Kalianna Polk
Kalianna is a Sweet girl who Loves to dance like a ballerina and full of Love to spread around.
Piper loves being outside! She loves dancing to music. She has the prettiest little smile.
Meet Jaylie Sue ❤️ She is 7 months old with big BLUE eyes , she is a only child , enjoys eating mangos, being outdoors by the water & petting her puppy ❤️
This is a sweet, bubbly southern girl will a beaming personality. She’s smart , sweet and loves music!
Khorie Beth
Khorie is a sweet girl with a big personality and loves all things girly! She is the baby of her family of five, but doesn't let that slow her down. She can easily keep up with her two older brothers no matter what challenges it may bring. She is tenacious, smart, and loves learning new things! She is a friend to all she meets, and brightens the room with her sweet smile and loving ways.
Sienna is the sweetest girl she loves cuddles and her mommy and yaya 💖
Daisy is a wonderful, sweet, smart 3 1/2 year old. She loves unicorns, going to the park and spending time with the people she loves.
Chloe is fun, outgoing, smart,and very talented. She loves to dance and she loves math. Chloe enjoy playing with her dolls and talking on the phone with her friends. Chloe's personality is amazing, everyone loves her and enjoy being around her. She brighten up your day with just entering the room. She's one of a kind.
Zoey Ava ❤️ Happiest baby ever. Shes about to start crawling, she LOVES sweet peas and Cheerios. She is her mommy's twin and best friend.
Moni is full of life. She loves meeting new people and interacting with them. She is a huge Disney Fan. Her favorites includes Anna, Elsa, Rapunzel, and Cinderella.
This is Winter. She is the middle child and has the attitude to match. Probably the toughest, crybaby you’ll ever meet. She likes her stuffed animal Bell aka Isabelle, and she loves to go to school… finally according to her.
She loves doing gymnastics she loves to act comedy 🤣 and her favorite color is purple 💜 she love to color and she loves pictures 📸 taking pictures her favorite food is pizza 🍕 🍟 chicken nuggets she love her fruits corn 🌽 she love to go to chuck e cheese her favorite holiday Halloween and Christmas and her birthday 🎂 Easter her birthday January 5 she a her favorite cartoon picklisouse mesha and the bear she love her rolbox and love playing videos games 🎮
It’s only been one month of working this full time baby job. It’s pretty decent, if I’m not supervising the women who brings my lunch every 2-3 hour (always yummy milk my favorite) then my duties are sleeping, going number 1 and 2, tummy time and baths. Here are so photos during my shift lol ❤️
She is my granddaughter who has a heart of gold wznts to be a writer and is a cheerleader she sticks up for bullief children
Ava Kate
My girl Ava Kate has hydrocephalus.. she was in the NICU for a month, trying to get her to learn new things each day. Doctors didn’t think she was even going to make it, she’s my little miracle!!
Ella-Rose has a magnificent personality. She loves school and is very active in cheerleading with her sisters. She is a firecracker for sure. She loves to watch her favorite shows on tv. She loves to play outside. She loves her time with cousins.
Charlee And Rylee
These babes are a package deal! These bright & intelligent little ladies can count to 20, recognize their letters and numbers, love to sing, run wild & dance! They almost always have books in their hands. They love when mama reads to them! Their favorite foods are watermelon, pizza & tacos. They’re just two beautiful, wild & free little girls who deserve everything in this world!
Brayvan is 6 months old ! She loves to be silly , she smiles all the time , she gets so excited when she see her big bubba , she is a huge blessing to our family her nick name it bitty ❤️
Lia Cassani
Lia is a very intelligent baby she was a preemie she was born 5 weeks early from her due date but she is very smart and she is starting to walk and learning new things
Ja’Nessa is the youngest of 3 and the only girl. She loves to jump, eat, and smile. Her smile is contagious and can make anyone smile! She has a personality for the books and facial expressions for every moment!
Taliah is a sweet and caring little girl. She loves everyone and loves for everyone to be happy. She is a breath of fresh air and my sunshine on a cloudy day. Please vote for her!!!
Paris is a sweet, rambunctious, imaginative, and creative 5 year old! She is all about anything girly & loves to laugh!
Daddy's whole world. Best thing that has ever happened to me. Best baby ever. Never cry's unless she's hungry and smiles all the time.
Everly is Kenyan American,just relocated fully here in springfield on April 2022,she likes it here so far.She can say atleast few words like dada,shoes,Elvis(her older brother )but Everly refused to say mama lol.She is so charming,love kids and so affectionate towards people,gives hugs and kisses to us .
Michaela aka Mica (Mee-ka) is kind, caring, and thoughtful, she loves her family❤ She has two older brothers and one younger brother, and she loves being a big sister to her 2yr old little sister and helping mom cook and clean 🥰She loves dancing and wants to be a ballerina 💝
Mary is very outgoing and spunky. She loves to be snuggled and play with her big brothers.
Greetings World 🌎, My Name Is ReignGoddesS & Im My Mother's 1 & ONLY Blessed Child @ The Age Of 40 & Im A Little Brat🥰🥰🥰
Nevaeh is Heaven spelled backwards, she is gifted her name because she is my angel. She is so fun and full of energy with lots of love! Nevaeh has an ongoing heath issue since she was about 2 months old. That is her biggest struggle, other than that she’s the happiest baby in the world! She has to drink lactose free formula and loves her veggie flavored baby food. Please vote for miss Nevaeh!
Sophia was born August 4th and came to surprise her mommy and daddy 3 weeks early. She loves to smile, snuggle, and stare at bright lights! Sophia’s nickname is peanut because she is little. She is the sweetest little girl!
Little miss Avianzah is sweet, loving and loves to help. She tries to help with dishes, putting groceries away and being a great little/big Sister. Vote for her as she is a star. She is funny, smart and very energetic. Please Like & Share!!!
Bright-wide eyed baby full of love an spunk .
Hello world my name is My’liyah, I love to spend time with my family, love to dance and sing.
The definition of a Diva! Niyla is a smart girl who loves dancing, singing, and anything that glitters ♥️
This is Aria Rae! She is a twin and also just become a big sister! She loves the water and being outside as much as possible.
I love to play, I love school and my favorite show is peppa pig
Jernira is 14 years old . She is in the 9th grade. She love to cook, love technology and she want to be a nurse when she grow up
Madisyn loves to watch her big brother play soccer and she always has a smile on her face!
Ariella is such a Outgoing, Independent little girl! She loves being the center of attention, and such a character! That’s my girl
Mackenzie loves kittens, music, dancing, and all things nature! She is truly a wild, fire spirit.
Paisleigh is outgoing, very ambitious. She loves fishing, going on walks & spending time with her daddy ! Her favorite food is hot dogs, loves to paint and color ! She can count to 10, can sing her abcs fully & can’t wait to get into school !! Beyond proud to be this amazing girls mommy 💗
Hi, I'm Jayden and I'm 4 years old. I'm smart and love learning new things.
Kehlani is a beautiful and happy soul, she loves to play, sing and dance with her mother and father!💗 Kehlani loves her good morning song by Gracie.
Legacy loves to be outside it is her peace. Legacy is a survivor of open heart surgery. She loves to laugh and play and she always find ways to put a smile on anybody face