Savannah has a really silly personality and always such a happy girl. She loves playing in the pool or the bathtub and loves watching toons! ♥️
She has a laugh that can bring happiness to a whole room. Her favorite thing to do is Play with our dogs toes.
Victoria loves to be a princess and get dirty at the same time.
Mia is incredibly energetic and is a bundle of joy ❤️ She loves animals, fries, and spending time with mommy and daddy 🥰
Della, also goes by Pretty Girl & deli sandwich, loves to eat and have someone talk to her!
Hope is the happiest, friendliest, God loving little girl. Hope plans to redo her bedroom and get herself a pony if she wins. 🖤
Hi I'm daleyza I'm a kind heart and sweet girl I love to play and I'm always smiling
Daisy Allie May Fifield! Daisy is such a bubbly baby,Filled with LOTS N LOTS of joy n nothing but smiles n laughs! She is SUCH an amazing gooood babby! She HARDLY EVER CRIES! And most importantly of all.... She is ALWAYS always looking for playmates n friends to make! So don't hesitate! Thankk youu all!💕
Baby Amari is a bright smiley girl who loves her snuggles and kisses from mommy and daddy
Julianni is A little diva who loves to sing play make up and dance.
Kayeloni is the youngest of 6. She is a Leo.
To know Jozie is to love her. She literally has a smile on her face 24/7 and a laugh that lights up the room. Our girl loves anything with music and when she gets real excited she starts marching. Encanto is her favorite movie, she loves bath time with her KoKo and Nana, and LOVES food and her apple juice.
Elena loves Mickey Mouse.
Riley was born 6 weeks early and spent 36 days in the nicu! Riley is a happy and easy going baby and has definitely beat the odds!
Little miss Marleigh Mae loves to watch her friends at daycare and enjoys dancing to cocomelon. She loves spending time with her older brother Mason and is happiest when mom sits with her in the grass outside! She is always so full of smiles and just started giggling! Thanks for reading!!!
Loves animals and babys
Loves walking and baby’s
Willow is such a joy to have in our lives. She is a happy little girl all the time and makes you smile when you look at her.
Everleigh is my sour patch baby ! Sour an sweet !! She loves coco melon an mommy ❤️ She loves all kids especially when they speak an play with her ! She’s learning to walk! She is 8 almost 9 months an she’s growing super fast!!!
She is a soccer player and likes to play soccer. She is smart and active and likes to help her mom. She is a good baby sitter for her baby brother Haadi! ❤️
Tanya Dawn was born 5 weeks early on march 31st 2022, shes a month old and is the happiest baby she loves to smile and can cheer up anyones day! Anywhere we go people automatically stop to see her she is truly a showstopper in public. She was named after her great grandma and her memaw.😊😊
Loves his mommy an his Brother loves to eat play an do tiktoks he is such a Blessing
Rebecca is a spunky, fun and independent girl with a lot of personality. She loves cheer, playing with her friends outside, swimming and art. She is definitely my princess and youngest of my 3 children.
Chloe loves to play with baby dolls. She likes watching cocomelon and baby shark. She has a wide vocabulary and is a pretty happy little girl
Hello everyone, this is Jaylenne, she will be 5 next month. She is my miracle baby my little warrior. Jaylenne loves to spend time with her grandparents, she likes to help them and care for them. She enjoys art, dance and just going to different parks to creat memories. Jaylennes also enjoys spending time with family and friends. Shes truly an old soul.
Amy love's to play with her baby brother and sister
Annabelle loves ger food and cocomelon
Taylor loves to play at the park, loves to hang out with her brothers. Is a ball of energy. She’s really into gymnastics and dancing and loves to sing. And she looks up to JoJo Siwa. ❤️ She brightens everyone’s day by her laugh and smile. 😊
Paislee is a very happy little girl despite her disabilities. She was born with a part of her brain missing (SOD) but that does not define her. She is unstoppable! The doctors never expected her to be where she is today. She proves them wrong daily. We were told she would not walk, talk, and would be blind. We were also told she would be delayed in everything. Paislee loves her food, her rottweiler, and absolutely loves water! Her smiles light up a room!
Madison is a very smart, spunky and sassy 6 year old that loves both being sporty and girly. When she is not participating in Cheerleading, Dance or Softball she is picking out dresses and doing her makeup and hair.
This is Nashlee she likes to help others, She is very respectful and likes playing sports
She’s a spicy little two year old who has a passion for animals she spends a lot of time with her toes in the sand.she loves the ocean and most of all she adores her baby sister.
Just a fun, smiley, active little gal who is always looking for someone to make her giggle.
I have a BIG personality! I being outside, even on rainy days! Current favorite thing to do is run! ☺️
Rue loves to clap her hands and bounce up and down with her big sis. She loves bathtime and cuddles with mommy!
Hi im Kéhior im 9months old and i love Minnie mouse & the color pink💗 im such a calm happy baby that loves to smile and laugh.
Hope is a miracle baby she was born 37 weeks and 2 days by a scheduled c section. Hope was a healthy baby during my pregnancy no issues and the day went to have Hope the Dr cut my placenta twice and my daughter lost oxygen to the brain so she has a lot of health issues and spent 98 days in the nicu and has a feeding tube. Today Hope s liver is 100% better and a lot of medicines help her other issues so the biggest one we have to overcome is a kidney transplant once she is up on her wait. Everything Hope has been through she stills smiles so that’s why you should vote for my Hope. Thank you
Kinslie has a huge personality, she loves to dance and sing.
Analeah is a very smart sassy girl! She loves to draw and is very talented in that field.
Cora loves laughing, learning new words and she is definitely a character
This is Jae’Ana, she’s a laid back baby likes hugs and kisses
Esmeralda is the sweetest baby ever. Hardly ever cries and loves snuggles with mom, dad and big brother
Avianna is 2 years old she is such a smart babygirl , she loves singing and playing with her big brother also loves her daddy’s cars.