Baby Stories - 11


Mar'Shonda is 4months. She's very active she know how to hold her own bottle she know how to roll over.she even scooting.she very playful.get mad when you don't talk to.welcome my 4 month old.
There aren’t enough words to describe the love and joy this little girl has brought to our lives. She is the sweetest, cutest most loving little human ever!
Hi! I am Waverly! I love taking baths and getting dressed up everyday!
Beauty and Brains all wrapped up in one lovely little girl. Olivia is unbelievably unique in her own bubbly way. She brings joy to all and reminds people of the good ol' days.
Emma is a kind hearted girl who enjoys reading and learning. She enjoys being the baby of the family and being an aunt to her niece and nephew. She loves animals and riding bikes. She is kind and loving.
Breanna loves her mommy and watching tv
Melody is a free spirited little girl who makes her mommy and daddy laugh with how crazy she can be! She can go from crying to laughing in just a few minutes by looking in the mirror!! She loves to swing in her swing and cuddle with mommy in bed!! Thank you for taking the time to vote for our little princess!!
Alaina is such a mommas girl and always by sissy side , loves to giggle and spin around and love on her puppy watches football with daddy #voteforalaina
Kylie is a very sweet girl who loves to be with her sister. she’ll do anything to help mommy out around the house , loves her chicken nuggets and French fries love to watch bull riding with daddy #voteforkylie
My name is Everleigh I love pizza 🍕 and being with my family making memories!💕
My name is Eleah Jane💕 I love to play with dollhouses and barbies! My favorite food is spaghetti 😋 I am a sassy sweet heart that will steal your heart😊 ❤️
Ariana is a joy she has been since the day she was born . she dreams of becoming a fashion designer one day and specializing in wedding dresses so that every woman can have her happily ever after.
Hey everyone my name is Emelia! I love to eat, play and learn new things with my mommy and daddy 💛I’m so happy and blessed
She’s the last of our family and she’s a go getter already. She lights up a room with her smile and beautiful blue eyes but hard to hold because she never stops moving. Most likely voted heartbreaker in her future 💓👑
Ayvah Larie
Ayvah Larie loves to laugh, smile and have cuddles with mommy.
Jlayvonna Carswell
Jlayvonna a loud loving caring little and big sister to her brother goofy love to have fun outgoing do gymnastics
Brooke loves to sing dance and is very spontaneous, she has the purest heart and always has kind words to say.. Her smile is contagious. If u ever meet her u will not forget her.
Everly Rose
Everly is full of energy! Miss sassy pants! Loves her baby dolls!
Braylee is a fun loving 3rd grader who will do anything in her power to make others smile and laugh. She is beautiful inside and out. She loves TikTok, canning with her mom, cooking with her mamaw, and playing hangman with her papaw.
A little cutie!!! Loves her pets and books.
Delila loves to have fun! Loves music and singing! Has a kind and caring heart!
Miss Maddie is one of the happiest babies ive ever seen. She is always smiling and ready to have a conversation with you. She loves playing and music. No matter the kind of day you have, her smile will light up the room and your spirit!
Hi, I’m Sophia and I’m a very sweet 5 month old. I love to move and roll all around. My favorite thing ever is my pink unicorn WubbaNub and I always smile when you call me pretty. Im a princess and I would be so happy if you voted for me!
Maraylah is named after my late baby sister. She passed away at 19. She has a very amazing personality already. Whenever she smiles I melt. I just love her so much. I hope you all do to.
Aarilyn is always smiling and laughing with everyone! She enjoys watching football with daddy and playing with her family! She is sitting up and beginning to try and crawl!!
My name is Cailynn Grace and I am 5 years old! I am a blessing to my family and I love and admire my big brother to pieces! I love to model for the camera, give big smiles and cute poses! My life consists of being the best drama queen, the biggest helper and the sweetest little sister. 💖
Madeline is a great baby and easy to care for. She has 2 older brothers who love her and you can tell she already loves them so much.
Everlee is 3 years old. She loves anything to do with frozen and animals. She enjoys riding her bike. She is so full of personality!!
Hailey is the most happiest baby ever!!! The first thing she does when she opens her eyes is smile!
Layla is very observant and was my miracle baby!
My baby girl is a beautiful busy 8 month old. Has an amazing personality & will light up the room & your heart.
Ambreah is a smart bright lil one. Doesn’t matter who she meets or around she always smiling and laughing.
Lilianna is such a loving happy girl !! She loves to be held , she loves talking , her pop pop is her favorite person even though she’s a mommas girl ! She’s pretty fond of her memaw too ! Absolutely loves bath time and being outside !
Genesis loves to watch the show cocomelon. She is very smart for her age. Genesis is a very happy baby
Kayloni is 1 & 1/2 . She loves music and playing with all of her toys . Kayloni’s favorite show is paw patrol , and she loves playing with kids at the park . She’s already using the potty on her own and learning very quickly how to do many other things!
This little girl has the best smile! She is one happy baby!
She is hilarious. A great sense of humor. "Aloralai peed my pants" is what she said about her sister because her own pants were wet
Melody has her own personality only looks could kill kind of Gal . She loves singing on the Kareeoke machine and she just loves her Spongebob and her Learning Station along with Cocomelon and Pink Fong she very friendly when she sees other babies just crying out of no where she would go over to the baby and just pat him/or her on the head and even talk to them even try to feed them there bottle she even loves her 2 other sisters she has a Big sis and middle sis who she just cant wait to wakeup the next day to Melody is my World <3
She loves Science and Crafting things. Kinsley also loves spending time with her family ..
Finley is our precious little girl! She enjoys our home in the mountains, especially watching the animals outside our house every morning. Her laughter warms the soul
Gabrielle has such a funny awesome personality! She is her own person that is for sure. She loves to dance and do gymnastics. And fidgets! She loves her fidgets! Her heart is a heart of gold as you can tell in her precious smile. She's always telling me " Mom, take my picture and make me famous 😅." Thats her dream, to be a famous model. 😍❤ Her favorite foods are cheesy gordita crunch, shrimp, pizza, and salad with olive garden dressing. 😋
Yosselin is definitely the princess of the family. She has a beautiful smile and beautiful big green eyes that light up a room. She is such a beautiful, happy baby. She loves to play with her big brother, Her favorite toy? Anything that bubby hands to her. ❤️
Payton is a 5yr old who was born at 24 weeks weighing only 2.4 pounds she is a miracle. She loves spending time with her family an enjoys helping her dad work on things she always has a smile on her face an says her mommy is her best friend.
She is 12 going on 13 she plays softball,she can draw, panit and color, she is the good at cooking and bakeing and has 4 other siblings.