Baby Stories - 11


Little miss Kailani is adorable, loving and she’s my newborn that was born with two bottom teeth 🙈
Alaeya is sooo sweetshe’s truly a best fiend you’ve never had very caring and loves anyone she meets ❤️ She enjoys dancing and being silly.
Her joy is contagious
Maila is a very calm baby. She loves to take baths, eat & watch her sisters play.
Miss Iris Jane is a bright soul with alittle bit of spice added to her. She’s very vocal loves letting you know When she’s super excited or absolutely over whatever activity she’s doing. She loves watching her puppies run around and play. She loves playing with toys and spending time with her cousins. She absolutely HATES naps she will not go down without a fight.
Ava is the baby girl of the family she’s only 2 months and she’s already a diva
Samira is just like a sour patch. At first she’s sour then she’s sweet. She loves to dress up & play with her sisters. She also loves to jump all the time.
Eleina is full of sass and attitude. She is also shy but once that shell breaks open, you are in for a ride. She loves to wear dresses and play. She is also a really good big sister and loves to help mom out.
Rylie loves to giggle at her puppies and smile at her mommy and daddy 💕
Willow is such a sweet baby. She loves eating Mac n cheese, jumping on the trampoline, and playing with her puppy! Willow has such an outgoing personality she’ll have you laughing all day! Please vote for my 15 month old little princess, it will be very appreciated!!!
Kinsley is the precious new addition to our family. Her two favorite things are her big brother and her bottle!
Skyla is smart girl. She does tae wo do.
Layleigh Grace Curbelo
Layleigh is three months old. Daughter of chiniah martinez and freddy curbelo. Layleigh loves bananas and bath time. Layleigh's favorite tv show is world party and her favorite time of the day is when she plays with her toys.
Claire is always smiling, loves her daddy, plays hard and sleeps harder
She is the happiest little baby she loves her family and coco melon is her fave show
Jessie is our sweet little beautiful princess who loves taking care of her babies and animals but can get rough and tough with her two oldest brothers in the dirt
Natalie loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and loves spending time with her little sister. Coloring and playing music are her favorite things to do 💗
Milli is one sassy and adventurous princess. With a smile that can light up an entire room
Raelynn loves playing with her “Ma and Pa” and uncle “dilla”. She’s and animal lover al the way from dogs to goats to lizards she just loves them all! She so bright and has a big personality!
Starli loves singing, learning, and flying around like a Superhero!
Wynter is a miracle baby from a mom who is 23 with heart failure kidney failure & lupus wynter Marie was born 2 pounds 11inches at 31 weeks she loves Mickey Mouse and enjoys listening to music my doctors told me I could never have kids but I was blessed to have one before they permanently removed my tubes I am so grateful to be her mother ❤️
Bria loves Unicorns!!! She is a sweet baby always smiling and very happy!!!! Bria loves her picture taken and having fun!!!!
Malani Amora
Malani is smart and loves her mommy so much she all smiles 😄 and such a bright beautiful babygirl🥰✨
Summerlynn is mine and her daddy’s miracle child. Me and her daddy was told that we couldn’t have kids because I had PCOS. That was two years prior to getting pregnant with her then got pregnant with her in 2014 had her in 2015. She is very smart for her age, funny, we call her Miss Independent, very intelligent, bright, sweet, kind, friendly, loves animals, being outside, does chores and learning to speak Spanish. Summerlynn also loves to eat her fruits and vegetables. She also loves playing with her toys, drawing, painting, taking pictures, selfie’s, and her pictures taken professionally by her own personal photographer (G-ma). Summerlynn is also a country girl or cowgirl. She loves playing in the mud and rode a mechanical bull for more than 8 seconds. Summerlynn also loves putting on her mom’s (me) and grandma’s (my mom’s )makeup. I (mom) told her that she is a natural born beauty.
Kariah loves to talk and laugh! She is energetic and silly. She enjoys listening to music, trying to sing, and dancing!
Abigail is the most active 2 1/2 yr old she loves coloring , painting, outdoors. She is adventurous and is kind hearted and sweet! She has the personality that everyone loves! Very happy little person who loves to laugh
Marissa is definitely a diva. She loves Frozen, dolls and singing.
My name Is Skyler and I’m almost 3 years old! My favorite color is pink and I love playing with my cat Mickey!
Gianna is a dancing queen and loves the park and bubble baths
Lehala is very sweet and loving she knows how too count to ten, she also knows her abc 's at 2 yrs old very intelligent and humorous!
Jaylee is 2.5 years old, and loves Cocomelon, Trolls and Peppa Pig. She loves singing, dancing, eating & playing with her big brother. Her favorite food is broccoli and she also loves candy! She is legally blind and has double amblyopia caused by weak muscles in her eyes. She’s the sweetest girl you will ever meet! 💗
Lillian is at twinless twin. She is smart funny and has a kind heart. She believes in so much and teaches us adults a lot.
Kynd is 1/3 of Circle k(triplets). She loves music and Curious George.
Amirah enjoys learning, books and anything science. She also loves to use her imagination to play fun games.
Charlee is a sweet one year old that loves riding 4 wheelers with her daddy and mommy. She loves being outside and helping in the garden. She does not know a stranger and loves everyone.
Jaylynn is definitely the drama queen of the family, she loves cocmelon,pj mask and pawpatrol. Definitely takes after her mama.
Hi!!! My name is Miracle Ari'yah Williams. I am 2 years old with a loving mother and father. I love bouncing, talking, and playing with my family. I also enjoy watching cartoons.
Alora is a loving and playful baby. She loves to be around her older brothers. She has a special bond with her grandpa and grandma. Alora is the light of our lives.
Dream is an extremely alert little lady & old soul! She was a special surprise born on Easter Sunday. Only 11 months but already enjoys dressing up, singing, playing her piano, strumming her guitar & dreaming! 💖 ***LOVE & LIGHT***
She is very talkative and smart. She is not only my best fried but you'd love her as much as I do if you met her. She's amazing.
My name is Aubree Mackenzie Naylor and i love ballet and I love to sing and hold my baby sister and ALWAYS wants to go with my mommy I would love to win because my mommy deserves to give us the whole world and I know she wants to do that’s why I am so proud of her and she don’t even know how I much I appreciate her
Everleigh is always smiling and laughing. She loves chasing her bubba around the house and trying to keep up with him. Her favorite word is DADA and she loves her Binky.
My name is Alaysia Monea McCoy I have 3 sisters and one brother I’m am the last of the bunch. I love FOOOOOOD ALL KIND. If I’m not around my daddy I am angry at everybody. But I adore my mommy so much she give ALOOOOT of hugs and kisses and they both give me TLC🥰 plus I love loud music and watching tv
Kennedy is a very fun, funny, loving, and energetic 2 year old...She loves cocomelon her dad mom and big brother...She’s the boss of the house and she knows it..
Mackenley is a very active, talkative toddler. She loves animals, anything outdoors. Farm animals are her favorite and she is obsessed with Minnie and Mickey ❤️