Baby Stories


Fun, Exciting and Exuberant is what describes this little cutie. Ashlynn Grace is 2 years old with such a vivacious personality. She’s intelligent and has the ability to light up any room. Ashlynn loves family and she is definitely a daddy’s girl. Ashlynn enjoys making TikTok videos, making slime with her cousins and watching Ryan Toys on YouTube. She loves to eat and her favorite drink is PEPSI! Ashlyn is nothing short of amazing... Vote for this beauty......
Leah loves snuggle time and she loves fuzzy blankets. She’s definitely a funny little girl she will make you laugh with all her funny little faces.
Destinee loves to play with her siblings, sleep, and cuddle. ❤️
Emmaline Coon
She loves to play and talk to everyone she is always so happy and smiling and she loves her mommy
Mollie is a happy 5 month old! She has brought so much joy into our lives. She loves to watch cocomelon and is a big fan of bananas and baths. When she gets fussy white noise is the savior! She’s learning to sit up and has started to say ma! ❤️
Keyari is a beautiful baby girl who was born June 16, 2020! She is an angel on earth 💜😇She loves nursery songs, rolling over, and her mama’s sweet kisses 😘 Keyari has a smile that will brighten anyone’s day. She is my saving grace ❤️🤞🏾
So sweet love able baby girl loves to be spoiled and held.
She is a smart, beautiful toddler who loves everything and everybody. She has gorgeous hazel eyes that can melt a heart at a glance. She is very independent for her age.
She’s a two year old fun and sassy little girl! Who loves to laugh and play with her baby sister. She’s good at always putting a smile on your face!
Judea is a bundle of joy..she is very smart, active , funny and sweet.She groves to her own beat...she loves her siblings ,music,cars and animals...All while doing everything with a smile!
Always happy.wakes with a smile every day
My name is Brynleigh and im Two. Im a sassy little girl who has so much love for eveyone. I love music, dancing and to color. 😊
Jennings loves to play with her puppy Huck, enjoys visiting her grandparents, loves FaceTime, tells LOTS of stories, enjoys spending time playing with her toys, loves to smile at her Daddy, and LOVES to watch her silly Mommy dance and sing!!
Fun little girl Loves to dress up and look pretty ❤️So sassy. The funniest little princess
She is a loving and sassy 3 year old. She loves to help others. She also enjoys pj masks
She the most calmest and happy baby. Loves her solid foods and she is obsessed with mommy
Emma is a very happy baby and loves to smile!
She is such a happy baby girl! She loves to smile and give kisses!
Ja’Loni is a very Happy baby all she does is smile. From the time she awake to it’s time for bed. She loves toys that crumples. She enjoys her rocker and to move about
Tiffany Logan
Tiffany loves to be outdoors. She is energetic and loves being with her family and friends.
This is Isabella, shes an intelligent, beautiful, and sweet little girl. She loves her sister and animals. And i am beyond proud to be called her momma! Her and her sister are the light of my life.
She is like dancing and lovely
Cali, is the life of our family! She is such a happy baby! She enjoys going outside and paying with leafs! 🍁 Cali is 15 months old and has 8 teeth and more on the way! 🦷 Cali loves food, even veggies and fruits!❤️ She is such an animal lover, but she loves her dog chance the most!🥺
Leila loves to laugh and smile! She loves bright colors, music and when mommy and daddy read her books!❤️
Scarlette is a Diva ! And a loving little girl, She loves clothes, painting her nails , playing with her dolls,and most of all she Loves her Friends and family 🥰
MeLady Rose was born October 5 2020. Shes my third child after 14 yrs and my only girl 😍. She’s a pure joy to all of us ❤️ Please vote for my baby girl 🥰😝
Meet Julianna Cataleya Mora! She loves to laugh and scream. She's a very happy baby and loves to watch Minnie mouse bow toons. She's a quick learner. She also likes to play hide and seek when changing her diaper.
Nevaeh, is the most amazing little girl. Shes definitely has a bit of sas but her personality and everything about her makes up for it 💖
My name is Alice and I'm one of the happiest babies you'll ever meet!! I love to wave and say hi to everyone I see! I clap my hands and I'm so close to walking but I'm still learning! I LOVE listening to music and try to dance:)
She loves to talk and smile. Beautiful baby girl(:
She is the happiest chattiest baby with the biggest smile that will melt even the coldest heart
Abrianna Joanne
Abrie is our last and an over achiever. She started walking at 10 months. Her first tooth came In at 7 months. She is my only girl and she loves wrestling with her 2 and 12 year old brothers. She is always happy and smiling, but like all females the sassy ness is right behind her.
Khalesiyah was born on christmas eve. Going on 11 months. She is such a happy little girl. She loves baby shark. Her favorite thing to do is spend her time with her mommy and brother.
Gianna Is one happy Baby, who likes to snuggle with you all day. She has the pretty green eyes💗
Blakeleigh is a very out going and sweet little girl. She likes to dance do gymnastics and hang out with family..
Hailey also known as “Sunshine” because she’s just so bright, vibrant and full of good energy. She enjoys reading books, coloring and eating fruit. (Mmm yummy and healthy right ☺️) Hailey has a huge personality, independent and always smiling.
Kash Ali
Kash Ali brings so much life to her family! There is never a dull moment. Her most captivating feature is her eyes! Take a glance at them and you will be lost! Vote for Kashy!
Little Miss personality is quite the intellect with a very broad vocabulary for a six year old. Brynnley is a blonde hair green eyed beauty with a heart of gold. She loves nature and animals. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. Brynnley loves horses, dancing, playing Roblox, church, skating, soccer, and riding her bike with her niece Averey, and friends. She adores her brother Phoenix, and all of her siblings. She is a daddy’s girl, and she has him in the palm of her hand. Although, she can be sassy at times she is the baby of 6, and the light of our life. She loves the Lord, and Christmas is her favorite holiday. Not to mention this little 6 year old is already an amazing aunt with 3 adorable nieces to shop for, and that think she hung the moon.
Cuteness overload
Just a 2 year old that loves passing out smiles 🥰
I love to dancing to all the Disney shows, my favorite is The Descendants or Frozen! I also absolutely love to sing along with all the songs! My most favorite thing is my baby brother! I also love to spend time with my mommy and daddy!
Paisley grace is the sweeest baby girl ever, she loves animals and books.. Outside is her favorite place to be! This little girl is amzing she so fearless.. She is my little princess and very much deserves this 💜
Marie Brooke
Miss Marie Brooke loves to smiles and be sassy. She loves her sisters and her momma and daddy.
Alyssa Elliott
Alyssa is a free spirit who loves to sing dance and be outdoors. She loves all animals and creatures and her heart is made of gold. Alyssa loves pizza and taco's and her favorite color is purple. Alyssa loves to make new friends and is our little social butterfly.
Lily loves to go horse back riding, spending time with family and friends, she enjoys late night fishing trips, and going hunting!! She is an animals lover and love kids!!