Chloie is a very happy baby with the cutest smiles! Chloie loves sleeping and giggling at funny faces! Chloie loves anything that's colorful! Her favorite people are her mommy and daddy! She loves staying warm. She must have your attention, she absolutely loves having everyone's attention!
🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗PLEASE LIKE MY PROFILE ,THANK YOU 😍🥰🤗🙏 AIMEZ MA PROFILE SVP, MERÇI 🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ . EXCHANGE ON LULLAPANDA.COM. . 10 DAILY My first born,my first love. She like dance,laugh, sing. 💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️JE SUIS LA.POUR FAIRE DES AVANCES A RENDRE EN JUILLET. ADVANCE TO BE RETURNED ON JULY 🤝🤗🥰🙏💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bright, a true light. Raegan loves all animals especially dogs. She loves Elsa and Anna, playing dress up. Blowing bubbles, playing at the water park and on the playground. She brightens the lives of everyone who loves her and that she loves❤️
Serenity is mixture of sweet, sassy, and stubbornness. She is bold and never afraid to tell you whats on her mind. She loves to sing and dance and praise her Jesus!!!
Heavenly Hope is a very energetic, spunky, smart , sweet young lady. Who loves with all her heart! Nerver gives up and strives to be the best at everything she put her mind to. She love Jesus and loves to tell you about him and all he has done for her and what he can do for you.
Freya is a baby that I was always told I wouldn't be able to have, so she was a miracle from the beginning. Our pretty girl has brought us so much joy! She seems to brighten up everyone's day with her sweet smile. She's a goofy little monkey that loves food, care bears, ladybugs, cuddles with her mama, and play fighting with her daddy!
Emma is just the sweetest most kind and talkative 3 year old you've ever met. When shes not playing roblox she likes to play pretend market where she buys and sells you all your daily needs!
Billie is such a sweet baby! She’s into everything mostly into making sure she gets what she wants when she wants it lol she’s a mamas girl and her best friend is her sister n all her fur babys.. She brings light to anyones life she comes into. Kind, humerus , and most golden heart we have ever seen.
Aleena J
My smile is contagious, I love outside, dancing and spending time with my brother and sister.!! ❤️
I am as pretty on the inside as I am on the outside, I love dancing, I love drawing, and I love going to school to see my friends.! ❤️
Charley loves shopping, and playing with her dog she’s also obsessed with unicorns and makeup and having her nails done lol
She loves minnie mouse cocomelon baby shark and she is so sweet and she has really good manners
Ava, also called Graclyn or Gracie, has the biggest heart I have ever seen in such a small child. She loves until her heart is full and she gives love to everyone she meets. She loves the outdoors and reading books. She absolutely adores her brother and sisters and she is the biggest help.
She’s to most loving, silliest, craziest, attitude, protective little sister ever 😂🥰💘✨ she brings the fun everywhere she goes 🙏💃✨
She’s the most loving, silliest, protective big sister ever 💘✨ she brings so much joy in to your life 🙏🥰
Princess Zivah is full of spice and everything nice! Her smile can melt you away! She is full of energy and loves cuddles but also loves her independence. She is definitely a diva and deserves your vote!
Delylah was born at 27 weeks! She spent 80 days in the NICU. She recently had her first birthday! She is thriving in all her milestones! She loves her cousins, chasing doggies and ducks on the dock. She loves her gospel music from listener kids! She is becoming very brave and will soon be walking on her own! She loves to explore indoors and outdoors! She's so incredibly smart!
Kayleigh is a quick learner. She loves to sing her ABC’s, counting, dance, and play with her blocks. She loves Cocomelon, Karma, Minnie Mouse, LOL Dolls, Barbie, and Baby Dolls. Going to the park is her favorite thing to do.
Little miss Oaklynn is about to be 2 months old! Some things she loves so far are Food, Hot Showers, Trucks and Morgan Wallens song "Last Night". We are also starting to look for sounds, watching cartoons and smiling
EllaRose is a 4 year old little ray of Sunshine. She loves all animals and want to go to the Universe when she grows up.
