Hello Everyone This Is Bailee B. She Loves To Count And Dance!!! She Loves To Watch TikTok! Bailee Is A Outspoken 4 Year Old! She Has A Bright Personality And Loves To Prank! Bailee LOVES Barbie Dolls! Bailee Loves To Play Outside!
Nevaeh is a carefree toddler who loves animals, loves her her older brother and sisters, loves the playground , loves watching spongebob while laying on mommys lap singing the theme song
Sophia loves to laugh. She loves playing. She loves music. She’s love to spit bubbles. She love learn American signs language because her mom (me) and her dad are deaf. She is fast learning, very energetic happiness and love to make people laughs ♥️
Izabela Grace
Izabell Grace Boatman melts hearts every where she goes. She is an old soul that loves everyone. If your not careful she will have you wrapped around her finger like she does her PawPaw.
I have a smile that will light your whole world up
Amyah Is 3 years old and she is a very loving girl. She loves to color and enjoys playing with her dolls. Please vote for her 😊
Jaidyn is very adorable. She has blueish gray eyes. She likes playing with her brother and watching cocomelon.
The sweetest, most polite, happiest loving little girl you will ever meet.
Our Rainbow Baby!
She's a wild little girl who is so smart and steals the hearts of anyone who meets her.
She's a goofy energetic little girl who like makeup and dresses and playing pretend.
Hello everyone! This my daughter Ella she is so filled with joy and happiness. It just melts my heart seeing that beautiful smile of hers. Thank you to everyone in advance! 💓
Willa loves smiling, her car seat, and sleeping on mommy! ❤️🥰
She loves her big sissy and her twin brother. She loves watching blippi
Juliana loves to eat bananas 🍌, and she loves watching CoCoMelon 🍉 Juliana crawls and is starting to stand 🤩 My little princess 👑 will have you wrapped around her finger with her beautiful smile 😊❤️.
' Z'khylei is 4 months and 16 lbs. She has come along way from our NICU baby. Her smile is enough to light a room. Her eyes are so adorable 🥰. She has the most beautiful baby chuckle 🤣 she's the sweetest.
Eden loves ballet very smart and outstanding student in school ,loves reading to her sisters. Hobbies are reading and singing
Luna is the sweetest and most sassy girl around her smile makes everyone smile and she make the whole world a little brighter! Luna is adores her family and especially her cousins! Vote for luna and gain a little piece of happiness with it!😇 i know their are millions of beautiful babies but i just want to share a little bit of her joy with the world
Aaliyah is a very outgoing and absolutely hilarious little girl! She is full of life and never stops moving! She loves meeting new people and friends! Her favorite thing to do is sing and dance, especially her own made up songs! She is pur little tweetybird!!
Marle is a spunky fun loving adventurous girl! She loves to play outside in the water and playing with her baby doll. She loves to jump off things and watching baseball is her favorite. Her favorite foods are hotdogs, Doritos, and cheese. Play some music and Marle will get down!!!!
Emmilia was born 2 months early, and is now 8 months old and she’s starting to do things a 10-11 month olds are!! She was born early because it was a week after my dad passed and she ig knew mommy needed her
Hi! Im Aubrey, i'm three months old and have a smile that can light up the whole room! 🥰
This is Paislee, everyone she comes across has said that she's a doll baby that she doesn't look real. She also loves to cuddle. Loves to be talked to.
Hi my name is adalynn 1 years old and a big sister to my baby brother Waylon I love watching cocomelon and playing outdoors.
Delilah is the most free spirited imaginative heavy hearted soul you will ever meet. Delilah has a huge passion for animals, particularly service animals. Delilah enjoys running, being with her friends/family, and loves the beach
Ariyanna loves to smile. She is jolly baby and she loves food
Hello , my name is Dream Marie. I am 19 months old I weigh about 20 pounds but I’m a strong little lady. I have 1 older sister and 1 older brother. There isn’t too much I can do but I do love to sip on my cup and kick back in my playpen. I just figured out how to walk , now I’m just trying to figure out how to get around a little faster.
Zanetti is a 6 year old spunky,vibrant little girl. She hopes to be a pop star one day!
Roselyn just turned 1🤍she is the most sweetest loving babygirl🥰thank you for voting!
Marley is SIX months Old. She’s a Very Happy Babes. She’s full of sass, she’s got quite the temper too! She’s full of Love and smiles, She Blesses Me Everday!! Her smile makes my heart melt.
Lyric loves with her whole heart. She’s companionate, caring, spunky with a touch of sass! She loves going to church, dancing, singing, drawing and anything that has to do with spending time with family!!
She's a sour patch sweetheart. Her love for dinosaurs, unicorns and all things reptile is almost as much as her love for her 3 brothers. She's truly one of a kind!
Jayanna is 11 months old. She loves yelling, smiling, and laughing. She is just starting to walk and loves that. She loves food.
Hello everyone, My name is Dixie. I am 8 months old and I'm just the happiest baby . I love to chew on everything, and my mommy is my favorite person ever.
Lailah is a happy girl who loves anything to do with food and found a new love for water!!
Lily is brand new to this big world! She made her grand entrance May 11th at 12:59pm, making her a Taurus. This our first baby & we couldn’t be more happy. She loves to sleep & eat as of now, momma & daddy like that! We don’t care for the votes, just wanted the world to see how beautiful our baby is✨ But of course, thank you for your votes!
Adalynn is 6 years old. She is a little diva who loves the camera and having her picture taken. She can have anyone attention wherever she goes. She loves to talk, play, and sing. Her favorite things to do is play at the park, swim, cheer, dance, sports. She has the biggest heart and personality!!
Moriah just turned one in May 12th of this year. Moriah loves her brother and her dog Dixie. She likes to smile at everyone and laugh at the top of her lungs. Her favorite food is anything that is on someone else's plate. Moriah has the best day when she gets to spend her mornings in the sunshine. Thank you for voting for sweet RiahAnn
Everleigh is very goofy and loves movies and playing dress up ❤️👑
Channing aka ChaCha is one of the most chill, laid back girl you'd ever meet. Like her sister, she too loves lipgloss, and shopping, BUT, also that girl that will put on some tennis shoes and go play with the boys in a heartbeat. She may be a tough cookie sometimes, but she is so loving, protective, and always pushing herself to try new things. She also wants to model and show her beauty along the sides of her sister and brother as a Trio! She is a triplet and proud of it. Vote for this little beauty queen 👸🏾 and vote for her sister (Lizzy) too ❤
Mirai is our miracle girl! After almost 20 yrs together we were finally blessed with our healthy lil peanut! She's tiny but mighty! Loves country rides, rock collecting, horses, Pink Floyd 💗 and LOL dolls. Vote for Mirai Annalee 🥰
Lakelynn loves to “talk” and smile. Happiest baby you’ll ever meet! 🌞
Angel is a very sweet and shy young lady. She loves going to school, being with her friends and family, and loves arts and crafts.
Skylar is very outgoing. She has an amazing personality. She loves to talk. She loves to play with her toys and she hates to sleep because she thinks she is going to miss something lol
Laylynn is just the cutest baby there is shes so active and loves to be talked to and loves going on car rides
Smiling happy baby girl!
Brynlee is a happy baby and my beautiful granddaughter