Adalynn Faith
She is such an amazing little lady!
Baby Journi is 2 months old and already so full of personality. She loves to smile and play. Her favorite game is peek-a-boo with her brothers and sister. She's patiently waiting for her Dad to come home from deployment so he can Finally hold her. She's waited her whole life to see him.
Monica is a 10 year old with naturel curly hair and beauty that cant caompare. She loves to paint and spent time with her younger siblings. She is so kind and loves to put a smile on everyone face
Abbi is 3years old and loves to play outside. She loves watching 3 little pigs and little red riding hood. Abbis favorite food is pizza and she's a Pawpaw's girl..
Melodys laugh and smile lightens up the room and you will never find a frown on her face and you wont regret voting for her
Sami has a kind heart & a sweet spirit. She is also very spunky & loves keeping up with her big brother, playing w/ the cats & just being a kid.
Jordynn is the happiest girl, who loves to cuddle, give kisses, and take naps with her mama!
Miss Delilah is 8 months old and is such a cheerful girl! She loves Hey Bear, Bluey & Miss Rachel a lot!
Ily Blaze
A jolly happy baby, who enjoys laughing and food! She just started blowing bubbles and crawling.
Maddie is a 13 month old happy little girl!! She loves to play with her older brother and loves to laugh at anything and everything!! She is currently a rep for a couple of businesses and loves to take pictures!! She is the sweetest thing ever!
She loves cooking and make cakes love to put makeup on you should pick nayomi because she will make your days stonger
She is the sweetest, most sensitive, and silliest girl. A real beauty, inside and out.
Hi I’m Diora & I’m 4 years old . I like to go to school & play with my best friend . I like to get my nails painted . My mommy says I’m a little sassy pants but my brothers spoil me that way
Layla Miranda Grace Stamper
She is just the most happiest an funniest baby girl ever I wish more people could meet her an she really loves babies her fav thing is a blanket
She wants to be a police officer, ballerina and princess. She loves to dance, is very respectful, and well-mannered.
She wants to be a doctor, and a unicorn. She loves to sing and perform, she's very animated. Well mannered and respectful. Loves to laugh.
Alayah loves her babies (dolls), animals, and music. She is always down to dance and she knows how to keep you laughing
Hi my name is Braelynn I love being silly and enjoy eating chicken nuggets. I love animals, especially dogs!
Our Xena Avayah Is Such A character, this girl has so much personality and full of sass she’ll have you laughing that’s forsures because she’s so silly!! She Loves spending time and hanging out with all her tias and nanas she’s the cutest, she loves being outside and a playing in her walker she runs around crazy in that thing she’s got sooo fast lol she loves it because she can go wherever and she just gets into everything and is sneaky and then wants to run away laughing after she’s caught lol this girl is just a freash breath of air and I’m so blessed to be her mama!!🙏🏼🫶🏼🥹💕😘🙌🏼🥰💜
Tina Marie
Tina - Marie is a fun, loving and smart young lady. She is an incredible big sister. She loves playing volleyball and drawing anime.
She’s crazy and always happy !
My Ellie girl! She is my first born baby girl! She is brave, intelligent, beautiful, and has the most sensitive/ caring heart I’ve ever known! She is and will always be my best friend! She’s also very talkative like me! 🤗💕she’s a mamas girl!
My sweet Emarie! She is loving, goofy, wild, but most of all she is beautiful! She love’s strawberries and playing with her big ball outside! She is a daddy’s girl (sadly)! 😂 and she is my second baby child and she has brought so much light and happiness in our lives!
Abrie Rose
Abrie loves everyone! She is very strong and wants everyone around her happy .
Mishka is blessing and she likes milk a lot she loves to play and explore new things now a days she is also helping me to h give and takes things I love her a lot❤️
This is a picture when she was 1 n a picture of her now. She is a princess but also a wild cat. She loves mermaids n the color blue. She loves writing, painting, basically any kind of art. Adores puppies n kitties n babies.
Marleigh is a very happy baby! Always smiling and laughing. She loves her fox rattle and piglet toy ❤️
Aria was born at 34 works and has been doing her best to get out of the NICU💕 She loves everyone she has met so far and is a little go getter
Nina is very energetic and loves to play especially with her 2 baby sisters❤️
Zera is a happy but serious little girl who loves to stand up and learn new things. She loves her family very much 💖
She is the most loving, sweet, beautiful, caring, smart, heaven sent Angel! She's the best big sister and loves with all her heart ❤️
I'm very kind and happy girl. I like to learn every day. I love reading books, drawing, dancing, singing, playing piano, making desserts with my mom or my sister and many things.
London is the sweetest girl ever. She loves to play with her toys and make momma laugh. She loves strawberries and anything sweet like her!
Alexia loves the world and is full of life. She loves playing with her friends, dancing, and lovesss to play with animals
Hi, my name is KylieJade. She just turned three years old and she's from the city of Chicago. She love spending time with her mom, dad and brother. She loves going to school, watching Gabby dollhouse and Gracie‘s Corner. Her favorite color is pink and is fashionista at heart. These are just a couple of fun facts about Miss KylieJade 🤗💕💕
Olivia is a sweet, loving and enthusiastic baby girl! Her blue eyes are captivating and beam with joy all the time. She loves everyone close to her as well as her different clothes, shoes and bows.
Keirra is amazing, she loves to dance and perform ballerina shows for everyone in the household. She likes most to entertain people shes a smart young lady.
She loves to sing and dance. Aspires to be a Texas game warden when she grows up.
She is so beautiful!!!!!!😍❤️😍❤️ She has to win!!!!🙏🏻🥰⭐️
She loves her some tummy time, loves interactions smiles everytime you talk to her. Shes got that sass about her, all smiles no matter what. Starting to roll over from her tummy to her side.
She likes her dogs and playing princess U should vote for her because she is adorable
Hannah is a very free spirited bubbly happy energenic outgoing young lady. She sees beauty from the inside out and finds the good in everyone ♥ Excepting advanced votes
Spontaneous is just one of the best words to describe her Aliyah is adventurous and outgoing everything is different there’s never a dull moment she enjoys being her random unique self everyday with something new
Jasmine Holdaway
Just so sweet she loves her passy and enjoying how to walk now. She stays on the phongo Loved to walk she stays on the move .she loves puppies and her passy
Brylnn Grace Tackett
She a very happy, smart, beautiful personality.
Ellory's smile will just make you melt!