Baby Stories - 48


Annie is a sweet happy little girl who loves to play, she is 5 months old and her sign is Virgo. Annie loves to play with others and she is always smiling. A lovely baby born in Miami. Thank you so much for any help, we really appreciate it
Harper is an energetic little girl. She loves elephants and smiling at people. She loves carrots and apples.
She's very joyful and a happy baby shes also sassy at times 😂 loves to smile play etc...she's 10 months
Hello my name is Maliahai I am black white and italian I am very happy and energetic I love to play with my dad and brothers and I laugh at the silliest things😍
Everleigh is 7 months old, mastered sitting up, trying to crawl and loves to be talked 💕
Nariah Lynn was born 3 and a half months early weighing 15 ounces on August 6th, 2020 Today she is 6 months old, almost 15 pounds and perfectly healthy!!!!!! She's is the definition of a miracle! She loves to wake up to a big belly rub. She smiles so big!! She loves hearing dadas voice! And she loves to talk to mama and dada! ❤️❤️
Rylee Jean Ray is almost 5 months old and is the happiest baby you will ever meet ❤
Aniyah is a smart, talented 4 year old. She likes to play with her L.o.L surprise dolls, ride her bike and sing on her karaoke machine. If you vote for her she would be so extremely happy.
She loves sucking and chewing on her fingers. She loves to talk to you and smile ❤
Aurora Valadez
Hello, I’m Aurora and I’m 6 months. I like playing with my toys and to crawl around. I also like when mommy and I watch Mickey Mouse together.
Gracie is 6 weeks old, she has recently started to goo and gaw! She loves spending time with her family and getting in lots of snuggles as well as kisses. Gracie has a smile that will light up the room! Thank you for your vote. Love, Gracie!
Kali loves baby shark, food and to dance ! She is a pistol as my grandmother would say. She’s full of energy and sass.
I’m Sofia I’m 11 months old and I can crawl and stand up on my own I love to talk gibberish and say momma all the time and I love to eat
Hi! I'm Aubree. I love car rides, mommy daddy and Ryan and love eating and sleeping!
She’s very young so she’s still shaping her personality but you can tell she’s going to be someone important someday
Mary Grace is not only beautiful on the inside but she is gorgeous on the out! She loves God, she love to sing, and she is obsessed with bearded dragons she is the youngest of 4 and the only girl!
She so full of happiness no matter wat she smilling she loves to bounce in her bouncer loves music and likes to talk jibberish at you and hollar louder to get your attention Shes the sweetest (Princess) her name in arabic to know. For that im grateful for her joy i tend to keep for the rest of our life with her big sister Elyria too. MommyLoves#Goddess
Skye is a such a happy baby she’s always laughing and being silly , she loves And she like to play with her sister watching Doc Mcstuffins & rolling over vote for skye all votes count thank you
I am sassy, LOVE Moana, and don’t you DARE take my bottle!!
Oaklynn is a bright an smart little girl that has my heart ❤️
Hello Everyone my name Kataleya I’m a two year old from Tennessee just tryin to win this 👑
Ra’Moni is very outgoing and she loves to play. She also loves Minnie Mouse and enjoys playing with her cousins.
Emery Jeanell
Emery meaning strong, brave & powerful. Simply just a loveable little girl who lights up a room with her smile 😊
Aubree is very lucky to be here today. She was born early at only 4lbs. She is a fighter that now loves cuddles, is the biggest daddies girl and loves to eat!
Lexi is a very smart and sweet girl. She is always thinking of others. She loves to sing in church, play softball and spend time with her friends and family...
Marilyn is My RainBow Baby She was born early into this world at 34 weeks an has become the light on my cloudy day i just loveeee her!!!
Qamora Kay
Hi, my name is Qa’Mora Kay & I’m currently 6 months old. Im an overload of Melanin cuteness. I enjoy watching cocomelon & laughing at my oldest brother. My favorite thing to say is “Dada” & my favorite thing to do is jump. VOTE ME QaMora Kay 🥰
My name is sophia and im 10 months old and i love music. My favorite food is bananas I'll eat anything as long as it has bananas in it. I'm crawling everywhere starting to pull up on things.
Everleigh is the sweetest 18 month old you’ll ever meet. She loves fishing with her daddy, shopping with mommy, and watching princess and the frog with her great great grandmother. Her laugh is contagious and her smile could light up the world!!
Sienna is always smiling. She is one happy little girl. If you are having a bed day, just look at her face and your day will get brighter.
Danni is very loving and caring. She does whatever she has to to make you smile. She loves to be outside. She is always trying to help in anyway she can.
I love watching my brothers play video games when I’m not watching cocomelon 🥰
Demi likes to sing, dancer, play and have fun!
Sadie is Very loving sweet smiling sassy little girl she likes to be outside with her brother
Hello my name is Ryleigh I am 2 months old. I love to kick my legs and eat all the time. I also love talking to anyone that talks to me. I am one spoiled little girl. For a few nights now I have been sleeping through the night and letting mommy get some sleep.
This little lady may not beable to talk just yet, BUT she has no problem getting her point across with her heart melting facial expressions, and unbelievably adorable Squeaks. Jemma may be itty bitty, but she already has ((not only)) Mom & Dad, but also her 4 older brothers wrapped around her tiny fingers! 🥰💝🥰
Sophia Gracelynn Jett
My name is sophia and im a spunky dancing two year old who loves , blues clues minnie mouse , bubbles , paint and baby shark !
She’s 6months old, she loves to play outside in her swing and take walks in her stroller! She’s a chunky girl and makes friends wherever she goes.
she loves tummy time and playing with mom an dad ! 🥰😋
Dakota Haze
My little Dakota haze loves to smile & love 💚
Rainbow Baby with a smile for days!
Stella loves laying with her Australian Shepherd who is deaf. She is always the happiest girl in the world and will do anything to get a french fry!