JoLynn loves playing trumpet, singing, dancing, and learning new things everyday. She can count to 100 and name the planets in order. She’s very smart, kind, friendly, and very loving.
Vote for Rayne she is A very silly , fun baby girl who loves to play and smile . She enjoys being around family and playing with her toys
Our Lilly Bird is as sweet as she is sassy. Lilly loves princesses, playing dress up and of course eating. Vote for the Bird ❤️
You'll NEVER meet a lil girl like this 1 let me tell you!! 1 of the smartest 19 month olds I know! Beautiful BIG BLUE EYES you can't help but fall in love with!! Loves ELMO & BUBBLE GUPPIES!!
Sydney is a 12 year with a little sassy but very loving
Callie is a sweet, outgoing, fun loving girl. She loves to dress up and do her hair and makeup but also loves to play outside and doesn’t mind getting dirty. She is always happy to help others and make sure everyone is included. She’s a Rockstar!!!
Jhené is the sweetest baby you will ever meet she is full of smiles and giggles guaranteed to melt your heart❤️
She is a very loving kind hearted girl. She is always putting other people before herself. Her favorite things are Encanto, Bluey and Gabby's Doll House. She loves spending time with her family.
Ava Grace
Ava Grace will melt and touch everyone's heart she comes in touch with. She's the sweetest happiest baby ever. She as well as her brother have been my saving grace! Help Ava by casting your vote daily for her! We appreciated y'all supporting her!
3 months old .🤍 Aquarius baby 👧🏽. My favorite thing to do is eat, sleep and cuddle with my Mommy 🥰
Lola Steve
Shes a happy baby girl she enjoys being around family,love to have Native food with families
Loves her daddy, big brother and Bananas. Just learned how to sit up on her. Favorite place to be is outside
Delilah Rose is a strong baby with a huge personality. After coming into this world 7 weeks early and only weighing 3lbs 14oz, she is thriving and soon will be a year old!
Nhriyah Naomi Williams was born May 12th 2023. Weighing 6lbs 5oz at 7:22pm.
Natalia is a 2 year old diva! She has a huge passion for fashion (which makes her my mini bratz doll) she loves animals, getting into mommy’s makeup, blowing bubbles and singing. She’s a brilliant future leader with a little sass. She’s a sweetheart with a heart of gold, she loves her abcs and saying her nightly prayers but most of all she loves her family!
Loves watching daddy play videos of fishing and Fortnite. Loves to listen/ watch Scooby Doo, Zootopia. Loves cuddles with mommy and daddy and LOVES her swing and Mimi.
Zara is 5 years old. We homeschool her full time. On the side she does cheer, swim lessons, and gymnastics. She loves helping others. Any time see sees someone that is hurt or sick shes the first to show her light
She is a smart an funny a very awesome big sister
This is Juniper Ivory. She is almost two months old, and such a smart little lady. She loves bath time and music.
She loves to play dress up and go to the playground to have fun. When she grows up she would like to be a Doctor (like Doc McStuffins) to care of sick people.
Looking to exchange votes💕 Kinsley is very lovely. Loves to laugh and smile. She’s a big mommas girl. Knows how to get her way with most. Can brighten your day when you are down. Loves animals and is very smart for her age. She does not have her father in her life due to his addiction. But yet she is still the most happiest little girl I know. She love her veggies, broccoli and strawberries are her favorite. She’s a big rock music fan and will bang her head along to it and get upset if you change it lol to me her beauty is natural. She doesn’t need makeup or big dresses with pictures set up for it. It just comes naturally to her. And she is about to start her first year of school 🥰 Please help my baby win.
Kaliey loves the great outdoors. She loves mushrooms and koala bears. Sh3 also has a beautiful voice and loves to sing and dance.
This little girl is very cheerful and charismatic little lady. Her face is full of sunshine.When she smiles you can't help but smile back at her. She's very smart and curious. She loves to love and will tell you this a dozen or more times a day. She's the light of our life. She also loves to sing to herself and dance with her brother's all the time.
She is growing so fast and has such a beautiful heart ready and loves to cuddle and make ppl laugh already
Everleigh Kate
This is little miss Everleigh Kate she is 9 months old and is FULL of laughter! She loves to snuggle and play with her big brother!
Chloe loves to jump, run, and go to the park! She is a little lady with a strong attitude lol! She’s such an outgoing baby girl!
Alyia weighed 1lb 3oz when born. She is my miracle baby
Willow loves to dance and spend time with her older brother and sisters. She is the youngest of 5
Rachael Anne
12 y/o, leukemia warrior, loves outside time and spending time with friends
She is 3 months old today. A very happy baby. Loves all of her family and loves posing for pictures!
I’m a 7 year old who loves Roblox and loves getting my nails and toes painted 💅🏼
She is a very special child she was born with 6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on each foot. She is beautiful full of loveand we are so very blessed to have her.
She loves fruits and very loving/caring toward others
She is a born ready model. She has a carefree personality where she expresses herself no matter what. Always cares for others. Loves dancing and singing.
She very good girl she little diva she growing so fast on me ! She love going school spending time with her family And loves playing wirh her puppy
She is our happiest baby girl! She loves crawling around and laughing at the animals or her siblings. She’s so full of joy!
Adaline is the happiest, sweetest little baby. She is my salon baby and all of the guests at the salon stop to say hi to her and once they smile at her she smiles right back.
Beatriz Gissela
Gissela es una niña muy inteligente, amorosa, protectora, siempre ayudando y pensando en los demás. Una niña con buen estilo de moda.
Miss Letti is full of personality She loves giggling & smiling and loves laying in the sunshine
Alivyah is a loving 3 year old whom loves her family. She loves the outdoors, swimming, and SpongeBob. She loves animals especially elephants.
She loves her toys, music, everything girly!
my miss winona is gonna be 2 years old. she loves talking, and saying her numbers , playing outside, making friends she also gonna be a big sister less then a week! she so smart and no father is involve for my miss little girl. her nickname is smiley 😊
Keyaura is a super sassy 3 year old princess. She loves playing with her Barbie’s and loving on all her baby cousins. She would really appreciate your votes! Thank you!!
Little miss Harlow is the sweetest sassiest girl ever. She enjoys spending her time outside and watching bluey, she loves her family more than anything and shes our world. Play any kind of music and that girl will get down she loves dancing
Sumaria is the cutest baby! Very talented and friendly. Loves people. You will love her forever.😁🎊♥️
Ellery is a spunky 7 year old who loves going to school and is all about team spidey. She
Shes funny loves to dance