She is such an out going full of life little girl!! She love cocomelon
Quinivier Ariel Tyrell-latwer
She’s a loving and caring babygirls. She like meeting new friends but very shy at times. She loves dancing and making weird funny faces. 🤣
Indie Ariyah
She is the sweetest little soul that touches the hearts of everyone she meets! Her favorite things to do are eat and snuggle and eat some more!
Ridley is very loving!! She loves being outside and she loves her family!!
Payton is a very smiley, curious and observant little girl. Her nickname we gave her is "tootes" because she tootes alot 😂
Ke'Arii is a sweet and quiet one month old who loves kisses💕
Hello world my name is Mackynzie Lynn I am 9 months old and my favorite thing to do is play with my toys and my puppy
Julianna is 14 months old She is the princess in our house full of boys. Julianna loves to blow kisses, play outside, and dance. Her personality is as wild as her curly hair. Please vote for juju 🙏 💗
Malorie Ann is my beautiful sassy wild child 10 month old! She is already walking and eating solids. She doesn’t have teeth yet but she gets by. Her favorite show is Rollie Pollie Ollie. Her favorite songs are those sung by Thomas Day and she absolutely adores her big brothers!
Maelani Rose is a true miracle baby, she was born at 1 pound and is healthy and thriving now at 6 months old! She is such a happy girl and loves to give smiles! Her beauty shines from the inside out 💗
Olivia is full of life , funny, and super sassy! She loves everything that has to do with being outside, dancing, and anything with helping mommy. Olivia an Irish twin. They are a year and 6 days apart! She has the sweetest heart and will love with every being in her little self. She is incredibly smart and is already very independent! She is absolutely a beautiful soul. 🥰
Our Sweet Wrenley lights up the room when she is in it. She loves worship music and bluey. She is our miracle baby!
Kaylixmar aka GOLDA at home is a very smiley & cuddly girl 🤍 She loves la vaca Lola & getting lots of love ✨
Selina loves to play make believe, she’s very loving, kind, and her smile warms your heart..she enjoys music and loves to dance!
Amya is 5 months old she’s such a happy girl
Chanel is 8 years old , she loves to dance and math is her favorite subject. She loves to go to school. Chanel is super smart she loves to teach her younger brother things she has learned in school ! She is very kind hearted and loving .
Paisleigh just turned 5 months old. She can say hi and I love you. She was a premie born at 34 weeks. She is the sweetest baby ever.
This little miss beauty, Anastasia…! is the baby who brings us the most joy in a world of chaos! Shes the youngest of SIX! Of course she loves seeing Cocomelon on the TV screen, but she absolutely loves interacting with others! She’s just under 14 weeks yet proves to be sassy and bright! She is a representative of multiple ethnicities and cultures. She’s the baby of our modern + blended family. She is a walking miracle in the truest way. She has the warmest smile + loves to make others giggle, so she may giggle in response. She coos in conversations and smiles at EVERYONE. To all she meets, she is an extra sprinkle of beauty in their lives. She loves to be loved and give love. Anastasia has been the biggest blessing to our beautiful mess of a family. Haha! She is the perfect addition to anyone’s day. She brings light to all she encounters. She truly is a princess and a beautiful little miss! Vote for Anastasia!!
Our little blue eyed girl 💜
Aurora loves to sing patty cake and her very own song no more crying with her Aunt Nikki. She also loves to dance to anything! Her Daddy is her favorite person but her 3 big brothers run a close second.
I love to eat my fingers and smile at my mommy💗
Alyssa loves her little cousin who she calls her bubba and loves to play with the dogs.
She’s absolutely perfect and loves to give the sassiest little faces already !
Jade is a sweet little girl with a big personality! She’s loves to play, make sounds and is a foodie that wants to try everything she sees.
4months old,loves music and truck rides with daddy! Starting to sit up and loves to pucker her lips haha! She loves everyone she meets and definitely leaves an impression! Everyone says she looks like a baby doll but she’s definitely mommy’s baby!
