She love to 🩰 she love to play she love to sing 😍😏
Aubrie Beadnell
Aubrie a vary sweet little girl she loves animals and especially her 3 dogs and her cat but she loves farm animals cows horses goats etc loves being outside with her dad when he’s working on something or wanting to go with him when he heads to the woods in the side by side
Hezekiah is a Hebrew baby name meaning "God is my strength". This is Hezekiah a beautiful and intelligent little lady. She looks just like her mother but is said to be a daddy's girl 💖 I think you should vote for Hezekiah because she is fair, kind, patient, and cautious. She is always nice to people and gives out the best hugs 🤗 So here's some virtual hugs 🤗🤗🤗 in exchange for your vote ✅
Sophie loves Soccer, Gymnastics being with family and all things Mermaid!
Lana is a fun loving ball of energy 5 year old who loves anything outside or playing with friends. She has a heart of gold but is full of sass and spunk.
Aubree from Ct , she’s always full of smiles she loves drawing and dressing up .
Callie loves smiling and laughing talking and being sung to she’s a wildflower for sure
Madelynn Rose
Maddie is a very bright young lady she loves to color,paint,play with her toys and watch Cartoons she loves to cuddle with mama and daddy she loves taking naps with mama loves to go outside and play in her little graden
She is such a happy baby she smiles all the time she makes baby noises she is such a sweet baby
She’s so happy baby she likes playing
Blakely Rose loves to roll over, she loves her carrots and peas. She is most definitely a momma’s girl!
Summer was born very inquisitive and bubbly, always excited about her next little adventure ✨ She loves belly rubs and going on her evening strolls, pls vote for baby Summer to see her gorgeous photos and little escapades.♥️
Allie is the most loving, sweet, & happy 8 month old🩷 she is nothing but smiles everyday😊
Jezireonna is a lil person and she's full of energy she loves to color and play games
Little but a force!!! Under 3 feet tall and 28 pounds but boy does she rule the room...this little girl is a blessing
She may be liitle but she has a big personality. Sweet, sour, sassy, and loud. Loves to dance, cuddle, and her smile can brighten anyone's day.
Elegance, grace, and a heart of gold - that's our daughter, the perfect choice for this pageant. Cast your vote and let my daughter's radiance and grace light up the stage of this pageant, leaving a lasting mark in hearts and memories.
Lamari Is 2 and a Pisces, She Is So Silly Almost Never Cries She Isn’t the Terrible 2 At All Just A Sweet Little Girl Who Gives Kisses & Hugs 🥰 She Like Word Party and Sesame Street Well Cookie Monster to Be Exact Oh And Cheeto Puffs. We Want to Thank Everyone ahead of Time For The Votes Please Remember You Can Do a Free Vote 10 Times a Day THANKS EVERYONE Loveee You 🫶🏾
Baby Bella is a beautiful drama queen! She is so full of life and energetic!
My sweet rainbow baby after 4 miscarriages. She is absolutely a joy with the most contagious smile! From the second they put her on my chest she has held my finger and still does it daily. She is a true angel 🤍
Stella is fearless and loves all animals. Her favorite animal is our pet dog Ella. Ella and Stella are inseparable and are usually found curled together under the table playing with toys
Isabella is 1 year old. She loves to watch Cocomelon and loves to giggle and laugh. She loves family time and loves to eat.if don't feed her fast enough she'll let you know.
I love my mommy and I’m funny and I’m sweet like pie I love playing outside with my mommy and my friend and my aunt cc and I love swimming with my mommy and my grandma and grandpa and I love food xoxo 💕💕
Our miracle baby who fell from a shopping cart, luckily she was fully strapped. She is a outgoing and act like the real Moana in life. She loves the ocean and water 🥰
vote for my beautiful niece !!!
Blondelle is defined as flattering. She is the grand finally of the firework show. Blondelle likes being in charge and leading the way she is usually the first to want to create something new and exciting. She enjoys playing with her two little brothers as well. She has taught our middle son to be brave 💙
Chloe Janaeh
Here for achievements 💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️ Chloe is maturing into a lovely young lady. She always wears her feelings on her sleeve and is sensitive and kind. She's also her younger brother's best friend and superhero. 💕❤️
Aizlinn Stokes
My hobbies are swimming, shopping with my mommy, playing with my food while roaring like a dinosaur.
She’s never upset always a smiley and happy baby so lucky to be her mom
My girl Eliza love to read and draw . She’s playing board games with her tee tete . She love shopping and helping others ! She’s a natural born leader . Eliza enjoy dances a lot and doing tik toks
She likes to be with mommie all the time
Amelia Bourque
Amelia Bourque is 3 years old. She was born July 14, 2020. Amelia loves being outside and playing with her babies and Bubba. She very smart and intelligent. Nothing like a blonde hair blue eyed girl! She is most definitely her mommas twin. She hopes she wins!!
She loves meeting new people, loves eating and smiles alot. her first word was papa.never bored with her.m around.
Starisha is a very social loving an kind little girl....she's always wanted to become a doctor or teacher ...she's also very fit an loves gymnastics an loved winning her first an only beauty pageant so far...she's always willing to help anyone an very sweet to her brothers an sisters
Kenisha Olcott
Kenisha loves to dance and do flips ! She love watching movies with her teetee ! And she adores new clothes and shoes ! She’s a happy little girl !
This beautiful little girl is full of personality. She is outgoing & happy most of the time. Never a boring moment. Shes amazing
People say me and eve look alike and her favorite show is masterchef
Incredibly smart and beautiful 5 year old. Such a caring heart and absolutely loves everyone.
Ella Violet
She was born the 1st day of the year! Came fast & furious. Her personality is out of this world. Already knows what she wants. She absolutely loves food & mamas milk. Loves to sleep. And is just the happiest little girl.
Shes a very social and playful little girl. She loves playing at the park, reading books and watching baby shark
Jose Javier
Jose is one happy baby who loves giving kisses and loves playing with his toys .
My name is Autumn im going to be a big sister any day now i love to eat mangos and avocados, smile,clap and blow kisses and i cant wait to be a big sissy and show my baby bro everything I've learned. Down below i have more pictures!! It would mean the world to get votes
My name is kiori and I love to bounce in my bouncer and watch curious George. I love to say baba and I love to eat food can you please Vote for me so I can get more.
Anna-Rose is our sweet little big girl 💕 She loves her family & animals, she loves to help us with whatever we’re doing, she loves the outdoors, & her Disney movies!
This is my daughter lakyn. She has a beautiful soul she's a very happy baby. Before coming into this world she had a rough life in utero. She wasn't getting the blood flow that she needed. She was born at 34 weeks with complications. She had a feeding tube she had oxygen on and she had to overcome a lot in the first day of her life. She had to do physical therapy for 3 months after she was born. But as you look at her today you would never be able to tell all the obstacle courses that she had to jump over to be where she is at today I'm a very proud mommy of her I thank God everyday that she overcome everything that they had put against her.
She is photoganic . Easy to laugh play