Ellie-Ann was born 3 months early making her grand appearance weighing in at 1 pound 8oz. She has come a very long way and now thriving. Ellie-Ann loves to eat, sleep, and play. She is her daddy's girl and mommas world.
Alivia is a mix of sweet and sassy, girly girl and tomboy! She loves to put on her play make up and paint her nails but she is also the first one to a mud puddle or catch a frog/lizard/bug. She loves to swim and anything outdoors. Her favorite person is her daddy, she is a true daddy’s girl ❤️
Hello, my name is TiareLynn Diamond. Iam 5 years old. Im from Oahu Hi. I am very energetic girl. I love to sing and dance. I also can draw very well. Please vote for ME!
Blake is an outgoing and energetic little girl. Who loves being outside and who is a very adventurous country girl. She love the salt water, fresh water, and chlorine. She is always playing in the water and loves playing in the grass and dirt at her Papa and Grandmas Farm. Blake is very loving and caring. She very much loves cuddles. Love, Blake
She loves pets loves to eat pizza watermelon and loves chewyin gum she's also very bossy and think she has to be dressed up at all times loves make up and loves wearing her cowboy boys everywhere she goes ..
Aloha my name is Peyton-Nicole. I just turned 3 and live on Molokai.I have 2 older sisters Kale’a and Naiomi. Even tho I’ve got a few more years to go I can’t wait to go to school and make new friends. I love to sing my favorite songs and dance my little/big heart out.
Bonnie Rosaé is a 6 month old beautiful baby girl. She loves mickey mouse club house and disney princess movies.. she a fan of long babbling chats and is always a giggly baby ♡
Paislee loves her snacks, loves being outside, she's gets happy about everything, even just a hug.
My beautiful 2 month old beauty my first and only born child ❤️
Kenna loves animals and singing! Her favorite thing to do is put on make up and style hair
Sariyah is such a happy smart beautiful 3 year old. She will melt your heart with her big smile. I thought i was not able to have children, God has sure blessed me with our beautiful princess ❤
Treylie-Ann loves to laugh, play, and blow bubbles. Voting for her would be greatly appreciated from the bottoms of our hearts!
Mila Jhené
Mila Jhené is new to this world, barely a week old! She loves to eat and sleep as all newborns do and we can’t wait to see what else life has in store for her 🤍
Aryia is sweet , funny & smart at the age of two . She loves to play and watch her tablet. You guys should vote for her because not only is she the sweetest kid but she one of the most smartest beautiful baby girl you guys ever saw ❤️
HI my name Zendaya, I am 4 months old❤️ I love going on walks with my papa and I love watching my favorite show is LUCA from disney. I love going cruising. I love going shopping with my mommy. I love playing dress up with my mama and my aunty mama's. I love listening to music and doing my little dance. I love when my cuzzin's come over. I am very happy and smiley baby unless you mess with my food hehe. I love mommies milk.
Obsessed with her brother and playing with him. Loves watching Moana all day every day! Will also do anything to be outside 🥰
Our Little Miss Elsie Joyce River is the light of our life! She loves the trees and being outdoors with daddy. Our little cooing wiggle worm fills every room with smiles with her cute little facial expressions and her sweet little voice and squeaks. ❤
Hi I’m Emberlynn! I love food and making funny faces
Hi My Name Is Harmony-Rosè I Love To Eat & Sleep & Talk Stories With Mommy Everyday Also On Every 26th Of The Month I Get A Lil Bigger And ANOTHER MONTH OLDER So Please With The Kindness Of Your Heart Please Vote For Me Thank You 😘 Love HarmonyRosè
Storie Shaw
Storie Shaw the Maui girl who loves her family and everything outdoors which includes swimming, riding horse, running, and playing soccer. Storie is a energetic, loving sweet soul.
Pierce is a rainbow baby girl that is full of joy and love. She enjoys watching Gracie’s Corner and keeping her dad and older brother wrapped around her fingers. Her favorite thing is hanging with momma!!
Ryleigh is a fun, active, very smart girl! She loves outdoors (mostly the ocean) & BLIPPI ahah
Keira is amazing. She loves school and loves to sing and dance. She takes pride in being a little sister and big sister.
Kaite K
Hello my name is Katie I'm always on the move all smiles love to eat and go to the lake definitely ganna be an outside person and i love to have fun sing and dance!!
