Ellie Millie
Started off as preemies being 6 weeks early, now they are 15 months old! They are having so much fun learning new things. Their favorite thing to do is dance, and they love to laugh at big brother. It’s so fun to watch their personalities come to life as they are completely different from each other
My baby is the most smartest intelligent 6 month old baby. this girl has done a lot since newborn stages as far as her holding her head up on her own at 2 days old to her standing up while I hold her hands at a week old and now she is 6 months and crawling has 4 teeth already and trying to walk she been trying to walk since I put her in her walker at 3 months. So please go vote for my baby it’s just one tap away
Lay'Lani Hanzy
Laylani is fun,funny, energetic She is very smart and just adorable
Hay’leigh loves to play outdoors she loves dogs and turtles she loves to sing and dance she loves YouTube and ticktoc she also loves to paint and she likes arts and crafts very photogenic as you can see
Fefeitala Arama
Please Help My Goddaughter Win Her First Little Miss Beauty Her Birthday Is Next Week Monday Let’s Give Her The Best Birthday ❤️ Eta Loves You RamaMamas 🥰
I am funny, smart and love to laugh and be loud. I am very confident and always bossy. I don’t like to be touch but I am cutie as a pie. I brings smiles to people face they all find me adorable. I love being under my mommy and crying to get my way. I suck my thumb while holding my blanket. Everywhere I go people stop to cheer.
Paislea is my spunky and wild little 2 year old. She loves making a mess and helping mama cook!
Myah loves her paci and snuggling with mom!
Hi everyone, Meet Tamia. Tamia is a fashionista . She is very well-organized, she has a unique personality, she loves to laugh, and she is always interested in learning new things && helping others. She is also a gymnast. She just got promoted to level 3🤗🤗👏🏾👏🏾. Thank you all for voting for Tamia.
Little miss ani’leigh, she’s 6 months old loves to smile & laugh
Jade is a very observant and intelligent little human that loves the movie Home and can watch it each time as it were her first. In between you might catch her pushing her little pink shopping cart or riding her unicorn.
Dunnic Twins
Hailey and Brinley they were born 8 weeks early and were in the nicu for 2 weeks. They love the swing and bouncer.
Hey hey im ZOEY'REIGN, my birthday is July 23,2021, im a ♌️ 🦁 LEO and rightfully so because i am a dramatic 🎭theatrical🎥, and fiery🎆 vibrant little lady🥰and im always fashion forward 👗📿💍🩰, i love to watch and sing along with Gracie's Corner learning to count along with learning my numbers, colors and more 😁i enjoy riding my bumper buddy as much as i like sitting at my vanity putting my bow bows on 🪞🎀, i love anything to do with minnie mouse and i love my big brother and my mommy to pieces💘💘, i have so much personality packed into this little body of mine, im just simply a joy to be around ❤️ 💖 🥰🌈👑💎 ps. I love celery 🌱and bananas together🍌 😋 ♥️ 😍 DONT FORGET TO LIKE AND SHARE ALL MY CUTENESS PLEASE LOVE ZOEY'REIGN 😊😊 LESS
RaeLynn Grace is four months old, loves to lay in her daddy’s chest, loves her two big sisters, and always has a smile!
Harlie loves to be outside. She is a very loving little girl. She just started preschool this year .When she grows up she wants to go to princess college lol.
Gia is full of life and has the best personality! She loves dance, drawing and being with her family & friends ❤️
Vote for Erebella what she likes most is her favorite show mickey mouse and her bouncer chair. She is a very happy and smiley baby
Shi'Laia loves school.She is very smart as well as bright. Shi'Laia is very outgoing. She loves to sing,dance,draw, and most of all she loves God. Shi'Laia wants to become a model as well as a actress when she grows up.
Smart & Funny 6yr.old. I'm Puerto Rican & Italian. I love animals, Science & soccer.
She’s a little ✨Rockstar ✨ who loves to dance and is very loving to all she’s 9 months going to 10 and loves butter bread
Lilah Thompson
Lilah is an extremely happy baby who loves people. She’s a natural social butterfly and loves to smile.
Hi, My name is blakely cheyanne! I am super loved and such a happy baby☺️ I am also super smart I can say mama dada hey bye “I love you” and my favorite food is steak and mashed potatoes
I love to play , and I’m hoping soon I’ll learn to crawl . I have two tiny teeth and I love to eat ! But nursing is my favorite!
Serenity loves school and being a leader. She wants to be a ballerina when she grows up. She is very smart and independent
Oakley is a little beauty who is full of sass and fire! (Would you expect anything different from a southern girl?) She is currently in Pre-K4, and learning to read! Books are definitely one of her biggest passions in life, even so much so that she “sneaks” reading books every morning before school when she thinks everyone else is still asleep 😅 Oakley is kind, gentle, and loving. She is intelligent, interesting, and brave. Oakley is not afraid to tell you how she feels or what she thinks, but she does it in the most loving way possible. She is such a little sweetheart, send her a vote if you feel so inclined 🥰
Just for fun and to show off her cuteness. Camilla is always considered a happy and crazy baby. She’s always smiling, squealing and making her parents laugh. She loves Ms. Rachel, Sesame Street and knows how to dance along to many of the songs
Melody may be little but she has tons of personality, accented by her beautiful dimpled smile and magnetic blue-green eyes
Abby Davis
She is fun and out going loves to the wheel on the bus and loves to just run around and play
Willow is a sweet little 1 year old who loves to read books and run around the house.she loves watching shows thats has dancing and music
Beatrice goes by “Bea”, she definitely lives up to her name and is a busy Bea and very alert for 2 months
Loves to smile and just be silly. She always makes you just feel good and happy
This is Athena, she is very social and a very good listener, she’s very energetic and full of personality please vote for my angel 🙏
Morgan has a very sweet personality she is very kind and loyal to her family! Morgan also has enough fire to speak up for herself and to do what is right!
Adalynee loves to dance, cheerlead, and play soccer. She is super active and catches on fast with everything she does. She is the sweetest little girl and will make anyone fall in love with her. She is a great big sister and loves playing with her siblings.
Raeelynn (Booty) has a very amazing character and she loves to be in front of the camera. She is to die for with the beauty that she holds.
Brielle is new to the world, only a week old. She’s a happy baby and loves wearing her little bows. She loves to smile and show her big bubbly eyes! 🥰
Arianna Pacheco
Arianna is a smart beautiful little 4 year old girl who is always willingly to learn and loves to sing and dance and play!
Journee likes to color and watch Disney. She is very smart, funny, and adorable. She loves attending school. She is in pre-k 4. She loves her siblings and loves giving mommy hugs and kisses
Hi Mz. Kinzley my momma calls me the sleepy fashionista because I love to play dress up just as much as I love to sleep and once Im all done dressing up I go to sleep its simple mathematics to me...🤷🏿‍♀️
You should all vote for baby Mill Mill, because she can make a room sparkle just with her smile!! She has such a great personality, you talk to her she will smile and talk back. You sing with her she sings back. Just at 6 months she wants to walk and get up.
Izabella is a beautiful baby she is a happy baby she loves to be held and loves to laugh and smile she is 2 months old. She died when she was born but they brought her back. And now she is doing great
She loves clothes, shoes she's my little fashionistas
Beautiful person inside and out and she's a hard worker
Vanessa’s world is full of color, sparkles, princesses,fairies and super heroes! She loves games, music, animals and everything that twinkles and shines. She is a bright, energetic, funny and loving little girl which brings happiness to everyone around her!