Baby Stories - 48


Alexis is filled with smiles, laughter, and lots of cuddles!
Octiava loves cuddles and bath time . She is so happy everyone says it all time " wow she happy one " i answer back yes she is . Always got a big smile ...
Elanyza is a foodie, she loves her puffs and sweet potato fries. She’s a love bug who loves her cuddles especially while watching the bachelorette with momma😊 Elas passion lies with music , we listen to music all day! She’s in love with musical toys and loves Billie Eilish.
She like to sing, dance,say her colors. She is very friendly and like to say hey to everyone
Emma just turned 1 years old! She is learning to walk, says a handful of words, and spent her first year of life in and out of hospitals and doctors offices. Emma has 2 sisters and a dog that she loves dearly and is always very excited to see them even if they left the room for 10 seconds.
Allie is smart and funny, always a ball of energy! She loves animals and her favorite color is pink!
Emelyn loves to sing, dance, and cook. She is a cheerleader. She loves to fish with her family. She has an amazing sense of humor!!
River is a very happy baby with such a big personality. She loves eating Cheetos and being outdoors. Her favorite song is the Chicken Wing song and favorite movie is Open Season 2. The only word she knows is Ma-Ma but she never takes her eyes off of her daddy..
The most precious doll baby in the Midwest. I love to chat and am the cooing queen. So I hope you have a listening ear and are willing to talk back to me. Definitely can make your heart shine with a simple smile and a giggle, just ask my Mommy!
Xavia is super big on dinosaurs has been since she was 1 . she told me when she grows up she wants to be a dinosaur. insists that i am her super hero . hates it when she gets her hair wet.
Vote for Zahaybiyah, smart bilingual 4 grade duel language student. She loves to dance, gymnastics and to create things!
Roslyn is 7 months old. She is a very smart & funny baby. She loves her siblings most and she laughes so hard at the funny faces and dance moves that they do! She has 7 teeth and crawls all over!
Journey was born 2mths early weighing 3lbs and 6oz. She loves to laugh and really enjoys music.
Jupiter is a free spirited child. I had her at a late age and she keeps me on my toes . Loving to adventure and art. She is my angel. She plays soccer and loves playing outside riding her four wheeler
Addyson is a very active smart little girl. That puts her mind to anything. She love to cheer and dance and when she’s with her dad she is out on the farm. Her baby brother is her world she loves him to death.
Savannah is our bright eyed, 8 month old daughter. She loves to play with her toys, jump in her jumper, and cuddle with mommy, daddy, and her fur sisters!
Allison is always happy and very vocal. She is my sassy little spitfire!
Cambrie loves to spend time outdoors with her 2 older brothers!
Scarlett is a sweet and happy baby. She loves bananas, cats, and her toys. She hates motorcycles, peas, and loud noises. Please vote for our sweet baby!❤️🥰
Antonise Smith
This is my loving daughter Antonise.She is a very Smart beautiful you lady, very outgoing and love to dance.She is currently a cheerleader and does what she post to do to achieve her cheer goal which is to work hard!! She loves to help people the most and make them feel comfortable at all times🥰.She is one of the sweetest people on the planet.She also told me being a nurse was her #1 goal . My job is to always support her in every step of the way and make sure she never fails☺️. She loves babies from the tip of her heart and would anything for them to feel warmed 🤞❤️.May yall please support my baby in this situation and may God bless you my beauty Little Miss Beauty Family!!🙏☺️🥰
A beautiful soul, inside and out. To meet her is to love her!
Jade loves to sing (scream). She loves to eat and shopping. She enjoys her tv time.
A’Naila is 1 years old, she loves to dance, run around, and eating! She’s mommy & daddy’s biggest blessing born on January 14th, weighing 7 pounds & 1 oz. The latest baby of our entire family
Kaniyha loves lol dolls and doing her nails and hair
Kylie loves to roll and watch coco mellon and she loves to make people laugh
Ball of energy, free spirited and loves having a good time. Enjoys sports (soccer & basketball) and just started playing the clarinet.
Rihanna is a 'Mommy's Girl' but she also will wonder off and do her own thing. She loves being baby'd but she also like trying to do things on her own. She's also protective of her younger twin sister Rosa. They sure are a team!
Rosa is such a spirited, adventurous little baby. Her favorite show to watch is Cocomelon, her favorite food is scrambled eggs and she absolutely adores her puppy scooter.
Naarah will be 2yrs old next month and is full of sass and personality! She lights up the room wherever she goes! Naarah loves dancing and singing and simply making everyone smile and laugh...she's truly a beautiful blessing!
Gwen is a whole mood on her own, she will brighten up anyone's day with all her different facial expressions!
Spontaneous. She loves to talk and play with books. She loves to watch her ABC Monsters show and eat potatoes
R'Moni is a beautiful smart and loving baby. She's very curious and loves to smile, laugh and make gorgeous faces.
Samani is an amazing child that loves to sing, dance, laugh, etc. Samani loves her family especially her baby sister🥰 She can brighten your day by just her smile’s.
Zola is my rainbow baby💜 she had me in the hospital multiple times during my pregnancy. I almost lost her twice and she kept fighting and became a healthy baby girl that brings me, her sister, and father so much joy🤩 She loves to smile and roll over and she’s only two months old. Also she loves old school music and would try to wiggle to it.🥰
My name is Amirya. I love to sing and dance 🩰. She is smart and loving. I love reading...
Taylin is a beautiful, smart, and sassy little girl. She is very outgoing. Her passion is for animals and gymnastics. Taylin wants to be a police officer when she grows up. She is also very excited to become a big sister in April. Please help this little girl out❤
Haven is a sassy and stubborn little girl who loves to laugh and play with toys. Her favorite thing is to roll and play with toys.
Leylannie is a ball of energy. She love singing and dancing and watching Disney+. Her favorite colors are red and purple i hope my baby gets your Vote 😘
Reni is a smart unique lil girl with a lot of spunk. She loves to talk, play games on the phone and watch A for adley on You Tube.
She's a very funny and goofy little girl very outgoing and loves being outside and she's very social
LIKE & SHARE PLEASE!!! Ari’Anna has a big personality, she loves singing, makeup, nail polish, and sushi, she also loves being in the kitchen helping or trying her own spin on things. Ari’Anna has such a big heart she wants to help every person she sees on the streets.
Kara is so sweet, sassy, smart, spontaneous!! She loves chasing the animals and playing with them! Kara loves going to school and playing dress up! She watches both her older sisters and picks up everything they do and say! She is so down to earth and definitely makes everyone around her laugh!
Miss Brycin is a ball of fire at only 4 months old. She LOVES music, dancing, and watching football and volleyball. Her smile lights up the room, her personality is huge already, and if there’s something she doesn’t like…she’s sure to let you know.
Ariel Lavelle
Hi my name is Ariel Lavelle. I love watching elmo, cocomelon and mickey mouse with my mom. I also love getting sweet cuddles and kisses from my mama and dada.💜
Lyric Britt
Lyric is so sweet, smart & funny. Her favorite things she like to do is dance & watch Cocomelon. She makes us laugh all the time. She is a little comedian & a little old lady at times. She is beautiful inside & out💕