Ashley Nicole Edwards
Ashley is a loving 1 year old She loves play with her dolls She loves to have her nails and hair done She love to brush your hair
Cassi Rain
Cassi Rain is almost 3 years old and she is the sweetest & most loving big sister of 2 girls. She knows sign language and learns something new everyday. She loves her baby sisters and Blippi." She is definitely my little star⭐!
Kenzie Jay
Kenzie Jay is 22 months old and is very much a daddy's girl. She is a tiny thing but so very determined. She is smart and sweet as can be. She loves her big sister Cassi and she loves Cocomelon. She is very observant and awkward but that's what makes her special.
She has a good habit of sharing. She likes the dolls. She has an ability to play with number puzzle, letters puzzle , foam blocks and building blocks etc...
Winter is 2 months old, she loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, she was a born to a teen mom
Jade is an adventurous little girl that is on the go 24/7. She loves playing with mom and dad. Her favorite activities are playing on her slide and walks in her stroller. Her favorite movie is Trolls.
Gianna, loves to play baseball and dance ballet. She is a very sweet girl and very loving
Kemara is funny,loveable,she like cocomelon and is a spoiled brat.
Gabriella loves to dance, sing and perform her old cheer routines. You can also find her outside catching critters 🦎 or playing with one or more of the 7 dogs 🐕 if she wins, her goal is to buy a barbie dream house 🏠
Carolina Rosé
Carolina is a very happy and loving toddler, and is very much a tomboy and mommy an daddy are her world.She loves water working with her daddy and is highly highly intelligent for her age. She also loves spending time with her great grandma, mommy an both her grandmas. Oh and so beautiful inside and out you can't help but love her, and she is her daddy's twin might I add. Carolina Rosé definitely has her own personality so get ready world she is 14 months going on 18 way to fast her intelligence will most definitely make sure she is someone very special one day maybe the president a doctor or a mechanic like her daddy who knows but get ready for it.
She's A Happy baby who love to watch Gracie's corner 🥰🥰
Grace is a two year old who LOVES animals, helping mom in the kitchen & crafts! Very friendly and loves making new friends where ever we go. Her favorite food at the moment is ice cream. She is currently in gymnastics and will be starting soccer in the spring! If there is a chance we would win the money will be added to her savings account. 🫶
Ariya is a bubbly personality that grabs at the heartstrings of anyone that sees her.
Kinsley is the best little sister who loves playing with all her siblings. Her favorite cartoon is puppy dog pals & Minnie mouse. She loves to color, draw, read & play dress up!
Harper Has such a amazing personality. She loves to dance and sing.She is Also a AML Leukemia Cancer Survivor.Two years out from transplant she had a stem cell bone marrow umbilical cord transplant. she is in survivor ship in Children hospital Colorado. She will do amazing things and I can't wait to see them all unfold in due time...
Kaisley Was Born On The 4th Of July. She Love Watching Gracie’s Corner And The Tunies She Love Her Cousins Paityn And Skylar She Is Very Silly She Definitely Love To Go Outside
Emery is a sweet little girl who loves playing with her siblings. She also loves adventure and is always ready to go. If it's shopping with Mom or playing at the park Emery is your girl. She loves her family and her doggies. Please vote for Emery. If she wins it will go into a savings account for her.
Our beautiful Maddison loves to sing and dance 😊
Skylar loves cocomelon, & Gracie’s Corner! She loves her cousin Mason & her Uncie Cam😭🥰 She’s soo sassy!
Lily is such a diva, loves dress up & her baby dolls💜
Maci is such a happy little girl. She loves shoes and dresses, but she also loves monster trucks and race cars. She loves to dance. Morgan Wallen is her favorite singer! Ms Rachel is her favorite show❤️
April Nadine
April is an amazing little 3 yr old girl.shes loves to make new freinds if you allow her to.favoritr place? Park and with her dad, everytrip with him is diffent and exciting. she is very smart and energetic and funny.she also loves kittens and to play with lots of toys and for bed time april has to have her bathbombs and coloring tablets in her water why she plays then few min on her tablet.
