Baby Stories - 48


Chloe is a smart, fun loving girl. She loves Blippi, her dinosaurs and her family.
she has the prettiest smile
Maliah is a very active and vibrant little girl. She loves anything and everything from playing with her toys; right now she is into Minnie Mouse, T.O.T.S, Puppy Dog Pals and Vampirina. Swimming; I got her a baby pool for the summer and the first time she used it, it was like she had been swimming for years. She got in a dunked her head right under the water, started swimming and splashing around. Tumbling; Maliah loves to do somersaults! She cant quite flip herself over yet, but she will get into position, feet on floor head on floor in a tripod position and wait for someone to roll her over...over and over and over! Most of all she LOVES music!! she loves dancing around, singing together, and playing musical instrument's. Maliah is an amazing little girl, and is loved by so many!
Akeelah Metelus
Please help me vote for my beautiful daughter..thank you so much 🙏
She is a happy go lucky baby who smiles all the time and is just happy to be alive with her blue eyes and tan skin she is just perfect!
Emberlynn maybe small but she is full of personality. She loves her mommy and daddy, music, and her dogs.
Peyton is a smart outspoken toddler who is too smart for her own age, she can spell her name and count to 20 Wich amazes me ♥️ she loves to play with her dolls and her baby sister 🥰 she is over all the cutest little girl ever 🥰🥰♥️♥️
The sweetest girl I’ve ever known. She loves her mommy & daddy, milk & play time! We love her smiles & little giggles she’s starting to do! She is our whole world & is the most beautiful girl in her mommy’s eyes.
Aubrey loves art, karate and ballet. She has the attitude to go with her red hair.
Charlee is the sweetest baby you could ever ask for she is very loveable she loves to eat fruit is her favorite
My name is Emma paisley I am a funny energetic 5 year old I love to dance play and dance some more. I have a sassy attitude about me but that makes me ultra special I love people and making everyone laugh❤️❤️
My daughter loves to smiles and run around she was almost an New Years baby her birthday is Dec. 31st 2019 6:18 pm.
Hi!! I’m Crenshaw and I love to snack and play with my big brother. My family calls me Cren and I love to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
My name is Hazel and I am 19 months old! I love playing outside, helping my mom bake, wrestling with my dad and helping with my new baby brother. I am a combination of sweet and sassy that will win your heart 💕
Hello my daughter name is Bella she is 1 she love to play and jump around she is a very energetic baby girl ❤️❤️❤️
Hello my name is Anya , I am 6 years old ! I love to play with baby dolls ,Barbies or lol dolls I do cheerleading ,ballet also tap ! My favorite color is pink 💕 I love taking pictures and love Wearing dresses Or anything Girly ! I love dancing and playing with makeup 💄 I love going to get my nails done with my mommy ! I enjoy making new friends and spending time with my family .
My name is Kailah. I am 6 years old. I love to dance and perform! I take lessons in many dance styles! Family is so important to me. I love spending time with them and having family game night. I am the youngest of 6 kids!
Lillyanna Vargas
Born at only 27 weeks she weighed in at 2lbs 5oz spent 3 months in Baylor NICU has over come a lot now at three months weighing a little over 5 lbs she’s ready for the world and although she is little she is fierce....
Mina is a bright eyed 15 month old that loves to learn.
Elizabeth Rose can bring smiles to a room. She can make you smile even if you’re having a bad day. She thinks absolutely anything is funny. She can’t attend any stores without being told she’s a cutie. She gets boy moms permission to date already even though their young LOL. She loves to laugh, eat (snacks of course), sleep and most of all to play tag!
Keanna was born 15days before Christmas. I call her "my COVID-19 Baby". She was Conceived and born during COVID-19 as her mom who is a nurse took care of COVID-19 patients while pregnant with her. By God's grace, Baby Keanna made it through Covid and came out Healthy. She is a really fun baby, she lights up the room with her smile. She loves her Pacifier. Loves car Seat, and love to lay on the chest. Her eyes are just so adorable .
Nevaeh is a sweet little girl. Loves her mommy, and her binky. She loves to talk already making noises and moving her lips. She is gonna be a big talker. 🥰
Aiyanna Odessa-lenne
Aiyanna is 8 years old and is very outgoing. She loves to sing, dance and act. 💖💖💖
Alanie love to eat everything that you gove it to her. She love to smile and laugh with the person that she felt comfortable.
Arabella always brightens up any room she walks into, someone can be having a bad day and her smile instantly brightens up their mood especially her hugs she gives you are just so full of ❤️. Her little soul is such a funny bright little character, there’s never a dull moment with her✨.
Ka’moni Amir is a very laid back type of person 😴she loves to be held tight💜🤱🏽
She loves to play with her toys and her doggie and she loves her mommy and brother very much.
Penelope Mariella
Penelope is the happiest baby on the planet; even laughs in her sleep! Currently, she loves playing with her feet and trying to walk. She is a momma’s girl since her daddy left her and her momma shortly after birth. Penelope is very smart and loves to sing and talk. She loves the color red, sparkles, and her dog Boomer.
Violet loves life! Except when you wake her up 😂
Marina is very active. Shes definitely what we call “our advanced” princess. She’s a dancer and is just all around a happy baby. Vote for Marina!
Sadie will be 1 month old December 29! She has brought so much joy to our family! She has two older brothers, four doggy brothers, and loves to swing in her swing throughout the day!
Evelyn Belle
My sweet Evelyn, I don’t even know where to start with this girl.. She has given me so much joy and has completed my soul... Evelyn is 5 mouths old and loves her some mommy time, and her little cow toy we call “MooMoo” and most of all Cocomelon..
Beautiful, full of laughter and smiles, loves her big brother so much and is so bright.
She just started school. She loves helping take care of her baby sister and playing doctor
Lea is almost 4 months old. She loves to smile and be around her big sister Brilli. 💜💜💓💓
Nevaeh Grace
Nevaeh is a energetic 1st grader that loves to help out a lot. She is an amazing athlete and A great big sister
One of my beautiful children,so full of life and smiles.. she adores her family
Penny is a very sweet, caring and most loving little girl you'd ever meet! She loves all animals, cares about taking care of the earth and enjoys helping others. Her favorite activity is dance, which she has been apart of since she was 2 yrs old.
Laykelynn loves to dance to literally anyone singing to her or any music. Her favorite show is Cocomelon. And she’s the happiest baby ever. ❤️
Daphne is a super chill, smiley baby. She is very strong and loves to giggle. She smiles and coos when we sing to her and loves staring at the Christmas tree.
Oaklynn is one month old, she’s the happiest baby and her smile will light up a room. Shes a mommas girl, loves her swing and cuddles from her mommy. She’s the sweetest little girl ever💗
Like outdoor playing, love to eat fruits and taking pictures.
Rayna is a smart 4 year old girl who loves to read, play with her toys, play photoshoot, she can and do so many different things such as keep her room clean, count, write her name, she can write a few other words and spell them out. She can read a few books.
She loves to smile all day long...
Julianna Reyes
Hey I’m Julianna Reyes but u can call me Julie I’m 4 years old and my birthday is next month the 24th my favorite is noodles taco I have 2 brothers n thank u all for the voting tell a friend to tell a friend to tell cousin’s n family to come vote for me please n thank u 🙏
This little peanut had one heck of a rough start. Nothing can dull that amazing smile she wears so proudly!
Very smart little girl loves to play outside play with her baby brother play with her dogo loves her stuffed animals