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Macy Rogers

3 yo · Jackson

794th USA and 15th Mississippi ranking in the Halloween 🎃🦇's contest which ended 23 days ago.
7 €

Macy Rogers is 2 years old, she loves to dance, she likes Tik Tok and she loves getting dressed up and taking pictures. She loves going to school and playing outside. Macy is very smart and she loves to read books.



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Nikkie J.
Nikkie J. 🎊🎉My big girl!!!
Valencia M.
Valencia M. All the best to you! 💕
Kristie M.
Kristie M. Good Luck..
Denise H.
Denise H. Good Good Luck Macy!🙏🏿 Cuteness Overload🥰
Lesia T.
Lesia T. Go Ms. Macy! Such a cutie 🥰good luck 🙏
Prince A.
Prince A. Cute