Montana is a 4 month old baby girl! She loves to eat and laugh she’s very happy we get constant smiles
Peyton has been a smart, loving, and fast child since she entered this world. She had a drive of determination and success at a young age. She loves playing softball and always strives to do her best at all she does. She has a selfless pure heart. Each day she is determined to become better than she was the day before. Even when life knocks her down she keeps fighting and believing that she can do anything!
Stella is smart and funny she loves to eat! She’s just learned how to crawl and pull her self up. She’s going to be a singer.
Sailor is a very happy baby she likes to smile. she likes to watch Mikey Mouse, and she is loved so much by her big family.
Elliana is a very happy girl who loves her kitties and snacks. She loves being outside and playing in the pool.
Heidy is brand new! So far, she loves to eat and sleep, and she LOVES bath time! ❤️
Lux is a spunky, funny, smiley, cuddly, and friendly little girl. With piercing eyes, she can light up an entire room. She’s beautiful and she knows it.
Lover is a word that describes Windelynn. This little girl is so fearful, outgoing and very sweet. She loves her big sister and running around in her walker.
Avery would like to help you vote for your little one in exchange for votes for herself! Avery is a very smart and sassy 2 yr old. Dancing and singing are her 🌍 world! She loves her Mommy & Daddy oh & her Binky she can't live without lol. Her beautiful smile & curls will melt your 💜 heart.. Please help her reach her goal and we will do the same! Good luck and thank you everyone.. 🙏🥰🤗
Courageous is a word that describes Avery. She loves performing and making others happy. Avery loves learning and using her imagination!
BlakeLynn is a jabber jaws at only 4 months old. She loves to talk, and if you aren't listening, the louder she gets! Her smile and laugh are contagious.
Azalea Avigail is the sunshine everywhere she goes! She loves to giggle and smile and is always a very happy baby💗 She loves cuddles!
My name is Lilyana Eveyone calls me Lily❤️My favorite sport right now is cheerleading. My favorite subject is math. My favorite color is pink
Prowess loves the mornings and bath time and of course cuddling with mama ✨
Such a sweetheart/cuddle monster! ❤️ Ray of sunshine in your heart 🌞
A’Riyah Brielle is 4 yrs old… she is my miracle baby🤗🤗🤗 she survived a house fire at the age of 5 weeks old … A’Riyah loves her lip gloss I believe more than me😂😂😂 … She also loves outside and playing with her siblings
Oaklynn is a wild Spontaneous about to be 2 year old. Who keeps me on my toes
Adley Grace is 5 months old! She has dirty brown hair with blues eyes!
Loves to dress up and take selfies. Loves to sing to Alicia Keys.
Averie is a word enthusiast and loves animals! She is the best little sister
Zoey is a outgoing, smart and sweet little person ❤
Adelyn Faith is 3 years old; she is a very energetic little girl who loves to sing and color, she also loves putting on mommas makeup on when not around. She’s a mommas girl 🥰🙌 (ofc)
An all around bundle of joy!!
Beauty queen at heart and ready to take on the world!
Brooklyn loves to play and eat and try to copy what you do💓
Journey is 2, shes super lovable and playful. She loves learning new things.
She is a bossy little baby! But she sure is sweet also! She is a very happy girl & loves kicking her legs & smiling 😊
River Ash
THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT AND ALL THE ADVANCED VOTES.💕💕💕💕 River is our little miracle baby🥰. Shes a happy, sassy one year old. She loves to play with her toys and loves the outdoors. She has a love for her doggys like no other 💕. Please vote for our little princess ✨. Thankyou so much💖
Chloe was diagnosed with stage 2 bladder cancer at only 7 months old. She has undergone several chemo treatments and continues to thrive.
Hello My name is Jaclyn they sometimes call me Sissy or Jackie . I'm 22mnths old I have pretty blues eyes, a smile that you'll never forget , I'm abit dramatic nd very outgoing . I love to give kisses n hugs . My favorite TV show is Bluey I like to play football n baseball with my daddy and big brother I also love to swing ... I'm a very smart n talentvive for my age . I love my mommy n daddy n brother & lil sister n family . Also I'm a very entertaining child love to show off my beauty .. 😊
Sleep is her favorite activity of the day second only to eating. Loves cuddles with mommy and daddy.
River is the most precious baby I’ve seen and had. She smiles on queue, laughs when tickled under her chin, loves her head massaged during baths and to be snuggled.
Madilynn is the biggest animal lover. Loves food, and has the most contagious smile in the world.
Arrielle is 3 years old. She’s a very silly little girl. She loves to dance, sing, and draw, and she’s a very loving kidoo
Victoria loves to dance and create art
Oaklynn Viands
Oaklynn just turned 4 she is a very outgoing, smart an loves all animals she is a outdoors lover
BellaRose is a free spirited, outgoing child who can put a smile on everyone’s face she meets. BellaRose loves to play with her siblings and help mom with some house chores. BellaRose loves exploring the great outdoors and is always curious about everything around her.
Hazleigh just turned 3 months old. She loves to have tummy time, watching Mickey Mouse, she just started eating baby food and loves Bananas, cooing and making noise and listening to her sound machine.
Ember Amaryllis-Fay is her beautifully unique name created for the perfect beautiful baby. She is full of smiles, and has a lot to say. She also loves to suck her thumb ❤ She is such a sweet baby girl.
My daughter Madison is a beautiful little girl who has a big heart is always caring for others and her smiles brightens any room
She had a rough start spent a couple weeks in the NICU, but now several months later its hard to tell! She loves being outside and playing with her brother.
She loves to smile! She loves to play with anything she can find. She loves being with her big sister! She and her cat, Smokey are best friends. She loves all kinds of food. She is so sweet and loves to give kisses and smiles.
River is 3 yrs old and is the most outgoing little girl. She loves playing outside and making new friends. She loves all animals like her mama, goats and cows are her favorite.
Ava loves playing! She loves being outside and playing. Her personality is so unique and she is so caring. Her smile radiates light. Her favorite thing to do is dance and play dress up.
Chiara is such an amazing little girl! She loves to sing and draw! She also loves reading and writing!
Taelynn is 4 years old and the Smartest, funniest, loving, sweetest child I know. She loves to help others and loves to play with her sister. She is a spitball of fire and a sassy pants🥰
Nova is 13 months old. She loves to crawl, talk, play with her sister, bath time, car rides and cuddles🥰 she smiles all the time and is such a good baby. She has such a fun and outgoing personality🙂
Aubreigh is almost 1! She loves to laugh, smile, clap, and crawl as fast as possible! She likes to stand and play, and is so close to walking! She is a very outgoing little girl that loves friends, family, and just everyone!