Diana loves to take warm baths and loves the baby first channel as long with car rides! If Diana wins money she will put that money into her savings account for a car when she turns 16! 😁✨❤️
This is my babygirl kamrynn shel Ann Cain she is our miracle baby she is considered a little person but tht don't stop her from enjoying life at its fullest she pretends to be a princess everyday a diff one everyday she has this big doll house which is her castle she plays princess with it everyday lol me n her father we jus enjoy watching her grow n become this amazing daughter she is so smart n si bright I couldn't nor I wouldnt ask for a better daughter like my kamrynn :)
Sibylla turn 4 on January 14th 2023, Her name meaning is prophetess, she is very active in Church activities, she likes to share her things with her friends & cousins, she likes swimming 🏊‍♂️. Her teachers says that she is so kind & thoughtful girl of their class😇
Likes playing with her babies and her sister
My daughter has a beautiful soul, always willing to go the extra mile for anyone, She loves her little sister, nya plans on doing cheerleading next year she has been practicing really hard, she loves to draw and wants to be a nurse when she gets older to help people - her words 💜💜
Londyn is such a loving, intelligent, strong, determined, empathetic, feisty, funny little girl. She walks into any room and instantly grab everyone’s attention with her bubbly personality and beautiful smile. Londyn also loves fashion!!
Royalty is a happy baby. She loves to laugh, climb, eat, and play. Her favorite show is Akili and Me.
Khaleah is the most loving, kindhearted little girl! Who loves to draw and play video games with her brothers.
Mia is a ray of sunshine ❤️ She loves her parents, animals and school. Mia loves to learn her favorite subject so far is science. If she was to win she would like to help animals and go on a date with her daddy.
Amoura Unique
A’Moura Was Born July 6 and was 6lbs 3oz Moura is a happy baby started learning how to crawl at 5 going on 6 months.
She loves to Dance, it is something that she always talks about growing up and doing the rest of her life.
Riley was born 17 weeks early and has Cerebral Palsy. Despite everything she's full of life and is always laughing.
Aaliyah is a 8 month old silly beautiful sweet little girl ❤️
Lindsey is the big sister of Brooklyn and Nathan. She loves her little sister and brother and is always ready to help. She is an over achevier in everything she does.
Ilya is a kind and loving 4 year old. She is in Pre-K this year and loves school. She loves to help her friends and family, play outside and go swimming.
siempre está risueña, y te alegra en los peores momentos.
She loves to draw and put on play makeup
She loves singing, making videos & her skateboard
Londyn lee is the sweetest thing in the whole world, she loves to sing and dance, and loves playing with makeup ♥️. She is the smartest and funnest little baby you could even imagine!!
Freya is 2 years old. She is smart, funny, and sassy. She knows her ABC's and can count to 15 and backwards from 15 to 1.
Callie Jo
Callie jo lives life in the moment. Always singing and dancing. Talking to her is like talking to a mini adult. People are amazed with her. She loves painting, drawing and playing with her siblings.
Nova is 9 months old, she LOVES her Princess and The Frog and Moana. She is not afraid to use her voice and of course she gets what she wants.
Emeri is our sweet but sassy little girl. She knows what she wants and goes for it. She loves to laugh and play 24/7. She has came a long way and is so smart and brave.
Ainhoa ​​​​is a very cheerful and happy baby. She loves it when I go to take a picture of her, she always comes out smiling and happy. She currently weighs 23lbs and her eye color is blue which stands out very well with her dark brown hair color. She also has other qualities she is very beautiful, intelligent, well behaved and adorable.
Nothing but smiles from little miss Annalise.
Journèe Amour is not your average 3yr old! Journèe is a sassy Gemini who loves to play in make-up and get dressed up! Journèe rides horses, and is a complete animal lover! Her favorite movie is Frozen, and she believes she Elsa! 💙
Ja'laiah is very intelligent for a 9 month old baby. Super active, Happy, her curiosity is out of control give mommy a heart attack from time to time lol. But what can you say... that's Ja'laiah for yea.
Jaimeigh is an adorable, smart, loving and funny person. She has such a bubbly personality there’s not a person she crosses paths with that doesn’t love her. Jaimeigh loves to play with her 2 dogs and her big cousins. She loves to be outside and loves water. She also really likes the color yellow!
Melodeigh is as unique as her name. She is 2 months old. This is her first contest. She loves playing in her bouncer and swing while watching and giggling to spongebob. She loves keeping her mom and dad on their toes as well!
Our Miss Lilliana is a very smart, silly and outgoing little girl who spends most of her time helping others at school, spending time with family and making friends. She wants to be a cowgirl when she grows up and loves spending time outside.
Addy is very out going. Loves her dresses and her animals. She loves to have her makeup done and her hair curled then go out and feed all the farm babies. She’s the sweetest Lilly thing ever.
Farrah is 6 Years old. She very smart and beautiful. She very talented she can sing dance and she in gymnastics. You should vote for her cause she such a diva and she got it.
Brooke is a bright little girl and loves princesses and helping others. She has a really big heart for a 4 year old
She is super sweet, smart and sassy! She loves unicorns. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. She loves helping taking care of those she loves and could absolutely live off cereal.
Cora is such a happy baby girl! She has a smile on her face from the second she wakes up to the second she goes to bed! She’s also the best cuddler 🤍 GO EAGLES!!!🦅
Alexandra Bella Born in Summerlin Nevada, have great social skills and have many talents for a 4 year old girl. She Loves dressing up, tea parties and most of all make new friends everyday!
Nothing but a smiley baby, full of love and happiness.
(Aye-Lah) is 1 years old! She is FUNNY GOOFY FULL OF CHARACTER & VERY PRETTY
Oakley Grace is the firecracker of the family, she is the best singer and dancer, and she loves animals especially her chickens!!!
Vote for my beautiful Amazing baby girl.
Jasmyne lights up any room she walks into. She captures everyones attention and loves it. Vote for me I'll vote for you. Like my profile and I'll like yours as well ❤️
Aleandra loves to ride her quads be outside with her dogs and her chickens. She's spunky and fun
Luna Raye, my light in the dark! So carefree and loving; always finding ways to be happy and laugh! Such a beautiful intelligent little lady! ☺️🙏❤️
Lilliana is 9 years old and loves listening to music, dancing, outdoor activities, cheer, and animals. When she grows up she wants to be a cosmetologist or a nurse. Her favorite food is pizza and chicken pot pie!
Shes the happiest baby, always laughing and smiling. She loves mickey mouse club house and swinging in her swing. Her whole family thinks shes pretty special