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5 yo · Philadelphia

Pageant over
464th USA and 26th Pennsylvania ranking in the 5-14 years old's contest which ended 5 days ago.
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Alani is a sassy 5yrs old, she was born on Christmas Day♥️ Alani loves to eat her fruit & watch her cartoons , Mickey Mouse is her fav!



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Odette C
Odette C Hello Ashley Strimel.Would accept an exange of 10 votes per day between Alami 💕. and my Flippy😻🐾,if so here is my link 🥰 thank you. Flippy
Ann Z. M.
Ann Z. M. USA here she comes #1
Marcia W.
Marcia W. Hello. Are you interested in an exchange of 10 or 20 votes per day? We would be voting for you and you would be voting for Smokey, (Priscilla A) on KingPet USA.
Florelle D.
Florelle D. Alba Exchange 20 daily?
Lorena Segura
Lorena Segura I was wondering if you would like to exchange votes with me i can vote 10x a day for your daughter’s if you can vote for mine
Lorena Segura
Lorena Segura Vote 1/10
Destiny A.
Destiny A. I finally learn how to vote 😂❤️ Go lani bear 🐻
Ashley Strimel
Ashley Strimel Goooooo Lani girl😘
Ciara T.
Ciara T. Goo Alani!
Henry S.
Henry S. That’s my princess I love you alani
Ashley Strimel
Ashley Strimel We got this baby girl ♥️