She love’s swimming,arts and painting. She’s in MMA class getting closer to get her black belt 🥋. She love’s dogs 🐶 but she’s allergic.
Emily is Beautiful, Smart, and kind. She knows her ABC's, how to count to 20, her left from her right , all of her body parts, and she is currently trying to learn how to read. She is a great little sister to her brothers and a great big sister to her baby sister. She loves to play, climb, go to the park. Park anything that your average 3-year-old like to do. She cannot wait to go to school.
Loves drawing,Music, and spending time with her friends.
Shiah is so smart with the kindest soul. She amazes everyone by imitating animal sounds along with whatever else she sees and hears. Her favorite thing to do is eat lots of yummy food and go for walks. Shiah said thank you so much for voting!
Watching Delaney grow & discover her world is just beautiful to see. She brings such love & joy in the wake of so much loss. We're blessed by our angel
Alice Ellenore
Little Alice Ellenore LOVES to eat and play with hey big sister Ivory. She is ready to start running around, and has got three little teeth. She's the rough and tough one even though she's 4 years younger. She is such a bright little soul/mind and I'm a very proud mama, of them both.
Ivory Rose
Ivory Rose is the kindest most sharing little darling. She helps so much with her little sister Alice and has found a best friend in her doggy, Bean! She loves science, working with tools, and also being girly (doing make-up, hair, and arts and crafts).
Amyriah is smart and she likes to dance and sing and she is very good at singing I think it’s so cute and that’s why you should choose her
Raquel is a bright young girl. She loves to draw and sing!!!
This is Evaliah, her family & friends call her Vale! She is fun to be around, energetic, funny! Knows some ASL and is always ready to learn & show others new things. She loves her family & enjoys animals 💕
Elizabeth is a smart and spunky 5 year old girl. She loves unicorns and dancing. Elizabeth has a heart of pure gold and is always there to pick up her friends or her brothers when they fall. She is sure to brighten anyways day and always has the sweetest things to say. She will surely bring a smile to anyone that comes across her.
Izabella is a very smart, beautiful, funny and sassy little girl who loves animals and being outdoors. Her favorite color is pink and she loves to dress up like a princess. She loves learning new things and is quite the little diva!! Izabella is a social butterfly and will instantly steal your heart!
Genevieve is the sweetest, loving little "mama". She acts like she is the mom of every baby or toddler that she meets lol. We also call her Jellybean. She gets that nickname from her cousin who can't say her actual name correctly 😂. Genevieve is a "girly girl" who loves make up, purses, dresses and cute shoes. She is a natural at dancing and a great little performer who loves to give her friends and family a great show. She also loves to call her mommy her best friend and connect little heart hands together 🥰. The sweetest funnest little sidekick to have 🥰!
She is such a a sweet fun loving little girl. She loves to play with other kids.
Ava is a very smart and intelligent little girl wise beyond her years. Ava is very polite and respectful to all ages. She loves kids even though she is one. Very kind-hearted and just a sweetheart. Ava loves gymnastics and her voice when she sings Beautiful Harmony. Such a princess 👸
Avalon is just the cutest little girl she’s just growing into her personality but she loves when you talk to her and she has the biggest smile .
She love Horses💖🐴
Jazzlyn just graduated Headstart and ready for kindergarten, she loves singing and dancing. Always curious and willing to learn something new. She likes to dress like a princess and her favorite person is her big brother.
Avelina is a crazy toddler who loves making messes, her big sister, and her baby brother.
Serenity is a very smart person she loves to help others. She is very polite. She loves tiktoks she loves dancing n playin with her cousins.
She loves God , and loves to sing . Very obedient and loving child .
This girl can make anyone smile. She lights up our family! Thank you for voting for our little bunny!
Tandalah is a very beautiful free spirited young lady, when i described her to people i always tell them shes my 1960s baby in a 2000's world✌️
Charleigh Grace is such a doll! She is so silly and loves to make you smile. Be sure to vote for this little giggly girl!
This kid loves her family and helping others
Smart and funny. Loves cooking, swimming, and hanging with her momma.
