Raelee will be 3 march 1st she is very smart she already knows her birthday, her age, and is learning to spell her name . She loves the color blue, popsicles, and dancing at church. She Will absolutely talk your head off and grab your heart up within seconds. She actually wasn’t planned at all my tubes were tied when we had her , but God had other plans in mind , this kids has a big calling on her life and dosent even know it yet. Y’all go vote for my blue eyes Jesus baby!
Cherish is a beautiful 6 month old full of cuddles and smiles. She is an absolute doll baby. We are so Blessed!
Olive is a happy and bubbly baby girl full of personality! She keeps everyone on their toes and brings so much joy into our lives!!
She is a big sister loves watching Mickey Mouse loves the outside
Paisley loves to sing, dance, and just all around be herself and be around her family and friends
Xara Howard is the daughter of NFL Miami Dolphins Xavien Howard. Xara is very loving, happy , and athletic already lol.
I'm very curious about everything! I love to smile and enjoy playing and learning new things.. especially love mommy time
Im 2 months old and I love taking strolls around the neighborhood, playing dress-up, and snuggling with my moms.
My sweet girl Vanity who will always give you her best smile.
DeAndria also known as bunny is a very sweet girl she loves to play with her toys,her siblings,her parents,and her family.she has a beautiful bright smile she also enjoys feeding time and sleeping 😂 Her birthday is feb.10th
A very happy & joyful soul. Smiling while sleeping has become a peaceful sight to admire, she's at her happiest with her sister at her side♡ Loves to cuddle and be kissed♡ always looking around for big sister, she enjoys the everyday singing and movements from her♡ Always more love for daddy♡Daddys little princess♡
Reign wants to walk before she can crawl. She loves to learn her favorite show is Ms.Nina. She just got her first 2 front bottom teeth.
Very energetic & ecstatic individual. She enjoys and loves to sing all the nursery rhymes♡ Reading has become an everyday & night happy hobby, she gets excited seeing any form of books♡ Drawing and writing is something she really enjoys doing also. She enjoys her rice & curry :) & loves the fact of dressing up and hopping out to explore the world...its something that will always brighten her spirit. Her favorite sport is anybgame that involves a ball...loves to be jolly & cheerful♡ She enjoys all her time spent with daddy mostly...daddy's big princess♡
Yulaine is a sweet baby, who loves to play. She always has a beautiful smile 🫶🩷
Riley Easter
Riley Easter is a sweet little girl who can transform your bad day into a good one with a simple smile and a kiss on the cheek. She enjoys watching Trolls, her all-time favorite movie. She enjoys having someone sing and talk with her.She really is a blessing to everyone with whom she comes into contact.
Sylia loves her doggies, Dora and Jonah. She’s funny, sassy and super smart.
Kyra Mae
Kyra Mae is 2 years old. She's super smart and sassy to boot. She loves playing hide-and-seek with her older brother.
She’s a kind hearted, mischievous little princess who loves her big brother and stands firm on what she wants.
Delilah Martinez
Delilah is a very bright, loving, artistic girl.
Karoline was born prematurely and was in the NICU for 20 days!
Joanna Is my baby girl She's 6 months old And she love babble and she just loves sitting in her swing and she loves music. That's what put her to sleep. And she loves when you read to her and talk to her
London is full of laughter, love and keeps you on your toes. She has many faces, never a dull moment and the sweetest girl I've ever known. Vote for the PRETTIEST GIRL IN NC
Braylee Mae is 10 months old 🥰 she’s a mama’s girl, of course. she stands with barely any support, all the time. she absolutely loves walking & she is very sweet and happy all the time. my girly absolutely loves old cartoons and original disney movies.🥹 i love it. also, this girl LOVES to talk! she just babbles all the time. she loves dogs of any breed, size, color, etc., and food. lol please vote for my sweet girl! 🫶🏻 thank y’all so much. 😘
London is a PRETTY GIRL with many faces, a beautiful smile and always happy. She loves dancing, watching Gracie's Corner and snacks. There's never a dull moment, full of life, vibrant and keeps you on your toes. Vote for London the PRETTIEST GIRL IN NC
Amber loves her family especially her older sister
Sarah Rose
Sarah likes animals and her family. She loves her little sister so much
Emersyn is mommy and daddy’s world. She is a sweet loving girl. She loves to be held and loved on🥰
Khaleesi Austin-kaye Harris
Kk is 5 months old and is a little angel! She enjoys being held by momma and spends most her time sleeping or smiling
Octavia Leeann Harris
Octavia is 3 years old, she really loves sharks and her family. She is so smart and a great big sister!
Olivia Rae is full of life. She is smart, beautiful, funny and is a bit sassy!! But what girl isn’t 😉!!! She is alot of fun! My family and I see her as the center of our world !!
Avery Hurd
Hello, Im Avery my journey started off with arrival weighing 2 pounds. LOOK AT ME NOW , Happy Baby👶
Arainium was born with gastroschisis it's where her intestines were on the outside of her stomach when she was born she has a g-tube she loves tummy time and her mommy Felicia and Daddy sky
She talks a lot but doesn’t say any words 😂
She is 6 months old and loves fingers i don’t know why she likes lion king and princess and the frog
Claudia is a happy loving baby, she’s a very fast learner and she loves to dance and have fun
Charlie Beatrice
Charlie is a goofy 2 almost 3 year old she smart and sassy
Willow is a fun loving and adventurous gal! She loves to get into things, like the pigeon that attacked her during this picture.
Hello my name is Hannah i am 11 years old and the baby of 7 kids, i enjoy spending time with my family and friends and playing fortnite, i am currently not in contest at the moment but will be soon, cant wait to see everyone again, Thank you
Callie is a loud, loving little firecracker with a big heart and lots of energy!
Mya loves dressing up, she loves singing and dancing. Her favorite place to go is Chuck E. Cheese, she is sweet and loving to everyone she meets (but knows not to talk to strangers) lol. Her presents lights up the room and is a TALKING SASSY SWEETHEAT. catch her anytime of day applying her lip gloss and blowing kisses. 100% a Mommy's girl and her Daddy's world.
My Lydia is my most inquisitive child, she looks at everything and is so curious! She loves arms holding her and she likes to watch Yo Gabba gabba!
Londyn is a very sweet caring and genuine girl she loves dogs singing and dancing and loves to play dress up😀
Sienna loves to eat and be held. She holds her head up so good already and loves the tv and car rides!
Hi! Im Cambree Ellen! I got my middle name from my granny! Its a family name. I absolutely LOVE Elmo! My mommy can start singing the theme song and I will get so excited and start smiling and squealing! I also love getting my hair brushed after I splash around in my bath! The brush tickles me! My mommy makes me laugh by nibbling on my chin and neck...that tickles! I also LOVE turkey and sweet potatoes! My mommy tells me that Im a very sweet, beautiful, precious and special baby! Please vote for me! ❤️