Baby Stories - 11


MaKaylee loves to talk herself to sleep! She loves playing with mommy and daddy!! And she always has a smile on her face!!!
Kyree is definitely her own person. What she wants she gets. And she's a big Daddy's Girl. She can walk at 10 months and thinks the floor is a wonderful place where people leave snacks. Her favorite word is Da Da and her favorite song is baby shark. Soon as she hears PINKFONG she goes crazy.
Gracelyn just turned 2. She is very loving and caring. Mommy is her favorite person. Gracelyn loves music and coloring!!!
Ja'Khyla is the most beautiful soul she would have you smiling all day. She smart, intellegent goofy, loveable caring amazing, blessed.
Everly is a very happy baby who loves being outside, adores her siblings, loves to talk and loves attention😊
Vayda is a beautiful 3 year old she loves singing and dancing but what she loves the most is playing with her baby brother❤️
Mackenzie a honor roll student loves baseball and horses and babies. She loves art and music as well. A old soul and such a giving heart
My name is Ailah! I love my mommy and my puppies! I like to talk to whoever listens. I smile and laugh at my mommy when I wake her up in the middle of the night! My favorite toy is my teething banana and my little elephant! Rolling over is so much fun! I love when people sing the ABC’s to me, I sing along❤️I hope you guys love my smile as much as my mommy does! Please vote for me! Love, Ailah
Sophia Rose is full of sass! She lightens up the room and everywhere she goes she draws so much attention with her smile and wild curls!
She loves to sing and twirl. She loves affection and attention. She’ll be the highlight of your day.
Carolina is one of the happiest babies ever. She’s a joy to everyone
3 week early lil' beauty, Loves Snuggling and Eating
Sa'Mira is full of personality, and loves taking pictures,watching YouTube & playing with L.O.L. dolls.
Addison loves to play volleyball and loves going to school. She likes to play with dolls as well.
Paislee loves school and loves to do art. She enjoys helping people and is very kind hearted.
Sa'Mia loves polishing her nails,dancing, baking, starbucks, & has been running track since age 3..She wants to own a beauty shop when she gets older.
My name is Remy Esmeralda i am 6 months old and i love to smile and be funny.I live with my beautiful and strong mommy ,big brother and big sister.
She was still as can be and a amazing surprise for the whole family. Nevaeh smiles all of the time and is such a joy to have around. She came 3 weeks early and even I did not know I was pregnant until 2 weeks before she was born. What a wonderful and joy filled blessing
She is the happiest baby I've ever seen. 🥰
Elizabeth feels the room with joy with every smile, she love to dress up and play princess! 👑
Beautiful alert baby, very quiet & well behaved. Loves listening to people talk and music 💛
Autumn Faith
Such a sweet, loving, and bright baby all the way around💖 Miss Autumn Faith💗
Adalynn is the best baby ever, she’s super quiet, calm and very content. She loves being right next to mommy snuggling, she loves feeling warm, on her belly, laying on mommy and getting lots of attention. She is a breastfed baby and loves her milk so much she likes to growl/grunt to get lots. I love my Adalynn, how couldn’t you?!❤️
Alice is a cheerful little girl who brings joy everywhere she goes and is always making everyone smile! She loves spending time with her sisters and enjoying every minute of the day! She loves Pepperoni pizza, Candy, relaxing with her sisters and the iPad as well as movies like Moana and Frozen!
I’m Emani, and I LOVE to get into everything, I’m so energetic I love my mommy and daddy. Napping is my favorite hobby and eating. I love to play with daddy because he always makes me laugh. Mommy always comforts me when I’m sad or my little teeth start to bother me. I love playing and being held. I’m a ball of excitement :-)
She lovely in likes to play with everybody loves her mom in most important she so beautiful
Sora Rose
Sora Rose is a Sweet doll baby come to life 🌸 she loves to giggle ,play with her family and stuffed teddy bear lala she’s the families pride and joy !
Londyn is a very smart little girl. For her to only be one she knows her abc’s. She a character really. She loves playing with others, she goes crazy when it’s time to clean up she just loves the broom and dustpan. She’s funny, pretty, and very smart for her age.
Ketherine Bella Dittemore
Ketherine loves going to school and playing outside. She also likes to dance and sing.
Kinsley is the sweetest baby girl i know. She smiles all the time.
Riley is a complete ray of sunshine. Always has a smile on her face and is extremely intelligent. She loves playing with dada because his beard is her favorite toy. She is so playful and loves cuddles! You should vote for her and keep the smiles going!!!!
Raivyn-Ayn loves to sing and dance. Her favorite movie is frozen and frozen 2.
She loves pokemon, scooby doo, and trolls. She is very smart for her age and is very artistic. This one rather have fruits and vegetables than junk food. Shes my little angel
Doll Face.., precious 🦋 , The doctor walked in after my three day stay at the hospital and dismissed A’va but looked at me and said “mommy do you have anyone who can come care for her because you can’t rn,” A’va was just laying on my chest & she’s breast feed.. she batted her eyes at me I said no doll face.. I’m never leaving your side! She loves attention!
She is a very happy baby that could light up a dark room she’s very alert and she one of the most sweetest baby’s you’ll Are ever meet
Tyler Gigi
Tyler GiGi loves when it’s time to eat, bath time, and snuggling with her momma. She has the most fun personality already. Tyler loves wearing bows and dressing up fancy.
Aniyah is a fun, giving, loving, playful girl! Loves gymnastics and loves her family. She loves nature and loves to dance for hobbies.
She loves to smile and laugh 🥰 shes the sweetest baby ever
Ana Sophia
My name is Ana Sophia, I am 8 months only and love Minnie Mouse! 🥰 my favorite food is zucchini with carrots! I love my parents and I am crazy happy baby💗
My name is Evelyn & I’m 7 weeks old. I love to be photographed! I love to smile and be silly or be studious in my photos 💕 I enjoy cuddling, talking and bath time 💗
Hi my name is Maggie. I am 2 years old. I love being around my brothers and siters. I like to play outside with my pet dog. I am a sweet kind little girl. Everyone enjoys when I wake up and they see my sweet smiling face.
Aria is 4 months old. She loves to watch cocomelon and drinking milk. Vote for her! ❤️❤️
Allison Rose Huggins
Sweet little Allison Rose is a little bit over one years old. She is super curious and wants to do everything her big brother does. She is very sweet and loving and just a ham all around!
Lilah is always smiling , she’s always attentive and learns quickly. She is a beautiful baby who brings joy and a smile to anyone who sees her.
Oakley loves to play with her baby brother. She also loves to play outside, with her babies, and color in her coloring books!
Kouture Aka BabyK. Her Smile Is Like The Stars In The Sky- A Beautiful Site To See 🤍
She has the most beautiful soul. She is kind to all that she meets and enjoys all types of music to dance to ❤