Chloe is 10 years old and has a passion for cheerleading, cooking, and adventure. Her dream is to travel the world and learn about different cultures!
Za’Kari is our last of 5 kids she was born a month early and is very special to her whole family being the only girl out of all 5 kids she’s smart,funny and has a personality out this world she is our little princess
Sapphire is 7 years old. She loves pokemon battling. She is in ballet. Shes a pretty sweet girl. Shes really smart. She loves her animals.
My name is Alivia, I’m 2 years old. I love playing with my toys, running everywhere and playing outside. I love listening to music & being at the baseball field or the race track. I am a daddy’s girl & mommy’s world. Please vote for me! Thank you! 💜
Haisley loves to give to others and enjoys nature and she especially loves her animals
New to the world loves to sleep and eat and is the most sweetest baby ever ❤️
Beautiful, happy baby
Vanessa is a fairy child who runs barefoot, plays in the dirt , splashes puddles , loves with her whole heart as she sees the world as a beautiful place!
She is a big tom boy with a heart of gold! 🧡
10 going on 24!! Very Shy and quiet around people she doesn't know. She doesn't even realise how beautiful she is 💗
Carly loves having her daddy sing randy Travis to her, she loves her big brother loves to jump in her bouncer loves attention loves to help mom in the community give out food
DeVeyah is my 3rd child. She is truly a blessing. She’s 1 month and she is really a good baby.
She's a very outgoing little girl that's bright and full of life whenever your feeling down she is sure to brighten up your day
Maisy is the brightest and most bubbly soul. Her laugh is infectious and her personality melts hearts everywhere she goes.
Brooklynn is a very smart almost 3 year. She knows how to count to 10 and is working to be potty trained. She absolutely loves frozen and her love for animals is amazing. Please vote for her!!
She loves to smile, laugh, giggle at anybody and everyone that gives her attention. She loves being held. She loves engaging in convos with ppl even though it’s slurring still very cute. Love her so much and glad to be her mom
She loves her brothers..she loves crackers..she loves kisses..
She's a happy baby always smiling
Alayah is such a beautiful soul inside and out she brings so much light into everyone’s day around her . She is so passionate and loving and has such a funny personality she is such a character and can make anyone around her laugh !
Athena is a 2 yr old who is so energetic and loving. She loves elsa from frozen and loves to sing let it go. She also loves jj from cocmelon. She loves playing with her dolls. She is such a caring big sister and loves her sisters. 💗 Would mean alot to her if u leave a vote and a share 💜
Zulema is a 6 yr old who is such a loving girl and loves playing with her sisters. She loves doing gymnastics and dancing and being silly and making her family and anyone around her laugh. She loves modeling also and doing cute poses and doing tic toks. She always loves doing vlogs. She is such a caring and beautiful girl with a BIG heart. 💜 leaving a vote for her and a share would make her so happy ❤️
She has a heart of gold, always happy, smart, love to read, and loves unicorns.
Sakari is a sweet little girl who never meets a stranger, she has a huge imagination and a even bigger heart, she will walk up to us the next about something and say she’s sorry and we don’t even know what she is talking about half the time 😂
Mieriella is my only daughter, I had 2 boys 15 & 13 years ago. And finally 10 months ago, my daughter completed my little family❤️ She is a very smart little girl and just so beautiful. She is the perfect mix of me and her daddy.
Hazley is very out going and lights a room up with her smile. She loves being outside and riding her 4 wheel.
Naomi become my bonus daughter 5 years ago and started my little family. Naomi is verry beautiful and complelty girl love to always look fashionable. You should vote for her because she is s very outgoing girl loves to be noticed by also a little shy Please vote and show her people think she is beautiful Even tho she is very beautiful inside and out . Please vote naomi
Kaylani Rose is the 5th and last of our bunch. She’s filled our hearts with so much joy and so much love. She’s obsessed with her daddy, bananas, and Moana. Not even 2 yet and already such a character, so loveable yet so sassy 🥰
Nevaeh completed out family of 5 ,4yrs ago with her tiny tiny self with only being 4lbs at birth but that never alowed her down she is our very tiny but hyper litte girl who Loves dress up and playing make up anything thatbhas to do with being girly. Please vote for nevah to shoe her she is beutiful inside and out.
Naomi become my bonus daughter 5 years ago and started my little family. Naomi is verry beautiful and complelty girl love to always look fashionable. You should vote for her because she is s very outgoing girl loves to be noticed by also a little shy Please vote and show her people think she is beautiful Even tho she is very beautiful inside and out . Please vote naomi
she says she’s a princess loves to dress up and put heels on with her dresses and loves to play mommy and baby with her baby sister
Naomi Seek
Naomi is very happy and makes mom smile every single day
Gracie is a very Happy little girl. She’s always smiling and hugging everyone. She loves to show everyone her outfits she wears everyday and always so happy about them❤️She loves the river and to catch bug’s. Gracie is also a giver she will give anything and everything to whoever just to make there day better.
Nevaeh is a very sweet loving HAPPY baby🥰🩷she was born a preemie baby!
She is 4 y/o. She is smart, conversational, and a leader. She is curious,adventurous,yet cautious. Sweet and well mannered
Victoria Joely
Victoria Joely, came to complete our family of 5! She's really the complement we need, that's why we call her Victoria She is a wonderful girl in all aspects and she is also so calm. We just love her 🫶🏻
Leilani is full of life… always smiling and giving kisses
Avery is very outgoing young lady loves spending time with her family and playing softball with her sisters.
this is Miss Whitley 🩷 she is sweet, loving, happiest baby and chunky for sure😉 she loves watching Sophia the first, pulling mommies hair, and playing in her daddies beard!
Alayna Brown
Alayna is the smartest little girl you will meet. She loves being outside even when it’s cold. Whenever we do something she will always copy you it’s cute but she can also be sassy
Ky’Rielle is a very smart sassy 2 year old who loves to dress up with her purses and accessories! She loves to take pictures soon as she get dressed she goes to the mirror to see and turns around and say mama “cheese” 🫶🏾
Karsyn is a very loving, outgoing, social girl. She loves going to school, cooking, and playing Roblox.
Michaela is a very sweet, kind and caring. Amazing in school and Loves the Lord. She loves dance & soccer and is an amazing goalie .
Evalinda Is my pride and joy. She changed my life! She's so happy all the time and only cries when she absolutely has to! She loves rolling over and playing with her toys.
Haven loves when we read books to her she loves Hey Bear and Ms Rachel she is super smart and beautiful and has two mommies who love her so much!
Ms. Briella just turned 3 months! She is learning how to sit up and loves to talk and laugh with everyone especially her Daddy!
Shes got a knack for being dramatic. She loved participating in pageants, soccer and dance. Shes a only child so she loves attention. Shes smart, loving and funny.
Say Hello to Karsyn Marie. AKA Karsy Girl!!!! She will light up any room with her beautiful little smile. She just captures anyone's attention when in her presence. She is so happy and on 100 most of the time. This is my one and only daughter following three brothers she is one of a kind and I love her beyond this world.