Kennedy is the happiest baby you will ever meet! She loves food, playing, baths, and talking, and pageants! Vote for our girl!
Arden is the sweetest little baby already and is only 3 weeks old 💕
Everleigh is the sweetest, smartest, and silliest you ever did meet! She loves ice cream, babies, her family, and video calling her long distance best friend! She makes this world a better place!🩷
Johanna was adopted by me. She's a very loving, happy little girl. She loves to help in any way she can. She loves to smell flowers and play with her dogs. She enjoys seeing all kinds of animals. She loves the outdoors very much. She loves to play in the water even if it's sprinkling. She puts a smile on so many faces with her smiling face.
Zoe is very smart and extremely loving! She has beautiful bright blue eyes and such a big personality. She loves her doggy Jackson and going on afternoon walks with mom ☀️🤍
Johanna Winona
Johanna Winona is a very sweet little girl. She's always smiling at people. She enjoys her kisses from her Pop Pop. Johanna Winona was adopted by me, she's my first daughter. She's brought such joy to me and everyone else around her. She loves to smell flowers and help plant them. She's gets very excited over any animals. She's got two dogs that she loves very much
Mallory is a 4 year old wild flower. She enjoys swimming at her local lake and spending time with her cousins. She loves getting pretty but has no problem getting dirty. Her brother is her best friend, even tho she will tell you her cousin is. She loves fishing as well. Oh and world Peace ✌️ 🤣
She loves to be outside and watches her dad fix vehicles. She loves to hangout with me, her dad, and baby brother. She a ray of sunshine.
Kailyn is my sweet sassy 4 year old little girl she loves unicorns, rainbows, mermaids and paw patrol. Im entering her in this contest to get my foot into the door to see how she would do in contests. If you could please vote for my baby girl that would be greatly appreciated
She knows no strangers. Always saying hi to everyone she sees and has the biggest heart! Her smile just lights up any room she's in. ❤️
Violet loves playing with her cousins. She’s following in her daddy’s footsteps he won a cuteness contest when he was a toddler
Lakelynn is fun loving and just such a blessing to have. She loves Mickey mouse and playing with her toys. She loves being read to and love all of her siblings. She is growing so fast and changing everyday. Please vote for my precious baby girl.
My daughter Kaia is super energetic and has a smile that lights up the room. Although Kaia is a late bloomer and small for her age. She is a true proof that dynamite comes in small packages.
Miss Georgia is the happiest baby she loves her food!! She smiles all the time.
Jordyn is the most fun loving little girl. She is so smart and loves her family. She loves music, sports and dancing. She is my second miracle baby. Her smile lights up a room. She also loves to play and giggle with her brother.
My name is Ka’mya I’m 3years old and I love Cocomelon , swimming and dancing , I love to take pictures and watch any movie that has princesses 💕
The happiest little girl youll ever see!
Happiest little girl who loves her family, playing in water & all the animals!
Aubrailiah is a 9 month old beautiful, silly, funny, and very smart baby! Her favorite thing to do is sit outside, she has 2 teeth and loves to crawl and pull herself up on the couch.
Dev'Vynie is full of energy and loves to play and laugh, definitely brings light to every room she enters🌞
Braelynn is the happiest little baby. She loves going on stroller rides an walks with her daddy. She's very talkative an out going. Just all the around the prettiest an perfect baby.
This sweet girl is baby sister to 4 older brothers! She is sweet and sassy, and loves to get all the attention!
Aspen came into this world with SO much to say. She let us know she was here and hasn't stopped amazing us since. She's a daddy's girl through and through but still has an unmatched love for her mama. She's a little sister to her big brother, a first grandbaby to her Nonna and PopPop and first great-grabdbaby to her Nina and Pap. She's the 19th grabdbaby for her mama's mom and step-dad. Her beautiful blue eyes and boo boo face are everyone's favorites.
Little Miss Oakleigh loves mom and dad time, chewing on her toys, watching cartoons. She’s just such a happy and sassy baby and loves to giggle and smile 🩷
Pretty but trouble 🙂 smart but an independent explorer!!!
McKenna love nose makers & things that lights up. She loves her sissy to death.
Aniyah is a very smart and sweet little girl. She loves her blankie and she loves being a big sister 🫶
Imalda is a very quiet baby she smiles a lot with family who surround her. She may be a one month baby but she loves to be around everyone.
My sassy blue eye baby girl
I love music and soft cuddly toys! I also like my big brothers toy cars and action figures! I love to smile so much some people refer to me as smiley kyleigh ♡ i love music and i try to sing along sometimes but dont know many words just yet so it comes out as grunts 😂 please vote for me ♡
My sweet Kehlani baby is such a happy baby always smiling nd loves her family❤️ biggest blessing we could ask for having this sweet girl in our presence
Emerson is a very strong willed, independent, bossy & smart little girl! She loves getting messy & playing outside! She also loves playing dress up in her “elsa dress”!
This girl is one of the most funniest baby’s I have ever seen, she has so many personalities. She is always so happy.
Taylin is a very strong little girl, she was born 6 weeks early and was in the NICU for a month. She enjoys smiling, cuddles, chatting, and watching her brother play.
Leah Rachelle
The happiest baby girl. The final piece of our family! So happy and loving all the time!
Aurora is sassy, playful, and smiles a lot. She loves to play barbies with her big sissy and loves rough housing with her brother.
Lauren is very sweet yet sassy at times. She loves to watch Ms. Rachel and other educational videos. She is also is not very shy of food, she’s a foodie! She enjoys being around family and playing with toys.
Remi rose 🌹 Her personality is as sweet as her smile 🫶
Nova is an absolute sweetheart. She never meets a stranger. She’s a wonderful little sister and is a great big sister too. Her best friend is her puppy and she loves to cuddle with her daddy.
Ava Grace
Ava Grace is One of a Kind for sure. She is adventurous and intelligent and so very sweet.
Sassy 4 year old that loves to sing, dance & color!
Hello my nane is Dicey,im a 7th month old who is finding out there is so much to explore spinder monkeyin' it in the floor.Thats right my knees rarely hit the floor!!! Shhh,dont tell mom i might just skip crawling and start walking ,gonna give ,bubba, a run for his money... Im such a happy baby i love to wiggle and bounce to upbeat music,it makes me bounce when i get to listen to my favorite tunes. sure would Appreciate it if ya'll vote for me !!! Thanks
Meet me ❤️. My name is Avery, but everyone calls me Ave :). I'm the sassiest, yet shy little 3year old and I love my big Sis Harper & mommy & daddy the most. My favorite color is purple and I'm a bit bossy. I'd love it if you vote for me! Thank you all the mostest. XO- Avey.
Delilah is a very playful and goofy 6 month old baby!! She loves bluey, and trying to eat anything she can get her hands on!! She has such a cute little giggle!! Y’all help a momma out and vote!!
Noelle was born premature. She had placenta abruption very few can make it from that and she did make it! Even with the sack tearing away almost suffocating her. She was so tiny but is growing great now. She has a great personality and is very loving. She smiles at her mommy and daddy and brother
Nilah loves cocomelon “JJ” . She is learning lots of new words and slowly potty training . She is the most out going and silly little girl.