Baby Stories - 14


She is the sweetest sassy pants with the biggest personality! She loves to dance abs sing to Moana, coco, vivo, and high school musical.
Addison is a very active 2 year old. She loves her brother and her kittens.
Saphira loves drawing and very good at it!! ✏️ Cat lover forsure 🐈 Very smart !🤓 Plays Viola 🎻 Loves being a Big sister & playing with her sissy , making her smile👩‍👧 Her favorite colors are Pink purple & blue Played soccer⚽🥅 wants to do karate next 🥋 , she isn't your typical girly girl. Loves to read 📚
My name is Dehlani Kaprise, i love laughing eating and playing with my big sister 🥰🥰
My name is Ariah i love paw patrol my tablet and playing with my baby sister 🥰🥰
Lilly Mae
This little girl would make you smile she is very sweet kind she has been through so much She came into this world at 26 weeks weighing 3 pounds she's a fighter And then when she was 16 months old she lost her daddy she has a very very special angel by her side she has a heart of Gold every night at bedtime she says her prayers and she tells her daddy how much she loves and misses him For such a little girl she has a big heart And she loves all kinds of animals no matter what
Alyanna is 5, loves to play outside with all her siblings. Shes obsessed with baby yoda and little things.
Oakley love everything in general, always happy and smiling
Miss Sadie rose loves being outside, she’s a very independent kid, loves peoples attention and always just smiling away!
Hello! Meet Miss Emma Ellen Marie ♡♡♡♡ Vote For Her ♡♡♡♡
Scarlett loves to play outside and carry her favorite fox everywhere. She’s sassy as ever and has the funniest personality.
Kalli loves having her picture taken and showing off her head bows. She likes making people laugh
Miss Kaizleigh is a mommys girl, she loves being rocked, and when you talk to her she just smiles ear to ear
Camila loves to dance model and taking fotos in her free time she loves to play sports really outgoing she’s a really nice and smart girl.
Anjelica is 1 year old. She loves to climb on anything she can climb on. She is a very happy baby and is very alert. Baby girl loves giving mama hugs and kisses. She can now say mama, hey, & thankyou 🤗.. I swear she says I love you in her own little language which probably only mama can understand ☺ She knows when its picture time and smiles with her eyes. She loves all kinds of food, especially her bread 😬. Her dogs and cats are her protectors!
Lily Rose loves to be cuddled with mom and dad and warm soft blankets! When she looks at anyone with her beautiful blue eyes she makes anyone feel her love.
Rosa is a wonderful & bright little girl 📖 she loves playing with all (4 ) of her brothers 🧑🏻‍🦱🧑🏽🧒🏽👶🏻 She loves to dance 💃 She is a animal lover 🐈🦮🐇🐠 She loves to cook 👩‍🍳 Loves to travel 🧳 Rosa loves to shopping 👠👜& getting her nails done💅🏽
Willow is the happiest baby! She giggles and smiles non stop! Plus she is fantastic at cuddling! 😍
Aviah enjoy playing outside,Loves making new friends 💕new to little miss beauty don’t forget to like,share & vote .
Hi world. I’m a bright eyed curious baby. I love looking at anything and everything. I can surely make your heart grow (even grinch) merry Christmas we love y’all :)
Everleigh loves playing with her Care Bears , taking long naps , and playing outside . She enjoys spending time with her big brother beau !
She is 2 months she is so loveable already and she will definitely make you have baby fever she is the sweetest little girl💜
Azariah loves Minnie Mouse! She loves to run and laugh and play! She is very smart and LOVES learning!
My sweet Serenity has such a sweet soul with such a huge personality. She's all smiles and laughs. Any music she hears, she dances right away and does not miss a beat
Wonderful baby. Love her smile and she has a really sweat personality.
My Beautiful Evaluna Loves To Be As Sassy As A Mini Diva. As Gifted & Passionate As She Is, Being Creative & Adventurous Is Her Thing. Most Importantly, Showing Her Love and Affection To Family and Friends 💕 Her Heart Is Pure Gold & Her Smile Is The Warmth Of Her Beautiful Love.
McKinlee loves to be talked to and have all the attention!! She is very smart and loves to laugh and giggle
Athena rose is such a loving sweet little girl that loves to laugh and play. She loves to pose to the camera also 😍
Miss Fierce And Beautiful
Gracie is a smart sassy baby who has the most beautiful smile and laugh.
Willa Beck
Willa is the sassiest, sweetest baby who waves hello to everyone & always has an infectious grin! Her giggles are the sweetest. She is our miracle baby!
She is all ready a star. When she here's music she just lites up and actually starts dancing.
A very happy babygirl ❣️
Gianna -Loves her Mommy , Daddy , Sissy's & Bubby -Has the prettiest blue eyes -She looks like the Gerber baby -Loves her blankie & snuggling with mommy -Such a sweetheart spends her time eating everything , teething at its finest , playing w her sissy & making us smile ! -
She’s sweet, she’s sassy, but she’s always happy; meet Aurora! She always has a smile on her face. She is a mama's girl but her daddy’s mini. Rory loves to go on walks and car rides. :) Vote if you’d like! We appreciate you❤️
Scarlett rose is about to be 11 months old, she’s loves to be in water when ever she gets a chance. She loves bath time, her four dogs. When she’s not playing in water she likes to make faces, crawl at the speed of light, and eating yogurt.
Everly is ALL SMILES, loves all foods. Her favorite people qre her big sister 💓 and her puppies!
Xanaria Elizabeth Jo
Xanaria Elizabeth is very bright, smart, sweet, and loving babygirl!! She loves her family, (especially her Big Bubba) she absolutely loves animals, and food. Xanaria is a water baby! lol if she sees water, she has to play in it. She really enjoys being outside and seeing nature at it's finest.
Maliah like to play and get attention ❤️ She the Best !
Angel loves to have her sisters and brother play with her, she has the sweetest little laugh that will melt your heart
Emma likes to slobber all over momma and daddy, she loves to smile and laugh, and she loves her momma and daddy
She like to dance, sing, and act silly, she's full of character, and definitely has her own style
Sage also known as Sage Renae , is a very out going loveable caring happy 7year old . She’s the only girl of 4 children with 3 brothers . Sage loves playing outside , riding bikes and her quad . Snowboarding and Snow mobile riding in the winter . She’s very smart and has a smile that will brighten up any room. One minute she’s in flip flops and a dress and the next she’s in her cow girl boots digging in the mud .
Ryleigh is the happiest little baby! She loves saying mama and walking as many steps as she can💗
Avery Hope
She is a very happy little girl. She loves to sing and dance. She is little miss personality.
LakeLynn is 8 months old. She is the happiest baby, always smiling and laughing making everyone’s day.
Journey Brielle has such a big, beautiful personality 🥰 She loves blueberries & pumpkin, her bunny, and shopping with mommy🥰