Alayah has the happiest & sweetest soul! She’s heaven on earth! She brings many people joy & I’m very blessed to be her momma! She loves to learn new things, listen to music, & giving her little sister lovings! She also has a huge heart for animals! Especially horses! 🤍
Eli Marie
Eli is a very happy girl, she loves to play , laugh, and dance . She is also very friendly 😊
Avah Henderson
This is avah! Avah is almost 9 months old. She is the happiest baby ever! Avah’s favorite food is anything she can get in her belly. Her favorite thing to do is growl and turn her little self around!
Savannah is a happy, sweet, loving baby. She loves food, bath time, and exploring her new world. Savannah is curious and loves people.
Hi Everyone My Daughter is my everything in my heart ❤️ She really love eating chip and the best Samoa food it make her Healthy ❤️
Because she loves herself no matter what and saves mommy everyday
Javeya Jones is a beautiful, smart, sassy, funny little human. She is literally the sweetest person ever! Ms.Jones enjoys stacking blocks and yelling "yay" after, eating ,and watching Miss Rachel ( a youtuber who teaches preschool curriculum). We are starting Javeya off early in this industry and hoping to thrive over the years! Get your votes in :)
Hi,. My name is De'Janae Johnson. I am full of energy smart and loves to jump. I like to jump in my bouncer and eat teether biscuits. I claim all over my big sister ,and screams every time I see my dad after work. I like to crawl on my back and eat when ever possible . I'm a butter ball of adadventure .🎉😘💕
Elizabeth is so sweet and perfect she loves her momma and daddy and loves playing with her toys 😊
Braelyn is a sassy little girl, who loves her princess dresses and makeup.
Bristol is a sweet loving and talkative 3 month old! She loves to watch cartoons and hang out with mama and daddy. She has the biggest sweetest smile ❤️
Gracelynn loves her princess dresses and loves to do her makeup and play with her baby dolls.
Madison lives to love ❤️ She has the biggest heart 💜 She wants to be a vet or a nurse when she gets older.
Kaliyah is a very energetic 1 year old who loovveesss to eat and watch Mickey Mouse. She loves outside and watching the cars go by and playing with mommy🫶🏽
She’s very lovable, friendly and loves to take pictures. Please vote for her!
Faith Guerrero
Faith has a beautiful out going personality. Loves to be with her family . She is a beautiful baby girl inside and out. Loves to go on adventures
Madison loves getting her picture taken, but not before she puts her lipstick on 😅💕
Harper is such a happy little girl - she's ALWAYS smiling! Currently, she's crawling all over the place and loves chasing her kitties 🐈 around! She is my miracle, 🌈 baby!
Addison is little miss independent. 🥰 She loves going to gymnastics, playing at the park, going to see her mema and papa! One thing she really loves doing is tackling her big brother! 😅💙 Addy has a big, beautiful heart. She enjoys sharing her food or candy if it makes someone happy. ♥️
Hi, my name is Madeline but I go by Maddie. I enjoy doing pageants and cheering. I am a competitive cheerleader at Jags. I have also won several titles in pageants. Please vote for me!!
Mercy is a very talkative baby! she’s definitely a mamas girl! but she loves watching mickey mouse and tigger and pooh with her big brother!! Mercy Will be 4 months old on the 24th
Lia is 8 years old , she is a pre profesional dancer at the childrens ballet of San Antonio, she loves to dance and sing, is funny and kind .☺️If she has the opportunity to get first place 🥇 some of the earnings will go for ballet competition and to help kids in need .
Khalisia is the sweetest baby ever, loves to smile & play ❤️
Alaya Rose
The most loving and most funny girl in the whole world❤️‍🔥She loves going outside and running around swimming was definitely her favorite this year🥰She loves her dog brother Ace💚Her Papaw’s are her favorite 🤩 She loves her GG and Mamaws💖
Serenity is such a happy Baby girl always full of smiles and laughs very talkative, loves colorful lights,and the out doors. She is the perfect tv buddy just so relaxed and a joy to have around .
Sophia loves to laugh and play she is a very active baby she also love her Mimi
Maddie Rae is almost 3 months old, she is a very happy and talkative baby. She has her daddy’s gorgeous blue eyes and loves to be outside!
Avery Blake 2 months old. She is very talkative and curious! She enjoys car rides, cuddles, and tummy time. 💗
Ariella Alicia Kaye
She's amazing! Only 6 months and already makes the world a happier place! Loves music and smiling at everyone. Our world 🌍
She is a fun energetic kindergartner who loves dance, her siblings and playing outside! She will give anyone a hug!
Serenity love dinosaurs, she loves to sing and loves when we read books to her.
Eden is the sweetest little girl! Super gentle and LOVES unicorns 🦄
She loves to laugh and grab her feet. She loves to talk. She's such a happy little girl,always smiling. ❤️
Julia loves to laugh and play. She is super sweet and loves her family. She loves to read and take pictures. She is a little fashionista!
Sherry is a super happy, fun, and energetic! She loves all things crafty and “kid spooky movies”. She an AMAZING big sister and always helps with anything she can for her baby brother.
Hello my name is Gianna I’m a very adventurous little girl wagered to start school love laughing I enjoy to eat noodles and mushrooms
Hadley is in 3rd grade and loves her family and God! She is an awesome cheerleader and super funny! She loves to entertain!
Nareah is 50% sassy and 50% goofball. She loves dress up, going to the park and playing cars. She loves being in front of the camera and picking out clothes and shoes at the store. Her favorite shows/movies are Frozen, Encanto, Bluey, and Peppa Pig. Nareah always has a smile and enjoys helping out her mommy with whatever she can
Rylyn Symone is a very sweet, caring, goofy little girl!! She is beautiful and she knows it !!!😍😍
Ka'sii has came along way. It started off from when she was born, at first when she was breathing, then stopped breathing, to having really bad jaundice to having to stay in the hospital for almost 2 weeks they thought that she was going to go blind from it. But she pulled through. Now shes doing well and very smart and strong. She loves babys even though shes one her self. She also loves to eat and shows love to everyone.
Ta'Nyrah is full of life & I mean full.. She very smart & crafty with her hands she loves to design & draw picture's. Ta'Nyrah loves math, she love to sing,dance,cook & etc..she's so very outgoing and very outspoken & she always eager to learn a new stuff.❤️😘😘❣️❣️❣️💖