Baby Stories - 13


Hi! I’m baby Day’shia and I’m 8 months old! I love to crawl everywhere while my mommy chases me, I love to play with Daddy, and my favorite food is Mac n cheese! ❤️ If you vote for me I’ll be a very happy baby!!! Thank you beauties 💕
Hey There.! My Name Is Ma’Laysya B(Laysya) For Short.! Im 6 Months Old & Im Already Running The House!!! I Love Music,Playing With My Brothers & Having My Way Because If Not It Will Be Trouble
Maisyn is almost 9 months old! Has 2 teeth, loves to laugh and smiles all the time!
She the most happiest baby
Ivy loves bath time, blowing bubbles, and cuddles!
Hi my names braelynn i love playing with my toys i love my family i love watching movies and most of all i really love my mommy and daddy
She makes the day brighter, she leaves a sparkle everywhere she goes 🌸
This sweet girl loves to sing and dance. Loves to travel and be with her family. She has a very outspoken and funny personality with spunk !
Is a Daddy’s girl 😒, loves to talk 😩, she loves sitting up and being in her walker🥰. Her favorite food is Mango 🥭, she has such a sassy personality for a 6 month old 😩😅.
Esperanza Madrid
Esperanza loves to dance , she's a funny child and loves her family
Zoey is a very beautiful blessed child! She is super smart she loves drawing, dancing, and riding her car outside.
Kaylina loves to try standing up, she loves to laugh, she’s the happiest baby there is!
Ella is a very happy and sassy 10 month old with the cheeks of gold! 💕
My little rainbow baby, Shes so full of life and has such a personality She will talk your ear off, She loves to be heard
Madelynn loves to watch cocomelon and toy story with daddy. She’s full of smiles and laughter and her personality grows by the day. She loves to be outdoors and she loves to look at all kinds of lights. Vote for my beautiful babygirl! 🤍
Delaney is such a beautiful soul who has never met a stranger, loves to talk, and has an imagination that amazes me. She loves riding her bike around the house, singing any and all Frozen and Trolls songs, and of course Mickey, Minnie, and Bluey.
Mercy has a bubbly personality and is always smiling. She loves to play and laugh and just absolutely love everyone she meets.
She a beautful baby girl she loves to eat watch tv cartoons mainly she a loving baby sweet
The most beautiful juicy lovely happy baby🥰
Roseleigh loves to watch cartoons, preferably trolls. swing in her swing, play patty cake, and pick a boo. she’s also obsessed with her daddy, and loves to eat.
Avery is tiny, mighty & queen of the house! She loves doing things herself and is determined to do so! She loves her brothers but does not like it when Nana cuddles with them and not her!
Aubrey Jean Friend
Hi my name is Aubrey, my birthday is January 3rd 2016, I have a sweet and funny personality, I'm very friendly, lovable, intelligent, a very adventurous and creative girl who also LOVES to sing and dance all the time. I love to learn new things and explore, I have two older brothers to protect me and mommy and daddy to help, I also have 3 little sisters that look up to me and I love to help and play with. I have lots of family who love me and are excited to see me grow into a beautiful strong independent person I know I can be !💜
Brooklynn is a true blessing. She loves her brothers and they love her huge smiles when they see one another. Brooklynn loves to be talked to and all the attention. Help Brooklynn with votes
Emme is my tenacious daughter. Over coming hearing loss with stride. Up and coming deer hunter and an awesome singer! A great big sister !!
Remi is very smart outgoing ! She is sassy ! She was born on Valentine’s Day she is our forever Valentine’s baby full of love ! She is 9 months old . Loves to wink at you smile and very photogenic.
Tyler Elizabeth is playful, sweet and so adorable. Tyler enjoys playing with her mommy, watching cartoons and messing with her kitten, Cleo. Tyler has brown hair and blue eyes. Tyler has only competed in one other contest, a local costume contest, and won “cutest costume” in her age division.
Mahaylei Carter
Ma’Haylei Shalise Is 2 Years Old Going On 3 She Is Very Active And The Smartest Little 2 Year Old I Know She’s Very Out Spoken With A Positive Energy She Likes To Dance And Interact With Other Kids And The Best Big Sister To Her Little Brother
Vote for her is like voting for a new person everyday you don’t know what personality she will have she always wins a fight she’s 2 a red head with the temper to back it but she’s a princess and she knows it vote for her and she will make videos saying hi to you on TikTok 😂
Kha’Lanii Is 1 Month
Emory Rae is our little sour patch! Born on thanksgiving morning in 2019! She is a big ball of energy and absolutely loves running around and loves people even more!
Dameri is a sweet, happy loving baby girl she loves to laugh and play and get hugs. She loves laughing and playing with her brothers and smiles at everyone she sees
Very sassy she loves to do tik tok she loves to cook
Miracle she loves cheering she a very smart little girl she loves to eat in sing
Niomi loves mommy she’s a happy baby and loves to smile at you❤️😚😩
Alexis loves to sing and dance with everybody especially TikTok’s. She always happy and very helpful with anyone. Loves to play outside and loves animals.
She is a very intelligent 11 year old she likes tic toc and music and playing with her cousins and friends
Miley loves to cuddle, smile and eat.
Bristol is a happy blue eyed baby that loves being outside!
Lilly loves sucking her thumb and playing with her feet. She's always talking to momma but never know what she's saying. Every morning she wakes up with a smile ❤️
My 2nd born my rainbow baby, my little diva and my beautiful baby girl
Harper loves smiling at her mommy and making cute faces.
Kitoria Joy
Her middle name is Joy because that's what she gives to everyone! She's full of love and gives the best hugs and kisses ❤️❤️
Kiyomi Chanel
Kiyomi is a Blasian baby❤️ Sometimes she would get mad if she don’t get her way… YESSS SHE IS VERY SPOILED. Also when the music comes on she can’t stop her left leg from kicking to the beats. One thing she loves the most more than her mama and daddy is her bottle. She don’t play about her bottle at all!!!! And she uses her pacifier as a weapon at night to beat up her mama lol. But kiyomi is a loving, caring, sweet, sassy, and bipolar,… everything you can name of! She is one of a kind🤣
Ava is all smiles with her big ole cheeks and big eyes. She loves ALL the attention, loves when you talk to her & loves all the cuddles