Baby Stories - 13


Hailey is a fun loving 10yr old who wears her heart on her sleeve. She always tries to help others and make them happy. She loves to draw and dance especially on Tik Tok.
Estrella also known to many as just Star ⭐️ has the cutest twinkle in her eyes 🤩 Star is full of joy happiness silliness and spunk!! She can make you laugh and fall in love with her in seconds just in how affectionately cute she is when she meet you at the door with the biggest hugs from such a little lady🥰 Star is 3yrs old and she enjoys story time dancing singing being the bossy diva of the house❣️and helping bake 🍪 🤗
Maleaha Is Full Of Joy She Can Make Your Worst Day Turn Into Your Best Day. She LOVES Cocomelon ,She Loves To Snack On Cheetos And Pretzels🤣❤️..
Brinson loves her mommy, daddy and bubba! She is such a blessing and always so happy!
Neveah is almost 2 years old and is very smart and adventurous! She loves to listen to music and watch kid friendly shows!
I love to play w mommy an i have a heart shaped birth mark on my hand
Marlene is very energetic fun caring and loves to give lots of hugs. She’s the true definition of a diva and little sassy with a great personality, she’s somebody u can easily fall in love with and she was blessed with such beauty. 💕💕
Meliah is a sweet 6 month old who loves to smile and take pictures! She also loves playing with her toys.
Kennedi is the coolest 6 month old who loves to eat, and watch Mickey Mouse.
Meet Kynlee! She is so outgoing and energetic! She is the sassiest girl I know but one of the most loving all at the same time!
Zendaya has had a rough start in life she has kidney and bladder problems and a heart condition will be having surgery in June of this year
Gabriella is the most precious thing on earth, she’s a saint!! Nothing comes close, not even your baby!!
Rihana loves dance and music and playing with her friends
Briella is a very loving and caring girl always helps out and loves to dance
Khylah is 2 years & 1 month Old, She’s a Sagittarius, She Loves Food, Her Favorite Tv show is Trolls, She’s super smart, intelligent, Goofy, Loving and more!!!
She likes to dress up she likes to ride her bike and she likes to do hair she's a good helper when it comes to her little brothers she's a twin😍😘💪
She is a smart girl who loves to tiktok, dance, loves horses and loves to meet new friends.
Aaliyah is such a good big sister, shes full of sass and loves to play peek a boo and loves to run and you chase her around the house. Shes spoiled rotten. Also shes a daddys little twin. Shes really smart, she knows (No) she says dada, hey, yay, uhh ohh, no ,yeah, bye, baba, baby, sister, mama, she claps her hands when she knows shes done good, she waves and smiles all the time. Such a happy baby. <3 When her sister cries she runs to her and says uhh ohh bc she knows sissy is crying.
Tru is a 5 year old with and an old soul and loads of personality. She is very eloquent in her dialogue and interested in art, singing, academics, and sports.
Addison loves taking care of her baby doll Annabelle. She loves playing with her pet chickens and dogs. Her favorite color is pink and her best friend is her big brother Oliver.
Ariah is Gift From Above She Smiles 60 TImes Throughout The Day
They Are Twins & They're very active & charismatic 🥰 they both love eachother and other people very much , they love smiling & eating lol !!!
Da’lani is 5months old . She enjoys laughing and being in the camera.
Myleigh is a very jolly baby. She loves to laugh and be talked to and sang to.
This Is My Daughter Shaniyah She Is 4 Years Old . She Is The Sweetest Little Cabbage Patch Ever ❤️🥰 She’s My Little Princess 👑
Aurelia is my rainbow baby and she loves puppy. She says the word “dada & tita(sister)”. She don’t go to bed unless she see’s that mommy is home from work and her giggle is contagious ❤️ Thanks for your vote 🙏🏽
Stormi Kate
Stormi Kate is 6 months old. She loves to eat and be nosy. She adores her big brother and is always happy and smiling!
My name is Avona, and I am my mommys bestfriend, but I have my daddy wrapped around my finger tight. I love Jesus, I love my big brothers, & I love my baby dolls! I am sassy, fierce, but very sweet. Mommy and daddy say I am full of love. Go vote for me 🧡
Taya is a beautiful, smart little 8 year old with a heart of absolute gold! She thanks everyone for their votes!
Stella Rae is 4 months and the best baby imaginable. She’s so sweet and bubbly and has the most beautiful smile that will light up anyone’s day. Stella loves her daddies old rattle music bear, reading books and eating is also her favorite.
Hope is a sweet little girl who loves her big brother, kisses, and her bottle!
She’s a very happy and quick learning baby.
Lilly is my only lil girl. She is extremely smart and mommy loves her very much!
Gator Raelee is 11 months old she will be 1 yr old in a short five days. She loves playing with her toys and crawling around getting Into anything she can get her hands on. She loves to be played with by all of her favorite people. She also loves to dance to music With anyone willing to turn on some music. Moana is her favorite movie! Our sweet baby is growing and learning more and more everyday ♥️
A’Myia is the most happiest baby I know she loves to smile and laugh and play she loves watching Minnie Mouse
Ashlyn is 5 years old that loves princess and marvel movies! Her favorite marvel is Iron man and she loves helping others and helping with her younger sister. Shes in kindergarten and she dreams to be a doctor one day like doc mcstuffins
Sasha Meadow
Mexican American blue eyed Queen ! She’s fierce , sassy , & a child of God ! ✡️
Satori is super smart and outgoing. She loves to run around and have a mean throwing arm! She giggles at everything and follows her sister no matter what she is doing. She tiny bit mity
Avaria And Amelah
Blair LOVES to sleep on daddy’s chest, cuddle with mommy and eat... a lot.
Bradleigh is a amazing 14year old she loves doing cheer,dance and gymnastics.
Gabbrella is my mini me! She loves riding horses and 4 wheelers, going hunting with her dad and playing video games.
Kandyce goes by Lil Spicie she loves to play outside and with her Barbies and baby dolls love frozen and Jojo a lot she is 6 years old and loves making friends she is sweet as she can be when she wants to be and very talkative to please vote for her
I’m AvaClaire and I’m 4 years old!
Aniyah is shy of being 6 months, she’s very attentive and loves to laugh and smile. She enjoys watching sports and chewing on her fingers as she has begun teething. She has truly brightened up our lives.