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3 yo · Storm Lake

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659th USA and 5th Iowa ranking in the 0-4 years old's contest which ended 2 days ago.
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Gianna is a very enthusiastic little girl over fashion! She loves to dress up, and loves to have her mom doll her up all the time! Gianna also enjoys dancing! When Gianna grows up she wants to be a princess as well as becoming a model.



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Aleyca M.
Aleyca M. Que coqueta 😏
Aleyca M.
Aleyca M. Hermosa
Jemima L.
Jemima L. Muchas gracias 😊
Elisa R.
Elisa R. Hermosa princesa
Jemima L.
Jemima L. Muchas gracias ❤️
Jemima L.
Jemima L. My beautiful princess