Almost 3 months old and she loves to kick her legs like she’s got places to go! She loves to eat her fingers and talk about how good they taste! She’s the most content little baby and will smile at you whenever you say her name! She loves her mama, sissy and grandma more than she loves to eat her fingers!
Helloooo my Name is Aytta I am 2 Years old. I love to talk and make funny noises. I’m also a screamer! 🫠 I love snacks I love taking naps and I love running all over the place. I love mommy and daddy, I also have a4 year old brother named Aydam that I love so much . 🫶🏻🍼
Loves to draw hello kitty
Bella is a happy , loving, outgoing free spirit. She likes school, music, dancing and helping Grandma. She loves her family and playing with her friends She can't wait to join the Olympia freestyle wrestling program this year.
Coco is 6 years old- she enjoys music, art and loves to read 💕
Bella is so smart! She loves to play cooking and dress up! She loves Disney's Frozen! Her favorite food is chili fries.
Kaylee loves hanging out with her friends, riding bikes, cheer, swimming...and her new found love of playing Fortnite with her brother and cousins. She is super sweet and sensitive. She loves animals, especially her calico cat, Cali.
Alyona is an adventurous 5 year old who loves dancing, animals, and loves being around friends and family.
Jurnee Amor Raiin is the name, she’s a very wonderful blessing to this amazing world. Super happy baby! She loves to make the funniest faces, & keeps everyday entertaining 🦄💜
She is such a happy go getter done type little girl always smiling and joking around very caring a big helper and loves her three dogs 🐕
Yazlyn is very smart and sassy and she is very loving!❤️💅🏼👑
Hey my name is gia love my mommy and daddy.. I love making art.. love playing with both my sisters.. pap is one of my best friends 🤍
Bella loves and adores everyone she meets!! She's got a smile and blue eyes that light up the room! The best thing about my beautiful girl, is her kind heart! Shes now learned to say "I love you" and says it daily, out of the blue. We've got a 4 mo old son. Youd think shed be jealous, not one bit!!! She adores her brother and is a little Ms. Momma herself! ❤️
She’s so sweet and kind and her favorite word is thank you . She loves hugs and fruit and she’s gifted at swimming and climbing and driving motor cars . She would love to win to use this money to help her redo her room she would love a fresh start and a new bed and she loves her mom and daddy more then anything
Miss Remington is 6 years old. She loves swimming and gymnastics. She has 2 brothers and one sister who she adores. Her sassy attitude matched with her incredible socialization skills makes her a joy to be around. She’s funny and out going. Did I mention she’s about to lose her first tooth?
AnnaLee is actually my granddaughter not my daughter. She is very sweet and smart. Absolutely loves her Papa Joe and Nana! She is now a big sister to Ella! AnnaLee has a cousin who is younger than her that she loves trying to help with and love on as well. She has started potty training which is a work in progress. Her smile lights up any room she is in and her laugh is so contagious. We have recently learned she may be mildly autistic. Thank you all in advance for your votes!
Lil miss Mia is a bright smiling face who loves to be outdoors and for anyone to sing or dance with her!
She is such a sweet and funny girl loves horses and loves going with daddy to see the firetrucks ♥️
Loves trailing a string of pearls behind her as she walks. Loves popcorn, the movie ugly dolls and spirit. And her favorite place to play with her toys is in the bathtub. Even without the water. Her favorite shows are Elmo and Daniel tiger's neighborhood. She loves caressing mommas hands when I'm holding her. She giggles from the bottom of her tummy. Your super special super nova!
Hello, my name is Reyna I love to read and look at picture books and I am a sucker for writing . I love to wake mommy up from her sleeps and naps with kisses and by poking her and kicking her of course; what other way to do it because no one can sleep until I fall asleep. I like to say that I am the boss in the house ssshhh don’t tell me mom. I love chicken and rice but I love fruits more.
Aniya Mercado
She is a excellent student her grades are alway exceptional. She loves dance, gymnastics, painting.A Also loves her 2 brothers dearly 12yrs & 2yrs she would move heaven and earth for them if need be. She is very outgoing in every dynamic of her life. There is no one she would not try to defend. You should vote for Aniya because you will not find a more beautiful deserving little girl then her!!