Jasmine is 10 years old. She loves her family game nights and the outdoors loves nature and animals. She is super sweet, caring and loving. She loves being a big sister.
Mary Bell
She is a fun loving, dancing to baby shark girl!!! She loves her daddy and stealing all her brothers toys!!!!
Cheyenne is such a friendly soul. She’s always wanting to help others and play with other kids. She loves being outdoors and helping her daddy work on cars and motorcycles.
She loves all things outdoorsy. She loves riding her little 4 wheeler and playing with her cat. But most of all she loves her daddy.
My name is Luella Mae, and bananas seem to be the best thing I’ve eatin in this whole 4 months of life. I hate my clothes. And I’ll be sure to slobber and blow bubbles from my mouth for you:)
Skylar loves photography and is her mother back up photographer at weddings. Love painting and drawing , enjoys church and loves animals. As an older sibling she loves helping her little brothers with things as-well as pushing there buttons as much as they push hers .
She is so bright for her age. She loves to sing along to her favorite show “Baby Joy Joy” on Happy Kids TV. She wants to be so independent and tries to do everything herself. She‘s so funny she loves tickles and peekaboo. Everyday with little lady is just a blast she will make you laugh and smile all the time. Last but not lease her little piazzas and spicy sassy characters she has, you will love it as much as I do.
Miss Delilah is a very happy baby girl. She loves her brother, daddy, mommy, grandparents and great grandparents. She laughs and smiles at everyone around her melting their hearts.
Amelia is a very happy, fun, caring little girl. She loves to help mom and dad with cooking. She loves spending family time and playing UNO and Go fish.
Araya Cook
She is 1years old and loves cuddles and loves to play with her toys and her casts and brother please vote for araya
Anslee is my ornery beautiful 4 year old she has loads of personality and sass! Every vote for my baby will be appreciated!
Kholiah Navea
Kholiah is a little fire soul that spreads joy and kindness to everyone she meets. Her heart is full of love and she truly embodies the spirit of 'Miss Aloha'. She enjoys dancing hula, surfing, riding dirtbike, skateboarding and loves to be outdoors. She loves to sing and dance and loves being in the prescence of her family. Please consider voting for her we appreciate all the love.
Alanna is the most loving little girl she loves to wear dresses and she loves to do TikToks and she enjoys to be with mommy and daddy and her siblings
She's so super smart and understands everything that is said. She loves her sisters and she really good at balancing. But her nickname is monster because she literally came out of womb growling at the nurses and I.
She is a very happy energetic almost 3 year old who loves baby dolls and the movie Tangled and she loves her princess dress
Marley is one of the sweetest babies you will ever meet! She is adventurous, loves animals of all kinds, and is almost always smiling! Give her your vote!
Aislyn is a go with the flow girl. She loves to eat, socialize, pet her dogs, watch her brothers play hockey, and enjoys long crawls on the floor.
I’m 3 my meme is my favorite ❤️ please vote for me ! I love to go outside with my brothers and play with my baby sister !
I am 1 month old and my daddy is my hush button! Please vote for me! I like to try and hold my head up , love my rattles and love to be sitting up right so I can see everything !
Aiyana is almost 2 months old. She likes being held, talked to and taking naps with mama.
She loves to sing and she loves kisses and hugs.
Spencer is a sweet, happy, little pumpkin.
Kimber loves all things Frozen and Elsa related. She love to sing and dance and color. Some of her favorite things include playing with animals, being outside, and making her baby brother giggle. Kimber never meets a stranger and is the sweetest soul I’ve ever met. Any money won will be put into her college fund! Thank you so much for your support!
Little miss Magnolia loves dinosaurs 🦕, ice-cream and playing with her brother and sister ❤️
She likes to eat and cuddle. Shes almost 2 weeks old.
Lumiere loves all things gooey, her bug collecting set and cake pops.
Abigail is a princesses. She is very very smart. She loves to play with her barbies and color. She puts a smile on everyone's face that meets her. She can brighten up anyone's day.
Chloe is 9 months old and is the best baby! She loves her big brother most and is always so happy. Please vote for her! ❤️
Nova is sweet, sassy and has the kindest heart. She has personality for days and winning would mean the world to her!!!!
Macie Anne
Macie Anne is three months old. She loves her big brother, her puppy, and watching mom do her hair. She loves to coo and talk to anybody who will listen.
Aaliyah is a master Gacha video creator! She is absolutely outstanding with creating and editing. She’s a beautiful soul who has been navigating recent challenges in life like a star. She is the oldest of four- three brothers. Who may drive her absolutely crazy, but she loves and helps them as much as she can. She loves all colors, she’s amazingly crafty with paper. I foresee a future of game development and art.
Azaria is a very goofy loving baby , always smiling and shaking her shoulders, loves music
She likes to coo and smile at her big brother whenever she sees him.
Avayla Grace born 11/06/2023 10 weeks early. Born weighing 2lbs 8.8oz, 14.6 inches long. She is now a whopping 8lbs, 19 inches long and loving every second of her life being home after 60 long nicu days! Avayla loves snuggles, kisses, and spending time home with mommy, daddy and her fur siblings. Each day that passes is another day stronger and another day closer to being off of oxygen. Our little warrior deserves more votes than we could ever count 🩷
Nyx loves the color Purple, Unicorns and Elsa. She is sweet and Sassy.
Mya is such a sweet girl & always smiling with her big dimples!
Jae'anna is a strong independent young lady. Loves cheer and bmx racing. Also loves cows and axolotl's.
My beautiful and intelligent daughter has one of the most nurturing and sweetest spirits that I have encountered in a young lady/girl. She loves to help others in any way she can and if she doesn't know something, she isn't afraid to ask questions. Although she is shy, quiet, and very reserved, she deserves the best in life always. I have 2 beautiful young ladies. She is my first princess. Please show my baby some love! 🥰
Everleigh is almost 7 months old she is full of surprises and she is a very happy baby girl she gets everyone's attention.. she loves watching paw patrol, being held,and being outside...
She’s very sweet and hard working she loves everyone and everything she likes to try new stuff she’s in kindergarten and has many friends
Little Ava is a sweetheart with the warmest smile first thing in the morning. She likes to sit up and watch the world around her with the most curious eyes.
Kinsley is a sweet loving 11 month old full of energy and sass . She adores her big brother and loves naps and playing .
I am a hellian... Lucy is my nickname I was given... I am an Angel with a Devils dress...I run 150mph, 7 days a week... I am Very intelligent... There is a secret about me that will be told only if I win... I love attention... Love to color and paint... I love to ride the Harley... I love my younger brothers
Emory brings so much light and joy to our lives with her sweet smiles and beautiful blue eyes!! She smiles from the moment she wakes up until she lays her head to rest at night. She is just the happiest baby you could ever meet. She is learning to crawl and loves to stand up and even takes steps with assistance. She loves watching mickey mouse and playing in her jumperoo. But cuddles are her absolute favorite. She is a breastfed baby but she loves trying new solid foods. You should vote for Emory because her sweet smile lights up a room!!
Avery is such a sweet little girl with a kind heart.
Raylee is all smiles and loves her mommy! She also loves to tell you all the stories.
Elisia or Lisi Jean is such a bubbly girl!! She smiles so big and has such a personality for her age. She loves spending time with her big sister and is a total daddy’s girl!🤍