Hi my name is Braizley! I’m very smart and outgoing. I’m 3 years old & the most sweetest little girl. I enjoy going to the beach, & having a lot of fun! Oh and chocolate is my FAVORITE ever 🍪🍫🍩😋 PLEASE VOTE FOR ME 😍🥰
Amari Rhoze
Hi family, My name is Amari’Rhoze & I am turning one on august 12. I can walk but I choose not to. I just choose to crawl all over. I eat everything and anything as any local baby should. I wave hi and bye. And blow kisses to everyone. I am a podagee baby and love to just talk talk talk. I had entered into a contest like this before and I would love for my family to vote and show me love as I enter into this one🤍 Thank you everyone.
Jazmyn is very outgoing, smart & beautiful. She loves her little sister so much, loves playing with her.
She loves playing with her sister. Being active, walking, getting into everything that she can get into too
Ariella Jay
Ariella lights up the room with her big personality and apple cheeks. She is going to be 6 months old and has a personality of a superstar ✨. She enjoys tubby time with her nana and gets so excited to get her hair done. And not to mention she’s super photogenic 📸
Leianu is The Definition of a tough cookie, she’s phyisically, spiritually & emotionally BEAUTIFUL. She’s The sweetest girl ever ✨🌹
As young as Leiahni is, she has many pure personalities. She’s very optimistic, adventorous, and all in all she’s beautiful in & out. You know what they say.. big things come in small packages ✨🦋
Summer loves to learn and interact with others. Shes a very happy baby and loves to make everyone around her smile. She also loves playing and spending time with her family.
Liliana loves camping,animals,swimming,dressing up and being silly!! She is all around awesome :) she would beyond excited if we won!!
Kawehi is 9 months she is always smiling and laughing she also loves to be around her brothers and cousin kawehi loves learning new things and being outdoors
Emma is sunshine on a cloudy day. There is not a room she doesnt light up. She is silly, sassy, kind and smart. She loves animals, art, swimming, soccer and sport shooting with her daddy.
Nevaeh is a little miracle baby. She was in a car accident when she was 11 months old and wasn’t supposed to survive but she did. She wasn’t supposed to walk again but she does.. she is full of life and she is magical! Help her win.
Jailen is 9 years old! She LOVES anime and is an amazing artist! Jailen is the sweetest girl 👧🏼 she loves her little brother and does anything mommy asks of her! Jailen is going into 4th grade shortly and would love more art supplies to practice her craft with. She wants to create something really special for her brothers upcoming birthday! Help Jailen out and vote for her! She’s a really shy and humble child. I just want her to know how amazing and beautiful she really is! (Not just mommy saying so) 🤭🥰
Miabella is a sweet, sassy and smart four year old! She loves to swim underwater, jump on the trampoline and play with her baby dolls! Miabella adores her baby sissy and speaking Spanish with her Papa 💜
Hi everybody my name is kahlani Maria, I love watching sunny bunny 🐰 I love going outside ☀️I love chewing on my hands and blowing spit bubbles. Please vote for me!! Thank you 😊🥰
Hazel has been in her terrible two’s since birth, she is the definition of wild child. She loves animals and playing in mommy’s makeup. But nothing makes her happier than seeing her pawpaw.
Evie is 1 and 4 months old Super healthy tiny and mighty loves to eat a lot! Super happy and sleepy. She loves tickles and smiles!
Big BAILEY not the little one💗
Harmony is a playful, intelligent and loveable baby. She loves to smile and laugh with everyone💕
Ariana Leilani
Ariana Leilani , Sweet cheeks happy go lucky girl my little warrior 🤍
Aloooooha , my name is Healohiehie which means “a distinguished love” my family calls me by my middle name “Kowali” I am named after a special place where my papa grew up. I just turned 4 in June , on June 4th …. GOLDEN BIRTHDAY! I love to hang with my brothers , they are my best friends. I love to swim at hana bay until the sunsets. I love to go with my daddy when he scopes the coastline to see if there’s any fish so that he can throw net! What I enjoy doing most is camping with my family and riding bikes and swinging on the swing! PLEASE VOTE FOR ME. It will mean so so much to me , I can’t do it without all you wonderful people out there 🫶🏽
Leah is full of personality, loves to play outside she is very outgoing.
Julia loves to sing and dance, she loves to help other.