Baby Stories - 10


Reese is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet! She loves her kitties, mama and daddy, and playing outside! She is the biggest blessing and we are so thankful to have this spunky little one in our lives!
Maddie is a happy 6 month old, who loves her older siblings and loves to eat! She's a chubby cuddle bug. The sweetest and most lovable little one youll ever come across.
Jaylee is 6 years old and very bright for her age. Jaylee is sassy and fun to be around. Jaylee is in Kindergarten.
Oaklyn is a smiley two month old that loves lights and loves to hear mommy and daddy’s voice!
She loves music, talking to her twin brother and her daddy. Vote for my smart, smiley beautiful daughter Rhea
Star is such a happy baby she loves her brother
Kassiah Is Our Rainbow Baby. She Resembles My Sister I Lost Unexpectedly 7 Months Ago & We All Feel In The Family That My Sister Lives On Threw My Baby Girl. She Is Spontaneous, Very Outgoing & The Sweetest Baby You’ll Ever Meet. Her First Birthday Is In 13 Days & I Just Can’t Believe She Is Turning One Already, Time Fly Too Fast.
Kehlani loves to play peekaboo, loves the outdoors , loves to dance, & books 💗
Hi I’m Amiyah! Not too long ago I discovered my toes and fingers. 😁 I love being with my family. And my favorite cartoon is Cocomelon!
Prezlie lynn just turned 1 on april 8! She loves being outside! She is always on the go and never stops!! She has 2 big brothers that she has wrapped around her finger! Lol and a big sister!
She’s not your average baby!! She’s extremely smart, happy, alert, silly, funny, and have such an old soul!! She loves to talk and be talked to, she loves her walker and will run you over if you’re in the way!! She’s the only child and omg extremely spoiled!! How could you not spoil a beautiful princess name Nevaeh!!!! 😍😘
Kelly has cerebral palsy. She likes dancing, laughing, playing with blocks.
Makayla is vey smart. She has come so far in the past few years. From not being verbal when she was almost 4 entering Head Start, til the time she completed her second year in Head start til now. The changes, the growth and how beautiful she is on both the inside and out amazes me every day. Even with the current challenges, she still does her best in overcoming obstacles in her path. If you were to meet Makayla at the store, or on the sidewalk. She is very outgoing. She will let you know exactly how much she loves her brother and how much she loves her friends. No matter what kind of mood anyone is in at that time, she is always able to bring a smile to their face. She is outgoing, and very caring.
Our little star! ⭐️ She loves to sing 🎤 and explore the outdoors! She is such a sweet, fun loving and adventurous little girl! Scarlett is such a bright light in a world that needs all her razzle dazzle! ✨Vote for Scarly!
RaeLee (aka)Bug is the yougest of 5 boys. She's mommy's best friend Daddy everything RaeLee is strong willed, talkative, clever, sensitive, beautiful, independent, cheeky, everyone loves her we are stop by everyone while shopping ect.
She love to play, dance and love to watch Cocomelon
Nailah is my precious little butterfly , born on her late grandfathers birthday ! My little Aries baby who loves to sleep & grunt all day 😭 favorite show so far Is spongebob
Trystyn is a very sweet young girl,she loves being outside,she loves being in the kitchen with grandma,she loves being a big sister to her baby sister, she loves to be helpful with her sister or cousins, she loves going to school,she loves going to the lake, she loves make things,she loves music,she loves art, she loves going camping,she loves doing tiK tok, her favorite store is Claire’s, overall she is a good girl and such a sweetheart,she is grandma little girl for sure
Laila Capri
Laila loves Mac and cheese she’s goofy and loves to laugh 🤍she’s always happy and smiling
Hello! My name is Judyza , my favorite thing to do is eat and play video games . ( Yes, I Do Vote Exchanges) Click On The "Vote" Button as Much As Possible🤗✨
My little Princess is precocious & full of wonderment!!! Smart, funny, beautiful, and animated!!!
Susy Bonilla
This is my daughter Susy Bonilla she likes to hear music and also loves to take pictures she likes modeling with her big sister.
She loves to be talked to she’s very affectionate she has a smile that literally lights up the room but most importantly she is a joyful princess and one of my biggest blessings 🥰
Chanel loves to watch Cocomelon, run around in her walker, and dance!
Fatiha is very good hearted girl. She likes to help her friends, share her toys and love to draw. She wants to be Doctor to help people’s .
Jernei is 6 months and has been the light of our lives. She is a happy baby who loves Bluey the cartoon and listening to music! Thanks to all of my family, friends, and fans for voting!! I love you all❤️❤️
Happy loveable ❤️ She loves to be outside and loves to hug people very friendly with everyone .
She’s beautiful she’s funny she loves to laugh and make faces and very active and can light up a room
Amy is a smart kid , she loves to play with sisters and she has the cutest smile .
Paisley loves to talk and hang out with her doggies! She has recently learned how to click her tongue and does it all the time!💕 She would love to win this contest to be able to put money toward her future education and investments! We appreciate every vote she gets!💕
Grace is 6 years old. She is in kindergarten. Grace enjoys riding her scooter, playing dress up, playing in make up. She enjoys taking pictures and watching her tablet. She loves riding 4 wheelers with her Daddy and aggravating her little step brother. Her favorite color is pink but it does change from day to day. She wants to become a nurse like her MeMe because she like helping people.
Ava loveeeees princesses she into her Beauty night and day she very picky love to play in makeup and dress up her personality is everything heart of gold and so sweat love singing also , she just a wonderful little person.
Sharon (Shae) loves to be outdoors, loves all animals and everything Disney!!!
Leah loves slime , she loves princesses , Leah enjoys time with her cousins
Sapharie loves to smile, dance, sing, eating is one of her favorites as well. Absolutely adores Moana and bubbles. She’s a bundle of happiness and love and her energy is contagious
Bristol is 7 months old! Full of sass, love, and laughter! Loves her brothers, playing with toys, and being talked to❤️
A sweet beautiful baby with a big personality.
Raelynn loves to watch tv she absolutely loves to eat anything you have she will eat it and loves to say Heyy and bye
Princess Niyah is very sweet and Loves to share and care for others , She loves to go outside and ride Eat pizza and Drive mommy crazy !
Xenia is such a happy little girl! She loves music, dancing and playing OUTSIDE
She’s out going and she loves it outside
Jamiah is the baby girl she has a big brother and sister that loves her so much. Jamiah is so sweet and growing up fast.
Jayla loves to smile and be silly. She loves being outside playing with her friends and eating chocolate.
Alexa Sophia
Alexa is very sweet baby Girl always happy and smiling she loves unicorns 🦄
Kimber is the light of our lives, truly. She arrived 6 weeks early but just in time to meet her big brother before he lost his battle with cancer. We think she knew he needed to meet her before joining the angels. Everyday she saves us.