Baby Stories


Kennadi loves to sing and dance. She loves playing tball and spending time with friends.
Noelle loves to sing and dance. She especially loves to play with her babies and spend time with her Memaw.
Jada loves to get her beauty rest,she loves to be outside,she is so funny and has a big personality to be such a little girl! She loves her bubba!Shes 10 months old & such a blessing to our family ❤
Ja’nice is the youngest & only girl. She is a very sweet & loving baby filled with lots of joy. She enjoys watching cocomelon
Anastasia is a princess on the outside and a little tomboy at heart ❤️ 👑She is so full of energy , full of life , and just the sweetest most curious little thing !
Faith is a cheerful bright eye baby! And loves to talk!!! She loves the water and giggles when you call her a mermaid! Faith has a personality as if she has been here before. We call her the boss baby because thats the attitude she gives at times! Faith can make a rainy day shine!!!
Adalyn is a Fiesty and spunky girl, who loves to play with her brothers toys. But loves her purses.
Ryatt is starting to find her voice and she loves to smile!
Princess Aurielle is full of life and love. Her smile is contagious and she loves cleaning, singing, dancing , and drawing.
I am a 10year old girl with not much self confidence and im doing this just for fun. The thing I love most in the world is baking. I have a little sister and brother that i love so much and of course i have a mom and dad that i apreciate so much.
Jordyn is a super happy baby girl who loves to smile and laugh. She is so sweet she sings herself to sleep at night. Jordyn loves to play with her big brothers and cuddle with mommy and daddy.
Cresencia loves to sing dance play she also love school and loves to help people she is a amazing lil girl so proud of her
Madi loves her family, helping at her grandmas daycare and being outdoors she's a girly girl makeup and hair but never afraid to try new things and get down in the dirt
London-Monae is a ball of energy. She loves to laugh ,smile, play with her toys, play fight with her daddy(and really beats him up too) and have a nice warm milk fruit and cereal bottle with her twin brother as they sit together watching the sun set reflecting and talking about the day they had.
McKenzie loves watching Cocomelon. She loves to eat and hang out with her mommy! Outdoors is one of her favorite places to be!
Wyntor is a outgoing, loving & all around sweet baby! Shes a daddys girl & sassy but very smart baby! VOTE FOR MY BABY 💙
Ja’Laiya is a 1 year old loveable, active, sweet little diva. She loves to dance and smile. She is definitely ONE OF A KIND!
Heeeyyy Guys ! My Name Is J’Kaivre Bles’Syn Johnson, I Was Born On Turkey Day 🦃 Cool Right ! VOTE FOR ME ‼️ I Love To Sleep 💤, My Favorite Show Is CoCoMelon 🍉🍈, & Best Of All I’m So Adorable 🥳 VOOTEEE FOR ME ❤️😍
She has a funny sense of humor, and very Intelligent, But can be very serious sometimes. Sophia is very kind and sweet. And she loves to share.
Ella Joy
Ella Joy is the happiest baby you will ever meet. She loves cocomelon and her big brother. She is a very loved little girl 💕
She loves singing and is very shy but that doesnt stop her
She’s likes to take pictures. Loves riding her bike.she’s really helpful, funny ,outgoing.
She is so precious; she gives a Smile right back!!
Callie loves spending time with her family, and playing. She also loves art and being outdoors!
Aurora is a sassy little girl who loves trolls and hanging out with her big sister!
Hello my name is Ayani. I’m full of joy, love ,& laughter ! Im very curious! To say I’m only 3 months I’m very advanced! I smile, laugh, dance , & I just learn to say hey ! Just by my smile I will brights up everyone’s day ! Thank you for the votes ! I really appreciate it ! Lol lot of baby hugs & love😘
Shes loves to read and draw art.
She loves to laugh and tell people no.
Not only is she beautiful she is smart too! She loves to read and absolutely LOVES to be outside, especially hiking and helping in the garden.
Henley is the funniest little girl! She loves to dance, laugh, smile, and hug her mama 🥰 She loves to be outside and play with her baby dolls. We are so in love with how smart she is and her wild personality! Thank you all for your votes we appreciate it!! 💜
Mia is a leader. Smart isn’t the best word to describe her. She always takes the initiative. She loves making new friends. Babies are her soft spots. Such a sweetheart. You will always get the warmth from her huggies. My daughter loves to hug. She love to sing and dance. Talk about supernatural blessings. Mia is a miracle in my life 😊
Harmony is a bright light her smile makes people light up she’s so sassy with a whole lot of personality, she’s so independent for her age , harmony loves taking pics , dancing & she is very welled mannered for her age , no matter where she goes harmony lights up the room .
She's sweet 😌
Angel enjoys eating, sleeping, being with her grandma’s, laying on her mommy’s chest and listening to her heart beat as well as, smiling, car rides and being sung too.✨🥰
Ariella is a sweet alert 2 week old who loves mommy suggles.
Hello everyone! My name is Ayelene Belle Centeno. I like to wake up in the mornings with a big 😀 also when they smile at me, I smile back!☺️ I’m in love with bright colors❤️💜💛💚💙 my favorite thing to do is play with my toys!🎈🧸 i love when momma and papa pick me up and start tickling me🤪 that for sure makes me giggle a lot! Please vote so I can win👸🙏your vote will be appreciated and returned!❤️
Charleigh is my 7 month old rainbow baby. She loves her dogs and her mommy.
Hi there! I’m Ariena (uh•reen•uh). My mommy picked out my very unique name, though she can’t remember where she first heard it. So far, I’m an only child (if you don’t count the dogs!) My grandparents were so excited when they found out I was a girl because Mommy is the only girl with 5 brothers. We needed another girl in the family! I love taking walks with Mommy and Daddy, especially when I get to snuggle close to Mommy in the carrier. I’m still working on my smile but it’s super cute when I do! I don’t play with toys yet; I prefer to pull Mommy and Daddy’s hair and clothes. They say I’m very strong :) I’d appreciate your vote! Have a great day!
Saylor loves looking around, bath time, and car rides!
🚫🚫🚫ALL EXCHANGES, OLD & NEW, WILL BE MADE FOR KINGPET OR 2ND OPTION AFTER MAY 2 🚫🚫🚫 KAYLEE WILL NOT RE-ENTER (Butters Rip) OR if absolutely no room, will exchange for Ellie Mae on Pageant Dog. I will continue exchanging with all that wish too do so. 🙂❤❤🐕
Molly is a sweet Mommy's girl. She is very happy and has a precious giggle. She loves dancing to music and playing with her older brother.
Hi my name is jelani . My dream is to become a pilot . I love anime and surfing the web I also love making new friends.
Hi my name is Jaliyah I’m the youngest of my siblings I’m a newborn so I mostly sleep a lot . I love discovering parts of my body especially my nose and mouth I just started smiling and I love it . When I smile I make everyone happy 😊
Hi am Ari’Ella I am a babbling beautiful 3months old. I enjoy watching Johnny test,and coco melon, I also love the game of trying to eat everyone’s good.
Infiniti is the happiest, most fun loving and energetic baby. She truly enjoys being spooked unexpectedly the most! This sets off her non stop giggles that will truly make even the grumpiest of people smile 😊
Hi I’m Layla May, I love plums and rolling around! I love going outside and feeling the grass on my toes. I can sit up and my favorite word it Dada. Lol
She loves to giggle love bowing mommy kisses and her favorite word is thank you.
She has the most beautiful personality, always smiling and laughing!