Baby Stories - 12


She loves to laugh and play, and loves a camera
Laila is smelly, she likes to fart, and she’s rlly cute and funny
This is Amaya she loves to play with her big sister and she loves when you sing with her just a very happy baby ready to spread the giggles and smiles
Hi my name is ameena I love going to school and playing with all my friends my favorite movie is frozen and I love love love unicorns thanks for taking a look at my profile hope to get a vote from you 💕
Braxtyn is a very happy baby. She loves to laugh and drink her milk..
Kayla is a happy, sweet and adorable baby.
Thea Reign, was born 36 days before her due date and is doing exceptionally well for being a premature baby. She is loved unconditionally and spoiled rotten!
Mia, is very smart, very talkative at an early age. She loves cats, and dogs, she loves playing outside, her favorite show is cocomelon. Her favorite food is tacos and pizza. She also loves Minnie Mouse. She is a mommy’s girl, she is sweet when she wants to be but kinda spoiled. I love her so much and I encourage her to know how beautiful she is so we would love for you guys to help us out! Vote for mía 💜
She’s happy, creative, energetic and a fighter! She was born 13wks early!!!
Zaria loves to eat mashed potatoes and nap.
Chevelle Rae is the sweetest baby, she has learned to hold her favorite ball and stuff animal and has found her hands. She loves putting her hands in her mouth and is trying to master rolling over.
Hello my names Ellara Remi Barrera & I’m the happiest little baby ever .... I just discovered my own hands and feet & im learning how to drool 🤤 & even baby talk and roll ☺️ Mommy and daddy call me their little princess but along with that they have a couple different names like mommy calls cabbage patch, butterball , chicken fry and dad only has a couple also like chicken nugget, lol Gordita papitaaa.... but out of all their nicknames I live up to being a princess 👑. So far I love the mornings , love to stick out my tongue , love being happy & most importantly I love my mommy & daddy
Little miss Ava is the sweetest baby I know she has touched the lives of so many people with her cute little smile she has helped so many people who have down in the dumps turn their day around. She doesn’t do to much but she loves to laugh and smile she hardly ever cry’s.
Nola is a beautiful and smart baby. She loves to smile. And makes life so much easier
Morgan is a toddler with attitude but sweet as she want to be
Za'Kariah loves playing with her daddy, loves listening to music. She really loves when people talks to her. She has a smile that brightens up your day
Emily is a very smart little girl she loves helping others. She is just one loveing girl!!
Ahmiyah is only four months but already one of those special little cuties. Holding her own bottle and loving her moms iPad. She has a smile that could light up a room and big brown sparkly eyes. Make sure you leave this cutie a vote you won’t regret it!
This little blue eyed curly hair baby is the best she loves music thats the only thing that gets her to stop crying and she loves her sister and brother she is just so silly full of character
ZORA likes the abc songs and she loves playing peek a boo zora favorite song is pancake she have the beautiful smile and the funniest laugh
Chemistry is a happy baby she was born premature and didn’t come home til a week later she’s a blessing and bring so much joy they say she looks like a cabbage patch doll❤️
Alex is beautiful in her own ways. She loves to dance. Very talented at anything she does. Please vote for her.
Kimora is a beautiful, loving, amazing, smart, 2 month old baby. She loves smile and loves bright colors.
She is always smiling, loves to watch Mickey Mouse, going shopping, and very energetic
Peyton Sue Lashae
Peyton loves playing with her 2 month old puppy, she loves outdoors and watching tv and coco melon. She loves colored lights and bright colors, she is a very out going happy baby. She is on the move when she rolls and plays with her feet.
We call her kami for short. Or kammers. Shes the sweetest baby ever. She is currently get her teeth in and she is so calm about it. You cannot tell shes even getting them. She is the complete puzzle piece to our family. Our last baby and she is definitely so special to us all. She loves watching her brothers play. Playing in the floor with her gaurd dog ❤. Learning how crawl. Everytime we sit her down she always grabs behind her to reach flr anything she can 😂. Daddy calls her little miss grabby hands.
Stella loves playing outside, she enjoys bath time and cuddling with mommy and daddy. She also loves baby shark an coco melon.
This is Lennon Leona. She enjoys sneezing, snuggling, and smizing 🤗
She's a Happy silly awesome baby girl💜 she likes snuggles and her nanie (blankie) and Her baby💜 and enjoys the night for me
Happy 😊
Amour Cano Griffin is very sweet and outgoing ! 😍 She likes watching baby shark 👶🏽🦈. She likes eating fruits and she loves playing with her big brother Dior 💙. She currently walking. Vote for baby girl mour mour, please 🦄 🎀
josie is the sweetest most kind hearted little girls i know. She loves her toys and has an amazing imagination❤
Nalani is a beautiful,happy, chunky little baby who will brighten up your day with her laugh and smile 💜
My little Delilah is a sweet baby who loves cuddles and belly time.
This girl is hugely competitive. She plays and loves volleyball! Loyal and protective of those she loves. She is funny, smart, and just plain goofy at times. She dreams of being a chef in the future!
Fierce when it comes to family and friends. Loves playing softball, all animals, and has dreams of becoming a marine biologist!
She is a firecracker for sure! She had a feeding tube from the age of 3 months till 2 months before her 4th birthday. She is a fighter and loves BIG! Loves to build sand castles and all things Mermaid.
My granddaughter is very alert to people and she loves trying to crawl, sits up very well loves cartoons, and loves being pampered
Royal 👑 Princess’Ella is the definition of her personality. She’s a joy to be around, fun, loving and tremendously cute 🥰
Meet Alena Abigail Fifield. Shes a spunk of joy. She does face some challenges and was dignosed with epilepsy at 5 months old but this hasn't stoped her from always keeping a smile on her face. Everyone that meets her just ends up loving her chubby cheeks and light blue eyes. She loves her brothers and puppies. She is a bit spoiled and doesn't know it yet. She just loves everyone she meets and shows it.
My name is Layahnni but I go by yahnni I love to eat , dance & play! My personality is bigger than life itself!
Ilani is a rising star. Very active and full of joy. She loves to smile and always has a great attitude.
Painter/gymnast/performance arts/vegan/ballet
She loves everybody ,she loves to talk and coo she is a good baby and she is lived bye everybody
Aliza is a bundle of joy, 1 years old loves to eat and thinks everything is funny &Has so much personality loves to watch cocomelon and akili
Full of energy. Constantly moving her arms and legs. Sometimes I think she communicate with her hands making incredible positions with her fingers