Baby Stories - 16


Na’Brayah is a 5 month old baby who loves to smile 😊 play with her toys 🧸 and loves to gives kisses 😘also love Nursery rhymes.
Halo is an amazing and outgoing little girl and best big sister! She can be rambunctious at times but who’s child isn’t? She enjoys climbing on almost everything, including me. She is all around the best! So please vote for her!!!
Seattle loves the sound her own screams. She loves her big sister. She’s a chubby little hob goblin but the best kind there is. Please vote for her!!
Aylah has so much sass and determination!! She’s the sweetest most energetic little girl around
Anesa is the most lovable baby ever until it’s time to go riding then she sleeps extra good 😂
Paisley is a 18 month old who loves moana an princess movies! He fav thing to do is to be outside with her baby chickens an puppy’s!
Rosalie loves to play with her babies, loves being outside, coloring and dancing. Loves family (shes a hugger)
Racelynn is the tiniest sister of three she loves her daddy and is the brightest light in every room she enters. She’s the happiest baby she loves food and has the happiest heart
Maggie Grace
Maggie Grace is the sweetest girl anyone could ever meet! She loves playing outside and playing with mommy and her lollie and poppie (grandma and grandpa) she laughs and smiles all the time and her smile could light up a whole state!
Madison a loving young lady full of energy and funny never now what shes going to say sometimes a spitfire and moody and mad but what little girl isn't.
Nyhera loves watching tv. Some of her favorites are Hey Arnold, Toy Story, Zootoopia, and many more. Not to mention she loves mommy and daddy!! She has become the true meaning of boss baby! Lol She has her own little personality already.
Choice is very creative She loves to paint and build things, She enjoys cheer, and likes to volunteer to help the community. Choice loves to help the best she cans, she is super smart and confident.
Kalen B is a Very smart and intelligent baby! She is 2 years old! 💕
Baby Bella is 1! She loves outside and is a huge fan of cocomelon. She knows her age and can tell you NO😁 She loves apples and Bananas. SHE IS A SWEETIE💕
Kenzli is so full of personality. She keeps the biggest smile on her face and can brighten anyones day with her precious little hugs and kisses. She loves singing and dancing, always stealing the spotlight. Babygirl was born a star 🌟
JaycieMae is a sassy little girl full of smiles! Went from resuscitation at birth to doubling her birth weight at 11 weeks. She looooves to talk to people and eat east eat! Full of love and giggles!
Damia loves to write. She enjoys teaching her younger sibilings and she loves to read books and do arts and crafts. Damia has a big imagination (BIG DREAMS) she has a big heart for everyone.
Cherish loves helping others and loves to play soccer
She A very beautiful girl she loves to play outside she loves babies and candy and she’s very outgoing at the age of two and has a great personality
Shes very sweet loves to give hugs and shes always full of smiles🥰 On all exchanges for all the contest look at end for each link we will be doing set votes. 150 votes for each = 450 votes if you are voting for all 3 or split how you like. On all advance votes we will do up to 400 votes each = 1200 votes total can also be split on any link for total. We are doing this to make it easier for us and everyone, we know its very hard sometimes. Thank you all very much for the love & Support. &
Juliana is a brave little girl overcoming many health issues. She had a rough 2 years but is doing great now! She loves to laugh and smile, is a social butterfly, and is always coming up to me giving me hugs and kisses and telling me she loves me! She is a very intelligent girl as well, matching and naming colors by 10 months and knowing all her shapes and letters, how to count to 20, and how to read some words by 2! She loves books, being outside, animals, and music and has recently received her first guitar!
Khalise is a very happy baby. She loves to talk, eat bananas, and loves to listen to Mozart music. So instead of scooting forward she scoots backwards and then just flips from side to side. I love being her mommy I wouldn’t want it any other way .
June is our very energetic 4 year old! She’s such a sweet girl! She had Autism so she’s on the go 24/7!
Callie is a very smart and happy baby. She is our little ray of sunshine anyone she meets she always greets them with a big beautiful smile and big blue eyes that sparkle, no matter what kind of mood your in once she gets in your presence her happiness spreads. She is mommy’s mini me, Daddy’s little girl and is adored by her big brother🥰 our little girl is truly a blessing 💖
Gracelynn is our spunky 5 month old! She’s full of smiles and is so lovey! ♥️
Violet is 9 months old. She loves playing with her older brothers, and they always make her laugh. She loves to dance and clap. She’s very curious and always getting into everything!
Dior Noelle Jones
Dior is so loving🥰. She loves to cuddle, smile, and eat. She is such a princess. Mrs. Noelle will have you turning your frown upside down. Though she’s only 3 months, this baby have been here before , Says her mother.
Bella is a happy baby with a lot of character already of course any parent would say that tho
Areina is 10 1/2 months, she is super smart, energetic and loves riding & feeding her horses with her papa & Grandma as well as hanging out entertaining her other grandma she calls "gam gam" her puppy/big brother "nacho" is her best friend, Areina is such a strong beautiful lil girl who's just finished up with having surgery on her spine and amazingly that has not stopped her from skipping a beat shes back at it playing with her stuffed animals and crawling around learning how to walk along side everything, her smile alone will melt even the biggest hearts this lil cowgirl has come a long way in such a small amount of time breaking every barrier put in her path, she loves tastings new foods with her adorable lips smacking as she gets ready to eat☺️ this lil lady will have u falling in love with her smile and personality.
Aeris Ivana
Aeris (Heiress) is our IVF miracle baby! After years of trying, we tried IVF, successfully and now have our beautiful baby girl. Aeris loves to cuddle. Her smile is contagious. She is a blessing from God.
Alayiah is 15 months old and full of love and laughter. She enjoys playing with her toys and watching Doc McStuffin’s.
She is 2 years.. she loves being infront the camera and being the center of attention.
She loves to roll around and chew on everything.
I love to eat, play with brother, and spend time with dada. I have a huge personality and a lot of sass even at 7 months old. I love to be outside and love bath time even more.
Our bundle of Joy is my Grand Daughter. With her bright and big personality, She's going to be a strong willed person in her life. She loves people, loves to talk to you. Loves lots of attention. This doll baby is such a joy.
Baby Berlynn is 10 weeks old and right now she loves bath time, country music, and her mommy and daddy! She is the happiest baby with a spunky personality☺️
Paris loves to play and interract with other kids. She is an animal lover.
Kensington loves to play outside with her water toys or anything to do with blues clues and baby shark! She is such a sweet loving toddler who loves to explore and learn new things!
Leia is 5 months old she LOVES bath time and playing in her jumper! She is the happiest baby you will ever meet!
Sharoyia k is one month old she be 2 months April 19 is only child on my mother side
Princess👸 Jai’onna
Kenisa is 7 1/2 weeks old she loves eating sleeping and playing with her momma all day but her favorite thing is cuddling with her mommy❤️
Vallie is 7months old & love to crawl ,eat fruits , & play patty cake!🥰
Little Brixley Mae is 3 weeks old. She loves to eat, and sleep and spend time with her momma ❤️
Malaysia a.k.a laylay Happiest baby alive. She smiles from the time shr wakes up till she goes to sleep. Her favorite thing to say is baba. She is excited to see the world since she is a pandemic baby.
Brynleigh is 7 months old. Loves to smile. she has her first 2-teeth. She loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse, SharkBaby, she loves to swing at the park, she loves going to church and trying to sing with everyone she gets excited, and she loves her GERBER Baby Foods, Snacks, Drinks. We have been a family of Gerber Baby For over 35 yr.
Eleanor loves to make kissy lips like in the picture and her best friend is her twin brother Theodore 💙💖