Baby Stories - 12


Maddison loves her 2 older brothers and smiles alot when their around shes also sassy
Billie Jo
Billie Jo loves everyone she meets! She has such a big personality to be just 5 months old! Her smile lights up the room everywhere she goes😁
Charlie was born with hydrocephalus and had to have a VP shunt surgery at 1 month! She loves sensory bears and her daddy ♥️
Melissa loves to sing and dance her heart out she also liked to make people laugh and smile she also loves to tell her grandmother in heaven every night night night snd i love you so much.
Very smart and loveable knows how to make anyone smile.
Sloane is so sweet and caring. She loves to make people laugh and is the first to comfort someone if she senses they are anything but happy. Sloane loves to pray, sing, and dance!
Nova is 11 months old, she loves anything cocomelon and is the happiest baby 💕
Alaska Rae is the sweetest little girl ever! She loves frozen, coco melon and playing with her brother!
Vote for me because I am an absolute sweetheart! I’m a super big blessing to my momma! I’m a rainbow baby! 💜
Madison is 6 yr old magnet student who likes environmental science , singing ,and Barbie
Hi my name is Priya (Pre yah) I’m 2 months old I love sleeping on my stomach, going on car rides, and spending time with my family 🤎 please vote for me and I’ll return the favor !
Stetzyn Reigh is a happy girl. She is a busy body and LOVES to give love and smiles to everyone! She is super active; loves to swim, climb, play with her toys, and play with other kids of any age! We adore her and hope you do too! ❤️
Talia like arts and she is friendly and funny girl
Lynnlee loves talking and watching tv.
I am a happy baby! I love to laugh and play 🤗
Elaya Angelina
Elaya Angelina loves music 🎼 & dancing 💃🏼 is in her DNA 🧬. She enjoys all kinds of food & enjoys time at home with mommy dada & her puppy Chema 🐶👨‍👩‍👧.
Kaia will instantly put a smile on your face when you see her or maybe the other way around. Anytime she’s around anyone, she’s all smiles and giggles. She has such a strong, funny personality and loves her teething crackers!
Kamila is real fun baby. She loves to dance, and she loves been around others.
Isabella is the most adorable baby ever! She likes cocomelon and baby shark and loves to eat.
Ryleigh is a gorgeous 6 year old little girl who loves anything and everything! She has a heart of gold and loves to go out of her way to cheer someone up she loves unicorns and rainbows and loves to help others
Sophie is full of spunk and creativeness and loves to sing!! She is very good at math and loves school! She is a great big/little sister and enjoys spending time with her family and grandparents. she has very curly blonde hair sometimes we just don’t know what to do with it lol 💜 she enjoys taking pictures and hanging out with her friends.
Emily is 5 years old and suffers from a rare genetic disorder. She loves to crawl and climb on things, play dress up and with her dolls, she loves singing and laughing! She has such an infectious smile and laugh. Despite being in a wheelchair she couldnt be happier. Winning this would give her a special needs playground. We hope everyone has Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays
Rogue loves to learn. As much as she loves to teach! Curiously confident beautiful soul
Mylena is 6 yo her mother was not ever supposed to be a mother but Mylena came! She’s all energy and love 💕 Gymnastics is her passion and she’s doing great!
Hello this is kalliope she’s just three months loves to laugh and talk with her mommy and daddy and loves all her siblings she’s our last addition and the first to enter a contest. We are learning to roll and sit up. Morning snuggles are the best of course!
Jor’dyn is very advanced ! She knows her ABC’s , nursery rhymes , how to count to 10& spanish !! She loves animals& Mickey Mouse ! Her favorite thing to play with is her Lego blocks . Oh yea! and she’s a daddy’s girl❤️
Jaylynn loves to do pageants baking with mommy will get muddy with her 3 older brothers she is 4 years old born oct- 3 -2017
Kylah Lanae
Kylah LaNae is my spunky 10 year old daughter who wears her heart on her sleeve, she is the youngest of 8 and has a personality like she is the oldest! She is always trying to keep everyone in order “so she thinks!” She loves to draw and play games on her phone she loves watching Disney... she loves taking pictures and loves spending time with her 4 sisters and 3 brothers she absolutely adores her 3 nephews and likes playing outside with friends!
UPDATE! It’s been over a year and Ms. Royalty is 2 years of age! She loves to sing and play. She also loves Dora !
Milani is 2yrs old , loves Cocamelon and aggervatin her sister and getting into everything that she can think of
She's very smart funny she loves everyone loves video games loves animals
Giggles and baby purées is what she’s alllll about!
Ma’Kira likes to watch t.v, talk & chew them chubby fingers. ❤️ she’s a sweet baby untill she gets hungry🙃
Madilyn is very independent and smart. She has such a great personality! She loves being outside and loves the water. She loves music and is just such a happy baby.
Carolyn is an intelligent and sweet little lady that loves animals and puzzles!
Determined Motivated Artistic Brave Creative Diligent Friendly Forgiving Imaginative Inventive Motivated Observant Persistent Unique Involved Self-starting Structured Efficient Adaptable Articulate Clever Persistent Leader Self-reliant Tough She loves to play out doors
Ny’Ariee has her own personality. She is such a happy baby. She loves music and feeling loved
Averly I was born on April 27,2021. Just had open heart surgery and is doing amazing!
SLEEP, of course who doesn't like their sleep? I love Bluey and her sister Bingo, NickJr never fails me at anytime of day. Very photogenic as i came out the womb tech savy and I know what facetime is.
Mina Mae is 9 and 1/2 months old! Her favorite food is chickpeas, and she loves her Mommy and Daddy very, very much. She enjoys crawling around and exploring. She loves spending time with her big brother, her Nana and Papaw, and her Abuelo and Abuelita! She's joyful, and rarely gets upset!
Ivey is smart, beautiful, and intelligent. Ivey is the big sister, when she learns something new she teaches to her baby sister. She acts just like a teacher. Ivey helps with chores around the house, loves to talk and spend time with her family.
Talayah Starr, who goes by Starr is one of the sweetest little goofy souls!! She loves to talk & to be talked too. She doesn’t play around when it’s comes down to time to eat and she always has the sweetest smile!!
A’riyah is all smiles. She loves ALL the attention, loves when you talk to her & loves all the cuddles
Hello everyone, my name is Aaliyah. I just recently turn into five years old. I love watch tik tok or YouTube about girls who can dance varies, this make who I am do participate with dance. I was going do gymnastics, forward back do ASAP! I like use Sign Language often and passionate for motive and learn to become fluent in American language sign, because my family members are mostly Deaf. I am friendly and sweet girl too. I love help around that family or people anything I see.
Kahayla is a very smart, happy, playful and very sweet baby. She loves to play with all of her brother's and sister's. She also likes to go outside and play with her toys. She really loves her mommy and daddy........ 😍🥰😘
Hi Caydence is a girly 5 year old who loves anything pink and glitter ! Caydence is our special Leap Day Baby 2/29/16! She’s truly been a blessing in our lives ever since. She loves taking pictures and hopes to act and model soon!
She love to keep her fingers and her mouth and talking and watching her favorite show (peppa pig) she is sooooo adorable 🥰 and just wanted to share the cuteness 😍💚
My name is Luciana. I love smiling, laughing and cooing. I'm an overall happy baby! :)