Once was a little 3lb baby bird & now the QUEEN of Cuteness. I LOVE my mummy, big sister, giggles, small talks, traveling, and a little bit of retail therapy.. — My mummy and everyone says I’m a very gorgeous girl, so I need your help (VOTE) to win my very first competition!! 🤭 Xoxo, mummy & gabriella 🩷🩵🤍💜
Myiah has a soul of an angel. Brings light to anyones life she comes into and lives wholeheartedly her life by God. Kind, humerus , and most golden heart we have ever seen.
Shes a daddys girl forsure. She wakesup fist thing she want is daddy.
Rose loves to play with her cousins and she loves to make people laugh. She is funny, goofy, playful and has a crazy wild side. We love her and I just really wanted to share her cuteness, please vote for my daughter Roselynn Renee Mosley. Thank you.!
Hey Everybody 👋🏽 My Name Is Chloe I love slim jims pizza and Orange Soda I love my Mom So much she’s my bestfriend I also love going over my grandma house to play with my cousin & aunties i love to make good grades in school just see my grandma & momma smile 😊 & also take me out for ice cream 😊
Miracle loves coco melon and dancing to Barney. She is so lovable and loves spending time with grandma. She loves having walks and giving kisses and hugs. After momma having miscarriages, Miracle was born. She is a miracle baby.
Mouryi is very outgoing 💕 loves to be outside playing . She’s very creative wit making tik toks at such a early age🥰 . My baby girl will brighten up your day she so full of energy and will appreciate your vote 😘💕
She is the most precious tender hearted girl. She is a wonderful big sister and loves her family
Catherine is a beautiful and sassy young lady. She loves to draw and is in the process of writing a book about her dad that passed away October 18,2022. She is also learning ASL to be able to communicate with a friend at church. She does several community service projects and loves hanging out with the residents at our local nursing home. She has a heart for God and loves to help other people. She loves her BoogieBear (Boston Terrier) and Sosuke(Cat).
Jose Espinoza
Mi niño hermoso 🤩
Charlotte, we call her Charlie after my dad, she is a sweet lovable baby, she loves to giggle, talk, and blow raspberries. She’s so beautiful and is just living her best life ♥️ Thank you for your votes!
Elaina is a wild, loving, smart, funny. She loves 90s music and she would love your vote ❤️❤️❤️ thanks
Eleanor is funny outgoing and loves to give kisses ! She loves music and bath time and she would really love your vote ❤️ thank you
Oaklyn loves to smile and play! She has a laugh that will you your day! Oaklyn loves her daddy and most of all her family! Loves to say da-da!
⚠️⚠️⚠️LOOKING FOR ADVANCES!⚠️⚠️⚠️ My name is Gabriella but I also go by Ella Mei♥️ I LOVE to ride in mommy’s wheelchair & I am full of sass! Follow me on IG: gabriellameilaninunez 🫶🏽
August loves to go to the park. She loves animals. She loves to talk, and loves people, she's funny laughs alot loves her daddy and candy. Vote for her
She loves people.dancing singing just about everything.alway s smilin.
Ameerah is a very jolly toddler she loves to run around and smile all day
Grace is a very loving child, she loves babies and wants to take care of them on the playgrounds. She loves to learn and believes in Jesus and prays for everyone every night!
Kailynn And Kailani
Kai’Lani and Kai’Lynn are 3month old twins Kai’Lynn has a cleft lip. My babies are beautiful and I want to show them to the world ❤️
Adalyn loves to play pretend,Barbie’s,hide and seek. And loves being outside. She lives her grandma TT. And she loves to be silly.
She is loving and funny and loves life
Kailyn Rose
Kailyn loves from her heart ❤️ she is an amazing young lady with many talents her hobbies include choir, drama, horse back riding, dance, and gymnastics. She goes above and beyond academically and continues to blossom. shes my beautiful grandaughter show her some love by voting.
Aryanna is a sweet, outgoing little girl. She loves being outside, and she absolutely loves all animals. She’s our little farm baby! She especially loves Dogs, Cows and horses!
She loves how to train your dragon, shes funny, smart, loves to give hugs.
She's a loving 5 yr old girl. She loves playing with her brothers and riding four wheelers and going places and ride horses. She loves to swim and play in the hot tub. She's a loving little girl who doesn't have a shy bone in her body.
A'yana is an amazing, outgoing, beautiful, young girl. She is full of personality with an incredible imagination. She likes to dance, cheer, & play outside. She is smart with a little bit of Sass, & alot of positive energy. She makes friends easy & loves everyone.