Adedeja or Deja Do for short. Loves to laugh and play. Her eyes change colors from brown to hazel. She loves church and smiling faces.
Angelena loves unicorns and fairies….she is a princess.
Kenlynn never meets a stranger. You can catch her singing her favorite Justin Bieber song “yummy” or cheering at sporting events.
Novalynn loves eggs, and puffs. And she’s the biggest daddy’s girl. She smiles constantly!
Reilee is the sweetest little girl, she is always laughing and even being so little tries to help mommy, sissy, and daddy around the house. She is always fun to be around and already smart.
Anna is a smart, beautiful, funny little girl who loves adventures and has a heart of gold.
Audyn is the calmest, giggliest, bright eyed babe. Her giggles are infectious and her happiness is beyond radiant.
Amiah is a happy, bouncy 5 month old! She is all smiles all the time, she has a big love for music and is always laughing at her big brothers chaos.
Piper loves to be silly. She's a spunky 5 year old that has lots of fun stories to tell. We love her to pieces.
she is sassy , when mad . but is super happy whenever daddy comes home from work , & loves for bubba to play with her
Joslynn is a curious, and kind 3year old who loves to use her imagination in her every day play. Jo is creative, loving, and playful.
Autumn loves to sing and dance..she is very living and caring girl..she loves to cook and bake..
A'mara is a happy baby she loves to watching cocomelon.
Joanna is our little ray of sunshine, a real snuggle bug! Our sweet girl enjoys nap time and soaking up the sunshine on a beautiful Texas day! Joanna is loved and adored by Mommy & Daddy and ofcourse her 2 big brothers, Jaxson & Jasper. Our little princess is a BIG deal, and since everything is Bigger in Texas; we ofcourse must have the BIG Bows🎀🎀🎀 Yall be sure to show our sweet bundle of joy some love by giving her a vote!❤️❤️❤️ Thank you in advance for your support of our Precious, little princess, we just cant get enough of her sweetness!👑🎀💕
Emalynn is a sassy little girl! She thinks she rules the house and is bigger than her 2 older brothers!
Hi I’m Mia!! I love to watch the movie Frozen and I love to Sing and Dance!
Tina loves being outdoors swimming playground and walks in the woods
Maddie is an energetic and happy toddler. She is learning new words everyday and loves her “bubba” dog Sam.
Hope is a ball of energy. She never stops going. She is usually a very happy little girl. Hope loves dogs, the color blue, and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (PBS).
Zara, as she's called for short is a breath of fresh air. She is so friendly, 😍 🔥 a very happy baby, and smiles 😃 😊 🙂 all the time. She has the most beautiful smile you've ever seen. She loves meeting new people. Such a very playful princess 👸
I have two older brothers who Im the world too. Cheering on my brother at jujitsu and rolling around on the floor and chewing on my brothers nerf bullets is part of my everyday life. The bigger the bows the happier I am. Matching my brothers is my jam. I donate my milk to other babies in need. Finally im 5weeks 3 days younger than my cousin.
Ryder loves to sing and dance, she loves to play outside with her brother's. Ryder is very loving and has a personality like no other.
Laycie loves ger two brother and dogs. She loves to be outside and climb on things. She may be a girl but she loves to do things the boys do.
collins loves dressing up and taking pictures she also loves to go outside with her puppy 🤗🤗💗
Thea loves watching Ms. Rachel! She loves her mommy and daddy ❤️ She’s such a happy baby!
Delylah is 2 months old and is a late term preemie. She's starting to smile at mommy, daddy, and her 2 older brothers and just rolled over for the first time. She is our last baby, and our only girl. She has completed our family.💜
Audrey is always smiling and saying “dada”. She loves food, staying busy, and all the attention she can get!
A charismatic girl she loves animals her favorite color is pink and purple she loves long walks in the park.
Skyler is our rainbow baby, she was born early and was a premie. At first it was hard for her to gain weight, now she is above where she needs to be in everything! She loves to watch Elmo and Ms Rachel! So far Skyler loves to eat anything!
Zylah loves to dance to 80’s music! She is an animal lover! She enjoys playing with her sisters! She loves Disney movies. Loves being outdoors !
Calinah is very adventurous! She loves to dance to music. She loves her family and animals.
Anyone who knows Harper will tell you she is the sweetest baby around! From her calm personality to her full face grin and giggle she is the best baby. She is always curious of her surroundings and loves to explore.
Wonderful... she loves to be outside and she loves animals ..
Paris love to smell love to talk love the cool and just give me that good vibe energy she's always smiling she so amazing
She is a smart little girl with a sweet little personality. She has the prettiest smile to go along with her strong personality.
Loves to play with her toys love to make face Expression and she loves spending time with her brother and she love eating and running round helping with the house
My Millie girl is so loving and has such an amazing spirit!!!
True Lee
True is truly a light in everyone life. She loves Her mommy, daddy & her whole family. She has a mouth full of teeth and is so advanced for her age …she speaks so clearly. She loves all animals. She likes to eat all kinds of food and is not really picky . She loves her stuffed animals and coloring books. She is so goofy and loves to make everyone laugh around her. The purest soul I’ve ever met , she loves to cuddle and go on adventures. 💘
Anniston is an easy going, smiley baby that loves snuggles and whatever food she is given.
Tori'anna is a very smart Autistic 6-year-old, in school shes a honor student, she loves to draw, color, sing,dance and the number one thing that she loves to do the most are gymnastics stunts, she loves life she loves to play her favorite thing to play with or shall I say on is the trampoline and she loves to ride her bike she is the oldest of two if she takes very good care of her little sister, she has the biggest heart that you would ever see in a child.
Lexi is an amazing, beautiful, and smart girl! She loves being a sister and helping people!
This beautiful baby is the funniest little girl! She is an amazing sister and just a hoot!!
2 going on 16. LOVES lipstick and has the most sass I’ve ever seen. Cant forget, very BOSSY!
Kiara loves to have dance parties and drumming along to any beat. She is always waving hello and goodbye with a huge smile on her face to anyone who gives her attention. She likes telling stories and reading books. One of her favorite words is dog.
Haizlynn is a very sassy spunky girl who loves to cheer and do pageants. She is a Chiari warrior and is the strongest little girl I know!!
She very smart she loves going to school she loves to dance singing and she very outgoing and also funny she loves to be with her brother and sisters and loves to be around family