Ariyha is a kind kindred spirit. Loves caring for others of all ages as well as her bestie Toby the shih tzu mix. Ariyha is always smiling especially when enjoying a meal.
She is absolutely classy and sassy!!!
Hi Everyone, This is my daughter Lakelynn. Lakelynn loves all things fashion & pink. She loves to go shopping and put on cute girly clothes. Vote for Lakelynn !
Justice is full of life and laughter! She loves making new friends and riding on the 4 wheeler with her cousins. Justice loves posing for the camera to show her outfit off and can't contain her laughter when she's happy!!
Deliah truly is a beautiful angel. She lights up the room with her smiles laughter. Since day 1 she has taken the room with her grace and beauty. Although young she has already surpassed most her age in her development. A true smarty indeed. Vote for her!
Alissia is so smart and adorable. She's shy alot but a happy baby. I want her to be able to see that she won when she gets older 🥰🫶🏾 So Thank You For Whoever Votes💕
Deliah is the light of the day! Shes just like her mama after she eats (drinks) she laughs and smiles so much! She has such a big personality already! She isn't even sitting up by herself yet but she loves to stand and bounce. Since day 1 she's a natual model! If I can post more pictures I will post her hospital ones she posed for at only a gew hours old. Vote for this beautiful princess.
I will vote for you and please caste your vote for Insiya. Insiya is our 'Mowgli', that's how she prefers to call herself . She is a dear and loving cutie. She loves to listen stories. She can take you to her fantasy world where Frieda Kahlo teaches her painting, Coco Channel teaches to be unique, Jane Austin tells her not to listen people when someone drags you behind for what you believe. Thank you everyone. Much love ❤️
Paisley Grace is the happiest baby; She is constantly smiling, giggling, and kicking her feet out of excitement. She absolutely adores everyone she meets and will bring a smile to anyones face. Her favorite things to do is watch everything her big brother does (he’s simply her favorite person) jump around her jumper & roll around on the floor kicking those chunky legs of hers:
My name is Kenzie Ann and I’m a spunky, sassy, loving 2 year old! My mommy and daddy are my bestfriends and love to go on adventures with me. Gymnastics are my favorite sport right now but I like to try new things as I grow.
Hi, my name is Nakomi. I am a 1 year old beauty! I love to dress up and eat! My favorite thing to do is dance to carnival music. I am so smart, loving and cheerful!
Kaylee is a very happy baby. She has such a energetic and fun personality. She is always smiling and loves the outdoors.
Hi my name is Alena I love to dance I am a big sister I have a brother he is 6 and i am 7 if I had to have word to describe me it would be loving 😍 and when I grow up I want to be a teacher 👩‍🏫 so please vote 🗳 for me !😍
She has the brightest smile and loves to coo !
Leilani is 5 months old. She really likes the warm weather and not a fan of the cold. She is the queen of snuggle time and loves running water. She may be small but her voice sure ain't. 🌺
She likes to laugh
Evelyn is a spunky, smart, and very adorable young girl who loves everything to do with the outdoors. Her favorite color is pink and purple. Favorite animal is unocrns.
She goes by Kayde, she’s full of sass, spunk, and love. She loves softball, hiking, rafting, fishing, and basketball. Her brother is her best friend. She’s a little Dolly lover and loves her some Green Bay Packers and Tennessee VOLS.
Hello my name is Amora I’m 4 months old I’m a sass queen I love bows 🎀and smiles and spend time with family and most of all I love to cuddle🤗 . Every where I go I get compliments about how adorable I am…I mean they aren’t lying just look at me😌so I entered to show off my beauty isn’t that what a beauty queen do😍VOTE FOR MEEEEE💜💜
Sophia is a happy 9 months old baby. She love music 🎶 (Her favorite Bad bunny & La Vaca Lola) She love her doggie sister Luna🐾 She is also a mini fashion baby 💖 Help her with your vote 🥇whatever she win is for her first Christmas 🎄 & her first Birthday 🥳
MaKenna likes to play with her big sister, watch Mickey mouse clubhouse and sleep. MaKenna is a loveable 5 month old who loves to smile and make people smile.
She is very outgoing, loves to be outside, loves her family and most of all she LOVES her dog Kodak!
Here is my happy 15lb baby girl!! She loves Mickey Mouse and loves to talk to you!
Presley is an outgoing little girl that absolutely loves music an dancing. Most times you can find her dancing even when theres no music playing. She also enjoys swimming and playing outside and she adores her baby brother. She is an amazing big sister. She loves getting her picture taken and all the attention on her. She plays dress up with her clothes and almost always has a bow on her head.
Lin’nae Love to smile , eat and dance to Gracie‘s Corner she also loves to talk when your on the phone like it’s for her (lol) But above everything she is a very sweet baby .
Ryleigh Mae loves attention, she has an older brother Noah Luke who adores her! She is a happy little chunk!
She loves to smile and laugh. She is one independent little girl.
Sophie a 11 month old. She loves playing with her brother and laughing!
Harmony is an identical twin, her twin passed away during the pregnancy. She’s happy and loves family attention! She is growing and learning new things daily!
Hi my name is Jahmiya I’m an 7 month old baby representing black beautiful babies !! 💕💕 I’m Active , Learning , I love my family I’m a just a doll everywhere I go I get compliments so why not enter beauty pageant vote for me loves expired by my mommy Bre 🥰🫶🏽
Amazing heart,fighter,lovable
Our sassy princess loves to talk and dance!😍
Charlee is such a happy and friendly baby. Can be a bit sassy sometimes but overall she is so cuddly and loves to play. She loves watching ‘Super Why!’ On PBS Kids and anything having to do with food! Charlee would really appreciate it if you’d vote for her!
Stella entered the world on July 2nd with a bang! Stella is mommy’s little angel and best friend🤍 She has started talking so much and has a smile that lights up the room! Big fan of bath time 🫧 I may have a swimmer on my hands!
A baby with a smile words can't describe. She's such a silly little women with so much character. Character shes had since birth.
Jayla is a vibrant 6 month old that loves her mom, dad, sister and German Shorthaired Pointer KitKat. She was made to be in front of the camera and loves to take pictures. She laughs, smiles and kicks all day long! She has stole the hearts of many already and looking to spread her joy and good vibes across the globe!
Aurora is so sweet and she loves her daddy so much she loves getting kisses and she loves to try to talk to you
Hi - my name’s Sunny! I love nail polish and makeup and Frozen. Don’t be shy… because I’m not 😎
Julia is a second grader and loves to hang with her friends and play on her phone
I’m a happy baby, I love my big sister, Royalty, and favorite Fruit is bananas. Also Loves to smile.
Very energetic just started kindergarten hanging with her family
5 year old genius, Loves sushi and playing at the park. Favorite color is pink and when she grows up, she wants to be a police officer.
Aurora is a very polite 3 year old who never talks back and follows directions. She pretty advanced for her age knows her ABC’s, can count to 20, knows her shapes and colors. She can also chat your ear off holding full conversations. Definitely a lover and has a big heart for everyone!
RoseMary is six years old and knows how to count to ten. Say most of her ABC's and draw her shapes. She loves anything to do with art. She also is a big help with her brother and little sister
MeLody will always make you smile. Her favorite person I think is me her mom. But she has blue eyes and brown hair.