Very sweet loving child. She told me she is the boss one time 2 years ago and still believes it 😂. Loves her baby dolls
Harper is such a firecracker and so full of life and energy. She is sassy and always having fun.
I’m a daddy’s girl and I love to play outside with my brothers
Natalia is a miracle baby and was born a premie, 29 days early, but was well enough to bypass NICU! She will be 10 months on Monday, the 25th! She loves prayer, good music, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Tweety and Baby Shark! She enjoys having books read to her and being able to flip through them on her own. Natalia loves good food, fruit, juice, fruit water and coffee! One of her favorite things to do is to go outdoors and be able to play with those she loves! Natalia is a joy, well loved, liked and appreciated! Please vote for her! Your vote is so much appreciated!!!
Aria is our little heart warrior! She is so positive and has a bubbly personality even hours after open heart surgery she was smiling and laughing.
Lil Miss loves her accessories and anything girly. She also has a crazy side that likes to think she is a destructive dinosaur at times. She loves her family and anything to eat.
Emersyn Marie is a sassy, bright blue eyed baby girl! She turns heads and stops people everywhere she goes. She loves making people laugh, swimming and playing with her dog Harley!
Laila Skye
I’m just a princess finding a way to keep my tiara from falling. I love to climb, run, and explore. My favorite person is mommy and Daniel the tiger.
Nevaeh Finn-mitchell
She is smart, sassy and very talented. She loves basketball, cheerleading and Angel Reese. She loves to sing church music but also loves Beyoncé. She loves her family but mostly her brother. Her dream is to become a singer and a police officer she dreams big to make a difference. She is our heaven sent angel.
Lyla enjoys being held by Mommy. She loves when her siblings talk to her. And when daddy plays with her.
Willow is 9 months old she is always smiling and laughing. She loves flowers and playing with animals. She is also going to be a big sister soon!
Kheiyomi is always so full of life. She makes me smile all day. She has a smile that can really light up a room. She is so smart and curious. She loves playing with her 2 older brothers. She is really the boss. Please help her win this contest.
Meet our radiant 8-month-old, a bundle of joy with sparkling eyes and an infectious giggle that lights up every room she enters.
She’s a very happy little girl. She loves naps and cuddles.
Caeley adores her kitten Marshmallow and loves Baby shark. Her favorite song is “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus and she is able to make the sounds of the alphabet along with counting to ten!
Jariyah is very smart & funny . She’s loves watching Cocomelon , and love outdoors
Avery is a bright and out going little Sociel Butterfly and enjoys coloring , playing with her dolls and her siblings! She tells story’s that are make believe and loves her Mommy and baby sister! And is also a daddy’s girl! Loves the outdoors and her favorite animals are Horses and 🐢 turtle!
Madelyn is a loving little girl. She is playful sweetheart. She is always smiling.
Elicia is truly a miracle baby! She’s overcome so much in such a short time and through it all she still smiles! My hydro warrior has the most beautiful smile and loves to talk. She’s is the youngest of 3 and controls the entire house with just a simple smile/coo.
Ariana is a sweet, caring, smart, Beautiful little girl who love to help do everything your doing!
Elliana is a 8 month old who is filled with life. 😍 we had a rough start in pregnancy with pre-eclampsia and a unplanned c section, but elli has done nothing but thrived since birth. Please vote for my beautiful baby girl!
Brigid likes Irish Dance, cheer and horror movies. Vote for her just because 🤣
Kaedence is a naturally athletic person! She also is evolved in choir she loves to sing the most! Her personality is so bubbly we collect people everywhere we go but thats ok because she makes the world a better place spreading an abundance of kindness.
Aubrey is a very loving caring girl. She loves animals and helps rescue and foster dogs with her Nonnie for Bama Bully. She is always making new friend and makes new students feel welcome when they come to school.
Kinsley is a beautiful free spirit shy at 1st then look out world she loves singing and dance! Look out though she quick with her thoughts and a smart comeback in a conversation!
