Malia is a very happy beautiful baby❤️She loves to dance and play
Leilani is a 4 month old baby girl with a big personality 🙂 she laughs constantly and is always in a good mood ❤️
Rilynn Jayde
Rilynn is almost 9m old and loves to get her belly full, loves her mama and her dada, and she loves when her big brother makes her laugh. If you see Rilynn you don’t see her without a bow and that because she likes them just as much as mama. Shop Charlie J’s on fb for the best 💕
Aurora is my sweet wild child. She is the funniest little human you will get the chance to meet. She is so spunky and smart. She loves being outdoors and running free.
Evelyn is 2 yo she is very smart,and sassy she loves anything you put in front of her🫶🏼
Kyleigh has brownish blonde hair, brown eyes. Loves her big brother and doing pageants. She is 23 months old.
My name is Khalani. I love to laugh & play! But mostly I like to eat and watch TV.
Brea has Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) she love to laugh and just be in the warmth of someone’s arms. ❤️❤️
My beautiful little 6 years old she loves ❤️❤️❤️ school wants to be a teacher when she grows up ... She also loves dancing and singing .. playing princess
Noelle is a sweet big sister who loves 💕💕 art and math... Loves basketball 🏀 , singing and just enjoying her life
Charlotte Is happiest when she is dancing and singing. She loves to talk from the moment her eyes open and even in her sleep. She makes up songs and dances on the spot and will perform for everyone. She has a tender heart. She lost her daddy on 12/24/19 and she can be found drawing him pictures or talking or singing to him. She likes to say “I have enormous brown eyes like daddy that help me see everything, especially yummy treats”. She is a kind and gentle toddler with a determined and friendly personality.
Jaziah is loving, caring and funny. She's full of sas and intelligence. Everyone needs a Jaziah in their life
Tailynn loves to play with bubbles,she love’s all fruit’s and vegetables.Tailynn has a big personality and she loves to meet new people she always smiling
My princess Sophia is about to turn 5! She loves every Disney princess, make up, and the mud! She is full of sass, and not afraid to show it. She tells everyone her name is sophia princess, because she truly thinks she is one. She is on her second year of preschool, she love a school and all of her friends.
Darla Anne Louise
Sweet Darla Anne Louise. She’s definitely a miracle baby. Everything she does amazes me. Through the struggles she’s been my hero.
Loves watching tv, and playing with her brother, but nothing more than chewing her fingers and fresh bottle!
Sky is a friendly 3 month old that’s like to play, laugh, and baby talk. What she like to do the most is eat. Vote for her and you won’t be disappointed
She's is smart n sassy .. and super bossy.. .. she talks non stop. Shes a girly girl and a tomboy . Basically the best of both worlds!
Taila is very out going love everything she sees! Although she can be shy she is a leader in every way she has a wonderful imagination it runs wild with toy dolls & houses. She cooks and cleans for her baby’s just like her mommy does🥰 she is the youngest with 2 older brother 16 & 18 so she is the princess of the house. She absolutely loves animals her heart is pure as gold! Her name means gift from god! 💕
Delilah is almost 2 months old. She can sit up now! She loves naps and feeding time. Please take some time out of your day to vote for her ❤️
Kalynn is 15 months old, she is full of personality, and sass! She is also very persistent, and determined for a one year old. When Kalynn sets her eyes on something, theres no stopping her from getting it! Her favorite color is green, she loves food, and her favorite part of any day is when she gets to share a rita's gelato with her Poppop!
Aeris loves to drink milk, talk, and cuddle with mommy and daddy . She also loves her mommy sweet kisses and being held always. 🥰
Kehlani is smart beautiful and funny she loves to dance and eat 💕🫶🏽
Raegan Jones
Raegan Is a Beautiful Princess that enjoys outside, playing with her toys, laughing with her brothers and she also loves hugs and kisses. She is a smart 1 year old and she learns quick. Her favorite cartoon’s are Cocomelon, Gracie’s Corner and spongebob. It’s never a dull moment when Raegan is around. Vote for Princess Raegan you won’t regret it.
Genesis like puppies and cats and love dressing in dresses like a princess her favorite colors are pink blue and purple she loves to sing and watch shimmer and shine loves playing with her sisters
Emelia Grace is 3 months old and full of happy smiles! She loves her big doggy sisters and has found that she likes to chew on her hands!!!
Raylynn enjoys watching cocomelon and playing with her siblings🥰
Loves her siblings and loves to play with animals
Loves helping animals and spending time with her siblins
Loves animals and loves to play with her siblings
She is a loving little girl an a great big sister
Preemie Baby born at 26 weeks at 1 pound 14 ounces! My little fighter Stayed 103 days in the NICU she is now 1 year old and 17pounds.
Avery is an outgoing, intelligent little girl. She’s very caring and has a huge heart. Making new friends is her favorite thing in the world.
Kaliyah is such a happy lovable baby girl 🤍
Hi my name is Treasure Ar’moni i’m 3 months. i am very spoiled. i try to hold my own bottle. i love to talk to my mommy and watch coco melon 💞
Harmonee loves to dance and talk!
Hi Im azmariyah i liked to be called miyah i love singing and dancing but mostly singing i also sing when im nervous i love wearing dresses
Hello my name is Amelia. I enjoy singing Old MacDonald had a farm, shooting hoops, an occasional good book and being the best little helper❤️
She's A Mini Me , Sassy & Sweet !🥰
Emoni likes to spend time with family. She is very lovable and the most happiest baby ever.
She loves to do tik toks she loves to dance she a very sweet Quite Little girl … SHES MY CHOSEN ONE YOU SEE HER BIRTH MARK
Emersyn Rose
Smiles and surprised faces! My little TreeFrog 💙
My granddaughter loves taking pictures and dancing. She is such a joy to be around.
I love to dance! I love puppies 🐶, I really love playing roblox. My favorite color is pink! I enjoy going outside to ride my bike. ❣️🧚‍♀️
Kynnedi is a very outgoing & happy baby. She loves Gracie’s corner & dancing. She also loves swimming
Ehra is very smart, sweet, talented girl. She loves to read, sing, dance and makes her own videos. She goes to ballet class every weekends, she attended her ballet summercamp and just finished her musical theater summercamp as well. She is so excited for her upcoming gymnastic class and will be auditioning for this year’s Ballet Nutcracker.