Ellie Kauhi
Hi I’m Ellie Kauhi! I have 2 very strong bloodlines in me , Mexican & Hawaiian 🌺 I’m a water baby for sure 🌊 Favorite show is Word Party 🎈My Brother and sister are my Proterctors❤️ I love spending time with my Family. Very Joyful baby and super adventurous! Thank you for Voting for me!❤️🙏🏼😊
My baby girl arrives, and just like that, everything changes. The world gets bigger, hearts grow fuller and life means more because she’s in it. She is a giggle wrapped in sunshine and glitter. Always remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you think, and loved more than you know. My baby girl: one of the most beautiful miracles in life, one of the greatest joys we can ever know, and one of the reasons why where is a little extra sunshine, laughter and happiness in your world today. XoXo..
Naomi is a character she loves to play outside and swim she’s sassy and loves animals her favorite movie is ice age she’s a really smart girl who loves her baby brother
Miss Nova loves to be outside, exploring parks and playgrounds or just playing in the sun. She loves her mommy and trying new foods
My baby girl Olivia is 8yrs old. She likes to dance. She is in ballet,tap, jazz, and poms. She loves to play outside with her friends! She enjoys bike riding with her big brother Noah,and also loves playing outside with her dog! It's also lots of fun walking with mom and her Great Dane Priscilla. Olivia is a wonderful smart girl! She is an honor roll student and loves Art class. She also is I. Violen class at school! I am so very proud of you Olivia! I love being your mom! We all love you Mommy, Jack, Noah, Priscilla and Dad! 🥰🐾🩰🌹🌷🌹🌷❤️
This is Elena Rose she enjoys going to the park, loves puppies, loves food lol, and loves to dance. she's the sweetest little girl ever🥰❤️.
Iyanna enjoys dancing and singing. She also loves dressing up and having fashion shows around the house . She is a very happy go lucky child that loves different styles and designs . She will make any outfit out of anything .
Kayda is a loving daughter who loves to make people laugh and loves to dance around the house all day she loves to be in the mirror checking herself out and to make sure her clothes looks good on her and to make sure her hair is done right !!!
Eleanor Lynn is the light of the room. She definitely knows how to put a smile on your face with her sassy she has at 4 months.
Isabella is five years old she’s sassy and sweet loves to dress up And show off all her cute dance moves
aria is a little miracle baby. she’s the spunkiest 9 month old you’ll meet. she loves her fur siblings, riding around on her 4wheeler and being outside in her kiddie pool.
Juliauna is 5yrs old and she has sickle cell disease but she doesn't let that stop her. She is very smart, outspoken, bright and loving personality. She is loved by everyone who meets her.
Mia Rose
She loves to laugh and smile a big smile she’s very sassy for sure but she’s cute so vote 💕
McKenzy loves to dance sing and watch TikTok. She is the oldest of twins. McKenzy likes to play outdoors and spend time with her family.
Paris loves to sleep! Loves to watch her parents. She loves cuddles!
Amelia lights up the room when she smiles, she is such a happy girl! She is so smart she loves music and dancing and playing with her brothers and also her mama and dada, she talks and wants to walk so badly and shes almost there ❤
Miss Ella is a little sweetheart, she loves being outside, playing with her toys and watching her blue’s clues.
Kaliah is very smart unique awesome baby she was born 5 weeks early with no problems She can say mama dada Gigi bae(lol) and she tells you when she good she likes all types of food especially condiments
Octavia lights up a room with her big beautiful brown eyes and contagious smile! She is literally the happiest baby and loves people! Everyone she meets falls in love with her.
Aubree is 4 years old and will soon be a big sister for the second time. She loves her baby dolls and has a beautiful smile. She loves to laugh and making new friends.
Jaycelynn is one of the happiest toddlers you'll ever meet. She loves baby shark! She also loves competing in pageants. Jaycelynns favorite person is her uncle.
Loves snuggling with her doggies, watching tv and chilling in her boppy.
Evie is one of the mosty cheerful babies. She loves to explore and giggle at everything. She absolutely loves animals and fish. She loves all kinds of fruit and vegetables. She is a bundle of joy and spreads smiles where ever she goes!