joy to anywhere she goes☺️
My name is Marilynn Elizabeth Campos. I am 5 years old, and the oldest of 5 . I am a Kindergartener , and I love learning at school! My favorite things to do are play with my friends outside, swimming, drawing and going fishing with my Dad. I enjoy helping my mom with my younger siblings, helping my mom cook , and helping my mom clean the house. Vote for Me!
My Name is Maya Lorraine Campos, I am 3 months old. I was born a premie baby , and now I sure have made up for it. 😁I’m a southern sweetheart mixed with a little bit of Sass. I am the youngest of 5 and I love ALL the attention. I love my Family , I love to eat and sleep , and play with my siblings. I enjoy car rides , and being in the outdoors. My favorite thing to do is smile and spread love and happiness . Vote for Me!
Brynn is 2 years old and is a tiny princess! It is her world and we are just living in it! She loves playing dress up and playing outside and getting dirty. She loves animals and bugs, her favorite animals are sharks, cats, and snakes! She is a perfect mixture of sweet and sassy!
Jordann has been a miracle since day 1! She was pronounced a still born then miraculously revived all in her own. She spent the first month of her life in the NICU until she was able to finally come home. She had crushed every struggle that arose from her sensorineural hearing loss. She recently got her first cochlear implant after wearing hearing aids since she was 1 years old and it due to get her second implant in a few months. She is the most outgoing and driven young girl most have ever met. No matter what life throws at her she is up to the challenge! She is an amazing big sister to her younger brother, showing and teaching them how to be kind to others. Most of all, Jordanns light is easy felt by those around her and she is an abundance source of love for so many❤️
Harper is 6 months old and love everybody and everything! Her favorite things are; dad and mom, her doggy Memphis, and green beans. She is so smiley and happy all the time!
I’m Alayna and I’m almost 2 months old I hate being put down and I love my mommy🥰💗
This is Madison. She is smart, beautiful and has the perfect personality. She has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Let's show her how beautiful she is.
She loves to color make faces draw animals wants to become a veterinarian
She likes to draw color write poems skate makeup hair she wants to be a cosmetologist
Kylah is 4 months old. She drinks 6 oz bottles and is starting to test out baby food. She’s a happy smiley baby. She loves to play with her toys and chew on her fingers. She smiles so much and loves spending time with her family.
She’s as sweet as can be has a heart filled with love she smart kind and very easy to love please vote for her
Exxelia is an sassy 5 month year old! Loves to yell and play with her brother. She is very observant and gets she when you smile at her.
She loves playing with her toys, walking in her walker and eating all kinds of foods☺️ she is the most happy baby ever!
Justice is a comedian, she loves to make people laugh. She loves her baby sister and french fries. She also love to play outside