Lorelai is our sweet smiley girl who loves her cartoons, music and food; she hasn't met a food she doesn't like yet. Lorelai loves playing and exploring with her toys and her fur sister, Willow's toys too. She isn't fond of naps, when she does it is a quick cat nap for 15 minutes.
I’m 5 years old with a lot of energy! I’m into dancing , playing with my friends, learning and I love to sing. My favorite color is pink like unicorns! I love to be happy and make others happy 😊
Magdaline will be in the 4th grade. She loves games and movies .
She loves to feel texture and jump! She has overcome so much in life already with so much joy in her heart.
Scarlett is 3 months old, Scarlett loves her mirror, her family and watching mommy dance. She loves watching finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid and Puss and Boots. Scarlett is a very happy, smart baby who’s always trying to talk and help hold her bottle Scarlett knows how to brighten a room and get everyone’s attention.
Loyalty loves to sing in church and knows just about any song in church and on the radio station K-Love and she's good at it. She loves to ride her go-cart, 4-wheeler,& Motorcycle started at 3 she's my whole world.And her twin brother
Patricia Barrios
Patricia is a very sweet girl. She loves playing with her dog . She plays t-ball . Likes to paint.
she just brings sunshine to your day with her smile and sweetest laugh. And she loves her tete.
I'm very active I like to be nice in the boss at times
Angel is 11 years old and has a personality that just brightens the whole crowd. She’s the most funny girl you’ll ever meet. She loves skating and playing board games. She is a nineties baby that was born in ‘09 lol.
She likes animals , making friends , and being happy or friendly towards people. A very beautiful goofy soul who is quiet when she s in her own world but is also very very talkative once she gets to know you
Rosalie is 8years old and in 2nd grade. She’s very intelligent, funny and just beautiful. She loves to play Roblox and Fortnite and loves to listen to music. Her most favorite person in the whole world is her father.
Isabella is a sweet and loving little girl. Sheloves her family enjoys spending time with all her cousins, and playing out door. Her favorite things right nkw are snails and rolli pollies
Analia loves to play outside and swim. She loves to watch youtube videos and make her own !! She is a creative and lovable 6 year old girl. She loves a nice day outside and a night inside relaxing . She is all about helping others and family .
She loves her family friend's and pet Love's going out
Mikayla is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet , she loves to smile & laugh loves Ms.Rachel , she just started crawling and loves going everywhere with mommy & daddy ❤️
This little princess is my heart of joy. She LOVES the park and is a very fast learner for her age. She loves dancing and listening to music. She is a veryyy outgoing and happy little person.
Nova loves to smile and laugh.
This sweet girl is our ray of sunshine, Mila is autistic but that’s just one of the many things that make her beautiful! She loves being outside and exploring. She loves to play dress up and pretend to a royal princess! But most of all she absolutely LOVES to sing! ♥️
Ariyah rosemary she will be 2 years old soon she is the sweet and salt that everyone needs in there life! The cutest thing ever is when she looks at you when something spicy she scrunches her nose tilts her head sideways and say picy! Lol 😂 she has a mind of her own! She will tell you yes or no if she feels it’s the right one!
Outgoing, fun, loves playing in the dirt!
She is an awesome, very smart little girl!
She is a lovely sweet little girl!
Her Mother passed away shortly after her birth. Even with the her mother passing she finds a way to smile and always be full of life. This little lady is beyond athletic as her brother and her will constantly run and play around the house.
Wild, adventurer, artist and a big dreamer
Sweet kindhearted happy girl
Brynlee is the kindest, sweetest, most caring small human I know. She cares for people with her whole heart. She is the first to offer help to others, always lifts people’s spirits, and is extra ordinary in the way that she empathizes. Brynlee’s heart is the most beautiful thing about her, it is undeniable. I am blessed by this incredible child, and I love helping to share her light.
I love to smile and I love to talk to my mommy . My favorite part of the day is when I wake up to a warm bottle in my mommy and daddy loving arms.
Graclyn was born the last day before the hospitals shut down for Covid, we had visitors the first day and the rest of the hospital stay we couldn’t have any visitors! Graclyn loves playing with her puppy Sophie, she is very protective of her! She loves jumping on her trampoline and helping everyone. She dislikes her car seat! She says she’s a big girl and doesn’t need it!
Hannah is 5 years old.she loves to dance and sing...she is the youngest of 5 and adores her big brother...she is very helpful at daycare,home,school and church....
Miracle came to us as a gift from God.. we fostered and adopted 4 children the last was miracles brother, 2 yrs after adopting carter we got a call asking us to take carters baby sister as a family placement since we stopped fostering, i said idk our hands where full with our 4 and my husband had been diagnosed with chronic lympomic leukemia.. my husband said we are taking her its a sign from God everything is going to be ok and its carters sister ❤ so i asked her name and said i will be up to get her when the caseworker said miracle i instantly started crying. From that day on my husband's white count continued to decrease he got off chemo and has beat the leukemia.. you see shes a beautiful gift from God. And is the boss lady of the family.
Kinsley is a very loving little girl! She loves to be the star of every show! One day she’s a ball player and the next day she’s a princess! She starts kindergarten in the fall and is super excited! She has a little brother that is her ride or die!
She is a bundle of joy always on the go love to smile and trys to be independent you would fall in love instantly once meeting her another one of Gods Angel 🫶❤️❤️❤️
Malaya is full of energy makes everyone laugh around her she is a great big sister, she loves learning and going to school and reading books she spent her tooth fairy money on the book fair!!! I'm so proud of her!! Vote for Malaya
She's only 3months and smile all the time and is now laughing!!! She loves to watch her sisters and talking to them as well!! Vote for Lilibet
Reagan is my sweet and beautiful little 5yr old who loves playing softball with her friends!
Peyton is so sweet and spunky! Her pretty blue eyes and cute brown curls are the absolute cutest 💜
SHE TURNS 10 TODAY MAY 29TH🥹 Harlie is a miracle child that was born 1lb 8oz 12inch at 25weeks emergency C-section. Shes a special needs child who is level 2 autistic non verbal and requires 24/7 nursing and sleeps on life support she turns 10 on the 29th but on top of her 47 other health coditions shes the happiest purest soul and she lights up a room with her smile she loves cats building things chilling in the pool and loves being active. AND NOTHING STOPS HER SHES A DETERMINED SMART SWEET CHILD THAT WILL STEAL YOUR HEART
Fun loving, Entertaining and a Keep you on ur feet kinda girl. Definitely whatever a boy can do.. She will try and do better!
Hello ! My name is Skylar ! Im only a couple months old but I love you talk to my mommy and daddy 🥰 and Hold my head up by myself 🥹
beautiful blue eyed baby girl 🫶🏼
Kinley is 7 years old , loves dancing , her family and wants to be a doctor when she grows up!
Her laugh and smile are so infectious and she is by far the happiest baby I have ever been around.
Rose loves playing softball. She loves animals always worried about her family. She loves singing and dancing
This picture tells it all about this little firecracker! From the day she was born she has always had a smile to light up a room!
Raylin is an extraordinary girl with a drive to do anything she sets her mind to. Riding 4wheelers, saving every creature she finds, softball, pageants and so much more. All these things are what make Raylin, Raylin, but also have helped her conquer her fears.
Maylynn is a confident kind and loving girl. She has always liked to dance since she was a toddler. Her personality has captured so many peoples hearts. Now she likes to cheer play with everyone skate and she loves her family.
Kourtney Wells
Kourtney is very intelligent all gone very polite very smart little angel. She loves playing with other kids and she love helping around the house. She love her gymnastics class.