Keylie is the most lovable kind hearted humble little girl. She loves unicorns because of the magic that goes along with them. She said she wants to be the kindness that puts that magic back into the world today
She is bright full of energy loves animals family friends she loves everyone likes to paint sing and dance bluey Peppa pig doc McStuffins and paw patrol she wants to be a doctor like dock McStuffins
Kind adorable & joy to be around. She loves riding her bikes and scooter. Most of all she loves spending time with her sisters.
My eyes are really pretty, I like going outside, I like to color , and my hair is really pretty and I think you should vote for me because I am pretty, smart and kind. And I love playing sports
She is such a sweetheart💖 she is so full of joy all the time🥰 she can light up a entire room with her sweet smile 💯🥰
Georgia is the funniest little girl she is obsessed with dinosaurs and her scooby (her dog) she is always so happy until she don’t want to leave her bestfriends house she’s full of love she absolutely loves everyone
Keiana is smart beautiful happy funny lil girl. She likes Barbie’s singing dancing loves cellphone.! She is a beautiful lil girl and is amazing .
Confident Can be seen in her eyes…
My 1 in 10,00 baby 💜
Lillian Aka BOOGIE. Loves pop it’s mini brands her grumpy and nana! She’s sassy and tomboyish she ain’t affraid to tell you no body likes you and you have no friends lmao she has the most beautiful heart that makes up for her smart mouth!
Scarlett Meyer
She is so smart and beautiful so unique loves out doors loves animals and is so intellectual it amazes me
Ryleigh is a comedian she is so full of joy she loves out doors and to dance and sing she is so careing and has a heart of gold she is my sunshine
Gloria like to dance and play with pet 🐶 her best friend ever
Ava is a beautiful and smart girl with a sassy personality. She concours anything that comes her way. 1 years old who loves her apple juice and playing at the park. Favorite animal is a dog!
Audrey is a fun, sassy 6 year old! She loves unicorns, mermaids, but her favorite thing is church! She is smart and a very funny little girl!! Please vote for her!
Delylah is a 6 year old that loves frozen, coloring, princesses , and playing dressup she is super sweet and kindness is in everything she does she loves her mama and her siblings
My name is Meilani (May-lah-nee) but you can call me Mei Mei for short. I am a 4 month old baby and 1 of 2. My twin brother and I love to coo and yell when we are excited. I love smiling and I am learning how to hold my own bottle now. Take a look at my photos!! Hopefully my cuteness overload will secure your vote! </3
The happiest little girl ❤️
This is melody Jean one of the happiest babies you’ll ever see! She’s always smiling and talking to people. We can never have a quiet trip to the store without an audience of people just admiring her! She is so sweet and very smart she can do so much and it blows a lot of peoples minds on how smart she truly is. She is a ST. Pattie’s day baby and she had brought nothing but joy and happiness to us and everyone who meets her. We thank you all for the votes!
Penny is very out going. She loves to make people laugh, she is always posing in front of the camera overall she is an amazing daughter.
Kylah is a 10 year old who has the heart the size of Texas, she is always wanting to give to the homeless and help out the elderly. She also loves swimming and going to the Smoky Mountains!
Maddie is sassy, loving, and loves to be the center of attention! She loves making people laugh and playing with her dollys.
She is 6 years old and has a heart of gold. Loves the outdoors being from Hawaii.
JaMyrah loves animie drawing riding her bike and gatcha life and her family
Loves her siblings, loves to dance, sing, play sports (especially soccer!) and go on summer vacations with the family! 🥰❤️
Hadley loves to be center of attention, always smiling! She loves to sing, play with Barbies, ride her scooter, playing with her brothers! Mom's little sidekick!
Tay'ah has the biggest personality in the world. She's 9. Very helpful around the house!
Chloe is the most sweetest , sassy little girl you will know. She loves unicorns, Coloring, doing her makeup and eating😂 Chloe is also a twin! Her and her twin brother are my Christmas babies💞She’s such a diva, but also doesn’t mind hanging with her brothers!
Emi is such a sweet, smart , happy bby❤️
Nyja Sanai
NyJa’Sanai is not your typical 10 month old she’s full of personality and spice already at a young age she’ll definitely be our future lawyer,Judge or president
A 2month Rainbow baby full of Sunshine. She light's up the room with her presence. She loves to Eat and Smile.
Eleah has an exuberant personality, brightening any room she enters. She’s not afraid to try new things and is optimistic. Photogenic and lively in any environment. She’s smart, well mannered and humorous. Eleah dreams of becoming a doctor in the future to help all people in need of her TLC.
This is ceraphina pearl Henderson! She is a very sweet and kind hearted girl she always wants to make sure everyone is ok and gives the best snuggles she's even qick to help clean the house please vote for her
Patience is a very smart young girl. You can always trust patience to do the right thing even when you're not looking. She takes school very seriously and is in A+ student. Patience is also very artistic she loves to draw, paint and is always making creative gifts for others. She is my light bright. She deserves more than I can give.
Leanne Rae
LeAnne loves the color PINK!! She adores going to school to see her teachers and best friend, she is into singing and colors. LeAnne also loves being outside in the snow and loves to sing while putting her toys away and cleaning, Leanne is also the eldest of four girls. She is definitely a leader and a bright girl!!
Cherish is a energetic young girl, who loves her family with every breath in her soul. Cherish adores animals as well. In her free time she like to help clean, ride her bike, dance and sing her favorite song. She is a blessing to me, we are deeply connected, feeling all of each other emotions, my angel
She's an amazing young lady who loves animals, loves to laugh, loves to dance and Loves her grandma (me) past the moon and Back.........
Hello world I would like you to meet my real life doll Brooklynn she’s sugar and spice with everything nice
Bristol is an advocate in her classroom for kids against bullies. She also loves to dance! She is an amazing big sister and little sister and she loves to draw! She is artistic, kind hearted, full of spunk and the most beautiful little girl inside and out.
Jay’ani Martin is a fun, smart, and an outstanding baby. Vote for her ❤️❤️🥺
Tamahri is a 3yr old GENIUS! She is very outgoing and will speak her mind! She’s full of joy and she is very funny. She lost her dad on May 11th of 2022, and is still the most bubbliest little girl i know. VOTE FOR TAMAHRI AMOR
Brooklynn is such an amazing kid who loves her parents, her sister, and her dog baby. She always tells you I love you so so much . Her smile is a ray light for all around her .
Petunia is my beautiful flower, she likes running from me and picking on her brothers... Her favorite word is "silly duck" fav cartoon PJ masks favorite song is baby shark
Alyssa is such a care free child, she loves playing, looking at her baby sister and being silly
Izabelle it's a very sweet and loving girl. She loves to draw and she is really great at it. She's also very smart.
GG is lovable,very smart,and enthusiastic. Makes everybody she comes in contact with Smile
Brooklynn is a very caring little girl ,she has a passion for horses.She is my youngest daughter she has two sisters that she absolutely loves
Journey Lynn Rose is outstanding beautiful little princess who loves her daddy and mommy. She loves Elsa and all of her babies as well. She’s so bright and sassy and loves with her heart!