This is Lila, she loves the outside and is a very curious little girl! She’s very shy at first but once she gets used to you, she is very spontaneous!
Dana Claire
Being preemie she had the strength and heart and will to prove others wrong and since then has grown to 9lb 1.5 oz she loves cuddles from mom and dad and loves to look around at all the lights.she loves lullaby's and is a true blessing to our family after we had her brother Britt miscarried twice and we were about to give up on getting a lil sister in or brother for him and bam good blessed us with this bundle of joy
Avery Kate
Avery Kate has been such a sweet baby since day one. She turned 2 months old on Easter 🐣 She loves for you to talk to her and all the snuggles she can get 💜
Adelyse Moana Elezi
She’s a strong energetic baby, that likes to jump and watch cocomelon. Adelyse loves playing with other little babies/kids and enjoys exploring in her walker. 😍
Leilani Stella
Leilani Stella came into this world with a bang . She was born prematurely and has a duplicate of a gene that will make her a very small person . She has very bright blue eyes that light up a room . She enjoys doing her tummy time and smiling at anyone that comes her way .
Always smiling and can be alittle over dramatic and has a sassy attitude. ❤️
Anastasya is love caring little girl she loves to help with her little brother and she has an awesome imagination she love to help and take care of animals and she loves to go to the beach and ride her bike please like her page and I will like ur page
Halona is amazing she likes to swing and laugh. And her laugh is super funny!!!
I'm a fun loving 3 yr old...I enjoy being outside an singing an dancing...I love my momma an daddy
This is Adilyn, Adi for short. She is spunky and wild and absolutely beautiful! She loves to dance and sing and play guitar!
Amilia Jolie
Amilia is a beautiful burst of sunshine with an energetic force that warms every heart she crosses. She’s funny, witty, intelligent and full of life. Amilia loves Kpop her favorite band is BlackPink and she loves to dance, sing and perform.
Anastasya is a really like to travel and love to help take care of her little brother and tell him story and she loves to go to the beach and love to go for walks and play at the park and has and awesome imagination love to come up with her own story’s love to help animals
Miss. Madeline is the most sweetest two year old you could ever meet💕. She can literally walk into a room and brighten everyone’s day. She loves working side by side with her daddy who is a mechanic☺️. We would love to win this contest for her savings.
Lilly is such and amazing kid! She’s super friendly and kind! She loves cheering and gymnastics!
Addilyn just turned a year old, and let’s nothing get in her way. Whether it’s learning how to walk, trying to pet our dogs, or just being nosy and trying to get into everything she always has a smile on her face.
This is Amethyst she loves to sing and has a very Good memory.
Chloe is a very sweet and outgoing girl she loves taking care of animals and helping others and can always make you laugh!
What can I say about this sweet girl? Well for starters she can brighten anyones day with a simply little grin. She’s my little miracle and rainbow baby. She’s the youngest of 2 big brothers. She is simply a sweet heart with sass rolled in. She adores people and animals. Her favorite snack is string cheese. She loves to dance and bounce and she has her own way of getting around that not regular hand knees crawling and well for one so small she sure charms anyone who simply just meet her.
Super sweet and sassy little girl. Spoiled rotten rainbow baby!
Trinity is funny, smart, and adventurous. She enjoys dance, fishing, and picking blueberries.
She amazing she a happy baby she my rainbow 🌈 baby she always so happy and how the most beautiful blue eyes
ALaila is a very chilled baby. She loves to play and full of joy.
She is absolutely amazing in everyway. She brings so much joy an happiness to anyones world 🌎
My name is Charlotte, but everyone calls me Charli. I love my pacifier and sucking on my fingers. Warm milk is my everything. I'm definitely a daddy's girl already! I am full of sassy facial expressions and enjoy many naps. I love to smile everytime I hear my name or when mommy and daddy says I love you. I can already pick up my head pretty good even though its still a little heavy.
Mia is outgoing funny always smiling and laughing and has such a bubbly personality
Ella like cheese puffs Mickey Mouse and she loves to smile n laugh
Shawn Brown
Shawn is 3 years old loves life and everything about it he is very smart and outgoing
Jaylah is super smart,funny and sweet with a side of sassy she loves shopping she’s one in a million my baby brings the shine ✨
Lilith Rose Gisi
Lilith is a beautiful 1 year old she loves pictures and dancing she has a beautiful heart of gold
Estella loves to smile and laugh at everyone her laugh is very contagious. She loves hugs and ms racheal and isn’t afraid to tell you what she wants
Kinsleigh is 6 months old and loves playing with her toys, bouncing in her jumper, and watching miss Rachel 😊
She’s full of emotions and will show them all to you. She likes to sit up and be outside.
Kharlie new hobbies include reading and playing Roblox. She loves taking care of her 2 little sisters. She’s the sweetest kid I know! She loves to talk, watch Barbie, and play with her sisters.
Mahailia is very smart and very bright. She loves to run and play. She’s very entergetic but can be shy sometimes. Her smile can light up a whole room and laugh so cute you can listen to it all day.
This is my firecracker! Miss Dawn is sooo full of energy and life! It amazes me how smart she is for her age! Everyone loves her when we go places because she brings the energy!
Cheekz!! Her nickname explains itself 😝 Miss Khinsley have a loving, smart, beautiful, fun personality!! Everywhere we go people always say she looks just like a little doll! She’s very bossy out of her sisters. She loves to smile!
Remi is my first little sweet chicken nugget she loves her some baba & is still learning how to coo & smile. 💗She loves long walks in her stroller & any kind of light up toy you can find . 😌 She will be 2 months on the 7th & is growing like a weed . 🥺💞 She is the cutest chunky monkey I’ve ever seen . 😍🙈
Caylie-Love is such a sweet baby girl! She has the biggest smiles! She loves to talk to anyone that will listen and talk back to her.
Abbies life revolves around family, friends, and softball.
She is amazing! Her laugh her smile everything about her. She’s literally the most sweetest baby ever.. she loves her big sister more then anything. She loves music and dogs..
Scarlett is a little scholar! She is very out spoken and positive! She is getting ready to finish pre school with flying colors! Her sense of humor will leave anyone laughing!
Little miss Adalina Luna loves her naps and cuddles 💗! She’s less than a month old but is already such a sweet happy little one!! She loves to smirk and smile when you talk to her:) she will smile so so big if you vote for her!!!❤️