Baby Stories - 10


Zoey is always so happy! She has the cutest and sweetest personality. She is a very smart and outgoing baby, her smile lights up the room and her laugh is so cute and contiguous you can not help but laugh & smile!
Aria loves dancing & cheerleading. She loves tumbling and jumping. She also loves reading & art. She aspires to be an artist one day ❤️
Jakelia loves to play with everyone she loves her stuff animals. She is a friendly baby. Jakelia always make everyone laugh and for her to be a baby she trys to help around the house. She absolutely loves music to know her is to love her
Paislie is 6 years old, is into cheerleading , and she loves her family and animals .
Aurora is a beautiful baby girl that makes us laugh everday; no matter how tired we are.
Paislee is a beautiful, wild ball of sunshine.
Hazel loves dress up & dancing, she’s very creative and loves all crafts.
Melody loves listening to music, being outside and laughing with momma. ❤️ She’s such an outgoing baby and loves to eat!!
December baby... can rollover, and, been lifting my head since day one. Going to use this award if won for a collage fund.Learning to use my hands. I get mad when i knock my own bink out my mouth. Most stressful part of life was being born because the drained my live in pool.
Messiah she’s a beautiful unique intelligent ,she likes to watch YouTube , being her own character will brighten up your day. So vote for messiah
Alayja Emerson
My daughter is 2 years old she love to play with her baby dolls . She loves to play on her tablet, sing her ABC’s and 123 and she love to play with her little cousins
Mia, not completely sure how to describe her in words cause I feel I’d never finish, her smile is one that can light up a whole room💞, she loves to laugh, crawl, she loves to talk even when not understood, shes great at dancing to just about anything that comes on 😊she’s definitely a daddy’s girl who loves to snuggle up in bed at night ❤️Most of all she’s such a happy baby 🥰
Brylee is 2 months old, she was born 10.25.20. She has the cutest dimples.
Ella Dail
Ella has so much personality for just being 8months old! Born prematurely at 34weeks gestation, this little girl has kept everyone on their toes since day one!
I love bubble guppies and happy feet and I’m a very happy baby ❤️And I love my momma and daddy
Raylin is one the strongest babies I know she smart observate and with a awesome personality early she is a rainbow baby who went through alot to be here 🌈 she has beautiful eyes that will light up a room 🥰 and gorgeous smile too make anyone day better one thing about raylin she loves her bottle 🍼 and has really funny facial expressions 🤗
Genesis also known as Gigi😚She loves to dance ,very playful & loves kissing such a lovable adorable little one🥰
Anaya is full of giggles, love & curiosity. She LOVES to learn, dance, sing & take pictures. She is brilliant & I am so proud of her, she started pre-k this year and I’m super excited
Princess Gardner
She a very smart baby
AnaMari is a sweet soul. She loves to dance, sing and takes care of her baby dolls. She loves her dresses and her pretties (bows). She definitely is photogenic. She loves the outdoors, especially in this Minnesota weather.
Miss Darla Mae is a very entergetic on the go girl. She loves to take pictures and to dress up.
My name is chasity I may giggle but always have a smile on my face and love attention
Alicia is young and bright individual. She has grown up so much. She enjoys watching Mulan and Scooby-doo and playing with her doggie Reba.
Emersyn Donelson
Emmy is seriously the sweetest and most perfect little soul! She’s always happy and loves everyone.💛 She loves playing hide and seek and playing with her baby dolls. She’s super smart and has the sweetest and most perfect smile 😍 she also has the most beautiful dark curly hair and blue eyes! Vote for my sweet girl!!🥰 she truly deserves all the votes!
Meet Ariana. She is the most energetic and loving six year old you’ll ever meet. Ariana loves to play dress up, hang out with her cool aunts, and enjoys dancing. Ariana has an active imagination which keeps herself and family entertained at all times!
Time is so funny, she has so much personality for a baby. She smiles and laughs all day. So full of energy and always eager to learn. Please vote for Time!
She is very smart very happy an she love baby dolls an her sisters an brothers 🤞
Zynesty is my youngest of 6 she is a life filled happy baby. To wake up next to all of my children is a blessing that i wouldnt trade for anything, Zynesty is very unique. She is very observant and very smart
B-e-a-utiful!! ❤️ Perfect mini of her mother!
Averie is 10 months old with a big personality she’s always making us laugh 🤩 she loves food, puppy dog pals, being outside & keeping us on our toes 😊
Brooklyn Haggan
Brooklyn loves to smile and loves to be talked to
Miri is 7 years old & a total diva princess 👑💜
Oaklee is 5 months old and smiles from her heart! She loves to laugh and play with her mom and dad! She tries to copy mom when she’s singing and it’s the sweetest thing in the world!
Hi my name is Charlotte! I am 7 months old and I am the sweetest girl who loves playing, taking naps and making faces at my daddy!
Kenzlee is almost 8 months old. She loves cuddles and absolutely loves animals!
She love for someone to sing to her. She like playing and she is goofy. She is a happy child.
Hazel is a happy girl and loves food! She loves everyone she meets and is so smart she’s almost 10 months(:
Ivy loves chewing/sucking on her fingers and drooling all over the place! She also loves when daddy gives her kisses❤️
Sarah loves music and dancing. Play Bluey or Mickey mouse theme song and watch her go.
Gianna is "The" happy baby! Full of smiles every waking moment. She loves to swim, dance, and tumble. Is a travelor like her mama, grinning at the new people she meets along the way.
My beautiful baby girl is never camera shy and super sassy 😍 she loves selfies and jewelry
Khloe Seawood
She very smart and a very happy baby and love been silly
Zoe is very smart pretty And cool😍😍😇
Kierra loves riding 4 wheelers. She enjoys pageants. And playing with her baby brother and sister. And loves her baby cousin Kierra was tiny miss frederick county fair in 2018 and was tiny miss shamrock in 2019.
Isabelle loves to smile and giggle. She is a fighter, Isabelle spent 3 weeks in the NICU. At almost 8 months old she is a very happy baby. She loves to play with puppies and bouncing in her jumper.
Eleanor is Eight months old and full of personality! She loves to crawl and go all the time, watching her dogs and being outside! She has the sweetest smile❤
I love listening to music and hanging out with my friends my favorite sports are football and softball