Baby Stories - 100


She is my only daughter. She is sweet. Amazing, Loving, and smiling all day!
Sidney is extremely smart, funny, and caring. She is all around an amazing kid. She is book smart, and thinks on her feet. She hates being girly, and prefers to lounge around in sweat pants. She lights up the room with her smile. And will hug anyone that she knows needs it.
Hevenli is an amazing individual she an ebility to make everyone she meets smile she's out going swim ,climb read ,dance,learn etc she the youngest out of 4 siblings .All and all she has an amazing spirit and its sn honor as her mom to call her my daughter
She is very happy baby and always keeps smiling
LiliAnne says “Mom” a lot! She loves to laugh and have play! She’s shy at first but when she warms up to you it’s the best :) she makes a little grandpa face when she’s trying to be funny!!! Over all my little LiliAnne is super fun!
She loves Chip and Dale Nutty Tales and Naps on her Mommy
Serena Rene
Serena is my 16 mo old rainbow baby she likes dancing and music she likes to already talk back at ya and loves ice she has the warmest smile
Niyara "Kamorr" is currently 4 months old .. born May 9 2021 , yes the best gift a girl could receive on mothers day .. she enjoys watching minnie mouse , she loves her older siblings (niyah and Messiah) .. she loves to eat so please dont think about messing with a girls food .. she enjoys playing dress up with mommy and light up when she see herself in a mirror ..
She loves dancing. Full of energy and will keep you laughing
Aralia Laveigh Hurtado
Aralia is 10 yrs old, ❤loves music and dancing, she loves playing outside on trampoline, running around with her puppy, also loves riding her bike, she loves to smile 😃 Vote for Aralia ❤❤❤
Blair loves to smile and laugh her eyes and smile light up any room, she has a fun personality and the baby loves to eat!
Azzy is super sassy and energetic. She loves being outside playing in her sand pit or on her park💖 She has a big imagination and always wants to be playing something. She likes to go on her tablet to play music and sing/dance along just like her little sister. When it’s time to relax, her favorite movie to watch is My Little Pony. 🦄
Joyful little girl, that loves meeting new people
My baby girl show everyone love no matter if she knows you or not ☺️ she loves to play in eat 🤣 but most of all she his her own little vibe 😘 she very smart in she knows how to still your heart with one look ❤️🤞 very active, outgoing and friendly 6 months old. She is bursting with so much personality and has the face to match
She loves cocomelon and she is very smart and has beautiful eyes?
Leilanni or Leeloo as we call her💖is very goofy. She does this little scream when she’s excited that sounds like Kevin from the movie Up. She likes to dance and her favorite songs are in the Descendants movies. Don’t open snacks around her, or else she’ll be running to come steal them from you😆
Brielle is a very smart, outgoing, & outspoken toddler! She love to play dress up and walk around the house giving everybody orders! Lol.
She is the youngest of 5 with 4 older brothers who she loves so muc, loves watching Barney, and snuggling.
Nova-Amor was born on 4.3.21!!! She’s very happy adventurous already, she loves pushing herself back while being held and trying to flip over. She loves music, kisses, bouncing, talking, and being entertained.
Hi my name is Arami Bella and I am 3 months old ! I’m a very active and bright baby I enjoy tummy time and when mommy reads me books ! It takes a second to vote so please help me win !
Hailey Claire was born at 33 weeks gestation. She spent a month in the NICU with her twin brother Nathan!
Miss Ember Ray brings so much joy into everyone who meets her lifes! Shes a RAY of sunshine!!!
I'm 4 months old. I love bananas & butternut squash. I love my mommy & Daddy & my big brother 🤩
Alyssa loves to kayak and hike the PNW. She recently conquered the Ape Caves lower trail.
Mulan is a very bright and extremely hapoy baby. She loves Blue's Clues and loves to dance.
She is a true princess as she likes to say! Kind , sweet, strong and confident❤️
Nyla is a very loving little girl that lights up the room with her joy and laughter.
A'Zaria is such A ball of energy, she loves dancing and doing her makeup and hair. She loves all things beauty.
From the moment I saw her, her little hands stole my heart and now her little feet run away with it! This girl is fast 😂 Her favorite things are helping mommy and daddy in the garden, or anything outside really! She love to moo like a cow and oink like a piggy too! Her favorite foods are fruits and veggies. She also love to read a book before bed!
From the day I was born, I came with a flair. Grey eyes, fat cheeks with little hair. I’m cute and sweet and I love to eat; & I just LOVE when my bows, match my feet! I’m always camera ready and I don’t need much flash! I’m here to claim my crown and my sash!
Joselynn is a smart beautiful girl, down to earth loves to ride her horse ( Stella is her life ) . Loves her dogs.
Ameera loves being talked to , playing with her stuffed unicorn & loves to eat her bananas 💜🥰 loves snuggles with mommy&daddy&brother 😍
Rayleigh really enjoys playing outside, coloring, and swimming. She is full of giggles and smiles. Her favorite food is hamburgers and her favorite color is pink.
She loves food! She’s such a happy baby!! All smiles
She is half Mexican, Peruvian, Argentine and American.
Beveely is a unique baby she's loves to say da da a lot more than mama she has a big smile on her face most of the time. She also likes to Babel My nicename for her is squish bottom
Au’Nesty loves to play with her toys & eat lots of food
Willow is a smart, beautiful, free spirited, and independent little girl! She loves all things outdoors! She truly cares about every living thing and aspires to be an artist one day who paint portraits of people!
Aubrey’s a 5 yr old fashioner who adores shopping and buying the cutest little pieces🥰she’s the only girl and loves her brothers dearly.
This sassy big hearted little daddy's girl loves make-up, dressing up and Elsa, her sass is and an over load that loves pictures and school
Taisiya is a ball of sunshine. She loves to be talked to & to hear the gizmo noise lol. She’s already scooting around & trying to roll over. It’s like she’s been here before already ❤️
Kalaya is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day! She is sassy and classy, she loves to read and a honor roll student! She is fun and full of spunk. She has a kind heart and will do anything for anyone! Her hobbies include tic tok,crafts,drawing and, enjoys to be around her family! She is sugar and spice and everything nice
Journey is an amazing baby. She was born 10lbs 8oz. She did not give her mom any labor pains. At 3 weeks old she turned over and by two months she was holding her bottle. Journey has an unique look because her mother and father have features from Siuth America, Europe and Asia. Journey is truly a beauty.
Zyhlia is the most beautiful, loving, funny, smart, energetic, happiest baby ever ! She loves to dance & sing.
Mele is only 5 months but she has more personality than a 2 year old. She loves to laugh, scream (talk) & she takes the spotlight in every room with her contagious smile. She is very conceited and loves to look at herself in the mirror. She loves to eat & roll around but make sure she’s fed because she’s a monster when she’s hungry. I mean who isn’t? Lol