She is bright, smart, and loving
Caroline is 3 almost 4 years old! She is our happy fun and energetic girl! She has such a bright personality! She is our tough girl, fearless and ready for anything!
Kinlee is 9 years old going on 16! Shes is a spitfire redhead! She has so much sass and fire in her soul! She is also so kind hearted and sweet! She has love and compassion for other people!
Denyjah in the only girl out of 3 boys, she’s also the youngest of the bunch lol. She’s smart, funny and loves to play with her brothers. She loves to play with her dolls which she calls them her babies. Nyjah smart and loves Gracie corner. She loves to play and run around dancing and singing! The best daughter
Brielle Aleny
Brielle is an only child who loves to smile and is a tranquil baby. She loves rolling over and is a sassy little baby at heart.
Alyssa is my beautiful wild child who adores unicorns. She loves her big brother and her animals. Vote for her. EXCHANGES AND ADVANCES WELCOME!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!! Votes included from Tazz We are also on bidiboo S
She is very smart fun to be around she loves to make people smile she loves the read and draw
Serenity is a twin sister to her brother who she loves. She’s smart, loving and loves to run fast. She loves playing outside!
Amabella Rose
Amabella is such a happy baby who loves to eat, sleep, and smile! She enjoys all the attention she gets and showers us with her cute little laughs and baby talks!
She’s very smart and loving. So beautiful inside and out. She loves to watch Paw Patrol. She love to sing all of the nursery songs. She love taking pictures. She already has a boss/leader mentality.
Maraea is the baby girl out of 10 siblings. She likes to bounce, play, and dance when she hears music. Maraea is our little model and we are starting her a baby clothing line business.
Keely Rose
Keely Rose is a very outgoing little lady that enjoys anything outdoors in exception to Friday Nights WWE Smackdown !!!
Sophee Chereese
Sophee is a very outgoing little girl who enjoys playing Barbies and with her baby dolls she also loves to swim!
She loves all types of music, love to dance, and loves her family
Alaia is a delightful infant who brings immense joy and laughter to those around her. Her presence radiates positivity, and her inquisitive nature encourages exploration and learning.
She’s very cute, she’s silly and she’s so lovable
Natalia is a feisty 3 year old with so much personality. The perfect blend of African -American and Mexican-American…she loves to do gymnastics and jump on the trampoline when she is not watching Bluey.
Marianna will be one years old May 20, 2024 She’s a happy little baby who loves to dance even tho she learning how to walk, she also love fruit and to hear herself talk. I think her favorite activity right now it to eat.
Mallory is the happiest, most sweetest girl ever! She is a very beautiful girl who just loves life and enjoy sharing her smile with everyone she comes in contact with!
She is a very happy toddler
Luna is 11 months old will Be 1 on the 21st April she love eating all konds of food loves the park loves playing with her cousins
Taitum’s Is 11 Months Loves Ms.Rachel , Waving and Talking.
Haylen is the happiest baby you will ever meet she loves her mom and dad. Just and example of how outgoing she is when we go somewhere she waves and says hi to everyone she sees. She definitely brings the attention to herself as she loves it and her big smile can melt anyone’s heart
Zoey Taylor
She loves riding the RZR, playing in creek and her iPad!🧩
Patience is my rainbow child she’s smart funny loves to make people laugh knows her ABCs and know how to count to 20 she also knows her birthday she loves her mommy and daddy
Skylar Lee
Hello! My name is Skylar Lee I am non verbal. I love playing outside in grass and sand. I love chicken nuggets (just the skin🤭) I love spending time with my mommy and daddy I love watching Ms.Rachel and cocomelon I love Oreos and Reese’s and when my mom bakes chocolate chip cookies 😋I love school and I love all my stuffies (Stuffed Animals) I also love water so bath time Is my favorite time would you please be so kind and vote for me! Thank you in advance 🩷
Hello, my name is Kai’Lynn and I like to watch Ms. Rachel & Gracie’s Corner. I like to copy my big brother & mimic his antics. I love to eat fries everyday, all day. So vote for me so I can buy fries from every fast food chain in town❗️
Marlee is the most caring and loving 🥰 girl I know. She’s a great helper to her family and friends. She’s always willing to help in someway. She’s a great sister to her brothers and is always looking out for them!!
Xenia is very outgoing little baby she loves to play and watch Gracie’s corner she also loves her family she is really sweet ❤️
Sofia will be 7 months very soon! She is cute as a button and always loves to smile! She is playful and loves to “talk” to her family as well as has the most amazing and infectious giggle! She is learning to sit up and most likely will crawl soon. She “says” mama, dada and imitates sounds and expressions. She is loved so much and is the apple of her mom’s, dad’s and big brother’s eyes!
Baby honesty is a happy baby she likes to play and have fun she’s learning to walk and she loves her mommy and daddy so much she such a beautiful baby 😍😍
Ka’mari is 1 year old a only child. She likes dog. She also like food alot
Kinzley, is a 2 month old happy baby. She loves to play & loves when her mom & dad talks to her. Wait let’s not forget her smile is everything. A few Things she has learned to do is hold her head up, roll over, stand while being held, and last but not least tries to take steps while being held. She is a PRINCESS !
Oakley Ray is such a special angel💖 she loves her 2 big brothers, loves her daddy and is such a mamas girl💖
Loves to take pictures, full of so much energy shes such a sweetheart!
Cimani is a very happy and energetic baby, she loves kisses and snuggle when she is sleepy. Cimani’s smile would just light up your whole day. 🥹🩷
My LillieBell is funny loves to play and being held her smile will make your day if your having a bad one she loves attention and being talked too!!!! Her first word was dada
Jai’Mya is full of love and laughter. She has an amazing personality already which brings joy to anyone she interacts with!
Laila is a very happy and active little girl! She loves Disney, her favorite movie is The Little Mermaid! She loves her hands & feet
Baby Kensley is the happiest little girl ever. She loves when her mommy and daddy talk to her and make her laugh. She loves to watch tv, watch everything we do, and she loves to smile for the camera. 🥰 She is simply the best!
Ava is 7 weeks old, she’s a leap year baby!!! she loves to eat and also loves getting her cuddles in. She’s so precious 🩷🩷🩷
Everly loves Cheerios and watching Minnie Mouse. She has a heart of gold and loves her animal
Lory’ann is an adorable baby girl, loves to laugh and play. She only cries for food but besides that she’s always smiling.
Alaina is a very outgoing baby, with a beautiful smile, loves to do whatever and watch her GRACIES CORNER.
My little premature baby was born 3lbs and continues to grow. She is the light of my life she is already amazing and developing fast.
DeVeah is a very brilliant girl who loves to sing and take selfies 😍 She is involved in a lot of sports year round and keeps a smile on my face I just love her 💗