Baby Stories - 12


She loves to go for walks with Grandpa. Grunts when she likes her food, the louder the better.
Iliana is 5 years old.She cares about everyone around her, she has a passion for animals specially dogs she loves to dance acting and modeling
Heaven is a very smart 8 month old. She loves to eat and she loves to laugh. She has the biggest smile and the prettiest curls!!
❤️ Itty bitty bundle of perfect ❤️
I’m almost 5 months old and I love my baths and love to eat❤️
Violet loves to be happy and always goes along with taking pictures with props 💜🤗
Kynnedi is such an outgoing child. She is always smiling and giggling and can light up a room in a matter of minutes. Her smile is so contagious. She is also mischievous and wants to get into and investigate everything in her path. That's what I love about her, it's never a dull moment with her around.
Lainey is a very spontaneous outgoing young lady. She loves to cheer and loves to be involved with her siblings sporting events as well. She is very smart, loves school, and loves to read. This young lady will make a difference in the world. 💕
Promise is a very brilliant little girl who can sometimes be shy, but can brighten any room with her smile.
Ahmia loves to play with books! She can’t stop smiling or laughing!!!
Brooklynn is 7 months she goofy and loves to laugh at everything besides when she’s hungry she loves this one paci no other but one she talks a lot baby talk and tried to stand she loves food and her favorite movie is cloudy with a chance of meat balls food 😂
She loves food, toys, cuddling and music. She’s always smiling and camera ready.
My Sweetie Pie ❤️🥰
Oakleigh is almost 7 weeks old and loves to stretch and stick her tongue out. She does nothing but eat, sleep, and coo. Also I love my dog Brodie!
Lv is the happiest baby I’ve ever met and a miracle baby in her own right! She’s been smiling since day one!
This is ke’mauri she is two months old, loves too eat and play dress up too look cute 😂💜
Amelia likes animals, likes playing with her lil brother, likes playing outside,loves anything with unicorns,loves dressing up and taking pictures,her favorite color is blue, she loves watching disney jr, her favorite cartoon is Fancy Nancy and Vamperina
Avianna is a very out going 11 month old she loves takeing pictures smileing laughing and playing with her toys
Laney loves her big brothers. They can always make her smile. She also likes to snuggle with mommy and listen to her talk about our day.
Preslee is 3 months old and loves to smile for the camera. She is very into sucking on her hands and cocomelon at the moment.
Rylee loves to dance, sing, do gymnastics. She loves to color & draw. Most importantly she loves being a BIG sister to her little sister
She loves Elmo, Sesame Street, “head shoulders knees and toes song” her dog Zelda and her big sister
Kaizleigh J is such a blessing to all her family. She is a very sweet, loving, and fiesty little angel.
Madilynn loves to smile at everyone she meets, the first thing she does when she wakes up from her naps or her 'long Sleeps' is smile and let's out a little giggle. She is very content with just about everything, her favorite show is DC Girls and Word Party.
Ella Bleu
Very happy and fun loving baby.. Brings u so much joy..
Brooklyn likes books, dinosaurs, and food. She likes to sing and dance!
Alina lost her mom due to complications at childbirth. She now owns the website , spreading the awareness of medical negligence and maternal health. Instagram @styleandmoves
Namadia is such a feisty little girl. She commands attention and knows she's the center of her mother's universe. Overall, she's just a happy little baby; she loves to laugh and act silly with her family.
Ari’elle Calyla is 4 months old. She loves her mommy, likes to coo a lot and to pay her a lot of attention. Can stand up straight with a little help. Very friendly and happy barely cries. She enjoys watching coco melon and whatever mommy is watching. And is camera ready all the time!
Trinity Is so bold & smart at only 2 . She love honey buns and chicken . She says thank you & i love you mommy 😘
Kaisley is a one week old very sweet and very loveable baby. She loves looking around with her blue eyes and cooing a lot.
Isabella has been through many obstacles in her young life. Her special needs never gets in the way. Isabella always has a smile on her face even when others don’t.
Aryelle is a joy! She's a Princess who knows exactly what she wants and will find a way to let others know as well. She has an amazing smile that will light your heart up. Aryelle enjoys tasting new food and playing with her toys. Aryelle loves dancing to LL COOL J's "I Need Love."
Lianna is our 6 month old sweetie :) she is always happy and loves to smile at her siblings, parents and her puppies!
Maddie Pattie loves to laugh! She is a smart and happy baby that's loved by many especially her TeTe Toya!
My name is Schylar I love to read sing dance my favorite thing to watch is cocomellon I’m very outgoing and love to show love to everyone around me💕💕
Kinslee is the sweetest baby! She’s very laid back and chill - the perfect addition to our home!
Angel is fun, loving and silly little girl who loves playing with her friends, lol dolls and unicorns. She also loves to sing and dance. She’s my little princess please VOTE VOTE VOTE!
Alyriah Ann
Alyriah likes dora and sid the science kids A sweet baby that will brighten your morning when she wakes up and smile
Aloha, my name is Nyara, I am 2 years old. I love to sing, dance, and act. Winning this contest will help my family very much and hopefully to get me noticed for a toddler modeling agency. Mahalo for all your votes!
Born January 4th... Loves sleeping.
Myla is a wonderful child super loving gives the best hugs Ever... she loves Minnie Mouse and she love to dance and boss grownups around... Myla loves sharing her food yummm..
I'm new to the world and learning so much each day!
I am 3 months old . I love to eat sleep & mumble as much words as I can .
She is the sweetest, Most loving smart baby ever! ❤️
I’m a sweet and smart little girl, I like to play with my lol dolls, I love to sing and dance.