Payton Marie is our first born and the light of our life and of anyone that meets her, to know her is to love her. She’s a old soul and a empathic which is a blessing and a curse. She feels everything you feel and hurts when others hurt, rejoices when others rejoice. Seriously one of the sweetest souls. Fire red hair and a personality to go with it!!!
Ensley is our first little baby. She’s almost 2 months old now, she’s already loving her tummy time. She’s got the funniest little faces and her personality is wild. She sleeps thru most of the night beside her feedings and diaper changes. Me and her daddy love her so much.
She is always happy, she was a miracle baby, and she loves to talk to her grandma.
She loves to play . And she always end everything with a thank you . Very affectionate and love to try new things , she will brighten up your terrible day just with her pretty brown eyes with long pretty lashes , and most of all her Beautiful smile .
There are so many things I could say about this little girl. She is hard headed in all the best ways, helpful and so kind already. She will say hi to just about anyone and is so inteligent. She loves flowers and chickens, and learning from her four year old brother! Adventurous would be and understatement and courageous just wouldn’t live up to her personality. She’s so unique!
She’s our youngest a what a little fire cracker she is!! She’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL and not a person sees her that doesn’t say just how beautiful she is.
Zoe is sassy, tough, fearless, and sweet! She loves marshmallows and her mommy!
Shes always happy, loves rolling around, and she loves watching her sister.
Kaylee loves horses and she is speeks English and Spanish at the age of 12. She was 3lbs at birth and now you can't see it. She is a blessing.
She is the sweetest and calmest baby I have ever known! She’s my youngest of three girls and we adore her!
Hadleigh loves to play with her toys and eat snacks. Her big brother is the funniest person to her. She is always happy and brightens any room she goes in. She is pure joy!
Itzayana is 8 months old she loves to clap, dance, bananas and loves to smile . She is a very happy baby . She also loves to play in the water. She has her 2 bottom teeth already. 🩷🩷
Za’jeria is a one year old that loves Cocomelon, Elmo, and Gracie’s Corner. She enjoys singing, dancing & even counting! She loves to eat cheesy puffs and everything mommy eats lol. She’s so sweet and so loving and she’ll definitely warm your heart. Mommy’s sugar pie 🩷
Miss Rylee Parker is about 4 months now. She loves playing in her play set, blowing bubbles, when mommy and daddy sing BINGO to her and when she gets to eat her fav fruit which is banana!
Hey, my name is Kennedi. I love to play with toys, watch tv, and dance. My mom says I have a natural act for the camera. My favorite food is French fries.
Harper !! I spelled her name wrong :( it’s Harper. Good thing she can’t read yet. She will never have to know!
TWIN! Madison is the girl twin of the two. But her and her brother make siblings number 6 and 7! We have TWO girls and FIVE boys. But on mommas paternal side, Mads makes only the 4th born girl in the family in 30+ years. SPOILED ROTTEN! Vote for our little miss priss ♥️
Dailyn is the craziest baby lol she loves to scream at Elmo and bounce until cant bounce no more! Her favorite food is applesauce, bananas, and sweet potatoes. She loves the water and her Elmo🫶🏾
Hi my name is Jayzalynn! I have 2 older brothers my big brother is 8 years old and my bebe brother is 4 years old. I am the sweetest little girl and the baby of my siblings. My mom is a stay at home mama who watches me and my bebe brother 24/7 while my daddy goes to work everyday. I love my mom and dad with all of my heart. Please VOTE for me! With loves Jayzalynn💜
Raylynn is a spitfire who knows exactly what she wants and when she wants it. She loves to give kisses and has a mild obsession with rubber ducks 🦆💕
I love seeing the world through your eyes. Everything is sparkly and you somehow see the good in everything. You've helped me see that true beauty and true love exist. I know you're growing up and finding your own way, but just know that you will always be my sweet girl. - outgoing - caring - spontaneous - protective - grateful 🫶🏼
Hiii! I’m Sofía, Sofí for short! I love to laugh and take baths! I enjoy spending time with my family. I’m already crawling and soon to be walking ! God bless
Kloei is the oldest out of her 5siblings!! She is in 5th Grade and loves going to school. She loves to dance and sing!! Her favorite toy is LOL Dolls. She love to hug and play with everyone. She enjoy makings edits on capcut and YouTube.
Always happy loves to play with the dogs very lovable
miss kinzlee is a very happy girl who was diagnosed with TBCK syndrome and is proving to the world she can and will do what she wants!
Lucia is a smart, funny, happy wild crazy little girl. She loves to dance. She loves to tell stories loves singing.
She loves to play and dance to music. She loves to smile and run around really fast to chase her big brother and sister. She is one of the sweetest kids ever. She loves going to school and wearing dresses all the time.
Merry is A sweet little girl , she had a kind of heart and love to helping others in schools …
Miss Sofia is 9 months and will light up anyone’s day with just her looking at you! She loves her big brother who she calls “bubba” she loves it when she copies everyone and thinks it’s funny
Mei likes to smile at everyone and baby talk to all her siblings. She loves to chew on her fingers and will try to chew on you lol. She loves to eat from mommy and want to eat all day.
Aubrey is a whole mood, attitude, spunky, funny and obsessed with Elmo. LOVES TO DANCE! Also LOVES FOOD. Makes her very happy❤️
Hi I'm Gracie I love playing with my big sister and my dog my favorite color is pink and princess Jasmine is my favorite.
Naomi is 7 months and full of fun! Her lovely smile and outbursts will make anyone’s day.
Lillianna just turnt 5 a little over a week ago. She loves singing, unicorns, and her family. Her favorite colors are purple and pink and she likes to be called Lilli. She spends her free time coloring or playing with her little brother. She said her cousin and brother are her best friends.
You should vote for my daughter because she represents the promise and potential of the next generation, embodying the hope for a brighter future. She’s a happy and bright baby, that loves people..
Neliel is the light of our life! After 7 losses she is the much welcomed miracle baby! 4 days in labor she came into this world sharing a birthday with her daddy! She has 12 teeth, LOVES Yung Gravy, loves Street Outlaws, and is happy no matter what is going on!
Olivia is the happiest little girl! She always has a big smile on her face. She loves people and loves to wave!
Willow smiles a lot and is cooing and giggling. She loves her Minnie Mouse rattles and Minnie Mouse stuffed animal. She is such a sweetheart.
Emrielle was born may 8 2023 🩷 she loves Minnie Mouse & Dora . She always laughing and smiling
Neveah is always happy and smiling. She doesn’t need anyone else to be around to keep herself content 🥰
Brynleigh is only 2 months old and already has such a big personality. She loves looking at lights and listening to music. She has been smiling since the day she was born and is overall a happy baby.
Khahlina is 7 years old. She’s a cheerleader loves her family, very smart and helpful. She loves animals
Lilah loves cooing, micky mouse, and f doggies.
Ashanti is very smart and loves playing with all her paw patrol toys and loves dancing and loves snacks lol
Atalia is a very happy, outgoing caring little girl. She loves to dance and sing make others laugh.