Hadleigh is 5months old! She is always full of smiles and loves to show off her big dimples 🥰
Aaliyah is 3 years old. She loves to color and play with her toys and loves to go on walks and loves camping and etc.
She’s a sweet little girl ♥️Only 3 months old but she’s really smart ♥️
Kinsley is our happy girl who’s full of personality 🥰 Her favorite things are food & puppies 🐶
Ariella is diva who loves dancing and gymnastics. Ariella enjoys all things girly , doing her hair and nails and of course taking pictures ! ariella would be so excited to see all those who vote for her 💕
Marianna is very loving and loves helping others! She loves to play with her babies and loves being outdoors!
She is sweet, loves playing outside with her dog.
Her name is A’Mari, loves to smile and loves to eat! One of my greatest gifts from God I want to share her beauty she gained from her mother with you all.
Ariella Is A Beautiful Young Lady With A Huge Heart! Ariella Loves Sports & Spending Time With Family & Friends.
Hello this is Adalina, she is 2.5, she is funny,Vibrant, loves books and being read to and trying to read herself. She likes to play, Help mommy cook, and be a princess 💜
Peyton is smart and energetic always put a smile on everyone’s face she loves Luke Bryan and totally loves spaghetti.
Anastasia Is A Spunky Fun Loving Little Girl Who Loves Playing Soccer, Gymnastics & Drawing & Spending Time With Her Family❤️
Hi everybody! This is Alyssandra, Ally for short. Her absolute favorite thing to do is draw! She is a nature lover, when weather permits she loves to hike or rock climb. Vote for my little girl ❤
Hey everyone!! This is Angelina, she is the most charismatic little girl who has the biggest heart. She loves to sing, dance and go on nature walks to see all the animals along the way. Vote for my baby 🥰
Nova is full of love and life she will reach in to give hugs and kisses , my sweet girl enjoys watching word party and going outside to watch the birds and trees.
She may be little but she is fierce. She has Turner Syndrome. This little girl is a fighter, a warrior, a survivor. Two open heart surgeries and one more upcoming. She never stops fighting. She loves life. Always 😃
harleigh is the smartest 2 year old around! she loves going outside and playing on her slide and playing with kitten and puppies! she loves bubbles and spending time with her family!🖤
She is one of the happiest babies.. she always has a rotten smile on her little chunky face
She’s such a bubbly, weird, quirky; always happy never in a bad mood little girl! She’s always smiling, laughing & being the silliest she can be! She loves life in every way possible.
Lyla is the sweetest little girl, she loves princesses, baby dolls, and of course her brothers.
She likes to play outside and be with her older sister's
Gabriella’s dream is to be in the big lights!! She loves animals! She loves tumbling and dancing.
she’s the most energetic little girl you would meet one look from her and she can switch your bad day to a good one she knows how to get her way with everything and make you feel bad for her puppy eyes vote for her s because it will be put into her savings for her future ❤️❤️
She’s only 8 months but smart as a tack and sweet as can be when she wants to be! She loves to help clean And loves to play 24/7!
Miss Willow is a very happy baby and she loves to cuddle with momma and daddy! She loves to be around family and also loves her naps!
Hiii my name is Kairi and I really love playing in the sand. I enjoy saying hi to everybody and I love making new friends.
Nevaeh had open heart surgery at 2months old and is the happiest Cardiac warrior
She is a smart beautiful girl who enjoys to learn new fun things. She’s very active and likes gymnastics, dance and listening to music.
She loves outdoors and is a farm girl loves her cows and her brothers
Jahariah is sassy and full of personality.
Harper is one of the happiest babies you’ll ever meet! She’s always smiling and laughing. Harper likes to watch HeyBear Baby Sensory and Gabby’s Dollhouse. 🥰💕
Vaeda Jean is the happiest little girl 💘 She’s so active and full of personality 🌸
Emmy jo is the love of my life! She loves to sleep and she loves bathtime! She is her mommies twin!!💓
Everyone meet Miss Leylanii Ellie 💖She is almost 3 months old! She is one of the happiest babies you’ll ever meet! She loves to smile, laugh and she is currently learning her voice ! Her favorite show is ‘My little pony’😊 and she loveeeess her unicorn 🦄and elephant stuffy🐘
Mia is the sweetest little girl loves to dress up and loves make-up very sassy but whole heart.
I’m 2 months and I love laughing and smiling!
Dora'Lee is super smart for her age. She already knows her 123's and ABC's. She can read and she can write her name with some assistance. She loves school and thrives there and say home. She loves her big brother the most.
Kayleigh is a miracle baby. She's bubbly and has a strong personality already, and is always making adorable faces. We can't get enough of her ❤️
Acelynn is 4 months old & loves baby shark!!!
Beautiful and happy seven year old who loves to sing and dance.
Everest Irene ( sassy pants) Was born 6 weeks early and had lots of problems , but she has over came every obstacle so Far ...she is a striving 7 month old Angel, Mommie could sure use this money to help.raise her She is a single mom doing it on her own
DyNesti is full of life! She always happy and always smiling!
Harper is a sassy little girl with a big heart. She loves animals, especially her rooster, Elvis. When she grows up she wants to own a pet store. She loves church and always sings a special. She actually never stops singing. She is such a joy to be around.
Aliyah Jean
She's so adorable, shes bound to steal your heart! She loves to dance and boy does she got the rythm too... Full of laughter and smiles and a attitude to go with it... My little mini me for sure...
Teagan Rayne is my beautiful girl. She loves to eat! She’s such a happy baby and her daddy’s twin❤️