Harlee Jean is the baby sister to 3 big brothers! She loves any kind of food and be goofy. She always has a smile on her face and just happy to be here❤️
Saige such a happy little girl with the right amount of attitude. She loves bananas, cheetos and squishmallows. Saige is like a giggle wrapped in sunshine and glitter. She will always brighten your day! Vote for saige!
Hi my name is Ari’Elle, I am an intelligent 6 yr old. I love to dance and watch YouTube videos 😘
Athena is a baby with a big personality! She loves to squeak and laugh every chance she gets. Loves meeting new people and is very curious! 🙂
Isla is one smart, happy, giggly little baby. She loves to play with her puppy, Nala, she also loves to bounce around in her jumper.
August R
August is such a happy baby she loves watching Toy Story always smiling and laughing loves animals and being outside adores our Great Pyrenees please vote for her
Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth is the happiest little baby, dispite of she's sick or not happy she will still give you a little gummy smile that warms your heart. 🥰 she loves her big bubba she loves eating she loves her momma. She crawls around all over the place trying to be big like bubba and she's SO CLOSE to walking! Vote her up ❤️
Khloe is bursting with personality. Never a dull moment with our little dancer. She adores her big brother!
DaeLondon Amor She likes to sleep, eat & fuss But she’s the best cuddle buddy 😍
Beautiful lady with big dreams and a current Barbazon Girl. Modeling and acting is her dream. Advocating for mental health awareness is her platform
Caydence is a very smart and bubbly little girl. She knows her ABCs, how to count to 10, her shapes and colors. She is a loving big sister to her 2 year old little brother and the sunshine on a cloudy day. She could turn anyone's bad day into a good one, we love her oh so much
“You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars.” Kaltra is the sweetest,vote for her♥️
***Push that LIKE button and share please! Caitlynn is a very bright 6 year old. She is the little sister of two brothers. She was born with hip dysplasia but has battled through that like a champ! She enjoys dancing and singing and going to church on Sunday morning! Her favorite subject is reading and is always up for adventure! She loves pageants, dressing up and doing her hair and makeup! Caitlynn is also not afraid to get dirty and show her brothers a few things!
This little blonde haired blue eyed 2 year old girl is the most loving little girl! She loves Moana, the grinch, trolls, Raya, Lyle Lyle Crocodile and the little rascals! She also loves reading books and singing 💜
Journey is a miracle child she is autistic beautiful on inside and out she loves to play with balls ride on golf cart in car or 4 wheeler loves bubbles and obsessed with anything that's Elmo.
Willow is a 7 month old from Kansas City! She is one of the smartest babies ever. Willow has accomplished many things and the last was crawling! She is always so happy to meet new people and when you meet her, she always the biggest smile on her face showing her two bottom teeth. She has the prettiest big eyes and the most perfect button nose. Anyone who meets Willow, wants to take her home with them. And may I add, she’s the cutest Chiefs fan! ❤️💛🏈
Raegan Rain Weatherford
Raegan Rain is the most happiest baby you will ever meet. She loves playing and mimicking the faces you make, for instance, like ducks lips! Please help me show her a great welcome with your vote. We thank you in advance for your support!
Little Tinka
This little girl loves to dance and sing... She loves to be outdoors and watch her Bubble Guppies with her Nana
Hello 👋 I’m Ailana I love dancing,playing balls 🏀.she’s curious about everything,friendly and she loves her mom
Thea is like a Sun, always wear her bright smile. Everytime we are at the store, or she passed by, everyone will give her attention because of her sweet innocent pretty smile that brightens your day. Please vote for her coz he smile says it all! Thank you
Mia is a beautiful bright personality 8 month old baby girl with lots of energy! She say momma, daddy,bubba and Lela , she loves to play with her big brothers and crawl all over the house she likes to say hi and bye as well as give high fives !! Boy does she love to eat her snacks 🩷