She is an outgoing little girl she loves to dancing and sing and have a very sweet spirit care more about ours than her self … she is beautiful outstanding personality, sweet , smart ,well Mannered , loves to do YouTube videos loves to prasie dance for the Lord
Zariyab is truly a little tigress in the body of a toddler! She has been blessed with the most beautiful smile in this world and an even bigger heart. She is kind to other kids and adults, she is very intelligent for her age, and very observant of her surroundings. She loves her parents and grandparents. Zariyab has traveled almost all over the world and back since she was just 3 months old til date, and May we have many more travels around the globe together! They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and Zariyab truly sees the heart and beauty of anyone she bonds with!
Zoey is very sassy she love to wear dresses and loves to do her make up and to sing and dance
Skylar is silly loves to laugh, her favorite saying is “Why” she loves cocomelon she loves to dance and loves to cuddles
She always a happy baby, loves dancing, playing with her brothers , playing with me or her daddy
Tatiana is a super smart, super sweet 5 year old who LOVES making people happy and Nikki Parker (Monique) her words lol She wants to a actress so she can be on TV and one day meet Monique!
Aria is our sweet little princess with a big personality! She is always smiling & laughing! Her favorite things to do are play with her big brother, crawl all over & get into any boxes, & cuddle with mama & daddy 🥰
Chevy is a little spitfire that loves Disney and everything princess. She “helps” me do my makeup and makes sure I’m doctored up right. She keeps us all on our toes and has learned how to speak her mind already. Look out world this little Miss is coming for you. She has a college fund we have started for this little scholar ❤️ anything she wins goes towards her education.
Allison she the most outgoing sweetest sassy little girl her favorite person in the whole wide world is her , auntie loves to sing.and she the most sweetest big sister ever
My name is Zaliyah! I am 5 years old and my favorite color is Purple. I love to spread kindness and love through my Quote of The Day videos that I post for everyone to see! I love to go shopping, of course get Starbees and get my feet done! I like to dress up and look pretty, I don’t really like when my mommy combs my hair, but she loves doing my hair for me!
She’s a sassy fun little Tom boy she loves Roblox an Minecraft but she has a sweet side an helps take care of her little brothers she’s so sweet and kind
I love being outdoor, love every animal I seek, love eating food, and I love playing video games ❤️ but I hate when mommy does my hair 😆
Embry is a very happy and smart girl. She loves all foods, her favorite candy is mini m&ms. She loves her momma an daddy and brother an soon she will be a big sister.
Si'mya is 8 years old. She loves Bando (kickboxing), singing, and swimming.
Aubery is 6 years not 5. She loves dancing and swimming.
She is lil miss adorable. Alana enjoys dancing, singing and jumping high with her mommy and daddy. Her favorite time of her day is watching Mrs Rachel with her stuffed animals pals. Alana is a happy, silly, and sweet little angel with a with a big smile to show it Alana sends her love and says thank you for your vote.💝
That's how our great Emily is since she came to you, life has filled us with joy and happiness, with all her witticisms and her love for pictorial art, dancing, she loves photography and loves spending quality time with her family. vote for this beautiful Emily. 💕😍
Want to fulfill mama’s dream, please vote for me❤️
Teresa is very energetic. Loves to dance and sing. She has a heart made of gold. She has had to deal with much more than anybody should, let alone a child! One of her pics, she has my wig on, due to being diagnosed with stage 3B breast cancer just months after she was born!
Funny cool and cute!!! The cutest thing New Mexico has seen!! Sophia is such a loving intelligent and beautiful little soul! Everything she does she does with her spunky personality!! She loves her family, animals and being outdoors!!
Emmersyn is the craziest little lady! She loves music & dancing! Her daddy is her very best friend❤️
Jaydynn is very spunky and outgoing she is 4 going on 40
Graylyn is such a sweet girl she loves helping people she believes she can change the world
Penny is as sweet as she is sassy! She loves to stick out her tongue and try to mimic your facial expressions during wake time!