Londyn loves to dance, sing, play with her siblings. She’s devoted to her school studies. She loves to lead her class.
She loves her toys and she loves being outside she is starting to enjoy all foods! She loves playing with her brother 💝 she is the sweetest baby brings so much joy to everyone around her ❤️
Khloe is our sweet little princess, who loves snacks and playing with her big brothers.
Miss Ariella is learning so much and is such a sweet little girl
Little Melly Belly is the human form of sunshine! She is always laughing and having fun with her toys and her brother. She loves unicorns and Baby Yoda!
Kora Ann
Kora Ann is the sassiest 3 year old and the best big sister to her little brother. We appreciate all votes we get🤍
Rylie is such a character and is so beautiful pictures dont do her justice! She is so active and lovable and loves to play. Her favorite things to do are gymnastics and taekwondo!
My beautiful babies name is Ara’Bella Monroe. She is turning 4 months old this month. She loves to talk/yell, eat her hands, very photogenic and loves Scooby Doo!
Ms joyful legs, always smiling and being spontaneous
She’s really helpful and she love to dance
A journii god blessed me with little lady with big personality love to smile and see the world with her blue eyes
Savannah Lorrae loves music. Dancing to Tyler Childers calms her down and makes her happy. She loves to snuggle with mom and dad. Shes a big eater and showers are relaxing for her.
Elonie is the only girl of four older brothers. She is very fiesty and loves keeping up with her brothers. She is always smiling, the girl wakes up smiling! She has discovered how to make different laughing sounds. She absolutely loves to explore every part of her surroundings with little fear. She is smart and a go getter for things she’s interested in.
Nevaeh is a really sweet happy little girl. She is so bright to be such a little person. She loves to smile and laugh and she loves to be talked to.
This lil one is such an amazing kid she is very loving and loves to help others. She is always on the move and loves her L.O.L stuff.
Kiarah has a very caring heart! She likes to make sure everyone is happy and taken care of. She loves the color purple at the moment, loves animals and loves making people laugh as well! She loves her baby sisters. She helps her mommy out too with small tasks.
She loves to play in her walker on the floor she loves to roll every ware she loves to give kisses and hugs she loves her food and snuggles
She loves sloths, Minnie Mouse and ice skating. She's very helpful and is always laughing and caring about others
Tona is an extremely smart little girl that is always happy! She has beautiful eyes (including her rare keyhole pupil)! She will put a smile on anyone's face!
Brisa is a very happy baby. She has Two little teeth and loves bananas.
Roni is a Unicorn of a child. She is beautiful, majestic, trots to her own step, and always wears a crown while doing so. She's a rare beauty and a blessing to see, meet, And know!!
The happiest little girl ever! Miss Kinsley is always smiling and laughing! She radiates the room with her biggo smile! Kinsley loves her sippy cup and playing in her jumper but mostly taking naps with mama! 🥹
Nai’Lani is the most kind hearted baby I ever met. She would just warm you up with her sweet little hugs and little kisses she loves to give out. She definitely will make you laugh with her silly faces she loves to make
Gracie is the sweetest, happiest baby girl, she loves to smile and giggle ❤️
Keziah is a beautiful spirit in human form. She dances to the beat of her own drum and her whole family allows it!
Loves water and family time 💜
Bahari love dancing, singing and learning new things…..
She is a smart and bright 2 year old and she loves her Mommy and Daddy and Brother.She just loves everyone and she loves Jesus
Peyton is a very kind and loving young lady, She is very smart and loves to play soccer, She also family dinners with all family members. Some of the things that she comes out with is unreal, We say she is an old soul.
Smart, fun, loving, more mature than her age, and sometimes sassy (expected of this age)
Hey everyone voted my beautiful niece She is smart, athletic, beautiful, kind, loving, adorable, she love to play games and paint rocks, and she love to spend time with family
Flora is a smart and loving girl. She loves to be outside and go walking. She loves her dogs the most .
Taylor is an out side girl that loves the movie frozen and loves the taste of food. She is bossy and sassy and so sweet. She enjoys pulling her big brothers hair and cant wait to give him hugs after he arrives from school.
Kinley loves to laugh and play with her dogs, take rides in her jeep and dance! Shes very smily and enjoys cuddles and giving kisses 💕🦋
Monica is a sweet loving girl who has a heart of gold. Her smile melts your heart and warms your soul. She loves animals and playing with her friends, she is always aiming to please everyone around her.
Serenity is the sweetest little girl. She is always concerned with others feelings. Always quick to cheer anyone up. And in my own words; she is sometimes too independent for a 4 year old. She is always looking for hugs from anyone she meets.
Ms. Edith is a very sassy, smiling girl. She loves letting everyone know she’s there and what she wants.
Hey y'all Vote for my beautiful baby girl She is so sweet ,loving and adorable
Elliana has a huge personality with an old soul. She’s got a fiery spark to her which shines so bright! She loves to laugh and make others laugh. You can find her dancing away anywhere there is music
Alaia Rose
Alaia is the sweetest baby, happy and lovable
Our sweet Abi. Born on Father's Day, Abigail's biblical meaning of her name is "A father's joy." We are so blessed to have her, and watch her grow.
Bryleigh is a very sassy 8 year old. She is a cheerleader at a local church and loves everything softball. She looks up to her big brother and gets along with everyone. She loves helping people in need. Even if that means giving up something of her own. She also loves all animals especially those that need a littlw extra care. She enjoys playing with barbies and can usually be caught wearing something super fashionable. Bryleigh said she would like to see everybody happy and loving each other. Her heart belongs to the Lord and she has no problem telling people about him. Please help Bryleigh out by casting your vote today.